When The Levee Breaks

Twilight gawked at her Princess and mentor, as if Celestia had gone quite mad.

“S… so,” stammered Celestia, “we can be sure our faithful student will not judge us harshly for, ah, for the teacher learning from her pupil…”

“No,” said Twilight Sparkle.

“I am sorry, but yes. And I would hope, nay, expect your sympathy…”

“No,” repeated Twilight, without moving.

The habits of privilege and royalty did not slumber long.

“Twilight Sparkle!” declaimed Princess Celestia, angrily, still flaming red. “We require your loyalty and support in this most difficult situation! Whatever is the matter with you?” She flared her nostrils, and bared her teeth.

Twilight cowered back, having never seen her Princess so outraged. Even enchanting a doll and turning Ponyville on its head didn’t compare. Her wings flapped in dismay and panic, and then she answered the Princess’s question.

“You deserve so much better than this horribleness! Princess, there’s COME on your face!”

Princess Celestia’s heart pounded within her massive chest. Her teeth gritted—in part because her jaw, and all the rest of her, was tense with anxiety and troubling thoughts. She tossed her scintillating mane, and felt that part of it was stuck together.

“And that is not the specter of sensation that yet haunts my innocent tongue!” she raged. “We would like thy help, oh formerly-faithful student! This has not been an easy day!”

Twilight was wobbling, her eyes wide in horror. “You DRANK his come?”

“No!” yelled Celestia. “We did not say that! We… I… Twilight, I was licking Chaos’s breasts if you must know, and it has shaken me up to a degree I can scarcely credit, and if you could just…”

Twilight made a piteous squeal of despair, still unable to look away. She gulped, and she spoke.

“Don’t! Discord is evil, and we can’t risk losing you, Princess. He makes you do bad things. I’m sorry, but he is evil through and through, and you have to let him go. Forever!”

Princess Celestia, her head still spinning with the sensations of Chaos’s elegant body shuddering in orgasm inches from her face, the delicate and fascinating taste of Chaos’s dainty breasts on her tongue, her psyche still racked with shame… for she’d already judged Chaos bitterly and had her assumptions flung in her face, and then she couldn’t help but notice how threatened Chaos had saved her earth pony lover before herself… Princess Celestia reacted to Twilight’s pronouncement with a petulance she’d rarely displayed.

She stamped the ground, eyes flashing, and then whirled, turning her back on Twilight with another stamp of a hind hoof and lifting her chin high in contempt, a shudder rippling through her at the contrast between the ravishing loveliness of Chaos, and Twilight Sparkle’s exasperating, unhelpful attitude.

Behind her, Twilight made a strangled choking sound, and that was when Princess Celestia realized she’d also lifted her tail high to match her chin… and Celestia froze for a second, asking herself if she had really done what she thought she might have just done.

Her body was still worked up, the contact with Chaos’s sensuous flesh and that stud-muffin of an earth pony had her excited, she could smell the scent of his come and Chaos’s juices and their mingled arousal—yet for herself, Celestia had experienced nothing but tension and frustration. Chaos had got off, hugely. Crowbar had gushed come into Chaos so copiously that it’d spilled across the grass and bits of Celly which got in the way. Celestia had been left so aroused and unrelieved, that the whirl and petulant flounce she’d done served to jolt a molten alicorn marehood that hadn’t been so much as touched. And so…

Princess Celestia stared at nothing, stunned, trying to tell herself she had not just winked in poor Twilight’s face.

Slowly, she turned her head, peering around at her faithful young student.

Twilight’s ears were back. Her eyes were filled with a weird and distressing horror, like she’d witnessed something forbidden to happen, like a waterfall falling up or fluffy bunnies sinking deadly fangs into prey or Ponyville turning to savagery.

Or, perhaps, like she’d just ogled Princess Celestia’s alabaster vulva and found it not chaste and snugly folded as usual, but with pouting tender vaginal lips glowing in delicious pink health, sheened with the nectar of the Gods, a glistening drop revealed in the warm darkness of Celestia’s secret flesh.

…only to be projected outwards into the fresh Ponyville air, upon a bulky mare clitoris that poked out wilfully even as the quivering globes of vast alicorn ass still jiggled from her whirl and flounce.

Celestia followed Twilight’s gaze lower, and felt the breeze stir her erect nipples, visible between her tall and statuesque legs.

Their eyes met, again.

Twilight shook her head, and just whinnied her dismay, wordlessly. She seemed to be wavering back and forth, as if torn between the desire to flee, and the desire to charge forward and bury her head in her Princess’s nethers. Twilight’s wings flapped convulsively, and then began to stand more and more erect…

Celestia thought she could not blush worse… or be more fed up with the state of affairs. She whirled again, confronting Twilight.

“We had hoped for SYMPATHY! Not… not… rrrgghh!”

Twilight Sparkle shivered all over, visibly wobbling on her hooves, shying away but unable to break her entranced stare. Her gaze pleaded, but it was far from clear what it pleaded for. She licked her lips with a little pink tongue, tried to smile, laid her ears back, lashed her tail, and all the while her wings went ever stiffer, even as Princess Celestia gritted her teeth and glared.

Swirlie didn’t dither and fuss, thought Celestia. Swirlie was maddening and rude but fully adult, not some demented adolescent alicorn.

“That will do,” stated Celestia. “You are dismissed. Go calm yourself.”

Twilight Sparkle made a fillyish little squeal, shaking worse, utterly unable to cope.

“We said that will DO!” roared Princess Celestia, lunging forward and stamping both forehooves, her wings flaring out to either side.

Twilight shrieked, and took off like a startled quail, scrabbling her way into the sky with half-cramped, awkward wings, her legs flailing as if she sought to run straight up the empty air. Behind her, she vaguely heard Celestia crying out, “And come back when you can talk sense! And have a proper sympathy for the plight of… of… oh, Tartarus!”

Princess Celestia glowered. She was old enough to recognize a mess when she’d made one. She stamped the ground again, and then settled down herself, to grumpily meditate. Twilight wasn’t the only alicorn needing to be calmed.

