Party Girl

“What do you mean, a surprise, darlin’? I don’t need nothin’ special. Just your sweet presence.”

“No, really!” said Rainbow Dash. “I have a big surprise for you. Something I want to share. Meet me in the back of Sugarcube Corner, by the stairs.”

“Ain’t that Pinkie Pie’s…”

“Give me twenty—no, make that thirty minutes!” Dash raced off.

Applejack paced back and forth, more worried than she wanted to admit. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Rainbow D… actually, it was, it so very much was. She had a feeling that there was more to Dash than met the eye—and she’d already caught Dash with Fluttershy, and what if the mare of her dreams really was a bad, bad pony? It was tough to bear. Still, thought Applejack, she had that magic bit still tucked away under her pillow, and though Dash had insisted it be used on her first, she had promised to use it on Applejack nex…

The earth pony froze, lip quivering. No, she hadn’t, had she? She’d promised to use it. She hadn’t said anything about reserving it for her new lover.

Applejack rushed to her bed, bit the corner of the pillow and tossed it heedlessly aside with a flick of her head. There was nothing under it, except a little indentation where a perverted magical artifact had been. And Applejack didn’t have to be a clever pony to know where that bit had gone.

What was the time? Had it been twenty minutes? It didn’t matter any longer. Applejack burst from her home, galloping for all she was worth until her nostrils flared and her heart pounded, dreadful fantasies ravaging her mind. Was Dashie plunging that cerulean stallionhood into Pinkie at that very moment? Or perhaps, was Dash’s plan to give Pinkie the bit, and then for Pinkie to service both herself and Applejack? Did that count as sharing in Dash’s strange mind? Applejack ran on, unable to resist guessing what Pinkie would get as her stallionhood. She’d seen Dash male, and the vision still burned in her brain, and she’d got some sense of what she, in turn, had been like—long and thick, though apparently nothing compared to the unfuckable Flutterguy. She’d just settled on the idea that Pinkie Pie would be not overlong, but alarmingly bulky, when she arrived at Sugarcube Corner and clattered to a halt.

Applejack suddenly realised she was about to burst into someone else’s home and accuse her of wielding a plump magical penis on the new lover she hadn’t had for more than a day. She was in no position to make demands, and the only reason she assumed debauchery was in store, was the absence of the magical bit from under her pillow. And she’d run off immediately, without even checking to see if the thing had rolled off somewhere. She hadn’t even checked in the morning to see if it was still there. She was being a foolish mare in the worst possible way, and she was completely failing to trust her friends, whom she’d known for years.

Ashamed of her assumptions, Applejack stepped quietly inside Sugarcube Corner. The place was deserted, which seemed odd—there was a sign that said, “Out for the day, delivering forty gallons of custard to Canterlot”. Applejack blinked, reading that, and steadfastly refused to consider that prospect further. Maybe they just liked custard in hoity toity places. She stepped through the empty store, her eyes wide and bashful, creeping towards the back stairs that led up to Pinkie’s place as if trying to approach a wild animal, though nobody was in sight.

On the stairs, she moved even more quietly, her heart pounding, for she heard sounds and couldn’t make out what sort of sounds they were. All her fears came flooding back as she inched up the stairs. Eventually, words became apparent.

“But if you have something you want to tell me, you should just say it, silly! What are you doing?”

“Just a minute…” came Rainbow Dash’s voice, with that wicked mischieviousness that always captivated Applejack. “It’ll be great. Trust me. Mmmf…”

“What are you… Oh!” squeaked Pinkie Pie.

“Ha—hah!” said Rainbow Dash, full of self-satisfaction—and then two hooves hit the floor hard. She’d been rearing, and there was something in her mouth, by the sound of it.

Applejack’s face fell, and she held her breath in dismay, waiting for the reaction. It wasn’t long in coming—but it came as quite a shock.

“Ahahahahaha! Hahahahaha!”

