Spread Your Wings

Scootaloo found her on the hill outside Ponyville.

She lay, wings folded haphazardly, chin on her forehooves, just looking out over the town, and she didn’t look up even as she saw Scootaloo trotting toward her.

Warily, Scootaloo slowed, approaching the new alicorn with caution. “Oh, hey, Twilight. Whatcha doing?”

“I’m doing no harm. Thanks for asking,” said Twilight Sparkle.

Scootaloo laid her ears back. It was a day for insane adults, clearly, and she took a moment to ask herself what she hoped to achieve in trying to join their ranks. They seemed to be having a terrible time lately, those grownups, and the idea of trying to pull off a hairpin turn and go back to fillyhood seemed more and more appealing.

But if she didn’t go forward, Sweetie Belle surely would, so Scootaloo knit her brow and stepped closer to the lanky alicorn Princess.

“I can see that,” she said. “It’s pretty obvious. That’s really excellent not-harm-causing, Twilight, way to go!”

“Don’t you sass me, Scootaloo,” retorted Twilight. “This is grown-up business. Possibly even beyond grown-up business. Leave me alone, I need to sit here and figure this out. I will almost certainly be able to do it before you age and die so you can ask me later how it went.”

Scootaloo’s jaw dropped. “What?” She stamped a forehoof. “I was trying to be nice!”

Twilight winced. “Oh. I thought… darn it!” She covered her face with her hooves, and then her hooves with her wings. Her voice emerged, muffled. “How about, leave me alone and maybe before you age and die I’ll learn to behave?”

Scootaloo sat, staring at Equestria’s newest Princess. Her ear flicked as she tried to work out the next right thing to do, whatever that might be. Her experience with Sweetie Insane did little to prepare her for Twilight Insane. Undaunted, she spoke up anyway.

“Um, I don’t want to try and pull your wing away from your face ‘cos it seems like it might be sensitive. Or maybe not? If you were a pegasus it would be a really bad idea but Princess Celestia never acted like touching her wing would make her excited, so maybe it would be okay? You didn’t used to be a pegasus. And you still aren’t. I mean, if your wing was like a pegasus wing then me biting it would be super inappropriate but maybe if alicorn wings don’t get you excited in the usual way, then I could get you to stop covering your face and not looking at me. ‘Cos nopony ever thought about Princess Celestia getting excited like that. Plus they’re huge. I mean, little wings are more sensitive, Rainbow Dash said, and yours are really big so…”

“That’s enough about my wings, please,” said Twilight, muffledly.

“Fine,” said Scootaloo, and fell silent, scuffing the grass with her hoof. In a while, she said, “I just won the dance contest, Twilight. You know, the Ponyville Prom?”

Twilight stirred. She looked up, peeking out from under her wings. “Oh, that! Sorry about cancelling, Scootaloo. I couldn’t help it, right now I’m the last pony who should be managing an event for kids.”

“It wasn’t just kids!” said Scootaloo. “My Dad did a crazy cowpony dance. And then Diamond Tiara’s dad amazed everypony! But I still won because they don’t count, not for the competition. Me and Sweetie Belle beat out Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom, and they were really tough to beat. They’d been practicing! But me and Sweetie went to Fillydelphia in secret and took lessons from DJ Pon-3. It was amazing! Nopony had seen anything like it before.”

Twilight smiled weakly at the orange filly’s enthusiasm. It was contagious. Scootaloo was nearly bouncing with glee, though her smile looked a little forced.

“That’s really nice, Scootaloo. I’m so happy for you and Sweetie! Well done.”

“Yeah,” said Scootaloo. “I got to do something awesome. And you know what? Rainbow Dash was watching.”

“Was she?”

“Oh yeah,” said Scootaloo. “She cheered really loud!”

“Good for her,” said Twilight.

“And so did Applejack, and the Mayor, heck, even Princess Celestia!”

“Sounds like it was quite a dance,” said Twilight, nervous at the escalating enthusiasm.

“It was!” squeaked Scootaloo. “I brought this new kind of dancing to Ponyville and it was amazing and me and Sweetie won hooves down and everypony in Ponyville saw it…”

Suddenly, Twilight’s eyes widened, because Scootaloo’s gaze pinned her where she lay.

“…but you.”

Scootaloo let the silence build. Just when Twilight drew in breath to cry out some sort of reply, Scootaloo cut in again.

“I just want to know why you didn’t come and see me. I would have liked that.”

Twilight’s eyes filled with tears, but Scootaloo’s were unwavering. As Twilight watched, the filly pegasus sat, then settled forward until she was lying on the ground just as Twilight was, wings neatly furled, inches away and staring her down with an expression that was hard to interpret.

Twilight gulped. “I’m so sorry, Scootaloo. How can I ever make it up to you? I guess I’ve broken your little pony heart?”

Scootaloo snorted with gentle contempt. “As if! My Dad watched me, and Rainbow Dash freaking loved it, and I did win, you know. It’s you that missed out, Twilight, I’m fine. Don’t look so tragic.”

“What was it like?” asked Twilight, her lip quivering. “Was it more graceful than regular dancing? I’ve never been much good at graceful dancing. I know you can be very graceful on that scooter.”

“Ha!” grinned Scootaloo. “That was Sweetie Belle’s job! Mine was to jump around and do all these movements. You really did miss out. It was the most colt-eriffic thing ever, Twilight. I was exhausted when I was done! I pretty much out-stallioned the stallions, all with dancing. Though my Dad, he was pretty good at that too.”

“Oh, good,” said Twilight. “That does sound like you.”

