The Circle Almost Circled

“Rarity came by this morning,” said Trixie.

“Mm,” said Twilight.

“She was very kind,” said Trixie. “She will not return to us, but she promised Trixie she held no hard feelings. You know—about Trixie’s unpardonable rudeness? Oh, and she was walking normally. Not like that time Trixie placed her outside, even though her leg was still broken…”

“Mm,” said Twilight, not rising to the bait.

Trixie went on, anxiously. “Trixie was amused to note that it was the grey pegasus not walking normally. Rarity was carrying her hindquarters with magic, when she wasn’t flying. They were travelling to Canterlot, to see Princess Celestia for more healing. It seems Girl unleashed her bit upon this Derpy last night and there were consequences…”

Twilight didn’t react. Trixie goaded her further.

“Dreadful consequences,” she insinuated, “just as you feared. Trixie suspects Girl rammed her whole monstrous penis up Derpy’s little grey cunt. Trixie is horrified! Are you horrified too, Mistress? Do you want to punish all of us very hard?” Trixie bit her lip. She’d been hinting things ever since Twilight had got up, but she was getting nothing back. No response, no matter what bait she dangled—love, sex, punishment, it was all the same.

Perhaps, she thought, trying sex again would help? She passed in front of Twilight’s face, flicking her tail just right, saying “Trixie will make you some breakfast, Mistress. Would you like to eat?”

She felt her body wink at her beloved, just as she’d hoped, unicorn vagina splaying out perkily before the new alicorn’s eyes to entice and arouse. Trixie wished she’d spent some time toying with herself so she’d be more glisteny and moist but it would have to do…

Twilight turned her head away, with a pained look, and Trixie’s heart sank.


“What’s the matter?” said Twilight leadenly.

“Trixie would ask the same question of you! What happened? Trixie cannot bear this, not for one more moment!”

“It’s not what happened,” admitted Twilight. “It’s what will happen.”

Trixie’s ears drooped. “Oh. Trixie was afraid of this. As an alicorn… you are not mortal, are you? Has Mistress been thinking about that?”

“Yeah. I’m so sorry, Trixie. Please forgive me? It’s just… the better you are, the worse this is.”

The blue unicorn’s eyes were frantic. “Trixie can be awful! Appalling! Simply unbearable!”

Twilight snorted. “Won’t help. It will be cute.”

“Cute?” cried Trixie, stamping a hoof. “Cute?!”

“Please don’t make this even more difficult than it has to be,” said Twilight.

Trixie sat down heavily on her haunches, staring at her beloved, racking her brain for some sort of tactic. “Fine! So Trixie is mortal. So is your Spike, so is everypony in this town! Does Mistress propose to just sit here and wait for us all to die?”

Twilight sagged. “I was considering it.”

“Mistress was sulking! Mistress deserves a spanking!”

She stopped. Twilight had given her a sour look.

“Let’s cut the bullshit, shall we? You’re so quick to assume that’s who I am.”

Trixie froze, staring, and Twilight added, “I’m not even sure that’s who you are… or who you’re supposed to be. And it’s killing me, Trixie, it’s killing me, because now I need to be sure. All I wanted was to do what was right. I’m the fucking Alicorn of Leadership, I have to take responsibility and think about where all this has taken us. It’s time to start asking some hard questions, whether we like it or not.”

“Trixie didn’t mean to…”

“Cut that out,” said Twilight bitterly. “Talk like a normal pony. Game time is over.”

The Great And Powerful Trixie stared at Twilight, stunned at the abrupt repudiation of their whole bizarre life, and for a moment Trixie’s soul died within her, helpless against the sudden overwhelming hurt, the brusque denial of her reality.

Only for a moment, though.

“D… do you respect my…” began Trixie.

“Authority? I thought I’d made that clear. Game time is ov…”

Twilight trailed off. Trixie was baring her gritted teeth, her eyes burning, completely insulted.

“No, Twilight Sparkle. Trixie wasn’t going to say that! Let me finish. Do you respect my intelligence?”

That jolted Twilight. She blinked, licked her lips, dropped her gaze. “Um, I suppose I do?”

“Yes or no. Trixie assumed she… oh, I’m sorry, you wanted me to speak your language, didn’t you? I assumed I did not have your contempt. I thought that perhaps after I outwitted Princess Luna and saved you and the other ponies that time, after you’d charged in with a foalish frontal attack, I warranted some of your respect. I need you to tell me now whether you were faking. I can’t imagine why—unless in your desire to please and be accepted, you’ve been living a complete lie just to impress me!”

Twilight’s jaw dropped. She gazed into Trixie’s fierce eyes, and was flooded with shame, feeling like a tiny filly being scolded in front of the class.

Trixie wouldn’t let up. “You say game time is over. I say, I know who I am, Twilight Sparkle, and I have done my best to bring that to our relationship, and I thought you were doing likewise! We’ve learned so much, from each other, from Girl, and now you think you can cast it all aside and say it’s a game? If I have not known the truth of you, Twilight, then who the pony hell are you, really?”

Twilight could barely meet Trixie’s eyes. “I… but that’s just it! That’s what I have to figure out! And I don’t KNOW!” she wailed, and covered her face with her hooves.

Trixie sat, watching her cry, and sighed deeply. She drooped, gathering her thoughts, growing calmer again.

“Of course you don’t. Poor Mistress. So innocent, so curious, so powerful but so naive,” said Trixie. “Let it out, that’s the way. Let it out and then we can talk.”

“What good will that do? I’m leading ponies all wrong!” sobbed Twilight, flapping her wings spasmodically. “I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m a monster who’s gonna live forever, and you’re gonna die, and what point is there to any of this?”

“Shh,” said Trixie, moving over to begin petting Twilight’s body. “Trixie has a secret about forever that is very important. Trixie will love you forever. Trixie will always, always be yours.” Her voice was tender.

“Overemotional sentimental garbage that doesn’t mean a… oh!”

Trixie had smacked her, sharply. Twilight’s eyes flew open, and Trixie’s gaze was anything but mindlessly soppy.

“Watch it!” she snapped. “Do you not realize whom you are speaking to? Did we not, just now, speak of your disrespect for Trixie’s intelligence? You are so much like Trixie! Your infuriating brain seizes upon things and won’t let go, and it is blinding you to the simple and obvious truth: obvious, except to silly young alicorn girls full of their own angst! Grow up, Twilight Sparkle!”

Twilight stared, shocked. She gulped. “Okay, you’ve got my attention. But… so you really expect me to be cowed into submission and just wallow in a whole bunch of emotionalism and ignore the fact that you’re gonna die?”

“Neigh,” said Trixie gravely. “I shall not die… thanks to you.”

Twilight blinked. “New alicorns happen rarely, Trixie! I mean, forgive me for saying it but you’ve never had quite the magical power I can put out, and I don’t understand how you can be so confident you’ll hit on some amazing insight that contributes to magic itself…”

Trixie was shaking her head. “I won’t. I’m not you, Twilight, I can’t do that. That is not what Trixie meant, at all. There are things you don’t understand yet.”

“Fine!” retorted Twilight. “Explain, then!”

Trixie took a deep breath, and Twilight could feel her mind whirring.

“Trixie was born a little unicorn filly to a sad, strange mare who spent her days lost in morbid thoughts. Her mother’s feelings were not Trixie’s fault. They were not anypony’s fault, they raged and ruined and eventually destroyed her, but before that day, Trixie drank deeply of this mother’s milk and of a world where there was no explanation for anything, no way to know if Mother was paying attention or present inside even her own head that day. Nothing was certain. Trixie was alone in some strange and deep way, except when she was punished, when her misdeeds brought her and her mother together in the simplicity of blame and contrition and forgiveness.”

