Folded Wings

“But it isn’t my birthday, silly filly!” said Pinkie Pie. “Where are we going? I know the last time you blindfolded me it was amazing but we’re not going to our bedroom. You’re taking me outside! What’s going on, Fluttershy?”

“Shush,” came Fluttershy’s soothing voice. “This way, my darling love. This way…”

Another voice chimed in, perkily. “Hi Fluttershy! What are you doing? Have you seen…”

“EEEEEE!” squealed Fluttershy, making Pinkie wince. “Scootaloo! Don’t come this way, or look behind the house. I can’t tell you why. Go away this instant!”

Pinkie heard Scootaloo gasp, and scamper back a few paces, and then a young forehoof stamped the ground.

“FINE!” yelled the little pegasus. “I don’t want to look behind your stupid house anyway, I just wanted to know where Twilight was! She isn’t in the library and I thought maybe you’d seen her!”

“I, I, I, I haven’t,” stammered Fluttershy, and Pinkie could hear the fluffy rustling of her wings flapping in discombobulation and distress.

“A lot of good you are, then!” retorted Scootaloo, and then there was just the sound of her trotting off, affronted.

Fluttershy gulped. “That is a rude wing gesture, Scootaloo,” she said, hesitantly.

“I’ll say sorry when you say you’re sorry for yelling at me,” snapped Scootaloo, her voice more distant. “Right now I have nice ponies to talk to.” She hesitated, and added, “Or something like that. Maybe not so much. Sheesh! You grownups have a lot to learn!”

“I’m sure we do,” called Pinkie. “Please don’t be mad? Fluttershy, can I take this blindfold off and talk to Scootaloo?”

Fluttershy made a choking noise. “No! Not right now, please, okay Pinkie? Please just come with me right away, we’ve wasted too much time already though I can’t tell you why I couldn’t tell Scootaloo why she couldn’t… ohh! Just follow me, please, pretty please?”

Pinkie rolled her eyes, unseen behind the blindfold. “Okay, butterbits. Okay.”

“And quickly, hurry!”

Pinkie dutifully stumbled on, around the side of the house, feeling Fluttershy nuzzling at the side of her face, tripping over a shrub: what on earth was with dear Fluttershy that she was urging the trampling of innocent garden plants? And then, the question was answered, as Fluttershy seized the blindfold in her teeth and yanked it right off.

Pinkie Pie gasped, her eyes wide in shock.

It was a vat, sitting there in the back yard. Wooden planks formed its sides. Pinkie couldn’t see what made up the bottom of the vat, because it was filled up with pudding: chocolate, from the looks of it.

She couldn’t see all of the pudding, because it was also filled up with pretty female pegasi, facing away from her, shifting about uncomfortably. They stood, lovely pony rumps and pretty tails, lavender and white and gold and pale blue, cute vaginas aimed right at her, wings in a confusion of furled and lifted as the pegasi tried to fit in the big vat.

Fluttershy rushed forward, and shoved between the white pegasus with the rose and green mane and the lavender one with the golden mane, and then there were four pretty pegasi in a vat of pudding, lavender and white and lavender again, with Fluttershy wedged uncomfortably in the middle.

She looked back over her half-raised wing at Pinkie, and dutifully winked her labia.

There was absolute silence, as Pinkie froze in place, not budging.

“What’s the m—matter?” whimpered the gold-maned pegasus, trying not to fall out of the vat. The white one shifted, lifting and replacing a rear hoof, causing the pudding to splash on the one with the blue and white mane.

“Hey! Blossomforth!” that one complained. “That’s chocolate pudding! You got it on my tail, what the hell?”

“Why is it even here? It’s so weird!” said the white pegasus with the green and magenta mane.

“Hey, earth pony lesbians do this sometimes, Blossom,” said the blue-and-white-maned pegasus, knowingly. “Sometimes it’s worth it, why not give it a try? What’s eating you, Kicky?”

The other lavender pegasus was shifting around nervously. “You said she wanted to bang me, but look at her face! I should never have listened to you, Fluttershy! Or you, Cloud Chaser!”

Pinkie Pie gulped. “Fluttershy. What have you done?”

“No, please, Cloud Kicker,” urged Fluttershy with a desperate glance at Pinkie, “it’ll be okay…”

“It’s not!” wailed Cloud Kicker. “She can’t stand the sight of me! You said I could lose my v… v…” She sobbed, and all at once she burst from the vat in a confused flapping of wings, knocking Fluttershy against Blossomforth who in turn knocked over the remaining mare.

“Argh! Dammit!” cursed Cloud Chaser. Her hooves had flown out from under her, and she’d fallen entirely into the pudding, with her flamboyant blue and white tail caked in the stuff.

Blossomforth didn’t even give her a glance. “Kicky!” she cried, distraught. “No! Don’t be sad! Come back!”

She leapt lithely from the vat, further splashing Fluttershy and Cloud Chaser, taking to the sky in frantic pursuit of her friend.

Fluttershy sagged. “I’ll get them back,” she promised. “I’ll have four pegasus mares in a vat of pudding for you, I swear I will. Maybe I haven’t done it this time, but I’ll keep trying, I won’t give up…”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have asked Cloud Kicker,” suggested Cloud Chaser. “She’ll be okay, Blossomforth will settle her down. You know they’re best friends! She can go off and write more of those stories she writes. I’m not surprised she freaked out, finally getting invited to a real live lesbian orgy. Worth a try, but I think it was a little too real for poor ol’ Kicky. Hey, are you okay, Pinkie Pie?”

“Um,” said Pinkie. Her tail twitched, the sign of something falling. She looked haunted. As Fluttershy looked on, Pinkie winced in pain, lifting her hoof as if her knee’d gone pinchy. Then, her ears flopped, her eyes fluttered madly, and her knee twitched. Her tail twitched once more, and she looked at Fluttershy and Cloud Chaser like she was seeing a ghost. “Oh, Fluttershy,” she breathed. “What did you do, that you’ve done all this to try and make up for it?”

Fluttershy gave a tiny squeak, like a mouse having a panic attack. Her lovely eyes went huge and wide, staring into Pinkie’s. Cloud Chaser’s were suddenly full of concern, glancing back and forth between the two ponies.

“Uh oh… You promised a crapload of awesome mega-lesbian bodysex, Fluttershy, with extra tongue,” said Cloud Chaser. “Uhhh… Rain check?”

