Who Let The Dogs Out?


Applejack snickered to herself as she trotted up to the Carousel Boutique. “A fine thing this is! Whipped, you are! Why, you silly filly, you got no shame, do you? Look at you prancin’ up, jes’ achin’ for some more of that stallion THUNDER. Scandalous!”

She chuckled, mocking herself fiercely. It seemed right. If she teased herself about craving purely sex, she didn’t have to think about the loneliness, or ask herself what she really wanted. She was desirable—as a mare. Pow’ful desirable, she thought. That would hold her, for now. Perhaps it was more than she deserved—at any rate, it was working, and she lifted her hooves high, prancing indeed, drawing up to Rarity’s door, upon which she rapped with a hoof.

“Coming!” sang Rarity, in proprietor-mode. Applejack waited, grinning.

“If it’s about the tuck in the waistcoat, you must tell him he’s dreaming, fantasizing. If he wishes to go down a size he must first become less fat, and only then may he… oh!”

“Hi…” said Applejack, through the crack in the door.

One word should not have been able to contain all that innuendo, but she did manage to stretch it out and shape it into a leer. Though her head was bowed coyly, her eyes gleamed and stared from under batting, half-lidded lashes, and quite ruined the coyness effect.

“Applejack!” cried Rarity, in delight.

“Miss me?”

“Urgently…” crooned Rarity. It took her no time at all to read the mood and roll with it. She swung the door open and beamed at her proud, prancing new lover—and then giggled and squeaked as Applejack trotted right in and grabbed her. “Eeep! Applejack!”

“Ah was thinkin’ about you all day,” said Applejack, nuzzling under Rarity’s chin. “C’mon in your sanctum there and git pokey with your bad self.”

“Oh!” giggled Rarity. “Goodness! Not yet. There’s something you must see.”

“Ah agrees completely. Whip it out. Cain’t wait to feel it, neither!” Applejack rubbed her flank against Rarity’s, then head-butted her earnestly towards the bedroom.

“Eep! Applejack! No, you misunderstand, dear! I have something for you!”

“Ya sure do! Whoof!” snickered Applejack. “I’mma give you ten seconds and then I start lickin’ your pretty until you turn it into a pokey…”

“Hah! Play dirty, do you?”

“You know it! Them’s my best qualities…”

“Stop!” commanded Rarity, frisking about to face Applejack, which put her privates safely away from the relentlessly teasing country mare. “Give me thirty seconds—there is something I MUST tell you!”

Applejack stopped, looking curious. “There is?”

Something lifted from one of Rarity’s tables, silky, mustard colored, with brick red accents and just the tiniest hints of silver and cerulean blue as details.

“Or, indeed, show you…”

It floated over, buoyed by Rarity’s magic, billowing out and catching the air. It wafted around Applejack, draping against her, and she caught her breath to feel the sensuous, filmy texture brush her. One touch of that fabric was like sex for her all-too-common hide—she suddenly wished she’d bathed after work. Dash loved… Dash used to love the feel and scent of her fresh from the fields, healthy and one hundred percent working mare. She’d revelled in it and made Applejack feel just right. This diaphanous creation was from another, girlier world.

“This is for you, darling. Pajamas. To fit the new you.”

Applejack blinked, speechless for a moment. Her lip quivered.

Rarity smiled, and she looked a little quivery as well. “I… I have the power to sheathe that lovely body, the body I touched and fondled and pleasured last night… in silks… I have slaved away all day driven by the passion to celebrate it in fabric… oh, Applejack, say you like it, do!”

Applejack gulped. Tears stung her eyes—and then, she’d bolted forward and was embracing Rarity, laughing and sobbing. “Aw! Ra… Rarity! It’s so damn beautiful! Oh my gosh! You did that for me?”

Rarity had given herself over to drama and high emotion. “Yes, darling, yes! All for you! Yes! Oh, yes! Now, though I crave to see you in it… first, darling, we must get you into a bath! You cannot wear couture whilst stinking of the plow! First things first, come now!”

Applejack blinked tears away, her face in wobbly smiles combined with a look of chagrin. “Aw… shucks, some kinds ‘a plowin’ suit you jes’ fine…”

“Not,” commanded Rarity, “until you have bathed! I am hideous from fatigue myself and have doubtless sweated over my work, trying to get it finished. Which I did!” She didn’t mention the streaks of dusty sweat that now painted her chest, the cost of Applejack’s embrace, though her lip curled as she looked down at herself. “Now—bath! Immediately! Come, darling, there will be bubbles and the finest scented oils, and you know my bath fits two if they are friendly…”

“Ain’t th’ finest scented oils,” said Applejack loyally, as she walked obediently towards Rarity’s bathroom. “Not by half.”

“They had better be, for what I paid for them…”

“Naw…” said Applejack, dropped back a step, and nudged Rarity’s alabaster mound with her nose by way of reminder.

“Ew!” giggled Rarity. “All right, all right, I get the idea! And now you’ve soiled that as well, let me draw a bath with the utmost haste! It will be delightful and you know it. I’ll run it hot, your muscles must be so weary. My horn is worn to a nub with sewing.”

“Awww. Do ya want me to… I dunno, rub it or somethin’?”

Rarity blinked. “A fat lot of good that would do… oh, don’t sulk, darling, you can rub other parts of me if you wish. After you have sluiced off the crud! I am tempted to install a hose outside for pre-bathing!”

