Rainbow Dash squirmed in ecstacy, and let out a little moan that was really the best sort of alarm clock—it woke Applejack up, made her blood fizz with eager arousal.

Of course, that was nothing to the alarm clock she was offering her slutty pegasus.

She’d woken at her usual hour with her face nuzzling a riotously colorful mane, all unkempt with sleep, for Dash was an untidy sleeper who constantly tossed and turned. She’d looked down the length of her pegasus lover, that lovely trim form and tight little haunches. Dash’s leg had kicked gently in sleep and she’d watched the play of muscle under the cerulean flank… and had an idea.

It would never have occurred to her, before, but perhaps being Dash’s lover was teaching her how to be wicked, just as it was (hopefully) teaching Dash to be loving.

The magic bit was right there under the pillow—and then it was in Applejack’s teeth, and the magical erection was surging forth out of her nethers, and she carefully shifted her weight and position, grinning, taking great pains to touch the flare to Dash with utmost delicacy. Dash didn’t wake, and Applejack enjoyed the feeling of warm pegasus vag against her—and began cautiously to press harder. She felt herself tuck in, thought she felt Dash beginning to get wet against her… and then was rewarded with that delicious moan, and savored the sensations as Rainbow Dash’s pert rump squirmed against her.

One point for wickedness being good, then.

Applejack held back for another second, suddenly filled with the desire to take this all the way and enter Dash entirely, without waking her. It seemed absurd, but as Twilight had observed, Dashie was very jaded… and what if it was possible?

Applejack held her breath, and began to push with her hips, a gentleness that slowly built in pressure and urgency, and at first there was no reaction. Then, as she felt Dashie’s vag prying open, felt herself running into the taut band of muscle that normally held the flare in for safe keeping, her pegasus squirmed again—and Applejack’s erection popped into her lover. Dashie was indeed jaded. She’d taken an equine cock-head in slow motion without flinching, exactly what Twilight had been unable to do—and she’d done it without waking.

Applejack gazed, impressed, at Dashie, who felt so warm. Her ear flicked, and her ponypussy lazily squeezed at Applejack, an endearing, cozy sensation. The moment was magic.

Two points for wickedness being good. No question.

Applejack hesitated, considering that. She’d assumed that since Dash was so naughty, she’d like this—but if the tables were turned, Applejack wasn’t sure how she’d feel about it. You could say it was intrusive, in a mighty big way. She’d never so much as hinted that she would do such a thing, and now, feeling Dashie’s slick warmth around her, Applejack bit her lip fretfully. The deliciousness of the sensation was making her go more stiff, and she could tell she wasn’t going to be able to pull out—equine penises were made to not come out until they were done. She was stuck in her sleeping, gently wriggling lover, and hoped it wasn’t bringing on some disturbing dream.

Dash moaned again, and squeezed at the hardening stallionhood. Applejack held still, and then hesitantly gave a little push. Surely, if it was going to mean pleasure for Dashie, she had to do some moving? Dashie liked such rough play, that holding still might not make sense to her lovely body.

“…we hafta…” murmured Dash, and Applejack froze again. Words?

Dash’s rump tensed. “…no, silly…”

Applejack began to frantically calculate her chances of withdrawing, which were zero to nil, but her slutty pegasus wasn’t done dreaming.

“…the elements. noooo… we have to get the ‘lements… from the…”

Applejack’s eyes grew stricken. This had reminded Dashie of the fight against Discord?

“…no, it’s th’ wrong place… oh, but Celestia nooo… I’m not a door… that’s not a lock… oh… ohh… ooohh… oh don’t stop…”

Applejack’s jaw dropped open in disbelief. She felt quivering, eager squeezes against her cock as she stared helplessly at her pegasus lover. Ye gods and little green apples, thought Applejack, even in her sleep she out-perverts me, and I thought I was bein’ an awful bad girl—or boy? Whatever.

Dutifully, Applejack began to press with her hips, the stallionhood sliding easily into dreaming Dash’s agitated, slickened ponypussy. Dash’s ass quivered, and tensed around the hardness, and she moaned more loudly, her pleasure nakedly obvious. Applejack wondered how the hell you played along with such a fantasy. Could she even move her hips in such a way that her cock thrust like an alicorn princess’s horn? She cringed at even the thought, and took on a grumpy, stubborn look, and her thrusts stayed gentle but made no attempt to imitate anything more than strong earth pony hips. That, thought Applejack, was a damn sight more appropriate. Dashie was beyond belief at times, honestly.

