Rainbow Dash glowed with that wonderful energy of post-fucking. She nibbled idly at a perfect oat-cake, and shifted in her seat, deliciously sore. Her wing, raised and bent slightly at the upper coverts, twitched as if still feeling the aftershocks of her morning. Applejack had ridden Rainbow hard, and turned around and begun cooking her a glorious breakfast afterwards.

She was working on an omelet, flipping it out of the pan with a deft jerk of her head that sent her silky blonde mane flying. The mane flowed freely, with no hair-tie, for Applejack went naked around Dash. Her tail was naked of hair-ties too. Dash’s gaze lingered.

Applejack caught Rainbow’s stare out of the corner of her eye, and her mouth curved in a wry smile, her eye coyly taking in Dash’s body as well—and that upraised wing, bent cutely, its feathers disheveled—and, putting the pan down, Applejack sidled over with a wicked smirk on her face.

Dash just beamed at her, and then gasped, a shudder running through her lean body. Applejack had leaned over and licked her upper coverts, lingeringly.

She did it again, too—and closed her lips around a feather, and tugged with great gentleness. Dash’s eyes went very wide, and she panted. “Hnnnnngh! Please!”

Applejack looked smug, holding the feather in her lips. “Meanin’?”

Rainbow couldn’t stop panting. “You know I have to go off to Weather Patrol… and I have to be able to, you know, fly…”

“Thought y’all could always fly. Thought you was th’ best.”

“Please! You know what that does to me!”

Applejack’s eyes crinkled up around the edges. “Well, I had my breakfast. Work’s awaitin’. You don’t think you can eat breakfast while I jes’… gnaw, real gentle-like, on the base of them there wings? An’ call it dee-sert?”

Rainbow Dash’s expression was pitiful. “Nnnng! No fair!”

Applejack sniffed in mock offense, and stepped back, smirking from ear to ear. “Oh, all right! If you think it would be too distractin’ and all! Enjoy your breakfast, my love…”

Dash quivered, looking stunned. “Oh my gosh. Um, yeah. Oh, Applejack…”

“Too much? I can finish th’ job…”

“Nooo!” pleaded Rainbow Dash, but she was grinning too. “No, I’m okay. Oh my gosh. You understand me so well… you really, really know me, huh?”

“From wingtip to wingtip—beloved,” purred Applejack. She blinked, looking at the clock. “But dang… you ain’t foolin’. Call that a taste of what’s waitin’ at the end of th’ day? I got to run, fields need harrowin’.”

“Yeah, go ahead. Hey, I know you too,” said Dash. “Don’t tire yourself out too much, okay?”

“Well… I’ll try,” winked Applejack, and trotted off out of the kitchen, head held high.

Dash sighed happily, returning to her oat cakes. Life was so rich. There was the satisfaction of her work at Weather Patrol. There was the steady increase in recognition for her exceptional flying skills. And then… there was home life.

It still seemed too good to be true, like some outside thing would come and break it. It was best of both worlds—of all possible worlds. Rainbow’s eye twitched just thinking about what an impossibly sweet deal it was.

She’d always been drawn to other mares, such as Pinkie, but she wasn’t like Pinkie—she eyed guy parts as well. Then, digging through the wreckage of Trixie’s old cart, she’d discovered Trixie’s magic bit, and its strange powers. She’d become male—or something like that—just biting the thing, and a world of possibilities had opened up.

One of them had been the straight mare she’d been running with for years, Applejack. She’d discovered that Applejack wasn’t quite as straight as she thought. No, that wasn’t the right way to put it, Applejack was the straightest thing ever, it’s just that she was a lot more… adaptable than Rainbow Dash had ever hoped.

All hell broke loose, but when the dust had settled, she was sleeping in Applejack’s bed as often as she slept at home. And though the two of them were free to enjoy the special talents of Pinkie Pie and various bodysex activities with whoever needed them—Rainbow’s wings had been claimed.

