Applejack groaned, coming awake like a rusty nail being pulled out of a pine board. Like pulling out the nail, it wasn’t impossible, it just sounded painful and awkward.

The groan was doubled. Dashie socked her in the chest with a hoof, moaning, “Too early!”

“Oooookay,” said Applejack, “you set tight, I’mma get breakfast going…”

“Oh, yeah—right,” said Dash. “Rrrmmm. Sorry. You go and do that…”

Northern Spy wriggled against Dash, lifting her head, and Rainbow tried to roll over to cuddle her and didn’t quite make it. A snore shook the walls. The little green head with its ice-blue mane peeked over, wide eyes catching Applejack’s.

“Okay, okay,” said Applejack. “I gotcha. C’mere, lil’ scaper, guess you’re gonna beat everypony to breakfast, ain’tcha?”

She winced, as the gangly foal clambered right over Dash, itty-bitty hooves prodding her in awkward places. Spy even stepped on Rainbow’s head, but all she did was flail a forehoof and make a piteous noise, only to resume snoring immediately.

Spy looked down at Applejack expectantly.

“Oooookay!” responded the country pony. “Up an’ at ‘em.” She sighed, and rolled unsteadily out of bed, wobbling as she got to her hooves. She wasn’t sure what time she’d got to sleep—logically, she had to have got to sleep at some point, because staying up all night to work felt totally different. Applejack didn’t dare guess how few hours, or minutes, she’d got.

Northern Spy didn’t mind. She jumped down to the floor with a clatter of little hooves, dove beween Applejack’s hind legs, and latched on, engaging The Suction.

It was a heck of a thing, entirely outside Applejack’s experience with having breasts. She stood, legs set slightly apart for stability, a walking, talking, thinking… milk-bag. When she’d been a filly, she’d treasured the tender youthful swellings of her pony breasts as they formed, hoping they were lovely, knowing they were sensitive. She’d spent some years longing for attention to be paid them, secretly fondling them herself in late night clopping sessions until the nipples twanged erect. With Dashie, she’d finally found a lover who could take her every which way, and those pony breasts and sensitive nipples had been nuzzled and licked in the most entrancing manner. She’d thought that the high point of having tits, and gloried in it.

Now, she stood, a fleshy nozzle. Spy drained one tit totally dry, a familiar sensation in the last few days with Dash out so often—thumped Applejack’s belly with the top of her head as if to say, get that working!—and the hungry foal switched to the other side, and Applejack shivered, feeling her milk so powerfully drawn. Kid was about as subtle as Dash, though she had yet to say one word beyond ‘Maaaa!’

“Okay, Spy,” said Applejack, “okay.”

“Glad one of us thinks so,” observed Granny Smith, tartly. Applejack whipped her head around, her gaze wide and startled. She hadn’t heard the old mare poke her head in the door.

“Mmm… whuh?” said Dash from her slumber, and Applejack glanced back just as hastily.

“Stop that!” chided Granny. “That head will come clean off, with you throwin’ it around like a party favor! Don’t you fret, I done said my piece…”

Rainbow Dash’s head came up, and she fixed Granny with a bleary gaze. “It’s way too early for me to glare at you properly, maybe I just didn’t hear what you said to her? Hm?”

Granny looked down. “Jes’ as well, child. Old lady rattlin’ on in that way she do—that way she will always do, so long as she does live.”

“And there I was, thinking that Northern Spy is a real blessing around here, and Applejack being able to nurse her is even more of a blessing, wouldn’t you say?”

Granny’s head turned farther and farther away, her anger seemingly half at herself. “I’m old, I tole you. Must you ask me to accept all manner o’ crazy messed-up ‘blessings’?”

Applejack, trapped between them, said nothing and simply shut her eyes, thinking—please, please, let me do something right and make this all better.

Dash wasn’t paying close attention. She seemed to be weighing her words carefully. “Well… even though I’m not admitting a thing you’ve said about ‘natural feeding’ for Spy, because I know what you mean by it and I’m not buying a word of that… there’s something I probably should admit. It might mean something to you.”

Granny was truculent. “Whut’s that, child?”

“Applejack’s been helping me SO much that way… that I’ve been making it rain inappropriately.”

Granny pondered this statement for a moment, and then her eyes began to twinkle. “Oh, I think I knows what you are suggestin’! Dare I say, white rain, ya crazy lil’ flyin’ pony, you?”

“Just a bit,” smirked Dash. “And I’m totally uncomfortable. Sore, untapped, you know. Which is to say—it’s my turn.”

Granny pranced, trying to kick her hooves up. “Weehoo!” She then froze, eyes big and shocked. “Dag-crabbit all ta whosis, what got into me?”

“Oh, no!” cried Applejack. “Granny, let me help you, can you walk okay? Is it a bad one?”

“You hold your peace!” demanded Granny. “Ah will be jest fine, you daft critter, even if I lose my head an’ take to caperin’ like some nanny goat…”

“Made you look forty years younger,” teased Dash.

“Jes’ forty?” retorted Granny, the glint in her eye sharp as ever.