“You’re saying…” ventured Twilight.

“Sh! It was not enough, Twilight Sparkle. Mother died. Trixie was fostered by other ponies, and when she came of age, she fell in love with a glorious unicorn mare who echoed her mother’s self-absorbed nature. And right from the beginning, she found sexual release in scorn and submission and thus her die was cast: Trixie built the foundations of herself on this uneasy ground. And this, too, was not Trixie’s fault: it was all she had to work with. Do you understand? Trixie is what she is, did the best she could. Just as Trixie’s mother did the best she could with what she had, until the end. Do you understand, Twilight?”

Twilight gulped. “Go on.”

“Of course. Trixie lost this first lover, when she dared call on that mare to broaden her view of the world. That one could not grow. Trixie’s mother could not grow. But Trixie has grown! Yet the growth still rests on the seeds planted so long ago, built on a past that cannot be changed. Trixie accepts this. It is like looking upon another pony, named Trixie, distinct and outside oneself, in some ways immutable: and yet the growth driven by that same Trixie’s agile mind and fierce determination has been intense, allowing Trixie to become new things never before imagined by pony kind! And so Trixie is Great and Powerful, but Trixie is also Trixie. Trixie is all of this, and understands herself, and bravely addresses the challenges of her life. Whether it is hecklers at a magic show—or foalish children summoning an Ursa Minor, which Trixie thought was an Ursa Major, and courageously battled anyway—or whether it is falling in love with her great rival Twilight Sparkle.”

Twilight’s eyes were wide. Trixie’s became gentle.

“Oh, yes, Twilight. Trixie fell in love with you and it was not entirely blind submission. There is a part of Trixie that sits back and judges, always, and she saw this: Twilight Sparkle is powerful beyond imagining, deliciously sexy, but possessing a curious innocence Trixie never had. Twilight Sparkle is loved, but doesn’t believe it: Twilight Sparkle cares, but doesn’t trust herself easily. Twilight combines a blinding intelligence with that childlike naivete. Trixie fell in love.”

Twilight was past arguing. Her mate was effortlessly taking her psyche apart, inspecting the bits with a compassionate eye, smiling.

“There is a weakness to that lack of terrible experience. Twilight blunders into things, makes mistakes, doubts herself because there is so much she’s never done. She has spent her whole life in study and books, sheltered, led by her curious brain. Trixie spent much time in books too, hiding from the battering of the world and the bludgeoning of her own harsh needs. Like but unlike… shared understanding, but underneath, so very different. And now… another difference, and an opportunity that Trixie can understand deep in her heart, yet Twilight cannot.”

“What is it, Trixie?” said Twilight, hesitantly. She could see that Trixie Lulamoon was beginning to cry.

“You are a baby again, Twilight, a baby alicorn. You’ve barely begun to learn what it is to be a unicorn mare, and now you start again, the first precious spark of a very long life as a beautiful, magical creature all ponies will adore. And Trixie loves you, Twilight. …I love you. I am here with you at your new birth. I have that honor.”

Twilight’s heart was pounding. Trixie’s sincerity was so raw, so meaningful it was choking her up.

“Trixie is yours as you take your first steps into this new world, as they shape you, just as Trixie’s whole life was shaped by her poor mother and her first love. And Trixie has learned a thing or two about love, about consensuality, about responsibility to oneself and others, about being true to yourself. Trixie has even learned how to learn! Girl taught us so much about that! And Trixie is strong enough to teach, to guide!”

Trixie’s voice had lifted, bit by bit, until she was weeping and declaiming proudly in her classic Great And Powerful voice, and Twilight listened, wide-eyed, soaking it in.

“Yes, it is Trixie who is blessed to be with Twilight Sparkle at this delicate, this impressionable time, and Trixie does not fear the responsibility, neigh, she rejoices! For Trixie loves Twilight, is devoted to her from the moment of her rebirth as an alicorn, through all the years Trixie shall live! And when Trixie dies, it will be with joy in her heart and deep gratitude for every last second of her life, that life which prepared her for this and brought her forth to be with you! Twilight Sparkle, Trixie commands that you not fear the future we share—not any of it, not even what you may see as the end of it! For… fo… f…”

Twilight gasped. Suddenly, Trixie was streaming tears, fighting to get her last few words out, and Twilight moved in and held her, and Trixie finished her speech with soft, trembling earnestness, right into Twilight’s listening ear.

“…for I can love you NOW, and because you will carry that through all your endless life—my love for you WILL live forever.”

“I hardly know what to say,” said Twilight. They’d been clinging together for half an hour, weeping for joy—or mostly joy. It might as well be joy, she thought, because it was all okay, every bit of it.

Trixie quirked an ear. “Trixie doesn’t remember giving Twilight permission to speak!” She giggled, as Twilight smacked her bottom.

“Oh, you! I can see we’re going to have a dash of naughty in our lives. So, you think training an alicorn to do bondage is a good thing to unleash upon eternity, huh?” She frowned. “I guess I wouldn’t be the first.”

Trixie was unruffled. “But with a fully fledged, personal grasp of consensuality? Leadership that comprehends what it is like to defer and submit, as well as command? Yes, Trixie does think that is fitting.”

Twilight smirked. “Seriously? A purple alicorn that likes to be spanked and fucked? That’s your idea of a good eternity?”

“Mmmm,” crooned Trixie. She lifted an eyebrow. “Mind you, Mistress, do not forget consensuality. Think of it as a purple alicorn of leadership who can LET herself be spanked and fucked in an appropriate manner, at appropriate times. How is that not the best thing ever?”

Twilight wriggled. “I feel like I’ve been, I don’t know, psychically spanked?”

“Oh, you have,” purred Trixie. “Was it good?”

“Very,” said Twilight. “I think I understand, at least a little. I’m so fucking glad I have you, Trixie. I feel all quivery inside.”

Trixie sniffed the air. “Hah! Trixie believes it. Are protestations of eternal love your new fetish, Twilight?”


Trixie snorted with amusement and nuzzled Twilight’s wings. “How convenient! Get used to them. Trixie is sure you shall be enjoying them forever…”

Twilight wriggled more and moaned, “Ohhhh! Right there!”

“Ooooh!” crooned Trixie. “We like that, huh? Are we a slutty little alicorn? Hmmm?”

Twilight gazed back at her lover through smouldering, half-lidded eyes. “Uh-huh,” she breathed, in a fillyish little voice. “What are you gonna do to me?” She batted her eyelashes, playing innocent, teasing.

Trixie gave the wickedest smile, and lunged foward, seizing Twilight’s wing between her teeth.

“Huhhhh!” cried Twilight, her body involuntarily writhing, tail lashing as Trixie bit down on her wing-base. “Ahhhh! Oh Trixie aahhhh!”

“Rar!” said Trixie, twisting her head. “I’m g’nna eat you up! Mmm, alicorn w’ngs! It’s wh’ts f’r dinner!”

Twilight squealed. “Oh, Trixie! Why do my little wingies feel so funny?”

At that, Trixie boggled. She released Twilight’s wing, looked up, and demanded, “Mistress, what the buck was that?”

Twilight began to blush a deeper and deeper shade of purple. “Um. Well. Since I’m, you know, a new alicorn and everything… I guess you caught me, huh? I just, you know, was pretending… um, that I was a much littler pony, oh gosh I’m so fucking turned on, you know a much much littler pony who didn’t understand but you grabbed her by the wing and, and…”

Trixie blinked. Twilight’s wings were so erect, and Twilight was blushing so hard, as Trixie put the pieces together. Mistress and her private thoughts, as usual, only this time Trixie could guess. Little wingies, huh?