Rainbow Dash squirmed in her sleep, crying out more boldly, and Applejack wondered if she was going to wake. Not wishing to be revealed as a horribly mundane disappointment, the earth pony slowed further, moved less, in hopes that Dashie could see the dream-fantasy through however twisted it might be—but the words had changed.

“…orchard… …why have you… …oh my gosh, so big…”

Applejack’s heart sank for a moment. Did Dashie have no limits at all? But then…

“…’plejack… oh yes…”

The dream had changed, then—had changed to something that had once been unthinkable, perhaps something that had haunted Dash’s dreams for years, and that now flew harmoniously alongside as reality. Applejack’s eyes teared up, as Dash called her name again—clearly still deep in dream, but a dream that had come true, a dream to wake to.

Heart full of tenderness for her mad, intoxicating pegasus lover, Applejack’s forelegs went around Dash’s body, and her hips joyously nudged forward, thrusting the magic stallionhood deep with effortless power—and Rainbow Dash shuddered and let out a cry of sheer ecstacy, one that was broken and wavered by the impact of orgasm, and her eyes flew open, unfocused, unseeing.

Applejack clung to Dashie lovingly, and got in another tender, forceful thrust as Dash’s legs kicked back and her wings flapped spastically—and then another firm thrust, a gentle gnawing on Dash’s wing-shank for just a moment, and as Dash squealed, Applejack unloaded a flood of come into her lover’s passionately convulsing pussy, and relaxed. Her job was done, except for holding her slutty pegasus close.

Rainbow Dash was limp and fevered. Her eyes were wide and full of confusion and wonder, and she panted, looking around. “How did… orchard… the… but…”

“Mornin’, sugarcube,” purred Applejack, smirking.

Rainbow Dash blinked, and shook her head. “But… Ooooh. You’re real!”

“Yep.” Applejack’s smugness was thick enough to butter toast. The glance she got back from Dashie was warm enough to melt the butter—and for a minute, there was nothing but the two ponies lying quiescent, the exhausted pegasus cradled in earth pony forelegs.

“Oh, Applejack—I had the most exciting dreams!”

“Really?” said Applejack. “Do tell—I can’t wait to hear this.” She spoke with some clarity—practice was improving her ability to talk with a bit in her teeth.

Dash looked thoughtful, then more and more frustrated. “I’m sure I did! I remember… I’m sure there was more than… awww!”

Applejack’s eyebrow lifted, skeptically. “It’s escapin’ ya?”

Dash’s face went sulky. “That’s not fair! I know it was… something really special, about.. a tower? Damn it! Why can’t I remember, I was just dreaming it like one minute ago!”

“Maybe,” suggested Applejack archly, “it’s a mercy.”

“Yeah but.. nnnnh!” said Dash. Applejack had shifted her hips, and the cerulean pegasus was quickly distracted, her eyes melting into pleasure again.

“Oh, Boss! Fuck the dream then—you’re the one who’s special!”

“So are you, sweetie,” said Applejack, with great conviction.

Silence and cuddling took over once more—Applejack lazily wondered what time it was. Just as she’d been learning naughtiness from Dashie, it seemed like she was also learning to sleep in. She was used to rolling out of a chilly, solitary bed to trot off and do chores, but trotting away from a warm post-coital pegasus was a whole other story, and Applejack had very little practice doing that. It seemed such an awful thing to have to learn, that she lingered for minute after minute, not even releasing the bit, holding Dashie close and feeling the tender sleepy squeezes against her magically-induced hard-on, with no reasonable plan for extricating herself, and no desire to find one.

That changed with horrible suddenness when she heard a loud rapping on the door, downstairs.

Applejack’s eyes flew wide in horror, and she spat the bit out and thrashed away the covers to a cry of “Hey!” from Dashie—who called out “Get back here!” to Applejack’s retreating rump as the earth pony galloped recklessly down the stairs, yanking the door open and preparing to apologize profusely to…


Lyra, staring politely back. Lyra, sniffing the air, asking “Was I interrupting something?”. Lyra, whose level gaze clearly suggested that wasn’t the only question she had in mind.

“Uh, that’s all right, sugarcube,” said Applejack breathlessly. “What’s on your mind? C’mon in and make yourself comfortable, how about?”

Lyra sniffed again. “I was interrupting something. Or somepony… actually, that’s what I came to talk about. There’s no good way to ask this so I’ll be blunt. Have you discovered some new way to fuck Twilight Sparkle?”

