The New Rules

“Oh no,” said Applejack. “It’s Y’ALL who’s gittin’ it!”

Rainbow Dash giggled, and squirmed out of the way, nearly falling off Applejack’s bed and catching herself with a wild flap of her wings that blew a framed picture of Apple Bloom off the bedside table, causing it to fall face down—something the sensible filly would probably have appreciated.

Applejack lunged again at Dashie’s mare parts, her tongue stuck out in a foolishly awkward way, so obviously a rank amateur yet determined to pleasure her beloved, determined as only Applejack could be.

“You think you can compete with the master?” teased Dash.

“Thought Pinkie was th’ master?”

“Pinkie’s a force of nature. Or maybe a catastrophe. I’m not sure she should even count as a pony in bed, the stuff she does is too crazy… and don’t change the subject! I bet I can catch you and lick you to orgasm in ten minutes flat!”

“Oh, yeah? Not if I git you first! And don’cha mean ten seconds flat, darlin’?”

Dash waggled her eyebrows licentiously. “Why rush?”

Applejack smirked, eyes dancing gleefully, and rushed—at Rainbow Dash’s cute vag, and nearly caught it with a lick except that Dashie flapped madly out of the way again.

“Whoa! Give up, Boss, you’re the one who’s getting eaten up like candy…”

“Ah will please you, consarn it! With or without a dick, I’mma worship that marehood, so y’all might as well lie back now and save your energy for it…”

“Wait, wait! Fine,” giggled Dash. “You know what? This calls for Pinwheel Form!”

“Pin-what?” blinked Applejack.

“It’s a pegasus thing. It’s dangerous, except it won’t be with you. It’s like this—you fly up real high for safety, and you and your girlfriend grab each other’s butts in the air—face to crotch, you know—and you stay up by modulating your wingbeats really quickly between regular and inverted flight!”

Applejack pictured this, her ear flicking. “While…”

“Yeah. While you eat her out and get eaten out… you make a pegasus pinwheel that rotates faster and faster and faster. It’s a flight-school stunt!”

“Haven’t I seen the Wonderbolts do that?” said Applejack.

Rainbow Dash smirked. “I’ve heard rumors. The thing is, if you’re doing it normally, you can focus. If you’re having sex it’s far too dangerous, because it makes you dizzy and you can lose track and fly straight down instead. Or off to the side, because the timing’s really sensitive and you can’t lose track…”

Applejack narrowed her eyes, with a tight grin. “Voice of experience? You sound like ya DONE this.”

Dash looked a little bashful, and wouldn’t meet Applejack’s eye. “What gives you that idea, Boss?”

“Gilda!” accused Applejack. “C’mon, out with it—did you or did you not try that with Gilda when you was foolin’ around with her?”

Rainbow Dash began to smirk, and then fell over with raucous laughter. “The weight balance was all wrong! I teased her until she went for it, and it was awesome for about eight seconds, and then we were out of control! I still refused to stop, though!”

Applejack face-hooved. “Yeah, that figures. What happened?”

“We smacked into a cliff, feathers flying everywhere, and Gilda sprained a paw and wouldn’t talk to me for a week,” admitted Dash. She looked woebegone for a few seconds—then giggled.

Applejack tried to look stern at her wild, playful lover, tried very hard, but a matching smirk began to creep over her face—and then, suddenly, she’d pounced and pinned Dash to the bed. “Hah! Gotcha! Poor Gilda. Pretty creature she was, but she weren’t no match for y’all. Hol’ still, you lil’ hellion…”

“Wait!” squeaked Dash, writhing ineffectively under Applejack. “Let me be on top, let me be on top!”


“I’m gonna need to flap! I’m gonna pretend we’re whirling through the air. Trust me, it’s gonna feel like it. Let me… thanks babe!”

Applejack had promptly rolled off Dash, and lay on her back, legs splayed and pretty blonde tail twitching. With a flutter, Rainbow Dash hopped atop her precious lover, and her pert pegasus vag lowered temptingly towards Applejack’s face.

