You Got To Move

“What’s so dang funny, Rainbow Dash?”

Rainbow smirked at her mate. “Nothing!”

“Nothing, my ass!” retorted Applejack. “What’s so funny?”

“I just can’t help but notice,” said Dash, “how excited you are to sneak out and watch Fluttershy get demolished. It seems like for a while there, you didn’t even want it to be happening, and now you can’t even wait, can you?”

Applejack laid her ears back, chagrined. “Oh. Right. Wull… dammit! Ah still don’t, Rainbow, an’ that’s a fact.”

“Yeah, but you were totally just grinning and I know you’re all excited and what else would it be about? Fess up!”

“I will, Rainbow, but you gotta promise you’ll keep the secret. Pinkie promise!”

“Yeah, all right,” said Rainbow, “cross my heart and hope to fly and yada yada whatever come on, tell me! I like seeing you full of mischief. Granny is minding Spy so you can tell me no matter how kinky it is. Do you want to see that zebra fucking her?”

“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!” snapped Applejack, heatedly. “That’s not a problem! Don’t you think I can learn? Dursaa’s a fine fellow, in fact I will be surprised if he even shows up, on account of he don’t hold with such goin’s on! Some of th’ farm ponies is solid, Dashie! It ain’t about Dursaa so don’t even start. Hell, I’d try him myself exceptin’ you know how they are with foals. Them zebras, they don’t take fuckin’ lightly, not the good solid fellas. He’d move in with us.”

“Sounds yummy,” teased Rainbow. “Solid, is he? How do you know?”

Applejack glowered. “He’d tell you how to raise Spy,” she replied, and Dash’s smirk dropped away. “Anyhow,” continued Applejack, “it ain’t that. Ah’ll give you a hint. Why shouldn’t I go watch Fluttershy be a damn fool mare, Rainbow?”

Dash blinked. “Uhhh, beats me. I think it’s the best idea ever. Which is why we’re doing it, right?”

“Who tole me not to do it?”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened. “Ohhh!”

Applejack gave her a very odd expression, smirking and pouting and looking guilty all at the same time. “Eyup! Ah am one bad filly, violatin’ my Boss Mare’s direct orders. Kinda like goin’ against Mom. Exceptin’ Apple Bloom AIN’T my Mom! She kin tell the boys it’s okay to rape the crap outta Fluttershy, but by Celestia she ain’t gonna tell me I can’t even watch ‘em do it.”

“Uh, little point there Boss,” said Rainbow. “Fluttershy’s about ready to drag them all over to her place by their ears. You can’t rape anything that desperate about getting screwed. You told me that once she argued even YOU into fucking her.” She winced. “Hard to forget that one.”

Applejack’s eyes were wide. “Uh-huh. I learned a lot about wings that day. Maybe it ain’t so much about her attitude, as their attitude?” She sighed. “Y’see, that’s the other reason. Damn if I ain’t gonna go and see how they do. Fluttershy don’t care, Apple Bloom figures she kin wrangle the boys no matter how obstreperous they get, but I din’t gather them together and boss ‘em for years just to have ‘em turn to the bad.”

“Define bad,” suggested Rainbow.

Applejack’s ears were quirked sideways. “Now be fair. I do see your point, though. Hell, Rainbow, that’s part of the reason I’m excited to watch. Us mares of Ponyville, we got us a nice civilized town and there ain’t no stallion who would mistreat a mare around here. But you know as well as I know, playin’ rough has a spice to it. Fluttershy wants her stallions fierce. You think Apple Bloom’s really gonna let ‘em get drunk?”

“I think I know who watered the cider,” accused Dash.

Applejack blushed. “Oop! ‘spect I shoulda told you, huh?”

Rainbow mock-glared at her. “It’s a crime. You must never do it again. And you’re getting punished.”

“How ya gonna punish me?”

“Fifty lashes with a wet horsecock,” decreed Rainbow, sternly.

Applejack blinked. “Wh—what? A what now?”

“Did I say lashes? They might act more like… thrusts.”

“Mmmm,” smirked Applejack. “With a wet horsecock? How you makin’ it wet, hon?”

“Oh, you’ll do that. Let’s just say, with Apple juice? I know how to extract it. First, I’ll drink up just as much very special Apple cider as you RUINED with your terrible crimes. You’ll make more! Then, the lashes, I mean thrustings. You’ll see.”

“Why wait?” purred Applejack.

Rainbow Dash blinked. “Because it’s getting late and the sun’s down and we need to go scout out a vantage point!” She leapt to her hooves. “Come on, no dawdling! If you’re mare enough? Or maybe you’re gonna sit here obediently since you were told very clearly you’re not allowed to go watch them?”

Applejack’s eye glinted.

“Fuck that. Come on, Dashie. We got us a show ta catch.”

“Is he in bed?” whispered Fluttershy.

Pinkie nodded. “I fed him chocolate pudding late afternoon. He almost tore the house apart before he conked out.” She winced. “It feels bad. Like I was betraying him.”

Fluttershy’s eyes widened in dismay. “No, no! It’s better this way. He’s still a little foal. He can wake up tomorrow and start getting ready to have a younger brother or sister. It’s not good for him to find out exactly how that happens, just yet.”

“And yet,” countered Pinkie, “you still think it’s a good thing to happen, huh?”

Fluttershy hit her with a mega-pout and the big sad eyes. “We’ve had this conversation, Pinkie Pie!”

“I just don’t get it!” wailed Pinkie. “You are the most gentle, tender, feminine pony ever, and you should have gentle sweet pretty things! I guess sometimes I’m pretty rough with you, and I know you like it. But this?”

Fluttershy fixed her with a sorrowful, stubborn gaze. “I don’t ask you to get it, Pinkie Pie, my love. I ask you to accept it. That’s different. You want me to be honest with you, and I’ll try, but we must start with my marely desires. I can’t lie about that anymore. Please believe that this is what I devoutly wish. If it helps, I don’t think they can hurt me, whatever they do.”

“Because they love you, and will take turns nicely?” quavered Pinkie Pie.

“No!” retorted Fluttershy. “Because I’m… they just won’t, okay? But I don’t wish them to be nice. I want them rowdy and cruel. I can’t explain it to you but please believe that it is just what I deserve and my biggest, sexiest fantasy, and at this point I won’t let you take it away from me, Pinkie! You have no idea how badly I need this. And we’ll have a wonderful time raising the foal, too.”

“I don’t want to take your happiness from you,” sniffled Pinkie.

“Good,” said Fluttershy. “I don’t want to force you to stay here against your will.”

“As if! How would you even do that?”

Fluttershy frowned, looking away. “The important thing is, can you stand this? I can’t tell you how important it is to me, and frankly the more you cling and try to protect me the worse I need this. If you only knew how ridiculous that protecting is! Can’t you sit tight? I promise, Mama will be back to tell you everything will be okay. As a new Mama, too.”

She hesitated. Pinkie’s lip was quivering, and her eyes were brimming with tears.

“Ridiculous?” managed Pinkie, in a desperately forlorn voice.

