Tumblin’ Rose

For a while, Hina didn’t notice the little ponies following her. One rouge and blonde-maned, one pink and lime-maned, one cream and red-maned, all bore flowers for cutie marks and all trailed hesitantly behind the Kirin, torn between wanting her attention yet not wanting to be noticed by so fearsome a creature. Caught by some shared temptation, the three flower ponies crept furtively in Hina’s wake, their eyes huge and wide, the three making not a sound.

Or at least not until Hina glanced behind her, to be greeted by three matching little pony shrieks of terror. “Eee!” “Eee!” “Eee!”

“Oh, hello!” called the Kirin. “I’m sorry, did I scare you? What’s your name? I am Hina-rin.”

“Lily,” said the blonde flower pony. “Oh, my! Oh gosh, oh dear!”

Hina’s eyes widened in dismay. “I have somehow hurt you three! What is the matter? I meant no harm, I promise!”

“You better not!” accused the cream-colored pony with the red mane and tail.

“Roseluck!” protested the pink and lime pony. “She’s so pretty and nice, how could she hurt you?”

Roseluck pouted fiercely. “Well, she better not hex us, Daisy! This was Lily’s idea. I think she might hex us!”

“Behave, Rose!” scolded Lily. “We’re here to help you!”

At this, Hina quirked an eyebrow. “Here to help with what? I would like to help you all. What idea is this?”

Lily blinked. “Why are you speaking Neighponnese haiku at us?”

“I beg your pardon?” asked Hina, puzzled.

“What is that?” squealed Roseluck. “Is it a hex? She’s hexing us! Eee!”

As Hina watched in horror, the pretty cream-colored mare reared, kicking her hooves in a panic, and then… over she went, in a faint, the ruddy mane tumbling across the grass.

Jaw dangling, the Kirin looked to Roseluck’s friends and protested, “I made no such hex!”

Lily rolled her eyes. “I know. Or at least as far as I could see, you didn’t. Roseluck just… that’s kind of the problem we hoped you could help us with.”

“Not making a hex?” said Hina, at a loss. “I’d love to help all of you… but I am confused.”

“No, I mean…” said Lily, and rolled her eyes again. “It’s a long story. Daisy, will you wake Rose?”

The pink pony with the lime mane bounced forward helpfully, everything about her reminding Hina of an eager puppy. She nudged the comatose Roseluck tenderly, calling “Rosie? It’s okay, we’re safe, wake up please!” As Hina studied her, she realized that all three mares seemed united by a ceaseless nervous energy. She bent down, studying the cream-colored pony, Roseluck, as she stirred and opened her eyes.


Roseluck fainted again. So did Daisy, startled by Roseluck’s abrupt shriek. Hina stepped back a pace, dismayed. These ponies seemed as good as could be, but they were so high-strung!

“Maybe you should stand back a little further,” suggested Lily, wryly. “She thinks you’re magic and it scared her to see you suddenly like that.”

“But I am,” protested Hina. “I am magic to the core. Perhaps to the horn? Why does this frighten her so?”

“It’s not that,” said Lily. “Well, not only that. I told you it was a long story. Will you help? Rosie, calm down! You scared Daisy, now she’s out!”

Roseluck was stirring again. With a suspicious look at Hina, she nudged Daisy very carefully, and the pink and lime pony fluttered her pretty eyelashes and woke.

“Very well, I will stay back,” said Hina. She skulked ostentatiously around behind Lily, who shied away from the curious behavior. Hina pretended to study the distant horizon, and spoke. “I will give them space and speak only to…” and she turned suddenly to favor Lily with a brilliant and benevolent smile, close up. “You!”


Lily sprawled onto the grass in a dead faint.

Hina, stricken, stared at Daisy and Roseluck, who gave her embarrassed and exasperated looks in turn.

“She can’t have very dangerous magic if she’s this dumb,” said Roseluck, to accompany her exasperated look.

“Oh, no! She’s okay, and I’m sure she’s nice,” said Daisy. “She just doesn’t understand about us.”

“About you?” said Hina, in a tiny, nervous voice.

Roseluck nodded. “Lily!” she called, and the rouge and blonde pony stirred. Rose didn’t wait for her to wake. “About us! We need some help. Lily thinks you can help. You helped that strange mare with Big Macintosh, didn’tcha? She thinks you can help us too. She’s kind of our leader. You better not hex us!”

“Rose!” protested Daisy. She turned to Hina. “She didn’t mean it! Don’t be mad. You didn’t work magic on that mare, did you? Lily says you didn’t.”

“I did not hex Marble Pie,” protested Hina. “What is a hex, anyway?”

“It’s just Rose, she doesn’t trust magic or unicorns or even alicorns. We’re all earth ponies,” explained Daisy, “please don’t scare us?”

Hina’s ears were laid back in dismay. “Are all you ponies fearful? The farm ponies fled from my presence just now!”

Three flowerpony jaws dropped.

“You’re kidding,” said Roseluck. “Applejack? The APPLES ran away from you? You’re THAT scary?” She began to trot in place, panicking.

“Rose!” called Lily. “Steady! It can’t have been the Apple clan. Who fled? Uh, Heenarin, I think you said you were?”

“Hina-rin,” said the Kirin, pouting. “And call me Hina. And all the good stallions ran away from me. Except for Big Macintosh.”

The flower ponies exchanged glances.

“I think we might have the same problem,” suggested Lily.

Hina gawked. “Surely you three do not terrify stallions?”

“Not exactly…”

The cozy little house was painted in charming spring colors, and decorated with a riot of beautiful flowers, especially the lilies that shared a name with the house’s owner.

Hina listened, entranced, to the story of the flower ponies.

“So we got Caramel,” said Daisy, “because he said he was always up for more mare pussy. Also, Rose likes him.”

Roseluck nodded eagerly. “I got the closest, like, of any of us!”

“Don’t skip ahead!” said Lily. “I tried first, you know!”

“She’s kind of our leader,” explained Daisy. “Lily is so smart!”

