Left Wing Tree Hugger

Trixie’s magic bit lay on the floor, its penis-endowing powers unused for the moment, because foreplay had begun with cuddling, turned to a wrestle… and then, went some way beyond that, to the consternation of Applejack. She was trying to experiment with some of the new things Pinkie Pie had taught her. She was trying to lick Rainbow Dash’s cute mare-parts. But doing that, even glancingly, had turned Dash into a madfilly, and now it took everything Applejack had just to hold her lover down for more licking.

Rainbow Dash writhed. “Oh, you wanna play rough, huh?”

Applejack struggled with her recalcitrant lover. “Well—it was you said you wanted it!” She tried to flip Dash onto her back, but the excited pegasus wasn’t having it, and blue hooves flung Applejack into the air, and she crashed against the wall, shaking the farmhouse.

“Consarn it!”

“Come on, don’t you want some?” teased Dash, springing up again, her eyes alight with mischief. “…if you’re man enough to tame me!”

“Y’all make up your mind?” snapped Applejack. Her blood was up as well—which always happened when she got pugnacious with Dash. It’d happened over and over, even in public, but Applejack had never imagined getting into a fight while wanting to fuck. Not only that, Rainbow Dash had said she had limited time—she had to go work at the Weather Patrol, and Applejack was given to understand this was supposed to be a quickie. She snorted, glaring.

Dash’s legs wobbled. “Oooh.”

“Yep,” snapped Applejack. “Yer gittin’ it.”

Rainbow Dash turned, presenting her rump, and indeed her vag glinted with readiness—though as she turned away, her eye glinted even brighter. Applejack moved in, jaw set—and carefully, delicately nipped the flank of her beloved mare, which produced a wink and a shiver. And… a snicker?

“You hold still,” said Applejack, and flipped the bit up, clapping it between her teeth. “I’m a try s’me a Y’R tricks on ya.”

She reared up, already thinking of how she would position herself, and then her eyes flew wide as two pegasus hooves slammed into her chest. She dropped back down, face teased by Dash’s flicking tail, bit falling from her mouth, and glanced up to see Dash’s cute, taunting, laughing face looking back at her.

“I thought you were going to be the STA-”

Applejack snarled, fire in her eyes, and let Dash have it—bit her ass even harder than Dash had bit her, and the unruly pegasus froze. Applejack glared up from under her unkempt blonde mane, baring her teeth, and her hoof flipped up the bit, as Dash fidgeted, her tail flicking again.

The bit fell to the floor, ungrabbed—as Applejack’s teeth nipped the same spot on the pert blue rump, on purpose, just to make it really hurt. Rainbow Dash’s body jolted, and she let out a squeak, cringing, holding very still. Applejack, head held high, stared down at the cowering pegasus. She was pretty sure she knew what was going on. She also was pissed off that Dash might’ve cracked her rib, and was in no mood for further shenanigans.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw she hadn’t broken the skin, even the second time. Later, she’d be glad of that, but for the time being, her eyes dared Dash to push it just a little bit more, to just try it.

Rainbow Dash would only meet her eyes with the most sidelong of glances. Her legs quivered. Applejack’s nose brushed Dash’s tail aside, and she looked hard at Dash’s vagina, which seemed shockingly inflamed and wet even for the lusty pegasus—and Applejack’s hoof flipped the bit up one last time.

The click echoed off the walls as she snapped the thing out of the air, and Applejack heaved herself up and positively grabbed Dash’s body, to the sound of a ‘yay!’.

“Shut up!” snapped Applejack, in no mood for back-talk.

“…but I didn’t…” squeaked Dash, and then realizing she was talking, she just whimpered and held her tongue, her eyes wide and imploring. After a little pause, her voice came again. “…I love you?”

Applejack nodded in satisfaction, her eyes still fiery.

“Y’r… takin’ a ride.”

