Turnabout Is Fair Play

“Are you sure? Like, really really sure? I promise to not fly out from under you this time if you want…”

“Ah’m sure, my love. Do I have ta beg? I don’t mind. I’ll beg ya, sugar, if I must…”

Applejack’s bedroom was cozy and warm, and getting hotter by the second as she argued with Rainbow Dash, pleading for her turn as the mare while Dash wheedled and tried to get a second round of Applecock. They circled, with coy teasing steps, around where the bit lay waiting on the floor.

“Ooh, I think I like that!” said Dash. “Yeah, beg me! I promise to do you if you beg and plead and cry.”

“Now jes’ a minute, my love. You already done promised! You swore you’d take care of me if I did you first. I was good to my word.”

“You were more than good, Applejack,” smiled Rainbow Dash. “I want more. I want you to ruin me again.”

“You promised!”

“You liked it, I could tell by how you moved.”

Applejack glared at her lover. “Well… yeah. Y’all gave me quite a treat, never felt the like. Wore me out, too. But darlin’, you promised! I want to be your mare. It’s a fantasy. Never tole you that one, all these years. You can’t be humpin’ Fluttershy like some dog and then refuse me, it just ain’t fair!”

Rainbow Dash spotted the glint of tears in Applejack’s eyes, and gulped. “I didn’t mean… Applejack, I wasn’t going to hurt you! I’m just teasing you, you understand teasing, right? We’ve run together, got in fights, I thought I could be joking around with you! What’s this?”

“I want to be your mare,” said Applejack earnestly. “Always did, even when it weren’t possible. Now that it is, please don’t y’all refuse me? I give myself to you, like you done to me.”

Rainbow Dash looked at her, and the country pony’s eyes were wide and defenseless, and her lip quivered slightly. It was a change from the toughness and edge that had always aroused Dash, a change that hadn’t been so much as hinted at while Applejack had worked a thick magical cock in her ecstatic body… or perhaps it had, in the tender way Applejack’s forelegs had held her while the powerful hindquarters did their irresistible work.

“You’re freaking me out, Boss. Since when did you turn girly on me?”

Applejack didn’t even blink. “Since I got a stallion of my own—an’ that stallion is you. Please let me give myself to you? Y’all want me to cry, well, you jes’ keep arguing with me.”

“I don’t! I really don’t.” Dash sighed. “Oh, Applejack. Now I don’t know what to expect. Am I supposed to be all gentle and romantic? I love you, but that’s gonna be weird for me.”

Applejack’s eyes twinkled.

“Fuck no. I’m your mare. I do the meltin’, sugar. Your job is to put your back into it. Y’all think I’m a delicate flower? I like to kilt you and turned you to jelly. I just want my turn as the jelly, if you would be so good.” Applejack’s hoof nudged the bit towards where Dash stood.

Dash perked up. “No delicate flower? No soppy romance stuff?”

“Dee-molish me, my love. I reckon I kin stand it—if,” and Applejack scowled, “Fluttershy kin.”

“You’re still jealous of that?”

“Heal me of it. You know how. Besides… mine’s better.”

“And how would you know that?” said Rainbow Dash. “You do her when I wasn’t looking?”

“No, no! I promise I didn’t! I would never! I am just sure, that’s all. I’m better. An’ I love you more.”

“That’s not really how we do this, you know,” said Dash. “This is something to share. It’s not about being better than somepony. I realize that sounds weird coming from me, but it’s not. Didn’t you learn anything from Pinkie?”

“I learned quite enough! Now let me love you, okay? Let me show you how it’s done. Take me, darlin’.”

“You’re being so serious about it. Can’t we have fun with it?”

Applejack gulped. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean ta be a worry. I wish I could explain this to y’all better…”

Dash circled again, but rather than presenting Applejack with cute pegasus vag, this time her attention was on the other mare. Applejack didn’t try to pivot out of the way. She stood, looking back at Rainbow Dash with tragic, imploring eyes as the cerulean mare checked her out.

Applejack’s tail end provided all the explanation Dash could have asked for. The country pony was in a desperate state, though her pride still prevented her from grovelling and pleading as much as her condition would justify. Applejack’s pussy jutted boldly, clit painfully engorged, her contours scandalous, labia swollen. Lubrication dripped sedately to the floor, seemingly without hurry—but Rainbow Dash knew what it felt like to be oozing that hard, and was impressed Applejack was able to talk coherently. Back at flight school when Dash had been that aroused, all she could do was emit guttural shrieks; she’d been far beyond the considerate pleading Applejack was doing.

