“Comfortable?” inquired Princess Luna.

“Trixie is not comforted—MISS Luna!”

The little blue unicorn sulked in the middle of the cave floor. She’d been left in the dark, when the Princess departed to run Canterlot errands. She could have lit the cave with all manner of magical fireworks, but Trixie felt it was prudent to save every bit of magical energy in case she could use it to escape.

Luna’s eyes narrowed. “We must insist on the honorific. We have every bit as much right to it as your previous owner had…”

“Trixie wonders,” sneered Trixie, “if there are other things you think you have a right to!”

“Oh, your toys?” yawned the Princess. “Poor foolish little pony. We will not speak of the rod, that is more a gift for your sort—if you are good, which you are not. But the other one? Forsooth, thou hast misused a precious thing!” She seemed to catch herself, and went on. “The Lulamoon magic bits—oh, you thought you had invented them? The magic bits have always been dedicated to my service.”

Trixie looked startled, then rebellious. “Then you’re saying, when Trixie sought a power source, she drew on her… heritage?”

Luna looked at her. “And a proud, misunderstood heritage, indeed. Let us be clear: your line stretches back into history, to a time when your kin served me. I believe this desire to serve has led you to strange places in your life, little pony. May I suggest that, perhaps, it has led you to… how shall I put it… try and force other ponies to meet your needs, ones that should not be influenced in such a direction?”

Trixie repressed a wince. Twilight had come a long way—reluctantly.

“Trixie sees through your pitiful attempt to fool her!”

Luna blinked. “Fool? We dislike thy tone, little pony, and would counsel… wait, excuse me.” She shook her lovely head, and the flowing, magical mane thrashed briefly, throwing off glittery sparks. “I am not trying to fool you. I’m doing a difficult thing which is best for everypony, and would appreciate more cooperativeness…”

“Hah! Trixie will not be mentally dominated by the likes of you!”

That caused Princess Luna’s eyes to go wide, and then she glared. “Insults! We are being the soul of reasonableness, in our opinion! We are trying to be kind and make the best of your unfortunate situation, and you call that mental domination?”

“Failed mental domination!” sneered Trixie.

Princess Luna rolled her eyes, exasperated. “No, girl. That is courtesy, and negotiation, and seeking the best for my own little pony while she lasts, from the first moment to her last precious breath. Lulamoons served willingly, Miss Trixie Lulamoon, and so shall you. And that was not mental domination.”

“Failed…” began Trixie.

“This is,” said Princess Luna, and concentrated.

Trixie squealed, her psyche caving in, dragged into a sudden abyss of horror and misery, her vision darkening to a tunnel. Then, she soared, glowing, too rapt to breathe, looking upon Princess Luna and quivering just to allow her eyes to caress the exquisite dark alicorn form, those supple long legs, the elegant lean curves of her heart-shatteringly arousing body. Then, terror gripped her and she froze, her eyes locked on the Princess’s, her soul a crawling little worm unworthy to be squished by those glittering hooves…

Trixie suddenly was herself again—panting, staring wildly at the utterly impassive alicorn.

“That was mental domination, Miss Trixie Lulamoon. Be courteous enough to know the difference. Let us begin again. As your new—your PROPER—owner, your princess wishes to know: are you comfortable? We can adjust the temperature of this cave, while the moon is yet full, and we shall bring furnishings to suit your tastes. We suggest not starting right off with chains and shackles—even if you wished such, we feel a relationship must be forged to support such extreme intimacies.”

Trixie was speechless.

“If you would be so good,” suggested Princess Luna, “some lesser intimacies would be appreciated—perhaps as an introduction to the deeper ones we will eventually share.”

The magic bit had rolled over to lie entreatingly in front of Trixie. She didn’t look at it, she looked only at Luna, in shock, and made no move to take hold of it. Luna had sighed.

“We would fain remind thee that we have just demonstrated mental domination, and point out the difference between such… and a simple request…”

The little group of ponies trotted on into the night.

“This the right way, Twilight?” called Applejack. “There’s a pass up there by that ridge where th’ footing is steady, I reckon…”

“Slow down!” squealed Rarity. She was taking up the rear, staggering under the weight of apparently a great many provisions, her saddlebags unfashionably stuffed, and she was sweating, which did nothing to improve her mood.

“Sorry, sugarcube, maybe us outdoors ponies are settin’ too much of a pace…”

“Just slow down a little,” gritted Rarity. “I’ll keep up. Don’t even suggest that I won’t match you.”

“Match me?” laughed Applejack. “Y’all sweatier than a colt sniffin’ at his first filly-flower…”

“Thank you for that, Applejack,” said Rarity, setting her jaw and struggling onward.

Twilight didn’t look great either. Rainbow Dash trotted beside her, looking worried, not saying much. She glanced over as Twi cleared her throat, but it wasn’t Dash she wanted.

“Applejack? Can I talk with you?”

