Sweet Apple Butter

There were danishes. And muffins. And more danishes. Pinkie filled a table with danishes, with Fluttershy sitting at the table and being served, and Dash lying on the bed in a naughty, sprawled-out position. They’d been checking her bandages, which were fine, and had moved on to breakfast.

“You don’t have any coffee?” said Rainbow Dash. “Or eggs? Oat-cakes?”

Pinkie Pie blinked curiously. “Dashie, you’ve stayed over here before. I thought you liked my danishes! Look, this one has extra icing—I’ll let you have it so you can build up your strength!”

Fluttershy coughed, gently. “I’m not sure ponies really build up strength that way…”

Rainbow rolled her eyes. Now that she couldn’t have Applejack’s breakfasts, she craved them, and her previous careless ways felt wrong. But there was no sense in offending Pinkie, so she leaned over to nibble at the sugary danish, feeling the old cheap-energy buzz start to kick in.

As she did, she saw Pinkie pass in front of Fluttershy—and saw Fluttershy’s wing trail across Pinkie’s butt.

“I’d like another danish, please,” said Fluttershy. “I’ve decided I’m going to pretend something.”

Pinkie beamed. “Ooo! Is this a guessing game? It might not be very hard, though. Are you going to pretend you’re eating for…”

“Uh-huh,” crooned Fluttershy, peeking sidelong at Pinkie.

The earth pony’s smile grew impossibly wide and glittering. “I getcha! Coming right up, quick as a wing, I mean wink!” She winked, and trotted out to the kitchen, returning with a fresh tray.

“Careful!” said Pinkie, as she passed the tray over Fluttershy’s body, allowing the underside of it to brush her wings, which perked up and jostled the hapless tray until it nearly spilled danishes all over Fluttershy. “Oops! I told you to be…”

“IS there something you two think you should tell me?” demanded Rainbow Dash.

Pinkie froze. Bad tone… Rainbow sounded brittle, really upset.


“Or did you just think I was, like, totally stupid?”

“Oh, dear,” said Fluttershy.

“No, Dashie!” protested Pinkie Pie. “It’s okay, there’s nothing wrong!”

“Oh, good,” said Dash. “Then you should have no problem explaining why you have Fluttershy acting so slu… erm… that came out wrong, didn’t it?”

Fluttershy suddenly couldn’t meet Rainbow Dash’s eyes. Her face was bright red, her blush so intense that even her chest and the shanks of her wings glowed a bit.

Pinkie Pie stared at Dash in shock, almost in wonder. “Rainbow Dash, am I even hearing you properly? I don’t believe it. You are in my house, Dashie! You are sitting on the very bed where you begged me to keep contorting my tongue into unhealthy mean shapes, inside your vagina, until I couldn’t do it any more. What did you just start to call my marefriend?”

Dash stared, stricken. Pinkie scooted over, putting a foreleg around Fluttershy as she cowered, and stared right back at Dash, and the anger in her gaze slowly built. Behind Pinkie’s glaring head, Dash could see Fluttershy’s wings helplessly lifting, hovering at halfmast just to feel Pinkie embracing her. She blushed harder, but couldn’t control her reaction.

“Fine!” said Dash. “Slutty! Don’t look at me that way, okay? Sheesh, coming from me it should be a compliment, right? I mean, who do you think you’re talking to, anyway? Twilight Sparkle?”

Pinkie held Dash’s eyes, challenging. “It didn’t sound like a compliment, Dashie.”

“Yeah, that. Um. This is going to take a little explaining…” said Dash, unhappily. “Ya see, us pegasuses, the way we are, we like having a lot of fun in bed in some ways, but there’s other stuff that’s more… personal…”

Pinkie relented—partly because she felt Fluttershy’s wing reach forward and deliberately brush her mane. Dash didn’t see it, for her eyes had dropped, but Pinkie felt it. She said, “Maybe you don’t have to say more than that, Dashie. Fluttershy explained a lot to me last night.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet,” said Dash miserably.

“Well, she did!” snapped Pinkie. “You could have let me know about all that, Dashie. It’s okay, I get it. I’m happy to have fun with you if it’s not hurting you. But you could have told me the reason you’re so funny about wings.”

“They’re beautiful wings,” said Fluttershy softly, not looking up. “Yours are the most wonderful wings a pegasus ever had, Rainbow.”

Pinkie hugged Fluttershy to her, reminded again of her tenderness, and continued. “Really, Dashie, I promise it’s okay. I guess I’m a little hurt? I know you’ve got to train all the time and maybe you don’t want to get too close to anypony? But please don’t judge us just ‘cause I like to munch on…”

Both pegasi jolted at the direction that phrase was heading, and Fluttershy hastily thwapped Pinkie with her wing, stopping her. Pinkie gulped. “Right. I guess I’m kind of slutty too, huh? Boy, this is weird, having you guys be so awkward about this. I don’t suppose we could break the ice with a sort of… big wing-nuzzling party?”

“No!” said both Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, in chorus, immediately. Both couldn’t meet anypony’s eyes, and both were blushing.

“Awww,” said Pinkie. “Okay, okay. I was just trying to help. I’m kind of new to this.”

Rainbow Dash looked at her, and Pinkie’s heart stuck in her throat. Dash was crying.

“It’s okay, Pinkie. You’re the best. I guess I never thought this would happen…”

“We love you, Rainbow Dash,” said Fluttershy, not looking up.

