Rainbow Dash strutted across Applejack’s bedroom. Applejack stared.

“Ain’t that a mite uncomfortable, sugar? It’s so… tight.”

Dash’s trim body was sheathed in a form-fitting dark grey jumpsuit, with only her face, tail and wings showing. It turned her ears to kitty ears—and seemed to have turned her into a superhero, at least in her vivid imagination.

“Doesn’t it look great?” said Dash. She slunk back and forth, pressed low to the ground, then reared dramatically, kicking the air with her forehooves.

“Ya telling me Rainbow Dash dresses in style?”

“Rainbow Dash dresses for movement!” said Dash. “The material is fireproof. It’s magic-proof. It survives depths of 30 meters, and will stop fangs and teeth!”

Applejack’s jaw dropped. “It will?”

Dash drooped a bit. “No. But if I was in a Daring Do book, it would! Because that would be awesome!”

“Now hang on there, honey,” said Applejack. “You shouldn’t have to wear nothin’ magic-proof, ‘cos you shouldn’t be doin’ this in the first place! That bit thing is hers and there ain’t no way around it. Th’ first one you found—I reckon technic’ly even then it weren’t yours, it was Trixie’s—but this one, Twi made all by herself. It ain’t yours to take!”

“Taking, schmaking,” scoffed Dash. “We’re just borrowing it!”

“Well, it ain’t yours to borrow!” Applejack sighed. “I mean, it would be nice… but…”

Suddenly, Dash was right there, hugging her. “No. Listen. Yesterday, I watched you cry. That’s not supposed to happen—ever! It was because Twilight teased you about burning off your eyelashes. Remember?”

Applejack nodded, looking woebegone.

“I’m sorry to bring it up. Really. But she’s not letting you be a mare, and while I agree you make a dynamite stallion, maybe I just understand you a little better than that, okay?”

Applejack nodded again. “But…”

“No! No buts. I’ve never seen you so hurt. If Twilight won’t treat you like a mare—I will! I’m going to. We’ll put the bit right back when we’re done—or when I’m done with you! You say she fixed it?”

“Yep. She were real happy with herself about that. Good to see… I guess.”

“Leave it to me,” purred Rainbow Dash, smugly. “She’ll never know what hit her.”

“You ain’t gonna HIT her?”

“Figure of speech,” said Dash. Her expression darkened. “Mostly. I can’t believe she made you cry. And giggled at it. Somepony ought to hit her, for that.”

“Dashie, no! I’m sure she didn’t understand. I run out of there so fast, an’ I din’t start cryin’… until I saw you. I kinda busted open. Knowin’ you was there.”

Rainbow Dash hugged her lover again. “I’m always gonna be there. Except for when I shall brave danger and death to defend your honor.”

“Excuse me?” snapped Applejack. “Oh, no you don’t! If it’s dangerous, I refuse to let you.”

“Fine. I’ll brave Spike. Ya happy?”

Applejack sighed, with a smirk. “That sounds a lil’ more reasonable. Aw, darlin’. Must you? Can’t ya just let it lie?”

For answer, Rainbow Dash leaned forward and kissed Applejack, lingeringly.

“You’re not just my mare-friend, Applejack—you are my special princess, and no, I can’t let it lie. I would brave death if I had to. But I won’t have to, I only have to brave Spike…”

“And Twilight,” added Applejack.

“She’ll never know what happened. Not with Dash the cat burglar slinking in to liberate the bit and take it out for an afternoon’s play. I’ll put it back before she knows what happened. She usually wants fucking in the evenings, right?”

“Seems like it. What with the candlelight. And th’ pillows. It keeps gettin’ more complicated, Dashie, I cain’t keep up no more. I don’t know what she’s gonna think up next in that fizzin’ unicorn brain o’ hers, but I know I’ll have to live up to it.”

“I can have you more cheerful for it,” said Dash. She hesitated. “That is… if you still want Twi body sex? Forgive me for saying so, but it sounds like it kind of sucks now.”

Applejack sighed. “I guess I do. We gotta keep on her good side, so that maybe she’ll share like a reg’lar pony. I’m sure I’d complain if it weren’t for that. An’ it was my idea in th’ first place, wasn’t it?”

“I remember arguing you into it,” said Rainbow Dash. “It seems like everything was a lot simpler then. I just wanted her to be happy.”

“Oh, she’s happy,” groaned Applejack. “My poor back!”

“Leave this to me,” repeated Dash. “As far as your back goes—more back-rub?”

“Aw, you don’t have to do that…”

“Of course not. So come here, lie down before I have to bite you on the butt to make you behave. I have miles to go… well, into town and down Twi’s street, anyway… but before I go, I’m taking care of my mare some more. No arguments! Over here—thanks, best girl.”

Applejack lay down, and shivered with pleasure as Dash’s hooves worked over her back, with that irresistible forcefulness, sign of somepony who knew what it was like having your muscles so sore that you wanted them to be roughed up, to teach them a lesson. Applejack melted under Rainbow Dash’s massage, with grunts and oofs and little croons of relief, and Dash’s eyes melted as well, unseen to Applejack.