“I am not!” protested Lily. “That’s Daisy. Daisy’s like our party girl, she’s everywhere and always wants to help!”

“And what would that make your Rose?” asked Hina.

Lily and Daisy looked at each other.

“Roseluck is like our super-hero,” said Daisy loyally. “She’s beautiful and brave and strong and the sexiest of all of us, and she’s secretly in love with Caramel which is why we got Caramel: Rose likes him.”

Hina, puzzled, looked at the three flower pony mares. They still looked near-identical except for color and mane and tail, typical Equestrian types, but she supposed that to each other they seemed very distinct.

“That is nice,” she said, guardedly.

Daisy nodded with enthusiasm, and went on. “So we told Caramel we wanted to have sex with him and get his pony dick inside us! And he looked really confused and he said, all at once? and we said no, no, we were going to take turns. And Lily was first because I was too scared and Rose was blushing so much and wouldn’t talk to him…”

Roseluck blushed again, scuffing the floor with a forehoof.

“Somepony has to go first, you know,” said Lily.

Daisy nodded. “And Lily turned around and let Caramel look at her vagina, and me and Rose hugged each other because it was so scary and exciting, and the next thing you know Caramel’s penis was sticking out and it went all big and hard…”

“It’s not that big,” objected Rose, her ears back. “It wasn’t too big.”

“Don’t skip ahead!” protested Daisy.

“And don’t brag,” grumbled Lily.

Roseluck pouted, and Daisy carried on with her story. “And all of a sudden, his cock was sticking out so stiff and hard, and he reared up and he pounced and he was right on top of Lily and his cock swung up…”

“And then he had sex with her?” guessed Hina.

All three flower ponies gave her a look.

“I was telling the story!” protested Daisy. “And then his cock swung up and it thumped Lily on the inside of the leg!”

“And then, sex?” suggested Hina. “As you wished?”

“And then Lily screamed, fainted, and fell over,” explained Daisy helpfully.

“Oh, poor dear…” said Hina.

“He was ever so cross!” said Daisy, wide-eyed. “It was very exciting, he was so stallion-y. He reared and kicked his forelegs and he said, rar, the potent pony thunder! I’m huge!”

“He really isn’t,” said Roseluck, blushing. “We love him anyway, though.”

Daisy pressed on, excitedly. “And he said, I want mare pussy for my giant erection, if that’s all right with you! It was so forceful and yet polite and nice at the same time. And my heart was pounding so hard, I was so excited, and I just turned around and my pussy winked at him! He was going to have sex with me, right then!”

“And did he?” asked Hina.

“Almost!” replied Daisy. “He reared up and he got on me and it was the most amazing thing ever! And he got ready and he was more careful, I could feel him adjusting himself, and then you know what? I winked again and the next thing you know, he pushed and I felt his penis prod RIGHT AGAINST my vagina!”

“And then what happened?”

Daisy pouted, and dropped her gaze. “Um… I screamed, fainted, and fell over.”

“I see a pattern emerge,” mused Hina thoughtfully.

“Lily was awake again and she helped me wake up. Caramel was all red in the face and his cock was so hard, it was scary, and he kept shifting from one hind leg to the other…”

“A very frustrated stallion might do this,” suggested Hina. “Their cock cries out to be plunged into a mare. Yet he had failed twice?”

“That’s when Rosie stepped forward,” explained Daisy. “She’s, like, our superhero.”

“She could barely look at him,” said Lily, “she was so in love and so worked up. I saw her hindquarters and she was winking constantly and she dripped on the floor and she didn’t clean it up, either! Did she, Daisy?”

“Don’t skip ahead!” said Roseluck, blushing scarlet. “Go on, Daisy. Tell her.”

“Sure!” said Daisy brightly. “So me and Lily hugged each other and we watched. Caramel’s eyes were so big and bright and wild, it was amazing! He asked Rosie if she was gonna be okay, and she said, what did she say?”

“She said, be my stud horse, I’ve never wanted anything more than this ever,” said Lily, misty eyed.

Daisy nodded. “Yeah, that! And she turned around. And he was scared even to touch her, but he reared up and he got on her…”

“And we were watching, me in front and naughty Daisy behind, and we both held our breath and didn’t even move…” said Lily.

“And he positioned himself,” said Daisy, “and I saw his cock bobbling around and then he was pushing it right against Rosie’s pussy…”

“And I saw the look in her eyes, so amazing,” said Lily, “and she bit her lip and she couldn’t even breathe and then…”

“And then I saw him give a push,” said Daisy, “and there was this splurp and he pushed his cock head into Rosie, right into her vagina, and he rested, and I could see her squinching down on it, it was so big and it was IN her, he’d pushed the head part right into her and she was shaking and it was all wet-looking around there…”

“And she just stared at nothing,” said Lily in awe, “she didn’t even see me anymore and she was having SEX right there in front of us, our hero Rosie, actually doing it just like we always wanted to…”

They trailed off. Roseluck was trembling, her eyes yearning desperately, and the other two mares cast their eyes down embarrassedly.

“And then what?” prompted Hina.

Roseluck sighed, and gave her a tragic look.

“And then he gave this little sigh, like he was sooooo happy and loved her too,” said Lily.

“And he sort of tossed his mane, real gentle-like,” said Daisy, “and made this little grunt. And then he pushed his cock ALL THE WAY INTO ROSIE…”

“And she screamed, fell over, and fainted,” admitted Lily.

“It yanked right out when she fell down!” squeaked Daisy. “And it was so big and hard, oh my gosh! And it was all glisteny from Rosie, but she was so shocked she didn’t wake up for like minutes and minutes! And there he was, he was prancing around wildly, yelling, you gotta be kidding me!”

“We tried to hide by hugging each other,” said Lily, “and just staring at him waiting to see what he’d do. We couldn’t even think, or talk, we almost fainted too because he was so excited.”