“Yeah,” said Dash. “Uh… Fluttershy, she’s always had a huge crush on you. Did you know that? It’s not, like, some random thing. Pinkie’s always loved you. I’m okay with that. I was always okay with that.”

“Thank you,” said Fluttershy.

“Oh, Dashie. Can I hug you?” said Pinkie, tearing up herself.

Dash nodded, and Pinkie trotted forward and grabbed Rainbow in a fierce hug, wrapping forelegs around her neck. Dash squirmed, flapping. “N…”

“I know,” sighed Pinkie. “Not the wings. Oh, Dashie.” She hugged tighter, carefully. “I love you, Dashie. I really, really do. I always will.”

“Yeah,” sniffled Rainbow, and heaved a big sigh.

“I love you too, Rainbow,” said Fluttershy quietly.

“I appreciate that,” said Dash. “It’s gonna be helpful. With me going forward, I mean. Sort of starting a new life, somehow. It’s… kind of scary, Fluttershy. It’s real different. I… don’t know if I like it as much as I thought I would…”

Fluttershy seemed to be gathering her courage. She bit her lip, her brows lowering in determination, her wings tucked tightly to her sides. “Um…”

“You wouldn’t like it at all, I can tell you that. But it’s all I’ve got…”

“I need to talk to you,” said Fluttershy firmly. “About that starting a new life thing.”

Rainbow Dash gulped. “Yeah, you are. I guess I can stand it. In fact, I, I… congratulations, okay? I really mean that. I love you both, so much. I hope your new life has a lot of joy.” She sounded miserable, crushed—yet earnest.

“No, Rainbow Dash. Starting a new life… for you.”

Rainbow stared at her, defenseless, her jaw hanging open slightly in shock. Fluttershy saw it, and settled herself, ruffling her wings lightly, picking her words with care.

“I feel almost like this is the sort of thing a mother pegasus should say, but I have known you for so many years—and I am feeling a teensy bit more motherly today, so I’ll risk it. Rainbow Dash, you are going to have to open your heart. The life you live is not good for you.”

Dash’s eyes teared up. She shook her head, weakly, looking tragic.

“Every pegasus,” continued Fluttershy, “finds somebody to share their life, and by that I mean mare pegasi, and by that I mean somepony to father their foals. You can say that you are such a lesbian that it doesn’t count, but I won’t believe you, especially not now. I know better now, and so should you. There’s a part of you that’s crying out for this, a part that you keep hidden away even from yourself, but you know it’s true.”

Rainbow was weeping, silently, listening, still shaking her head in despair.

“And that is why it is wrong that you’re letting your vanity stop you from giving your wings to another…”

Rainbow’s eyes widened. She glanced back and forth between Pinkie and Fluttershy in disbelief, opening her mouth, about to protest. Pinkie cut in.

“It’s true, Dashie. I mean, I’m okay that you wouldn’t do that with me, because I love Fluttershy very much, but there were times when I totally would have, you know? You deserve it.”

Fluttershy wouldn’t let Rainbow argue. “You have always sought out rough, casual ponies, and had rough bodysex with them. Pinkie, Applejack, now apparently Big Macintosh—I’ve seen you do it, over and over. I have never seen you give of yourself like a pegasus mare in love, and I would know, because… well, I think that I would, I have seen you at it more often than you’d suspect. I promise I’ll do less of that, now that I’ve met Pinkie I don’t feel nearly as compelled to peep, but that is why I must speak with you now. Your wonderful wings are NOT too good for ponykind. You must share them some day, even if you have yet to find a pony good enough for them.”

Rainbow Dash was speechless, scarlet with mortification. She took a shuddering breath. “Listen…”

“No!” said Fluttershy. “I’m not going to let you run rough-hooved over me this time, Rainbow Dash! I see how offended you are at the suggestion, but Pinkie has told me how you’ve been about it, with her—and I’ve seen that for myself, just now! Your ego and vanity over your so-wonderful, too-good-for-anypony wings… it needs to stop!”

Pinkie nodded. “She’s right, Dashie. As much as I love you, you’re so full of yourself, and it would probably do you good. We can’t all be play-toys, know what I mean?”

Fluttershy held Dash’s outraged gaze, for long enough to say, “I’m sorry you haven’t found a real mate, Rainbow Dash. And it’s nice that you’re so good at wild sex. It’s been fun to watch. I’ll admit that. But you need to find a home for your heart.”

Then, she looked away, for Rainbow Dash’s eyes were hard to face, right then.

Dash trembled. She swallowed, baring her teeth, the muscles in her neck standing out, her wings fluttering against her sides in anguish and blind rage. Her eyes shut, leaking tears, as the agony and the fury battled inside her. It was the fact that these were her closest, most devoted friends, and yet they had it all wrong, so horribly, unbearably wrong, insultingly wrong…

Rage won.

Rainbow Dash stared at her ‘friends’, her jaw tight, her eyes sealed storm windows enclosing the desolation and carnage of her pony heart. The agony showed—behind a hard, hard surface.

“Thanks. Really, thanks so much. I’ll take a memo. Seriously, I’ll get right on it.”

“Don’t you get sarcastic at me, Rainbow Dash!” cried Fluttershy. “I’m serious!”

“That’s nice.”

Pinkie blinked. Though Fluttershy was insightful, it was Pinkie whose instincts were uncanny—and though Dashie’s resentment told a story, something didn’t add up. “Wait… when you said ‘Listen’ in that funny way, were you going to make more excuses about how we’re not good enough, or were you going to say something else?”

