Party Soft

Fluttershy lay on the hill, her wings to her sides.

That didn’t mean her wings were folded, however—or that her hooves were tucked under her demurely, as one would expect. Far from it. Fluttershy lay face-first on the grass, her legs splayed in all four directions, her wings spread and sagging to the earth as if they’d never lift again—and she stared at nothing, with dry eyes over tear-tracked cheeks.

She’d have said her tears watered the grass—except that she knew green growing things didn’t like the salt tears carried, and so she figured she brought nothing good, even here.

A pink spot moved in the distance. Fluttershy’s eyes narrowed in hostility—and then softened, and more tears of self-pity came, and she did not rise, even as the pink spot grew closer and closer. Its cheerful bouncing turned to careful, curious walking, more and more cautious as Pinkie Pie reached her side.

“Hi, Fluttershy, what’s up? Not you, huh?”

Fluttershy sighed theatrically, and didn’t even look up to meet Pinkie’s gaze.

“Can I do something to make you feel better? I could take you to Sugarcube Corner. Or I could go there, and get a picnic, and bring the picnic here to you! Or we could go together and then come back here with the picnic, unless we got hungry and ate it right there as soon as we got it! Not that we couldn’t still come back here in case you wanted to go lie on what is apparently a very depressing hill. Or I could sing you a s-”

“Please don’t,” said Fluttershy.

Pinkie rubbed her chin with a hoof. “Hmmm! Hardcore. I could…”

“You should leave,” said Fluttershy. “I mean it. I think you should leave.”

“That’s very interesting! Not you being sad, that’s not super interesting, but you telling me to leave! ‘Cos you never order anypony around, like ever, so now I’m even more interested and instead of just not leaving I’m going to extra much not leave, how do you like that? So what’s up? Or if you’d rather—what’s down?”

Fluttershy began to glare at nothing, instead of simply staring at nothing. “You really should leave. I can’t be responsible for the consequences if you won’t.”

“Don’t be silly! Why would you want me to leave?” chirped Pinkie.

“…you’re annoying.”

“Well, duh! Obvious, much? I thought you were smarter than that, Fluttershy. Whyn’tcha ask me how come, instead?”

“No, you don’t understand,” said Fluttershy, “I mean, you’re being really annoying. This is a bad time for that, Pinkie, and you need to go away, or you will be very surprised at what happens.”

“A surprise! I love surprises! Show me, show me the surprise, show me!”

“You’re doing it on purpose! Oh… just go away, won’t you? What could possibly… I don’t dare say what I think of you right now!” moaned Fluttershy.

Pinkie was undaunted. “Darn right I am! Sad is pain leaving the body, and it looks like you need a whole bunch of pain removed! And I’m your girl, sister! We’re going to…”

“Stop!” cried Fluttershy, looking up for the first time, and Pinkie did stop, for rage was in the gentle pegasus’s eyes.

When Fluttershy spoke again, it was in a cold, hateful tone that kept Pinkie silent, second after alarming second.

“You really believe that, don’t you? You think by throwing confetti, and bouncing, you can help anything? You’re disgusting! Life is so much more complicated than that, and there you go, la la la, it’s Pinkie Pie, it’s a party! As if you’ve solved anything, as if you can help anypony! I tried to spare you this, but you’ve driven me to it, and I can’t protect you any longer. Go away! Go throw confetti uselessly somewhere else. There are real problems in the world, Pinkie Pie, problems you can’t help, and it’s insulting to see you pretend to try!”

Fluttershy gasped for air, for she’d ranted until all of it was gone. She took a few deep breaths, squeezed her eyes shut for a moment, and then glared directly at Pinkie, gritting her teeth, her lower lip quivering, tears of rage coming to her eyes again.

“Go AWAY.”

Pinkie waited for a few seconds, while Fluttershy trembled and glared.

“Are you done?”

Fluttershy’s eyes narrowed, but then she gave a very small nod.

Pinkie leaned forward, to kiss Fluttershy on the nose.

