“Hi—Rainbow Dash? Can I have a word with you?”

Rainbow blinked at her unexpected visitor. “Uh—sure! Go right ahead, Twi, I’m listening.”

“Well… if you don’t mind my saying, it looks like you’re doing push-ups.”

“Ooof! Yeah?”

“While,” added Twilight, “balancing all your hooves on inverted apple buckets… Rainbow, what the heck are you doing? Is this some new circus act I’m supposed to know about?”

Dash panted. “Should be pretty… obvious…” she managed, extending her forelegs fully before dropping into another belly-dangling slump. “Spy will just… bounce on the ground any… other way.”

Twi’s ears boggled at the sight. “I guess. I admit I was surprised when Applejack said you were out in the barn! Fluttershy’s staying on her couch almost every waking moment, these days, even though it’s starting to look more like spring.”

“Yeah, well…” hissed Dash, straining to do another push-up, “I’m… not.”

“The thing is,” said Twilight, “Rarity said something about too much exercise bringing on what’s called Braxpone-Hicks contractions, which can be very uncomfortable…”

Dash’s wings, which had been beating the air gently as she worked, suddenly frizzed out as if electrified, and she made a dreadful croaking sound. “Dammit! Don’t! Mention! Those! nnngghh…”

“Oh my gosh. Did I bring one on by saying it?”

Dash sweated, her ears laid back hard, and forced herself to do another push-up. “Idiot! Arggg…”

“You should stop, I’ll get help, you should lay down and rest,” insisted Twilight, trotting back and forth in alarm, for Dash wasn’t even pausing her workout.

“No! Only… three more! Nnngh! Two! Aaaaiiiiiiggh! ONE…”

Rainbow’s chromatic tail thrashed in agony as she forced her body up that one last time and held her pose, trembling. Her head dropped, and she tried to shift a rear hoof off the apple buckets, but her coordination wasn’t at its best, and all she did was kick the thing over and fall down with a muted, earth-shaking thump, sprawling clumsily onto her side, limbs flailing.

“Oh no, Rainbow! Do you need me to get the doctor? Are you okay? I’m sure Fluttershy would tell you never to do that, ever!”

“What’s that?” came Applejack’s voice, and her head peeked around the barn door.

“Nothing! No big deal, okay?” yelled Rainbow Dash.

Applejack’s glance took in Rainbow flopped onto her side, Twilight’s alarm—Dash’s belligerence.

“All righty then!” she said, and promptly ducked out of sight, cantering hastily back to her fields and the preparations for the spring’s planting.

Dash heaved a deep breath. “Yeah, thing is? I don’t care what Fluttershy says. Granny Smith says it’s okay for me to keep fit. And that’s just what I’m gonna do. I’m an Apple! Not a weakling—or an egghead. Alright?”

Twilight recoiled, lifting a forehoof in dismay. “Um…”

“Unless you think you can stop me?” challenged Dash. Her mane was disheveled, and dark circles showed under her eyes. It was all too plain that her plan for dealing with the pain and indignity of advanced pregnancy was to attack—and that it was serving as a vital outlet for an increasingly pissy mood, from an already pugnacious pegasus mare.

“Actually, that’s kind of what I needed to talk to you about…”

“Applejack will back me up. Same with Granny Smith, otherwise it’d be a lot harder to convince Applejack, let me tell you…”

“No, no!” said Twilight. “This is not about exercising. It’s about what you’re telling the kids. You can’t be telling Scootaloo things like that, Rainbow!”

This demand did not soothe the ruffled pegasus. “And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Oh, I think you know what it means! I bet you thought it was really funny, too!” said Twilight.

Rainbow glared. “What? I was serious! Where do you get off… How is that your business?”

“Well,” said Twilight, “don’t you think you made it my business?”

At that, Rainbow froze, staring into space, and then addressed Twilight less belligerently.

“Start over! We are talking about two different things. You can’t mean what I’m thinking about, because you’re like all up in Trixie’s snatch and stuff, so it can’t be a problem for you that I told them about lesbian ponies…”

“It’s more the way you told them,” admitted Twilight.

“What?” snapped Dash.

“You told Scootaloo to buy a penis from me, special order!”

Rainbow stared at Twilight’s anguished, dramatic countenance for about two seconds before bursting into laughter. “BAAAAAHAHAHAHA! Ahahaha! Oh gosh! You mean to tell me she really…”

“She really,” confirmed Twilight crossly. “It’s not funny! At least it’s not as funny as you seem to think it is. What did you think I was talking about?”

Rainbow was still chuckling, waving a forehoof dismissively. “Oh, I thought it was about The Talk! You know—when the kids look up to you and they’re asking you about this new stuff that’s happening to them. You know?”

