Alis Aquilae


“Dear Princess Celestia:

An awful lot has been going on since I last wrote you. I hope things are well.

I have a husband, sort of—except she is a marefriend. She is weird, but very kind.

We’ve been having a lot of trouble in Ponyville with magical dicks. Not badly behaved unicorn ponies, I mean literally. I hope things can settle down now that me and Trixie have fixed the design. Everypony was awfully pent up, and some bad things happened that maybe I’ll tell you about one day.

I never thought I would learn so much about friendship from having sex, but it’s kind of crazy that way—suddenly you’re learning all kinds of things, really fast, and some of it is not very fun lessons at all.

I guess that when all is said and done, the one biggest thing I learned is this: you’ve got to be true to who you really are, no matter how difficult or frightening that might be, or who you think you might lose. Because if you’re not being true, you lose whoever you had, because it wasn’t really you with them anyway, it was a pretend you. And if you are being true, you can end up being with somepony who needs you to be yourself—and that is the most special thing you could ever discover.”

“Writing a letter?” asked Trixie.

Twilight nodded. “To Princess Celestia.”

Trixie blinked, looking alarmed. “Oh! Trixie forgot you did that…”

“Don’t be worried. She’ll like you,” said Twilight.

“Are you sure? Trixie is… not used to this idea that royalty would have anything good to say about her.”

“I love you,” pointed out Twilight, “so Princess Celestia will have to like you!”

Trixie looked skeptical. “But, Mistress… if she liked me, why did she let me suffer for so many years? Trixie is grateful life is better now, but be realistic. The Princess has no love for me.”

Twilight set her jaw. “We’ll see about that!”

Trixie’s mouth dropped open. “You would cross Princess Celestia? For Trixie?”

“I got away with turning Ponyville upside-down… I enchanted my old doll, it’s a long story. Put it this way—I’m beginning to learn that I’m in, shall we say, a special position. And I’m gonna use that special position to ram you down her throat!”

Trixie gasped.

“Sorry. Well… no, I’m not sorry!” said Twilight Sparkle. “I just… I’m not gonna lose the love of my life twice. Not now that I got it right! I don’t know how she’ll react, but just know this—I’m keeping you. So if she has a problem with that, she has no idea what she’s in for.”

Trixie just stared at her in shock. Twilight narrowed her eyes.

“You’re not allowed to be squeamish about this. If you disapprove of me defying Princess Celestia… and it won’t come to that, but if it did… well, that had better not be cold hooves I’m seeing on you.”

Trixie shook her head, dumbly, her eyes very wide.

“Well, then, what’s the problem?”

Trixie trembled for a moment, and then burst out, “Sexiest Mistress EVER!”

Twilight laughed. “I should have predicted that! I’m serious, I have a lot of influence with Princess Celestia—but I’m also serious that I’m keeping you, just as you are, and she’s going to have to deal with it. I have spoken! Twilight has spoken. You’re keeping me just as I am, so it goes both ways.” She drank in Trixie’s worshipful gaze.

“Can Trixie… please you?”

“You know… we’ve spent the whole afternoon going around and delivering the Mark Threes, and it was not fun seeing Applejack and Dash with each other, let me tell you. I felt like a little worm, just horrible. Applejack can’t have told Rainbow everything, she was so grateful and nice that I wanted to cry… all she’d wanted was, well, her good thing. She even said, quote, sorry for stealing your bit the other day but no hard feelings, right?”

“Oh, Mistress…”

“Applejack looked terrible when Dash said that. I didn’ t know what to say. I just shook my head and agreed. No hard feelings. And then Rainbow was hugging me and told me I was the best friend ever…”

Trixie gulped.

“I got out of there before I cried more,” said Twilight. “It’s amazing what you can do when you have to, isn’t it?”

“Oh, Mistress…”

“So… yes. The answer is yes, no question about it.”

Trixie blinked. “Huh?”

Twilight’s eyes were sultry, half-lidded. “Darn right you can please me. I want more of MY good thing. Go grab our Mark Three and… remind me. I still remember how incredible you felt with it. Mistress requires servicing.”

Trixie’s eyes shone—and so did her horn, as she levitated the bit to float beside her. “Where would Mistress like this servicing?”

“Let’s go make my bed ours, some more.”