That was two apologies owed Twilight, then. One for not understanding the mare thing and being difficult over Twilight’s Trixie, and one for traumatizing the poor baby and breaking her cute little brain.

And, one apology owed Chaos. Though her way of loving was difficult to comprehend, there was no question that it was sincere. Sometimes sudden impulsive acts revealed a lot. Indeed, was it not very Starswirl-like to expose her before the Canterlot nobles? It had seemed the height of intentional cruelty, but Starswirl was a terrible show-off and gloried in ego pursuits such as ambitious lovemaking. Chaos, too, had showed exactly that trait, scant minutes ago: goading on Crowbar to be more extreme. Could Swirlie have meant the disgrace as a form of happy boasting, with no intention to harm or shame his Princess?

And then, he’d… no, SHE had demonstrated nobility with Crowbar. Swirlie WAS gone. Chaos was female, and it seemed to be doing her a world of good. She’d been taking care of that earth pony, if Celestia was any judge. His mane looked groomed. She could as easily have turned him to a potted plant, or abandoned him to his fate, but he looked healthy and happy. And the accusation that Celestia was turning Crowbar over willingly to a wicked pony… that stung. It hadn’t hurt Chaos, for she knew she was keeping faith with her brief mortal lover. It stung Celestia that she had so grievously misjudged her old amour, who’d been doing some growing up, it appeared.

Celestia’s eyes softened, and she gazed off into space.

Perhaps Chaos would let her apologize… with her tongue. She wondered what that would be like. She could always ask…

She winced. Asking Twilight wasn’t going to be an option anytime soon. And those apologies were not going to be made the same way she proposed to apologize to Chaos, but all the same, they would happen… in time.

Time healed many things. One learned that over the centuries.

Twilight flew madly on, weeping, her wings cramping up. They hurt. So did her shame, and so did her heart.

She didn’t stop until she reached her tree-house, and she landed with a clunk of hooves on the balcony, looking frantically around. Nopony came to greet her, and no dragon. Twilight made no complaint about that, for she wasn’t sure how she’d even react.


Twilight dropped behind the railing, where it wasn’t so easy for passersby to see her, and curled up in a ball, shaking. She tried to wrap her wings around herself and hide her face, then whimpered for the contact sent jolts of arousal through her body, and the shame hit her even worse. She curled up tighter and used her wings to cover herself, regardless of the feelings that caused, because she had to hide herself and perhaps never show her face again. It would never stop blushing, ever. She’d been terrifyingly close to doing unthinkable things with the royal person, and the Princess had obviously noticed—and acted.

She could still see that creamy alabaster mound, the virginal pink of the Princess’s private parts. She could just about smell it, and that was not the Celestia she knew. It wasn’t the Celestia she needed. And Celestia didn’t need or want her either, obviously, what with the shouting and chasing her away in a rage. Celestia hated her! All over that horrible monster Discord, in the equally horrible form of Chaos…

Twilight desperately tried not to picture her beloved mentor bowing down to lick Chaos’s awful little breasts. How did such a thing even happen? How did she have come on her face? Was it from the earth pony? It had to be. Chaos couldn’t have grown a cock without a magic bit. What on Equestria had happened? The world had gone mad!

No, no, no, no…

Twilight curled up tighter, rocking back and forth, trying to cling to the Celestia she knew. When had everything gone so wrong? The terrible day when she’d become an alicorn, perhaps? Twilight remembered the events like it was yesterday—though as centuries and millenia passed, maybe she would forget. Or maybe she would forget all the things she loved, and remember only Celestia’s dismay as the magic seized her and turned her into a sort of overpowered monster.

How should it have happened?

Twilight desperately imagined a serene, peaceful Alicornspace fit for a Celestia, the Celestia she knew and loved. Filled, perhaps, with visions of moments from her own life, passing by like floating pictures hanging in the air. Instead of being wrenched from a terrible scene of violence and confusion, she might appear in this space and merely be puzzled, curious. She might ask, where am I? What is this place?

And then there had been Discord’s mocking presence, his sarcastic call of “Congratulations, Twilight, I knew you could do it!”…

No. Not him, even if he really was female and another alicorn like herself.

Instead, Twilight imagined Princess Celestia greeting her with the same words… but meant lovingly. She’d never said anything of the sort, Twilight knew. She’d begged the fates on behalf of her student, “Not like this. Please, not like this,” but Twilight had been seized and changed by the magic anyhow. She’d told Twilight, “Breathe out, try to relax.” And then, as the transformation began, Princess Celestia had broken down and sobbed, “Oh, my little Twilight! Baby!”

She’d sure changed her mind about that.

Twilight shuddered, screwing her eyes shut against the tears. No! Too much pain, too much betrayal, that world could not be! She had to repress the memory of it, had to imagine something she could live with, for she would be living through eternity with those thoughts and feelings.

Desperately, Twilight began to construct a world for herself, one that was right, one that would never hurt her.

She pictured Princess Celestia gazing lovingly upon her, in that mysterious floating space, untroubled and serene. And saying… what? Saying… “You did something today that’s never been done before. Something even a great unicorn like Starswirl the Bearded was not able to do, because he did not understand friendship like you do. The lessons you’ve learned here in Ponyville have taught you well. You have proven that you’re ready, Twilight.”

Yes, that seemed right. Twilight clung to the fantasy, making it real inside her mind, especially the snipe against Starswirl the Bearded, whom she now knew as Discord or Chaos. Princess Celestia could not love that monster. The Princess had to love HER. Twilight racked her tortured brain, weeping, trying to find solace in a world that had turned intractably hostile. In her mind, her fantasy Celestia smiled upon her and began to sing, though Twilight had not heard the Princess sing before. Yet it was beautiful, heart-meltingly beautiful.

“You’ve come… such a long, long way…”

Twilight bawled shamelessly, a huddled lump of shivering wings, rocking back and forth as she fantasized a world of nurturing safety, free of sex and death and serious danger, a world that could enfold her and shut out all the bad things forever. And the song went on, verse after verse, in her mind.

“Mistress?” called Trixie Lulamoon.

“…and all the ways you’ve made me proud of you…” sang Twilight, to herself, weeping.

Trixie looked out onto the balcony, and her jaw dropped in horror.


