Kick The Pebble

Chaos stared up at Princess Celestia, speechless.

Celestia was trembling. She couldn’t look away. “You can begin with, oh, let’s say… everything!” she declaimed. “And then go on, please, to explain everything else. This ought to be good!”

Chaos’s lip quivered, and it tore at Celestia’s heart, but that heart was still troubled by inexplicable sights and unforgivable liberties. Chaos’s eyes teared up and she let out a sob, and Celestia bared her teeth, outraged, refusing to be manipulated…

…and an earth pony head peered out of the cave to see Chaos and Princess Celestia standing above him.

Chaos’s head whipped around, following Celestia’s gaze. Both alicorns stared at Crowbar. He squinted, recognizing the big winged pony he’d screwed, and gave a vague contented smile. Crowbar was not frightened of mares he’d fucked. He turned to cropping the grass inoffensively, not even noticing the dropped flowers Chaos had picked for him.

Chaos turned again, to see the terrible hurt and disdain in Celestia’s eyes.

“Oh, yes. Your toy,” said Princess Celestia. “What other things have you done to this pony?”

“I… I…” stammered Chaos, more tears coming. Her head spun, grief and shame warring with anger at the unfair accusations. Anger at the apparent contempt. Shame, because Chaos knew she had been using chaos magic recently to play games with Crowbar’s form, though she’d put him back right away. “What do you mean, other things? What are you implying?”

“We refer to your transforming him according to your perverted, nay, insulting whim!” cried Celestia. “You made him ME! Who else do you turn him into? My sister? Princess Twilight? Answer!”

Chaos sobbed harder, unable to meet Celestia’s eyes. How did she know? It wasn’t fair!

Princess Celestia’s mouth was a grim, hard line as she studied the petite blue alicorn before her. “Enough. We will find some suitable and safe place for this poor creature, even if the palace ponies find it disconcerting. You are clearly mistreating him…”

“I LOVE him!”

Crowbar’s ear quirked at the sudden cry. Celestia gasped.

Chaos, teeth bared, looked slowly up at Princess Celestia, and her outrage built and built.

“How dare you?” she hissed. “How dare you! I, mistreat him? Poor creature? You have no idea, no idea at all of the wonders this noble pony carries within him. I can’t believe I thought I would trust you with him!”

Celestia bridled, kicking the dirt, her great wings flapping in agitation. “I noticed, Swirl… no, I mean Chaos! For that is so obviously what you are! There is nothing of the stallion I loved, not in you and not in this foolish pony’s freakish penis, and wonders like that are not important! One can do without them… just like I did without you!”

“You think that’s what I meant? By wonders?” challenged Chaos, shaking with fury.

“What else have you been boasting about all your miserable life?” retorted Princess Celestia, icily.

At that, Chaos went still… and as she did, Crowbar wandered over. He’d sensed the tone of things, dimly, and though mares he’d fucked didn’t frighten him, still he wished to settle them down. Another stallion might have reared and asserted his dominance. Crowbar nuzzled Chaos’s little flank, reassuringly. She glanced back to see his placid, soothing gaze. She returned her attention to Princess Celestia.

“If you have any decency in you, Chaos, you’ll let this pony live a more peaceful life away from your influence,” said Celestia. She stepped back, unable to face the little blue alicorn’s burning eyes.

“And what do you intend to do about it, Celly?”

“Don’t call me that!”

“You shall not take him from me,” said Chaos. “I will fight you. You have not seen the extent of my powers.” The disconcerting patterns in her mane and tail seemed to swirl all the more disturbingly, as her eyes flashed in tearful fury.

“I don’t want to fight you, Chaos,” said Celestia. “Of course I will not fight over one mortal pony, calm yourself.”

“Maybe you should!” cried Chaos. “Again, how dare you? If I am so vile to you, try to strike me down and defend this earth pony, curse it! Does he not matter? How could I have trusted you with him? And now you so lightly turn him over to my tender mercies, believing me a monster! Are you afraid?”

Princess Celestia stood stock-still for a moment. “Yes. Yes, Chaos, I am. Your power seems to match mine, and I don’t say that lightly. I’ve had to turn to the Elements of Harmony to contain you. I thought I could trust you this time, and I was horribly wrong. I only want to ensure the safety of my little ponies, the Elements of Harmony are not here to aid me, and I fear you and your whims.”