“So why did you miss it?” demanded Scootaloo. “That was dumb. And I can’t show you, before you ask, because I strained my dock muscles doing ‘tail isolations’ and also Sweetie refuses to do it again for a while. So you missed out even more, and for why?”

“You what?” cried Twilight, forgetting her distress. “Oh, no! I’m so sorry to hear it, Scootaloo. Would you like me to try and heal you?”

Scootaloo gazed levelly at her. “It’s not that bad. I’m fine. I just wanted to know…”

“It would be no trouble. I’m happy to help.”

“No, I’d rather just have my marefriend Sweetie rub me there,” said Scootaloo.

Twilight went pale, and dropped her gaze. Scootaloo narrowed hers. “NOW what? Twilight Sparkle, what is eating you? You better not be mad that me and Sweetie Belle are together.”

“I’m not,” said Twilight. “And I wasn’t suggesting that I should… Scootaloo, this is a difficult time for me, okay? I’m sorry I missed your performance but there were reasons I couldn’t be present.”

“Like what?” scoffed Scootaloo. “Everypony in Ponyville was there! And both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. And Princess Celestia was even with that other alicorn we never saw before!”

“THAT’S why!” snapped Twilight, and hid her face in her hooves again.

Scootaloo stopped, and watched Twilight closely. After a while, she said, “I would never have guessed, Twilight.”

“I know, right?” mumbled the despondent alicorn.

“It sounds like something out of Sweetie Belle’s imagination,” continued Scootaloo. “Now I get it. I’m so sorry. Poor Twilight.” She twitched, looking stunned.

Twilight sniffled.

“I’m really sorry Princess Celestia started going around with this little blue alicorn and stopped having sex with you,” added Scootaloo, her ears laying back slightly as she readjusted everything she thought she knew about Twilight Sparkle, and alicorns for that matter.

That got a reaction. Twilight’s head snapped up, and the look on her face was priceless. “WE NEVER!” she squealed. “I swear I didn’t even suggest it! I never said one thing out loud, not one thing, how can you think that? Scootaloo?”

Scootaloo had risen half to her hooves in alarm. “Hey, settle down! If that’s not what it is, why are you so worked up?”

She continued to stare at the older pony, her expression suspicious. Twilight’s wings had shot bolt upright, and they were quivering, and Twilight was blushing. Scootaloo settled back down, and said “Explain.”

Twilight’s lip quivered. Her eyes were stricken, tragic. “They kissed,” she said. “Right in front of me.”

“Well, if you weren’t having sex with Princess Celestia, what’s that got to do with you?” demanded Scootaloo. “And I think you can fold your wings now!”

Twilight’s eyes also showed dark circles, evidence of terrible strain. “If only I could! That’s the other part of it. You can’t imagine what I’m going through right now, okay? You’re just a kid! I can’t handle these surges of… you know. They say I should cope with them, but my mind is going crazy! I can’t stop thinking all these dreadful things, these wings are completely out of control and pegasi are complaining about it, I’m constantly fighting just to be able to behave in a civilized way…”

She trailed off. The filly in front of her was rolling her eyes.

“It’s called puberty, Twilight, get over it,” said Scootaloo. “Us Crusaders thought Sweetie was insane until it happened to us, too. You’re getting it all over again? Didn’t your Mom teach you about that stuff?”

Twilight hung her head. “I went to live with Princess Celestia… and it didn’t seem like she paid any attention to such things. I thought she only cared about studying and magic. And I wanted to grow up to be just like her.”

“But, Twilight… you did,” said Scootaloo, more gently. “Why does that make you sad? ‘Cos that seems really dumb to me!” She blinked. “So you’re getting, like, alicorn puberty? So you’re all excited but then you’re mad if Princess Celestia kissed somepony? I didn’t see her kissing anypony. Though the little blue one looked like she wanted to. Kiss, I mean.”

Twilight sniffled. “It’s horrible. Princess Celestia is better than that!”

“Better than that blue alicorn? She’s certainly a lot bigger,” said Scootaloo. “Or better than having sex, or going through puberty? You’re confusing me, Twilight, and it’s making it really hard for me to ask for your help.”

“You said you didn’t want anypony but Sweetie touching your dock,” objected Twilight. “And I wouldn’t have! I was going to use my magic to heal you, except for we might have to go back to my place so I can look the spell up…”

“No, that’s fine,” said Scootaloo. “I need you to make me a magic dick, that’s all.”

Twilight froze.

“You do NOT need such a thing to go through puberty!” she squealed. “What the heck, Scootaloo? What gave you the idea you need a magic dick, anyway? Is Rainbow Dash putting ideas in your head?”


“How do you even know what they are?” continued Twilight, distraught. “This just proves all my concerns are warranted. Who is going around trying to teach children about magic bits? I wish I’d never heard of them now! Where’d you get that?”

“Fluttershy!” retorted Scootaloo, her ears back.

Twilight boggled. “Literally all the ponies in this town are crazy! But it’s my responsibility, and my fault… How did Fluttershy tell you about these things? What on earth was in her mind, Scootaloo? Did she show you? Hers is just terrifying! I’m going to have to have harsh words with that pony…”

“I STOLE it!” yelled Scootaloo, stamping her hoof, and Twilight fell silent.

She stared at the little orange filly, once so small, now growing lankier and more ungainly—just as she, herself, was growing into her new alicorn form. Scootaloo scowled back, trapped by her admission. In defending Fluttershy from a scolding, she’d clearly said more than she meant to, but there was no contrition in her irate glare. Instead, Scootaloo looked like she was bracing for a fight.

She opened her mouth to argue, shut it, reopened it for another try… and then Scootaloo sagged and admitted, “I should have come to you from the start.”