Her hips plunged forward, and Rainbow Dash let out a squeal as Applejack penetrated her, with every bit of the fierce stallion boldness she’d fantasized about so often. The bulky stallionhood rammed into her, tugged, shoved hungrily again, Applejack’s body doubling with effort. Dash realized that her hoof felt a little sore from slamming into Applejack’s chest, on a slightly offset twist. If that hurt, her love had to really be feeling it, and Dash felt sorry for her impetuousness—but not really, because she was getting what she wanted out of it. Applejack was fucking her like a wild animal, and Dash reeled with pleasure.

“Gr’dy.. s’lfish… filly!” snarled Applejack, nostrils flared, ramming her unnatural endowment home. “Y’ did… that on… p’rpose!”

Applejack’s swollen cock thumped Dash’s insides, forcing a strangled scream from the shuddering pegasus, and then Rainbow Dash felt her lover shifting back, changing her grip, and the bulky shaft tugged backwards curtly. It was an eye-popping sensation—Applejack’s flare had gone so wide that it seemed to drag Rainbow’s guts with it, and when it reached the entrance to her vagina, it didn’t want to come all the way out—equine cock was designed not to do that, and Rainbow was bearing down, squeezing at it.

Applejack snarled again, and the most powerful hindquarters in Ponyville dragged harder, irresistibly, as her forelegs pulled the opposite direction. Rainbow Dash squealed, feeling her vag stretch cruelly tight around the flare, and the cry became an involuntary shriek as it left her.

Both ponies panted, shaking, but Applejack wasn’t done.

“Pr’voke ME, will you? Try th’s on f’r size!”

Her dexterity wasn’t nearly as good as Dash’s. The huge stallionhood prodded Dash on the ass, then swung low and shoved between the parted, trembling legs, but Rainbow Dash didn’t struggle or utter a word. She stared ahead, wide-eyed, intentionally submissive—because this was her payoff, she’d managed to combine not one but two fantasies and live them out.

It was Applejack fucking her—and, having an oversized stallion savagely ruin her. Applejack would never have done it to her willingly, but Dash knew how to fix that, and had—and she braced herself for her reward. It was going to hurt so fucking good.

Those potent hips shifted, adjusted. Dash heard Applejack snort, and could almost feel the glower against the back of her head—and then, stallion flare wedged into her, and all her body’s warning lights flashed on and were beautifully ignored.

Rainbow Dash’s body jolted as her ponypussy wedged cruelly wide and the stallionhood shoved in. She’d expected more aggression, was prepared for it, even ached for it, but it wasn’t necessary. Applejack was simply working the flare in and out of her strained vag like a piston, or some sort of obscene mushroom. It had flared out to where it practically wouldn’t fit Dash’s pelvis—the pressure was unbearable. Applejack didn’t have to be vigorous. What she was slowly doing was already enough. Rainbow Dash’s heart pounded as her lover’s grip grew tighter—and then, just as Dash could bear no more and screamed in release and panic, Applejack shoved deep and spasmed, gushing stallion-come to Rainbow Dash’s depths.

Dash’s body convulsed, her wings flapping spastically, and as Applejack’s come gushed in, she staggered and fell, her lover on top of her, and took another harsh shove delivered from no more than Applejack’s own weight coming to rest. Rainbow Dash screamed and fainted.

Applejack panted, talking through the bit in her teeth. “Don’t th’t beat all. How’s that y’ varm’nt? How y’ like th’m apples? …uh, Dashie?” Her eyes widened. “Oh, no!”

She spat the bit out, though she was so aroused that the withdrawing cock still stayed partly erect, with its end flared so hard it dragged Dash backwards for a moment before pulling free.

“Dashie, speak to me! Did I kill you?” Applejack prodded the limp pegasus with a hoof, trembling. Dash was beyond trembling—she was a fevered puddle, and Applejack could see the blue of her crotch was purpled. Applejack had drawn blood. She knew from her own experience that it might be okay: when she was a filly she’d had a rough colt in her, and had suffered the same fate and been all right later. But she’d never been the colt in that situation.


