“Aw, Tavi, pleeease? You keep telling me how great he is!”

Octavia glowered at Vinyl, her dearest friend. “But Scratchie, we’ve always talked about our lovers. I thought you liked it. Doesn’t mean we share! Are you telling me that I shouldn’t come and tell you everything, all the juicy details, when that’s what we’ve always done?”

“No, I don’t mean that!” Vinyl sighed. “Tavi, of course you can talk to me about your life, that’s more important than anything, baby. It’s not worth hurting our friendship, don’t ever think that. I’ll pass up a ticket to amazing new markets who-knows-where if I’ve got to. I just thought…”

Octavia stamped a hoof. “You thought we should share, and we never do that! Remember? If you suggest it, I know you’re up to something and it usually means I play the ice queen and scare away some hapless pony who’s clinging too closely for your taste. Now I’m told you’re serious? Why do you want to have my Stout Heart?”

“I don’t!” yelled Vinyl Scratch. She straightened her sunglasses. “Not for me! I just wanted to know if you can, you know… loan him out? But not to me, Tavi, you silly horse!”

Octavia blinked. “You’re kidding. Start over. Not to you? I assumed…”

“Yeah you did,” complained Vinyl. “You hurt my feelings, Tavi. Why would I ask something of you that would hurt you? I know you and Stout Heart aren’t only-ponies. Heck, I’m happy to hear your stories, they’re wonderful, make me smile. I also know that me and you agreed a long time ago that we wouldn’t go after the same guys, because dick ain’t worth risking our relationship, no matter whose it is. Do you hear me, Octavia?”

Octavia dropped her gaze, blushing slightly. “Forgive me, Scratchie. Why didn’t you say so?”

“I am saying it!” insisted Vinyl Scratch. “I guess I should have led off with that, I was working up to it. So there’s this Princess…”

Octavia held up a hoof. “Not yet. Vinyl, you do understand that when me or Stout Heart have fun with another pony, both of us have met that pony? We know them and it seems pleasing and we can talk it over… my concern is that you cannot simply bring a pony and say, enjoy! You’re talking about Stout Heart as if he would slaver over a stray vagina. I agree that he is gifted and special, but what gives you the idea he would be amenable?”

Vinyl lowered her sunglasses and gave Octavia a wry look. “He’s a guy, Tavi, I’m not worried about that part. I’ve seen this little cutie. Get this: she’s an alicorn! I’ve got a hot-to-trot alicorn girl on my hands. She wants dicking, and I want to make a new friend with incredible connections.”

Octavia frowned. “You’re far too practical sometimes, Scratchie. You can’t just randomly fuck, bad things might happen.”

“You’re telling me that I, DJ Pon-3, can’t just randomly fuck? You do know me, right? I’ve had some great times doing just that and you know it. You’re the one with the romantic heart. I’m actually glad you and Stout Heart are a little flexible, I’d worry if you needed him to be super faithful because not every guy works that way and you can’t force ‘em, they just cheat and then you don’t know who it is.”

Octavia gave Vinyl a look. “I’m telling you that you can’t just randomly fuck Stout Heart, my sweetheart and lover.”

Vinyl hmphed. “And that’s not what I suggested. I suggested he randomly fuck an alicorn cutie for me, which is special and something virtually nopony gets to do. Come on. Do you think your Royal Guard boyfriend never ever thought about fucking a Princess? And I got one on ice.” Vinyl frowned. “I’d better have her on ice, she’s scorching and she’s ready to go, babe. Won’t keep for long. Maybe you can consider it a really special present you can give to Stout Heart?”

Octavia hesitated, biting her lip…

Apple Bloom trotted into the clubhouse, looking around. “Hi, Crusaders! Y’all wanted ta see me? Applejack tole me you was, an’ I came as soon as I could!”

She hesitated. “All right. What th’ hay is it NOW?”

Facing her, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo sat, forelegs folded, frowning. Scootaloo cleared her throat.

“Me and Sweetie Belle think we’ve been leading you in a wrong direction, Apple Bloom. We’re not totally sure what to do about it, but we need to talk.”

“So talk,” demanded Apple Bloom. “What you mean, wrong direction? All that sexin’ was YOUR idea, ponies! What do you want from me? It was already pow’ful confusin’!”

“Yeah, well, my fault, okay?” said Scootaloo. “Sweetie agrees with me. I’m setting too high a bar—or the wrong sort of bar, in the wrong direction. I’m worried it won’t be good for you.”

Apple Bloom stared in disbelief. Scootaloo glared back, while Sweetie looked slightly mischievous.

“What th’ hell are you talkin’ about, Scootaloo? What bar?”

“Okay, I’ll just say it,” replied Scootaloo. She took a deep breath. “I make stallioning look too good… and it’s not fair to you, and it’s dangerous besides.”

Apple Bloom laughed. Scootaloo shot her a cranky look. “It’s not funny! I’m serious! Hear me out! We were just trying to show you how sex works, but there’s a big problem with how it turned out.”

At that, Apple Bloom sobered. “Uh, yeah. Ah’m sorry about that, Scootaloo. I remember what you said, an’ I will. Uh, git my own, that is.”

Scootaloo went visibly paler. She shrank back in alarm, gasping “Oh no, it’s worse than I thought!”