“Listen, Scootaloo,” said Twilight Sparkle. “I understand you’re fond of Sweetie Belle. But that doesn’t mean you need to use powerful magic to do unnatural things to your body. Did you even ask her if she wanted you to do that? I’ve watched you girls drinking milkshakes, for pony’s sake! Now this? I don’t like the idea that you’re being influenced to play with dangerous magic implements.”

“But it’s you who isn’t listening,” objected Scootaloo. “I told you, I stole one. You’ve seen Sweetie drinking milkshakes? I’ve seen her do a lot more than that, Twilight. I probably shouldn’t give her away but she works that innocent-filly thing on purpose. If you knew what she really thinks up, you’d probably be shocked.”

Twilight drooped, looking pained. “Maybe. She is Rarity’s foal and Rarity’s shocked me before.” Twilight gulped, looking haunted. “Now that I think back on it, all that’s pretty horrible. We’ve done shocking things. I bet Rarity or Rainbow Dash are influencing you, if it’s not Fluttershy.”

“I don’t think it’s horrible!” argued Scootaloo. “And that’s not the point! The point is, I need one of those magic bits and I should have asked you. That’s the adult thing to do, not steal one like some kid. And where do you get the idea that anypony is influencing me?”

“When was the first time you even saw a penis?” challenged Twilight. Her wings were still erect, but her expression was cranky and far from seductive.

Scootaloo gulped, her eyes wide, and she blushed. “Um. We peeked at Applejack doing Rainbow Dash. It was scary.”

“Well then!” snorted Twilight. “And yes, that one is scary. I can personally vouch for that! So Applejack and Rainbow Dash ended up influencing you to act like they do, never mind that maybe they shouldn’t be carrying on that way either…”

“I think you made those things they use,” retorted Scootaloo. “I think you made the one I had!”

“Had?” demanded Twilight.

Scootaloo caught herself a moment too late. She pouted. “It broke.”

“Oh, sweet Celestia, one blew up in the face of a KID?” wailed Twilight.

“Not really!” protested Scootaloo. “Kind of! I loaned it to Apple Bloom because Sweetie thought it would do Diamond Tiara good to get fucked real hard! And it could have worked except for the thing fizzed away and it was gone, and it was my only one!”

“If it blew up, it was because they didn’t love each other, Scootaloo! You were playing with dangerous magical tools and trying to initiate sex with ponies who didn’t want to be having it!” yelled Twilight, shaking.

Scootaloo stopped. She faced down the enraged alicorn, undaunted, and she thought really hard. The trouble was, all that Twilight was saying was true—but there was so much she was missing. Twilight was building up this world around herself, a world of malicious magic implements and sexual desire inflicted on foals and innocents, and she was getting more and more emotional about it all, but what she described didn’t match how Scootaloo felt inside, or fit how Sweetie acted, or explain what had happened with Apple Bloom. It was a single, coherent picture of the world, yet it was all wrong. For a moment, Scootaloo wondered what had gone on with Twilight that caused her to be so untrusting, so unloving, but then she shrugged it off. Twilight’s attitudes didn’t matter as much as her own truth.

“They didn’t love each other when they blew up my magic bit,” said Scootaloo, “but they do now. I saw it.”

She stared hard at Twilight. “They got better. Ponies change, Twilight. I’m asking you to help me change, because it’s what I need to do. I’m growing up… and I love Sweetie, and I need to be her stallion.”

“I just think if you gave being a mare a chance…” began Twilight.

“I did!” said Scootaloo. “I do. I never said I didn’t let Sweetie use it. It doesn’t matter as much to her, she does it only because it’s incredible when she takes the bit and uses it on me. It’s different for me, Twilight. When I use one of those magic bits, I feel like… like…”

“A real stud horse?” suggested Twilight, frowning. “You shouldn’t have to do extreme things with magic to get confidence.”

“No!” snapped Scootaloo. “I feel like MYSELF. You know! I feel like I know who I am, and it’s all good. It’s even okay that I run around with mare parts most of the time but with the bit, my outsides match my insides. Don’t you get that?”

She hesitated, studying Twilight. She’d said something wrong. The new alicorn’s lip was quivering again. In exasperation, Scootaloo demanded, “NOW what?”

“I guess I don’t know that at all,” said Twilight softly, as if the admission frightened her. “I thought I knew. Then I met Trixie, then a lot of stuff happened and I got turned into an alicorn and I have to lead ponies and… That’s just it, Scootaloo. I feel out of control, and I don’t know who I am anymore.”

Scootaloo’s ears perked up. “Soooo… it’s not that you think I’m a dumb filly who shouldn’t have a marefriend?”

“I didn’t say you were dumb, Scootaloo!” protested Twilight. “I’m sure you and Sweetie are very happy.”

“Yeah we are,” said Scootaloo, “we just need your help with something. IF ya know what I mean!”

She saw the hesitation, thought about Twilight saying she had to lead and feeling out of control, and Scootaloo drew on her own bravado, Sweetie Belle’s curious instincts for uncomfortable truths, the courage of Apple Bloom and the deviousness of Diamond Tiara for good measure. There was something about the magic bits, and Twilight not wanting to act naughty, and the way Princess Celestia had always looked like she was above just such naughtiness. Scootaloo dimly sensed a connection between all these things. She took a breath, and picked her words carefully.

“Are you scared of what Princess Celestia will say to you… even though I totally saw her hanging around with that little blue alicorn?”

Twilight stared at her, wings still stiffly aloft, mouth hanging slightly open, a shocked look in her eye.

