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Daily life on a Minecraft server! Features readers of my Trixieverse books, who’ve built many things: also, the site for the Tales Of Versus set.

Guide To Trixieverse Builds

This video’s for the relaunch of Trixieverse Builds! It was the most fun when we were making stuff on the server, not trying to do fancy modded games but using a current version of Minecraft. Trixieverse Builds is coming back, in comfortable half-hour episodes! Server address in the video. See you there!

How To Control Minecraft Terrain Generation With Perlin Noise

This video teaches you how to use the Minecraft mod ‘Wedge’ (we’ll assume you were able to get it running already) to control terrain generation. The first half-hour explains how octaves of noise work, and how they combine in 3D space. Then, we tweak Wedge trying to work toward a specific result for the next half-hour, until Minecraft crashes :) Settings are shown in the video, for Wedge users! The 1.8 terrain generation may use different controls, and I’ll try to follow up with a dedicated video for that when I have access to the feature.

The Wuf Abides

Shanawolf comes to help! Sort of! There’s a little Trixieverse discussion, and a little Minecraft LP project discussion. A bloggy sort of episode, really. Soon we will be getting back to the ponies (or indeed tackling newer Minecrafty projects!)


Planning the city, and explaining how such a thing can be a drawing reference. At some point I’ll take to leaving clues about things like upcoming maps, the plans for Trixieverse, or new websites in these videos to reward folks who are daft enough to hang out with my boring, dirt-shoveling self :)

Other serieses may well be more fast paced ;)

Author Author

In which we begin a little detour into REALITY, in the form of a skin made to talk in my normal voice and be Applejinx! This was an interesting little experiment. More and more I’m thinking that this Minecraft stuff is the next thing to an audio diary done whilst organizing virtual chests. Maybe that’s how it’ll end up.

Baa Baa Black Sheep

And one more Applejack ep before we experiment with—real life! Namely, Applejinx in human form (well, mostly) coming on to show off some of the server’s builds and get busy on the Versus build. That might be for a limited time so it’ll be interesting to see how it works out. (trying to get back into some of the things I used to do in the first videos)

Another possibility is to switch around among the ponies way more frequently: act like they’re tag-teaming it. Dunno. Remains to be seen. Applejinx is tired pone and can’t brain too good right now.