Derpy Desires

Rarity stood in the center of her inner sanctum, surrounded by all the trappings of her sickness and glorious perversion, and stared trembling at the wall. She could feel Derpy watching her, that golden gaze drinking her in. Slowly, ever so slowly, Rarity dared shift her gaze, face scarlet with embarrassment, heart pounding, until she so very nearly met Derpy’s lovely derpy eyes…


“AAAIIGH!” shrieked Rarity, trotting madly in place and coming to rest with hooves braced as if an earthquake had struck her.

Derpy giggled infectuously, and pranced over with a huge beaming smile. “I got you, I got you! What’s the matter, Rarity? There’s nothing to be afraid of here!”

“Oh! Oh my! Oh, you startled me!” gasped Rarity. “What did you do that for? Derpyyy!”

“It was funny!” said Derpy, and gave Rarity a hug. “I’m sorry Rarity! I didn’t know it would make you upset! I promise I won’t scare you, Rarity!”

Rarity was still trembling. Her face burned, feeling the affectionate press of warm, firm, pegasus flesh, and she could not stop hyperventilating. “It’s… it’s all right, Derpy. It’s all right. H—hold me?”

“I am, silly!” laughed Derpy. She hesitated, and added, “So how come you’re still shaking?”

Rarity gulped. “Derpy Hooves… I think I love you.”

“I love you too, Rarity! We’re going to have lots of fun in Fillydelphia, you promised! You’re the best pony ever, even if you act kind of crazy sometimes. Even if I don’t understand you very good, I still love you right b…”

Derpy trailed off, her eyes widening, and for a moment, they converged to meet Rarity’s, trapped by the sapphire gaze.

That gaze seethed with desperation and passion. Rarity’s sensuous voice shook as she made herself clear.

“I think you know what I mean, darling. Screw Fillydelphia. Derpy Hooves, I want you for my own!”

There was a terrible hesitation.

Derpy’s left eye wandered. It drifted off, even while she held Rarity’s gaze with the right, and it wandered casually over to Rarity’s bed, centered in the inner sanctum, where it took in a sturdy block and tackle, conveniently located for Trixie-hoisting.

Derpy blinked. She dropped her gaze, and she looked around, and everywhere she looked her eyes fell upon whips, padded hoof-cuffs, the detritus of scene after scene. A gleaming blade, lying next to a sliced grapefruit, forgotten and dried up. Spurs, their metal points glittering dangerously in the warm, silent darkness.

Derpy wasn’t smiling anymore.

“Rarity? What does that mean? Um… I don’t want to play with some of these things, Rarity…”

The formerly elegant white unicorn stood, trembling, lip quivering, unable to look away. That hesitation, that worry in Derpy’s sweet sideways eyes, had suddenly become the most unbearable torment ever: worse than anything her toys could do to her. It had all backfired upon her, as it had done once before. Even her selfish cry of ‘I want you for my own’ brought back her accursed follies and vague half-suppressed memories of her shame. She couldn’t move, couldn’t think, could only stand helplessly and wait for the dear wall-eyed angel to turn away and leave her to her despair.

Derpy, wings folded, stepped back one pace, and Rarity shook worse and then let out a horrible scream, shamed beyond endurance.

“I’m AWFUL! I am the worst pony! Leave me I say, leave me to my wretched filthy existence, I don’t deserve to OOF!”

Derpy was hugging her again, this time with wings furled and a serious face.

“Rarity, calm down, Rarity! Don’t cry, Rarity! And you didn’t answer me, and I don’t have to play with things I don’t want to, Rarity! My Mama told me so! You better not be mad at me for that!”

Derpy’s voice had been stern in a completely unique but still authoritative way, and she was laying down the adorable law, firmly disciplining even as she hugged the frantic unicorn tight. Derpy blinked, startled at the result she got. “Oh! Oh! Oh, Derpy! Nhh!” cried Rarity.

“You’re doing orgasms, Rarity, stop that! What’s the matter with you?”

“Ngaaaagh! Ahhnnn! Oh! Scold me! Shame me! No, don’t! Can’t stop! nnnhh! Sorry!” wailed Rarity, coming all the harder as the shame flooded her. “Oh, I’m so nnnRRH! sorry! I’m… Waaaaaahhhh!”

Derpy hugged Rarity’s shuddering body to her, stroking her disheveled mane, frowning fiercely at some whips scattered across the floor. She didn’t let go, though she could tell Rarity was being jolted with orgasms the whole time, even while she was bawling her eyes out. She just hung on and waited, and eventually the jolts and shudders subsided. Rarity had gone quiet, standing miserably, her head draped onto Derpy’s shoulder with none of her usual life and fire.

Derpy nudged Rarity over into a sitting position, holding her while Rarity shivered with a few more orgasms, and then backed away. Rarity made no attempt to follow as Derpy sat facing her, she just stared like a condemned prisoner, eyes drenched with tears, lip quivering pitiably.

“Rarity, your brain is even derpier than how mine is,” said Derpy firmly.

Rarity could only nod, miserably.

“I love you anyway so let’s start over. I think a lot of these things in here are for hurting ponies, and you get big orgasms from being hurt, ‘cos I saw it. You got orgasms from me scolding you, too. Do you only want to hurt me?”

Rarity jerked in shock and began shaking her head frantically. “No! No, I… no, Derpy! I don’t! There’s something about you that… I have never wanted you to enter this world of mine, it’s not about that, I…”

“Then how come you want me if you don’t want me? And how come you do stuff to get hurt?”

Rarity sniffled, peering up at Derpy, her head hanging. “Oh, Derpy! When I was just a filly I did a terrible thing. Except it wasn’t just me doing it—but it was my idea—but he should have known—and now I must be punished, except it’s not that I want from you, if only I could—oh! It’s no good. Oh!” she sobbed. “It’s no good, no good at all!”

“Is it like me playing with thunder clouds?” pressed Derpy, stamping a hoof onto the floor to reclaim Rarity’s attention. “I’m not s’posed to do that. I get so itchy and can’t even stand it and I have to go jump on clouds! And the lightning hits me and gives me a big zap in my vagina and I feel better for a while but I’m not s’posed to! Are you doing something like that?”

“…maybe,” sniffled Rarity.

“Well, how come you do it? I don’t have a special somepony, but you’re beautiful! And all those ponies in Fillydelphia act like they know you and think you’re super important. And I thought you did stuff with Twilight Sparkle and Trixie, you said that you did! How come you don’t have a somepony to have nice sex with? How come you have really big orgasms from getting hurt? It doesn’t even make sense! You should have something good!”

