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Twilight Sparkle, her mouth a hard and unforgiving line, walked steadily along the Ghastly Gorge, heading west. When tears did not obscure her vision, she saw the mountains of Los Pegasus rising in the distance, to the west. She didn’t begrudge the tears. Now was the time for them. When she found her quarry, there would be no time for tears. And after she found her quarry, there would be no ‘later’ in which to have them. Continue reading

Derpy Desires

Rarity stood in the center of her inner sanctum, surrounded by all the trappings of her sickness and glorious perversion, and stared trembling at the wall. She could feel Derpy watching her, that golden gaze drinking her in. Slowly, ever so slowly, Rarity dared shift her gaze, face scarlet with embarrassment, heart pounding, until she so very nearly met Derpy’s lovely derpy eyes… Continue reading