“He looked down at Rosie with this crazy hungry yearning upset look,” said Daisy, “and he looked at us but we couldn’t answer and he looked back at her and she wasn’t going to wake up soon, and there he was, all like throbbing in front of us and five times more exciting than when we tried to do it.”

“So he gives this big sigh again,” said Lily…

“And he clopped off onto her cutie mark, snorted at us, and trotted off home,” said Daisy.

“Oh, poor things,” said Hina, helplessly. “How terrible for you all!”

All three flower ponies blinked at her.

“Huh?” said Daisy.

“It’s not that bad,” said Roseluck.

“No, that was the day we discovered knitting circle!” said Lily. “It’s very special. We just still wonder if we could have more. Especially for Rosie. We’re happy with each other, but Rosie wants to have Caramel’s foal.”

Roseluck nodded, and fixed Hina with a strange, wary, pleading look. “But no magic to help! But it would almost be worth it. But still, no, please, not with magic! No hexes!”

“Oooo, you got it bad, Rosie,” said Daisy. “Almost worth it, huh? Almost worth THAT?”

Rose pouted. She was trembling, still rebellious and unwilling to approach the Kirin, but her yearning was apparent.

Hina gazed at them. “Oh, my dears! To help in your troubles would be my solemnest goal. I can think of no kind of goodness I’d rather spread. And yes, I have helped Marble, the virgin mare! Please let me help you. Your goodness calls me!”

“Oh, yay!” cried Daisy, causing her companions to flinch, but not to pass out.

Hina blinked. “Wait… what is knitting circle?”

All three perked up immediately.

“Oh, it’s the best thing ever!” said Daisy. “We might be the only ones to do it.”

“We invented it,” said Lily, “so we aren’t virgin mares, exactly. Or maybe not? We kind of are and aren’t, if that makes any sense?”

“I’m not,” said Roseluck with quiet pride and the hint of a smug yet tragic smile.

Daisy hugged her delicately. “Of course you’re not! I saw it, Rosie. I don’t know if you fainted before it all fit, but it’s true: Caramel thrust all his penis inside you, pretty much.”

“Some mares have all the luck,” grumbled Lily.

“Oh hush,” chided Daisy. “Neither of us could get nearly that far. This is about Rosie, about helping her go all the way.” She turned to Hina. “He didn’t come, you see. Caramel didn’t come inside her and she didn’t get a foal, and he won’t come back, he doesn’t trust us not to fall over. He’s super nice but he says we’re just too sensitive!”

Roseluck’s eyes yearned, and her smile had stolen away. Her hind legs trembled.

Daisy hugged her again. “Poor Rosie! You got it so bad, sweet Rosie.”

“You’re sad again, mares,” protested Hina. “Don’t be sad, tell me about knitting circle! That cheered you all up.”

All three flower ponies blinked.

“We could tell her,” said Lily.

“We should SHOW her!” said Daisy.

“Make her stay over there!” pleaded Roseluck.

Lily and Daisy hugged Rose. “Oh, Rosie!” said Daisy.

“Of course,” soothed Lily. “We didn’t mean for her to join. Hina-rin, please stay back, okay? You don’t know how to do this. You haven’t got the training. And poor Rosie, you need it, don’t you? We’re sorry we had to talk about Caramel’s penis so much.”

Roseluck whimpered. Her pussy dripped a bit of mare-juice onto the floor.

“I will give you mares some space,” said Hina. “Except maybe I could wipe up Rosie’s… mess? With my… wait, not in that way…”

Her horn had just begun to light, but Lily stopped her with an assertive look. “First things first,” she said. “We didn’t finish our story. That’s when we discovered knitting circle.”

“Yes!” said Daisy. “Rose was lying there, with spooge all over her flank, and me and Lily just sort of looked at her for a while. We were in awe. Rose is our hero! She’d really for sure done it. Also her flank is the most sensuous and beautiful of all flower pony bottoms, so creamy and supple. I mean, the color, not with cream on it. But it did, I mean it had Caramel cream on it…”

Lily interrupted her companion before she could get more confused. “Rosie had cum all over her bum. So we admired her for a while, and we cheered real quietly, and then we both decided at the same time we should clean her up…”

“She means, lick her off!” giggled Daisy. “We’d never tasted horse-come before. I liked it! In fact now I give stallions blow jobs whenever I can because I liked the taste so much!”

Roseluck gave her a skeptical look. “You scream, faint, and fall over if they come in your mouth, Daisy. Or if they come on your face and it’s too big of a load. Or if they flare up too big while you’re doing it!”

“Shush,” chided Lily. “We’re all very careful she doesn’t choke on it. And she does get to taste it afterwards! Maybe not all of it at once. Don’t tease Daisy, the stallions really like when she does that. You’d do it yourself if you weren’t pining over Caramel all the time!”

“You’d do it yourself,” retorted Roseluck, “if you didn’t faint the instant a stallion got his erect dick in your face!”

“The knitting circle,” reminded Hina.

“Oh!” squeaked Daisy. “Right. That’s the thing! We really liked licking Rosie off. She’s our hero and she’s so sexy and nice and she had come all over her, like her flank and her legs and her vagina and everything!”

“We saved the best for last,” said Lily, and licked her lips reminiscently.

“I wasn’t sure whether we should stop, when Rosie started to wake up and we were still doing it,” admitted Daisy. She began to blush.

“I didn’t stop,” smirked Lily, “even when she did wake up and asked us what we were doing. I said, it’s an honor, and we’re cleaning you up. And I moved right over to her pretty, pretty, beautiful vagina with come all over it, and I kept right on cleaning her up. Didn’t I, Rosie?”

Roseluck, blushing, smirked. “I screamed. And fainted. But not before I discovered something special.”

“I did too!” said Daisy eagerly. “It’s called a clitoris.”

“You did,” said Roseluck. “And I’ve discovered yours. Mm-hm.”