But, then, didn’t it just figure? Twilight had always been safe. Not for her, the real betrayal of trust, the dislocation and damage: she could not imagine truly untrustworthy protector figures, so she was free to fantasize hotly about her innocence being taken. Twilight Sparkle, always obsessively in control and lovingly indulged, protected and nurtured, could fantasize about rape and find it arousing: she could imagine being an innocent filly thrust from foalhood into sexuality through no intention of her own. To her, there could be no reality of a voracious and powerful adult where a protector should be. There could be no world stripped of safety.

For all her naivete, Twilight’s world had been so solidly constructed by her attentive parents and trustworthy, loving mentor Princess Celestia, that her anxieties were always of failing to live up to their wishes and she had no concept of betrayal by them at all. She pictured a sort of sexual kindling within her own filly flesh, entirely from the outside, where she wasn’t responsible for any of it and didn’t have to be anxious about her choices. And yet Twilight would have to make choices, more and more of them, and live with their consequences—and she was doing it, though it frightened her.

Trixie thought about some of the ponies she’d known in her travels, especially before she’d met Twilight. She thought about Rarity, with her alarming abusive past and her harsh reaction when Twilight had pretended to be a filly. She thought about Twilight’s parents… and lastly about the creature she’d so often mistrusted and scorned, Princess Celestia, who’d raised Twilight.

Trixie bowed her head, even while Twilight looked on anxiously. Trixie hadn’t given Princess Celestia nearly enough credit. She shed a little tear as she realized just how well cared for, her Twilight had been.

And… since she had been protected that well, her Twilight was now free to fantasize as she pleased… and pretend what she liked.

“Trixie?” said Twilight. “Did I say something wrong? Oh gosh, I can tell I did, I’m sorry…”


“Seriously, we can just call it off, I can tell I totally ruined the mood and you look really grim now…”

“Mistress!” said Trixie sternly.

Twilight gulped. “Yeah?”

“Don’t tell Girl that we do this,” ordered Trixie. “It doesn’t mean the same thing to her. Think about it sometime… but not right now, we’re busy.”

“We are?”

Trixie began to smile, a fond wicked smirk creeping across her face. “Trixie thinks there is a certain alicorn filly… who has never felt the grip of big strong jaws on her little wingie.”

She watched as Twilight’s eyes widened, that delicious shapely alicorn body squirming, those large firm wings groping the air and then, with irresistible force, springing up to quivering verticality again. Twilight’s blush flared up as well, but Trixie could tell it was from sheer, very adult, erotic heat.

“Gosh,” said Twilight. “I wonder who that could be.”

Trixie nuzzled her wing, rewarded by a sudden panting—oh, this was indeed one of Twilight’s pet fantasies! She opened her mouth again, moving into position…

“Oh, Celestia! The bit, Trixie, get the bit quick quick quick, I’m gonna come, I want you in me…”

Trixie’s ears went back. “But I’m going to clamp my jaws onto your little wingie! Trixie has only one mouth, dear one…”

Twilight squealed, tossing her head. “Just do it! Aaigh!”

Trixie jumped back, and Twilight leapt to her hooves with a great flapping of powerful lavender wings, her elegant new body shaking. She looked back in Trixie’s general direction, and squealed again, labia winking, her lovely rump quivering, a little squirt of pussy juice dripping to the floor. For a moment, Trixie boggled again. She’d never seen such an imperious, sex-crazed ‘innocent filly’ in all her life.

“But what do you expect Trixie to do? I mean, which thing, Twilight?”

“Everything!” cried Twilight. “Now! Before I come just thinking about it! Make it HAPPEN to me!”

Trixie stood still for a long moment, her mind racing, and then she’d whirled and bolted out of the room as fast as she could, racing downstairs and outdoors to the Ponyville streets.


“Just… ow! just a m… rrgh! Hang on!” called Trixie.

Twilight stamped the ground, winking again, but then she froze, as Trixie came back into the bedroom, looking absolutely smug and pleased with herself, a massive Lulamoon cock swinging beneath her.

She licked her upper lip, allowing her mouth to hang open, baring her teeth in appreciation of Twilight’s lusty scents.

Her magic bit remained, lashed tightly to her lower jaw with the pink ribbon that had once tied up Apple Bloom’s mane.

Twilight’s heart nearly stopped as Trixie trotted up to her, ears perked, nostrils flaring with obvious excitement. Her head dipped suddenly, and Twilight screamed and quivered with excitement as Trixie nipped her rump, and then there was a mysterious pause as Trixie studied her trembling hindquarters and she cried, “What, Trixie, what?”

“Y’r pelvis is narrower now,” said Trixie, shifting her jaw as if the strapped-on bit was uncomfortably tight. “Y’r gonna be smaller.”

Twilight gulped, alarmed, wondering if that was some sort of dealbreaker. “I’m sorry!”

Trixie bared her upper teeth in a fierce, exultant grin.

“I’m not!”

It all happened so fast, so explosively fast, after that.

Trixie heaved up onto her quivering, nipped rump and blue forelegs grabbed hungrily onto her trim alicorn waist…

Teeth clamped down onto her wing, sending bolts of erotic sensation right through her body straight to her…

Pussy turgid and electrified with need, promptly transfixed by the brutal, virile thrust of…

Massive cock, so massive, when did it get so thick and plunge so…

Deep into her body that seemed to churn in erotic frenzy…

Frenzy of that plunging cock, gnawing jaws, the hunger, in, IN…

Devouring and raping her hated innocence, stripping doubt…

Exposing the secret truth, making it real not a masturbating dream, not having to ask or explain, it’s happening and IN! so big so hard…

Taken, seized, raped, fucked FUCKED OH GOD FUCKED

As Trixie wrestled Twilight’s startlingly powerful wing in her jaws and crammed Lulamoon cock roughly into Twilight’s spasming clenching marehood, as she hung on for dear life to her hysterical, writhing alicorn, she knew she couldn’t keep it up for long, but she suspected she wouldn’t have to—and as she flared to full stiffness, wedged tight and grinding her teeth on Twilight’s thrashing wing, she felt everything in her body and psyche and even her magic give a huge aching throb—and Trixie cut loose, gushing horsecome against Twilight’s cervix and blasting magic from her horn, whinnying a wild cry as she unloaded with all she had, not holding back in the slightest.

It was like fucking an exploding bomb. It was glorious beyond expectation.

Twilight seemed to rise into the air, her whole body seizing up and convulsing around Trixie’s mad hunching thrusts, and she let out a guttural shriek that built and built… and then the room was filled with light. Twilight seemed to burst with magic, her eyes going blinding white, white radiance bursting from her mouth as she screamed, and her horn blasting forth a thick potent horngasm that twisted, found Trixie’s fiercest ejaculation and effortlessly overwhelmed it, slamming into Trixie’s horn every bit as savagely as Trixie’s cock thrust into Twilight’s depths.

And Trixie’s eyes flew wide, themselves emanating radiant light, and she clung to Twilight’s writhing body and doggedly continued to thrust her thick stallionhood into Twilight’s tight alicorn snatch even while the cock lit up and glowed with the rest of her, crackling with magic discharge, adding the fizz of raw magic to the gush of semen into alicorn womb and still thrusting, gushing, plunging…

With a mingled scream, Twilight and Trixie fainted, overstimulated, their minds snapping under the load of too much ecstacy.

