Hot Comfort

Dash banged on the door.

“Open up!”

Nothing happened for a moment. The darkness seemed to be closing in, and Rainbow glanced fearfully around her, wondering what a vampire farm pony even looked like when it attacked.

Then she heard movement inside Fluttershy’s cottage, and the door opened just a crack, and an eye that looked even more fearful than hers peeked out.

“Oh!” squeaked Fluttershy. “It’s you!” She turned to call back into the room, “It’s Rainbow Dash! Not her!”

Rainbow blinked in surprise as the news got two zebra yays, quite plain to hear.

Fluttershy turned again. “Thank goodness you’re here! I’m kind of tired and sore, and we’re doing our best but it just, I, um… Rainbow Dash, could you do me a teensy weensy favor and borrow one of my zebras?”

Dash boggled at her.

“Just to have sex with,” added Fluttershy primly, “not to keep, you know.”

Dash added a dropped jaw to the boggle, and glanced further into the cottage, to see Zecora and Dursaa anxiously peering back out at her.

“You mind running that by me again?” said Rainbow Dash. “I have to be missing something. And why do they look worried?” She blinked, and added, “I mean, sure, it’s normal to look worried when approaching the scorching sexual intensity of the amazing Rainbow Dash, but I mean something else is wrong…”

“Yes!” said Fluttershy. “Something else is wrong! That’s why we have to have the most penis-y sex possible because it’s our only defense against her, but I just don’t have as much selfdestructiveness as I used to and I can’t keep it going any longer and please come in and talk to us, I really hope you can help.”

Dash followed Fluttershy in, and gawked again while doing so. “Hey, you’re really limping, and wow what happened to your…”

“Dursaa happened to it,” said Fluttershy petulantly. “And then Zecora. And then Dursaa again, and then Zecora, and Zecora some more until she said she was too sore to keep going, then Dursaa but it made me cry because I was too sore and then he couldn’t keep going even when I promised I would fix myself up after…”

Rainbow kept staring at Fluttershy’s poor hindquarters. The hindquarters themselves were okay, good as ever, but nestled between her buttery rump-cheeks was a vampony vagina that had seen better days. Rainbow corrected herself: knowing Fluttershy’s weaknesses, perhaps it had been the best day ever, but now Shy’s pussy gaped and was reddened and sore, showing bruising and chafing. Dash boggled again. Yes, that was chafing, even though by Rainbow’s estimation her friend really got off on rough sex. For some reason, Fluttershy had been screwing like a maniac without being properly aroused, and the usual bounty of copious pegasus juices hadn’t been forthcoming.

Fluttershy turned her head and gave Rainbow a sulky look. “I know, and don’t stare. I tried my best! It’s all too distracting. That’s why we need your help.”

Dash gulped. “WHY?”

Dursaa looked away, bashfully, but Zecora cleared her throat. “Miss Dash, I realize how mad this sounds… but Pinkie Pie won’t pry while penis pounds!”

Rainbow’s eyes widened. “Are you kiddin’ me? What do you mean, pry?”

“Please don’t argue,” begged Fluttershy. “Just have sex with one of my zebras, quick, because she’s getting worse and worse and I don’t want to think about what might happen…”

“Okay,” said Rainbow, “first of all what do you mean ‘your zebras’, ‘cos that’s weird, and second of all what’s so bad about Pinkie Pie anyway?”

Zecora laid her ears back. “Don’t let this term for our sweet herd bring you dismay. It’s just our Fluttershy’s personal little way… but if you wish to see the bad of Pinkie Pie, then stick around but let US hide from that mad eye!”

“Diiambs?” murmured Dursaa, but then he whinnied in terror, cowering back from the wall. Zecora flinched also, and promptly shielded him with her body.

Rainbow whirled, and the wall was pink. The window seemed normal enough, until it blinked.

“Mad?” came that chirpy voice, lowered to a dread rumbling. “That’s not nice!”

“GYAAAAH!” squealed Rainbow. For a moment, she fought the urge to burst through the window to safety. But what would that even do, if the wall was Pinkie? “Pinkie Pie! Stop that!”

The house seemed to wobble. The wall contorted and bulged, shrinking as it did, rapidly congealing through monstrous forms into one all-too-recognizable one. Pinkie stood there, as the house sagged and seemed about to collapse. Then, Pinkie’s eye twitched, and the wall was back again, as if nothing had happened.

“I always forget that wall!” remarked Pinkie, with wry amusement… seemingly carefree, but Rainbow could tell there was something to the set of her jaw and the grit of her teeth, something terribly wrong.

“What do you mean, always? What wall? The one you put back?” challenged Rainbow, as Zecora frantically tried to shield Dursaa from Pinkie’s presence, her zebra eyes spitting defiance.

“It could be any wall, really. Hah! That’s a GOOD one!” exclaimed Pinkie.

“What?” cried Rainbow. “What’s so good?”

“NOTHING’S ‘really’!” said Pinkie, with a grin and a twitch. “That’s the big secret! Mine, anyways. Fluttershy, how about yours? HUH? Ya can’t hide forever! I’m watching you, missy!”

“Pinkie Pie!” wailed Fluttershy. “This is not okay! I’m warning you, stop it, you’re frightening my zebras!”