“Oh, no ya don’t…”

“Joking! We shall be perfectly fine with the one bath.” Rarity considered this. “Perhaps in two stages, but I can do that with the spouts and drains and it will keep things good and hot. You’ll like that!”

As Rarity drew the bath, and steam filled the room, Applejack thought. “Uh, Rarity? It’s all right if you don’t want me rubbin’ your horn or nothin’. I guess I don’t know much about that stuff. Never thought about it much—but there’s a thing I got to ask. Do ya… you know… squirt?”

Rarity’s startled gaze sent Applejack’s heart into her throat. “Ah’m sorry, if I offended,” she said, “but it’s kind of important—at least I’ve learned it is.”

“Oh, I’m not offended. Or even disgusted… perhaps… nostalgic? I’m sure I know what you mean, and I remember it.” She smiled fondly. “With our new intimacies, I daresay I may taste that pleasure again, in small ways.”

Applejack blinked. “It’s somethin’ you used ta do?”

“Once you’ve been through it dozens and dozens of times,” said Rarity levelly, “one becomes jaded. I have wonderful pleasures, still. You are decidedly one of them. But I am not a squirting, breathless filly, and I hope you can still appreciate me for the mare I am.”

Applejack’s eyes were soft, accepting. She leaned forward carefully, and kissed Rarity on the muzzle without saying a word, and the unicorn’s stiff look melted.

“Goodness, yes…” breathed Rarity. “You see, you make me feel a little like a filly again when you are like that. Or, I suppose, like a colt. I’ve never been a colt. That’s new, isn’t it?”

“You’re a wonderful colt,” said Applejack earnestly. “And a dang fine sewin’-pony ta boot.”

“Bath time, darling. No more stalling.”

The water was terribly hot. Applejack squeaked as she stepped into it, shying away from the steamy wetness in what Rarity thought was a fiercely adorable way. Rarity giggled to see it. “In, in! Into the bath, sweet, or mama spank!”

Applejack gave her a truculent look. “You AIN’T my mama. I’ll tell ya that for nothin’, right now.”

“Perhaps you’d prefer ‘Daddy’?”

Applejack’s gaze narrowed, and her lower lip stuck out. It was so adorable that Rarity let out a suppressed “eeeeee!”, but her delight was short-lived—for the country pony plunged into the bath in a single bold motion, and hot water sloshed merrily over the side.

Both mares shrieked, then, for different but equally compelling reasons. “My floor!” cried Rarity, while Applejack squealed, “Hot! It’s hot!”

“Applejack, why ever did you do that?”

“It’s all right, Rarity… whoa! You’re right, when ya get used to it, dang…”

“I am referring to the mess on my floor!”

“Well, then,” winked Applejack, “stop bein’ a mess on your floor and come be a mess in this here bath. Mmmmm, it’s nice.”

The unicorn glared. She appeared to consider and reject the idea of leaping bodily into the bath as the country mare had done. Instead, she lowered herself into the steaming water, looking daggers the whole time, and came to rest with decorum—and her pout met her lover’s smirk.

“Satisfied?” said Applejack.


Rarity then gasped, for Applejack had flowed forward against her, gentle hooves fondling and rubbing all over her pristine body. “Oh! What’s this?”

“Jes’ washin’ ya. That’s my excuse, an’ I’m stickin’ to it. Yep!”

With grim determination, Rarity kept Applejack devoted to the task of getting clean, not just getting dirty. It was a challenge, but she had a secret advantage—five yards of tailored fabric contoured to Applejack’s most intimate details.

“An’ how can you claim you fitted it so finely?” teased Applejack, splashing her.

“Please! I wrapped myself around your rump just last night. I encircled you, and devoured you with my eyes. Do you really believe I cannot construct the body of my dreams in my thoughts, and clothe it in elegance?”

Applejack blinked. “You dream of mares? I thought this was a lil’ new to you. Uhh… ain’t complainin’! No sir. Jes’… confused?” This was so easy to believe o’ Dashie, Applejack thought. Why can’t you just accept?

Rarity caught the fretful look, saw Applejack’s gaze drop, and flowed forward, kissing the top of Applejack’s nose, nuzzling her mane. “I dream of you, now. How many times must I tell you you are exquisite?”

Applejack peered up from under her blonde bangs, into those rich violet eyes—eyes so full of expert judgement, so casually critical and yet somehow adoring, and she thought—shit, maybe I am ‘exquisite’, who’da thunk it? She also thought to herself, missy… don’t you dare fart…

Rarity kept nuzzling her lover, who seemed to be stuck in some insecure mental place, whose lip quivered a bit with distress. Seeing it, Rarity hastened to reassure. “Exquisite? Nay, darling, that doesn’t go nearly far enough, Peeking through that curl of your mane in that way? Magical, transformative…”

“Aw, how kin I live up to that?” pleaded Applejack. “It ain’t fair!”

Rarity lifted her head. “You’ll see! Out of the bath, magical mare, and once you are dry, you shall wear silks and you shall feel exquisite!”

The towels seemed even fluffier than last time. Rarity’s horn glowed bright as she swathed Applejack in vigorously scrubbing towels, making her gasp and squeak, making her lift her hooves in alarm as the towels fondled between her legs and roamed all over her body. Her skin tingled, so alive she could feel the air in the room, and she peered anxiously at the fancy duds. They seemed to glisten and shine in the light of the fading day, too pretty to be real.