She still couldn’t quite believe that part. She didn’t think it would ever happen, so she’d become epic at bodysex and insisted that was enough, refusing even to think about it. And then, Applejack had come along, not even a pegasus, just an earth pony—and had been the one to part her feathers. It was crazy, but it had happened.

And that was understating things. Applejack was a quick learner, and utterly shameless in certain ways. The things she was willing to do to Rainbow’s poor wings! Dash wriggled, panting just to think about it. She’d thought she was daring! Applejack seemed to have no boundaries at all. She would do anything to a wing, anything. It was unspeakably exciting and obscene and Rainbow Dash couldn’t get enough of it. Licking, tugging feathers, preening in the most obscene way you could imagine, gnawing her wing base, with lips or even teeth…

Rainbow shook herself. She realized her vag was oozing onto Applejack’s nice clean floor.

Oh, and the bodysex, of course. Applejack loved it both ways, with Dash wielding the magic bit and temporary hard-on, or using it herself and ramming a thick stallionhood up Rainbow until she screamed. That stuff was great fun, the best. It was awesome that Applejack enjoyed it so much.

Rainbow grabbed a clean rag in her teeth, tossed it on the floor and wiped up her slight mess. She glanced at the clock and whimpered. No time! And she had to preen!

Rainbow went to sit, realized the problem, and solved it by sitting on the cloth with a juicy squidge, feeling a shock run through her from her overexcited vag. Felt like a bucket of hot lube in there. It was gonna be a long day—nopony at Weather Patrol for the upcoming shift was very good at bodysex, she’d have to wait until evening unless she really wanted to make do.

Ignoring the sensory overload that only made her ooze more, Rainbow Dash cautiously preened her wings, determined to get them presentable. Applejack was unbearable sometimes, left her looking like a featherduster, didn’t seem to care—or even enjoyed it. That only excited Dash worse, but then you had to fly off to work and be seen in public with those wings. Dash blushed horribly—Applejack had licked her coverts. She’d tugged a feather, which was visibly out of place. You could see where her teeth had been. Rainbow, her cool blue color turned a flaming scarlet, worked to conceal the indiscretion.

There was simply no time. Rainbow left off, frustrated, for she had to leave right away and head straight to Weather Patrol—it was obvious she wouldn’t be able to take the comfortable route over the dry fields, where thermals were beginning to rise. It was infuriating, too, because it was already bright and sunny, and it was obvious she’d have been able to glide to work, just about. No dice. It was the straight path past the cliffs for Rainbow Dash, this morning. Well… thermals sucked in the morning anyway. Besides, putting some hard air under her wings would be sure to cover up any signs of their… use.

A tiny sound caught Rainbow’s ear. It was a drop of pony lube hitting the floor under her vag.

Cursing, she went after it with the rag, and hit the air before her stray thoughts worked her up even worse.

It was a glorious day in the sky, though there was surprisingly little cumulus—apparently the thermals weren’t out in force anyway, which was some consolation. They were never around the cliffs early in the morning, only much, much later in the day after the rocks and rubble had been warmed by the sun. There was nothing but the clear sky and the red dot on the edge of the cliff.

Rainbow Dash blinked.

Yeah, whatever that was, it was gonna get blown off the…

Whoa, thought Dash, as she sped closer. Not what. Who.

Not just any who, either. That was Big Macintosh!

Without a moment of hesitation, she doubled her speed, swooping down as the air screamed past her body. If he fell, she’d be able to intersect his path if she made an arc like so…

Second after second went by, and he didn’t fall. The potential curves of her flight path to rescue him grew easier and easier to fly, until she was circling below him, easily able to meet any possible flight path. Rainbow flew up under him, a determined look in her eyes.

“Step back! That’s not safe!” she called.

Big Macintosh stood on the edge, staring off to the horizon, his jaw set.

“Y’ think?” he said.

“What?” called Rainbow. “Look, I’ve got you covered! I’ll catch you, but you need to step back, okay? There are gusts up here you wouldn’t know about!”

“Oh,” said Big Macintosh, and his head dropped.