The adventures hadn’t begun—but the inspiration for them lay trembling beneath her hooves, warm and willing.

Dash whispered as if to herself, “I’m gonna get that thing for you, no matter what.”

At the library treehouse, Twilight Sparkle was making plans.

“You’re sure you want to come along, Trixie? I think I can handle asking Rarity about eyelashes.”

“Yes, Mistress. Do you have wire around here?”

“What for?” blinked Twilight, distracted.

“Material component,” said Trixie. “I need to dress up to go out.”

“You do? Uh, okay! The red lacquered box across from my bed has some. Spike, do you know if Rarity has a special name I should know about, for fake eyelashes?”

“I’m gonna make a wild guess and say it’s ‘fake eyelashes’.”

“Calling them fake isn’t polite!” protested Twilight. “I don’t want to offend her. She’s probably not going to be happy to see Trixie again, either, but she wants to come.”

“Mistress!” called Trixie, from upstairs. “May I use some of this doweling?”

“Yeah, sure!” called Twilight. A sound of twinkling magic usage drifted down from the loft. Twilight rolled her eyes. “Errrrh! What is she even doing?”

“Making jewelry?” suggested Spike. “You know, she’s still got some Trixie in her, even if it’s gone all weird now. She probably wants to dress up real fancy and try to impress Rarity.”

“Is that even possible?”

“I think it depends on whether Rarity wants to be impressed,” said Spike.

Twilight smirked. “I bet you an ice cream sundae that she can at least startle Rarity.”

“You’re on! I’m betting on Rarity. Of course.”

“Of course,” smirked Twilight. “Well, we’d better be going. Trixie, are you ready?”

“Yes, Mistress!” called Trixie. She sounded happy.

Another twinkle of magic filled the air, and Trixie descended the curving stairs, head held high. As she came into sight, Twilight and Spike saw why that was.

Trixie wore a strange contraption on her head. It resembled a bridle, but it was a framework of black doweling and wicked-looking inward-pointing spikes made from wire. They gleamed as they pressed her face. The bridle was attached to a glittering chain, also made of the wire, which ended in a handle also made from the doweling, a handle that could be held in the teeth. Trixie was levitating this, leading herself along by it.

Her eyes were radiantly happy.

Twilight and Spike stared, struck dumb by the spectacle, as Trixie stepped sedately past them. She rotated, presenting her unicorn rump, and Twilight’s jaw dropped further, while Spike recoiled, making ‘get away’ gestures and peeking through one dismayed eye at the sight. There was a pretty, gleaming chain dangling from between Trixie’s nipples, and just a hint of blood from where she’d pierced herself for the occasion.

Twilight Sparkle just blinked in disbelief, unable to speak.

Trixie rotated again to face Twilight, and levitated the leash’s handle courteously towards Twilight, and spoke.

“Trixie is ready!”

“Oh no,” breathed Twilight.

Trixie blinked. “The design doesn’t please Mistress? Black isn’t your color? Trixie thought of making it the pink shade in your mane and tail, but wasn’t sure if…”


Trixie’s lip quivered. “But… Trixie wishes everypony to see she has a new life and purpose now! She need not challenge those around her! Trixie belongs to somepony now!”

“NO!” yelled Twilight. “Take it off! All of it! Right away, before anypony sees!”

“I wish I hadn’t!” muttered Spike.


“How does this come loose?” snapped Twilight, her magic working at the fastenings of the bridle. “This is a hinge, right? Trixie, this is Ponyville! No way! Get that chain off, give it to me—unfasten it, don’t rip it off yourself, I don’t know how crazy you are now. You’re not to hurt your nipples further. Give it to me this instant!”

Trixie’s eyes filled with tears, as her magic joined with Twilight’s in removing all the gear she’d made for herself. The kinky bridle, the leash, the nipple-chain, all floated over to Twilight, who levitated them next to her and gave commands.

“You. Upstairs. Now!”

Sobbing, Trixie rushed up to Twilight’s loft and flounced into bed, and Twilight turned to Spike. “How to get rid of this, how to get rid of this…”

“Uh… throw it away?”

“But I can’t have it sitting there in the trash! It’s all… glittery!”

“Throw it in the trash and take out the trash?”

“But,” protested Twilight, “what if I threw it in the trash and took out the trash, and then when the trash is being taken to the dump, it fell off the wagon and the bag broke open, spilling this thing out into the street for everypony to see?”

Spike blinked. “Uhhh… right. Boy, that happens every other day, doesn’t it?”

“It’s not funny, Spike! What can I do, what can I do… I know! I’ll bury it deep in the Everfree Forest!”

“You could bury it deep in the dump…”

“But that could be even worse because what if I was carrying a sack with this stuff in it, and I tripped and fell and dropped the sack and everypony would see it but they’d see it was ME carrying it!”

