Getting Her Wings

The two ponies lay very still, breathing softly—reverently.

Fluttershy stretched, reclining back onto the bed, her wings quivering to her sides, her legs parted. She gazed down, her eyes sensuously half-lidded and trusting, taking in her special pony, beholding a symphony of pinks. Vivacious blue eyes shone under a canopy of wacky and unmanageable dark pink curls, out of a pink face that rested on Fluttershy’s pink tail and nuzzled at the inside of her butter-yellow legs, unhurriedly.

Pinkie Pie, in turn, nudged closer to her own pink Heaven, right there before her. She sighed in bliss, then quirked an eyebrow. She extended just the tip of her tongue, for a delicate lick at Fluttershy’s labia. Then, a spark of amusement came to her eyes, and she blew a puff of breath on Fluttershy’s treasure, to be rewarded by a twitch of the legs and a labial wink.

“Pinkie!” giggled Fluttershy. “What was that?”

“Just fun!” replied Pinkie Pie. She grinned, scooting in a little closer. Fluttershy sighed happily and melted against the bed, her vagina pouting delicately as it readied itself for what the pegasus knew could be powerful sensations. Her hooves curled in anticipation, her tail flicking against Pinkie’s chin.

It was fascinating, thought Fluttershy, how life worked sometimes. She’d been chasing—well, peeping on—stallions more and more frantically, and had even bullied Applejack into mating her through wheedling and piteous desperation. She’d persuaded Dash, before that, and had gazed on many stallions from afar, goaded by her very female urges—and never had she considered herself a lesbian, nor had she seen any purpose to mares’ explorations with hooves and tongue.

Pinkie had changed her mind about that so fast she’d got mental whiplash, and she was still processing it.

Strangely, it wasn’t Pinkie’s usual tricks with her outlandish tongue that had done it. Through muscle control, Pinkie could do freaky things inside a mare—but any mare could’ve done what Fluttershy now craved, what made her weak in the knees—what was about to happen to her, again.

Pinkie’s tongue reached out again, teasingly, and stroked Fluttershy’s pouting pussylips. It pressed inward, tenderly, tasting and feeling the incredibly soft and smooth flesh inside Fluttershy’s quivering honeypot, licking at the clear, delicious nectars she exuded in her mounting arousal.

And then, Pinkie’s tongue drifted upwards, just a little—just far enough to be out of the reach of an entering penis—and carefully licked inward, into the cleft of Fluttershy’s dainty vulva, to seek out and find a tiny, tiny nub concealed there.

As it carefully caressed this hidden jewel, Fluttershy’s teeth gritted, and her head went back, tendons standing out on her neck—and her wings went very stiff and jutted out to her sides as if every feather on them was electrified.

Pinkie gazed upwards at what she’d wrought, across a soft yellow pony belly and teats whose nipples had suddenly become erect—and smiled.

This was their special beauty—the eager party pony with the special gifts for oral sex and the desire to please, and the gentle pegasus she’d loved from afar and never dared to proposition. This was the prize.

Fluttershy had thought she knew what sex was, when she’d coupled with males—or at least with mares pretending to be males through magical aids. She’d reached great, frustrated heights, and adored the sweet frazzledness of being reduced to a quivering pegasus-puddle through mating.

None of it had prepared her for Pinkie’s tongue—and the emphasis on the clitoris, a thing she didn’t know she had. Licking her clit had an effect on her similar to a thunderbolt. She’d exploded, exhaustingly, so intensely she’d have willingly died that way and counted it a perfect life… except that would mean she couldn’t have more… and that would be unthinkable.

Pinkie rested her tongue on Fluttershy’s clit as pegasus heart hammered happily—and began, very slowly, to give her most cherished lover more. Just pressure, to start. Only the most cautious, delicate motions of slippery tongue against the tiny, nerve-packed nub that promptly stood up and screamed, sending jolts of anguished pleasure rocketing up from Fluttershy’s pelvis, causing her to squeak and gasp and pound her forehoof against the bed.

Oh, yes, it was going to be a good one, very beautiful…

Pinkie’s ear flopped, violently. She let out an ‘erk!’ as her knee twitched, and her tongue inadvertently came away from Fluttershy’s vagina. Then, blinking at the sensation, her eyes began blinking in a mad, spastic rush, the lids fluttering.