Fluttershy wavered, and then tears came to her eyes and she rushed forward in a flurry of feathers to hug her heart’s love. “Oh, Pinkie! I didn’t mean it that way, really I didn’t! Please understand? I love you so much. I just need some other outlets, special little outlets. Won’t that be nice? In that way that is not nice at all,” she corrected, “but harsh and fierce yet very exciting all the same.”

Pinkie clung to her, trembling. “All I ever wanted… all I ever wanted… was for you to really be happy. So you could smile and it would be a real smile. That’s all I ever wanted…”

Fluttershy’s expression was far from smiling. She studied Pinkie fearfully as if doubting the party pony could handle what Shy was asking her to do. Then, the gentle pegasus’s jaw set. “Pinkie,” she said.


“Pinkie… please bite my wing.”

Pinkie’s eyes widened. “But… but you said you wanted it to be all the stallions doing that and you specifically asked me NOT to…”

“No, Pinkie. I was wrong,” said Fluttershy. “I mean, yes I’ll have them all doing it too, it’ll be amazing and I so look forward to it. But it should be you, first. Even if we don’t share every little detail of our lives with each other, in an important way you are my true love. And I know in my heart it should be you, Pinkie Pie. Please father our foal, again. I’ll take care of the rest, trust me.”

Pinkie shook her head weakly. “It’s like you’re sucking me back in again after I’m supposed to be out…”

“Pinkie Pie!” exclaimed Fluttershy. She stomped a hoof, with a dainty little clunk. “You were never supposed to be out! It’s not my fault if you don’t delight in big hulking virile male horses. I will love you forever, and I won’t have you believing otherwise. If you love me, take your place as the one who owns my wings, and impregnate me!”

Pinkie twitched. “Owns your wings, huh?”

Fluttershy didn’t flinch. “I won’t say there’s no carnal desires. The stallions will take me every which way, you can be sure of that. But I am glad we had this fight because it reminded me of your place.”

“At home looking after the sleeping foals,” retorted Pinkie tearfully.

Fluttershy’s voice throbbed with sincerity. “Kindling the life I bring into the world.” Her great luminous eyes shone.

Pinkie looked up. She studied her strange, distant, mysterious beloved, with her secrets and her lustful obsessions, her manipulative ways—yet somehow it was plain that in this, Fluttershy told the absolute truth, with no ambiguity. It was also plain that she would allow Pinkie to balk and turn away: there was a pride there, but it wasn’t a pride for being able to bend Pinkie to her will. It was a pride in being honest, emotionally honest, even when things turned difficult. That had been hard to learn. Fluttershy waited patiently for Pinkie to respond. She’d said her piece, and the rest was up to her hurt, devoted, romantic lesbian lover.

Slowly, Pinkie Pie nodded. “One condition, flitterfeathers.”

“Name it,” said Fluttershy. “I’ll tell you if I can accept the condition, and I will tell the truth.”

“This part, we do my way,” said Pinkie. “Then, you get to do the other part your way. Okie dokie?”

Fluttershy gasped, her eyes lighting up. “Oh, Pinkie! Of course, my love!”

“Shh,” urged Pinkie. “Maybe this will do you good. Oh, Fluttershy! When will you learn to love yourself? Why does it excite you so much to be hurt and treated mean?”

Fluttershy ruffled her wings embarrassedly. “Well, I…”

“Shh,” repeated Pinkie. “I love you anyway. This is how I show you.”

She moved right up next to her delicate pegasus, nuzzling her. Fluttershy eeped, flicking her tail, for Pinkie had homed in on her tender vagina as if by habit or compulsion. She began to speak, but trailed off, for Pinkie hadn’t stuck her tongue in, or gone for her dainty clitoris. Instead, Pinkie gave her buttery mound a lingering, loving kiss, and Fluttershy gulped, moved in spite of herself.

“Go get ‘em, straight-mare-pussy,” encouraged Pinkie Pie to that intrepid vagina. “I know that you at least will be loving this!”

Fluttershy giggled, cheered by the upbeat tone, but then froze mid-giggle. Pinkie’s face had appeared over her soft yellow rump, and Pinkie’s eyes burned with tragic longing and romance, tears sheening them, her bearing noble and curiously dignified.

“And this is for you, Fluttershy. All the rest of you.”

Fluttershy watched, her eyes wide and vulnerable, as Pinkie stepped gravely around her hindquarters and leaned over, nuzzling the base of her wing. Then, she gasped, eyes rolling back in her head a bit. Pinkie’d kissed her wing shank, too… and then, opened her mouth and took hold of that firm fluffiness with obvious reverence.

“Mmmm,” said Pinkie, like it was the deepest of insights.

“Nggg!” squeaked Fluttershy. She wobbled, her pussy winking hard. Pinkie was doing her wing in the oddest, but most electrifying way. It wasn’t that she’d seized her wing roughly, far from it. Pinkie wasn’t gnawing, or wrenching her wing this way and that, though she knew how to do it. Instead, Pinkie had taken Fluttershy at her word, and she’d locked onto Fluttershy’s wing base with unhurried conviction, like there was nothing in the world she’d rather do. Her chewings were dreamy, languid. The twistings of her head, wresting Fluttershy’s quivering wing to and fro, seemed completely spontaneous. Pinkie snuggled against Fluttershy’s shivering body and chewed her wing base like a dog with a favorite bone, irresistibly.

“Ngghh!” panted Fluttershy.

“Mmmmmm,” crooned Pinkie Pie, and meant it.

Fluttershy’s eyes stared wildly at nothing, her body shuddering. She winked again and again, leaking a drip of vaginal fluid in her erotic abandon. And then, Pinkie felt her pegasus frame give a particular shudder, and didn’t immediately let up, either. She continued chewing on Fluttershy’s wing even as it rattled and its feathers bristled out…

“Hhhh! hhh! HH!” gasped Fluttershy, her smooth little pony forehead perspiring, her ears back. She didn’t scream, but she jolted against Pinkie, feeling that unmistakable twinge and melt, deeply buried pegasus ovaries releasing their prize in a quiet little trickle of fluid, so much tinier than the gushing of stallion-seed but so precious, for it carried something along with it.

Fluttershy stood trembling, holding her head high. She felt the juicy readiness of her insides, the slippery tunnel of her eager pussy… and, along the narrow little fallopian tube, the payload, a pegasus mare’s egg, waiting in readiness to be flooded with horsecome. It lodged, stubbornly, inside the dark confines of her tubes, prepared to be released into her womb… if a sperm got through, triggering that release. Fluttershy savored the discomfort of the feeling, like she savored the plunging of horsecock or the dominant bite of a stallion.

She sweated, her face transfigured, her body seeming to quiver with life already.

Pinkie Pie released her wing, bowed her head reverently for a moment, and then swatted Fluttershy’s rump with her own curly tail.

“Go get ‘em, love,” she said. “I’ve done my part.”

Fluttershy panted, exulting in the little twinge that told her an egg awaited its big moment. “I will. I promise you, I will.”

Hooves could be heard outside, many hooves. “Hey!” called a cheerful voice. It sounded like one of the farm ponies, Knothole.