“I hate when that happens,” offered Spike, rolling his eyes.

“Stop it! I’ll, I’ll… I’ll bury it in my own flowerbed, behind the tree. And put a ward on it. That’s what I’ll do.”

“Well, I guess you better go do that then!” said Spike.

“Are you crazy? I can’t be seen out there digging a hole, with this thing sitting right there next to me! I need you to go dig it.”

“Aw, Twilight! What, right now?”

“Right now, Spike! Even now, pegasuses might be peering through our windows!”

“They wouldn’t…” began Spike, and then thought about that for a moment. “Right. If I do that—do you promise to calm down?”

“I… I’ll try, Spike.”

“Okay. I’m going to go out and dig the hole for you. You stay here and guard Trixie’s crazy head thing in case it attacks anybody. I’ll be right back when I’m done.”

Twilight nodded. As Spike headed out, she called, “Dig a deep hole!”

“I’m on it!” called Spike, and vanished, muttering about ‘hot and cold running crazy unicorns’.

Twilight sat alone in the middle of her floor, her hooves covering Trixie’s awful creepy bridle thing and the little chain.

Her eyes glanced nervously this way and that, as if her familiar surroundings suddenly held monsters. Upstairs, Trixie sobbed, and Twilight felt a pang. She sure was doing a lousy job of healing Trixie’s mental problems. None of it made any sense. She longed for the comforting, stallionly presence of Applejack—just as soon as she covered up the traces of these weird, wrong things and pretended they had never existed. And, to be safe, also thought up some new things to interest her stallion, who’d seemed… bored with her? More uncomfortable? Twilight tried to put the thoughts out of her mind. Some things didn’t bear thinking about. Of course, those were the things you couldn’t stop thinking about.

It was terrible, being frightened, sitting there with ears perked and nerves jittering at the slightest sound. Spike seemed to be taking a terribly long time. Twilight realised she was hyperventilating, and had no sense of how time was passing anymore, and tried to pull herself together. It was gonna be okay, she insisted to herself. Nopony was going to know a thing…


“Gaahh!” screamed Twilight.

“Hey! Snap out of it! I finished digging the hole, okay? Stop staring into space and go do what you need to do!” said Spike.

“Oh! Right! I’m on it!” said Twilight, grabbing the creepy bondage stuff with her levitation, and trotting to the door, where she stood, peering out into the street.

Spike let out a mighty “Phew!”, thought for a moment, and headed up the stairs to the loft.

After studying the empty street for a while, Twilight gulped, and began tiptoeing around behind her treehouse, creeping through the bushes, constantly peering over her shoulder at the still-empty street, then glancing ahead to look for where the hole must be.

“If I know Spike… he picked that flower bed with the purple flowers, the new one… because the ground would be softer and easier to dig a hole in… aha! I knew it. There it is. Oh, hi, Rainbow Dash.”

Two pairs of pony eyes flew wide in terror and panic.

Two high-pitched screams rang out in unison.

Twilight fled past Dash towards her goal, the hole, and frantically flung her incriminating burden into it, and began kicking dirt into it with her hooves, too rattled to focus her magic.

Rainbow Dash fled past Twilight and up into the sky, but as she glanced back, she saw Twilight’s front door open, and her wings strained in a tight, acrobatic loop…

Upstairs in the loft, Spike nudged the sobbing Trixie.

“Hey. Uh… Don’t take it so hard. You’ve got to get used to working with Twilight… I mean, if you’re gonna be working with Twilight, I’m not sure I’d call what you were trying to do there, working…”

Downstairs, something whooshed through the door. Spike assumed it was Twilight returning, still in a typically hysterical state, and continued, ignoring it for the moment.

“What I mean is… okay, I’ve learned a few things about being able to trust the people that care about me, and if there’s anything I learned to spot, it’s when somebody is trying too hard. Like, Twilight’s always trying way too hard, don’t tell her I said that…”

Downstairs, Rainbow Dash forced herself not to pant and gasp. Spots swam before her eyes as she fought off the effects of the G-loading from her loop. She’d made it through the door with inches to spare, and barely stopped before she slammed into the bookshelf. There was nothing like crunch time for really tightening your game.

Dash looked around rapidly, scanning for the bit. It wasn’t in sight. She thought she heard Spike talking upstairs—couldn’t search there, not now, not without some plan to get him out of the way. But… first, what if Twilight had hidden it? It would be just like her, thought Dash. If I was a Twilight, where would I hide the magic bit?

Rainbow Dash realized she was staring at one of her favorite things—Twilight’s ‘Daring Do’ bookshelf—and one title was right in front of her.

‘Daring Do and the Staff of Titan’.

Dash fought to suppress a squee of delight, and snuck forward, tugging the book off the shelf with her teeth… and with a delicate clunk, something fell forward, something metallic and gleaming. Dash’s eyes lit up. Silently, she did a hoof-pump and a voiceless ‘yesss!’, and then she drew the bit off the shelf with her teeth. She grinned as she felt a certain appendage surge into existence—it felt twice as erect as ever, probably with triumph. It also created a massive bulge in the jumpsuit, like she was sporting another leg, and the fabric crushed it up against her belly, an uncomfortable but kinky sensation.

