Now You See It

Princess Celestia sobbed, once, quietly.

Princess Twilight Sparkle bit her lip, her ears laid back in pitiable dismay.

It wasn’t so much that she had her forelegs wrapped around Celestia’s neck, or that Celestia was distractedly nuzzling under her chin as she cried. It wasn’t that she’d chased the Princess out to the palace garden before catching her, or that she’d left that monster Discord to the palace guards rather than destroy him on the spot, or even that Spike had followed them before being told to give them some space.

It was her wings being painfully, quiveringly erect while she held her beloved Princess, who appeared not to notice or care.

“I thought…” muttered Celestia forlornly, and gulped.

“Shhh, shhh…” said Twilight. Nopony disturbed them. No dragon, either: Spike, hurt, had said he would go home or perhaps see if Rarity needed his help, and Twilight thought no more of it. Spike had lately been allowed to brush Rarity’s tail before perming. That surely would distract him if anything could.

Princess Celestia shook her head. “You don’t understand, Twilight. I thought he was d… different…”

“Wanna bet?” quipped Twilight acidly, and then winced, for Celestia gave her the most heartbreakingly tragic look.

“I do not jest, Twilight! I b…believed in him. He seemed to care. We might have built something together…” Celestia trailed off, reading the suppressed rage in Twilight’s eyes. “Perhaps you are not the best confidante, over this.” She sniffled.

Twilight hugged her tighter, willing her feathers to unfluff. “Perhaps I’m the best possible one you could have!”

“Oh, I don’t know,” moaned Princess Celestia. “Perhaps. How could he do that? In truth it was ever a problem with him, but we did not face it, for he was transformed to alicornhood at the height of our affair and there was not time to settle or grow into things. And then it was all so much worse! And surely it was my fault that such a fate afflicted him. It is miraculous he did not simply perish.” She gulped. “High irony, that the essence of him continues to trouble me, unchanged from the callous show-off of old. Oh, Twilight! I am humiliated. And I have only myself to blame!”

Twilight gritted her teeth, seething. “Don’t even think like that. I know exactly who to blame here.”

“Do you? That is what troubles me most.”

“Oh yeah?” demanded Twilight, outraged.

Princess Celestia faced her, then, fighting for dignity—and Twilight fought back a squeal of wild emotion, gazing into those ageless, wise eyes so full of tears and courage—and Celestia said, “I would just like to know, must males be that way? Am I unreasonable, do I ask too much?”

Twilight glowered back, outraged.

“You would think,” said Princess Celestia, “I would know this by now, but it is as much a mystery as ever…”

“Why, hello, Pinkie Pie!” said Rarity, smiling. “To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?”

“Pleasure?” giggled Pinkie. “You’re going to remind me of special things! Like the pleasure of your CUNTpony! Oh, except maybe that’s not a nice thing to call it even though it really is a super big pleasure, take it from me, which you totally did, didn’t you! That was like the most special thing ever! Or one of ‘em anyway!”

Rarity stepped back, warily, as the ebullient earth pony advanced into the Inner Sanctum of Carousel Boutique. “Darling? Are you trying for a rematch? Now may not be the time…”

“Oh, no no!” replied Pinkie. “I’m just happy to be reminded about happy things in my happy life!”

Rarity stared. Pinkie’s grin was a little too wide, her eyes a little too manic. “That’s good, Pinkie Pie,” she said. “And I am happy to remind you of them. Is that why you’ve come?”

The grin tightened. “Nope!”

Rarity’s eyes narrowed. It wasn’t the first time one of her dear friends had come to her, bright and brazen and sitting on a big secret. The last time she’d seen anypony in that mood it had been Applejack, who’d been relieved of her Boss Mare duties and thought to fool Rarity about it for a few more glorious hours or minutes. The tension was plain as day, even on bouncy Pinkie.

“Pinkie Pie,” ordered Rarity, “out with it! What’s bothering you!”

Pinkie trembled for a moment, and then pounced and clung to Rarity, wailing and fountaining tears with great suddenness. “Why can’t I make Fluttershy happy? All I want is to bring her joy, but I just can’t get through to her!”

Rarity hugged her friend back, then shook her. “Pinkie. You DO! Pray believe me on this, I am continually going to the spa with dear Fluttershy and I know how the dear girl thinks. I have known her for years, and I assure you, your love makes her very happy!”

The tears flicked off just as suddenly as they’d come. “Really?”