They collapsed in a smouldering heap, limbs sprawled every which way. Twilight’s wings sagged, looking like lavender feather-dusters. Trixie stirred, blinked feebly with Twilight’s twitching wing-shank still in her mouth, and winced. That cock was still fucking huge, and it pinched like hell, and she felt Twilight’s body jolting around her in sweet stretched erotic agony that wouldn’t stay sweet for long.

Trixie summoned all the energy she could, and her horn lit. It felt like she’d lost maybe a couple of inches off the tip. Not so much as Lyra had, in her alicorn carousings, but sometimes the horns that gushed the most copiously were also fragile. Trixie was tough, and she knew she had enough magic left for what she had to do. She could see Twilight had also lost a bit of horn, and as her heart went out, her determination doubled. She couldn’t faint yet. She had to stay conscious for long enough to unstrap the bit from her jaw, and let poor lusty Twilight rest.

Sweating with the effort, Trixie unbound the pink ribbon from her jaw, and the bit fell away from her mouth, the brutally fat horsecock withdrawing. Twilight wailed sweetly but did not wake, as it tugged out of her and shrank away. Trixie sagged, panting, and looked dazedly at her beloved.

“Trixie can… always be… a little bit t… tougher than… than…”

The blue unicorn passed out, and unicorn and alicorn slept in an untidy tangle.

It was a delightful fall day, the colors warming towards dusk.

Rainbow stared, and her ear twitched. “Huh. Well. Right! Yeah.”

“What?” said Applejack. “It’s only Twilight an’ Trixie, sugarcube.” She squinted across the meadow, but it was still only Twilight and Trixie, lounging contentedly with a picnic basket. “Hey! Spike’s back from Canterlot!” And so he was: snacking on a few rubies and enjoying the afternoon breeze that stirred the unicorns’ manes.

“I saw,” said Rainbow. “And before you say anything, it isn’t that.” She had the oddest expression on her face.

“It ain’t? You look a mite peeved. What’s th’ matter?”

“Oh,” grumbled Dash, “whatever! Fine, I’ll just say it! Look at her wings.”

Applejack squinted. “I don’t see what’s… oh! Dang.” She chuckled. “My sakes!”

Across the meadow, Twilight nuzzled Trixie, and draped a wing lovingly over her body—but it wasn’t that which had upset Rainbow. On closer inspection, Twilight’s wings looked fluffy, because they were outrageously, shockingly unkempt, like she’d been struck by lightning. Both Applejack and Rainbow Dash knew quite well that the ‘lightning’ had probably been in the form of a magic penis. Applejack’s eyes widened: now that she was paying attention, she couldn’t help noticing it. “Whoof!”

Dash was flushed and looked cranky and unsettled. “I know, right? Somepony should talk to her. Can’t even fly like that, I’ll bet.”

Applejack tilted her head, smiling at her mate. “Aw, honey. Does it really bother you? I reckon they’re entitled. Should we leave?”

Rainbow pouted. “It’s just… it’s her wings, Applejack! I never saw anything so outrageous. She’s making me look like an old uptight granny.”

“Naw, our old uptight Granny’s at home mindin’ Spy and bein’ minded by Apple Bloom,” smiled Applejack. “An’ she ain’t so bad, now that things have blown over a mite. Come on, now. This was our time! If them unicorns is usin’ this meadow, we’ll jes’ find another.”

Rainbow kissed her. “Okay. I won’t let it get to me too much,” she said, pouting some more.

“Cain’t believe it’s gettin’ to you at all!” said Applejack, walking back onto the forest path, away from the clearing, Rainbow following and glancing back over her shoulder as she went.

“Yeah, well, it’s wings, okay?” protested Dash, her ears back. She glanced from side to side, and whispered furtively, “Actually it gets me all worked up and horny, but I shouldn’t be touching THOSE wings. But somebody’s gotta tell her to preen them. Not me! She’ll totally jump to the wrong conclusion if it’s me.”

“Would ya?” snickered Applejack.


“Aw, c’mon, Dashie,” wheedled Applejack. “I like you worked up an’ horny. Fess up!”

Rainbow made a face. “Maybe. Those mares kinda drive me crazy though. They are good wings, don’t get me wrong. She probably doesn’t know they’re screaming ‘somepony just fucked me into a drooling puddle of horse!’ to any pegasus.”

“Maybe she don’t care, bein’ a Princess an’ all. Maybe she’s th’ Princess of bein’ fucked,” suggested Applejack.

Rainbow snorted. “Impossible. I’m the princess of that!” She flicked her tail and cast sidelong glances at Applejack. “You know that’s part of what we were going to do with our afternoon.”

“I dunno,” teased Applejack. “All of a sudden y’all gone prudish an’ moral-pony on me, just ‘cos of them wings.”

“I am not!” whined Rainbow, blushing. “It’s just… she’s… wait a minute. Are you trying to make me show you how unprudish I really am? Is that your game?

“Aw, yeah,” grinned Applejack. “Can’t you tell from my talkin’? We got us an agenda. What we want is obvious. What we need is a nice cozy spot.”

“Are you sure your belly isn’t bothering you?” pressed Dash, worriedly.

Applejack nuzzled her. “I promise. Princess Celestia done good. It’s gonna be okay. Did you know I had me a talk with Rarity?”

“Oh yeah? What about?”

Applejack frowned. “Actually I tried t’ bullshit her, but she called me on it. Talked about me givin’ up the boss mare thing. Rainbow, she helped me put it into some perspective. That there’s a kind pony—did ah mention she’s fuckin’ Derpy now?”

“No way!” squeaked Rainbow. “Really?”

Applejack nodded. “Ah seen ‘em today. Ain’t no way they din’t do th’ nasty, Derpy’s still walkin’ funny.” She chuckled.

“Oh, wow!” laughed Rainbow. “How the buck did she pull that one off? After all that talk about wanting Twi because of the smaller penis? Wow! I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall, holy crap that must have been crazy!”

“Or a Fluttershy on th’ wall,” winked Applejack. “An’ I bet I know how Rarity done it!”

“How? Lots of lube? Block and tackle? Tying Derpy down and creeping up real slow and dun dun DUNN?”

Applejack snickered. “Naw. Lemme give you a lil’ hint!”

Rainbow gasped. Applejack had dropped back and craned her neck over, to briefly seize Rainbow’s wing in her teeth and wrestle it around a little, and Dash flapped and squawked, going red in the face. “HEY!”

“Reckon it was that,” said Applejack nonchalantly, trotting on her way, leaving Dash standing shocked and red-faced.

Rainbow galloped forward. “How dare you take liberties like that! And then stop doing it! Applejaaack!”

Applejack trotted faster, giggling. “Somepony’s gettin’ a serious buckin’ before the day is out. Jes’ trying to concentrate your attention. ‘Cos you’re a lil’ bit flighty, lookin’ at that Twilight an’ all. Gotta keep you interested.”

Dash kept up, prancing with her hooves lifting high and her wings lifted higher. “I have to admit it’s good to see you feeling better. We finally get some time to ourselves! Talking to Rarity helped?”

“A lotta things helped. That was one of ‘em.” Applejack glanced over at her cerulean pegasus lover. “It’s good to see you feelin’ better too. What brought that on? ‘Cos let’s do a lot more, whatever it was. I feel like you’re back, Dashie.”

Dash blushed. “Kinda! Well… yeah, pretty much! I think a lot of it was hunting for Braeburn and Big Macintosh. And I did that for you, but it was also for me, do you know what I mean? I got out and did an amazing search pattern and I totally found them and brought them back to become part of the family. And now Scootaloo gets to have Braeburn around!”