Dash grinned even more. “Tou-shay! So I guess I’ll be staying home today and taking care of Spy.”

“Which means th’ mistress of the house can git downstairs and start breakfast!” announced Granny, and Applejack clattered down the stairs to do just that.

“Oh, crap,” said Rainbow Dash, looking up from her hay-cakes.

“Language!” said Granny.

Rainbow glared at her. “That doesn’t count as language! Not bad language! I can’t say crap?”

“You want th’ little one’s first word to be that?”

Granny trailed off, jaw dangling in shock as she watched Rainbow Dash grin wider and wider. She gulped. “Oh, deary me. Let me try that another way—hmmm, how do I put this? Wait, I got it! ‘No’. Do you hear me? We understandin’ each other? Don’t you cross me!”

“I don’t need to cross you,” smirked Dash. “You get cross all on your own.”

“Please, Dashie,” said Applejack. Her ears were laid back, as she glanced between the two hotheaded ponies.

Granny was still staring at Dash. “Dang right. I git cross about swearin’ around the little tiny ones. You kin talk about anything without such cussin’. Anything! There ain’t no call for that stuff.”

“We could talk about why Big Macintosh still hasn’t come back!” suggested Apple Bloom. “Everything’s terrible now, my friends ain’t my friends and even my big brother done left us!”

“He did not!” protested Applejack. “He’s off to Fillydelphia or somethin’. You know he’s been journeyin’ more of late.”

Apple Bloom fixed her with a sorrowful gaze. “So you’re sayin’ it’s true my friends ain’t my friends no more? ‘Cos you din’t correct me about that, jes’ about Big Macintosh.”

Applejack’s jaw dropped, and then she lifted her chin, though her ears were still splayed in distress. She replied, with dignity, “Ah corrected you about that first, on account of he’s family. Never you mind about your lil’ friends, them attitudes is bound to burn themselves out in time…”

“Ah’ll set fire to their tails,” sulked Apple Bloom. “Help ‘em along with the burnin’.”

“Apple Bloom!” protested Applejack.

Rainbow Dash ruffled Apple Bloom’s mane, producing a childish pout, which seemed to amuse the cerulan pegasus. She fluttered her wings, and said, “Take it easy, kid. You can hang out with me today, I’ve gotta look after Northern Spy.”

“Is that why you said oh,” began Apple Bloom, and hastily corrected herself, “…darn?”

“What?” squeaked Dash. “No! I love looking after Spy! I just want to do so many things, plus there’s also stuff I’ve gotta do and see and ponies I’ve gotta see and… What I’m saying is, I’m pretty booked, okay?”

“Ponies you gotta do?” said Apple Bloom, and then her eyes widened and she covered her mouth with a hoof.

Rainbow glowered at nothing. “Except it’s not a pony, though she seems to think she wants to be one. It’s Gilda. I was gonna go see Gilda, she must be tearing the place apart by now.”

“Gosh,” said Applejack.

“Who’s thet?” said Granny. “What’s this Gilda, then, that ain’t no pony?”

Applejack made frantic gestures for silence, but Rainbow Dash was undaunted. “Griffin,” she said.

Granny Smith nodded solemnly. “Y’ don’t say? Heh. Heh…”

“But I can’t make time for her, not today,” said Dash. “I know! I’ll drop you off, Applejack. She couldn’t possibly complain, know what I mean?”

“Ain’t neither of us should be seein’ no griffin,” protested Applejack, “an’ stop talkin’ about it! I’m sure Granny never heard the like! What mus’ she be thinkin’?”

She glanced fearfully at Granny Smith, and blinked. Granny was staring at Dash, a wry half-smile on her face.

“Heh,” she said, again, shaking her head gently. “Jes’ because I’m old don’t mean I never seen nothin’.” She turned to look sternly at Applejack. “Your mother dated a griffin once. I don’t mind sayin’ I fretted, but that girl showed me what she was made of. Oh yes.”

Applejack’s eyes were wide and alarmed, but Dash leaned closer, face transformed with glee and delight until it was all huge ruby eyes, expectant. “What happened? You gotta tell me more!” she begged.

Granny Smith nodded, that little smile playing around her mouth as she made Dash wait, and gathered her thoughts. “Oh yes. It’s all true. Din’t last two weeks, mind you. Terrible idea it was, ended poorly an’ suddenly. Mm-hmm.”

“But what happened? Why did it end?” pleaded Rainbow Dash. “Gossip! You can’t just tell me that much, go on!”

Granny glanced sharply at Applejack, as if finding her wanting. “I think she skeert him off, to be honest, child. I don’t believe for a moment he knew what he was dealin’ with, but he soon learned his lesson. He thought he was all that, but he never reckoned on tanglin’ with a proper Apple mare!”

Dash guffawed. “No way! Applejack’s mom went out with a griffin? Like… romance, all that stuff? Ohmygosh! That’s f…eathering amazing!”

Granny nodded smugly. “Jes’ the one griffin, yep. Far as I know. An’ thank you for minding your language, you can say any ol’ thing without cussin’, see? We kin talk about anythin’ without cusses. Well, she wouldn’t talk about it much. Said by the time she’d kicked the scratchyness out of him, there weren’t much left to him. I think she wanted more of a challenge, to tell you th’ truth. She found him a lil’ too tame, I reckon.”