Applejack blinked. “What?”

“Well, I heard you and Rainbow Dash talking, and if you have a sharp eye it was fairly obvious Twilight had been mated, but she wasn’t talking about any new stallion in town…”

Lyra’s voice was matter-of-fact, but Applejack was startled by her apparent insight into private matters. The vivid green unicorn’s intelligence was widely known, as was her mercurial nature, but Applejack had never been the target of it and found it extremely disconcerting. Lyra kept looking her in the eye, in typical Lyra fashion, and seemed on the verge of flipping to some other mood at any moment, also in typical Lyra fashion.

“But… why would y’all need to know about such things, sugarcube?”

Lyra snorted, her eyes narrowing. “I would think that was obvious!”

“Who is it, Applejack? What do they want?” called Dash, from upstairs.

“It’s Lyra!” called Applejack. “She’s askin’ about… pers’nal matters!”


“Do you want to tell her about… you know?” called Applejack.

“No way!” cried Dash. “Really? Just a moment!”

“Oh no,” said Applejack, as hooves hit the floor upstairs. “She’s gonna show you…”

“Well, that’ll be quick anyway,” said Lyra, standing her ground.

Down the stairs trotted Rainbow Dash, bit in teeth, grinning around it, and up she reared, as Applejack winced and looked away. Wind blew pictures crooked on the walls as Dash flapped to keep her balance, and Applejack snapped, “Dashie! Behave!” which got her to drop to four hooves again, but also made her more erect.

“That?” inquired Lyra, politely.

“That,” agreed Applejack.

“Is it the bit thing she’s holding? It does look like the loophole I was wondering about, actually. How does it work?”

Rainbow Dash winked, her grin all the more predatory through bared teeth that clenched the magic bit. “C’mon upstairs. You don’t know how much I hoped you would ask that question…”

Lyra didn’t even blink. “To which I expect a verbal answer. Applejack?”

“Um… pretty much, Lyra, yeah. It’s th’ bit thingy. It grows you a dick, one all your own. Don’t take away your marehood, mind you, it just gives you a new thing.”

Lyra nodded. “How much?”

“Uh, depends on th’ pony. We all git different ones…”

“That’s not what she meant, Applejack,” said Rainbow Dash. “What are you… offering?” She smirked, around the bit.

“Nothing you wish me to offer, so I’ll deal with Applejack. How much?” said Lyra, to Applejack, again.

“Wait, y’all tryin’ to buy it off me? No deal! That ain’t fair to ask!”

Lyra sighed in exasperation. She sounded just like Twilight when she did, as if annoyed unicorns shared crankypants DNA somehow. “That is not what I’m asking! We’ll pay you very well for loan—uh, rental—of that item. Don’t ask me to beg or I’ll walk off right now. I hoped you would be sympathetic…”

“It’s not rented,” said Dash. “We share it. You can go right ahead ‘n share it with Bon Bon… if you let me share it w’ you, first.”

“Absolutely not. That answer is still no, Rainbow Dash,” said Lyra.


“Even if the method is different. No!”

Applejack glanced nervously back and forth between them. “Uh…”

“Well,” said Rainbow Dash, “it’s our thing. I found it. We don’t have to let you play with it, right?”

“I thought you wanted us to spread it around, Dashie!” said Applejack.

“Not to take it away and selfishly hoard it!”

“I would do no such thing!” snapped Lyra. “We need to borrow it, that’s all! I realize we have no right to it, but it is exactly the loophole we need…”

“So Bon Bon can’t convince you, huh?” said Rainbow Dash.

“What,” said Lyra haughtily, “is that supposed to mean?”

Rainbow Dash snickered. “Oh, just a little story about a certain earth pony… getting a wooden dick made in Fillydelphia, and having to throw it away unused, and how cross she was with you…”

Nothing else had affected Lyra’s poise, but that one got through. Her head dropped, she looked away, she glared up at Rainbow Dash venomously from under her mane.

“Why’d you do that, Lyra?” said Dash. “Maybe you don’t deserve to bring this toy home to her.”

Applejack was horrified. “Dashie! What is the matter with you? You apologize to Lyra this-”

“She has a point,” said Lyra, still glaring at Rainbow Dash.

“What?” said Applejack, and Lyra explained.