Trixie squealed with delight, and dashed up the stairs halfway, only to check herself and give a worried look back. Behind her, Twi ascended with more dignity—and reassured Trixie with a smirk at her antics. Seeing it, Trixie continued up at a more leisurely pace, but prancing like a show-pony.

As Twilight clambered into bed, Trixie nuzzled her mane tenderly, and asked, “How would Mistress like this servicing?”

Twi looked thoughtful. “Long on cuddling, Trixie. I still feel horrible.” At Trixie’s tragic look, she hastened to add, “It’s gonna help me feel better, I promise. Be patient with me, okay?”

Trixie nodded, and gave her a kiss. “Always.”

Twilight didn’t break the kiss easily. She lingered, her tongue exploring Trixie’s lips as if trying to memorize them—or perhaps, to break another memory. After a while, she turned, and nestled into Trixie’s embrace, and Trixie levitated over their bit, and took it between her teeth.

The magic phallus surged forth from between her legs, and Trixie took pains not to bite too hard, or tense herself, not wanting to produce physical drama simply wedging into her lover, and then considered—perhaps Mistress wanted or needed that? She nudged forwards gently, probingly. Twilight’s ponypussy was relaxed enough, but not that slick, and it was strangely subdued—not a hint of a wink or pout, even with Trixie’s hardon poised against it.

“Mistress? Are you sure you wish this?”

Twilight turned her head angrily. “I told you, I don’t feel good! Didn’t I tell you I felt bad? Horrible, in fact? What do you want from me?”

Trixie gasped, almost dropping the bit, and she froze, staring into Twilight’s eyes. After a moment, those eyes filled with tears. “I’m sorry, Trixie. I’m a horrible mistress. I’m not even sure what I want. I just want not to hurt, and I’m fucking even that up.”

“May Tr’xie express a want?”

Twilight’s gaze turned cranky again. “You’re gonna say you want me not to hurt, too. I’d gathered that.”

“Mm-hm… but ‘nother want, also. May Tr’xie… drive?”

Twilight stared into the eyes of her strange new lover as if she’d not seen them before.

“If I understand correctly, you’re asking to dominate me. Do you mean to hurt me?”

Trixie shook her head. Twilight still stared in wonder. “I’m not sure it matters, actually. I could use a distraction. Right now, I think I might understand a little of how you are…”

Trixie nodded, as if to say “yes, you would”.

Twilight gave a sigh. “You know what? Do it. I don’t even care right now. If what you want is to drive—then drive. You can’t do anything I don’t deserve anyhow, and I’m so fed up with being a difficult pony. Do anything you want, Trixie. Go.”

She laid her head tenderly back onto the pillow, and went limp and pliant against Trixie, who drew her close and whispered, around the bit, into her ear. “M’stress should relax. Th’ great and p’werful Tr’xie is hungry for mare.”

Twilight quivered—and Trixie’s cock pressed firmly against her entrance.

It took that little. Twilight bared her teeth in a snarl of pleasure as her body hastily swung into action, pussy going more slippery just in time to ease the passage of Trixie’s swelling stallionhood. It didn’t quite shove, but it was awfully near to that, and Twilight squeaked as her vagina got uncomfortably wedged into. Trixie did feel hungry for mare, though her embrace stayed firm and loving.

“Are you… gonna hurt me?” breathed Twilight.

“Shush,” said Trixie, sternly, and held Twilight tighter.

Twi’s heart began pounding. The uncertainty got to her on a level she wasn’t used to experiencing—she really hated that, but at the same time she was still really fed up with herself, and this translated to being really fed up with her untrustingness. Sweet Celestia, was she really that manipulative that she’d tell a stallion what to do? It had interfered with her relationship with Applejack, and there it was again, she was wanting to issue instructions! Though there were times that Trixie clearly loved that, the roles were now supposed to be reversed for some reason, yet still Twilight felt compelled to give directions and advice.

Trixie wasn’t having any of it.

Her hoof stroked Twilight’s chest, down to her belly—and as Twilight gasped and began to speak, Trixie groped her again more hungrily, her stroke bolder, harsher. The indrawn breath Twilight made as Trixie fondled her mare breasts, about to be used as a comment about where to touch, came out as a groan as Trixie’s hips shoved the stallionhood deeper.

Twilight felt herself being swept up in Trixie’s unexpected assertiveness. It seemed so bizarre—until Twilight remembered the first time she’d seen Trixie, on stage, effortlessly dominating all of Ponyville, including Applejack and Dash. Somehow, Trixie was conveying that mastery without a word now. She moved as if she’d seized Twilight in a fit of lust and was ravaging her with cocky assurance that her efforts would lead to bliss. Twilight melted against her, intoxicated by her arrogant confidence.