“It’s time now,” sang Twilight tearfully, “for a new change to come…”

Trixie charged out, heart pounding, shaking her beloved Twilight. “Mistress! What’s happening? Are you okay? But you’re not, Trixie sees—you’re not okay at all!”

All the newest Princess could do was look up at her. Twilight’s mind was spinning, a double exposure of everypony she knew, both as she knew them and their fantasy versions inside her head. The bustling, physical, lusty realities of her lovers and friends lay alongside the snug, safe, chaste versions of everypony she’d just dreamed up. Somehow, those were the same, somehow they were every bit as real…

Trixie kissed her, hard, on the muzzle.

Twilight blinked, her ear giving a twitch as her mind tried to process it all.

“Speak to me, Mistress!” begged the blue unicorn. “Speak to Trixie! What happened?”

“Princess Celestia made me go away!”


“Because she’s fucking Discord!” wailed Twilight, and curled up in a despairing ponyball again.

Trixie boggled at the news. Really? About time, she thought. That big haughty monstrosity would be greatly improved by a good dicking, or possibly a whipping, and she’d been screwing up poor Twilight’s head for long enough. The question was, whether the shock of discovery had been too great.

She considered, again, for she’d been hasty. That wasn’t fair, was it? Celestia had still come to her rescue in her worst extremity. Not only that, she’d sought Trixie’s advice on what to do with dark Princess Luna, and she did not have to do that. And if she was indeed shaking off that stuffiness and living a little, Trixie couldn’t fault her for it. Trixie was a little proud of her, in fact, though startled that she’d chosen Discord out of all the possible ponies and creatures that could be parting her royal folds. There was no accounting for tastes!

But how could she tell Twilight this? How could she bridge the gap and talk sense to her own Princess, who got worse and worse by the day, and was now hysterical with grief that Celestia had cast her aside? Trixie’s expression darkened. That did rate a whipping, damn it. How dare she turn against Twilight? Some Princess this Celestia was! Fair-weather royalty, and what use was that?

She bent down, nuzzling Twilight’s mane with caution and delicacy. “Mistress? Please speak to Trixie, Mistress?”

“She’s like… my real Mom…” sobbed Twilight.

Trixie made a face, and through raw willpower forced herself not to reply, ‘I can prove your real Mom got fucked too, at least once!’. She shook herself, and leaned in, whispering in Twilight’s ear as gently as she could. “It’s okay, Mistress. It’s okay. Everything will be all right.”

“Says who?” retorted Twilight tearfully.

“Trixie says so,” replied Trixie stubbornly. “Will it help if Trixie spanks Mistress into shape? Stop this hysteria right away! Trixie is sorry if you and Big Snobby had a tiff, but she is not worth this type of caterwauling!”

At this, Twilight lifted her head, and turned tear-drenched eyes toward her mate and lover. “What did you say?”

“Or,” added Trixie hastily, “if Mistress would prefer to work out her feelings by spanking Trixie instead, or perhaps some whipping or screaming abuse while Trixie grovels, that would be very exciting—I mean, good! Trixie means that would be just as good, if you wish it!”

Twilight stared at her. “What are you saying? Oh, sweet Celestia, what are you suggesting?”

“Anything you wish, Mistress! Trixie only wants you to be well again!”

“How am I not WELL? Apart from me dealing with turning into an alicorn, and my teacher getting perverted by a horrible embodiment of randomness and cruelty! The world’s gone to Tartarus and you say I’m the one that’s not well?”

Trixie grovelled. “Sorry! Punish Trixie! You’ll feel much better if you just punish Trixie!”

Twilight stared at her mad, masochistic lover, and the double-image persecuted her again. On the one hoof it was the Trixie who’d found a way to her troubled heart, who fired her loins and fascinated her mind and owned her very soul—and on the other hoof, she saw a demented, manipulative unicorn mare tirelessly contriving to stir up trouble. Even in her fantasy world of pony goodness, Trixie mocked and refused to fit or cooperate. Twilight saw the gleam of intelligence in Trixie’s eye even as she abased herself before her Mistress. It had always entranced and delighted her, but now…

“Did you say Big Snobby?” said Twilight, wiping her eyes.

Trixie gasped, in fear or anticipatory pleasure or both. “Mistress?”

“We’ve talked about Princess Celestia before,” said Twilight. “She saved your butt once to my certain knowledge, and you have no idea how much she’s sacrificed to protect us all, and even though you fall all over yourself to obey me, you don’t ever really show the Princess a proper respect…”

Trixie wriggled, that gleam in her eye. She thought she could see where things were heading. “But, Mistress…”

Twilight squirmed as well. Trixie’s shenanigans were all too familiar. A part of her, worked up to fever pitch by ogling Celestia’s nethers, screamed for release with a terrifyingly overwhelming force. Another part begged for all those overly-adult things to just go away, begged to be able to go back to a simpler time when her worst challenge was thamaturgical exams and her worst fear magic kindergarten. She longed for some point of synthesis. She groped, reached out for it in her tottering mind.

“I mean,” said Twilight, “there’s a time and a place for everything! It all plays its role. Fine, so you’re a kinky girl and like being dirty, but even you have to admit that it’s important for all ponies to be able to look up to Princess Celestia as a role model and a force for good…”

Trixie snapped.

“She is a big fat snob pretending to be so righteous, and nothing but a whorse in the end!” raged Trixie. “She has probably been screwing this Discord all along and laughing at you! Trixie hopes he fucked her up her big white arse! She would probably like it, Trixie’s known that type in the Fillydelphia clubs and they are always the wildest! Trixie wishes she could watch!”

“STOP it!” shrieked Twilight.

“No!” yelled Trixie. “Mistress needs to hear the truth! Your infuriating obsession with that big fake has gone on long enough!”

Twilight was shaking again. “Listen. You want truth, huh? Princess Celestia is all things good and she leads and guides us… well, except now it’s my job to lead, but everything that’s good about me I got from Princess Celestia, and I won’t stand here and listen to you call her a fake!”