Fluttershy couldn’t answer, or look away from Pinkie. She trembled, shook, quaked… and then burst out, “I fucked a stallion and I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” and collapsed with a fluffy squidge into the vat of pudding, weeping.

Cloud Chaser’s jaw dropped. “Whoa!” she said, and promptly ignored her own pudding-caked state, spludging awkwardly over to hug Fluttershy. “Easy, Eepy! That’s wrong? I like it well enough…”

Pinkie leapt forward and plunged into the pudding herself, to hug Fluttershy even more fiercely. “Shuddertunnelluvvykins! What is this?” She strained Fluttershy to her, stroking her all over.

“Whoa. WHOA!” squawked Cloud Chaser. “Hey, Pinkie! Don’t touch her there, it’s personal and if she still has come in her, it might…”

Fluttershy shook her head, her face a mask of misery. “It won’t! I don’t! I got all rinsed out at the spa, I didn’t want her to taste it in me. I’m sorry, Pinkie, I’m so sorry, I won’t ever be so weak ever again…”

Pinkie shook her. Earth pony solidity so outweighed the feminine pegasus that Fluttershy bobbled around like a rag doll. “Stop! Talk to me, Fluttershy,” she pleaded. “You did what? You fucked a stallion and then rounded up pegasi to do this? This was all to make it up to me?”

Fluttershy gulped. “Y—yes?”

Pinkie stared. “I understand why you douched, because ew. You know how I am about that stuff. Why’d you do it, then, if it was so bad?”

She gazed deeply into Fluttershy’s sulky, apologetic, somehow resentful eyes… and then Pinkie Pie’s world stopped, for a dreadful moment.

“I said I was sorry, and I am,” said Fluttershy. “I never said it was bad.” Her lip quivered, but she didn’t look away.

Pinkie didn’t even breathe. Or blink. “…is this you breaking up with me?” she said.

Fluttershy pouted. “I don’t want to. You can believe that or not, whichever you like. But I can’t pretend any longer, Pinkie. I love you more than anypony, but it was so good. It was SO good. I…”

She had to stop. A pink hoof, covered with chocolate pudding, sealed her lips, and Pinkie was staring at her with tearful eyes.

“You mean all this is because you’re trying to tell me you’re a…”

“Mph!” squeaked Fluttershy. She batted Pinkie’s hoof away. “Yes! I’m a straight mare, Pinkie Pie! I crave penis! I want thick hard stallion cock! Nothing excites me so much as a big cock plunging into me, squirting come, the stallion making me his brood mare, fertilizing MPH!”

Pinkie’s hoof had silenced her again. Cloud Chaser looked on as Fluttershy’s wings flapped in agitation. Pinkie cleared her throat.

“Fluttershy… you IDIOT!” She withdrew her hoof, glaring at her recalcitrant marefriend.

Fluttershy glared back, pouting. “Well,” she said, “I can’t help it, I do want all that. I tried my best, Pinkie Pie. You can’t possibly understand what it’s like, you don’t work that way. Ever since Big Macintosh put Rock Candy in me I couldn’t stop thinking about it and craving more. I made sure I wouldn’t get pregnant, and I found a stallion, and I’m very sorry but it rocked my whole world and nothing can ever be the same…”

“Shh. You just don’t get it,” said Pinkie. She gave a huge, theatrical sigh, and kissed Fluttershy on the nose. “What, my love, is my big fetish? Tell me that. Come on.”

“Vaginas,” said Fluttershy. “Pegasus vaginas.”


“Me, then,” pouted Fluttershy. “Which is why this is so awful. I do love you, you know, though I won’t blame you for…”

“Nope!” repeated Pinkie. “Not exactly! Since you won’t guess, how about I just tell you, okay?”

Fluttershy gave her a cranky glare, and nodded.

Pinkie took a breath. “Straight mares.”

Fluttershy’s jaw dropped. Her eyes looked stricken. “But… then that just makes it all so much worse! Oh, Pinkie, that makes it even worse for you!”

“But no,” said Pinkie, her eyes glistening, “it doesn’t. Because no matter what you do, you’ll always be my very own straight mare…”

Fluttershy’s face worked, twisting in woe, and then all at once she was bawling in the puddingy embrace of her mate. “Oh, Pinkie!” she sobbed.

“Shh,” soothed Pinkie, hugging her, comforting. “We’ll work this out, sweetiepatootie. I should have been paying attention. I should have guessed.”

“But I can’t leave you! I love you so much, it’s just awful!”

“Well, I think penises are awful,” snapped Pinkie tartly, “but I can’t make you pregnant with my tongue, can I? And it looks like you need penises. Maybe even getting pregnant from them, the whole straight deal. You loved that so much, Fluttershy.” She softened. “And you’re so amazing when you’re pregnant. Straight mares, pregnant mares, little foals, huge fat pregnant straight mares carrying their foals…” Her eyes went dreamy.

Cloud Chaser nudged her with a pudding-covered hoof. “Wait. I know Eepy was pregnant for a while there, but I never asked further. She was with you the whole time?”

Fluttershy gave her a haughty, offended glance. “I gave Pinkie Pie my wings, Cloud Chaser. She’s Rock Candy’s father. He takes after her a lot. If anypony doesn’t like it, well they can just…”

“Oh, no!” protested Cloud Chaser. “I’ve been over that with Rainbow Dash! If you want to have earth pony foals that’s totally okay, bonds to the earth, you know? It is interesting, though.”

“How is it interesting?” said Fluttershy, suspiciously.

“Well, that’s about the only way a mare can foal with another mare, and even then you gotta have a stallion in you,” said Chaser. She twitched. “Don’t tell Kicky. Sometimes I think she romanticises strictly lesbian mares way too much… but I’m just sayin’, you must love your Pinkie here a whole bunch to give her your wings like you say, even though she’s not a stallion and that’s very much a sex thing.”

“Of course I do,” pouted Fluttershy.

“We’re very happy and this doesn’t change anything really,” said Pinkie, her eyes and her smile too wide and bright.

“We’re raising our foal Rock Candy and we’re a totally happy family in every way,” explained Fluttershy.

Pinkie nodded. “Totally!” she asserted. The smile started to look like a grimace. “I love Flutterbootykins more than anything.”

Cloud Chaser stared at the two, her eyes narrowing. “Great. So much that she sets up lesbian orgies for you with other mares?”

“Best thing ever. Best day ever,” said Pinkie.

“Then why do I smell bullshit?”