Rainbow rolled her eyes, but dropped back, muttering, “…sooner we find Trixie, the better!”

Rarity greeted her. “Fancy… meeting you here! Charmed, I’m sure!” she panted.

“Yeah yeah,” said Rainbow. “Hey, you look pretty winded. Want to trade? Mine’s lighter, I bet.”

Rarity lifted an eyebrow. “Are you serious? I am tempted, I’ll admit.”

“I’ll carry almost all of your things, sure,” said Rainbow casually.

Rarity’s sidelong glance met Dash’s challenging gaze. “Don’t tell me…”

“Yeah, that’s the condition. I shouldn’t have to carry that,” said Dash. “You can carry it. In your mouth.”

“In your dreams,” retorted Rarity.

“I’ll take care of my own dreams, thanks,” said Dash. “Just checking up on somepony else’s dreams. Call me thorough.”

“I call you impossible!”

“Hey, didn’t I tell you I was the royal penis inspector? I told you, nothing but the best, and I meant…”

“Knock it off back there!” yelled Applejack, and the two fell silent, and Rarity struggled on with her own self-imposed burdens.

Twilight winced. “I’m sorry. I should have seen it would be a problem…”

“Never you mind. We’ll all manage somehow,” said Applejack. “Now, what’s frettin’ ya?”

Trixie had stared at her captor, then, in rank disbelief. “Can Trixie have heard you correctly? You kidnap Trixie, snatch her from her beloved, threaten her life, and now you want fucking?”

Luna sulked, pouting outrageously. “We most certainly do not threaten your life…”

Trixie pounced upon the point. “Derailing one’s life until it ceases is tantamount to taking that life at the point of its interruption! Trixie must ask, what would be the difference to anypony else?”

“The difference,” said Luna, “is mercy. Understand, you are indeed being killed, Miss Lulamoon—in the sense you mean. You are being removed. Listen—I will try to speak plainly and personally, so I don’t muddle things. I tell you, I am certain in my decision. I will not lie to you, there is no need…”

“Yet you perpetrate a deception upon all Equestria without a second thought!” said Trixie. She racked her brain, determined to defeat the renegade alicorn. “So, you claim you won’t lie?”

“We nev… I never said that, little Lulamoon. Wresting you from your former owner without harming her calls for deception; indeed, cunning. I said I would not lie to you, and I shall not.”

“But you are harming her!” began Trixie, but Luna froze her with a look.

“You’ve taken quite enough of her innocence. My sister always cherished it—perhaps to a fault, but that is immaterial. You won’t be destroying it further.”

Trixie sat, frustrated, undaunted. Luna watched her silence. When she broke it, it was very gently—slyly.

“She’d want you to be happy…”

“Trixie will get out of here and rejoin her if it is the last thing Trixie does!”

Princess Luna was not impressed. “It won’t be. This makes a servicable tomb. Not even in death will you depart this cave…”

“Where does air come from, then? Hah!” said Trixie.

“We will have to change it, of course,” said Luna. “It is a large complex of caves, years would pass before it became stale, little pony. We can magically transfer air from the outside, and shall. That is a promise.”

Trixie fell silent again, staring at nothing, thinking.

“She’d want you to soften me up…”

“Will you shut up?” demanded Trixie.

“Manners, little Lulamoon,” chided Luna.

“What on Equestria is your problem? Are you that desperate? Trixie was not that desperate even with a cursed magic bit following her around!”

“She’d want you to soften me up,” repeated Luna, “as if you could overcome me were I left sated.”


“Oh, yes,” said Luna, conversationally. “It won’t happen—I promised not to lie to you—but still, Twilight would approve of you trying.”

“You are that desperate. I can smell you.”

Trixie jumped back, then, for Princess Luna banged a hoof on the stone floor of the cave, with a crack that reverberated endlessly in the distance. The cave was indeed huge: the Princess hadn’t lied about that either.

But rather than rage at her captive, the princess hid her face in the crook of her hoof, and Trixie watched curiously.

“Oh for… Listen. Trixie. Shall I speak frankly?” said Princess Luna.

Trixie nodded, warily, and Luna continued.

“Damned right we are desperate—I mean, I am desperate,” said Luna. “I haven’t been fucked in a thousand years. When I was brought back, all my ponies were gone, lost to history. The times are not fit for me either. I can make you very happy in every way you desire. Doubtless I will, in time… but for now I am very lonely, and very horny, and it goes both ways. You need me—but I need you.”

Trixie watched, hoping to spot the trick.

“I watched you that night, little pony. Not so little of a pony, either! I am tall, but my body is slim, and I have centuries of experience telling me what feels delightful. For you, the discipline of the rod felt delightful—but I am sure the warmth of your lover felt delightful as well. I say that you in turn would feel delightful, and I admit that it influenced my decision. It was not the only reason—my arguments still hold, but I have a personal interest—dear pony, dear legacy, dear Lulamoon kindred.”