“Terrifyin’ thought,” snorted Applejack. “But yep, that was pure Rainbow Dash awesome for ya.”

“No,” grinned Rainbow. “It was for YOU.”

They’d accelerated until they were cantering heedlessly through the forest, bounding over bushes and rocks like two lovestruck mountain goats and peering sideways at each other wearing silly grins, when suddenly Dash’s eyes widened, and she squeaked “Omigosh!” under her breath.

“Wh…” began Applejack, and a blue wing flicked out to cover her mouth. Peeking over the snuggly feathers, she saw it.

At first it was hard to make out what was happening. It seemed as if the orange form with magenta tail was wrestling something, something white that revealed glimpses of a pink and purple tail. It could only be Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, out in an obscure part of the forest, scuffling with glee and ignoring the older ponies as they galloped up.

Applejack’s stomach gave a lurch. Or not! There was no way that was a fight. Her eyes grew wider and wider.

It was Sweetie Belle’s rump she was staring at, some distance off. They were facing away, and Applejack was looking right at a tiny spot of glistening pink. Sweetie was hunkered down on the ground, nuzzling the dirt and sticking her ass in the air for her lover, and Scootaloo hadn’t been wrestling at all. Scootaloo had buried her face in Sweetie’s privates, eating her out with a great flapping of tiny wings, going to town with such wild abandon that it’d looked like a rough-and-tumble… and Sweetie was plainly an expectant puddle of ponyhood wanting more. Applejack saw Sweetie’s little vagina wink, as Scootaloo hunted for something on the ground by her side.

“Oh sweet Celestia,” breathed Applejack softly, and Dash pressed her wing tighter to Applejack’s mouth. “Sh!”

Scootaloo reared up, mounting upon Sweetie’s butt. “…ohmygosh!” breathed Dash, as her protege’s hips swung forward and a cry of unicorn ecstacy filtered through the trees and foliage.

“Dashie!” hissed Applejack, her ears laid back. “We gotta leave!”

Instead, Rainbow turned quickly and snapped at Applejack’s mane, grabbing it in her teeth just as Applejack had grabbed her tail so many times before… and Rainbow grinned a wicked grin, and whispered, “Who’s th’ prude now?”

Applejack’s horrified eyes could pick up Sweetie’s rump wriggling under Scootaloo, hear the little cries of delight and some of the wet noises, and she whimpered and tried to pull her mane free. “Aw, please… and keep your voice down, dammit!”

Rainbow just smiled and returned her attention approvingly to the spectacle. Scootaloo’s wings flapped boldly, but that wasn’t the startling thing. They couldn’t see exactly what she was plunging into Sweetie’s pussy, but there was no mistaking the truth: they’d borrowed, begged or stolen a bit of their own. That wasn’t the startling thing, either. The startling thing was Scootaloo’s motions. She moved and thrust with a preternatural confidence, a swaggering and masculine authority, breathing heavily through her teeth as they clamped around her illicit prize, and working her filly cock inside her lover with outrageous panache: drawing back and prodding the head repeatedly through Sweetie’s entrance with teasing jabs, sliding deep with every evidence of satisfaction, tensing up to stiffen herself, working it in every imaginable way. And all of it was obviously devoted purely to Sweetie Belle’s pleasure, Scootaloo’s attention fixated utterly and completely on her unicorn lover.

And, under Scootaloo, Sweetie could just barely be glimpsed—her body mostly concealed by foliage and the ravishing form of her filly pegasus—but she sang a lewd and shameless song that ranged from breathy squeals to shuddering low moans, kicking back a hoof at times, pounding the dirt with a forehoof in transports of bliss at other times, working up to a state of total unicorn meltdown with a spectacular wantonness that irresistibly reminded the onlookers of Rarity at her most gloriously filthy. But Sweetie’s manner of lovemaking added a new level of compelling power, for her cries seemed entirely devoid of Rarity’s guilt and desire for punishment. Sweetie Belle cried out a song of fuck like it was some aria from an opera, like she was the most glorious little pony in all Equestria and like the forest floor beneath her was blessed by her sweet secretions as they dripped from her dainty, taut fillyhood, coaxed out by the squelching penetrations of Scootaloo’s expertly wielded ponycock.

Applejack whimpered. “Dashie!” she hissed, as quietly as she could. “This is wrong, them’s foals! Let me go!”

Rainbow shook her head in wonder, watching Scootaloo’s hips and imaginative moves reduce Sweetie to jelly before their eyes. “Oh, no. Those are n’t foals anymore. Holy crap, Applejack,” she whispered. “Just look at her go. That unicorn’s not going to last thirty seconds at that rate…”

“Please?” begged Applejack, whispering into Dash’s ear. “Fine, they’re mares, kin we go?”

“They’ll hear us. Hold still. Wait for it…” breathed Rainbow. “Wait for it…”

Applejack whimpered, unable to look away. Scootaloo seemed to be getting tenser, Sweetie louder and bolder, but all the same the little pegasus didn’t rush: if anything, she slowed down, tantalized, provoked, and then as Sweetie began to howl and shake, Scootaloo thrust forward, deep into her unicorn lover, and held still with her body going rigid and stiff…

Sweetie let out an earsplitting squeak, jolting under her young lover.

“Wait for it…” hissed Rainbow, not letting go of Applejack’s mane.

Scootaloo’s body visibly spasmed. Sweetie screamed again, a soprano cry of unearthly ecstacy. They could see Scootaloo’s body jolt, and then give way to strangely tender nudges, like her whole physicality was guiding the spurts of ponycome to Sweetie’s eager depths, and as the pegasus seed coated every snug inch of her tender young womb…

“Eeeeh! Eeeh! Eeeh!”

The forest was lit with luminous gouts of magic from Sweetie’s horn.

“Now!” hissed Dash, and Applejack and Rainbow Dash cautiously turned and began sneaking away as quickly as they could, Applejack scarlet with embarrassment, Rainbow Dash wide-eyed with awe and respect. Very soon, they were lost to sight, for they accelerated as they headed out of earshot, leaving Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle alone in their private clearing.

Scootaloo panted through the bit in her teeth, clinging to her precious unicorn. “Whoo! I l’ve you so much, Sweetie.”

“Ahggg,” drooled Sweetie, her eyes unfocussed, face pressing the forest floor. She shook herself. “Ahnnn… I love you, Scootaloo. I’m very sorry about the distraction, thank you for not stopping. I actually liked it, really I did. I’m glad it didn’t bother you.”

Scootaloo wiped sweat from her brow with the back of a hoof. “Distraction? I love y’r voice, never stop that, baby. It’s the b’st thing ever.”

“No, I mean… oh! You didn’t hear…”

Scootaloo blinked. “Sweetie? What’s the m’tter?”

Sweetie Belle nuzzled the ground, quivering with ecstacy, feeling the firm throb of Scootaloo still deep within her, and hearing the faint receding of galloping hooves through the earth.

“Nothing’s the matter, Scootaloo. Kiss me.”

And she did, and the world was perfect.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash galloped on, giggling, for Applejack had decided to teach Dash a lesson by more wing-munching. “Serves you right for gittin’ excited watchin’ stuff of which you should never see!”

Dash squealed, dancing free of Applejack’s grip. “Says you! It was an education! Sweet Celestia, that was outrageous!”

“It ain’t appropriate!”

“Oh, and we’re appropriate, then?” challenged Dash.

Applejack blinked. “Got me there. We’re proper dirty when we gits our oats.”

“Or our apples?” giggled Rainbow.

“Hah! You’re gettin’ your apples. Maybe not inserted th’ usual way! Dang it, Dashie, why’d you have to set there watchin’?”