“Cos I think,” said Scootaloo defiantly, “that you should get to make those bit things if you want, even if Princess Celestia doesn’t like it. And if you have a wingboner, maybe you should go see your other marefriend and do whatever you gotta do to take care of that. But before you do… how about setting me and Sweetie up, huh?”

Twilight reeled in her dangling jaw. “She certainly ceded the moral authority,” she muttered.

Scootaloo had never heard ‘hanging around with a little blue alicorn’ described quite that way. “Does that mean you’ll do it?”

“It means it really is up to me,” replied Twilight. She bit her lip, fretting. “To carry on in the way I was raised… or to go out and find a sexuality that truly fulfils me.” She twitched. “That’s exactly what we told Chaos… that’s the little alicorn you saw… to do, and now you’re effectively telling me to do that myself, and you have no idea what that could mean to my life.” Twilight looked frightened of the thoughts in her head.

“Yeah, well, if she’s kissing Princess Celestia right now, maybe it was good advice!” prodded Scootaloo. “So are ya gonna do it? Will you help us? You gotta, or Sweetie will turn to the bad and go around stealing penises to give to me! And that’s no good, I need to do this properly and ask up front! I should have done that from the start, Twilight, I did it wrong, but I’m getting better too.”

“I don’t know what to believe anymore,” said Twilight, resignedly.

Scootaloo grinned. She knew that tone, and she also figured she was in the right. Win/win, then.

“Believe in me!” she said, proudly. “Us kids, I mean we young but obviously adult mares, love each other very much and we work through problems. If I don’t get a bit from you, I think Sweetie will become a supervillain and steal them all just for me. I can make her not have to do that, by asking for your help properly and trusting you enough to ask.”

“Sweetie Belle becoming a supervillain is rather hard to believe,” said Twilight. She considered, and winced. “Or maybe it’s just a little too easy to believe, now that I think about it. Worrying. You think you can keep her from becoming a… a unicorn delinquent?”

“Nah, she’s totally a unicorn delinquent,” said Scootaloo happily, “but it can be in a nice way. Diamond Tiara was totally a troublemaker to other kids and Apple Bloom tamed her with kissing and sex! At least that’s what I assume must have happened. It works on Sweetie Belle!”

“More to the point,” said Twilight, “how do I keep from being an alicorn delinquent?”

“Maybe you’re sexier that way,” suggested Scootaloo. Twilight didn’t answer. Scootaloo grew serious, studying her face. “Trust us,” she said. “We’re gonna be okay… and you will be okay too.”

“How can you know that?” said Twilight.

Scootaloo gazed into her eyes. “Because I guess we’re all going through the same kind of thing. You and us kids, I mean. We’ve got to learn how to love each other, and our bodies and our whole lives are changing. That just means we have to love different now. It’s okay, Twilight, honest it is.”

Scootaloo could see Twilight thinking about what she’d said, and pressed on, with more and more enthusiasm. “I never used to think about my body as being that interesting, except to make it do stunts. I guess I still am making it do stunts! But the difference is, now I think about how I can join it with the pony I love and let us be together, and we can take the good feelings we get and bring them to others. We can help our best friend, Apple Bloom, make the same journey. She can turn around and teach Diamond Tiara to be nice. And she is! It’s the power of love, Twilight. It’s about caring for each other and spending time together and caring how other ponies feel. And then there are new ways to feel, and everything is all different, but it just takes us deeper and we learn to love even more.”

“I studied instead,” said Twilight. “I never did that, Scootaloo. I had my studies, and I thought Princess Celestia would always be there as my example and I wouldn’t have to do all that stuff. And now I don’t even know what I am anymore…”

“You’re growing too, Twilight,” said Scootaloo firmly. “You are what you need to be and it’s all totally okay. It’s like you’re a river and you’re trying to hold onto pieces of water and say, that’s what the river is. And it flows over your hooves, and it’s gone, and you freak out—but look again, it’s still there. You are so totally still Twilight Sparkle. And you’re awesome… and you’re loved.”

Twilight gulped, moved beyond speech, staring at the self-assured young filly in astonishment.

“…thank you, Scootaloo. Thank you.”

Scootaloo cracked an insouciant grin.

“Now, make me a damn magic bit! Please! I know what I am, and me and Sweetie, we like it that way!”

Twilight giggled.

“Sweetie’s a lucky girl. And yes, I think it would be madness to deny there’s something awfully coltish about you.”

“Sure!” said Scootaloo. “I always did kick butt as much as any colt ever. Though remember, I can show a girly side to Sweetie if I want!” She paused, considering. “Not you though. You didn’t need girly sympathy. I think you needed some sense kicked into you, Twilight Sparkle. I’m glad I could help.”

Twilight snorted in amusement and relief. “Maybe you’re right. We’ll head over to the Library and I think Trixie will be eager to do anything with me at this point, I’ve been avoiding her too. We make them using a magemeld. She hasn’t had one like that for months and it’s not fair to her, she should get to use her powers fully. One magic bit coming up!”

Scootaloo blinked. “Actually, I need two.”

Twilight stared, and then her eyes bugged out. “Ouch! I don’t think even Rainbow Dash ever tried that. I certainly hope you intend to be gentle when you do it… and you’d better remember to use some sort of lubrication. I think Rarity uses butter?”

It was Scootaloo’s turn to stare. She boggled in confusion for a moment, and then recoiled. “Gah! Twilight, you have too much of an imagination, you know that? You should compare notes with Sweetie Belle!”

“I’m sorry!” squeaked Twilight, blushing. “You mean you weren’t going to… in both?”

