Light And Shadow

“Cloudie!” wailed Pinkie Pie.

“Shush,” said Cloud Chaser, swooping down upon Pinkie, who reared and reached up into the sky, hopping and waving her forelegs. With a fluffy thump, Cloud Chaser seized her little lesbian and carried her up into the air with a mad flapping of violet wings, only to descend panting to the waiting ground once more.

Pinkie was a solid chunk of earth pony, thought Chaser. A solid, enthusiastic, ebullient chunk of delicious earth pony… but there were things that took precedence over horniness, even pegasus horniness. Though she was eager to get busy with her groundpounding lover, she sat back on her haunches and studied Pinkie, whose lip quivered in urgent distress.

“Don’t tell me,” sighed Cloud Chaser. “Your straight-mare sweetie, again?”

Pinkie couldn’t even be angry, or offended. She just nodded, woefully.

“C’mere,” said Chaser, and within a moment she was snuggling Pinkie Pie and enfolding her in earnest, warm wings, heedless of who might be watching. Cloud Chaser gave less than a single damn about pegasus proprieties when there was someone she loved in distress, and she knew Pinkie didn’t share the sensitivity about wing displays typical to Ponyville pegasi, and there really was no better way to comfort, she thought. It did tend to really get a pegasus going, but there would be time to deal with that later.

“Come on inside,” she said. “We’ll go up to your apartment. Talk it out. Come on, baby.”

“Help me smile?” asked Pinkie. “Until we’re private?” She tried to smile, and half-succeeded, and it wrung Chaser’s heart.

“I love you and we’re gonna work this out,” vowed Cloud Chaser, gazing deeply into Pinkie’s innocent eyes, and then the smile was real enough to last for a minute or more.

“Yeah you do,” said Pinkie, and the two headed into Sugarcube Corner, Chaser’s wings still fondling Pinkie’s body furtively.

Mr. Cake looked up. “Oh! Hello there, young Cloud Chaser! It’s a pleasure to see you again.”

“Oh, yes!” said Mrs. Cake. “Can we get you anything?” She winked at her husband.

“I think I’m fine,” said Cloud Chaser, giving the confectionery couple a big bold smile.

“You’re sure?” said Mr. Cake. “We’ve got some terrific fudge today. Top notch!”

“That’s okay.”

“Apple pie?” suggested Mrs. Cake. “We’ve just had a delivery from Apple Bloom. Their Honeycrisps are better than ever this year! That’s a kind of apple, dear, the recipe doesn’t include honey for it might overwhelm the delicate flavors…”

Cloud Chaser smiled. “I’m not a pie girl. Not THAT kind of pie, anyway!” She winked.

Mr. Cake exchanged a glance with his wife.

“Wedding cake?” he suggested, as Mrs. Cake tilted her head coyly to the side and stared at the two mares.

It was Pinkie and Cloud Chaser’s turn to exchange a startled glance.

“Uhhhh…” said Chaser. “What, right now?”

“Oh, no no,” said Mrs. Cake. “Goodness, no. But we would be honored so very deeply to do the catering, dear. For personal reasons! But I don’t have to tell you about that.”

“We insist, in fact,” said Mr. Cake firmly. “For our Pinkie? Nothing but the best.”

Pinkie’s jaw was dangling. She reeled it in. “Mr. and Mrs. Cake?”

“Yes, dear?”

“What are you DOING, talking to us that way?” squeaked Pinkie. “Out of the blue like that?! Huh?”

Mr. Cake scratched his head, and looked at his wife. “Fair question. What’s this we’re doing, Cup, would you say?”

Mrs. Cake smiled beatifically. “I would say we are—approving.” She blew the two young lovers a kiss.

Cloud Chaser was blushing, which was a sight no pegasus had ever seen. No debauchery had ever been known to make her blush, but the sudden exposure of her deeper feelings had caught her off guard, and left her speechless.

Pinkie wasn’t. “But… but Mr. and Mrs. Cake! I’ve been with Fluttershy for, for ages and you never acted this way!”

Simultaneously, the glowing smiles of the older ponies lost a bit of glow.

“Well…” said Mrs. Cake hesitantly.

“You see…” began Mr. Cake. “As much as she is a fine figure of a pony, very sweet, good with foals…”

“What?” squeaked Pinkie, alarmed.

Mrs. Cake looked her right in the eye. “Well, she’s not like our Pinkie Pie, is she? Not… where it counts.”

For a moment, Cloud Chaser thought they were talking about pegasi versus earth ponies, but just for a moment.

Pinkie’s jaw dropped again, and she reeled it in.

“Did EVERYPONY know Fluttershy was a too-straighty straight overly-mc-straightersons except me?!”

“Oh, Pinkie,” sighed Mrs. Cake, indulgently.

“She can’t help it,” added Mr. Cake loyally. “Don’t take it personal, Pinkie honey. We couldn’t rush you. We knew you’d come around.”

Pinkie glanced frantically back and forth between them. “But…”

“Hey!” urged Cloud Chaser. “Weren’t we on our way somewhere? To talk about something?”

Tactfully, Mr. Cake turned back to his frosting. Mrs. Cake called, “Yes, do that, Cloud Chaser, dear! Our Pinkie is in good hooves. Er, wings. Off you go now! I’m sure that’s what you’re going to do.”

Cloud Chaser turned. “Hey, I wasn’t being suggestive, okay? Even if I usually am. I mean, we literally were going to go talk…”

She trailed off, for Mrs. Cake was giving her a very knowing, wise look.

“Yes, you are, dear. Perhaps not only that, but I saw our Pinkie and how she was feeling, and we know you will take care of her first. That is why we are so honored to take care of YOU when a certain happy event transpires. Go talk, dear, we could tell she felt better as soon as she saw you. And nothing, nothing could make us happier.”