“Really!” vowed Rarity, with great earnestness. “Now, what brought all this on?”

Pinkie’s ear flicked, and her tail twitched. “Well, if she’s so happy, why can’t I make love to her? Why isn’t it enough? You had it, you’ve got to know what I’m talking about! I keep trying to improve but it’s like I’m running out of ideas…”

Rarity paled, and backed up again. “Ah, that’s quite all right, dear. As much as I would like to assist your search for novelty…”

“No,” said Pinkie, “I mean ideas for what to do with Fluttershy!”

At this, Rarity tilted her head quizzically. “I was not aware it was necessary to do anything to Fluttershy, Pinkie. Is she complaining that she hasn’t enough to do? But surely I’d have heard some inkling of this, if it were so!”

Pinkie pouted. “She never complains. And she should, because something’s so extremely wrong with her!”

Rarity gasped. “Pinkie Pie! Explain, at once. I have not found anything wrong with dear Fluttershy… and forgive me for suggesting that you should believe in her far more than I! I am only her staunch lifelong friend. You are her amour, and a sire to her foal.”

Pinkie wouldn’t meet Rarity’s gaze.

“Speak!” commanded Rarity, her eyes flashing. “I am dismayed by your remarks. This is serious, darling.”

“But that’s just it,” said Pinkie, uncertainly. “This is serious, but I can’t work out what the matter is. My Sense is going crazy about it, and something very bad is wrong, and I just wanted you to help.” She peered up forlornly at Rarity, her bouncy curls drooping. “Won’t you?”

“Of course I shall,” said Rarity.

“YAY!” squeaked Pinkie, poinging into the air.

“Gah! Calmly, calmly… and first, you will tell me why you claim something is so wrong with Fluttershy! I don’t like the sound of that,” said Rarity. “I assure you, she is the same mare I have known for years. What’s changed?”

“Well, she was always negative. I can tell she still is, though she hides it,” said Pinkie. “And she tricked me and had sex with a stallion, though she washed up really carefully afterward. And she tried to hide that, too. And now she’s all sulky and she says she’s fine but I think she’s miserable, and it’s like she’s mad at me and it’s not fair ‘cos I didn’t do anything bad, she was the one doing bad things!”

Rarity’s jaw had dropped. She stared at Pinkie in horror, and she muttered, “Oh, sweet Celestia.”

“And that part doesn’t even make sense!”

Rarity gulped. She licked her lips. “No… it does. Oh my. You asked for my help. Pinkie, I may be able to help, but I worry that you might find what I have to say… disturbing. Let me ask you this. What do you really want? I mean, really? We all have our little fantasies, and our lives do not always lend themselves to every one. Fluttershy chooses to make a life with you, and I know she is sincere about it. Clearly I had better talk to her, but I have decisions to make regarding the direction of my advice.” She gulped again.

Pinkie didn’t hesitate. “I want Flutterbutter to be happy. Nothing else matters.”

“Caring for the animals and flowers and her garden makes her happy,” countered Rarity. She hesitated, and added, “And, ah… foals.”

“It’s not enough!” said Pinkie. “She’s sulking and angry and she wants something from me but she won’t even talk about it, she just says everything will be okay…”

“Not you,” said Rarity, and winced. “I fear it’s a real scolding she merits—but I believe I see her dilemma, poor dear. Did you say she had sex with a stallion? When was this, Pinkie?”

Pinkie frowned. “A while back. We even kinda broke up or something, but not really. I started seeing Cloud Chaser more often, which is great. Then Fluttershy didn’t like that and wanted to go back and totally changed her mind, but now she’s a complete mess and drives me crazy! And it feels like she’s even sadder. Or angry at herself?”

Rarity was glaring at nothing. “Indeed. Yes, that would follow. I remember some of our conversations at the time. She did not tell me everything, clearly, but I should have foreseen it. Yet how could I expect the dear girl would be that brave? How many stallions, dear, and where?”

Pinkie’s eyes bugged out. “What? One. She still hasn’t told me who or where. What do you mean, how many? Are you loco in the coco? I mean, she’s roomy, but…”

“Sit down, darling,” commanded Rarity. Pinkie’s eyes bugged out worse, but she sat.

“I fear this is very far from the sexual fantasies you find acceptable,” said Rarity crisply, “but all the same, you must be told, so you can have a real conversation with your beloved. She’s a fool not to have told you, but I feel it explains all the darkness you observe. Secrets and shame are poisonous to a relationship, Pinkie Pie, and…”

“Did you PROMISE not to tell?” demanded Pinkie suddenly, and Rarity froze in alarm.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Did you PINKIE PROMISE?” repeated Pinkie, transfixing Rarity with a merciless stare.

