Gone Too Far

“But… does it make her happy?” said Lyra, trotting along beside Twilight Sparkle. Her brow was knit in confusion.

Twilight sighed. “I’m not sure how easy this will be to explain, Lyra. I think it must have to do with the pressure she faces as a dress designer. I’m beginning to understand that more and more…”

Lyra’s ears quirked. “What sort of dresses do you design?” Her eyes popped, and she bounced into the air in a fit of sudden glee, her saddlebag flying. “Ooh! Magic ones, right? Can I see? I bet they are the sexiest dresses ever, what with being so magic! Do they glow? Can you do that? Can I see?”

Twilight recoiled. “No!”

Lyra’s mood plunged as rapidly as it had spiked. She sagged, her lower lip quivering. Even the fashionable saddlebag, which held her magic bit and which she wore constantly, seemed to droop.

“Please can I see? I promise I won’t get them dirty or anything. I just want…”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant!” snapped Twilight impatiently. “I don’t make dresses, Lyra! I face pressure, you wouldn’t believe what kind of pressure.”

Twilight waited expectantly for Lyra to inquire what kind of pressure. Perhaps she might be the needed confidante: Rarity was worrying, it was hard to know what to think of a pony who begged elegantly to be degraded and also Rarity kicked up a terrible fuss over things, and Trixie—well, Trixie had no patience for the obligations of social behavior in the first place. Possibly Lyra would be more sympathetic to Twilight’s burdens.

Lyra blinked cutely, once… twice.

“No magic dresses? At all?”

“No, Lyra,” said Twilight exasperatedly.

“What about magic sexy underwear? That would be…”

“No!” squealed Twilight, stamping a hoof. “No magic clothing, garters, negligees, teddies, bridles, harnesses or kinky magic attire of any kind! Will you listen?”

“But you’d be so good at making it!” protested Lyra. “Please?”

“Lyra, focus! I was trying to answer your question about Rarity. It was actually a really good question, and the answer is very important in many ways.”

“Oh!” said Lyra. She considered. “What was the question again?”


Lyra cowered back. “I’m sorry! I started thinking about sexy magic underwear and I totally got distracted!”

Twilight sighed. “I guess that’s understandable. Anyway, you were asking if Rarity was happy?”

Lyra nodded vigorously. “I’ve never seen anypony orgasm and cry before—at least, not in that way. It’s so confusing! How am I supposed to keep her happy with me if I don’t understand what happy means to her?”

“And I answered that Rarity faces a great deal of pressure. Not nearly as much as me but on the other hoof I know just how much she cares about her fashions succeeding, and being accepted. And this year is the first year she’s launching her spring fashions when her kink line is public: she mentioned being unable to decide whether to make Spring more daring…”

“Here she is!” cried Lyra, and trotted forward briskly.

Rarity was just returning to the Carousel Boutique, carrying a colorful sheaf of ribbons. “Oh! Hello, Lyra, Twilight. How are you girls today?”

“Fine,” snapped Twilight, and turned to Lyra again. “Well, you just said the answer to your question, yourself! Just as Rarity’s pressures have to do with fashion and public relations, mine have to do with keeping somepony happy with me—with us! Somepony very important and powerful…”

Rarity blinked. “Twilight, are you all right, darling?”

“Oh, I’m just dandy!” snapped Twilight. “Anyway, Lyra, do you see? We turn to the bondage stuff because we fight so hard all the time to be in control—so it’s like a kinky release to be out of control, to be controlled. To be dominated, used. And that’s why Rarity is happy. Right, Rarity?”

Rarity didn’t look too happy. Her ears were back as she replied, “May I ask why this conversation has come up?”

Lyra glanced rapidly back and forth between Rarity and Twilight. “I only wanted to know how to make you happy…”

Rarity’s eyes glistened. “Oh, Lyra, darling! That you wish happiness for me, that makes me happy! Now more than ever, I appreciate such wishes, for I have much to think about.”

“Is Twilight right about being controlled and used?” said Lyra. “Cause I don’t really understand it, but I’ll do whatever you want if it means I can be with you girls…”

“Ah,” said Rarity. “Erm. Why, yes, in a sense. And then again, no…”

“ERRRRHH!” went Twilight. She whirled, and ran off, towards her library.

Lyra reared, in alarm. “Twilight!”