Sweetie set her jaw. “Apple Bloom, we decided that we have to teach you to like being a mare best. Otherwise, you are surely going to go and start having sex with Diamond Tiara, and that would be tragic and we would never forgive ourselves!”

Scootaloo chimed in. “I realize to ponies like me and you, it seems like growing a dick and laying it down like a boss feels natural and right, and I know when you saw me using my bit you wanted to be just like me, but there’s something you seriously need to know, okay?”

Apple Bloom stared at her friends, her jaw dangling. She reeled it in, and informed them, “Y’all both completely, completely crazy. Kin Ah go? I could be doin’ something more sensible—like hittin’ myself in the head with a big ole rock!”

“Can you tell us,” demanded Sweetie, “that you haven’t been fantasizing about Diamond Tiara’s vagina? And taking a bit and growing a penis and having sex with her? Can you say that, Apple Bloom? Don’t lie!”

That stopped Apple Bloom cold. She couldn’t speak, and she went red in the face, and stomped the floor with a forehoof. “Consarn it!”

“You have! I knew it!” cried Sweetie.

“I tole you, I had my hoof right in it! I could not stop starin’! It was all swole up and messy and it winked out at me like it was sayin’ it liked it an’ please do that some more! A mare’s thoughts are her own business, and what’s it to you which way I liked best?”

Scootaloo took a deep breath, and hugged Sweetie. “It’s serious. Apple Bloom, listen to us!”

“Why?” retorted the country filly.

“We know all about wild crazy sexual hungers,” replied Scootaloo. “We were there first and you know it. You HAVE to listen to us and let us try to help you.”

Apple Bloom pouted, sulking. She was too honest to deny that the dreaded hot-to-trots had finally come upon her as well. Since she’d had sex with her filly friends, her body was telling her all about its new priorities, and she had few opportunities to indulge them. The farm ponies were too big and she couldn’t possibly maintain discipline if she was just begging them for dick every five minutes and becoming a messy puddle of mare from it; Scootaloo had made it pretty clear that she shouldn’t try to turn to herself or Sweetie for more; and clopping herself didn’t last for long. Yes, she’d begun thinking about Diamond Tiara’s hoo-ha more and more, but dammit, it had been amazin’ to look at and she had to wonder what that thing felt like on y…

“Apple Bloom!” cried Scootaloo.


“You dripped! You couldn’t pay attention, you spaced out!” accused Scootaloo. “Were you thinking about Diamond Tiara?”

Apple Bloom blushed worse and worse, and wouldn’t meet Scootaloo’s eyes.

Scootaloo and Sweetie looked at each other, and Sweetie said, “You know what to do, dear Scootaloo. Show her that it’s okay. Show her what it’s like for you, go ahead. Tell her, make her understand.”

Scootaloo set her jaw. “Apple Bloom, look at me. Look at me!” When she’d got Apple Bloom’s eye, she went on, determinedly. “You know me. You know how tough and awesome I am, you even had me stallioning you. I know it must have seemed like the best thing ever and, like, totally fits with your world and everything, but I’ve got something to show you and I want you to pay close attention.” She gulped. “You need to take the bit again… and have sex with me. Ev—even if it means biting my w—wing. I mean it. Do it.”

Apple Bloom’s eyes were wide. “Whut for? Dang it, Scootaloo…”

“So you can understand!” yelled Scootaloo. “You’ve only seen one side of me. Nopony ever sees that other side, except for Sweetie Belle. But you have to understand, I can be stone cold awesome but there are times when it’s okay for me to just, to just surrender, to just melt.” She gulped again. “It’s really… intimate. Sweetie gave me the idea. I need you to feel what that does to me so that you are okay with letting yourself do the same thing. ‘Cos it feels like I laid you to waste and you felt helpless and it looked like I was still strong…”

Sweetie watched and smiled so happily as Scootaloo struggled for the words, as Apple Bloom tried to make sense of the situation.

“You shouldn’t feel trapped into just stallioning,” said Scootaloo. “I feel like I gave you an example of how to do that, and now you can’t imagine being the other way. At first I couldn’t either, okay? I totally understand that. But I w… oh, crud, I can’t believe I’m saying this… I want to be your mare. So you can know, really know, that it’s possible to be incredibly bad-ass and still bend both ways.”

Sweetie licked her lips, her eyes lit with a mad giddy light.

“Fuck that!” squealed Apple Bloom.

“Huh?” said Scootaloo, taken aback. Sweetie’s eyes went wide in dismay.

“Y’all crazy ponies! Damn it, how kin you say crap like that, do you have any idea how worked up I am now?” protested Apple Bloom. “It ain’t right, and this ain’t right, and don’t you know Ah am trying not to come between you?”

Sweetie lit up and began to speak, but Scootaloo’s hoof shot out gently to touch her lips and silence whatever she had to say about Apple Bloom coming between them. Instead, Scootaloo said, “What, do you think I’m not good or something? I’m serious! We were talking and we decided that I was too awesome with you and it probably made you try to compete with me about being stalliony, and now we find out you’re fantasizing about Diamond Tiara just like we were afraid you’d do…”

“Ah mean, you said ‘get your own’ an’ that means you want Sweetie Belle for yourself!” cried Apple Bloom. “I ain’t got one of my own, but I ain’t meddlin’ with you two! You got somethin’ special with each other and Ah thank you for showin’ me them ropes but I got to find my own way, ponies. Don’t offer certain things ta me!”