Rarity quivered from nose to tail, but she pulled herself together. “No! Let us not quibble over the implicit, darling. I fear your relationship may be endangered by Fluttershy’s stubbornness, and it’s clearly too difficult for her to come clean with you on her own. I can see why! I’d better lay the foundations to make it easier for her to proceed. And no, I did not Pinkie Promise to conceal her fantasies from those most closely affected, and we will go at once to speak with her and lay them on the table.”

Pinkie was trembling. “Oh gosh. You’re scaring me, Rarity. It’s that bad? Does she want griffons to eat her up? Or timberwolves to tear her to bits? Or monster zombie vampire ponies of death to suck her blood and doom her to an unliving hell of monstrosity?” She twitched, looking aghast.

“Good heavens, no!” squeaked Rarity. “Such ideas! I’ve never even heard of monster zombie vampire ponies of death! Pinkieee!”

“It was just a thought,” said Pinkie blithely. “Okay, so it’s not that. I’m still scared. What horrible bad negative thing does Fluttershy want, that she can’t even tell me about it? I thought we were doing good and she was gonna go play with a stallion, and then she totally got cold hooves and changed her mind!”

Rarity gulped, putting monster zombie vampire ponies of death out of her mind for the moment. “I believe I understand. Fluttershy is braver than I thought, but I’m not surprised she balked–though I’m very disappointed in her for turning passive-aggressive about it. Ah… how shall I put this…”

Pinkie whimpered. “Rarityyy! You’re just making it worse!”

“Fine!” cried Rarity. She set her jaw. “It is a variant of a gang rape fantasy… well, in fact that’s just what it is, except some ponies would wish to be verbally abused, perhaps punished or enslaved whilst subbing to an unruly crowd. I don’t believe Fluttershy wishes formal abuse or beating…”

“No way!” yelled Pinkie, outraged. “Not my Flutterbutterluvvycuddlekins!” Then she recoiled, for Rarity had turned on her.

“Listen or begone, Pinkie! You’re not getting through to Fluttershy, and I am helping you understand her needs. Your reaction speaks volumes about why communication between you has lapsed! I’d hoped it wouldn’t come to this, but I SHALL make you understand her way of love.”

“Call that love?” cried Pinkie, but she backed off, for Rarity was implacable.

“No, darling. I call that exciting. I call it sexy in a way she sees only tangentially from you. You are expecting Fluttershy to think and act like you, to be cared for and lavished with devotion with her every need attended, and she has that. And she has baser urges, and they are screaming for release.”

“I… I can make my tongue take any form, all she has to do is ask…” stammered Pinkie, going pale.

Rarity curled her lip. “She doesn’t wish to ask. She doesn’t wish to BE asked. Fluttershy wishes to be mated by all the stallions of the world, over and over, while they seize her wings in transports of filthy male lust, caring nothing for her sensibilities or indeed consent. ‘Like a REAL mare,’ she told me—though her notions are a little oldfashioned! She wants to be grabbed and taken and impregnated again and again, until she is left a quivering fertile wreck full of semen, watching the contented stallions walk away well satisfied. And she will never know which of them fathered her foal or foals, because, as I said, she wishes all the stallions to take turns flooding her with seed, without a break, shoving each other aside to seize and fuck her over, and over, and over. She will be taken like an animal and serve her lowest animal function. Yes, I said lowest! We can choose where we shit, Pinkie Pie. She wants not to have to choose, because she questions her choices so much. Fluttershy wants many big male cocks forcing themselves into her, spurting semen and making her pregnant to strange stallions that don’t care for her other than as a receptacle for their copious orgasms, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.”

Pinkie’s jaw dangled. She made a weak little ‘gleep!’ sound.

Rarity gulped. “There you have it. I quite see why the poor dear balked rather than tell you, but she cannot be allowed to act out resentfully just because she can’t have that fantasy, which she can’t. Even in the dark clubs of Fillydelphia such a thing is only play-acted, and Fluttershy becomes angry at suggestions that she pretend. She wishes all things in her life to be sincere and utterly real. Including, I fear, her gang-bang by many rough and greedy stallions.”

Pinkie twitched, looking as stunned as anypony had ever seen her. The silence stretched out, and Rarity’s face fell as she watched.

