Her Story

They came trotting sedately down the path to Rarity’s place, three unicorn mares and a huge hideous monster. Continue reading

Coming Around

Colts smirked, sitting behind their little desks. Fillies giggled, magic twinkling off their little horns. Continue reading


Twilight Sparkle, her mouth a hard and unforgiving line, walked steadily along the Ghastly Gorge, heading west. When tears did not obscure her vision, she saw the mountains of Los Pegasus rising in the distance, to the west. She didn’t begrudge the tears. Now was the time for them. When she found her quarry, there would be no time for tears. And after she found her quarry, there would be no ‘later’ in which to have them. Continue reading


“There, now,” said Applejack. “You should be all set, Princess. Uhh… how long ya needin’ it for, again?” Continue reading


“Oh, no!” squealed Rainbow Dash, panicking. “They got her too! Princess Twilight!” Continue reading

You Got To Move

“What’s so dang funny, Rainbow Dash?” Continue reading

When The Levee Breaks

Twilight gawked at her Princess and mentor, as if Celestia had gone quite mad. Continue reading


Dawn broke lazily over Sweet Apple Acres.

It was about the only thing in sight that could be described as lazy. Continue reading

I Know Your Secret

The sun shone brightly upon Ponyville as Rarity trotted home to the Carousel Boutique. She smiled and paused to watch Twilight Sparkle fly overhead, bound toward the market, and then she resumed her progress to home and Derpy, anticipating the happy sight of the great love of her life. Continue reading