Applejack licked her lips, raised her head, and her tongue reached out to caress Dash’s jutting clitoris—and then, Applejack moaned loudly, as Dash’s head dipped and the randy pegasus dove into Applejack’s crotch, suckling loudly on her marehood.

Applejack redoubled her efforts, her competitive spirit kicking in, goading her lover further on and glorying in the time shared with someone so free-spirited, someone who had so few demands of her in usual ways but who lit up so brightly through nothing more than Applejack being herself, in love. There was all the day’s chores to do, there was Weather Patrol to go to, but for now she was the earth that Dashie flew over, she was the pleasure that coursed through Dashie’s body, she was the one to be depended upon, and she was rewarded immediately with a passionate licking and suckling on her mare-parts so intense as to make her eyes cross with ecstacy.

And above them, Rainbow Dash’s wings arced out, rose, shivered, flared higher as the two ponies got ever more deeply into it…

“No, really, I can get it myself. And is this ‘mistress’ thing part of the package? By which I mean, do I have to put up with it to have your cooperation? It’s gonna be a lot easier on everypony now that I do have that…” said Twilight.

“No, Mistress,” said Trixie, allowing Twilight to serve herself the second helping of alfalfa. Twilight had been up all night reading, and Trixie had waited for her, so neither had slept—and when Twilight announced that she thought she deserved the extra snack, Trixie had hastened to oblige, only to be overruled.

“But it makes you happy, right? To say it?”

“Oh, yes, Mistress.”

“Do you think making you happy is going to make it more easy to do our work, or less?” said Twilight. “You’ll forgive me for saying it but this is all towards a very different goal. I’m going to need your help, now more than ever.”

Trixie winced, but tried to hide it. “Mistress will have all of Trixie’s help. Why more than ever? Trixie wasn’t aware of any changes. Except the obvious ones…”

Twilight blinked at her. “Oh, come on! The one thing all this craziness has taught us is that the bit did exactly as you suggested last night… no, don’t cry, get a grip, I know you were trying to hurt me but I mean the part where you said it was unstable in the presence of love. Okay? Calm down! I didn’t ask for you to tell lies about Applejack but I didn’t ask for this either and it’s your own fault for trying to mess with my head…”

Trixie gulped, and steadied herself.

“There, uh, that’s a good girl?” said Twilight. “Honestly, I should be grateful to you—I am grateful to you, in fact, Trixie. I’m sorry I was so cruel—well, I guess you liked it, we’ve covered that—but it established that Applejack loves me, not Rainbow Dash.”

There was that wince again. Twilight’s eyes narrowed, and her voice became progressively sharper.

“You are not going to be still messing with my head. Not now. Stop it.”

Trixie’s eyes widened in dismay. She cowered away a step. “No, no!”

“She does love me! We’ve established that!”

Trixie nodded, her horn making a jerky little arc in the air. “You established it, Twilight Sparkle! Trixie considers it conclusive!”

“Then why are you looking so damn worried? Answer me!” snapped Twilight.

“I, I, uh… it is rather difficult for Trixie to explain, to one so innocent…”

“I’m not innocent! I’ve read all sorts of… wait. You’re jealous? Is this some masochist submissive thing, is that it?”

Trixie didn’t answer, but she hung her head, unable to meet Twilight’s eyes, and gradually Twilight’s stare grew gentler. “Oh, Trixie… you are going to be such a royal pain, aren’t you?”

“Trixie is sorry,” mumbled Trixie. She stared at the floor, desperately fighting back the words that tried to come to her lips. The test had only revealed that Applejack had love for Twilight Sparkle.

It had revealed nothing about Applejack’s love for Dash—nor did it offer any clues about which was greater.

“I guess I understand,” said Twilight. “I mean, of all ponies, I ought to know what that feels like. I’m sorry… uhh, just a second. Turn around, Trixie, I’ve got to check an assumption…”

Trixie obediently turned, and her vag did indeed pout and glisten, after only a mild scolding.

“Figures,” said Twilight. “Okay, you can turn back around now! You get an extra helping of alfalfa too, for me putting you through that. Don’t argue! I insist.” She levitated a bit of alfalfa towards the chastened Trixie’s mouth, just as Spike walked in.