“She knows I’m with Bon Bon. This isn’t the first time she’s tried for me. I’m offended she doesn’t try for Bon Bon, but her friend makes up for it… and I didn’t know she knew about the toy. I’m ashamed now—but I can’t really help it. It’s a unicorn thing, what can I say? She thought she was offering me something nice when she got that. I’m sure what I said didn’t help…”

“Oh, really?” said Rainbow Dash. “In case we might still let you have it—what did you say?”

Lyra glowered, her turbulent moods clearly plummeting. “If you must know, something to the effect of ‘shitty crude physical earth pony piece of crap’… I was on the couch for a week. How nice of you to remind me.”

Applejack blinked, and her eyes narrowed. “Jes’ a minute. Not like I ever was Bon Bon’s bestest friend… but you called your lover a shitty crude physical earth pony?”

Lyra’s gaze shot to Applejack, pleadingly. “No! You see, now you misinterpreted it too! Why do you all have to jump to such conclusions? It’s the wood thing I was talking about, with its awful straps and all that…”

“Beg pardon?” said Applejack, still wary.

Lyra’s head dropped again. “It’s a unicorn thing. We don’t like… contraptions. They’re graceless. Magic is the way, whether it’s our magic powers or the magic of a natural touch. I eventually got Bon Bon to understand that. It makes sense that Twilight was happy with your thing, considering how…”

“She din’t say nothin’ about shitty crude physical earth ponies!” snapped Applejack, and Lyra winced, but shot another venomous glance her way.

“And I’m sure you’ve also approached her with a big wooden club strapped to your crotch, and she was equally okay with that?”

“I’m not sure that’s your business, missy!” said Applejack, and Lyra cringed.

“Hey, Boss…” said Dash.

“Whose house is this?” said Applejack.

“I could be clever and say it was ours—but first, d’ya have a couch you can exile me to?”

Applejack glanced at her… and looked back at Lyra. “Maybe we should talk again when we’re less ornery. Me and Dashie got some things to discuss, looks like.”

Lyra sagged, her head hanging low. “Of course you do. I’m sorry I troubled you…”

“You take it easy, you hear? Let us talk things over. I’ll git back to ya.”

Lyra was thinking. “But also… I don’t understand why you haven’t… Pinkie Pie!”

Applejack and Dash both blinked, but Lyra’s call proved remarkably insightful. Without a moment of hesitation, Pinkie Pie’s head popped out of a bush next to Applejack’s front door, and she gave Lyra a cheerful “Hi!”

“Pinkie Pie,” said Lyra.

“The one and only!”

“Firstly,” said Lyra, “the answer is still no to you, too. Stop following me around.”

“Awww!” said Pinkie, her tone suggesting she would do no such thing.

“Secondly, aren’t you shocked by this fake penis?” Lyra gestured gracefully with her horn towards where Dash stood, and dangled.

“Nah! Seen it!”

“Well—and I hesitate to put it this way, but I see no alternative. You’re a little bit like me, aren’t you—with mares?”

“Lots!” replied Pinkie brightly.

“Then,” said Lyra, “why aren’t you chasing Rainbow Dash now that she has an apparent mare penis—and leaving me alone?”

“Oh,” said Pinkie, “well if you want to fool around with THOSE things… not for me, nuh-uh! It’s a curse, I tell you, and you’ll be sorry! Don’t you want to just experience the pleasures of the tongue? Dashie likes the pleasures of the tongue!”

“You assume far too much,” said Lyra.

“And you,” said Pinkie, “have no idea how gifted I am at giving the pleasures of the tongue. No idea!”

“And that is exactly what I’ll embrace!” snapped Lyra.

“Yay!” cried Pinkie, and leapt out of the bush, moving around behind Lyra, but it was a mistake—Lyra’s trim hoof kicked out at Pinkie, and then she’d whirled and was facing the party pony, trembling with wrath.

“What?” said Pinkie Pie. “I thought you said…”

“I,” said Lyra, “shall embrace—continuing to have NO idea—about THAT.”

She stalked off with dignity, and they watched her go. Applejack thought she could understand Dash and Pinkie’s fascination, a little bit—Lyra was a stunning unicorn mare, proud and elegant and shapely, with a deer-like gracefulness and alertness. She was also, however, enraged, haughty and mercurial, and Applejack was relieved to see her go.

Pinkie Pie blinked cutely. “Oh well. Strike twelve! Next one will be lucky, I’m sure—because it’ll be a BAKER’S dozen!” She leapt in the air with a poing and dove back into Applejack’s shrub. Applejack blinked, and trotted out the door to look in and around the shrub. No Pinkie Pie could be found.