“She is!” insisted Trixie. “She is just another pony like you and me, but with huge wings and more magic—not some symbol of virtue! Even if she is kind, and Trixie grants you she can be nice, she is nowhere near as chaste as Mistress pretends! Did you see Discord fucking her or not? Huh?”


“Then,” challenged Trixie, “what did Mistress see to bring on this madness?”

Twilight’s eyes were haunted. “There was come on her face…”

Trixie let out a little squee of delight, bouncing cutely where she stood, and Twilight’s expression darkened further.

“No!” she snarled. “Not ‘eeee!’ because she was upset and it’s not nice and Princess Celestia isn’t supposed to be degraded! That’s… well, that’s your job or something! Sweet Celestia, how did we let things go so far?”

“And Rarity’s!” retorted Trixie. “Girl is frustrated these days because she’s dating the wall-eyed pegasus and the foolish creature won’t beat her or anything! Rarity’s needs to submit go quite unmet—though she tells me she is still selling lots of spurs and bridles to all Ponyville, how do you like that?”

“Derpy’s probably good for Rarity! She looks so much happier, maybe she can stop making and selling sex gear and devote herself to her art, how do YOU like THAT?”

Trixie pouted. “Girl’s art IS submission and degradation. She is also a dominant of rare ability and wisdom. Mistress, what has turned you away from the life we lead? There was a time that you defied Princess Celestia herself for me. Trixie would die for you, Mistress, but suddenly that does not mean as much as it once did?”

Twilight jolted, visibly. “No. You mustn’t die. But you’ve got to shape up. We’ve gone too far. We all have! How are we going to get back?”

“Too far how?” demanded Trixie, noting the condition in Twilight’s statement. Shape up?

“Ponies shouldn’t act like this,” muttered Twilight, turning a deeper purple. “All this running around, fucking, licking, growing magic dicks. Growing wings, going crazy, blowing things up with horngasm. It’s not okay and it’s gross and nopony told me life was going to be like this when I was a filly. I studied and read books and my Princess protected me and I never, ever, felt compelled to do weird gross things with my body. And she would never…” She choked, unable to continue.

Trixie’s ears perked forward, attentively. She flicked her tail. “Mistress? Did she do something? Is that what brought all this on?”

Twilight trembled. She didn’t want to meet Trixie’s eye. “Don’t want to tell you.”

“Trixie could guess? She was sucking Discord’s cock and he came all over her face. And she liked it.”


“Very well, then, she…”

“Don’t make up horrible things!” wailed Twilight. She sniffled, and added, “Not about Princess Celestia.”

Trixie studied her impossible beloved, and frowned. “Mistress, tell Trixie what the Princess did to so upset you. She had come on her face, and you say she sent you away. What has she done to hurt you so badly and ruin your image of her?”

Twilight bit her lip. “She… she got mad and stamped her hoof and yelled at me. And she turned around, and stomped a rear hoof and lifted her tail and she w… w…”

Trixie’s jaw dropped.

“…winked at me,” admitted Twilight. Her wings were standing up again. “I could see everything. I can still see it, even now. It was incredible, amazing. And she saw me staring and got even madder and…”

“Sweet Celestia,” breathed Trixie, marvelling.

“Don’t be sarcastic!” squealed Twilight, shaking. “Don’t you dare!”

“Trixie wasn’t, for once!” replied Trixie, hastily. “Not in the least! Oh, Mistress. Now it becomes clearer! Oh, poor Mistress…”

“How do we make all of this go away?” begged Twilight. “I can’t stand it. I can still see her in my mind. Winking. D… dripping. It’s so yucky and gross when it’s her, but I can’t stop thinking about it and I… augh!”

Trixie had tackled her, and was hugging her fiercely. “Mistress! Calm down, breathe! Trixie promises it will be all right, just calm your mind and we can work on accepting things!”

“I CAN’T!” screamed Twilight. The energy inside her was fearsome, and her body jittered in Trixie’s embrace. The energy visibly crackled across her body, tickling her mate, who didn’t let go.

Trixie glared into her eyes. “That is because you are experiencing adolescence, and growth is flooding you with hormones you don’t want to accept either! Cadance told me all about it, and she did even more shocking things when she was transforming, to vent her libido! We have had this conversation, Mistress!”

“Well, how do you suggest I stop thinking about Princess Celestia’s vagina, huh? Got any bright ideas about that, gross pervert-pony?” demanded Twilight in tearful rage.

Trixie set her jaw. “Trixie has. Trixie insists Mistress devote herself to TRIXIE’S vagina, which she is allowed to glut herself upon, until she is drained and can think more clearly. Right now! To bed! Trixie has laid in more sandbags and is ready for anything!”

Twilight glared, and stuck out her lower lip defiantly. “It’s gross. Ponies shouldn’t have to be gross. I should be powerful enough to not have to be gross,” she said. The pouting lower lip quivered. “Princess Celestia shouldn’t have to be gross.”

Trixie kissed her, cautiously. “Trixie doesn’t mind. Trixie loves you.”

“I should be able to just use my willpower and not need to do this kind of stuff if I don’t want to. Why did I even start? It was okay until it started affecting Princess Celestia but now all of it seems horrible.”

“You started even before you became an alicorn,” said Trixie firmly. “Remember? You’re a grown mare and you have needs. As an alicorn, you are being affected by the same growth spurt that’s making you taller and your neck more long and elegant…”

“I don’t WANT to be taller!” wailed Twilight.

“You will become as beautiful as your Princess Celestia,” continued Trixie, “and… as sensual. You will be an adult in the full power of that adulthood, and it will get easier in time.”

Twilight pouted tearfully.

“Now, come upstairs. Trixie could get a release out of you merely by massaging these wings. They must hurt again, they’re so stiff. Please, please, PLEASE let Trixie help you.”

“What if I refuse?” retorted Twilight, petulant.

Trixie bared her teeth. “Then Trixie will drag you to bed by the primary feathers, and you’ll probably take out half of the house in the process. No refusing! Mistress SHALL come and be helped. …to come.”

Twilight’s body had jolted at the mention of being dragged by the primary feathers. She whimpered, her eyes glazing over. She cast a resentful look at her mate, but she got up and began to trudge in from the balcony, sullenly.