Scootaloo looked a bit pale. “Actually, you shouldn’t compare notes with Sweetie Belle. It would only encourage her.” She winced. “Actually, PLEEASE don’t compare notes with Sweetie Belle, okay?”

“I promise, I won’t,” said Twilight, earnestly.

“Seriously. She’d want me to try that, I bet, and I just didn’t picture myself that way. Just make me two bits and don’t tell Sweetie Belle I ever had two bits at once, and I won’t tell her either. I’m not sure that would even work!” She cringed, making a face. “Eeeeg! Thanks a lot for the horrifying images, miss not-sexual.”

“Don’t remind me,” said Twilight. She got up and began to wander toward town again, looking distracted. “I’m going to have to come up with a way to integrate my imagination with my regular life. I used to think those things had to be kept completely separate, and that nobody could ever know your thoughts and fantasies, but maybe it’s time I… communicated some of them.” She twitched. “As if things weren’t already complicated enough. And what am I going to do with Trixie?”

“Make me a magic bit to have?” suggested Scootaloo. “You said you make them working with Trixie.”

Twilight headed home, alongside Scootaloo. She asked, “But what do you want a second bit for, then? A backup?”

“No. It’s for… a friend.”

Diamond Tiara spat the pencil out onto the desk, and glared out across her bedroom. “Augh!” she raged. “Apple Bloom!”

“Darlin’?” called Apple Bloom from the hallway.

“Apple Bloom, how can you call this recordkeeping? How am I supposed to work out a marketing plan for you if I can’t project the relative effectiveness of different product lines into different markets?”

“Darlin’?” repeated Apple Bloom, plainitively. “You been workin’ all day on that stuff. Ah got somethin’ here you should see.”

“It had better be the secret stash of organised sales receipts you didn’t have earlier!” snapped Diamond Tiara, glaring fiercely toward the waiting hallway, her mane frazzled but her eyes full of crackling energy.


Diamond heaved an exasperated sigh. “Well, what is it then? Tell me and then come kiss me. I’m about through with this for the day. You can’t ask me to…”

Her eyes widened, at a small rattling sound. Apple Bloom wasn’t coming into her room, but something was, rolling along the floor.

It was a small metal bit, rolling cheerfully into sight. Behind it, Apple Bloom was a looming presence in the hallway, waiting for a reaction.

The reaction wasn’t long in coming.

Diamond Tiara stared in confusion for a moment, and then her eyes bugged out. She gave a little shriek, and charged from behind the desk, nearly flipping it over. Apple Bloom shied away as her pink amour galloped forward, and gawked as Diamond dove for the magic implement, grabbing it in her teeth with frantic haste.

“Shit, honey, din’t think you fancied me that way!”

Apple Bloom’s remark went completely unnoticed by her lover. Diamond pranced frantically, her eyes rolling in panic. “Is ‘t ‘xploding? ‘S ‘t ‘xploding?” she pleaded, desperately.

“The hay?” said Apple Bloom, startled. Diamond let out a squeal of terror, and curled up in a ball on the ground, wrapping her forehooves around her head even while she clamped down harder on the magic bit.

Apple Bloom’s jaw dropped, as she figured it out.

“Aw, baby! Diamond! Easy, honey, ain’t nothin’ explodin’ around here… except mah heart! You really think you got to protect me from that lil’ knick-knack? Honey, I done used one of them things before!”

Diamond’s eye opened, peering up in alarm at Apple Bloom. “Uh… ‘ts n’t g’nna ‘xplode?”

“See for yourself,” grinned Apple Bloom, and Diamond looked down between her hindlegs.

Neither pony had ever seen such a slender ponycock before. Of course, neither had seen many ponycocks anyhow, but Diamond’s phallus still stuck out as unusual. It was fine and straight and a lovely rosy pink like her intimate places, but it was outrageously narrow and didn’t flare much either.

“Dang,” said Apple Bloom. “Built for comfort, huh, Diamond? If that’s really what y’all want from me, Ah say let it rip an’ I’ll take my turn later. Um… hopin’ you DO let me have a turn, sweet thing, on account of I kinda really wanted to? Been thinkin’ about it all the way here.”

Diamond blinked. “Why ‘s ‘t l’ke th’t? So th’n!”

“Aw, don’t fret, sugarcube, I reckon you kin move it real nice if you git into it…”

Diamond released the bit from between her teeth, and covered it with a careful hoof. “No no. I never said I wanted to do things that way. I don’t want to be a colt, so gauche! No, I said why is it like that? What makes it be so skinny, for me? Yours was much bulkier!”

“That a problem, dear heart?” asked Apple Bloom, her ears laid back.

Diamond glared at her. “It’s a problem if it bursts into sparks and burns you! Apple Bloom, why must you take risks like this? I can’t bear it! What if it hurts you, what if it goes off?”

Apple Bloom gazed levelly at her. “Diamond Tiara. How exactly do you think Ah got that thing over here to your bedroom in th’ first place?”

Diamond gulped. “Oh.” She licked her lips, glancing down at the magic bit. She looked up at Apple Bloom again. “But you carried it to me once before. Don’t you remember? I thought you were playing a trick. You galloped up, and it was so arousing that I couldn’t stand it, and then the next thing I knew, you were cursing and it had blown up in your mouth.”

“Yeah,” admitted Apple Bloom. “Ah don’t like to think of what was in my head at th’ time. Weren’t pretty, darlin’. That was a bad time for us.”

Diamond’s eyes searched hers. “Oh, Apple Bloom! I think it’s too much of a danger. I want… I won’t even tell you what I want, I’d better be strong. No! I won’t let you risk it.”

