The Barnyard Dance

Apple Bloom’s hoof worked away avidly, hungrily.

She growled, sweating, clutching that beloved softness to her, grinding her sturdy filly hips, her tail flicking…


Apple Bloom gritted her teeth, screwing her eyes shut as the spasm took her body, sending jolts up from between her legs to tingle her spine. She let out one sweet, yearning little cry, hotly nuzzling…

…her pillow. It was a very nice pillow, and she did love her pillow, but it wasn’t all that much like Diamond Tiara’s body. On the flip side, it wasn’t like Diamond Tiara’s mind either. It was fluffier, much less alarming, and almost infinitely less demanding.

She panted, slightly dazed. Dang, she thought.

Since she’d taken Diamond Tiara to the west fields and fondled her to orgasm, Apple Bloom’s mind had been possessed. Nearly every waking moment was spent replaying those unforgettable minutes. It had been so gloriously wrong and so very right, all at the same time, and the best part was this: she knew with absolute, unshakable certainty that she’d pleased the consarned sexy little wretch. Diamond may have gone crazy afterwards and run her mouth a lot, but the bottom line was a lot simpler. The bottom line was that Diamond Tiara had been desperate for a fucking, Apple Bloom had taken her off and clopped her senseless, and Diamond Tiara had wallowed in probably undeserved ecstacy until she was completely exhausted, and had been truly happy about it.

Apple Bloom wanted to think of it as ‘she’d clopped Diamond Tiara until she couldn’t come anymore’, but the pink filly’s capacity for debauchery was truly impressive. Her voice had started to give out long before her body was done. Her tender lil’ fillyhood with its excited stiff nubbin under Apple Bloom’s hoof, clenching away until her dumb sexy pink body shuddered with the force of her continuing erotic release…

Apple Bloom blinked. She’d begun touching herself again, and her own clitoris was once more projecting out under her hoof, and she didn’t have time for more dallying. The work day was beginning.

She rolled over, hopped to her hooves, and trotted out of her room without hesitation, for play time was over and she was already considering the tasks of the day. Her ears laid back slightly as she considered her agenda. Digging some irrigation ditches wasn’t going to be a problem. She could see how that stuff was supposed to go. Same with fixing the leak in the roof on the south side of the barn: that weren’t no big deal, thought Apple Bloom, though it was dangerous messin’ around that high in the air. But she also had to measure out the stocks of seed for the upcoming year, and worse, barley wasn’t selling as of late, and she had no idea what to do about that. Seemed ungrateful of folks, when you grew them up a mess of crops, to turn around and not buy ‘em all.

Apple Bloom’s ears laid back more, as she remembered her first efforts in selling. Applejack had run the farm at the time, and had kicked her out of the job for bullying customers. But if ponies were in a market and obviously were gonna buy a bunch of crops, what was so wrong with tellin’ them as much to their faces? ‘You’re gonna buy this right now’ seemed like sales to Apple Bloom. Yet there was no denying that the customers turned and ran, most uncharitably.

As she fretted over this confusing reality, Apple Bloom trotted on, her filly vagina cooling off and her sturdy country clit tucking back into herself as if it knew there was no hope of further clopping—though she reminded herself that there’d be plenty of chances to ogle Diamond Tiara’s fine hoo-ha at work, since ponies didn’t tend to wear clothes. Perhaps she could get Tiara to do something that involved lots of bending over or facing away from her boss mare. Apple Bloom’s trot grew bouncier, and more confident.

That lasted until she caught sight of the farm workers, and not a second longer.

It wasn’t that they were doing anything wrong. They were good boys. They were already preparing to hook the plow up to Oakback, and Snowy Hocks had a bucket of crop seed in his teeth, laying out the stock so she could decide how much was stored for the winter and how much got sold at the market, sent to the warehouse in Fillydelphia, or shipped off to Appleloosa. The boys were okay, though they were visibly nervous and ill at ease.

No, it was Diamond Tiara, there bright and early with head and tail held high. The boys tried not to stare at her hind end, but it didn’t make a lot of difference. Diamond shone with obvious glee, her mouth stuck in a crooked little smile, and her every movement was a shameless exaggeration of sensuousness. She spotted Apple Bloom over her shoulder, and let out a little cry of satisfaction, her pussy winking boldly, and far from veiling it she swished her impeccably groomed tail aside to give Apple Bloom a better view of her pristine and glistening treasure.

Her eyes were calculating and self-satisfied, and the crooked little smile grew.

“There you are, you dear old thing! Or should I say dear young thing? Nopony would compare you to my faithful Daisy, after all. And who could compare to you, marvellous little Apple Bloom?”

Apple Bloom gulped. Diamond Tiara trotted up to her, farmponies staring sidelong at her hindquarters.

“It’s all right. They have been perfect gentleponies. They are, after all, technically still your farmponies, aren’t they? I’ve got them started for you.” Diamond snickered. “They’re so big and strong, they’ve got me started a little bit as well. I promise, they haven’t done anything to me! I will reserve that honor… for you. Perhaps after lunch?” She lowered her voice to a sultry throb, peering up under lowered eyelids. “If you’re good.”

Apple Bloom stared into those confident, passionate eyes. She gulped again. “That true, boys?”

Oakback dug at the dirt with a forehoof. “Sort of, Boss. She don’t know much about th’ farm, an’ we was gonna start work anyway, but it’s true she been herdin’ us all she kin.”