“Oh, dear,” said Rarity. “I believe Mistress awaits her, thank heavens. Do not be too alarmed, except perhaps to be a little tiny bit alarmed! Oh, dear! We had better drop everything and trot to her aid. Twilight does get this way at times, pray don’t hold it against her…”

They began to follow in Twilight’s path, Rarity leaving the ribbons behind, and Lyra quirked an ear and remarked, “Funny, she talks the same way about you!” She gulped. “Sorry! That was rude, right? I’m pretty sure that was rude.”

Rarity didn’t bat an eyelash. “Of course she does. The difference is, I vent on purpose, darling. Oh, dear! I wonder if she is suffering the effects of proximity to her magic bit? I find I must be ever so cautious with mine.”

Lyra’s eyes widened. “Cautious how?”

“I can only conclude it is something to do with testosterone,” said Rarity, “and believe me, I know whereof I speak! When I was enjoying intimacies with Applejack, I took great advantage of this effect. Perhaps this is why I revel in the submissive lately! I quite ran with it in those days—those terrible, wonderful days.”

Lyra’s jaw had dropped. “You were with Applejack?”

“Madness, I know. Do not misunderstand—her love for Rainbow Dash is unquestionable, our flame burned for just an eyeblink, really. But oh, so brightly, while it lasted. I regret nothing! Always strive to regret nothing, Lyra darling, wherever possible. Take responsibility, make your sacrifices, and carry on in all eventualities.”

“Umm… what kind of carrying on are we talking about, here?” said Lyra, skeptically.

Rarity laughed. “All kinds! Well spotted—I admit to both tenacity and the fainting couch! To return to Twilight’s well being, I suspect she’s not putting her bit away at a safe distance. I take pains to store mine a good twenty paces from myself when it is not in use, but then I have to. I cannot allow myself to become so, ahem, stalliony in the mind, particularly now that I no longer seek to out-stallion Applejack. Humph. There’s a regret, then—it’s too late now, but I almost never permitted her to express that side with me, and it was glorious. Glorious.”

Lyra bit her lip. “When you say a safe distance…” She trailed off, uncomfortably aware that she was carrying her magic bit on her person at all times.

“Oh, don’t misunderstand me on that, either,” said Rarity. “I’m sure it’s quite safe. It’s just that the influence the things have, might be affecting Twilight. If it is a boost of testosterone, that would be oddly fitting considering their purpose is conferring stallionhood. I’m quite familiar with the effects. One becomes restless, unsatisfied, sees less of the beauty in things—one seeks conquest, and of course sex. Oh, my, yes. I find it distorts my artistic vision, draws it towards lofty and unharmonious goals. If I find myself bereft of daring one day, I shall strap it to my horn for a week, and doubtless all my designs will become dreadful and phallic!”

Lyra laughed a harsh little laugh, somewhat reassured. She had no designs to worry about, and it seemed as if contemplating the beauty of things was an awful, lazy idea, so she wrote off the bit-proximity thing as someone else’s problem. Anyway, she’d never felt so vigorous and full of beans.

Rarity was continuing. “To return to Twilight’s misunderstanding, one mustn’t think the life is about simply getting dominated, about building up pressures and then venting them through a good whipping. And I know both venting, and the lash! It’s critical to understand the empowerment aspect. Both parties collaborate to build a consensual reality that they both control—this is why we build in safewords as the foundation for all things, darling. The freedom is in being able to define any agreed-upon thing as permissible. And we all have many reasons for the kinks we display. There is nothing so important as creating a safe environment for your sexual expressions, and controlling it to ensure it is rewarding and fruitful.”

She blinked. “Er. Or indeed unfruitful, in another sense. It’s a mercy we’re all so capable of lesbianism and have such nice toys to play with. I confess that involving stallions hasn’t always ended well for me. It is so difficult to understand them—even Applejack, who isn’t technically a stallion at all…”

“Here we are!” interrupted Lyra, for they’d arrived at Twilight’s library home. Rarity drew back and seemed about to speak, but before she could do so, Lyra barged in, throwing the door wide and calling, “Twilight, are you there?”

“We’re in the bedroom, Heartstrings!” called Trixie. “Trixie is expecting you!”

The two unicorns made their way inside, and up the stairs, to where Trixie and Twilight awaited.

Twilight seemed fretful. She’d been crying, and she looked angry, and she pouted as she informed them, “Trixie’s gonna be Mistress tonight. Since I’m so dumb and don’t understand things.”

“Darling Twilight Sparkle!” exclaimed Rarity. “You are a delightful pony and there is nothing ‘dumb’ about you! I’d hoped you wouldn’t take it the wrong way. What must I do to comfort your hurt feelings?”