Dash rose up in front of him, and began pushing him away from the edge, her wings flapping fiercely. “Come on, that’s the way… what the hay are you doing here, Big Macintosh?”

He allowed himself to be bullied back from the edge ten feet, and no further—he sat down and wouldn’t budge. He wouldn’t speak, and then when Rainbow Dash was about to ask him twice, he muttered his answer.

“Leavin’, maybe.”

“What’s that s…” began Rainbow, and then her eyes widened in horror. “Oh no. No WAY. That’s it, fuck Weather Patrol. Just what do you think you mean by that? What is going on, Big Macintosh?”

“Don’t wanna say.”

Rainbow glared. “That’s too bad. You better say! I’m not joking. Am I reading too much into this, or are you standing on the edge of a cliff saying you’re ‘leaving’? First of all, leaving what?”

Big Macintosh wouldn’t look up. “What if ah said—life?”

“No. Just no.” Rainbow Dash shook her head, her unkempt mane flying. “Forget it. I’ll catch you. I can do that, you better believe it. How about, instead, you tell me what the heck happened to you that brought this on? Ponies should talk about things when they’re upset! Um, except I guess your whole family isn’t good at that. Or me, either. And Fluttershy’s really bad at it. And sometimes I think there’s stuff Twilight isn’t telling me… okay, ponies don’t talk about the things that upset them. But they should!”

Big Macintosh looked over at her with a sidelong glance. Rainbow was so small, relative to him, that he was still looking down a little. “I done left Rarity. ‘Cause of what she did.”

“Okay, that’s a start… you mean, dressing up kinky and fucking you in the barn in Fillydelphia?” Rainbow blinked. “Uhhh, so I hear…”

Big Macintosh laughed, hollowly. “That’s a good ‘un. You done more than jes’ hear. You watched, and she knew all th’ time and lied about it.”

“Well first of all I’m really sorry, okay? And you shouldn’t hold that against her! I think she’s a really special pony that you’re lucky to have, and she’s lucky to have you…”

“Nopony lucky to have me,” muttered Big Macintosh, looking away.

“What’s that?”

“Ah said, NO pony lucky to have me. If y’all just let me alone? Ain’t your business.”

“Whoa, whoa, stop. Not a chance, Big Macintosh,” said Rainbow Dash. “Hey, show me your face, we’re having a conversation. What’s going on? You’re seriously telling me all this is over me seeing you in the sack? I don’t care who sees me fuck, so what crawled up your ass about it?”

At that, Big Macintosh’s head started to turn. His face came into view, and it was a visage of terrible grief and self-pity.


“What?” blinked Rainbow Dash.

Big Macintosh held his chin up high, but began to weep. “Rarity did that. Up… my ass. She had this bit thingy, and… and…”

Rainbow briefly squeaked with laughter, but then all at once she had to scramble, for Big Macintosh had halfheartedly made a break for the cliff edge. She wrestled him back without difficulty, her wings flapping madly, and planted herself between him and the cliff.

“No way! You stay there! Yeah, those. I’m real familiar with those. I didn’t know Twi gave her one. Wow! Okay, I’ll try not to either laugh at you or get excited, but you’re gonna tell me what’s so wrong about that, right now. Look, sometimes ponies do stuff we don’t like, okay?”

Big Macintosh wouldn’t meet her eye. “Nope. Ain’t okay.”

“Explain.” Rainbow Dash crossed her hooves and glared.

He stammered, couldn’t get the words out, and then… “Ah’m a big fag-pony.”

Rainbow Dash’s glare didn’t waver. “So? I’m a raging lesbian. Not a good enough reason to jump off cliffs. Keep talking.”

“You don’t understand!”

“Wrong again,” said Rainbow Dash.

“Ah mean… Ah liked it. My body done come harder than it ever do. It’s all over. Mares is over, I gotta be a big fag-pony now. Cause ‘a this thing called a prostate.”

Rainbow Dash snickered, then controlled herself. “Are you serious?”