“You’re warning ME?” giggled Pinkie, as Dash looked on in horror. Pinkie frowned in concentration, and beginning with her left hind hoof, turned herself inside out, her mouth opening out like an umbrella, the rest of the pony whooshing through it with a bizarre noise like rumpling a pool toy. The inside of Pinkie looked the same as the outside, and when the limbs and tail and hooves popped into place, the inside-out Pinkie turned around grinning, to reveal her eyes were buttons, and then they were Pinkie’s normal eyes again… not that anypony present could call it ‘normal’.

“Nothing’s true!” confided Pinkie. “And everything’s funny!”

Dash was shaking. “Pinkie! Snap out of it!”

“Nuh-uh!” chirped Pinkie. “I gotta eff up the ineffable! We’re gonna get to the end of the story and it’ll be MY story, and how we’ll all laugh!”

“I am NOT laughing!” raged Fluttershy, baring her cute little fangs.

“Oh, you will,” vowed Pinkie Pie. “You will!” She then looked puzzled, as if she hadn’t expected that one. “Huh. Apparently, you will! What’s that about?”

“PINKIE!” yelled Dash.

Somehow, that got through, where nothing else had. Pinkie blinked, and in a normal voice said, “What’s the matter, Dashie? You sound like something’s wrong.”

Dash braced herself. “Yeah, ‘cos it is. Take a big deep breath, Pinkie, because I have to tell you something…”

“How big?” asked Pinkie, an ominous lilt in her voice.

“Never mind!” squeaked Dash. “Listen, okay? Just listen and don’t do anything weird. You’re freaking out. We’ve done this before, remember? With the party, and the rocks, and the flour sack? It’s happening again, Pinkie, and I need to get you back to reality and away from wacky-la-la-land…”

“This is much more important, Rainbow Dash!” insisted Pinkie, her smile dropping away. “Sometimes a pink pony’s gotta do what a pink pony’s gotta do! You can help. Have you got a kazoo, or some confetti?”

“But what’s it FOR?” demanded Rainbow Dash.

“Watching Fluttershy, silly! With musical accompaniment!” replied Pinkie, and the lilt in her voice was giddier than ever, and ironically she seemed to avoid Fluttershy’s gaze, for all that she claimed to be watching her. It was understandable, for the hurt and stricken look Fluttershy was wearing would have melted a heart of stone.

Dash cleared her throat. “Yeah, but you’re overlooking something. I’M watching Fluttershy! To make sure nothing hurts her! And in the morning we’re hunting the bad vampire! Can you settle down now? I know you found the body, but we all have to keep from freaking out!”

Pinkie stared at Rainbow Dash, stunned. She blinked. “Oh,” she said.

“Yeah. So you might want to head back to where the other ponies are waiting around the campfire, if all this is scaring you…”

“That’d work,” said Pinkie, as if to herself. “Yeah. That’d work, since it’s you, Rainbow Dash! Okay, if you’re sure about that! I’ll see ya tomorrow, keep a good watch Dashie!”

Pinkie bounced up into the air, whirled and contracted into a soap bubble, which burst. She was gone, with only the sound of ethereal giggling to mark her departure.

Rainbow Dash heaved a big sigh. “Okay. Fluttershy, we need to talk.”

Zecora and Dursaa were still at bay, peering huntedly at the window that had been a great big cheerful eye. Fluttershy stood, pouting but determined, and faced Rainbow.

“I think we do, Rainbow Dash. What do you mean, Pinkie found the body? Has something bad happened, and it drove Pinkie insane? More than usual, I mean,” she corrected. “I understand she’s been bothering Dursaa and Zecora, but suddenly she was much worse.”

“I thought she was fucking Zecora?” blinked Rainbow Dash.

Zecora’s lip curled. She spat, but said not a word… though her eyes burned.

“Hoo boy,” sighed Dash, and turned to the zebra mare. “Look, you gotta cut Pinkie a little slack. I know she’s kind of exhausting at times, but she means well and she’s really nice if you don’t push her buttons too much…”

“Rainbow Dash!” cried Fluttershy. “Tell me what happened! What body do you mean? Has a pony died? Is that it? Is it old Mister…”

“It’s Fern Gully,” said Dash. “Maybe you should sit down…”

“Tell me,” insisted Fluttershy, sticking out her lower lip only to squish it against the cute little fangs, adorably.

“There’s another vampire,” said Dash. “We’re pretty sure it’s Hollyhock, and he killed Fern Gully. Kind of sucked all the life out of him? I didn’t know they could do that but it sort of figures.”

“What made this vampire?” pressed Fluttershy.

Dash gulped. “You did.”

“Leave our house!” snapped Zecora, rising to her hooves and advancing on Rainbow furiously. “Blue-winged l…”

She froze. Fluttershy’s head had whipped around and caught her in a gaze that permitted no misbehavior. Rainbow couldn’t see Fluttershy’s eyes, but she could see Zecora walking awkwardly backwards to where Dursaa watched.

“Let her explain,” commanded Fluttershy, and Zecora didn’t have to nod. Dursaa hugged his fellow zebra, and his gaze at Fluttershy was trusting but questioning.

Shy turned back to Rainbow Dash. “I’m sorry. She’s very dominant and she might have hurt you or driven you out of here.”

“Uh, thanks,” said Dash, “no problem…”

Fluttershy’s eyes glinted oddly, with intense suppressed energies. “And she mustn’t… because you have to explain that. Right now, please. Why do you say I made Hollyhock into a vampire?”