“Yeah?” said Apple Bloom.

“Yup. Even tried to get up into th’ rafters to fix that leaky roof, when I tole her we weren’t allowed to tackle it.”

“She did what?” snapped Apple Bloom.

Oakback scuffed the dirt some more. “You remember? You said we’s too heavy an’ clumsy and it’s three stories up, pretty much. Girl tried to get up th’ ramp an’ we had ta block her. And that din’t turn out so good, what with her winkin’ and flirtin’ her tail and suggestin’ we was all ganging up to jump her lil’ bones. And we ain’t! Not that she was runnin’ away from it, mind you!”

“That’s enough,” snapped Apple Bloom. “The hell you doin’ winkin’ at my farm ponies, girl?”

“She isn’t,” protested a blushing pony, trying to cross his hind legs.

“Don’t matter if she is,” said Snowy Hocks laconically. “Not to us it don’t. Right?”

Oakback’s ear twitched. “Boss, I ain’t sure she kin help it. Sniff th’ air a spell. We’ll be all right, ah promise. Assumin’ you don’t mind a lil’ dick showin’ now and then when the scent catches us right. Uhhh… you don’t mind that, Ah hope? Cain’t help it, Boss, we’re surely tryin’ ta be good.”

Apple Bloom glared at the embarrassed pony. His cock was trapped between his legs, but that obviously was just working him up worse as he tried not to inhale a deep draft of Diamond Tiara’s filly charms.

Then, Apple Bloom looked up—and up—the series of ramps and extended planks that led from the floor of the barn up to the aging roof: necessary features for ponies that could wield hammers and saws, but could not grip ladders. When you built stuff only for yourself to use, you didn’t tend to make it fancier than you needed, and the rickety path into the rafters was filly-sized, if that. Apple Bloom had worked on the roof even before she’d become Boss Mare, continuing the expertise she’d showed in rebuilding the Crusaders’ Clubhouse. Nopony had thought to risk climbing up her makeshift scaffolding, sturdy but totally without railings or safeguards of any kind… until Diamond Tiara had come on the farm. It hadn’t even occurred to Apple Bloom that anypony would try.

“Don’t you go up them ramps,” ordered Apple Bloom, looking around. “We never made that roof for farm help to work on. Ah’ll handle that one, not you, not Diamond Tiara. Understand me? You got to balance on them narrow planks an’ if you fall, Celestia help you ‘cos the floor won’t.”

“Ah know! Ah know!” protested Snowy Hocks, as the farm ponies nodded obediently.

Oakback bit his lip, fretfully. “You don’t mind that Knothole there dropped a dangle-hose over th’ special scents of this mornin’? I got to admit I nearly done the same thing. Y’ ain’t mad with us?”

Apple Bloom turned her attention to Oakback. “Ah’m a farm girl. What do you think? You be good and I’ll have no complaints with you fellas. And you, Knothole,” she snapped at the blushing pony, “you go run that off. Git! You’ll be a bad influence on young Tiara here.”

Diamond stepped closer, swishing her tail. “Oh, surely not,” she said. “I mean, they are stallions and you can’t say as much, but I feel confident you can keep up your good work and rival anything they could do for me… ‘boss’.” Several ponies laid their ears back at her sarcastic emphasis on the word, and glanced nervously at Apple Bloom.

Knothole was still poised, legs wedged together, staring like a fool at Diamond Tiara’s pert little posterior. Apple Bloom stamped a forehoof, and repeated, “Git!” and he whinnied in alarm and ran off. It wasn’t a helpful moment, for he reared first before turning to dash away, and as he reared, his erection swung up violently to smack him heavily in the belly and then point towards Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara and then towards the door, giving them several viewing angles as it bounced wildly around under him. Their eyes widened, staring at the flailing farmpony cock, and Diamond staggered a little and let out a moan as the hapless Knothole fled.

Apple Bloom dove to seize her by the ear, in case she gave chase, but the reaction she got was both unexpected and undesirable.

“Eeee!” squeaked Tiara. “Insatiable! You should do some work first, Apple Bloom. Then I’ll let you have your reward.”

Apple Bloom stared over Diamond Tiara’s striped mane at her farm ponies, and released the pink ear without a word, going red with embarrassment.

Oakback’s eyes were wide. “I reckon we know what t’ do, uh, Boss?”

“Did you hear a ‘yay’?” said Snowy Hocks, perking his ear.

“Naw,” said Oakback.

Apple Bloom looked around, huntedly. Her farm ponies were ready to get to work. A yellow and pink speck in the sky indicated a passing pegasus, on some errand. Diamond Tiara smirked at her, whiffing of filly lust and loaded with attitude and confidence, and she stared back, cornered.

“Y’all get to work, right now,” said Apple Bloom, to the general vicinity. “An’ stay off them narrow ramps, an’ out of the rafters!”

“Business before pleasure,” smirked Diamond Tiara, turning to help Snowy Hocks move his buckets of crop seeds.

The sun was low in the sky as Apple Bloom pounded along the road, heading for the Crusader’s Clubhouse, hoping against hope that her luck was in. Her mane flew in the wind as she redoubled her pace.

She’d sent Diamond Tiara to the west field, telling her that she had to go fetch something. The farm ponies gawked at Tiara as she told their Boss Mare, “Don’t keep me waiting”. They said nothing but their eyes were curious and uncertain as they observed Tiara’s imperious attitude and just as uncertain when they looked at their Boss Mare, and Apple Bloom did not like them to look uncertain as they looked at her.