Mr. Cake nodded solemnly. Cloud Chaser met their gazes, and gave a little nod of her own.

“Got it,” she said, and trotted up the stairs with Pinkie Pie to Pinkie’s apartment.

“Oh, Cloudie!” quavered Pinkie.

“Hold it,” ordered Cloud Chaser. “I need you to tell me what’s going on. I know you’d like to be distracted, but it might be important. Out with it!”

Pinkie stuck out her tongue. “Phoo! I was going to anyway. What am I, a little filly?”

“You’re my little filly,” teased Cloud Chaser, “and what’s more it all started when we were both little fillies, didn’t it? No stalling, now. I’m here for you.”

The pink pony’s lip quivered. “Well, I don’t want to be just a dumb silly-filly, all innocent except for having lots of sex of course. I mean, I used to want that, but then things started to hurt. I can’t believe the Cakes said that stuff!”

“What, about a wedding?” laughed Cloud Chaser. “Maybe they should. You’d still let me play, right? I do know who I want most, and it’s not that crazy an idea, me having a wedding. It might seem like it. Weather Patrol will all faint dead away, I know that.”

“No!” squeaked Pinkie. “It’s about F… Fluttershy…”

Cloud Chaser raised a wing, and Pinkie snuggled up against her very naturally and easily, enfolded again by violet feathers.

“Do you remember when we talked about getting Fluttershy laid?” said Pinkie.

“Yeah. It was like pulling teeth, or primaries,” said Chaser, wincing. “It’s hard to get that one to admit what she really wants, and she sulks and expects you to just know. Did she go through with it? I bet she got cold hooves and clammed up and said ‘that’s okay’ and now she’s sulking again.”

“Maybe it would be better if she had,” said Pinkie quietly.

Cloud Chaser turned her head to give Pinkie a better look. “Oh, really? That sounds ominous. What did she do instead?”

“That’s the thing,” said Pinkie. “It’s partly my fault, I went along with it. And now I’m scared of next Tuesday. It’s not just me. My Sense is freaking out in ways I’ve never even seen before!”

“Steady, babe,” said Chaser. “It is not either your fault. So—what isn’t your fault, exactly? You didn’t tell me yet, and I’m not gonna wait until Tuesday.”

“We got Fluttershy a gang-bang,” admitted Pinkie. “It’s for next Tuesday when the moon is high. Apple Bloom said so.”

“Uhhh… we might have a language problem here. You don’t schedule a gang-bang. What you’re talking about is group sex, babe.”

“No!” squeaked Pinkie. “I saw them! The things Fluttershy said to them, it’s gonna be a gang-bang and I just can’t stand it!”


Pinkie sniffled. “My Flutterbuttersnugglewubbies goaded on the stallions. She said Big Macintosh wasn’t a real stallion, and he looked so angry! Some of the other farm ponies were staring at her in this awful way, like she was just a thing for them to take. It’s like she wanted them to hurt her. She was so mean, it’s like mean Fluttershy needed to get laid in a mean way and it didn’t matter what happened to nice Fluttershy anymore!”

Cloud Chaser was silent for a moment. Then she said, “Maybe ‘mean Fluttershy’ did. There’s a mean Fluttershy? It sounds impossible. I know nice Fluttershy has some hidden strengths, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call that ‘mean Fluttershy’.”

Pinkie gave a bitter little halfsmile. “I might be a silly filly, but apparently there’s some things I still know that you don’t!”

“Well, then, what’s mean Fluttershy like? I’ve never met her, I can’t even imagine her. What does she want?”

Pinkie looked haunted. “She’s bitter, and sad, and I can’t help her. I don’t think she likes herself. It should be possible to heal a pony even if they’re bitter and sad. I don’t understand her when she gets that way.”

“What does she want, Pinkie?”

“She wants to get raped by all the stallions, just give herself over to them and get used like… like just a hole. She feels like a hole where a pony should be. She feels dead inside, and so sad, so sad and guilty,” said Pinkie, staring off into space. Her voice was half dreamy, like it was when her Sense talked through her, and half aware.

“Oh, honey,” said Cloud Chaser helplessly.

Then, Pinkie was thrashing, bursting out from under Chaser’s sheltering wing, facing her.

“And it’s NOT TRUE! That is not the real Fluttershy! That is not MY Fluttershy!” she wailed.

“Whoa, honey, whoa!”

“And… she doesn’t deserve to be that sad…”

Back into Cloud Chaser’s embrace went Pinkie Pie, bawling like that very little filly she claimed not to be. Chaser thought and thought, cuddling her earth pony darling, and then gave her a little shake.

“Listen to me. Sh. Listen.”

Bright blue tearful eyes met hers trustingly.

“Pinkie, sometimes a pony hides part of themselves, because they’ve been hurt or they’re frightened. They keep secrets and put on a brave face, but to them, the hidden part is all they can think about, because it’s their secret to keep. It’s sad and it’s frustrating but being there for them is all you can do…”

“But I AM there for her, every part of her!” cried Pinkie Pie.

“No, you’re not. She won’t let you,” insisted Cloud Chaser. “Mind you, you’re still doing better than everypony I know, we’ve never even heard of a Mean Fluttershy. It’s hard to imagine.”

“I know a certain flower bush that wishes it never heard of Mean Fluttershy,” grumbled Pinkie tearfully. “Rarity’s seen Mean Fluttershy too. Mean Fluttershy even scares dragons. Mean Fluttershy beat Gilda the Griffin up, we’re totally not imagining it!”