Rainbow Dash’s heart went out to her proud lover—but a lesson still needed to be learned, and teaching it would be fun in its own way. Applejack had been a wonderful stallion, and had let Dash be a joyous mare, but even so, Boss didn’t fully understand the stallioning thing.

She’d learn, though—and turnabout would be delicious.

“You don’t need to explain—let’s do it,” said Dash. “Ready?”

“Darling!” was Applejack’s only reply, as she closed her eyes, and bit her lip.

That lasted for about three seconds, as Rainbow Dash’s head dipped lower—and Applejack’s eyes flew open, for Dash’s tongue slurped up her excess juices and wrapped lovingly around her engorged clitoris.

“Gah! Dashie! Y’all quit teasin’!”

Dash didn’t respond, except with mmm-ing noises. Her lips suckled Applejack’s jutting clit, and her tongue teased and pressed.

Applejack panted, and began to swing her hindquarters around with a “See here, missy…”

Rainbow Dash’s hoof thumped her flank, hard, and from behind her came a very authoritative command—“Hold still.”

Applejack instinctively obeyed, not sure why, freezing in place at the command, but she twisted her head around to look back at Dash. “Y.. y’all need to grab that there bit thing and…”

“I said hold still! Head front, Applejack.”

“An’ just what’s that supposed ta mean, pony girl?”

That got a reaction. Dash’s head came into view, her chin and lips glistening, but her eyes glittering with a fierceness that took Applejack’s breath away. “I’m not your pony girl.”


“I am your stallion. Face front, and hold still!”

Applejack’s eyes went very wide, and her legs quivered as another, greater wave of arousal washed through her. She whipped her head back around, staring forward at the wall of her room, her pelvis a cauldron of frantic equine flesh begging for penetration to the hilt, and she waited, and listened for the telltale sound of a hoof flipping the magic bit up to Dash’s mouth, and the faint sound of teeth clamping steel.

What she got was a slight pause—and then, Rainbow Dash’s lips wrapping around her throbbing clit again, resuming that maddening suckling, wet noises echoing off the walls.

Applejack stood it for more than a few seconds, her heart whamming in her chest, and then began to twist her head, eyes craning sidelong to look back at Dash, mouth opening to voice a protest…

Sharp pain jolted her. Dashie had bit her ass. Nipped, really.

“Face FRONT!”

Applejack’s head whipped forward again, but her eyes stayed hard to the side, wide and panicked.

Hot breath hit her, right where Dash had bit her.

“Eyes front, too,” said her lover, in a tone that did not permit disagreement.

Applejack’s eyes snapped forward. She heaved great quavering breaths, and the air felt electric around her. Every little sound echoed in her head. Applejack didn’t at first understand why Dash had done this—or why she had suddenly gone so submissive and mare-ish, even though she’d been insisting that Dash turn stallion for her. It had been so long since she’d been mounted that she’d forgotten what it could feel like. Now, she stood trembling, staring straight ahead, waiting for Dash to begin suckling on her clit again.

When she heard a faint scraping noise, the shimmery sound of a metal bit chiming through the air, and the clank of it being snapped out of the air by Dash’s teeth, Applejack’s body remembered what it felt like. She wobbled, letting out a moan, her vag winking madly and exuding a fresh wave of juices for Dash’s pleasure, and all the argumentativeness went out of her at once. Her vision became a tunnel aimed at the simple wooden boards of her wall, and behind her, she felt the breath from Dash’s nose against her own tunnel, the one that churned with anxious, greedy expectancy. She could’ve screamed with anticipation.

As Rainbow Dash’s weight came down on her hindquarters, she did scream—a desperate neigh of unbearable desire, delivered at the wall, for Applejack’s face and eyes were directed forward, as her stallion had demanded.

“…’ats a GOOD girl,” came Dash’s little scratchy voice—but her forelegs clung tight and hungrily, and Applejack could feel Dash’s body adjusting, her hoof shifting on the floor with a clomp.

“R’dy ‘r not…”

Pegasus penis dead-centered Applejack’s equine vagina. Dash’s aim was so adept that she hadn’t needed to prod or test. The dark blue stallion cock hit Applejack right where she dripped and ached, and it squeezed into her and plunged deeper, wedging her slickened entrance as it went, until it thumped her insides roughly.