Dash pushed the book back into its place with a hoof, grinned around the magic bit, winked even though there was no admiring audience to be seen, and flew out the door, streaking like an arrow straight to Sweet Apple Acres.

As she disappeared in the distance, Twilight Sparkle trotted from behind the tree, a serious look on her face. She went inside, and headed straight up the stairs to her loft, calling, “Trixie?”


“Trixie, let’s talk. I want to help, and all I do is hurt you and hurt you…”

Spike looked at the determination in Twilight’s eyes, and stammered, “I.. I’ll talk to ya later, Trixie, it sounds like you two have a lot to talk about.”

“Thanks, Spike. Seriously, Trixie,” said Twilight, “I’ve got to come up with a way to cure you. This will not work.”

Trixie sniffled. “But Trixie does not need to be cured. Trixie only wishes to serve her Mistress.”

“And that’s another thing! I am not a mistress! I am a shy, girly unicorn filly who only wants to be with her stallion, and I do not appreciate this Mistress stuff!”


“Shut up!”

Trixie instantly fell silent, staring into those fierce violet eyes. Twilight meant business. Trixie’s resistance turned to nothing, and she waited helplessly for more words from her Mistress, whatever they might be.

“I don’t even like Fluttershy being submissive, much less you!”

Trixie gulped. “Did you hear a sob? Mistress?”

“Don’t you change the subject! And the worst part is, I don’t feel safe turning you out into the world in this condition! It’s a problem, Trixie. What are we gonna do with you?”

Rainbow Dash burst into Sweet Apple Acres, grinning, rearing playfully, and Applejack beamed at the sight of the massive bulge in Dash’s jumpsuit. “Ya did it!”

“Of course!”

“Did she see ya?”

“Nope! Well, yes. But not exactly!”

Applejack gasped. “She did see you? Oh, Dashie, I’m worried now! What if she comes after us? Like, with her eyes all lightin’ up scary and stuff like that?”

“No! I’m telling you, I’m totally completely almost sure she won’t! Now, brace yourself for a rainbow whirlwind, ‘cos I’m gonna…”

“Oh, we shouldn’a done it! Why didn’t I jes’ ask her, instead o’ this?”

Rainbow Dash regarded her lover skeptically. “Because she would have said no?”

“Um… yeah, that was th’ reason…”

“And because it’s wrong of her to deprive you, and force you to be something you don’t want to be?”

Applejack blinked. “It’s complicated. Uh… seein’ you all sexy an’ confident in that getup makes me want to jump you, so it ain’t like I don’t ever want to be that. Why do things got to be so complicated, Dashie?”

Rainbow Dash wriggled. The compliment, out of the blue, jolted her in a delicious way, and took her right back to that first time in the forest when she’d got Applejack to jump her and give her what her body frantically wanted. She pawed at the floor with a hoof. “Make up your mind! I gotta get out of this suit, I’m gonna take you right here…”

“Not here!” pleaded Applejack. “What if Twi comes? It’s the first place she’d look!”

Dash glanced around nervously. “Right. Upstairs, pony girl! I’ll take you in bed.”

Applejack scoffed, rolling her eyes. “That’s the first place Fluttershy would look!”

That got a laugh out of Rainbow Dash, though strangely it sounded like there was a sob somewhere within earshot, too. “Yeah, right! Horrible! …wait, I know! Remember, after we went and talked to Rarity that time?”

Applejack’s eyes lit up. “Y’all chased me up to the waterfall, an… ooooh.”

“Race you there again?”

Applejack licked her lips. “Whatcha gonna do if ya catch me… too early?”

Dash smirked irresistibly, waggling her eyebrows. “I’m gonna fuck you, sexy.”

“What, right in th’ street? In front of everypony?”

“Yeah. They’ll be so envious they will cry. They would do anything to mount such a gorgeous mare, but it’s gonna be ME thrusting that cock into you. In front of everypony.”

Applejack grinned back, eyes narrowed in a playful, wicked look that matched Dash’s. “Well, now, mighty fierce of ya, but whoa there—you can’t jes’ say that! You know you’ll have to do one thing for me first.”

Dash’s look broke from the naughty wickedness for a moment. “Huh? What?”

Applejack’s eye twinkled.

“Catch me.”

And she was gone, out the door, before the echo of the words had even died away, hooves galloping full tilt down the road.

Rainbow Dash let out a joyous “HA!” of a laugh, and then cursed—she’d dropped the bit on the floor, and her stallionhood had shrunk back and vanished, scrubbing against the fabric of her jumpsuit as it went! She cursed, dove to bite it off the floor, wincing again as the equine erection surged to life between belly and tight cloth, and she raced off in pursuit.