Lily was grinning. “She discovered Rosie’s clitoris so hard that she kept on discovering it for at least half an hour. By the time we made her stop, Rose had fainted twelve more times and was crying and begging for mercy.” She tossed her mane. “We hadn’t worked all the kinks out of the system yet. Daisy gets really excited when she gets to lick horsecome or eat pussy. I couldn’t even drag her away by pulling gently on her tail. I was, however, close to an answer.”

Daisy was blushing, her face wreathed in smiles. “Who knew receiving was as good as giving? Yeah, that worked.”

“And that was the day we discovered something very magical,” concluded Lily.

“NOT magical!” squeaked Roseluck. She glanced embarrassedly at Hina. “I’m sorry, it just frightens me. Not magical. But wonderful?”

“Yes wonderful!” agreed Daisy.

“And if you’ll stay back at a distance—because you haven’t got the training to do this, miss Hina-rin—we’ll do it again, and you can watch,” said Lily. “Here’s how we do it: we’ll lie down on that mat there. I usually get Daisy, because she pushes Rosie so hard when she gets a turn, it works better this way. Daisy gets Rosie. And Rosie… gets me.” She licked her lips.

“Lily’s, like, our fearless leader,” said Roseluck. “She can control it better when Daisy gets licky or starts to suckle, so we all get to go for longer. When we circle up in different ways, it’s so much quicker and that isn’t as fulfilling.” She shivered in anticipation. “Knitting circle is AWESOME when we do it well.”

Hina-rin lay down, crossing her forelegs cozily, her eyes gleaming with glee. “Please show me. Sounds like sexual goodness of a most special kind.”

“It is!” squeaked Daisy, bouncing.

Hina hesitated. “…may I masturbate?”

Rose’s eyes widened, and she blushed, hard. Daisy was wide-eyed too.

Lily smirked. “Oh yeah. Stay back… don’t join, I’m warning you… and don’t be distracting, okay? But masturbate? Yes. We insist. And keep a good view of Rosie! She’s our hero and the most sensuous beautiful flower pony ever and we’re super proud of her. And we’re going to get her pregnant by Caramel, too. Isn’t that right, Rosie?”

Roseluck whimpered. And trembled. And dripped.

“Come on over,” said Lily. “Knitting circle!”

Hina skulked back into the corner of the room. It wasn’t the shadows, because everywhere in Lily’s house was full of light and flowers and happy goodness. The shadows were elsewhere, out of sight, though the Kirin could feel them looming and building.

She twitched, casting the thought aside fretfully, and realized she was staring at Roseluck, who gazed back in obvious alarm. Hina lifted a dainty cloven forehoof in a courtly gesture, tried to come up with some words to soothe that aroused but fearful mare, but even as she opened her mouth to speak, the problem was solved.

Lily, taking in the situation at a glance, coaxed Roseluck to lay down with her back to the watching Kirin. Daisy happily lay down with her pretty tail at Rose’s muzzle, and Lily favored Hina with a smirk and a ‘keep back!’ gesture from her own forehoof, before lying decorously down in turn, completing the circle.

Hina’s eyes were wide. The very idea, of a lower pony telling a Kirin how to behave! It was a mercy they were just earth ponies and not Neighponnese ponies, thought Hina, or she’d never hear the end of i…

Hina twitched so hard her hooves made a noise against the floor, and Lily scowled at her warningly. She barely noticed, for she’d had a shocking realization not common to Kirin.

She’d left her Neighponnese home for that very reason, hadn’t she?

Hina frowned in thought. Indeed she had: the burden of her duties weighed heavily upon her, but it wasn’t only that. She’d hoped to find fields frolicking with foreign ponies, innocent and free (except for the looming Ponyville evil, of course). Find them she had, but part of her hopes for the journey had been to discover foreign pony stallions: good, strong, proud and not one bit deferential. Except, thought Hina, that of course they would be respectful—that was only natural—but she’d longed for something more earthy where she too could frolic, on the end of stout pony dicks, and not be troubled by her obligations, and enjoy some extremely uncourtly behavior free from judgement.

It occurred to Hina that Lily’s absurd authority was what this picture looked like, when it became real. Marble had seemed perfectly normal in her willingness to defer to her Kirin, even though she did it in a perplexing way. Big Macintosh had hinted entrancingly at this vision of lower ponies acting bold, while still civilized: he hadn’t crossed her in any serious way, yet he still seemed to have an exciting will all his own. He was as respectful as any Kirin could wish, good as could be, yet he looked at her in the oddest way, as if she was a pony like him. He wanted Marble, but he’d acted like she was a rival, as if her slumming with ponies mattered and counted for something.

Sexy, unexpectedly. She hadn’t noticed at the time, but thinking back on it… yes, sexy.

And now, Lily commanded her to stay across the room and watch without joining or directing things, and Hina found herself complying and being oddly aroused by it. She truly was not in Neighpon anymore, and her obligations—apart from the evil, of course, which was fearsome—were meaningless here. She was in Lily’s house, as a guest, in a way she could never experience in Neighpon. These ponies exuded goodness (and other enticing things, if you were into mares) and there was nothing wrong with Lily directing or even commanding her. In a way, she was not even superior to these ponies at all. They treated her as a slightly frightening equal… no, as a friend.

It occurred to Hina that casting them into the roles of importunate Neighponese ponies wasn’t friendly. She was so quick to assume the role of solicitous Kirin, fixing their little problems for them, yet their whole language of friendship seemed to use different grammar. Perhaps they learned this because they only had alicorns?

Roseluck gasped. Hina, startled, realized she’d been zoning out and that the knitting circle had started already.

The three flower ponies nuzzled each others’ vaginas, so gently and delicately that Hina hadn’t noticed when they started. She could see glimpses of Roseluck’s glistening pinkness as she winked, and not a lot else. Lily’d forgotten the watching Kirin, her full attention occupied by the charming marehood of her pony friend.

Behind Lily, Daisy’s head moved. Lily’s hind leg kicked the air dreamily, and the motions quieted. It seemed like the three mares were trying their hardest NOT to perform fervent cunnilingus upon each other: that they were seeking some kind of meditative state, that Lily in particular was holding back and refusing to provoke. Hina saw only the barest nuzzlings against Roseluck’s quivering mound, only a near-hypnotic stillness.