She spat froth as she pounded up the ramp into the clubhouse, and she rejoiced.

Scootaloo’s head whipped around, and a shiny metal bit was in her teeth, as she straddled Sweetie Belle and prepared to insert pegasus pole into unicorn slot. Sweetie stared in horror at Apple Bloom. Both of them stopped what they were doing, looking only at their distressed friend.

“Guys!” cried Apple Bloom. “Ah gotta borrow that thing for a minute!”

Scootaloo stared. “Wh’t?”

“Please!” begged Apple Bloom, wild-eyed. “It’s bad!”

Scootaloo stared some more, and then carefully placed the bit on the floor, her filly hard-on shrinking away to nothing. “Talk to us, Apple Bloom. What’s wrong?”

“Ah gotta serve that Diamond Tiara somethin’ fierce to teach her a lesson!” blurted Apple Bloom.

Sweetie’s eyes widened. “Oooh.”

“Since when?” demanded Scootaloo. “You need to be staying clear of that horrible little pony!”

“But she’s workin’ the farm an’ she’s flirtin’ with the boys an’ it would be bad for her to take them an’ bad for discipline besides an’ she ain’t treatin’ me with proper respect an’ she teasin’ me that I ain’t no stallion…”

Scootaloo’s eyes widened. “Really? Um, I saw you with Sweetie, remember? You’re as stallion as you want to be, Apple Bloom, don’t listen to her teasing. Anyway you’re a Boss Mare, right? Am I missing something?”

Sweetie wriggled under Scootaloo. “Let me up! Where are you going to do it? Here?”

“Ah got her coolin’ her hooha in th’ west fields!” said Apple Bloom, trotting in place.

Sweetie jumped to her hooves, and then bounced off them in excited little bounces, sparks glittering off her horn. “Scootaloo! Let’s watch! We should watch!”

“Hold on! I didn’t even say she could or anything!”

“Please kin I?” begged Apple Bloom, glancing toward the door with her ears back, picturing Diamond Tiara sneaking off to lure one of the farm boys into ruination, both of her filly pussy and of the farm’s discipline.

“It’s not good for her!” insisted Scootaloo.

“She really wants to!” said Sweetie. “What if she needs to brutally fuck Diamond Tiara to whip her into shape and make her behave?”

“That again?” complained Scootaloo, as Apple Bloom trotted anxiously in place.

“I asked my Mom,” countered Sweetie, primly. “She says erotic brutality is very much a subjective experience and that the context should be obviously explicit for all parties. Then she refused to explain any more until I’m older.”

Scootaloo looked back and forth between the two little ponies she loved best—the one desperate and imploring, the other lit up with obvious delight at the idea of watching their nemesis get savagely rutted to within an inch of her life by Apple Bloom.

“I totally shouldn’t let you do this,” said Scootaloo. “Not with my bit. I have a bad feeling about it.”

“Yeah, well, you stole it in the first place, remember?” argued Apple Bloom. “Ya gotta share, please! It’s important! I gotta teach this critter a lesson about who’s th’ damn stallion here!”

Scootaloo winced. “You shouldn’t say it like that, I didn’t STEAL it steal it. I’m pretty sure that Fluttershy is with Pinkie Pie and isn’t interested in dick, so I should get to have this bit. She’s not using it! It was all dusty!”

“It’s like it’s the Crusader penis,” argued Sweetie Belle. “I use it on you, remember? You’ve already let her use it on me. It was super effective and I bet it would straighten Diamond Tiara right out! Oh, please? And let’s run and watch her do it!”

Scootaloo glowered.

“Just this once?” said Sweetie Belle, and batted her eyelashes cutely.

Diamond Tiara shook her head. Her eyes kept crossing, and she couldn’t stand still. She grimaced, sweating… no, she thought. Sweating wasn’t classy and she did nothing of the sort, ever. Not so much as a drop! Ladies did not sweat. There was no reason for it anyhow, because she didn’t need her servant’s attentions and certainly didn’t even want to see her stupid face or anything like that, and her heart wasn’t flipping and cavorting in her chest. There was no resemblance to the way she’d begun to feel about that hateful Silver Spoon, either, except for the obvious burden of getting a woefully inferior pony to behave acceptably.

And though she was alone in the far west field, she was not in the least lonely, and did not want to be touched, or anything the least bit like it, she told herself. She was just going to… to use her body’s new skills and gain advantage over a wretched little bumpkin pony whose strong body was not entrancing at all and who did not have a gloriously exciting stallionish streak that challenged and defied her and made her feel mastered and taken and w—wanted…

Diamond Tiara shook her head again, and wiped away something that was absolutely not a tear. She gritted her teeth, glowering at a bush. She was in control of the situation, in control of herself as always and not revealing a single disgusting drop of sweat, and she didn’t need anypony to want her and didn’t need her Dad to cuddle her and didn’t need her Mom not to have d…

Diamond Tiara made a little choking noise, like a chipmunk being throttled, and wiped her eye again, and when that eye opened, it was glaring at the hapless bush with such ferocity as to wither it and then set it on fire.