Dash gritted her teeth, her eyes clamped shut—and spoke.

“I’m out of here.”

When those eyes opened, the rage chilled Pinkie and Fluttershy, and the bitterness in her words was burning bridges and the destruction of friendships.

“Thanks for the ‘bandages’.”

She didn’t even fly through the window and smash it. She was all cold control and stifled fury, and she flew with deliberate wingbeats out the bedroom door, down the stairs, out through Sugarcube Corner and away, all while Pinkie and Fluttershy stared in silent horror.

Pinkie sighed. “It’s gotta be true. It must be her ego.”

“I’m afraid it is,” said Fluttershy, “but what convinced you?”

“I’ve never, ever seen her so pissed off…”

They drew closer, shivering, as a tortured scream of rage and betrayal faintly sounded, far, far away.

“We’d better let her cool off for a while before trying it again,” said Fluttershy.

“Yeah,” sighed Pinkie. “Wow, is she a tough nut to crack!”

They walked, the orange earth pony and white unicorn, through the gardens Carrot Top owned, toward the woods. They’d met at Sweet Apple Acres, and set off.

Rarity had borne a red rose in her teeth, that she presented to Applejack. It was delicious.

“Got to say, that was about the tastiest flower I ever did see…”

“But of course. Do you think I would rely upon less for my gambit?”

“What’s a gambit?” said Applejack.

“Ploy. Technique. Erm… trick?”

“Y’all tricking me? That ain’t very romantic.”

Rarity scoffed. “I am the soul of romance. My creations breathe romance. But we’re grown mares, you and I. We are not talking about romance, are we?”

Applejack blinked. “Well, then, what are we talkin’ about?”

Rarity’s eyes flashed. “SEX.”

“Oh. Heh. That.”

They ambled along, and Applejack considered things. Soon, she spoke again.

“Well, now, that’s mighty blunt of y’all. Mind explainin’ how come you’re takin’ this angle? When ya brung me the flower, I din’t exactly figure on this.”

Rarity didn’t bat one elegantly-sculpted eyelash. It seemed she had a little speech worked out, from how she answered. “I am a working mare, dear Applejack. So are you—we have this in common. It is a profound mutual similarity, in fact. We are not ones to fawn over another, shirk our duties to gaze cow-eyed at some object of our affections. We love each other dearly…”

“We do?” blinked Applejack.

“A-hem!” Rarity cleared her throat, with a warning glance. “We love each other dearly, but I do not offer you mushy sentimentality, long walks through the woods that we are both too busy to take.”

“We’re walkin’ through th’ woods right now, ya silly pointy-headed thang, you.”

“And how many hours do you plan to take off work, to repeat it?”

“Uh… good point. Pow’ful unromantic, though. Jes’ sayin’.”

“Romance is a deft servant but a wilful master, darling. Who can say whether the sparks of it will enlighten our nights? It comes whence least expected, and is best not sought directly. Again, I do not offer romance and fillyish pining on your behalf.”

“Then what are ya offerin’, Rarity?”

“Passion! It is much like romance—but…” and Rarity caught a breath, her eyes gleaming entrancingly—“It burns hotter, darling.”

Applejack smirked, glancing at the pretty unicorn, sensing the openness of her desire. It was about as subtle as a buck to the head. There was something comforting about that. “Ya sayin’ I’m supposed to burn hot for you? That might take some persuadin’. I’m all mare now, remember? Ya can’t jes’ tell me to be passionate. Convince me. All ya doin’ is spinnin’ fancy words.”

Rarity was undaunted. “Oh, I can be very persuasive, never fear. But that is not what I meant.”

“All right—shoot.” Applejack stopped in the middle of the path. “Tell me what ya mean.”

Rarity didn’t speak. Instead, she began to pace, slowly circling Applejack, who stood challengingly and didn’t budge a hoof.

Rarity’s eyes began at Applejack’s front. She started at Applejack’s sturdy hooves, weathered from hard work in the fields, neatly trimmed in a practical way by the trusty farrier. Her eyes roamed up across pastern, knee, up Applejack’s firm leg to the shoulder, its gentle bulge of muscle betraying the health and power of the orange mare.

Rarity paced around further, as Applejack watched. Unicorn eyes drank in the proud arch of Applejack’s neck, crest trailing down to firm withers that played under her burnt-sienna coat as she shifted, awkwardly, feeling naked beneath Rarity’s hungry gaze. The unicorn didn’t let up. She paced onward, a gleeful smirk across her muzzle.

Her eyes fondled Applejack’s loin as it rose to the arch of her croup, that wonderful high point along her back which defined the way her rump made a delicious slope down to her dock and the silky blonde of her tail. The hungry eyes took in the delicate knob at the top of her hip—actually the top promontory of her pelvis, projecting from behind firm, supple muscle.

Rarity licked her lips, pacing all the way around behind Applejack, who watched with wider and wider eyes. The unicorn dipped her head and peered under Applejack’s tail, as the country mare first swished it to the side, then covered herself in a fit of shyness. Rarity didn’t try to stop that. She’d got a good look at Applejack’s fine shapely vagina and the firm, bountiful curves of her muscular ass, and though the silky blonde tresses covered most of that, it was still possible to see the happy little swellings of her pony breasts, as if through gauze curtains. The veiling made it all the lovelier, of course.