“Your audience awaits,” said Pinkie, trying to smile, half-managing it.

“Get out here, bitch!” came another voice, the more dry and elderly bark of Snowy Hocks, and Pinkie’s face fell.

“You talkin’ rude about our Winona?” rumbled Big Macintosh’s voice, disapprovingly.

“Naw,” came Snowy’s voice through the door, “I told you, she…”

“Winona doesn’t live here!” chirped a little coltish voice, from behind Fluttershy and Pinkie. Rock Candy had woken up, and snuck downstairs.

Fluttershy shrieked. “Rock! You’re supposed to be in bed, sweetie!”

“Get your pretty ass out here, sweetheart!” came the unmistakable twang of Braeburn, through the door.

Pinkie pounced on her colt. “Upstairs, you!” She twisted her head, and yelled at Fluttershy, “Get them out of here!”

“But Apple Bloom told them to meet me here when the moon was high!” wailed Fluttershy.

“Not around here! You’ve got to… explain to them…” said Pinkie, and trailed off, looking horrified. Explain to a ravening horde of raping stallions?

Fluttershy lifted her chin. Her eyes flashed with determination. She bared her teeth, which glittered in a peculiar way, just for a moment.

“Leave that to me,” said Fluttershy, with total confidence.

Awed, Pinkie hustled Rock upstairs against his bitter protests. As she did, Fluttershy whirled and kicked the door open, and a whoop went up from the crowd of excited stallions, witnessing the delicious pegasus rump they expected to mount upon all night long.

Fluttershy whirled again to face them, her eyes transfixing their very souls, and every stallion fell silent as one.

In the silence, a single voice was heard, and it was Fluttershy’s tentative, soft voice, but it somehow rang with command all the same.

“Follow me,” she said, and walked primly between them, off into the darkness.

As she disappeared into moonlit gloom, she flicked her tail at them, and every stallion began to walk and then trot in her wake.

“Fly up again, Dashie,” said Applejack. “Are they there yet?”

Rainbow barely got up to treetop level before she dove back down again in frantic haste. “They’re coming! All of them!”

Applejack snickered. “That was sort of the plan, sugarcube. Painting th’ pretty yellow pony white, are they?”

“No, you don’t get it!” cried Rainbow, shaking her mate. “They’re coming HERE! We need to get out of the way or they’ll catch us peeking!”

Applejack blanched, clamped her hat firmly onto her head, and the two mares scrambled out of the path of Fluttershy and her stallion horde, keeping low to avoid detection.

Taking up the rear of the herd, Braeburn shook off his sex-motivated trance and glanced around, for his cowpony instincts had alerted him to some sort of stalking beast in the area. At first he saw nothing… and then he spotted the tip of a blue wing poking out of the bushes.

Braeburn smirked, his eyes crinkling up affectionately. Figured!

Then he blinked, glancing back to see that the crowd of horses was leaving him behind. The strange spell that had taken him was gone, but he knew what was up—or soon would be up. A passel of horse-cocks was about to be up, and his would be one of them. He also wanted to keep an eye on Princess: his sometimes-gay lover Big Macintosh had picked up quite an attitude, and Braeburn didn’t like seeing Princess so cranky. Taking care of your lover sometimes meant herding them through tricky terrain, and if Braeburn was any judge, this situation was going to be tricky.

But it was also going to be steamy, for Braeburn was above all a judge of frustrated, horny mares. In his professional stud-horse opinion, Fluttershy was going to get it up, down and sideways, and he wasn’t a bit worried about her prospects. She was walking away from this totally pregnant to pret-much the entire herd, assuming she was even able to walk, which seemed unlikely once they got through with her. No, Braeburn was more concerned for Princess.

Lifting his head, he trotted off with alacrity.

Behind him, a pair of blue and a pair of orange ears poked up over the edge of a bush… and began furtively creeping in the direction the crowd of stallions had gone.

Pinkie Pie trotted up the stairs, a cup in her teeth, and rushed over to the crib. “H’re’s the water you asked f…”

The cup rattled on the floor.

Rock’s crib lay empty.

A rope of bedsheets stretched out the thrown-open window.

It was the West Field of Sweet Apple Acres, quiet and expectant in the bright moonlight. They’d come through the woods, not questioning it, following that curvy yellow rump and flicking pink tail as if hypnotized, and only when Fluttershy turned to face her herd of stallions did the boys come to their senses. At the back of the herd, Braeburn noticed the change in mood with interest. He glanced around. Knothole, Hollyhock and Silver the herding specialists, Fern Gully… himself, Big Macintosh, Snowy Hocks, even the zebra Dursaa, who hung to the back of the group. Braeburn wasn’t sure why Dursaa had come, for he persisted in looking dour and unhappy.

“Miss?” said Knothole. “This here’s Apple property.”

Fluttershy pouted. “And what are you going to do about it?” she said, petulantly.

“Uh, I’m jes’ sayin’, our Boss tole us not to be here. We could keep a-movin’ and there’s a nice hillside thataway through them trees…”

“Oh, you’re the type of stallion who lets mares tell you what to do?” said Fluttershy.

Knothole laid his ears back, unsure how to answer. His loyalties were to Apple Bloom, and he saw no problem with that.

Snowy Hocks knew how to answer.

“What was that, bitch?” he rasped, and Fluttershy’s ear perked to hear the tone of his voice.

“This one understands,” she breathed, her eyes going half-lidded.

“Ah tole you, Snowy,” rumbled Big Macintosh. “You best not be talkin’ bad about our Winona!”

Then he froze. Fluttershy had glanced up and caught his eye. Hers glittered. Big Macintosh stood stock-still as Fluttershy prowled over to him. He stared in amazement with his eyes very wide as she turned her back, and he flinched as she flicked her tail right in his face. Big Macintosh’s jaw dropped, and his nose wrinkled as Fluttershy’s perfumes wafted before him.

Every stallion began to drop a dangly horsecock as the scent carried, as Fluttershy pivoted and twirled before them, winking her pussy. Dursaa frowned worse, and stayed to the back of the group.

Big Macintosh began to beam a big fond appreciative smile… but then, it flicked off, because Fluttershy had whirled again. She was baring her teeth in a funny way, sneering. She turned away from Big Macintosh ostentatiously, and walked over toward Snowy Hocks, whose erection wasn’t responding as quickly as the younger ponies’ hard-ons.

“THIS one is a real stallion,” said Fluttershy. “Wait for him to go first.”

Braeburn’s jaw dropped. He glanced quickly at Princess. The massive red earth pony had gone redder.

“Th’ hell you say,” rumbled Big Macintosh, grinding his teeth.

“Well, since you like taking orders from mares so much…” said Fluttershy.

“Princess?” suggested Braeburn. “Easy now. Ah seen this before. Steady, we’ll get ours. But she’s a-playin’ ya.”

Fluttershy glared at him, her ears back. Then, she lifted her chin, and slunk over like a pegasus cat to rub her body against Snowy’s, which brought him to full erectness, or very nearly. And she peered around Snowy Hocks’ eager, vindictive face, and she smirked at Big Macintosh and took a deep breath, her body shaking with excitement.