Chaos snarled, and Celestia trembled again, for there was a glimpse of the old Starswirl in her eyes somehow. Her little ice-blue nostrils flared.

“How did you know I transformed him, Celestia?”

Celestia fell back another step, blushing delicately. She bit her lip in chagrin. Chaos was not stupid. And…

“How long have you been here, Celestia?”

“I…” muttered Princess Celestia. She cleared her throat. “What grounds have you for this assumption?”

“Why?” demanded Chaos, gritting her teeth in outrage. She wasn’t fooled for a moment. “Why did you watch us making love?”

“I fear you and your whims,” repeated Celestia, unsteadily, unwilling to explain further.

Chaos felt a breath against her pert rump. Her glistening eyes lit up with a mad, vindictive mischief. “Whims, you say? Maybe you’d better leave. I feel a whim coming on. It’s a nice whim, I enjoy it immensely.”

Celestia’s ears laid back. “I stand on the grass of Equestria, the land under my personal care, and you shall not order me to leave my own domain!”

“Suit yourself,” sniffed Chaos. “It’s just going to be uncomfortable for you quite soon, and if I know anything about you I would suggest you leave.”

Celestia gasped.

Chaos began to smile a wicked, whimsical smile, and madness danced in her eyes… or at least, great unpredictability and disorder.

Princess Celestia bared her teeth again, shaking with rage. “You’re going to turn him into me again, aren’t you? Do it. Let me know the real truth of you, so I can try to destroy you with a clear conscience.”

Crowbar sniffed at Chaos’s rump again. Chaos flicked her tail coquettishly. Crowbar’s eyes widened.

“Conscience, you say?” remarked Chaos casually. “The conscience that lets you abandon a truly wonderful–even if he is thick as a post in every imaginable sense—pony to an unfit guardian? Is it that conscience you speak of, pray tell, Celly?”

“I told you, don’t call me that! You have no right!”

“Don’t worry. I don’t want to turn him into you now,” explained Chaos. “I don’t want to see you, either, for you’re such a disappointmnnngh!”

She shuddered, for Crowbar had licked between her legs, and she hastily sought to spell things out in words of one syllable while she could still utter coherent syllables. Crowbar wasn’t rushing her, which was a mercy. Celestia was staring, in apparent horror.

“Go away,” said Chaos firmly. “I’m doing what you all wanted me to do. I am acknowledging my own marehood. And you don’t love mares, do you, Celestia? You famously don’t, as I learned to my great cost. But I am a mare, now, whether you like it or not. And I’m with my stallion…”

“While he lasts,” hissed Princess Celestia, her ears back, her face scarlet.

“Fuck you!” retorted Chaos. “Because he certainly won’t do that again, I assure you. He’s mine! He’s about to make me feel good, which is more than you’ve been able to say for thousands of years! And you cannot have him. So stay and stoke the fires of jealousy if you insist on being a great white bitch of a pony. Your Starswirl is dead, darling Celly. I’m Chaos now, and this fine horse loves me. I can feel it in his lovemaking. Go ahead and stay if you want to learn what love is! It would be good for you. But you don’t have the guts to watch… and see how inadequate your heart really is.”

“This is my hillside,” snarled Celestia, “and you won’t order me off it!”

“So, it’s going to be haaaahh! that way, eh?” said Chaos, distracted by another lick up her dainty folds. “Have fun. I’ll show you I can do better than you.”

Princess Celestia sat on her haunches, and ostentatiously folded her wings, glaring at Chaos. Chaos sneered, lidded her still-moist eyes sensuously, set her hind legs a bit farther apart, and winked at her lover, and his eyes widened.

The terrifying, thick battering-ram of a horse cock dropped from between his legs, nudging the grass before stiffening and swinging forward.

Celestia licked her lips, and then froze as she caught a glint from Chaos’s nearly veiled gaze.

“YOU will never have that cock again,” said Chaos softly. “I’ll prevent that, at all costs, so don’t try me.”

“I don’t want it,” replied Princess Celestia.


“Does he like it when you shrink him to fit you?” challenged Celestia. “Stallions are sensitive about those things. Does he… does…”

Her eyes were wide, flicking back and forth between the massive hard-on and Chaos’s petite frame in disbelief.