“All right, all right,” soothed Chaser. “My point is this: yes, you want to heal Fluttershy and help her feel better, but know that ponies get that way for a reason. What was her family life like, do you know? Have you met her parents, what are they like? I embarrass my Dad but you can still meet him. I lost Mom when I was very young.”

“Fluttershy never talks about her parents,” said Pinkie Pie.

“Always a good sign,” said Cloud Chaser wryly. “Hey, you’re right to try to help her, but on the one wing the only reason she can even be slightly lesbian is you’re fantastic and adorable, and on the other wing she’s keeping secrets from you that must hurt her very much, and she obviously doesn’t trust you with them.”

Pinkie sagged. “No. She doesn’t. She never really has, she only admits stuff when she breaks down completely.”

“Now tell me again what she’s doing. Deep breath, kiddo.”

Pinkie obediently took a deep breath, Chaser nuzzling her lovingly as she did.

“Fluttershy is trying to have sex with all the farm ponies. Only stallions, no mares allowed. She’s trying to get them angry and horny and excited, so they will fuck her all rough and mean. Applejack hates that part but Apple Bloom over-ruled her. Fluttershy taunted Big Macintosh and told him he wasn’t a real stallion. She… she did it in a very mean way. She told everyone that when he put Rock into her, he was lying on his back taking orders from me!”

Cloud Chaser lifted an eyebrow. “Was he?”

“Uh-huh!” said Pinkie. “But she made it sound bad!”

Chaser sighed. “My little lesbian… okay, hear me out? I’m a little tiny bit proud of Fluttershy, in spite of everything.”

Pinkie’s ears went back, and her jaw dropped.

“Not of her being mean!” Chaser added hastily. “That still blows my mind and I’d have to see it to believe it. What I mean is, she’s really stepping up and starting to own how she is.”

“Mean? Guilty? Dead inside?!” demanded Pinkie, offended.

“No! Fluttershy is a particular kind of straight mare. It’s not nice how she’s doing it, but she knows what she wants. Damn right she’s goading them on. There are nicer ways she could be doing it, but clearly she wants results. Pinkie, Fluttershy is determined to still have sex even though she’s totally submissive. She’s so extreme about it, she doesn’t even want to work out any of the details. Babe, if it was me I’d be picking out the guys and calling them over to get some, I wouldn’t be shy about it at all. I’d be like, come right over and pound my rump until I can’t stand up! You’ve seen me… you’ve had me! You HAVE me, babe, you know how I am.”

Pinkie nodded, making a face at the idea of her Chasie getting pounded by stallions. Chaser spotted it.

“And don’t you grimace, Pinkie Pie, you’ve driven me every bit as hard and I love love LOVE it. That tongue, wow! You know I like it rough. I’ve made you sweat. You’ve made me faint.”

“Good times,” said Pinkie in a little, uncertain voice.

“Yeah they are!” retorted Cloud Chaser. “Well, wrap your head around this: Fluttershy wants all of that and more, except for she doesn’t ever want to have to demand fucking like I’m happy to do. She wants to bite her tongue and never say anything forward and STILL get pounded like there’s no tomorrow. And I hope she works out better ways to do it, but all the same I’m a little proud of her.”

“Applejack isn’t,” said Pinkie. “Applejack’s real mad at her, and the farm ponies. It’s wrong for them to act like that.”

“That’s funny,” said Cloud Chaser. “Applejack’s with Rainbow Dash, after all. You’d think she would understand stallions a little better, she’s practically one herself.”

“She’s a lot happier now that she’s not Boss Mare anymore.”

“Fair enough,” said Chaser. “She’s also mothering her foal Northern Spy that Dash had with her. But you have to understand the stallion mind, it’s not wrong to them. Or maybe I should say, the feelings aren’t wrong. The drives aren’t wrong. You just can’t let them go too crazy with it, that’s bad for everypony.”

Pinkie wrinkled her nose. “Could have fooled me. Stallions get just… yucky! All they want is to take and use and they like not caring and it’s like they only want to hurt feelings, and they act like the most hurtful ones are winning.”

“Stallions conquer,” explained Cloud Chaser. “It’s part of how they are, part of how their sexuality is. You can get ‘em also wanting to nurture, they particularly love to protect, but most of all they want to conquer. I bet Fluttershy’s making them absolutely insane, because she wants to be conquered but apparently she’s putting up a fight and challenging them. They’ll rise to that bait. They can’t NOT rise to it.”

“But it’s awful,” protested Pinkie. “They want to hurt her!”

“No, listen!” argued Cloud Chaser. “That’s not true, or at least usually it’s not. Even if they’re all worked up, with a massive boner and fire in their eyes, they probably don’t want to hurt Fluttershy in a bad way or leave her unhappy. Babe, the stallion fantasy is getting the mare to surrender. They want several things out of Eepy. First, they want to get on her and shove it right in. Might or might not want her to resist, depends on the stallion. Some like more spirit, some want a real doormat. Then, they’ll be fucking the daylights out of her, and they want to conquer, they want her to surrender completely. Some will want her to come her tail off, some just want her to go passive and let ‘em come inside her. We both know she’s gonna be coming her tail off, whatever they want. And lastly, they’ll stake their claim to her by coming in her and making her their mare. It’s like she becomes part of them, or their property, and the more grovelingly submissive she’s left the better they like it. They’ll own her body and soul—or at least, they’ll con themselves into believing that. Conquest, babe.”

Pinkie’s face was a study in shades of faint green.

“That is exactly the worst thing ever,” she said.

Cloud Chaser gave her a look. “Oh yeah? Us mares have our own little ways. We can ‘mom’ anything. I’ve seen Apple Bloom flip out at Applejack for mothering her, and I was just flying past their place and overheard it, but still I believe it. Fluttershy’s a perfect example of it, too, with her crazy animal farm. How does she even control that menagerie?”