Sweetie looked shocked. “Scootaloo, when did you say that?”

Scootaloo muttered, “After you passed out, Sweetie. I probably shouldn’t have.”

“That is rude and antisocial,” blinked Sweetie, “and not sharing at all… and so romantic!” She peered coyly at Scootaloo, entranced. “You wanted me all for yourself? You fierce possessive stallion, you!”

“Kin I go?” said Apple Bloom. “I’mma run off and, I dunno, clop. An’ cry. Or somethin’. Dang it, you two, whyn’tcha fuck already? YOU got special someponies. You don’t need me in here, Ah ain’t even a Crusader no more, how kin Ah be…” She sniffled, despite herself.

“Don’t cry!” protested Sweetie.

“Yeah, please don’t!” added Scootaloo. “We were trying to help you, not trying to make you feel bad! This is awful, it totally went wrong!”

“Please don’t go!” said Sweetie Belle earnestly. “It’s okay if you… oh!”

She fell silent, her eyes unfocussed as she thought. Scootaloo and Apple Bloom’s eyes met, and they cringed. This had all the signs of Sweetie Logic at work. They waited for the bombshell to drop.

Sweetie nodded, in satisfaction. “That will work! Please don’t cry, Apple Bloom. Here’s what you do.”

“Ah’m afraid to ask…”

“You stay here with us, and you clop—I mean, if you want,” said Sweetie Belle imperturbably, “and me and Scootaloo will put on a show for you. It’s a very good show!”

“She’s already seen the pegasus thunder,” objected Scootaloo. “She’s had it! How’s that supposed to…”

“Not that way,” said Sweetie firmly, and Scootaloo’s jaw dropped, and suddenly she was blushing like mad.

“Um… right. Of course. Yeah,” said Scootaloo. Her ears were laid back. “W—while she watches?”

“And clops,” said Sweetie. “That way she can see exactly what you wanted to show her, dear Scootaloo.” She licked her lips. “I think she will get the idea. Why do you look so nervous? We started out intending to let her mount you.”

“I kinda thought I was off the hook,” admitted Scootaloo. “And she’s a lot smaller. I’m not sure I’m ready again this soon.”

“Aw, dammit, Scoot,” said Apple Bloom, “if you don’t feel right about it I shouldn’t even be watchin’ ya…”

Scootaloo’s eyes flew wide, though she was still red-faced with embarrassment. “No! That’s the whole point, Apple Bloom, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about going really mare for some special pony. You’ll find one! I found one. I’m just… give me a minute. Don’t you dare leave! Now I really want to show you. It’s just, I, I… it’s really personal, Apple Bloom, and it gets so intense.”

“Ya think?” grumbled Apple Bloom. She was blushing as well, but she froze as Scootaloo transfixed her with a burning gaze.

“Even if this was a Sweetie idea, I think you should see it. Maybe this will show you more than that time I topped you. Because I’m pretty sure I just sucked you right under, that time.”

“Under?” blinked Apple Bloom, still blushing.

“Yeah. That’s how it was with me. The first time, it was like the feelings just drowned me. I felt really helpless and it freaked me out and I didn’t feel like myself,” admitted Scootaloo. “It was too strong, the first time I went there. You know what I mean?”

Apple Bloom nodded. “Yep.”

Scootaloo, still blushing, began to grin fiercely… and whispered to Apple Bloom something that made the country pony’s eyes widen. “Now I go there on purpose!”

“Aw, heck,” breathed Apple Bloom. “My face is blushin’ right off! We got a bucket of cold water somewheres?”

“I know, right?” said Scootaloo. “Whoof! Why the buck is it making me so excited to let you watch?”

Sweetie just smiled, looking extremely smug.

“Are you okay with this, Apple Bloom?” asked Scootaloo, her ears still back in trepidation. “I mean, we are, pretty much, we wanted to do even more for you…”

“I best be okay with it,” said Apple Bloom. “Odds of me trottin’ outta here once y’all start? Pretty much none.” She wiped her brow with the back of a hoof. “Dang it, why must you be so sexy?”

“You are too,” reassured Sweetie. Her horn lit. A small metal cylinder began to float toward her.

“If y’ say so,” mumbled Apple Bloom, flipping onto her side, blushing scarlet, a hoof slipping between her legs in a gesture she’d never expected to become so familiar to her, so quickly.

“Now watch Scootaloo’s eyes,” instructed Sweetie, “while I do this.”

“Augh, Sweetie!” wailed Scootaloo. “Sweet Celestia! You want her looking into my EYES?”

At that, Sweetie blinked. “But, Scootaloo, it just makes sense! Doesn’t it? She might get more of a sense of how it is for you, if she gazes deep into your eyes.”

Scootaloo was shaking. “Yeah, and it might be the most embarrassing thing, like, ever, and that will make it sort of like surrendering to both of you at once, and, and… oh fuck, that is so fucking hot!” She looked down, blushing redder than her magenta mane.