“Who’s getting an extra… whoa!” he said. “You’re joking, right, Twilight? Or is part of the punishment making her as fat as you?”

Trixie caught the momentary hurt look in Twilight’s eyes, and when she turned on Spike, Trixie’s jaw was set, her nostrils flared, her own eyes narrowed.

“Mistress is beautiful, and compassionate, and, and, and… hold your tongue, insolent whelp, Trixie would have no trouble replacing all that you do around here while showing a proper respect!”

For a moment, there was just Spike’s shocked, disbelieving look and Trixie, shaking with rage and staring him down—unaware of his history, his past insecurities, of the whole complex relationship Twilight and Spike shared. To Trixie, Spike seemed as a servant, and in her sudden and utter capitulation to Twilight, she had expectations of how her Mistress ought to be treated.

Spike was looking past her, and he looked worried. “Uh, Twi? Take it easy?”

Trixie’s head slowly turned, and she looked into the face of Hell.

“How DARE you!” snarled Twilight Sparkle, from inches away. “All your fucking mind games, all your grovelling, and I was stupid enough to believe you, and this is the respect you show to my number one assistant and my good friend? That’s the best you can do?”

Her eyes blazed, her teeth were bared. Trixie could neither meet her gaze or look away, and cowered back, but Twilight seemingly couldn’t let it slide. Trixie had never heard of Owlowliscious, and had no idea why Twilight had become so unexpectedly savage.

“Twi? I knew she was, well, a bitch when she came here. It’s okay. Her insults don’t matter, Twilight, calm down,” said Spike.

Twilight Sparkle wasn’t listening. She pushed forward even as Trixie cowered and lowered herself in frantic abasement, and was still glaring inches from Trixie’s face even when Trixie was pressed flat to the ground, unable to retreat farther.

“You… do NOT outrank Spike,” hissed Twilight.

“Yes Mistress!”

“You will NOT say anything about replacing him, ever again, or say anything negative about him, ever, no matter what he may say. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress!” whimpered Trixie, shaking.

“Apologize,” snarled Twilight through gritted teeth.

“Is this really nec…” began Spike, in a concerned tone, but he stopped short as Trixie turned a piteous, tear-streaked visage to him.

“Trixie is SORRY!” she bawled, and hid her face in her hooves, shaking on the floor.

Twilight drew a breath, and stood up straight again. “And I’m sorry, Spike—I’m sorry you had to see that, when I probably could have straightened her out if I’d been thinking.”

“Twilight, what the heck is going on here?” said Spike. “What did you even do to her? This was already crazy, but now it’s just… ew, she wet herself!”

“Don’t even think about cleaning it up, Spike! She’ll do it.”

“I didn’t notice at first because it doesn’t smell like pee—actually, I don’t think that is pee at all, it’s something else.”

“I’ll just bet it is,” sighed Twilight. “Spike, give us some space, buddy. I’m not sure I can even explain this one, or want to. Oh, but let me explain one thing, though: I have Trixie’s cooperation now.”

Spike looked at the shaking, grovelling unicorn. “You think?”

“She will obey me, and what’s more, you’re not to take any back talk from her whatsoever. She will obey you and do anything you say. RIGHT, Trixie?”

Trixie’s ears went back, and she seemed to try and press herself farther into the floor. “Yes, Mistress!”

“Are you kidding, Twi?” said Spike.

“Nope,” said Twilight.

“…cooool…” said the baby dragon.

“Now, go upstairs or something, or go back out, okay? I am having the most difficult morning.”

Spike went upstairs. Twi stood for a while, staring at Trixie, who had gone back to shuddering on the floor with her hooves over her eyes.

Something nudged Trixie’s nose, and she moved her hoof and looked.

It was the promised extra helping of alfalfa, from before.

“Eat that,” said Twilight, “and clean up your ooze, and then we have work to do. I have an idea about using the same power poles and the same redirects as before, but arranging them differently. It’ll either work and make the bit permanent, or it’ll be the same thing as we’re currently getting. It should be working, so I don’t want to make radical changes if I can help it, more of an iterative approach.”

