Darkest Hour

“Twilight! So lovely to see you!” called Princess Celestia.

The tall, regal, white alicorn smiled as her young protege approached across the rich red carpet, lit with the warm glow of a late Canterlot afternoon. Twilight Sparkle walked calmly, her wings furled, her ears alert. Princess Celestia’s smile wavered slightly as Twilight drew nearer, for the circles under Twilight’s eyes were hard to miss.

“Are you well, Twilight? Studying harder than usual?” she inquired. “Or well… some other preoccupation, keeping you up?”

“Huh?” said Twilight. Celestia raised a hoof, and made a gentle arc with it under her own eye. Twilight blinked, went scarlet, and looked desperately at the carpet in front of her. “I’m sorry!” she squeaked, clasping her wings tightly to her body.

“Oh, Twilight!” cried Celestia in dismay.

“I’m sorry! I’m trying to be appropriate! I’ll try harder. I’ll try harder, Princess!”

Before Twilight knew what was happening, she found herself wrapped in a very firm alicorn hug. “Twilight!” scolded Princess Celestia. “In no way was I chiding you! Must I remind you that you are not the first Princess to experience growing pains? I should call Princess Cadance, I am at a loss…”

Twilight whinnied and struggled, flapping, and Celestia released her in alarm. She stared at her young student, jaw agape as Twilight pulled herself together, and then Princess Celestia’s mouth tightened.

“You look disgusted, Princess Twilight. May I inquire why that name distresses you so?”

It seemed impossible for Twilight’s face to fall further, but that observation managed it. “P—please don’t ask Cadance to be here. I don’t want to talk to her right now.”

“Twilight Sparkle!” declaimed Celestia. “I would ask you what in Equestria was the matter, except that I am not so foalish…”

“Well, I don’t!” snapped Twilight, still blushing fiercely. “Yes, life has really been wearing on me. I don’t want to tell you more, though if you know a good place to get sandbags it would be useful, let me just say! And the last pony I want to see right now is Cadance! I don’t even know what I’d say to her. You realise I’ll never forget what Discord said about her now?”

Celestia’s mouth opened, then shut. She frowned, and said, “Princess Cadance is good at managing contexts, Twilight. You can’t hold her responsible for what Swir… what Discord said. I assure you, he has always had a flair for… for provocation.” She dropped her gaze, briefly.

Twilight didn’t notice, for she was sulking. “Fine. I accept that. I can even accept that she likes a pegasus guard on each wing, one the normal way and my brother up… errrrh!”

Celestia’s mouth twitched in a rebellious smile. Twilight’s wings had risen as she recounted the story of Cadance’s pleasures, and the older alicorn watched impassively as Twilight wrestled them back down with willpower alone. She waited for Twilight to fold her wings chastely, and then she spoke. “Yes, Twilight, Cadance is the Alicorn of Sex. That means she understands what you are going through, as the magic energies reshape your body and psyche.”

“Horrible thought!” grumbled Twilight. “I don’t think this is doing my psyche any good, Princess.”

This time, it was Celestia’s ears laying back. “Might I ask where you find fault with it… Princess?”

Twilight gave her a cranky look. “Don’t start with treating me like an equal. We both know I’m far younger and stupider, and I feel every bit of that. I wanted to come and feel, just for a little while, like it was the old days. Do you know what I mean? When we were okay, and I wasn’t out of control and blowing up sandbags like some sexual weapon…”

“But instead you’ve come and become upset immediately,” lamented Celestia. “Please understand that in important ways, you are indeed our equal, Twilight! I hoped this would not be too difficult for you. I am there for you, but I am not sure it is wise or merciful to make a pretense of you returning to fillyhood. Not that I haven’t done such things with S… I mean, are you sure this is right for you, to try to turn away from your natural development as an alicorn?”

Twilight eyed her sharply. “What was that?” She paused, then added, “I seem to remember you and me having a conversation about the origins of the amniomorphic spell. And a certain nickname you had for Starswirl the Bearded. Um. Would you mind very much never telling me anything more about that, please?”

Celestia’s eyes widened, stricken. Her ears were laid back, and she stamped a forehoof. “Twilight, I know you are studious. I know you wish to maintain control and mastery over the things in your life. I remember you fretting over your spell homework not being right, because you wanted to execute it perfectly. What I don’t remember, and wouldn’t have anticipated from you, was this attitude! You’re a healthy female pony with a lovely marefriend, and what’s more a new alicorn experiencing a form of puberty as your expanded horn and new wings come to vibrant life. I am flummoxed at this change, Twilight! Where did you get this prudishness?”

Twilight pouted. “Where else?”

Princess Celestia blinked. “I beg your p…”

“From you,” said Twilight. “You showed me how to be dignified, and good, and wise. You’ve never, ever, ever had the slightest need to run around doing sex things. When I started to get old enough to understand that stuff, you told me that my thoughts were free. And that’s how they stayed, as thoughts!” She frowned. “I don’t know, Princess. When I met Trixie, I went kind of crazy. Well, first it was Applejack, and then Trixie, and for a while there it seemed like the most important thing in the world was to show how your way of existing wasn’t enough for a pony.”

Princess Celestia was speechless.

Twilight glanced up at her mentor, and her gaze was imploring. “I think I went too far, Princess. I think I was taking your goodness for granted, and then I became an alicorn, and… well, now I know what too much feels like. I want to go back. It’s not right. I should be able to live like you, studying, leading, being a good example. I shouldn’t have to run around being some kind of sex monster! And I don’t want Cadance’s advice on how to become one!”