Pinkie Pie was cracking up. Applejack could imagine Dash’s sulky look, and heard a shuffling of hooves. Served her right. But wait—what did the laughter mean? Suppose it was just laughing in delight? Applejack hung on every second, waiting for more.

“Are you crazy, Rainbow Dash? What do you think you’re doing? I mean, geez, do you even know me at all? I’m shocked! After the time we’ve been together I’d think you’d understand me by now. Stop sulking and spit that ridiculous thing out!”

Applejack’s expression became the smuggest smirk ever. Poor silly Dash. She’d give her poor lusty darling some special attention, after some comforting. What a rejectio…

“You KNOW how Pinkie Pie does you!”

There was a sound. It was a slurp, much like Pinkie did when about to inhale an entire cake… using her rather startling… tongue.

There was a small clatter, as of a magical bit being willingly dropped on the floor.

Applejack’s smug look drained away like water in a flushing toilet, if toilets deposited shit in your heart. All of a sudden, she could barely move.

There was a clatter of hooves, a sound like a pony lying back on something, more hooves.

There was another slurp. It sounded awfully satisfied with itself.

There was a wet noise, like a tongue intruding into personal places—and a lewd, heady moan, with a fetching little squeak at its end, which could only be Rainbow Dash.

“No!” sobbed Applejack where she stood.

“Whb www wwwt?” came Pinkie’s voice, perplexed. It sounded like she had her tongue stuck in something.

“Nooo!” cried Applejack, and rushed the rest of the way up the stairs, to be confronted by just the sight she expected.

Rainbow Dash sprawled backwards over Pinkie’s bed, her legs thrown wide, and Pinkie Pie’s face was buried between them. She turned her head slightly and looked back at Applejack in astonishment, and her tongue didn’t immediately withdraw from Dash’s vagina. Then, with a slight tug, it did slither out of Rainbow Dash, and sort of dangled off the side of Pinkie’s mouth as the pink earth pony stared, dumbfounded.

“Oh, Dashie, please, no!” begged Applejack, her lip quivering.

“You’re too early!” complained Rainbow Dash.

Pinkie glanced back at her. Then, at Applejack. Then back at Dash—then back at Applejack, faster and faster, until with a squeak of outrage, she jumped to her hooves, and began to rage at Dash. “What is the matter with you? Dashie! You got a steady girlfriend and still you’re coming here, and you didn’t even tell me?”

Dash blinked. “What? It was gonna be a…”

“No! Oh no no no… don’t you know anything? Don’t you have any sense? Shame on you! Shame! on! you! Dashie! I ought to never lick you again! Just look at her, look at how you’ve hurt her feelings! How will she ever look me in the eye again? What have you DONE?”

Dash cringed, a little. “But…”

Applejack sniffled, leaking tears. “I think I best be going…”

“Nuh-uh!” cried Pinkie. She tried to approach Applejack, but the country pony shied away, trembling. Pinkie was undeterred. “Oh, no, don’t leave! You’re Dashie’s new girlfriend! And now you’re mad at her and you didn’t really understand what it would be like, being Dashie’s new girlfriend, did you?”

Applejack shook her head, blushing, and as feared, she wasn’t able to look Pinkie in the eye. She looked at the floor, and was plainly about to turn and run.

Dash looked stricken, lying on her back with spread legs, a slick and slightly parted marehood and a very guilty expression. “I’m… I’m sorry, AJ, I’m so sorry…”

“Naw…” mumbled Applejack, not looking up, “I’m gittin’ in th’ way, ain’t I? Here I come, yellin’ at you, and this is your life, ain’t it? I kin leave.” A tear dripped onto the floor.

Rainbow Dash’s stricken look worsened. Pinkie Pie’s glance caught it all.

“Oh no no no. Not like this,” said Pinkie. “This is NOT how it’s supposed to go. Even with a silly filly like Dashie. Think, think—think think THINK, thinkie pie, they need an answer!” She whirled to Applejack. “You! Don’t you dare leave, okay? Stay! Auntie Pinkie says for you to stay! You too, okay, Dashie?”