Twilight blinked, then. “Why are you crying now? I’m not even yelling.”

“Trixie loves you, Mistress…”

Twilight sighed. “Apparently. Come on, finish up th… whoa, not that quickly! Calm down! Eat the alfalfa at a normal speed, then clean up the mess in the usual way, THEN help me with making the slight changes. Honestly, it’s like white mutiny…”

“No!” protested Trixie. “Never! Trixie will never!”

“Breathe, Trixie. That’s good. Calm down. This doesn’t have to be so hard. Now, eat your alfalfa, and later we’ll work…”

The day faded gently into night-time, and grew darker and darker by the minute as a pony trotted wearily through the streets.

Applejack felt exhausted, and would have stayed home if she’d dared—but though she dreaded some things about her expected evening, it was too important to avoid.

She hadn’t been by to check on Twi’s progress all day, because the south field needed tilling and that in turn had been put off so she could seed the upper west, because Dashie and her crew were bringing a pile of rain clouds through around noon and couldn’t reschedule. By the time Applejack was finished with tilling, it was past sunset, and her body ached.

As she headed to Twilight’s, she thought of Dashie. After the day’s hard work, with another day’s in store, she longed to seek out the fiery pegasus and imagined their meeting. She would say, “Reckon I kin… let my hair down?” and Dashie would give that adorable smirk and she’d stand a little straighter… and there might be a back-rub, oh yes, a cruel and ruthless one that would un-knot her overstrained muscles and leave her a quivering mare-ish puddle, with no more duties left for the day… and then, in a sensuous combination of tenderness and patented Rainbow Dash boldness, Dashie would thrust her stallionhood hungrily into…

But that, thought Applejack, depended on getting things back to normal—and to do that, she would have to win over Twilight.

The library was dark, and the door hung slightly open. Applejack’s heart leapt into her throat, remembering her last visit, the angst and despair of Twilight, the way she’d leapt to terrible conclusions and had to be coaxed out of them. Applejack felt she’d managed it awful well, but peering into the darkened interior of Twilight’s house, she wondered if her efforts had made any difference. Was this another scene of despair?

No, a light flickered in there. Applejack looked closer—and gasped.

In the middle of the floor, Twilight Sparkle lounged on a set of pillows, her legs outstretched in what she plainly imagined a sexy pose. In front of her, three candles glowed, their warm flicker bathing Twilight’s curvy body in cozy light. She’d done something to her eyes—her eyelids were darker, and she peered from under them with a sultry gaze that left nothing to the imagination, a gleam from the candles reflected in her eyes.

Twilight stretched her leg out, then brought it forward elegantly, and her horn glowed briefly as a fourth candle near her tail kindled into light. As it did, another gleam winked at Applejack, this one between Twilight’s legs. She’d positioned the fourth candle to reflect highlights from her juicy ponypuss as it winked. Twilight took a breath, and released it in a sigh of pleasure.

Applejack shifted from hoof to hoof. “Gosh.”

“My stallion… is here,” breathed Twilight, and winked in three places.

“Uh… yep. I reckon this means ya made another one?”

Twilight nodded, with a secret smile.

Applejack took a step closer, in through the door. “Where ya put it? Should I git it from upstairs, or someth…”

That broke the mood. “Oh no!” cried Twilight. “No no no. Look carefully, just outside the door. Oh my gosh, don’t tell me some bird took it or something—that’s a horrible thought…”

Applejack blinked. She turned and trotted back out, as Twilight admired her strong, well-muscled flanks, and she looked around. “This it? It sure looks like it. What the heck did you hide it outside for, sugar?”

“I didn’t hide it! I was just making the scene! It’s supposed to be romantic!”

“Makin’ a scene ain’t necessarily romantic,” suggested Applejack.

“No, I mean… okay, this is totally not working right.”

“Well, Twilight, what was I supposed to do? I ain’t a clever pony, not like you. Kin you be a sport an’ fill me in?”