Pinkie Pie snapped.

“BECAUSE I’M SAD, YOU IDIOT!” she shrieked. “I can’t make nuzzywuzzy happy! She’s always sneaking out, watching ponies, watching stallions, and now I know I can’t really satisfy all her needs, and I… I still… love…”

Suddenly, she was wrapped in strong forelegs, and not only that, swaddled in pudding-soiled feathers. But they weren’t butter-yellow. Fluttershy trembled a few feet away, on the verge of fleeing, angry and despairing and beginning to cry.

It was Cloud Chaser who’d tackled the sobbing earth pony and held her so close and tight.

“Breathe,” she ordered. She looked over her shoulder. “Stay, Eepy! Stay for this or so help me I’ll kick the cute out of you. I mean it!” She turned back. “Poor baby. Breathe! That’s the way.”

Pinkie shuddered and sobbed. “Fluttershy…”

“You listen,” said Cloud Chaser. “Eepy came to find us, right up into a Weather Patrol meeting. We hold those on cirrus! For the grand overview! She doesn’t like heights, we know that, but still she came. Your honey does still love you. I couldn’t believe what I saw. For that matter, I’m not sure I believe the stories she told.”

Pinkie’s lip quivered. She directed a stricken look at Cloud Chaser. “B…but she’s straight, she’s really straight. I couldn’t change her. She’s the most exciting pony ever but she’s not gay like me, not even after I blew her mind over and over and over and…”

“She can’t help it,” said Chaser. “Do you hear me? She might be like opposite-Kicky, sort of. Always longing for this one thing and not getting it, obsessed with it, inventing elaborate fantasies about it…”

Pinkie sniffled. “Opposite-Kicky?”

Cloud Chaser hmphed. “Somepony ought to just grab her and lick her, honestly, that’s the third time she’s balked and run away. Apparently she really missed out. Is that true? Fluttershy says you turn her to jelly and she can’t even walk OR fly afterwards. If she’s so straight, that’s quite a feat.”

“It’s true,” said Fluttershy softly. “She does. She’s very proud of that. I would never touch another mare. Pinkie is special.”

“Does she touch other mares?” challenged Cloud Chaser, staring at Fluttershy. “I remember stories about Pinkie Pie from Ponyville. She’s been quite a party girl, something I can relate to very well. Are you letting her have her fun?”

“She doesn’t want to!” protested Fluttershy, drawing back. “We’re mates, we’re raising our foal, we’re everything to each other!”

Chaser’s wings snuggled tighter. “Then why is she crying, Eepy? And don’t you dare run away! Or fly away, not that we see you doing that very often.”

“Two questions,” managed Pinkie, weakly.

“I’m not going to run away from my Pinkie Pie!” snapped Fluttershy, irate. “Ever! No matter how bad it gets!”

Cloud Chaser turned to Pinkie. “Yeah?”

“One,” said Pinkie, “how come you know so much and you’re like motherly-pony-sex-coach-comfort-giver?”

Cloud Chaser gave a wry little halfsmile. “Weather Patrol, Pinkie. I’ve got to keep a whole team of mixed-sex pegasi working at top performance without losing them to fights and failed romances. They’re hotheaded and passionate and always jumping on each other, in all combinations—except Kicky of course—and I have to keep clear and watch how they’re doing and swoop in to keep them all at cruising altitude, happy and healthy. If I don’t, we risk severe weather disasters. I have to know how to mend broken hearts, because a hurricane doesn’t care if some mare’s heart is broken. If she’s not there to direct the hurricane, more than hearts will break.”

Pinkie’s eyes widened in awe. “Really?”

Cloud Chaser nodded. “It’s hard work, kiddo, but it’s important. I’m used to it. Don’t worry your cute little head about that. What’s the second question?”

Pinkie gulped.

“Aren’t you pegasi supposed to not ever do this?” she said… and hesitantly nuzzled the underside of Cloud Chaser’s lilac wing with her cheek.

There was a moment of utter silence.

“There’s two reasons I did,” said Cloud Chaser. “One, I’ve been around the block a few times. Maybe I’m not as romantic as some ponies. Hell, I remember that business with Rainbow Dash, gave her wings to that Applejack pony and we all thought she’d never do it, you couldn’t even brush against Dash’s wings or she’d flip out. I’m not like that. I’ve been a slutty little pegasus since I was very young and I’m proud of it, and I’ll totally touch you with my wings if I want.” She made a face. “Pegasi are such prudes sometimes!”

“So you were just being slutty?” said Pinkie, her eyes wide.

“No! Not exactly. Thing is, Pinkie,” said Cloud Chaser, “you needed snuggling and comforting. We’re real good at that in case you hadn’t noticed, especially using our wings as our most intimate and powerful tool, and you’re an adorable sweet pony, I’ve always thought so. I don’t mind saying I wanted to wing-snuggle you, and that’s exactly what I did. You deserve it.”

“What’s the other reason?” said Fluttershy suspiciously… and froze, transfixed by Cloud Chaser’s razor-sharp glance.

“I wanted to see your reaction, Eepy,” she said flatly.

Fluttershy blanched, shrinking back from that gaze.

“Mates, huh?” said Cloud Chaser.

Fluttershy bridled, snarled. She stamped her forehoof, and it made a spludge in the pudding. “I love her like life itself…”

“I never said you didn’t,” said Cloud Chaser coolly. “But you know, if I went and did this to Applejack, I think Dash would feed me my own teeth. You just watched, Eepy. I guess having another pegasus mare wing-snuggling your very lesbian Pinkie Pie… doesn’t really upset you.”

Pinkie’s eyes were wide, still, though tearful. She looked at Fluttershy, and she said, “Derpy Hooves…”

“Who’s that?” said Chaser. “Someone else you set Pinkie up with? I helped you get Kicky and Blossomforth down here because it seemed like you were trying to fix up your marefriend with cute pegasi. That IS what you were doing, right, Fluttershy?”

“And Rarity,” admitted Fluttershy, reluctantly. “Yes, it is. I wanted to give her a present. I could feel myself… going.” She twitched. “It’s so strange. This is almost a relief. I tried so hard to hide what I was doing.”

“Do you love me?” said Pinkie. “I thought you n—needed me all to yourself.”

“I will always love you,” said Fluttershy fiercely.

“But I’m not sexy to you,” said Pinkie. “When I’m making you come, Fluttershy, what do you think about?”