“Well, just help me out a little here…”


Twilight fixed Rarity with a hard stare. “Soooo… it’s not really about blowing off steam by letting somepony absolutely control you and take you beyond anything you could imagine, huh?”

Rarity blinked. “That depends, darling—it depends upon consent. In some way you must collaborate—or it isn’t the life anymore, it’s something else. Something we shan’t speak of.”

“Soooo… define collaborate,” said Twilight, with a sulky look.

“Whatever is the matter, dear? What is eating you?”

“Fine!” snapped Twilight. “You want to know, huh? It was hard enough clearing what we do with Princess Celestia back when it was just me and Trixie. We let you come in, and I’m here to tell you the Princess recognized the marks on your ass from Trixie whipping you, and she had questions…”

Rarity had frozen, and blushed brightly, but Twilight wasn’t finished.

“Then we brought in Lyra, and from what I’m hearing around town her ex is now going out with Mayor Mare! Is that true? Lyra, am I hearing correctly?”

Lyra’s face was stricken. She could only nod.

“Well then,” said Twilight, “isn’t that just great? Imagine the zoning issues I might have to deal with, going to bed with somebody whose vengeful ex is sleeping with City Hall!”

Rarity cleared her throat. “Ah, Twilight… Ponyville doesn’t have zoning, it’s not like Canterlot…”

“I know it’s not! Every time I go out, now, I’m looking at the townsponies—and I didn’t grow up around them, Rarity, you and Lyra did—and I’m wondering what they would do to us if they knew what we got up to! They’ll run us out of town on a rail! Or they’ll never talk to us again! Or they’ll not talk to us while running us out of town on a rail and they won’t even talk to the rail!”

“Twilight!” barked Trixie, lifting a hoof menacingly.

Twilight relented, and looked miserably back at Trixie.

“Trixie reminds you that this is where you came in, a few minutes ago. Trixie has spent some time trying to calm you down, and now you are working yourself up again. These fears are unreasonable: you are a good pony, important and trustworthy, and nopony is telling you that you can’t have fun however you please.”

Twilight’s lip quivered, and she sniffled.

“Oh, Twilight,” said Rarity helplessly. “Is all this even working for you? Are we asking too much? Trixie is telling you the truth, really she is.”

Twilight sniffled again. “I know she is.”

“But you are so distressed!” said Rarity. She shifted from hoof to hoof, in an agony of indecision. “If your mind is telling you one thing—that you’re safe, as we and Trixie are telling you—but your feelings tell you another—oh, Twilight! Please, please, be honest, tell me what you really want, deep down. We will give it, whatever it is.”

She bit her lip, anxiously, as Twilight trembled and stared into space thinking hard.

“What I really want… what I really want…”

“I’ll go deeper,” said Rarity earnestly. “How do you want your world to be?”

“My world,” said Twilight, as if it was an unexpected thought. Her brow wrinkled, the sulky look coming back.

“But of course your world, darling. You just tell us what you need, whatever it is, even if it’s to leave you alone and unmolested…”

“I’ll tell you what I need,” said Twilight. She sniffled again and wiped her nose with the back of a lilac hoof.

“Anything, darling,” said Rarity.

Twilight took a deep breath.

“I WANNA BE SPANKED LIKE A BAD FILLY! With the fucking stingy rod! Until my feelings shut up and leave me alone!”

Rarity’s jaw dropped, but Twilight wasn’t finished.

“And then I wanna be fucked like a little bitch pony until I can’t even see straight—until I can’t even walk! With no mercy, none! I wanna scream and beg for it to stop until I can’t stand any more and I faint! I wanna be fucking taken and fucking raped, Rarity!”

Stunned silence.

Twilight licked her lips, her ear flicking fretfully.

“And then…” She gulped. “I wanna hug?”

Rarity gulped as well, but a little smile flickered around her muzzle at that last remark, and she stepped forward and hugged Twilight firmly. Then, she drew back to look her sternly in the eyes.

“Your safeword is Star Swirl, dearest. Got it? Star Swirl. Say it after me. Star Swirl.”

“Star Swirl,” quavered Twilight, her lip trembling.

“That’s right. Do you know why I remind you?”

“Why?” said Twilight.