Applejack was blushing. Rarity was flushed. It was not precisely blushing, for it was not from embarrassment. Her eyes were wilder than Applejack had ever seen them. Slowly, Rarity paced onward, eyes caressing hock, gaskin, the barrel of her belly and chest, and Applejack stood, heart pounding, as Rarity stepped deliberately around to stand before her, looking her fully in the eye.

“I want to fuck you, darling,” said Rarity. “You are exquisite… and you shall be mine.”

Applejack’s jaw dropped. She glanced away, terribly disconcerted, and could feel those sapphire eyes still devouring her every move and reaction, still hungry for her, ravenous.

“Oh, my,” she said. “…damn if you ain’t convincin’, after all.” She panted, gently biting her lip.

“Thank you,” said Rarity, her eyes still locked on Applejack’s.

“Ah would say… yes, y’all persuasive. Dang…”

Rarity licked her lips, rapidly. “Shall we go over to my place, then, where… I will possess that delectable body and work my wicked will upon it? Pray say yes.”

Applejack’s heart was pounding. It felt fantastic to feel so desirable again. “Why wait?”

“Eh?” blinked Rarity.

“You can start anytime, honey.”

“But my bit is back home. We’re going there. It’s not far.”

Applejack looked startled. “You got your tongue, ain’tcha?”

Rarity wrinkled her nose, delicately. “That is not my preference. I mean, if you like… but I want to plunge throbbing stallionhood into that beautiful, sculpted marehood.”

Applejack’s ears drooped. “Aw. Well, it does sound good.” She snickered. “Heh. Your stallionhood, in my marehood. Over at your neighborhood? An’ not all out in the middle-of-the-wood?”

“Don’t tease,” scolded Rarity.

“You started it!”

Rarity stomped an impeccably groomed hoof. “And I shall finish it!”

“Oh, yeah?” laughed Applejack. “What if I jes’ stay right here? Huh? Whatcha gonna do about that, missy?”

Rarity couldn’t stop grinning. She lowered her head, a world of wickedness in her eyes, and began pacing around behind Applejack again, who sighed and shook out her flowing, un-tied mane, expecting the kiss of unicorn tongue against her private parts.


She found herself galloping, with Rarity laughing and trying to mount her playfully as she ran. The crazy damn unicorn had bitten her ass!

“Hey!” she yelled, kicking out behind her mid-gallop, thumping Rarity in the chest.

It didn’t even faze the elegant creature. “Ha ha! You’ll have to play rougher than that to shock me! Faster, faster! Your stallion awaits! He’s in a china dish and will soon be between my teeth! And he’ll be ME!”

Rarity tried to mount Applejack again, and fell off, laughing.

Applejack slowed down and began to argue. “The hell was that? Thought you weren’t gonna lick or nothin’?”

“That was not a lick,” smirked Rarity. “It was a bite, and you deserved it. Naughty, disobedient mare. Run, or I’ll nip you again!”

“Think ya own that rump, so quick? Think it’s yours for nippin’? Huh?”

“If you would prefer a taste of the crop, that can be arranged. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves—surely the main event is more, aha, earthy than that!”

“Now what gives you the idea…”


They did, Applejack panting, her head held high, Rarity pulling up behind her, panting even harder. Grinning, she sniffed at Applejack’s hindquarters.

“Got you, darling. Pretty-pony’s marehood is interested, oh yes. It’s a bit untidy, mind you.”

“Untidy?” snorted Applejack. She could feel it too—her vag quivered with eager arousal, and she could feel how juicy she was. There was a time when her marefriend knew what to do about THAT. “Well, now,” she demanded, “if ya ain’t gonna lick me, whatcha gonna do about it? Get out a mop?”

Rarity pranced up and got in her face, still grinning. “Oh no. Far too untidy for that. I’m thinking a huge! …throbbing! Plunger!”

Applejack realized she was grinning as well, couldn’t help it. “Hah. Y’all crazy, Rarity.”

“Crazy for you, darling,” purred Rarity, and waggled her eyebrows.

“Think it’ll work?” teased Applejack.

“One way to find out,” grinned Rarity.

“Think you can catch me?”

“You’ll beg me to catch you!”

“Hah!” laughed Applejack, and ran off, legs flying.

Rarity set off in pursuit, struggling to keep up. “You want a stallion, you shall have one, fleet-footed darling! Run!” she cried, settling into a steady canter. The lovely creature could run like the wind, and looked ravishing doing it. Her mane flew free under that silly, charming hat. The sight of her body receding was a goad to Rarity’s new stallionish feelings, a welcome focussing and directing of the new state of mind.

Before she knew it, Applejack was back with a thundering of hooves, and was running playful circles around her. “Can’t catch me! And ya gonna have to!”

“You’ll get all sweaty!” protested Rarity.

“You’re the one said run, you silly mare!” said Applejack, grinning.

“We’ll bathe,” decided Rarity. “When we’re done.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Indeed, ‘yeah’. Always. Your stallion decrees it,” smirked Rarity.

“You gonna de-cree often? I heard that it’s bad for ya. Leads to pains in th’ ass,” teased Applejack, trotting beside Rarity with bouncy steps.

Rarity thought of pegging Big Macintosh, and hastily grabbed a stray topic that wasn’t about ass. “Do you like pain, lovely mare? It excited you when I nipped you. There was no mistaking that. If your tastes run that direction, your stallion is… ingenious.”

“Heh. Define ‘ingenious’. And I don’t mean on account of I don’t know th’ word, neither. I’m thinkin’ more practical-like.”