Fluttershy gulped. Cloud Chaser gave her a hard look. Fluttershy didn’t lie.


Pinkie crumbled, and for a while she hid her face under Cloud Chaser’s wing and cried, and neither pegasus did a thing to rush her. They sat in the vat of pudding, as the afternoon wore on.

“You guys have a lot of work to do,” observed Cloud Chaser. “There’s stuff here worth preserving but you have to stop faking and deal with each other as you really are.”

“Oh, good,” said Fluttershy acidly. “That will be a treat. How I really am is so popular around here, as you can see.”

“Eepy!” cautioned Cloud Chaser, but before she could say another word, a pink head popped out from under her wing.

“That is SO not fair, Fluttershy! I love you and I gave my whole life to you and I didn’t even look at other mares and we have a foal together and everything! How DARE you keep going with all that negative stuff? What more can I possibly do to convince you that you’re okay?”

Fluttershy gazed into Pinkie’s stricken eyes, and then her own eyes dropped, sulkily. “That went well,” she said.

“Steady, Fluttershy,” said Cloud Chaser warningly.

“Don’t you talk to me that way,” retorted Fluttershy. “The truth is out. I’m a terrible pony, and all my years of struggling to pretend I was nice didn’t save me. I almost never slipped up. Maybe I should just run with it, paint myself gray…”

Cloud Chaser blinked, astonished. “Would that help?”

Fluttershy pouted. “It might. Do you remember when Discord attacked Ponyville, that first time, Pinkie? He was turning ponies into little monsters that did whatever they wanted, just like he was turning Ponyville into horrible things. I was so scared… but I still wanted him to turn me, so I could stop pretending and be free. And he did.”

Pinkie’s eyes widened. “No…”

“Oh, yes,” said Fluttershy, simply. “Did I look like I was enjoying myself?”

“You stomped on flowers,” said Pinkie, “and hurt our feelings, on purpose. You were enjoying yourself so much that it just poured out of you. I’ve never seen you so mean, or so happy.” Her lip quivered.

“I told you and Rarity off one day, too,” added Fluttershy, “after that Iron Will tricked me into doing whatever I wanted. I’ve never been free to do that. It’s always been these brief little glimpses of freedom between the iron bars of nice.”

“Is that really all you are?” asked Pinkie Pie.

That got through. Fluttershy visibly flinched, and when she looked up again, the hardness in her gaze had fractured. She hesitated, and then she blurted, “I wish it was! This would be much easier. But… oh, Pinkie Pie! You’re so dumb sometimes but I still want to be with you and see you happy! Does that make any sense at all? Because it doesn’t make much sense to me!”

Pinkie stuck out her lower lip, tearfully. “What a coincidence! I want to see you be happy, too, but you’re so dumb that it’s a huge huge challenge!”

“Oh yeah?” challenged Fluttershy, her wings lifting in outrage. “How can I be dumb when I plainly see all the foolish things ponies insist on doing to themselves and others? You’ve got a lot of nerve to say that…”

Cloud Chaser broke in. “You’ve got points of agreement.”

Both Pinkie and Fluttershy turned their heads to stare at her. Since Pinkie’s head was still cradled in her wings, Pinkie didn’t have far to look. Both said, “What?”

“You love each other, you’re just fighting—and you want each other to be happy, which I can believe. You’re just going about it the wrong way. What do you need to keep?”

Pinkie and Fluttershy blinked. Together, they said, “Rock.”

“Your colt, right? Where is he now?”

“Playing with Applejack’s Northern Spy,” said Fluttershy. “All afternoon. I wanted Pinkie to be carousing with pegasus mares for hours.”

Cloud Chaser’s wing drew Pinkie closer, protectively. “We’ll get back to that later, maybe. So you’re united in raising your foal, but you’re not working out in bed because you, Pinkie, aren’t getting across to Fluttershy—and you, Eepy, you’ve been conning her all this time.”

“It’s not all fake,” said Fluttershy defensively. “The orgasms aren’t fake, even if I have to think about all sorts of things to get there. You have no idea what she can do to a marehood. When I told you how amazing it was, that was no lie. She’s incredible, far too good for the likes of me.”

“How so?” questioned Cloud Chaser, with a sharp and shrewd glance.

Fluttershy didn’t flinch, this time. The snippy, cruel mood was on her, and her chin was high as she vented her real feelings, regardless of how they sounded or who they hurt.

“I’ll tell you how. I’m a miserable coward, Cloud Chaser, and she protects me. She gives me amazing lesbian sex whenever I want it or even when I don’t, she cares for my foal tirelessly, she sheltered me and fed me sweets when I was pregnant until I almost couldn’t move anymore, and I think she’d probably die for me. And the best I could do in return was to take the courage she gave me, and use it to go seduce a stallion and sate my filthy urges for dick. Which seems very unreasonable and unfair, since the courage is all her, and none of it is me. I’m nothing but a worthless fake pony afraid of everything, I’d be nothing without her endless strength and courage, and maybe I ought to be nothing,” said Fluttershy.

“Hey, Eepy,” said Cloud Chaser.

“What?” said Fluttershy, haughtily.

“If all that’s true,” said Chaser, “why am I still cuddling your marefriend to get her through this, and you’re sitting over there without any support at all? Right now, you’re not one bit cowardly. You’re staring holes in me. It almost makes me nervous. Look at you!”

Fluttershy was speechless.

“So how about you quit ever being fake again,” suggested Cloud Chaser, “and we’ll see what we can make of you? Can’t be worse than the mess you’ve made of yourself.”

Pinkie Pie, lip quivering piteously, stared at her stunned beloved. “But… How can you say that, Cloud Chaser? You’re going to hurt her feelings!”

“Be quiet, Pinkie!” snapped Fluttershy. “I deserve this! All right, yes I’m a mess, I’m awful, but what am I supposed to do about it?”

“First,” said Cloud Chaser, “get realistic about yourself. You’re way tougher than you think you are, Fluttershy.”

“No I’m not. I’m frightened of everything…”

“You’re still here. Do you know how many ponies have flown off in a huff from scenes like this? But you love your marefriend and you don’t want to hurt her, so here you are, facing the really difficult stuff without a peep. I don’t even see a tear. And you’re listening, Eepy.”

Fluttershy’s jaw just kept dropping, bit by bit, in amazement.