“AH!” shrieked Applejack, and she felt as if the top of her head was coming off—before her cry had even finished departing her lips, before Dash had even withdrawn for another thrust, Applejack’s body shuddered with a brutally powerful orgasm.

Rainbow Dash’s foreleg stroked her belly.

“Th’ts hw it’s done, baby… now d’nt fall down, ‘k? I love you…”

Applejack reeled, as Dash got to work. She’d seen the Dashie cock, fresh from Fluttershy’s private places—how could it feel this big, this hard? It had looked good, but not this good—Applejack gritted her teeth, squealing as rock-hard pegasus tugged and thrust within her, and the orgasms wouldn’t quit, they piled on top of each other, they wouldn’t come in regular waves but battered her as if she was just a filly caught in a stallion storm. Rainbow felt like a storm. Her motions weren’t tender, they were voracious and savage, even though they didn’t jab to her depths the way the first thrust had.

“H’ng on…”

Dash’s hoof kicked at hers, forcing her legs farther apart, and Applejack staggered into a new position, more obscene, like a filthy legs-splayed crouch. Dash hunched over her, thrusting deeply and settling her body farther back atop Applejack’s, who didn’t at first understand why the awkward position was desired.

It became clear very quickly.

Rainbow Dash contorted her whole body and managed to tug her hard magical stallionhood entirely out of Applejack’s vagina—and before the country pony could catch a breath, Dash’s amazing dexterity aimed that stallionhood and thrust, and Applejack screamed again as the sensation of that initial thrust was replicated, hard hot solidness plunging into her. It withdrew once more, and again shoved hungrily into her—an impossible sensation, far bolder than simple thrusting, allowing her molten mare pussy to flow into one mass of erotic expectancy and then transfixing it with stallion shaft in a single bold plunge.

Applejack began to scream hysterical cries of abandon, her eyes rolling back in her head, swaying as Dash ravaged her marehood.

“D’nt fall down!” commanded Dash, sounding breathless herself. The pegasus legs tightened around Applejack’s body, and Dash shifted forward as if readying herself for the final battle—except the only battle was her fierce determination to completely wreck Applejack’s sturdy country-pony body with orgasms, through pure, raw, stallionish fucking.

The magical hard-on slid deeply into Applejack again, and this time it didn’t tug out all the way. Rainbow Dash shifted her hips, still with her cock crammed totally into her lover’s body, and rocked both of them hard to the left. Before Applejack knew what was happening, Dash’s rear hoof hooked around and drew hers in—then, a sway to the right, and suddenly Applejack found herself with hooves set close together, squeezing the hardness of Rainbow Dash’s shaft grimly like a filly’s first time, and Dash was hunched over her, sweating and holding her real tight as the magical cock throbbed from its wedged-in position.

Then, Dash unleashed her final stunt—and began to churn.

Her body was hot as a furnace over Applejack, commanding impossibly athletic forces, still with that poise and dexterousness that enabled her to unleash the final pistonlike thrusting with a terrible swiftness, wedged through Applejack’s clamped vagina and seeming to harden with every second. It could have been the raw physical sensation of that which brought on her final, unbearable stiffness—it didn’t matter to Applejack, because all that mattered was that wild fucking, the savage thickness and mad churning against her already melted-down ponypussy’s insides, in a position where she couldn’t possibly escape it as it seemed to explode with more and more stiffness and wildness, and the air around them was whipped by Dash’s madly flapping wings…

Applejack blew her voice out with a soprano squeal, her eyes rolling back in her head as she bucked underneath the fiercely clinging, thrusting Dash, whose mane flew about madly, sweat flying off it as the cerulean pegasus snarled and spasmed, eyes squeezed shut as she jabbed the magical cock home and unloaded a stallion’s orgasm into Applejack’s hysterical body, penetrating every inch of her with a final, brutal shove.

Applejack swayed and toppled, falling over onto the floor with Dash still wrapped around her. She let out a piteous squeak as she hit, and with a final shudder, Applejack went limp, entirely.

Dash didn’t release the bit right away. Her hoof carefully brushed Applejack’s mane away from her face, and she panted hard through her teeth, gleaming with sweat. A grin began to creep onto her face, and grew. “hhhh… hhh… haven’t fucked like that since flight school… just like riding a bike… but bett’r… rec’rd br’ken!”

Applejack stirred.