Twilight hesitated. Applejack tried to work out if she had to stay outside with the bit, or rush in to console her, but then the unicorn’s voice came tremulously. “I just thought… if you picked up the bit, and came in to see me, and you were my stallion from the first moment you entered my house, and saw me lying this way, and I saw you in the doorway standing and, um, dangling…”

Applejack’s ears were quirked to the side in perplexity. It seemed like a lot to expect from a poor mare after a hard day’s work, but Twilight did tend to over-think things, and there was no point in upsetting her. Applejack took the bit carefully between her teeth, feeling the horse-cock grow and extend itself, and stepped over the threshold. “Like this?”

“My stallion… is here,” breathed Twilight, again, and blinked, but her vag didn’t wink, and she looked distracted.

“I… reckon we c’n guess what y’all lookin’ to do, huh? You got a pr’blem with beds all of a sudden?”

“I’ve got pillows! They’re very nice pillows! I remembered you wanted to lie on your side with me.”

“On p’llows?” blinked Applejack, taking another step closer.

“Oh yes… oh come on, come and lie with me! I set it up in a very good way.”

Applejack approached nearer. As she did, she could see there were more pillows behind Twilight, who said, “I figured out a way where you can lie on your side and swing your hips without even having to chafe your flank against the bed…”

“Oh, l’rdy,” breathed Applejack, studying the arrangement.

“Did I get the geometry of it right?”

Applejack knit her brow, and lay carefully down on the arrangement of pillows. One pillow, which appeared to be two pillows stuffed into one pillowcase, dug awkwardly into her haunch, more or less where her butt would pivot. Applejack’s legs ached from tilling the fields, and the arrangement did nothing to soothe them—lying comfortably in bed would’ve been far better, flank-friction or no flank-friction.

“Uhhh… can’t we jes’ go to bed, darlin’?”

“But, but… I mean, I made this for you and it’s supposed to be so much better and don’t you like it? No we can’t go upstairs, look at the pretty candles, I need you to try it!”

Twilight’s voice had gone far too panicky, and Applejack’s ears went back, at a loss for what had upset Twi this time. She sighed. “Y’ think this bit th’ng will stand up to, what y’ call, h’rder use?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“W’ll, me and Dashie… um….” Applejack trailed off. Twilight’s ears had gone back as well—hard.

There was an uncomfortable silence, and then Twilight spoke. “Please don’t ask me about that for a while. Please. You don’t know what I’ve gone through to make this. I just want to make you happy, and I tried to make this all pretty for you… you’re my stallion…”

Applejack sighed. “Yes’m.” She resigned herself to a painful posture, and decided that she had her answer for now… ‘please don’t ask me about that’ was awfully conclusive. A pang stabbed her heart as she thought of Rainbow Dash, whom she knew would be waiting eagerly at home by the time she was done—waiting for news of how it had gone.

It wasn’t going to be a lot of fun explaining it.

On the bright side, thought Applejack, Dashie knew a lot about muscle strains, and even if she was upset (understandably) about Applejack’s failure, she would surely—well, probably—massage the pain away. Applejack considered that and changed the word back to ‘surely’ again—Dashie had always had a strange instinct for when Applejack was in distress, and this would qualify.

Twilight didn’t seem to quite get that, but on the other hand she would probably cry if she was denied any longer, and she was in control right down to the pillows and candles and orchestrating Applejack’s entrance. It was a mercy she hadn’t made her stallion do it over until it was done properly.

“Freed’m of movem’nt, huh Twi?” said Applejack.

“Oh, yes, you should be able to ngyAAAAH!”

The squelch echoed off the walls as Applejack’s hips swung forward. Twi weren’t foolin’, thought Applejack sourly. It gave her aches and sorenesses in a bunch of different places, but the arrangement sure let her thrust freely. She had only to rest her hooves on the floor and swing her already-powerful hips, and that thick ponycock simply plunged into her unicorn lover, who lay in perfect comfort on a bed of pillows.

Built for comfort, not for speed, thought Applejack—well, have some speed, then.