Apple Bloom gulped, her heart pounding. “What th’ hay do I do, girls? Help me out. Where ya need me? Where should Ah look, Scootaloo?”

Scootaloo thought for a while, staring at the ground. She stamped a forehoof, biting her lip, and seemed to come to a decision. It had to be quite a decision, for Apple Bloom could see her body shudder, and her tail thrash briefly. Scootaloo’s head lifted, and her eyes met Apple Bloom’s, defiantly. “Yeah. Do that. Gaze into my eyes.”

“And imagine how it feels to be her,” instructed Sweetie, as the bit floated in front of her mouth.

Scootaloo was betraying a crazy grin again. “And imagine how it feels to be me. Uh… as if you could, as if you could imagine how this feels right now. ‘Cos I bet you can’t. I bet I can do this better’n you.” She stood facing the reclining Apple Bloom, legs shaking, wings quiveringly erect, with Sweetie smiling behind her.

There was a faint clink, as Sweetie took the bit in her teeth, and Scootaloo blinked and added, “Uh, you might want to peek behind me for a moment, first.”

Apple Bloom made a croaking noise. “Sweet Celestia on a biscuit!” she gasped. Sweetie Belle had dropped a terrifyingly thick pink horsecock that was already swinging forward as Sweetie reared and mounted. Apple Bloom scrambled to her hooves and trotted behind the two to ogle Sweetie’s secret, her ears laying back in alarm.

The massive ponycock thumped against Scootaloo’s little breasts and she yelled, “No, don’t watch from there, stay with me, stay with me!”

“What?” cried Apple Bloom, running around to face Scootaloo, clopping forgotten. “Ya scared? You okay?”

Scootaloo panted, bracing herself, a drip of pussy lube hitting the wood floor of the clubhouse. “Don’t watch that! I told you! Pretend you’re me… watch my face, watch, watch!” She bit her lip, then gritted her teeth. “Don’t miss anything! We know what penises and vaginas are, so what? It’s about how this FEELS…”

Apple Bloom, amazed, did just as Scootaloo asked. She sat, her hoof stole back between her legs, and she just watched Scootaloo’s fierce little face, captivated by the play of emotions across it.

The pegasus filly panted, glancing behind for a moment, instinctively repositioning her right hind hoof as Sweetie scooched forward a little more, flicking her tail as Sweetie shifted her hips. Then, Scootaloo stared straight ahead, only to blink and look directly at Apple Bloom, whose eyes were very wide.

Scootaloo’s expression was an amazing blend of bravado, toughness and shyness. Her ears kept flicking back defensively. She bared her teeth in a grin, and said “Last chance for tough girl pony!”

Apple Bloom’s ear twitched. “For me ta what?”

“No no!” said Scootaloo hastily. “I mean to see ME as…”

Sweetie Belle’s hips swung forward, and Scootaloo’s eyes bugged out, and her sentence became nothing but a wail accompanied by a really lewd squelching noise. Apple Bloom heard Sweetie’s teeth grind on the metal bit, and for a moment she heard Sweetie’s harsh breath as the unicorn filly paused, crammed tightly into pegasus vagina.

Apple Bloom couldn’t look away from Scootaloo’s eyes, even if she’d wanted to. It was, indeed, an education.

The first reaction was shock and pain, which Apple Bloom found very easy to understand. Sweetie’s cock had been truly frightening. All the same, it was a crazy hot fantasy, and Apple Bloom surreptitiously fondled her vulva with a hoof as she watched Scootaloo’s face. She could nearly see beads of sweat springing out: Scootaloo showed all of the strain, and Apple Bloom briefly wondered if she should call out to Sweetie to stop.

As she did, she saw Sweetie’s back curve, and those plush unicorn hips pressed their payload deeper.

Sweetie’s eyes were gleaming slits. Apple Bloom caught the edge of a wicked grin on her face, before she buried it in Scootaloo’s mane.

Scootaloo’s eyes went wider, and she gritted her teeth and began to pant, and it seemed to Apple Bloom as if she was indeed the toughest of tough girl ponies, bearing down and enduring what was plainly a brutal fucking. On the other hand, it didn’t seem like it was a lot of fun, at least not to start with, as Sweetie worked that oversized cock deeper.

They held a tense tableau as Sweetie pushed hard, going as deep into filly pegasus as she dared, and Apple Bloom’s heart pounded to watch it. Scootaloo’s wings flailed weakly as she braced herself.

Then, Sweetie took a deep breath through her nose, and swung her hips smoothly back, and then forward to hilt herself in Scootaloo again… and a new thing was there, like a bolt from the blue, transfixing and transforming Scootaloo’s expression. Her eyes flew wide, and her jaw dropped a little, and Apple Bloom could almost feel the jolt of arousal in her own body.

Scootaloo’s trembling wings snapped to full attention, in an instant. The sensation of that massive shaft sliding from her depths, picking up just enough juices to unstick their tightness, and then gently plumbing her to her womb once more, had stunned her with the intensity of her pussy’s reaction—and Apple Bloom could see it plainly in her eyes. Scootaloo glanced at her distractedly, licking her lips, and clearly tried to give her a smile, but it was an odd smile. Not because it was forced, but because her attention was being wrested from her friend even as she saw Apple Bloom clopping away inches from her face…

Sweetie tugged that massive shaft back out about halfway, and it seemed like it took a lot of hip motion to accomplish that. Scootaloo shuddered, and her focus was lost. She was looking in the direction of Apple Bloom, but her eyes had gone dazed and a little panicky, and the ‘tough girl’ look was eroding fast.