Dash grinned, nodding. “Yeah! And then there’s the tiny penis.”

Applejack gasped. Apple Bloom pretended not to hear. Granny Smith gazed levelly at Dash.

“Eyup, that’s what she said.” Her eyes narrowed. “And that is exactly enough o’ THAT! Subject closed!”

Dash banged the table with her hoof in glee, and Applejack protested, “Dashie! You can’t be talkin’ about such things to Granny! It ain’t right!”

“Settle down!” demanded the old mare. “She did quit cussin’, and Ah am surprised at you, Applejack! Your mother weren’t afraid of no griffins, and look at you, gone all white and scaredy-hooves! What’s got into you?”

“Oh no no,” said Rainbow Dash. “I might have to make you apologize, Granny Smith. Applejack is trying to be respectful to you. She’s not scared of Gilda. In fact, I bet she’s going to help me out by taking my place. And you have no problem with that, right? Especially since now we know her mother and me have something in common for fun?”

That got her a very grumpy look from Granny Smith. “Then you’re both crazy, to be havin’ that kind of fun. So was Applejack’s Ma, rest her soul.” She sighed. “What I’d give to have her around again. Mind you, she skeert me on her meaner days, too…”

“So you have no problem with me dropping off Applejack at my place to entertain my friend, while I stay home and take care of the foal?” pressed Dash.

“Entertain, she says,” grumbled Granny. “Mighty fine language you’re usin’!”

“No swears,” pointed out Rainbow.

“Thankee,” said Granny. She sighed again. “Oh, all right. Mebbe it’ll give her a little more Apple backbone.”

“Applejack has more guts than you could ever imagine,” argued Rainbow Dash. “Seriously, wake up, you’re being so unfair! I’ve seen her take on really tough stuff.” She tactfully omitted the fact that some of the toughest things, for Applejack, had been getting in touch with her feminine side. It was easy to see how that whole side of things had been rendered no-pony’s land, for her. The imposing shadow of Applesauce, her notorious mother, hung heavily over her life.

Applejack tried to keep a stiff upper lip. Trouble was, it was the lower lip that kept threatening to quiver.

Granny looked sharply at her, and nodded. “Very well. If you must do this—give that griffin hell!” She thought for a moment, and added, “Don’t hurt it too bad, mind you. Wouldn’t be charitable. Gotta be polite an’ all.”

Rainbow Dash was looking at Applejack, too, and her ears were back. “Uh, sure, she totally will! We’d better go. Can you look after Spy for a few minutes? That griffin won’t know what hit her, trust me.”

“Ain’t she gonna clean up after breakfast?” demanded Granny.

“Hey! Her audience awaits! Can’t you and Apple Bloom do it?”

Granny glowered. “Oh, all right. Apple Bloom!”

The filly blinked. “But… but Granny, she said you an’ Apple Bloom!”

“You are clearin’ the table, young lady!”

Apple Bloom brightened.

“An’ washin’ the dishes,” added Granny, and Apple Bloom sagged. “An’ dryin’, and puttin’ away.”

“It ain’t fair!”

Granny’s eyes narrowed. “That, missy, is what your big sister does for you every day. I mighta helped you, afore you said that! Unfair? Well, now, time you got an appreciation for th’ blessings you are given. Hop to it!”

Rainbow Dash had already led Applejack away, upstairs to get her saddlebags and pack the magic bit into them—and to deliver a little talk. “Listen. Don’t pay any attention to her. It’s gonna be just fine, and it’s the merciful thing to do—the PONY thing to do.”

“But…” quavered Applejack.

“No, listen! Gilda just wants a dicking. Is that so wrong? I was with her for years, all through flight school. I’d do it myself except I’m not free to. She’ll be so grateful, you have no idea.”

“She tore you up, Dashie!”

“She didn’t mean to! I got rowdy. Did I tell you that part? I got mad and started pounding away at her,” admitted Dash.

“And she got mad,” said Applejack, “and fought back?”

Dash’s ears were quirked ruefully. “Not exactly. Maybe it’s something to do with giving it to griffins deep and hard? I drove her berserk, Applejack. I could feel her going completely nuts, and I wouldn’t stop. Then, while she was still thrashing around shrieking, she twisted and got on her back and started kicking, and, well… you know what happened.”

Applejack just stared at her, ears laid back and panicky.

“You’ve kicked me in the chest a good one when I got extra rough,” said Rainbow. “You know what it’s like. Well… sometimes you kick me in the chest, sometimes you just come harder, but you know what I mean?”

Applejack gulped, her eyes wide. “Are you seriously tellin’ me them scars on your tit are really your fault? Seriously?”

“Haven’t you ever learned that you’ve gone too far, Applejack?”

“I ain’t!” protested Applejack. “I never! I’m a good pony!”