“Ah been livin’ a lie. Cain’t live without it, neither. It’s jes’ wrong. Okay,” said Big Macintosh in haste, for he saw Rainbow beginning to argue, “maybe it ain’t wrong in general. It’s okay if it ain’t wrong for you and all. It’s wrong for me. Cain’t live with it.”

Dash sat on her haunches with a gentle squidge and stared at him. “It sounds like this is a big change for you. Suddenly you’re all about the cock? And you can’t handle it?”

“Ah must be. I keep thinkin’ on it. Rarity’s evil, she changed me into a fag-pony. How come she want to do that?”

“First lesson. Can you stop saying ‘fag-pony’? You’re saying it like it’s a bad thing. It wasn’t such a problem for you before—well, I guess it just wasn’t personal for you before, huh? I’m offended, for me and quite a few other ponies, and I want you to stop that.”

“Uhh… okay,” said Big Macintosh.

“Good. Now, what’s this about changing? You look like the same Big Macintosh I’ve always known. Is Rarity the first mare you’ve been with? I’m wondering if you have any experience at all.”

“Ayep. Ah mean, nope… Ah mean, I never was with nopony until her. Ain’t gonna be, neither. How many ponies like that can there be? She done asked me. Real clever-like, too. That don’t happen every day.”

“It sounds like she’s very special, and you need to go back and give her a second chance…”

She cringed back, instinctively. Big Macintosh looked a lot bigger when he was angry.

“No! Not after what she done! She broke me as a stallion!”

“Well, I guess maybe not right away, you should think about it when you’ve settled down…”

“Never! Ah was a fool all along, and now I’m a pretty-boy gay fool! She done ruined me, Rainbow Dash! Ain’t even likin’ mares no more, and that’s just not me!”

He pounded the ground with a fore-hoof, his eyes squeezed shut, as if he was suffering more than could be borne.

“I can see how that would be upsetting…” stammered Dash.

Big Macintosh breathed heavily. His eyes opened, soaked with tears, and he glowered down at her. “Leave me ALONE. Th’ heart of me is already gone. Thanks to that horrible mare an’ her crazy pervertedness.”

Rainbow Dash met his eyes, though it was challenging. Then, hers narrowed.


“What did you say?”

“I said, that’s bullshit.” Rainbow Dash stared back, hard. “You’re being too cowardly to face a new kink you didn’t know you had. Ponies don’t change suddenly like that. You’re still the same stallion you always were. You’re just more complicated and there’s another thing about you.”

“Ah’m ruined. Ruined!” insisted Big Macintosh.

Rainbow’s eyes narrowed even more, and she smirked.

The next thing Big Macintosh saw was a flurry of blue feathers, as Dash sprang to her hooves. There was a swirl of rainbow color, a blur of motion, and suddenly he was confronted with the last thing he expected to see.

Rainbow Dash, body pressed to the ground like a cat, wings flared out in bold arcs, and her pert ass stuck right up into his face. Her colorful tail swished and flicked to the side, and he was staring right at Rainbow’s pouting, sopping vagina, the clitoris swollen and jutting out below, making female sculpture of Dash’s mare-parts.

Big Macintosh gulped. All he could do was stare. He licked his lips, his eyes wide… and then Dash had whirled and was shoving him over onto his back.

“HA! You see? You see?” she cried.

Big Macintosh looked down between his legs, where she was pointing, with a hoof, in gleeful jabbing gestures. His cock was hardening, reaching its full size.


Rainbow leapt onto him, gloating. “You are SO fucking not gay! That’s a huge boner-kill for real gay colts! That was super convenient, I didn’t realize me being all juicy was gonna come in so useful. Trust me, that makes it a lot worse for gay colts, but look at you! Ha! You’re soooo not gay. Just because your body can respond to different stuff doesn’t tell you what you are!”

Big Macintosh licked his lips. “I… well, consarn it. I, uh, thanks?”

“No problem!” said Rainbow Dash. She bounced off him, and strutted away, and gave a little hop. “Now, do you promise you’re all better? No more cliff edges?”