Her eyes were only on Applejack’s furiously galloping ass, in the distance, as she pounded through the streets, and at that moment she’d have gladly done just what she’d said—and Rainbow knew that Applejack would let her, from the look in her eye. She took flight, gaining even more speed, for nopony had said it was about running. AJ had only said ‘catch me’, after all.

Dash, filled with a craving for earth pony pussy, swooped forward, but Applejack glanced behind her, grinning, and dirt flew from under her hooves as she redoubled her efforts, impossibly staying ahead of her flying pegasus lover as she headed out of town, through the park, and up the path through Whitetail Woods toward the waterfall.

As they passed the road that led to the windmill by the brook, halfway to the waterfall, Applejack heard the sounds of pegasus flight growing louder, just behind her. Tail flying and head down, she sprinted for all she was worth, but gasped as she felt Dash’s forelegs close around her waist. For a moment, she thought of kicking, but she was going so fast she thought she might fall on her face if she threw off her balance like that—and part of her imagined Dashie swooping down and hilting in her even as she ran. That would be a guaranteed crash, she would fall for sure—but so fucking hot that she longed for it to happen anyhow.

Instead, she felt cloth scrub against her butt, and laughed, realizing that Dash was still in the jumpsuit!

Rainbow Dash cursed and lost her grip in the distraction, dropping behind a few feet and watching Applejack’s fine, pumping ass working as the earth pony sprinted onwards. The suggestion of a glint between her churning legs betrayed that she’d been ready to be caught. Dash raged at her own bad planning, her mind filled with wild fantasies of swooping down and seizing Applejack like some raptor, bearing her, impaled, into the sky. Instead she ate flying dirt as her pony lover charged onward, the goal in sight now.

As they reached the waterfall, Dash did plan B—she swooped forward and simply tackled Applejack, seizing her in an embrace and sending her flying in another way, and the two ponies tumbled together, rolling over and over until they came to a rest across from the waterfall, hugging and giggling like mad ponies.

“Ya got me!” laughed Applejack. They lay in a heap, heads to tails, panting.

“Rar!” grinned Dash, and dove facefirst between Applejack’s legs, licking and suckling, which produced a breathless shriek.

Applejack nuzzled between Dash’s legs, face rubbing Dash’s crotch blissfully through the cloth. “Hey, babe, the dick’s gone!”

“When I tackled ya I dropped it. Otherwise how would I do this?” said Dash, and ran her tongue all over Applejack’s aroused clit.

“Uhhhh, Dashie!” moaned Applejack. “Oh, babe! You know what that makes me wanna do?”

“Get fucked?” suggested Dash, still panting.

Applejack shook her head. “You’re hot down here! Musta been all that runnin’. Your pussy is so fine, sugar, and you lick real girly for such a rough an’ tumble pony. It seems like a long time since I done buried myself in your treasure. We kin do both, right?”

“We’re gonna do everything!” declared Rainbow. “But we better do it quick!”

“Right,” said Applejack. “My darlin’, I cannot wait to feel you in me, but this is how much I love you—your reward for catchin’ me is, you get it first!”

Rainbow Dash’s ears went to the sides in puzzlement. “But… what if I want to hump you like a crazypony until you fall right over?” Then she squeaked, for Applejack had nipped her butt playfully.

“Then that is y’alls punishment, for not catchin’ me earlier!”

Rainbow needed no further persuading. The whirling yin-yang of hers and Applejack’s sexuality snapped into focus again, and what had been a dizzying urge to plunge a magically-induced stallionhood into her beloved, flipped and became a fierce craving to be penetrated. Somehow, it was all the same—it all became one wild fantasy of firm, athletic bodies, juicy mare-pussies, stiff shafts and passionate clinging embraces, and it seemed not to matter who was playing what, only that she was with her love, both had their blood up in wild excitement, and their bodies were about to be joined, every which way.

Applejack had run off, scouting through the grass, and grunted—and when she turned, her head was high, and that fabulous, masculine cock jutted forth under her belly proudly. She trotted over, her steps high and bouncy and her tail flicking in excitement.

“Y’ need to t’ke them clothes off R’T now sug’r…”

Rainbow Dash wriggled in the grass, and Applejack got harder just watching it. Dashie tried to tug the jumpsuit off a foreleg, doubled over, got tangled getting the other foreleg free, and her hindleg kicked cutely in frustration, her wings flapping against the grass.

“Dawww…” chuckled Applejack.

Dash’s response was an infuriated shriek, and she doubled over again, wings thrashing and forelegs kicking as she seemingly bit at her tail. Cloth stretched, and ripped, and in moments Dash had sprung to her hooves, facing away from Applejack, wings flaring out boldly. She looked back at her lover and squealed. She’d ripped a hole in her jumpsuit so Applejack could get at her, and peeking out from the stretched gray fabric was a little area of blue pegasus, a blue clit jutting forth eagerly under a winking, dripping Dash-pussy.