Dash facehooved. “No, I mean me! You may not have noticed but sometimes I go too far. Well, let me put it this way. Do you want to do something nice for my griffin friend, repeat friend? Then lay her, and give it to her nice and tender. You’re good at that! Even if Granny doesn’t appreciate that side of you.”

Applejack gulped again. “An’ if I don’t want to be dead meat?”

“Then don’t ram it into her as hard as you can, while holding her tight, and not letting her get away as you pound that pussy with all of your pony strength.”

“Damn. Uhh… what if she wants me to?”

“She won’t,” said Dash, and then looked thoughtful. “Or, say no.”

“You should open your eyes! We’re almost there!” said Rainbow Dash.

“You jes’ tell me when there’s a floor under my hooves!” said Applejack. “An’ no cheatin’!”

Rainbow flew on, holding tight to her beloved’s body, for it reassured Applejack a little—even though a less grim embrace would be less tiring. She pointedly didn’t mention anything about her forelegs getting tired, but did ask, “How come you could fly in Twilight’s balloon, then? Heck, when Discord had me acting crazy, you were on top of it!”

“Ah pretended it was a big ol’ hill?”

Dash hugged her tighter. “Wow. You’re so incredibly brave and awesome! I’m still learning new things about you!”

“Jes’ tell me when there’s a…”

“Open your eyes. There is.”

Applejack opened her eyes, and there was. They’d flown into Rainbow Dash’s cloud house; not just up to the cloud it was on, but inside. There was a checkered floor in two shades of light gray. There was a raised dais in graceful curves. There was a bed, covered in a navy-blue blanket with Rainbow’s cutiemark on it. There was a confused-looking griffin on the blanket.

“You kidding me, Dash?” said Gilda.

Applejack had a different question. As Dash lowered her, she drew her hooves up. “You sure it’s safe, Dashie?”

Rainbow kicked at the floor with a rear hoof. “Safe as houses, which it is. I can’t believe I never brought you to my house before!”

Applejack gingerly put out her hooves, and stood on the floor, which she knew was floating high in the air. “How come y’all make these when you can walk on clouds?”

Rainbow gave her a look. “Clouds feel to us like walking on snow. Which they are, of course, just snow that hasn’t fallen anywhere yet. Would you want to walk everywhere inside your house, on snow?”

“You didn’t answer my question,” said Gilda, “which is basically what the fuck? What kept you? Why’d you bring her, Dash?”

“I gotta take care of my foal, Gilda. I can’t come yet, but I brought Applejack for you. She can put out your fires—you’ll be thanking me, she’s awesome!”

Gilda stared at Applejack, who shrank back, ears laid flat.

“Sure looks awesome,” said Gilda.

Rainbow grinned awkwardly. “Um… gotta dash!” Before either Gilda or Applejack could protest, Rainbow was gone, flying back to Sweet Apple Acres and Northern spy, her rainbow tail and cerulean rump disappearing in the distance.

Gilda and Applejack stared at each other, and then Gilda spoke.

“I am so sorry about this. You must be Applejack, Dash’s sweetie. I thought it was Pinkie she had, but with Dash you can never guess who she’s with this week.”

Applejack licked her lips. “Goin’ on a bit longer than a week, sugarcube. Jes’ sayin’.”

“Oh. Shit.” Gilda covered her face with one unfolded talon. “I didn’t mean to suggest that you weren’t important to her. I’m sorry again, okay?” She sagged, the tip of her tail twitching in agitation. “Look, why don’t I just go take a fly for a while? Or I could go get Dash and tell her she’s out of her tiny mind and to take you back…”

“Ah look that bad?”

That got a blink out of Gilda. “Well, yes, you do. You look appalled, and I don’t blame you, there’s no pony but Dash who would do what she does with a griffin, and she shouldn’t assume other ponies are comfortable with the idea.”

“There’s my Ma,” said Applejack, still shying away but trying to look directly in Gilda’s predatory eyes.

“Beg pardon?”

“My Ma dated a griffin once,” said Applejack. “I guess folks must think it runs in th’ family. Rainbow wants me to help you out, and my Granny, she kinda wants me to give you a clobberin’…”

This time, Gilda’s eyes were wide. “Really. Really? Er, I don’t know how to put this, but I haven’t done anything bad to you and I don’t deserve a ‘clobbering’, whatever your Granny thinks. What kind of idiot is she, to tell a pony to go try and beat up a griffin?”

“An Apple kind,” sighed Applejack. “I don’t wanna clobber you, Gilda. I wouldn’t be here atall, except, well…”

They looked at each other, and both said it. “Rainbow Dash.”

Gilda began to chuckle. Applejack’s ears began to perk up, and she hesitantly joined in, a little rueful smile coming to her face.

“Dash!” laughed Gilda. “Maybe you and me both ought to clobber her! I can’t believe this one. She’s dropping off her girlfriend, expecting things to just happen?”

“In fairness,” pointed out Applejack, “she packed th’ bit as well. So you could say she dropped off her stallion-friend, to try an’ support somebody who she sees as in need.”

Gilda’s head jerked up, she stared straight at Applejack, and Applejack’s ears laid flat against her head again, though she didn’t flinch in any other way.