“It’s not being a monster, Twilight,” said Celestia haltingly. “Honestly, it’s not.”

“Well, if I’m not supposed to look to you for an example of how to be,” said Twilight, “then who am I supposed to use?”

Princess Celestia hesitated, opened her mouth…

Into the throneroom burst a handsome, fretful pegasus guard, and both Princesses turned to him in alarm.

“Discord stole my penis!” blurted Stout Heart, blushing scarlet, bracing himself, standing his ground as if he expected an explosion of dramatic activity or a torrent of abuse for making up outrageous stories. He screwed his eyes shut. Nothing happened. He peeked furtively out of one eye.

Celestia and Twilight Sparkle were staring at each other.

“Ah… Not him,” counseled Princess Celestia.

Twilight stamped her hoof on the carpet, and turned to Stout Heart. “He did WHAT?”

Stout Heart’s lip quivered. “He gave it back when he was done. He was shaped like a little alicorn girl…”

“Oh, no,” said Twilight, shaking her head. “No! Oh no no…”

“Calm yourself, Mister… Stout Heart, isn’t it?” said Princess Celestia. She hastily added, “Of course you are. Forgive me, you’re even one of my personal palace guards, aren’t you? Please make yourself comfortable and try to explain what on earth Starswirl has done this time.”

“And when you’re finished,” said Twilight, “we’re all going to go have a word with a certain Alicorn of Chaos!”

She stamped her hoof again, and Celestia glanced at her nervously.

Earlier that day, Chaos prowled down Ponyville’s main street, biting her lip in anxiety.

There had been something in Rarity’s voice when she’d extended her invitation. Chaos didn’t have a lot of experience in knowing or caring what other ponies thought. It had never seemed to matter very much when Starswirl wielded a potent intelligence and an even more potent horsecock to conquer not just his world, but even a delighted Princess Celestia. Then, when he’d been rendered an alicorn mare, nothing had been more important than rejecting his appalling luck and carrying on the same as ever, undaunted. Finally, as the indescribable draconequus Discord, he’d fought indiscriminately against reality itself, glorying in any victory no matter how small.

Never had he concerned himself with the opinion of another, for there seemed no point to it. Even Princess Celestia could be persuaded into all manner of delightful activity, entranced by his boldness and creative thoughts.

Rarity hadn’t seemed entranced. He remembered, and she remembered, the business with the giant rock. She’d been livid—and it wouldn’t do to transform her into a cat and set her playing with that Opalescence pet of hers, and take the magic bit. Chaos was certain that such actions would lead to renewed punishment, so for almost the first time in her life she had to think about what another pony might expect or want.

Chaos frowned, unhappily. It had all started with that Fluttershy. The confounded little pegasus had to have known what she was doing, just as she’d seemed all too knowing when she professed her helplessness in the hedge maze. Chaos had an unsettling suspicion that she’d not changed Fluttershy that much at all, in spite of the greying and the disinhibition. Later, Fluttershy had out-stubborned even Discord in full chaotic form, and tricked him into creating cute little hoof-skates for his new best friend: hoof-skates that went unused as he transformed all his fun and ingenuity back to boring old reality to appease her. Chaos had been absolutely shocked at the feeling of misery when Fluttershy abruptly withheld her friendship. She wouldn’t have given an inch.

And just as she’d had to go along with what Fluttershy expected—as Discord, yet!—now Chaos looked to Rarity for permission. And again, a seemingly lesser pony, who’d not have held a candle even to Starswirl at his grandest much less an alicorn or draconequus, played a cunning game and held out unexpected enticements that couldn’t be wrested away. Chaos couldn’t forget the glint in Rarity’s eye as she extended an invitation for later. She’d seemed so very confident, and her attitude was far from subservient. There was no reason to believe Unicorn Rarity could pose any surprises for Alicorn Chaos, and yet Chaos’s heart still fluttered anxiously.

There was something so damned irresistible about that. Chaos considered the shocking idea that while one could exert one’s powers to deliver the height of chaoticness, to truly experience it personally one could not remain entirely in control. To expect something from others, to not be sure of their response—now that was Chaos!

She’d winked, unthinkingly, as she began to canter, seeing Twilight Sparkle in the distance making her way toward Canterlot. She’d ignored her fellow alicorn. Twilight doubtless had some leadership thing to do; that or total debauchery as befitted a new alicorn.

The much older, but still relatively inexperienced, ice-blue alicorn trotted faster toward her own debauchery awaiting: keeping her appointment with Rarity, remembering how Rarity had smiled at her and promised sexual awakenings. Rarity had access to a magic bit. Rarity was likely to allow Chaos to use that magic bit, and become truly male again at last—but Rarity looked like she had secrets in store, and Chaos had never been so excited. Somehow, there would be chaos outside even her control, if she was any judge.

She arrived at the Carousel Boutique. She went to knock on the door with a hoof, but it opened before she could do so.

Derpy Hooves stood, with the oddest expression on her face. It combined annoyance, pouting, eagerness, and looking in two directions at once. Chaos gave a little squeal of delight at how random the situation seemed. The dear little retarded pegasus was cross! Exquisite, charming!

“Rarity says you were Discord once,” said Derpy sulkily.