Twilight’s tone was brittle. “Actually, I don’t know, and I’m not sure why you feel so comfortable with it when you’re not any sort of parent figure to them at all…”

“Whoa. You think it can only be like their Moms telling them? I can think of a few problems with that. First of all, Apple Bloom, her Mom—hear what I’m saying? I’d like to know who’s supposed to count as a parent figure better’n me and Applejack. I’m gonna fucking BE a Mom, okay? Second, I’m not sure I’ve ever met Scootaloo’s mom, she changes the subject on me and won’t talk about it. And last but not least, Rarity gave Sweetie The Talk and she left out a lot of important stuff!”

Twilight’s jaw dropped in horror. “I would hope so!”

“Well… yeah, of course she can’t tell Sweetie all the stuff she’s into, but they say she only told them about mares and stallions! Twilight, those kids have been seeing me and Fluttershy getting bigger and bigger. They know I’m with Applejack and Fluttershy’s with Pinkie. I’m not saying I gave them a whole demonstration, but they had some real questions, okay? Especially Scootaloo…” Dash whistled. “That kid’s way too much like me. I’m not gonna be responsible for screwing her up.”

Twilight’s look of dismay wasn’t going away. “But… don’t you think that a kid needs to explore, you know, on their own, without… uh… INSTRUCTION from somepony like you…”

Rainbow blinked. “Look. Some things are a little out of the ordinary. You can’t just leave it to whatever shit they hear from the other kids! Weren’t you ever a filly?”

Twilight looked down, sullenly. “I knew better than to talk to anypony, and I turned out okay.”

Rainbow gave her a look like she’d just failed a test. “Uh, no, actually. NOT okay. Not for my biggest fan Scootaloo. I’m sure she’ll handle it responsibly, and you said no, right? I’m sorry if it offends your sensibilities…”

“It’s not MY sensibilities I’m worried about!” yelled Twilight.

Dash’s temper flared, inevitably. “Tough! There are more important things than sensibilities, and you’d understand that if you hadn’t spent your life being some kind of big prude!”


Twilight whirled, and galloped out of the barn, and Dash yelled after her, “Hey, stop! I was only kidding! You have no sense of humor! It’s not like I even meant to… ARRGH!”

“Whoa, Nelly!” gasped Applejack, seeing Twilight run past. She stared after her, looked back hastily at the barn, then back at fleeing Twilight, then settled her hat back onto her head with a hoof and took off at a run towards the barn.

“Easy, Dashie—everythin’ all right?”

“Twilight’s a big fat idiot!”

“Aw, now. Sure she is, maybe you kin tell me all about it? I reckon she can take care of her own mad, what’s on your mind? Breathe, sugarcube… yeah, like that, but I’m thinkin’ slower… talk to me, hon.”

Out on the main road, Twilight ran on.

Rarity cuddled her unicorn friend, a saintly look on her alabaster face—and then squeaked in alarm at a series of hunching motions in the hips alongside hers.

“Lyra! Darling!”

Lyra gasped. “I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it, you felt so good! It just… oh, Rarity, you are so desirable! All you girls are, I could just jump on all of you and…”

“Lyra! Calm yourself! I cannot say it is entirely displeasing to hear, I just wonder if…” Rarity trailed off, and stared into space. Her own hips wriggled experimentally, and she seemed to be studying her own feelings and sensations, brow furrowed in concentration.

“Lyra? Tell me the truth, dear. Do you have your magic bit secreted in that charming little saddlebag you wear?”

Lyra gulped. “Maybe?” She met Rarity’s stern gaze. “Yes! Yes, I have it right here. If it’s okay, I could… use it some more, on you…”

“I thought so,” said Rarity with satisfaction. “I could feel it. Lyra, you’ve been wearing that saddlebag everywhere. Has the bit been in it all this time?”

Lyra nodded, trembling.

“You shouldn’t…” Rarity hesitated, staring into those wild golden eyes. “Lyra… Heartstrings, do you know where mine is kept?”

Lyra stared frantically around the Carousel Boutique’s inner sanctum. “Do you want to do me? Please! I’m sure I can do it this time if I only try harder, I’m not that snug!”

“Lyra, listen! I didn’t say that! My point is as follows, darling—mine is kept on that far shelf. I sleep over here, it sleeps over there, because there is a proximity effect. Yours is too near. It is getting to you. It is making you dismayingly ravenous. Powerful magic must be treated with caution…”

The door was bucked open with a bang, and Twilight Sparkle stood in the doorway, wild-eyed.

“Am I a big prude? AM I? WELL?” she squealed. Behind her, Carousel Boutique customers stared in shock. Two glanced at each other, frowning, while a third kept looking at dresses and paid no attention.