“You didn’t mean to!” cried Dash. “I’m sure you didn’t mean to, but don’t you remember? That night with the farm ponies, remember? How could you forget?”

Fluttershy winced. “Oh, that. So intense.” She glanced at Dursaa, love in her eyes. “And the beginning of something wonderful!” She turned back to Dash. “But I do remember that whole night. Including you kicking me in the head, I’ll have you know. Thank goodness it all worked out all right, and you were there to catch dear Rock when I dropped him. And I know I didn’t bite one single…”

Her eyes scanned back and forth as she reminisced about that shocking day, and then she remembered.

“I was there too. I watched him go after your wing,” said Dash. “It was the most obscene thing ever. He just about bit it off, don’t tell me that doesn’t count.”

Fluttershy just stood, her jaw dangling slightly, staring at nothing. She remembered too. That very wing twitched to think of the mauling it had gloriously suffered… and for seconds, nopony spoke.

“Oh, fuck,” said Fluttershy, despairingly.

“So you get it?” squeaked Dash. “You see? It’s not really your fault, except now we know better, but you see what happened? He, like, accidentally made himself into a total scary evil vampire and he’s been hiding it all this time! And he killed Fern Gully, it must have been him! We didn’t actually see him. But you see how it HAD to be him? And we gotta find him and destroy him! He’s not like you, Fluttershy, he’s bad!”

Fluttershy winced. “Why can’t they be like Gilda, and try really hard to be nice?”

“Because you bit Gilda yourself?” guessed Rainbow Dash, “and that put the fear of nice into her?”

Dursaa rumbled, “Because he flees from Fluttershy, of course! That Hollyhock’s a wicked cruel horse!”

Zecora, shaking off the compulsion to be still, was so upset she’d lost her rhyming. “This Hollyhock, he is killing ponies? And Fluttershy could control him, she is his sire?”

Dash didn’t notice. “Yeah! But the Apples have other plans for him. He’s one of theirs! They’ve made a big bonfire. I have to put my hoof in it when I come back in the morning with Fluttershy!”

Fluttershy winced, understanding the implication immediately.

“Oh, you don’t have to,” said Dash, “Apple Bloom said you’re exempt for obvious reasons…”

She trailed off. Both Dursaa and Zecora had come forward to hug and pet Fluttershy, who trembled and bore a piteously sad look.

Rainbow Dash didn’t hesitate. She, too, trotted over and gave Fluttershy a big hug. “She’s just being careful,” said Dash. “Apple Bloom’s Boss Mare, remember? She knows you, she’s just dealing with the farm ponies and she’s gotta do stuff a certain way. We’re not going to fail you, Fluttershy. We believe in you.”

“I wondered if I was imagining things,” said Fluttershy very quietly. “Nagging feelings. Familiar ones.” She gulped.

“Oh. Yeah, now that you mention it, it’s kind of deja vu, or maybe deja vamp?” said Dash. “I would have asked you except for we only just found out and we were distracted by the Kirin who’s freaked out and sort of fainted…”

“I nearly didn’t forgive Gilda,” said Fluttershy, in that same tone. “For killing all those bunnies. And of course she didn’t kill them, did she? Not all the way. Twilight did, in the end, and I helped.”

“I’m really glad you forgave Gilda but it’s a little more complicated than that…”

“He killed Fern Gully?” asked Fluttershy. “All the way dead, I mean?”

“I saw his face,” said Dash. “He was about as dead as any pony can be. Looked like it was pretty horrible, not to mention surprising. You don’t expect your fellow farm pony to whip out big fangs and suck your blood. Except for some reason he didn’t become another vamp, he got dead. Extra dead, huh?”

Zecora grimaced, her eyes glistening. “Miss Dash, you do not understate the story of Fern Gully’s fate. Back in my cottage, I contrive to keep some exiled souls alive: my masks make homes for wandering souls, for Zebra spirits to feel whole when they’ve abandoned body’s warmth. In this way might their spirit morph into a form sans bone and hair, but nevertheless passing fair. Indeed, I rescued Fluttershy by crafting mane and tail whence I could bind her soul to something pleasant, to remain within her presence. I knew Fern Gully, and though he was clumsy, anyone could see his soul was loving, pure and true. And willingly, this I would do: I’d craft a mask for him, the goal to shelter his sweet foolish soul. But if the things you say are true, then when this wicked creature slew our friend, it was not just his life laid down during that final strife. I fear no spirit wanders free, no more Fern Gully that could be enticed to find a final call within a mask upon my wall. That soul’s by Hollyhock accursed…”

Zecora trembled with rage and grief. “The fucker’s gone and ATE it first!”

Dursaa moaned. Fluttershy looked sick. Rainbow whimpered.

“That’s bad,” said Fluttershy, tightening her lips.

“Ya THINK?” squeaked Dash.

“We can’t have that,” said Fluttershy. “Did you say in the morning you wanted us to go and hunt for him?”

“Yeah,” said Dash. She hesitated. “Are you okay with that? The farm ponies are a little weird about it, but I think it’s the only way to show them you’re not like him.”

“I nearly didn’t forgive Gilda,” said Fluttershy, “so what do you think? Are you okay with it, Rainbow?”