“Mmmmm…” crooned Trixie, her hips working insolently against Twilight’s quivering rump. She grinned around the bit, remembering Twilight’s remark about coefficient of friction the other night. Mistress had really needed this, and Trixie had taken just the right tone—Mistress was positively juicy, she was an incredibly low-friction unicorn for all that she squeezed and clenched. Trixie could sense that Mistress didn’t really want to be abused or shamed—she was just a little simpler than the Great And Powerful Trixie, and her needs had been simpler as well. She’d just needed to let go, which was still asking a lot of her.

Now, Twilight panted and shuddered, unresisting as Trixie groped her curvaceous body and cheerfully tugged and shoved a swollen unicorn cock within her. She stared at the wall, wide-eyed, still uncertain how to respond—but the wonderful thing was, it didn’t matter in the least. Trixie wasn’t waiting for directions. She’d shushed away any offer of advice, and was behaving as if she knew Twilight’s body as well as her own, and she was another unicorn mare after all, and had also had sex with Twilight the previous night. Twi grunted as Trixie shoved extra deep, and then squealed breathlessly when Trixie bore down on the bit and swelled herself within her lover. It felt wonderful. Twilight felt herself giving in further and further to the sensations, moaning drunkenly as Trixie bucked and groped her quivering body.

Before Twilight knew what was happening, she felt Trixie go very hard inside her, taking up all her space, snarling with lust, straining her in a harsh embrace, and Twilight kicked weakly, split by a raging, lusty unicorn who shoved hungrily in passionate spasms—and yet, there was no spurting within her, not yet. It was a fierce peak, but it kept going, buoying Twilight up in a dizzying arc as her moans turned to squeals and then to screams…

At the same instant that Trixie’s body unloaded, gushing unicorn-come against Twilight’s insides, Twilight Sparkle’s horn flickered hard, and then gave a weak little spurt in spite of everything, a spray of magic-jism that arced softly right before Trixie’s eyes, across the bed, to dissipate on the floor.

It was only for a moment, but it was the most beautiful thing the Great And Powerful Trixie had ever seen.

With a guttural cry of release through gritted teeth, Trixie came again—both through another surge of pony-come into Twilight as she panted harshly in Trixie’s embrace, and through her own horn, another weak arc of magic-come squirting off the bed to dissipate where Twilight’s had.

They’d had a rough couple of days, and Trixie had been drained by her first big magic-gasm and then the drama and struggles she’d undergone, and Twilight had suffered terribly… but the two unicorn mares clung together, laughing and crying for sheer joy, and then just lying with each other, Twilight wrapped in Trixie’s forelegs, bit still in Trixie’s teeth and the stallionhood still sunk deeply within Twilight—and their horns softly rubbing against each other with tiny gentle clicks and scrapings that sent shudders of pleasure through the two lovers. Nopony saw this, but any onlooker might have marvelled at the way the two kept doing it, on into the night, as if they couldn’t bear to stop now that they’d started.

For in spite of Twilight’s adventures, in spite of all Trixie’s wild experiences and her first, savage, dominant owner… neither had ever had a true unicorn’s kiss.

Lyra bit her lip, her eyes wide, a crazy grin on her face as Bon Bon straddled her.

Bon Bon had been wary of Twilight’s unexpected visit, glaring at her as if she’d expected the purple unicorn, like Pinkie Pie, to burst in and demand sex and friendship. Her patience for that sort of thing was easily exhausted. Lyra’s reaction had also raised Bon Bon’s suspicions, for Lyra’s eyes lit up and she bounced in place until a sharp glance from her lover quelled her.

Lyra could guess—or suspected she could guess—the purpose of the visit.


It didn’t take long for her suspicions to be confirmed. Twilight levitated a small object out of her saddlebag, and Lyra went weak in the knees. Magic magic magic… no more crude physical mockeries, no more resorting to earth pony tongue mischief, no, magic had come into their lives. Twilight had departed in haste, leaving Lyra holding the gleaming bit—with her magic, of course—and positively twitching with anxious desires.