“Uh-huh,” said Rainbow Dash.

Pinkie moved closer to Applejack. “Can I touch you? I mean, are you being too freaked out? I just think you need a hug, or a nuzzle, or something. Being sad is no fun.”

“I don’t reckon I deserve an opinion,” mumbled Applejack, blushing very red.

Pinkie nuzzled Applejack. “Look up. Up! That’s a good girl! Did you ever have a girlfriend before? I mean, before Dashie swept you off your hooves?”

“It weren’t quite like that,” said Applejack. “Uhh… nope.” She looked up, a little. On the one hand, Pinkie was powerfully reassuring, a real comforting, cheerful presence. On the other hand, her lips were still a little glossy from Dash’s vagina, and it upset Applejack to recognize that scent on another mare’s lips and tongue.

“Did you ever have sex before, or were you a virgin?”

Applejack blinked, and protested, “Sure I had! A little bit, anyway! I ain’t no filly!”

“But,” pressed Pinkie, “not with girls, right? And not like the way Dashie does it, right?”


Pinkie’s eyes narrowed. “Hmmm. Hmmm! Hmmm. hmmmmmmm.”

“What y’all hummin’ about?” demanded Applejack, getting over some of her dismay at the familiar sight of Pinkie Pie being confusing and incomprehensible.

“I didn’t start humming, silly!” giggled Pinkie. “I’m just figuring out something. Maybe I can start humming later!”

Dash’s eyes widened. “Oh my gosh! You should! That is so what I wanted you to do…”

Pinkie whirled. “Shush! It’s not up to you.”

“I meant, for HER!” protested Dash. “What do you think I wanted to share?”

Pinkie’s eyes softened. “Awww, Dashie, you really are sweet on her, aren’t you? We’ll see. You sit tight, Auntie Pinkie needs to talk more.”

“Whut are y’all goin’ on about?” said Applejack. “She’s sweet on me? Not so’s you’d notice, I’m thinkin’!”

Before she could tear up, Pinkie was nuzzling her again, and insisting, “She is. She totally is, you silly, but you haven’t learned what that means and doesn’t mean. Listen. Rainbow Dash! You tell me—tell us—what did you come here intending to share?”

Dash piped up, “I wanted to share YOU, Pinkie Pie!”

Pinkie Pie turned to Applejack, triumphantly. “You see? You just didn’t understand what Dashie is like. What did she tell you? She told me someone special was coming. Did she tell you anything? You came here.”

Reluctantly, Applejack answered. “She tol’ me she had a surprise. Sure wasn’t lyin’.”

“Can I tell you something?” said Pinkie.

Applejack stared at her, fearfully. “What kinda somethin’?”

“This kind! I owe you one.”

“You whut?”

“I hope you’ll let me make it up to you for Dashie’s mean behavior.” Pinkie batted her eyelashes.

“An that means, specifically, what?”

“I don’t own Rainbow Dash. We just play. I’ve never played with you, because you never asked—but if I play with you now, maybe you’ll forgive Dashie for me playing with her, and you can be girlfriends again because you’ll be even! Well… you can start on being even. It’ll be a lot of work! It might be worth it, though. Can I? Can I can I?”

Pinkie hopped up and down. Applejack stared at her. “Now let me get this straight. You ain’t Rainbow Dash’s girlfriend…”

“Of course not, silly!”

“But you done stuck your tongue in her like you was fixin’ to french her from the other end…”

“Oooh! You know more than I thought you knew! I like the way you put it!”

“An’ now you’re fixin’ to have sex with ME?”

Suddenly, Pinkie wasn’t bouncing. Her lip quivered. It still smelled of Dash pussy.

“If… you want to.”

“Say yes, Applejack!” whispered Rainbow Dash.


“Don’t force her!” scolded Pinkie. “She gets to make up her own mind! Maybe she’s not like you, did you think of that?”