That was when Sweetie’s hips began a series of tender thrusting motions, at first quite gentle. Apple Bloom saw Sweetie’s body move, and heard the increasingly juicy noises emanating from between her dear friends, but her attention was inexorably drawn to Scootaloo’s face, her incredible expression as Sweetie kept doing this to her.

Scootaloo seemed to have forgotten what she’d set out to do, or possibly it was all part of her way of being a mare topped by that intense a stallion. She’d glance at Apple Bloom, unable to focus, and she’d struggle in defiance, scraping a forehoof on the floor, baring her teeth and glowering—and all the while the taut squelching would carry on, her hind legs shuddering as the bulk splitting her was tugged back and forth between her strained-tight labia, and her eyes would emote with sweet sensual anguish and a steadily building amount of awe. Apple Bloom wondered if Sweetie was getting stiffer in there. It was hard to tell from the sound, for Scootaloo’d been dripping juice down the inside of her firm little hind leg and wasn’t drying up as far as Apple Bloom could see.

Scootaloo’s nostrils flared, her teeth gritted, her breath began to come in fierce gasps. Apple Bloom watched as her tough girl ponyfriend began to give in, her struggle for toughness weakening. For a disturbing moment, Apple Bloom was struck by the sense that it was indeed like watching Scoot drowning. All the determination was there, as if she’d forgotten that she meant to surrender.

Scootaloo cried out, her body jolting and her hooves clacking against the floor. Her eyes flew wide, and Apple Bloom whimpered out loud. Sweetie was still steadily moving in there as if she’d never stop, and Scootaloo looked absolutely shocked, like she’d been sucked under the surface. Her eyes said she’d taken two lungfuls of eros instead of air, and it had her for keeps: she would not return, ever.

This was the secret she apparently hoped to share. This was the self she hadn’t let Apple Bloom see.

Sweetie continued to implacably thrust in her tender way. Scootaloo jolted again, with an achingly sweet cry, her lips parted, her eyes filling with wonder and amazement. Her nostrils flared again, and her ears laid back sharply.

“Haaaaahhhhh…” she croaked, beginning to tremble all over. Apple Bloom stared in alarm.

Sweetie slowed down. Apple Bloom could see that wicked little unicorn smile, half-concealed by scruffy magenta mane.

Scootaloo’s tension was incredible. She’d been led or pushed up to a dizzyingly high peak, seemingly with all the willingness of a balky goat, and she tottered on the brink of some outlandish and possibly harrowing climax, and Apple Bloom could still see the last remnants of the tough little pegasus who liked to fight and wrestle, could still sense the part of Scootaloo that was probably bearing down and biting back at that fat cock with all her strength. Apple Bloom could relate to the feeling: she winced to think of what that girth had to feel like. It had to be overwhelming.

Sweetie Belle just smiled, moving slower and slower—as she patiently, lovingly, melted Scootaloo around it.

Apple Bloom’s jaw dangled more and more, as she watched. Sweetie wasn’t doing anything shocking, she’d even shifted her hips back a little, and Apple Bloom figured she couldn’t still be hilting herself in pegasus pussy. It didn’t seem to matter. Apple Bloom watched as Scootaloo eroded, crumbled, liquified. Sweetie wasn’t flinging Scootaloo off the peak. She had Scootaloo wafting further upward into the sky. She made tender feminine motions as soft as clouds.

Scootaloo, shaking with the ecstatic agony of that huge and gentle horsecock wedged slickly into her, began to moan sweet girly moans.

The tension began pouring out of her. Scootaloo swayed, at first delicately, then began to reel, clearly dizzy and drunk on the sensations of Sweetie’s painfully oversized cock as it so tenderly probed her melting marehood. The noise was outrageous, a squidgey ooze-pot that overflowed and dripped across Scootaloo’s breasts and off petite stiffened nipples onto the floor, but Apple Bloom could hardly notice it. All she could see was Scootaloo’s radiant face, the tension melting away, the eyes no longer focussing at all, their expression a testament to impossible miracles and wonders.

Apple Bloom saw Scootaloo completely forget she was watched, and surrender to her lover’s gentle and potent occupancy of her body.

Steadily, the tough little pegasus softened and gave way to awe and obvious ecstacy. She drooled a bit, not noticing, not doing it as a prank or to be gross, but simply overcome to the point that she was losing all control of herself. Apple Bloom gulped, stunned at the spectacle. She was tempted to wave a hoof in front of Scootaloo’s face, but suspected it wouldn’t be noticed. She began to realize that even if she came up with some of her old roughhousing behaviors, like if she went and bit Scootaloo’s ear, her friend was so far gone that it wouldn’t reach her.

Apple Bloom, her eyes wide, clopped herself as she watched Scootaloo arc upward without her, beyond the peak of the mountain, to some dreadful and wonderful place.