Diamond Tiara needed nopony, and she was going to prevail and show everypony! She would control this ugly and bad and not at all sexy Apple Bloom and make her an obedient servant, and she would retain the full respect of all Ponyville and especially of the schoolchildren, remaining in total control of herself and everypony else at all times, and she was going to enter the Ponyville Prom dance competition all by herself if she had to and she would win and singlehoofedly ruin the dreams of Silver Spoon and her appalling consort, and all would grovel before Diamond’s power and grace and poise and she would have all the respect…

She gasped, glancing to her left, for she thought she heard a noise, but there was nothing to be seen. Perhaps a glimpse of white, or magenta? It was probably some dumb flower or other. The place was filthy with them. Diamond paced, flicking her tail, her ears laid back. Was that a giggle? It couldn’t have been, she was alone. Which was to say she was by herself, not alone, such things didn’t count! She was waiting impatiently for her servant, and very much because she was humoring the crude beast, yes…

Her mouth opened, her eyes widened, her heart gave a mighty flip. Hoofbeats approached from the east, and she could tell instantly they were her lov… her servant’s. Come across the fields to care for her needs in a glorious, headlong gallop… Diamond Tiara shook her head. No, no, no! Running to beg favor for her tardiness and inconsideration, to beg forgiveness which would not be easy to get!

Diamond Tiara’s legs shook as she turned to face the approaching hoofbeats, and she forced her countenance into a grim and judgemental frown of disappointment. Her heart pounded, and she let it, telling herself it was her righteous anger.

Then, she staggered, whimpering with shock, and her pelvis turned to jelly in an instant. She’d seen Apple Bloom galloping toward her, something in her mouth and an intoxicatingly fierce expression on her face, and under her galloping belly was a big stiff Apple Bloom-sized horsecock, slapping against her with each powerful bound across the fields. Erect, bountiful, and pointing straight at Diamond Tiara, and she could see the blunt end flaring in its enthusiasm.

Diamond’s mouth hung open as Apple Bloom galloped up. It was a metal bit she held in her teeth, and her eyes flashed. Diamond cringed back, her head spinning, for it seemed not even real and could not be happening and Apple Bloom glared at her with such dominant ferocity and aggression and suddenly her would-be servant seemed like a lust-maddened wild animal that was about to angrily rape her, and nothing had ever been so exciting or disturbing, and she cowered, wanting, fearing, her mind shutting down…

“H’ld still!” snarled Apple Bloom. “I’mma RUIN y’r ass!” She charged around behind Diamond, gritting her teeth.

And Diamond Tiara couldn’t react or think, and Apple Bloom grabbed her rump without waiting for a reaction and suddenly there was some kind of muffled yelling and fizzing and sparking…

Somepony screamed, and it wasn’t her, and it wasn’t Apple Bloom. It came from the left. Diamond’s head snapped in that direction, and she was looking straight at Scootaloo, whose head stuck out of a bush, who looked more traumatized than Diamond had ever seen anypony be. Diamond stared at her in shock.

Apple Bloom spat, behind her head, and dismounted. Diamond whirled to face her, shaking. There was no metal bit left in her mouth, nor was it anywhere near them. It was gone. There was nothing fizzing or sparking anymore, and there was no penis under Apple Bloom at all.

Scootaloo screamed again, whirled, and dashed off across the field in hysterics. From beneath the same bush burst a white filly unicorn blur. It was Sweetie Belle, and she chased Scootaloo, crying, “Come back! Come back, Scootaloo!”

Diamond turned to face Apple Bloom, her eyes wide and shocked.

“You… tricked me?”

Apple Bloom spat again. “Dang! Crap! Ow! I was tryin’ ta…”

“You TRICKED me,” snarled Diamond Tiara, her whole body shaking.

“Fuck you!” yelled Apple Bloom. “Ain’t my fault if th’ magic dick would rather explode than go in you! Aw, hell, now what am Ah supposed to do?”

“How DARE you!” raged Diamond Tiara. “How DARE you! You insufferable, disobedient whelp! Playing a trick with illusions and magic, to laugh at me in front of your miserable friends! You’re going to pay for this, Apple Bloom!”

“What?” cried Apple Bloom. “All’s I wanted to do was do ya and do ya good! Now maybe I got in a cranky mood and weren’t gonna do it too ponylike, and I kin see that now an’ I might even apologize, but you gotta behave an’ quit being a spoiled lil’ mule! Ah was tryin’ ta help you! Sort of! An’ now we got bigger problems, Diamond Tiara, th’ bit’s blowed itself up!”

Diamond Tiara glared at Apple Bloom, baring her teeth in naked rage.

“Oh, you’ve got bigger problems, all right. You are going to get on your knees, and apologize, at once! And then, you are going to touch me there for hours, until I give you leave to stop. You will do it w—with tenderness,” said Diamond Tiara, her voice shaking, “and with deference like you didn’t see fit to show me before, and then you will k—k—kiss me and beg me to forgive you, once for every time you spat at the back of my neck while crudely seizing me, and I will tell you it’s not enough because you’re a filthy crude thing with no finer qualities… and then you’ll do it all over again!”

Apple Bloom shuddered. The scent of Tiara’s privates was taking the top of her head off, and her repressed energy seethed inside her. “Don’t you talk to me like that,” she said. “Ah’m tryin’ ta find a way to be…”

“Serve me!” raged Diamond Tiara.

They stared at each other for second after second, breathing in the mingled hormones of miswired double filly passion, worked up to a feverish pitch of erotic aggression.

Apple Bloom snarled, stamping a hoof.

Diamond Tiara growled, advancing on her.