“I’ve been confronting you as much as I could get away with,” added Cloud Chaser, “really getting in your face until I’m made to stop, and you’ve faced all of it as well as anypony I’ve seen. It’s not you stopping me, either, it’s Pinkie here who keeps interceding for you and trying to protect you. You might be many things, Eepy, but you’re not cowardly—except when you’re fake.”

“I don’t like being fake,” said Fluttershy. “It’s horrible. It’s the worst life ever, being fake, no matter how pretty it looks on the outside…”

She trailed off, and the resolute look in her lovely eyes turned to dismay. “Pinkie, you’re crying again! Cloud Chaser, I ought to kick you or say really mean things, I’m warning you! How is this possible? Is this what not-fake is? Pinkie always comforted me and sheltered me and my feelings and I only hated myself more, and now you’re scolding me and it makes me feel better? What is going on here?”

“Sometimes love’s pretty blind,” said Cloud Chaser, sympathetically. “She meant well.”

“Seriously,” pressed Fluttershy, “what have you done with my Pinkie Pie? Is this the real Pinkie? Why did she spend so much time taking care of me, if that wasn’t what I needed?”

Pinkie let out another wail, and Cloud Chaser enfolded her in fluffy wings, tenderly.

“Maybe she deserves a turn at being comforted,” she said, “and maybe she was only giving you what she needed for herself.”

Fluttershy fell silent, biting her lip and brooding, and Cloud Chaser let her think.

The rattling noise rushed closer, breaking the silence that had stretched out for minute after minute.

“Hey!” called Scootaloo. “I know you said not to come here but I looked everywhere else so I hope you don’t mind if I WHOA!”

She’d zipped around the corner and her scooter had nearly crashed into the vat of pudding, and she stared, astonished, at the sight of two pegasi sitting in pudding cuddling a dejected, silent earth pony.

“You grown-ups think of some really strange ways to have fun!” she squeaked.

Fluttershy glared at her. “Scootaloo, this is private!”

“I’ll bet!” chirped Scootaloo, as Pinkie peeked out from Cloud Chaser’s wings. “Can you promise never to tell Sweetie Belle that you do this, because she’ll totally want me to do it and it looks like a big pain to clean up afterwards!”

“Scootaloooo!” wailed Fluttershy. “Please, leave us, okay? Not right now!”

Scootaloo scowled at the tableau. “And it doesn’t look like it’s worth it, even, because you don’t look like you’re having much fun at all!”

Pinkie sniffled. “Ya think?” she quipped, weakly.

“Hey, Pinkie Pie, are you okay?” asked Scootaloo, taking a second look at the hapless party pony.

“SCOOTALOO!” cried Fluttershy. “Please go!”

Scootaloo’s gaze clashed with Fluttershy’s, and she snorted. “Sure. I wanted to find Twilight Sparkle, I already told you. Unless you have her buried in that pudding, and by now I’d believe anything about you guys, she’s not here. That means I’ve got better things to do than sit around watching sad pudding parties. Who even came up with that? Because it can’t have been Pinkie Pie or it would be fun!”

Pinkie wiped her eye with a puddingy hoof. “Thanks, kid.”

“No problem!” chirped Scootaloo. She gave one last grumpy look to Fluttershy. “Fine. Good luck with your lame party!”

Scootaloo zipped off on her search, and Cloud Chaser, Fluttershy, and Pinkie looked blankly at each other.

“She’s right, you know,” mumbled Fluttershy. “This is a terrible pudding party.”

Pinkie giggled weakly. “You should leave it to the professionals, you silly.”

“Uh-huh,” admitted Fluttershy, hanging her head.

“Maybe you’ll improve with practice?” suggested Cloud Chaser.

Fluttershy jerked, her eyes wide with horror. “Dear Celestia, no! I think once is more than enough.”

Cloud Chaser lifted her chin. “Well then—what have we learned? You’re talking again, that’s the important thing, thanks to the interruption. You’re gonna go back to getting along in the usual way. While you’re still raw, what’s on your mind? Say it now while I’m here to keep an eye on you. I’ve seen this sort of thing so many times—and you guys, you’re okay. Seriously. You’re good girls, you’re doing just great.”

Fluttershy gave her a disbelieving look. Pinkie Pie gulped. Cloud Chaser said, “What’s on your mind, Pinkie?”

The ebullient earth pony was trembling in Cloud Chaser’s wings. She turned an uncharacteristically grumpy gaze on the great love of her life, and she said, “I’m so tired of pumping love into her so she can turn around and love literally everything else in Equestria, except herself. Fluttershy, you have to say what you need, even if you’re scared to. You never gave me a chance. I’d still love you, whatever you are. I DO still love you, so quit mistrusting me! Look what hiding got you. I knew something was up, but you never gave me a chance, and now here we are.”

“I deserve that,” said Fluttershy unflinchingly. “I totally do. I’m sorry, Pinkie.”

Pinkie glared, out of the cocoon of Chaser’s wings. “If you love me at all, tell me now what you need so we can make that happen for you.”

“Don’t you dare wuss out, Eepy,” cautioned Cloud Chaser, as Fluttershy hesitated. The yellow pegasus’s eyes flashed defiantly, and she set her jaw.

“Dick,” said Fluttershy. “Lots of it. And I should get to be brave too, I shouldn’t need so much protecting.”

“As we’ve learned,” said Cloud Chaser briskly. “Now, your turn, Pinkie. Tell her what you need, besides that you’re both caring for your colt Rock.”

Pinkie, in turn, hesitated. Her lip began to quiver, her eyes to brim. “For you to be happeeeee…”

Cloud Chaser shook her. “No, no! That’s her, Pinkie. For yourself. You know—yourself? Tell us what YOU need. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense, or if it can’t happen. What do you need right now?” She strained Pinkie tight in a fluffy wing-hug, willing her the strength to go through with it.

Pinkie sniffled.

“That… that all this happened somewhere else. Not like this. Because… because when I was a little filly I got with four pegasus fillies in a vat of pudding like this, and it was the specialest thing ever, and I can’t stand to think that my happy life ended in another such vat…”

She didn’t get any farther. Fluttershy, weeping, had tackled both of them, and was hugging Pinkie heedlessly without any concern for what she was doing to Cloud Chaser’s wings. She’d even tried to wrap her own wings around the pair, in her agitation. Cloud Chaser’s jaw dropped and she forgot everything else, fending off the snuggle onslaught.

“Noooo, Pinkiewinkie! Nooo, we’ll do something, anything!” sobbed Fluttershy.