Trixie followed behind, feeling helpless.

“Sister!” cried Princess Luna, joyfully.

“Luna!” called Celestia, soaring graciously toward the palace parapet. “A fond meeting, my sister! And what is the occasion? Dear me, you have a small crowd accompanying you!” She landed and began trotting toward her beloved friends.

“Did Twilight find you?” cried Rainbow Dash, flying up eagerly with a spontaneous loop-de-loop.

Princess Celestia stumbled, and Luna’s eyes widened.

“Ah…” replied Celestia, “indeed she did, Rainbow. Did you send her? Mayhap it were no great boon to the newest Princess.”

Rainbow blinked. “Huh?”

The language wasn’t strange to Princess Luna, though it was startling coming from Celestia. Something had rattled her to the point that her easy and natural interaction with her little ponies had stiffened up, gone stilted. Luna trotted forward, reared, and hugged her sister tightly, and Celestia didn’t resist or object, and the mortal mares present all fell quiet, even Northern Spy.

“What has transpired with Princess Twilight, dear sister?” asked Luna gravely.

Celestia gulped. “I have scolded her, sister. Though, in fairness, she hast scolded me too, most unreasonably.”

“Yep!” said Applejack. “That’s Twi all over. Don’t you worry, Princess. Beggin’ your pardon, Lyra, but we got a saying about unicorn crazy.”

“And what,” sniffed Lyra, “might this saying be, fl… earth pony?”

Applejack blinked. “Uhhh… actually, that was kinda it right there? ‘Unicorn crazy’. I’m mostly thinkin’ of our Twilight, mind you.”

“Is there a saying about pegasuses?” challenged Rainbow Dash, pawing the ground with her little hoof as if about to charge her mate.

“Yep,” said Applejack.


“But I can’t say it in front of th’ children,” admitted Applejack. Dash snorted with laughter and Lyra giggled, smirking.

Princess Celestia let out a relieved sigh. “Oh, my ponies. I take it I have not interrupted a tense diplomatic meeting? With Lyra and Applejack at war, and Rainbow Dash harrying both in aerial attack?”

Lyra’s eyes widened. “No! No, no, not at all! Applejack is best flat-head!” She trotted over and hugged Applejack.

“And Lyra is best unicorn crazy!” squeaked Rainbow Dash, pouncing and hugging Lyra in turn. Northern Spy, not to be left out, hugged Dash’s hind leg.

“Me, crazy?” objected Lyra.

Dash smirked. “Look at your horn, genius!”

Lyra’s eyes shot up to where the end of her horn was burned away, and then she blushed a weird color, red battling her natural luminous spring green. “Oh. Right.”

“I was there when you got it,” teased Dash. “Unicorns messing around with Princesses is totally crazy. She blew you right off the bed, cutie! But it makes me wish I was a unicorn. And now you’re all kinds of pregnant, and our family is gonna help YOUR family learn to be a family. How’s that grab ya?”

Lyra, blushing madly, lit up with a smile—speechless with happiness.

A tear came to Princess Celestia’s eye. “Oh, my ponies. May all of us grow to be as loving and accepting as you have grown to be.” She twitched. “Indeed, I have specific ponies in mind for this needed growth, not least myself. It is most awkward.”

Applejack blinked, looking up at her. “Say what, Princess? You need to git more loving and accepting? Come again?”

Celestia snorted. “Indeed! Rather!” She began to color, a blush sneaking onto her face.

Rainbow Dash stared hard at her, and began to grin. “No way. Oh, no way. How come you didn’t raise the sun from here, Princess? We were all waiting for you.”

Celestia jerked. “Oh! I do apologize, Rainbow, it was rather complicated. I…”

“HOW complicated?” pressed Rainbow, grinning. “What were you doing, out all night? Does it have anything to do with the fireworks I saw a little while ago?”

“Fireworks?” stammered Celestia.

“Lyra saw it, and I was at cloud level in two seconds FLAT to get a better look,” teased Rainbow Dash. “It looked like a special kind of fireworks. Like when a unicorn is very, very happy with her special somepony. Only… more. A lot more. Was that you?”

Celestia’s eyes were very wide. She told the truth. “No! It was Chaos, Rainbow. But yes, she was very happy right then.”

Luna was staring in amazement. Dash, predictably, pressed on. “What MADE her so happy, hmmm?”

Princess Celestia gulped. “I think it must have been me licking her breasts.” Her ear flicked. “They’re very nice little breasts, you know.”

Four pony jaws dropped, and Northern Spy looked thoroughly confused.

Rainbow began grinning madly, and Applejack followed suit. Luna’s eyes widened and widened, a look of wonder and awe filling them.

“YES!” squeaked Rainbow, capering. “Score! I always knew you had it in you!”

“Dear sister!” cried Luna. “There will be peace? You have settled your differences, ‘twere some sort of misunderstanding?”

Celestia nodded, blushing bright. “Yes! Yes, I think it were naught but misunderstanding.” Her ears laid back. “At least, I hope we can make amends and resume courting again. I judged Chaos too harshly for what happened, and in truth I cannot believe she meant me harm. Things were just… difficult. But I hope we have made some small steps towards reconciliation.”

Applejack blinked. “Small steps? You reckon you two ain’t made amends yet, Princess? After that? Dang!”

Rainbow laughed, prodding the blushing Princess with a hoof. “Trust me! I bet you have nothing to worry about. Massive squirting orgasms on the end of a loving tongue make for GREAT apologies! Works every time!” She squeaked, for Applejack had cuffed her. “Hey! You should know!”

“Massive squirding,” chirped Northern Spy, “Mastiff squirting organzums, massive…” She frowned, trying to make sense of the long sentence. “Great ‘pologies?”

“Oh,” said Blue Mom, blushing. “Oopsie.”

Luna was gazing upon her sister, earnestly. “You shall find love! Oh, sister, it is thy deep kindness and tireless beneficence that guided the very land around us, that taught generations of ponies to become the lively and endearing creatures we are so grateful to know. Of course Chaos will respond to the same message. We are in awe at how quickly you have worked through your travail!”