“Oh, yes!” said Chaos. “I can be again, if you like. Perhaps we’ll play in that guise! No pony ever experienced a draconequus penis. I’m not sure what one would even look like. Let’s go see!”

Derpy blinked. “We’re not gonna have guys! Just one. Rarity says you want to be a guy, so we’re supposed to let you use her bit.”

Chaos hesitated. “Does that mean you don’t wish it? Oh, say you do! Today is my day for going the extra distance to please mares. I’ve learned so much. I would like to expend every effort to leave you and Rarity delighted!”

At that, Derpy gave a peculiar smile. Chaos had never seen that expression on her foolish face before. The smile was real, but her eyes weren’t smiling quite the same way.

“Rarity says this time I’ll understand, because you’ve been very bad. I was there and I saw it and I was real scared and all my friends were upset. Are you really Discord?”

Chaos spoke, this time in the rich plummy tones of the draconequus. “You’ll see.”

Rather than shy away, Derpy grinned harder. “Rarity is waiting for you. Come this way. You’re gonna have lots of interesting sex, Miss Discord Alicorn Pony. And you’re gonna please mares in a special way. And it will serve you right!”

She walked, tail flicking, inside and toward an inner door that was cracked slightly open. Chaos followed, admiring her lovely flanks and pert grey vagina. Derpy didn’t object to the attention, she just pushed the door open with her nose and walked slowly into the darkened room, not hesitating even when Chaos squinted and stumbled.

Light flared. Chaos whirled.

Rarity reared behind her, a bit in her teeth, the light illuminating her elegant alabaster body. Under her, a massive pink stallionhood jutted stiffly toward Chaos’s shocked eyes.

“N’w it’s P’YB’CK T’ME!” snarled Rarity, grinning like a mad thing.

Chaos’s mouth fell open in utter delight, and she stared wide-eyed at the delightful, impossible spectacle. “I thought you were so refined! Eeee!”

“Ref’ne TH’S,” said Rarity haughtily. Her horn glowed. Chaos sensed a motion behind her, a shadow moving out of the corner of her eye…

Whakow! A whip cracked across one slim ice-blue rump cheek. Chaos squealed, laying her ears back. Rarity advanced.

“Tod’y,” she said, “you devote y’rself to pleasing mares OUR w’y…”

Chaos’s eyes were wild. “Do I get to be a stallion? Sweet Celestia! I’m not sure I care! Ye gods and cute little ponies, do you know I haven’t the least idea how this is going to go? Priceless!”

The bit clinked on the floor in front of her. She stared at it, and looked up into the icy, dominant sapphire eyes of Rarity.

“Take it,” commanded Rarity. “Take it… and serve us for all you are worth.”

Chaos gulped. Her heart was pounding. “I can’t believe it. After a thousand years… and more! It’s been so long, and finally I will be a male ag…”

The whip cracked. She squealed, as it savaged her pert blue rump in exactly the same spot where first it had bit.

“Take it!” snarled Rarity. “Now!”

Chaos dove and seized the cool metal bit in her teeth. Her body shuddered, her wings flared up wildly as she felt a stiff erection seem to burst forth from within herself, projecting forward from between her hind legs. She reared, flapping, gawking. It was slender and rather pretty, fit for a waiflike alicorn girl.

Rarity snorted. “Ha! So eager, worm, and for so little! You saw what your mistress had for you. If you’re good with that pitiful wand, Rarity will show you what a real stallionhood feels like!”

Chaos turned her head, and her eyes were wide and not quite sane. Her horn glimmered, then sparked abruptly with a blinding flash of chaos magic, and the slim little alicorn wasn’t there anymore. In her place stood a heavyset, snobby-looking male unicorn, with plump flanks and a spectacular beard. His eyes were still wild and too wide, and his teeth gritted hard on the magic bit.

Derpy’s eyes dropped to peek under his belly, and she squeaked in alarm. Rarity’s gaze followed, to discover the most absurdly fat horsecock she’d ever seen, beyond nearly anything she’d encountered: from Ponyville’s best, to the finest parties in Canterlot, to the most evil nightclubs of Fillydelphia. Rarity could think of only one to rival it, and he was a freak of the Fillydelphia clubs.

She cracked the whip on him again, and he whinnied wildly through his clamped teeth, rearing and tossing his head, and he awkwardly cried, “St’rsw’rl r’des ag’n!”

Derpy screamed. The dumpy fellow might have been out of shape but he was big for all that, tall at the shoulder and powerful-looking in spite of being overweight. He dwarfed her, and he was trying to mount upon her, rearing and clutching at her pretty grey rump as her ash-blonde tail thrashed in alarm. She shrieked again, obviously frightened: though she had grown to love Rarity’s bulky stallionhood, she hadn’t prepared herself and even if she had, Starswirl the Bearded’s enormous cock terrified her.

Whakow! Rarity laid into him with the whip, charging and kicking at his chest with her forehooves. “Down, you dog! You’ll please your mistresses as directed or taste my lash!”

Starswirl heaved great, excited breaths… and blinked. “D’g, you s’y?”

His long, sturdy horn glimmered, and flashed as it had before.

In the place of the famous, long-dead unicorn stood something even larger, something that towered above both ponies. Chaos wasn’t even a pony form any more. She’d become a Diamond Dog.

It grinned. “Serve p’nies! Mmmmmm!”

Rarity and Derpy stared up at it, in shock. Their eyes traveled down. They stared back up at him, in still more shock.