Bon Bon was no fool. When Lyra floated the bit over to right in front of her face, she’d stared at Lyra with a dreadful smirk. There was more than a trace of annoyance adding spice to that smirk, as well. Bon Bon wasn’t pleased with the intensity of Lyra’s need for the magical side of lovemaking. She understandably felt invalidated, for all that Lyra still squealed and came under her ungentle ministrations, and to be presented with a toy that produced a magical cock set off all her alarms. It was like saying all their previous lovemaking was inadequate. Lyra’s quivering excitement was a slap in the face.

But… it was also irresistible.

Bon Bon’s smirk had worsened, and when she snapped the bit out of the air and lunged forward at her lover, Lyra thought she would come on the spot. It wasn’t just that she’d found a new way to be with her earth pony beloved. It wasn’t just that it was a loophole allowing Bon Bon to finally have a dick and penetrate her—something Bon Bon had long wished to do.

It was that Bon Bon was about to enter her with a dick made through pure magic.

Lyra’s trim unicorn pussy dripped with achingly sharp arousal. Bon Bon’s belly pressed against her. She tried to look under it, but there wasn’t room, she couldn’t see the magic stallionhood that she knew was there—only Bon Bon’s curvy ass, shifting and positioning for the plunge. Lyra’s heart pounded, and her breath came unsteadily, and Bon Bon’s amusement grew.

Bon Bon leaned forward and gave Lyra’s nose one little kiss—and went for it.

Lyra squealed, writhing. The unseen cock was blunt, very blunt! It was so blunt that it didn’t want to go in—it just rammed against her crotch and held there, pressing so alarmingly hard as Bon Bon shifted from side to side, concentrated, twisted her hips experimentally in her efforts—Lyra could feel her pressing dead on target, but she was just too damn blunt.

Then, losing patience, Bon Bon drew back an inch and gave a mighty and audacious shove, and it no longer mattered how blunt her cock was. Lyra’s hooves curled and her body tensed as Bon Bon popped into her anyhow, prying her wide and taking possession of her unicorn vagina like it’d been owed for a long time and withheld unreasonably.

Lyra screamed, her eyes squeezing shut—and when they opened, she was staring right into Bon Bon’s, and her earth pony lover was grinning like never before.

Lyra gulped, baring her teeth in sensual agony, and gasped as Bon Bon shoved a little deeper. Her head reeled with the knowledge that this was Bon Bon, as passionate as ever, but this time with a huge schlong—a MAGIC schlong, that stuffed more and more urgently into her overwhelmed unicorn-marehood. Not even male unicorns could quite offer that—they were magic, yes, but firstly they were males and secondly their schlongs were not themselves magic items, but just the appendages of properly magical creatures.

This was like being ravaged by magic itself, to Lyra, and as the stallionhood swelled harder, her pussy seeming to creak in protest at the unbearable pressure, as Bon Bon nudged deeper into Lyra’s taut manic slickness, Lyra shuddered all over, let out an unforgettable cry of raw lust… and Bon Bon froze.

Lyra was seeing double, not even on Equestria any longer, but in the blur of sensation she could tell that Bon Bon had paused, delaying Lyra’s release, taunting her even as her every fiber rushed towards explosion. Bon Bon, too, seemed to be trembling, but grinned even worse. Her stallionhood, that shaft of impossibly bulky raw magic, went utterly rigid, and still Bon Bon hesitated and refused to move the tiniest fraction, or even to breathe, refusing to set off Lyra as the intensity built and built…

Lyra began to squeal a high “…eeeeeeeEEEEEEE…”

Just as her teeth began to chatter, her body shaking and beginning to let go in orgasmic release, Bon Bon’s grin doubled, her eyes wicked and gleeful as she felt an irresistible throb building deep between her legs—and with a snarl of delight, she jerked back and slammed herself as deeply into Lyra as she could, thumping against Lyra’s confining insides and gushing pure magic directly into Lyra’s womb in a single, fierce, hungry motion.

Within one second, Lyra blew her voice out in a scream that knocked a picture off the wall beside them—and her horn discharged a single bolt of unicorn orgasm that seared the room with lightning-like radiance, aimed directly at the wall behind them.

As Bon Bon’s eyes slowly recovered from the blinding flash and deafening report of Lyra’s magicgasm, the first thing she saw was Lyra, tongue hanging out, eyes rolled back in her head, gasping deep raspy breaths. She looked wrecked, and the tip of her horn was charred. Bon Bon could not begin to imagine how smug Lyra would soon be. The luminous spring-green unicorn had really gone to another level this time.