Dash’s ear flicked.

“Get up, Dashie! Are you okay?”

Rainbow Dash wriggled feebly, a tangle of feathers and sprawled limbs. She tried to comply, but couldn’t—the disheveled blue pegasus actually fell over in a heap, the first time she tried to rise. Applejack wasn’t that steady herself, but she rushed to Dash’s side, trying to help her, but then Rainbow Dash was on her hooves again, turning, clinging to her and weeping, supported mostly by Applejack’s sturdy forelegs.

They were tears of joy, which Applejack found awfully disconcerting.

“Thank… you… oh thank you, oooh…”

Applejack clung to her quivering, dazed lover. “That was all on purpose… weren’t it?”


“Are you going to be okay? Did I hurt you? Tell me if I hurt you!”

“So gooood, you were so good….”

“Dashie, you can’t do that! It ain’t safe and it ain’t fair to me, honey! Please?”

She couldn’t stop looking in Dash’s eyes, ruby pools of adoration drinking her up uncritically. Applejack had a dreadful sinking feeling that the erotic charge she’d just delivered was more persuasive than any amount of wheedling and begging.

“Will y’all PLEASE be good?”

Dash licked her nose, weakly. “I’ll be yours. Forever. My love.”

“That ain’t what I meant… oh, horse-apples! Dashie, my darlin’, what am I gonna do with you?”

“Gimme a… few minutes… to recover?”

Applejack looked over her stunned, liquified pegasus. She hoisted Dash a little higher, and it was like lifting a sleeping cat—except cats didn’t have fluffy wings that first bobbled, and then reached forward to stroke her face.

“Oh, Dashie, I din’t mean that. Did I hurt your coochie? Ya bleedin’.”

“How much?”

That was an unexpected question. “Uh, not much, far as I can tell…” said Applejack.

“Good,” managed Dash, who seemed to be pulling herself together. “I’m gonna be late for Weather Patrol as it is.”

Applejack stared. Rainbow Dash was a delicious wreck and ruin of a pegasus. Her mane was a frazzled mess, her eyes refused to entirely lose that dazed post-coital look, there was an obvious bite mark on her ass and her puss was bruised and swollen from harsh treatment.

“Are you maybe jokin’?” said Applejack. “You might wanna call in sick. Jes’ sayin’.”

“Are you joking?” replied Dash, a wicked glint coming to her eyes. “They’re the ones who’ll be sick. Sick with envy! Oh my gosh I love you so much Applejack…”

“Now see here! We ain’t even discussed why you can’t be doin’ me like that…”

“No time!” said Rainbow Dash. “We can talk later, I promise. But I’ve got to get to work, I really am late. Can you, um, help me to the door? Once I get on my wings I should be good…”

She fussed and straightened her wings, ignoring the mess of her mane. Perhaps flying didn’t work if your wings were untidy. Dash was certainly making sure every feather was pristine and in place, however wrung-out she looked in every other respect.

Applejack lugged the limp pegasus across the floor, and by the time they were out of the bedroom, Dash was managing to walk, though she still required help with the stairs. Out the front door they went, and Dash shook her head, her mane still a complete riotous mess, and spread her wings—and sure enough, though she couldn’t walk properly, she could fly, if you wanted to call that flying. Dashie wobbled and swayed across the sky, almost hitting a tree, but there was a lot of room in the sky for that sort of foolishness, and quickly she was above the trees and flying more steadily towards her job at Weather Patrol.

Applejack watched her pert, bitten rump ascend until it was out of sight, and then staggered back into the kitchen for a cup of tea, and sat with a thud, considering the ups and downs of her fate, and looking haggard and cranky. If Dashie proved too addicted to that sort of thing, it would really hurt the love and romance. Well… it seemed to only make Dashie more infatuated, but, thought Applejack, there was more than Dashie to consider. Maybe Pinkie Pie would have some advice…

Applejack suddenly realized she wasn’t alone. A butter-yellow pegasus was peering into the kitchen—she’d left the front door hanging open.