“Is g’d?” rumbled the creature.

Derpy’s ears were laid back flat against her head. Rarity licked her lips, her tail flicking agitatedly.

“Sweet Celestia,” she said, “I’ve never even heard of this perversion. Bravo. Mistress is impressed, indeed she is…”

The hulking beast seemed to wince at her words. Plaintively, he mumbled, “In fact, you do resemble her a bit, and it’s driving me wild, my dear. Will this do? He’s not nearly as large as my old true form. Thanks awfully for letting me be that again, but in fact I’m not sure if I really want to share that self with you after all… as much as you resemble her, I mean…”

“How on earth can you speak while holding the bit in your mouth, and what are you talking about?” demanded Rarity.

The Diamond Dog blinked. He grinned. “Dog g’d at holding bones! Want Dog’s bone now? Pony good at holding Dog bone?” He wagged. In front of him, his Doggy cock also wagged in response.

Rarity’s eyes gleamed. “Perversity such as I have never, ever, ever… Yes. Yes! Ravish us, darling! I shall never forget this, it is simply outrageous!”

Chaos-Dog growled, turned, and grabbed for Derpy. She shrieked and jumped back, flapping. Rarity instantly frowned.

“Stop! Firstly, you will obey, Dog! Secondly, I do not like where those great grabbing hands reached. Don’t you dare touch her wings!”

The Dog hesitated. “Really? I was always strictly a unicorn’s unicorn. Or alicorn, I suppose,” he said. “I’ve never played with a pegasus before, though you mightn’t believe me. I can’t grab her there? They’d make lovely handles. Look, they’re even sticking up!”

Rarity glanced back and forth between Chaos-Dog and Derpy Hooves. Derpy was cowering but winking, and her wings were stiffly erect. She was gazing imploringly at Rarity, trusting in her mate to protect her, and she was also staring in fascination at Chaos’s erect canine penis. Her vulnerability struck at Rarity’s heart.

“Listen,” said Rarity. “You will let her signal you. You will go at her pace, Dog, and restrain your filthy lusts to suit her convenience. You will penetrate her with that hideous Dog cock tenderly, do you hear—and you will not dare to grip or touch her lovely wings!”

The Dog blinked. “Oh. Right. Pregnancy, now I remember. But surely you don’t think a Diamond Dog can impregnate a pony? I think we’re free to sate ourselves every which way, honestly.”

“Did you hear me?” demanded Rarity, glaring at him. “Do you want to taste my lash until you cringe and lick up your own blood?”

Chaos snorted, a deep canine rumble. “Whilst I have been known to enjoy unexpected fluids in fits of passion, blood is not among them! If you’d like, I can demonstrate. I invented a spell once—have you ever lactated for a Diamond Dog suckling at your nipples? That would be excitingly chaotic, don’t you think?”

Rarity laid her ears back. “One more chance. You will not grip, not touch, not so much as LOOK at my Derpy’s wings!”

“Fine!” yiped the Diamond Dog, petulantly. There was another flash, that seemed to come from his forehead.

Derpy’s eyes widened.

Derpy looked back across her body, in shock. She wriggled her shoulders uselessly, lifting one forehoof and then the other. She stared, unable to understand what had happened to her.

Her wings were gone, as if they’d never existed.

Derpy Hooves slowly turned to look at Rarity, and in her eyes was a hurt and a grief that froze Rarity’s blood where she stood.

Neither pony could speak for a moment. Their eyes locked, exchanging mute pleading and helpless horror. Their most personal moments had centered around Derpy’s wings and the wrenchingly intimate, romantic devotion Rarity showed for them… and Derpy was plainly crushed, gutted, her world destroyed by their loss.

Chaos-Dog smiled, as if he’d just worked a particularly good trick.

“Put… them… back,” hissed Rarity, trembling.

The Diamond Dog pouted. “Make up your mind! One minute you want to have exciting sex, then all of a sudden you want your pegasus’s wings to be gone, and now you’re complaining when I do it?”

“Put them BACK!” demanded Rarity. Derpy began to weep, her lip quivering. Rarity couldn’t look away.

“It’ll make it much more awkward to pleasure you two,” cautioned Chaos-Dog. “I could fondle her all over with these paws, including her withers. There isn’t a trace of wing remaining to induce ovulation, and I’m a Dog, making her doubly safe. Explain to her that she’ll have them back in good time. Now isn’t a good time.”

Unwillingly, Rarity tore her eyes away from the agony of her beloved mate, to meet Chaos’s newly canine gaze. The sight jolted her. He seemed eager to please, but there was something familiar in that look, something that reminded her of wild nights in Fillydelphia. Practitioners of great skill and no heart, who did dreadful permanent damage or saw it done, and laughed…

Rarity braced herself, staying strong even as she heard Derpy sob. She gritted her teeth, and calmly she said, “That’s where you’re wrong, Discord. Now is exactly the time. Put them back, right now.”

“You should call me Chaos,” said the Dog. “I’m figuring out what it means to be Chaos. You haven’t yet experienced all my powers.”

Rarity paled. “I’ll call you a cab in about five seconds if you don’t put those wings back,” she bluffed, desperately. “Four! Three! Two…”

“Oh, very well!”

There was another bright flash. Derpy flapped, frantically, rising into the air. Rarity watched her realize in an instant that her body had returned to normal, and the next moment, she’d zipped over to Rarity’s bed and dove under the covers, her sweet grey form moving as quickly as Rainbow Dash ever had.