“Oh, Pinkie!” wailed Rarity in dismay. “I fear I’ve broken your sweet mind. Please understand, there are fantasies we will never enact in real life! Fluttershy understands that, even if she bridles under the requirement. If you knew some of the things I’ve fantasized, darling, it would curl your mane! Or, well, un-curl it, I suppose. Let me assure you that it is perfectly okay for Fluttershy’s mad sexual fantasy to not speak to you, our little lesbian! It will never happen, and we’ll find some way to make both of you happy… what? Did you say something, Pinkie Pie?”

Pinkie cleared her throat.

“I said, no, that speaks to me too…”

“What?” said Rarity, flustered.

“Loudly,” said Pinkie Pie, and gulped. “Part of it, anyway.”

Derpy Hooves trotted down the street, singing.

“I got a mare and my mare’s got meee…”

She bounced into the air, flapping her wings excitedly, landing on the tips of her little hooves and continuing her perky trot.

“I go yay, and she goes whee…”

She tossed her silky pale-blonde mane, smiling at the clouds, feeling like she could bound up and kiss them.

“I got a mare and my mare’s got meeee…”

She pranced forward, lifting her hooves high like she was dancing.

“She goes yay, and I go whee…”

“Hey, Derpy Hooves!” came a voice.

“Hi, Spike!” cried Derpy. “Isn’t it a pretty day?”

Spike looked a little under the weather, but he smiled at Derpy as she frisked, swishing her tail ebulliently. He said, “Parts of it are, I guess.”

“Whatcha doin’, Spike?” asked Derpy.

Spike considered the question. “Um. Moping?” As Derpy’s face fell, he hastened to correct himself. “Not really! It might be a little hard to explain to you. I guess it’s not really my problem?”

“There’s a problem?” cried Derpy, dismayed.

Spike considered things. Ponies running around having sex was alarming, and he wasn’t at all used to it. Seeing Princess Celestia also getting caught up in that stuff was still more alarming, but if anypony was old enough to do that stuff it would be her. And she and Twilight were more than a match for Discord. Spike didn’t think Twilight had noticed, but Discord had looked really upset. The whole audience had been upset, yet it looked very much to him like it had been just another dirty pony afternoon. Another one down, fallen to the lure of the gross vagina-pokings, this time the Princess.

“They shouldn’t do that stuff if they’re not happy with it,” he muttered.

“Huh?” squeaked Derpy.

“Oh, nothing,” said Spike. He shook his head. “You know what? There’s not a problem. I just wish ponies could be happier about what they do.”

Derpy blinked, puzzled. Then she smiled again, and poinged into the air. “I’m happy about what I do! I see my friends, and I deliver the mail, and, and… lots of things!”

Spike smiled wearily back. Some things, at least, could be trusted to stay familiar. “That’s great! So, no more moping. I was going home, Derpy. There’s some rubies calling my name, and I could do a little reading. Or, maybe if Rarity needs some of my help? With her mane?”

Derpy thought. “I don’t think we’ll need your help right now!”

“Oh,” said Spike. “Well… okay! It’s good to see you, Derpy. I’ll just head home.”

“Have a nice ruby!” called Derpy Hooves, with obvious sincerity.

“I will!” replied Spike, heading on his way.

Derpy Hooves resumed her prancy, proud progress.

“She goes yay… and I go whee…”

“Do you need a hug, Pinkie?” asked Rarity.

“Bigtime… and I better explain what I meant,” said Pinkie. “I mean, about how that incredibly gross negative horrible fantasy works for me too?”

Rarity hugged her, then drew back. “I need better than that from you, darling. Fluttershy’s difficulty is apparent. Missy, wanting to get rutted by gangs of stallions is not necessarily ‘negative’ as a fantasy.”

“But if they don’t love her?!” wailed Pinkie. “And ew! And you said they would just, just GRAB her and TAKE her…”

Rarity’s eyes narrowed. “Do you remember the day you ravaged me until I had a nosebleed, Pinkie Pie, and half killed me with the exercise of your virtuosity?”

Pinkie blushed. “But…”

“But nothing,” scolded Rarity. “Don’t play innocent. I suspect part of why Fluttershy loves you is that impetuous nature and capacity to sweep a pony away in excitement. Let me assure you that quality is not only possessed by lesbian horses. Fluttershy feared she would never have the nerve to approach a stallion unless he was every bit as bashful as she is, and this frustrates the poor dear immensely. I suppose she could take a tip from me and learn to be masterful, but she has no desire to be anything of the sort. Her fantasies are wilder. Damned right, her stallions would grab her and take her, and what’s more she would love every moment of it.”