There was a small rabbit, which looked as cranky as Applejack felt, behind her. As Applejack watched, the rabbit hopped in the air and booted Fluttershy in the butt, urging her forward another step. Angel, of course.

“Fluttershy, what in tarnation are you doin’ here?”

“Oh, nothing. I just wanted to see how you were doing this morning,” stammered Fluttershy.

Angel hopped into the air, and booted Fluttershy’s ass again. It quivered, and so did she.

“I mean… It’s so very good to see you, and it’s such a nice day!”

Applejack glowered. “What is all this about?”

Fluttershy shrank back. “It’s really nothing…”

“Seem like Angel there don’t think so! Fluttershy, one more time, what brings you here?”

“I, I…” stammered Fluttershy. Angel hopped up, and booted Fluttershy in the butt once more. She visibly shuddered, screwed her eyes shut, and squeaked, “I’ve been watching you fuck Rainbow Dash all this time and I need you to fuck me!”

Applejack’s jaw dropped. Angel beamed, applauded, and scampered out the door, leaving Applejack alone with Fluttershy. Applejack stared for a while, speechless.

“What in tarnation… I got work to do, honey, if you hadn’t figured that out!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll go!”

“You hold it right there! Watching us? You’ve been watching us?” snapped Applejack. Perhaps it was all the recent stallioning, but her patience was frayed and her tone had none of her usual love and charm. It was worse than when they’d herded bunnies together, and it demanded obedience.

Fluttershy froze, and went very red, trembling worse than ever.


“A grown pegasus has needs, you know, but it’s okay if you won’t help me! Just because you’re supposed to be a friend doesn’t have to mean anything. I will just go and I promise not to try and watch you any more…”

“Turn around,” ordered Applejack, and this Fluttershy did, blushing even worse.

The gentle pegasus’s rear end came into view, and much was explained. Applejack felt almost sympathetic, for all the recent chaos had seen her in a similar state over Rainbow Dash, very recently. Fluttershy’s vag jutted out, winked frantically—and wasn’t just glistening.

“You are dripping on my kitchen floor, missy!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll go away right now…”

“Hold it! Why were you watching us? Are you chasing after Rainbow Dash?”

Fluttershy laughed.

“I weren’t joking!” snapped Applejack.

“I’m not, either—I don’t want Rainbow Dash now, I want you! You’re twice the stallion she is. But it’s totally okay, my longings don’t really matter and you can hurt me in the bad way and not,” and Fluttershy gulped, “the way I need…”

“Damn it!” snarled Applejack. Her back hurt, and there was all the day’s work to do, and this was the last thing she needed. “I am not a stallion at all, much less twice o’ Dashie!” Her voice rang with aggression and exasperation.

Fluttershy looked back over her shoulder, and those huge luminous eyes were unexpectedly sharp and knowing, as she retorted, “Oh, say that again—just like that! Sorry…”

Applejack snorted, glaring. Another drip of pegasus lube hit the floor in the silence. Applejack snarled, “Don’t tell me. The madder I get, the worse you get? I will not have this twice in one day!”

“You’d better calm down, then,” said Fluttershy. “I can’t move with you looking at me like that. Do it some more.” She licked her lips.

“I don’t believe you, Fluttershy.”

“We’re animals too, Applejack. Angel insisted I come to you with my feelings, when I couldn’t stop watching you.”

“Yeah,” said Applejack, “I saw that. Uh… as another owner of a sometimes rambunctious marehood, din’t that ass-booting get to you a lil’? Does he know about that?”

“Gosh, I hope not,” said Fluttershy. “I think he’s just very direct, the little darling.”