“No,” said Rarity. She wiped her eye with the back of a hoof. Her mascara had run, the last vestige of her beauty: the bruises covered her body, her mane and tail were long gone into rat’s nest status, her eyes had escaped destruction but now her weeping had ruined them. She had nothing. “No, I most certainly should not.”

Derpy stamped a hoof again. “Yes you should!”

Rarity thought back on her life: the childish seduction of Daddy, the birth of Sweetie Belle, the exile and relinquishing of her foal to her parents: the devotion to her struggling career, the desperate search for vindication and the secret search for ever-harsher punishment. Always driven by that raw selfishness that reared its head to this very day… always that crude cry of ‘MINE!’, whether it was that first taste of stallion, the elixir of success, or now… an innocent heart.

“I am a very bad pony. I deserve exactly what I have been given: a stomping, the contempt of my Mistresses, the refuge of my club in Fillydelphia.” Rarity sighed. “And yes, really big orgasms. But all the same, nothing good.”

Derpy glared. “Why?”

“Because there’s nothing good about me, Derpy Hooves!” snarled Rarity, her eyes flashing in return.

Derpy looked around at the trappings of Rarity’s secret life, at the petulant unicorn pony that glowered at her, and Derpy sighed—but not in resignation. She gave a sigh like someone settling down to hard but necessary work, and she rose to her hooves and walked toward Rarity. Rarity cowered back, and squeaked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m petting you, Rarity,” said Derpy, and she was. She’d flopped Rarity over onto her side, and was stroking her body tenderly.


“You love me enough that you protect me from hurting,” said Derpy firmly. “Then you said you want me for your own. And then you went all crazy and weird! But I still love you anyway, so there. I know Twilight has that metal thing for getting a penis, and I really want that Dusk Shine penis inside my vagina for sex, but right now I don’t care about that. I love you and I want to know if you can feel good without crying and hurting, even if you’re just a mare like me, so I’m petting you. I want to make you feel sexy nicely!”

Rarity’s eyes were wide. “Oh! But…”

“Shhh,” said Derpy. “Maybe ponies don’t always get what they want, but my Mama told me there would be a place for me. And I love you a whole lot, Rarity. I always imagined doing this with somepony, which was Dusk Shine, and I’d get to touch him all over just like this and then… you know. I love you, Rarity, and you are a good pony, and if you want me to be your own, then my Mama was right—and you are the place for me.”

Rarity trembled, biting her lip. “I don’t know, Derpy. So strange. How can you… uhh! Derpy, you’re stroking my breasts and talking about the place your Mama wished for you! How can you have such thoughts, do they not clash? Ew!”

Derpy blinked in perplexity, pulling her hoof back from between Rarity’s legs. “How come? My Mama wanted me to meet a special magical pony who would love me and then I’d do the things other ponies do! She told me to be really patient and I was, and you’re the magicalest pony ever and you love me! You prob’ly even want me to touch you all sexy! Rarity, my Mama would think I was in the totally right place! What place did your Mama want you to be that’s so different?”

Rarity’s eyes dropped, and filmed with tears again. She didn’t blink, but she couldn’t meet Derpy’s gaze at all.

Rarity spoke.

“My Mama said I should writhe in agony, in pony hell. For stealing the love of her husband, and not even being ashamed.”

Derpy froze, staring in disbelief.

Rarity’s eyes slowly lifted, vulnerable. “It was true. I did that. I was no more than a filly, and I thought the world was mine. I thought I could just take him, because I was beautiful and she was ugly compared to me.” She gulped. “But I was the one who was ugly… and I learned to be ashamed.”

Derpy’s gaze did not diverge. It clung to Rarity’s, not looking away.

“I think she doesn’t remember saying that,” said Rarity. “But all the same… I suppose I have obeyed, haven’t I?”

Then, she oofed. Derpy had just about bowled her over with a hug, clinging to her. The sweet pegasus was shaking, weeping.

“Oh, Rarity! No, Rarity, no, no! Be with me, don’t be there! Not that, Rarity, please, no, don’t hurt, please!”

It threw the floodgates open again, and Rarity’s mascara was further washed away in torrents of tears, and she clung to Derpy, bawling like a foal, wrapped in that firm embrace, limp in Derpy’s naive and childishly passionate grip. Derpy was squeezing all the breath out of her and she didn’t care, she flung herself with abandon into the embrace as Derpy Hooves sobbed and cried out incoherent grief and squished her, and Rarity began to feel a strange calm that she’d never felt before. It was like being sheltered in the eye of a hurricane, grey wings flapping around her, swaddled in mad passionate love and protected. There was something about Derpy’s earnestness, that complete lack of pretense, that inability to deceive, that got right to her on a deep and irresistible level.

Eventually, Derpy quieted, and her fierce hugging gentled. Eventually, Rarity pulled away enough to meet Derpy’s eyes again.

“Hold me,” said Rarity, earnestly. “If I may choose, I shall join you. In your place. May I?”

“But you are my place!” said Derpy. “The place for my heart.”

For a while the ponies clung and cuddled anew, and Rarity stroked Derpy’s body and was stroked in turn, in a strange and powerful mood split between raw comfort and naked passion. Derpy felt so right, and was so stubbornly, unshakeably there against her, like she could never be taken away: a somepony who’d come into Rarity’s life and become a trusty foundation, a true friend and then suddenly much more.

“Unnh!” cried Derpy, and Rarity realized with a shock that she was fondling those grey wings.

“Oh!” gasped Rarity. “I am so sorry, darling, I know what that means! Ah… or at least, what it means to most pegasi! Had I been thinking, I should have asked about…”

“Do more!” squeaked Derpy.

Rarity hesitated. “Well, I would like to be certain you understand the nature of…”

Derpy looked yearningly at her. “It’s just for your special somepony, everypony knows that! You should pet my wings, Rarity, because you are my special somepony! Please!”

“Twist my hoof, why don’t you,” purred Rarity wickedly. “You don’t have to beg me, darling. And I have skills.” She drew Derpy close, nuzzling her while her fore-hoof repeatedly stroked Derpy’s quiveringly erect wings. “How does this feel?”

“Oh! Oh, Rarity, ohhh! AH!”

Rarity left off, staring in wonder, sniffing the air. “Good heavens. Only that? Only that got you off, Derpy, so easily?”