“So am I,” said Rarity. “You have no idea—but you’ll learn, oh, how you’ll learn!”

“I might have some tricks to teach you, too,” snickered Applejack, “if ya never ate pussy before. You’re in for a treat!”

“I never said I hadn’t. Don’t be silly. I’ve done most everything you can imagine and many things you can’t. I simply have my tastes, that is all.”

They’d reached their destination, the Carousel Boutique, and trotted through the door smirking at each other. Applejack pranced. “Oh, do ya? Happens I might want to find out about your taste.”

“Ha!” said Rarity. “Indeed! Inner sanctum, and we shall see about that!” Then she gave a little shriek, for Applejack’s nose had ducked under her once-coiffed, now-disheveled tail, and she felt the other mare’s breath against her privates.

“Naw, I mean I might find out what you taste like,” began Applejack, but suddenly she was looking at Rarity’s face and not her vag—she’d got barely an instant to check it out, before the unicorn had whirled.

“INNER sanctum! Now!”

Applejack’s ears quirked. “An’ how am I s’posed to do that, missy, when you ain’t told me where it is?”

“Oh,” said Rarity, her ears splayed in vexation. “Right. You are so right, and I am so sorry, darling.”

The country pony grinned at her discomfiture. “Where’s that attention to detail now?”

Rarity rallied. “It has been obliterated in a tide of raw animal lust—for you!”

“Sweet talker,” snickered Applejack. “Crazy pointy-head pony. So where’s this SAHNK-toom?”

Rarity giggled. “The door right behind you. It is also my bedroom. Prepared. Provisioned.” She waggled her eyebrows, grinning wickedly. “Soundproofed.” Her horn glowed, and the door swung open.

“How’dja know I was noisy?”

“A wild, mad, unpredictable guess.” Rarity’s smirk widened. “I can’t imagine why I’d get such an idea.”

“YEEHAW!” cried Applejack, and pranced into Rarity’s bedroom, thudding against the doorframe for a moment as she dodged Opalescence, who’d heard the yell and chosen that moment to flee the bedroom.

“Oh, careful! Oh Opal, darling, yes, you’d better stay out of this. Applejack, you weren’t in the room yet! You did that on purpose! It’s not properly soundproofed until you are inside and the door is closed…”

The door closed behind her. Opalescence stared in disbelief, sat, and began licking her paw, refusing to take notice, even as a series of thumps shook the whole boutique.

“For heaven’s sake! Applejack!”

Rarity was losing control of the situation. She felt it, and while in one way it was very exciting, it endangered her whole plan for the evening. She’d no intention of winding up as the submissive toy. She meant to stallion, and Applejack had claimed she no longer did that, but she was playfully mounting Rarity, nosing under her rump.

Even a determined buck of her alabaster hooves hadn’t shaken the country pony. She’d slammed into the wall, laughed, and bounced up again, grinning and trying to get behind her would-be lover like it was a hilarious game.

“What has got into you?” demanded Rarity.

“Ain’t nothin’ got into me yet! That’s your problem! I just want a lil’ taste, for my trouble!”

Rarity stamped a hoof. “I am your stallion!”

“Aw,” grinned Applejack. “But Rarity! I always wanted to run my tongue up an’ down your pretty folds!”

Rarity’s jaw dropped. “Really?”

“Uh… nah,” admitted Applejack. “Weren’t into that until recently. I din’t look at you that way, neither, not even recently.” Her grin widened. “But with you jumpin’ my bones an’ all, I just GOT to know. Come on. Be a sport. I bet it’s real nice.”

Privately, she thought to herself: and Dash’s taste won’t be the last on my lips. She kept smiling, though. It wasn’t talk-about-your-feelings time.

Rarity shifted from hoof to hoof. “This is a thing, for you, yes?”

“Sure. Ain’t you got kinks, sugarcube?”

“Oh, you’ve no idea,” breathed Rarity. She chuckled fondly, running down the list in her head.

“Such as?” challenged Applejack, trotting in place.

Rarity smiled a deliciously naughty smile. “Spurs, I like the spurs. It requires skill, I shan’t trust you with them at first. I’ve not used them on my own hooves—if you will permit, I would adore getting the opportunity. I like tight, binding straps. They have to be black—contrast, you know. A really tight bridle, so you can’t speak…”

Applejack had stopped prancing, and was staring. “Dang. Uh… bondage, huh? Not gettin’ ate out, so much?”

“Have you not tried it? Oh, my. Spreader bars, elaborate harnesses, chains and cuffs…”

“Ropes?” blinked Applejack.

“Velvet covered…” began Rarity, and then her eyes flew wide. She began bouncing up and down like Pinkie Pie, and emitted a little squeal of delight. “You! You are a rodeo artiste, are you not? You are a virtuoso of rope, right in my bedroom!”

“Aw,” grinned Applejack. “Nice of you to say. I got me some tricks, sure enough.”

Rarity nodded, beaming. “Lassoing. And…” She gulped, and licked her lips, trembling. “Hog-tying?”

“I’ll make you a deal, sugarcube.”


“I’ll hog-tie your ass for ya, like you was in th’ rodeo… if you let me taste your pretty.”

Rarity winced. Applejack’s face dropped. “Aw… well, shucks, sugarcube, never you mind… I’ll do it anyhow…”

“No, no, it’s not too much to ask. May I request one thing?” said Rarity.

“Oh, honey, request whatever you like. I din’t mean to bust your balloon. It’s okay.”