“Uh-oh,” said Dash. “You ‘kay, there?” She dropped the bit on the floor, and the magical erection slurped out of Applejack’s hard-ridden marehood and was gone, just like that.

Applejack gulped. “Oh, my darlin’, oh my stallion…”

“And that, my best love, is how it’s done!” panted Dash smugly. “Can you get up? Try to get up.”

Applejack wriggled feebly on the floor. “Oh my love… nope…”

“Yes!” cried Dash, leaping to her hooves, and wobbling dreadfully all the same. “New record!”

“New whut? Oh, Dashie, what, what?”

“Nothing,” said Dash, trying to brush off the distress in Applejack’s voice. “I just, I, I still got it. Better than ever. Because you’re better than ever.”

Applejack gave up trying to rise, and sprawled on the floor as if she’d been poured there. “But… new record? What y’all mean, a record? Please tell me, please, Dashie…”

“Oh—first time, that’s all. You fell the very firs… boss?” Dash’s voice cracked, for Applejack had begun to cry, lying there limp on the floor.

“You… don’t love me!” sobbed Applejack.

Dash’s face twisted with woe, and instantly she was clinging to Applejack’s quivering body, caressing, embracing, pleading. “No, no, you have it wrong, I love you, I love you more than anything! Please, don’t be sad, I can’t stand this!”

Applejack choked back her sobbing, and was silent for a moment. Then, her voice came tremulously. “Help me understand, Dashie, please. I’m not a… a sport, to you?”

“I love you, please don’t be hurt! This was supposed to be the best thing ever for you!”

Applejack nodded, face stricken. “But… y’all cheered, when I fell down—because, because I fell quicker than anyone else done? Since… flight school?”

“Oh, no…” said Dash. “You weren’t out? You heard that?”

“Does it spoil th’ record?” asked Applejack, feeling Dash’s frantic embraces and cuddles.

Dash’s eyes filled as well. “It was about falling over. I’ve always been able to get that, eventually. You were the best, Applejack, even if I didn’t love you you would’ve been the best…”

“Who else?” asked Applejack softly. “Wait… flight school. Gilda. I reckon I’m nicer than Gilda. How did you have the magic thingy, way back then? I thought it was Trixie’s.”

Dash sniffled. “You can strap on things. This is so much better. I want this to be for you.”

“An’ Fluttershy,” said Applejack.

“Fuck her! I mean… oh, Applejack! She’s nice. I’m not sorry I made her happy. You’ve got to get used to it. But I love you, it’s different. I’ve got to get you to understand how this is. You’re special, so special.”

Applejack was silent again, but no longer cried.

“I’m sweeter? To fuck?” she said.

“You’re all stallion, and all mare—you’re everything, I can’t lose you. Do you know how different that is, to me?”

“I reckon I’m learnin’… I’m a good stallion? You’re better.”

Dash nuzzled her. “I’m yours, I’m so yours. I’m your stallion.”

“You’re a good mare…”

“You’re better,” said Dash. “I couldn’t be anything like that. You just melted, but so alive, oh my gosh… you were so into it…”

“I melted good? More’n anybody? Y’all nipped me, darlin’, and I went all wobbly.”

Dash didn’t respond for a moment, and then she breathed in Applejack’s ear, “You can do it to me. I’d like that. Nobody else can, I’d kick their ass. I never went mare for anyone that hard until you.”

Applejack’s ear flicked. “Really?”


“I ought to do it… you deserve payback…”

Rainbow Dash wriggled against Applejack, just thinking of it.

“Easy, pony girl,” said Applejack. “Or at least, pony girl again, fer now. And all that screamin? I couldn’t help it. Gosh, my voice sounds funny now. I scream better’n anybody, when you fuck ‘em till they fall over?”

Dash didn’t answer that. There was a pause, and then both said it. “Gilda.” Both sets of equine ears went back, just imagining the outrageous caterwauling.

“But she ain’t here, is she?” added Applejack.

“Memories are good,” said Dash. “I won’t deny that, not even for you. They’re awesome moments. You treasure them. I wish I could share that with you—I love you, and it hurts to see you cry when I’m… well… when I’m me.”

“Ain’t cryin’ now, darlin’. Do you see me crying?”

“No,” admitted Dash.

“I don’t want to ruin more moments, my love. What mus’ I do?”

Dash caressed her lover, thinking, and Applejack let her think.

“It’s about love, Applejack. Love isn’t sex, sex isn’t property, jealousy isn’t love—it’s fear.”