Bon Bon lifted her head a little, and the next thing she saw was Mayor Mare’s surprised face.

“Are you ladies all right?” said the Mayor.

Bon Bon blinked. She began to scold Mayor Mare for invading their house, only to realise that she hadn’t. Mayor Mare was looking in through a huge hole in the wall, that Lyra had blasted in her climax. A bit of plaster fell to the ground in the silence.

“If you are all right,” said Mayor Mare, “I’d like to talk to you about something…”

“About… being more careful with Lyra at certain moments?” said Bon Bon.

Mayor Mare looked them over, sniffed the air, nodded as if to say she understood just what moments Bon Bon meant. She lifted an eyebrow.

“Not exactly. Have you considered using your, ahem, talents for the Ponyville Defense League?”

“In here, darling!” called Rarity.

Big Macintosh glanced from side to side. It wasn’t like Rarity to invite him into the Carousel Boutique, much less into the back room. She sounded delighted—maybe too delighted. Of course, sometimes that meant amazing, perverted things that he’d grown to enjoy, but there was a time and a place for that, and it was in his Fillydelphia warehouse in the dead of night. What had got into her that she couldn’t wait?

He stepped cautiously into the back room—and froze.

Rarity stood, biting something, looking mischevious and irresistible. From between her legs, an elegant unicorn erection dangled. Her horn glowed with her efforts as she lovingly spread what looked like butter all over it.

Big Macintosh’s eyes were filled with horror. He managed, “Yuh… want me to… lick that off?”

Rarity smiled the happiest smile ever.

“Oh, no no. But I have a secret just for you…”

“A… secret?” he said.

Rarity trotted over to him, levitating a little stool she used as a figure posing aid.

“Oh, yes! A secret about males, and some of their internal parts. Namely, a thing called a ‘prostate’. Beloved—it is YOUR turn to come harder than you’ve ever come before…”

Big Macintosh’s eyes widened. He shook his head in helpless protest.

“Oh, don’t be a big baby. I promise you, I’m not making that up. Finally, I can please you as intensely as you please me… Enjoy!”

She placed the stool carefully—and trotted around behind him.

Fluttershy lay on the hill, staring wistfully into space, and for a second time, Pinkie noticed her from far away, and began bouncing determinedly in her direction.

This time, however, Fluttershy did not glower, or look away. She shifted her weight, fluffed her wings out and settled them against her sides demurely, and watched Pinkie’s approach with an expression of saintly love and adoration.

Pinkie couldn’t stop grinning with delight to see Fluttershy so girly and pleased. “How ya doing, pretty thing?” she squeaked cheerfully.

“Oh, Pinkie,” smiled Fluttershy. “Would you believe, wonderful?”

“I would more than believe it, I would be extra specially happy about it! Whatcha up to?”

“I’m just thinking about things,” said Fluttershy.

“Thinking about me?”

“About many things. Did you ever get to go visit Lyra? I remember she promised that you could.”

This stopped Pinkie for a moment. “Um—as a matter of fact, I did go see her. I helped her and Bon Bon make up. They were having a fight…”

“That’s nice,” said Fluttershy.

“Well, I helped them by getting used like a sort of sex toy. Does that bug you? I had the impression you know what I’m like. They’re… they’re special in their own ways. Not the same way you’re special, Fluttershy.”

“It’s okay, Pinkie. I know you go out and play. That’s part of what I was thinking about.”

Pinkie looked worried. “I feel like I need to find a better way to show you how special you are. I mean, what with me crushing on you all this time and everything, it seems weird now to run off and play with Lyra. At the time I didn’t know I could be with you…”

“Yes, it’s weird, but not the way you mean. Body sex isn’t that big a deal. It’s just… do you realise, Pinkie, that since that bit came to town, everypony has been mad for sex?”

“Even…” began Pinkie, and then hesitated.

Fluttershy’s smile grew wry and thoughtful. “Oh, especially me. Mind you, I have always watched ponies in their private moments, but I became obsessed with sex, could think of nothing else! I did shocking, selfish things to answer that need. Um… you’re still okay with that? I wasn’t very sensitive to ponies’ privacy.”

Pinkie nodded. “Just call me Okayey McOkayerson because I’m fine with it. You didn’t hurt anypony, Fluttershy. Are you still obsessed with sex? I’d be happy to help you out, even right here. Hey, this is where we did it last time! Is that what you were thinking about?”