“Ask permission from him, too. You have to ask him. Since he’s more of a stallion than you’ll ever be.”

Total silence fell, apart from the repetitive sound of Fluttershy’s manic winking pussy and the silky rustle of her excitedly swishing tail.

Braeburn sighed. “Nevermind. Hoo boy…”

Before he could even finish this rueful appraisal, the air was split by a enraged, insulted bellow. Big Macintosh had flushed brick-red and the veins stood out on his neck like hoses, and the other stallions cowered back. Snowy, alarmed, twisted his head to see that Fluttershy was sheltering herself behind his body. His hard-on was going limp, and he thought he could catch a smirk on his pegasus mare’s face. He turned back, and whinnied in shock for Big Macintosh was inches from his nose, snorting fire and brimstone.

“MINE,” snarled Big Macintosh. “Git!”

Snowy staggered back, leaving Fluttershy cowering there exposed. He choked out, “Bitch! It ain’t fair, you filthy…”

“That it ain’t,” opined Braeburn. Of all the ponies present, he seemed the least alarmed. He’d seen some Wild West nights in his time, but for all that, he’d never seen a pony so skillfully played. “Miss?”

Fluttershy glanced, panicked, at Braeburn. She licked her lips, her heart pounding. “Yes?”

“You’re fucked, missy. Hope yer sturdy.”

Fluttershy’s eyes widened… and then she shrieked, as Big Macintosh reared and came down upon her with his full weight.

She staggered, her hooves bracing themselves well apart, feeling the ground shake as the enraged horse behind her danced—his hooves pounding the dirt as he positioned himself, his stiff hard erection jabbing at her rump heedlessly. Fluttershy glanced about frantically, seeing all the eager stallions, her breath whooshing out of her in a gasp of awe and delicious horror as she felt the point of no return rocketing away over the hills, never to be seen again.

And then, Big Macintosh’s back doubled, and his massive horsecock shoved right up her tense and dripping vagina, ramming to the hilt in a single brutal plunge… and Fluttershy drew in a lungful of air with a terrible croaking sound, and held that breath for a dreadful moment, her body agonizingly split by one of the biggest cocks in Ponyville with no warm-up but her own dark and devious manipulations.

Big Macintosh’s forelegs tightened, hungry. Fluttershy’s eyes bugged out as she felt the cock stuffed to her gizzards, thicken.

Then, Big Macintosh began humping her with powerful, slamming thrusts from his muscular farm-horse hips, and Fluttershy let out that breath in a wild shriek that hung in the air like a banner.

Through the trees, ruby eyes stared in awe. “Fuck!” whispered Rainbow Dash. “Would you look at that? Holy fucking crap, that would kill me, seriously!”

“Nuh-uh!” protested Applejack. “Tell me when he’s done, that’s my dang brother, that is!”

Rainbow Dash gazed in disbelief. “Not anymore. He’s… whoa!”

On the hillside, Big Macintosh’s head bent, his jaws opening, and without a second thought he grabbed Fluttershy’s wing and wrestled it roughly to and fro, snarling even while he continued to hump her. Fluttershy squalled, her body shaking as though she was being electrified, and from her aggressively-plumbed pussy poured a gush of straw-colored fluid, mare-come by the bucket, and Big Macintosh plunged onward as if trying to break her and then tilted his head back and let out a roar…

His flanks spasmed, his balls contracted, and into Fluttershy he gushed a torrent of stallion-seed, gritting his teeth as the spasms racked him, making little nudges to push his throbbing horsecock deeper. His eyes were gleaming slits in the moonlight. Fluttershy let out scream after scream, her body rocked by orgasm until she could barely stand, and dropped her head exhaustedly as Big Macintosh’s spurts subsided.

He panted, his face twisting in strong emotion. He staggered back, his cock yanking out of the gentle sweet pegasus’s body: Ponyville’s protector of bunnies and biggest soft touch. He gulped, dismay fighting with anger in his expression, and panted harder, at a loss for how to react, his rage ebbing away once it had been indulged.

“So,” Big Macintosh panted, “now who’s th’ big stallion? Huh?”

His eyes widened. Fluttershy was peering back at him: no, not him, she was looking around at the assembled stallion herd.

“More!” she gasped, though she was reeling.

Big Macintosh fell back in confusion, as most of the farm ponies whooped and rushed forward.

He felt Braeburn shaking him. “Princess! Princess, you back with us?”

“Braeburn?” managed Big Macintosh. He felt drained, like he’d been sucked dry. “What the hay jes’ happened, Braeburn?”

“Wild West like I ain’t never seen it, Princess,” said Braebrun, and kissed Big Macintosh hard. “Ya better? We need ya back y’ dern fool, it ain’t good for a mare to rile the boys up so greedy-like. Ah was proper worried, Princess. Better now?”

“What happened to her?” moaned Big Macintosh. “Once she was nice!”

Braeburn watched, for a moment. Snowy Hocks hadn’t lasted more than a few seconds before coming in Fluttershy. Silver shoved him aside, and a squelch rang out as his solid horsecock plunged into pegasus vagina. Hollyhock, waiting his turn, was chewing on her wing, and butter-yellow feathery coverts splayed and jittered as two farm horses at once sated themselves on Fluttershy’s body.

“Depends how ya define ‘nice’,” said Braeburn speculatively. A lewd, wavering cry rang out from somewhere in the middle of the circling stallions. “Ah reckon she’s mighty happy? That’s sort of nice, right?”

Big Macintosh’s lip quivered. “An’… who’s the big stallion? Me or Snowy?”

Braeburn’s eyes narrowed as he studied Snowy Hocks. The older, frailer pony was circling the scene, a desperate and hostile look in his eye as he tried to go for another round. “Ah think you’re the bigger pony, Princess. ‘Least you got the bigger heart, iffen you choose ta use it. She done foxed you out of it for a spell, but you sure lit that fuse, di’ncha? Let’s see how she do. Maybe you can help me settle them boys down if they get too frisky, how about that?”

Big Macintosh looked over at Fluttershy, shuddering in hideous pleasure as Hollyhock took a turn on her, and his face hardened. Braeburn gulped. “Princess?”

“Don’t call me that right now,” said Big Macintosh.

“Fern Gully!” cried Silver, grinning a predatory grin. “Come on, you dummy! Everybody fucks tonight!”

Fern Gully, eyes wide, reared and clasped Fluttershy’s quivering flanks. The farm ponies whooped encouragement. Fern Gully screwed up his face, squeezed his eyes shut, and shoved with his hips.

Fluttershy went white, and let out a harrowing shriek. She stared wildly into the night’s darkness, her body tense as Fern Gully’s hips moved rhythmically against her, pushing further and further until his crotch pushed eagerly and foolishly against her buttery buttocks.

“So… tight… and… good… unhhhh!”

Fluttershy let out little wails, and Fern Gully’s body shuddered in blissful release. She was still very pale, very very pale, and she yowled in sudden agony as he dismounted, and her whole body got yanked to the side, his cock not coming out at first.