“I never really thought about it that much,” said Applejack.

“I have to. Even if I don’t want to, Pinkie will make me think about it. She’s been a really good influence, you know. I used to be wilder.”

“That’s hard to imagine.”

“I said wilder,” said Rainbow Dash. “I didn’t say happier.” She hugged Applejack close for a moment.

“Y’all didn’t answer my question, hon. I mean it. What mus’ I do?”

“You love me—if I ever doubted it, I know it now that you’re asking me that. And I love you. We’ll start there. If anything goes wrong, we’ll fall back on that, okay?”

“But I don’t want to… make you stop bein’ you,” said Applejack.

“Then we have to help you, be MORE you,” said Dash.


“You love me—but tell me, who else do you love?”

Applejack thought about it, as Dash held her close…

Applejack woke in Dash’s embrace, with feathers tickling her nose. It seemed like an odd position for Dash to be in, sleeping with a wing cuddling her face, but the underside of the wing was so fluffy and warm that it melted Applejack’s heart. She nuzzled back, gently, and then flicked an ear with interest, observing Dash’s squirm and moan.

Another nuzzle there, and Rainbow Dash was wide-eyed—and then, nuzzling back and nibbling her ear, and Applejack crooned and stretched.

“Mornin’ sleepyhead. How do you like your eggs?” said Applejack. “Trick question, the answer is ‘wonderful’…”

“Oh my gosh, really? I never have breakfast! You’re gonna cook for me?”

“Of course. You can go back to bed, or you can keep me company—at a safe distance, ‘cause I got my routine, you hear? Best stand well back.”

“This I gotta see. Wow, real breakfast! Are you doing it just to keep me around? Because it might work.”

“Naw, sugar—I do this every day. Don’t you? What do you eat?”

“Coffee, alfalfa snacks, you know.”

“Oh, Dashie! Y’all can’t do that, no wonder you get so flighty,” said Applejack, heading for the kitchen.

Dash snickered. “Hello? Pegasus?” she said, caressing Applejack’s rump with a wing.

“Well, just try what I do for a day, all right, darlin’? You might not zing so high, but you might not end up Rainbow Crash in the afternoon, either. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“Afternoons are for naps,” yawned Dash.

Applejack said nothing—she certainly didn’t have time to run out of steam and nap the afternoon away, even if Dashie did. She got busy under Dash’s admiring eye, lighting the stove, making omelets and haycakes and tea, everything cooking at once and timed to all end up at eating temperature together.

“Wow. Boss, you really have that down.”

“Years ‘a practice,” said Applejack demurely.

“Uh, do you mind me still callin’ ya Boss? After last night? I still want to, but…”

“Well, light of my life and purpose o’ my existence might be nice once in a while,” teased Applejack, before grabbing a spatula and flipping omelets onto two plates. She let go the spatula, and added, “Seems like you have your own reasons for wanting me to be Boss.”

“Oh yeah,” said Rainbow Dash.

Applejack winked, with a wicked grin, and Dash went weak in the knees.

“You’ll get what you deserve,” said Applejack. “But thank you for lettin’ me have it both ways.”

She tore into her breakfast, while Dash nibbled hers and marvelled at how good everything was—love showed in all the perfect colors and smells, and there Applejack was, just inhaling it all without a second thought. “Hey!” said Dash. “Aren’t you going to enjoy it?”

Applejack blinked, and choffed down a bite of food. “It’s just everyday breakfast, hon. I got to get to work.”

“Will you stay with me? Until I’m finished too?”

“Aw! Of course I will! You’re the one I love, darlin’!”

Dash nibbled on more delicious haycake. “And that’s another thing. Applejack… you’re too good not to share.”


“Hear me out! I mean it! I’m not sure exactly how you work. I’m trying to figure it out, and I don’t want to make you cry again, so the fallback position is just you and just me, okay? We start from there.”

“Well… but Dashie, hold on. I love Pinkie very much, and though what we done was real strange, and I never expected it, I can’t see it as wrong, exactly…”

“No, listen! We start from there, just you and just me. I mean it. If that’s what it has to be, that’s what it is. Okay?”

“But I don’t want to change you!”

“I said fallback position, and I mean it. Now, let’s talk about Pinkie. Did you like what Pinkie can do?”

“Uh… sorta?” said Applejack.