Trixie gulped. This sounded like romance. But could it be manipulated? Would Twilight indeed advise her to sway the alicorn with lovemaking? Trixie had no special kink for monogamy more than any other pony—though she had an uncomfortable feeling that Twilight’s inexperience predisposed her to that.

Princess Luna wasn’t finished.

“We can build up to all the grovelling submission your heart desires later… but…”

The alicorn Princess gulped, allowing herself to seem vulnerable.

“How about you pretend I have only kidnapped you for a night of passion? Just as you are one of mine, so also am I yours. My heart is yours, and my body is yours… As a gift for the Princess that is truly yours—no, as a personal favor, dear mortal pony! Please take up that bit, and give me what I so desperately need.”

“If Trixie does this… might she earn special considerations?”

Princess Luna looked sorrowful. “We shall see.”

Trixie had risen to her hooves, and stepped towards the magic bit where it lay.

“I can’t stop thinking about what I sensed,” said Twilight.

“You said…” and Applejack gulped, “th’ bit was in use. Hers, I mean.”

“That’s it. That’s exactly the problem.”

“You think maybe Princess Celestia…”

“No, stop, hear me out!” said Twilight. “I wonder if maybe I’ve jumped to conclusions?”

“That’d be a first,” grumbled Applejack, trotting steadily on.

Twilight dropped her head, wincing.

“Sorry, sugarcube. Long day?”

“You can say that again,” admitted Twilight. “And yeah, I get it, it’s not the first time I’ve been carried away by stuff—but hear me out, okay? What if Pinkie’s right? What if Princess Celestia is blameless—and Trixie just ran off?”

“All right, what, Twi?”

Twilight kept pace with Applejack for a while, gathering her thoughts. When she spoke, it was in a rush.

“I don’t know if I did the right thing, hitting her. She so wanted something like that, but what if I did it all wrong and it showed her that I wasn’t a good pony for her? All I wanted was to be hers, to meet her needs, but it went into such strange places, Applejack! I have such a hard time understanding. It’s like another world, and she lives in it all the time. I just visit it. What if she gave up on me and went off to this other world? And met a pony who’s doing stuff to her, and they understand each other and are happy right from the start?”

“In a big cave in dragon country?” blinked Applejack.

“Oh,” said Twilight. “That. Um.”

“Ain’t many ponies in those parts, I got to say… are you sure that’s where you felt it, Twilight?”

“I’m completely sure. I was orienting myself by surface landmarks and that’s why I was so surprised it was underground.”

Applejack hesitated, then asked, “Did’ja get a feelin’… it was bein’ used happy?”

That stopped Twilight, literally. She screeched to a halt, and Applejack turned to face her, saying “I’m sorry, I shouldn’a said it…”

“I’m not sure which is worse,” said Twilight. “I hadn’t thought of that. Sweet Cel… You’re telling me, either Trixie is using the bit happily, or having it used on her, or somepony capable of taking her to an underground cave in dragon country is raping her with it?”

“Hey, what’s going on? What’s the matter, Twilight?” called Rainbow Dash, trotting up to join them. “You don’t look so good.”

“I don’t feel so good, either!” yelled Twilight. “This was already bad enough, why’d you have to talk about the other possibilities, Applejack?”

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, Twi!” managed Applejack, looking stricken.

Rarity ran up, crying “Darling!” but it wasn’t Twilight she was concerned for. She reared and hugged Applejack. “It’s okay, Rarity will straighten everything out…”

“I ain’t the one who’s upset, consarn it! Git offa me!” sputtered Applejack, dancing aside as Rarity tried to cling to her. “Ain’t you got any sense at all?”

This offended the weary, dusty, no longer fashionable unicorn. “Well! If that’s how you feel…”

“Lover’s quarrel?” snickered Rainbow Dash.

Applejack glared at her. “Somethin’ like that, I guess. Twilight, I’m awful sorry…”

“But what on earth happened?” cried Rarity. “We are in disarray! We cannot journey together if we fight, even if Applejack is prone to the gaffe!”

“Th’ whut?”

“No, no, settle down, Rarity!” said Twilight. “Everypony, settle down! All that happened is, Applejack reminded me that maybe Princess Celestia is raping Trixie with the bit, or something. Now that I say it, it sounds crazy. I don’t really know what’s happening, or why she or some unspecified pony was using the thing…”

“What if she was not?” suggested Rarity. “What if Trixie’s toy just feels like that because you have used it yourself? Ah… assuming that you have. I beg your pardon very humbly if you have not—it just seemed not beyond the realm of possibility that…”

Twilight interrupted her. “I have. Cool it. Yes, I have used it on Trixie, as a matter of fact. That’s… not a bad idea, Rarity. That one didn’t occur to me either, what made you think of that when nopony else did?”

Rarity dipped her head a little, and her horn waved gracefully. “Unicorn, darling. We magic users must stick together—er, I mean, we magic users may perhaps have special insights into magic things. No?”