Pinkie’s lip quivered, and she looked woebegone. “A…and they’d come in her and make her pregnant. And… wings?”

Rarity winced. “If it helps, darling, I believe that is more about the desire for impregnation. She does not seek to be loved by a stallion, she has you for that and she is confident of you. But all the same, our sweet Fluttershy wishes to be the brood mare to, well, dare I say ‘the herd’, and to a pegasus mare that means additional things involving wingplay. I know her very well, Pinkie Pie. She is very shy of confiding things, even to me, but enjoys teasing, and I know fetishes like few others. The wing parts of her fantasies would be thought wanton even by pegasi. One day, I teased her affectionately about the brood-mare thing, when nopony was attending us.”

Pinkie gulped.

“I knew for certain it was that,” continued Rarity, “when the words ‘all of them’ gave her an orgasm, there in the hot tub. I relented after that, and I’m sure her plot to smuggle me into your bed was her little revenge and richly deserved… but there is no chance I am mistaken. Your Fluttershy wants to be gangbanged by a herd of stallions and impregnated by all of them as they gnaw her wings fiercely–and if I’m any judge, she does want them to leave her in a puddle of semen and trot off as stallions so blithely do.”


“Don’t misunderstand,” said Rarity hastily. “We don’t always act on our rawest impulses. We have to moderate them, because ponies aren’t all the same and don’t always get along. I suspect if Fluttershy didn’t have your love and the family you’ve made with your foal Rock, her impulses would be more sophisticated. She’s got all that, so she fantasizes about the rawest stallion-sex there ever could be. It doesn’t make them wicked, you know. Their drives are so different. If you’d ever tr… mmm.” She studied her friend, critically. “You don’t have any of that seizing-and-mastering stuff in your own psyche, do you? I mean, you get excited, but it doesn’t feel like you… conquer.”

Pinkie looked at her, wide-eyed, uncomprehending.

“Hrm,” said Rarity. “Rather than try to explain what excites Fluttershy so much about that situation, perhaps you can explain what part of it does speak to you? It’s not that forceful heedless maleness, for all that you can overwhelm in your own right. What, then, appeals to you about it?”

It took Pinkie a moment to answer.

“She’s… so female, when she’s pregnant. Something about it is just so incredibly female, and that’s what I can’t resist. I just can’t resist it, Rarity. I want more. Once I…” she broke off, and said, “Promise you won’t tell anypony about this, Rarity.”

“I promise.”

“PINKIE promise!”

“I will! Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my ack! Damn it, my lash! There you are. Pinkie Promised! Now, what’s on your mind, darling?”

Pinkie gulped. “I clopped to Mrs Cake being pregnant. While she was pregnant.”

Rarity blinked. “Indeed?”

“Not to do anything with her! Or the twins!” protested Pinkie. “Not even really anything to do with me! But I started thinking harder and harder, and I mean Mr Cake is as nice as pie, but I was all imagining him with this big ugly penis and I was thinking about his testicles and I just started clopping imagining Mrs. Cake’s big soft butt and him squishing up in there, like into her vagina, and there’s a womb in her and he’d squirt pony come up into there and big soft round Mrs. Cake would be big soft even rounder Mrs. Pregnant, and she WAS, and he totally did that and there must have been a moment when the wriggly sperms went into her and her body made a snuggly home for them and they joined with her eggs and there was tiny baby foals and she was holding them inside her as they came to life…”

“Breathe, Pinkie!” urged Rarity, alarmed. “I see! How did you feel when Fluttershy was pregnant with Rock Candy?”

“Oh my gosh,” breathed Pinkie longingly. “Oh my gosh!”

“Hrm!” said Rarity. “I’d better ask you a very important question. Would you want Fluttershy to be pregnant… again? Ponyville would help you two raise the foals.”

Pinkie whimpered.

“I know there has been no trouble with your first try,” continued Rarity. “Between you and Fluttershy, that colt is mothered like nopony in Equestria ever was. Well then: the last hurdle! Pinkie Pie, you love Fluttershy, and you are madly excited by her impregnation. Could you handle it, could you give your blessing and raise the foal… if it was sired by a gang of ravening stallions? Taking her savagely and heedlessly, perhaps for hour after hour until she was exhausted and spent? I’m rubbing your nose in it because we must respect her feelings as well. If you can’t stomach that, we’d better Pinkie Promise to never reveal this conversation. It would be the height of cruelty to suggest this to Fluttershy, and then tell her that the stallions have to hump her nicely.”