“Oh, my ‘balloon’ is ‘unbusted’, darling. Just… would you be a true jewel about it, and not… salivate?”

Applejack blinked, looking at Rarity’s woebegone face. “Sugar, if it ain’t your thing it ain’t your thing.”

“But it’s yours… and you must be curious, you’ve told me and bargained with me… and it’s only fair, not too much to ask. It is just the one detail I do not delight in.”

Applejack thought. “Between th’ lickin, and th’ oozing of th’ special sauce, it does get a mite slobbery, I reckon.”

Rarity gave an elegant little shudder of distaste. “Quite. But… I saw it in your eyes. You WOULD like to taste, darling. You crave the sights and feels and tastes of me. I… like that part.” She gazed imploringly at Applejack. “May I indulge you?”

“Aw, Rarity. Ya don’t have to.”

“But I want to! And then, you’ll get your comeuppance, you naughty mare! Come on, then.” Rarity trotted around, presenting her rump, flicking her tail. “Come, darling, investigate your lover’s body. All natural, no straps or spurs or bits for now.”

Applejack approached, her eyes flicking between Rarity’s treasure and her eyes. “All natural, huh?”

Rarity pouted. “The best conditioners and lotions money can purchase from the Spa, if you must know. Come on! I want to be open to you in every way, even if it’s strange to me.”

Applejack nosed in under Rarity’s tail, and there it was—alabaster unicorn vag. It seemed so clean—well, that was unsurprising. She could also tell that Rarity wasn’t truly distressed, at least as long as she didn’t slobber, which she vowed to herself she would not do. The flawless pussy-lips pouted just a bit, evidence of some arousal—if it was not the impending licking, could it be some variation on the bondage thing? Rarity being aroused, by her body being used against her will—or somewhat against her will?

Reflectively, Applejack nuzzled Rarity’s silky butt-cheek—and, being careful not to drool in any way, bared her teeth and gave it a slow, deliberate nip. Rarity’s ass quivered in a delicious way, and suddenly a glimmer was revealed between her labia, and then they winked apart briefly.

Oh, yes—that did it. It was the being-used thing.

“Ya dirty lil’ darling,” crooned Applejack. Rarity shuddered, and winked again, with a quiet whimper. Applejack savored the scent. Hell, the ooze that was comin’ out of Rarity was miles better’n the perfumey lotions she’d been using. She could tell the difference between the scent of the white unicorn’s pristine coat, plainly groomed to within an inch of its life, and the wilder, headier scent of the juices that slickened her for mating, and threatened to drip off the end of her jutting clitoris…

“Uh-oh,” said Applejack. “Reckon you don’t like bein’ drippy as a rule. I got that for ya.”

She smirked fondly, took a last breath of the heady aromas—swallowed all the saliva she could find in her mouth—and extended her tongue. And, delicately, Applejack licked across the swelling clitoris and between the alabaster labia, remembering every moment as her tongue stroked tenderly along the quivering pinkness of Rarity’s vagina and cleaned up all the nectars it could reach.

She sat back. “Whoo!” she said. Hastily, she ran the back of her hoof across her mouth. Wouldn’t be no kissin’ Rarity after that there, she reckoned. She swallowed, trying to dispose of all things drooly and oozey in her mouth before Rarity looked at her, and she tried to fix in her memory the lovely, unfamiliar-yet-familiar taste.

Rarity turned her head. “Applejack? Did you wish more? It’s good, that was fine…”

“Naw,” smiled Applejack. “I’m satisfied. An’… you are one delicious lady, Rarity. Them lotions and things ain’t half as good as th’ plain natural you.”

Rarity’s eyes glistened. “Oh, Applejack! You’re so sweet. And so understanding! But then, you always are, aren’t you?”

“Shucks. You deserve it.”

“That’s nothing to what you deserve!” said Rarity. “My, yes… it’s your turn now!”

Applejack blinked, astonished. “You’re gonna go down on me? Seriously?”

“Ah! Ha. Well. No,” Rarity stammered, off balance, but rallied. “Oh no. It’s stallion time, my dear! You shan’t escape me, I have you now!”

Applejack considered this. “You have me sittin’ on my butt. Lickin’ my lips. Uh, no offense?”

“Stand up.”

“Heh. It’s comfortable sittin’ here on my butt,” teased Applejack. “My lil’ treasure is snug against th’ floor. It’s a nice floor, real clean. Well—for now. Ya get me excited, I’ll paint it for ya.”

Rarity’s eyes flashed. “Stand up!”

“Oooh. There it goes… Sound like a stallion some more, I like it.”

Rarity grinned. She began to slink around behind Applejack. “Think you can play dirty, my sweet?”

Applejack snickered. “Dirty don’t worry me. As you well know. It’s nice here on th’ floor, and from this angle you can’t rightly get your teeth to YAA!”

She leapt to her hooves. Rarity had lowered her head and jabbed her ass with her horn, grinning like a fiend.

“Dang pointy-headed troublemakin’…”

“Turn around,” commanded Rarity.

Applejack couldn’t stop grinning as she gazed into Rarity’s burning blue eyes. The heavy lashes just added more determination to her gaze. Rarity snorted, haughtily, and Applejack quivered, her head bowed but still with a playful defiance.

“You’re getting fucked, darling. Turn around,” said Rarity.

“Make me.”

In the silence, a tiny sound seemed to echo. It was a drip of pony juice, from Applejack’s juicy, expectant vag, hitting the floor.