Dash made a face. “I kinda want to go back and check on Applejack, but that’s not fair. Everybody’s in danger now, not just my marefriend. They’re around a bonfire and about as safe as we could ask for. I wanted to come here to make sure you were safe too.”

Fluttershy winced. “Apart from Pinkie Pie, we’re all fine. And it seems like you’ve made her stop persecuting us, and thank you for that. It was awful, and so unnatural.”

The zebras cringed, reminded of their evening. Dash winced. “She was that intense?”

“Now we know why,” said Fluttershy. “She obviously thinks I’m building a vampire army, which is a very hurtful and unfair thing to think. I suppose if she discovered Fern Gully’s body, we should make allowances.”

“I don’t think the zebras are making allowances,” said Dash.

Fluttershy blinked. “Not the grown-up ones, anyhow. Poor Dursaa and Zecora are at their wits’ end dealing with it. I had to send little Dursaa to bed because he was enjoying it, and he mustn’t take pleasure at the distress of his father or laugh at his fear.”

“Wait a minute,” said Dash. “The itty-bitty zebragasus is HERE?”

“Where else?” retorted Fluttershy, tartly.

“And you’re okay with putting him to bed upstairs and leaving him up there when Pinkie Pie can turn into weird stuff and appear in mirrors and stuff and go anywhere she wants?” said Dash.

Fluttershy shared a look with Dursaa.

“My little boy won’t face her whim,” said Dursaa. “The pink one will not bother him.”

Fluttershy’s face was sour. “She won’t even look at him, Rainbow. It’s like he’s not real to her, and he’s the sweetest little colt ever. He likes her, but he likes everypony and he’s not old enough to understand what she’s doing. I wish I didn’t.”

Rainbow glanced back and forth between her formerly-pegasus friend, and the big hulking masculine zebra she doted on.

“We ought to try and fix that,” said Rainbow Dash. “Pinkie’s being extremely not awesome. I get the hating of dick, at least in theory, but your kid’s adorable and this is messed up.”

“I think we’d better pass the night somehow and deal with Hollyhock first,” said Fluttershy. “Pinkie’s being a meanie, but, well…”

“Yeah,” said Dash. “You’re with us?”

“Of course I am,” said Fluttershy, staunchly.

“What about Rock?” said Rainbow Dash. “Rock Candy. Is Rock here? Is she being okay with Rock?”

Fluttershy winced. “Pinkie has Rock. Once tonight it WAS Rock peeking. He poked his head out of a teapot, just like she does. He saw the look on Dursaa’s face, and he ducked back into the teapot so fast the lid bounced off: he was wearing it like a hat, you know. I rushed over and listened and from inside the teapot I could hear him arguing with Pinkie Pie. He said it wasn’t nice, which it isn’t. I tipped over the teapot, but it was empty, and Dursaa smashed it with a hoof and I had to scold him as it wasn’t the teapot’s fault at all…”

“I’m so sorry,” said Dursaa. “Those things scare me.”

Fluttershy continued. “Rock didn’t reappear, but Pinkie’s been teaching him to violate reality. He always was her favorite and now they’re doing that superhero thing…”

Dash was pale. “Yeah, same as Northern Spy. Do you think she’s going to try to teach Spy to break reality too?”

“I think she’s more interested in breaking velocity,” said Fluttershy snippily. “Sorry… I didn’t mean to be unkind, but I think you have to have Pinkie Sense to learn those creepy things, and your Northern Spy doesn’t have that.”

“Yeah, well, she doesn’t need it to be her own kind of superhero,” protested Rainbow.

“I never said she did!” complained Fluttershy, and winced again. “I’m sorry. I hurt and it’s making me cranky and I need to concentrate if I’m going to repair myself at all.”

“You hurt?” squeaked Dash. “What hurt you, did something attack you?”

Fluttershy rolled her eyes, and Dash remembered. “Oh. Heh. Yeah. So in a sense, something did attack you, but like in a sexy fierce pound-the-pegasus way…”

“All of that,” said Fluttershy. “But even I have limits.”

Dash’s eyes were wide. “Wow. Wish I’d showed up earlier! I always said you were awesome, Fluttershy.”

“No, you didn’t,” retorted the bedraggled vampegasus. “You’ve said many things and yes, sometimes that, I’m sorry, we’ve had such a night and I didn’t realize Pinkie Pie was going to be so unpleasant and I really need to start repairing myself…”

“Got it!” squeaked Dash. “Go ahead, you do that. Wow, look at you, it’s obvious you have a perfect alibi of getting pounded by multiple zebras until you can’t even walk…”

Fluttershy glared angrily at her, and Rainbow Dash stopped talking about alibis.

“Zecora, come snuggle me,” said Fluttershy, “and I’ll start fixing myself back up again.”

As Zecora walked proudly over to cuddle her vampegasus lover, Rainbow Dash blinked. “Wait a minute. I thought it was Dursaa who was your special honey? What’s he gonna be doing?”

Eerie pink eyes glinted… with amusement.

“You,” said Fluttershy, smirking.

Rainbow boggled at her, then glanced quickly at Dursaa. He was watching her, looking bashful.

“Are you kidding?” she gasped. “With a fucking hungry evil vampire running around out there in the dark?”