“Twilight gave me a magic bit, for growing penises,” said Fluttershy apologetically.

Pinkie blinked in shock, and her mouth fell open. Looks of horror, annoyance, sadness, chased each other across her face.

“It’s not here!” added Fluttershy. “Don’t worry. I tested to see if it acted the same, and then I left it at home.”

Pinkie bit her lip. “Um… well… if you REALLY need me to…”

“Stop!” ordered Fluttershy, her eyes wide and concerned, and Pinkie did.

Fluttershy gave a sigh of exasperation. “Give me some credit, Pinkie. You don’t think I understand you too? After all that I’ve seen? Just stop. I won’t be needing it. You can do better than any stallion I’ve ever been with, and I don’t need you to turn into one for me.”

“You know,” said Pinkie Pie, “you can teach males to touch you there. If you do want to go and find one, I’d want him to do right by you…”

“Stop! No more of that. No males, no stallions. Do you know what I really want, Pinkie Pie? It’s what I’ve been thinking about.”

Pinkie Pie blinked, unexpectedly bashful, and Fluttershy didn’t wait for a reply.

“I want to be cared for. That’s all. I don’t want to be a burden, I only want to be appreciated—and it seems like appreciating a perverted pegasus is difficult except when it’s Rainbow Dash.” Fluttershy rolled her eyes exasperatedly.

“She’s… eager,” said Pinkie.

“She’s given me a lot of entertainment, I’ll say that.”

“I do appreciate you, Fluttershy. I promise, I really do.”

Fluttershy smiled at her, and the constant worry that hovered around her seemed to have flown away.

“But I know that, Pinkie. You came running to see me. Do you know how much that means? And you smiled, how you smiled!”

Pinkie smiled, again, seeming to quiver with joy, and the two ponies smiled foolishly at each other for a minute. Pinkie Pie looked away first, remarking, “Whoa! I never had TOO much sugar before, until just now!”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Fluttershy politely.

Pinkie’s gaze returned. “No, you’re not. You like being that kind of special.”

“Oh, yes,” admitted Fluttershy.

“So,” said Pinkie, “were you saying that you were horny? You know I like being some kinds of special too.”

Fluttershy looked down for a moment. “Well—sure, but there’s all the time in the world for that. Pinkie?”


“The sun is setting.”

“Um… yeah?”

“I love you. You don’t need to do tricks to have that. Will you… just lay with me and watch the sun set?”

Pinkie’s eyes went wide and moist, and her lip quivered—and then, without saying a word, she hesitantly walked around, to lay down against Fluttershy’s body, and watch the sun set with her.

She’d have said something then, for sure, except that something about the way Fluttershy’s wing lovingly enfolded her so tenderly… stole her voice twice as bad, and Pinkie Pie found herself speechless. She gave one very theatrical gulp—laid her head against Fluttershy’s neck—and let out a tremulous sigh the likes of which nopony had ever heard from her before, because it wasn’t the least bit perky or peppy or cheery.

Just happy—in a very, very special way.

“How ya doin’, Boss?”

Applejack sighed. “Boy, it jes’ never ends, does it? I am so behind, sugar. Tell you what—y’all got any objection to me enjoyin’ a lil’ break? With you? We got us our special toy back, better’n ever. My darlin’, would you like some Applejack lovin’? It would do my heart good to see you joyed.”

“Oh,” smirked Rainbow Dash, “you mean, squealing on the end of your dick?”

Applejack’s eyes were weary, but crinkled up in a smile. “If ya want to put it that way, sure.”

“Race ya upstairs?”

Applejack chuckled, and shook her head. “I ain’t racin’, sugar. I been through a lot, more’n you know. You go on ahead. How about I meet you up there? Take a minute to get ready. Th’ earth pony thunder will come and rock you—slowly.”

Dash’s wings quivered, and she zipped up the stairs—and hesitated at the top. Applejack could see her already-slick vag, but she didn’t say anything. Then she was gone, into the bedroom, and Applejack trudged smiling up the stairs after her.


The bedroom seemed empty. Applejack’s ears quirked in chagrin. Was she going to pounce from some unexpected direction?

“Dashie, you ain’t gonna be rough or nothin’? Not today, please? I got so much still to do.”