“How do I put ‘em on, s.. sugarcube? They fragile? Ah’m scared to touch ‘em now…”

“You shan’t. I will put them on you! Lift a hoof, dear. No—the hind one, I think.”

Applejack did, her ears laid back anxiously. “What’s… transformative? I mean, I reckon these here things might do a transformin’ but you called ME transformative. How come?”

Rarity licked her lips. “Seeing you like this—transforms me. You do understand the special thing about clothing of this nature?”

Applejack gulped, feeling a pajama pant leg drag itself up to cover her leg. Magic fiddled with her tail, lifting the dock and guiding the tail through a little aperture in the fabric, accented with a bow in red and powder blue. She lifted her other hindleg, nervous that her hoof would scrape the fabric, wishing she’d asked the farrier to smooth the edges for once. The idea of catching and tearing the tender silk on a rough hoof-edge… she breathed a sigh of relief when the pajama pants drew up snugly, and then a deeper sigh, about how it felt against her hide.

“Front hoof!” sang Rarity, her eyes gleaming.

“Ah could try rearin’?”

“Not until I’ve buttoned it up! Then you can do anything!” Rarity gulped, remembering how agile the country mare could be. “Erm… anything refined and ladylike! And possibly some way beyond that. I’m almost certain I designed the gussets to stand it. We’ll see soon enough!”

The top slipped on even more easily. Rarity drew it close around Applejack’s body, as if frightened her mare would pull some stunt and rip it, but Applejack stood wide-eyed as the silky material enclosed her, and once she was fully dressed, she just stood for a moment, shocked.

“…darling? Do you… oh, I can’t bear it, you don’t like it!”

Applejack’s head jerked around. “Whut? No, it ain’t that! I just… ain’t nothing ever, ever felt like this before!”

Rarity brightened instantly. “Thread count, darling. I rather outdid myself, I think. The fabric is bespoke. Nopony else has had anything quite like it—perhaps they never will. I wanted to make something very special. Go on… move a little.”

Applejack lifted a forehoof. Silk slithered across her leg like it was trying to lick her. “Oh my…” She returned it to the floor, and lifted a rear hoof, flicking her tail—and then kicked out behind her, in slow motion, and her eyes popped out. “Nnnnhhh!”

“Oh! I didn’t leave a pin? No, I couldn’t possibly have, no chance of it…”

Applejack looked sidelong at Rarity, mouth hanging open, eyes very wide. It hadn’t been a pin, not at all. The silk had felt like it was licking her foreleg, just with a simple motion.

She hadn’t been at all prepared for shifting her hindleg—and feeling the pajama pants lick all up the inside of her legs—and across her pony breasts.

Applejack’s nipples became erect instantly, and she began to pant. “Lordy…” she said. She tilted her hips this way and that, slinking about like a giant Opalescence, transformed at a stroke into a creature of feminine, sensuous, languid motion. She stretched a hindleg out again, her body quivering.

Rarity sniffed the air. “It… that’s not a pin, is it? Not even slightly. You’ve not felt silk between your legs, have you?” She giggled. “You can stop kicking the air, sweet darling…”

Applejack was entranced, a huge goofy smile on her face, and her hindleg kept stretching out, shifting the fabric across her trembling body. “Not sure.. I kin…”

Rarity sidled up, eyes provocative. “I made a scarf of it, too. It is for a thing called silken saddle, though you’ll find you don’t wear it the way you’d wear a saddle.”

Applejack was panting, and the scent of her arousal wafted more and more clearly. “Sugar—when you said there was a special thing about these duds, you weren’t kidding.”

“Hah,” smirked Rarity. “Silken saddle is going to slay you. But that is not what I meant…”

“It weren’t? Then what did ya mean?” said Applejack, lowering her hoof to stand normally and look back at her lover.

Rarity’s teeth closed on the little bow over Applejack’s tail, cerulean blue edged with scarlet.

“The special thing about wearing ravishing clothing… is that, when you are ready to ravish, you can slowly… take.. it… off….”

She pulled, deliberately, and silk slid down, exposing the warm burnt-sienna contours of Applejack’s shapely ass, glistening vagina peeking from between those firmly rounded cheeks.

Through the window, far away but not quite far enough—a dot of cerulean blue echoed the color of the ribbon, as Rarity slowly pulled Applejack’s pajama pants off and her bit floated over to join them.

Rainbow Dash shook her head, her eyes aghast, betrayed, wanting to shut against the sight. It was hard to make out the details, and she hadn’t meant to look at all. She’d just been flying past Carousel Boutique, and glanced down into the window to see what Rarity was working on.