The covers trembled.

Rarity stared at her cowering, traumatized beloved hiding, and then looked over at Chaos. Her face remained utterly impassive… but her eyes burned.

“You know what this means, don’t you?” she said, with alarming quietness.

Chaos frowned, still holding the bit. “Now see h’re! You said I’d get to pleasure both of you. I’m not sure you’re going about it in a sensible way. I’m trying my best! As fond as I am of the perplexing and inexplicable…”

“Relinquish the bit,” said Rarity, “and leave.”

Chaos hesitated. “My dear Miss Rarity…”

“I’m not yours, damn you! Get out!”

Chaos crossed his arms. His Dog cock stuck up, rebelliously.

“How stupid do you think I am? You’re scening, my dear. I have the sore spot on my butt to prove it. You whipped me, repeatedly, you gave me a magic bit and then drove me into submission, and now you expect me to believe the scene is over and you’re satisfied?”

Rarity’s eyes widened. “But…”

The Diamond Dog voice was gentle, but firm.

“If you get to whip me, I get to fuck you. It stands to reason. You’ll have your bit back, but from now on we are taking this in a different direction. I’m totally bored with pain and whips and tears. I’m going to fill your bodies with pleasure now until you’ve forgotten all this ridiculous fuss. Not as Starswirl, mind you, I suspect I’m far too well hung for the likes of you…”

Chaos licked his Diamond Dog muzzle, with a voluptuous slurp.

“Let’s begin by cheering up dear little Derpy Hooves. I promise, I won’t touch a feather of her sweet little wings. But I have something for her all the same, which should have her smiling in no time…”

The pile of covers shook worse, and then Derpy peeked out from under the edge of the blankets. Rarity could see the fear in her eye, and just as it had so many dark nights in Fillydelphia, the scene crystallized into drama and sudden decision, hanging on Rarity’s ability to seize and direct events to her bidding.

“So you’re a pleasure Dog now, are you?” she hissed through clamped, tense teeth, calculating Discord’s powers, her ears laying back as she did..

“Oh, you have no idea, just NO idea what’s in store for the little grey fluffkin. I’m going to fuck her senseless—well, more senseless. I insist on pleasuring her, in fact, after my gaffe with the wings. It’s only fair. I owe it to her, in fact! So drag her out of there, please, and we’ll start. How’s that?”

Rarity’s eyes flared. She forced a harsh smile, refusing to betray her fury, and she made her move.

The small dull metallic ring soared across Rarity’s inner sanctum, propelled by her fiercely glowing horn, and dropped onto it. The glow vanished immediately, and Chaos gawked at the spectacle of a unicorn intentionally making herself powerless at her moment of greatest conflict. But then, his confusion was resolved…

“ME first!” declared Rarity, boldly.

Derpy’s eye, peeking from under the covers, widened in awe.

Chaos-Dog squeaked in delight. “Good girl! Why didn’t we do this sooner? Why all that nonsense with whips and things, I ask you? Am I correct that you’d like to be ravished by a Diamond Dog, namely my delightful self? Do say yes! You appear to have rendered yourself helpless, if I am not mistaken. Is this another kinky thrill?”

Rarity stalked forwards toward him. She flicked her tail, whirled, and wriggled sensuously at him, winking and holding her tail hard to the left. She gazed over her shoulder and seared him with a passionate, scornful look.

“Yes,” said Rarity. “Show your skills. I want all your attention, all your love, and I want it now.”

She’d wear him out to protect Derpy–or die trying.

There was a clink, and the air was cut by twin pony shrieks, from Rarity and from Derpy. Chaos didn’t hesitate. He’d spat the bit out, reached forth, and grabbed up Rarity like she was a toy, hoisting her bodily into the air with great grasping paws.

Derpy’s head stuck out of the covers, her eyes wide and both of them directed with perfect accuracy on the sight before her.

Chaos held Rarity high and facing away from him, pinning her forelegs to her sides, her hindquarters dangling… and that long, slobbery tongue cradled her whole crotch, from anus to vagina to breasts. It wrapped around her like some clinging jelly, and it stroked, savoring every detail and nubbin and fold.

Rarity heaved in a shuddery breath. Her tail twitched, and twitched again, hard.

It wasn’t that it was a slimy tongue, really. She couldn’t say that, in fairness. It was slobbery, and she felt the hot breath from his nostrils against the dock of her tail, but it wasn’t a slimy tongue all by itself, just a big wet Diamond Dog tongue wrapping around her nether regions and rubbing her everywhere. It was probably no slimier than water or at worst, drool, all by itself.

When her body jerked, when she squealed, when she gushed orgasmic fluids from her spasming marehood right against the lovingly caressing pink flesh and the Dog whimpered in delight and wouldn’t pull back for a moment… then it was a slimy tongue, oh, yes. Rarity shook in the Dog’s horny paws, kicking her legs helplessly as he smeared her own goo across vulva, asshole, breasts, all with that enfolding tongue that never left her. She could hear it making sticky sounds as her writhing worked it against her winking vagina, feel the more viscous texture of her own juices smeared against her small pristine unicorn breasts, coating stiffened nipples, tucking into her every crevice.

Rarity had set out to protect her beloved by flinging herself into a kinky scene, to be used by a frightening and dangerous creature until he, or she, or whatever Chaos felt like… was satisfied. All she’d cared about at that moment was providing a distraction, so the Diamond Dog would stop reaching for Derpy.