Rarity and Lyra clung to each other, trembling. Rarity gulped, her lip quivering. “Erm… no?”

Twilight stomped in, teeth gritted. “I’d like to think I’m pretty enlightened. I’d like to think I have kind of a wild side, that I’m a sexy little pony! But NO, to Rainbow Dash I’m just some prude who doesn’t understand things!”

“Doesn’t understand what things?” quavered Rarity, closing the door behind Twilight as two of the customers left.

“Which brings me to your esteemed guest! Lyra! You may not ever sell, rent, loan, convey, or in any way share your bit with Scootaloo! Just because Rainbow Dash thinks it’s all a big joke does not change the fact that we live in a reality in which there are things that can happen, and things that cannot happen, and the dicking of Scootaloo is a thing that can’t happen! In any sense, do you hear me? I don’t even know who her Mom is so I guess I better say what her Mom would no doubt be telling you!”

Lyra tried to hide her face under Rarity’s foreleg, and Rarity sheltered her, meeting Twilight’s burning gaze.

“Do we understand each other?” demanded Twilight.

Lyra nodded frantically, her body twitching in fitful, suppressed attempts to flee.

“And you, Rarity! Do you think I am prudish? Do you?”

“Mistress?” The voice came from outside the inner sanctum, through the door that had been shut but was now cracked open. “Trixie saw you running this way…”

Trixie poked her head in, and met Rarity’s terrified gaze. Her eyes widened.

“Mistress, what’s going on?”

“I am NOT prudish!” yelled Twilight Sparkle. “Just because I have to control the public excesses of everypony in Ponyville…”

Trixie ran in, her magic banging the door shut behind her, and abased herself before Twilight. “Mistress! Do not do the glowy white eyes thing! Don’t hurt Girl, or Heartstrings!”

“Well, make them act right, and tell them I’m not prudish, no matter what Rainbow Dash might say!” demanded Twilight, trembling.

Trixie’s eyes darted back and forth for a moment. The blue unicorn plainly was thinking as hard as she could while maintaining her submissive position—Rarity could almost see the gears whirring as Trixie Lulamoon worked out the situation, coming up with a plan.

Trixie had seen Twilight flip out before, and plainly was ready to try anything to defuse the threat of her hyper-powered, furious beloved. She drew a deep breath, and her horn glowed—and an armoire skidded across the floor and came to rest against the door, keeping the four mares in and preventing any possible curious customer’s interruption.

“Show us, Mistress,” said Trixie.

Twilight blinked. “What?”

“Please! Let us be at your disposal until you have blown off all your steam. Show us how not-prudish you are! Trixie is sure you will feel better!”

Twilight pecked at the floor with a forehoof. “I ought to! I’ll show you!”

“Show us, show us!” begged Trixie. “Right, Rarity? Lyra?” She shot them an intense, pleading glance.

Lyra was frozen with alarm. She only stared back at Trixie, incomprehendingly. Rarity glanced back and forth between Twilight and Trixie, and spoke…

“Twilight, have you been sleeping with your bit under your pillow?”

The question broke the spell of drama and resentment. Twilight blinked, and glanced at Rarity in a more peaceful way, and replied, “No, why?”

“Where, then, do you place it whilst it is not in use?”

Twilight blinked again, considering the question. “Bedside tables. You know, so we can grab it during the night on a whim. It goes back and forth. Might be on mine, might be on Trixie’s side…”

“Mistress, it’s lived on your side for weeks,” pointed out Trixie.

“Well, yeah,” said Twilight, “but I’ve been doing all the nighttime poking lately and I thought you were fine with that, now you’re telling me you have a problem with it?”

Rarity cleared her throat, with an air of decision. “I’ve told Lyra, now I shall tell you: more care must be taken with these things. Twilight, we’ve spoken before about the proximity effect our bits develop, have we not?”

Twilight’s eyes widened, and then she blushed. “Oh gosh. You know, I wasn’t even thinking of that? It explains why I’ve been wanting to jump on Trixie more and more…”

“It explains many things, about many ponies, darling,” said Rarity. “You simply must place the device at a greater distance, especially while you sleep. And Lyra must come up with a more suitable home for her bit, she is keeping it in that bag of hers and essentially wearing it at all times! The both of you are penis-headed to a shocking extent.”

Trixie gasped. “Girl! Really!”

Rarity batted her eyelashes innocently for a moment, and then her jaw dropped and she blanched. “I meant literally! I… oh, hell!”

Trixie stared her down, smirking. “Girl has spoken with great rudeness to her mistresses. And, Heartstrings needs to be tamed… and Mistress is pent up with bit-influence that has her overly stallionish. Is this a fair assessment of the situation?”

Rarity gulped. “…yes, Mistress.”