Derpy panted, her eyes even more sideways than usual, her mane disheveled. Then, she tossed her head, got up, and jumped onto Rarity’s bed, kicking some hoof-cuffs to the floor. She flipped over and wriggled on her back, batting her eyelashes at Rarity, and called out, “More!”

Rarity giggled. “Look at you! Ready for round two, so quickly? My little pega-slut!”

That got her a frown. “Those are hurty words, Rarity! Don’t say that, just rub my wings some more. I want to come again! It felt so good!”

“Oh, I’m sorry! But… darling, it’s different in private. At the club, we always used to delight in slutty pegasi and consider them among the finest things in life, virtuosi of eager carnality…”

Derpy pouted. “We’re not at a club and what’s a carnality and you should come over here and rub my wings some more! Please? Nopony ever did, you gotta, please don’t do it just a little and then stop!”

Rarity stepped closer. “Of course. You don’t want to rest for a moment? I wouldn’t want to tire you out, there’s no rush, is there?”

Derpy wriggled again, her sturdy wings flapping against the bed and lifting her slightly off it. “I’m a tough pony, Rarity! I fly all over the place and I bump into stuff and don’t even mind, and I can carry heavy things! Please do my wings more. I can take a licking!”

Rarity’s eyes flashed, and she darted forward.

“Eeek!” squealed Derpy, thrashing on the bed. “Rarity! What are you…” Her eyes went very wide. “Oh! Uhhh! Oh, Rarity, ahhh!”

Between her legs, Rarity’s head caressed and rubbed the inside of her thighs, wandering up to nuzzle Derpy’s lovely snug breasts, suckling on tidy grey nipples, then lowering to devote her attention to the exquisite pegasus vagina displayed for her. Derpy’s tail thrashed against the bed, and then her whole body lifted up: her wings so erect that Derpy rested on them like some tripod, kicking the air, braced by wings and Rarity’s face as the impassioned alabaster unicorn fiercely ate her out, tongue pressing into Derpy’s creamy vulva, slurping up the juices she’d exuded during the wing play, and then suckling ferociously on her jutting mare’s clitoris.

“YAAAAAH!” screamed Derpy, thrashing and kicking as she was flung into a still more savage orgasm, her tender marepussy squirting fluid quicker than Rarity could lick it up. Even as her wings supported her, they ruffled out in spasms that rocked her body, and then all at once the sweet pegasus went limp, flumping down onto the bed in an equine puddle, limbs and frazzled wings sprawled as freely as her ash-blonde mane against the cozy mattress.

Rarity smiled into the stunned look she found. “Mmmm.” She licked her lips, and shivered with pleasure. “Ahnnn… Remind me later that I’m no longer cross with Twilight and Trixie. How can I be, when they taught me this?”

Derpy twitched. “What WAS that?”

Rarity beamed. “Pussy-eating, darling! My worst nemesis of sexual acts, forbidden, dreaded, untouchable: and yet Trixie always demanded it anyhow to degrade me, and who could have guessed the rewards? It was all worth it. Oh, Derpy, I cannot express how lovely it is to exercise that skill upon your person, and drink in the fountain of your utter ecstacy! Remember, I must give, not the reverse, that’s crucial. It’s just my way, for personal reasons. I shall let you rest, now, for it… you… Derpy?”

Derpy blinked blearily, squirmed deliciously, got up and swayed drunkenly on the soft bed. Her mouth hung open as if it was still emitting cries of joy, and she focussed first one eye, then the other, on Rarity whose ears were back in astonishment.

“That felt so good that you should have some, Rarity!”

“Oh!” squeaked Rarity, as Derpy moved in. “But I only… Derpy, I learned to do that from the girls and I’m glad of it, but it’s not meant to be… oh!”

She scrabbled backward across the bed, heart pounding, as Derpy moved closer. Derpy obviously hadn’t grasped a word of the explanation, and Rarity didn’t dare offend her. “That’s quite all right, darling, stay there, just a moment… eeep! Please, darling, I truly don’t wish to seem ungrateful, but, butbutbut—”

And then, Derpy’s tongue thrust lovingly into her inflamed vagina, and the past seized her.

Rarity drew breath in a throttled shriek at the feeling. Suddenly, her history reared up within her and grabbed her by the gonads, opening a window through a painful time that had scarred her life. For a moment it was too hideous to bear, too horrible for her to react. Derpy Hooves was licking her vagina with foolish, innocent eagerness, obviously entranced by its beauty, totally locked in the moment and given over to erotic devotion, everything about her presence speaking of quivering fascination with Rarity’s pert pussy—and she wasn’t alone.

To Rarity, she wore a double exposure, because somepony else had once done exactly that, on the night before a terrible morning of shame and exposure. It had been the night her life died, though she did not know it at the time. She’d only known that her experiments of sharing her body had brought greater and greater rewards, firstly with the oversized penis, then the licking and her ecstacies on the end of his tongue, then enticing him to try inserting his hard penis again now that she felt all slippery inside… and then, the building chaos as he gradually abandoned control and began to fuck her wildly, shattering her mind with orgasmic bliss beyond anything she’d imagined… and finally that moment, in the shuddering eternity of tension after that last throb and gush of semen, when they both let go and arced violently and sealed her fate forever. Had horngasm and impregnation been the punishment for corrupting him? He had to have known what it did. She was a fool and had known nothing but unbearable pleasure, that night.

Rarity squealed, trying to squirm away, as Derpy latched onto her pussy and ate her out with naive enthusiasm—for it reminded her of Daddy, and of joys buried behind a lifetime of Pony Hell. It all came back at once.

The only thing he’d said, the whole time, was ‘Mom wouldn’t like it’, right at the start. He’d looked so frightened. All the same, his cock kept on getting gloriously bigger and bigger under the tender kneading of her youthful hooves, and he’d not uttered one more word of argument—even when the first attempt had led to frustration, his massive shaft refusing to slide more than a little way into her frantic tautness. But then he’d laid her back and his head had dipped down between her legs, perhaps thinking that would appease her, perhaps already plotting her eventual fate…

It was no use. The shame alone would have done it, even if she hadn’t been worked up and emotionally naked. She shrieked and banged her head against the soft mattress again and again, shaking and juddering for second after second as she orgasmed under Derpy Hooves’ eager tongue. Rarity nearly blacked out, sucked into a swirling daze of emotional chaos as Derpy playfully nibbled on her clitoris, then excitedly thrust her tongue into her seething cauldron of marehood and licked up all the unicorn juices she could reach.