Rainbow snickered. “She’s learning things from us, just like we’re learning from her! Our Princess can soften up her sweetie in ten minutes flat!” She winked at Celestia. “I can give you pointers on how to do it faster, if you want.”

“Oh, Dashie,” sighed Applejack indulgently.

“Sooooo, how many licks did it take to get… ow, hey! Applejack!”

Princess Celestia snorted with laughter. “Some things must remain a mystery, my little pony! My dear, sweet… heh… enthusiastic little ponies.” She blinked, at a thought. “Though, indeed, there may still be something you can give me, Rainbow Dash.”

Dash grinned, sticking her chest out proudly, wings rising. “You know it! Princess tested and unicorn approved, that’s m… ow! Applejaaaack!”

“Scuse me!” said Applejack, stifling her indefatigable mate and sitting on her. “Got us a consarned pegasus problem all up in this palace. Now then! Before she all jumps to conclusions, did you actually mean you’re fixin’ to have foals like Miss Luna done, or was you talkin’ about something else?”

“It is possible that you, Applejack, are the one I should be asking,” said Celestia.

“Do it!” urged Dash, cheerfully. “It’s totally awesome, you’ll be glad you did…”

“Sh!” snapped Applejack. She smiled at Princess Celestia. “Scuse us. All this excitement makes my family giddy but there ain’t no harm in it. Princess, we’ll do anything you like. What do you need?”

Celestia set her jaw. “Applejack, I believe the course of my reconciliation with Chaos would be best charted… if I borrowed a certain item you and Rainbow possess. I refer to… a magic bit.”

Applejack’s eyes went wide. “Dang! Of course, Princess. Anytime. You jes’ come round and we’ll fix you up.”

Princess Luna gasped. “But, sister, Lyra and I would… would…”

Celestia had hit her with a cranky glare. Applejack glanced between them, and her mouth curled into a wry smile.

“For all your mighty alicornin’,” she said, “there’s some things you ain’t thought of, Princess Luna.” She turned to Celestia. “All righty then! One bit comin’ up, guaranteed that it ain’t been in the mouth of your own little sister or nothin’ like that. Y’all gonna have to tolerate a history of earth pony an’ pegasus use, mind you, but it seems like that won’t stop ya.”

Rainbow Dash was thinking. “Yeah yeah, it’s cool, but why do you have to come out to Sweet Apple Acres for it? I guess I can see why you don’t want to share Luna’s, but I happen to know Trixie and Twilight have one, and…”

“We would further request,” said Celestia hastily, “that you not tell Princess Twilight about this yet.”

The ponies fell silent, looking at her.

Applejack nodded, slowly. “Yep,” she said. “Unicorn crazy. Ah reckon that’s best, sure enough.” The look in her eyes was alarmed, experienced… and serious.

Rainbow Dash’s eyes were as wide as Northern Spy’s, as she read her mate’s mood. She nodded. “Gosh. Sure, Princess. We promise.”

“Give us time,” said Celestia gravely. “Some things take time. Sadness can transpire from undue haste.”

Rainbow almost made a quip about ‘undue’ haste, but the graveness of Applejack’s and Celestia’s expressions took the words right out of the irrepressible pegasus’s mouth.

Fortunately, hugs were still welcome, and she had plenty of those to give.

“Quickly!” urged Trixie Lulamoon. “Mistress, you are wobbling! We’ve let it go too long again!”

Twilight Sparkle snarled. “I’m fine, Trixie!”

“No,” argued Trixie. “You are forever trying to get out of this, as if you don’t even like it anymore, and when you don’t vent your sexual urges you get twitchy and cranky and have wing cramps! Trixie is sorry if your body demands too much of you, but it certainly does not demand too much of Trixie! Into bed, Mistress, your energies are once more pent up and require venting!”

“Since when did you become the alicorn expert?” grumbled Twilight.

“Since I got one,” answered Trixie Lulamoon, simply. She blinked. “In fact, Trixie has had to deal with two lust-maddened alicorns, and you were not the first, Mistress. Have you forgotten the acts of Luna?”

Twilight gritted her teeth. “Are you comparing me to Nightmare Moon, now?”

“No!” squeaked Trixie, taken aback. “Trixie only meant that your power, your need, is truly great!”

This wasn’t news to Twilight. She felt the energies coursing through her body. As she approached her bed, once such an innocent cozy place, now host to unthinkable debaucheries, Twilight bitterly contemplated her fate. “And you love it, don’t you?”

She turned, to see Trixie gazing at her worshipfully, drinking in every tremble of wing and shiver of lean, alicorn flank.

“Yes,” said Trixie Lulamoon. “Trixie loves you forever, no matter what happens to you. Trixie bought some more sandbags, look, see? Now, lie down with your horn facing the sandbags. Trixie needs to make her Mistress come.”

For a moment, Twilight’s mind was torn agonizingly. The part of her that had rebelled against Celestia’s debaucheries rose up clamouring for an end to all the creepy sexual madness, the kinkiness, the horrible loss of innocence that forced her to understand things painful and awkward. It screamed out, begging for another way to be.

And as desperate its pleading, it was swamped and sucked under by a blood-hot wave of raw instinctive lust that flooded Twilight, knowing how pent-up and aroused she was, knowing the absolute truth of Trixie’s devotion, knowing that Trixie was about to do exactly what she claimed and pleasure her beloved Twilight until she screamed and blasted sandbags to ruin through harrowing, shattering, impossibly intense orgasm.

It was the sheer animalistic savagery of it that so horrified Twilight. She’d been getting so carnal that she hardly dared face Princess Celestia anymore, and Trixie shared that harsh, shameful secret, privy to realities that should not be. And yet… who else could say that, who else concealed shocking secrets?

The come on Celestia’s face. The look in her eyes, trapped, exposed. The whirling in petulance, and… those silky, slickened feverish walls, so beautiful, so needy…

Twilight’s legs wobbled even worse, as a vicious surge of carnal hunger flooded her nethers. She winked, hard, blinded with the desperate urge to ravage and penetrate, her reservations dissolving as they always did…

“Lie down, my Princess!” called Trixie.

Twilight’s eyes were wild, frantic. “No,” she hissed, lashing her tail excitedly.