“I love you.”

Fluttershy’s eyes glistened, and then her face twisted, and then she was bawling like a filly, while Pinkie cuddled against her and petted her hair.

“There there! It’s okay, Fluttershy. Wow, you were a tough nut to crack! What the heck hurt you so much? Whatever it is, Pinkie Pie is not going to take it lying down! It’s okay, you can cry…”

Gradually, Fluttershy’s weeping subsided, but it didn’t seem like she felt any better. She gazed up at Pinkie, lip quivering, and sobbed, “I’m s…sorry!”


“I’m horrible, I said such terrible things! I must have hurt you so much, I’m so, so sorry!”

“What’re you talking about, Fluttershy? When? To who?”

“Just now! I said… oh, I can’t repeat such things, I mustn’t think them, I mustn’t! I’m such an awful pony, you must think I’m a monster now!”

“Hey!” chirped Pinkie. “Hey, look at me!”

Fluttershy did, and Pinkie looked amused—not horrified, not outraged, just amused.

“I knew all the time you thought that about me. You’re a silly pony. And you have no appreciation for what a few balloons and hugs can do—but that’s my job, silly! Not yours! Yours is to be pretty, I guess, and take care of the animals. And you’re the best at those things! Now… tell Auntie Pinkie what upset you, okay?”

Fluttershy looked woeful. “I’m not sure I should.”

“You should!”

Fluttershy’s voice got quieter. “It’s… um… sex things.”

At this, some of the light went out of Pinkie’s eyes. This was the area where she’d written Fluttershy off as a lost cause, after all. This was the area where all her Pinkie Magic was to no avail, for she knew Fluttershy had very different needs.

“Oh. It is?”

Fluttershy nodded. “And I just can’t bear it!”

Pinkie’s head dipped for a moment—but then her chin came up, and she stared past Fluttershy, confronting her own fears. You couldn’t win them all—but you had to try! And it didn’t matter if her frustration hurt her, not if what was needed was for her to listen. And perhaps—that would be enough.

Pinkie carefully didn’t sigh, or sniffle, or show any sign of the resignation she felt. “Tell me, Fluttershy. Tell me everything. I’m here for you.” No flirting, she thought. Not today.

Fluttershy sighed, and stared off into space. “They’re on to me. They’re all on to me, by now, and they don’t like it. They laugh at me behind my back—except when it’s right under my nose, it’s just wonderful when they do that—and they don’t want me, not at all. I’m a big joke to them, nothing but a big joke.”

Pinkie blinked. “What is this, Fluttershy?”

“I watch, Pinkie. I watch everypony. I’m too shy to do anything else. And when Rainbow Dash came to me with that magic thing, it was so exciting, it was like finally I could have a stallion I wasn’t terrified of. She had sex with me and it was the most exciting thing in the world—until I saw Applejack with it.”

“Yep,” said Pinkie, wearily. She blinked again and made a hasty mental note—less sarcasm! Fluttershy didn’t seem to notice, she went on as if Pinkie hadn’t spoken.

“She’s so strong, and kind, and brave… on that terrible day when we climbed the mountain to defeat the huge giant all grown up dragon, she was there for me and she helped me when I couldn’t go on…”

So did I, thought Pinkie, but she kept her mouth shut.

“And one day I couldn’t bear it any longer and I had to go see her, and she made love to me, but it went all wrong!”

“Didn’t get off, huh?” said Pinkie, wryly.

Fluttershy batted her huge eyelashes in puzzlement.

“Oh, no, no! When I felt her huge cock pushing into me, it was unbearably exciting, and I came and I shook and I shuddered and, and, I think I might have even made a noise! I might have gone, eeee! I’m not sure, I couldn’t really see straight at that point with it thrusting inside me…”

Pinkie stared into space, with a sour look that she tried valiantly to fight off. Penis worshipper. But a loved, crushed-on penis-worshipper, thought Pinkie, who was going to get sympathy if it kills me, so no yuck faces, missy.