“Am I reading too much into that?”

Applejack didn’t drop her gaze, though she couldn’t help her panicky ears. “We do think folks should be helped out with their needs, me and Dashie do. Unless you reckon you and Dashie is special to each other and you ain’t lookin’ elseways?”

Gilda shook her head, slowly. “Griffins don’t pair off any more than ponies do. Which is to say, sometimes, but it’s not the rule. No, Rainbow Dash isn’t my property, though she is special to me, dude, remember. I guess she doesn’t keep you all to herself, then?”

Applejack thought back on her history since they’d discovered the magic bits. “Uh… nope. I done lived th’ life of a stallion, if I’m honest. Naw, I been shared far an’ wide, Gilda, so I understand why Dashie thunk this was a good idea.”

Gilda’s eyes were wary. “Really,” she said.

Applejack’s heart was pounding. “Yup. So, y’know, if you happened to, y’know, want to do anything…”

“I’m just figuring out what you’re offering,” said Gilda. “Not Dash. I know Dash. I understand Dash. I’m figuring out you.”

Applejack met her gaze. “Ah am offerin’ hot dickin’. Not rough!” she hastily added. “Not what you might call rough! Jes’ hot, I hope! Dashie ain’t been complainin’…”

Gilda picked her words carefully. “Why has she formed the impression that you should take her place, with me?”

At that, Applejack began blushing, steadily growing redder and redder. “Uh… Ah gits a big fella, maybe that’s what she was thinking?”

That predator’s gaze transfixed her. “So you’re saying, Rainbow Dash thinks you have a big cock and therefore she assumes she can leave me here for days and then toss me your bone and I’ll be so horny that I’ll take any pony that can shake my tree? Is that it?”

“She is tryin’ ta do you a favor!” argued Applejack, scarlet. “If you don’t want ta…”

“Simple question. Is that it?”

“Well,” said Applejack sullenly, “Ah guess that’s jes’ how my Dashie thinks.”

She glowered at Gilda, who smirked.

“Well… I guess she knows me pretty well, huh?”

Applejack sagged. “Whut?”

“Sounds terrific. What TOOK you guys so long? Do you have any idea how crosseyed I am? Come on, come on, whip it out already…”

“I, uh, I, uhh…”

“Will you make up your damn mind?” demanded Gilda.

“I thought you was tryin’ to be more pony!” blurted Applejack, her ears laid back again.

Gilda froze, then hid her face with a talon again. “I’m not?”

“Nope!” said Applejack, determinedly. “Y’all got a lot to learn!”

Gilda’s face-feathers seemed ruffled up. Griffins rarely blushed. “I’m really sorry. That usually works great with Dash…”

“It would,” said Applejack. She stepped closer, tentatively. “Honey, I ain’t hardly even seen you before. If you want dickin’ you got to make some allowances. Okay? Let me get to know you. An’ no rough-housin’!”

“What do you want to know?” asked Gilda, chastened. “This is me, right here, what’s to know? This is so weird.”

“Maybe it’ll soothe you to know that Dashie found it weird too,” said Applejack. “I don’t know if you can learn to get it on nice an’ tender, pony-like, but I’ll have you know it’s time for you ta try. I will not be mean an’ rough like my Ma or like apparently Dashie done. First, on account of it’s dangerous with th’ likes of you, and second ‘cos it ain’t my way. Got that?”

Gilda just nodded, looking lost.

“Okay,” said Applejack. “Lemme have a look at you.”

She stepped closer, and the griffin held still, but for the twitching of her tail, even as the pony sniffed at her and inspected her body.

It was quite a body. ‘Birdkitty’ didn’t really do it justice. Gilda’s feathers, gleaming white, echoed the texture of Dashie’s lovely wings but quickly transitioned into soft beige fur over rippling feline muscle. It smelled mysterious and exotic to Applejack, redolent of strange perfumes and pheromones alien to a pony, yet somehow understood, and she sniffed along Gilda’s body, watching the muscles shift, exploring in spite of the instinctive sense of great danger…

“I like your mane,” said Gilda, unexpectedly. “I hate long flowing manes, you know. And pretending to be all nice, which Dash pretty much never does… shit, I startled you, didn’t I?”

Applejack had jumped back a step. She blinked. “You like how I wear my mane?”

“Yeah. Don’t ask why, it’s not a nice story for ponies to hear.”

“With th’ tie? What about my tail?”

Applejack turned, and flicked her tail, letting the bright red tail-tie flip about, its weight gently tugging on her tail base as it hit the end of its travel. She looked back at Gilda, and blinked again. The griffin was staring at her ass, and her female treasures, with eager, hungry eyes.

Gilda licked her beak. “Oh, baby.”

Applejack lifted a rear hoof uncertainly. “Uh, you like?”

“You do know me and Dash had lots of fun even before we discovered the dildo, right? How do you think I even became a pony-head in the first place?”

Applejack frowned. “I seem to remember Pinkie Pie sayin’ you yelled at Fluttershy. Roared, even. Maybe you mean Dashie-head? Which is understandable, but still!”