Another shade of pink appeared. Lily’s tongue. As Hina watched, transfixed and silent, the cute little pink tongue extended and caressed, not the pink of Roseluck’s aroused vagina, but the cream-colored hide alongside those glistening labia.

Roseluck shuddered as if she’d been plunged into by a pack of creaming Caramels, and she whinnied breathlessly. Her own muzzle was buried between Daisy’s legs, and Daisy in turn gave a little shriek and thrashed on her side, jostling Lily. Lily responded by shutting her mouth, her tongue ceasing its work… and Hina heard the panting of pony breath through flared nostrils, perhaps also through gritted teeth… and Lily held on, delivering just that much stimulation and no more, no matter what the excited Daisy did to her.

Hina’s eyes widened. It all was starting to make sense.

Her dainty cloven hoof stole down between her legs. If they wished her to masturbate, they were certainly going about it the right way!

Lily’s neck was tense. She leaned in again, and nuzzled between Roseluck’s legs, greeted by a fusillade of frantic winking. Rose’s nipples were stiffly erect, and Lily craned her neck in order to firmly, reverently lick Rose’s pony breasts. It got Roseluck moaning abandonedly, squirming around, yet still Lily didn’t go for the glistening prize right in front of her eyes. Lily, instead, devoted herself to kissing and nuzzling and licking everywhere else, particularly those pert little swellings and their ever-stiffer nipples, which were colored a blushing cream that was mirrored on Roseluck’s frantic mound, swelling and growing more and more rosy with sheer erotic agitation.

Hina, kneading her own increasingly squidgey kirinhood, watched rapt as the erotic agitation built.

It was true: there was something special about Roseluck. She had an almost Kirin-like appreciation of her own beauty, but this wasn’t expressed only in vanity. It also showed in her comfort with intimacies, both receiving and giving: Rose openly wallowed in Lily’s tantalizing attentions, moaning wantonly as she winked, her body begging for the thrust of a stallion or at least a good hard licking, right there. But her attention wasn’t only on her own pleasure: without hesitation, she buried her muzzle in Daisy’s eager crotch, and Roseluck ate out Daisy in just the way she wasn’t getting for herself. Whimpering and moaning, she hotly nuzzled and licked Daisy’s pussy, barely turning her attentions to the pink pony’s breasts, fixating on the nectars Daisy dripped in her own amplifying frenzy.

If Rose was passionate, excitable Daisy was hysterical. She squealed and writhed on the end of Roseluck’s sensual tongue, emanating waves of giddy excitement, her tail thrashing about hectically. Rose barely noticed, on the boil from Lily’s careful attentions. Daisy’s building hysteria was directed the only way it could go: into Lily. And so, as Lily carefully aroused Rose to squirming, writhing abandon, her energies were amplified through Rose into Daisy and then amplified more and returned to her.

Lily began to keen and tremble, grimly sticking to her task, physically shaking, because Daisy’d latched onto her vagina like a remora and was suckling her winking clitoris and trying to stick her little pink tongue right up Lily. Her head twisted and shoved, as she unleashed stallionish ravenousness upon Lily’s hapless body, driven beyond all reason by the shameless, sensuous lovemaking of Roseluck.

Silently, Hina came in a demure squirt of Kirin fluids, just watching the ponies pleasuring each other so fervently. She continued to knead between her legs with her slickened cloven hoof, for she could tell a crisis was impending. A nice sort of crisis… though, perhaps, destined for the same outcome all flower pony crises inevitably produced.

Lily was sweating, shaking. Her ears were back as she fought to stay in control. Her suppressed cries could barely be heard over Roseluck’s abandoned moaning and Daisy’s happy squeals. Hina’s eyes widened, and she clopped herself more fiercely, as she saw Lily’s tongue extend, saw Lily’s neck stretch, figured out Lily’s target…

Even then, Lily had it all figured out.

She closed her mouth over Roseluck’s eager mound, and Hina saw her head firmly moving, and the Kirin couldn’t quite see what was going on, but she could see the result just fine.

Roseluck jolted as if struck by a thousand hexes, when she felt Lily’s firm tongue parting her vulva and steadily massaging the inner walls of her pussy. She shrieked, shrieked again, and Daisy writhed as the sound tingled her privates, and then Roseluck began to writhe and eat out Daisy like a mare possessed.

Daisy gave a high-pitched scream, and reacted exactly the same way, diving between Lily’s legs and trying to stick her whole face, or at least her whole tongue, up Lily’s vagina. She squirmed and shoved and thrashed her head and then began loudly suckling on Lily’s clit as it winked out in feverish mare-gasm.

Lily flung caution to the winds and began suckling on Rose’s clitoris. Roseluck, half-mad with erotic frenzy, nibbled Daisy’s and then turned to sucking on it as if trying to swallow it.


“Hhh!” gasped Hina, panting, trying to refocus her eyes after her own orgasm. She’d tried to be silent, but just couldn’t control herself, so fierce was her climax.

All three flower ponies lay stricken and unconscious. They’d all screamed, squirted on each others’ faces, and fainted in the same moment.

Knitting circle was complete… and, judging by the quivers and heaving chests and mare-goo everywhere, it had been hugely successful.

Hina gazed on Lily in something like awe. She’d sensed the tremendous waves of erotic goodness pouring out of Knitting Circle, but she hadn’t expected the degree of intelligence and benevolent control Lily’d shown. It wasn’t just being bossy, either. Lily had withstood intense sexual pleasuring, specifically in order to slow all their reactions so they could wallow in their circle for a while. Hina had never heard of regular ponies doing this. She wondered if perhaps there were other things she’d not bothered to notice. The result was indisputable. The flower ponies lay, just about steaming from the intensity of their erotic excesses, bonelessly limp and sated beyond anything Hina could have done to them.