“But then,” continued Fluttershy, “I… I presumed, and she made fun of me for it. I’m sure I saw Rainbow Dash glare at me after that. And I knew she couldn’t be mine… even though Dash is now sharing her with Twilight, and I don’t know who else. You, for instance.”

“Not my style,” said Pinkie briskly. “Not the way you’re thinking! So it’s Applejack you want? Awww, Fluttershy. I’m sure she still loves you! Even if it’s not in that way?”

“I’m sure she doesn’t. They laugh at me, play tricks… They all know about me, and I’m a laughing-stock. They’re not even friends now, not really.”

Pinkie’s expression had darkened listening to this, but the last part was too much to be borne. “They are too! We’re the Elements of Harmony, Fluttershy, remember? They’re not going to abandon you. None of us will! I’m gonna talk to Dashie…”

“No!” protested Fluttershy. “You mustn’t! It’s okay, let them be who they are! They just discovered that… that I’m a bad pony who watches them have sex. It’s not wrong of them to laugh at that.”

Pinkie’s eyes teared up, to hear Fluttershy’s shame. “But, Fluttershy…”

“It’s just that… if they won’t make love to me, and if I can’t watch them any more because they’re on to me, then I have n… nothing! I don’t know what I’m going to do, Pinkie. I have nothing left. Nobody wants me anymore.”

Fluttershy heaved a big, melodramatic sigh, and Pinkie bit her lip. No, she thought. She’s going to say, ‘nobody with a penis’ or something, and you’ll die inside, and you can’t be happy if you go looking for sad, can you? You know she doesn’t want you, or any mare.

But that wasn’t the question, was it?

“I do,” admitted Pinkie Pie. She waited for the ‘what?’, or the embarrassed cough, or the ‘um…’.

“Okay,” said Fluttershy, glumly.

Pinkie Pie blinked. “What?”

“I said okay. I don’t know what you see in me, but okay…”

“Wait a minute, wait a minute,” stammered Pinkie. “Okay to what? You can’t just say ‘okay’ out of nowhere like that! What are you offering me, Fluttershy? To hang out? Go have milkshakes at Sugarcube Corner? What?”

Fluttershy turned a lovely, weary eye on her. “Oh, honestly. I thought you were cleverer than this. I was pent up even before Applejack and Rainbow Dash mocked me. I’m a grown mare, Pinkie, I have needs. You know what ‘okay’ means.”

Pinkie blinked. “You do realize I’m not gonna have a penis, right? Not even a fake one?”

“Oh, really?” said Fluttershy, acidly. “You don’t say. What an enormous surprise that is, I would never have guessed. The deal’s off, then, because I hadn’t noticed you don’t have a penis. Because obviously I’ll do anything, and take any sort of abuse, for one of those.”

Pinkie stared, open-mouthed, at her. After a little while, Fluttershy said, “Sorry.”

“You’re really bitter, aren’t you?” said Pinkie. “Oh, Fluttershy.”

That set the despairing pegasus off again, and Pinkie held her while she cried, rocking her gently, petting her cotton-candy hair with a gentle hoof. She stroked Fluttershy’s neck, rubbed her shoulders. When her petting drifted too low, and touched a wing base, Fluttershy gasped.


“Aw, I’m sorry, Fluttershy,” said Pinkie. “I forgot you pegasuses don’t like to be touched there. I’ll be more careful, okay?”

Fluttershy glanced quickly at her face, but saw only earnestness there, and nodded thoughtfully. So… there were limits to Rainbow Dash after all, in spite of all her bravado. It figured. Fluttershy decided not to tell Pinkie about pegasus wings, and sighed again. More distance, always more distance and more reserve…

“Soooo…” said Pinkie, “what you’re saying is, you’re real horny, and ‘okay’ means make love to me? I’d really like that.”

“You would?”

“Yeah! Bigtime,” said Pinkie. “Do you believe me?”

“I guess,” said Fluttershy dejectedly. “Do you want to get started?”