“Yeah, well, like you, too!” said Dash. “How’s she going to get up to speed without help?”

“Ah am already goin’ at a speed!” said Applejack. “I’m tryin’ to keep up with you, darlin’, it’s just awful hard! Please, can’t you try to understand? I don’t want to deprive you. I already watched you gittin’ busy with Fluttershy…”

“What?” blinked Pinkie. “Really? Fluttershy?”

Dash looked smug. “Yeah.”

“She’s not into mares!” said Pinkie. “Believe me, I’ve tried! You’re telling me you got a taste?”

“Magic bit thingy,” explained Dash. “Remember? I showed you.”

“Oh. That. It figures,” sniffed Pinkie.

Applejack glanced back and forth between the two. “Y’all serious, ain’t you? Y’all keepin’ score-cards.”

“Sex is fun!” said Pinkie. “And you have to keep track, so you don’t hurt feelings needlessly. Like SOME ponies might have done. Are you listening, Rainbow Dash?”

Applejack blinked. “An… you don’t care about the magic bit thingy? We kinda liked it. It don’t seem interesting to you?”

Pinkie Pie scoffed. “Please! First of all, ew, and secondly, I am insulted! If you think some boy appendage can in any way compare to the Pinkie Pie Magic, I just have nothing to say to that, other than you have no idea what you’re turning your nose up at. Which is your privilege, friends forgive friends even for being completely silly scaredy-mares…”

“Ask her!” whispered Dash, again. Spotting Applejack’s uncertainty, she was getting bolder.

Applejack blinked, and shook her head, staring hard at the proud pink pony. “Y’all sound pretty confident. An’ you’re talkin’ like it’s fun for you. Ya seriously just want mare parts? You wanted Fluttershy? I can tell you, Dashie weren’t lickin’ her. Not by half!”

“Good. I don’t have to be too jealous. Being left out is no fun. Of course I wanted Fluttershy, you silly! Haven’t you seen how pretty she is? She’s so feminine. And straight girls are always sort of like forbidden candy. And forbidden candy is just the best most delicious candy ever! I guess neither of us ended up having her. Oh! Except for the boy parts thing. But I don’t think that really counts, because ew.”

Applejack blinked. “That’s funny. Never thunk of it like that. Me, I kinda lost my damn mind because I’d always wanted Dash that w…” She blushed. Rainbow Dash snickered.

“Did she? I mean, ew, but I love you both so much and did you get what you wanted?”

“Naw,” said Applejack. “I did her.”

Pinkie’s reaction was unexpected. Her eyes widened, her nose wrinkled, she began to stick her tongue out then stopped, and her gaze got… hungrier. Applejack stared in complete confusion for a few seconds, and then worked it out. There’d been a big penis in Rainbow Dash, where Pinkie’s tongue had been. The thought dismayed her (though not intolerably), but then Pinkie had realized that there had been no penis in Applejack… who stood before her, possibly available.

Applejack considered the eager look on her pink friend, and hesitantly tested to see if she was reading things correctly. “An’ yes… weren’t no dick in me. Not for a loooong time, honey. More’s the pity. Does that help any?”

Pinkie bounced, her eyes wild and excited. “Really? Really really?”

“Geez, don’t make such a big deal out of it…” grumbled Rainbow Dash. “Does it really count if we’re all girls?”

“I guess I never thought of you in that way, Pinkie,” said Applejack. “No offense? Y’all sure didn’t give me much reason to think it. Is it okay if I ain’t… that much into lady parts?” She pointedly didn’t mention the feelings she’d had over Dash’s pert pussy.

“More for me!” said Pinkie Pie, her eyes still bright.

“An’ on the other hoof…” Applejack looked closely into Pinkie’s eyes. “Y’all thought about me in that way? Let me be real clear here. Y’all wanted to take that there tongue—and taste my marehood? Even if I’m a straight mare… what never had that done ta me before? Ever?”