But… Rarity also had a brutal kink for degradation, and Derpy was watching everything, wide-eyed and innocent.

Rarity began to come so hard she couldn’t even focus, as the Diamond Dog held her in the air and slobbered ooze across her vagina, breasts and ass… and the magic ring fizzed and smouldered, as her horn tried to flare into life beneath it.

Derpy Hooves gulped, cowering back a little under the covers, but continued to watch without so much as blinking. There had been something funny about the way Rarity was acting, she thought, but she couldn’t work out quite what it was. There was no mistaking her mood now. She could smell Rarity’s orgasms, her marely juices, and when Chaos pulled his tongue back into his slavering Diamond Dog mouth to gulp and make blissful faces, Derpy could see Rarity’s pussy winking and juddering, and see how stiff Rarity’s pretty pink nipples were.

Then they were obscured again, and the canine tongue was back, but this time it was licking Rarity’s nethers clean as she twisted and squealed and came. Derpy watched in awe as Rarity jerked and squirted more marecome down onto the floor, but the Dog went after her quick as a wink, and further squirts were caught up by his big slurping tongue, and gulped down eagerly. Rarity’s cries were growing weak and hoarse, and she’d gone red in the face from shame and arousal, and then the Dog was laying her down, ass in the air, on her own bed—mere inches from where Derpy hid under the covers.

With a soft clink, Chaos took the bit in her teeth, and then the sexually ambiguous Diamond Dog was unmistakably a He again, and moved up behind Rarity, reaching out in apparent wonder.

“So g’d,” he breathed through his clenched teeth. “So sp’cial.”

He grasped Rarity’s pony bottom in his big, strong paws, and his thumbs spread her butt-cheeks, and tenderly massaged her vulva. Derpy couldn’t see it, but couldn’t miss the lewd moan Rarity let out, the expression of sweet anguish and surrender. It seemed like Rarity had abandoned every trace of the whip-wielding dominant mare she’d been, and become putty in Chaos’s very male paws.

And Chaos, in turn, had not taken up any of the harshness Rarity had dropped. Transformed into a hideous, hulking male, he veritably quivered with adoration, fondling Rarity’s body, looming behind her—and he closed his eyes in ecstacy, holding her rump, and he thrust—and Derpy Hooves watched it all.

Rarity wailed, accompanied by a juicy squelch as Diamond Dog cock squeezed into her molten marehood. It was stiff, and bright red, and a totally weird bulbous shape, and large lumps at the end wouldn’t even fit into her, not that there was lots of room. Chaos-Dog wasn’t built like an equine, but he was huge, and it balanced out. He stuffed Rarity deliciously and he thrust again and again with every evidence of abject, worshipful delight, staring down like a Dog possessed at where his cock transfixed her lovely white unicorn posterior, wedging between supple rounded butt-cheeks into a snug pony vulva that fluidly took in all of his hardness.

“Looks… like…” whimpered Chaos, unable to tear his eyes away from the sight. Derpy watched, her ears quirked to the sides under a drape of blanket, trying to make sense of the scene. It had been so mean, she thought, and then suddenly Rarity was the best thing ever? Of course, she was, but why did everything go nice all of a sudden?

“Let me give you more,” moaned the besotted Diamond Dog. Rarity’s only answer was another lewd, quivery wail. Her eyes were screwed shut as if she was overcome with pleasure or pain. The scent of her body’s release suggested pleasure, as did the juicy sounds of her unicorn pussy. The turn of her eyebrows hinted at pain.

Chaos’s jaws worked, releasing and re-gripping the magic bit. Rarity bucked under him, and howled like a bitch dog herself as the magically induced hardon shrank and surged, withdrawing and then violently expanding inside her. She pounded the bed with a forehoof, for Chaos-Dog wouldn’t stop doing it, and Derpy scrambled to her side, forgetting her concealment and trying to see what was happening to her back there.

Then, suddenly, the Diamond Dog held quite still, chin raised in ecstacy and crotch pressed right up to Rarity’s treasure, and no longer champed at the bit… and Rarity came up off the bed, rising to all four hooves, her eyes wider than Derpy had ever seen them.

Along her belly was a small but obvious bulge. Her ears were laid back hard, her mouth hung open in shock.

“Oh yes,” moaned Chaos quietly. He had knotted her. All of the Dog cock was wedged inside Rarity.

Derpy stared, her heart pounding, unsure whether she was witnessing a peak sexual experience or a tragic meanness and cruelty.

Rarity whimpered, holding perfectly still, the swollen knot searingly huge inside her soaked, juicy depths.

Chaos trembled, and mumbled, “All the w’y…” and there was a little flash of light from his forehead.

He bent forward, and there was an ice-blue alicorn horn protruding from the Diamond Dog head, an element of Chaos’s reality cutting through the fantasy.

“You are so beautiful, Cel… R’rity,” he moaned, and rubbed her horn with his in a unicorn’s kiss.

Rarity’s body jolted at the touch, and her pupils shrank to pinpoints in utter horror. Derpy stared fiercely, trying to make sense of the intense, frozen scene.

“L’t go,” sighed Chaos, softly, his horn nuzzling hers… and a wet sound slowly began to build, a sound Derpy couldn’t place at first. Then she gasped, staring at Rarity’s belly. The lump was moving. The lumpy, grotesque Dog cock was twirling, inside her.