The Kirin’s ears quirked. A challenge?

Then, Lily’s ear quirked, as well, and Hina froze. Was she unwelcome, had she distracted, would she frighten them and spoil their fun?

“Mmmmh…” groaned Lily.

Hina held perfectly still.

Lily looked around, though she was only able to turn her head about halfway, peering back at Hina with lustrous, dazed eyes.

“C… c’mere honey.”

“Are you quite sure, miss Lily?” asked Hina, as quietly as she could.

“Mmmm… yeah. Knittingcircle… ’s good. Keep being quiet, ’s good. Everything’s good. Come here and cuddle with us.”

Hina’s jaw dropped. “Really?” she gasped, caught off guard.

“Don’t put your head next to Rose’s, your butt is cute, she can nuzzle that. Come here,” insisted Lily. “You should cuddle with us. You were part of this!”

Wonderingly, Hina rose to her little hooves and crept over, to lie down in the middle of the circle, and felt all three mares snuggle up against her trustingly.

“Aw, don’t cry,” said Lily gently. “It’s okay. You’re okay.”

Hina sniffled tearfully, moved beyond expectation. “Thank you all so much…” she said, then eeped. Roseluck, waking, was nuzzling curiously between her legs.

Lily chuckled warmly. “Heh, ’s okay. She hasn’t got energy. Watch out for Daisy. Sometimes she keeps going…”

“I might wish for that,” suggested Hina.

“We can try to take care of you,” said Lily, “but you have to go carefully. Not right now. This is knitting circle too. It’s nice to have somepony else in it.”

Hina squeaked. Roseluck had licked her pussy, languidly, then nuzzled her rump.

“She… can’t be too scarymagic… if she tastes that good…” managed Rose, and then she laid her head against Daisy’s breasts, smiling.

Hina’s eyes brimmed. “Oh, you sweet ponies! I’ll protect you from all harms. And find you some dick!”

“Shh,” urged Lily. “No harms. Only snuggles. Soon enough we’ll shake it off and get back to our day. This is our chance to feel really warm and safe.”

Hina’s ears quirked. “Warm and safe?”

“Mm-hm,” said Lily drowsily. “Knitting… circle. Mmmm.”

As the flower ponies nuzzled her body, Hina-rin had just one question for them.

“However do you knit with those solid hooves?”

“Who has time to knit?” murmured Roseluck.

Hina relaxed, too… but her soul cried out to protect the sweet flower ponies, and her pussy throbbed insistently demanding more nuzzling from Roseluck, and she was far too excited to really join them… and then, she caught a whiff of something that wasn’t a scent in the air. More of a… miasma.

And though she was steeped in a miasma of mares and merrily molten marehoods, this was on another level.

“Excuse me,” said Hina very quietly. She stirred, and tried to extricate herself from her adorable predicament without disturbing the flower ponies.

“Aww,” said Daisy.

“You gotta go?” said Lily, in disappointment.

“Duty calls,” said Hina. “Please don’t look this way.”

Roseluck stirred. “Huh? You’re… you’re going to hex us!” She squirmed, still too relaxed to panic properly, but she was working at it.

“No, I promise you!” said Hina. “But I must attend to the evil in here.”

“Where?” squeaked Lily and Daisy.

Hina bit her lip, not wanting to admit to the general nature of her evil-sensing ways. She glanced worriedly at them, and then saw a flicker of movement outside the window.

“Perhaps it is this!” she cried, and in a flicker of movement she’d dashed outside, mane and fetlocks an iridescent cloud of twinkling light and her back turning to scales, to confront what she’d found.

It was a pony. He was a yellowish-beige color, with a brown mane styled rather more decoratively than typical Ponyville stallions, and he shied away from the charging Kirin, turning to reveal three blue horseshoes on his flank.

“Sorry! Sorry! I’m sorry!” he whinnied, his eyes big and wide.

Hina gritted her teeth. “Are you the evil that troubles Ponyville?” she demanded. “Do you mean to harm these adorable pony mares?”

“I, I, no Ma’am! Gosh dern what the heck are you? I would never! I just saw ‘em go in and they weren’t alone! Wondered if they were gonna… with… dang, lookit your hoof!”

“What’s wrong with my hoof?” demanded Hina-rin.

The pony blinked, at a loss. “Well, it’s funny and kinda split but I din’t mean that. Is that there pussy juice? Um, I, I could… lick it off fer ya?”

Behind Hina, the flower ponies had managed to rise, and they filled the doorway, afraid to leave the house but wanting to see what Hina had caught.

They saw.

“CARAMEL!” cried Roseluck. “You were peeking in our window, watching us lick each other!”

Caramel blushed, and shied away more. “Sorry! I’m sorry! Pow’ful sorry!”

“Hold still,” commanded Hina, the scales still flickering down her back and coming in and out of existence, her mane flying in the wind even though there was only the lightest breeze.

“Don’t you hex him!” squealed Roseluck, and fainted.

Hina ignored her, allowing her fellow flower ponies to deal with it. Instead, the Kirin strode forward, reared, and grabbed the hapless stallion in a hug, a grim look upon her face.

Caramel’s eyes were wide, though he twisted his head to try and sniff her dampened hoof. Hina ignored this, and her mane swirled and tossed around him, though it didn’t sparkle much.

She released him, and gave him a glare.

“Your peeping through windows is slightly wicked,” she accused. “But for all that, you’re not an evil stallion.”

Caramel boggled at her. “Uhhh… should I be?”

Hina tossed her head, glaring around at the seemingly innocent environment. “No, you should not, sir!” she said. Then she blinked. “Just a moment, did she say your name was Caramel?”

“Don’t you be cross with Rosie!” said Caramel, bravely. “I won’t have it. Our flower ponies are real delicate, don’t you scare them!”

Roseluck had woken up again. “Oh, Caramel! I was just thinking of you!”

“She sure was,” said Lily and licked her lips appreciatively.