“The yellow one? I yelled? Oh, yeah,” said Gilda, and winced. “I told you. I don’t like that one. The long flowing mane, the attitude—I don’t want to talk about it. I’d rather talk about Rainbow Dash’s girlfriend, who’s sexy and who’s offering to fuck me. Did anybody ever tell you that you’re pretty hot for a pony?”

Applejack blushed. “Yeah. Dashie, mostly.”

“Go back to looking me over,” said Gilda. “I liked it.”

Her cheeks rosy, Applejack turned and continued sniffing at Gilda’s body, seeing her hindquarters lift, those fearsome paws set themselves a little apart. She followed around the lean cat haunches, up under that slim and strangely naked tail that flowed only in gesture and not hair, boasting only a fluffy tip, and Applejack gazed upon Gilda’s griffin vagina, which pouted slightly and seemed awful juicy.

She watched for a while before she realized griffins couldn’t wink their labia, that it wasn’t going to do anything but drip.

Applejack turned her head, to see that Gilda was devoting just as much attention to her own pussy—and felt herself wink.

“Oh, MAN,” said Gilda.

Applejack’s heart was pounding. Just for a moment, she got a clear sense of the situation she was in, and looked back over what had brought her to this place, where she was preparing to mount and fuck a terrifying savage beast.

It was a hell of a time to be taking such risks. Dashie wasn’t well, and had that depression thing. She was losing Granny, and had to decimate this griffon to prove herself. Apple Bloom was getting worse and worse by the day, Big Macintosh still wasn’t back, everything was drifting out of her control and here she was, her vagina being ogled by a creature that could rend her limb from limb, of a species that had hunted ponies for food before they’d been made to stop doing that. Dark rumors held that some of the griffins still kept their old ways, even now.

And this one was licking her beak as she watched mare pussy wink.

Applejack rallied her flagging forces. “Don’tcha mean, oh STALLION?” she said, and nosed into her saddlebag, her teeth closing on the magic bit. The cock emerged from between her legs. Beside her, griffin claws extended horribly, trying to sink into the floor of Dash’s house. Whatever the floor tiles were, those claws scratched it.

“Git on th’ bed,” said Applejack. “We’re doin’ th’s my w’y.”

Gilda stared at her, wide-eyed, and cowered lower. “You mean… like, right now?”

“Go on!” commanded Applejack, bravado coming forth to mask her nervousness.

Gilda squeaked, a curiously cute feline sound, and leapt onto the bed in a single bound, hunkering down. Her body trembled visibly, her paws were set well apart. She pressed to the ground, except her ass was stuck provocatively in the air like her spine was unnaturally flexible, a posture no pony could have taken.

“Y’ good th’re?” asked Applejack.

Gilda’s cheek was pressed to the bed, and her eyes were screwed shut, and she screamed, “I don’t know! Fuck me!”


Gilda turned her head, and her eyes raged. “It’s gonna hurt, it’s gonna hurt, I can’t stand it, do me anyway! Oh, fuck! Get it over with, oh fuck, I’m so fuckin’ scared!”

Applejack’s heart went out, in spite of her terror, in spite of the dreadful sense that everything in the whole world was spinning out of control. She had to ball a terrifying monster to achieve impossible, unreasonable things just to hold her world together—but the monster was also scared of her, or at least of the size of her stallionhood.

“C’lm down. I know h’w to do th’s.”

Gilda hyperventilated, shaking, as Applejack mounted her, wrapping forelegs around that trembling, warm, furry body. She didn’t kick, though, because griffins didn’t kick out behind them like a pony would. She didn’t have that defensive instinct against an over-eager stallion, because most birdkitties didn’t find themselves mounted by amorous stallions.

Applejack’s heart pounded. She felt something wet against the end of her pony cock.

“B’st rel’x. F’rst part’s th’ hardest…”

The most powerful hindquarters in Ponyville jabbed forward, and equine flare popped into feline vagina with an outrageous squelch. Gilda shrieked.


She struggled, but Applejack held on, and the next thing Applejack felt was fur against her inner thighs. Gilda had kicked a leg out behind her, a trembling leg with paw flaring out and claws extended in sweet agony. She took deep breaths, and screamed again, pounding a balled-up talon on the bed.

Applejack paused at the mixed signals. “Too m’ch? I c’n spit the…”

“MORE!” screamed Gilda, her whole body shaking.

Slowly, Applejack slid her oversized ponycock deeper, her crotch grinding against Gilda’s outstretched leg. Gilda’s pussy was so taut and slick it was unbelievable, and Applejack fought back the urge to buck and fervently hump that cat ass, understanding better than ever what had seduced Rainbow Dash into her follies. Her stiffness sank further and further into the roiling cauldron of feline lust that was Gilda’s vagina, until it reached a firmer place, surprisingly soon, and Gilda went stiff as a board in her arms.

And Applejack, feeling she’d come right up to Gilda’s cervix and stuffed the birdkitty full of pony, drew her hips back with careful tenderness.