Fluttershy pouted. “My zebras aren’t afraid of vampires. And they shouldn’t be, especially not of a vampire I can control. Now I know why I never saw Hollyhock after that one night. I thought it was just farm pony cowardice, but I was wrong. Anyway, my husband isn’t afraid of Hollyhock. He is afraid of Pinkie Pie, and I can’t blame him. And maybe you convinced her to go away… but we know what always keeps her away. Dursaa will feel better with a big hard-on sunk into a nice mare. Didn’t you notice me begging for your help when you came here?”

“You’re telling me Dursaa’s going to forget everything with one wink of a pegasus pussy?” protested Rainbow.

Zecora rolled her eyes. Fluttershy smirked. Dursaa looked more abashed.

“Stallions are a little magical that way,” said Fluttershy smugly. “Don’t even pretend that you don’t understand, Rainbow, I know you.”

“Wow,” said Rainbow. “Wow. But does he even want to?”

Zecora snorted. “Is this a tease? Oh, spare me, please. Who wouldn’t thump on that blue rump?”

“You’ve been telling all Ponyville how amazing you are to fuck ever since you were a filly,” sniffed Fluttershy. “Why do you think we were so pleased to see you? If anypony can get another round out of Dursaa, you can.”

“Well, uh…”

“He’s so drained,” added Fluttershy, “that you might not even burst when he comes in you like he does.”

Rainbow whinnied in alarm, shying away. “Burst?”

“Surely not, so do not fear,” urged Zecora. “Nopony is bursting here!”

Fluttershy smirked at her excessively wanton and debaucherous friend, obviously delighted that she’d finally managed to shock Rainbow. “No, of course not. I was teasing you, Rainbow Dash, I didn’t really mean it. It’s true they orgasm very much, I promise that’s not a rumor and even if Dursaa is spent I’m sure he can fill you right up with zebra come. But if it gets uncomfortable, all you have to do is squirm or lift a leg and try to relax, and it squirts out just fine. Don’t clamp down and go still, though. Unless you want to. But no, you’re no vampire, you wouldn’t want to.”

“Gosh,” said Rainbow Dash, staring into Dursaa’s eyes as the big stallion steadily became red-and-black-striped in the face.

“And we do have to pass the night,” said Fluttershy. “It sounded like you weren’t going to sleep, just watch me for sort of hurtful reasons though I understand how things stand…”

“Gosh,” said Rainbow Dash, shifting awkwardly from hoof to hoof, her wings fluttering nervously against her sides.

Fluttershy blinked. “Oh, dear. Unless… you’re not okay with this? I just assumed that, you being Rainbow Dash, you’d be all over it. I’m sorry, that’s unkind of me. I do know that my Dursaa would enjoy you a great deal, and the way he likes to do things shouldn’t be a big trouble to you, but if the idea of balling a zebra doesn’t excite you, that’s all right though I think you’re being unfairly closed-minded…”

Rainbow Dash breathed two words that shut Fluttershy up immediately, and caused an equally immediate stirring between Dursaa’s hind legs.

“Bucket list…”

Zecora rolled her eyes again. “Stallions one can trust, to lust. But how much more, a pegasus!”

Fluttershy whapped Zecora fondly with her wing. “Shh. They’re going to have sex and it will be wonderful, so there.” She turned to watch, and Zecora quit complaining.

Entranced, trying to peek under the big zebra stallion, Rainbow sidled nearer. Dursaa’s face was flaming red, but he’d begun to grin. And then…

“Hey, one condition!” demanded Rainbow.

“I’m sure you can have whatever conditions you like,” said Fluttershy. “Don’t act like we’re forcing this on you, it’s an act of kindness plus you ought to enjoy it an awful lot, trust me…”

“No, no argument there! Wow!” said Rainbow, staring. “It’s just… Promise me that Applejack can have a go, later!”

Dursaa’s jaw dropped. He gulped. “If the lovely Apple mare wants a ride on Zebra pole, I think that is only fair. I suggest we make no foal?”

“Yeah,” said Rainbow, “that’d be the best. We got earth pony’s friend at the farm, no worries. I think she would. I gotta offer, okay? Applejack knows me by now, but some things are best shared…”

“Your beloved shares your life,” said Dursaa. “Yes, I’ll fuck you AND your wife.”

“There you are,” said Fluttershy, “you can’t ask for more than that. Well… I suppose you could ask him to fuck you and Applejack at the same time, if he used a magic bit…”

Both Zecora and Dursaa smirked and said absolutely nothing. Dash noticed it immediately.


“Hmph!” said Fluttershy. “They won’t tell me, I was just assuming. They also won’t show me, which is extremely unfair!”

“You could probably compel them?” suggested Dash.

Zecora drew Fluttershy closer, as Shy’s gaze turned tragic.

“Sorry,” said Dash. “But you know, me and Applejack haven’t ever seen what happens when a stallion uses a magic bit either…”

“You can see if Dursaa will tell you after he’s had sex with Applejack,” said Fluttershy. “I don’t think they’ll ever tell, though. They’re so stubborn about some things!”

“Apologies,” said Dursaa, “I did not mean to bring you to dismay! There’s better things to bring you to, on this or any day. Or night, I mean, a still more fitting time for such cavorts. Let’s change from gripes to happy cries of many pleasing sorts!”

“Uhhh, if you say so,” said Rainbow Dash. She was sniffing the air fascinatedly, her ears forward, trying not to obviously peek under Dursaa and failing. “Fluttershy, is he supposed to be doing that?”