Twilight stamped a hoof. “Trixie, where do you get off jumping in and…”

Trixie glanced sharply at her. “Dearest Mistress, Trixie has interceded for you before. Please trust me? Your Trixie knows and understands you, and has a plan.”

Twilight regarded her suspiciously. “A plan, huh?”

Trixie nodded. “A plan, Mistress. For all ponies to feel better, and be better adjusted to their places.”

“And tell me, what places are these, exactly?” prodded Twilight.

Trixie smirked.

“Under us, squealing in filthy orgasm.”

Rarity and Lyra gulped, though Lyra’s eyes dilated with mad intensity at the same time. Twilight’s muzzle slowly grew a wicked little smile.

“Sold,” she said. “How should we start?”

Trixie trotted over to inspect her victims. “Girl. Do you agree with Trixie’s assessment of the situation?”

Rarity nodded with emphasis. “You have perfectly captured it, Mistress. We must burn off the pent up energies of these two, and restore harmoniousness.”

“Trixie has just the solution. Fetch your own bit, girl! Lie in your bed, on your back, in stallion form.”

Rarity squeaked, and leapt to her hooves, scampering across the room to retrieve her magic bit from a distant shelf. As she seized it between her teeth, the stallionhood burst forth between her legs, in all its implausible girth and length. She trotted back, the heavy shaft swinging under her, and leapt back into bed, immediately obeying Trixie and assuming the desired position.

Trixie nodded, in satisfaction. “Twilight!” she said.

“What? Do you want me to jump on? Give me a minute to warm up…”

“No,” said Trixie, eyes narrowing. “Grab Heartstrings!”

Lyra’s eyes widened for an instant in alarm, and then she went over in a flurry of shapely green legs, tackled by her heavier companion. She squealed, kicking, but Twilight had her in a fierce embrace, like stallions playing hoofball, but with more glisteny vagina than hoofball players usually had to offer.

Trixie laughed. “I meant with your magic! Fine. That will save time. Place her upon Rarity!”

Twilight did a doubletake. “But… I saw, earlier. She won’t fit onto Rarity, she’s just too tight! You said so yourself!”

“Trixie has an answer for that…”

“What if it hurts her?” said Twilight.

Trixie gave Twilight a weary look.

“We have to tame her somehow. And Girl’s right—we have to tame you. Maybe this will work. Now, place Heartstrings on… ah.”

No placing was necessary. Lyra had wriggled free of Twilight’s constraining hug, and had leapt up to straddle Rarity, and was already pressing herself back against the titanic ponycock, with no better success than she’d had before.

“We’re supposed to tame this?” blinked Twilight.

Lyra squealed, her dainty saddlebag flapped, and her tail tossed merrily, as her toned flanks struggled to drive her backwards onto Rarity’s shaft. Her hips wriggled in fevered desperation.

Trixie gave another weary look. “We’d better. If Heartstrings is wearing her bit constantly, it might explain why she was mad enough to show it to the foal. We’ll take it away, but we’d better discharge her energies too—as best we can.”

Rarity whimpered, her eyes wide. Trixie glanced sharply at her. “Not into you, Girl! Trixie saw your distress when that happened! We’ll steer clear of that as well. No, we shall discharge two pent-up ponies in one lightning-like jolt!”

Twilight’s eyes widened. “Oooooh.”

Trixie smirked. “That’s right, dearest Twilight. Think you can take it?”

Twilight bit her lip, a wild light in her eyes. “That… should do nicely.”

Lyra hadn’t quit her wriggling and shoving, and the end of Rarity’s cock was now totally painted with silky unicorn nectar, to no avail. Trixie glanced back at her and twitched with alarm at the frantic shoving, then pulled herself together, regaining her air of command. “Girl!”

“Y’s?” whimpered Rarity.

“Munch on that bit! Loosely! Make your teeth bite and loosen and bite again—now!”

Rarity, daunted by Lyra’s fiery expression, hid her face behind her forehooves but complied—her jaw working against the shiny hard metal of the bit.

Lyra jerked, and squealed again, for the solidity of that massive shaft was suddenly changed in an alarming way. It shrank back and leapt forward violently as Rarity shifted the grip of her teeth, the magical penis abruptly changing size and length, thumping against Lyra’s juicy mons…

Just as Trixie began to say, “More!” there was a sharp squelch, Rarity and Lyra froze, and Lyra let out a paint-peeling shriek.

Trixie and Twilight stared at what they had wrought—or what Trixie had wrought, in any case. Rarity’s bulky shaft impaled Lyra’s dainty snatch like a cork in a bottle, wedged rigid, a glistening line of lubrication marking where the brutal pressure had squeezed out even Lyra’s frenetic juices. It had burst into her while springing forth, and trapped her in an instant, the flare plunging into her pert vagina and immediately swelling up with horrible suddenness—way too large to withdraw.