Pinkie looked haunted again. Her ears laid back. Her eyes stared out into infinity, with a tormented expression as if they were already watching hulking erect stallions seizing her beloved mare, shoving stiffened phallusses into her, biting her poor wings and not letting her run away as they fucked her. Blood trickling down her tender rump from their dominance bites. Snarling stallion lips, flared hungry nostrils, the crude panting of their breath and cruel ramming lunges of those thick horsecocks to her helpless depths…

And whether it was her Sense, or simply the extent to which she knew Fluttershy, Pinkie could not help but imagine that pegasus mare’s utter, lawless, shameless ecstacy. Her own body responded to the fantasy with a fervent rush of arousal that painted Rarity’s floor with pussy-juice, just thinking about Fluttershy’s melting delight and gleeful embrace of her own impregnation. She wanted all of that so badly, in a way that Pinkie never, ever could.

Pinkie licked her lips, trembling. All the meanness was probably never gonna happen, not as bad as that. And Flutterbuttie would be so pregnant, so very totally pregnant. That super-hot moment she’d imagined with the Cakes, it would be happening and happening. And Fluttershy wanted it… so it was like they had a piece of the same fantasy. And she’d get a pregnant Fluttershy again, and they’d have another adorable foal, and Fluttershy would be happy at last because she would get to totally do her big fantasy, and not hide it.

“Then why am I still so scared?” said Pinkie, quietly, to herself.

“Pinkie?” said Rarity.

Pinkie felt, within her, the Sense stir. It felt like a dam, creaking under the strain of… something.

She looked into Rarity’s eyes blankly, and for a moment her senses whirled, flooding her with the premonition of madness and drama beyond anything she’d imagined or experienced, and the clear knowledge that this was her story, and this was her path… one that would test her to the limit and change her whole universe beyond recognition, and yet somehow love would prevail.

“Pinkie!” shrieked Rarity, in alarm, as the party pony tottered and appeared to faint.

“I’m okay! I’m okay!” squeaked Pinkie, coming abruptly back to her senses. “Yeah. Um… yes. Tell her. I’ll tell her. Like, when it’s a good time to do it? Yes. Let’s do this.”

“Are you quite sure?” said Rarity, fretfully. “You toppled right over!”

“Yeah,” said Pinkie. “I’m okay! I’ll tell her. Um. I better wait for the right moment. Talk about an awkward conversation! We’ll do it, it’s the best thing, dark wings lost in the night, the teeth! She’ll be so happy. And really embarrassed, I guess, huh?”

Rarity’s ears were laid flat back. “What? Would you repeat that carefully for me, darling?”

“She’ll be so happy!” insisted Pinkie. “I’m glad I came to talk to you. Though it’s real scary!”

“Quite,” said Rarity cautiously. “I meant, kindly repeat the other thing? About the night?”

Pinkie’s eyes sparkled with life again. “No repeating! We go forward and wonderful things can happen!”

Behind her, there was a bustle of feathers and good cheer. “I got a mare, and my mare’s got mee…” sang Derpy Hooves, charging into the Carousel Boutique.

“Oh!” squeaked Rarity. “Hello, Derpy, love. Aren’t we in a cheerful mood?”

“I go yay, and she goes whee,” sang Derpy, bouncing around like a grey flapping Pinkie.

“Of course I do, darling… eep!” cried Rarity. Derpy had nipped her rump, and then seized it in her forelegs, and was making pelvic thrusts against Rarity’s alabaster mound.

“I got a mare, and my mare’s got meee…” sang Derpy heedlessly. Pinkie backed away, her eyes wide.

“If you’ll excuse us?” panted Rarity, her eyes as wide as Pinkie’s.

Derpy released Rarity, and dashed over to a bedside table. Pinkie backed off another step.

“SHE goes yay,” sang Derpy, “and mmf gff whffff…”

She whirled, rearing, and a bit was in her teeth, and a good solid pegasus cock jutted excitedly out from between her legs, and her eyes were only and utterly upon Rarity.

“Uh-huh!” squeaked Pinkie Pie, and she fled so fast there was only a little puff of dust to show where she’d been.