“Me and Pinkie go way back. She’s kinda special. Can I have her as somebody also special in my life? Fallback is just you and me, remember. I know I can square it with Pinkie. You remember, she yelled at me because I was hurting you! Does that qualify her to be in my life that way, as well as you?”

“Oh, honey. I learned a lot about her then… you wouldn’t guess it, would you? I want her to be in my life, too. Or even in… well, depends on how she go about it. But she liked that so much, honey, I could tell what it meant to her. Let’s keep her, okay?”

Dash beamed, and ate some more omelet. “I’m so proud. Yeah, let’s! But Pinkie’s mostly my side sweetie, always was. If I’m not mistaken, I don’t exactly see a lot of side sweeties in your stable. Am I wrong?”

Applejack drooped. “It’s true. There’s only you.” She then perked up a little, and added, “But if I have you, I don’t need nopony else, honest!”

“But what if you’re needed, too? Who else is out there that we care about, who might be like you, not getting her needs met, deserving better? You have to think bigger, Applejack. This magical dick thing opens up a world of possibilities. We can bring joy to all of Ponyville!”

Applejack spit her tea, and stared in horror at Rainbow Dash. “Have you SEEN all of Ponyville?”

“Well, then, we can bring a little more joy to the ones we already love, how about that? Like, I hate to mention it because she gets on my nerves, but what about Fluttershy?”

“Fluttershy?” said Applejack, startled.

“I don’t know what’s so ‘yay’ about it, but obviously you do have different feelings about her than I do, and that’s exactly what I mean! I care about ol’ Flutterbutter a lot, it’s just that she doesn’t turn me on anything like you can…”

“But I didn’t say… well, she’s a darling, sure. Real pretty, even if she’s a handful at times. Like nailin’ jelly to a wall. You suggestin’ that I take up nailin’ jelly in quite a different way?”

“Well, there’s two questions, Boss. One is, do you love her, and of course you do—I love her too, you’ve seen what I’d do for her. The other question is, does she turn you on? Let me rephrase that. I turn you on. We’ve established that. So who else turns you on? We could make somepony very happy here… and still have each other. Is it Ditzy? Rarity? Cheerilee? Twilight? Mayor m…”

Dash stopped. Applejack had looked away and blushed slightly.

“Hmm,” said Dash, smiling more and more. “Twiiiiliiight. Twilight Sparkle. Look at you. The only question is, do you want her to be your stallion, like me—not that she can, but you know, side sweetie—or do you want to top her?”

“The question,” said Applejack, still bashfully looking away, “is whether you spit your bit on this one! And I don’t mean the magic one, either! Why would Twilight…”

“Are you joking? She looks healthy. Of course she has urges, she wouldn’t be a pony without ‘em, and all that solitary studying she does… I mean, she’s too fat, but still basically h-”

Applejack’s head snapped up. “She is not! Maybe compared to an athlete like you, but are you crazy? She’s just the sweetest roundest lil’ pony, and so clever and thoughtful…”

“Gotcha!” smirked Dash. “You do want to top her. You like ‘em round? I’m glad you like me so much, because I’m never going to be that. Even if I do have alfalfa for breakfast.”

Applejack went bashful again. “Aww. You know I honestly never really thought of her like that? And it ain’t like she’s fat. It’s just… you know her cutie mark? You ever watch how it moves when she trots? Wraps around her flank in such a sweet curve, it’s so pretty. I ain’t even sure she knows it. She’s so bright and helpful, but I never even saw her look at anypony in such a way. She might be one of them ponies that got no interest in it.”

Dash’s expression was wry. “You do have a soft spot for her. She’s smart, all right, but you’re forgetting cranky-pants Sparkle, even though we’ve seen it over and over. I’d be nervous. But I bet you anything that she does have an interest, she just doesn’t know what to to about it. No, scratch that, she knows what to do. She clops! Boy, I wish I could spy on that pony’s brain when she does clop. I bet the stuff she thinks of is unbelievably messed-up!”

“How do you know she clops?”

“I bet you’ll be surprised. Ask her!” teased Dash.

“I’ll do no such thing!”

“You will if you’re gonna offer her the REAL thing.”

Applejack’s eyes widened, and she couldn’t answer for a second. Then—“Damn if you ain’t right. I could, couldn’t I? I got a sweetness on her, she might be lonely like I was—and we got the magical thingy, don’t we? Oh, Dashie. What would she say?”

“That’s for you to find out, and tell me about afterwards…”