Gilda hyperventilated worse, reeling, impaled on hard horsecock, and tried to shove herself backwards. She was terrifyingly strong, but Applejack held on, and snarled “H’ld still!” She began to work her erection back and forth inside Gilda, always slowly, resisting sudden motions even when she had to clutch Gilda with all her strength just to stop the maddened griffin from flinging herself backwards, ramming her cervix with horsecock by the force of her own crazed shoving.

Gilda began to shriek, driven beyond endurance by the massive bulk that slid so gently but inexorably back and forth inside her, always right up to her feline trigger but refusing to butt her cervix and set off her final release. She tottered, clenching on Applejack’s cock, her body shaking violently.

Applejack felt it, and tried to work out what the hell to do. It was the final, appalling test after a series of trials that had been too much to ask of any pony, with everything at stake and no certainty that she’d be able to prevail. She had to bring off the griffin without getting herself killed, so she could go home and try to fix the many problems there and win back Granny’s approval, but she knew from Dash that bucking roughly would get her gutted, yet the tender motions seemed to be working Gilda up into a state of total insanity anyway.

She kept it up, racking her brain, gritting her teeth on the metal bit as her hips tenderly worked away. Slowly. Slowly…

Gilda pounded her balled-up talon on the bed again. “Please! Please! AHHHH! Oh please!”

Applejack’s ears went back. Her gentle motions continued, and she clung tighter to Gilda to prevent backward shoves. “Wh’t do y’ n’d?”

Gilda heaved giant, hysterical breaths, her body jerking as if she was about to have heart failure. “AHHH! Deeper! Gah! Now! Dying! Please!”

Applejack gulped. She was about to come herself, from the intensity of the stimulation, and she couldn’t help but sympathize. And so, very carefully, she slid the swollen horsecock deeply into Gilda, until she reached firmness—and began to press against that limit, gentle at first, but carefully building the pressure a little at a time.

Gilda was stiff as a board. She emitted a cracked, fractured scream, her pussy clamping down on Applejack’s stallionhood, still nowhere near the base, she shook violently, and then all at once her body was convulsing in its rigid pose and she ripped Applejack’s ears off with a deafening, mind-mangling squall of orgasmic release.

And, as Applejack was about to blast ponycome into that spasming pussy, Gilda’s paws sank into the bed and her body ripped itself forward with overwhelming, unbelievable strength—and the griffon yanked herself away, out from under the pony in spite of all that pony forelegs could do, flung herself up against the headboard and collapsed, clawing at the air with fierce gestures that quickly became dazed and sated.

Applejack stared in amazement, achingly hard ponycock jutting forth under her.

“Th’ hell?”

Gilda’s tongue dangled from her half-open beak, as she lay sprawled on her side like she’d been poured there. “Hnggggg…”

“G’d, w’s it?”

Gilda’s look was drooling adoration. She flipped over, to face away from Applejack. Then, she flipped again, with a boneless wriggle. A deep purring emanated from her chest.

Applejack’s eyes were wide. She’d somehow managed to pull it off, with just one little detail that didn’t really matter. Something told her not to say it, that she should leave well enough alone, that it would be the worst possible mistake to say it.

She said it.

“B’t… I d’n’t come.”

Griffin eyes glittered. Griffin muscles tensed.

“Oh, baby,” murmured Gilda, besottedly, “you’re going DOWN.”

Applejack’s eyes had time to widen at her terrible mistake, and then the predator was upon her.

Gilda’s body slammed into hers, knocking the bit from her mouth. She screamed, kicking out, writhing on her side, but the griffin was too strong for her, wrestling her, balking her attempts to get to her hooves and forcing her onto her back, belly exposed. Applejack fought desperately, biting at Gilda’s hind paw as it shoved her head into the mattress, seeing that strange skinny tail lashing above her, Gilda’s body pressing her down, and she tried to kick, to pound that furry body with a forehoof, and got in a couple hard blows, and the talons went for her legs and the paw raised and came down…

Applejack froze, waving her left foreleg weakly, helplessly.

Gilda’s hind paw was pressing her throat, pushing her head back, her neck laid bare to the huge claws that extended to dig into her. The other paw had her right foreleg pinned, and she couldn’t budge, for Gilda’s full weight rested on it and her throat.

Talons grasped her hock, her inner thigh, pulling her legs wide, splaying her. She had never felt anything grab onto her leg like that. They were sharp, too. The hold on her pony hock was vise-like, and the talons wrapping around her thigh sank in until they nearly broke the skin. It was the sensation of the claws ready to tear open her throat and crotch that had cut off her struggles. Her belly, her groin were open to the beak of her attacker and there was nothing she could do about it at all.

Something very deep inside Applejack flipped a switch, something she couldn’t control. She felt suddenly detached from her helpless body, endorphins flooding her, viewing it as if she was floating above the scene.

Her whole psyche said, you are going to die, right now.

Her body said, we will take the pain away. We give up.

And Applejack’s exhausted soul said, work is over, now and forever…

…and that scratchy griffin tongue hit her erect clitoris, and her body exploded in orgasm with the force of a bomb.

