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These are the Trixieverse books. They began with one simple story, “Best Ride Ever”, in which Rainbow Dash finds a magic bit that gives mares a penis when held, and goes looking for Applejack in hopes the country pony will (counter to expectation) use it on her.

From this seemingly innocuous beginning, came a series of fanfic novels totalling more words than Narnia or Lord Of The Rings: on the other hand, Xanth and Discworld are still going ‘cute, nice try, see you in another ten years or so’. Trixieverse covers a wide range of moods and dramatic situations, almost all of which transpire as a result of decisions the ponies make about their lovemaking partners. It’s serious work, but you can’t ever be TOO serious about pastel lesbian cartoon horses, so the element of fun is always part of Trixieverse.

Mind you, Applejinx’s idea of fun as a writer is taking you on a thrill ride, making you fret and stress out and cry and feel nearly as wrung out as the poor ponies—but the promise remains, that everypony will turn out okay in the end. Sometimes ‘okay’ is pretty subjective, but on the whole, the ponies are there to fight through the darkness, not give in to it.

The website is searchable, and the tag cloud offered here is for the books: all characters that speak or act in a scene are represented, and the ‘ship names’ such as Appledash are associated with clop scenes. Extremely outrageous complicated clop scenes can end up with complicated ship names like Twixityra (Twilight Sparkle, Trixie, Rarity and Lyra—a doomed, dangerous combination, but explosive). You can also search on any word you might hope to find. At the bottom of each chapter are little links with arrows that’ll take you to the next chapter.

Hope you enjoy the Trixieverse books! <3

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