“Because we are going to take you at your word—and do all those things to you.” Her voice was tender, gentle. “You want them for the same reasons we do—expressing and working through feelings, and bringing them to a safe place. You are safe here—we are safe. We are doing a scene. You are a grown mare in charge of your own life and sexuality, and you are allowed to choose such experiences responsibly, so you can work through your feelings and vent them and move on. When we’ve finished with you, I need a turn—I too feel stressed beyond imagining, and I understand your feelings more than you could ever know. I want the same things you crave, Twilight Sparkle, for reasons of my own…”

Trixie caught Rarity’s eye, and nodded, setting her jaw.

Rarity’s voice became dreamy, as she held Twilight. “In truth, I might have known these were your fetishes—the times you have become hysterical over the idea of failing to live up to the Princess’s expectations—why, you had us believing she meant to punish you cruelly, at times. And she never did. Did she? Confess, Twilight Sparkle—all the time you grew up, she never did punish you, did she? You always managed to be the perfect little student, and all the while expecting the other horseshoe to drop, and smack your disobedient rump.”

Twilight’s eyes teared up, and she nodded against Rarity’s shoulder.

“And even now, you go mad—in a manner of speaking—trying to maintain this perfection, and long to finally blow it and take your punishment. But you are too responsible a pony to genuinely cause disaster, aren’t you? You are too nice. You do deserve a hug, Twilight Sparkle, and you shall have one. I understand completely. Your Trixie, behind you, understands too. You’ll have a hug—after.”

Twilight wriggled, and tried to look behind her, but Rarity held her close.

“After what?”

“After this,” said Rarity, and gave a little nod.

The whistling crack echoed off the walls, and Twilight screamed earsplittingly and thrashed. Trixie had nailed her ass with the rod, full-on.

Twilight kicked and writhed, but Rarity held on with both forelegs, and then Twilight screamed again, for Rarity had bitten her ear.

“Again! On my count of three!” demanded the imperious white unicorn, and then hissed into that same ear, “Shame! We’ve got you now, you’ll pay for this! One! Two! Three!”

Crack! Twilight shrieked, and wet herself. Rarity glared. “See what you’ve done? Now we have to clean that up, filthy creature! Again! One! Two! Three!”

Trixie lashed out with the rod again, and Twilight’s whole body shuddered, a dreadful squeal ripping from her throat. She struggled for a moment, then went limp, shaking like a leaf as Rarity’s teeth closed on her ear a second time, warningly—and released, for a final speech.

“I don’t think she quite understands. I don’t think she’ll remember! Again, Trixie—and in the same spot, make it count!”

Twilight whimpered and began to hyperventilate, Rarity still hanging on to her tightly.

“One… Two…”

Twilight scrunched her eyes shut and began to scream.


The rod whistled through the air and slammed into Twilight Sparkle’s quivering rump, right on a previous welt. Twilight’s mind exploded in agonizing sensation, and her scream fractured into a shriek, and then the shriek in turn broke up in rhythmic wavers, her body writhing and shaking…

“There it is,” said Rarity with satisfaction. “Another hard case! Trixie, get your bit ready… no, wait, you should lick her for a moment first…”

“I will!” squeaked Lyra, who’d hung back watching wide-eyed.

Trixie blinked. “Why… yes, Heartstrings! Do it!”

Lyra scrambled around and rammed her head under Twilight’s rump, licking her little nubs of pony breasts, tidying up where stray pee had dripped, addressing Twilight’s fevered marehood to discover it a slickened honeypot of vented passions.

“No, no, Lyra! Lick her bottom!”

Twilight thrashed, and Rarity’s eyes bugged out. Lyra had gone for Twilight’s asshole, unhesitatingly. It had seemed quite clean—none of the girls went around untidy—but still, blue and white unicorns wore expressions of fastidious horror.

“No, her cheek! The welts… yes, there you go. Can’t you wipe your tongue off or something? Oh, never mind…”

Twilight emitted piteous, sweet cries as Lyra tenderly licked the welts on her rump, soothing the burning sensations with a loving and over-eager tongue. Rarity and Trixie stared at each other.

“Don’t let her go after Twilight’s vagina again, not until she rinses her mouth,” said Rarity.

“I won’t, girl, I promise,” replied Trixie, ears quirked sideways. “Where did that one come from? Is it even a thing?”

Rarity nodded. “Oh yes. Our pet is a bit of a ‘puppy’—not what you would call body-shy. Enough chat, we’ve not finished. Will you do the honors?”

“Let’s change places!” said Trixie.

“My! All right…” said Rarity, letting Twilight sprawl quivering across the bed, and moving around behind her.