“Well, hold on, you’re kind of worrying me! First of all, you shouldn’t be so sad, and second, do you even know what’s… I have some modes that you might find more familiar, or I can just be really low key and lick you, or use my hoof, if that would help. I’m not sure you quite understand what you’re letting yourself in for…”

Pinkie trailed off, for Fluttershy was giving her another very exasperated look.

“I think the one that looks like a rotating mixer thing, or maybe the one with the ridge that travels from the tip of your tongue to the base. The one with the end of the tongue curling up would be good to finish with, I think. I’m sorry, I don’t have a rainbow pegasus to eat you out while you work, you’ll just have to make do with me.”

Pinkie’s jaw had never dropped so far.

“I watch,” explained Fluttershy in a sulky voice. “Do you really think I don’t know your secrets?”

Pinkie continued to stare, dumbfounded, and Fluttershy looked away. “I’m sorry. I’m being horrible, and you surely don’t want me now, so we can forget all this and go to Sugarcube Corner and have mmmph!”

Pinkie’d shut her up with a very determined kiss. She smooched Fluttershy for second after second, her lips parting with Fluttershy’s, her tongue just teasingly exploring against Fluttershy’s lips, and then she broke away, her eyes glimmering with tears, and spoke.

“You are so horribly sad, Fluttershy, I can’t stand it!”

“I’m sorry! It’s not going to work, and I’m wasting your time with my selfishness, and…”

“No! No no no no. Oh, Fluttershy, how can you be so secretly clever and miss so much? You are such a tough cookie, who would have believed it? Now I really really really need to explain something to you.”

Fluttershy blinked away tears. “Okay…”

“I need you to be not this sad. Maybe that’s why I dropped everything and came over to you when I saw you lying like this. Hey, you’re STILL lying like a puddle! And that’s for afterwards! Come on, sit up, lift your wings—I promise not to touch them, it must hurt, huh? Let me tell you a little story.”

“…does it come with a song?”

“It should! But nope, no song today. Listen—sometimes, a pony’s just good at having fun. And she’s good at helping other ponies have fun! And she has lots of fun with lots of ponies, kinda, sometimes several at once or while playing on swings or in a big tub of pudding, and she’s a happy pony but she looks out and sees this one pony, this one pony that she can’t have…”

Fluttershy blinked. Pinkie continued.

“And that becomes a special pony to her, maybe because it’s the one she can’t have, or because it was just a very special pony anyway, or both, and she loves lots of ponies so life is good and she’s okay with not having the one she can’t have because she can be friends and that’s almost as good and life isn’t all pussy, just the funnest best-tasting parts are, and then one day… all that changes…”

Fluttershy’s eyes were very wide. Pinkie sank into them. She gulped—and took the last step.

“Fluttershy—I love lots of ponies. And I have lots of fun. But… you are special. You’re the special pony, the one I can’t have… and if your sad is too much and you don’t think this will help, that’s okay, I am fine with that mostly and I’ll let you decide because I know you like penises a whole bunch, but…”

Pinkie gulped.

“I… have always loved you, and wanted you. And I’d like to make your body happy—if you’ll let me.”

She thought she’d blown it. Fluttershy stared, lip quivering, eyes seemingly dismayed, so much heartbreak in that gaze, and the moment arrived when Fluttershy’s eyes would have filled with tears as she turned away…

Fluttershy’s eyes filled with tears, and she leaned forward, lips parted, and Pinkie was right there shuddering with relief as they embraced and clung, kissing.

“It will never work,” sniffled Fluttershy.

“Yes, it will.”

“I’m too sick and awful.”

“You’re beautiful!” said Pinkie.

“That’s one pony who thinks so, anyway…”

“Lots of ponies think that!” said Pinkie.

“They don’t know me.”

“I still think that, and now I do know you.”