Rarity instinctively backed up a step, herself, as Derpy Hooves advanced imperiously on her. “Erm… yay?” she said. A faint wet sound caught the air, as she winked in response to the abrupt stalliony presence.

Derpy grinned madly around the bit.

“Wheee!” she squealed, baring her teeth, and leapt forward.

Rarity let out a little shriek, alarmed and pleased in equal measure. Since Derpy had helped father Luna’s foal, she’d suddenly found a new interest in life, and the thing about Derpy as a stallion was her eagerness. She wasn’t good about asking permission, or waiting her turn. So comfortable was she with intimate relations with her unicorn lover who took a bit in her teeth and penetrated Derpy cautiously… that when it was her turn, Derpy took a bit in her own teeth with immense enthusiasm, grew a moderately impressive penis, and penetrated Rarity in turn… incautiously.

Rarity had not dreamed she would recapture any of the old sadomasochistic pleasures of her club days with Derpy Hooves, so the first few episodes had come as quite a shock. She knew what to expect now, but it still brought her heart to her throat in piquant alarm, and she rather hoped she would not get used to it.

Before she even knew what was happening, Derpy was on her again, flying and leaping to grab her butt fiercely. When she made love to the adorable, fluff-brained pegasus, she was always careful to work her up with foreplay until Derpy could relish the thick unicorn cock properly. Derpy was far too excited for that. She hunched feverishly against Rarity, the stallionhood poking between Rarity’s legs and rubbing against her breasts, and then Derpy’d lifted partly into the air in a storm of grey wings and her whole body doubled up, and she got it on the second try…


…and pegasus cock shoved roughly into Rarity, barely slickened by the unicorn’s eager but hurried juices, and plunged to her very womb in a mind-mangling scrape of skin on barely-lubricated skin.

Rarity shrieked, her vision blurring. Upon her, she felt Derpy’s greedy grip, latching onto her butt and pushing deeper and deeper in hungry pressured shoves. Her pussy felt like it was on fire, stretched out abruptly to take pegasus penis, as if she’d been impaled in flight by some equine bird of prey. Her mind whirled as if she’d been borne up into the air…


Derpy Hooves was an absolute slut for sensation, at these moments. She nuzzled at the back of Rarity’s neck as if trying to bite it through the magic bit, and her strong solid hindquarters kept shoving until there was no room and her crotch was plastered against unicorn ass… and then, unsatisfied with this, Derpy began bucking the crap out of her lover, slamming horsecock into her with incongruously cute squeaks of delight, wings flapping frantically.

Rarity’s guttural screams also spoke of delight, but there was nothing cute about them.


She realized she was facing the bed… in fact, she’d staggered forward under the pegasus onslaught until she was half sprawled on the bed. Derpy wasn’t letting up, she was strong as an ox and about as sophisticated, and Rarity writhed and squealed, alabaster vagina flushing red from arousal and erotic friction as Derpy Hooves took her, tirelessly, heedlessly.

Part of it was that she loved Derpy so. Part of it was knowing Derpy was an utter fool and wouldn’t realize whether she’d harmed Rarity until after. Part of it was that Derpy’s endowments weren’t quite enough to do real damage, no matter how aggressively wielded. Part of it was that she came pretty close to it, and often managed to jump Rarity when she wasn’t prepared. Part of it was the piquant humilation of being taken like some animal. Part of it was sheer overstimulation from all of the above…


Rarity howled incoherently as the throbbing Derpy cock plunged frenziedly into her pussy, and Rarity came her little hooves off, collapsing under Derpy even as the pegasus mare hit her wildest tempos and fiercest plungings–and the din of obscene squelching became twice as juicy, as Rarity squirted around the thrusting shaft and Derpy came in hoarse squeals and shoves and collapsed over her, in turn, like a twitching pile of overheated feathers.

Derpy rolled off Rarity, much like any bored stallion who’d happily blown his load. In her case, it was because she’d passed out. She sprawled to the side, the stiff horsecock wrenching Rarity sideways for a heartstopping moment, then splurching out of her red-blushed vagina leaving it gaping and flushed with its labors, stallioncome oozing out mingled with Rarity’s own juices.

Derpy’s jaw slackened, and she began to snore loudly, and as the bit dropped from her mouth the cock vanished, as did about half the goo.

“Yeah,” came the little voice that had said “Um”.

Rarity’s ears went bolt upright in horror. She turned her head, though she could barely lift it in her state of carnal obliteration.