Chaos bared her teeth in a snarl of satisfaction, as Crowbar sniffed at her again, beginning to rear up in polite little hops of his forelegs.

“I don’t, fool,” she said. “I change ME to fit. I would not change him in the slightest. He loves me just the way I… uhhh!”

Crowbar had mounted onto her trim little rump. Her horn flashed in frantic haste, and Celestia jumped up and trotted around behind to see if Chaos had lied—still blushing scarlet, her heart pounding. There was no sign the massive penis had been reduced in any way, though it was clearly impossible for the two to mate as things stood. She couldn’t see what Chaos had done with her magic, but it had been something.

“Last chance to flee, coward,” taunted Chaos, her hind legs trembling visibly. Crowbar’s cock thumped heavily against her inner thigh, dizzying her.

“MY hillside!” retorted Celestia.

“Suit y…”

Crowbar found his target. His hips pressed forward, tenderly, and Celestia’s jaw dropped.

“But where is she?” asked Applejack. “Ah don’t mind admittin’ I’m worried too. Ain’t she usually good an’ regular-like? Never heard of Princess Celestia not doin’ something she set out to do.”

Princess Luna blinked, caught gazing fretfully off into the distance. “But… behold, the Sun! She’s done it, you can’t fault her for that!”

“But,” said Applejack shrewdly, “you were thinkin’ she’d do it from here. That’s why we come out onto this balcony, Princess, to be with her. She’s raised the Sun right enough, but where is she?”

“We don’t know.”

“Should ya?” asked Applejack, scritching Northern Spy behind the ears with a hoof. Spy was sulking, as the big white Princess hadn’t shown up.

Luna scraped at the floor with a hoof, awkwardly. “That… is a difficult question to answer, fair Applejack.”

“We’re totally worried about Princess Celestia!” said Lyra. “She’s been miserable! I can’t spot it all the time, but Looney knows, and she says Princess Celestia has never been this upset!”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened. “What, EVER? Even when fighting Discord, or banishing Nightmare Moon to the Moon?” She realized what she’d said, and squeaked in alarm. “Eep! Sorry!”

Luna had winced, but faced Dash without resentment. “Perhaps she was as troubled then. We would fain believe so—but remember, we were not privy to her softer feelings at the time. And yes, even when we fought Discord the first time, she was not this grieved.”

“How ya mean, grieved?” demanded Applejack, tossing her mane. “What’s happenin’ now that’s so different? I heard ol’ Discord embarrassed her perty good, though gotta tell you, I wouldn’t hold that stuff against her, from what I’m hearin’. Seems only natural. Everypony gotta get a piece ‘a tail now an’ then, if you know what I mean.”

She smiled encouragingly, flicking her tail, a physical embodiment of cheerful and healthy pony sexuality, ready to scoff at any suggestion that Princess Celestia enjoying a stallion was a bad thing. The smile faded, though, as the Princess of the Moon seemed not comforted by her reassurances.

Luna sighed. “At the time, Discord seemed mad with rage and resentment at his fate. I remember Starswirl the Bearded, and Celestia’s romance with him, though I did not always approve, for he seemed a vain and cocksure unicorn who took her for granted. When he was transformed, he became the small and feminine alicorn you have seen, and Celestia was horrified. My sister cannot abide mares as the object of desire, Applejack. She is very… well, fairly… tolerant of it in our little ponies, and I may say she would have to be, but all the same it does not speak to her personally. When she lost her stallion, she despaired and could not stand the sight of Chaos, or the series of transformations she underwent in frantic efforts to win Celestia back.”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes were very wide. Applejack gulped. “Y’ don’t say?”

“Pray do not wound her by suggesting it,” said Princess Luna, “but… in truth, Celestia bears some responsibility for the existence of Discord. His draconequus form might be seen as an act of self-loathing, the final reaction to her rejection of him. This is all very private and I would not tell you, save that our lives have been turned on their heads by Celestia’s failed romances, and the stakes may be extremely grave. We may need your help yet. There could be battle ahead.”

Lyra’s ears quirked. “W… wait a minute! I thought you said alicorns can only be female, unless you use a magic bit! That was the whole reason you INVENTED those! Er, I mean, had them invented for you!”

Luna’s eyes widened. “Oop. He was always so insistent that Discord was male, that we had to go along with it. Celestia knew better, that was the whole problem. Yes, Discord must logically be female, though I admit I have never seen any sexual parts on him at all. But they might be rather chaotically inclined, you know.”