Pinkie whimpered, softly.

Behind her, Rainbow Dash grinned. “Way to go, AJ!”

“Y’all quiet down, Dashie!”

Dash blew a kiss.

“I’m jes’ tryin’ to figure out how ragin’ gay this-all is!”

“Try her, try her. I wanted to show you—and look at her!”

Pinkie Pie was, indeed, in a pitable state. Her eyes pleaded, and Applejack realized that she’d led her friend on most cruelly, if she was going to change her mind. And… she wasn’t sure she was going to. It turned out that even with another mare, having someone staring at you like you were the best candy ever was gratifying. Applejack shifted from one hoof to another, feeling twinges of interest. Pinkie seemed to pick up on every last twinge.

“Dammit, Dashie, what the hay do I do?”

Dash rubbed her hooves together. “Come here. Lay down, like me.”

Applejack stepped over, glancing sidelong at Pinkie, who followed with tiny bounces and hops, as if too excited to walk normally. “That so? On my back, like that?”


“What she gonna do, Dashie? This is mighty strange…”

“You’ll see. What I’m going to do is cuddle you, and watch. Unless I have to get out of the way.”

“What for?” said Applejack. “Get outta the way of what now?”

“Kicking and thrashing and screaming,” explained Rainbow Dash.

“Ya got to be kiddin’ me,” said Applejack nervously.

Dash smirked. “I might not want to get out of the way. I can’t think of anything more romantic than holding you while you thrash and lose your pony mind. You have no idea… but you’ll learn.”

Applejack felt Pinkie’s head gently nudging her legs a bit farther apart, and gulped.

Pinkie took deep breaths, her eyes wide as she nuzzled closer and closer to her Grail—not simply a straight mare pussy, but one long neglected by pleasure of any sort, and to top it off, a dear friend who’d always exerted a special fascination. It was one thing to long to explore Fluttershy’s intimate places, but Applejack had been off limits simply because Pinkie had no desire to take a hoof upside the head.

Now, suddenly, the country pony had turned out all fillyfooler with Rainbow Dash—admittedly, if anybody could work that trick, it was the passionate pegasus—and was not only daring to try girls, but was beside herself in romantic love with Dashie, with no concept of what that would mean, and no concept of what loving mares would mean either.

It was time, thought Pinkie Pie, that she learned what good sex was all about. She nuzzled Applejack’s crotch lovingly, unhurriedly, bringing a gentle hoof up to massage the country pony’s mound, sniffing at Applejack’s tidy nipples—having a pony on her back was an unnatural position, and AJ was anxious and uncertain because of it, but it sure gave you access to all the mare parts at once.

Pinkie watched with yearning and a sort of pride as, thanks to her tender kneading, Applejack’s clitoral hood began to swell and jut forth. Up higher on the bed, Applejack only had eyes for Rainbow Dash, who kissed and nuzzled her with fervor, but possibly also to distract.

You do that, Dashie, thought Pinkie Pie. You loosen her up, get her comfortable. Not the first time we’ve teamed up, either, is it? But knowing you, you greedy thing, this may be the first time this beautiful mare has been pleasured the proper way…

It would be a privilege—and that would be a pleasure of its own.

Applejack’s body jolted, and her hooves curled, as Pinkie’s nose touched the crest of her vag, now standing out boldly. In the usual way of things, in the on-four-hooves-being-mounted way of things, this way of the equine body had practical significance. The jutting underside of the vagina was both signal to the stallion, and a sort of dock to receive the wayward penis.

Sprawled lewdly on a bed with legs in the air was different—different enough that Applejack’s heart pounded, though some of that was the sheer drama of not knowing quite what was in store. Dashie kissed her, getting in the way as Applejack wriggled, eyes wide, trying to see down between her parted legs. She felt her vag arching out like a cute little canopy, felt breaths against it, and was that another touch of Pinkie’s nose, even more delicately?