“She just looks at them and they’re good,” said Pinkie. Her ears were still back as she tried to square her fantasy straight mare with the distasteful aspects of what that mare wanted from males.

“Anyway, the important thing to remember is that it’s just crude pony impulses we’re talking about,” said Cloud Chaser. “They don’t act on all that stuff, you know. Even stallions are sort of civilized. They have to be! They can’t just be dick-waving all the time. If Fluttershy really taunted Big Macintosh that way, she’s seriously getting it, you know that? He’ll do her hard and deep. She shamed him in front of the other stallions, from what you said.”

“She did,” said Pinkie. “She really did. It shouldn’t be shameful just ‘cos I told him how to have sex with her! They were both so awkward!”

“They’re not allowed to be awkward,” said Chaser wryly. “It’s not stallionly to fumble and be uncertain. Even though they usually are, but don’t ever suggest that, it’s cruel and they do the best they can. Few of ‘em ever rise above that stuff and that’s totally okay. It gives a mare a bit of leverage for getting what she wants, and I don’t just mean being manipulative. If you love some stallion and want to make him happy, it’s easy to do. All you gotta do is fuck him and let yourself really roll with it. The happier you are the happier he’ll be. This is not all bad, Pinkie Pie.”

Pinkie wrinkled her nose. “I guess not. I think Fluttershy deserves so much better, though.”

“Better than what she actually wants?”

“She doesn’t always want things that are good for her,” countered Pinkie.

“Hmm,” said Chaser. “There’s that. It might be worth keeping an eye on things just to know if any of the guys are too into it? You know, excessive biting, following her around hoping to do it some more, all that creepy stallion business. If they’re in a group it might be more about watching for roughness, ear-biting, stuff like that. Just keep an eye on ‘em.”

Pinkie shook her head frantically. “Nooo! I mean, yes, somepony should, but I could never handle that, never!”

“Even if this is Eepy’s fetish, even if it’d blow her little mind like nothing else?”

“It’s not that,” said Pinkie, tearful. “I know Fluttershy goes places I can’t follow. I still love her in spite of that, but I’d love her even if she gets off on terrible things. It’s… Chasie, I’m always worried that the stallions I know are like that, inside. I smile anyway and I’m super nice, but I need them to be kind, I need them to have hearts I can believe in. Usually, I can.”

“Damn right,” said Cloud Chaser sternly. “Stallions can be noble as hell, honey—I tell you I am proud to like them.”

“But if I knew, I mean really knew, that one of them was really mean and hurtful? If I saw him just taking Fluttershy selfishly and hurting her and he didn’t even care about her or worse, he wanted her to cry and surrender to his… urrk!”

“Steady, love,” said Chaser. “That’s what I mean, it’s not okay for them to be too greedy. Just like they don’t go around fighting other stallions in the streets. They gotta be open to a little empathy and then everything’s cool, it’s not so much to ask.”

“It’s not?” said Pinkie in a small voice. She gulped.

“This isn’t as hard as you think it is, Pinkie,” reassured Cloud Chaser. “Everypony’s gonna be okay. But it might be good for you to stay clear. Actually I can’t decide whether it’d be better for you to stay away, or to watch it go down.”

Pinkie didn’t speak for a minute, as she snuggled against her lover. Then she said, “Why would it be good for me to see that?”

“A couple of reasons. Some of it’s probably gonna be just incredibly shameless, randy sex. Parts of it might be mean, and I bet Fluttershy will like those best. But then when it’s over, Eepy’s left a quivering and very happy puddle in a bigger puddle of come and very pregnant, the dudes all go off feeling accomplished, and what you’ll see is that everypony is the same pony they were when they started…”

Pinkie knit her brow, trying to understand. And inside her, Pinkie’s Sense laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

Not happily, though.

Scootaloo zipped by the clubhouse, and screeched to a halt. A pink and purple tail waved in the window, and she knew what that meant.

She tossed her scooter heedlessly aside and galloped up the ramp, grinning like a madcolt. She knew just where she was going.

Or, thought she did.

Scootaloo screeched to a halt again, staring in perplexity at the empty space where she’d left her magic bit, safely tucked away in a little cupboard. Ears laid back, she glanced at her youthful unicorn mate.

Sweetie Belle lounged on the floor in front of their small wooden lectern, her hind legs splayed invitingly to display her perky nipples and dainty vagina. She moved a forehoof to the side, and something glinted, and Scootaloo’s eyes glinted in response.

Scootaloo trotted forward eagerly, but then Sweetie had covered the magic bit with her hoof again, smirking.

Scootaloo stopped.

“Uhhh… the last I checked, tail meant you wanted some pegasus thunder,” she said. “At least that’s how it usually seems to go. I know you. When you want to do me… well, first of all it’s not as often, and secondly it’s not your tail I see waving in the window.”

“Oh, I want you,” purred Sweetie, her eyes going half-lidded.

“Alright!” grinned Scootaloo, moving toward her, but then Sweetie glared.

“If you think you can be a REAL stallion,” she said, and Scootaloo froze.


“You heard me.”

Scootaloo frowned. “Yeah, good luck with that if you won’t give me the fucking bit! What is your problem, Sweetie Belle?”

Sweetie wriggled, still covering the bit with a hoof. “Ooooh! Good. Almost like a REAL stallion, but not quite. More.”

“What? Fuck you!” yelled Scootaloo.

“Yes!” squeaked Sweetie happily. “But fuck me like a…”

Scootaloo banged her hoof on the floor, and Sweetie stopped talking. She panted, and her pussy began winking eagerly. Scootaloo glared, gritting her teeth.