Rarity made a pitiful croaking noise, tears coming to her eyes, rigid. Below the magic ring, her horn threw off angry sparks. Her body began to shake violently. Chaos reached out with those Dog paws, and started to fondle and stroke her lovingly. All the while, the bulge in her belly continued to shift, evidence of the impossibility happening within her unicorn vagina.

Rarity jerked, her hindquarters seizing up. Chaos whimpered in delight, feeling the sharp delicious clench. Chaos’s body began to rhythmically twitch, pumping canine come into Rarity, lubricating her already slick confines. His hips jerked forward in an instinctive, convulsive thrust, driving that doggy cock deeper. Rarity shuddered, tensing. Her body jolted again.

Chaos’s eyes crossed. He yelped, breathlessly, the incongruous alicorn horn glittering. The subdued wet noises doubled as the bulge in Rarity’s belly whirled faster.

Rarity’s eyes fixed upon infinity, and she screamed shrilly… and the ring adorning her exploded in a shower of sparks, and she squirted unicorn magic from her pretty white horn.

Chaos yelped again, hunching with his hips, Rarity’s gout of blue coruscating magic reflected in his wide, besotted eyes. He hung on the edge for a few seconds as the ravishingly beautiful mare on the end of his whirling cock squealed and gushed magic, and then the inevitable happened.

He howled and a crackling explosion of alicorn magic burst from his horn, slamming into Rarity’s arc, earthing itself into her unprotected horn, and gushing through that horn to flood her so powerfully that she lit up ice-blue, the radiance searing from her eyes and open, screaming mouth.

Derpy’s jaw dropped, watching this. The light show reflected in her shocked eyes as it persisted for second after second. Then, it winked out, and Rarity collapsed, dangling off the end of Chaos-Dog’s cock, and Chaos panted, fondling her quivering rump while still sunk to her depths. The twirling had stopped, and all was ominously quiet.

Derpy reared, and kicked Chaos in his Doggy side with her hoof.

“Excuse me! Excuse me, Mister Discord! Hey!”

Chaos blinked, startled. “Oof. Derpy? What on earth is the matter, dear? Are you eager to have a go?”

“Rarity doesn’t like that!” insisted Derpy, frowning fiercely with her eyes askew, sticking out her lower lip in determination.

Chaos took one look, and squealed most un-Doggishly. “Precious! Oh, you adorable thing!”

“Don’t smile at me like that!” cried Derpy, flapping fretfully. “Let her go right now, I’ll beat you up!” She kicked with her little hooves again.

Rarity was sprawled out, a look of torment on her face, several inches of her horn burned away, but when she heard Derpy’s voice, she stirred, looking around weakly. “…Derpy?” she croaked.

“I think you’re mean!” yelled Derpy. Chaos shifted away, tugging Rarity’s whole body along with him.

Rarity’s shattered eyes opened wide, and her look of dismay worsened. “Derpy!”

“You let her go,” squealed Derpy, “or I’m gonna…”

“DERPY!” screamed Rarity, her heart in her throat. “Listen to me!”

That got through. The furious pegasus hesitated, and looked at the love of her life. “What?”

Rarity gulped. Her jaw was very tight, and tears drenched her eyes as she fought through her emotional agony. “He can’t, Derpy. He’s in a Dog form, and he’s stuck. Please be calm, please!”

Derpy’s innocent face worked in dismay. “He hurted you, Rarity!” she wailed.

Rarity gritted her teeth, squeezing her eyes shut for a moment, giving it all she had… and gazed up at her beloved and at the disguised, transformed alicorn who’d horngasmed into her despite all her efforts.

“No,” lied Rarity. “I’m fine.” One eye twitched. “I’m fine, darling. Everything is all right. I had a wonderful time. He’s a glorious, sexy beast, and, and…” She gulped. “He doesn’t need to hurt you or do anything to you at all. We are all so very fine, darling. Lovely.”

Her body was shuddering helplessly, her mind exploding with terror and panic, and she gazed up winningly at Chaos with a pretty smile and breathed, “Was it good for you too?”

Chaos’s eyes were wide. “You are so beautiful, my dear… are you satisfied? I th’nk I can keep going a little while longer for my lady…”

“Deeply,” purred Rarity, fighting to keep from laying her ears back, or betraying her horror. “Could you release me, darling?” For a moment, her pupils contracted in sudden shock. “Unless… unless you are not quite finished yourself? In which case I would like more please!” She glanced at Derpy for an instant, then returned her gaze to Chaos’s, holding it, refusing to concede there was an unplumbed pony present.

Chaos let out a long, sated sigh. “My dear, that was amazing, and I’m not certain I could continue even for you. I’m afraid Miss Hooves might have to wait for another day, you’ve sucked me dry in every imaginable way.” He groaned in pleasure. “That’s all right with you?”

Rarity could hardly focus through the waves of relief. He wouldn’t be attacking Derpy—or whatever it was he’d done. There was some truth to his accusation that they’d been scening, and worse, scening without control or safewords. “Of course, darling,” she said, automatically. “If you could arrange me comfortably…”

Chaos released the bit, and Rarity dropped with a squelch to the bed, and Chaos was a female Diamond Dog with a blue horn. Then, that horn flashed, and Chaos was her ice-blue alicorn mare self again. “Anything!” she cried, as Derpy watched her suspiciously.