Lyra screamed again, shuddering, and Twilight squeaked, “Oh my gosh! Trixie, she can’t…”

“You could,” snapped Trixie, and Twilight fell silent.

They watched for a moment. Rarity still hid her face, but kept a firm grip on the bit, awaiting further instructions. Lyra’s ass quivered, and they could see her body clenching down on the stallionhood, forcing a whimper out of Rarity, but Lyra didn’t try to pull away. Her tail thrashed, her hoof shifted and rumpled the bedcovers. She was trying to push it deeper.

“Stage two,” said Trixie, licking her lips.

“Are you going to make Rarity fuck her?” breathed Twilight.

“No,” said Trixie. She bent her head, and nudged Twilight’s ass with the side of her horn, noting with approval the slickness of Twilight’s marehood. The purple darling was always rather a sucker for extreme play… Trixie shoved her more firmly towards the mating couple.

“Get on top of Heartstrings, Twilight. Straddle her.”

Twilight took a step, and glanced back at Trixie. “But… first of all, I don’t have our bit here, and second I don’t wanna ass-fuck Lyra! Um, as rude as that sounds… I don’t, really I don’t. That’s your big idea?”

“No,” said Trixie. “I’ll need some self-control, I’ll explain later. We’ve proved I can have that. Do it!”

Twilight, blinking in confusion, hopped onto the bed and tentatively climbed up to straddle Lyra, who shuddered and wailed as Twilight’s weight shifted her lighter frame, shoving the tight-locked stallionhood within her. Trixie followed, licking her lips, a look of concentration on her face, lowering her head.

Twilight settled down, her legs wrapped around Lyra’s quivering pert rump, her crotch pressed against Lyra’s dock and her nipples stiffening as the base of Lyra’s tail wriggled against her breasts. She gulped, instinctively hugging Lyra’s fevered green body to her, and began to turn her head, to ask what was next.

The corner of her eye caught Trixie’s pale mane against the blue of her tail—more mane than she expected to see, all mane as if she was looking at the top of Trixie’s head…

Twilight made a strangled noise of total shock as she felt Trixie’s horntip tuck between her labia, parting her folds and steadily pushing its way up her vagina.

“Trixieeeee!” she squealed. “What the fuck, Trixie?”

The horn sank deeper, prying her pussy wide as the conical form entered her inch by inch, slickened by her copious juices that soaked Trixie’s pride in an act of outrageous and dangerous desecration. Rarity, beneath the stack, squirmed and mewled as she worked out what was happening. Her motion made Lyra cry out, again.

“I can handle it!” came Trixie’s voice. “You’ve come into my horn before, you know I can hold back! You couldn’t do that if I didn’t have control of it!” Her head pressed harder and harder until her mane and her hard little skull pressed up against Twilight’s crotch. “I swear I won’t hurt you, I can handle it!”

Twilight reeled, vagina wedged wide by the unthinkable, Trixie’s hot little head ramming her mound, her own breasts pressed against a hysterical green unicorn who wriggled, split by Rarity’s impossibly thick stallionhood. She drew a deep breath.


“And you love it… don’t you?” came Trixie’s voice. It sounded like she had one of her hard wicked smiles on, like she was fully in dominant mode for all that she was desecrating her horn in an impossibly obscene fashion.

Twilight gulped.


Trixie sighed in satisfaction. “Now, Twilight, the rest is up to you. Me and Girl, we hold still. Lyra’s body is beneath you, your weight can shift her. What you must do, gently at first… is rock.”

“What?” managed Twilight.

“Rock. Back and forth,” said Trixie. “Gently.”

Twilight bit her lip, and shifted her weight a bit. As she did, Lyra’s body rocked forwards, dragging the overstuffed stallionhood a tiny distance out of her, tugging it within her straining pelvis—and at the same time, Trixie’s head pressed less firmly against Twilight’s mound, and the thick conical penetration into her pussy shifted as well.

Twilight thought she could feel the grooves on Trixie’s horn sliding against her quivering inner walls. She reeled with pleasure, but it was nothing compared to Lyra’s reaction. Her tail thrashed against Twilight’s groin, and she gasped hard, her body trembling.

Twilight bit her lip, and set up a gentle rocking motion. The rewards exceeded her expectations. She did feel the texture of Trixie’s horn, those deep grooves that her tongue had traced in acts she thought were the peak of kinkiness—how little she knew! One of her most shameful and unnatural fantasies was coming to life. She had to trust Trixie, because the fantasy could not be allowed to emerge completely. It was a death-fantasy, being burned up from energy discharge not catalyzed through another unicorn horn, and as much as her mind strayed and imagined tingles and crackles of energy inside her wildly aroused pussy, that could not be allowed to happen.