“Ready?” said Sweetie, tentatively revealing the bit. She drew her hoof away, and the magic sex toy gleamed in plain sight, no longer withheld. Sweetie bit her lower lip in transports of anticipation.

“Ready for you to tell me what the fuck you’re doing,” snarled Scootaloo. She made no move toward the toy.

“Sex, dummy!” chirped Sweetie. “I got the idea from Fluttershy. Ruin me!”

“How about you tell me exactly what Fluttershy told you to do,” gritted Scootaloo. “Because whatever it is, you’re doing it wrong.”

Sweetie blinked. “No I’m not! I saw her do this myself. She said, Big Macintosh, I dare you to be a real stallion, not lying under me taking orders from Pinkie Pie. Oh gosh! I came a little, when I saw the look in his eyes. I would like to insult him like that and have him totally ruin me, except for I would kind of die a whole bunch ‘cos he wouldn’t fit in me and anyway he might not be willing to have sex with young fillies like us. But I can have you!”

Scootaloo stared, astonished. Then, she paced quietly over, stepped on the bit, and rolled it away from Sweetie, trapping it firmly under her own hoof.

Sweetie pouted. “You’re doing it wrong! Fuck me like a RE…”

“Stop that,” snapped Scootaloo, and Sweetie gave a little squeal and started winking again.

Scootaloo shook her head. “Sweetie, Sweetie, Sweetie. I guess Fluttershy isn’t that good a role model, huh? Amazing. I can hardly believe it.”

“You have to ruin me!” squeaked Sweetie, her eyes a bit glazed. “You have to dominate me and ruin me, oh my gosh this is so exciting, eeee!”

“Get up,” ordered Scootaloo.

Sweetie flipped over and jumped quivering to her hooves, shapely little unicorn body trembling with desire, swishing her tail to the side and winking at Scootaloo.

“No, face me!”

Sweetie blinked. Then she gave a little scream, for Scootaloo had nipped her butt sharply, and she whirled for a moment because her instincts were demanding she point her pony pussy at her lover, and her head insisted that Scoots wanted her the other way around. After three frantic pirouettes, she stood panting and facing Scootaloo.

“Here’s your dominance, Sweetie Belle,” said Scootaloo. “Grow up!”


Scootaloo snorted, and Sweetie quivered and winked.

“I said, grow up! You’re being dumb, and I’ll tell you why. We love each other, Sweetie Belle, and you’re better than this. You’re just easily excited and daring and you’re crazy for wild sex things. But you don’t have to disrespect me and call me names to have your fun! I know if you just ask I can give you what you want. You don’t need to be mean about it!”

Sweetie pawed the floor with a hoof. “Um. Technically it’s not calling you names. It’s more like refusing to call you a name to make you mad? You know? Like if I was calling you a real stallion that’s a kind of name, but saying you’re NOT a real stallion…”

Scootaloo banged her hoof on the floor again, and Sweetie obediently shut up without being told.

“Sweetie Belle, I am a pegasus mare,” said Scootaloo grimly. “I’m a pegasus mare who has a magic bit…”

“Filly?” suggested Sweetie.

“YOU’RE my little unicorn filly,” snarled Scootaloo, and Sweetie gave a squeak and returned to listening.

“I’m a pegasus mare with a magic bit,” repeated Scootaloo, “and there’s a part of me that will always be a stallion inside. You don’t get that, and it’s okay, you don’t have to. TECHNICALLY, you’re right, I’m not a real stallion. But I’m your stallion, and I’m going to keep you, and you’re not going to hurt my feelings on purpose! Don’t ever do that again!”

Scootaloo had stepped up, face to face with her unicorn mate, and delivered the last words no more than an inch from Sweetie’s face. Sweetie’s eyes went very wide, and she made a strangled squealy noise and winked madly, her heart pounding, thrilled beyond words.

“Got that?” demanded Scootaloo.

“Eeee, oh please, fuck me now!”

Scootaloo rolled her eyes. Unicorn fillies!

“I’m gonna fuck you until you can’t squirt anymore,” she gritted, glaring right into Sweetie’s vulnerable, surrendering eyes. “And do you know why that is?”

“B… because I just made you super mad?” quavered Sweetie, her hind legs trembling until she nearly fell over.

Scootaloo cracked a tiny, tight, confident smile, and then her voice rang with earnestness.

“Because I love you, Sweetie Belle, forever and ever.”

Sweetie’s eyes went even wider, and glistened with sudden tears. Her lip quivered. Her mouth fell open in wonder and awe.

That was when Scootaloo dove for the bit, and descended in a storm of tiny wings on Sweetie Belle’s quivering rump.

Sweetie screamed with delight, twisting her head around to see her pegasus mount her. It was everything she could have hoped for. Scootaloo seized her like a dog seizing a bone, but the bone was between Scootaloo’s legs, powered by the bit gripped in Scootaloo’s teeth, and that pegasus stallionhood rammed forcefully right into Sweetie without a moment’s consideration. A very tight squelch echoed off the wooden walls of the clubhouse… not the first time they’d witnessed such a scene, but if they were keeping score it would’ve been off the charts.

Sweetie let out a withering shriek, and a picture fell off the wall, landed on the floor, balanced for a moment, shattered, and fell over on its face.

Scootaloo paid no attention.

“So! cute! and! so! SELFISH!” she grunted, unleashing thrust after virile thrust into her demented little unicorn. “So here! Have some! Of this!”

Sweetie shrieked again, and again. Her little vagina was seared with fiery, exquisite pangs of lusty fucking, the magenta and beige ponycock ramming harshly into her over and over. It didn’t scrape, because she’d gone so wet, but the sheer physicality of it threatened to snap her mind, and she reeled, with only Scootaloo’s wings keeping her from toppling over. It felt like even if she had fallen over, Scootaloo would keep on humping her brutally. Sweetie tossed her head in a turmoil of dizziness, and then squealed earsplittingly as her horn gushed out a thick gout of unicorn magic.