Twilight considered this, as the other two ponies grumbled. “That’s a very good idea, Rarity. It would mean I don’t know as much as I thought—which would be good! I guess you know what happens next?”

Rarity blinked—then made a face, and her horn glowed.

“We test the hypothesis!” said Twilight, as the bit rose again out of Rarity’s overstuffed saddlebag, and her magic took it from Rarity’s. “Thank you, Rarity, I’ll give it back in a minute.”

Rarity made no reply this time, though she glanced anxiously at Applejack. Twilight took the bit in her teeth, and turned faux-male, though everypony was too jittery to make light of that. She concentrated, with a look of growing frustration—and then the bit was floating back over to Rarity, who claimed it.

“Nope,” said Twilight. “Strictly arcanomorphic field, this time. I did get to confirm its location, though.”

“An’ that is?” asked Applejack.

“Two days’ travel. Maybe one, if we gallop all night and all day.”

“…urrk!” went Rainbow Dash.

“Damn straight!” said Applejack. “Th’ idea makes me sick too! Twilight, it’s pow’ful late and you’re tired an’ Rarity’s so wored out she’s gone all goofy on me—we ain’t gallopin’ all night! My sakes, I ain’t sure if even I could gallop all night! Where’s we got to, anyways?”

Rarity choked. “That contraction is appalling! Is it ‘where has’, which is awful, or ‘where is’, which is worse?”

“Oh, stow it… Twi, any ideas?”

Twilight looked around. “It’s pretty dark. I wish I knew. I think we got past most of the mountains around Ponyville…”

Rainbow Dash spoke up, though she looked queasy. “We did. We need to make for the forest, not go toward Trottingham, or we’ll just have to go back around the lake—if Twilight’s described it right, we’re heading for the mountains above Noveria. We should skirt the edge of the forest even if it adds some miles to the trip, on the plains we’ll run faster and easier.”

She noticed ponies looking at her, and squeaked, “What? Maybe I can fly, but the rest of you still have to run! I’ve been running along with you on purpose, for like team spirit and stuff! And I’ve flown out here before, I recognize this area.”

“Well, then,” said Applejack, “thank you, Rainbow Dash. Twilight, time we turned in for the night, don’t you think?”

“Yeah,” admitted Twilight. “That sounds really good actually… I hadn’t noticed, but I’m all shaky, I don’t usually travel this much.”

“You done great! But we all got to know our limitations, right Twi?” Applejack glanced sidelong at Rainbow Dash, trying to work out how tired the little pegasus was from all the unaccustomed running.

“Indeed,” said Rarity, watching. “Permit me to speak to you, Applejack, I’ve an apology to make…”

“A what now? Oh, all right…” said Applejack, as Rarity led her off.

“Are you feeling well, Rainbow?” asked Twilight. “You really look kind of bad.”

“Oh no no!” said Dash. “I’m fine. Officially. Uh… um… it isn’t gonna bother you, Twilight, if I, uh… sleep with you?”

“I’m not reading too much into that, am I?”

Dash glared at her. “Don’t read anything into it. I’m not gonna clop you. I’m a reformed character or something, didn’t you notice? I just… I don’t want to be alone right now.”

Twilight’s wary look softened. “Oh. Right. Me either… you could use some cuddles, huh?”

“Hooves off the wings, but yeah—bigtime.” Dash sighed. “This is gonna be a long trip, Twilight.”

There was a little stand of trees, and they walked over to lie beneath them, Rainbow flying up briefly to check that nothing was lurking in the branches.

“Did you see anything?”

“Nah, it should be fine.”

Twilight lay beneath a tree, and Rainbow Dash settled to the ground, tucking her wings to her sides, and cuddled awkwardly up to her friend, with another sigh.

“I’m not feeling great either,” admitted Twilight.

“Well of course not!” said Dash. “This has to suck for you. Even if we don’t know if you lost your marefriend permanently like m… I’m sorry, that wasn’t helping, was it?”

“I feel like I take stuff too seriously. I’m not exactly good at sharing, Rainbow,” said Twilight. “It’s like, I should be able to deal with this better than I am—if it was just Trixie running away from me, I mean.”

“And why do you think she would do that, Twilight? I thought this was a rescue mission.”


Rainbow turned her head, shifting against Twilight’s body, and stared hard at her. “Maybe you need me more than I thought. ‘Cos I can tell you some stuff, and you’ll have to listen. Did Trixie get mad at you? Did you guys fight? Not counting kinky stuff, I mean.”

“No.” Twilight looked haunted, in the moonlight. “Everything seemed perfectly normal. As normal as we ever got. I was wanting her to act a lot less kinky, but then I gave in, and I really kinked it up for her.”

Twilight waited for Dash to request more details, but the little pegasus mare was serious, and didn’t let it distract her.