“Aw,” said Caramel. “You go right ahead, honey. Never will forget our special time.” He waggled his eyebrows at Roseluck, and she swooned happily, only to be caught by cheerful Daisy.

Hina’s jaw dangled, a foolish smile on her little face. “Why, he is! This is the horse for which you’re yearning, sweet Rose!”

Caramel frowned. “Be kind, ma’am. It ain’t right for you to tease her like that. I swear I’d top her in a hot minute, exceptin’ it just don’t work that way…”

“Yes it will!” cried Hina. “She is hot and juicy and ready for your mating!”

“Been there, done that, ain’t so easy,” snapped Caramel. “Come on, don’t tease her, don’t you think we’ve tried?”

“You are the stallion of her ponyish dreams!” insisted Hina. “If you desire her as well, it is time to fuck her! Give the foals for which she yearns!”

Roseluck swooned again, and Caramel reared, stamping the turf. Even the suggestion was beginning to give him a boner—though possibly it was just the scents of mare and Kirin vaginas, so eager and slippery, all around.

“You stop mockin’ my Rosie, dammit!” he protested. “You can’t fix this problem!”

“Yes, I can,” said Hina, staring with big, wild eyes at where Lily and Daisy were helping Roseluck up again. Something about the way they flanked and supported her, seemed to fascinate the Kirin.

They stared back at her, their ears back in fear. “You promised Rosie, no hexing!” said Lily.

Hina didn’t flinch.

“This is Ponyville,” she said. “I propose we use the magic of friendship…”

“Like this?” said Caramel, his ears quirked back in perplexity.

“But don’t enter her!” urged Hina. “Not quite yet!”

They stood in Lily’s house, all three flower ponies quivering with excitement… none more than Roseluck, who’d fainted twice before making it through the door once she understood what Hina was telling her. Lily and Daisy’s eyes rolled as they kept checking out the sights. They had a stallion hard-on in the house, for the first time in a long time, and Caramel patiently allowed Hina to direct him.

“But,” he said, “I gotta hop on? Jes’ gettin’ it clear. We tried that before!”

“I think it will work,” said Hina. “Do not prod or poke!”

Obediently, Caramel reared as cautiously as he could, and came down upon Roseluck’s shivering rump, rewarded by a wild whinny from his would-be lover.

“Aw, are you sure?” he said. “I’m a lot of stallion for m’ little darling here!”

Hina wasn’t listening to him. “Lily! Daisy! Come!” she said. “Or rather, please do NOT come… but brace your dear companion! Stand to either side!”

Lily’s eyes widened. “Ooooh! Isn’t she clever? Come on, Daisy! I understand what she wants, now!”

She trotted around, though she was unsteady on her hooves to stand so near a masculine, erect stallion. Wide-eyed, Daisy took up a position on Roseluck’s other side.

“Lean up against her!” called Hina, trotting in place with excitement. “Press right in!”

Lily and Daisy shook, but it was nothing to the hysteria of Roseluck. She’d begun to sway and totter, but then her friends pressed in to either side, loyally.

Hina bit her lower lip, her eyes shining. “Mister Caramel.”

“Um… yes?”

“Make love to your mare.”


Hina nodded. “Press right in.” She hesitated, and added, “But slowly!”

Caramel bit his lip too, concentrating. He remembered… but he also remembered other things, things that had captured his imagination even as he’d gone around hopping other ponies and having his Ponyville fun. There was a reason he was drawn to peek in windows hoping to see the flower ponies in coitus.

Tenderly, his hips shifted forward, and it was as good as he remembered.

That snug, feverish little marehood, the quivers, the little breathless cries… this time, he took pains not to shove. This time, he wasn’t about to spoil anything. Slowly and tantalizingly, his hardened stallionhood nuzzled deeper and deeper into Roseluck, inch by hesitant inch.

Lily’s and Daisy’s eyes were wide as saucers. They winked their pussies madly, feeling Rose tremble against them. They leaned against her, bracing her. Both flower ponies peered back, craning their necks though there was nothing to see. They could see only Rose’s trembling body, and the wildly exciting sight of Caramel straddling her, pressed right up against them, and they could see his hips shifting ever so carefully forward.

And they knew, how they knew, what that meant. They couldn’t see his cock, weren’t about to turn around just so they could ogle. They held their position, but so intense was their arousal that it was like Caramel penetrated them as well. But every flower pony was united in one wish: to be there as Roseluck was mated, to experience it with her as Caramel gave her a foal.

Of course, Rosie’s moaning and swaying bore blunt testament to another, simpler thing: as much as she yearned for a foal from the stallion she adored, in the immediate moment she craved nothing so much as being fucked. Years of knitting circle and her own fantasies had kept the dream alive, and now she reeled with sensation as Caramel’s cock explored her body.

“Nhhhhh! hhh! uhhh!”

Caramel gritted his teeth, controlling himself. He’d bottomed out in Roseluck, and the whole team of flower ponies swayed and tottered at the impact, even though it was gentle.

“Be careful!” called Hina, behind them.

“Yes’m!” replied Caramel.

Roseluck’s head wobbled around drunkenly, jolts ravaging her body. Her cries grew bolder.

Caramel felt himself swelling up, though he was already rock-hard. Ears laid back in concentration, he began a tender smooth wave-like motion of his hips, careful not to prod too hard or move too quick.

“Aaaahhhh! Ohhhhh!” wailed Roseluck.

He felt her body clutching at him with such beautiful excitement, the quiver and flutter turning to sharp clenches like a volley of giddy kisses. Lily was nuzzling him from the right, Daisy licking his neck from the left. Caramel sweated, keeping up his fluid motions, steady little thrusts buried deep inside Roseluck, his lover, the one that got away, the one too precious to screw.