As she did, she noticed Sweetie Belle smiling again, and heard the tempo gracefully accelerate.

Sweetie didn’t have the amazing dexterity that Scootaloo boasted. Not for her, the elegant and deep-thrusting penetrations so easy for the young and supremely coordinated pegasus—but Sweetie had a very special devotion and a loving sense of her fillyfriend’s mood, and she’d begun to swing her hips quicker, to glide deeper into Scootaloo, rewarding that ecstatic surrender by giving her beloved an erotic wave to ride and calculating it with serene confidence. Her pace accelerated unhurriedly, and the juicy noises ramped up all the while.

Scootaloo gasped, moaned, cried out drunkenly inches from Apple Bloom’s fascinated face. Apple Bloom clopped harder, entranced, alternately imagining herself the debauched pegasus, or the devoted unicorn, or all of the above. Her ears laid back, her eyes were wide, taking it all in.

She heard a gentle slapping sound. It was Sweetie’s crotch against Scootaloo’s firm little ass. She wasn’t the only one taking it all in. Scootaloo had melted to such an extent that, with her eyes rapt and worshipful and her tongue hanging out, she was taking all of Sweetie Belle’s magically induced cock with each thrust. It was plunging in to the gates of her pegasus womb and rattling them, and Scootaloo shook at the rattling of her gates, and she began to squeal…

“Ghhhh!” Apple Bloom came, her hoof working away, drinking in the sight of her beloved friend so racked with ecstacy. She glimpsed Sweetie Belle’s smile as her vision blurred with the force of her orgasm, as she squirted earthpony juice against her frantically massaging hoof. She saw Sweetie twist her neck, the bit protruding from her teeth, and her little horn glowed as she brought the edge of the bit firmly against the shank of Scootaloo’s quivering wing.


Scootaloo let out with the girliest scream, and her whole body rattled and shook in the grip of an orgasm that flung her like a toy pony made of scraps and feathers, unresisting, still arcing upward in astonished delight as…


Sweetie Belle grinned, squeezing her eyes shut in pleasure as Scootaloo clenched madly onto her, snorting sharp fierce breaths as she came inside Scootaloo, gushing fake magic ponycome up inside Scootaloo’s snug, fertile, expectant womb… and Sweetie’s horn lit, not with a magic-squirting orgasm, but casting a telekinetic spell that closed upon Scootaloo’s wing shank and visibly bit down upon it.

Apple Bloom, limp with satiation, was looking into her eyes and came one last time without even touching herself, just watching her tough, scrappy little friend take that thick squirt of stallion semen. Somehow, she could feel it as clearly as if it had happened to her own body. It was the strangest thing, for she’d felt come gush into her own pussy and coat her womb, but when she saw Sweetie’s body jerk and her tail lash in those telltale spasms—saw it out of the corner of her eye, for she couldn’t tear her gaze from Scootaloo’s wide, stricken eyes—when she saw that incredible vulnerability and willing surrender so alien to the little pegasus but all the more precious for its scarceness, Apple Bloom did understand what Scootaloo had meant to show her.

They would not have created a foal from a magic bit, as all three ponies knew: but all the same, the orange pegasus girl had utterly given herself to her virile unicorn lover, in the most intensely female way Apple Bloom had ever seen, in spite of everything. Scootaloo’s toughness, her coltiness and tomboyishness had been willingly set aside even when it was awkward to do so, and she’d let Apple Bloom watch as she went to that place. Apple Bloom had gazed deeply into her eyes while her wing was seized, while her body sent forth its eggs, while her stallion spurted his load into her womb to fertilize her. She’d given in completely, in the fullness of her body’s devotion, as Apple Bloom watched.

She looked so proud.

Scootaloo, the tough little tomboy pony in love… had allowed her stallion to make her pregnant, inches from Apple Bloom’s gaze. And somehow, though Apple Bloom didn’t entirely understand how, she was still completely herself. Perhaps it was the mysterious sense of triumph? It was much like Scoot had won some hard-fought battle with herself, like she’d taken something that didn’t seem natural and laid claim to it, like she’d said ‘this too is me, even if it doesn’t seem to fit my image’.

Sweetie gave no such sense. She panted, satisfied, but betraying no such sense of ownership over the massive horsecock she’d somehow manifested. It might as well have been a strapped-on dildo, for Sweetie didn’t vibe one bit different from usual. She was happy enough, but seemed not terribly impressed with her side of the experience. As she nuzzled Scootaloo’s mane, it was with the delicacy of a filly unicorn in a romantic mood, satisfied with a job well done. Both her companions had shown more engagement with the delights of maleness. To Sweetie, it was clearly a kindness bestowed out of love, not the big payoff.

Scootaloo, by contrast, was transformed, transported. She was radiant, her lips parted, her expression glowing with obvious joy, and it so powerfully brought back to Apple Bloom that briefly-felt sensation of being the mare, yielding to the imperious stallion, getting bred, her body accepting and merging with the stallion-come and generating life and little ponies inside her.

Sweetie Belle lifted an eyebrow, peering at Scootaloo, who didn’t register anything for a few seconds and then caught the inquisitive glance over her shoulder.

Scootaloo suddenly blushed as her eyes went wide and vulnerable, nodded, and hid her face—looking at the floor, breathing hard.