“Let me tell you, Twilight—you’d know. Some part of you would know. You’d feel that conflict between knowing you needed her and also knowing you’d done something terribly wrong. You might try to play it off all casual, but deep inside you’d know you blew it. And then it’s just trying to live with the consequences somehow, and you can’t really argue ‘cos it’s totally your fault.”

“It wasn’t my fault!” protested Twilight. “I was doing my best, honestly!”

Dash facehooved. “I was thinking of something else. But don’t you get it? You’re right, it isn’t your fault. Something happened to Trixie and we gotta go save her. I don’t know if it’s really Princess Celestia. It’s hard to imagine Celestia taking a bit and, um… you know?”

Twilight turned away and mumbled, going a redder purple.

“What’s that?” Dash listened harder.

“I… I’ve imagined that sort of thing. Sometimes,” admitted Twilight, refusing to meet Dash’s eyes.

Those ruby eyes twinkled, remembering a frisky sleep-over, remembering Twilight’s stubbornly held secrets. “I always thought that must have been it. It’s okay, Twilight. Heh. Wow. We have more in common than I thought…”

That got the unicorn’s attention. “You’ve clopped to… that? I thought you said you clopped to Applej… oh, Rainbow, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry.”

Dash’s face had crumbled into distress, as Twilight almost said the name. Somewhere nearby, they heard the soft murmurs of Rainbow Dash’s ex-mate as she talked quietly with Rarity, just out of earshot.

Rainbow Dash didn’t drop her gaze—it just leaked tears as she stared back at Twilight determinedly.

“Not everything has to be a BEST fantasy, Twi.”

Twilight’s lip quivered. Her anxiety over Trixie was distractingly great, but through it she plainly saw how she’d hurt Rainbow. “I… I… do you hate me, now?”

“Nope,” said Dash.

“What can I do for you? Oh, Rainbow, I was supposed to make you feel better!”

“Hold me,” said Dash. She turned, snuggling back against Twilight. She turned her head again. “…and don’t take advantage of my amazing virtuous innocence!”

Twilight giggled. “Spoilsport!” she said, and miraculously it seemed like the right thing to say—a gentle tease helping Dash save face. Twilight held her close. Soon, Rainbow Dash was asleep—being so used to flying, the long hours of trotting had worn her out.

Twilight took some comfort in the warmth and companionship, but she found it hard to sleep, though she too was exhausted. Her thoughts strayed back to her tests with Rarity’s bit—and that time she’d felt its counterpart active, in use.

What could possibly have happened, she thought, all those hours ago—and if it had happened, would it happen again?

In the abandoned, sealed cave, Trixie had stepped towards the Princess, as Twilight argued with her friends in her library—but she hadn’t taken the bit in her teeth yet. She kicked it along the floor, and followed after it, staring directly into Luna’s wide, thoughtful eyes.

“Will you beg me?” said Trixie.

“Must I?”

“I haven’t decided that yet.” Trixie frowned. “Trixie has not decided that yet. You’ve unsettled Trixie, Miss Luna.”

“It begins…” said Luna softly.

“What was that?”

“Only another truth,” said Luna. “Savor this one—I offer you intimacies beyond mortal ponies. Thou art invited into another sphere outside thy experience, our gift and a cornerstone to anchor the glorious edifice of our brief but radiant relationship to be…”

“Trixie thinks you talk very strangely. You call that an invitation?”

Luna heaved a shuddering sigh. “We are… I am sorry, miss Lulamoon. The weight of history is great, and it draws me back unto happier times, when my world was alive. Now I have only you, and you mistrust and fear me.” Her lip twisted in a wry smile. “I hope you can learn to trust… and fear me. You even smell like my beloved Lulamoons, and it makes me quite dizzy.”

Trixie kept playing with the bit, scraping it against the rock floor with her hoof. “Trixie makes you dizzy? With desire? Desire, perhaps, strong enough to make you foolish?”

“We must fain be foolish to pursue the greater good for all, through such unseemly paths—yes, little Lulamoon, in some ways we are foolish. Pray let us be foolish together?”

“But that isn’t an invitation,” said Trixie.

“We haven’t scrolls or quills handy, stupid, whatever doest thou demand of us?”

Trixie fell back a step at the flash of anger from the Princess, but remained undaunted. “Trixie expects a pony’s sort of invitation, Miss Luna. Enough with the talk! If you really want to be fucked, show Trixie you mean it. Show it like a pony!”

Luna bit her lip—though there was something sly in her look, something that hinted at tender mockery. She hung her head very convincingly, rose to her hooves, and rotated, presenting her lean, deer-like hindquarters for Trixie’s inspection—so long were her legs, that her pert little rump was at face height.

Trixie leaned closer, suspiciously—and was greeted with a Princessly wink.

“Is’t pony enough for thee, already?” griped Luna.

Trixie licked her lips—but not Luna’s, not yet. What if it was possible to get past the Princess’s defenses through sex? Wouldn’t it be just another sort of game? If she managed it, she could square it with Twilight later. She might deserve more punishments. Win/win, then?