“What was that?” asked her lover, sitting up a little.

“I don’t know! It wasn’t raining, but that was the OW!”

Fluttershy gasped. Pinkie was holding her knee, wincing. “Are you okay?”

“Stupid combos! That would have to be a totally new one, that I’ve never ever seen before! I wonder what it means? Because if it wasn’t, the combo says the sky is graced with a beautiful rainbow WHILE something scary is going to…”


A blue projectile slammed through the window, bounced off the floor, slammed against the wall.

“Oh, no!” squealed Fluttershy. “Rainbow Dash! Not now! This was my time! It’s just not fair!”

Dash flapped a wing, feebly, in the corner. “Little… help here?”

Pinkie clambered to her hooves, and trotted over. “Sure, Dashie. What brings you…”

She stopped, stared, and screamed. Fluttershy gawked, trying to see what had happened, but then she saw it too. Dash was grievously injured, from the look of it. Her belly was purpled with blood that went right down between her legs.


“No, it’s okay!” protested Dash. “Just… want some help cleaning up…”

Fluttershy had leapt to her hooves as well, and run over to join Pinkie. “Oh, my! What happened?”

Dash was looking a little pale. “Sex was too good…”

“That is NOT good for ponies, not like that!” yelled Pinkie. “Oh, Fluttershy, what do we do?”

“Grab the sheets! Right off the bed! I want to see what’s happened. Then get a bowl of water! We must bandage her,” Fluttershy’s body still trembled with erotic tension, but it had been put firmly on the back burner because another creature needed her care—not simply another creature, either, but her dear and maddening lifelong friend.

Pinkie had already dragged the sheets over, and rushed off with startling speed to fetch the bowl of water, so Fluttershy began mopping up blood and investigating the damage.

“Heh…” said Dash weakly.

“What’s so funny?”

“Just… it shouldn’t have to take this much, to get you to scope out my tits…”

Fluttershy glared at her, but felt some relief. If Dashie was being that Dash-y, she couldn’t be too seriously hurt. Pinkie reappeared with water, and Fluttershy added that to the mopping-up activities by wadding the sheets and soaking them. Quickly, Rainbow’s belly was returned to its normal blue, with big red lines steadily resisting the cleanup.

“Urk!” went Pinkie, gagging.

“Do not get sick on her! Turn your head!” demanded Fluttershy.

“No,” said Pinkie, “I got it… Oh, Dashie! Your breasts!”

At this, Dash blinked. “What, BOTH of them?” She twisted and tried to look at her belly, and before Fluttershy made her lie down again, she saw the results of her griffin debauchery. It wasn’t both her breasts, no—but Gilda had ripped claws across her belly, and had indeed torn a gash in one pony tit, on top of the slashes to less sensitive areas.

“Wow…” breathed Rainbow. “Bad ASS…”

“Don’t talk that way!” begged Pinkie. “I don’t like this side of you, Dashie! It’s bad enough the way you do flying stunts, I worry!”

“It’s not as bad as it looks,” said Fluttershy. “She just flew here without stopping. What happened to you, Rainbow?”

“Old friends…”

Pinkie knew what that meant. “You didn’t! Dashie! Gilda went away for a reason! It was because she was a big meanie, and couldn’t take a joke—and now she’s hurt you and how dare she and I’m gonna go find her and…”

“No!” said Dash. “She was just being a griffin, Pinkie! They’re just like that, it meant I was doing her extra good!”

At that, Pinkie narrowed her eyes suspiciously. “Oh yeah? If it was so good, why’d you fly all the way here?”

Fluttershy interrupted her. “Do you have some tape, Pinkie Pie? I want to make bandages of this sheet. Um, if that’s okay. We can use something else. If you find it quickly, please…”

Pinkie trotted off in search of tape, and Fluttershy turned to Rainbow Dash. “I was wondering that as well, Rainbow. You know where the Ponyville hospital is. Why didn’t you go there?”

“I dunno,” said Dash. “I, uh… thought Pinkie could—lick me clean? And then keep going?”