“How’d she do that?”

Rainbow Dash spit the bit out onto the floor. “I’ve never dared to ask. Some things, pony was not meant to know. Know what I mean, Boss?”

Applejack trotted back. “Soooo… Lyra figured out what I did with Twilight.”

“Yep,” said Rainbow Dash.

“Lyra wants to rent the bit thing out, but won’t play with you or Pinkie. Pinkie won’t touch it but shows up here anyway. FLUTTERSHY!” shouted Applejack.

From the other bush, on the other side of Applejack’s front door, a butter-yellow pegasus burst with a flapping of wings. She got about five feet in the air, apologizing all the way, and touched down to gallop away as fast as she could. Applejack and Rainbow Dash watched her run off, until she was lost to sight, and then Applejack resumed.

“Fluttershy spies on us, takes advantage of my ignorance and cain’t get enough dickin’ now that she’s had some—and Twilight seemed to be jes’ darling but now I’m scared there too. Dashie?”

“Yeah, Boss?”

“Y’all think this magic bit thingy is causin’ more problems than it solves?”


That evening, a figure trotted cheerfully through the Ponyville town center, turning more than a few heads and drawing more than a few stares and comments.

The knock at the door of Sugarcube Corner seemed superfluous, for Pinkie kept the door to her apartment open. Pinkie trotted over to see who it was.

“Dashie! Uh… I think you made a mistake!”

Rainbow Dash stood there, a merry smirk on her face and the bit between her teeth.

“Nh-uh!” she said. “I h’d an idea! It’s a really g’d idea, too!”

“Spit that out so you can talk!” said Pinkie. “Did you come all the way here like that?”

Dash rolled her eyes, but complied, and the bit clunked on the floor at Pinkie’s feet, causing her to hop back as if it contained a force field of badness within it.

“Yeah! Lyra was figuring things out, and if she and Bon Bon are talking about it, everybody will know, so I went right out in public this way because why not? I like it. I never got to go around packin’ a dick before. And if I move my hips right, I can thump it against my belly, check it out, I’ll show you!”

Dash went to grab the bit again, but Pinkie squeaked, “No! Not until you tell me why you brought that thing here!”

“Oh! It was because Lyra came to see us. I got reminded of something. Did you ever notice the size of Bon Bon’s clit? That’s not even a question, we’ve talked about it, though you seem to be more into that than I am.”

“Yeeeeessss?” said Pinkie Pie, warily.

“And I know you’re a demon for sucking on large clits, because you’ve done it to me every way I can even imagine, and you know I love that, bigtime. Right? But mine isn’t anything like as big as Bon Bon’s. Right?”

“I’m not sure I understand what you mean…” said Pinkie, as if she feared she did understand all too well what Dash meant.

“Well, you gotta help me out with something!” said Rainbow Dash, and dove for the bit before Pinkie could stop her. The magical cock shot forth, Pinkie Pie recoiled, and Rainbow Dash pounced, bowling Pinkie over and grinning into her too-wide eyes.

“I think this ‘s a clit! It acts like it comes from th’re! I think that’s how the magic does it! You gotta look f’r me, I can’t bend over that far t’ see. Is my clit still there or does this sort of merge with me there?”

Dash whisked around, presenting Pinkie with her rump and mare-parts, and the party pony cried out, “I don’t know, I don’t know! Maybe… I can’t look! Stop, please stop!”

“But… if it’s a clit, then… you could do your Pinkie magic and suck on it, and that would be…”

“Urk!” went Pinkie, gagging, and rolled away, holding her head, curling up in a fetal position.

Dash froze. After a moment of silence, staring at her dear friend and lover, Rainbow Dash dropped the bit to the floor with an audible clunk. She opened her mouth to speak, and then thought better of it. Kicking the bit carefully with one hoof, she scooted it across the floor, out the doorway, and halfway down the stairs, making mental note of where it ended up. Having done this, she returned.

“Uh, I fucked that up real good, huh?”

Pinkie Pie didn’t answer.

“Pinkie?” said Dash. She crept around to where she could see Pinkie’s face, and the pink pony was crying a little bit and staring at nothing, with a stricken, wounded look in her eyes.

“Uh, Pinkie, it’s me. I put the bad thing away. I put it in the hall. Do you think Mrs. Cake will try to clean it up? I want to leave it there but I don’t want anything to happen to it, Applejack would kill me.”