“Oh, yeah?” snapped Apple Bloom. “First of all, Scootaloo said it was for me ta have, an’ secondly, th’ feelin’s in my head are quite different nowadays. Ah reckon we’re in th’ clear if Ah understand them things prop’ly. So hoof that thing over, missy!”

Diamond paled. She set her jaw. “No! It’s for your own good. They’re like little bombs of penis. I still remember your cry of pain just behind my shoulder, while you wrapped your forelegs around my waist.” She twitched, her eyes going dreamy, and then fought for self-control again. “No! No matter how excitingly coltish you act, it’s too dangerous! You mustn’t! And I mustn’t beg you to! I mean, ask you to!”

“Gimme mah bit thingy!” demanded Apple Bloom, stamping a hoof, smirking. “Last chance ta turn it over!”

Diamond gave a little squeal of delight, helplessly, and winked without use of her eyes. “Never, my love! I won’t give in to my filthy urges and endanger you, so long as I YEEP!”

Apple Bloom had pounced. The two ponies wrestled on Diamond Tiara’s bedroom floor, clonking the fine hardwood with their hooves.

“Precious?” called Filthy Rich, distantly, from down the hall. “Is there a problem?”

Diamond’s eyes widened. Loudly, she called, “No, Dad! We’re fine!”

“All right!” called Filthy Rich, and ceased his inquiries.

Diamond panted, staring at Apple Bloom’s merry grin. They were fine… except the magic bit was now under Apple Bloom’s hoof, not Diamond’s.

“Don’t do it,” she pleaded. She blinked. “How on earth did you smuggle that thing in?”

“How d’ya mean smuggle?” said Apple Bloom. “Daisy let me in. Ah give her a little nod an’ said, thankee.”

Diamond’s jaw dropped. “Oh, no! While you were…”


Diamond stared in fascinated horror. “Whatever did she SAY?”

Apple Bloom winked, playfully. “She give me a lil’ smile back and looked away, blushin’. An’ she says, I’ll just be ironing.”

“Does she know it’s dangerous?” gasped Diamond.

“Ain’t dangerous. An’ I guess she knows colts, don’t she? Grown up mare like that. She knows huggin’ only go so far,” asserted Apple Bloom. As Diamond Tiara gawked at her, she gave a dangerous, luminous smile. “Nah then, lil’ darlin’, you’ve worked enough. It’s time you went farther than mere huggin’ will allow. Ah insists.”

Diamond was trembling with desire, her eyes devouring her fierce little country marefriend. She still objected, unsteadily. “It… it could explode. I won’t have it.”

“Havin’ it is jes’ what Ah intended. An’ then, you’ll have it,” said Apple Bloom. She licked her lips. “All of it.”

Diamond whimpered, and her pussy winked again, twice.

“Wal,” mused Apple Bloom, “as much as Ah kin fit…”

Diamond squealed, and jumped to her hooves, facing away from Apple Bloom, winking again and again, her diminutive marehood clenching on itself in a frenzy. “Augh! I can’t look, I can’t! Did it explode? Did it? You have to look at me, it blew up when you looked at me!”

Apple Bloom had jumped to her hooves as well, and with a lunge she snatched the bit up off the floor, feeling the horsecock burst forth from between her legs. She looked, and looked… her eyes riveted on Diamond’s tight little pussy, hypnotized by the moment.

Diamond whimpered again, shaking. Her nipples were stiff, her vagina not only glistened but dripped slippery ooze with each desperate wink, making wet little noises in the silence. Her tail twitched, shivered, the bare pink dock wriggling with agitation, her butt-cheeks visibly trembling, and she wailed, “Did it EXPLODE?”

Apple Bloom held her head high, gritting her teeth on the thing. “In a m’nner of sp’king… jes’ you look here, d’rling. C’mon, lookit me.”

Slowly, Diamond Tiara turned her head, and saw.

Apple Bloom grinned at her in obvious delight, teeth gleaming around the shiny metal bit. She raised a forehoof, the better to reveal her surprise. For a moment, Diamond could only look in her eyes, because she’d never seen such warmth in a horny stare before. Rather than being a voracious, greedy look, Apple Bloom’s eyes glowed with desire but it was a comfortable eagerness: instead of demanding, Apple Bloom’s amber eyes drank in Diamond and resonated with every quiver of marely lust. It was impossible to look away from that loving gaze.

Diamond felt herself wink even harder, and saw Apple Bloom’s pupils dilate, her nostrils flare appreciatively, and a movement caught her eye. Diamond’s gaze drifted downward…

Beneath Apple Bloom’s belly, a ponycock had indeed exploded, into erectness. It jutted forth, a cozy pinky-beige color, but where previously Diamond had only been able to glimpse it in a brief flurry of motion, this time it stuck right out for the ogling, and it was worth ogling. Apple Bloom’s cock was bulky, blunt, and achingly hard. It looked like, if you hit it with a hoof, it would clang.

Diamond began to shiver violently, her eyes very wide.

“An’ n’w, my d’rling fl’wer of f’llyhood,” crooned Apple Bloom, “Ah’mma m’ke you my mare…”

Diamond screwed her eyes shut, and let out a maddened squeal of pure lust. That set Apple Bloom’s ears back, but what happened next laid them back even worse.

From down the hall came a solicitous voice. “Are you all right, Diamond?”

Two pairs of filly eyes flew wide.

“WE’RE FINE!” they squeaked in chorus, terror giving them exactly the right girly tone to avoid suspicion. The bit clinked on the floor.

“Okay!” called Filthy Rich.

Apple Bloom dove for the bit where she’d dropped it. Diamond whimpered, shifting from hoof to hoof in agitation. “Oh please, please…” she begged.