Apple Bloom was breathing heavy too, but not too much to ask. “Scoot? Sweetie? Everything okay?”

“Y’s,” answered Sweetie seriously. “I j’st have to k’p biting th’s for a wh’le.”

Scootaloo lifted her head, and Apple Bloom could see her eyes were moist. She couldn’t speak for a moment, and then she said, “…oh yeah she does,” weakly.

“You okay there, Scootaloo?” asked Apple Bloom, as gently as she could.

The little pegasus’s eyes were as vulnerable as Apple Bloom had ever seen. She trembled, though Sweetie held very still on her, and she said, “Yeah. I… She came in me. I can feel it and we did the wings and I feel… pregnant.” Her eyes dropped. “Until she spits the bit out, then I go back to being, like, her stallion. Back to normal. Back to Scootaloo.”

Apple Bloom’s ears were splayed in confusion. “But… not right now?”

Scootaloo was peering up at her, and that smile was unforgettable.

“Not yet,” she breathed, and gazed into space dreamily.

Apple Bloom lay quietly, watching her friends. Sweetie held her position staunchly, bit in mouth, keeping the erection firm and keeping the flood of magical ponycome corked up inside Scootaloo. Scootaloo sighed, her taut little orange ass in the air, her wings looking frazzled, and visibly savored the feeling, wallowing in it, everything about her speaking of softness and yielding and acceptance.

Before long, smugness began to sneak in there. Scootaloo began to grin, still blushing bashfully at the performance she’d put on for Apple Bloom, more than satisfied with the apparent result. Apple Bloom looked shaken, deeply impressed. Scootaloo shook her head to clear it, and glanced back at Sweetie.

“Okay,” she said, and Sweetie allowed the bit to drop. The penis withdrew, and a flood of ponycome poured out of Scootaloo only to disappear before it could even splash on the floor much. “Uhmmmm…”

“Lemme see!” said Apple Bloom. “I gotta see, kin I see?”

Scootaloo grinned more. “Yeah, go ahead.” She held her position, and Apple Bloom went around behind her and gawked, and suddenly Scootaloo seemed a lot more familiar. It wasn’t that her vagina gaped outrageously and you could look right up inside—it was that she was peering back with a saucy smug grin as if she’d pulled off an amazing prank, knowing how shocking it looked.

“How does it feel?” asked Apple Bloom.

“Best feeling ever,” answered Scootaloo. She frowned, briefly. “But let’s not go back out for a few minutes, okay? I gotta recover.”

Sweetie kissed her. “Of course, my wonderful Scootaloo.”

Apple Bloom turned to Sweetie Belle. “But you, you ain’t feelin’ the need to recover?”

Sweetie wrinkled her brow. “No, I feel fine!” she said, as Scootaloo stood and trotted in place, stretching and shaking her head to clear it.

“No, I mean,” began Apple Bloom, and scratched her ear with a hoof. “Me an’ Scoots done ya that one time until you passed right out, Sweetie. Din’t you feel you needed to recover? Git your hooves under ya, kinda thing, face the public?”

Sweetie only looked confused. Scootaloo glanced at her, and said, “I don’t think Sweetie works the same way as us, Apple Bloom.”

That got a pout. “I do so!” said Sweetie Belle.

“Oh yeah?” retorted Scootaloo.

“Of course I do!”

“So,” challenged Scootaloo, “imagine this. I take you, right in town square, huh? Imagine I fuck you until you can’t come any more. Everypony’s watching you squirt filly juice and squeal, and you squirt from your horn too, and I go rarr! And I come in you, I come buckets, and you’re lying there, you can’t even get up, with your vagina full of horsecome until it’s pouring out your ears. And everypony is looking at you, and they can see I fucked you and you’re just a puddle of mare and you’re, like, my love slave. You have no will of your own and you can’t stop looking at me like I’m your whole world, and the whole town is watching…”

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom, their ears back, watched as Sweetie Belle sagged gently to the floor, her head resting on her forelegs. It wasn’t in dismay, or despair. It was with a happy sigh, and Sweetie’s eyes were half-lidded and luminous.

“Do it,” she crooned. “Please?”

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom glanced at each other.

“Yeah,” said Apple Bloom, “not quite the same as us, Scoots.” Her ears were still pinned back as she imagined that disturbing fate.

Scootaloo twitched, her ears splayed in perplexity. “I think I can walk okay now. The question is, did we just turn Sweetie to goo, or can we all head out?”

Sweetie stood up. “Don’t be silly! I only wish you did. Tell me that story again some time! But if you silly girls want to leave, I wouldn’t dream of stopping you. What was so wrong with that picture, anyway?”

Apple Bloom twitched. Scootaloo winced. “It might be too hard to explain.”

“Don’t act like I’m dumb!” protested Sweetie. “I just did wonderful things for you, how can you act that way?”

“No, no!” said Scootaloo hastily. She took a deep breath. “It’s… just that you’re so very, very Sweetie Belle, Sweetie. And I love you so much and don’t ever, ever change. Be you, okay? And thank you for being patient. You know—when I’m being me.”