“It did, didn’t it?”

“Please don’t tell him I almost came from it, he would be so embarrassed!”

“Dang. Y’all stranded up a creek, ain’t you? I guess I’m glad you came to me, compared to what you was doin’. Since when do you peep in windows?”

“I’m a pegasus. And I’m very quiet. And… you’re unbearably sexy as a stallion.”

Applejack snorted. “I don’t want to be a stallion.”

“Liar,” said Fluttershy, and the sharp and knowing look was back for a moment.

Applejack looked down. “Uh. Well, then, I don’t want to only be a stallion! How dare you tell me I’m a liar?”

“Desperation,” said Fluttershy. “Isn’t nature wonderful? You’re seeing a pegasus driven to her farthest limits. Perhaps I’ll die. It feels like it. It’s okay, really, I guess I’ll just stand here forever because I can’t walk now, after you shouted.”

“Perhaps you’ll run out of here cryin’ if I sass you back like you’re sassin’ me.”

Fluttershy’s lip quivered. “Please? Shout more? Maybe you can b… bite me?”

Applejack stared at her, and felt completely outmaneuvered. “Damn it, Fluttershy!”

Fluttershy bit her lip, the huge luminous eyes going half-lidded.

“Ah am not goin’ to… dammit!”

Fluttershy moaned a sweet little moan. She quivered where she stood, and another drip of pegasus lubrication hit the floor with a tiny splat.

“Ah don’t even have that there bit thing with me!”

“If you tell me where it is,” said Fluttershy, “I would be happy to get it. I just think you should get it quickly, please.”

“An’ why is that, missy?” Applejack snapped. She couldn’t even help herself at this point. Her back still hurt, and everything had her ornery, especially Fluttershy’s manipulativeness.

Fluttershy batted her eyelashes apologetically.

“Because my chest hurts, and it’s getting just a bit difficult to breathe, and if you are going to be merciful it might be a good idea to do it soon and not tease me any longer.”

Applejack’s jaw dropped once more. “Come again?”

“I’d love to, but I haven’t come the first time and my body won’t stand much more of this…”

“I mean, are you serious?”

Fluttershy nodded. “And that is what proves you really are a stallion, dear Applejack.”


“There obviously isn’t enough mare in you to know, to really know… what this feels like.”

Applejack just stared for a moment—and then set her jaw.

“Like hell there ain’t. Come on, missy. If it’s good enough for my Dashie it’s good enough for me—I ain’t above being merciful. Come on…”

Fluttershy blinked. “You will?”

“I just said it, din’t I? Come on! Upstairs with you.”

“Ohhh!” cried Fluttershy, and her voice quavered as if she’d been brought to orgasm by the idea alone. She ascended the stairs with little delicate steps, as if a jolt would set off a bomb inside her, and perhaps that wasn’t such a bad analogy—and entered Applejack’s bedroom, wings fluttering nervously.

“I smell blood!” she breathed.

“Oh, don’t tell me you’re going to be that way too?”

“I don’t understand. Why was there blood? Did you… bite her? That hard?”

“Naw. Kinda fucked her that hard. I thought you were watchin’ us?” snapped Applejack.

“I was, I was…” breathed Fluttershy, and then squealed, “Oh, please, now me!”

“Oh HELL no!” gasped Applejack. “I am not going to spend my days carryin’ on in that manner! I have to have a sharp word with Dashie on the subject. If you think I’m gonna go at you that way, you’ve got another think comin’!”

“Please! Any way. Quickly!”

Applejack glared at her. “Any way?”

“I’ll do anything, please, please!” cried Fluttershy, her wings folding and unfolding, another drip falling from her juicy ponypuss.

Applejack regarded her sourly. “Prove it.”

“Gladly! How?”

“I’ll tell you how. I heard tell of somethin’ I never got to see, Fluttershy. I don’t know if you mean this or if you’re just gettin’ greedy like Dashie and I’m just a toy to y’all. If you seriously mean it, if you need me to top you… well, then, you show me yours.”