Rainbow Dash began to grin. “Discord’s a girl!”

“He does the voice very well!” protested Luna, her ears laying back. “Pray do not distress him with it, we thought he might at last have found some peace!”

“Is that it?” pressed Applejack. “Somehow this is about Discord and Celestia and canoodlin’? Princess Celestia is upset on account of y’all thought Discord was gonna be good, and then all of a sudden it’s off to th’ races again?”

Luna nodded, sadly. “Surely it must be so! And perhaps not just with that earth pony Chaos found. My sister was ecstatic when Discord agreed to be Chaos and coexist peacefully with us. Celestia insisted she had no ulterior motive, but I suspected otherwise. In fact,” she said, and glanced furtively around her as if guarding against spies, “she once asked me how often Lyra and I used our magic bit.”

Applejack’s eyes widened. “She DID?”

Luna nodded. “Perhaps I am reading too much into it, but she seemed over-casual as she asked. Lyra and I believe she may have sought to get one into the hooves of Chaos… who, of course, is known for transformations.”

Applejack’s jaw dropped. “You mean… into her old stallion, uh, friend!” She hastily rephrased her remark, for Spy had looked up at her curiously.

Luna nodded. “We did not speak of it, but I suspect such was her motive. Of course, at this point Princess Twilight would be outraged with such a proposal. She took it very poorly when Celestia was… disgraced.”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes shone with delirious glee. “Oh my gosh oh my gosh! So, so… how often DO you and Lyra use it? And what if it was Celestia using it?”

Applejack glanced suspiciously at her pegasus mate. Dash seemed not to be quite in tune with Luna’s essential seriousness. She was tuned to Planet Rainbow, her mind plainly racing, blurting out idea after idea as they struck her with Dashian speed.

“She’s, like, enormous! Eeeee! I bet she’d get a… waugh!”

Her wings had been rising with each word, and before she could go further, Applejack pounced, tackled her cerulean darling to the floor of the balcony, and sat on her. With a squeal of delight, Spy joined Orange Mom in sitting on Blue Mom. Blue Mom had emitted a squeal as well, and it seemed like it might have been another equally worthy form of delight, but Applejack staunchly refused to mention it, and just sat atop Rainbow’s squished body, hooves firmly pressing Dashie’s wing bases down even as they shuddered and wriggled and her feathers splayed out spasmodically.

“Eeee! Nhh! ohmy! gosh! hhh!”

Soon, Rainbow Dash subsided, panting.

Applejack straightened her hat. “Now then. You ready to behave, ya naughty lil’ varmint?”

Lyra giggled. “Did you ever feel like you’re raising two fillies, Applejack?”

Applejack grinned, her eyes glinting with pleasure. “Ain’t nothing in life as good as raisin’ two fillies, sugarcube. Ah wouldn’t call it easy, mind you.”

Luna sniffed the air. “We are not sure if we would call them both fillies, upon the evidence…”

“Uht!” cautioned Applejack. “Call it an object lesson, maybe? Sometimes ya gotta confuse th’ younguns so’s they don’t run off playin’ games out of their class.” She clambered off her mate, shaking out her mane, followed by Spy, who showed no sign of understanding the evocative and telltale scent in the air.

Rainbow Dash, rather disheveled, got up and took a deep breath, ostentatiously ignoring the little wet mark she’d left on the balcony.

“Mommy pee!” cried Northern Spy triumphantly, and Rainbow reddened.

“Oh, shit! I mean, yeah, you got me! Mommy’s sorry,” said Dash.

“Ha ha!” crowed Spy. “Spy big girl, not pee when wrestle!”

Rainbow was scarlet, but grinning. “Yeah,” she panted, “Blue Mommy just can’t seem to get the knack of that, huh?”

“Go clean up!” squeaked Spy. “Bad Mommy, heehee!”

“On it!” vowed Dash, flying off in search of a towel. Lyra raised an eyebrow to Applejack.

“Does she… often have that problem?”

“It’s jes’ terrible,” said Applejack, straight-faced. “But you know, we love her just the same. Ain’t that right, short stuff?”

Northern Spy nodded happily. “Spy love Mommy! Even when Mommy bad!”