Lyra shrieked again as Twilight rocked harder, imagining it, her groin thumping against Trixie’s skull. She felt Trixie twisting her head, and she reeled again at the sheer perversion of the act, and fantasized more intensely, heedless of the way she was rocking Lyra’s body and working the Rarity cock inside her.

Lyra struggled weakly, braying her pleasures in guttural cries, her body shifting back and forth against the rock of Rarity’s stubbornly fixed hips. The tugging and pushing didn’t really slide the cock within her—it was too tight—it simply dragged at her insides, shoved that uncompromising bulk this way and that. She banged a forehoof against the bed, right by Rarity’s head—a head still shielded by alabaster forelegs. Rarity was braced as if ready for a bomb to go off. A sharp breath hissed through her flared nostrils, then another…

Twilight began to cry out, “Eeeeeeeee!” and shoved herself heedlessly against Trixie’s horn, her eyes squeezed shut.

Trixie gritted her teeth, fighting back the tingling she felt, precursor to a horngasm that would be unthinkably dangerous if not catalyzed the normal way.

Lyra jolted, her body tensing, her horn glittering and filming with an expectant sheen of magic.

Rarity squeezed her eyes shut tighter, forelegs shielding her face and horn…

“Ngg! nhh! hhh!”

Rarity let go, her cock throbbing heavily as a gush of raw magic pumped hungrily into Lyra’s vagina, flooding it, surging into her womb and filling her petite mareparts to bursting.

Lyra let out a shriek, her mind drowned in a white-out of psyche-mangling orgasm as the huge magic cock flooded her, and she unleashed a withering bolt of magic from her horn.

Twilight’s horn had been glittering as well, and suddenly she sensed that, while the unicorn horn shoved up her vagina would not really burn her up in a horrible, wonderful orgasmic death, she was right next to another one and smelled the air frying from the power mere inches from her face. Her eyes flew wide, reflecting nothing but the magic gushing from Lyra, and Twilight’s own horn let go and squirted magic at the sight.

Lyra’s horngasm turned and struck like a snake, slamming into Twilight’s horn the instant another arc presented itself to be grounded through.

And four screams rang out, ripped from four shocked throats, as both Twilight Sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon lit up a ghostly green… electrified, flooded from tip to tail with Lyra’s overwhelming, mind-melting erotic magic discharge.

Twilight jolted and kicked, driven beyond endurance, her body racked with ecstacy beyond anything she’d experienced, feeling like some pony-shaped pipe through which an intolerable flood of magic gushed. Behind her, Trixie’s tail thrashed again and again as she fought to stay still, not jab or twist, above all not gush uncatalysed magic from her own horn—but who was she kidding? She had no chance of it, no chance at all. Lyra’s magic forced itself into her through even the faintest glittering she couldn’t suppress, flooding her as well, flavored in a mysterious and unmistakable way by the taste of Twilight’s magic, so powerful but now so soft and melting in its texture, merging and blending with Lyra’s. Trixie leaked tears as she hung on, never quite allowing herself to squirt, oozing her own magic up into Twilight’s vagina where it melded with the seething torrents of magic that churned Twilight Sparkle…

Twilight let out three almighty shrieks, her eyes staring wildly into space, and there was a final flash of blinding white, and the arcs of magic cut out abruptly and the ponies collapsed onto each other like puppets with cut strings.

Rarity, trembling, peeked out from behind her forehooves.

She saw no more magic discharges. Gently, she let her jaw open, and the bit dropped onto the pillow beside her, next to where Lyra’s head sagged. Behind Twilight, she saw Trixie tugging her horn free, and winced to see the pussy juices coating it. Lyra’s body was fiery hot against her, or perhaps it was just the weight. So much weight! Both Lyra and Twilight had splatted onto her as if they’d been clubbed in the head, and Rarity struggled to draw a decent breath.

“Girl… good girl.. let Trixie help,” said Trixie, staggering up to gaze at her blearily. Gently, Trixie nudged Twilight, and first she and then Lyra sprawled bonelessly over to the side, toppling off their balancing act atop Rarity to lie in a tangled heap of jelly-like unicorns.

“Did we do it?” breathed Rarity.

Trixie grinned weakly from under her alarmingly ooze-smeared horn. “If that didn’t do it, nothing could. Ohhhh, girl… thank you, thank you so much… Trixie has never felt anything like it, Trixie cannot imagine what it was like for Twilight.”

Rarity got unsteadily to her hooves, and regarded the obliterated lavender unicorn. “Methinks she was left satisfied. They are all right?”