There was no reply, and Applejack stepped nervously into the room—to be surprised by a tugging on her mane. Rainbow had slipped from behind the door, and was gently pulling off her hair-tie.

“This will be even better, Boss. Or should I say… pony girl?”

Applejack looked back over her shoulder, smiling, and as the scarlet hair-tie came loose, she shook out her blonde mane so it spilled over her back freely. “You know, that might be just about right… don’t let me git too limp, though, my chores ain’t hardly done an’ I’m so tired already…”

“This is gonna be wonderful, gosh… okay, let’s have that tail-tie. Get naked, Applejack, let me look at you.”

Applejack sighed happily, and flicked her pretty tail over to where Rainbow Dash grabbed and tugged the hair-tie off it, letting the scarlet band fall to the floor. Applejack stepped away, shaking out her mane and tail, looking back at Dash and batting her eyelashes. Then, she hung her head with a sulky look, because she’d forgotten she’d lost them.

“Awww… I can see them in my mind’s eye, pony girl. You’re so pretty.”

Applejack smiled at the sweet remark, and then gave a little gasp, for Dashie had scooted forward to nuzzle at her marehood and give it a delicate little lick. Applejack’s tail twitched. “Dashie! Ya sure a convincin’ flatterer!”

Rainbow snickered. “You make it easy, pony girl. Up on the bed! Get comfortable. REAL comfortable.”

“How ya want me?”

“I just said, real comfortable. Like you could lie there all night. How about on your back huggin’ me?”

“But I can’t lie there all night. Got the trash to take out, feed th’ chickens, bring in a sack of grain from the larder…”

“Humor me,” said Dash sternly.

“Well… you’ll help me get back up when I need to?”

Rainbow Dash smirked merrily. “I promise I’ll help you get back up when you need to.”

“Ah’ll hold you to that,” said Applejack, but she was grinning—and she hopped obediently up onto the bed, and rolled over, extending her forelegs towards her lover.

Rainbow Dash trotted over to the bedside table, and took the new bit between her teeth, and her fine blue stallionhood sprang forth boldly. She climbed up onto the bed to join Applejack, who watched with interest.

“Darlin’, you got some extra enthusiasm or somethin’? I swear, she done give you a lil’ extra girth this time.”

“D’nt tease,” said Dash, around the bit.

“I ain’t! This one gives you more. Honest.”

Rainbow Dash blinked, then smirked. “C’mplaining?”

“No, ma’am,” said Applejack humbly.

“Too much for ya?”

To that, Applejack gave only a low, throaty chuckle, and Rainbow Dash grinned around the bit as she moved in to straddle Applejack.

“Mind you, sugar, leave me th’ ability to do chores later? Them things don’t do themselves.”

Rainbow giggled. “I’ll be gentle. Ready?”


Dash was good to her word. Her pegasus stallionhood nuzzled against Applejack’s vag, lovingly parting its folds and tucking in with minimal drama. Rainbow shifted gently but firmly forward, and Applejack was penetrated, letting out a little squeal of excitement as the bulk wedged itself into her. It did seem bigger—but then she got confused, remembering that Dashie had always felt real satisfyin’—perhaps it wasn’t a huge change then? Perhaps it didn’t need to be.

Rainbow Dash’s wings arched up and spread with pleasure, giving a few strong wingbeats that sent gusts of air around the room. Applejack didn’t care how many pictures she blew off the walls, she was in heaven—at least for the time being—with a fine stallionhood sliding more deeply into her in tender passion. She gazed up at Dashie’s adoring ruby eyes, and smiled like a fool, panting as her heart pounded. It felt so good, just so good.

Dash shifted her hooves a little, bracing them, and looked deeply into Applejack’s eyes. She remembered a time, a special time where she’d really let herself go, not into aggression and high performance but into emotion. There had been something about it, something primal, a way it called her to move. It’d been like the surges of some vast wave.

Dash called upon that wave again, took a deep breath, and allowed her body to surge forward and fall back, her swollen hardness sliding deep into her lover and drawing tenderly back before surging deeper again like a loving tide to erode all resistance.

Applejack wasn’t offering the least resistance. She moaned drunkenly, washed by a fever of pleasure, and let out an endearing squeak that caught Rainbow’s breath in her throat when a thrust went too deep. Dash knew not to stop, just by looking in Applejack’s yearning, amazed eyes. She carried on, grinning so hard it hurt, her eyes crinkling in pleasure and tearing up a little. It was so beautiful—it was going to be so beautiful.