“I admit it was very rude, and we may owe them an apology if you can figure out how to give one, but all the same, DAMN…”

Applejack pouted, tossing her mane. “I know. Dammit! Made me feel like Granny Smith or somethin’. Sweetie’s so perty. Shouldn’t be allowed, her bein’ that damn hot! I remember when she was a newborn.”

“Scootaloo has it under control,” said Rainbow Dash.

“I’ll say.”

“Sweetie’s not the only hot pony in these woods…”

“Eeep!” Applejack squeaked, for Dashie had nipped her butt. “Oh, you… y’all have to catch me first!”

She charged off into a small clearing, and Dash pursued, but then the blue pegasus reared, screeching to a halt, flapping. “Whoa! Stop!”

Applejack glanced back. “Y’ ain’t catch me like that…”


Applejack froze. Rainbow was standing motionless, and looked stunned. “What’s th’ matter?” said Applejack. “What’s wrong?”

“I never said it was wrong,” managed Rainbow, her voice wavering. “Look around. Look, Applejack!”

Applejack looked, and her eyes widened.

“I was right where you are,” said Rainbow. “You were right here. You stopped and stared at us, right where I’m standing now. Oh my gosh, Applejack. Oh my gosh!”

Applejack’s heart was pounding, not just from the run. “My sakes. You’re right, Dashie. It was right here. Oh my sweet Celestia, this is the lil divot ya dug in the ground! It’s grown over with grass but damn if it ain’t!”

Rainbow blinked. “Divot? What?”

Applejack looked up at her, eyes wide. “You remember. I jes’ about bust my butt hangin’ in there and still fuckin’, and you come harder and harder and jes’ before you flew off in loop-de-loops, you kicked at the ground with both forehooves and it was right here! Don’t you remember? You yanked right out from under me and I fell on my face.”

“Yeah…” breathed Dash, in wonder. “Did you say I sonic rain-gasmed?”

“Damndest thing. Never saw that again. What was that about?”

“Maybe it was just about that very first bit,” guessed Rainbow. “Or maybe it was about our very first time?”

“I never saw anypony so happy. You was beside yourself, just sayin’ I love you over and over so fast…”

“And I do,” said Rainbow, walking forward to join her mate. “I do. I remember I thought I was gonna die just from how wonderful everything was. I don’t even remember what I said, I was babbling.”

“Said you loved me forever.”

“It was true.”

“It IS true,” corrected Applejack, with a wry little smile.

Rainbow nuzzled Applejack’s neck, her eyes closed, her wings floating in a half-raised state. “We’ve been through so much since then, and look at us now, back here where it all started…”

“With a few more scars,” snorted Applejack, “an’ none th’ wiser, and havin’ fucked half o’ Ponyville between us!”

Rainbow giggled. “It’s been quite a ride. Don’t tell me you’re sorry? Not here, not now!”

Applejack snorted again, fighting back a treacherous smile. “Hmph! I reckon we coulda done some things more graceful-like. The messes we caused!”

“But here we are,” said Rainbow Dash, “back at the beginning, and we even have the magic bit with us because that was the whole point of today. Um… you do have it, right? We were going out to have sex, not to stumble across unicorns and fillies and all kinds of stuff.”

“Oh, Ah got it,” said Applejack. “It’s in my hat, o’ course. Well… figure you got another rain-gasm in ya? How’s about hunkering down, lil’ filly, an’ letting th’ formerly Boss Pony treat you to the ride of your life?” She doffed her hat, letting the gleaming bit fall out, and tamped it back onto her head with cocky authority—allowing herself to tap into her stallion-y tendencies once more like some female Braeburn, confident and sexy, ready to lay it down for her beloved mare.

Then she blinked, for Rainbow was staring at her in a funny way.

“But you are the ride of my life, Applejack,” said Rainbow. “And you always give me what I want. I get a good apple-bucking whenever I need it, but you mostly don’t ask for anything.”

Applejack’s ears went back, but not in dismay, just simple perplexity. “What’s wrong with that?”

“Well… I just saw this little pegasus pony… who was really getting into pleasuring her partner.”

“Oh my,” said Applejack. “Really? Y’all usin’ Scootaloo as a sexual role model? That’s disturbin’ on more levels than I can even tell ya!”

“Hush. And don’t even deny it, that was crazy hot.”

Applejack hesitated. “Yep. Dern them,” she admitted, “it was.”

Rainbow smiled, fixing Applejack with a determined look. “Crouch down, tail up—I’m going to do you like you were Sweetie Belle, until you come that hard. I’m not sure I have the moves, but I’m a quick study.”

“Uh… I won’t be squirtin’ no magic.”

“Not from that end!” smirked Rainbow Dash.

Applejack smacked her with a hoof, giggling. “You’re terrible!”

“You’re wonderful,” vowed Dash. “And warm. And you’ve been my stallion and my strong pony all this time… but don’t you remember, so long ago? It was right here. You wanted me on top of you, so bad. You begged to get fucked, Applejack. I promised you I would do it, and then I made you do me first.”

“Yep,” admitted Applejack. “I kin still remember how I felt. You did take care of me later, Dashie, but Ah will always be your stallion when you want stallionin’, jes’ know that. You got it for the askin’.”

“I made you wait for it,” said Dash. “Let’s start over! Let me leave you weak in the knees. Let me make love to you, Applejack, right here, right now. ‘Cos you’re all of those things—and you are right here—and this is right now.”

“Aw,” said Applejack, peering up bashfully and scuffing her hoof in the dirt. “Twist my hoof, why don’tcha…”

“Let’s lose that hair-tie. Why are you even still wearing it? Apple Bloom doesn’t wear that bow of hers anymore.”

Applejack frowned. “Habit? Ah guess ah’m just comfortable with it. Leastways, it keeps my mane from gettin’ tangled. Or maybe it’s ‘cos it feels so sexy to have ya take it off?”

Rainbow grinned. “Ooooh. I like it, that works. Allow me.” She daintily took the hair-tie between her teeth, and tugged it off, allowing Applejack’s golden mane to spill over her withers unfettered. Applejack tossed her head, letting her mane flow, and then glanced over at Dash questioningly. “And… I guess this is the time where I finally lose this hat… and become jes’ your lil’ filly?”

Rainbow studied her. Applejack’s lip was quivering, but her eyes yearned. She was clearly torn, wanting to totally submit, but heartbroken at losing that symbol. It seemed there was no right answer for the country mare, and she was bound to lose out one way or the other.

Except that her mate was the amazing Rainbow Dash—and Rainbow wasn’t too proud to learn from others.

“Leave it on,” ordered Dash, grinning. “You’re keeping it.”

Applejack’s eyes widened. “Oh my!”

“It’s quite a hat,” said Rainbow Dash. “I never saw one with a notch like that, like a, a… bite mark! And that funny crumpled place. It’s the funkiest coolest hat ever, Applejack.”

“Aw,” said Applejack. “You know, I ain’t ever crumpled it? It was that way when Ma had it, with that funny scrunch in the top. I don’t know what caused that, but outta respect I keep it jes’ the way I got it. Ma’s hat. Heck of a thing to live up to.” She sighed. “Which I hain’t… but I’m mighty grateful all the same. That hat will jes’ have to accept that I ain’t the mare my mother was.”

Rainbow snorted. “You are too. I don’t care whether you’re the boss of the farm. You’re everything to me.”

Applejack watched, as Dash bent and took the bit in her teeth. “Ain’cha gonna bite my ass? Ah mean, if y’ want.”