“Doing what?” said Fluttershy. “Getting an erection? I’d like to know what you’d do if he didn’t.”

Rainbow’s wings were steadily becoming more erect, in near-synchrony with the stiffness of the zebra penis she kept staring at. “No, I mean… eee!”

Dursaa backed off, hastily. He’d reared a bit, as if to mount her, and Rainbow whirled to face him, her eyes very wide.

“Not the wings!” she squeaked. “Oh my gosh! I mean this is super hot and I can’t help it but seriously, not the wings!”

Fluttershy blinked. “Oh, right. Dursaa? Be extra careful not to touch even a feather. I know Rainbow has lovely wings but they’re Applejack’s and she’s not kidding.”

Rainbow was blushing. “Oh, shit, I’m sorry, I mean leading you on and I know being a zebra you probably want to do me super macho and hardcore but there’s just no way that can happen without you rubbing my wings, I mean even if you’re good and don’t b… you know. I’m so sorry, we just can’t…”

“Hush, blue waif!” intoned Dursaa solemnly. “Your form indeed is anything a horse might need. Your sculpted flanks, your radiant tail, these things must surely never fail to drive a stallion wild with lust, and render him all fit to bust your precious pussy with a shove of thick and throbbing Zebra love.”

Rainbow stared, wide-eyed and trembling. “Oooh, fuck. Fluttershy, is it okay that he’s spouting love poetry? He’s, like, your husband.”

Fluttershy smirked. “Oh, Rainbow. I’d be more concerned if he stopped rhyming. You don’t know zebras, do you?”

Rainbow gulped. “Thought I did.”

Dursaa hastened to explain. “Oh, Rainbow Dash, please have no fear! You’ll find there is nopony here who wants to see you dial back devotion to your Applejack. In no way would I once suggest that mounting you would make this best: indeed, I have a pegasus and am familiar with this fuss. We’ll keep your wings both free and clear…”

Rainbow’s jaw dropped. In complete contradiction to anything she’d ever heard about zebra stallions, Dursaa backed off, lay down, rolled onto his back and waited for her, big black cock sticking up passively into the air. It was unthinkable, but there it was: he was going to let her be on top.

“So, pretty mare…” rumbled Dursaa suggestively, “come over here.”

There was a moment of absolute silence, and then Fluttershy scolded, “Rainbow, if you drool on my floor I’ll have you wipe it up, because it’s not Dursaa’s fault and he shouldn’t have to do it.”

Rainbow wiped her chin hastily with the back of a hoof. “Sorry! I… wow! Oh my gosh, how do you handle that?”

“Vampire, remember?”

“Shh,” soothed Zecora, “heal.”

Rainbow didn’t notice the touch of intimacy. She was already slinking forward, wings vibratingly erect but safe from unwanted handling, eyes nearly as wide as the girth of the zebra cock before her. “Oh my gosh oh my gosh…”

“Or if it scares you too much,” continued Fluttershy, “we could give you a rain check…”

“Shh!” insisted Zecora, cuffing her snippy vampegasus with a gentle hoof. “These sweet two shall have their fun. Tease them once they’re good and done.”

Dash didn’t even hear. She kept prowling forward, hooves as soft as cat-paws on the floor, and Dursaa’s eyes widened as well. It felt to him like he was being stalked: he was, and even from Zecora at her most dominant he’d never felt so much like prey. It didn’t matter that Rainbow was relatively tiny, she still advanced on him like a griffon spying lunch.

“Ooooh,” breathed Dash. Dursaa had visibly stiffened, seeing her advance.

“Told you so,” whispered Zecora to Fluttershy.

Then, onlookers were completely forgotten. Dash straddled Dursaa with a graceful hop and a flutter of her rapidly stiffening wings, soon to become far too aroused for even the briefest flight. She descended with a fluffy flump onto his belly, and he grunted in surprise and satisfaction. The satisfaction seemed to be mostly Rainbow’s, for she crooned wordlessly, nuzzling his massive chest with her cheek, while her trim hips wriggled back and forth. Between them, her pony breasts pressed the throbbing erection.

“Rmmmmm!” rumbled Dursaa.

“What rhymes with rmmmm?” chirped Rainbow, her eyes closed in sensual bliss.


Rainbow looked at him. “Yeah, I’m not sure that should count, dude. Too easy.”

Dursaa gazed back in dismay. It was true that he hadn’t come up with proper rhymes of sexy-talk. The trouble was, Rainbow Dash’s crotch rubbing lovingly against his cock was far too distracting.

“Maybe you just need some inspiration,” teased Dash, and scooched forward.

Dursaa couldn’t help but look. She had to scoot so far forward that her groin was right up in front of his face, and he was breathing against her chestfluff, which had a mysterious scent he could only imagine as what powder-blue must smell like. It was also finer and silkier than he’d have guessed: the little pegasus always looked sort of scruffy, but she plainly concealed secrets.

One of them stood out right away to him. He could just barely see the nub of her clit between her legs, that little cleft of her vulva and the target his hard-on yearned to acquire, but just above it, one tender pony breast seemed odd. Dursaa realized that Dash bore an obvious scar right there. He cringed, wondering what in Equestria the feisty pegasus had been doing with herself to get that, but then Dash lowered herself and his attention was seized by the sensation of that firm vulva pressing up against his erection… and wriggling.