Twilight shuddered and squealed, her horn flickering already, as Applejack swung her hips lightly back and forth, her bulky flare surging to and fro in the confines of Twilight’s vagina. It was slicker’n a pigpen after a big rain—the arrangement, that is, thought Applejack, though Twilight was also as slick as she was noisy. It also stunk as bad, what with Applejack’s strained muscles and all, but not for Twi—she was all set. There was gonna be a lil’ talk about this arrangement, something more practical would have to be worked out.

Applejack put her back into it, ignoring the aches—it wasn’t a position to linger in. Clearly, churn-the-unicorn would be the correct strategy for getting out of there before her muscles seized up entirely.

Upstairs, Spike watched Trixie, curiously, both keeping silent as ordered. Twilight’s trust was great enough that Trixie was not bound or gagged, but Spike was there to keep an eye on her and presumably to keep her honest. They listened, together, to the guttural cries of unicorn abandon, and the plunger noises of Applejack bucking up a storm.

“Sounds messy,” suggested Spike.

“Sh!” whispered Trixie. “Mistress said…”

“You think they can hear us?” said Spike quietly. “You really think so?”

“Mm…” said Trixie, inaudibly.

“Give me a break. Aren’t you supposed to obey me, too?”


Spike’s voice stayed low. “Hey, since they’re distracted, and since you have to like obey me and stuff, I have an idea.”

Trixie peered at him, nervously.

“Twilight kept grossing me out with all these books and stuff, and… yeah.”

Trixie’s eyes widened.

“Turn around,” said Spike, quietly.

Trixie bit her lip. Downstairs, Twilight squealed again, as the juicy noises echoed off the walls.

“I said turn around. You have to. I’ll tell Twi you disobeyed me. Be a sport, turn around.”

Slowly, her eyes peering back at him every moment, Trixie did turn around, and then as she saw Spike move towards her hindquarters, she turned away, her head straight forward and high, her eyes squeezed shut.

She felt a breath against her, and felt herself lubricate a little, hating herself for it and unable to resist, and then, her heart pounding, she felt…

…a baby dragon claw, tugging at her vag to open it.

It wasn’t fondling her, not in the least. Spike was tugging her labia to the side. She glanced back at him in alarm, and he looked up, obviously amused, and returned to his study.

He wasn’t doing anything. He was looking up her vag, just to see what that was about. The pictures had made him curious, and he had a pony mare under his command, and he was seeing how a pony vag worked.

Spike released her labia, and looked pained—and wiped his little claw on her ass, making a face.

“Yeah—that’s pretty gross.”

Trixie panted, and pulled herself together. He was a kid, that’s all. Not even a bad one, just one in a difficult situation. “Is that.. enough?” she asked, and winced at the implication.

Spike wrinkled his nose. “More than enough. You can turn back around now, in fact please try not to point that thing at me if you can help it, okay?”

Trixie complied, gently. Her voice was quiet. “Trixie will do her best. Master might find lady dragon parts more pleasing?”

Spike thought. “I’m gonna guess that’s gross too. No offense.”

“Perhaps one day a time will come when Master feels differently… about lady dragons, Trixie means… but for now, the words ‘it’s all good’ come to mind.”

Spike laughed, then hastily controlled his voice, looking toward the balcony—but downstairs, the two lovers were working up to a noisy climax and his sound had been thoroughly drowned out by squelches, grunts and wails.

“Maybe.. but for now, I’m sticking to ‘gross’, toots.”

They sat in silence for a moment.

“Oh yeah,” said Spike, “one more thing…”

Trixie glanced at him in alarm. “What?”

“You can stay. I’m okay with it. Not a problem.”

Trixie’s mind raced. “Why?” She gulped, not liking the implications.

Spike glanced sidelong at her, and his draconic amusement had an unexpectedly cunning twist to it.

“Because now, I really KNOW you’re not faking…”

Below them, on the main floor, a shriek cut the air and the room lit up with another unicorn-gasm, blinding against the candlelit semi-darkness. Trixie and Spike both fell silent, knowing the covering noise was about to cease, and waited for the all-clear.