“You don’t want to, girl?” said Trixie, taking Rarity’s place at Twilight’s dazed head.

“I’ll have to be more careful than you would, Mistress. Right when I thought I could relax and unfocus, wallow in it…”

“Oh,” said Trixie, “if it’s a problem…”

In response, Rarity reached out and took Trixie’s bit in her teeth. “N’t a pr’blem, it’s what she r’quested.”

Trixie grinned ferally. “I heard that too, girl. I’ll see to it my darling gets every bit of what she wanted. In you go!”

Twilight wriggled, mewling, and Lyra drew back, tongue dangling foolishly, trying to work out if the purple unicorn was attempting to escape—but the striped tail flicked, and Twilight got a hoof under her, and it became obvious in short order that all she sought to do was stick her ass up in the air, as Rarity moved in behind her, mammoth stallion meat swinging hungrily. Rarity lifted herself onto Twilight and positioned, as Trixie’s eyes narrowed in a wicked smirk and her horn glowed…


Two screams rang out, simultaneous with a juicy squelch. Lyra’s eyes popped. Trixie had unexpectedly whacked Rarity with the rod and made her lunge forward, and that inflated horse-cock now impaled Twilight’s writhing body nearly to the medial ring.

The rod jabbed Rarity’s butt. “Shove!” demanded Trixie.

Rarity’s eyes rolled wildly. “I, I, but, if it…”

Trixie snarled and the tip of the rod prodded hard against Rarity’s alabaster rump-cheek. “Do it, girl! Hump her until she faints!”

Rarity gulped and began to deliver a series of nervous little shoves, her eyes wide, for she’d gone so deep into Twilight already. It seemed like there would be no room, and indeed there wasn’t, she had Twilight penetrated to the very straining depths of her and no more would fit.

Even as she nudged, she felt Twilight clench in a hectic chaos of explosive orgasmic release, crying out in sweet anguish like a damned soul being purged—and go limp, under her.

They held their pose for a moment, Trixie staring into Rarity’s shocked eyes, before Trixie spoke.

“She’d told me that was one of her fantasies—you, taking her rough. Good girl…”

Rarity gulped, dismounting from the heap of steaming, sated Sparkle, but two voices rang out from two different directions before she could even release the bit.

“Not so fast!”

“Now me!”

Rarity glanced back and forth in a panic. Trixie was hugging Twilight, who didn’t appear to have sustained serious injury—there was a hint of blood, but to a rough-sex extent, not a rush-to-the-hospital extent, and Rarity was experienced enough to tell the difference at a glance. Lyra was bouncing in place, frantic with excitement, and Trixie was grinning with her teeth bared and a commanding look on her face.

“You heard her, girl! Do Heartstrings. Now!”

Rarity shied back, lifting a hoof, shaking her head—and then thought fast, lunged forward while flipping over, landing on her back on the bed, giant glistening erection aiming skyward.

Trixie glowered. “Clever. So you want a workout, girl? Trixie will give you a workout you won’t soon forget! Heartstrings!”

Lyra bounced. “Yes? Yes?”

“Wait for it… Lick that pretty unicorn’s asshole! Only that, mind you!”

Rarity mewled with dismay, trying to wriggle back away from Lyra as she approached, but she was in no position to do that—her hooves flailed in the air, and the huge erection bobbled madly as a spring-green unicorn zeroed in on her anus like a heat-seeking missile, if missiles had tongues.


Rarity stiffened, as Lyra’s eager tongue stroked her sensitive flesh.

“Did it once,” remarked Trixie conversationally. “Doesn’t really taste of anything. She’s fine. But you are a filthy, filthy girl, Rarity!”

Lyra’s head popped up from Rarity’s crotch—or thereabouts. “Let me fuck her! I want that huge magic dick!”

“Go for it, Heartstrings!” replied Trixie, cuddling Twilight—who was stirring, sweetly groggy, and looking around. “Ride that pony!”

Lyra didn’t hesitate. She leapt upon Rarity’s cowering body, and positioned herself, and pressed back…

Trixie stared. Twilight blinked, sleepily. Lyra’s hips gyrated, like she was chalking the tip of a pool cue.


“Problem, Heartstrings?”

“Won’t… go!”

Trixie watched Lyra struggle for a few more seconds, and then she snapped, “Stop. Stop it! You’re too small, Heartstrings!”

“Noooo!” wailed Lyra, ramming herself against the huge magic phallus hysterically.

“Girl! Spit that bit out!”