Fluttershy’s eyes went half-lidded, seductively. “Oh, no…”


“You don’t know me yet. But, um, anytime you want to start would be fine…”

Pinkie stared in amazement at her pegasus friend. Fluttershy wasn’t aggressive in the way she was, or Dash was, or Applejack was—but even though she was utterly passive, to the discriminating fancier of marehood she was coming on like the ultimate shy but eager straight mare, pulling out all the stops one by one until the message was a deliciously desperate ‘take me!’.

First, she stood, elegantly.

She turned away—but presented her rump, in so doing.

She looked down, demurely—and then peered up from under her bangs.

Her wings folded—but quivered.

Her tail coyly hid her private parts, except for just a glimpse, but then she winked from behind it—twice, to be sure.

Pinkie Pie stared, unable to even blink, drinking in the vision of mare-liness. Her tail began to twitch violently.

“Oh!” said Fluttershy. She looked up, alarmed. “Is Derpy delivering something around here? What is going to fall?”

“I think,” said Pinkie, “that would be ME.”

She trotted forward a few steps, reared, and came down on Fluttershy’s sweet rump, clinging with her forehooves, her face nuzzling Fluttershy’s mane. The pegasus flapped in alarm. “What are you doing? I didn’t think you would do that! I know you can’t mount me like a stallion, nothing will happen!”

“Wrong! I think something will happen!”

“But… what?”

Pinkie dismounted, and her head lowered, nuzzling aside Fluttershy’s silky tail and inspecting Heaven. Heaven was extra juicy today.

“Your body will get happy, that’s what! I confused it in a nice way. Now… let’s make it more happy.”

Pinkie sniffed at Fluttershy’s ponypuss, her heart thumping in her chest. It was so radiant! Filmed with a glistening, magical sheen of lubrication, the expectant flesh a glowing, delicate peach-pink of exquisite paleness. It winked at her again, right before her eyes, and Pinkie reeled with desire, but was seized with a strange terror.

What if it somehow disappointed? What if it tasted sour, or as bitter as Fluttershy’s secret repressed feelings? She’d come so far, to the very brink of sex with Fluttershy, and she’d been given a yes, and what if the reality could not live up to the fantasy?

Fluttershy’s coat was as soft and tender as a butterfly’s wing. Her legs trembled, delicately, as she waited to feel Pinkie’s tongue against her, perhaps plunging into her or doing some bizarre, flashy thing. Her vag melted a little, relaxing in expectation of such an event.

Instead, she made a little gasp, for Pinkie had hesitantly, even fearfully, licked the tip of her clitoris—which immediately became even more stiff.

A tear of gratitude fell from Pinkie Pie’s eye. There was no bitterness here. The dream hadn’t been betrayed. It was enhanced. Pinkie savored the taste. Fluttershy tasted pure as spring water, so clean and nice—yet it wasn’t just about the lack of any unpleasant quality, there was something more, some pheromone she exuded that seemed to go beyond the nose and fizz in Pinkie’s brain without becoming anything as mundane as a scent. It was like the strange heady musk of truffles, on a level outside of normal smells and tastes.

Before her eyes, Fluttershy’’s vagina formed into mare sculpture, her clit stiffening hard, her labia winking again, vag pouting with the intensity of its need, dripping the nectar of wonderfulness.

It took Pinkie a few seconds to realize that Fluttershy, passive as she was, would not plead or show her enthusiasm in the expected way. She wasn’t going to say, ‘now’ or ‘more’ or make the squeals of lust Dashie so enjoyed making. She was going to stand there, gaping and willing, until Pinkie did something else. Pinkie had never even imagined anything so girly in all her life.

With another tear of joy dripping from her eye, Pinkie nestled her tongue-tip against that beautiful rosy clit, and caressed it, tenderly licking against it as it projected with aching stiffness against the wet, stroking tongue.

Her eyes were shut in sensuous delight, but she heard an abrupt rustling sound, like the sudden opening of an umbrella. Unseen in front of her, Fluttershy’s wings had flared out to full extension in one shockingly intense ‘pomf’, and vibrated with tension, as her eyes stared into infinity with a look of utter shock.