“Trixie thinks so,” said Trixie, and yawned. “Why? Do you have things to attend to?”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Rarity. “The only part of me subject to all that was the penis, and that vanishes. Goodness—I am all worked up, I fear. I need a good rutting, when it’s convenient for somepony! And I am worried that my inner sanctum may not have been as soundproofed as I’d hoped…”

Lyra’s ear flicked. Trixie blinked, wobbling gently. “Trixie thought it was?”

“Against four simultaneous shrieks like that?” said Rarity. “Pray allow me to make excuses, should any customers have heard. Thank heaven for locks and latches! I am not sure we should ever attempt such things during business hours again!” Her horn glowed as she dragged the armoire away from the door, clearing her path and preparing her return to the world of the fashion customer.

“Sorry, Girl—ah, Rarity, I mean,” yawned Trixie. “Can we sleep it off in here for now? Even if it’s business hours?”

Rarity smiled. “But of course. That is no imposition. Thank heavens my part was something I can withstand graciously… sleep well, darling!”

Behind Trixie, Lyra stirred, and looked around. Her young body trembled, weak from its intense sexual release. She spotted the magic bit lying on the pillow, where Rarity had dropped it, and her soul was filled with the earnest longing to return the favor Rarity had bestowed upon her quivering body. A good rutting, eh?

Rarity turned to open the door, slipping out and speaking courteously to some unseen pony out in the boutique, her alabaster butt briefly glimpsed in the doorway, exquisite vag framed between silky softly rounded cheeks, a vision of alluringness.

Trixie turned to return to the bed, and her eyes widened as a green trembling form shoved past her, toppling her. She fell against Twilight, who emitted an adorable squeak and squirmed weakly. She watched as Lyra staggered for the door—and realised there was something projecting under her, that Lyra was using the bit and going after Rarity.


The earth pony mare hadn’t minded the absence of a salesmare. It provided an opportunity to blushingly peek at a few of the more ‘special’ offerings before trotting away in haste and pretending not to look. She’d returned to the safer, and still quite exquisite, dresses on display: admiring the rakish angles of the hems, considering which shade of fabric set off the color of her own floral cutie mark. It seemed like many of the dresses rather exposed the cutie mark and rode very high, also exposing the dock most shamelessly, but one dress appeared slightly more modest. The trouble was, it was the wrong color, and the one with the best color also featured the boldest cut.

As she knit her brow, considering this vexing dilemma, she realised a door had opened, and the pony who owned the boutique was looking at her, and appearing rather flustered. Had she seen the investigations of naughty bridles? The mare flushed, but Rarity was already speaking.

“You didn’t hear anything awkward, darling, did you, I trust?”

The mare blinked. “Not really, why?”

Rarity heaved a sigh of relief, as a shadow moved behind her, to the sound of a muffled shout from inside the room. “Oh good! It’s just that… aaaaahh!”

From within the room, a terrifying apparition emerged, shoving Rarity out into the shop. It seemed to be a maddened, very effeminate green unicorn stallion, with wild unkempt mane and tail, eyes bleary, teeth snarling around some small object. Its penis swung shockingly as it reared and seized Rarity’s waist in a death-grip. She screamed again, and the green hips swung forward…

The earth pony mare shrunk back, appalled. Rarity tried to brace herself against the savage thrusts, as the demented creature nuzzled the side of her neck and humped her like a stray dog snatching a desperate illicit fuck in broad daylight… Squelching noises split the air as his long green phallus plunged again and again to Rarity’s depths.

Rarity gazed in terror at her innocent customer, and cried out mysterious things.

“Ap… aaaaa… apples, apples! Ahhh! AAAHH!”

“Heartstrings!” shouted a blue unicorn, charging out of the room.

Rarity could not look away from the customer’s horrified gaze. Her eyes pleaded, begged forgiveness, and then she let out a horrible cry and began to come right in front of the appalled mare, legs shaking violently, ass clenching around the plunging green cock even as it cranked up to a churning frenzy of maddened fuck-tempo.

The green unicorn looked up with wild, contemptuous eyes, as if seeing not the earth pony mare customer, but some other earth pony in her place—and whinnied a wild, triumphant cry through savagely bared teeth, jerking and hunching and spurting pony-come into Rarity.

Rarity’s scream was dreadful—she’d gone red in the face, and her horn glittered and began to spurt, though her face was a mask of sensuous despair—and as it did, the green unicorn fired a jet of magic from its horn, which curved over and struck Rarity’s horn, causing her to convulse and buck. She tried to run in spite of the stallion fucking her, and fell heavily, with another terrible scream as she hit, the green stallion still clinging to her and pumping her full of ponycome from one end and magic from the other.