“Trixie can’t mount on you, you’re far too tall,” she objected.

No sooner had she said it, than Luna dropped to a crouch, effortlessly. It was an awfully well-practiced move, fluid and graceful, and Luna’s rump now presented at just the right height. She winked again, gleaming pink peeking from her dark blue labial folds.

Trixie stared. That sure was a desperate Princess. But how suggestible was she? Trixie reared slightly, but rather than mount upon Luna, she thumped the Princess’s butt with a hoof. “Up!”

Without a hesitation, Luna poked her rump into the air, nearly as high as her standing position, and that elegant alicorn vag was raised to Trixie’s face level again, in obvious expectation. Luna winked yet again—but this time, she held it for a moment, startlingly taking control of an action that was meant to be involuntary, and Trixie gazed at glistening royal pinkness, hers to please.

Nopony could blame her. Hell, Luna had said she was being kidnapped for just this reason—to exploit that weakness was surely clever. Right?

Trixie leaned over—and licked at royal pink.

A shudder ran through Luna’s elegant body, and a breathy little cry escaped her. She relaxed her labia, and they closed demurely again—until Trixie’s tongue probed between them, caressingly. It seemed right—seemed like the languid caresses of a pony tongue were only fitting for this exquisite marehood, if ‘mare’ was even a suitable word.

And yet ‘mare’ came to mind as Trixie’s tongue pressed deeper, with growing urgency, parting fevered flesh to reveal female depths within Luna’s body. The pert flower of Luna’s labia remained youthful, the yielding suppleness of the vagina beneath said ‘mare’, the depths of her said ‘timeless’…

Trixie pulled her head back, startled, sweet nectars on her lips. Before her, Princess Luna crouched passively, making no complaint—though her eye glinted, watching.

Trixie leaned foward again, trembling, and extended her tongue, savoring each moment—that astonishing deer-like form, the trim neat vulva that yielded so easily (and what had the Princess been doing all those years to leave her that broken in?), the strange, luscious juices she exuded… Trixie nibbled reflectively on Luna’s labia with her teeth, tugged them, enfolded them with her lips to understand all the feels and ways of them…

Trixie squeaked. She’d thrust her tongue deeper into Luna’s pussy, and Luna had surprised her by clenching upon it—tensing her pelvic floor so that her pussy tightened. It was a powerful sensation—suddenly, rather than the yielding softness, inside her was a firm grasp that squeezed Trixie’s tongue right out. Trixie’s eyes widened.

The alicorn still said nothing—but inquiringly lowered her rump, just a bit.

Trixie grinned madly, and her hoof encouraged the motion, pressing Luna’s hindquarters, and Luna understood the implication in an instant. She lowered her butt to exactly the right height, and waited—and Trixie reared, her forelegs wrapping around Luna’s slim body, her bit floating up to her mouth, a faint clink of teeth against metal…

Pony cock swelled out from between Trixie’s legs to press against Luna’s inner thigh. Both ponies shivered, feeling the reality of it. Trixie shifted her hips back to aim, got into position.

“Tense ‘r not… won’t matter…”

With that, Trixie slowly slid her very stiff and bulky ponycock into the Princess’s trembling body.

Luna shuddered, letting out a lurid moan. Her pussy was slick, its texture strangely fine against Trixie’s swelling cock-head: fine like silks, fine like her very flesh was more refined than mortal ponykind. Trixie’s eyes widened as she felt the luxuriousness enfold her, tender firm pressure along the sides of her shaft as Luna’s muscles embraced her.

Deeper—was mystery itself. Deeper, as Trixie sank into royal vagina, was a fluid, heated place, strangely fevered as if alicorn wombs contained stored energies, as if the power that moved suns and moons was seated not in the calculating brain but in the heart of their femaleness.

It gripped Trixie beyond anything she could have expected. She’d meant to enter Luna slowly, but found herself slowing further out of sheer awe, understanding instinctively what was happening. Her magic-induced phallus was wedging Luna wide, penetrating inch by inch toward stark mystery, perhaps toward the secret of why there weren’t lots of alicorns around, why they were so special.

Trixie’s heart jolted. Until that moment, she hadn’t been willing to believe they were special—not seriously, anyhow. She’d thought of them as a sort of flying unicorn, and overlooked little details like raising the sun and moon. They were City Hall, not something to worship… Trixie didn’t worship much. Twilight’s pony vag came close to worship for Trixie, and of course Twilight herself, with all that magical power, so glorious to be mastered by, such an honor to make love to…

Trixie pressed a little deeper, her heart pounding, and felt the presence of real power for the first time. Somehow, the fevered depths of Princess Luna conveyed it—her body, so lean and elegant that she had to crouch in a special way to allow a normal pony to mount her—the sense of her attention and awareness, much like meeting Twilight’s eyes as she thought about you—but more.