Applejack’s eyes widened as she looked at her little hellion, whose rainbow mane was disheveled from her exertions, whose body was tight and firm and quivering with eagerness, whose wings arched up as if grasping at the sky even while her hooves planted her firmly against the forcible thrusting she plainly longed to feel.

And then, Applejack was on her, forelegs wrapping that little pegasus body with loving hunger, and Dash’s breathing stopped for a moment as she waited.

She heard Applejack’s breath, huffed through clenched teeth, and it seemed the earth pony was up to something, shifting and resettling her hooves, concentrating, also waiting.

When Rainbow Dash felt Applejack’s hard-on against her frantic marehood, she realized what had happened. Applejack had taken a moment to focus and arouse herself further. Dash could feel her heart pounding, and Dash’s did as well, because the horse cock pushing against her entrance was flared out mercilessly. Applejack wasn’t holding back in the slightest in one sense. She trusted her slutty pegasus to be able to cope with just about anything—but in another sense, Applejack held back just to savor every delicious, filthy moment.

Gently, steadily, the bulky stallionhood pressed blunt and hard against Dash’s treasure, tucked between her slickened labia, and started to wedge her open and pry its way into her body. It was one of those moments where you had to get past the wedge with a good shove, but Applejack wasn’t doing it that way. She was going slow, like the tightening of a winch, irresistible and sedate.

Rainbow’s eyes were wide, and she bit her lip, then banged a forehoof on the ground and squealed as the pressure built. It escalated to an unbearable peak, where her pussy felt like a metal band creaking against the intolerable task of confining the swelling load—and Applejack hesitated, at the worst or best possible moment, as Dash banged her hoof on the ground again—and then the flare was past Dash’s worst tautness, and ready to pop in deeper from no more than the squeezing Dash was giving it.

Applejack was on top of that, too.

As it began to slip further into Rainbow, the stallionhood was pushed farther still by Applejack’s dexterous hips. She’d pivoted right where Twilight’s pillow arrangement had taught her to pivot, her back bending in a slightly new way, and with the slight improvement in posture came a big change in effect.

Applejack effortlessly sank to the hilt inside Rainbow, plunging to her depths in a single thrust.

“GYAAAAAHHHH!” shrieked Rainbow Dash, her legs shaking violently as her pussy tried to handle the throbbing bulk of Applejack—and then orgasm came down on her like a hoof to the head.

Applejack marveled, adoringly, giving careful little nudges to her buried stallionhood. Dashie’s sounds were beyond belief. She seemed to cling to the ground with all four wide-spaced hooves, shuddering and howling her orgiastic cries as her climax shook her lean body. She alternated between harsh, gutsy shrieks like one being sexually tormented beyond endurance—and breathy fillyish squeaks of ecstacy. Applejack moved more and more gently, nuzzling into Rainbow’s mane as she shook, because the more gently she moved within her lover, the sweeter the fillyish cries became.

She’d already delivered the intensity Dash craved, and more—and now her reward was to soar upwards with Dash in a delicious arc, holding her close as the delight grew and peaked, smelling her mane fresh with the exertion of their mad race, nuzzling against that mane’s delicate pale-blue undercoat that most never knew existed—her precious, two-hat-wearin’, dick-growin’, un-shakeable, there-through-everythin’, tough-as-horseshoes, tender-as-violets, beloved pony girl.

Applejack was hardly even nudging anymore, but Dashie kept on crying out, sweeter and sweeter, because Applejack was beginning to throb, going painfully stiff. It was crazy, felt like she was fixing to explode not just the usual way—Applejack had to squeeze her eyes shut, and rode out the last seconds of it with her teeth gritted, because she felt erect beyond endurance, on fire—sunk to the hilt in her adored Rainbow Dash, who squealed with pleasure as the pressure inside her built, and gripped against Applejack as if arm-wrestling with her vag against the ruthless hardness of Applejack’s swollen cock.

Applejack screamed as she came. She couldn’t help it. Her scream overlapped a paint-peeling shriek from Dashie, as the ecstatic pegasus felt Applejack gush come into her with a physical thump as it splashed against her insides—but Dash’s joy lasted only a moment.

Applejack was still screaming, but it’d changed—and something was on fire, flaring and spewing sparks, behind Dash’s head.

She twisted in panic and caught a glimpse of Applejack’s terrified eye, somewhere behind what seemed like a small star that’d come out of the sky and was burning inside Applejack’s mouth. Dash whirled, and she was able to for the magic cock had somehow gone, and she batted at Applejack’s mouth with her hooves, squealing, “Drop it!”

Applejack did, but there was so little left that it didn’t even reach the ground. It fizzed into sparks and acrid smoke, which blew away on the wind, and Dash and Applejack stared at each other in a sudden silence after the crescendo of moans and screams, as a cricket chirped off in the forest and the waterfall splashed on beside them.

“Ow…” whimpered Applejack, and her mouth looked burned and red.