Pinkie blinked. “Uh-uh,” she managed.

“Uh-uh as in nothing will happen to it?” continued Rainbow Dash, whose plans were now going moment by moment.

Pinkie shook her head. “I sweep the stairs. We agreed it’s part of my apartment.”

“Oh, shit. Do I need to put that thing farther away? Talk to me, Pinkie, I’ve never seen you like this before!”

“Nuh-uh,” said Pinkie softly. She kept staring at nothing.

Dash gulped. “Okay… I am so not wanting to hear the answer to this but… Pinkie, do you need me to go away too?”

Pinkie Pie hesitated, and the three seconds was a horrible eternity for Rainbow Dash.

Then, she shook her head, a small movement but a clear one. She still wouldn’t look at Rainbow, and the terrible sad look wouldn’t leave her eyes… but Pinkie cleared her throat and took pains to make herself clear. “Nope. You can stay. It was just not a good thing to think about.”

Dash’s wings fluttered in dismay. “Thanks… I, uh, I’m sorry. You know that, right? Did… did something happen to you onc…”

Rainbow Dash trailed off into silence, because suddenly Pinkie was looking right at her, and it was anger in her eyes now.

“You are not very clever, Rainbow Dash! Maybe I spoke too soon!”

Dash teared up. “I’m sorry! I’m so fucking sorry, oh my gosh! Shit!”

“No, calm down,” said Pinkie, her tone softening, turning singsong. “Everypony calm down, Dashie calm down, Pinkie calm down… everything is going to be okay and we’ll be happy, we’re good at that, I can feel it on the way. Calm down Dashie, calm down Dashie. You’re a silly filly.”

“Yeah,” sniffled Dash. “I am totally that. I’m a silly filly, exactly.”

“Do you need a hug, Dashie? I do.”

No sooner did Pinkie say this, than she was swept into Rainbow Dash’s frantic embrace, and the hug was so heedless that Pinkie Pie had to giggle fondly at it. “Oof, Dashie!”

“I’m sorry!” said Dash, and hugged gentler.

Pinkie Pie rested her head on Dash’s shoulder. “Mmm. Silly filly. My favorite,” she said, and the two cuddled for a while, before Pinkie lifted her head to look at Dash with curiosity. “You’re not making excuses or being tough, Dashie. And you haven’t groped me, and I was kinda expecting it. Are you feeling okay?”

Dash stared back out of wide, vulnerable eyes. “Uh… am I doing it wrong?”

“No, silly, you’re doing it different,” said Pinkie. “Is it… oooh! I bet it’s that sweetie Applejack, her influence is turning you girly!”

Dash blinked, and looked shocked. “Oh, shit!”

“Don’t you be a worry McWorryson! I like how you usually are—to a point!” said Pinkie. “Right now, this new you is just perfect. I don’t want to go out and party quite yet, Dashie. Right now… you just keep doing that, okay? Pinkie needs girly.”

Rainbow Dash cuddled her lover for minute after minute. Her wings reached forth hesitantly, but wouldn’t quite go all the way or wrap Pinkie in their light blue fluffiness, for they were another’s—and Dash shifted uncomfortably, trying to figure out what more to give that was hers to give.

“Pinkie? I’m tryn’a think of how to give you more girly. Ya want to eat my pussy?”

Dash then wished she hadn’t said it, for she’d put it in typically blunt and rude fashion, and Pinkie had looked away. Damn that magic dick, thought Rainbow Dash—it really was making problems, it was freaking everypony out. Pinkie was reacting like she’d still find a magic cock down there, or like the memory of it haunted her—but then Pinkie was meeting her eyes again, and answering.

“If you could just give me an eensy weensy minute so Pinkie can get her head straight, okay, Dashie?” said Pinkie Pie. “I love you… just give me a minute…”

“No,” said Dash, “not like this! You’re still thinking about… aha! I know!”

With that, Rainbow Dash let go of her friend and lover, and gave her a shove, flipping her over onto her back. Pinkie squeaked, and then let out a cackle of her own, for she felt Dash’s head diving between her own legs. “Whee!”

There was Pinkie’s cute mare-pussy, starting to glisten, and Rainbow Dash prepared to demolish and lay to waste…


Dash screeched to a halt, metaphorically. What had she been learning with Applejack? Why did she have to constantly turn everything into a battle or a race? Here was a dear friend and bed-mate, who’d just been upset, and even then her first instinct was to erotically attack and produce a bigger orgasm than anypony else could manage? And then what—go home? She’d done that at times, too!