Scootaloo only gritted her teeth harder on the bit. Her back would hold out, and she was making a point. Inside Sweetie Belle, the plunging horsecock stiffened.

Sweetie howled, banging her forehoof on the floor, unable to stop coming. She tottered drunkenly, and Scootaloo’s beating wings held her up. She began to stagger, letting out breathless squeals, her horn spraying the wall with magic for second after second.

Scootaloo heard the anguished tone sneaking into her unicorn’s wailing lovecries, and grinned ferally, pushing it just a bit more, waiting for the right moment…

Sweetie’s whole body was hit with convulsive shudders, and her legs gave way, her horngasm doubling itself impossibly. Her voice became a tortured squall, just a wild scream of sheer sensual overload.

But she didn’t fall…

…for Scootaloo clung to her, wings whirring like a hummingbird, shoving the horsecock deep and coming inside Sweetie in a series of ruthless, swollen spasms, magical ponycome gushing up into Sweetie’s little womb.

Sweetie Belle’s eyes and mouth flew wide, even as she ran out of breath. Her horngasm went from the thick gout of magic to a single blinding spurt that spread out and splashed all over the floor. Its light reflected on Sweetie’s stunned, staring eyes, as if the intensity of her last climax had melted her filly brain. Her jaw dangled, cute little tongue hanging out, and her legs dangled uselessly. Sweetie was as limp as a sock, held up by pony dick and her lover’s strong forelegs.

Scootaloo, gasping for breath, lowered her mad beautiful unicorn girl gently to the floor, and released the bit. The thick ponycock withdrew, and inside Sweetie, the flood of semen palpably coating her womb evaporated politely. Scootaloo, staggering, walked around to face Sweetie… who lay, cheek against the floor, mind blown like never before. Her eyes still worked, somewhat. She focussed them on her lusty, virile pegasus.

“You don’t need,” panted Scootaloo, “to make me feel bad… to make you feel good.”

Sweetie’s eyes glistened, and she drank in the sight of Scootaloo like an oasis that could never go dry, a gaze returned and redoubled by her devoted stallion-filly, who came right up muzzle to muzzle since Sweetie could not move.

And then there was just the kissing, on and on in mute, speechless mutual adoration.

The opening of the cave wasn’t obscured very much by the small, miserable form at its lip. It wasn’t a large cave, but Ponyville didn’t have many large caves. This was no den for an Ursa Major. It was a dark little hole in a hillside.

Chaos peered into it dejectedly. It had started to rain. She’d seen Crowbar looking up fretfully at the rain, though he made no complaint. How could he? He didn’t really know how to talk, as she well knew.

Her tiny alicorn form was silhouetted against the mouth of the cave by a flash of lightning, in the distance.

Behind her, Crowbar whimpered. Chaos hesitated no longer.

“In here, okay? Come. Come on. In here. It’s okay. You’re safe.”

That was an understatement, thought Chaos. She was already damned for unappreciated mischief, so she had no reason to hold back anymore. If any dangerous animals threatened Crowbar, who’d done nothing wrong in the least, then those threatening animals would become very unthreatening turnips. Or blobs of jelly, or perhaps trombones. She wouldn’t be a bit sorry, either. There would be Chaos in the truest sense of the word.

Chaos winced. The fun had gone out of it, for good. The light had gone out of the world, for Princess Celestia was lost.

Not lost, thought Chaos. You know where she is, you just can’t have her anymore. Ever.

Tears came to the diminutive alicorn’s eyes, and wouldn’t stop.

Then, a warm earth pony muzzle pressed hers, as Crowbar, sensing another wave of distress, forgot the frightening weather and thought only of comforting his strange little mare. Chaos gulped, allowing the closeness, warming herself by it as they made their way further into the cave, out of the rain.

They made an odd pair, but they had little choice in the matter. Chaos couldn’t defend herself with chaos magic without further upsetting the Canterlot ponies, was in no position to make amends to Princess Celestia, and knew that Twilight Sparkle hated her for what she had done. Crowbar didn’t understand his situation at all, and was one ill-considered action away from suffering grave consequences he did not in the least deserve. Chaos knew she had to get him out of there, and if she was not welcome in Canterlot, neither would he be.

It wasn’t difficult to lead him away. He liked her. She let him fuck her, and he seemed well content with that. He didn’t care much where he was, so long as it was warm and dry. Chaos had found that Crowbar had a real knack for finding snug camp spots, which surprised her.

It wasn’t the only thing that had surprised her about the severely retarded earth pony.

His penis had shocked the hell out of her, when first she experienced it. In the dark and perverse nightclub, he’d entered her and Chaos had been compelled to immediately change her physical form, just to take him. His girth was impossible, his length terrifying. She’d repeatedly used chaos magic, enlarging her vaginal passages, even rearranging her internal organs as the hungry phallus pressed deeper and deeper, and had ended up a sort of sock-alicorn on a leg of penis, eyes wide with shock as his erection lovingly nuzzled her breastbone, her heart beating wildly next to it. Crowbar had always done terrible damage to mares he’d mounted.

Even in their lonely exile, Chaos had still suffered nasty shocks from Crowbar. There was that one time she woke to the sensation of him splitting her agonizingly, forcing his stiffened horsecock into her tiny pussy when she hadn’t altered her physical configuration. He’d been nuzzling her while she had erotic dreams, and she’d gone very wet and winking, enough that he could pry himself in there, but then he shoved frustratedly, unable to understand why his mare was suddenly so tight and shallow.