Spike clung to the edge of the door, looking like someone had just died. He was staring right up her business end, and business had been brisk.

Rarity made a horrible, croaking noise. She was too weak to move, for the moment. She could feel one of her false eyelashes dangling askew. Derpy snored louder, contentedly.

“Sorry,” said Spike.

Rarity gulped, and summoned every iota of unicorn willpower and determination. She used this to swish her tail over, though it had been disheveled with sweat and squirting sexual fluids, to cover her gaping and reddened privates. Having veiled herself even though she still couldn’t rise, she spoke. “No, no, it is I who am inexpressibly sorry…”

“Oh?” said Spike. “Oh really? I better ask, then, and I expect an honest answer. Did you want that? I saw what happened.” His eyes locked with hers, and he meant it.

Rarity blushed brightly, but did not look away. “Ah… I know what it might have looked like, and though appearances may have suggested…”

“Answer!” demanded Spike, growing pale. “Right now, Rarity! Did you want that? Or do you need protection? I swear, if…”

“Yes!” squeaked Rarity. Her blush worsened, but for all that she held her head high and met Spike’s gaze. “Derpy is my special somepony, and we do this, and I assure you I did want it. My apology is for not fastening the door and for not maintaining privacy, as is our custom. Curse it, I can’t stand. At least my tail can cover me. I am so sorry you had to see that, dearest.”

Spike’s face had fallen from the moment Rarity’d said she wanted such frenzied humping and goo-squelching.

“Whatever brought you here?” pressed Rarity, staring him down, determined to assert her right to adult ways.

Spike gulped. “I… was having a bad day… and you said I could b…brush out your…”

Both unicorn and baby dragon eyes settled on the sticky loops of purple tail strewn carelessly against Rarity’s quivering buttocks.

It was Rarity’s turn for her face to fall into an expression of tragic dismay.

“I see,” she said, weakly.

“Yeah,” said Spike, grimly.

Rarity’s lip quivered. Her eyes glistened with tears. She bit her lip, and in an impulsive moment, she blurted, “I could still let you, ah… brush out my… um…”

She trailed off, looking again at her lovely tail-tresses. The neat curls were disheveled, and some of the moistness looked sticky, and she could smell her juices and feel the stickiness of them splattered and smeared across her vulva, the insides of her ass-cheeks, even the dock of her tail thanks to Derpy’s mad athletic humping.

“Frankly, my dear,” said Spike, “that’s your problem this time.”

“Of course,” replied Rarity hastily. “I… forgive me? Please?”

Spike had begun glowering at nothing, but hearing Rarity’s tone, he shook himself. “As long as you’re happy. I mean that. You’ve got to tell me you’re happy this way and then there’s nothing to forgive. But,” he said, “you told me that already, didn’t you? You want this. You wouldn’t lie to me.”

Rarity gulped, her eyes brimming. “Oh, Spikey-wikey…”

“No!” snapped Spike, screwing his eyes shut and twisting away as if she’d slapped him. “No wikey. Spike. I’m Spike. Say it.”

“Spike,” quavered Rarity. She gulped again. “Oh, Spike! I admire you, sir. Never forget that. And yes, I am very happy. I p…promise, Spike, I am.”

“Good,” said Spike. He lifted his chin, and he turned, and he left.

Rarity stared after him for a long time, weeping silently. Then, she nestled against Derpy, her special somepony, the one she could have and keep and who’d brought love to every aspect of her life and whom she loved more than life itself…

Derpy, still sleeping, extended a hoof and instinctively drew Rarity into an embrace—then enfolded her in a comforting pegasus wing for good measure.

Rarity had never felt so fortunate, nor so forlorn.

Spike glared at his basket, there on the floor of Twilight’s tree house. For a moment, he just glowered at it, then he kicked it in a fit of rage, flipping it end over end, the cozy blanket inside going flying.

Upstairs, a squeal cut the air, then a moan. There was a smell of vagina all through the library, and the scent of magic: glitter, snow, burning tin.

A blinding arc of horngasm lit up the upstairs, and a sandbag exploded. Just another evening for Twilight and Trixie…

Spike flipped the basket back over. He got in, curling into a little dragon ball, and he covered himself up with the blanket completely, with only the tip of his tail poking out of the basket.

The tail drew in, and the blanket was carefully repositioned to leave not the slightest hint of a gap.

Upstairs, another squeal and flicker of light split the air, but the blanket didn’t even twitch.