Trixie squeaked, cringing a little. “Please! Trixie really must…”

“You FIRST!” cried Twilight Sparkle, her face in a hideous grin… and she pounced.

Trixie shrieked in delight as her wild, winged lover bowled her over and sprawled her onto the bed. She writhed, and then squealed because Twilight had latched onto her crotch like a lamprey, suckling fiercely at her marehood and twiddling her clitoris with the end of a clever and well-practiced tongue.

Twilight snarled with pleasure, biting the inside of Trixie’s thigh, then returning to her wanton vagina-suckling with Trixie’s thighs squeezing eagerly against her ears. Trixie shrieked again and again, slamming her head into the pillow with her eyes screwed shut. She began to squirm, her body shuddering and shaking, and while she wasn’t watching…

Trixie’s eyes flew open in shock, and she looked down across her fevered body, to see an expanse of mane and some ears. She couldn’t see much else. She couldn’t see an alicorn horn. But she could sure feel one, because Twilight in her erotic frenzy had lowered her head and thrust her elongated horn up Trixie’s vag. Trixie’s eyes went wider in sheer terror at her dreadful vulnerability. Twilight could blow her apart!

Immediately, Trixie Lulamoon began to come like she’d never come before.

She emitted tortured squalls and lusty squeals, and from her horn gushed a torrent of magic that splayed all across the wall, twisting around as if trying to make a vital connection between the essence of Trixie’s magic and the horn of her lover. But that horn wasn’t out in the open air, it was pressing deeper and deeper into Trixie’s vagina. And just when Trixie thought it was over and the top of Twilight’s beloved head shoved against her vulva, butting her between the legs like some maddened bull, her orgasm got kicked into a higher gear when Twilight began wrenching her head around, yanking that hard bony horn inside Trixie’s spasming pussy even as Trixie squirted from both ends, spraying marejuice against Twilight’s mane and magic against Twilight’s bedroom wall.

Twilight yanked her head free, her mane stringy and wet, fire in her eyes. The magic bit flashed across the room like a fired arrow, and she snapped it out of the air with a sharp metallic clang, and her unnatural mare’s ponycock shot forward like a tower of vengeance—and even as Trixie squealed and gushed magic, Twilight Sparkle was upon her, seizing her in a fierce greedy grasp and shoving that cock deeply into her.

Trixie screamed hoarsely, ravaged like nothing she’d ever experienced, like Twilight wasn’t even Twilight anymore but some lustful, crazed monster. She gazed, stricken, up at her savage lover. She emitted piteous cries as Twilight’s reddened eyes glared ravenously down at her and Twilight’s stiffened cock jabbed to her depths, and Trixie Lulamoon came and came and came, her voice failing, her body the willing prey of a force of nature beyond any civilized measure. Her tail thrashed beneath Twilight’s thrusting hips, her movements gave way to spastic convulsive writhings, and all the while she never closed her eyes, never broke the gaze shared with her lover turned devourer.

Trixie Lulamoon’s eyes spoke of ultimate surrender.

Twilight snarled, and spurted magic-induced horsecome into Trixie’s womb.

Trixie’s mouth opened in a silent cry, of torment or ecstacy or both, and her horn ran dry, the unicorn horngasm ceasing.

Twilight’s face was locked in a terrifying bestial grin. She stared Trixie down, seeing that her horn’s release was drained, making absolutely sure, seeing the desperation and inability in Trixie’s eyes, and at the moment of Trixie’s greatest helpless longing, Twilight screwed her eyes shut and let go, not even caring about the sandbags, just blasting the shit out of the bedstead and wall behind it, her horngasm an inferno of magical force reflected in Trixie’s wildly dilated eyes…

Trixie Lulamoon made an anguished little noise, grimaced, strained with everything she had.

One more little spurt of magic lit Trixie’s horn, and the tiniest spark of it touched the open air.

Twilight’s release twisted and slammed into Trixie Lulamoon with the force of a thousand lightning bolts all made of unicorn sex magic.

She knew instantly what had happened. Time stopped, right then. Twilight’s eyes flew open, and even that seemed to be happening in horribly slow motion, straining to lift the heavy eyelids, revealing the sight of her beloved Trixie on fire like never before, incandescent, mouth open in a soundless scream, eyes blazing light everywhere, the light even coming out of her nostrils, crackling off her blue pony hooves and the connection was solid and Twilight’s massive alicorn orgasm was going directly into Trixie and burning her up fast.

It wasn’t even in the space of a breath. Twilight’s heart thumped, heavily, as the torrent of magical force wrenched from her horn continued to earth itself directly into Trixie as if there was no other place it could ever go. Trixie saw nothing, her mind and body so completely stuffed with magic that her whole existence was a searing inferno of ecstatic incineration. Twilight, her mind racing crazily so that the blink of an eye seemed to take hours, saw everything: most of all she saw Trixie’s lovely blue horn burning away like a sandcastle under a mighty wave. It was the only thing protecting Trixie from instant death, and far from being eroded, it was being obliterated.

Even while Twilight’s eyes blinked open, the flood of magic devoured Trixie’s horn. Three quarters, half, one quarter, one eighth, in the wink of an eye…

Twilight’s entire psyche convulsed in an impossible, agonizing spasm of raw willpower.

The flood of magic cut off, smashing against psychic barriers, stuffing up Twilight’s mind with unbearable pressure, trapped behind her wild staring eyes, unable to get out of the horn that smoked and steamed, burning hot, boiling off the juices from Trixie’s pussy.

Trixie lay limp and unseeing, with no horn left on her head at all.

Twilight was frozen, looming above her. At length, she realized she was still gripping the bit in her teeth, still penetrating Trixie. Her brain seemed to be filled with lava, except she couldn’t properly feel the agony of it: something was wrong with her somehow. But then, nopony had ever shut off a unicorn horngasm in mid-flow. It was impossible.

Trixie wasn’t moving.

Twilight poured sweat. Painfully, she uncramped her jaw, and the magic bit dropped to bounce off Trixie’s chest. Twilight pressed her ear to Trixie’s ribs, in desperation, but her heart was pounding and her pulse roared in her ears and she couldn’t really see properly and there was no way, no way of telling whether her lover was dead.