“Boss!” sobbed Rainbow Dash, and rushed to her side, rearing to hug her, guiding her towards the brook. “Come on, AJ, right now, here’s the water, rinse your mouth, quick, over here baby, that’s it…”

Applejack dipped her head, and drank, spitting out the first water with its burnt-tin taste of magic discharge, and then filling her mouth. Dash watched. The water was cool, and it helped. When she lifted her head to look at Dash again, her eyes swam with tears, and her mouth still looked red.

“Consarn stupid fuckin’ magic piece o’ SHIT!” she sobbed.

Dash’s eyes filled, and she rushed to embrace her lover. “Oh, Boss! I’m so sorry!”

“Drat it! Naw, don’t take on so, sugarcube…”

“But you’re hurt! I thought you said she fixed that!”

“That’s what she said! Them things were blowin’ up from too much love, th’ new ones. It happened with Twi, and then this very one, it din’t happen that time, and now all of a sudden it… it…”

Applejack stared into Dash’s eyes, those ruby pools of concern and adoration. She had a funny feeling it was like looking in a sort of mirror—and as Dash stared back into Applejack’s eyes, her lip started to quiver, her ears perked, her pupils grew into inky pools of worshipfulness and a wobbly smile of utter joy crept onto her little face.

Rainbow Dash looked down first, blushing—and playfully thumped Applejack on the shoulder with her forehoof with a smirk.

“Yeah. We fucked up!”

“Yep,” smiled Applejack.

“I want to kick the shit out of that thing for burning you,” added Dash.

“Ya can’t. It’s gone…” said Applejack, and then, realizing what she was saying, her face fell, and kept falling.

She wasn’t going to get her turn. She’d given Rainbow Dash the one chance they’d had. And…

Rainbow Dash’s face fell, as she shared the same train of thought.

She wasn’t going to be able to sneak the bit back to its hiding place behind the ‘Daring Do and the Staff of Titan’ book, and they were in real trouble.

Applejack gulped. “I reckon… it’s time to go home?”

Rainbow Dash stepped closer and kissed Applejack’s burned mouth, her eyes closing as she did. A tear dripped from one.

“C’mon, Boss. Let’s go find something to put on that burn. Then we can talk about who’s gonna tell Twilight. I say me, since I stole it.”

“Oh no!” said Applejack. “Never! I’ll do that. Can’t face it today, we’ll sleep on it an’ I’ll go talk to her in th’ morning. She’s probably gonna pitch a fit. It better be me, on account of I think I can get away with more, with her.”

“You’re probably right. I don’t like it, though. You already got burned out of this, now you have to go face Twilight when it was my idea?”

“It was worth it,” said Applejack. “I don’t mind it so much. Even th’ burn. It ain’t that bad now.”

“I can’t stand it—it’s not fair. It should have been me. I’d give anything to go back and do that over.”

“I’ll say!” chuckled Applejack reminiscently.

Dash punched her lover in the shoulder again, playfully. “Not like that! I mean, yes like that, but you should’ve gotten the dicking. Maybe if it was me, the thing wouldn’t have…” She trailed off, realizing what she was saying.

“What’s that, sugar? Them things were blowin’ up from love. You reckon you coulda fucked me and got away unscathed?”

Dash stammered. “Well, come on. You know me. I fuck everypony, or try to. I’m good at it! I know I have a reputation. Plus, listen to me give you a hard time! I’m complaining, I tackled you to the ground, I’m rude and overbearing and arrogant and…”

She was silenced with a kiss.

“Y’all protest too much, I’m thinkin’. Thank goodness it WAS me, then.”

“Yeah?” challenged Dash, trotting with pugnacious little steps. “Why?”

Applejack’s eye was affectionate and wise as it took in her fiery pegasus mate.

“Cos you love me even worse’n I love you. Thing woulda took your head clean off when it went, and you know it.”

Rainbow Dash glared at nothing, her chin high, for a moment. Then she peeked to the side at Applejack—and then, her head was nuzzling under Applejack’s chin, her coltish body rubbing against her.

“Yeah,” admitted Rainbow Dash, and they continued on their way.

“You’re hurting my head, Trixie. Stop it.”

Trixie gazed pleadingly at Twilight. “But… nopony else could ever deserve to be Trixie’s Mistress, Twilight Sparkle. Trixie will do whatever she can to appease Mistress, but please do not send Trixie away! Trixie will do anything, anything!”

“I don’t get it,” said Twilight. “I told you, I’m not a mistress. You jockeyed me into doing stuff that’s seriously wrong and now you’ve got some idea that I’m a bondage pony? Trixie, I am a shy mare! I’m a pony of books and study, I get bashful just talking to other ponies, and you think I’m some kind of powerful character?”

Trixie thought of Twilight levitating an entire Ursa Minor—and said nothing.

“All I want is to have you leave me alone, and to be with my stallion—who happens to be a mare, but you are in no position to sneer at that—so I can let him be strong and masterful for me, and I can be the nice simple pony girl I know he loves!”