“We figured out we could use it as a lesson that it’s okay ta make mistakes if you clean it up and mean well,” explained Applejack. “The first time it was an accident. Uhh, I mean, it’s always an accident, ain’t it? Poor Blue Mommy. Awful ticklish. Eyup…”

“Shall we discuss other, gentler topics?” suggested Princess Luna.

“Gosh, Ah hope so,” replied Applejack, looking beleaugered. “It’s damn exhaustin’ corralin’ some pegasuses when they gits themselves excited, an’ we got standards to keep up.”

“Is Orange Mommy bad?” hazarded Lyra, curiously, as Dash flew back and began mopping up her little wet spot. She’d taken a moment to straighten her feathers, but still blushed.

“Never,” said Dash. “Orange Mommy is annoyingly good.”

“Not fer lack o’ her tryin’,” said Applejack smugly.

“Orange Mommy’s ticklish places are a lot harder to reach,” said Dash. “Well… usually!”

“Sh!” said Applejack.

“But it’s totally worth it!”

Princess Luna giggled at the loving and exasperated glare Applejack gave Rainbow—but glanced off into the distance again, unable to forget the mysterious plight of her sister, no matter how cute the little ponies acted.

Princess Celestia’s jaw dropped, and she gawked, refusing to cry out in dismay, but laying her ears back hard.

The mammoth horsecock shoved against Chaos’s little mound, tucking between trim buttocks, and it was plain Chaos was not shrinking him. And yet something had happened. Celestia was almost sure that pert rump had looked different a moment ago. Not that she was checking out Chaos’s butt! But it seemed like it had become… wider? More widely spaced?

That wasn’t all there was to see. Her faint choking noise was drowned out by Chaos’s lewd wail.

Well, if it hadn’t been more widely spaced before…

Chaos shuffled her rear hooves, setting them a little farther apart, and who could blame her? Celestia watched in mute horror. There was no doubt about it, Crowbar’s huge dick had penetrated its quarry. Chaos’s tail thrashed, in pleasure or agony, there was no telling which.

Celestia realized she was gritting her teeth. The sight was obscene, like a foaling. Mares weren’t supposed to stretch that wide for a stallion. Celestia’s heart pounded, expecting at any moment a fierce stallionish thrust and a shriek of pain from Sw… no, Chaos? It was hard to remember how bad Chaos was, when seeing her so horribly vulnerable.

Or was she?

Celestia gulped. The earth pony stallion was still sliding his penis deeper into Chaos’s body. She could just about see the side of his face. He looked happy. Chaos was shaking, but did she have tricks up her sleeve? Or up her…

Princess Celestia crept closer on trembling hooves, trying to get a better view of what was happening. Had Chaos created some sort of portal or void within herself, into which the hapless earth pony’s cock was thrust? She knew the length of him. There was no chance he could fit inside anything equine the size of Chaos. Celestia didn’t believe that for a moment. He was a sore trial even for her, and she was nearly twice his size.

She peered under Chaos’s belly, and the diminutive alicorn’s tight little abdomen was visibly swollen. Celestia almost thought she could see it bulging wider under the strain. She shook her head in mute dismay, and glanced up towards Chaos’s head, unthinkingly.

Chaos stared right back at her, teeth bared in victory and exultation.

Celestia glanced quickly back and saw that Crowbar’s crotch was pressed right up against the little alicorn’s rump.

“Impossible…” she breathed.

“Hahnnn!” moaned Chaos, and Celestia saw her tight little butt clench around the tree-trunk transfixing it.

Crowbar grunted, a startled noise as if she’d pinched him. He shifted his hooves, with a tight wet noise as his cock in turn shifted inside Chaos. She wailed, and bore down again.

Celestia’s face was a mask of horror, though she was too proud to back away or flee.

Crowbar grunted, tightening his forelegs. Chaos thrust her butt back against his crotch, and kept bearing down, pinching at him. He whimpered, heaving deep breaths. Celestia could see Chaos straining, tensing, squeezing…

Crowbar groaned, and began pumping with his hips, as if trying to loosen the cramped vagina by fucking it into submission.