Apple Bloom shied away, gritting her teeth, hissing “Don’t you tempt me. I’mma be good…”

“USELESS servant!” raged Diamond, smacking her in the face with the back of a forehoof.

Apple Bloom snapped.

With a cry, she tackled Diamond and sent her tumbling to the ground. Diamond squealed and twisted, but it was very difficult to tell if she was trying to get away or trying to present her hindquarters. As Apple Bloom reared up, brandishing a forehoof ready for whacking, she hesitated, and gawked.

Diamond Tiara lay on her back, legs in the air. She’d curled them back as if to kick out, but had done no such thing. Instead, she lay there displaying her filly vagina and glaring up at Apple Bloom defiantly.

“Touch it,” hissed Diamond Tiara. Her pussy winked, hard. Her eyes were wild, her mane was disheveled, and her tiara had fallen off.

Apple Bloom hesitated some more.

“Coward,” hissed Diamond Tiara. “Failure.”

“Why you got to…”

“Unwanted. Unloved. Useless,” added Diamond Tiara. Her body was shaking.

“Don’t do me like this, girl,” begged Apple Bloom, trembling herself.

“Liar,” snarled Diamond Tiara. Tears were coming to her eyes. “Traitor! Monster! Do it!”

Apple Bloom bared her teeth. “Failure THIS!”

Diamond shrieked as Apple Bloom lunged forward, diving between Diamond’s legs. Apple Bloom wasn’t touching her the way she’d asked. Instead, the filthy bumpkin was sucking on her vagina and sticking her tongue in! She wriggled backwards on the grass, but Apple Bloom gave a growl and stuffed her face even more fiercely into Diamond’s crotch, nuzzling her little breasts and then homing in on that pert pink pussy like a pig after truffles.

Diamond Tiara screamed, “Wait! Not with your…”

Hearing the note of panic in Tiara’s voice, Apple Bloom went bonkers, channeling all her rage and frustration into an erotic devouring the likes of which Diamond had never even imagined. Apple Bloom roared wordlessly against Diamond’s frantic vagina, slobbered on it, bared her teeth and bit Diamond’s inner thigh as Diamond shrieked, and then she dove in and got nearly all of Diamond’s vulva in her mouth. The elegant pink filly writhed in hysteria, but Apple Bloom wouldn’t let up, shoving her tongue as deeply into Diamond as she could, twisting her head and snarling.

Diamond Tiara began to buck, lying on her back, and suddenly Apple Bloom became aware of what she was doing. She’d shoved her face against Diamond’s vagina so hard her lower teeth were actually wedged against Diamond’s snug inner folds. She could feel Diamond’s labia twitching against the sides of her mouth, feel the bottom lip of Diamond’s pussy against her chin. Her upper teeth enclosed Diamond’s vulva, and she peered sideways and down across her own cheek to see a visible bite mark on Diamond’s pristine pink pony leg, one that she herself had delivered, as if she was some sort of filly-eating predator.

She had a mouthful of soft tender ponypussy between her suddenly cautious teeth, and she could feel Diamond winking—winking frenziedly in frantic semaphore, her firm swollen clitoris jutting out again and again and lovingly nudging the roof of Apple Bloom’s mouth.

Apple Bloom trembled. Oh, sweet Celestia, she thought. What have I done?

She began to draw back, and her heart gave a lurch. Diamond didn’t want her to stop. Those pink hips pressed up, trying to follow the withdrawing mouth and tongue, the quivering pony vulva pressed yearningly against those hungry teeth. The lavender-and-white tail thrashed under her chin.

Diamond Tiara let out a scratchy little wail, reaching down frantically to try and hold Apple Bloom’s head in place. Apple Bloom gulped, biting her lip, her eyes telling her it wasn’t the first lip she’d bitten that day.

“Naw,” breathed Apple Bloom.

Diamond sobbed. “Yes!”

“Naw,” said Apple Bloom. “Like this. Like this…”

She lowered her head with a strange reverence, gazing at that tender pink flower. So beautiful, stuck on such a difficult pony, and so mistreated due to her fool temper and crazy ornery lusts! Diamond winked at her with quivering urgency, oozing that delicious glossy sheen of lubrication, and Apple Bloom leaned in and began to eat filly pussy the way it deserved to be eaten, cursing herself for her cruelty and meanness, hoping she could make up for it by how she continued.

Diamond shook as if struck by lightning as Apple Bloom’s head dipped between her legs. Her wildly overstimulated body, left stranded on the verge of some dreadful explosion, jolted at the renewed contact. Apple Bloom was nuzzling her with a touch she’d never felt, ever. It was a little like hugs from Dad, but Dad’s rare and distracted hugs did not fondle, or caress, or persist. This did. She felt country pony cheek caressing her breasts, that eager tongue licking her small stiffened nipples, she let out a breathless squeal of excitement and then she really had something to squeal about, for that loving head lowered again and that tongue went straight for her frantic, molten tunnel, slippery flesh against slippery flesh, and then distinctly inside, as Diamond Tiara heaved great shuddering gasps…

Apple Bloom realized she was leaking tears, looking up across Diamond’s shuddering body at the underside of her chin, for Diamond wouldn’t look down at her, being too busy banging her head against the soft forgiving grass. Since she couldn’t meet Diamond’s eyes, since her mouth was busy, she just directed imploring looks in the direction of the mad pink tyrant. Her hooves stroked Diamond’s thighs and then returned to supporting her weight, her head tenderly dipping to direct her extended tongue across twitching, winking labia, then between them where it was hot and slick. She kissed the poor bite mark on Diamond’s thigh, kissed the subtler bite marks on Diamond’s left pussy lip even as they winked away from the kiss, and she wanted to pause and say how sorry she was for playing rough but on the one hoof she felt that any pause might bring the angry Tiara back, and on the other hoof she knew in her bones that body parts didn’t understand words, only touches.