His ears laid back. Not because it was a bad sensation, but because it was all too good. Dursaa flared out hard, the end of his cock going bulky and wide, and he knew that could be a problem.

A problem, it seemed, for other ponies that weren’t Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow grinned in satisfaction, accepting the challenge. She’d managed this very position with Applejack many times, and Dursaa wasn’t the only one who flared up dramatically into a bulky wedge. She tossed her mane, and got busy.

Dursaa grunted in surprise. It wasn’t just the shoving, though he was startled at how fiercely the little blue pegasus shoved back against him. There was more. Rainbow’s tail swished about like a dancer’s as she pivoted and swiveled her hips, trying different angles, expertly looking to wedge the side, the top of that geometrically challenging bulk into herself. He saw the glint of her eyes, mere slits of concentration, and he gulped as Rainbow Dash quickly painted the whole surface of his cock-head with happy pegasus ooze, always pushing, angling, pressing…

A squeal rang out, combined with a gasp from Dursaa, and Rainbow reared up high, her wings quiveringly erect above her. Below her, the daunting mass of Dursaa’s zebra cock projected up and transfixed her crotch, locked in place by its own size and geometry. A visible bulge showed, where Dursaa’s flare throbbed inside her.

“Oh… my… gosh…” squeaked Rainbow, her ears laid back flat against her head, her entire expression screaming ‘oh, FUCK!’

Dursaa gulped, and held quite still. “Oh, l… little one… is this still fun?”

He hadn’t long to wait for an answer.

Rainbow Dash bared her teeth in an exultant grin. She swished her tail, and he gasped at the clench of her muscles, at how alive she felt. She gazed down, unable to stop grinning like a maniac.

“Best… cock… ever!”

“Oh, good,” managed Dursaa, taken aback.

“One of ‘em,” corrected Dash, swiveling her hips, which wrenched Dursaa’s hard-on about. She frowned in concentration and did it again with more angle to the swivel, and inside her the mass of the flare got unstuck and abruptly slid against the juicy inner walls of her vagina, which caused her to squeal and her eyes to roll back in her head for a moment.

“Nrrrhh!” grunted Dursaa, the sensation jolting him as well.

“AW yeah,” moaned Dash, and gave herself over to flareworshipping by motion and rotation.

Dursaa groaned, not quite able to believe what he was seeing. He’d driven Fluttershy to peaks of ecstacy many times, and she tended to melt into a shuddering, squealing limpness. Zecora’s way of loving was forceful and self-possessed, even when taking a dick. But Rainbow Dash wasn’t like either of them. He winced at how fiercely she gripped his cock-shaft, but it didn’t seem like she was trying to produce an impression, or even a dent. It was just enthusiasm, and that athletic blue pegasus body writhing in transports of pleasure over him.

Rainbow gritted her teeth, glorying in the intensity of the sensation. She wasn’t going to tell him, but it felt like getting knotted by a Diamond Dog! Except it was all knot, or flare, and no smaller shaft sinking to her depths.

Experimentally, Rainbow tried pushing deeper onto the massive thing. She got a few inches, and subsided, panting. It was just too fucking much.

“Hrrrm?” rumbled Dursaa, and Dash realized he was reaching his massive forelegs up toward her. Suddenly, she realized what he meant. If she snuggled down onto his chest, he’d be able to hold her if he didn’t get too near her wings… and then he could do the moving.

Rainbow’s eyes were wide. “D… do I trust you that much?”

Dursaa’s reply was to stick out his lower lip, and withdraw his embrace just a bit.

Rainbow hesitated. “I… I SOOO don’t care. Oooooh!” she crooned, and, her wings rigidly aloft, she snuggled down into Dursaa’s hug, feverishly imagining the fearsome power of his massive zebra hips lying quiescent below her, just waiting to be unleashed.

What startled her wasn’t the hips, however.

“Aaaahh!” squeaked Dash. Dursaa’s hooves were fondling her body, and though he hadn’t come close to touching her wings, he’d inadvertently kneaded her wingbases, and her body abruptly screamed to go all the way.

A glance, and he knew. “Sorry…”

Rainbow panted, her eyes wild. “Wow. Oh my gosh.”

“Not so near, to pegasus parts here?” managed Dursaa. Though his rhythms were off, Fluttershy nodded to see him still attempting to rhyme.

“Right,” panted Dash. “Okay? I mean even if they’re the best parts, or the most exciting parts…”

Dursaa only chuckled, the vibrations from his amusement coursing through Dash’s quivering body. He wrapped her shoulders and neck in a hug, pressing her face to his chest, bracing her.

“Aaaahhh!” squealed Rainbow Dash, as he proceeded.

It wasn’t that he was rough, for he so completely wasn’t. It didn’t even hurt, not more than it already did. It was just the obvious fact that Dursaa’s hips were every bit as overwhelming as Rainbow had hoped. He seemed to know with unnatural wisdom just how deep you could plumb an overstressed pony vagina, and he delivered tender little thrusts with enormous, irresistible force and magically didn’t go the least bit too far inside her.