Big Macintosh’s heart pounded. “Uhhh… except for not havin’ no mare no more. Cain’t go back to Rarity. It were a long time a-comin’. I best leave that t’ lay.”

Rainbow Dash turned and looked at him. “Are you sure?”

“Ah’m real sure. Even if I am a stallion really—it were too far.”

“Is that why you’re looking so sad?” asked Rainbow.

Big Macintosh bit his lip. He shut his eyes. He shook his head. Then, he felt something against his cheek. It was Rainbow Dash, nuzzling him. “C’mon, what’s the matter?”

He said it.

“Won’t be no other pony comin’ to me like that.”

“So?” blinked Dash.

“So… th’ last sex I’ll ever have, is gittin’ fucked up the ass. What mare would want a stallion, where the very last sex he had was gittin’ fucked up the ass?”

Rainbow Dash didn’t speak. She stared past him as if he wasn’t there. She bit her lip—and then, she set her jaw, and stepped away from him a few paces.

“Come on. I have Weather Patrol.”

“Whut?” said Big Macintosh.

He looked up. Dash was facing away from him, well braced. Her wings weren’t flared out—they were tucked to her sides, unusually tight.

He was looking up at her taut, toned ass, her parted, slick vag. She looked back at him.

“Come on! Least I can do. I was super horny anyway. And then, I want you to go away from here. Think about how not gay you are, settle down. I guess you need a demonstration.”


“Promise you’ll get away from this cliff! And that you’ll believe what you’ve learned—that you’re the same stallion you always were. That you’re into mares.”

Big Macintosh blinked. He couldn’t stop staring at Dashie’s cunt. “But…”

“Well, don’t back off now! You’re gonna start believing you don’t want mares again! Can I at least prove that point for you? I’m not gonna say I won’t enjoy it. You know me, right?”

“Thought I did,” breathed Big Macintosh. He got awkwardly to his hooves.

“There’s nopony good at body sex at Weather Patrol today, so it all works out…”

Big Macintosh stepped closer, as if in a dream. Under him, his erection became fully stiff, pressing against his belly. He couldn’t stop staring at Dash’s vag—until her head turned, and he found himself staring into her eyes, eyes that were fierce slits.

“Don’t. Touch. My wings.” She’d hissed it, through gritted teeth.

Big Macintosh gulped. “Ayep.”

“I mean it. They’re not for you.”

“Ayep,” he said, confused.

Rainbow tossed her mane, satisfied. “All right then! Come on, don’t you think you’ll like it? It’s not only mare pussy, it’s Rainbow Dash pussy. Best bodysex anywhere. Turns even mares gay, it should set you straight. You’ll feel mega hetero, let’s do this.”

His cock swung under him—the flash of what seemed like fury from Dash had put him off—but he heaved himself up onto Rainbow’s rump, and she oofed and braced herself, taking his weight. “I got it! I’m good!” she said.

Big Macintosh, feeling like he was dreaming, began to prod with his hips, the wind blowing his mane, looking out at the expanse of vista viewable from the cliff. He’d never fucked a little pegasus while confronted with so much sky, before. He’d never fucked a little pegasus ever, for that matter.

Rainbow’s ass was wriggling, and she pecked at the ground with a forehoof. “C’mon…”

Big Macintosh shifted his grip, careful not to get too near her tightly folded wings.

“C’mon, c’m…aaaahh!”

He entered her.

Rainbow reeled, bracing herself, her eyes clenched shut. It was just as she knew it would be—crazy fat, a brutal challenge. She’d been so sopping and juicy she squidged when she sat, and it proved equal to the challenge. His massive cock pried her wide, seeming to grind her pelvis, and her juices eased its passage as it slowly pressed deeper into her.

Big Macintosh groaned. The little pegasus was so tight and hot! Her lean ass squeezed at him, pressing the sides of his stallionhood, then relaxed as another inch of massive horsecock slid into pegasus vagina. She squealed, her wings rattling against her sides and clamping tight again, and she kicked the ground with her forehoof. She felt so awkward compared to Rarity, but the sounds she was making were amazing—less voluptuous, less indulgent, yet somehow just as passionate.