Rarity’s grin grew teeth. It deserved fangs.

“You’re getting PLUNGED,” she said.

Applejack was grinning so hard it hurt. “Oh yeah?”

Rarity snorted—and pounced.

They wrestled briefly, Applejack crashing to the floor, then Rarity, scrambling up and grappling with forehooves. For a moment, Applejack laughed, mounting Rarity, but the elegant unicorn snarled and bucked her off like a bronco, with unexpected agility. And then, she’d heaved herself up, and her forelegs latched on—wrapping around Applejack’s waist like they wouldn’t let go, and Applejack stood, panting, her eyes wild and alive, allowing Rarity to straddle her, feeling her belly against her rump.

“Ya got me!”

Rarity snorted, again. “Prepare yourself, mare, if you can!”

Applejack twisted her head to look up at her lover, and laughed in her face. “Hah! You prepare your own self—you ain’t even got th’ bit! I could be nice an’ stand here while you go and…”

Rarity’s horn glowed, and Applejack gulped. “Oh, yeah. Unicorn. Right.”

Rarity smirked down at the hapless earth pony, and her forelegs held on tighter as the gleaming magic bit floated near—tossed itself out of reach as Applejack playfully lunged for it—and floated over to Rarity’s mouth. Rarity bit down on the thing with an audible clink.

“Aw, yeah…” breathed Applejack, as something swelled into existence, brushing lightly against the inside of her leg.

Rarity nodded with satisfaction—muttered “Pl’nged…” to herself—and swung her hips back, beginning to position herself.

Applejack gasped. She twisted her head around, suddenly, trying to look behind her. There was a dick, all right. It had swung, and it had thumped her leg, and she’d melted away in an instant but also panicked. Dear Celestia!

It thumped her again, and then prodded against her vag. Dear sweet Celestia…

Rarity sighed, took a breath—and swung her hips forward.

“GYAH!” shrieked Applejack. Swollen unicorn-stallion bulk wedged into Applejack’s panicked, juicy vag with an obscene and very tight squelch. Her body shuddered, stunned by the sudden intrusion—it was insane that Rarity would be packing this! Applejack thought her bones must be creaking from the strain. She screamed, again, kicking at the floor with a forehoof.

Rarity shoved deeper. “Yessss…”

Applejack reeled. She was damned if she’d ask for it to stop—it was an obscene super-stallion fantasy in action and turned her on like crazy, but it was just too hardcore! She shuffled her rear hooves, trying to set them farther apart, and it seemed to help a bit, maybe. It also felt incredibly sexy, having to stand in such a way just to endure the titanic cock, and gave her an inkling of hope that the experience would be glorious…

Rarity grunted, tugged half the shaft out of Applejack, and sunk it to her cervix with another very masculine shove.

Applejack shrieked, her ears flattening, her vision going white.

“D’rling, r’lax,” said Rarity through a mouthful of bit. “Stop b’ring down like that. P’nches.”

Applejack fought for breath, dragged a bunch of air into her lungs, and yelled back, “I AIN’T!”

Hearing the raw edge of hysteria in Applejack’s frayed voice, Rarity froze. “Uh… you… ‘ain’t’?”

Applejack panted, shaking, her mind a turmoil. Who would have thought the prissy unicorn mare would end up able to lay her to waste? Would she have to beg for mercy? Rarity shifted a hoof, and Applejack felt the motion wiggle the unicorn stallionhood inside her. It was flat-out frightening—she had no idea there was that kind of room inside her vag. And that was the point—there really wasn’t. She wasn’t such a little pony, she’d never worried about a stallion, but her heart was in her throat at every little motion, and it was no choice at all, really.

“Please slow down!” begged Applejack. “Please!” She looked up at Rarity, her eyes wide and panicky.

Rarity responded instantly. She ceased any motion, her ears laid back, and she demanded through the bit, “Sh’uld I stop? Am I h’rting you? ‘plejack! Do you n’d me to stop?”

Applejack trembled, screwing her eyes shut, baring her teeth in a grimace of erotic anguish.

“Dear Celestia, no! Don’t ya dare stop! But…” Applejack panted, not quite believing what she had to say. “Please, please, be gentle with me?”

Rarity’s eyes glowed, softened. “D’rling! B’loved! Of course!”

Applejack panted some more, her hooves set obscenely wide, the unicorn-shaft shoved up her seemingly to her neck. Her head hung as she got control of herself, and Rarity gave her time—though Applejack whimpered a little, because the situation seemed to turn Rarity on, and she swelled up a bit against Applejack’s unyielding, strained spaces.

Finally, Applejack lifted her head, looked back at Rarity, and nodded. “Y’ can try again. For th’ love of Celestia, be gentle!”

Rarity just smiled, this time without wickedness.

Tenderly, her hips tugged, causing her lover to shudder and gasp. The harrowing edgeplay wasn’t entirely unwelcome to the country pony—her juiciness wasn’t subsiding at all, it was leaving little puddles on the floor between her legs. Rarity was sure of that, but she didn’t mind—it meant dear Applejack would be able to endure this, and that meant everything.

The massive stallionhood slowly withdrew, as Applejack hissed breath between her teeth and banged a forehoof on the floor. Rarity saw that the tendons on her lovely neck were standing out, and took pains to move slower.

“Y’re sure, d’rling?” said Rarity, most of her massive penis withdrawn, gleaming with Applejack’s juices and awaiting another thrust—or a change of plan.

Applejack moaned, her body quivering. She stamped a forehoof, again.