Celestia’s cry of earnest dismay was drowned out by Chaos’s wild shriek. It was not sounds that horrified the white alicorn, however. It was sights. As Crowbar began humping his diminutive lover, it was all too plain to see that his cock was thrusting all the way through Chaos, as if her vagina reached right up to her chest. Celestia could see a bulge rhythmically appearing between her forelegs, and with his more vigorous motion, it wasn’t difficult to make out the thickness of his massive cock impaling her. Celestia thought she could see his medial ring sliding back and forth inside Chaos. Such things couldn’t be possible, and yet they were happening inches from her shocked eyes.

Heart pounding, Celestia gulped and realized something else had happened. Chaos’s shrieks had softened. Crowbar’s thrusts were slowing.

Juice dripped down the inside of Chaos’s leg. It didn’t look like horse semen. It looked like Chaos had squirted copiously in very female mare-gasm. Celestia saw her body shiver and tremble all over. Those pert little buttocks weren’t squeezing at Crowbar’s penetrating cock anymore. Chaos was limp with pleasure, barely able to stand, her efforts to pinch her stallion into madness forgotten.

Celestia watched as Crowbar slowed right down. He nuzzled Chaos’s neck as she sweetly wailed. His hips took on a dreamy, languorous tempo, hardly worth even calling a tempo anymore. Wide-eyed, Celestia crept around behind the couple, peering in wonder at his point of entry, where Chaos’s rump was splayed wide around his juice-soaked, slickened stallionhood. She could see Chaos wriggling in pleasure, though it remained obscene and shocking, physically unreasonable and impossible.

Yet, the mood had changed so conclusively Celestia could hardly believe it. She hadn’t remembered such tenderness. When she’d experienced that stallion, her attention had been on Swirlie… well, Chaos, and then at her request, Discord, coiling sensuously around her. And now Discord was gone, as she’d been told… but there was something so recognizable about the personality that had goaded Crowbar, the poor dumb brute, into Chaos-churning.

It was so Starswirl, somehow! The glorying in the forbidding physical overstimulation, the glee over shocking experience. He’d always loved those wild and crazy moments of physical outrage. He’d done to Celestia what Crowbar had been doing, done it until she shrieked and fainted under his savage rutting. But now the tables were turned, and something new was present that Starswirl had never mastered. Celestia watched those stolid earth pony hips nudge and flow, watched Chaos’s trim thighs quiver between Crowbar’s, and the love and bliss just washed over her. Chaos was coming steadily, and her voice was a wordless song of ecstacy. She’d seemingly forgotten anyone or anything was even there, besides her lover.

She was beautiful, as she joyously took him.

With a start, Princess Celestia realized how incongruous that observation was. Where had the thought ‘beautiful’ come from? She had begun to watch the couple for hostile, combative reasons, and hadn’t expected to find beauty. In fairness, hostile was the mood Chaos had been in as well, but there seemed something sacrilegous about maintaining hostility around such intense devotion and deep, grateful pleasure. Crowbar, the simple earth pony with a dick like a treetrunk, had melted the alarming Chaos into a quivering, loving puddle.

And it wasn’t through Starswirl-like dominance and showing off, either. He’d pumped Chaos while she screamed, matching her harshness and obliterating it through pure sensory overload, with a physicality that still horrified Celestia even to imagine… but then, he’d turned immediately to a tenderness the likes of which Celestia had never seen. She’d not had many lovers. Starswirl had been the best, by far. He’d still been a stallion’s stallion, full of his own ego and pride. Crowbar seemed egoless, and crooned dumb sweet moans as he slid that hideously huge erection within Chaos’s quivering, juicy vagina. Her legs were spread so wide—but, of course, they had to be.

Crowbar was so obviously, utterly devoted to her pleasure, embracing her and soaking up every ravishingly sweet cry, every tremble of that exquisite little form, the delicate shivers of her silky inner thigh, the wonderful tender firmness of her pert tight buttocks against his massive phallus. Even her erect, stiffened nipples were the most beautiful luminous blue, just a shade darker than her soft and magical little breasts, barely visible between her elegant legs. Chaos—Crowbar’s mare. So perfect. They fitted, somehow. They were so right, together.

Celestia realized she was weeping, and didn’t know why.

All at once, she was filled with the desperate urge to do something, to show that she was sorry and give her blessing. No words would suffice, and Celestia’s head was spinning until she felt quite mad. She drew back, prancing anxiously with her wings flaring up in great billows of white featheryness, mouth open in a soundless cry of dismay, unable to think straight.