“The hell?” said Silver.

Hollyhock guffawed with laughter. “Fern Gully, you idiot! You’re up her ass!”

Fern Gully yiped, and jumped around, roughly yanking Fluttershy to and fro, and then with a pop his flare yanked free and horsecome poured out of Fluttershy from two holes, not just one. She looked around fearfully, wobbling on her hooves, as the stallions closed in.

Snowy Hocks bared his teeth in exultation. “Yes! I want that ass. What do you think of that, girl? I’m going to fuck you up your pony ass, right n… aaagh!”

His eyes rolled in terror. The teeth that had latched onto his ear were not shy about the message they sent.

“No,” rumbled Big Macintosh. “That ass is MINE.”

Fluttershy cowered, her eyes very wide, shaking her head in dismay, goo dripping from her anus and well-used pussy. Big Macintosh bared his teeth, head held high, dominant beyond any doubt. Fluttershy trembled, unable to speak, and he just waited, glaring… and with a look of outright fear, Fluttershy obediently turned, allowing her stallion access to her rump and its various delights.

Big Macintosh reared, and canted his hips carefully, that massive hard-on jutting forth.

Off in the woods, Applejack curled into the fetal position, and Rainbow Dash clung to her in horror, unable to look away, breathing “Oh my g…gosh…”

The massive red hips shoved inexorably forward.


Every stallion, but Snowy, winced. Snowy got more erect.

The tendons were standing out on Fluttershy’s neck. Her wings bristled out in agony, and she scraped at the dirt with a forehoof, baring her teeth as they gleamed sharply in the moonlight, sweat beading on her brow as Big Macintosh’s cock wedged deeper and deeper up her ass. Fern Gully’s come lubricated it a little, but it was a size issue. She let out a horrid croaking squeal that made most of the stallions wince again, but none dared object to Big Macintosh’s re-claiming of the mare they’d been sharing…

Big Macintosh dragged Fluttershy, kicking and writhing and flapping, backwards. He rolled back onto his massive haunches, pulling her along with him, impaled on his stallionhood, and she thrashed and squealed as the horsecock sunk further into her, all her legs in the air, kicking helplessly at the moon, displayed to all.

“Who’s the big stallion now?” rumbled Big Macintosh.

Braeburn’s ears had gone back, and he’d gone pale. Then, he shoved forward. “Scuse me! Din’t get no turn, one side!”

“Sure,” began Hollyhock, but Braeburn wasn’t listening. He loomed over the hysterical Fluttershy, and bent over her pinned-back ear.

“Let me help,” he hissed urgently, and he glowered at Big Macintosh, and his head ducked down between Fluttershy’s legs.

She squirmed, letting out a ragged squeal. Braeburn’s lips were suckling her clitoris, goading on her treacherous and inflamed libido, and the pleasure of it battled with the searing pain in her butt. He moaned, hummed on it, thrust his tongue into her and twiddled it, and hoped like hell that Big Macintosh would rest easy and not thrust… then realized the massive red stallion had arranged that whether he wanted to or not. Princess’s stupid impulsive butt was smack on the ground and wouldn’t be doing any more thrusting into delicate pegasus anus. He was shoved as deep as he would ever go, and short of pulling Fluttershy off him, the best bet was to carry her through it by keeping her immersed in her orgiastic, sexual frenzy.

And Braeburn could feel her orgasming with brutal force as he suckled her winking pussy and jutting clitoris, could tell even if her anguished and ecstatic shrieks weren’t telling him the same thing. For a moment he asked himself how the hell it was even possible, but then he felt his cock scrubbing the grass and throbbing, and he grinned with outlaw wickedness and knew what to do.

“Ah got this, gentleponies,” said Braeburn. He positioned himself, belly to belly with Fluttershy, and turned to lecture the staring stallions. “Watch an’ learn. If this don’t leave our mare satisfied, she ain’t nothin’ equine atall. But watch! Ya gotta go smooth when double-fuckin’, some mares cain’t handle it nohow. Careful! Listen for th’ music!”

With that, Braeburn smoothly pressed his rigid phallus against Fluttershy’s gooey vulva, and it slid into her to join Big Macintosh’s throbbing erection… inch by inch, parting her labia and prying her just as wide as Big Macintosh did, for Braeburn’s girth topped out just as bulky as his Princess’s, but in a thick central bulge. And that bulge squeezed into Fluttershy despite her writhing and shrieks, and Braeburn’s crotch came to rest against Fluttershy’s, her stiffly erect nipples rubbing his belly.

“Pound that ass!” called Snowy Hocks, gleefully.

Braeburn glared at him, feeling Fluttershy’s shudders. “Mind your business.”

“Sonny,” retorted Snowy, “she wants it ugly. She wants to be wrecked. Cain’t you see that?”

Braeburn’s lip curled, contemptuously. “Saw it from th’ beginning. Hush your mouth! Let me show you wreckage in a nice way.”

“Oh yeah?” challenged Snowy.

Braeburn, reverently, took off his cowpony hat. He placed it beside him.

“Watch this.”

With that, the physically-gifted outlaw pony bit his lower lip, concentrating… and began to shift his hips, focussing on the sensations around his deeply buried stallionhood.

Fluttershy’s eyes went starkly wide when she felt it. He’d penetrated her to the cervix and then rested just enough that she could quiet down, her body stuffed through two holes and racked with searing overstimulation. The lack of motion made his cock seem to weld itself to her insides with sheer pressure. Then, his firm and gentle shifting of hips wrenched that bulk free again, and the sensation jolted her psyche and felt like her entire insides were being tugged out. She shrieked weakly, then writhed again in frantic suddenness for Big Macintosh had tugged his own cock as well, and it didn’t have anywhere near the lubrication Braeburn’s did.

Braeburn cuffed Big Macintosh’s shoulder, and Princess looked out of Big Macintosh’s eyes, startled, for the first time since he’d gone to buttfuck Fluttershy.

“Pretend it’s me,” snarled Braeburn, and Big Macintosh’s eyes widened more.

He looked at the back of Fluttershy’s head as if seeing for the first time that it wasn’t a symbol of wicked meanness he was punishing, but a pegasus mare he knew well—one who’d borne a foal from him and who cared for flowers and bunnies. She didn’t usually go around taunting him and trying to push his buttons. She usually flew around taking care of innocent animals and being loved by all, and he’d reacted to her insane goading by shoving a huge massive cock right up her ass. He throbbed inside her, and felt the horrible agonized tightness cramping around his cockbase.

Big Macintosh gulped, his rage gone for good. Hesitantly, he petted Fluttershy’s ragged, feather-dustery wing.

Braeburn gazed into Fluttershy’s stunned, dazed eyes, and grinned his bandit grin.

“Ah know what you was after, missy,” he said gravely. “Sweet dreams, now, ‘cos you’re takin’ a little pony ride. Princess?”

“Yeah?” said Big Macintosh in a nervous little voice.

“With me… but a lil’ gentler. Careful, now.”