Fluttershy’s ears went back. “Rainbow Dash, there is a time and a place for being sexually excited, and being healed from injury is not the time or the place!”

Dash sulked. “Sorry! It’s not like she likes blood anyway, it was a dumb idea in the first place! I was kind of dizzy. I still am, sort of. Maybe now that you’ve got me cleaned up she can—hey, Pinkie babe! Is it good to see you!”

Pinkie had returned with some tape. Her eyes still showed annoyance, strange to see on the usually cheerful pink countenance. She spat the tape out, and addressed Dash. “It is, huh? It seems like the last time you saw me, you didn’t want to see me anymore unless I’d have sex with you until you collapsed!”

Weakly, Dash chuckled. “Yeah! Heh… I… I guess it wouldn’t take as much now, huh? So if you could be a sport and…”


Rainbow sagged. “So that’s like, a no, huh?”

Fluttershy was bandaging Dash’s belly, taping wadded cloth across her wounds. Her mouth was a hard line, and her eyes were as annoyed as Pinkie’s, but she held her tongue.

Pinkie gave Dash a look. “Dashie, you’re trying to hurt yourself. You can’t drag me into that. We’re going to take care of you. Look at how Fluttershy is taking care of you, she’s so good! Right now, I’m not going to perform sex on you. Absotively posolutely not!”

Dash coughed. She looked pale, troubled. “Well… I hung onto my bit. It would be nice if, you know, Fluttershy would take it, and…”

“Hah!” snorted Fluttershy, her eyes still angrier, finishing up her bandaging with sharp strokes of the hoof to stick the tape down.

“Rainbow Dash, what is with you?” demanded Pinkie. “Why are you acting this way? What, is your magical dick thing making you even more crazy than usual? Is that it?”

“I… I…” quavered Dash.

“Explain yourself, Rainbow Dash! You’re acting wrong!”

Dash grimaced. “I… just want some of the things I used to have!”

Pinkie stared in shock.

“…any of them!” wailed Rainbow Dash—and burst into tears.

Fluttershy and Pinkie looked at each other, and didn’t have to exchange a word—barely had to exchange the glance. Pinkie went to Rainbow’s left, Fluttershy to her right, and they hugged the sobbing pegasus to them determinedly, cuddling her close as she cried.

They did exchange another glance after settling in. On Fluttershy’s side, it could only be described as long-suffering. Pinkie’s look in return was much the same, without quite as much resignation.

“Oh, Rainbow,” sighed Fluttershy. “We’re so sorry.”

“Yeah. Poor Dashie!” said Pinkie. “But you need to rest right now, okay? We’re gonna stay with you.”

Fluttershy’s glance spoke volumes about the fairness of this arrangement.

Pinkie’s apologetic look said, what else can we do?

Fluttershy’s level gaze said, you know damned well what else we’d be doing…

Rainbow snuffled. “You might as well not bother. Ponies can’t handle me. You won’t give me sex anymore, and it’s so unfair! Maybe sex and love just don’t go together for me. I’m just going to have to get used to it.”

“Now, why would you say that, Dashie?” said Pinkie Pie, as Fluttershy’s gaze pleaded with her not to argue the point.

Dash wriggled a little, and winced. The concentrated attention seemed to be doing her good. “Mmyuhh… guess I’m just… too hardcore… I’ll think of somethin’…” She yawned.

“Of course you will,” Fluttershy crooned, in a soothing voice. “You’re the hardcoriest pony ever, Rainbow Dash.”

This time, it was Pinkie’s turn to look distressed, but Rainbow seemed to be comforted. She yawned again. “Yeah… totally… is it okay if I… take a nap? Little.. sleepy.”

“I can sing you a lovely lullaby,” soothed Fluttershy.

“Hey, I could sing harmony along with mmph!”

Pinkie stopped, because Rainbow had reached out and quickly pressed a silencing forehoof to both their mouths, shocking Pinkie and offending Fluttershy.

“Won’t be necessary, ladies…”

With that, her forelegs dropped limply to her sides, and as if her final act of coolness had drained her batteries completely, Rainbow Dash fell fast asleep. She began snoring, as Pinkie and Fluttershy looked at each other.