Rainbow began to shudder violently, her tail thrashing over where that massive shaft pressed, again and again, just a little way into her. In depth it was only a little way, for his bulk was too vast to permit more. In sensation, it was blowing Rainbow apart deliciously, each time just a hair deeper, just to the exact point she could stand, and then withdrawing with a giant tugging sensation, leaving her shaken. And then a decorous pause, and then those potent zebra hips so gently slid his bulk just a bit farther…

Rainbow convulsed, squealed, kicked with her hind legs. He didn’t even slow down, nor could he as he was moving so sedately already; the frenzy was all confined to the increasingly hysterical blue pegasus. Her butt tensed up hard, and again, as Rainbow clenched down on him with savage intensity born of her wild excitement.

Dursaa, husband to a vampegasus, was unmoved by the wildest sexual outbursts of nonvampiric pegasi. He did no more than grunt, and kept up his loving, tender motions as Fluttershy looked proudly on, nodding to herself, more than a little smugness in her expression.

“That’s the way,” Fluttershy crooned. “Told you you’d like him.”

“Gyaahh!” squealed Rainbow, writhing in Dursaa’s grip, her feathers bristling out irregularly. He glanced over at Fluttershy.

“Mercy?” he asked, quietly.

The pink eyes glinted, and so did the cute little fangs in Fluttershy’s smile.

“No. Finish.” She hesitated, and added, “Help her if it’s too high pressure?”

Dursaa nodded seriously, and kept up his movements, gritting his teeth as Rainbow’s intensity built and built.

“Eeeee! Eeeee!” shrieked Dash, pounding the floor beside Dursaa with a forehoof, a sharp woody banging.

“Just like that,” said Fluttershy approvingly.

“I can’t…” began Dursaa, shuddering.

“Go ahead,” urged Fluttershy. “She’ll love it, go on.”

“ERNnnnh!” went Dursaa.

Rainbow Dash was already incoherent with sexual frenzy, unable to focus, on the one hoof driven bonkers by the intensity of Dursaa’s stiff flare prying her so wide inside and insistently nudging the tiny amount that it could. On the other hoof, his sheer bulk meant that he couldn’t slide up deep inside her, and it was driving her insane to be tantalized harder and harder without ever taking a good deep thrust. It was like being relentlessly masturbated by somepony who kept right inside the entrance and left the quivering depths ever untouched. Gilda would have torn the house down. Rainbow was about ready to, even though she wasn’t exclusively about deep penetration at all costs.

Regardless: inside Rainbow Dash’s sex-maddened vagina, her depths waited agitatedly, utterly untouched and unreached.

Until, that is, Dursaa suddenly inflated her with zebra come, in a single blast hard enough to count as its own sort of plunge.

Rainbow Dash shrieked so loud a picture fell off the wall. It clattered onto the floor in the sudden silence, as Dash stared wildly up from Dursaa’s sensual embrace. She’d blown out her voice in an instant, and was utterly helpless, crammed full of cock and spooge until every inch of her was tightly packed. That empty place was suddenly hotly filled, hydraulically filled, and Dursaa had been drained to the point that it was just right.

Then, Dursaa’s hips gave a series of gentle nudges… and, inside Rainbow, the big hard slippery mass of everything everywhere tenderly began to fuck her, just when she was on the ultimate brink.

“EEE!” squealed Rainbow hoarsely, and her mind and body disintegrated into numbingly powerful orgasm. She shuddered, and squealed, and her wings groped brokenly at the air, repeatedly frizzing into featherduster form as if trying somehow to give form that could even portray how hard Rainbow was coming. Dursaa kept nudging and nudging, knowing he was going to subside soon, and Rainbow kept writhing and shrieking a song of fuck in his embrace, exhausting herself.

When her wings bristled out so hard that a single blue feather fired up into the air, to flutter mockingly to the floor, then Fluttershy nodded and said “Enough.”

Dursaa immediately quit nudging, and quit tensing his pelvis, and allowed his hard-on to begin softening as it would naturally do.

“I think she liked it,” teased Fluttershy, smirking. “Well done. And well done, Rainbow! Not every pegasus could handle that. Sometimes I rely a leetle too much on my vampire healing powers.”

Rainbow panted raggedly. Every feather on her wings was disheveled, though Dursaa carefully didn’t touch even one. She melted against his broad chest, stricken, just about smouldering, feeling like she’d been struck by lightning. Inside her, the intense saturating pressure ebbed away, leaving a fierce blissful glow.

Dursaa carefully stroked Rainbow Dash’s body, savoring the feverish limpness, well satisfied with his work. It seemed his own special magic was not reserved to vampegasi alone. This pleased him, for it was a fascinating blend of traditional zebra stallionliness and Ponyville mare-driven submission. He was happily the tool to be shared between or beneath delighted mares of all varieties, and also the rampant stud-horse laying females to quivering waste, and all of it benevolent and friendly. Contentedly, he petted Rainbow Dash just as if she was his own wife, and murmured, “My little darling, let what’s huge, subside: and while you’re soaked in spooge, it will release when you dismount and then we can in tandem count, not orgasms nor thrusts so deep, but seconds slipping off to sleep.”

Rainbow wriggled on his hulking, stallionly chest, drooling onto his stripey chestfur. “Agggh. Nuuu. Uh-uh, no… nope.”

“Oh, really? Sleep would not please you?” said Dursaa. “Then what do you suggest we do?”

Undaunted, the puddle of blue pegasus took a deep raspy breath. “That! Again! Oh my gosh, again, again!”

“Your turn,” said Dursaa to Zecora, helplessly, as Fluttershy just giggled.