Trixie thought of Twilight arranging all those pillows and candles to command the scene, of Twilight controlling Applejack and keeping her from going upstairs.

Trixie thought of Twilight, unexpectedly rising to the bait, forcing her will upon Trixie and going straight past the limitations Trixie had thought she had, just because she’d refused to let Trixie defeat her, even on her own ground. Trixie thought of Twilight’s submission to Applejack’s stallion-ness, the sound of her voice as she was mated, a song of ecstatic surrender. Trixie thought of the contrast between this fascinating, this entrancing complexity, and the pitiful and uninteresting myth of the ‘nice simple pony girl’ that Twilight apparently believed herself to be.

Trixie said nothing.

“Do you even understand me, Trixie? You tuned out for a minute there.”

“Trixie understands you,” breathed Trixie.

“Why do you have to keep doing that? I hate when you use third person about yourself. Something about it really bothers me. Explain. You keep doing it like you can’t even stop yourself, and you know I don’t like it.”

Trixie gulped, and lowered her eyes. “Trixie… sorry. I… found, many years ago, that I was… too much. Too greedy, too hungry… too intelligent… it is a curse, Twilight Sparkle… and my powers did not help me. They led me to grief. I would not talk this way except you wish it—I am uncomfortable. When I say I, it reminds me of when I seized my own bridle and led myself to despair. I cannot Mistress myself, Twilight. I cannot trust myself. Even now, I cannot please you, when I would lay down my life to do so… when I say ‘Trixie’, it makes me feel that I answer to someone or something, and I can use my powers as best I can, but I am not the Mistress and I am glad of it.”

Twilight’s lip quivered, as if the little speech had hit her on a level she hadn’t expected.

Trixie looked up. “I do understand your feelings, Twilight Sparkle, and that is why I have not asked you this directly, but hedged around the subject as long as I dared. I know you are trying to help me, but you didn’t know everything about why I act the way I do. Even when I did not have a Mistress, I acted as if somewhere there was one, and I was empty inside, anchorless until I found her. Everything I touch, I taint and ruin—as long as I am ‘I’, as long as I have no anchor, as long as I am not someone’s ‘Trixie’ to direct.”

Twilight’s eyes were very wide, and her mouth had dropped open, either in awe or horror.

Trixie gulped again, and dared to ask the question whose answer she would obey, whether it led to her despair or redemption.

“Please, please, may Trixie speak of herself the way she wishes? Trixie cannot be healed and be happy without abandoning the self. Trixie’s self-will is simply too powerful and will lead her to destruction. Trixie will work with you on building a better Trixie… but it will be soooo much harder with the burden of self.”

Twilight blinked, and bit her lip, as Trixie hung waiting for an answer, her eyes wide and defenseless.

“We’ve gotta work on that. You should be in control of your own life,” said Twilight. “Where would I be if I wasn’t in control of my own life? Who would I be if I wasn’t able to say who my self was, and trust that?”

Trixie thought of the ‘nice simple pony girl’ lie again, and waited for her answer.

“All right. Fine! I will never understand your point of view, Trixie. Never! But you’ve explained a lot, and I’m convinced you’ve thought it through. Maybe it’s even true, for you! Yes, you may. I am not a Mistress! But while you are here, you can call yourself ‘Trixie’.”

Trixie heaved a huge sigh of relief, her face wreathed in a wobbly, vulnerable smile.

“And you can pretend you don’t have a self, if you want—we’ve got to work on that, you need to be master of your fate or there’s something wrong with you! But while we work on that, believe what you like. You’ve got a really weird world-view, Trixie.”

“Trixie knows,” said Trixie, humbly.

“I swear, I want to give you a cookie for some reason, now. It feels like you’ve made some kind of breakthrough, or at least a big effort. That must have cost you something. Tea, I’ll make you a cup of tea. Would you like a cup of tea, Trixie?”

“Yes, yes! Trixie would love a cup of tea! May Trixie make you a cup of tea and one for herself, then?”

“Oh no! Nope. You are going to sit right there, and I will make you your tea, and I will bring it to you, because you’ve done something good… or, well, you’ve done something, at any rate! It’s nice to see you this happy, when I first met you I would never have believed you had this in you. It all makes sense in a totally insane way. Uh, no offense?”

Trixie just smiled—and obediently waited for her Mistress, as instructed.

Twilight rose, and walked downstairs, feeling strangely pleased. It actually sounded like a good idea, making herself a cup of tea as well. She more than suspected she would get a really interesting conversation about self-hood and the nature of identity out of Trixie, and it would be a pleasing afternoon, before the visit from her stallion in the evening. It seemed as if, unlike the hapless Trixie, she was finally starting to really get control of her life.

Distracted, she walked past her Daring Do bookshelf without looking at it closely. There were no gaps in the books, and they were still as neat as they were when she’d carefully straightened them, which she’d taken great pains over, because they concealed a special secret.

They still did, but it was a different secret.

‘Daring Do and the Staff of Titan’ was now shelved upside down.