Diamond shrieked, a beautiful shameless sound. Apple Bloom’s mouth had enclosed her mound again, but this time she wasn’t biting and worrying it like a terrier. Apple Bloom’s lips took in Diamond’s excited vulva, sucking gently, and her tongue painted the tender inner walls with kisses and gentle licks, while Diamond’s clit winked out into Apple Bloom’s mouth again, to be stroked lovingly by that slippery tongue. Diamond frantically pounded the grass beside her with a forehoof, her vision whiting out in crazy flashes as the sensation began to flood her unbearably.

Apple Bloom began to suckle on Diamond’s clit, as it protruded, permanently winked out, twitching between Apple Bloom’s slurping lips, stiffening against Apple Bloom’s soft caressing tongue.

Diamond Tiara sucked in a huge deep breath, feeling her brain begin to disintegrate into sparkles and fireworks.

Apple Bloom drew back her head, releasing Diamond’s vulva, thrust her tongue out as hard as she possibly could, and pressed it into Diamond’s quivering vagina, through the tenseness, across the underside of the winked-out clitoris, into the seething clenched darkness of Diamond’s virgin pussy… and shoved her face hard against Diamond’s crotch, driving her tongue as deep as it could reach, in hopes of somehow delivering on the failed promise of horsecock, and making Diamond’s body happy the way it had expected to be.

Diamond Tiara hadn’t known what to expect from the moment teeth seized her tender inner thigh, and hadn’t cared. She’d flown higher and higher, but when that wriggly firm muscle that had painted her entrance with licks and caresses turned instead into an intruding presence that squeezed between her labia and through what felt like a very taut and snug aperture and wedged her body a little wider as it pushed, so very obviously, into her… Diamond flipped out.

She let out a scream that caused a nearby squirrel to fall out of a tree into a pile of leaves. She arched her back, going rigid against Apple Bloom’s determined pressure, pushing back, pressing that tongue deeper, clamping down onto it and reeling to feel how solid it was, how inside her it was, penetrating deeper even as her voice died for lack of breath to power it…

Apple Bloom squinted one eye, sweating, and wriggled her tongue inside Diamond’s pussy.

Diamond writhed as if electrified, and squirted some sort of goo all over Apple Bloom’s face.

With a grunt, Apple Bloom jumped back, but the next moment she’d returned, kissing Diamond’s shuddering labia, licking her clean, moaning with one eye squeezed shut for Diamond had gotten mare-squirt into it. She nuzzled Diamond’s thighs, kissing and running her tongue over every lovely contour of that marvelous, mistreated vagina, and she only stopped when she realised Diamond had passed out.

“Awwww…” moaned Apple Bloom, beside herself with fretfulness, fondness and chagrin.

She clambered up across Diamond’s trembling body to gaze down upon her little pony face. The expression was so different, and Apple Bloom studied it desperately, trying to understand what made the pretty pink princess so horrible in the head. When she wasn’t staring at you, when the face was relaxed and the eyes were closed, the lips softly parted, then you could see lines of strain under her eyes and see the way her mouth turned down by nature. Diamond Tiara only smiled when she was winning, or better yet, making somepony else lose. It was a cold hard smile and frightening to see, but now Apple Bloom saw that part of the coldness came from an underlying grim look.

That look was gone now, melted away through debilitating and extended orgasm. It seemed as though Diamond ought to look blissful, but she somehow didn’t, she looked sad and lost in her relaxed state. It wasn’t from lack of satisfaction, for she’d ridden Apple Bloom’s tongue until her brain nearly leaked out her ears from sensuous pleasure. She had tasted the fruits of eros and been left wrung out and sated until she was fevered and limp, and her body was clearly still flooded with pleasure, and yet there was no joy in Diamond Tiara.

Except that now, sometimes there was—or to be prop’ly accurate, thought Apple Bloom, there could be things in Diamond Tiara that weren’t usually there, that could be said to bring joy. A tongue, for instance. A dick, if the dang thing hadn’t blowed up. Apple Bloom winced, remembering that she’d borrowed the dick from Scootaloo in the first place. She was probably going to have to go fess up to Fluttershy since they would never, ever return the thing now. It would be cruel to make Scootaloo do it, she had to be really hurt. That dick had meant an awful lot to Scootaloo. Apple Bloom hung her head in dismay, trying to make sense of it all, and drawn back over and over to the most upsetting thing.

Why couldn’t Diamond Tiara be good—and kind—and nice—and happy? She had everything, and kept demanding more, and none of it was ever enough. Apple Bloom despaired of understanding it.