Rarity was working, all right. Rainbow watched her pulling Applejack’s pajama pants off. Applejack was moving so funny, sort of like Fluttershy… there was a tiny glint near Rarity’s head, and then Dash saw a hint of motion, the glint stopped, and oh no oh nooo… she saw something emerge from between Rarity’s legs, and she knew in her gut what it was, though it seemed like it couldn’t possibly be that size and she’d have to see it closer up to believe it…


Rainbow Dash whirled in mid-air and flew away as hard as she could fly. She barely stopped herself from Rainbooming—but the last thing she wanted to do was have anypony look her direction. Not that she could tell exactly what direction it was, because, you know, tears…

no no no no no no no no

Rainbow Dash’s teeth gritted. She wanted to scream, but she could tell it wouldn’t help at all. If she’d been desperate when begging Pinkie to knock her out with more orgasm, now she was frantic, crazed, she could hardly breathe, every instant seemed to be taking minutes of torture and all she wanted to do was be far enough away that she couldn’t even pretend she heard any voices raised in the too-familar sounds of pleasure… that familiar voice of pleasure…

Rainbow Dash blinked away tears and realized she was already miles away. Near the gem fields, those caves. And the…


Applejack trotted in place, breathing heavily, frantic. Rarity had insisted she remove the pajamas completely—and had folded them, smirking, while still holding her bit in her teeth. It had given Applejack a chance to stick her head under Rarity and ogle her stallionhood up close—in fact, she’d licked it, her legs shaking as she did so. She’d have sucked on the end of it, but it wouldn’t have fit into her mouth.

Rarity’s stallionhood was a gleaming peach-pink, very smooth and cylindrical, and girthy to bust a filly in two. It was as terrifying as it was arousing—very nearly what Fluttershy’d had, but not as long. It didn’t flare out to a brutally impossible bulk at the base as Fluttershy’s did, and the head didn’t flare much either, but there was no need of that.

“Aw, sugar, come on come on…”

Rarity giggled. “Such ‘nthusiasm! Such a cute f’lly!”

Applejack whimpered, and stamped a hind-hoof against the floor. “Ya gonna make me beg? That’s gonna get real old, jes’ sayin’…”

“I should,” said Rarity. She nuzzled Applejack’s ass with the side of her face, dreamily, sniffing the air. “Making you beg for it is somehow extra satisfying.”

“Now come on…” snorted Applejack.

“I d’n’t suppose we have time to fit your rear hooves with cuffs and a spreader bar?”

“Rarity! Consarn it!”

“Oh, you have no sense of kinky fun!” protested Rarity.

“An’ you have no sense of a mare desperately needin’ a fuckin’! How kin that be hard to understand for you? After all the crazy shit you done?”

“The femin’nity is slipping, darling. Your stallion r’quires a demure, ladylike mare…”

Applejack glared back at Rarity. “Fuck me, dammit, you crazy pointy-headed… ahhh!”

Applejack’s head jerked bolt upright, facing forward. Rarity had bitten her ass, hard. The elegant white unicorn had no problem whatsoever dominating her. Applejack stared straight ahead, quivering, instinctively submitting. It had been a meaner bite than anything Rainbow Dash had ever delivered.

Rarity bared her teeth around the bit, nostrils flaring, eyes scorning her now-submissive pony lover.

“Th’t’s right. B’have.”

Applejack cringed a little at the uncompromising tone. So aggressive—there was no interplay, there was no room for her to be anything but what she felt herself to be—a quivering mare. For a moment, she blushed in shame, thinking of what her mother would have said. To rebel was one thing, but to mock everything about herself that she’d grown up with? There was no more Applejack, anymore. There was a panicky filly, her ass bleeding slightly from a savage stallion-bite, standing all a-quiver and waiting for him to penetrate her—and as she felt his snorting breath against her privates, she knew it wasn’t up to her. He was Rarity, and he was in total control.

Rarity heaved herself up, and her weight came down on Applejack’s quivering rump.

“N’xt time… the spurs!” she hissed, and her hooves dug at Applejack’s belly.

Applejack was panting rapidly, hyperventilating. Her vag winked madly. A shudder shook her body as the end of the massive stallionhood grazed it, as Rarity shifted her hooves, as the mammoth cock prodded against her and shoved IN…


“Ow! R’lax, will you!”

“OhCelestia… aaahhhh! nrrhh! can’t!”

Rarity snarled. She was liking the dynamic, was getting into it in a big way, but she did not like the tone of that scream. “Applejack! Safeword? Oh, hell, we n’ver made one, did we?”

“Aaaaaa! nggh!”

Her ponypussy was like a steel band. It wasn’t right, it felt hard inside, this was no good…

“Applejack! Do you want me to stop?”

Applejack twisted her head around, and Rarity could see the look in her eyes. She had last seen that look in Fillydelphia, many years before. It had been a colt rigged to an elaborate bondage rig, and she’d been pegging him with a dildo as he thrashed and screamed—and the scream changed, as he came.

And she’d had to stop—for he’d broken his ankle in his struggles. He’d been bedridden for weeks, and in a cast for half a year, even with the best treatment Fillydelphia could provide.

“Applejack, answer!”

Applejack’s eyes brimmed with tears. She shook her head, despairingly. Her body shuddered like earthquakes racked it, but Rarity could tell it wasn’t orgasm. She bit her lip, trying to force herself onward, trying to find the passion in the pain—failing.

“STOOPPP! stopstopstopstop…”

“D’rling!” cried Rarity, and she hurled herself back, dismounting. The mammoth cock dragged out of Applejack with a grating feeling, and then shrank away and disappeared when Rarity spat the bit out. “Are you all right? Darling!”

Applejack’s lip quivered. “Ah… couldn’t!” she managed—and burst into tears, standing there wobbly-legged.