Applejack screamed and shuddered, unable to tell the sensation of ferocious cunnilingus from carnage, prevented from seeing what was happening by the paw pushing her jaw up and holding her head back. Gilda made a curious little keening, wailing noise as she erotically devoured Applejack’s ooze-drenched, winking marehood, not noticing the weird limpness, the weakly waving foreleg that had been kicking her, not noticing anything but the mare pussy spread before her. She went after Applejack’s vagina feverishly, licking everywhere and especially over the throbbing, erect clitoris, and love-biting her vulva in fits of mad abandon.

Applejack, neck bared, legs splayed by talons, an explosion of sensation obliterating her senses, wailed a cry of ultimate despair and acceptance, gave one last flail of her only free limb, and surrendered to the abyss, falling into the warm darkness as her body was seemingly torn apart in a spray of flying juices and chunks.

It was a good darkness.

It was peaceful, and the screaming seemed very far away, and then it was quiet because all was black.

The voice called her, that scratchy little voice she loved so much, and it beckoned her back from the darkness into inexplicable warmth and bizarre sensation.

“Hey! Hey lovebirds!” called Rainbow Dash, as if from a great distance, but coming closer.

Applejack opened her eyes, and the bizarre sensation turned out to be a griffin sensuously licking her throat, and the voice was Dashie flying over to join her and Gilda as they lay on the bed.

Dashie smirked. “Have fun?”

Gilda gave her a look. “Holy fuck, Dash. Just a little! Sorry, there’s a new best pony, okay?”

“Oh, I know,” crooned Rainbow. “How I know. Hey, baby. Feeling good?”

Applejack blinked, her eyes wide. She twitched a little, but couldn’t move.

Dash’s eyes widened. “Whoa. Gilda. You did that?”

“She’s been passed out for hours,” said Gilda smugly. “Damn right I did. And she deserved every bit of it, believe me. Look at her. Just look at her!”

Rainbow’s smile broadened and broadened. “Sweet Celestia!”

“Hey!” snapped Gilda. “Don’t say that name, what the fuck, Dash?”

“Eep! Sorry,” said Rainbow. “I forgot. What’s your beef with her, anyway?”

“She’s not so sweet. Don’t ask. Especially not now. It was incredible, Dash, so fucking incredible, I thought I was gonna tap out it was so incredible…”

“Told ya so,” said Dash smugly. “Applejack is best pony. So I guess even if you hate some ponies, you appreciate others, huh?”

“Oh yeah,” said Gilda, and licked Applejack’s neck again. “We’re gonna be real good friends, me and her. And look! Not a mark on her, aren’t you proud of me?”

Rainbow Dash lifted an eyebrow at Gilda, and then her foreleg lifted one of Applejack’s hind legs, exposing her crotch. She gestured, and Gilda peered and then winced. The warm burnt-ochre thighs and rounded vulva showed a whole series of pinch marks, obvious beak-bites on close inspection, and even a trace of blood on one.

“Liar,” smirked Dash. “Gotcha. Busted.” She looked closer. “Oh my gosh, you went bonkers, look at it all! Applejack, was she as awesome as it looks like she was? More to the point, can you even walk and stuff?”

“I think she’s still a little stunned, actually,” said Gilda.

“You’re so fucking competitive,” griped Dash. “But that’s what I love about you, babe. Hey, Applejack! Speak to me!”

Applejack blinked weakly, looking up at Rainbow and then over at Gilda.

“Can… can I see you again?”

Gilda’s eyes twinkled.

“Hell yeah, babe.”

“I tole you, I love you more’n anything!” protested Applejack. “Please let’s not have this conversation before we’re on th’ ground?”

“Oh, all right,” said Rainbow Dash, flying steadily homeward while holding Applejack in her forelegs. “We’re almost there, anyway. Hey, there’s Granny!”

They arrived at Sweet Apple Acres, and Dash dropped Applejack before the door, where Applejack staggered drunkenly and then rotated to try and hide the bite marks on her vulva from Granny, who inquired, “Did’ja give that griffin a good ‘un?”

“Laid her to waste,” boasted Rainbow. “What’s going on? Why are you out here with Spy waiting for us?”

Granny’s eyes twinkled. “Because we got us somethin’ to show you. And it was me who discovered it, while you idiots canoodled. Come on, Northern Spy! Come on, that’s a girl! Say it for Granny, go ahead!”

Northern Spy stood, her huge ruby eyes blinking. She screwed up her little face, and took in a tiny foal-sized breath, as Applejack and Rainbow Dash held theirs.

“Ohh… ohhk…” said Northern Spy. “Ohhk… okay!”

She beamed up at them, with a heart-melting smile on her tiny face.

Rainbow Dash trembled. “Ohhhh, Granny, that’s wonderful. Oh my gosh! Spy said her first word!”

“How’d you like them apples?” said Granny, proudly.

Rainbow turned to Applejack. “And it’s your word! You’ve been saying that a lot, trying to jolly me out of being depressed, you know. That’s from you!” She dropped her gaze. “It IS you, Applejack. It’s perfect for you to pass on. Because—because you’re okay.”

Applejack bit her lip.

“Dear Celestia,” she said unsteadily, “I hope so.”