Then, it stopped, and Rarity collapsed on the bed—but before she could burst into tears, she was seized in another hug, and Derpy was crowing something exultantly, her wings aloft once more—and what she had to say rocked Rarity’s world.

Derpy said, “I knew I could do it right!”

Rarity’s eyes went wide with realization.

This wasn’t Daddy doing something wrong. This wasn’t some pony from the clubs. This was a very special pegasus, one she loved madly and had steadily fallen for, during their attempts to get Derpy laid. This was the pegasus she wanted more than anything, the silly featherbrain with a heart of gold, and if anypony was officially allowed to suckle her clitoris, it would be her—especially after the performance she’d put on with Rarity doing exactly that to her, mere seconds before.

She’d brought back memories before Rarity’s pain, memories of arrogant lewd innocence and flaunting fillyhood, torturous memories simply because they were the last instants of unbearable ecstacy before the fall. Derpy Hooves had made Rarity’s buried past live again. Yet, Derpy was not part of shame, nor was she part of an immature arrogance and sexual experimentation that had been tragically misdirected. Derpy was also not a morally-impaired childlike Father being led along all too willingly into disaster. Derpy was hugging her joyously, licking her lips of Rarity’s juices in her own way with none of the abashedness Daddy had revealed, not betraying a furtive knowledge that she’d done wrong because she hadn’t done a thing wrong. She had pleasured a pony she loved deeply, and spectacularly returned a sexual favor she’d only just learned. She was incapable of treachery and loyal beyond question.

Rarity trusted her.

Rarity lay, quivering in the aftershocks of her filthy shameful orgasm, and realized with a shock that Daddy was no longer the one pony to love her body the most, no longer the only one to worship her sexually in that urgent, simple, unguarded way. It was heartbreaking and liberating all at the same time. His memory had been cast from its pedestal, for Derpy Hooves had matched his earnest innocent glee, after all the intervening years of debauchery and harsh judgement.

And… it wasn’t a shameful orgasm at all. Derpy had celebrated her body with naive delight, like she was the most lovely pony in all Equestria, and taken her to climax without hurting or belittling her… and there was nothing, nothing wrong with it. There would be no punishment, this time.

Rarity gulped, tearing up, her lip quivering. Derpy kept on hugging her, a warm and accepting presence, and there was such a comforting reality to her. She wasn’t a creature of lurking memory, painted in physical ecstacy and shaded with impending doom, holding joys never to be matched. She wasn’t a dreadful monster of mingled innocence and guilt, like Daddy. Derpy was here with her, unruffled by anything she’d become in her travels, stubbornly refusing to hurt or be hurt: resolute, faithful and pure. She saw through to the injured filly Rarity had been, and led her out of the darkness with unwavering determination. And… it had been every bit as good.

“Did you like it?” asked Derpy. “You still didn’t say if you liked it.”

Rarity gulped again. She gazed at Derpy Hooves. “I did.”

“Yay!” cried Derpy. “Because you’re my special somepony and the most wonderful magical pony ever, and besides you taste really good. Can I do it some more?”

Rarity gave a little scream. “Eeee! Please, not right now? I’m still shaking! Oh, sweet Celestia, I’m still shaking…”

“I love you, Rarity!”

“Oh my… I love you too, Derpy. It’s… all a bit of a shock…”

“I love you even if you don’t grow a penis like Dusk Shine, which would have felt really good I think, I mean if I had ended up with Dusk Shine. Except for I didn’t end up with Dusk Shine, and I think the things you do must be just as good, even if you don’t grow a penis…”

“But I never said that, darling,” interrupted Rarity. “Don’t assume! I’ve got one of the bits too, I’ll have you know. That’s it over there.”

Derpy’s head whipped around, and she stared at the little cylinder of metal.

She looked back, and her eyes were very wide.

Twilight Sparkle lifted her head, and her horn stopped glowing. She stared around dully, heavy dark circles under her eyes.

She got up. She looked over at the couch. Rarity and Derpy were gone. She hadn’t noticed their departure. Trixie was sleeping there instead. She looked so innocent.

As if any of them could be called innocent…

Twilight trudged past her, over to a particular bookshelf. She winced as her overstrained horn lit again, and a glow suffused the bookcase.

She stepped forward, through the now-insubstantial bookcase, and down the stairs behind it, and disappeared from view.

Her hooves made no sound on the stairs. Magic secret passageways could do that. If one was hiding, one would not want one’s hooves to give one away. Or one’s claws…

A glow awaited her. The door was cracked open. He kept doing that, though she begged him not to. If the door was open and he was awake, he could be heard… but in turn, he could hear her, and she couldn’t bear to deny him that.

The glow widened, as the door was thrown wide.

“Twilight!” cried Spike. “It’s been forever! I know I’m not supposed to, but I was going to sneak up the stairs and go looking for you! What’s the matter?”

“Oh, Spike!” sobbed Twilight. “I failed!”

Spike darted forward, and then stopped, staring at her wings. “Whoa. What happened to you, Twilight?”

“I got turned into a Princess. And it didn’t even help!” she brayed. “I solved the problem, and there’s nothing I can do to fix things!”

“Uh, Twilight,” said Spike. “Usually you come in here and close the door before talking. I guess you failing means it doesn’t matter any more, but…”

There was a noise back up the stairs, a grunt of surprise. Then, a cry of “Where are you?”

“Yeah,” said Spike, “this won’t end well.”

“Spike!” came the voice. “I hear Spike! Twilight! Spike! Where are you?”

“It doesn’t matter now,” moaned Twilight, and the sound carried up the darkened magic-muffled stairwell.

There was an immediate commotion upstairs, a banging that made Spike jump, though Twilight’s head hung limply, not reacting. Trixie was kicking at the bookshelves. A shaft of light cut through. Then, more light—then, Trixie had forced herself through the wreckage of the secret door and was galloping heedlessly down the stairs. She came into the light, and she pulled up short, staring at Spike and Twilight.

“You said he was away on Canterlot business!” she squealed.

“I failed, Trixie,” mumbled Twilight.

“Hey,” said Spike. “Come in here, get comfortable. Tell me what happened. Seriously.”

Twilight stumbled after him, dragging her hooves. Trixie tagged along, looking alarmed. The glowing doorway proved to be a cozy little apartment nook, full of empty ice cream containers and books. Trixie looked around in all directions, her ears laid back in astonishment.