“What’s going on with her, Fluttershy? She’s Dashier than ever. I don’t like it…” whispered Pinkie.

Fluttershy ruffled her wings and tucked them to her sides. “You might have been right, Pinkie. You wouldn’t know about this—but you know about the magic bit that silly Twilight gave me?”

“Oh—the completely pointless waste of an insult of an exercise we’re not going to use?”

Fluttershy giggled, trying to stay quiet and not wake Dash. “Yes! Well, I didn’t want to hurt Twilight’s feelings, and it’s not safe to leave magic stuff lying around, so I hid it under my mattress. I sleep over it, when I’m not with you. I think it’s true, they do have some kind of influence. Haven’t you noticed that I’ve been getting more… eager?”

Pinkie’s lip quivered. “I thought you just liked me.”

“Oh, but I do! Oh, dear,” said Fluttershy. “What I mean is, I’m almost certain I can feel it making me more… sexy, you know. I can’t imagine what one would do to Rainbow Dash.” She glanced down at Rainbow’s sleeping face, and remarked cattily, “I suppose we needn’t imagine.”

Pinkie’s look of dismay worsened. “But… what if it’s hurting her? It’s like she wants too much now. I tried to give her what she wanted and she just wanted more and more…”

“Big change,” said Fluttershy, her expression cranky.

“Oh, Fluttershy,” sighed Pinkie. “Don’t be jealous. You know I love you. Right? We’ve talked about this. Even before Rainbow Dash… changed. I guess in some ways she’s not that different, huh? I told you, you’re not in competition with her. Nuh-uh!”

At this, Fluttershy blushed, and looked away. “Th… thank you, Pinkie. I know you told me I was special. It’s just… hard, when Rainbow can crash in and interrupt us and demand that you have sex with her. I hardly know what to say.”

“You could say, ‘no’,” suggested Pinkie Pie. “You could tell her to wait her turn. She’d probably get offended and fly off. She was offended when I told her no—and she better get used to that, because I am not happy with my Dashie acting this way. Sex is not about taking, it’s about sharing. It’s not about covering up your feelings. Dashie has never been good about understanding that, and now she’s getting worse.”

“Gosh, I don’t know…” said Fluttershy. “Rainbow was there first. That’s sort of the problem—she’ll always be first. I’m very grateful for how she’s always protected me, but she just takes whatever she wants.” She looked forlorn. “She even took my virginity—and now I wish I’d saved it. For you.”

Pinkie’s mouth made an O of shock. “Really?”

Fluttershy looked at her lover, across Rainbow Dash’s sprawled, sleeping body. “Oh yes. I know I don’t get to be anyone’s only-pony, and I would have liked that, a bit. I know it’s odd for a pony, though Lyra and Bon Bon seem to thrive that way. I’d have liked to give myself to you completely, knowing what I know now, like they gave themselves to each other. Only each other.”

Pinkie’s face was a little more red than usual. “Um. About Lyra and Bon Bon…”

“Don’t tell me. Rainbow Dash had them, as well,” said Fluttershy, tartly.

“Not exactly…”

Fluttershy sighed. “It’s okay, I won’t judge them. I’ve told you how I felt, and yet I’ve had Rainbow Dash, and even Applejack. Oh, and apparently also Twilight’s mare Trixie, thanks to that awful magic bit. That’s a horrible thought, just horrible… I guess we are all prey to the charms of bodysex. Especially us pegasi, for obvious reasons—since it doesn’t have to lead to anything.”

Pinkie Pie looked confused. “I don’t understand. I mean, I know sex is fun and good, but what does that have to do with pegasi?”

“I said bodysex. Don’t you know the difference? I’m sorry, I’m being so unfair—how could you? This is a pegasus thing. About foals—babies.”

“Babies are so cute…” said Pinkie Pie. “But I don’t see what that has to do with it. Babies come out of a mare’s body, I know that. It’s, um… interesting.” She was blushing again.

Fluttershy arched an eyebrow, a hint of amusement coming to her expression. “You don’t know about pegasus mating? All the same, it seems to have your attention! What else do you think about babies, Pinkie Pie?”