“Oh, sweetness!” said Rarity, hugging her. “We must set up safewords, show more caution! I blame myself, I’m ashamed, I should have known…”

“Why din’t it work, Rarity? I wanted that so bad!” sobbed Applejack. “An’ now it hurts even worse!”

“You were still sore? But darling! You must tell me these things! Irresponsible! How sore were you? Applejack, dear, you had me being fully dominant, most aggressive, and I didn’t even know you were hurt!”

“I thunk… hair o’ the dog that bit ya, kinda thing?” Applejack’s eyes were piteous.

Rarity shook her head. “We’ll have to work up to it. Gradiated exposure… let me have a look.” She trotted around behind Applejack, her magic lifting the blond tail, her practiced eyes scanning and analysing. “I think there would be more blood and bruising than this if it was really bad… it will take a little time, I think.”

“Blood? Time? Rarity, what are you sayin’?”

“You are out of commission, that’s what! With me, at least,” said Rarity. “Oh, hell! I can’t believe I didn’t ask about your condition. Why didn’t you tell me it hurt? Now it’ll be days before we dare risk it again!”

Applejack’s eyes went even more tragic. “What? I mean, yeah, I guess, but…” She dropped her gaze, blushing.

Rarity looked frustrated, and she narrowed her eyes. “Don’t tell me. I am frustrated beyond expression, but pretty girl pony still wants sex? In spite of sprained pussy?”

Applejack’s expression battled between chagrin, resentment, and shame. Finally, she gave a sulky nod. “Yeah. But fine—I’ll jes’ go on home…”

“No, no, stop! Please don’t go, Applejack! I’m sorry. I am a selfish mare at times, and I’m blaming you for this and it’s unfair of me. We’ll think of something!”

Applejack hesitated. “Dang right it’s unfair. I tried my best to take it, sugarcube… what do you mean, you’ll think of something?”

Rarity stared into space, looking cranky, and nodded to herself. “Silken saddle. I… was going to have it first. But you shall have it—you’ll find it is more than adequate.”

“Oh, now you’re grudgin’ me this whatever-it-is?”

“No! Oh, no no. It’s just… you’ll understand. First time is a little magical, dear, texture’s not exactly the same after a wash—and believe me, it will need one. Come lie in bed with me. I apologize—my nature wars between generosity and a dreadful selfishness, a craving of the finer things.”

Applejack sulked. “I wish I could offer you them finer things. I made a right mess of it.”

“WE did, darling. And you’ve spared me making a mess of something that could be generosity incarnate. How could I presume to keep the kiss of virgin silk to myself when I have such an exquisite flower of marehood to adore?”

“If it’s that special…”

Rarity glared. “I shall make another bolt of it in the morning, and reduce myself to a twitching wreck immediately. No excuses! Are you or are you not still feeling horny?”


“Are you too cross with me to make love?” Rarity waited for an answer, with a serious expression.

“Naw. Oh, Rarity, why’s this gotta be such a foofaraw?”

“I’m not sure that’s a proper word. Come! Lie with me, let me hold you.”

Rarity was sprawled on her back in bed, reaching out forehooves for her lover, and Applejack hesitantly climbed in, and reclined against her. “Sorry.”

“You needn’t be. You are my darling now, and I know you well enough to expect…”

Applejack lifted an eyebrow. “Yeah?”

Rarity blushed, and Applejack started to grin, saying “C’mon, expect whut?”

“Expect myself to put a hoof in it, that’s what!” Rarity snorted as her lover giggled in her embrace. “Now, let’s take care of something rather special!”

“You mean, what you’re gonna do to me?” teased Applejack.

“That, and your delicious dainty marehood that I’ve inadvertently injured…”

“De-lish, huh?” snickered Applejack. “Ya know, if you wanted to do some tastin’ of it, that’s always mighty nice…”

“This is better!” Rarity said, hastily.

Applejack’s smile dropped. Rarity was still Miss No Licking, Please. “…it’d better be.”

The bolt of silk fabric floated into view in a veil of unicorn magic. “Now, roll onto your side, and hold one leg in the air. You may kick if you like, in fact you’ll probably need to.”

“Hold my leg in the… Rarity, do I gotta?”

Rarity glared. “You’d be in some sort of position were I slathering you with cunnilingus, so hold your tongue. I need very complete access to your crotch area for this. You must trust me.”

Applejack sighed. “All right…”

She lifted a leg, mockingly, holding it in the air and flicking her tail against the bed. The broad strip of new silk floated nearer, held at each end by a glimmer of magic, billowing as it swooped in. It settled against Applejack’s tender crotch—and one end drew up from her belly to her chest, the other end yielding in turn—and several feet of new silk slid enticingly across Applejack’s vagina.

“Hhhhh!” Applejack’s hoof curled—hard.

“Now do you understand?” Rarity’s voice was teasing, wicked.

“Well, yeah!”

“Oh no no.”


Rarity grinned evilly. “Not yet, you don’t. The rule with this is, you slide it across your pussy until you can’t anymore, at which point you stop. There is one small problem.”

Applejack blinked. Her heart was already pounding from just the erotic jolt of that one taste. It was colder and slicker than any tongue, and it’d grabbed her attention instantly. Her clitoral hood jutted fiercely out into the path of the teasing silk, and she could feel already that each motion would go right across it with teeth-gritting urgency.