Applejack was gasping, squirming, clutching at Dash’s body with forelegs and hindlegs and clutching at Dash’s cock with her delicious, marvellous marehood. Rainbow Dash’s eyes got wide and panicky for a moment, because Applejack simply felt too damn good and threatened to bring her off right then and there, but she flapped her wings hard, gritted her teeth on the bit, and focussed. She thought, be that sexy, will you? Try this on for size… and began tenderly grinding her crotch against Applejack’s, echoing the way they’d rubbed pony tits in this position, echoing the way she’d balled Applejack with her pelvis braced against the hard forest ground.

It was Applejack’s turn for eye-widening—then, squeezing them shut in ecstacy, opening them again but unable to focus properly. Applejack panted, letting out breathy cries as Rainbow filled her pussy with hard stallionhood, unable to decide if the new Dash cock was a bit too intense or just the best thing in the history of ever, and as Dash maintained that huge wavelike motion, the primal sensation of being humped into a quivering blob of pony satiation, Applejack screamed “YES!” and began to come.

She squealed through gritted teeth, banging her head against the pillow as her body went berserk around Dash’s cock, and felt a huge wind as Rainbow Dash flapped manically, gave her own shriek of pleasure too intense to prolong… and shoved deep, spurting ponycome in hot lusty splashes deeply into Applejack’s womb.

Applejack clung to Rainbow Dash and shook in fierce spasms, long after Dash had quieted and sagged into her frantic embrace. She seemed overwhelmed, not quite able to stop coming, aftershocks of orgasm still rocking her as she tried to regain her bearings. Rainbow Dash wasn’t making it any easier—she seemed to have forgotten her promises, and she kept tugging or thrusting her stallionhood just when Applejack was settling down.

By the time the two lovers had grown quiet, Applejack’s eyes were moist with tears.

“Ah… love you… SOOOOO much…”

“Ditto…” panted Rainbow Dash, in deep satisfaction.

Applejack tried to focus her eyes. “Hhhh… now, if I can… oh, lordy, don’t know if I can walk…”

“It’s OK,” said Rainbow Dash.

Applejack shook her head. “…ain’t, I got chores…”

Dash gently put down the bit, but didn’t get off her. “Nope.”

“What you mean, nope?” said Applejack.

Rainbow Dash looked down at her beloved, who was still feverishly hot from passionate lovemaking and who tried to look up at her sternly, but was far too limp to do anything but gaze with fillyish adorableness up at her stallion.

“You don’t have chores. I did them.”

Applejack blinked, trying to catch up. “Th’ chickens, th’ trash?”

“Did that.”

“Bringin’ in the sack of grain? An’ the bunch o’ carrots still out in th’ barn?”

Suddenly, Dash’s eyes were alarmed. “…carrots?”

Applejack stared up at her lover, whose body trembled from her exertions, whose wings flapped weakly in chagrin, whose eyes were filled with embarrassment and seemed to look beyond the room to where the carrots sat in the barn, uncollected. Dash had secretly done all of Applejack’s chores, as a surprise, to give her a night of ecstacy that she wouldn’t have to get up from. She’d taken out the trash, fed the chickens, brought in the sack of grain, and had surely done all those things perfectly, for she’d been corrected on them before, and she’d clearly been determined to not mess it up. She’d taken Applejack to bed, and balled her into a puddle of earth pony joy, and at the height of her triumph she’d been caught out by a two bit bundle of carrots Applejack hadn’t even mentioned—and clearly was torn, wanting to stay, but also wanting to do every single chore perfectly for her love.

Dash gulped.

Applejack gave her a hard look. “Darlin’. Them carrots?”


“Fuck ‘em,” said Applejack, and wrapped Rainbow Dash in a fierce embrace.

Dashie flapped for a moment, laughing, and then cocooned Applejack in her warm wings, shivering with pleasure as Applejack nuzzled them. The earth pony yawned, all tuckered out, and Dash watched as she drifted off to a well-snuggled slumber.

Rainbow Dash stayed up for a while simply watching her sleep.

Life had been awesome, she thought—full of amazing victories, the roar of crowds and the excitement of doing the impossible. Whether it was through flying, or through bodysex, Rainbow Dash impressed. She had done things nopony else could do.

And none of it, none of it had left her feeling this… whole.

Rainbow Dash kissed Applejack’s nose, and slept.