As she crumpled, pressing her face against Trixie’s, she felt something against her cheek.


Twilight shrieked with relief. She seized Trixie’s limp body, shook her. “Speak to me! I’m sorry! Trixie!”

No response…

Twilight stared, her ears laid back, her eyes twitching and weird tremors racking her body as the torrent of magic still reverberated inside her, trapped. Trixie gave no twitches, showed no tremors. Her eyes stared lifelessly, her face still showed her last expression: a strange expression of yearning, despair and sensuality that was so very Trixie Lulamoon. And her horn, her poor horn, it was just gone, burned completely away. Twilight couldn’t tell if there was anything left. It went beyond getting burned to a foalish nub. There was a little indentation, all charred.

Shaking, Twilight got up, backed away. Trixie still didn’t move.

“Alive,” croaked Twilight. She licked dry lips, trying to swallow. “She’s still alive. Barely.”

For a moment, her mind whirled, raging. She didn’t know how to save Trixie. She wasn’t even sure she should. This was what Trixie wanted, what she never should have had. She didn’t belong in the world. Or was it that she didn’t belong in the world in Twilight’s head?

The real world and the fantasy world flipped and turned inside Twilight Sparkle, fueled by the diminishing echoes of that titanic blocked release of magic. Magic crackled off Twilight, sparking off the ends of her mane and tail, glittering across her flanks and off her hooves. She did not notice.

This Trixie, this seductress, ultimate object of desire, purpose of life, great betrayer: this was everything Twilight had feared, everything that was taking over Equestria. Trixie was like another face of Chaos, another force destroying and perverting. She had paid the price, and it was her fault. Wasn’t it? She was part of a world, and this was the consequence of that world.

A part of Twilight Sparkle screamed and screamed, unheard, as the unforgiving thoughts bounced around inside her head and gained momentum.

But didn’t the world need to be saved? Didn’t Princess Celestia need to be saved from… from this?

And if the world could be saved, could Trixie also be saved? Redeemed?

Twilight stared down at the mare she had loved above all else. She looked dead already. She was mortal, all too mortal. It was only a matter of time. It had been a matter of instants. At any moment, Trixie could be no more. She was just a memory and a heartbeat, and even that could be gone, unless…

“Wow,” came a small voice.

Twilight’s head whipped around, and Spike was standing there.

“More games?” he said, miserably.

Twilight found herself talking, frantically. “Go back downstairs, Spike! Don’t look at her. I’ll handle this. I have it all under control.”

Spike surprised her, then. She expected a big argument. Instead, he hung his head and said “Okay…” and he turned and went.

Twilight followed him down the stairs. “You do believe me, don’t you? That we have all this under control, everything’s going to be okay, got that? You don’t need to tell anybody what I did, I’m going to fix everything, okay?”

Spike turned, and tears were in his eyes. “Everything, huh?”

Twilight felt herself grinning madly. “For my number one assistant? Yes, everything. What do you need fixed?”

“Can you fix a broken heart?” asked Spike.

Twilight froze, the crazy grin vanishing. “Oh, Spike…”

“It’s Rarity, you see,” explained Spike. “I went to help her, and she was—you know—with Derpy. Derpy was rough. Rarity was screaming a lot, and she couldn’t even get up afterward and it was so messy and gross…”

“Oh, Spike,” breathed Twilight, tearing up.

“But, but she told me it was what she wanted!” protested Spike. “And she wouldn’t lie to me, would she? And what I want is for her to be happy, and she told me she WAS happy, so I should be happy about it and I’m trying to be happy for her but… but…”

Twilight sagged, helpless in the face of his obvious misery.

“…but why does this have to be happening?” managed Spike.

Twilight gulped. “I will fix this,” she muttered. One eye twitched.

“I’m so tired of this stuff,” moaned Spike. “You take a nap for just a year or so, just a few seasons, and then you wake up and the most beautiful unicorn in the whole world is letting some pegasus jump on her butt, and yuck with all the goo and appendages and things, and whose idea was that?”

“I’ll fix it,” vowed Twilight. “I’ll fix it all.”

“And what really hurts is, I only want her to be happy and I want her t… to find love…”

Twilight’s ravaged, cracked voice strove for gentleness. What it revealed was anguish.

“Easy there. Easy, buddy. Why don’t you lay down for a moment? Just a minute. Okay?”

“It won’t help,” moaned Spike. “I can’t even sleep anymore, from thinking about it. Do you know how bad it is to be a dragon and not be able to sleep?”

Twilight’s eye twitched, worse.

“Lay down, buddy. My number one assistant. Just make believe you can rest, okay? Right, in your basket, that’s the way. There you go…”

“And R… Rarity would be sad if she thought it was bothering me this… much…”

“There you go, buddy. That’s a good Spike. That’s right…” soothed Twilight, her horn beginning to glow.

“I should… be brave… for h… f…”

Spike’s eyes closed. He began to snore.

Twilight stood and looked around, huntedly. She wasn’t sure she was equal to what faced her, but she was sure she had to try.

She trotted outside the treehouse, and she concentrated. A purple dome of force came into existence, a stasis field. Nothing would intrude upon Spike or Trixie. They would continue as they were, in ensorceled sleep or in coma near death, completely undisturbed. Only her own power would breach the dome. No other force, not even another alicorn’s magic, would get through. She was nearly certain of that.

There was a fabled magical attack she’d heard of, a unicorn’s death-bolt. In extremis, a brilliant unicorn mage could gather all his magical and life force together and vent it in a destructive bolt of energy. It could destroy any other unicorn, no matter how powerful, but it killed the caster.

She hardened the sphere of force until she thought it could withstand even such a bolt, hardened it to protect its occupants against any attack, because Twilight Sparkle was going off to war and her thoughts were fixed on battle, vengeance, the righting of wrongs and imposing of justice.

She wondered if there was such a thing as an alicorn death-bolt, and she hardened the sphere of force even more in case a certain evil monster sought to attack those she loved, while she was on the hunt.

Then, Twilight marched off, to find Princess Celestia.

…and Chaos.