Pinkie wriggled, squeezed nearly flat. “F—Fluttershy? You said a pet name… you NEVER gave me a pet name, I didn’t think you liked them…”

“Well, I don’t,” admitted Fluttershy, “but… Oh, Pinkie!”

Cloud Chaser panted. “Uh, Eepy? Do you think you could… nnhh! You’re doing a real number on my wings…”

Fluttershy instantly released Chaser and Pinkie, scarlet. “Oh, my!”

Chaser’s ears were back, but she wore a wry grin. “Unnh! Now I know how Pinkie feels. Careful, Eepy. ‘Cos I do love mares and that felt pretty intense, just saying. What was she even saying to bring that on? It reminded me of something and then you were giving me a brutal wing-job. You sure you’re straight?”

“I’m sorry,” blushed Fluttershy.

“I’m not,” snickered Cloud Chaser. “Hey, Pinkie! Don’t think of it like your life is ending. It’s a detour, with a bump at the end. You even still have Eepy, and look: the real Eepy totally loves you. She’s just a straight mare and loves dicks, and you must have known that all along. She even tried to set up a wild lesbian orgy for you, in this bizarre way, which was pretty nice of her. Why the pudding?”

“It was just before Nightmare Night,” said Pinkie. “We all got such a treat.”

“Here’s your treat,” said Cloud Chaser, sternly. “Look at Eepy, I mean Fluttershy. She’s going to be fine. And she tried to get lesbian pegasi to play with you, in this special way that the occasional earth ponies are into. Maybe the lesbian-est lesbian flew away, and maybe Eepy sucks at being a gay mare, but I’m still here… and I don’t want to leave.”

“You don’t?” blinked Pinkie Pie.

Cloud Chaser’s cocky grin grew. “I’m waaay better at being a gay mare than she is, Pinkie. I know what I like—and who. Plus now I’m ridiculously horny thanks to your huggy friend. Eepy, can I keep her? If she’s as good as you say she is?”

Fluttershy boggled. “Is that really appropriate right now, Cloud Chaser? Her feelings are very hurt!”

“Yeah,” snapped Chaser, “hurt because you don’t love her lesbian ways as much as you love her as a person. I mean, sure, friends and cuddles and stuff, but this little earth pony is supposed to have amazing gifts and you’re turning your nose up at them. Why should I just encourage her that she’ll soon find somepony to appreciate her body, when I can just bodysex the crap out of her right now and show her?”

Fluttershy’s eyes widened, then narrowed.

“Do it!” she replied. Then she hesitated. “I mean, if you think that would be okay. Pinkie?”

Pinkie’s eyes were very wide. “I don’t feel very sexy. Though I don’t have to… I mean, to do what I do. Fluttershy knows. You’ve gone to all this trouble, Fluttershy, do you want me to make this pretty mare happy? I love you. I totally will, if you want.”

“Wait,” said Cloud Chaser. “What do you mean, you don’t have to feel sexy, to do what you do? If you’re willing, I can fix that for you, I bet.”

In response, Pinkie stuck out her tongue, and sent some ripples along it, then signed her name in tongue and licked the tip of her own ear.

Cloud Chaser’s eyes bugged out. Her ears perked up, and her tail shot out straight behind her with a spludge of pudding.

“Mine!” she squealed, excitedly. “Whoa!”

Fluttershy smiled, and it was the most earnest smile she’d made all afternoon.

“I’m so happy for you,” she said. “Pinkie, yes, I’d like you to please this nice mare who’s healed our hurts.” She laid her ears back. “Or ripped off the scab! I guess that counts as a kind of healing, though.”

Cloud Chaser shot her a glance. “Don’t misunderstand, though, Eepy…”


“I share,” explained Cloud Chaser.

“I would think you’ll have to,” said Fluttershy. “And, yes. I think I will be ‘sharing’ a lot, now.”

Cloud Chaser hesitated, and added, “Except wings. You can touch them again, and she can touch them especially now, but yeah… not for everypony, not like bodysexing. There’s limits. Sort of. Okay?”

Pinkie was looking back and forth between them, obviously trying to work herself up into performance mode. “Give me a minute. I’m not feeling it. I can do this, I promise. I even want to, it’s just… give me a minute.”

Cloud Chaser lifted an eyebrow. “But I didn’t even start yet, cutie. How can you be feeling it before I even start?”

“You don’t have to start!” protested Pinkie. “Just lie back and I’ll do everything, it’ll be awesome!”

Cloud Chaser gave her a look. “What kind of lesbian are you? More to the point, what kind of lesbian mare do you think I am? I mean, I should mention I’m bi and love many kinds of recreational sex…”

Pinkie cringed. “Oh, gosh. You have come in you or something? I promise I won’t let that stop me, I can still make you happy…”

“You want to make me happy, Pinkie Pie?” said Cloud Chaser, challengingly.

“Sure I do!”

“YOU lie back,” purred the lilac pegasus, licking her lips.

Pinkie’s jaw dropped. Her ear twitched, then her eye. “Oh, gosh,” she said weakly.

Cloud Chaser glanced at Fluttershy. “Does she not like that? Am I missing something, Eepy?”

Fluttershy blushed again. “She never asks. I tried once. I didn’t enjoy it all that much, and she likes giving it so very much…”

Chaser turned to Pinkie, who was still sitting up. “Does anypony eat your pussy, sweet little pony? Is that something you like?”

Pinkie was blushing as well. “I, um, it’s okay. D—Dashie. Dashie liked to do that.”

“I don’t give that mare nearly enough credit,” marvelled Chaser. “Of course she did. Only her, huh?”

“She’s very forceful,” said Pinkie.

“You didn’t say if you liked it,” pressed Cloud Chaser, flicking her tail in its bath of pudding with squidgey noises. “Fess up!”

“She loved it,” said Fluttershy solemnly. “I used to be very jealous of Rainbow Dash over that.” She hesitated, and added, “I’ve even watched them, before me and Pinkie were together. I’ll never give Pinkie pleasure like that, I just don’t have the knack. My heart can never be in it the way Rainbow’s is.”

Pinkie directed a tragic look at her. “But you are your own pleasure, flutterbutter! Straight mares are like candy, the sweetest most unattainable candy…” She gulped, overcome.

A hoof under her chin directed her attention, and as she looked back, Cloud Chaser met her with a tender kiss.

“You poor, silly girl,” she sighed.

“Is that wrong?” said Pinkie.