Pinkie continued to make love to Fluttershy’s clit, savoring every moment, suckling on it gently, then returning to her languid licking, tracing every little detail.

“Eeeee….” croaked Fluttershy, wondering if the top of her head was really coming off or if she was imagining it. Her legs began to shake violently, and her wings stiffened until every feather stood out.

Pinkie traced her tongue along Fluttershy’s vulva, licking between the pouting, fevered walls, but could not resist returning to that jewel-like nub. Fluttershy’s clit—it seemed so small. Bon Bon’s had been giant. Pinkie’s own was a happy prong crowning her vag, whenever it was aroused—but Fluttershy’s clitoris barely even jutted out, it was so tiny. Pinkie could not understand how the dear pegasus had got any pleasure from the males at all, for the angle of her adorable clit seemed like it wouldn’t even be stimulated from that kind of play. It was so small, it was like one would misplace it, or never know it was there.

Of course, thought Pinkie, those are the most sensitive, so being gentle seemed like a good idea. Her eyes shut again as she slowly licked the hard, tiny nub, with soft, deliberate strokes.

Fluttershy’s eyes began to cross. “Eeeeeee….”

Pinkie blinked. The nectar had become a torrent. Fluttershy’s vag seemed to quiver against her—no, her ass was quivering, her legs were shaking, it wasn’t just her vag. It was the most beautiful thing ever—and, thoughtfully, Pinkie began to suckle on Fluttershy’s clit again, but this time, while still flicking the end of it with her tonguetip and painting it with a flurry of delicate licks.

Fluttershy did not disappoint.

Her eyes flew wide, staring at nothing, and her whole body jerked and shuddered—and then, Fluttershy let out a scream that Pinkie would remember forever—like a maddened duchess pony taking a Clydesdale, shock and sweet agony and pleasure far beyond the bearable—tottered like a broken toy—and collapsed, twitching.

Pinkie rushed around to hug and kiss her. “Fluttershy! You okay?”

The pegasus pony couldn’t speak, or focus. Her wings looked like feather-dusters, and she panted, her heart pounding. After some more kissing, she recovered enough to stammer, “What…”

“You are the specialest pony ever! Oh, Fluttershy, I’m so grateful! I didn’t even get to do any of my tricks, and I don’t even care!”

“What, what…” managed Fluttershy.

“Huh?” said Pinkie. “That was your clit, you silly! Don’t you know what a clit is?”

Fluttershy’s eyes were wide and dazed. She shook her head, shyly.

“You DON’T? Oh my gosh, what a horrible waste! How did you ever manage? You should know more about your girl parts, they’re so wonderful! It’s the best clit ever, Fluttershy, it’s a tiny little jewel! I should mention that sometimes those are hard to get to, but they can be the most sensitive.”

Fluttershy gulped. One eye, then her wing, twitched. Feathers stuck everywhere, higgledy-piggledy.

“Is yours? I’m guessing maybe it is. You can tell me!” chirped Pinkie.

Fluttershy gulped again, and drew a shuddering breath. “Oh, I’ll tell you all right. I have just one thing to tell you, Pinkie Pie, and you’d better listen up, too, because I am not going to say it twice.”

Pinkie squeaked with alarm, for suddenly Fluttershy was staring at her super hard—almost, but not quite, as hard as she stared at her animals sometimes. “What’s that?”


Her voice shook with intensity and conviction. Pinkie’s face lit up in an expression of utter joy. Impulsively, she saluted, with an air of great seriousness, snapping out a “Yes, Ma’am!”. Then she scampered around to Fluttershy’s hindquarters again—the blitzed pegasus had collapsed in an ungainly heap, but Pinkie made light work of shifting the bird-boned pony around, positioning her fevered limpness so she was on her back, legs spread, her glorious vag and tender little breasts displayed for her ecstatic worshipper.

Fluttershy took two deep breaths, and melted against the ground, abandoning herself to utter willingness in Pinkie’s hooves—but it wasn’t Pinkie’s hooves she got. The excited earth pony dove right in, and went straight for the part she hadn’t got around to, and a thick, voluptuous tongue squirmed deeply into Fluttershy’s vagina, wriggling as it went.