The horsecock was, if anything, even harder than before. Apple Bloom reared, and Diamond shuddered and made a strangled yowl of desire as her lover came down on her hindquarters, that cock swinging up and thudding heavily against her breasts. “Oh Celestia!” she gasped, her voice shaking.

“G’t y’r Cel’stia right h’re,” muttered Apple Bloom, and shoved.

“Ngyaaah!” wailed Diamond, bracing herself. She bit her lip, forcing herself into silence.

“Come on…” mumbled Apple Bloom, and shoved harder. In her tight grip, Diamond writhed, sweat springing out on her forehead.

Apple Bloom gritted her teeth. She tried to remember what it had been like, how she’d positioned her hips, that one time she’d had Sweetie Belle. Was she aiming properly? Terrible thought! The blunt flare of her equine cock-head shoved again, and Apple Bloom felt Diamond winking against that flare, an obscenely arousing sensation of juicy slippery mare-parts, clitoris jutting out against her hardness, labia splaying to invite her in, and then wiping back across the surface of her flare, unpenetrated.

Diamond Tiara sobbed, and shoved against her cock urgently.

Apple Bloom, her ears laying back, her eyes concerned, tried to push again. Again, she didn’t seem to find Diamond’s hole, though she was clearly pressed against it. “D’ng,” she mumbled. “Ah’m too b’g?”

Diamond caught herself about to scream in despair, and only made a pitiful little mew like a heartbroken kitten. She twisted her head around and stared frantically at Apple Bloom, her eyes pleading.

“Mebbe if y’ set y’r hooves wide?” suggested Apple Bloom. She gave another experimental nudge. Her cock felt like it was about to explode from sheer internal pressure, and still she couldn’t part Diamond’s vulva. The foal of Ginger Snap had grown up into a young filly whose private parts were likewise more suited to mating than mothering, and in the drama of her first time being penetrated, Diamond Tiara had tensed up until her little pussy was a frantic knot, and Apple Bloom’s blunt flare couldn’t even begin to wedge in.

Apple Bloom snorted a breath out through her nostrils, her expression forbidding, her eyes worried. She could feel the stiffness of Diamond’s body. The harder she tried, the worse it got.

“D’mond,” she said, warningly.

Diamond sobbed, writhing in her grip.

“D’mond!” snapped Apple Bloom. “Whoa there!”

She dismounted, though she knew what would happen. Sure enough, Diamond burst into tears and collapsed in a drippy heap… though it was interesting how she forced herself to be silent, even so. Her amazing willpower and commanding ways showed through even then, for she looked tearfully back at Apple Bloom and hissed, “Again! Oh Celestia, again, again, it’s got to work, it’s GOT to…”

“H’sh,” said Apple Bloom, her cock throbbing painfully. “W’ll try s’methin’ else. Y’ g’t to r’lax! H’w can we r’lax you?”

Diamond looked around frantically, and then all at once she was scrambling unsteadily to her hooves, clambering onto her bed, sprawling out with her hoof working away shamelessly between her legs. “Oh! Oh… quick, quick!”

Apple Bloom jumped up, hovering over her, trying to figure out where to stand. Diamond was wriggling about in a frenzy of filly horniness, and then she flopped over on her side with a beseeching look and Apple Bloom snuggled in behind her, wrapping forelegs around her, feeling the delicious trembles. She clamped her teeth down harder on the bit, squirming to fit around Diamond’s body, nuzzling Diamond’s silky mane and hearing her gasp. They almost fit perfectly like two spoons in a drawer, except that Diamond’s ass was wriggling hysterically as the big hard horsecock prodded her privatest places, and Apple Bloom’s hips had to be held way, way back to even position things…

Diamond gasped, her body shuddering as if struck by lightning. Apple Bloom’s stiffened flare prodded her in exactly the right spot, and she froze, terrified she’d squirm and it would slip away.

“R’lax,” hissed Apple Bloom. Her hoof joined Diamond’s, fondling that taut pink mound, and her hips pressed cautiously forward.

Diamond gulped. Her mouth opened in a silent wail, her breath came in shudders, her eyes were shocked circles that weren’t focusing on anything in Equestria anymore.

And as that massive horsecock pushed steadily against her vagina, Diamond arched her head back against Apple Bloom’s nuzzling face, and forced herself to melt into her lover’s embracing forelegs.

And she felt the pressure increase, and increase, until she couldn’t believe what was happening to her body, and that was when she felt that carefully-braced cock, the cock she seemed to balance atop like some gymnastic trick… wedge into her, just a little.

She gasped. Apple Bloom’s nostrils flared, hard. Country pony hips put a touch more muscle into it, very carefully.

Diamond Tiara didn’t make a single sound as the ponycock began to pry her open and squeeze inside, but she shook so hard the bed put out a volley of faint squeaks. Her eyes seemed to get wider and wider, and the bed squeaked on as Apple Bloom held her tighter, hips easing forward so very slowly, swollen pinky-beige shaft inching wetly deeper and deeper into Diamond’s strained vagina, splitting her impossibly as she quaked and forced herself not to squeal.