The muscles tightened against her, arcane stallionhood now gripped tautly in an eager band of pressure that caused Trixie’s cock to stiffen further. Luna moaned again, and before Trixie’s eyes, her wings unfurled. Trixie had made love to pegasi before, but this was something else—Luna’s wings were huge, again with a sense of great power for all that they were elegant and graceful. The wings flapped, and air whirled around the two ponies in heavy gusts. Princess Luna flapped again, her vagina bearing down still more urgently, and whimpered her eagerness and need.

All Trixie could do was shift her hips, entranced, savoring the pressure. In the silence of the cave, gentle wet noises accompanied the languid thrusting—delicate sustained slurps of hard shaft slowly penetrating juicy, slickened flesh. With each deliberate thrust, Trixie drew nearer to the source of that uncanny heat within Luna’s firm body.

The Princess panted, her hooves scraping against the ground, for she was unable to hold still. Forehooves dug at the rock floor, rear hooves shifted, Luna’s taut deerlike rump squirming as the fat ponycock pushed into her body again and again. Her luminescent tail, held to the side, twitched hard. Little jolts began to run through her slim, long-limbed frame as Trixie continued to move, thrust gradually deeper and deeper, and then, finally, reverently, slid all of her magic-induced cock into Luna—to the hilt—and pushed.

Princess Luna lowered her head, screwed her eyes shut, drew in a hungry breath and squealed, “Eeeeeee!” as her body clenched and shook and a blinding bolt of magical radiance shot from her horn, its trajectory nearly flat to the ground. Her neck was tensed, muscle and tendon tight and hard, her teeth gritted. As the magical climax splashed across the rock floor, it ate away at it, producing a long shallow trench, and the air was filled with the wild hot scent of vaporized rock.

Luna panted, her hindlegs shaking, vag gripping onto Trixie’s shaft and delivering echoes of aftershocks, spasmodic little clenches. Trixie panted as well, her eyes very wide.

“Amazin’… ‘m gonna… gonna…”

She didn’t even finish the sentence. With unbelievable force, Princess Luna twisted from underneath her, rising up, tossing Trixie to the side and whirling as Trixie fell over, legs sprawling open and glistening, juicy ponycock bobbling erectly in the air.

“Hold it!” demanded Luna.

Trixie blinked, terrified.

“Thou shall give us THIS…”

Princess Luna’s head dove down towards Trixie’s crotch, and almost before Trixie realized that Princess Luna had meant ‘hold it’ literally, what she meant by ‘this’ became obvious.

Her mouth enclosed Trixie’s fat stallionhood, and Trixie watched, stunned, as the Princess first wrapped pony lips around the end of her cock—and then swooped forward in an elegant motion, the entire length of Trixie’s erection disappearing into Luna’s suckling mouth.

Trixie’s eyes rolled back in her head a little. So wet, so much sensation, more than she’d have dreamed possible—Luna’s eyes were demurely closed, but Trixie felt an enfolding tongue wrapping around her hardness. Luna pulled back, cheeks hollowing and lips an ‘O’ around Trixie’s magical bulk, and Trixie felt that tongue at work, licking all around her cock-head with dexterous tenderness.

Luna tilted her head, and Trixie felt her shaft pressing against the side of Luna’s back teeth, the tongue sliding underneath to bathe and enfold her cock with wetness. The alicorn princess drew back further—and then nuzzled forward, and Trixie felt Luna’s mouth wrap her to the hilt, and felt her cock-head press a little way down Luna’s throat.


Trixie gasped at Luna’s moan, and her flare went fully stiff. It didn’t stop Luna from drawing back again, a glint coming from her sultry eyes—and then, the deep-blue pony head dove in once more, her mouth nuzzling deep into Trixie’s crotch to take every inch of stallionhood it could reach, and as Trixie began to bang a forehoof helplessly against the floor, Luna suckled and nuzzled with Trixie’s magical cock thrust down her throat as far as it would go—and she moaned again, more deeply and entreatingly, and the vibrations combined with the tongue-caresses and the pony nose nuzzling into Trixie’s crotch…


“….Aaaahhhh! ngahhh! ahnnn! eeeeeh!”

Trixie squealed, her body shaking as it flung gouts of ponycome into Luna’s suckling mouth, directly down her elegant throat. Dimly, Trixie saw that long slender neck working, saw Princess Luna swallowing avidly, gulping down every bit—Trixie felt the suction and felt the swallowing and it forced another squeal and another climax out of her, and still Luna gulped, nuzzling hard against Trixie’s crotch as if trying to swallow her stallionhood itself, and Trixie screamed as a last spasm struck her, and sagged against the unyielding rock floor.

Luna’s eyes were closed again. She was drawing her head back, allowing the pony cock to emerge from her mouth. She seemed to be taking great pains to be careful, no longer gulping and licking and fondling with her tongue, and Trixie realized that was true about the same time that she realized her stallionhood was one big quivering sensitive spot, one that she could hardly stand to have touched. Luna’s face withdrew, and Trixie’s cock jutted limply into the open air, oozing come—which Luna carefully bent down and licked up. The sensation made Trixie whimper through the bit and squirt another little blob of spooge, and Luna got that as well, fastidiously.