A motion caught her eye. Diamond Tiara’s eyelid had flickered. Apple Bloom clambered across her body again like some reckless colt, nuzzling her cheek, kissing her pink nose, and for a moment the emotional country filly got to gaze into Diamond’s eyes as they opened, vulnerable as a foal’s, awareness returning across the hazy sea of physical pleasure, and it was like her private fantasies where Tiara turned sweet and favored her with love and kisses and yielding tenderness…

Diamond Tiara blinked, groggily, and Apple Bloom nuzzled her cheek again, leaving a smear across the velvety pink. Diamond’s eyes widened, glancing down at where something sticky had left its mark. Her hoof came up to wipe away the desecration of her pristine hide, and then she looked up and saw Apple Bloom gazing yearningly down upon her, and saw what decorated Apple Bloom’s face…

“EEEEE!” squalled Diamond Tiara, scrabbling backward and away, her ears laid back. “Ew! Ewww! Disgusting! Eeeeee!”

Apple Bloom’s eyes bugged out in shock. “What? WHAT?”

Diamond Tiara panted. “Filthy horrible beast! You did find a stallion, didn’t you? And he came all over your FACE!” She gagged, distraught. “And it touched mine… I hate you! Vile! Awful!”

Apple Bloom’s heart pounded, and she set her jaw. “Now see here, missy! Do you see a stallion around here? Do you?”

Diamond trembled, looking around huntedly. “No…”

“That’s because there ain’t one!” yelled Apple Bloom. “It’s jes me, all me, and I did what you tole me! An’ furthermore I got reason to believe you liked it, though I am sorry for playin’ so dang rough with y’all…”

Diamond still quivered, and didn’t look able to rise, but she had energy to squeal, “Then what happened to your FACE?”

Apple Bloom sat back, and dropped her gaze for a moment, thinking how to phrase it.

“You did.”

“What?” squeaked Diamond, going pale.

“This was you, sugarcube,” replied Apple Bloom coolly. She passed the side of a hoof over her face, and it came away sticky. She licked it. “Not bad,” she suggested.

Diamond’s ears had never been laid so flat against her head. She shook her head weakly. “No… what, how…”

“Guess you like a lil’ pussy-eatin’,” said Apple Bloom. She glanced down, and winced. “Uhhh…”

Diamond followed her gaze, and saw the bite marks on her inner thigh and vulva. Her eyes shot back up to Apple Bloom’s, her mouth hanging open in wonder and more than a hint of fear. She gulped. “You went insane and threw yourself on me like a wild animal and, and… tried to devour me? So fierce was your hunger for me that… Oh! Oh, my…”

“Naw!” protested Apple Bloom. “Ah stopped right away, Ah swear! I would never hurt you! Dammit, Diamond Tiara!”

Diamond was staring at her in awe. “But… it isn’t blood. On your face, I mean. Where did you get it? What did you do?”

“Ah tole you. That’s you, Diamond Tiara. Now please, kin we talk about playin’ nice for a change?”

“No,” said Diamond determinedly. “No, answer me. What is that? You touched my face with it. Tell me!”

“Ah AM tellin’ ya,” said Apple Bloom. “An’ again I am awful sorry for goin’ at ya that hard and I won’t do it no more, that ain’t the Apple way of love.” She thought for a moment, screwing up her face. “Um… or maybe it ain’t the best Apple way of love…”

“Fuck ‘love’, demanded Diamond Tiara. “What did you DO?”

Apple Bloom bridled. “I dove in and ate me some pink pussy, girl! Like it were goin’ outta style! I bit your leg and I was all up in your hoo-ha and I stuck my tongue right into you, and you came your ass off, Diamond Tiara, like nothin’ I have ever seen. An’ I’ve seen my sister an’ Rainbow Dash goin’ at it, an’ still you left them in the dust!”

“Explain!” squealed Diamond, trembling. “Explain, you disgusting pony! I remember that part, go on!”

“Don’t you call me that!”

“Tell me what happened! What is that gross stuff on your face and where did you get it?”

Apple Bloom’s ears were laid back again. She narrowed her eyes, and a dangerous grin crept over her face, and she advanced slowly on her impossible and infuriating lover who scrabbled, cringing in dismay, backward. She wiped her face again with a hoof and licked it, revelling in the look on Diamond’s face and the bombshell she had available to drop.

“Diamond Tiara, I went after you so hard that you squirted. Stuck my tongue right up you, and you bucked and screamed and run out of breath and then your body give a big jerk and sploosh! This is all outta your vagina. Got me in the eye, too, and ya din’t even say sorry, neither.”

Diamond Tiara froze. “You’re a big jerk,” she breathed, with a look of absolute horror.

“Kin be,” said Apple Bloom. “But I’m a big jerk with your pussy juice all over my face. It squirted right out of there in a huge ol’ gusher. Y’all one juicy pony, Diamond Tiara. Messy, y’ might say.”

“Liar,” whimpered Diamond Tiara, trembling.

Apple Bloom just gave her a weary, exasperated look that said eloquently how foolish such an accusation was.

Diamond Tiara’s lip quivered.

Apple Bloom’s cocky grin grew and grew… and then it crumbled, as Diamond Tiara’s eyes flooded with tears… and collapsed entirely, as Diamond hid her head in her hooves, absolutely silent as she wept in her shame.

“Uhh…” stammered Apple Bloom. “So… how’s about you learn to play nice, huh? Be a NICE lil’ juicy pony? Ah mean, I kin see it distresses you but I kinda liked it, sugarcube…”

“No, no, no, no,” moaned Diamond, rocking her head back and forth, clamping her hooves to her brow as if she thought her skull was going to explode.

“Please?” suggested Apple Bloom. Diamond screamed, and Apple Bloom flinched. “Now come on, sweetie!”