“Why did you do this, Twilight? Did you make this place? Why did you hide Spike?”

“She’s trying to fix those magic bit things!” explained Spike. “I have to stay away from their influence and other ponies that use them, until she figures out how they work.”

Trixie’s jaw dropped. “What?”

“Ever since Princess Celestia yelled at her, she’s been worried about them. Then she went away to search for you, Trixie, and when she came back she said I deserved a rest. And we had this place, it came with the house. I got all the ice cream and books I wanted, and Twilight promised she’d get things to be less crazy and then I could come back and everything would be like it used to be again, but I needed to lay low for a while and let her deal with it. I should consider it totally her problem, and stay out of the way until she gave the all-clear…”

“She stowed you away down here to keep you away from the magic bits? How could you agree to that?” said Trixie.

“It was for my own good!” said Spike. “Twilight needed my support—and total loyalty. And nobody out-loyals ol’ Spikearoonie! Nobody!”

“But she couldn’t handle things by herself, Spike!” cried Trixie.

Spike looked at her. “I guess not! She was trying really hard and kept telling me to nap more and wait, but this time she says she failed. What does that mean, ‘failed’, Twilight? I hope you don’t think I’m going to just stay down here forever. I might be a dragon but there’s only so much napping even I can do, and I actually miss cleaning up your books by now. I slept for… I’m not even sure how long. It was great! So what does ‘failed’ mean?”

They looked at Twilight. She peered forlornly up at them from under the fringe of her bangs.

“I can’t make the bits be harmless,” she said. “I found out what powers them, and I can’t fix it.”

“What?” asked Trixie gently.

“Us,” said Twilight. “It’s us. The sexuality, the pleasure, the aggressiveness, even the exploding under too much stress or misuse. It’s just us…”

Trixie blinked. “How do you mean? What told you that, after all your research?”

“I did something I probably couldn’t have done before I was an alicorn,” said Twilight. “I reached out with my magic, and I tapped into Pinkie’s Sense. I didn’t used to believe in that, but now I do. I don’t envy her, either. I don’t understand how she’s still sane, even.”

“That’s debatable,” said Trixie wryly. “But how could it…”

“The bits are metaphorical,” mumbled Twilight. “Pinkie Sense says they’re nothing but a metaphor for adolescent sexuality, the coming of age and being confronted with powerful instinctive drives that are difficult to come to terms with. I’ve been trying to control them all this time and find some neat and definable way to make them harmless, but it can’t be done. To use them means opening yourself to a whole other level of life responsibility without safeguards, and that means Princess Celestia was right about them. They can’t be made safe. I should destroy them.”

Trixie walked forward, and nuzzled Twilight’s hanging head, horn delicately scraping horn.

“Or… we could just live with them,” she suggested.

Twilight blinked. “You’re kidding. Trixie, what are you saying? You want to give ponies over to these powerful, instinctive drives? We’ve got to be better than that! Princess Celestia knew it would lead to trouble, and we got loads of trouble from it already! How can you say we should just LIVE with them? They’re my fault! Well, originally your fault. But then they were my fault!”

Trixie frowned. “Mistress, there were powerful instinctive drives before you came along, and there will be such drives after you’re… well, maybe not you, but there will be powerful instinctive drives after I’m gone. You’ve sent Spike to take long dragon naps down here, and you thought you would stop pony instincts before he came back? Trixie has heard crazy talk before, but this is on a whole new level!”

Twilight laid her ears back. “I’m responsible for Spike. I didn’t want him to be affected. What if it had affected him somehow?”

Spike and Trixie exchanged a glance, remembering a long-past evening, when Trixie had first joined the family—an evening when Twilight had commanded Trixie to accept Spike’s orders, without question or conditions. Neither had spoken of the liberties Spike had taken with Trixie, because all he’d done was to peek at her pony vag, feeling no inclination to do more than appease his simple draconic curiosity.

“Twilight,” said Spike, “I don’t think so. I’m getting used to the idea that you ponies do yucky stuff with each other, but honestly I’m happy to stay out of your way while you do it. Why do you think I agreed to nap down here?”

“You’re not mad?” said Twilight.

“I’m bored,” said Spike. “I can avoid your yucky vagina stuff just as well upstairs, and still see my pony friends. Is Rarity okay? You always say she’s fine but you won’t talk about it.”

This time it was Trixie and Twilight exchanging meaningful looks. Spike had been kept in the dark as Rarity pursued her downward spiral, from the moment she’d moved in with her bondage contract. It was all too clear how the ‘business in Canterlot’ had extended week after week, month after month. Twilight had known the whole time that Rarity was upstairs, or at the Carousel Boutique being flogged, or squealing in orgasm in her inner sanctum, or finally being exposed as Sweetie Belle’s true mother—and had never been able to break it to Spike.

“Yeah,” said Trixie at last. “Rarity’s fine. She’s been through some stuff, but I think she’s okay now.”

That got a reaction. “Oh no!” cried Spike. “And I just kept on napping, darn it, how could I? She needs me! What happened?”

More unicorn glances.

“Rarity’s actually Sweetie Belle’s mom, Spike,” said Trixie. “They’re okay, but it was a big shock. And Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy had foals. They’re cute kids.”

Spike’s jaw dropped.

“And Rarity’s seeing Derpy Hooves now,” added Trixie. “She still loves you, though. She thinks you’re working in Canterlot. We all did.”

“I’m so sorry, Spike,” said Twilight, tearing up.

Spike shut his mouth, and stuck out his lower lip in a pout. “I’m coming back upstairs right now,” he said. “I don’t care what you guys are doing up there, I’m gonna be part of it. Maybe I can keep you in check!”

At that, Trixie laughed. “Maybe you should, Spike! Are you serious, you napped for a year? A whole year?”

“Hey,” said Spike, thumping his chest with a little claw. “Dragon here, dragons live for hundreds and hundreds of years. Maybe even a thousand, sometimes. We have to sleep to store up draconic awesomeness! I never got nearly enough sleep until now, didn’t you notice? I feel great! Are YOU serious? Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash had foals? Who’s the father?”

Trixie rolled her eyes. “It’s a long story! Come on, let’s get out of here. After you, number one assistant…”

“Oh, no,” replied Spike, gesturing grandly. “After you!”

Trixie began to trot up the stairs, and looked back. “Twilight? Are you coming?”