Applejack gulped, feeling a special sort of twitch down there. The attention had her wanting to squirm, and her body had figured out what was happening. She’d winked—her pussy had winked open at Pinkie, and the response was immediate. “THERE it is!” crooned the pink pony, fondly.

The delicate nuzzling of her clitoris continued, and another hot breath favored her intimate parts—and Applejack felt herself wink again, harder, and drew a shuddery breath—one that would be released in an equally shuddery sigh, but Rainbow Dash’s mouth devoured the sigh, her wings arching upward flamboyantly, her eyes ruby fires.

“Look at ME,” commanded Dash, and Applejack melted helplessly against the bed, legs falling wider, her pussy winking madly and going wet at the sudden stallionlike fierceness Dash presented. How could she possibly be this good? Applejack’s wildest dreams hadn’t been nearly as exciting. And yet, Dash wasn’t grabbing for the magic bit—she commanded all of Applejack’s attention, but a stray thought said, down there, by your mare-ly nipples and over your tail, something is still going to happen, and it ain’t Dashie’s magical dick…

Firm wetness caught Applejack mid-wink, and licked up the inside of her labia, not at all tentatively. She gasped, and cried out against Rainbow Dash’s aggressively kissing mouth, which only seemed to inflame Dash further, while the tongue—which seemed to be formed into a firm point—continued to explore the slick, expectant flesh, outlining the shapes and contours, working the edges, pressing hungrily where Applejack’s inner walls led deeper into a fevered sanctum that had not seen visitors for years.

Applejack could feel the bulk of Pinkie’s tongue against her, and still struggled to look down between her legs and see what was happening, but all of a sudden, Dash had her face in her hooves and again commanded, “Look at ME”, her eyes dancing—and Dash’s tail flicked, as if for some prearranged signal between two young mares who’d worked together before.

Applejack couldn’t resist the command, and her eyes were wide quivering pools of fillyish gaze rimmed with emerald—as Pinkie made her move.

Her tongue elongated, pointed, shoved—squeezing into Applejack’s slickened and expectant vagina with the urgency of a stallion-thrust, but it was like no stallion-thrust she had ever taken. The size was about right, but it was so squirmy and limp, and Applejack clenched onto it, eyes pouring shock and amazement into Dash’s amused gaze—and then, Applejack let out a wail that was muted by another fierce kiss, for the tongue had begun to do impossible, horrifying things.

The first thing Applejack noticed was a tensing of the wriggly mass in her, which already was a shock and a far cry from the male experience—but the thing that made her wail was completely unexpected. The end of the tongue had curled up and licked her—inside.

Applejack tried to endure it, but it was so creepy and strange—the bulk penetrating her didn’t even seem to stay the same shape. It’d swell with effort, go squishy in relaxation, tug partly out, thrust deeper—it would lick over her inner surfaces with a strange dedication, squirm and writhe like a snake. The worst part was how her body surged between arousal and denial. Applejack began to shake, and scream against Dash’s kiss, and the blue pegasus pulled back, looked in her eyes, and snapped, “Hey. HEY! Green balloon!”

The tongue ceased its mind-mangling writhings instantly, and Applejack panted, gazing up into Dash’s eyes.

“Hey,” said Dash, “are you okay? It’s s’posed to be good. You don’t look too good.”

Applejack caught her breath. Her heart was pounding alarmingly.

“Do you need her to stop? We can if you-”

“No!” gasped Applejack, and blushed a vivid red.

Rainbow Dash began to smirk. “I see! Maybe we’re just driving you too hard? You might not have experienced anything like it. There’s a reason we crave this, y’know. You looked kind of panicky. Do you need anything taken down a notch? We don’t want to hurt you… at least, not the first time!”

Applejack didn’t pick up on the implication. Her lip quivered as she asked, “If I get ta choose… can it be… a lil’ bit less weird? Somehow?”

Dash nodded. “Of course… best girl. As requested! Pinkie—do Mode Such A Waste.”