Rarity obeyed instantly, staring up at the maddened Lyra in quivering terror.

“Heartstrings, take that bit… and fuck my darling Rarity like a wild fucking animal!”

Twilight’s eyes widened. Rarity’s eyes widened, and she gasped.

Lyra obeyed without a moment’s hesitation, without even changing her position. Still straddling Rarity and pinning her down, she leaned over and seized the bit in her teeth, her little saddlebag riding up over her shoulder as she bent her head. She met Rarity’s gaze, and Rarity pressed her head against the sheets, cowering back from those searing golden eyes.

Lyra snorted, feeling her magical stallionhood spring hungrily to life. It seemed even more rampant than ever before, perhaps because not one but two magic bits surrounded her—one in her teeth, the other in the saddlebag, riding snug against her chest. Lyra’s eyes were reddened and a little bit bulging, as if her very soul was turgid and erect and hot to seize a marehood, and Rarity went helplessly limp beneath her new stallion, psychically overwhelmed by the sudden, inexplicable masculinity.

She’d asked to be ravaged in turn, but she hadn’t even imagined this looming presence, full of hunger and maleness and the aura of desecration and degradation, the hint of two mares’ anuses on those snarling, bestial lips.

Rarity lay as if thunderstruck, her mind reeling, completely unable to cope or even to know what she wished would happen. She stammered, “Er… um… con, uh, ap… Ap…” She couldn’t get the safeword out, either of them. She couldn’t work out whether she desperately wanted to say it, or wanted not to say it.

Lyra’s hips swung back, and then swung forward, and Rarity’s body was impaled upon hunching, snorting green stallion.


Twilight blinked, and she stared groggily at the carnal scene next to her, in apparent disbelief. Trixie cuddled her, smugly, as they watched the new pet take Rarity.

“She licked my anus…” said Twilight, painedly.

“Girl’s, too,” said Trixie, with satisfaction. “Girl says she’s puppy-like, or something.”

They watched Lyra’s tail thrash, as her body doubled up again and again, fucking Rarity, ramming that slender green stallionhood to the hilt as Rarity kicked and wailed.

“You think?” said Twilight.

Lyra bared her teeth around the bit. She wasn’t frothing, but from her attitude it seemed she might as well have been. Her eyes weren’t quite focussed, but Rarity’s were locked upon hers in frantic, erotic surrender. Their breasts scrunched together again and again as Lyra’s hips rammed away.

“Sweet Celestia,” said Trixie, in awe. “Maybe I’d like a turn.”

Twilight blinked. “Um. Yeah. Not sure I’m gonna tell the Princess about this one.”

Rarity whimpered, and began to writhe and grit her teeth, shaking her head as Lyra ground away, shoving pony cock to her cervix again and again with ravenous eagerness. Lyra did indeed seem just like a wild fucking animal, nothing less—or a pony maddened by the influence of two magic bits, flinging herself into the experience in a desire to please and impress.

“Wow,” breathed Twilight, eyes wide.

Rarity’s eyes were wide, glistening, desperate. She tried to turn away, her horn glittering. The glittering reflected in Lyra’s hungry eyes. The onlookers gasped as Lyra bent down, doubling up in a fierce final shove of that magic stallionhood deeply into Rarity’s shuddering body…

Lyra kissed Rarity full on the mouth, hard—and began to come inside Rarity, nostrils flaring, body hunching and jerking.

Rarity tried to twist away, but couldn’t. She screamed a scream of utter degradation and horror against that tainted, kissing mouth, her body already shaking in orgasm, and her horn coruscated and spurted a little spurt of magic, something the other two unicorns had never seen from her before—something nopony in Ponyville had ever seen Rarity do.

As she did, Lyra bellowed through clenched teeth, a brutal squall of lust… and unleashed her own climax.

Her spring-green horn flared searingly to life, and a thick jet of magic burst from it. For a moment, it blasted through the air, striking the wall and barely missing Trixie’s head, as Rarity’s eyes widened. Then it seemed to sense Rarity’s smaller, weaker spurting of magic, and inexorably, the arc twisted… and struck.


Rarity screamed like a damned soul, like she was reliving a moment that had cursed her forever.

Lyra’s eyes flared in wild, eager, animalistic lust, and Rarity’s anguished, surrendering gaze didn’t leave them for a moment as Lyra gritted her teeth on the bit—and drove the point of contact down through Rarity’s horn and into the elegant unicorn, flooding her with Lyra’s magic.