Rainbow Dash dropped her head, panting, as she felt that huge stallionhood nudge deeper, and let out a filthy rowr as it came to rest inside her, as deep as it would go. Her heart was pounding madly, her eyes crossing with the sensory overload of it all. She squealed, as she felt the whole thing tug a few inches out of her, and then slide back to her depths with a thump that rocked her psyche.

Big Macintosh shuddered, dizzy with arousal, and he couldn’t quite believe what that had felt like. He did it again, even more—drew half his stallionhood out of the tight little pegasus with the clamped-closed wings, or half of what was crammed into her, anyway—and slid it back in as far as it’d go. It was like he could feel all her vagina sliding against him, from the tight grip at the base to the snug enfolding of her flesh within her cerulean-blue body, juiced with pony ooze until there was no friction, and then squeezed with internal pressures and tensions until he could feel every inch of pussy anyhow. Big Macintosh grunted, swung his hips back, and sunk his swelling hard-on yet again, in… the tight little pegasus.

Rainbow Dash gritted her teeth and shrieked, the tendons on her neck standing out. That cock was simply outrageous, one of the best she’d ever had, and she heaved wobbly breaths as she rode its motions, motions that were bold enough to blow her mind and gentle enough to keep things feeling sweet for her. Sweet wasn’t even the word, though. It was like the ultimate bodysex, he was like some huge powerful beast taking her. As that massive erection thrust to her depths once more, Rainbow Dash screamed and began to come, spasming wildly, barely retaining her balance, her wings rattling in a blur against her body as she cried out in breathless shrieks of release.

Big Macintosh stood about two seconds of that, before grunting again, his eyes squeezed shut, his balls clenching—and he came, a gush of stallion-come squirting through his stiff hardness and mingling with the pegasus’s copious juices.

He panted. He dismounted. She stood, quivering, head down, her vag gaping, pony juices first pouring and then dripping out of it.

“hhhh… Thanks…” said Big Macintosh.

“hhhh… No problem…” said Rainbow Dash.

They stood for a moment, not looking at each other.

“So… you good?” asked Dash.


Dash turned to stare up at him. “You promised that would help! I really do have Weather Patrol to get to. If you’re not okay, I’m still not leaving…”

“It did! It did!” stammered Big Macintosh. “I, uhh, I feel like a real stallion now, for sure. Thank y’all, I ain’t ever seen th’ like. Uh, felt th’ like. Uh… yep!”

Rainbow brightened. “Well, I told you I was a pretty special pony. Like I said, I make even mares gay, I’m glad I could reconnect you with your guy-ness. Which is pretty ironic if you think about it but hey! All in a day’s work.”

She hesitated, and her eyes narrowed again. “Why do you look so worried?”

“Uhhh… I’m thinkin’ maybe we shouldn’a done that.”

“It worked, didn’t it?”

“Yeah, but… when a colt an’ a filly…”

“It was bodysex! You didn’t touch my wings. Thank you for taking me seriously with that, by the way.”

“But, Miss Dash… uhhh, I was… I came, Miss Dash. I came in you.”

“Proves you’re not gay, doesn’t it?” said Rainbow Dash.

This only caused Big Macintosh to look more worried. “Welllll… consarn it, there’s a whole mess o’ things wrong with that there picture, but try this on for size. I don’t know if y’all grew up on a farm or nothin’ but that’s how lil’ colts and fillies are made.”

“Okay, let me explain something,” said Rainbow. “You did not touch my wings. I did not let you. I was not going to let you. It did not happen.”

Big Macintosh blinked.

“There’s a reason we’re peculiar about wings,” explained Rainbow. “Pegasi don’t ovulate for just bodysex. There’s a reason we’re all so casual about that. We ovulate—that’s make eggs for little colts and fillies—from wingplay. LOTS of wingplay. Like, leave-you-a-puddle wingplay. I’m talking wingplay while you’re fuckin’ each others brains out, okay? I would’ve bucked your nuts off if you’d tried any. Uh, no offense.”