Rainbow raised her head high, grinning around the bit, her enlarged ponycock jutting forth happily. “No, n’t now. I told you, Sc’taloo showed me someth’ng. I d’nt need to make you weak, to be str’ng. And you D’NT have to be weak to be a MARE! Tail up!”

Applejack frisked, and flipped her tail up, revealing her lovely vagina and firmly toned butt. Rainbow frowned, thinking.

“Act’lly… lie on y’r belly, I’m pretty s’re that’s h’w it w’s.”

“Aw, Dashie, I really gotta wriggle in th’ dirt like Sweetie done?”

“Tr’st me,” said Rainbow Dash firmly.

Applejack gave a look, and she turned and flumped down on the ground with a weighty thud, resting her chin on her forehooves. “This better be good, sugarcube,” she said. Then her eyes widened. “Uhhh!” Rainbow had dropped the bit, and gone for her marehood, licking and nuzzling fervently. “Oh my!”

“Told you to trust me!” said Rainbow, and shoved her muzzle hungrily against Applejack’s quivering vulva, suckling on her clit.

“Ohh, unhh, mmmm… whooo!” cried Applejack. “Aw yeah! Hungry lil’ critter! Get on in there!”

Rainbow needed little encouragement. She ate out Applejack’s pussy like a pony possessed, and then twisted to grab the bit between her teeth and reared up, wings flapping wildly, to mount on Applejack’s rump. That orange pony posterior was even jutting into the air just like Sweetie’s had, and Rainbow grabbed on just like Scootaloo had… and hesitated, just like Scootaloo had.

Applejack’s head twisted around, to take in Rainbow’s look of concentration. “Sugarcube? Y’ all right?”

Rainbow smiled around the bit in her teeth. “Savor’ng the mom’nt,” she said.

Her hips shifted firmly forward, and Applejack let out a squeal of pleasure as the cerulean cock wedged into her juicy, winking puss.

“Ohmygosh Dashie! Aaahhh! Aaah!”

Rainbow concentrated, shifting her hooves. “D’mmit! Argh!”

Applejack tossed her head, trying to look back over her shoulder. “What’s wrong, honey?”

“Th’t kid has… hips like Blossomforth… ow! Gotta get my hooves pl’ced right…”

“Aw, now, don’tcha be hurtin’ yourself with it? Unhhh! Oh Dashie… jes’ gimme the reg’lar way, it’s fine…”

Rainbow glowered. “No! I got this, I’m sure it’ll be awesome!”

“But ya shouldn’t have to… ohhhh!” wailed Applejack, as a gentle squelching sound began to grow. “R… Rainbow! Uhhh!”

Dash had sorted out her posture problems. She hunched over Applejack’s sprawled form, back arched high, and began to tenderly squeeze her cock-head through Applejack’s labia, over and over, with sensuous force. Applejack gasped and stuck her rump up to receive the gentle, firm thrusting, her hindquarters trembling as blue stallionhood poked into her.

“Ain’t ya gonna… ahhhh!”

Even as she asked, Rainbow sensed her mood, and the trim athlete’s hips swung forward, burying her full length in Apple pussy, letting her savor it, then sliding elegantly out for more pokings and insertings.

“Oh hell Rainbow, oh my, oh gosh…”

Rainbow Dash panted through her teeth, stubbornly mimicking the audaciously lithe motions of a younger and more supple pony, blissing out at the sensations this awarded her. It felt like she’d swollen up to huge proportions, and every time she penetrated Applejack it was a new delight, squeezing into that slick passionate marehood, sometimes buttery-soft and sometimes tensed up to delicious tautness.

“Argh!” squeaked Dash. Her cock had slipped low and popped right out, and she struggled to reposition it. “How c’n she aim so g’d?”

Applejack was shaking. “Don’ care, jes’ you keep doin’ that… ahhh!” she cried as Dash transfixed her again with another tender, sedate thrust. “Oh, Rainbow!”

“You l’ke?” grinned Dash.

Applejack moaned. “Sweet Celestia! Mebbe y’ shouldn’t, I’mma… I’mma…”

“Wh’t?” crooned Dash through the bit, not stopping her lewd, provocative motions. “C’me?”

Applejack shook her head frantically. “Not jes’ that! Oh lordy, Dashie, gettin’ so wild, makes me wanna…”

“Wh’t? Wh’t?”

“Ngaaah!” panted Applejack. “Wanna kick and buck an’ wave m’ hat, like I ain’t even no proper mare no more! Cut loose like a rodeo pony! Uhhh! Dashie aaahhh, ah cain’t stand it! Bite my ass, keep me in check! Quick! I’mma freak out, Dashie!”

She felt Dash’s forelegs wrap more tightly around her belly. The teasing, unpredictable penetrations continued, even as Dash hardened to teeth-gritting girth that would’ve been intolerable except for Applejack’s extreme slipperiness. That middle part of Dash’s cock, that had become alarmingly bulbous since the foaling, was now prying Applejack wide with each lingering thrust.

“Do it,” smirked Dash.


“I’ll h’ld on. Wave y’r hat, go n’ts. Any way you w’nt.”

Applejack sucked in a deep panicky breath, her heart pounding. She knew that Rainbow meant every word, that Rainbow thought she was equal to the challenge. It seemed crazy, and she was certain that if she gave in, cut loose, she’d just explode from under Dashie and ruin everything. How could she refuse to do the whole mare thing of getting dominated and submitting to the stallion? What would even happen if she got mixed up and let herself flip out? Hell, it was hard enough to handle with her on top holding the bit, her flipping out as a mare would destroy everything within reach!

“Do it,” goaded Dash, still working that throbbing horsecock within her.

“But, but… aiiigh! But ah’ll buck you off me, ahhh Dashie let me think! This ain’t…”

“Th’n we’ll be even!” retorted Dash. “I did th’t to you, right h’re! Do it, do it, DO IT…”

Applejack shook wildly. “Gotta… hold still… let you… fuck me…”

The hard stallionhood kept wedging into her vagina, throbbing, moving with mocking grace. Dash’s forelegs tightened further.

“DO it…” demanded Rainbow Dash, her ears laying back as she felt Applejack’s body go rigid.

“But… aw! FINE!” squealed Applejack. Her hoof went up and seized her hat, in that curious trick of pony magic that allowed for a grasp on an object if you really, really needed to hold one. She screamed, her eyes squeezed shut, a war-cry that made Rainbow’s heart rejoice with the sheer savage passion of it. Then, Applejack gave in to whatever impulse presented itself, no matter what it was.


Rainbow grinned madly. Applejack was waving her hat in the air, her ears laid flat against her head, her body jolting and convulsing in sharp spasms.


She bucked in the air, flinging Rainbow physically upward, but Dash hung on like a rodeo rider, doubling up and shoving her erect horsecock deeply into Applejack just to stay mounted.


Applejack had flattened herself against the ground again, her ass sticking up obscenely, the better to help Rainbow shove that cock deep. She was scrabbling in the dirt, writhing, and then she seemed to levitate right up again, her powerful body flinging Rainbow off… except that Rainbow was again able to hang on, keep her grip, keep on thrusting that stiffened stallionhood into Applejack’s clenching vagina.


They careened around the field, Rainbow clinging for dear life to the wildly bucking Applejack, who leapt and lunged, hat in hoof, her muscular hindquarters delivering bound after bound. It didn’t matter, for Rainbow flapped her wings madly and held on like a crazed limpet, except there was nothing remotely limp about the swollen, stiff cock she kept thrusting into Applejack as she clung, continually driving her mare utterly insane, staying mounted on Applejack’s orange hindquarters no matter how she jumped and bucked.