“Yep,” Apple Bloom chimed in. “Din’t mean nothin’ bad, Sweetie. You’re jes’ you and us two, we’ll never be the least bit like it…”

“Hey!” snapped Scootaloo.

Apple Bloom glanced at her, startled. Scootaloo’s gaze was as fierce as ever, but there was a twinkle in it as well.

“Maybe sometimes,” she said, and winked. “In private.”

Apple Bloom gulped. “Y’ reckon?”

They ambled back to Sweet Apple Acres, lackadaisically. Scootaloo tended to stumble and trip over her hooves, and walked very close to Sweetie. Apple Bloom walked a few steps away, thinking hard, hard enough to draw the attention of the other two Crusaders.

“Apple Bloom?” said Sweetie. “Are you feeling okay?”

“Y’all sure gave me a lot ta think about,” admitted Apple Bloom, frowning. “Between you and Scootaloo, ya sure tryin’ to convince me bein’ somepony’s mare is special.”

“Well, maybe we know you a little too well!” griped Scootaloo. “Especially since you got your cutie mark, it’s like you’re twice the pony we are, and can you blame me for thinking you won’t give that other way a chance?”

“Ah did give it a chance!” cried Apple Bloom.

“Yeah, and how long did you last before you were asking to grab the bit yourself and go to town?” retorted Scootaloo.

“I do not believe what I’m hearin’,” said Apple Bloom, her trot bouncy and irritated. “After the show y’all put on, it woulda been completely unfair not to let me try it both ways.”

“Oh yeah?” snapped Scootaloo, staring at her friend. “Since when were we unfair? You know I let you try it. I let you be with Sweetie. And I probably shouldn’t have.”

“You what?” snarled Apple Bloom. “You got a lot of nerve sayin’ I shouldn’t have, after you fucked me with that thing! Unfair, I says, an’ why would you ever deprive me of th’ chance to know? I can’t believe you, Scootaloo! What’s got into you?”

Sweetie hesitated, looking ahead. “Girls?”

Scootaloo wasn’t listening. “It’s not about what got into me! Anyway, Sweetie did, you saw that! My point is, maybe it would be better if we taught you to be a mare and not play these games with magic bits and stuff like that!”

“Girls?” squeaked Sweetie, in more alarm.

Apple Bloom glared at Scootaloo, trotting more and more fiercely. “Games? Games? What business is it of your’n how I handle these things? Maybe I best come up with a way that makes sense ta me!”

Scootaloo lost her temper. “Oh YEAH? Says the pony who wants to stick a big fat dick in Diamond T…”

“GIRLS!” squeaked Sweetie Belle, desperately.

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom stared back at Sweetie, who cowered back in obvious dismay, staring past them.

A pony throat cleared, decorously. Slowly, their heads turned.

Diamond Tiara stood at the gates to Sweet Apple Acres, her eyes downcast, her tail flicking in agitation. She held a rolled-up paper in her mouth. Her ears twitched, and she trembled with apparent eagerness.

Apple Bloom’s eyes widened.

“Run,” suggested Scootaloo.

“Oh?” said Apple Bloom, standing her ground, her tail cracking like a whip.

“Scootaloo!” begged Sweetie Belle. “If both of us try to drag her away from here…”

Apple Bloom curled her lip, and froze Sweetie with a very dominant glare, her Boss Mare qualities kicking in hard. Scootaloo groaned, then pounded the dirt with a forehoof in rage. “Sweetie, why didn’t you warn us?”

“I tried to!”

“Well, you didn’t try hard enough!” objected Scootaloo. “This is exactly what we were afraid of! Now she’s gonna go and…”

“Shut up,” said Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo fell silent. Apple Bloom’s authority on her home turf was not to be denied.

Sweetie began whispering frantically, “If we run back and get the bit out of the clubhouse and hide it somewhere…”

Apple Bloom’s lip curled in contempt. “Go ahead and do it. Ah don’t need y’all’s little toys to be myself.” Her eyes were fixed on Diamond Tiara’s little hoof-scrapes against the ground, her nervous tension, the way she stared coyly at the ground and wouldn’t look up, her rosy flush, the secret smile…

“It’s worse than I thought!” moaned Scootaloo.

Ignoring them, Apple Bloom strode forward, directing a burning gaze at the quivering pink filly before her. “Well, now. Diamond Tiara, as I live an’ breathe.” She licked her lips, for her throat had gone dry. “Ah jes’ got to wonder… you got somethin’ for me, maybe?”

Apple Bloom froze. Diamond Tiara’s eyes had flicked up to lock gazes with her, and there was nothing tender about that look—but still, how she smiled, all the same.

“As a matter of fact,” said Diamond, “I do.”

She spat the paper out onto the ground. Scootaloo and Sweetie dashed foward, unrolling it with their hooves, Scootaloo frantically flattening it for Sweetie to read. “Hey, that’s private!” objected Apple Bloom.

Sweetie’s mouth opened and closed, but no sounds came out. Apple Bloom rushed over, read, and her jaw dropped. Scootaloo looked at her in mute horror, and then all three Cutie Mark Crusaders looked at the intruder.

“It says, eviction notice!” stammered Apple Bloom.

Diamond Tiara’s teeth gleamed in a painfully intense rictus grin.

“Now, get off my property,” she said.