No no NO.

Rainbow Dash looked at the equine vagina inches from her nose as if she’d never seen it before. Her mind was full of tactics—places to lick, rub, little spots and sequences of activity sure to win, and the plans seemed to hover in the air as Pinkie settled back comfortably, willing as always to be performed upon, happy as always to give herself over to wanton ecstacy in the service of proclaiming Rainbow Dash the best oral sex giver in Equestria. This, from a pony whose gifts were very special—but Pinkie had somehow always understood that Dash had to be the best, and she’d always let herself go completely in Dash’s hooves.

Pinkie’s delectable marehood lubricated further, and Pinkie gave a happy sigh, her legs parting further in relaxation and willingness. Her fluffy tail, then her hips, squirmed as she loosened up, and Dash’s glance upwards caught Pinkie’s sensuous, fond, half-lidded eyes looking back down at her.

Rainbow Dash leaned in deliberately, and kissed Pinkie’s puss. No tongue, no flash or aggression—a soft, lingering, romantic kiss delivered to Pinkie Pie’s expectant mound. Rainbow’s eyes closed gently, and she savored the feeling.

When she opened her eyes again, Pinkie’s were wide in amazement—and Rainbow smiled, nuzzled, kissed her down there again.

“Oh, Dashie!” breathed Pinkie, and love was in her voice.

When Pinkie began to wriggle with pleasure, Dash was there for her—a little scrap of a cute pegasus tongue licking up the glistening nectar. There was no hurry, no pressure, as Dash made sweet love, her tongue exploring all over Pinkie’s vag, making a point of not driving the quivering pony too hard, but gently licking and suckling so tenderly on cozy lips and swelling clit, pausing (but not too long) to just nuzzle the inside of Pinkie’s thighs and look up into the adoring gaze shining down upon her.

“Nhh! SO girly….” breathed Pinkie Pie, writhing in slow motion as Rainbow Dash led her sedately onward. Pinkie’s body had begun to tremble, harder and harder, and as Rainbow Dash took her sweet time, Pinkie’s eyes grew wider and wider—and then, finally, began to narrow, the earth pony’s body tensing, her squirms becoming more heated.

“Ohhhh… just a little more… and… and… Dashie, finish me! Oh baby, now, now!”

Rainbow Dash glanced up quizzically—even this didn’t bring up her usual ways, and she was positively astonished with herself. Applejack’s stunt with the making of sweet love seemed to have broken some sort of wall down, and Dash found that her heart went out, rather than a competitive urge to outperform. She did not suddenly assault Pinkie with sensory overload—but she responded without a moment of hesitation.

Rainbow Dash’s eyes fell shut, and her face thrust forward, her mouth covering Pinkie’s mound and her tongue stiffening and extending, sticking out to penetrate Pinkie’s agitated marehood—and with gentle nuzzling motions, and her tongue wriggling inside her lover, Dashie proceeded to croon and moan directly into Pinkie’s pussy, her powerful moans resonating and vibrating Pinkie’s clit and everything else Dash’s mouth was against.

For a moment, the only sound was that muffled moaning, heard clearly even through an earth pony vagina, and then the air was split with a squeal of ecstacy—another—and then Pinkie Pie was panting and crying out incoherently, her body bucking against the bed as she tried not to thrash away from Dashie’s wonderful mouth.

Rainbow Dash allowed herself just a bit of old Dash spirit, by carefully picking the right moment to relent. She took Pinkie right to the point of almost exhaustion—not to exhaustion, not fainting or losing herself, but to the exact moment Dash figured would leave her the most joyful, without it being tainted with alarm or impressedness. At that moment, she tenderly withdrew, with a last kiss.

Pinkie seemed to be surprised, still waiting, her body flooded with pleasure but her mind still expecting the last hungry devouring of her senses. Her eyes blinked, blinked again, and then she seemed to understand, and she teared up, and quavered “Oh, Dashie…” and Rainbow Dash went into her trembling, clinging embrace.

They rested, glowing, for a while, and then Pinkie seemed to jolt. Rainbow blinked, and looked at her, and Pinkie jolted again, and then couldn’t hold it in any longer and burst into loud, giggling laughter, hugging Dash joyously. Whenever she looked at her she started laughing again, and finally Dash asked, in a tone that combined love and exasperation, “What?”