“What… problem?”

Rarity leaned over to whisper into Applejack’s ear.

“I’m not going to stop…”

Applejack shuddered, and kicked with her leg involuntarily, as the silk began to move again. “Oh lordy…”

“You can beg me to stop,” came Rarity’s voice. The silk picked up the pace, becoming a steady flood of sensation. It was outrageous how quickly it went to the limits of the endurable.

Applejack panted, her heart lurching. “What’ll happen?”

“Nothing.” The silk continued to flow evenly between Applejack’s legs, back and forth, back and forth.

Applejack’s head jolted against Rarity’s chest. “ngyaaa! You… gonna speed up?”

“Oh, no, dear, you don’t understand. It is like a special little torture. A nice little torture. No, it doesn’t speed up, that would spoil it. We are not trying to buff your precious vagina off, darling. It’s just that it doesn’t stop.”

Applejack’s leg was kicking dazedly, and her body shuddered again. “Uhnn! Don’t be… silly, it’s… gotta hhhhgyaaah! stop sometime!”

“Do you wish it to stop?” purred Rarity, as if idly curious.

“Fuck no! AHHnnn!”

Rarity smiled, as the silk slipped elegantly to and fro, painted now with Applejack’s juices. She knew that, with new fabric, that didn’t diminish the texture one bit. It only cooled in the air and gave an additional chill—which rather heightened the sensation.

Applejack shuddered and panted, then cried “Ah! Aaahhh! Nngggarrggh!”, her leg kicking wildly.

“How is my precious darling doing?” crooned Rarity, not missing a beat.

“‘Bout took the ngggh! top of my head off grrrAAAH! Holy buck, Rarity! Uhhhnnnh!”

“How nice…”

Applejack writhed, kicking more and more feebly. Rarity could feel in her body how intense her orgasms were getting. The lovely mare against her, so strong and supple, was galvanized—dissipated by orgasmic shocks that built and built, fed by that gentle, maddening, unrelenting stimulation.

“Can’t… hold… aaaaggg! my leg…”

Rarity’s grin grew more evil. “Poor thing! And to fail to hold it up, that might pinch the silk between your legs, and stop it moving, mightn’t it?”

Applejack sighed in ecstacy, kicking drunkenly, her hoof lowering. Magic glimmered around it.

“We wouldn’t want that. Pray, continue your experience…” crooned Rarity—and the silk kept moving.

Applejack’s eyes flew wide, to feel her legs held open by a magical grip on her hoof. That tickling silk was still going, though she was feeling limper and limper by the second. “Aggg… now see here…”

“I warned you, you know,” mused Rarity. “I promise, I shall not need to speed up in the slightest. That is not the nature of this experience…”

“But… ghhh! GHHH! OhsweetCelestia! Aughh!”

“Would you like to rest, precious thing?” said Rarity.

Applejack gasped for breath. It felt like sparks were fountaining up from her vag, through her body. Her heart was lurching every few beats—but it was a kind of challenge. “Mmmmaybe…”

“I thought you might.” The silk didn’t stop, or even pause. It just kept drawing back and forth between Applejack’s legs.

The country pony stood a few more seconds, quivering against Rarity, and then she spoke again. “Stars… nhh! gh!”

“Oh yes,” mused Rarity. “That’s not uncommon.”

“Stars ‘n flashes ‘n… grrraaahhHH!”


Applejack had gone feverishly hot, and quivered violently all over. Rarity could feel her trying to kick, but the hapless mare had been reduced to such a state that she had no control over her legs. They wouldn’t have supported her, and they wouldn’t kick for her. She managed to thrash her tail, but it didn’t stop the silk from drawing back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, sedately…

“Please!” managed Applejack, a panicky look in her dazed, stunned eyes.

“Beg pardon?”

Applejack squealed, and forced out the words, “Please, stop!” between gasps and gurgles.

“I’ll slow down, how is that?” said Rarity, and indeed she did. The silk now slid across Applejack’s drenched pussy with ostentatious slowness. Applejack fought for breath.

“That… gh!! ain’t exactly… RRGH! Rarity! Unnhh! Not helpin’ aaahhh!”

“It won’t stop, darling. It’s safe. Just a tickle…”

“But… augghh!” cried Applejack, trying to thrash and too weak to do more than loll her head about as her body thundered away helplessly with orgasms.

“Goodnight, love,” breathed Rarity, and concentrated.

Applejack tried to plead with Rarity, to beg for mercy, but the words wouldn’t come, just more squeals and guttural orgasmic moans that quavered with the climaxes that rocked her. The flashes got worse, and still the silk kept drawing back and forth, the intensity of the sensation building impossibly as it slowed, until at last Applejack was utterly limp, and a flood of orgasmic sparks flared up from her exhausted vag and seemed to blast up through her body, down her legs, out the top of her head, and she screamed weakly as reality slipped away…

Slowly, imperceptibly, the silk stopped moving. It took some time. Rarity was a ruthless mistress. While Applejack still shuddered, still whimpered, the silk inched its way across her throbbing clitoris—but finally, she lay still, exhausted beyond any further response, and it was over.

Rarity gently lay Applejack’s hoof down onto the bed. She did not try to remove the silk, because when you did that, it felt different, perhaps even in dreams.