Applejack collapsed, chest against the ground, butt still up and her tail thrashing against Rainbow’s crotch, and she launched into a climax that made Dash squeal, her frenzied marehood clenching irresistibly against the deeply plunged shaft.

Rainbow’s feathers all bristled out at once, and as Applejack pounded her hat repeatedly in the dirt, Rainbow drenched her womb with a torrent of ponycome… and Applejack finished her rodeo with a shuddering fusillade of orgasms so violent that she couldn’t even cry out or draw a breath. Her eyes rolled back in her head, she crushed her hat beneath her pounding hoof, and she collapsed like a building being demolished, tottering and sprawling to lie flat in the dirt, with Rainbow still mounted upon her and pumping endless gouts of spooge into her womb.

Rainbow Dash panted, grinning. Best rodeo ever. She winced. Also one of the roughest…

Applejack stirred, and Rainbow’s ears quirked forward worriedly. “Y’ okay, baby? Boss? Belov’d?”

“Ohhhh… ya rode me, Rainbow… ah din’t throw ya…”

“SO awes’me…” breathed Dash, twitching with pleasure as her body continued to unload, and then she blinked. “Applej’ck. Look.”

“Huh?” mumbled Applejack dazedly.

“Y’r hat, look! Look!”

Applejack squinted at the hat under her hoof, right next to her face, where she’d been pounding it in the dirt in transports of ecstacy while being ruthlessly fucked, after putting on an insane rodeo performance rather than act like a proper submissive mare.

The hat was folded up exactly where it had been scrunched, long ago. Every little irregularity was accounted for. That hat’s character had been formed through exactly the same method, and she’d never known it.

Applejack blinked, stunned. “Wal, fuck me…”

Rainbow began grinning wider and wider. “I did. It w’s awesome!”

“No, ah mean… sweet Celestia!”

“Sweet Apples, m’re like!”

Applejack’s shocked look didn’t fade. “But… Ah always thought it got that way from… farmin’ or somethin… Sweet Celestia!” She began to weep, her body shivering against the dirt, baring her teeth in anguish. “Ahhh!”

“D’nt cry, Applej’ck, it’s okay!” begged Rainbow. “J’st because y’r Mom fucked l’ke a ch’mpion and pounded h’r hat in th’ dirt when she c’me…”

“Naw, ain’t that, y’ fool horse! Argh!”

“Wh’t? Wh’t?”

Applejack turned her head, tears in her eyes. “At least wiggle that fuckin’ thing, dammit! I’mma pop like a balloon!”

Rainbow’s eyes widened. “Ohmygosh! S’rry!” she squeaked, and spat the bit out on the ground. The stallionhood shrank away and seemed to be flung out of Applejack’s vagina by a tidal wave of ponycome, which flooded out as soon as the pressure was relieved and the marehood uncorked.

“AW yeah there we go…” moaned Applejack.

“Sorry! I’m so sorry!” cried Rainbow, as Applejack panted, shuddering with relief, her country pussy gaping and a stream of magic semen still pouring cheerfully out of her to evaporate on the ground.

“Aw, yeah,” repeated Applejack. She turned her head and kissed her beloved. “You featherbrain! You know you come buckets ever since y’ had Spy!”

“Are you okay, did I hurt you?”

Applejack snorted weakly. “Ah might ask you the same question!”

They looked at each other, and began to grin more and more.

“Are you ever going to look at that hat quite the same?” said Dash.

“Naw, not quite,” grinned Applejack. “Th’ reason being, now I know it’s prop’ly mine!”

“Apple Bloom can have the farm so long as you inherited the hat, huh?”

“You know Ah’ll help with th’ farm,” chided Applejack gently. “I don’t need to be boss mare to do that.”

“So,” suggested Dash playfully, “you inherited the ability to fuck like a rodeo pony?”

Applejack snuggled against her pegasus lover, content.

“Call it… th’ spirit,” she said. “I reckon I got the better part of th’ deal. An’ you know what?”


“Ah reckon she’s proud o’ me at last, Dashie.”

“I sure am,” smiled Rainbow Dash.

Granny Smith swept the floor, gazing out the window. What with all the carryin-on, the house was a mess. Well, she thought, when you had a big parade, folks got to cheer and th’ earth got to shake and then somepony had to sweep up after th’ elephants. No reason to burden th’ younguns with it.

She watched Applejack and Rainbow Dash approaching across the fields. They staggered and wobbled, and then fell down and began kissing and canoodling, right in the middle of the crops. Figured. Least they was happy.

A vast shadow loomed, and Granny looked up.

“Need a word with ya,” rumbled Big Macintosh.

Granny gave him a bitter look. “I don’t reckon you need a thing from me you cain’t git from other ponies, Big Macintosh.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” he said, simply.

“Oh? What do you need that’s so special, pray tell?”


Granny’s eyes dropped. “Aw, honey.”

“Ah mean it,” pressed Big Macintosh. “It ain’t right.”

Granny looked up at him, then, and a tear was in her eye. “Don’t shame me worse, chile. I got to live with what I done. Now that you’re back, Ah kin see you’re steppin’ tall and holdin’ your head up high. I din’t never think I would see you all growed up, and you stand with that cowpony like you’re a proper stallion. I was never able to give that to you, child. Never. I gave you old bones an’ lavender and I kept you my baby colt for too long.”

Big Macintosh bowed his head. “Din’t mean to hurt you, Granny.”

“Now don’t you weaken!” snapped Granny, tartly. “Ah’ll git by with my daft ol’ ways! You listen here. I am right grateful that I got to see you standin’ tall like a stallion before I passed on! Go ahead and do your gay thing, I cain’t deny you no more. If it’s your way, it’s your way, hear me? You got my respect, since you ask. Ah am jes’ sorry the world ain’t got more use for you, Big Macintosh. Ah’m sorry the world ain’t got more use for us!”

“Whut?” said Big Macintosh, startled.

“Everypony’s all runnin’ around with wings an’ horns and turnin’ into alicorns,” grumbled Granny. “Ah had hopes, child. Ain’t so many plain earth ponies gittin’ sired anymore. You live your life, it just makes me sad that I ain’t seein’ no more great-grandfoals. Ponyville’s passed us by.”

“I was needin’ to talk to you about that…” said Big Macintosh uncertainly.

“Child, if you gits magic to carry foals up yer ass you gonna be one sorry pony come next year,” snapped Granny. “Believe it!”

“No! No,” stammered Big Macintosh. “It’s somethin’ else. Mighty strange. So strange, I couldn’t hold with it, I jes’ had to see what you thought. Ah think I might like to do it all th’ same, but it’s pow’ful strange, Granny.”

Granny Smith blinked. “Now, what in tarnation?”

“Miss Lyra had a word with me today,” said Big Macintosh solemnly.

He bent, and began to whisper in Granny Smith’s ear, blushing, and he whispered for a very, very long time as he outlined what royal consort Lyra had proposed to him, in detail… and Granny Smith’s jaw dangled lower and lower in astonishment.

Finally, he was done. He looked Granny in the eye and said earnestly, “So… technical-like, ain’t that still an earth pony grandfoal?”

Granny gulped. She stared at him as if he’d grown about five extra heads, as she tried to square her sense of reality with this new role for the Ponyville heir stallion, scion of the proud Apple bloodline. Then, she began to laugh.

Big Macintosh stared in concern. He put out a hoof to steady Granny, as she laughed and laughed so hard she risked falling over, laughed until she was out of breath. Finally, she looked up at him, with her eyes crinkled up around the edges with hilarity.

“Go get ‘em, stud-boy!” chuckled Granny Smith, shaking her head in amazement.