“I’m sorry…” giggled Pinkie. “But… Rainbow Dash, you got taught how to be girly by Applejack!”

Dash thought about that one for a moment, and then she was laughing too. “Sheesh! I know, right? You liked it though, huh?”

“Oh, Dashie! Um… About that… I got this itty-bitty idea that maybe you were trying to be just a loving mare, not the superstar of the bedroom I know so well, and, and just possibly you did NOT intend to give me the best ride of my life? Hmmm?”

“Is that okay? Do you want me to do it again but more like…”

Pinkie’s hoof gently shut Dash’s mouth. “Shh! Just nod if it’s true—‘I, Dashie, had no intention of giving Pinkie Pie her best time ever. I was just ignoring all that and making love.’ True?”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes were nervous, but she nodded.

Pinkie leaned up to kiss her on the nose.

“Oopsie! It was, anyway!”

Dash blinked. “What? But… I didn’t even…”

“Shh! Think about that sometime. I love you, Dashie. Now, I’m going to ask, did you have more stuff to do tonight, or for any reason did you want me to let go of you and allow you to fly off and be wonderful somewhere else? I feel so much better, it would be okay. I promise, you can be anywhere you want to be, right now. I’m not even doing anything else. I’m just going to sleep now because nothing, NOTHING could possibly make this night better.”

Rainbow Dash kissed Pinkie, as if to depart.

“Yeah, well… About that… I’m already where I want to be right now,” she said. “I hope I’m not too heavy a blanket! ‘Cos I’m going to sleep too, right here.” And she snuggled down against the surprised earth pony.

Pinkie Pie let out a happy sigh, and cuddled Dash closer.

“…oopsie, looks like I can be wrong in nice ways too…”

Before long, Pinkie snored. Dash expected it, and didn’t mind. She lay awake for some time, thinking about the bit, about Applejack, about the way it was changing all of them. Pinkie thought it was a curse (though she had personal reasons for reacting as she had). If it wasn’t a curse, it sure was a challenge. Rainbow Dash loved a challenge, and her best girl Applejack loved them no less, but Dash wondered how fair it was to drag others into these strange matters. Everypony liked body sex (if they were honest with their feelings), but not everypony liked a challenge.

Rainbow Dash, who had just challenged herself with a feeling called ‘love’, faced a new and disconcerting feeling as she drifted off to sleep. It was called ‘caution’.

In the morning, the day was bright and cheerful. There was plenty of time to have breakfast, before Weather Patrol.

The breakfast nook was extra cozy with two giggling ponies stuffing it over-full.

The breakfast was sweets and danishes, a huge contrast with Applejack’s country breakfasts, and Rainbow Dash felt herself being filled with quick-burn, temporary energy with each danish and donut.

The cleaning up was an equally big contrast—where Applejack washed everything as soon as it was available, sometimes in the middle of cooking, Pinkie Pie added to a teetering pile of crockery in the sink.

The farewell was lazy and lingering, and both Rainbow and Pinkie found themselves delivering many half-lidded, sensuous gazes, getting the most out of the glow that went along with a new intimacy.

The stairway was not swept or cleaned in any visible way—but the magic bit was gone.

“Dashieee!” cried Pinkie Pie, as she watched a blue streak rocket away. This time, there would be no catching Rainbow Dash, who sped home to Sweet Apple Acres to say she was sorry, to see if the bit had returned to Applejack’s pillow, or worse, to see if it hadn’t…

It hadn’t. Dash panted, standing in their bedroom with her legs wobbling, trying to think.

It had been her fault the thing was left unattended in a corridor. There were several ponies who could have taken it, and one who should have taken it—Applejack.

The trouble was, Rainbow Dash knew she’d slept very lightly, in the manner of a pegasus not sleeping on a proper cloud. It was a small price to pay and she’d make up for it—she slept very soundly with Applejack, fortunately—but it meant she was certain she’d not heard anypony coming up the stairs. The door was even left open! There was no way she’d have missed anything taking that bit, even Gummy.

Rainbow Dash winced. That was a hell of a thought…

Looking around, she noticed something else. The bed wasn’t made. Applejack had a thing about straightening the blankets when she got up, so they hung neatly over the sides and came up over the pillows. That morning, she’d leapt out of bed to answer the door for Lyra, and Dash had got up after her, throwing the blankets to the side in a mess. Applejack had gone straight to work on the farm, forgetting the bed—yet here it was, exactly as Dash had left it the previous morning. Applejack had not slept here.

What had happened last night?