She just held her quivering, fevered lover close, and allowed herself to drift off to sleep as well, though it was still light out. The moment seemed to request it of her.

Rainbow Dash saw him through the trees, drinking him in with hungry, half-mad eyes. That was the one! And in the right place… and it wasn’t too late. Casually, she flew up.


The Diamond Dog blinked. “What do you want, pony?”

“Maybe it’s more a question of what do YOU want.”

“Want you to piss off, maybe. Want to meet somebody. Somebody that isn’t you!”

“He’s not coming.”

The Dog blinked, distressed. “What did you say?”

“I can fly,” said Rainbow Dash. “I can see all around. I’ve watched what you do, and I’ve seen what paths he takes. He’s not coming here to fuck you.”

The Diamond Dog’s eyes widened. “He’s not? Curse! Stupid mean pony. Nosy, too. Now I have to go all the way back…”

“No, wait, I got something to show you!” said Dash.

“This had better be good,” said the Dog, glowering.

Rainbow Dash grinned a cocky grin. “Oh, you have no idea. This is gonna blow your mind. Ready?” She turned, nosing into her saddlebag, biting down, and reared. “Hahhh!”

The Diamond Dog stared in astonishment. The little girl wingy pony had something in her mouth, and when she reared, there was a pony penis bouncing between her legs for a moment. It looked very nice, but it was a brief trick and soon replaced by the shower of sparks from her mouth.

Then, the penis was gone, the sparks were gone, and the show was over. So he clapped. “Very nice!”

She didn’t seem cheered by this. In fact, she pranced in place rapidly, turning this way and that, and crying out, “Now what do I do?”

He scratched his head, and suggested, “Do it again!”

Rainbow Dash glared at him. Idiot! Her only chance to get laid, maybe, even if it was with a Diamond Dog—he was big enough that it probably wouldn’t have hurt him or anything—the only thing she had left to try, and why’d the bit have to blow up? Now she really was out of options…

Or was she?

“Clap more,” said Dash. “I like it.”

The Diamond Dog willingly did so, giving her a funny look. He said, “Are you done?”

“Maybe not,” said Dash. She slunk up, wings held tightly to her sides, and brushed against him. “Tell me… did you ever, you know… get friendly with a pony?”

The Dog scratched his head. “No. Ponies aren’t friends. Big wingy pointy pony says ponies aren’t food either, okay? So don’t push it.”

“No, I mean… REAL friendly with a pony.” Rainbow Dash gulped. She felt a little sick. He smelled so weird… yet the sheer perversity of what she was doing entranced her.

“Fucking ponies? Ponies don’t let you,” said the Dog.

“Yeah, well, what if one did?” said Dash, her heart pounding. Yeah… it felt kinky, super kinky.

“You promise Rahg isn’t coming?” said the Dog.


The Diamond Dog sighed in exasperation. “Stupid pony! You said Rahg won’t come. That nobody else is coming here. I have to go all the way back home with no fucking. Or, Rahg is coming, and I want you to go away.”

“Gimme a moment,” said Rainbow Dash, and took off, shooting up into the sky and studying all the nearby paths, as far as she could see. In a few seconds, she swooped down and stood before the Dog again. “Rahg isn’t coming. It’s me or nothing, big boy.”

The Diamond Dog half-grinned. “Pony is tired of half obvious. Pony wants to get real obvious.”

Rainbow Dash blinked at him. “Uh… you… I guess I don’t have to explain what I’m suggesting, huh?”

That got a full grin. He had quite a set of teeth to grin with.

“Stupid ponies. Dogs not as stupid as ponies think. Shouldn’t say that, this is really stupid. What’s the matter with you, pony?”

Dash rallied. “Hey, you don’t need to know that, okay? What you need to know is… well, you’re obviously gay, so how about some friendly pony ass-fucking? I’ll get my rocks off, you’ll have fun, it’ll be awesome…”

The Dog was shaking his head. “Doesn’t think pony is very smart.”

Dash took offense. “Dude, don’t turn up your nose! Even if it’s kind of a big nose… look, see?” She whirled, presenting her rump. “Look at that. Pony butt. How can you not want something as round and shapely as that? I’m still attractive… I mean, it’s attractive, right? Come on, give me a taste.”

She saw the Diamond Dog approach. “Stupid pony knows what Dogs like…”

Rainbow Dash grinned and shut her eyes, imagining the weird perverseness of whatever dicks these things had. But her eyes flew open again, quickly. The Dog had dropped down behind her, and seized her ass in his paws. “Tasting…” he said—and then, Doggy tongue ran right up her vag and across her anus.

“Ohmygosh!” she squeaked, going weak in the knees.

“Not bad,” opined the Dog. He did it again, and a third time, and Rainbow Dash stared ahead at the woods, eyes wide with forbidden thrills. So kinky, so fucking outrageously kinky… if kinky was what she had to be, mission so accomplished…

“Dumb pony though,” said the Dog, from higher up, Dash glanced back at him, startled. He was still gripping her ass, but his crotch was higher. She couldn’t see it because it was so directly behind her…

Something pointy touched her vag.

“Pony asshole not take Dog. Would hurt bad. Not hurt crazy pony. Try this!”

With that, he swung his hips forward, and a strange slim pointy cock slipped into Rainbow’s pussy.