Twilight and Trixie were speechless. They clung to each other, awed beyond words, watching Rarity convulse and writhe. Her cries were broken, shattered by wave after wave of heaving orgasm, her body seemed to light up with a green light, and all the while, Lyra snarled and hunched her hips and flooded Rarity with magical release from one end, while her erect stallionhood pumped pony-come up Rarity from the other.

Twilight found her eyes drawn to one of Rarity’s rear hooves, kicking out as if in pleasure-agony, shuddering, stretching, curling, as the magicjism and ponyjism kept flooding and flooding her helpless unicorn body… it went on, and on, and on, impossibly…

The magic arc cut off, abruptly. Lyra’s mouth dropped open. The bit fell, bouncing off Rarity’s face, landing on the bed. The green erection shrank away in an instant. Lyra collapsed over Rarity, weak and stunned.

Rarity stared over at Twilight and Trixie, who stared back. Twilight opened her mouth to congratulate Rarity on the hottest fucking she’d ever seen, when…


“Girl?” said Trixie, her ears laying back.


Rarity was wailing with grief, somehow hurt beyond anything either pony had ever seen, tears pouring from her eyes.

“Oh my gosh!” squeaked Twilight.

“Get Heartstrings off her!” ordered Trixie. “Girl? Rarity! What happened? What’s wrong?”

“…mbwaaaaaahhh! ‘m sorry! I’m sorry! Mommy! Waaaaaahhhhh! Mistreeeeessss!”

Trixie gulped. She’d heard many tones of voice over the years, but this was something else. All her warning bells were going off. She jumped to her hooves, standing over the stricken pair, snapping at Twilight, “Get Heartstrings out of here! Not just off her! I’ll handle this, let me see what we’ve got…”

Twilight lost no time. As if she’d been working with Trixie in disaster areas all her life, she reached out with her magic and lifted dazed Lyra to her hooves as well, dragging her off the bed in stumbling haste. “Come on, Lyra, we need to be somewhere else right now…”

Lyra protested feebly. “What? I did what she asked! It wasn’t good?”

“Come on!” ordered Twilight. She added, “I don’t know! I would’ve loved it. Something happened. Come on, come on, downstairs… let’s wash your face and mouth, too, that was just gross…”

Trixie embraced Rarity, on the bed, holding her body tightly until the worst of the shaking was over. It took quite a while. Rarity couldn’t speak—she would just start to bawl again as soon as she tried. Trixie didn’t rush her.

Downstairs, they couldn’t make out Lyra’s or Twilight’s words. The tone of voice said that Twilight was worried. Lyra sounded frightened, offended.

“Rarity?” said Trixie quietly.


“Talk to me, baby. When you can.”

Rarity’s eyes were pits of despair. Her lip quivered.

“Seriously,” said Trixie. “Mistress needs you to tell her what happened.”

Rarity sighed miserably, and snuggled into Trixie’s embrace. “Mistress…”

Trixie held her close, nuzzling into her mane, eyes closed. “That’s the way. You just tell Mistress. That’s all you have to do.”

Rarity let out another shuddering sigh, and took in a breath.

“Then,” said Trixie, “Mistress will explain to everypony, and nopony will ever do it to you again…”

Unseen, Rarity’s eyes flew open, pupils contracted to pinpoints in shock, face a rictus of horror.

“Tell Mistress. Come on, girl.”

Rarity stared into infinity, realizing what she’d almost said—what she’d almost told…

“Come on. It’ll be okay. Nopony will judge you.”

…who would be affected.


Downstairs, Lyra stamped a hoof and wobbled unsteadily. “It’s not fair!”

“Well, I can’t help that,” retorted Twilight. “I already told you—it looked great to me! I don’t know why Rarity freaked out. I do know you’re acting insulted, and it’s beginning to piss me off!”

Lyra backed up a step, raising a forehoof. “All I mean is… look, I really tried! I got into it, so hard—can I get a few points for that, at least?”

“Points? Points? My dear friend, and, I might add, an indispensable wielder of the Elements of Harmony whose efforts literally saved Equestria twice, is lying upstairs reduced to a broken wreck of a pony, and…”

“Feeling much better, thank you, darling,” said Rarity, descending the stairs.

Twilight’s jaw dropped as Rarity walked up and stood, her head held high, looking back and forth between her and Lyra. Her makeup was completely ruined, first wept through and then rubbed off in an attempt to look entirely recovered. Rarity’s face was odd without the makeup: she looked older, sadder, with lines of grief under her eyes that didn’t normally show, but all the same she looked terribly strong.