That one, Chaos would have a hard time forgetting.

Chaos magic could do wonderful things. Her terror and pain was only brief. A flash of the alicorn horn, and he’d plunged balls-deep into a cavernous space rather roomier than usual, for she’d been utterly freaked out and in no mood to play sensation-whore at the time. This puzzled him as well—he’d given some exploratory thrusts, his ears back—but he’d finished up uncomplainingly.

That wasn’t the biggest surprise about Crowbar. Chaos was still getting used to the biggest surprise from the dimwitted monster of maleness.

She looked him over, and he gazed back placidly, silhouetted in the fading light of dusk as the rain beat down. With a flick of her ear, Chaos manifested a bright magical torch that took its place on a cave wall. It didn’t seem that cold, but she focussed her energies again and warmed the cave to the coziness of a midsummer’s day in a peaceful meadow.

Feeling the warmth, Crowbar beamed happily, and Chaos, still forlorn and tearful over her woes, couldn’t help but smile back a little.

He trotted forward to nuzzle her again, while she listened to the faint noise of an irate chipmunk. It had every reason to be upset, she thought, for she’d stolen the warmth by draining it from the tree the chipmunk was in. Ungrateful thing! The tree would warm up again in time, she could have taken it and burned it for warmth and then where would the chipmunk be?

Crowbar licked her ear, and she forgot the chipmunk.

That was the mysterious thing. Chaos knew he was a horny beast, yet he rarely tried to mount her when she was distressed. It was like he had some odd sense that told him her mood. Earth pony magic? Or some spirit from elsewhere?

It didn’t occur to Chaos that she’d been the one lacking empathy for thousands of years. All she could do was marvel at it. He was so impossibly, mysteriously good, even though his brains were mud-grade, barely qualified for the challenges of peek-a-boo. She’d tried to see if he could find food hidden under a cloth, after he’d watched her placing it over the food. The result was inconclusive. He’d just fucked her.

Chaos stepped back and studied Crowbar again, as he stood and watched her.

Such a dumpy, squat thing, he was. Well muscled, surely, but lacking in elegance and class.

Chaos felt a stirring of her inner nature, and her horn flashed in a moment of whimsy, the same reaction she’d always been happiest with.

Before her, Princess Celestia stared with the same dim worshipfulness, because she was nothing more than Crowbar transformed into Celestia’s form. He knit his brow, twisting his head and staring at the glorious, vast, ivory wings he now wore. He returned his attention to Chaos, trustingly, and waited to see what else she wanted to do.

Chaos’s eyes filled with tears and her little face twisted in grief. Celestia, who was actually Crowbar, lunged forward in dismay to comfort, and with a squeal of distress Chaos changed him back just as he bowled her over, fretfully cuddling her petite form.

It had been too much for Chaos. Her broken heart burst, and she sobbed at what she had lost, cursing her foolishness, cursing the random whim that had presented her with the bitter false vision of an adoring though very stupid Celestia rushing to her aid. Chaos bawled, Crowbar hugging her tightly.

Eventually, she quieted, her forlorn look still more deeply written across her face. She wiped her eyes with a dainty hoof, and Crowbar promptly licked her nose.

She gazed at him, and made up her mind. He deserved a treat—and she needed one, how she needed what he could give. Chaos knew Crowbar’s ways like the back of her hoof through cohabiting with him, and the biggest surprise was also the one she treasured most.

Chaos blinked away tears, and smiled at him, watching his dim face light up in response.

That wasn’t the only response she could be certain of getting.

She wriggled around until her rump was pressed up against his crotch, her belly facing the opening of the cave, and she wriggled that tight little rump enticingly. Crowbar’s ears perked up and stayed there, and Chaos immediately felt a stirring behind her.

This was one of the secrets of Crowbar, that none had discovered, that even Celestia had not taken the trouble to understand.

His cock surged forth, between her legs, rubbing her snug breasts as it protruded and stiffened. Chaos’s horn lit, and she reconfigured her insides to accomodate him. She daringly left herself nearly as tight as usual, estimating things with some experience. She knew the dimensions she’d have to take, but she also knew Crowbar. Then, her horn flickered, as she gave herself a bit more stretch. He whimpered when she was too tight. She didn’t want him to whimper.

She waited, heart pounding joyfully, as he drew his hips back, positioning himself, the hard end of his titanic phallus nudging her alicorn vagina.

Then, the biggest surprise of the fearsome Crowbar began to happen again, a surprise none but Chaos had ever been able to discover.

Crowbar was gentle.

Given resistance, given excitement and bad energy around him and the risk that he wouldn’t be able to go balls-deep in a mare, he’d been known as a destroyer. He’d done damage, trying to experience his heaven of sexual intercourse, not understanding the words screamed around him. He’d been used as a sort of perverted weapon, treated as a monster.

With a beloved mare in his embrace, an eager wet pussy against his cock-head and good peaceful feelings around him, Crowbar slowly pressed his stallionhood into Chaos inch by inch, with obvious tenderness. It wasn’t even as if he sought to impress. He had all the time in the world, and Chaos melted around him as he entered. Her eyes went half-lidded, and she let out a sweet moan as her massive lover steadily impaled her on thick, throbbing cock.

As he came to her depths, she nuzzled under his chin, swept away by that addictive sensation that only a creature of pure Chaos could experience. She was an alicorn mare, but also a sort of puppet, filled from crotch to chest by an enormous shaft that pulsed lovingly inside her. And Crowbar nuzzled back, just as transported.

When he moved, it wasn’t aggressively. It was dreamily, languidly… a swooning, placid tugging and thrusting, at first so gentle, and for all that it still wrenched Chaos’s entire body. Her trim waist was bulged to twice its size around him, her rump squeezed out to the sides around the intruding girth, and she gasped and shook, reeling with delight at the outrageous sensations filling her.