She looked down at Trixie’s sprawled form, and her eyes danced with delight, and she licked her lips, a big smile on her face.

“Ahhh… such a good pony…”

Trixie twitched. She couldn’t tell if things had gone to plan—the exquisite, astonishing creature seemed happy, but Trixie had not reduced her to a submissive puddle of pleasure. On the contrary, Trixie felt wrung out beyond belief, and the Princess looked ready to go again at any moment.

“We are heartened by thy instinctive deference, and sense of what is meet…”

Trixie blinked weakly, and Luna bent to whisper to her.

“You may release the bit. I have enjoyed the feeling of your come down my throat and warming my stomach—a sensation I have not felt for a thousand years and more, and you let me savor it, without even being commanded to. Truly, thy instinct for these things is a miracle, little Lulamoon.”

Dumbly, Trixie allowed the bit to fall to the floor with a quiet clink. Luna beamed even more warmly at the act of obedience.

Trixie fought back, though she was too limp to rise. This was the time to test what concessions she might extract, for Mistress was very happy—rather, Miss Luna was very happy, Trixie corrected herself.

“Mmmh… so… we see?”

Princess Luna blinked. “Pardon?”

Trixie nodded weakly. “Yeah… you see how good it was? Hmm?”

Princess Luna smiled at her, lovingly—and a little sadly—and Trixie felt hope and fear rise.

“Oh, yes. I do see. Good indeed—you should be proud. And I have a question for you, dear pony.”

Trixie hoped it had to do with furloughs or paroles. “Yes?”

“Do you see how easily you can be persuaded to do exactly what I want?”

Trixie stared.

Luna’s eyes held hers, not in hostility, but with an easy confidence that combined approval, sadness, and above all total certainty—and as Trixie looked into those eyes, she realized she had been outmaneuvered the whole time. The Princess had allowed her to think what she wished. She had suggested the fantasy of sex-as-persuasion, had said outright that it would not work, had coaxed Trixie into her best efforts anyway and delivered a taste of real magic beyond anything Trixie had experienced, plus the perversity and assurance of a truly dominant magical creature with thousands of years of experience both in and out of bed—or on the floor, or surely any other way that could be imagined. She had taken Trixie’s lovemaking, returned it manyfold with effortless, devious generosity, and was well pleased with her captive.

Trixie knew the Princess hadn’t lied. Twilight very likely would have approved of the attempt, would have thought it worth a try to use sex, the only weapon being made available for Trixie. But Twilight could not possibly understand, had no idea, just no idea what Trixie had experienced…

There would be no weakening Princess Luna with coitus. It had only made her healthier and stronger—and at a terrible price. Trixie felt weak and uncertain, her love for Twilight intact but its anchoring eroded by indelible images of passion—and that was only plain and uninteresting sex. Well… the way the Princess had whirled and gone down on her, that had triggered her good and hard. Trixie had felt dominated even from that. She dared not imagine what it would be like to submit to the irresistible Luna in earnest.

Nightmare Moon had always been a kink standby, an ever-popular dom costume in pony bondage circles, and for good reason. Trixie had even played scenes subservient to a faux Nightmare Moon, before, and had found it terribly exciting. Now, though the Princess denied being anything other than herself—it was like the real thing had come to Trixie.

And not offered to play—not that. Trixie could resist that, for the sake of love.


‘Nightmare Moon’ had claimed her for her own—and resistance would not be tolerated forever.

“Sleep well, my precious pet,” said Princess Luna, not unkindly. “You have been amusing and stimulating. Try not to out-think a creature older than your ancestors, hm? It could become… rude.”

A tear ran down Trixie’s cheek.

“We shall begin making a home for you tomorrow. No food or water just yet. Your performance will have drained you, and that will help,” said Luna. She looked sad. “Poor little pony, believe me it is kinder to break you quickly at the outset. You’ll be happier for longer—we do owe you that.”

Trixie sniffled.

The Princess sighed. “Would that my sister’s pet had chosen a better playmate! We promise, we will cherish you all the days of your life—nay, we will cherish your memory a hundred times that long! Pray do not weep. Oh, little Lulamoon! Our heart weeps with you.”

“Stop talking!” sobbed Trixie. “Let me not think! Go away!”

At this, Princess Luna bit her lip, apparently deciding whether to push things farther—and leaned down to speak a few more soft, carefully chosen words.

“Nopony cries forever, dear one…”

“Shut up, shut up!”

“Weep for your lost life, poor sweet pony. I will be there for you when you are ready to move on. I promise, Trixie Lulamoon.”

Trixie glared bitterly through tear-drenched, reddened eyes. “You could have the decency to lie about it!” she hissed…

…and Princess Luna bowed her head in sad respect for that which would be lost.