“They’re the most wonderful thing in the history of ever, that’s what! Oops, don’t want to wake Dashie…”

“I think you’d have to wake her with a rock,” suggested Fluttershy. “Go on…” Her wings stirred, held half-lifted.

Pinkie was blushing worse. “Okay, this is going to sound completely crazy coming from me…”

“You want babies, don’t you?”

“Kind of. I get all wobbly even just thinking about it. Ooooh, motherhood, it’s just the most female thing that could ever be… but Fluttershy, I still don’t want any stallions! Ew. And you know that’s gotta hurt! I am so impressed with Mrs. Cake now, it’s like I’m in awe of her. I, uh… clopped over her being pregnant. Not wanting to do stuff to her! Or to Pound and Pumpkin, don’t ever think that! But… to just the pregnantness of it all…”

Fluttershy’s eyes were wide. “Oh, my! I promise I won’t tell, dear Pinkie. Really? I don’t care about babies as much as that. I have my little animals, and they need me so much! I can’t imagine having foals, not after the times I’ve taken care of Sweetie and Apple Bloom and Scootaloo. It’s such a terrible responsibility, they’re much worse than chipmunks and squirrels. Well.. chipmunks, anyway.”

“It is! It’s a huge responsibility. I’m the number one babysitter for Pound and Pumpkin, and I feel about it kind of… maybe like you feel about being my number one marefriend?”

“Perhaps,” said Fluttershy. “But I was explaining about why pegasi are the way we are about bodysex. Did you know that we don’t always make babies that way, Pinkie?”

“I thought when a stallion puts his thing in you, and comes, that’s how you get babies. Which is all kinds of ew,” said Pinkie. She looked sad. “And also that’s how come I’m never going to have babies. It’s okay, though, because it’s so scary and freaky. It’s ew AND ow, all rolled up into one creepy overwhelming thing.”

Fluttershy had an ‘I’m a year older than you’ look going. “Yes, yes—but you’re missing a step. First, the mare has to ovulate—make eggs.”

She hastily put out a gentle hoof to Pinkie’s mouth, for she just knew her lover was going to come out with some cheerful remark about omelettes. “For reproduction! Eggs and sperm, is how that works. But, Pinkie, pegasi don’t just ovulate out of nowhere. Did you ever notice how funny we are… about wings?”

Pinkie blinked. “I know Dashie’s sensitive about them. She never let me touch them or anything, so I assumed they hurt if you touch them. Yours don’t seem to be sensitive like that.”

Fluttershy laughed softly, and her butter-yellow face began to blush as well. “Pinkie… they’re sensitive, but not the way you think. Touching them is… very arousing.”

“But… then why would Dashie never let me touch hers, when she’s so slutty in every other way?”

“I don’t know,” admitted Fluttershy. “She’s a strange mare and always has been. But if you are being intimate with pegasi, Pinkie, you should know that pegasus mares ovulate from touching their wings, during sex.”

Pinkie’s jaw dropped, as she fitted this information into the carnival ride that was her brain.

“But, Fluttershy… um, I don’t know how to put this, but you’ve touched me with your wings during sex—which means you let me touch them. I’ve, like, nuzzled them back and everything. So… I touched your wings, Fluttershy, during sex.”

Fluttershy was brick-red from blushing, and couldn’t look at Pinkie directly.


Pinkie’s eyes grew wider and wider. “Did… did you, like, ovulate? For me? Like you were gonna have my babies?”

“…probably…” said Fluttershy, in a tiny voice.

Pinkie panted. “Oh, Fluttershy. I didn’t think you could get more exciting…” She blinked, and made a face. “And what’s up with Dashie? Hmph! It’s not like I would have gotten her pregnant, I’m another girl!”

Fluttershy turned her head, speaking gently but reprovingly. “Don’t judge her. It’s like she’s extra wild in one way, and extra reserved in another. I doubt she’s ever let anypony touch her wings, or ever will, she’s so fond of them. Nopony could ever live up to what she’d want for her so-wonderful wings.”

There was bitterness there, but Fluttershy couldn’t be too bitter, while looking into Pinkie’s adoring eyes. In those eyes, her own wings were just fine, just as they were. The wings too weak to even live in the sky had found a home.