With that, Braeburn began firmly shifting his throbbing erection inside Fluttershy—and as she jerked, panted through gritted teeth, and twitched in a fusillade of little spasms, Big Macintosh began to rock her against him, cautiously shifting his own mammoth hard-on inside her harrowingly tight pony ass.

Fluttershy’s eyes glazed over, and she wailed sweetly like a lost soul, closing her eyes… and then squeaked, eyes flying wide at a new sensation she hadn’t expected or wanted.

Braeburn was kissing her, even while he thrusted. His eyes were half-lidded slits of passion and romance, adoring her, worshipping her utterly as only the treacherous outlaw pony could. It didn’t feel like a gangbang, it felt like making love… even after all her efforts to guarantee she would be cruelly used.

Fluttershy squirmed, shaking her head. She cried out again, in protest. Tears came to her eyes as she tried to push away the cowpony’s devoted lips, but she was weak from extended orgasm, and as she cried out again, his lips locked to hers and her head tilted back and she was lost—lost to the experience, swept away in the unexpected tenderness. What had been a savage and cleansing rending of her body every which way, became an enfolding presence, a wash of love unworthy that extended even to the obscenely huge horse cocks that pushed and nudged inside her, every throb racking her with delicious pain, but seeming to cherish every inch of her body nevertheless.

Braeburn broke the kiss as something prodded the side of his face… and realized it was a penis. Silver and Hollyhock were holding up the desperate Snowy Hocks, and he was trying to stick his cock in Fluttershy’s face. Braeburn growled, but before he could do anything, Fluttershy noticed… and without hesitation, she’d taken Snowy into her mouth, and emitted muffled cries of bliss as he shoved his smaller pony dick as deeply into her throat as he could. She’d turned to him right away, sucking his cock greedily.

Braeburn rolled his eyes, and devoted his attention to his fucking, steadily ramping up his pace, feeling his and Big Macintosh’s climaxes looming.

Snowy jerked, and whinnied. Braeburn could see Fluttershy gulping, gulping in a frenzy, swallowing all of his come and sucking for more, nuzzling hungrily against his crotch as she whimpered and writhed. Snowy gave a happy squeal, wobbled, and fell backwards, come still drooling out of his softening erection. He tumbled and gave a squall. “Aaahhh! My hip!”

Braeburn set his jaw. Served the fucker right, nasty piece of horse that he was. He saw Silver and Hollyhock helping Snowy away and settling him on some grass. Big Macintosh was still watching him for direction. Fluttershy was past noticing anything.

All right, crazy little mare, thought Braeburn: here’s your blow-off.

He nodded to Big Macintosh, bared his teeth in pleasure, and allowed his steady motions to build just a little more… but this time, letting the sensation flood up from his testicles, stiffening him for the final launch, not holding back the rush of his pleasure. He felt it in Big Macintosh as well—had felt it in Big Macintosh up him, sometimes—and quietly, Braeburn trusted the frail little pegasus to withstand what her big stallion lovers had for her, though he still couldn’t understand how she managed it.

That was what made it so dang exciting, though.

Fluttershy began to writhe and flap spastically, shrieking with excitement as two cocks throbbed their way to full rock hardness inside her, still keeping their steady pace.

Big Macintosh grunted. Braeburn whinnied, tossing his mane.

Simultaneously, they blasted horsecome into Fluttershy in spasms that, for an amazing moment, gushed in perfect synchrony.

Fluttershy blew out her voice in a single shriek, and her wings frizzed out so hard that yellow feathers flittered delicately to the ground. Several pinfeathers, and a primary feather.

Braeburn sagged. “An’ that, gents,” he panted, “is how ya do nasty an’ nice at the same time. Thankee for comin’ back to me, Princess.”

“Help me with her, Braeburn?” said Big Macintosh softly. “Ah done hurt th’ pore thing. Won’t never forgive myself.”

Braeburn lifted himself off the Fluttershy sandwich, pulling his cock free, a gush of semen pouring out of her vagina as he did. “You just stay to the good, Princess! Jes’ because a filly wants to get a big reaction, is no call to turn bad on her! You got to stay strong!”

“Ah know, ah know!” wailed Big Macintosh. Braeburn, donning his hat, gave him a stern look.

“She’s a little pega-slut!” yelled Snowy Hocks from outside the circle. “Get over it!”

“You hold your peace!” demanded Braeburn. “You and your rough stuff. Fun’s over! Our wild lil’ filly’s gonna be sleeping off her overexcitin’ night and she’s gonna wake up good an’ pregnant and forget all this crazy… cray… c…”

Fluttershy was stirring, though it seemed impossible. She looked like she’d been dragged backwards through five hedges, and she could barely coordinate her motions, but something drove her on. She tugged at Big Macintosh’s cock until it popped out of her dainty ass, sprawled on the ground in a puddle of spooge, and struggled to rise. She was about as good at it as a newborn baby foal, but absolutely determined. Finally, she got on her hooves, wobbling terribly, her head dangling, her tail sopping and strangely disheveled, and there she stood, panting, as the circle of exhausted and sated stallions stared at her in astonishment.

Slowly, Fluttershy lifted her head.

“More,” she croaked.

Braeburn, wide-eyed, took off his hat again.

“Ma’am… we cain’t, an’ that’s a fact. You wore us out. I thought I had ya. Ain’t a stallion here who hasn’t busted his nuts up your sweet poon, not to mention your cute lil’ butthole, so how’s about we all call it a…”

A very deep voice interrupted him.

“The honorless have had their fun. Dare I conclude you all are… done?”

Dursaa stepped forward, grimly. The circle of stallions gave way, for he moved as if ready to trample them beneath his zebra hooves.

Braeburn didn’t flinch. “Mister Dursaa, I see. You been frownin’ at us all this time, and for a while there I couldn’t blame ya. Have you really been waiting your turn? Or ya jes’ a big fan of sloppy seconds?”

He frowned, looking around, and the deep voice rang out in judgement.

“Disgrace is what tonight has just displayed. Your wicked urges have together made the ruination of a gracious mare: Not one of you has decency to care!”

Braeburn’s nostrils flared in outrage. “Ah beg your damn pardon? In case you missed it, ah jes’ steered this lil’ cutie through a scene that mighta gone real sour for her! And look at that, she did so good that she’s pantin’ for more! Fine. You gonna fuck her or not? I swear I’ll try to go another round if you won’t. Gimme a minute.”

“Your minute will not be required of you,” declaimed Dursaa haughtily. “Sit down. All of you faithless fools are through with frenzied spurtings in this mare’s sweet nook. …and, I might add, mere pony ones, which suck.”

Big Macintosh snorted in disbelief. “The hay, Dursaa?”

Braeburn blinked. “Actually I think I know what he’s up to…”

Dursaa stamped a mighty zebra hoof.

“This mare is not for you! I claim her now, and furthermore you’ll see exactly how a zebra gives his precious mare his foal and pledges to her life his very soul! Stand back! If you appreciate a show you’ll witness one tonight, more than you know: I’ve saved up for three months to bear this gift, and soon none of your weak sperm will be left!”

Fluttershy turned, baring her teeth at him. “Will you shut up and fuck me already?”