At that, Diamond’s head shot up, eyes streaked with tears, looking around in a panic. “Where? Where is she?”


“Sweetie Belle, you idiot!” raged Diamond. She began to hyperventilate. “Is she here? Did she come back? What about that awful pegasus that can’t fly, Scootaloo? Where are they? They were spying on us!”

Apple Bloom stood her ground. “An’ I’m sorry for that and I reckon they done paid more of a price than you know, but I would ask you not to call my friends names…”

“Where are they?” shrieked Diamond, wringing her hooves.

“They run off!” yelled Apple Bloom. “Jes’ like I’m about to do, you crazy…”

“No!” squeaked Diamond Tiara, her eyes wide. “Wait! Listen! You have to listen to me!”

Apple Bloom stamped a hoof, her mouth a hard line. “I’mma listening. What?”

Her anger softened as she saw Diamond fighting for control, panting, that amazing willpower coming forth to overcome even her advanced hysteria. Tiara was shaking, her eyes swimming with tears, and yet still she didn’t give up, and soon she’d looked up and was burning a hole in Apple Bloom with the intensity of her stare.

“You may never tell anypony what we have done here today,” she said.

Apple Bloom snorted. “Ah ‘spect they kin guess!”

“Not that, idiot!” retorted Diamond. “I think you know what I mean. Let me be absolutely clear. You may never tell anypony what my body did in its extremity. Never! I won’t have it. It does not fit my image. I am disgusted to my core, Apple Bloom. I insist!”

Apple Bloom narrowed her eyes. “Oh. You mean, never tell anypony that your ‘core’ got so disgusted that it squirted sexy goo all over my face? That what you mean, prissy princess pony? You mean, never tell anypony th’ TRUTH?”

Diamond Tiara bared her teeth. “Wash. Your. Face,” she hissed, without unclamping them.

Apple Bloom rolled her eyes, and began to trot off toward the distant stream.

“Wait!” squeaked Diamond Tiara, again.

“Now what?”

“Help me. I’ve got to bathe. Help me walk.”

Apple Bloom sighed. She turned, and began to coax Diamond to her hooves. “You are the biggest pain in th’ ass a pony ever fucked, girl.”

“Shut up. Clean me up, and clean yourself, and we won’t speak of this publically. Ever.”

“An’ you’ll prob’ly want it again, won’t you?”

Diamond didn’t reply.

“Won’t you?” pressed Apple Bloom.

Her heart gave a flip. Diamond had looked sidelong at her, with just a brief flash of extraordinary smugness.

“That was incredible,” smirked Diamond Tiara. “Of course I will.”

Apple Bloom began to beam with a huge country smile, and then it floundered and failed, because Diamond’s smirk got wiped off her face instantly the moment it was being shared.

“Now get me to the fucking stream, and wash your FILTHY little face,” snarled Diamond.

“Th’ hell is wrong with you, girl?” protested Apple Bloom, at a loss. “Your mama raise you backwards or somethin’?” Then she gasped, for Diamond had frozen in her tracks, and she remembered too late.

“Don’t you ever dare say that to me again,” hissed Diamond Tiara, shaking.

“Aw, I’m sorry, I forgot!”

“Shut up.”

“Honey, seriously, Ah mean it,” continued Apple Bloom. “I am so sorry, you know I understand better’n most ponies…”

“Shut up…” snarled Diamond Tiara.

“All’s I’m sayin’ is, my own Mama died when I were just a tiny baby and…”

Diamond Tiara transfixed her with a glare that tore the words, unspoken, from her mouth, and Apple Bloom fell silent, alarmed at the pink filly’s inner tension. She’d never seen Tiara’s eyes glitter like that before. There were tears, but also some kind of terrifyingly hard, brittle wall, and she could feel how passionately Tiara hated her at that moment, and it was the worst feeling she’d ever felt in her life.

“Stop,” said Diamond Tiara.

Apple Bloom nodded, dumbly, her face a mask of dismay and misery.

“Never,” managed Diamond. She began to totter toward the stream again. Apple Bloom rushed to support her, and shied away at another furious glare. Diamond didn’t want to be touched.

Apple Bloom reeled with the urge to hug her and comfort her, but desisted. The odd thing was, from all she’d heard, her mother Applesauce had been as fierce as Diamond was, and anything but a huggy motherly pony. It made no difference, though, for Applesauce was long dead and Applejack’s warm nature had played that role for her sister when it mattered. Apple Bloom called on every bit of family warmth she could muster, and trotted cautiously beside Diamond Tiara, thinking hard.

“What mus’ I do,” she said finally, “to help you? Ah never meant to hurt. It’s jes’ complicated.”

Diamond Tiara took a deep breath, and Apple Bloom hastily added, “That I kin do, Ah mean! I got responsibilities!”

“As do I,” muttered Diamond. She blinked. She looked up at Apple Bloom, inquiringly. “You mean it?”

Apple Bloom gulped. “Ah reckon. Yeah, Ah mean it. Whatcha thinkin’, girl?”

“Firstly,” decreed Diamond, “bathe me in this stream. Thoroughly and chastely, for we must then go into town and speak with my Dad.”

“About what?” asked Apple Bloom, her ears laid nervously back.

“You’re going to help me win the Ponyville Prom dance contest, and we are going to defeat and humiliate Silver Spoon and Featherweight.”

Apple Bloom’s jaw dropped in astonishment, but Diamond Tiara’s cold gaze did not so much as waver.