And yet, there she was… under him, losing her pony mind, wailing and shuddering and sweating just as he was, and the more he moved the more she jolted and clenched. The motion was so easy now. She’d turned to jelly, her legs seemed barely able to support her, and yet her loyal friends (and very sexy and cute in their own right) stood right there, also making love to him in their own way. He couldn’t ever get on Lily, for she passed out. He didn’t take blow-jobs from Daisy, because she found him slightly too exciting and fainted, plus it made Rose sad and none of them wanted that. But, now, they were all together, united in this one act: balling Roseluck, and already he’d gone ten times longer than he’d ever done.

And Rose shuddered and shook all over, melting away around him, and he felt her trying to press back upon him, even in her daze of mind-mangling sexual excess. He’d done it! He, Caramel, was about to come inside Roseluck, just as she’d always wished. She wanted to go all the way, and they were seconds from finishing, the whole little crowd of lusty ponies, and he’d even managed to include Lily and Daisy without it ruining anything. In fact, they owed it all to Lily, and Daisy, and that strange Hina-rin creature.

Caramel tilted his head back, shutting his eyes, letting his pace accelerate as he hardened for the final blow-off.

Roseluck howled a cry of sheer lusty appreciation.

Caramel, feeling the moment rocket toward him, yanked his forelegs from between the cluster of ponies, and grabbed all three flower ponies in a passionate hug, thrusting his cock to Roseluck’s depths.

“EEE!” “EEE!” “EEE!”

…and danced back, eyes bugging out, as all three flower ponies hit the floor in a dead faint.


He glanced back, wild-eyed and panting, to see Hina staring, appalled, her mouth in a comical downturn of horror.

Then, she bowed her head.

“Some beauty is too fragile…” she said.

“But,” said Caramel, “but, but…” He sobbed.

“No! Do not judge them,” scolded the Kirin. “They did all they could.”

“I’m gonna paint all of them!”

“Nay, do not!” protested Hina. “They wished so much more. Respect that.”

Caramel’s ears were back. “But… MY DICK.” And, indeed, it fairly creaked from the strain.

Hina glanced at the flower ponies, but they were out cold.

And she was neither out, nor cold.

“I wish too…” she said, and she pivoted, and flicked her curious tail, presenting him with Kirin pussy.

Caramel stared, alarmed and fascinated. It seemed terribly small. His gaze clung to her tight little butt, the alarmingly dainty nook jutting eagerly forth and glistening with lubrication, and he stared and stared waiting to see the Kirin vagina wink.

“Fuck me!” begged Hina. “Now!”

Well, that was clear enough.

Up he reared, seizing the weird little cutie in firm pony forelegs. He furrowed his brow, trying to work out where to aim. He touched warm silky fur, was rewarded by a Kirin squeal, and then he felt something hot and wet, electric with carnal excitement, right there against his cock-head.

“Okay, ma’am,” said Caramel. “But if you fall over… I’m damn well paintin’ you more white, dern it!”

A maddened bleat of lust was all he got for an answer. Her mane was blowing around like there was a storm in the room, though there was no wind.

Caramel, out of patience, swung his hips forward, and he penetrated the strange Kirin pussy, prying it wide and wedging into Hina with tender forcefulness to give her all she’d asked for. His ears were back in wariness, because part of him wondered if he was being wise, and the sensation of cramming into the Kirin gave him pause. It was hot as anything, amazing, but Caramel knew to be a gentlepony and had concerns about her tightness.

“GHHH! YES! Yes, yes, RRRHH! YESS!”

His concerns were assuaged very quickly by Hina’s guttural brays of delight.


Caramel smiled. That’d work.

With a sigh of relief, he snuggled the frantic Kirin to him, nuzzling his face into her scintillating mane, and Caramel proceeded to bang his Kirin with Ponyville enthusiasm. The air filled with taut squelching as his hips begin to thrust, rock-hard stallion cock thrusting happily into the strange pussy it’d discovered. He prided himself on being a good pony, and though he was surprised and even shocked as to how much cock fit inside the little charmer, he didn’t try to force it. Didn’t need to. There was plenty of room to work up a good head of steam.


And as she stiffened and bore down on him in a withering series of lusty clenches, Caramel let loose and came inside his weird lover, gushing pony semen into whatever she had for a womb, snuggling her close and enjoying every shudder and jolt.


Hina panted, nuzzling back against Caramel’s affectionate embraces.

“Ma’am?” he said, also panting. “That was gol-dern amazing.”

“Ohhhh… thank you, thank you, sweet pony,” managed the Kirin.

He dismounted, pulling free, and a small waterfall of ponycome hit the floor. Seeing it, Caramel frowned.


“Don’t be sad,” urged Hina gently. “They had a wonderful time…”

He frowned. “There’s that,” he said. “Dang! Poor Roseluck. So close! I was proper poundin’ her pussy.”

“Help me arrange them,” suggested Hina. “They enjoy a cuddle pile.”

“Yep,” said Caramel. “That they do.”

The stallion and Kirin shifted flower ponies until they deemed the cuddle pile comfortable. Roseluck was smiling in her sleep, and Caramel privately reckoned she’d be feeling it in the morning. Perhaps that was why she was smiling.

As they left Lily’s house, Caramel looked curiously at Hina. He’d never seen anything remotely like her. Not only was her body strange and exotic, trim like a Canterlot unicorn with that strange nonwinking vagina and tight little haunches, plus the mane and fetlocks that waved where there was no wind blowing them, he also noticed that the mane glittered restlessly, and down the Kirin’s back, an appearance of scales faded in and out.

“How’d you do that?” he asked, gesturing to her back with a hoof. Hina glanced, startled, and saw her defensive reactions kicking in even though she was leaving a cuddly pile of ponies and walking with a friendly and sexy stallion who clearly meant her no harm. He was good and pure, plus being a dynamite lay. The problem had to lay elsewhere, surely not far, given how intense her signals were. Her ears folded back, hard, as she instinctively reached out with her sense for evil and then flinched at the perception of a huge and foreboding wave of the stuff, unseen but hanging over her head and menacing every single pony she was caring for… and herself. Hina-rin, the wilful Kirin, began to feel genuinely frightened.

“That,” said Hina-rin, “is not half as good a question as ‘why’…”