She squealed, stomping a forehoof. He was lively! It was like he instinctively started humping away, and the slim… no, thicker, oh LOTS thicker all of a sudden, it was just churning away in there. Rainbow Dash shuddered, feeling the Diamond Dog working away on her.

“Not bad…” panted the Dog. “Crazy pony having fun?”

Rainbow gasped harsh breaths, reeling from a sudden wave of arousal that drew on the sheer flat-out kinky twistedness of this. She’d never heard of anypony fucking a Dog—much less being fucked by one. He was slamming his furry crotch against her rump, grinding it, really going to town. Rainbow Dash gritted her teeth, tail flicking, getting a first orgasm as the Dog humped her.

“Mmmm! Time to squeeze, pony! Pony isn’t very good at squeezing, not like a Dog.”

Rainbow bore down a little. It seemed to be what he wanted—but she felt something alarming starting to happen. That cock had become a good size, nothing too spectacular—but something was happening at the base of it, inside her. He wasn’t churning back and forth anymore, just kind of shoving and humping, and his paws were so strong… she couldn’t get away, and suddenly she had reason to panic and get away, because his cock was swelling up like crazy, bursting her…

“Calm, pony. Good pony. See why asshole was bad bad idea?”

Rainbow screamed, her mane thrashing as she bucked her head, her wings flaring out in attempted escape—and then they froze, quivering. Her heart pounded. The cock wasn’t going to explode her. It’d swelled up to unbearable pressure—but stopped. It was wedged against her G-spot with teeth-gritting force.

The Dog petted her body, soothingly, as she trembled. He wiggled his hips gently, and the huge lump tugged inside her, wedged fast, the rest of the Dog cock filling her to her pony cervix.

She dropped her head, and let out a quavering scream as the orgasms took her, blasting across her senses.

It was like soaring across expanses of purgatory or pony hell—ruthless, merciless, unredeemed, appalling yet amazing all the same. Rainbow Dash reeled, stuck on the end of the Dog cock, exploding with climaxes at every curious tug and shove.

“There’s a good pony… hmmm. Bet pointy wingy pony isn’t watching… or we would be in big trouble yes… so while pony is busy with that…”

Dash’s scream tripled in volume. The Diamond Dog had speculatively gnawed on her right wing. Her psyche melted in an overload of shock, sudden mindmangling orgasm, and bitter shame, and she collapsed, dangling off the end of his cock from her ponyvag.

“Sorry. Ralf is wrong, he’s a a stupid stupid Dog. Won’t do it again. No point really.”

Rainbow Dash gasped for breath. Her voice felt wrecked from that one scream. She was still coming, scarlet in the face from that and the shame, trying to fold her traitorous wings but they wouldn’t work, felt like they’d gone full featherduster from shock in one bite.

Rainbow Dash was ruined, destroyed. “…why?” she croaked, like a sob.

“Stupid Ralf says there’s good meat on pony wings. There isn’t. Tell big pointy wingy pony not to worry, okay? This Dog will straighten out Ralf. For nice crazy pony who fucks Dogs. Okay?”

He lowered himself, for Rainbow Dash wasn’t trying to get up, and he was still stuck in her pussy.

“Little wingy pony have fun? Hello? Pony?” His scratchy, gravelly voice seemed kind.

Rainbow Dash had no words. She wept, staring at nothing.


He considered things, solemnly, and he sighed.

“Am thinking ponies aren’t made for this…”

Rainbow wouldn’t stop crying. She wouldn’t talk. Eventually, the Diamond Dog simply scooped her up in his arms. He sat on his butt, rotated her around (though it twisted his cockbase, he didn’t seem to mind), and he arranged her limp, unresisting forelegs and disheveled wings, and he wrapped her in his arms, holding her gently.

“Poor stupid pony…”

Rainbow sobbed into his chest fur, crimson with shame and self-loathing.

“Soon be over, pony… poor little stupid wingy pony. Will keep you safe, yes. No eating pony wings or any pony parts. Won’t be long now.”

He stroked her pretty mane, wondering what she was called. Oh well—she hadn’t asked his name either, had she? It didn’t matter. He cuddled her anyway, and waited.

Eventually, the knot in his Dog cock subsided, and he tugged it out of the pony vag. She shuddered as he tugged it free, but still didn’t say anything. He cuddled her limp body for a little longer, and then tried to set her on her little hooves, but it didn’t work—she just sagged to the ground like a broken toy.


He sighed, and poked her. “Pony! Hey, little pony!”

Rainbow Dash looked up at him—and he leaned over and licked her face, affectionately.

“Pony is good little pony, but in wrong place. Go home.”

Rainbow laid her head on the ground and stared at nothing.

“Are hearing me, pony? Go home!”

No response. The Diamond Dog sighed.

“Pony. Dog didn’t mean harm. Please will nice sexy stupid pony stop crying and fly away home? Dog wishes Pony to cheer up—and be in the right place, safe place.”

Rainbow looked at him, the self-loathing roaring in her head. If she was a monster, then—did she at least have loyalty to other monsters?

“…please!” said the Dog.

He didn’t even know who she was—but there were tears in his eyes as he asked her to go home and be safe.

Slowly, Rainbow Dash got to her hooves, wobbling, flapping her wings, and she took to the air, flying like an old, old pegasus, blinded by tears, heading home.

“Be good, nice stupid crazy little wingy pony!”