Her normally white hooves were completely soiled, for she’d rubbed the makeup away using them. She didn’t seem to notice—or refused to notice.

Twilight blinked, and blinked again, trying to process it.

“Even for you, this is a sudden mood flip…” she said.

Trixie was coming down the stairs. She looked angry. “Girl says she’s fine now. She wouldn’t tell Trixie a damn thing. Trixie thought we were supposed to be honest.”

Rarity turned, directing an imploring gaze at her Mistress. “Everything will be okay. I promise, Mistress. I’m fine.”

“But you didn’t tell me anything!”

“What’s to tell, darling?”

Trixie glowered. She spoke to Lyra. “Heartstrings?”


“Leave our anuses alone. That’s the only element that was never there before in any sense and was there for the first time, this time. Everything else, we already saw in one way or another, and it wasn’t a problem…”

“Yeah,” winced Twilight, “I’ll agree with that. It really freaked me out, Lyra. You can’t do that.”

Lyra sulked. Tears came to her eyes, and she protested, “All of your bodies are beautiful! Every bit of you is wonderful and beautiful…”

She trailed off. Rarity was approaching her.

Slowly and deliberately, Rarity leaned over and kissed her on the lips, with no sign of disgust or contempt—except that her tail flicked spastically, and her legs shook as if she was forcing herself to do something nearly impossible.

“You are beautiful too, darling,” said Rarity, “and you’ve done nothing wrong. Forgive me for a moment’s distress that was not your fault.”

“Distress?” cried Twilight and Trixie, in appalled unison. It had looked like the end of the world.

“A moment’s distress,” repeated Rarity, “that was not her fault! Promise me you won’t hold it against her.”

Trixie stared at Rarity, and then glanced at Lyra, who fought off an urge to flee. Lyra knew there were times when her nerves got hyped up until every little experience seemed to shriek with foreboding. This was one of those times. Just as she’d been struck by one glance from Princess Luna among a whole Nightmare Night crowd, now she cringed at a simple look from Trixie, the pony who’d seemed to be her big supporter, who’d called her Heartstrings, who now gave an appraising look that suggested she was a lot more disposable than she thought. For that matter, Rarity was worse—Lyra felt herself surrounded by hostility and terrifying masks that concealed awful intentions.

“I guess,” said Trixie.

“Now, shall we all go out and have a nice dinner?” said Rarity. “My treat. I insist! Not every scene is a triumph, darlings, but we press on…”

Twilight looked at Trixie. Trixie returned the look.

“Yeah, all right,” said Twilight. “You might want to go and wash your hooves first, Rarity. No offense, but they’re kind of filthy.”

Rarity’s eye twitched.

“Thank you for that, Twilight,” she said—and then whinnied in alarm, shying away from Lyra, who’d trotted up from the other side hoping to thank her for the offer of dinner.

“Girl,” demanded Trixie, “what is the matter with you?”

“Sorry! Ahahaha! I, I think I will take you up on the suggestion, Twilight. I’ll be just a moment! Is your bathroom soundproofed, by any chance?”

Twilight’s jaw dropped. “I sure doubt it. Why in the world would you want to know that?”

“Oh! Ahh… because of quiet, quiet… quiet grooming. Must have quiet for grooming, you know!”

Not trusting herself with further explanations, Rarity rushed off to the bathroom, and they heard the door latch.

“Well!” said Twilight. “We broke Rarity. Yay us!”

“Do not scream, don’t you scream,” muttered Rarity, feverishly washing her hooves.

Silly Twilight hadn’t any proper makeup, certainly not the pale powder that concealed those dreadful grooves of woe that lurked under her eyes, but Rarity knew she’d secreted a spare eyeliner pencil in one of the drawers for just such an occasion… ah! There.

She gritted her teeth, the discipline helping to steady her. Shaky eyeliner was worse than nothing. It had to be perfect, flawless, beyond question.

So did her lies.

The eyeliner was perfect—just like always. She addressed herself in the mirror.

“The inner sanctum, at home, is soundproofed. You may scream yourself hoarse once you are there—and alone, you wretch—and not a moment before.”

She glowered at her reflection.

“Now, get out there, and pretend to be a decent girl… one more time.”

Rarity lifted her chin. She flicked her tail, and the elegantly coiffed tresses flew like a battle flag. The door opened before her, and closed briskly as she rejoined her companions.