Applejack panted. “Dang…”

Against her, Twilight Sparkle fought her way back to awareness. They’d both peaked with terrible suddenness—Applejack had unloaded into her like a thrown bucket of hot spooge, seemingly all at once, and Twilight had blasted off like a grenade. She’d squirted so hard and quickly that it had flashed to the sides again.

It had hit Applejack full in the face like a popping bubble of magic incandescence—blinded her for a few seconds—and singed off her eyelashes.

“Wait, wait…” managed Twilight, blearily. “Did you finish? Like totally completely entirely finish?”

Applejack panted more. “Yeah. Consarn it!” She spat the bit out, and rolled over, away from the maddening pillow arrangement. When Twilight got up, Applejack kicked the haunch pillow across the room, winced, and staggered as Twilight nearly knocked her over with a hug. The lights went on, kindled by Twilight’s magic—apparently romance time was over, and it was celebrate time.

“It worked! It worked! I fixed them, we can keep this one! Now it doesn’t blow up with love!”

“That so?” snapped Applejack. “Dandy. If y’all excuse me, I’m gonna go lie down on your bed and rest my poor…”


Applejack blinked. “What you mean, ‘NO’?”

Then she blinked again—and again, with a horrified expression, feeling something different around her eyes.

Twilight stared at her—and giggled.

Applejack glanced around frantically. It took some looking, but finally she spotted a little mirror in a frame on the wall, and she ran over and inspected herself in it, and her horror grew.


Twilight giggled again, batted her own lovely lashes, and gazed at Applejack fondly.

“Now you even look like the sexy stallion you are!”

Applejack whinnied pitifully, and in a moment she was out the door, pounding down the street as fast as she could gallop. Twilight ran to the door, calling “Applejack!” but was too late—the country pony was far too fast to catch, even if Twilight had been in top form—and she wasn’t, she wobbled like mad and could barely stand, she was so sated.

“Well. All clear! We need to work out a better way to do this, my stallion wanted to use the bed. I can’t bear to deny him. Uh, her.”

Trixie came down the stairs. “What was that she said about eyelashes?”

Spike shrugged. “Rarity can fix it. She puts on extra eyelashes! That should work, right?”

Twilight nodded. “I’ll ask her first thing tomorrow. Gosh! I’m so happy! Now all we have to do is, um, sort out our crazy living arrangements. Because I might want to have my stallion over here kind of a lot…”

Rainbow Dash held Applejack, petting her tenderly.

Applejack had run home, flung herself into Dashie’s embrace, and burst into hysterical tears, incoherent, causing Dash to panic—her heart rate always went through the roof when Applejack even looked worried or ill, and this was beyond anything she’d ever imagined—and she questioned the sobbing earth pony as well as she could, demanding an explanation, demanding to know who had done this to her.

Learning that the bit had been fixed didn’t help, because that wasn’t bad news—though Dash filed away the quick assumption that Twilight was still refusing to share, as Applejack hadn’t brought the bit along with her.

Hearing the word ‘eyelashes’, and inspecting the damage, Dashie grew very quiet and solemn. It didn’t take the cleverest pony in Equestria to start figuring things out—if that pony knew who Applejack really was at heart.

Hearing Applejack, her face twisting in grief, sob the line, “Now you even look like the sexy stallion you are”, explained everything, and Dashie clung to Applejack, frantically cuddling and consoling her, desperate to soothe the hurt.

“No! Noooo… you are my darling mare, here, let’s take those hair ties off… yeah, good girl… hold me more… you don’t have to give up anything, you’re my girl and nopony is gonna take that from you. You don’t have to be what your Mom wanted, you can be you. I won’t let anypony hurt you this way. You’re my girl, you’re my mare, more than ever, baby…” Dash wept too, her heart going out to her beloved, who’d been so wounded in this private, secret, so-personal way.

Applejack clung and trembled, and eventually quieted in Dash’s firm, resolute embrace.

Rainbow Dash looked up, and her eyes were hard and grim.

“This has gone far enough.”