His head darted forward, and he struck like a cobra.

“EEE!” squealed Fluttershy, her eyes wide at the fierce bite to her cute rump.

Dursaa gazed levelly at her, and she stared back in shock.

“Fluttershy, you’re mine. Your petulance, confine,” he rumbled softly.

“You don’t know me,” she hissed, and then squealed again, as he made a feint toward her quivering rump.

“This Zebra stallion saw you from afar,” he said, “delighting in the graceful things you are: your gentleness to creatures of the field, the ease with which your precious sweet heart yields. I wondered long if one like you, so fair, could show the fires and urges of a mare: in truth it seemed an adequate reward to watch you frolicking across the sward.”

He gulped, his voice trembling. “And on some nights, I did indeed relent and found my spirit, mind and body bent upon the dream my lusts could never slake—and in my shame I’d the next morning wake, not knowing if my love stood strong and true…”

He glared around at the farm ponies.

“Or as a tourist, like the lot of you!”

Fluttershy didn’t seem to be breathing. Her mouth hung open, and she stared in amazement at the impassioned zebra who had suddenly begun spouting romantic love sonnets that went on and on, all of them about her and her alone. Tears came to her eyes, and she shook her head and blushed, looking horribly upset.

“You can’t,” she whimpered. “You mustn’t! I’m not what you think, just r—rape me and leave me in a puddle of come like I deserve!”

Dursaa’s mighty chest swelled in pride and determination.

“Do not say things like that, sweet Fluttershy! I see you now, degraded, low, but I suspect it’s just your frantic need to screw: and that’s just your mare urges driving you. I answer now your call with all my heart. With this, our mating, a new day shall start, for I will treasure everything you are and lay my life before your proud pole star to celebrate you in my word and deed: stay with you always, fill your every need and be your own, your stallion, your amour; the brave and indefatigable door that bars the way against your sad despair. So… rape you? Never! Never one so fair!”

Big Macintosh was blushing, tears of bitter shame in his eyes. Braeburn cuddled him, and mumbled, “He’s reelin’ her in all righty…”

Fluttershy was past protesting, couldn’t even look at the towering zebra stallion anymore, blushed a flaming red. Dursaa strode slowly forward, walking right up to her.

“The truest stallion does not merely sate your lusty body’s urges for a mate. He pledges his whole heart and soul to you, becoming yours, remaining proud and true, and his words you can trust for he is part of your own soul and your own secret heart. Yet… there’s one thing for which your body cried…”

Dursaa gulped. His hind legs were shaking, and he was lifting one rear hoof up uncomfortably.

“The puddle, dear, your Zebra can provide.”

Braeburn’s eyes widened. Dursaa’s balls looked dreadfully swollen, like he hadn’t clopped himself in months.

“Called it!” breathed Braeburn with satisfaction. “Boys, say goodbye to your best efforts.”

“Huh?” said Big Macintosh.

“Watch. I seen this once before,” said Braeburn. “Them zebras, boy!”

Fluttershy whimpered, and Dursaa’s hoof reached out and gently lifted her chin. She resisted. She was crying, trying not to face him, but he was very strong, and her chin came up—to be met by a kiss, and her gaze met by a pair of longing, infatuated eyes that showed the truth of every word he’d said. Dursaa had forgiven Fluttershy her every wanton excess, and offered safe harbor inside his unshakable devotion.

She wavered, and then gave in all at once, whirled and flicked her tail to the side, winking at him, her eyes screwed shut in sweet surrender and her teeth bared in a strange grimace, as if she was racked by horrible guilt but could not restrain herself a moment longer. She would give herself body and soul to her miraculous new stallion, against all reason, against her better judgement.

Dursaa reared, and clasped her tender rump in his stripey forelegs. Under him, a jet-black glossy zebra cock quickly jutted forth.

“Nice!” remarked Braeburn. “She ain’t been cheated there. Damn near as good as us, Princess!”

It was true. Dursaa’s stallionhood didn’t quite reach Big Macintosh proportions, but it left most other stallions behind, and Fluttershy emitted breathy cries, very hoarsely, as he prodded her. Then, she stiffened, and immediately staggered on her hooves: he’d entered her, and that stiff shiny black erection shoved forth, sinking smoothly into her trembling body that had seen such rough treatment.

He seemed to understand. He tried to keep as much of his weight balanced on his rear hooves as he could, setting them well forward though the position was awkward. He clasped her body firmly, but with a besotted gentleness that even the other stallions could see… and he began to work his erection back and forth, making little plunges, penetrating to Fluttershy’s depths.

Fluttershy shuddered, wobbling again, and let out a wail like a damned soul. Her wings lifted awkwardly, and then she wailed louder, for Dursaa’d bent his head and gripped her wing base between his teeth, taking her wing into his mouth for the first time with an air of total conviction. Here was a stallion who knew exactly what such an act meant to a pegasus mare, and by the sensuous working of his jaw and twisting of his head, knew just what effect he proposed to have on his winged mare by doing it.

Fluttershy’s body spasmed so hard her hooves thumped against the ground, and a gush of straw-colored marecome squirted out past Dursaa’s cock. He groaned, and kept up his infatuated thrusting.

Big Macintosh’s ear quirked. He thought he could see something like a glow around Dursaa’s alarmingly swollen testicles. “Is that…?”

Braeburn nodded. “It’s a zebra thing. Might want to scoot back, Princess.”

Big Macintosh boggled at Braeburn. They were ten feet from the copulating zebra and pegasus. “Why?”

Dursaa whinnied, as if in pain. His forelegs tightened around Fluttershy. She gasped in a huge breath… and Dursaa’s balls seemed to clench before the awed stallions’ eyes.

Fluttershy squealed in shameless glee, and a gout of zebra come splashed out of her pussy and onto the ground. His very first volley had flooded her womb so full there was no room for more. He hunched, continuing to work his cock in her, hissing hot breath between his teeth.

Stallion eyes widened. Dursaa’s body shook as if titanic forces were coursing through him. They were.

Second by second, more zebra come glopped out of Fluttershy. She tossed her head, blinded by perverse pleasures, and he kept thrusting, and his balls betrayed a faint glow of zebra magic as they generated outrageous, impossible amounts of come that he tirelessly pumped into Fluttershy, his new mate. The puddle grew, and grew. Fluttershy shook and howled in orgiastic pleasure as Dursaa’s orgasm literally washed all the other come out of her, gushing endlessly, a viscous sticky churning totally filling her pussy and womb even as his stiffened cock continued to plunge sensuously to her depths. Every time, it forced a thick gush of semen out of her onto the ground. Every time, he replenished it as if his issue would never stop.

Big Macintosh, eyes wide, backed away from the growing flood.

Braeburn took off his hat, just one more time. “To gettin’ what you may call the last word, sir. Ah salutes you, and you take good care of her, y’hear? I reckon that’s that. Gentleponies! Our presence ain’t needed no more, but you got to hear th’ band play!”