“…Twilight?” she said, uncertainly. Twilight was staring at nothing, with her ears back, and wearing a bleak, hopeless expression.

“Come on, Twilight,” said Spike. “We can’t wait forever!”

“That’s the same thing?” squeaked Derpy Hooves. She hopped off the bed and trotted over to inspect it.

“Indeed it is,” said Rarity. “That one is my very own.” She followed, though her legs were wobbly from her intense climax. “Erm… though I shall have to warn you, it does not manifest like Twilight’s. But I have had good reports of it. No complaints.” Her ears laid back. “Ahh… or, not many complaints.”

Derpy’s eyes were wide. “What does that mean, Rarity? Is it a good penis, that it makes? What’s manifest?”

“Oh, phoo. I’ll just say it: it’s slightly large. But it’s perfectly…”

“What’s large, Rarity? Because I wanted to be with Dusk Shine, I called him Dusk Shine, because I saw Twilight having sex with Trixie and I thought that wouldn’t hurt because it was such a good penis and not too big.”

Rarity’s face was a study in chagrin. “Honestly, darling, you may be selling yourself short. A marehood is capable of…”

“How large, Rarity? Larger than the one Twilight makes?”

“Yes, larger than the one Twilight makes.”

“How MUCH larger?” pressed Derpy.

Rarity was blushing. “A lot larger, Derpy.”

“I saw Applejack make a penis and have sex with Rainbow Dash once, in the woods,” said Derpy. “As big as that?”

Rarity gulped. “I, too, am familiar with what Applejack boasts…”

“Not as big as that?”

“Bigger,” admitted Rarity, scarlet.

Derpy stuck out her lower lip, and glowered in frustration.

“No way!”

“Oh, Derpy!” cried Rarity, in dismay. “You’ve talked so much about how you want to experience the delights of pony penis, though admittedly with rather a fixation on one particular specimen. If only you would trust me about it! I promise, there is no danger!”

“That doesn’t make sense, though, Rarity! I saw the one Applejack makes. How can you say it wouldn’t hurt? It’s so big!”

Rarity’s ears felt like they would be pinned back for the rest of her life. “Ahh… in fact, I did not say that, darling. I feel quite sure—well, fairly sure—that it would be worth it. Can you imagine screaming out, ‘oh, that hurts so good’?”

Derpy gave her a very skeptical look. “No. That sounds like you’re being even more derpier than me again, Rarity.”

“But darling, where do you think foals emerge? The nostrils?”

Derpy blinked, and her eyes swapped focal points. “The cabbage patch, silly! My Mama said so!”

“What?” snapped Rarity.

“You go to the cabbage patch, on a night when the moon is really dark…”

“Oh, sweet Celestia,” muttered Rarity, brushing her ragged mane out of her eyes.

“My Mama said so,” insisted Derpy. “And she taught me all the right things. And she said I was a pretty pony!”

Derpy hesitated, for Rarity’d met her gaze with an equally fierce and determined one.

“Derpy Hooves, I have just fondled your wings until you came, and then devoured your tender marehood until you came twice as hard! I suckled upon your clitoris as it repeatedly jutted out against my adoring tongue. Your Mama never taught you THAT!” Rarity gulped. “…d—did she?”

“No!” squeaked Derpy, shocked.

Rarity twitched, making a rueful face. “I thought not. Be grateful for that, darling… but listen carefully. You are not merely a pretty pony.”

“I’m not?”

“Oh, Mama was right about that, Derpy,” reassured Rarity, “but there is more, more than she was prepared to teach you. You are a devastatingly beautiful, sexy mare, fully responsive, your body ripe for foaling and craving the stallion’s gift. I, Rarity, know about all these things! We mares cannot impregnate each other, even with the aid of magic bits, but I would have you learn the ways of your body and respect them—and then, perhaps, you may understand your sex urges a little better.”

Derpy’s eyes were wide, and for a moment they both met Rarity’s. “Tell me. It felt amazing, Rarity.”

“I know,” said Rarity bleakly, looking haunted. “I wish somepony had taught me more than that, when I was little. I learned that it felt amazing before I’d learned anything else. Thank heavens I can give you more than blind rutting.”

“Aww! Don’t look sad!” begged Derpy. “If it makes you sad that I don’t know more stuff, you should tell me!”

Rarity brightened. “I will! Indeed I will, and then we shall see what we shall see. All right. Firstly, you’ve spoken so many damn times of Twilight mating with Trixie, and you’ve been fixated upon the idea of Twilight’s penis thrusting into Trixie’s or your vagina…”

Derpy wriggled, and Rarity shot her a warning glance. “Steady, Derpy. What you clearly don’t understand is the purpose. You imagine this endlessly and it fires your loins, but you probably don’t even know what that thing does, do you?”

Derpy pouted. “Yes I do. It pushes right in, I saw it! It pushes deep! I can’t stop thinking about what that would feel like.” She trembled, eyes dreamy.

“Well, you know how you exude fluids when aroused?” suggested Rarity.

“What’s exude?”

“You get wet,” corrected Rarity impatiently. “I’m sorry, I’ll have to mind my erudition, darling. Onward! My point is, the penis does a similar thing. It squirts!”

Derpy’s eyes widened. “Pee? Real stallions pee from there, Mama said so!”

“It squirts come! Which is also the name for the orgasm you experience. Come is also called semen, or seed, and that is what it does. It plants seeds inside you, in a place called a womb.”

Derpy’s face was scrunched up cutely in concentration. “And if it plants stuff, and you got cranky about the cabbage patch and said you’d tell me stuff Mama didn’t know, and seed goes inside there… eeep! Oh my gosh, Rarity, do baby foals come out of vaginas?”

Rarity beamed, hugging her. “Oh, gold star, darling! You’re not only beautiful, you’re clever! They do!”

Derpy looked appalled. “When? Do they drip back out and then you put them in the cabbage patch to grow?”

“Would you leave the cabbage patch out of this?” cried Rarity, ears back. “They certainly do not! Foals grow inside you. Why would you put them in a cabbage patch?”

“I saw foals before, Rarity! They can’t possibly come out that hole, you’re making it up!”

Rarity fixed her with a level gaze. “Derpy Hooves, I have a foal. Sweetie Belle is actually my own baby, born years and years ago. You know her. I swear to you, she came out of that same unicorn vagina you just stuffed your face into. I won’t say it was easy, but it was damned well worth it. You came out of one, yourself!”