But by then, the earth pony customer had turned tail and fled like demons were after her…

Twilight staggered out of the room, to see Trixie standing over Lyra and Rarity on the floor, raging.

“That was your last chance! Your last chance, Lyra! Trixie doesn’t care what made you do it, you don’t deserve such toys! Trixie would never have allowed it if she knew! That was a safeword, damn you! You’ve hurt Girl again, weren’t you listening, don’t you listen to anything?”

Lyra scrabbled back, still gripping the bit in her teeth. Her flare yanked out of Rarity, spurting some more come as it went, and Rarity sobbed and shuddered as it wrenched its way free of her. Lyra couldn’t spare a moment to look at Rarity even when she curled up in a ball and Twilight rushed to her side, for Trixie was pursuing with murder in her eyes, and it was all Lyra could do to scramble away and stagger to her hooves.

Trixie’s horn glowed, and began to steam, Twilight’s juices burning away as the vengeful unicorn gathered her energies. “Drop it!”

Lyra stared wildly at Trixie, bit still in her teeth.

“Drop it, you no longer deserve a bit!” shouted Trixie. “Your bit privileges are over! If we can’t trust you, you can get the hell out! Drop it, I said!”

Lyra cowered, shaking her head.

“Now!” bellowed Trixie, right in her face.

Lyra whinnied in terror, dropped the magic bit, and whirled to flee, those toned youthful flanks pumping in a frenzied sprint: away from the three unicorns, away from the Carousel Boutique, away from the dropped bit that gleamed mockingly on the floor.

Trixie chased, galloping out the front door, but very soon she appeared back again, looking angry. “Too fast! She’s too fast. And Trixie couldn’t work her magic while running, and is too mad to focus anyway… oh, Rarity! How can we help you?”

Rarity trembled in Twilight’s embrace, her lip quivering, her eyes horribly vulnerable and filling with tears. She looked up at Trixie’s dismayed face, and tried to smile, which was dreadful to see.

“It will… be all right… thank you, d… d… darling…” Her face twisted as she fought to get the word out. “N… nothing’s wrong, pay n… n… no attention…”

Trixie wrung her hooves. “Girl! No! Seriously! Trixie saw you safeword, and she just ignored it completely, there is something very wrong with that pony…”

Twilight gulped. “Good thing you took her bit away, Trixie. She was going after Scootaloo, I just know it. It’s horrible. I never knew she was a… a monster! I thought she was just young and stupid, and maybe the bit was driving her insane…”

Rarity twisted, to gaze imploringly at Twilight. “Promise me you’ll k… keep yours at a safe distance! Not on your bedside table! Swear it to me, swear it, Twilight Sparkle!”

Twilight squeaked, alarmed at the intensity. “Yes, yes, I swear! We’ll go and put it somewhere way across the room, okay? You think this is all about bit radiations? She fucking raped you until you fell over, damn it! I can’t even believe it!”

Rarity struggled to master her feelings. “I don’t, I don’t think she meant it quite that way. The way she held me, fondled me, nuzzled me…” Her face twisted again as she felt once more the dreadful, tainted adoration and delight over her body, saw the disgusted, shocked, disbelieving female face looking at her—and she began to weep, making a pitiful soft wailing noise.

Trixie heaved shuddering breaths, watching. “I’ll kill her. Trixie will go and kill her…”

“Slow down,” said Twilight. “None of this makes enough sense. Trixie, there was a time when I was hot to do something just like that, and you stopped me. I’m gonna say, whatever we do, no killing Lyra. We’ve got the bit away from her. That’s the important thing. I think we’d better go find her. If she can flip out like that, we need to make sure she’s safe to be around ponies…”

Rarity was crying against Twilight’s neck, a heartbreaking and forlorn sound, but as Twilight spoke, she stopped. Her lip quivered dreadfully, but she wiped her eyes with the back of a hoof, and tried to talk.

“Girl?” said Trixie, leaning close. “Tell Trixie. What is it?”

“My… pillow. Check my pillow… what is on my pillow?”

Trixie was gone, galloping back into the Inner Sanctum, then running right back, panting as she arrived. “Nothing! Trixie found nothing on your pillow.”

Twilight’s eyes widened as she realized what Rarity was driving at.

Rarity sniffled, and looked tragic. “Then… she used mine. On me. And that’s it, over there. That one’s mine. It was lying on the pillow, right next to her.”

“And…” breathed Twilight, looking haunted.

“She’s still got hers,” said Rarity. “She’s carrying it on her person, in that lovely saddlebag.” Rarity sniffled again, and added, bitterly, “Twenty-four seven… as I discovered.”

Twilight hugged Rarity very tight. She looked up, quickly. “Trixie, you should…”

…but Trixie was already gone, galloping madly out the door and down the road.