“No, you’re right as far as that goes,” said Cloud Chaser. A little smile played at the corners of her mouth, as she said, “…but GAY mares are breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can’t live on candy, sweet thing. And I’ve gone hungry long enough.”

She kissed Pinkie again, and added, “And so have you, my sweet little lesbian earth pony discovery.”

Pinkie’s eyes were very wide, again. She asked, “What do earth ponies taste like?”

“Like the whole world, Pinkie. Like the whole world. Lay back, Cloudie’s ravenous.”

Pinkie’s heart pounded as she lay back, watching the pretty pegasus with the wild blue and white hair sink down between her legs, so much like her fondest fantasies and the sweet memories of that long-ago sexual awakening… and then she squirmed, splashing pudding everywhere.

“Sixty-nine! I’m gonna make sure you enjoy me, you’re so nice! I remember sexy now, it’s totally like this! All I have to do is EEP!”

Cloud Chaser had tackled her and stopped her from flipping around, and Pinkie sprawled on her back in the pudding, helpless. Chaser didn’t hesitate a moment. “Eepy!” she ordered. “Hold her down!”

“…eep!” squeaked Fluttershy. “What for?”

“I know her type! The only way to make her lie there to be pleasured is to sit on her, or she’ll go after you like a madpony! And we’ve got the rest of life for her to do that, but this time it’s for Pinkie and just for Pinkie! Are you with me, Eepy?”

Fluttershy hesitated. She moved over to gaze into Pinkie’s eyes. “Is that true? Are you gonna not let this mare please you, just because you’re going to insist on doing her instead… just like you always did with me?”

“…maybe?” squeaked Pinkie, wriggling excitedly in the pudding. “How can I not?”

Fluttershy leaned closer. “This is how not… darling Pinkie.”

Her long, flowing pink mane draped over Pinkie’s face, as she sank into a slow, tender, and very loving kiss.

Then, she turned her head slightly, and her eye glinted as Cloud Chaser looked up across the two pony bodies at her.

“You take that end,” said Fluttershy. “I’ll handle this.”

She turned again, gazing lovingly into Pinkie’s eyes. “This is how this should be, love. I always wanted to please you. I would pretend the craziest things, until my head hurt even, because I knew you needed me to come so very hard for you. Well, the tables are turned now. You can pretend what you like, pretend it’s Dash or me or one of the Princesses eating you for all I care, but I just want to look into your dear eyes and,” she licked her lips, “watch YOU come for a change.”

Pinkie trembled. “I come when I’m making you come,” she said. “Really I do.”

“Cloud Chaser?” called Fluttershy, in her sweet, clear voice.


“Make her come harder than that.”

“Got it!” said Chaser happily, and bent down between Pinkie’s thighs.

Fluttershy blinked, and called again. “Um, unless it’s very rough? I don’t think we should be rough right now. Do you?”

“Spoke,” said Cloud Chaser with amusement, “like a non-lesbian, who’s never made love to a mare.”

“Well, I kind of haven’t,” protested Fluttershy. “She makes love to me!”

Chaser snickered, but it wasn’t an unkind sound. It was obvious delight and confidence in her own powers and motivations.

“You take that end,” she echoed playfully. “I’ll handle this!”

“Good,” said Fluttershy decidedly, and without a moment of hesitation she turned to kiss Pinkie again, and the pink pony’s lips parted yearningly as Fluttershy’s adorable little tongue teased its way into her mouth, just wanting to touch her and be close to her and feel her pleasure. Then, Fluttershy drew back, gazing down upon Pinkie beatifically. “I love you so much. Look at me, Pinkie. I want to share your feelings. I don’t have to focus on icky mareholes and things like that, I can just look in your eyes…”

She eeped, gently. Chaser had smacked her lovely bottom.

“Icky? Are you nuts, straight girl?” said the lilac pegasus, still delaying.

Fluttershy pouted. “I didn’t mean it!”

“Shut up and kiss her, and you’re fired from pussy eating,” smirked Cloud Chaser. “That’s my job now! Except it’s a calling.” She bent to her task again, putting aside distraction.

Pinkie’s vagina was smooth, pristine, the inside slightly paler than the pink of her coat, but gradually beginning to grow a rosy tinge. She wasn’t being launched into sudden and dramatic bursts of erotic glee, and that suited Cloud Chaser just fine. The sweet girl had had a rough day. That day had unexpectedly gotten a lot better, in a hurry, and it was important that it not be too much of a hurry.

She leaned in, something stirring in her memory, and she extended a little pony tongue, pointed it, and stroked it reverently up the glistening slit between Pinkie’s nether lips.

Cloud Chaser’s tail shot straight out behind her again, and she made a choking noise.


Pinkie squeaked. “I’m sorry! Is it not good? I can just turn around and…”

“It was YOU!” cried Cloud Chaser, looking up from between Pinkie’s legs with an awed expression.

Pinkie Pie blinked.

“Don’t you remember?” said Chaser. Her eyes flashed, and she reached up and passed a puddingy foreleg across her hair, ruining the spiky hairstyle and forcing it down into bangs across her eyes.

Pinkie caught her breath, and her eyes bugged out as never before.

“EEEEE!” she squealed. “Eeeee! Eeeee! You’re back! You were the one who… you were right there, just like that! Eeeee!”

Cloud Chaser’s smile threatened to burst off her face. “Where have you BEEN? No, wait, dumb question, ‘ponyville’. To think I’ve been spending years raving it up in Fillydelphia, never knowing!”

“Why did you leeeeave?!” wailed Pinkie, shaking. “You were all gone when I woke up!”

The smile faltered. “Flight school! We had flight school. You remember? It was in Mareheim visiting that confectionery factory, we were all away from home, you said that you were too but you didn’t say where you were from… they hauled us out of there by our ears, we got in so much trouble! There was no time to say anything. Pinkie, I was grounded to the flight school barracks for two weeks!” She blinked. “Of course, so were the rest of us, and we’d just learned some amazing things from a certain nameless earth filly. Wow… best punishment ever…”

Pinkie was trembling. “Oh my gosh! It’s you, it’s really you…”

“That MADE me what I really am,” grinned Cloud Chaser. “In more ways than one. They say you never forget your first taste… and that you’ll never recapture that first time no matter how hard you try. Maybe that’s why I tried so hard, and so often.”

“Your name was Cloud Chaser,” breathed Pinkie, unable even to blink, taking in the pretty pegasus between her legs.