“Mm-hmm!” came Pinkie’s voice, from between Applejack’s legs.

“You don’t mind?” said Dash. “It might help.”

“Nn-nmm! ‘appy ‘ussy ‘aste ‘ettur!”

Dash laughed. “I love you, Pinkie! You can show off some other time.” She turned back to Applejack, her eyes twinkling and affectionate. “You’ll probably find this a little more familiar.”

Between Applejack’s legs, the tongue withdrew, slurping out of her, and before she could react to that, it was back, prodding at her vagina’s opening, but different.

“We love you, Applejack,” said Dash, “and she can give you what you want, too…”

That bulk prodded harder, and then with firm pressure it was parting her, sliding in, and this time it wasn’t doing crazy wriggly things. It was thick, solid, its muscle tensed, and it thrust deeper and deeper into Applejack’s quivering pussy, seemingly without limit.

“Uhhh!” moaned Applejack, melting against the bed.

“Hey, Pinkie,” smirked Rainbow Dash, “I think she likes it!”


Applejack moaned again, as the tongue pushed deeper, coming to rest against her cervix with an unexpectedly solid shove—a sensation that set her off, so that rather than a squirming wriggling tongue, it became a squirming wriggling mare around a very rigid shaft. Applejack clenched against the bulk of it, and it didn’t matter—it stayed firm, even hard, and the only reaction was a croon of delight from Pinkie.

Rainbow Dash watched, entranced, as Pinkie’s head moved tenderly back and forth, out-thrust tongue penetrating Applejack sweetly as the country mare melted around it. At the deepest point, Applejack could feel Pinkie’s mouth over her clitoris, feel the hot breath against her. She began to moan again, her gaze growing unfocused as the pink pony worked her magic—or some of her magic, the magic that Applejack could withstand. They moved so nicely, Pinkie’s head thrusting and withdrawing in languid grace, obviously savoring every moment, even shifting to work angles and pleasure Applejack better, and Applejack squirming and letting out breathy submissive little cries, surrendering herself to her lover in a way that Dash would never have guessed.

Rainbow Dash’s ear flicked as she considered things. She hadn’t really thought of the magic bit as something for her, more as something to be used on her—and which she was more than capable of using in turn, if pressed. But gazing on her best girl in the throes of lovemaking, seeing her gradually give way to quivering, melting mare-ishness, caused strange stirrings in Dash’s heart and brought up the longing to seize that beautiful body, work her will upon it, be the direct cause of that melting and those quavery, feminine cries nobody’d ever heard from the tough country pony.

More moans and croons filled the air, and a mischevious look crossed the very familiar territory of Rainbow Dash’s little face. And, un-noticed by the increasingly sex-drunk Applejack, Dash drew back and quietly disappeared from view.

Applejack writhed sensually, given over to her fantasies of stallions with strangely slippery cocks, when something new began to happen. Pinkie was making a noise. It was a sort of keening sound. It blended with Applejack’s lust, and seemed to perfectly express the feeling as that rigid tongue thrust into her again and again.

Then, Pinkie shoved forward unexpectedly, and the tongue thrust deep and rammed against Applejack’s cervix, and Applejack began to come, crying out sweetly and convulsing around the pretend cock. The effect this had was startling. Pinkie’s keening became a squeal, suddenly, like beams of sound and vibration shooting through Applejack’s excited clitoris, and Applejack began to buck on the bed, her cries turning to lusty screams of release.

It seemed to inflame Pinkie worse—she seemed to be struggling, her body twisting, and then her squeals became screams as well, and the tongue that had been imitating a penis abruptly lost all control and began to writhe and contort inside Applejack’s pussy even while she came.

Applejack exploded, eyes rolling back in her head, blowing her voice out in one sustained shriek. For a long moment, she dangled breathless over the chasm, and then her mind whited out and she lost awareness, driven for whatever reason completely beyond her limits and into a strange, impossible orgasm with a tongue writhing like a snake in her depths.