Derpy had stopped arguing. She just stared, in awe and terror.

“Here’s how it all starts,” said Rarity. “The penis thrusts in. It feels amazing, which is doubtless why we put up with the alarming consequences. It gushes semen, which fertilizes an ovum: consider this the mare version of what the stallion brings, hmm? Your body must contribute its part. On top of all that, a unicorn must take a magic discharge into her horn to ovulate, and a pegasus must be seized by the wing: this is why your wings stand erect, and why touching them produces such similar results. It is part of the pegasus way of sex.”

“What’s seized?” asked Derpy. “Is that what you did?”

Rarity hesitated. “Ah. No, I wouldn’t call it that. I was fondling and stroking. Among pegasi, you’ll find they tend to use their mouths: specifically, biting the root of the wing with their teeth. I would not have done that out of the blue, for any sophisticated pony knows it to be the very apex of intimacy among…”

She trailed off. You could almost hear the ‘pomf’—the moment Derpy had imagined jaws closing upon her wing-shank, her wings had shot up vertically, where they vibrated, feathers tingling and bristling out. Derpy looked stunned, her jaw dangling, her eyes even more unfocussed than usual.

Derpy reeled her jaw in, and licked her lips. “S…show me?”

“Goodness,” said Rarity. “But I was explaining, not demonstrating! I’d hoped I would get to the part where I could explain that a larger penis wasn’t to be unduly feared. On reflection, it might indeed be wise for us to progress gradually. I mean… not to put too fine a point on it, darling, but I alarmed Applejack with my girth. I would have to exert the greatest self-control and caution…”

Derpy was trembling. She jumped right out of bed, and stood with her wings bolt erect. “Show me! Rarity, please! Please?”

“Show you… the stallionhood?” suggested Rarity.

Derpy shook her head wildly. “No! I’m scared of that. You said teeth, on my wing! I never saw anypony do that or even thought about it and now you said it and oh please, Rarity, show me! Oh!”

Rarity’s ears were quirked back, but she smiled. “My little pega-sl… mm, yes, I won’t say it twice. But maybe you can learn there’s no shame in sluttiness, in the right place. And my most private of sanctums is surely that right place, no? Look at you, Derpy Hooves, with your wings trembling and sticking straight up. Luscious. Just look at the state of you…”

Derpy whimpered. “Don’t tease, that’s mean! Touch me!”

Rarity panted, then took a deep breath, and moved forward, her tail flicking about excitedly. “I would love to,” she said, licking her lips, heart pounding. Then, she stopped talking, and closed her lips on a quivering feather, and gave it a little tug.

“Unhh!” moaned Derpy, her whole body shuddering.

Rarity’s eyes were wild. She did it again, and her adorable pegasus jerked and shook like she’d been struck by lightning—and Rarity trembled, in turn, as if she could feel every delicious tremor—and then she could wait no longer.

Rarity tilted her head decorously, lowered it, opened her mouth, and grasped the base of Derpy’s wing firmly between her teeth.

“Haaaahhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Aaaaahhhh!”

The reaction was immediate. Derpy heaved great hyperventilating breaths, like in-drawn screams, her head arching back in either shock or ecstacy—possibly quite a lot of both. Rarity had seen that before, seen a pony so galvanized by a scene that they nearly exploded with the force of their erotic reaction. The stroking she’d done before had brought Derpy off wonderfully, but this struck her on a whole different level. Rarity moaned through her teeth, imagining vividly what it had to be like for Derpy. The yearning, virginal pegasus, seized for the first time by the wing, gasping incredulously as her body kicked into action. Her insides churning to life, gushing with the fluids of mating, turgid with expectancy, delivering to the womb her first egg. That feeling, alien but akin to taking a first horngasm… snug dark places deep inside her pony belly, suddenly preparing to be impregnated by what her body insisted must surely be a glorious hulking stallion…

Derpy Hooves was shaking, panting, as Rarity sensuously gnawed on her wing shank. Her gaze had gone totally sideways in both directions as her body flooded her with new urgencies. Then she blinked, still shaking all over, feeling like her head was going to explode. And not just her head—something else was making demands, too, louder and louder.

“…do it…” she managed.

“Rrrmmm?” said Rarity, with a mouthful of wing.

“Penis me!”

Rarity’s eyes widened. “Mmm!”

“…do it, do it, do it, oh Rarity oh please I don’t even care, DO IT…”

Rarity released her wing. Derpy trembled, her tail flicking madly and her pussy winking as Rarity inspected her nethers. She was in a mood Rarity recognized at a glance and thought of as ‘blow me away, plow-horse’: standing well braced and shaking like a leaf, her pussy gaping wetly and so relaxed that it felt like molten jelly to the hoof. Derpy’s vagina winked a frantic semaphore, clit jutting forth outrageously. Rarity licked it, and got a frantic wail and a trickle of mare ooze for her pains.

“Oh, lovely, darling!” cried Rarity in admiration.

Derpy turned her head, eyes frantic, and squealed with her ears laid back—and Rarity heaved herself up, mounting that bubbly pegasus rump, her horn shining out as the magic bit soared through the air toward her.

Derpy began to shriek breathlessly, over and over, as the bit clinked in Rarity’s teeth.

“Tr’st me,” ordered Rarity, and her hips swung forward, and there was an almighty juicy squelch—and everything froze into stillness.

The sensation was beyond belief. Rarity’s eyes crossed with sheer pleasure. So slick, so enfolding, so damn firm and tight…

Derpy’s eyes went totally straight, and she stared into infinity, unable to breathe for a moment, stunned senseless by the erotic impact of Rarity’s massive horsecock abruptly splitting her.

Rarity reeled, shook, forced herself to use words. “…Derpy?”

Derpy heaved in a harrowing, deep breath, and vented it in a wailing, visceral cry.


Rarity teared up with relief, and hugged Derpy’s body with her forelegs, though something about the situation was nagging at her. Derpy’s firm rump squeezed at the sides of her bulky shaft, and that was a delicious sensation too, and that too brought up some sort of memory. And then, Derpy cried out again, and Rarity’s heart nearly stopped.

“Push it deeper, please!” begged Derpy, as if it was a matter of life or death.

Rarity had said that once, word for word, except she’d added one more word: “Daddy”.