“None taken,” blinked Big Macintosh, trying to take it all in.

“So when I tell you we had bodysex it means a particular thing, all right? A pegasus does that for fun. Dude, I’ve had bodysex with a bunch of different ponies, it’s no big deal if you don’t make it a big deal. This time, it was to prove a point. I was helpin’ you out,” said Dash.

“Uhhh… ayep.”

“I guess I should also remind you that it was for making that point? You need to go off and talk to some nice mares now. I’m really glad I could be there for you but it can’t be a normal thing. I think that should be really obvious, right? I shouldn’t have to explain how unusual this was.”


Rainbow Dash smirked, her eyes dancing. “If it helps you talk to the mares, I can give you this—you were fucking amazing. I won’t be forgetting that anytime soon. In fact, I’m going to be walking funny for a while, I’d better take a dick break for a couple days to recover. Remember the sounds I was making? You caused that. Go out and find somepony to bring that gift to, Big Macintosh, you were amazing.”


Rainbow Dash smiled. “Now, are you going to leave this cliff, and go home, and be okay?”

“Ayep,” said Big Macintosh. He hesitated, and added, “Y’all amazin’ too, Rainbow Dash.”

Rainbow’s eyes twinkled, and her smile doubled.

Perfect moment in three, two…

“I know,” she said—and she was gone, a streak cutting the sky towards Weather Patrol…

…and a circular flare burst out from her path, a boom rocking the landscape as Big Macintosh gaped.

He stared for half a minute before he shook himself, and headed back to town, looking worried, but resolute.

Dinner was casserole, heavy on the alfalfa for two active, working mares.

“Oh!” said Rainbow Dash, casually. “You should talk to Big Macintosh. He broke up with Rarity, you know.”

Applejack looked up from her bowl of dinner. “Oh, no! He did?”

Dash nodded. “Oh yeah. Get this—she got one of the magic bits too. And she used it on him. He was really, really upset.”

Applejack snorted with laughter, and then controlled herself. “Poor Mac! Oh, my. That jes’ ain’t right. I can’t imagine what he thought.”

“It was pretty bad! He thought he was gay,” said Dash, her heart beating faster.

“Big Macintosh, gay? That’s for th’ likes of us, sugar! Oh, the poor thing, I got to talk to him. We got to fix him up with some nice mare.”

“Yeah, I helped him out with that for the moment,” said Dash lightly. “Least I could do, right? I told him he needed to… to…”

Applejack was staring like she’d seen a ghost.

“…to find somepony more suitable now that he felt like a real stallion again,” continued Rainbow, her heart pounding. “Which is crazy, he shouldn’t need reminding, right? Not him, you’ve seen him! Can you blame me? I’d like to ask if we can have me on bit duties for a day or two while I recuperate…”

Applejack’s head was down. Her forehoof banged the table, just as Big Macintosh’s forehoof had banged the ground when he’d raged. She wasn’t looking up. She just pounded, as Dash continued to desperately talk.

“Or if that’s not okay pretend I didn’t say anything and I’m at your disposal in pretty much any way you want and all you need to do is ask me what you…”

“Get out,” hissed Applejack, not looking up.

“…want me to…”

Applejack’s head came up so fast her hat flew off, and her eyes were terrifying—drenched with tears, but full of fury like Rainbow Dash had never seen.


Dash stared, frozen, for a moment, and then she was a blue streak, blasting across the room and straight out the window without opening it. The sound rang out like a cymbal crash, silencing the sounds of birds outside.

Glass tinkled to the ground outside.

One last shard of glass toppled out of the frame, and fell with a delicate chiming sound.

Slowly, the birds resumed their chatter, and their sound poured through the shattered window to where Applejack sat, silently weeping.

Slowly, Applejack’s head dropped back down to the table, and didn’t come up again.