“Your name is Pinkie Pie,” said Chaser. Her gaze was mischevious, wicked, irresistible. “And I’m here to say… I’m gonna make you SMILE, sweet thing.”

With that, she buried her muzzle in pink quivering Heaven, her tongue exploring every tender form and slick juicy silken wall, her lips suckling with increasing fervor on Pinkie’s cheerful prong of a clitoris as it jutted forth and began to poke out in rhythmic winks. Cloud Chaser gave a little snarl of delight, sating herself like a wild thing on Pinkie’s overwhelmed pussy, ravenous in that way that only Rainbow Dash had ever come close to matching.

But there was nothing, nothing like going back to the source.

Fluttershy gazed down into Pinkie’s shocked eyes, cuddling Pinkie’s head in her wings, frowning just a bit when the earth pony’s thrashing threatened to smack her on the chin. She tightened her snuggling hold, and gave a grateful, quivery smile as she watched the expressions race over Pinkie Pie’s face: delight, amazement, then that look Fluttershy thought of as ‘now it’s your turn’ that always meant Pinkie would drop everything and devote her every effort to using her amazing gifts on her partner, no longer caring for her own pleasures…

Fluttershy tightened her wings, as Cloud Chaser suckled on Pinkie’s vulva in a strangely tender frenzy of pussy-eating, her own wings quiveringly erect and her whole body trembling with obvious ecstacy.

Fluttershy’s smile widened, and she leaned in and watched Pinkie’s face openly. Here there was no need to be furtive, no need to hide. She considered that Pinkie probably wanted her to orgasm, for Pinkie always wanted her partners to orgasm, especially Fluttershy. It didn’t matter. Fluttershy was free to cradle Pinkie’s head in her wings, and when Pinkie’s mouth opened in an O of amazement, Fluttershy met it with a very sincere and heartfelt kiss, and her huge lovely eyes gazed deeply into Pinkie’s, and she watched as Pinkie Pie’s body shuddered fiercely and her eyes no longer focussed and she sagged into Fluttershy’s loving embrace, surrendering to the eager fierce waves of pegasus lustiness lapping between her legs…

Pinkie Pie’s past and future merged in a single glorious burst of mad pegasus cuntworshiping with herself as the apex and the ultimate prize, and she experienced the full force of the devotion she’d always given freely to others, and she knew it was utterly sincere and right. Her orgasms doubled up, stacked upon themselves as her brain flared into sugary whiteness, all while her heart’s love hugged and cuddled her.

Pinkie passed out.

Fluttershy snuggled Pinkie’s head close, peering down thoughtfully at Cloud Chaser, studying those gleaming slits of eyes as the pretty bisexual mare made up for years of lost time. She was pretty sure Cloud Chaser had come at least five times, and that was impressive as she’d only known Pinkie to come three times while giving head.

Pinkie was drenched in sweat, staring into space and twitching. Chaser had driven her so hard her voice had failed, and then her strength had given out. Fluttershy still couldn’t quite believe that part, but there was no mistaking Pinkie’s boneless limpness. Both she and Chaser had quite exhausted themselves, though Cloud Chaser seemingly couldn’t bear to stop, and kept gently tonguing Pinkie’s pussy, tears of joy in her eyes.

“You’ve swallowed at least eight times,” said Fluttershy. “Are you trying to drink her up, as well as eat her?”

Pinkie gave a piteous little croak. Cloud Chaser shook herself. “Mph. Uh. Right. How’s she doing?”

“She looks very pale,” said Fluttershy sternly, “and she’s sweated so much. I would like her to drink some water if you expect to continue.” She stuck out her lower lip, implacable.

Cloud Chaser twitched. “That sounds really good. In fact I think I’d better. Sweet Celestia, I feel like I’ve been drinking HER for half an hour without coming up for air…”

“You have,” scolded Fluttershy. “Don’t eat any of the pudding, you’ll probably get sick. I’ll go and get you both water if you promise to let her rest. Promise!”

Chaser gulped. “Ng. Yeah. Wow…” She scooted up, cuddling Pinkie to her as Fluttershy flew into the house and returned with cups of water.

“There you go,” crooned Fluttershy, as she and Cloud Chaser supported Pinkie’s sagging head. “That’s the way. Nice and easy. You’ve had a tough day, my precious darling!”

Pinkie’s eyes filled with happy tears, as she drank. She could feel Fluttershy’s loving presence, the eternal mothering pegasus, and she could feel the love plainly even though the erotic interest remained withdrawn and not directed at her. It didn’t seem to matter nearly as much, thought Pinkie, when Cloud Chaser was there, with even her embrace feeling carnal and eager, giving her that irresistible look that made her feel like candy to be passionately devoured. Chaser had caught her and ate her right up, just like that first time. Suddenly, she had both of them, each in their own way.

Pinkie swallowed. “…I love everything…” she mumbled, weakly, and nuzzled into Fluttershy’s embrace, feeling Cloud Chaser’s forelegs hugging her body.

Fluttershy tenderly enfolded both her spent Pinkie, and the wearily triumphant Chaser, in her wings.

Cloud Chaser giggled, playfully nuzzling the underside of Fluttershy’s wing as Pinkie melted in bliss.

“Sooooo,” she teased, “Mama Fluttershy approves of this?”

“Oh, yes,” said Fluttershy simply. “I’m so happy she has you. And she has me, too, forever… though maybe not doing quite the same things to show it. I think we’re going to be okay.”

“And how do we help Mama Fluttershy,” suggested Cloud Chaser, “when you’re tired of snuggling lesbians?”

“Why would I get tired of that?” protested Fluttershy, gently. “That’s the best part!”

Cloud Chaser snickered. “You know what I mean, Eepy. What do we find for you? We got your snuggling lesbians right here, but you can have so much more. We’ll fix you up! Maybe Pinkie Pie doesn’t know dick, but I sure do!”

Pinkie stirred. “Yeah!” she squeaked, with growing energy, her earth pony stamina recovering. “We should! Fluttershy, I love you so much, and when can we find that one special stallion that will make your life truly wonderful?”

Fluttershy hesitated. She blushed brighter and brighter, and caught her lower lip coyly in her teeth, and released it.

“What do you mean, ‘one’?” she huffed, sulking.

Pinkie’s jaw dropped. Cloud Chaser guffawed.

“Way to GO, Eepy!” grinned Cloud Chaser. “This is gonna be a fun little family…”