She forced herself to relax, for she’d tensed up and clenched against him, trying to squish the tree-trunk of a cock with her dainty butt-cheeks, and he’d whimpered. She didn’t want him to whimper. She wanted him to do that little crooning, the innocent happy cries that so belied his intimidating body.

The throbbing mass slid lovingly in and out, penetrating Chaos to the neck. She reeled, drooling in mind-mangling bliss, her ears laid back and her expression a wordless song of ecstacy. If she stayed calm and didn’t pinch him, he would continue to bliss out until…

Crowbar began to emit little love-cries, plainitive little croons of pleasure. Even then, he didn’t turn rough or aggressive. His cock did, somewhat, for it swelled up with alarming enthusiasm and Chaos shook, her mouth hanging open, breathy squeals of delight echoing through the cave. Yet she didn’t bear down or resist him, nor did he seize and take her. They flowed together, in harmonious merging.

Chaos’s hind legs kicked, as the stallionhood swelled up to its final turgid stiffness, and then she threw her head back and gave herself completely to him, melting away on purpose in his hooves, and he let out a few puppyish yips and still didn’t move any rougher. It was like his thrusting was coming from another, more reverent place, and both he and his mare were just washed away on the deep, rhythmic waves of it.

Crowbar yelped, and he came, gushing horsecome into Chaos who cried out her praises triumphantly, shuddering over her whole body as Crowbar pumped her full of semen. Her eyes stared unseeingly at the cave wall, and her hind leg kicked again, weakly, and then she just panted, savoring the sensation. If you drained Crowbar often enough, he didn’ t fill you too hard. Chaos had kept him busy, busy enough that she didn’t have to open an emergency spigot anywhere on her body, much less her poor horn that had never expected to become a semen-fountain. She shivered and gritted her teeth at the sensation of hot spunk inflating her, but it was piquant, delicious in its pressure, and wouldn’t become a problem.

Chaos moaned, limbs splayed as Crowbar held her, his embrace tight and fervent. She kicked with her foreleg, drunkenly groping the air. Her hind leg waved aloft, held up in part by the bulky cock prying her pelvis so wide, making it impossible her to close her legs, her dainty vagina shockingly transfixed, her nipples standing erect…

Crowbar sighed, and tugged himself partly free of Chaos. His erection sagged, going steadily limp, and then pulling loose with a flow of horsecome following it out of her vagina, and Chaos’s legs could close once more.

And they did, for little heartbroken Chaos went limp and passed out in the forelegs of her earth pony with a happy sigh. Crowbar had delivered her from her pain, once more. He would not last forever, but he was all Chaos needed that night… as night began to fall in earnest.

Outside the cave, hundreds of feet away and hovering high in the air, wings beat furtively. Someone was peering down, staring at the touching scene, provoked and aroused but also guilty and sad.

But it wasn’t Fluttershy, for a change, as much as Fluttershy loved to watch.

Princess Celestia’s face was a study in dismay.

She’d followed them, at a distance, not sure whether to approach and speak. She’d seen the cave, seen them take refuge. Then, she’d seen Chaos turn Crowbar into a replica of her, and her heart sank to depths it had never plumbed, even when she’d banished her sister to the Moon.

She was that replaceable? It was just the image of her, all along?

And then, it was over and the earth pony was back to normal, and Celestia hovered in the rain, unable to work out what had happened. She heard Chaos crying and her heart wept with her, but somepony else was there to comfort. She could not look away, even as their embraces turned from comfort to something more.

Her heart had pounded as she watched her old Starswirl, once so virile a stallion and now a reckless mad alicorn girl, invite Crowbar into herself. The body language was so obvious. He’d soothed her hurts, and she became giving of herself in a way Starswirl had never, ever managed. And then the earth pony began to respond…

Celestia was a little frightened of how she’d reacted. The situation was complicated. Spying on the lovers was beneath her. Worse, she was straight, always had been.

So why had she become aroused, watching Chaos and her lover?

Why had Chaos held her attention so much? It was the male she’d had, for pony’s sake! Why did she stare so at the little ice-blue alicorn’s sensuously writhing form? Celestia shook her head. She was about wanting to be in that position, as a mare, not wanting to fondle and lick and touch Chaos as she cried out her ecstacies! She was a mare, and Chaos was a mare, and she’d never had feelings like that before, in all of a very long life!

And yet, Chaos was still Starswirl, or… something? Celestia shook herself. Such feelings would not do. Princess Twilight would give her hell. Any fool could see Chaos was up to her old tricks, even turning her lover into a mock Celestia as some sort of prank. Chaos was being hurtful again, surely.

Yet… how could she have seemed so grateful, how could they have been so adorable together if Chaos was really the heartless prankster seeking only callous amusement at the expense of others?

What right, thought Celestia, had she to find them adorable? After her terrible exposure and meltdown, after what they had done to her? The nobles certainly did not find them adorable. Twilight didn’t find them adorable in the least. She, Celestia, should not find them attractive. It was Starswirl she could not forget, Starswirl who was lost forever, and she, Celestia, could not be entertaining feelings for mares and crude mortals. Her dream had died the day Starswirl was consumed by her horngasm and transformed into the cruel mocker of her fate, Chaos/Discord.

Chaos slept. Crowbar snuggled her, obviously well satisfied. Celestia watched, hovering, the rain beating down on her regal head.

How could Chaos be so true and loving and giving to a simple earth pony… and not to her?

Celestia’s cheeks were washed with more than rain.

She whirled in mid-air, and flew off, not looking where she was going as long as it was far away.