“Are you sure you were good?” challenged Derpy. “Rarity, are you sure you’re okay?”

“Of course, darling!”

Derpy narrowed her eyes, her ear twitching. That word didn’t come out every day. It meant Rarity was worried.

“My only regret,” sighed Chaos, “is that you seem exhausted! I can understand why, but now that I’ve got my rocks off for the first time in more than a thousand years, I confess I’m filled with other desires…”

“What desires?” said Rarity quickly.

Chaos blinked. “It must sound absolutely mad, but remember when you reared? The whole idea of this is for me to explore modes of sexuality. There are so many! I can’t express my gratitude enough for what you’ve done for me, but now I’d like you mounting me. If you’re too tired, can I make Derpy you, and have her do it?”

Rarity’s and Derpy’s eyes widened—and then Rarity was fighting her way to her hooves, reeling drunkenly but forcing herself to stand nevertheless.

“I have a better idea, darling. I know such a very special place I can take you, and I know just the pony for you. He’ll give you what you deserve. Ahahaha! We must go there right away, darling! Immediately!”

She stood, panting, eyes wild, a twitch flickering in the corner of the left one. A crazy grin floated across her face, and her gaze glittered from under her slightly bedraggled mane.

Chaos blinked, puzzled. Derpy did, as well, and asked, “Really?”

“Really!” insisted Rarity, fiercely. “I can walk. I know what to do now! Why, I’ll lead you to it!”

Chaos began to smile. “So random… so charming… so enthusiastic… Let’s bring the magic bit, in case we need it!”

“Now, darling!” said Rarity, in a tone that brooked no argument. She began to walk, unsteadily, out of the inner sanctum, Chaos and Derpy following. She turned her head. “It’s a private club. Derpy has seen it.”

“Oh, really?” said Chaos inquisitively, levitating the bit along with her.

“You’ll see, darling,” said Rarity, distractedly. Her nerves screamed with every step, but her eyes blazed all the same.

Aftershock would be there. She always was, she would investigate, and that would lure the others. High Strung would be interested, for the waifish alicorn’s looks promised a pussy snug enough to keep him hard. Tremor would follow him, and run his own risks, biting Chaos’s ears until they bled. Rarity could not imagine what might happen then, but Tremor would be balls-deep in Chaos and would doubtless take his turn, his way.

And then, Crowbar would latch on, and he would shatter Chaos’s pelvis for her, from the inside—or at least do permanent damage. Rarity had seen him injure larger mares, and Chaos was comparatively tiny.

Not that that would stop him. Crowbar didn’t really understand what he was doing.

“Why are you smiling so widely?” asked Chaos, trotting eagerly behind, ears perked high.

“We’ll have such fun, darling,” giggled Rarity. Her eye twitched again, but her smile never wavered.

“Oh, goody!” replied Chaos. “Just one thing…”


“…if you say ‘darling’ ONE MORE TIME, I’ll end you!” grumbled Chaos.

“Ahahahaha!” laughed Rarity, smiling far too wide.

The three ponies trotted down the road, bound for Fillydelphia, Rarity staggering but keeping the lead, Derpy watching her closely.

“Why’s the door open?” said Twilight Sparkle.

“They seem to have left the lights on, at least…” said Princess Celestia.

“Come on out, Discord!” yelled Twilight. “We know you’re in there! Roseluck saw you heading this way, and Carrot Top saw you go inside!”

“The inner door is open as well,” objected Celestia.

Twilight frowned. “But he went in here! What did he do with them?”

Celestia hesitated, and then said mildly, “Do you not remember? Discord is Chaos. Chaos is a she—and we were hoping she would adapt to her natural form, after the trouble she caused trying to cling to what she had as Starswirl.” Her ear flicked, in chagrin.

“And it sounds like she’s causing even more trouble now,” said Twilight, “and I’ve about had it with him. Discord! Show yourself!”

“I don’t think they’re here. And…” began Celestia, and hesitated even more.

Twilight looked suspiciously at her. “What?”

“I’ll say it. I believe he is obsessed with finding one of those magic bits you made. And regaining… ah… let us say, his maleness.”

“He was supposed to get over that! She, I mean.”

Celestia wouldn’t meet Twilight’s eyes. “Things relating to his maleness, perhaps,” she added.

“Stealing penises and freaking out helpless ponies?” accused Twilight. “It stops now!”

“Did Rarity have a magic bit?”

Twilight glared at the floor. “Maybe.”

“Forgive me the suggestion,” said Celestia cautiously, “but do you not have one of your own? It occurs to me that perhaps you might try to locate Rarity’s, and possibly those who bear it, through, ah, sensing the resonance of the arcanomorphic field…”

Twilight paled. Celestia said, “I apologize if the notion upsets you, but I believe it might work.”

“Oh, it ought to. I’ve done that before,” said Twilight sourly. “All I have to do is extend my biomorphic field to connect with its arcanomorphic field, and try to sense a resonance elsewhere. If it’s in use, I’ll get an incredibly exact reading. If not, I should still be able to get a general sense, though it might take a while to scan.”

“That should give us the information we seek,” prompted Princess Celestia. “Wouldn’t it?”

Twilight glowered. “It’s perfect! We’ll just go over to my place and you can watch while I grow a penis in front of you!”

Celestia tried to hide a rebellious little smile.

“I think,” she said, “under the circumstances, I can avert my eyes.”