Pinkie was thinking about what Fluttershy had said about Dash. She nodded. “Maybe not. Awww. That’s kinda sad… but she’s sleeping okay now, huh? We hugged her until she felt better and fell asleep.”

Fluttershy nodded. “Of course.”

“And… Fluttershy, did you want to finish anything? I didn’t want to at first, but now…”

Fluttershy looked away again, still blushing. “…maybe?” she said. She was the living image of shy pegasus loveliness, peeking coyly sidelong from huge, loving eyes.

“You’re doing that on purpose, a little, aren’t you?”

Fluttershy blushed even worse—and nodded.

“Come to bed, Fluttershy. Dashie is fine there, dreaming dreams about being all tough and mean and rowdy.”

“Probably,” said Fluttershy. She got up, and followed Pinkie to her bed—their bed, really. Fluttershy had always struggled to understand how anypony could be attracted to a weak-wing like her, but the new things she’d learned combined with what she already knew about Pinkie to add up to a very convincing sum.

Pinkie was trembling, eyes too wide and manic. Fluttershy began to pant, feeling Pinkie’s hunger and obsessive attention. It felt good, so good. She was a special somepony—a personal somepony—and she was about to be mated, or at least that was what her body was telling her.

In so many ways that was the simple truth of it, for all that they were two mares and couldn’t make babies. Fluttershy still felt like Pinkie was hungry to mount her and father her foals.

She was.

“This is sooo exciting… so wait, here’s a problem. How am I supposed to pay attention to your clit, and play with your wings, at the same time? I’m not sure even my tongue can stretch that far.”

Fluttershy cringed. “Oh, that won’t be necessary! It would be rather frightening! I think one thing at a time, Pinkie. We know how to start, don’t we?”

Pinkie saluted her quivering, reclining lover. “Yes, ma’am!”

She dove into Fluttershy’s crotch gleefully, making the pretty pegasus squeak in alarm—and then moan, for Pinkie picked up where she left off. Her excitement was so great that she unthinkingly went straight for Fluttershy’s clit, with no warming up or hesitation. It would’ve been too much—except that explaining the wing thing had worked Fluttershy up dreadfully, to where she was nearly ready to burst anyhow—so she bit her lip, an anguished look on her face, writhed on the bed as Pinkie’s tongue worked over her clitoris hungrily—and then threw her head back, letting out a strangled scream as she fought desperately to stay quiet.

The last thing they needed was Rainbow Dash waking up, and taking over for either of them…

Pinkie heard the sound and froze, pulling her head back, her tongue hanging out foolishly. She reeled it in with a slurp. “Are you okay? Gee, I guess we better be quiet, huh?”

Fluttershy’s eyes pleaded. She panted roughly, squirming around on her back, her wings jutting rigidly to the sides and nearly lifting her up. “…hnnnggg!”

Pinkie’s eyes gleamed with mad devotion. “I can take you all the way, that way, Fluttershy… or we can do something else. How would we do that?”

Fluttershy mewled piteously, and twisted—flipping over with a flail of legs and wings. She gazed back at Pinkie desperately from a very feline crouch, eyes a little unfocussed, her juicy marehood showing—and her wings arching up boldly to either side of her, quivering.

Pinkie slowly crawled forward, as Fluttershy shook and sobbed her frantic need.

“If I get on you…” said Pinkie, “like a boy pony would… and I reach back between your legs… oooh, boobies… a little farther…”

Fluttershy jolted under her, as Pinkie’s hoof began caressing her vulva, massaging her clit under the soft pubic mound.

Pinkie bit her lip—this was too unbelievably good. Fluttershy whimpered and shook, hot like a fever, her pussy melting under Pinkie’s gentle kneading—and right next to her face were two fluffy wings, so pretty. And they weren’t just decorative, oh no… her casual, cautious nuzzling she’d allowed herself before, turned out to be a kind of secret Fluttershy was keeping.

The secret was out. Pinkie’s heart pounded as she nuzzled those feathery, soft wings again, knowing that now was the time to take Fluttershy all the way.

She kept her hoof in gentle motion, savoring the shudders it provoked, and spoke to her lover quietly. “What do I do? I’ll do anything, Fluttershy, anything.”