And then, Princess Celestia had darted forward, tongue outstretched, nose between Chaos’s hind legs… and bestowed a long, lingering lick.

Not upon Crowbar, or his cock, or the place where his cock stretched Chaos so tightly—nothing so orderly.

Celestia, heart pounding, craned her nose up and licked across Chaos’s lovely, sensitive, fillyish breasts, the stiffened nipples caressing her tongue. She could feel the heat coming off that exquisite little vagina, pressing tenderly against the top of her muzzle.

Chaos squealed in shock, and a gout of magic blasted into the sky, her thighs juddering against the sides of Celestia’s face as she got catapulted into monumental spasms far beyond the orgasms she was steadily enjoying.

Crowbar grunted. Celestia’s horn was pressing against his balls. He gave a whinnying squeal of his own, and came, gushing copiously into Chaos’s shaking body even as her horn spurted raw magic everywhere. Her frantic spasms forced some of the come back out again, and it spilled across Celestia’s face. She cried out in chagrin and scrambled back out from under Chaos’s legs, batting at her soiled muzzle with a forehoof.

Crowbar dismounted and pulled free, the giant cock tugging out of Chaos like a magical trick, leaving her barely standing and with a cavernous hole right through her body, from which horsecome poured. Her horngasms died away, and her head dropped in sheer sexual exhaustion, hanging low. Chaos was wrung out, stunned, sated.

Crowbar snorted, glancing in perplexity at Celestia, taken aback by her actions. He did a double-take, rolled his eyes forgivingly, and turned to cropping grass, choosing not to be impressed that she’d suddenly joined in.

Chaos, shaking, turned her head in wonder and stared at Celestia, utterly unable to process what had just happened.

Celestia’s ears were laid back. Her eyes were as vulnerable as Chaos, or Starswirl, had ever seen them. And her tongue dangled, hanging out as if she dared not return it to her mouth… the Princess tongue that had just sensuously, erotically licked a mare’s tits.

A shudder ran through Princess Celestia’s body… and a drip, just a tiny drip of pussy-ooze hit the grass between her legs.

…and liked it.

Chaos couldn’t blink. All she could do was look at the beautiful Princess of the Sun, the mare she’d loved as Starswirl and lost as Discord and given up all hope for as Chaos, and yet that tongue caressing her breasts could only have been Celestia’s. There was no-one else present. It made no sense, but there it was. Her tongue was still sticking out!

Celestia’s eyes were huge, terrified. She drew her tongue back, shut her mouth, gulped. She was shaking, too. She had no more words than Chaos had. The moment was too big and alien and strange…

“THERE you are! I’ve got you now!”

Twilight Sparkle’s vengeful voice.

Chaos shrieked, a very girly shriek, and in a flash of Chaos magic, Crowbar was gone, teleported safely away. Not Chaos herself: her lover, first. She saved him from harm without a second thought, as an automatic reaction, and then in another flash Chaos vanished too, even as Twilight swooped down like a hawk upon the hillside.

“He was here! I mean she! They!” raged Twilight. “I saw them! I knew it, they’d captured you!”

Princess Celestia couldn’t stop shaking.

“Are you okay?” demanded Twilight. “What did they do to you? Ew, there’s stuff on your face! Oh, Princess! I am so sorry, I searched as fast as I could, but I was too late! You look awful! What did they do to you? Oh my gosh, he came on your FACE? I’ll kill that Chaos!”

Princess Celestia gulped, her lip quivering, her eyes haunted.

“Princess! Are you okay?”

“I don’t know, Twilight,” said Celestia. “I…” She shuddered roughly, shook her mane, gritting her teeth and fighting for control.


“Magic happened,” said Celestia. “In a sense. Powerful magic. I must think. I am not what I was, Twilight, dear Twilight! Or have I been clinging to folly, all these years? Oh, dear! And yet, and yet…”

“What?” squealed Twilight, her ears back.

Celestia blushed. “Oh, Twilight, my Twilight! I think you are entitled to more than a ‘what’, poor Twilight.”

“Huh?” managed Twilight, staring in horror at her shamefaced mentor.

“I only meant, maybe my faithful student is entitled to a good, loud ‘I told you so’… about, you know.”

Twilight gaped, speechless.

Princess Celestia was positively scarlet with embarrassment.

“You know. The… mare thing.”