“Yes. Yes! Give it to me, give it to me, slowly slowly slowl…. ngggAAHHH!”

Again, the glistening, exuberantly thick stallionhood slid inch by inch into Applejack—this time, in slow motion. Rarity focussed her attention on how it felt. She dared not say anything for fear of dropping the bit, but she wanted to cry out ‘yes, yes!’ as well. Applejack felt mind-meltingly good around her, the opening to her vagina delivering a taut grip, a fierce clamping pressure, and deeper inside her was more yielding, yet her body pressed inward against the hard-on causing every inch of depth to have its own little texture, sliding across her slickened flesh.

As Applejack let out a breathy little scream with an overwhelmed, girly quality that nobody would ever believe she’d made, Rarity knew that this was the best sex she’d ever had. A new pleasure—one of her favorite ponies in the whole wide world—edgeplay, delicious edgeplay—and she got to be cruel and loving, all at the same time. It was one for the record books.

Applejack seemed to be tiring—her cries were sweeter, but had a funny exhausted quality, and her legs shook dreadfully. Of course, thought Rarity, she had been coming her hooves off almost from the start. As soon as she’d started that screaming and wailing, the telltale clench and flutter gave her away. It was handy—it meant Rarity could step up her game a little.

Of course, considered Rarity, that was very likely what was wearing the darling out. She concentrated on her movements—innnn… and swing, innnn… and swing, covering the full range, revelling in the delicious sensations as she plunged, with gentle insistence and never too roughly, into the depths of her gorgeous blonde mare. Applejack had melted away so completely that no tight crampy spots remained inside her, at any depth—from vulva to the depths of her mare cervix, she quivered and melted and yielded. Rarity breathed heavily as her hips worked on and on. It wouldn’t be long now.

Applejack had lost track of time, space, existence… she floated in a dazed world of miraculous release, shuddering and jolting through endless climaxes as an impossibly bulky but very smooth unicorn phallus plowed her with the strength and inexorability of the tides. Her pussy hurt appallingly, pretty much everywhere, but even though it hurt it was simultaneously filled with unbearable bliss. It was like eating food made with excessively hot peppers—it burned, an agony, yet a delicious, addictive one all the same. The sensations were superimposed, a double-exposure, and fed on each other.

They were feeding on each other faster now… the tide was building into a hurricane. The waves were bigger. Applejack could no longer hear herself scream for the roaring in her ears.

The immense stallionhood surged and slid, thickening, prying her more ruthlessly. It began to throb—and as Applejack felt a gush of pony-come drench her womb, she let out a final shriek and fainted, wobbling, collapsing.

Rarity gasped, around the bit, as she felt Applejack start to fall—and reacted, even as her body released. She scrabbled backward, yanking her hips free, yanking the huge erection out of Applejack, and fell backwards onto her butt—looking immediately over to her fallen lover even as she gritted her teeth in the final spasms.

She was greeted with the tackiest sight she had ever been forced to endure.

Her cock—and it was shockingly massive, indeed—was pointed towards Applejack, and was still spurting. Globs of semen were arcing through the air, to splatter on Applejack’s lovely ass. Two of her cutie-apples were glazed already, and her delightful, sensual, worshippable vagina was covered in goo.

Rarity gagged, and spit out the bit, but managed not to yack. “Darling! Ew!”

Applejack groaned. “sweet… Celestia…”

Rarity averted her eyes in fastidious horror. “Darling, quickly—we must bathe! I insist!”

Applejack wriggled feebly. “Y’ kiddin’. You kiddin’?”

“Not in the least. We always bathe after fucking, before sharing a bed. You’re lucky we were on the floor, or I’d have to change the bedclothes as well. I shall clean the floor in the morning, I feel ever so indulgent…”

Applejack stared up at Rarity, dumbfounded. “How… how can this be? I’m plumb wiped out. Y’all fresh as a daisy. Rarity! What’s th’ meaning of this?”

“Perhaps a little unicorn magic?” teased Rarity.

Applejack snorted.

“All right, my hips are killing me, if you must know,” admitted Rarity. “But I think it’s mostly because you were simply exploding with orgasm for I don’t know how many minutes. I only had to keep moving. Poor stallions! Mind you, it felt delicious, I’ve no complaints on that front. Oh, my, yes.”

She leaned down, and kissed Applejack on the nose. “I did do a little unicorn magic, didn’t I? It was wonderful, just wonderful.”

Applejack smiled back, her eyes dreamy and unfocussed, completely filled with post-coital lassitude.

“Now get up, dear, it’s time to bathe.”

The smile dropped away from Applejack’s face. “Oh, now, ya can’t be serious.”

“I’m perfectly serious. Have you seen your flank? You must bathe at once. Applejack, you’re covered in spooge!”

“No, I ain’t!” protested Applejack.

Rarity looked again. The glazing of come was no longer there. It’d vanished when she’d spit the bit out.

“Well… you’re covered in sweat. And your vagina’s all drippy and ew. And I am covered in sweat, with an aching back.”

The smile returned. “An’ whose fault is that, missy?”

“Yours.” Rarity kissed her on the nose again. “For being the most alluring, sensuous mare in existence.”

Applejack sighed, and closed her eyes, utterly satisfied.

Then, she squalled in bitter protest as Rarity dragged her, by the mane, with magic assistance helping her along, into the bathroom to be bathed—and thence, sulking and loving in equal proportion, to Rarity’s bed, there to sleep.