Her precious pegasus moaned drunkenly, tossing her head, wriggling.

“Do I… nuzzle?”

Pinkie rubbed her face along the quivering wing, and Fluttershy gave a little squeal, that trailed off into a croaking noise as she fought to stay silent.

Pinkie panted, her eyes wild. “What if I… licked?”

She ran her tongue along the silky feathers. Fluttershy jolted, emitting a wavering cry, and jolted again. Pinkie could feel her vag clench under her hoof. Fluttershy had come there and then, feeling Pinkie licking her wing.

Pinkie drew in a hissing breath between her teeth. Her heart felt about to explode with excitement, whamming madly in her chest.

“Am I allowed… to… bite?”

Fluttershy writhed, panting huge gasps, hysterical with arousal. “Ahhh! hhh! That’s… filthy! hhh!”

Pinkie held back, her hoof working her pegasus’s squishy mound, while she parsed what she had been told. Her lover was frantic against her, shaking in orgasm already, and Pinkie could tell she’d meant exactly what she said—biting her wing would be filthy, shocking.

She nuzzled Fluttershy’s wing again, rewarded by a quavering moan and a series of jolts felt through Fluttershy’s lovely body.

She realized something.

“That… wasn’t a no…”

Fluttershy twisted her head to look at her, and Pinkie had never seen a wordless gaze plead so hard.

Pinkie gulped, licked her lips—and leaned forward, her mouth opening.

Fluttershy screamed breathlessly, watching, holding her wing stiffly erect. It shook so hard the feathers blurred.

And then, Pinkie’s mouth closed firmly on the base of Fluttershy’s buttery wing, her teeth gently gripping the firm feathery shank, and Fluttershy bucked in Pinkie’s tight embrace.

It was awe-inspiring, a little frightening. Fluttershy had never seemed strong, but she writhed and kicked and squealed, blinded by climaxes. Pinkie had felt Fluttershy come before, but this was beyond anything—it wasn’t a series of surges, it was like a single convulsing outburst that jacked her body like a lightning bolt that wouldn’t stop hitting. Pinkie could feel the impact of the orgasms slamming into her lover, feel the jolts through her forelegs and belly—and teeth.

She got swept up in it—and she came, hard, her own body shaking, her vision whiting out, her jaw bearing down unthinkingly fierce on Fluttershy’s wing-base and barely under control.

“GyyaaAAAHH!” shrieked Fluttershy, feeling Pinkie’s jaws yank her wing around, and in a final spasm, she passed out. Her world exploded into whiteness like the center of a star, and nothingness seized her, for a moment.

Pinkie realized she’d come herself limp and floppy, and could barely hold up her head. Fluttershy’s wing was still in her mouth. Fluttershy was limp as well, the top joint of her wing crooked and splayed and looking very unkempt. One thing about the pegasuses was, when you wore them out they really looked it—Pinkie looked at the wing she held, and realized it was ridiculously bedraggled, like a joke. Fluttershy gasped for air, and began to wriggle weakly against her.

A sound came from across the room, and both lovers froze. Dash!


Rainbow Dash yawned, stretched, rolled over… and went back to sleep.

Pinkie quietly released Fluttershy’s wing. It flopped over awkwardly with a soft feathery rustle. They both gazed at Rainbow’s turned back for second after second.

Pinkie released her breath. “Oh… my… gosh.”

Fluttershy turned to her, eyes rapt and radiant. “Uhhmmmmm…”

“Was good?” said Pinkie softly. She was still trembling.

“You are a daddy pegasus,” breathed Fluttershy.

“Oh, wow…”

Fluttershy nodded, smugly. “I can feel it. Mmmmm… I’m a mommy pegasus. You mated me.”

Pinkie fought back the blissful fog to ask a key question. “But… no baby, right? Because, no penis. Right?”

Fluttershy looked sulky. “Technically. Don’t spoil it. That was the part we really care about. You’re the daddy now.” Shaking off her sulk, she stretched her neck back to kiss Pinkie full on the lips.

Pinkie kissed back, tears streaming from her eyes. “Oh, Fluttershy! Yes! Oh, yes!”

And they lay together for hours, while Rainbow slept the sleep of the lovingly bandaged.