Apple Bloom knew she’d gone to the hilt in Sweetie Belle, and she wasn’t feeling an end to Diamond’s pussy, just the viselike pressure around her shaft. Cautiously, she kept pushing deeper, her mind reeling with the pleasure of it, alive with the sensations of Diamond’s cuddly pink body against her, that plush little pink rump wriggling against her thighs, tail twitching, and the astonishing feeling of her bulky hard stallionhood pushing so slowly into Diamond’s body as her butt squeezed eagerly against the sides of the shaft, the tight place gripping her with amazing force, and further inside Diamond it was wet slick confining pressure enlivening every inch of her aching hard-on…

Apple Bloom’s crotch gently came to rest against Diamond’s rump. Diamond shuddered, fighting to not shriek out in pleasure. Apple Bloom nudged one more time, shoving hungrily against Diamond’s buttocks, feeling her body wrap around Diamond’s, feeling her cock-head tuck snugly into somewhere within Diamond Tiara, an end place beyond which she could not push and did not try…

…and then they fitted perfectly.

Tears were coming to Diamond’s eyes. “…mustn’t… …scream…”

“…you okay?” whispered Apple Bloom.

Diamond turned her head, her expression one of quivering adoration, and began feverishly kissing Apple Bloom, whimpering “nnnh! errnnnnh! hh!”

“…ah kin try… ta move a lil… dear Celestia, girl…”

Diamond bit her lip, shivering so hard she blurred. “…gneee!”

Apple Bloom took a breath, feeling Diamond’s pussy pinching excitedly around the base of her cock. “It w’ll be okay,” she whispered firmly. If she makes noise and anypony gives her trouble for this, she thought to herself, Ah will clobber them, no matter who it is. This one’s for little Diamond, who came so far, who ended up so sweet and hot and devoted… and loved.

Apple Bloom tenderly began to shift her hips back and forth, at first in gentle nudges. Diamond squelched tightly around the bulky shaft. She’d lubricated so hard they lay in a wet spot, and as taut as she was there was no binding or resistance. Diamond Tiara was not just a juicy little pony: her nectars seemed extra good at being slippery, and that was a mercy.

It was even more of a mercy as Apple Bloom found first the arc of her hips’ motion, and then her enthusiasm. The squelching noises got more extended.

Diamond reeled, her eyes starkly wide in shock as a massive horsecock slid half out of her and plunged to her depths, again and again. She’d been coming already, but the sensation flung her into a whole other universe, a universe of bold country-pony embraces and explosive orgasms and a sensation like a whole treetrunk was sliding with inexplicable smoothness deeply into her body, thrusting through her confining pelvis and stuffing her to bursting. But there wasn’t pain, not in any normal sense, it all just fitted, or barely fitted, or suddenly it swelled and throbbed and absolutely didn’t fit and she thrashed and fireworks went off in her brain…

“Grrrh!” grunted Apple Bloom, and snarled around the bit as she hunched hard into Diamond and let go, spurting horsecome into her virgin womb in a series of tightly confined squirts. Diamond had clamped so hard around her that it felt like her body struggled to do that, like the tube was being squeezed off and only the pressure of the orgasm forced it through.

Diamond’s teeth chattered, and she writhed and kicked the air, possessed by spasms as she felt the horsecock throb and blast its load into her, and she did make a sound… barely, through ferociously gritted teeth, like some wild animal screwing in some savage jungle.

“…hrrr! Hrrrrnnnh! ngggh! Rrrrrrh! uhhh! hhhh! eeeeh!”

Apple Bloom, riding out the trailing end of her own orgasm, marvelled at her beloved. She had not even imagined that Diamond would come like that, but it was perfect. Not for Diamond Tiara, a surrender into fillyish ecstacy. Not for her, a melting into total passivity. When the chips were down, when Diamond had taken Apple Bloom’s fat little cock to the hilt, she had not suddenly turned into a weak and submissive puddle of spooge-soaked filly.

Nope. Diamond Tiara had only become more Tiaraish in her extremity. She had taken the dauntingly bulky cock like a champion. She had ridden Apple Bloom’s fucking like the boldest rodeo pony, goading her on heedlessly and never balking even as Apple Bloom plunged to the hilt in her fiendishly tight pussy, and she’d snarled and writhed like a wildcat as Apple Bloom came inside her. And that was Diamond, when things got rough: wild and forever unconquered.

Apple Bloom loved her for it, more than she’d ever loved anything.

She snuggled the exhausted Tiara close, glorying in the feverish heat of her sated lover, keeping the bit in her teeth so her heartbeat could continue to throb inside Diamond. “Ah l’ve you,” she said. “Y’ know that, right?”

“…mrgngl…” drooled Diamond Tiara, stunnedly.

Apple Bloom giggled. “B’g pardon?”

Diamond blinked groggily, and tried to focus on her. “…I said, you better!”

Apple Bloom couldn’t stop smiling. “Oh yeah? Why’s th’t?”

Diamond blearily kissed her, full on the lips. “Because I’m your mare now… and forever.”

Apple Bloom met her gaze, drinking in those fierce intelligent blue eyes, seeing the wilfulness and the bossiness to rival her own, the cleverness to be thrown behind her own efforts with the farm… the strong opinions, the argument, even the arrogance in that undauntable stare. She studied Diamond’s eyes, her own warm amber gaze in turn speaking of acceptance, of devotion, a kind of sharing that came naturally to the loving country pony.

Diamond’s look wasn’t quite like that. Even left boneless and limp and obliterated by orgasm, her devotion wasn’t the same style. Not for Diamond Tiara, a worshipful look as if surrendering to a master. As she drank in the sight of Apple Bloom, and then turned and nestled into Apple Bloom’s devoted embrace in perfect satisfaction and contentment, her bearing said two things.

Firstly, ‘I am beautiful and adored by you, and this is bliss incomparable, for I am in love…’

Secondly, ‘…and I am so, so very proud of you.’

Apple Bloom held her proud little beloved close, reverently cuddling her to sleep.

“Yeah,” she breathed—softly, so’s not to wake her.

“Life’s good.”