Fluttershy squealed, going even more limp, and surely would have collapsed had she been trying to stand, but she was already a puddle on the ground and had nowhere left to fall, and she could only emit breathy screams as the tongue ransacked her. Pinkie was very excited, and experienced enough to know the state Fluttershy was in—and Pinkie’s tongue churned with manic eagerness, wanting to lick and massage everything, every little ridge and bump within Fluttershy’s yielding pussy.

It was so hot and wet, but more than that, it seemed so roomy. Pinkie thought she could just about double her tongue up in there. She started to try it, realized that was a little excessive as her tongue’s shape-contortions stretched Fluttershy’s vag out to tautness around it, and then realized the pegasus was quivering around her in a special way. The more eagerly she worked inside Fluttershy, the more she squirmed her tongue and licked everything she could reach, the more her beautiful lover quivered and shook, and she began to hear that “Eeeeee….” again.

The odd thing was, she couldn’t seem to bring Fluttershy off that way. She was reducing the lovely pegasus mare to an exhausted puddle, a burnt-up charcoal-stick of post-coital wreckage, but it wasn’t bringing her off, not the way Pinkie knew she could. Had all her experiences been this way? Did she believe that sex was this desperate grappling for pleasure and penetration, fanning desires that just burned themselves dry again, leaving further hunger in place of release—had she known no better?

Fluttershy’s noises were glorious. They weren’t loud, but they seemed to capture the essence of mare-liness, and she melted further and further, the imperious arousal that flooded her body commanding her to surrender more, and more, and more, for a trigger that would not come through her penetration alone.

Pinkie Pie’s tongue slurped back out again—and without a hesitation, she dove to suckle on Fluttershy’s mound, her tongue exploring against it as she did, searching out that tiny nub buried in her vag’s tender softnesses… and finding it.

Fluttershy’s limpness was shattered. She kicked, her wings flapped against the grass spastically, and with an ear-mangling scream she seemed to rise up off the ground on a wave of thrashing energy, arching her back as Pinkie drove her onward. Fluttershy screamed and screamed, going red in the face, bucking and banging her head against the forgiving earth, unable to stop freaking out so long as Pinkie suckled and licked her there.

Pinkie might have stopped, too, being a kind pony, but she couldn’t help it, for she was orgasming herself crosseyed, clopping herself with a hoof as she erotically devoured the pegasus she’d always wanted above all others. When she could catch her breath, she noticed an alarming tone in Fluttershy’s screams, beautiful but terrifying, and realized she’d let herself get carried away and hadn’t paid attention to the state of her lover.

She stopped, right away, and though she doubted she could stand, it didn’t stop her—she crawled forward over Fluttershy’s belly to lie atop the devastated pegasus disaster-area and look into her eyes.

Fluttershy looked back, with a thousand-yard stare in which disbelief played a major role. She looked like she’d been used as a feather-duster, and then to rake leaves and possibly chop down trees as well.

Pinkie’s heart went out. The poor thing hadn’t asked for this—she couldn’t possibly have expected it in the least. She looked stunned, vulnerable. Pinkie said softly to her, “I love you. I really really really love you. I’ll be gentler. I’m sorry if I hurt.”

Fluttershy’s mouth opened, but only a weak little croak came out. Then a cute squeak—then she swallowed, blinked hard, and in a raspy little voice said, “…anytime.”

“Oooh!” chirped Pinkie, weakly. “Really?”

Fluttershy nodded.

“So, I can… see you again? Like this?” said Pinkie.

At this, Fluttershy looked away, worry coming to her eyes. Pinkie caught her breath, frightened, as the wrecked pegasus thought about the question—it was all too obvious that it had gone straight past the fluffy Fluttershy exterior, straight to the secret, dark heart, where Fluttershy passed unforgiving judgement on things and hid her conclusions from the world.