The tongue tugged out, to a thumping sound. Pinkie Pie had collapsed. Applejack fought her way back from the white-out orgasmic madness, feeling like a chew-toy, trying to lift her head and see what the hell had happened. Before she could, Rainbow Dash rose into view again, smirking dreadfully, parted her lips, and kissed Applejack passionately.

Applejack’s eyes widened. The taste of Pinkie Pie’s orgasmic juices was delicious, really, even when they were only coating Dashie’s tongue. And chin…

Past Dash’s ecstatic face, Applejack could see Pinkie getting to her hooves again. She was shaking and wobbling so badly that she didn’t make it the first time—fell on her butt, and had to struggle back up all over again. She was a sight, more unkempt than Applejack had ever seen her, a mass of curly mane with a dazed look—which grew faintly concerned.

“Dashie, you wicked thing,” said Pinkie, “you made me do that on purpose…”

“Uh-huh,” replied Dash, and returned to kissing Applejack, who lay stunned. Her body felt like a big purring jelly, and Pinkie’s flavor sure was strange though nice. She’d never tasted pussy before, or kissed a mare, and now she was doing both, with two different ponies, at the same time. Applejack blinked, trying to wrap her head around that one.

“Are you okay?” said Pinkie. “You look a little dizzy. Naughty Dashie did something to me that made me go kind of crazy with you that I’ll tell you late… oh my gosh, Dashie, you didn’t? You are! I’m sorry, Applejack, I would have warned you if I could! I kind of fainted!”

Applejack licked her lips—or, rather, licked Pinkie’s juices from her lips. Her expression was of dazedness and perplexity, and her ears were back.

“You did like it?” said Dash. “Uh, I guess I might have gotten a little bit carried away…”

“It was a privilege,” said Pinkie Pie, “the most wonderful thing, and I am so sorry if Dashie messed everything up but you were so special and exciting even if I can only get to do it once…”

“What do you mean, once? Look at her! AJ’s a puddle, she had to have loved it!”

“I am looking, Rainbow Dash, and I think you took things too far!”

“Yeah, well, as soon as she can talk she’ll compliment you and say you were the best thing ever! I had to give her the full Pinkie experience, didn’t I?”

“Just because you are a very jaded mare doesn’t mean…”

“She’s tough!” said Dash. “Give me a break!”

“She’s sensitive,” replied Pinkie, “and you should respect that! You shouldn’t have driven me to that, I owe her an apology for squealing on it, even if it does make you explode…”

Applejack stared at this conversation with wide, unguarded eyes, and her heart went out. On the one hand, her fierce little lover, capable of taking her savagely even through the body of an entirely separate mare. On the other, her dear friend who’d reduced her to a quivering puddle sexually and was now concerned for her well-being and happiness. Applejack loved them both at that moment, completely.

“Well,” said Dash, “you have to admit, you gave her the full treatment even if I forced you into it. She had to have loved it!”

“No, she might not have. She’s like a straight girl. Best candy ever, but that doesn’t mean she liked it. I’m not sure you understand these things, Rainbow Dash, I’m really worried that we’ve upset her…”

“Well, you know what to do? We ask!” said Dash, and they turned to Applejack—and fell silent, for the country mare’s expression was so hard to interpret. Longing, maybe a little tearful, happy but overwhelmed—they realized they really didn’t know the answer.

“It was such a privilege—thank you so much for letting me…” said Pinkie.

“It was great! Right? Applejack?”

“Don’t mind Dashie, you know how she is, and I just have to say thank you again…”

Dash stared at Applejack’s quivering lip. “AJ… come on, don’t you have anything to say to her?”

Applejack drew an unsteady breath. She still felt limp as a rag.

She gave a little smile—first to Dash, and then even more, to Pinkie.

“And you… call yourself… a vegetarian!”

Pinkie’s laugh chimed out, and all was well again.