The palace room was darkened, but not unoccupied. A window let in the dusk, where light had once lived.

“Sister, pray, what means this… this unsuitable dimness?”

Princess Celestia smiled weakly at Princess Luna, who stood in the doorway with an expression of dismay, and replied, “The sun was setting, my sister. I would know, as I did it myself. The sun will always set—at its appropriate time.”

Princess Luna stepped forward, and her horn glowed. A lamp fixture in the wall kindled, and light bathed the room, illuminating both alicorns, and revealing Luna’s worried expression—and Celestia’s tight-lipped, reproachful one.

“The sun may set,” said Luna, “but there is a time for lamplight. Yet my beloved sister sits in the dark, while her sun rests beneath the horizon. Why?”

“It is well for the sun to rest sometimes. As it is for your dear sister, Luna. Do not fret—the dark mood will pass.”

“But WHY the dark mood?” demanded Luna. “Is it that student of yours? Or have I offended thee without knowing the cause?”

That widened Celestia’s eyes. “Nay, nay!”

Luna shook her head, and her scintillating mane of night cascaded around her. She glared. “Sister, pray speak with me. No, wait… this works not, you evade and spin pretty words. Talk to me like our current subjects do. Tell me what is wrong in simple, not courtly words. Please!”

Celestia hung her head. “Courtly words would fain comfort my spirit today. I have need of the dignity of years, sister.”

Luna stamped a hoof. “Celly!”

“Oh, very well…”

Luna listened attentively, with a sharp, narrowed eye, as Princess Celestia explained.

“You are correct. It is my student—but perhaps you do not understand the source of my distress. Sister, she is right—I am stifling them, stifling her. I do not approve of her plaything. It breaks my heart. My poor Twilight has so few years to cherish, and to see her bound to so troubled a pony! Her heart shines forth, but sister—its light will be consumed. Wasted!”

Luna’s eyes narrowed further. “You are so sure?”

Celestia sagged. “Of course I am not. But… you’ve seen me watching the subjects, poked sly fun at me for it. I do watch them, sister. Nay, not for vicarious pleasure—I should think I’ve a few hundred years in me before I seek to groom a consort, and the times are not fit for such things. These subjects are so sweet and innocent. I shall be their sky-mother, then, for them and for their children, as we grow together. But I fear that I have embraced this… too much.”

Princess Luna looked warily at her sister. “I’d gathered that. You’d softened beyond belief in my… exile. How is it, then, too much?”

Princess Celestia sighed. “I hover over them. I involve myself in their little troubles, I intercede. You see the trouble, I trust.”

Luna nodded, thoughtfully. “You’d not catch me playing nursemaid to mortal subjects. Fun though they are… Do you not remember they will be dust?”

A tear dripped down Celestia’s cheek. Luna, seeing it, froze, her eyes wide.

“My Twilight shall be free, before she is dust. I spoke to you of expensive gifts. It may cost her joy, and comfort, and peace—but I have known her spirit, and I am damned if I will confine her further. She has essentially asked for her freedom. Let it be so.”

“S.. sister…” stammered Princess Luna. “Calm yourself. They’re but subjects. There will be more, after these.”

Celestia’s eyes narrowed. “Sister?”

“Yes, my sister?”

“Thank you for lighting the evening’s lamp, and for your kindly concern.”

“Of c…”

“Please leave. I have not finished my contemplation.”

Luna’s eyes widened in shock, and then clashed with her sister’s in anger. Her gaze spoke of appropriateness, of common sense foolishly ignored, of nobility scorned.

Celestia’s spoke of loyalty, of pride, and of love. Her jaw was set, and Luna did not last ten seconds before dropping her gaze, defeated.

“Thank you,” said Princess Celestia politely, as her sister turned and left.

As Luna left the room, she saw from the corner of her eye that the lamp winked back out, returning Princess Celestia to her meditation in somber darkness. Luna hastened her step, a sour look on her face, lifting her hooves high in haughty vexation as she thought furiously to herself.

This would not do. It really would not do.

If Sister would not look after her own interests, and those of her pet, then Luna would have to think of something.

It would be meet to learn more about the pet’s new love-toy, and thereby understand Sister’s objections…