Somehow, when she looked back in Pinkie’s eyes, it was obvious that private heart was speaking. Fluttershy had considered all she knew about Pinkie—all the debauchery and bodysex and craziness—with an unflinching gaze, and gone on from there to weigh her own voyeurism and private cruelty, as well. Fluttershy meant business, and was not messing around.

“Will I be your number one best favorite pony, forever and ever and ever?” she said, and bit her lip.

Oh—is that all? thought Pinkie.


Fluttershy’s eyes filled with tears, as Pinkie, unable to stop herself, kept saying it. “Yes, yes, yes, yesyesyesyes, yessity yes yes, total yes, a WORLD of yes, chimi-cherry-yesna, stick a cupcake in my YES…”

Pinkie’s eyes filled as well, as Fluttershy silenced her with a kiss—and Pinkie trembled with bliss, not knowing exactly why but sensing it, as Fluttershy’s wings came up and around and wrapped her in a cocoon of fluffy warm feathers, the undersides of Fluttershy’s wings tenderly stroking her body in the most strangely intimate way.

It felt so odd—her heart was going like mad—but she wouldn’t dream of stopping it. Not from her yes number one best favorite pony, forever yes and ever and YES.

Back at Twilight Sparkle’s house, Trixie was enjoying another cup of tea—Mistress had felt generous—and Spike was remarking to Twilight, “I don’t mind saying it’ll be nice when things go back to normal around here. Or whatever we can pretend is normal! Life has been crazy, thanks to your new second assistant! I’ve got to hand it to her, I’ve never seen anybody cause as much trouble in such a short time!”

Trixie blinked. “Trixie is very sorry for having caused trouble…”

“Ehh, it’s all right, honest!” said Spike. “Keeps things interesting. I can watch the crazy shenanigans all day. It’s kinda fun.” He chortled.

“Well,” said Twilight, “as long as you’re happy! Don’t expect too much amusement from me, though, Spike. I will not allow myself to be rattled by stuff like this!”

Spike snickered. “Sure.”

“Oh, please! I’ve handled myself with complete calm and dignity!”

“Of course, Mistress!” said Trixie, proudly.

Spike wouldn’t stop snickering. “Yeah, right. So calm you came in twice, right? Does that count as twice as calm?”

“What?” said Twilight Sparkle.

“Don’t try to con me, Twilight, I heard you. Didn’t you have to go back out to make sure that stuff was still buried? Real calm, sister. It’s okay, I should know you by now…”

“I didn’t. What are you talking about?”

“You rushed in, and then you weren’t satisfied, right? You snuck back out, and went to make sure that stuff was still buried, right? And then you came back, and came upstairs to talk to Trixie, and you guys worked stuff out between yourselves. Right? I know you did. I was standing right up there, talking to Trixie.”

Twilight was frozen, and Trixie’s face was beginning to fall, looking at her. Twilight tried once more.

“I didn’t come in twice.”

“Well, if you didn’t, who did? Who would come in here, not say hello or anything, and then sneak back out like that? Now if all the bookcases were knocked over, I’d know it was…”

He trailed off. Twilight looked awful. Her head slowly turned, and then she took a step, and then a series of steps, towards one of her bookcases—her Daring Do collection.

Spike and Trixie stared at the back of Twilight’s head, speechless. She, in turn, was staring at one book. The collection had a trade band along the bottoms of the spines, the books lined up neatly on the shelf with the band forming a line along the books, and it was plain that one of the books was flipped, put in upside down. They couldn’t see which one it was, but Twilight could.


Twilight’s head bowed. Her eyes screwed shut, seemingly in anguish.


“Hey, uh, Twilight?”

Twilight’s head turned to face them. Her eyes were still squeezed shut, her jaw clamped painfully tight, her face set and hard. She kept turning, as if they weren’t even there. Her teeth showed.


Twilight Sparkle’s eyes cracked open, and a burning white light of vengeance spilled out. She took a step towards the door.

Trixie’s teacup hit the floor, and shattered.