Derpy squealed, trying to shove back against Rarity’s monster phallus, and Rarity gulped and tried to get her bearings. She was in a double exposure again. Cautiously, she shifted her hips, and the swollen horsecock slid a little further into Derpy’s juicy tightness, and her new lover shuddered and let out a moan Rarity would never forget. It spoke of utter, sheer pleasure. Derpy’s virgin pussy was crazy tight, but she’d been worked up to such a pitch that there was nothing ambiguous about her experience.

Rarity knew that was possible, even for a first time with an oversized cock, if you were in a state of unbearable arousal and had been turned to a quivering gooey puddle inside, by oral sex… because she had experienced the exact same thing, on that wonderful, terrible night.

She bit her lip, and cautiously tugged her magic cock a few inches out, trembling as she felt Derpy clenching eagerly against it, felt Derpy’s ass wriggling and squirming around her penetrating shaft: she didn’t want to get carried away, felt the experience should be about Derpy’s pleasure, tried to keep a level head. The double exposure haunted her still: Daddy, too, had begun just that cautiously. But he hadn’t stayed that way for long, and she was going to be different, for Derpy…

Derpy let out a shuddering wail, her body writhing in transports of intense pleasure, and Rarity whimpered and felt her hips instinctively shove forward, like her body was trying to double up and plunge incautiously to Derpy’s depths.

Derpy gasped, tensing. The sensations on Rarity’s cock redoubled, and she tried to pull back out, and Derpy screamed joyously as the thick horsecock slid against all her inner surfaces and she banged a forehoof on the floor, her body swaying as Rarity held her, and her wings were quiveringly erect against Rarity’s face and before Rarity could think, she’d followed that withdrawal with another deep, instinctual thrust, even though she was trying to moderate her actions and stay in control.

Derpy was panting, tossing her head like she was reeling drunk, staggering and setting her hooves well apart and bracing herself. Her lovely bottom shoved backwards against Rarity’s crotch, and Rarity felt that delicious pegasus pussy clench down like it was trying to jerk her off and Rarity’s body doubled again, going along with the motions but not to follow them, going opposite to Derpy’s excited shoves and plunging the huge stallionhood urgently deep into Derpy’s quivering vagina, and Rarity tried to get a grip as Derpy heaved another hyperventilating breath…

Rarity’s ears were split by the most beautiful, wanton shriek of mare pleasure she’d ever imagined, and Derpy’s body convulsed under her, going berserk on her hapless swollen stallionhood, gushing with a slippery elixir that she could hear spurting out between them and splashing to the floor, and Rarity’s vision went red and white and something primal and dark took her with a grip that could not be denied.

Derpy couldn’t stop screaming in ecstacy, because even as she began to come harder than she’d ever come before, her wonderful Rarity went mad and began snarling and hunching and shoving that oversized cock all the way into her again and again, stuffing Derpy squelchingly, gushingly full, swelling to pelvis-creakingly alarming bulk, and Derpy was exploding so hard with come that she didn’t even care and she screamed herself hoarse and…

Rarity went totally motionless, and the double exposure in her mind did just the same. She wasn’t trying to mimic him, didn’t want to, but she’d rushed up to the brink of a frighteningly huge orgasm, and in her memory she felt him hesitate and go horribly stiff in exactly the same way, felt Derpy go rigid with shock just as she once had.

Rarity gave one pitiful whimper, and that too was an echo, a double exposure.

Rarity’s whole body shook, as she came and blasted a brutal gush of stallion-seed deep inside Derpy’s body, and Derpy’s hoarse shriek of release hung in the air just as young Rarity’s once had. And Rarity could feel the climax smash into Derpy’s psyche, delivering a peak she would be hard pressed ever to match, that huge throbbing stallion cock pumping come into her virgin pussy and drenching her womb for the very first time ever, making her Rarity’s mare and flooding her completely with Rarity’s seed until it spurted and gushed out the edges.

And Rarity gave an anguished little sob, still in double exposure, just as he had… and magic spurted out of her horn, to spill harmlessly over the floor.

She hadn’t been able to hold any of it back, even the horngasm. She just adored Derpy too damn much.

Once she’d committed to the act, it had sucked her under and buried her in animal passion, right down to the final moment. It was more powerful than either of them. If Derpy had been unhappy, had resisted, if Derpy didn’t love her so intensely, if she had not loved Derpy so much in return, she would surely have been able to hold back—but she’d gone up like tinder in the inferno of their mingled lust and love.

Tears welled in Rarity’s eyes. That made it twice, now. Both times, she had been mad with desire, but also full of adoration—devotion. She knew in her bones it was true—and she knew something else, at last. She knew Daddy hadn’t arced with her on purpose. He had done what she asked, because he loved her, and because he was a lusty foolish horse too and wanted her fillyish body just as badly as she wanted his. He did not set out to make her pregnant, and might have hoped to restrain himself, to a point. But at the end neither pony could resist, any more than fire could freeze, because they’d loved and wanted each other beyond caution or wisdom.

As Rarity forgave him for their shared folly, she quietly forgave herself, too.

Derpy wobbled. “Gonna… fall over…” she managed. At that, Rarity spit the bit out, and the massive horsecock shrank out of Derpy with another filthy squelch, followed by a gush of stallioncome that poured out of her vagina only to vanish before it hit the floor. Some of it stayed, because quite a lot of the mingled fluids had been Derpy’s. Rarity dismounted, staggering, and coaxed Derpy toward the bed. Derpy barely made it before collapsing in a feathery heap. As she sprawled onto the soft mattress she melted against it in bliss, gazing up at Rarity with wide, worshipful eyes… just like Rarity, filly womb full of pony come, had gazed up lovingly at Daddy’s guilty face, the night before her perfect world ended.

Double exposure—but it would be different now, totally different. To forgive was not to condone: she would not return to the well of sins, didn’t need to. She could be Derpy’s mate without shame. Nothing prevented her from openly loving Derpy Hooves, and nothing prevented Derpy from loving her back, and they were allowed to share their bodies with each other. She had escaped Pony Hell at last.

Rarity joined Derpy in bed, and snuggled up against Derpy’s trembling, fevered form, her sapphire eyes glowing with a love that was strangely confident, a confidence she had never felt before.

No… that wasn’t true. Double exposure, even then. It echoed that first naive, devoted, doomed love she’d clung to for years.

But this one, she could keep.

“Rarity,” said Derpy, her voice trembling with awe and wonder.

“Yes,” said Rarity, simply. “Yes.”

“Mine,” breathed Derpy.