Dursaa, panting, bowed his head. His body gave a few final spasms, and he dismounted, an ocean of come gushing out of Fluttershy as he did. She staggered forward, stallions making way for her, until she was clear of the come-lake still soaking into the grass… and then she collapsed in a fluffy heap, and a cheer went up for her and for her new mate. The insatiable mare was satisfied!

Back in the woods, Rainbow Dash panted as well, for she’d come three times just watching the outrageousness. Applejack had come once, partly because she’d been rubbing herself against Rainbow, definitely because her kin had relinquished the stage. They glanced at each other, awed.

“Do you think she would loan him out?” breathed Dash.

Applejack opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, the woods rustled frantically next to her.

“Applejack!” begged Pinkie Pie, covered in twigs and leaves. “You have to help me find Rock!”

Applejack’s jaw dropped further. She reeled it in. “And where in tarnation do you expect that lil’ scaper to turn up, Pinkie?”

Dash gestured with a hoof, and three pairs of maternal eyes followed the gesture in horror.


Far out of reach, beyond the edge of the woods, Rock Candy walked uncertainly toward the circle of stallions, the panting zebra and his stricken, sated Mom.

They didn’t notice. Pinkie, Dash and Applejack held their breath, petrified, wondering what to do, whether the stallions would be cross, what Dursaa would do when confronted with Fluttershy’s existing foal.

Dursaa hadn’t noticed either. He staggered, triumphant, over to the blissful wreckage of Fluttershy.

“Exquisite, ah beloved, oh my love,” he panted, “oh angel horse that flies on wings above…”

Fluttershy moaned a sweet moan, wriggling sensuously against the ground, her tail flipping in aftershocks of orgasmic pleasure.

“Your ecstacy is all that fills my sight. Your every foal’s my duty and delight…”

Rock Candy froze in his tracks, his ears perking in shock. Every foal?

“Now,” crooned Dursaa, “it is time to take away each pose, the decorations sullying the rose… and I shall love forever, near and far, the glory of you simply as you are.”

He began tugging at Fluttershy’s mane with his teeth.

Rock Candy, unnoticed at the edge of the woods, began to shake, his ears laying back. His tail twitched violently. Pinkie, Dash and Applejack stirred in alarm.

Fluttershy jerked. “No!”

Dursaa sighed, indulgently. “Poor darling! These extensions may be nice for Fillydelphic mares who charge a price, but your great beauty scorns such foolish tricks. Pray do not make your loving husband sick! Synthetic manes on angels will not do. They’re desecrations ill-befitting you.”

Fluttershy writhed frantically on the ground, trying to rise, but Dursaa was too quick for her. With two flicks of his head, he yanked Fluttershy’s false mane and tail off, tossing them behind him, where they fell with silky flourishes into the puddle of semen.

Rock Candy charged. Pinkie went after him, plunging through the woods, and Dash and Applejack chased her, as the collected stallions all looked toward the sudden leafy commotion.

Big Macintosh screamed like a filly.

All motion stopped, and all eyes turned to him… and then, to what he was looking at.

Fluttershy stood at bay, facing Dursaa. Her wings flared out horribly, for they’d become bat wings. Her mane and tail, much shorter, broke into disheveled, ragged waves without the graceful flow her hair was known for. Her ears seemed longer, with spiky tufts of fur. Her eyes glowed an eerie, alarming pink as she glared at her would-be husband—and when she bared her teeth, the strongest stallions quailed, for the gentle Fluttershy suddenly had huge, sharp, terrifying fangs like no pony alive.

“What have you DONE?” she hissed, her voice harsh and monstrous.

In the puddle of spooge, the mane and tail extensions crackled faintly with magic, then shorted out.

Dursaa staggered back, horrified. Panic swept through the stallions as they realized they’d been fucking a monster—a vampire!

As they began to scramble away, turning to flee the vampony, their bodies parted to reveal a much smaller figure, with a pink mare galloping frantically toward him in the distance.

Rock Candy stood, eyes wide… trembling and staring at what had been his Mom.

…who saw him.

The air was ripped with a horrible, unearthly shriek, like no pony ever produced. It came from the fanged, terrifying monster. And then, she dove forward on her horrible bat wings, seizing the foal like a striking raptor and racing up into the sky, holding his struggling form.

Pinkie Pie screamed like it was her own body being seized and stabbed with cruel fangs. She hadn’t reached him in time.

Applejack whacked Rainbow Dash on the rump with a hoof.


Like a fired arrow, Dash blasted out of the woods, soaring skyward with blistering speed.

She looked around frantically. She began to circle, wings straining to hold the G-forces. She saw the ragged figure with its creepy bat wings, trying to escape into a cloud.

Rainbow Dash couldn’t let that happen. Tears came to her eyes as she imagined a vampire dragging Pinkie’s and Fluttershy’s foal into a cloud to suck his blood, and she strained her mighty wings to the limit, rocketing toward that fanged figure that mushroomed in her vision.

As she reached her quarry, she whirled in mid-air and delivered a vicious kick to the thing’s left wing.

It shrieked a chilling, tormented screech and lashed out at her with its hind legs, pivoting in mid-air, trying to shield its prey from capture. Rainbow Dash attacked again, savagely whacking the vampire in the head and feeling a crunch under her hooves. It screeched horribly, turning to face her, the terrible fangs gleaming in the moonlight…

Rainbow Dash whirled as if the spirit of Applejack had come to guide her and her hind leg kicked out with unyielding ferocity—and smashed into the vampire’s foreleg.

It let go, and Rock Candy dropped out of its broken grip.

Dash turned to dive, but saw that the vampony had the same idea… and Rainbow flipped out, shrieking “GET AWAY!” at the top of her lungs, pummelling the vampire with her forelegs with no thought of self-protection, just making it give up on its helpless plummeting prey, punching vampire face in a mad frenzy of violence…

With a hideous, tortured scream, the monster turned and fled, taking refuge in the cloud in which it had apparently hoped to feed.

Rainbow Dash had almost no time. She dove for all she was worth. This time there would be no other pegasus appearing to save the day. It was all on her. She vowed to make a crater in the ground rather than fail, as Rock Candy’s flailing form appeared below her…

She tackled him, grabbing on with desperate force. She gritted her teeth, trying to pull out…

Rainbow Dash slammed into the ground, taking the brunt of the bad landing on her shoulder in a forward roll. She tumbled, wrapping herself around Rock. She came to rest, unharmed, breathless.

A herd of ponies charged up to meet her, led by Pinkie Pie and Applejack. Pinkie was frothing, spitting foam in her hysterical need to get to her foal. She pounced and hugged Rock tight and wouldn’t let go, just shook and sobbed.

Applejack panted, her eyes wild. “What the FUCK was that?”

“It was like the vampire!” squealed Dash. “With the fruit bats! Remember? But this one tries to eat PONIES!”

Stallions screamed like fillies, began to charge around in panicky circles.

“Git to Twilight’s!” cried Applejack. “She’ll know what to do!”

And with that, the ponies galloped off, not stopping until they reached Ponyville and Twilight’s house…

…and the vast, glowing, sphere of magical force that barred them from entering.

Applejack gulped, staring at the forbidding glow.

“Welp. This ain’t good.”