Fluttershy’s eyes teared up. “But I don’t want to do that to you! And even for you it would not be safe! Rainbow Dash should never have said anything about that, I asked her not to…”

“Naw, I don’t mean I want it in me—or if I do, I got Dashie. Unlike her, I can live with not havin’ everything. I want to see, Fluttershy. Prove you’re serious by doin’ this for me. Let me look.”

“Do you promise you will only look?”

“Well, now,” said Applejack, “exactly how do you reckon I could do anythin’ else? What else could I do, if you weren’t willin’?”

The beautiful pegasus’s long eyelashes fluttered again. “Well, you could throw me over, straddle me, and have your way with me. Or, you could tie me down with your rope and do much the same thing. Or you could hang me from the rafters with my hooves tied so I couldn’t get away, and lie under me, and make me swing back and forth…”

Applejack gaped at her. “An’ why wouldn’t you jes’ spit the bit thing out, sugar?”

“Oh, you would have tied my mouth shut around it,” said Fluttershy, blushing.

“Seems you think about things too dang much!”

“I’m sorry…”

Applejack stared at her friend—her alarming, unexpectedly twisted friend. Or was it that unexpected? Fluttershy had always been so retiring, and it was easy to take her for granted. Now Applejack was seeing unavoidable evidence that the bashful Fluttershy possessed a libido. It was just that, for all intents and purposes, she’d hid it under a rock—and strange things grew under rocks. And even in her perversity, the fantasies remained essentially Fluttershy’s—passive, requiring no initiative.

“I ain’t doin’ nothin’ like that, Fluttershy. Now show me. I’m dyin’ ta see this monstrosity. The sooner you do, the sooner we can move on.. bit thingy’s lyin’ right there on the bed, you know what to do, right?”

Applejack marveled. Fluttershy was positively glowering! She hadn’t seen that since the business with Discord. The sulking pegasus stepped over to the bed, still with that delicacy of hoof to not jostle agitated mare-parts, and leaned over to grasp the bit in her teeth, as Applejack watched…

There should have been more of a noise. Some sort of boing, or perhaps a rumble. Without any such fanfare, a ludicrously thick equine erection poked out—from between Fluttershy’s front legs.

Applejack’s eyes bugged out. She dropped her head to peek under Fluttershy, and yes, it went back to the usual place. It was nearly as thick as a pony leg, and a pretty peach color mottled with a dusty brown. Applejack was ready to swear it was pulsing with Fluttershy’s heartbeat. A glint drew her eye, and she saw at the massive flared head that it was oozing precome, perhaps from Fluttershy’s intense arousal.

Fluttershy glared at Applejack, who lifted an eyebrow, and smirked.

“Don’t that beat all. Could you hug it to you with your front legs, sugar? Might be able to play with a new kinda cloppin’.”

Fluttershy’s glare worsened.

“I guess you’re right, though—I would be nervous takin’ on such a thing, anybody would be. Uh… don’t suppose you could, you know… thump it against the inside o’ my hind leg and let me imagine for a moment?”

With that, Fluttershy spat the bit out, furious. The huge cock thudded heavily on the floor, before withdrawing into nothingness, as Fluttershy cried “Applejack!”
“Well, it would ‘a been nice,” said Applejack, her sour look returning.

“You’re usually nicer! What is the matter with you? I need your help with this, and you were angry from the moment I walked in! Um, I’m not complaining, I find it very exciting, but I’m not trying to make you unhappy! I am so sorry to impose on you in this way. What is bothering you so?”

“Fine. You want to know the truth of it? Dashie corralled me into bein’ more of a stallion than I ever wanted. Now, I hurt my love, I threw out my back, and I’m looking at more of the same unless I can think quick and find another way to be—and I ain’t the quickest of thinkers. I’m afraid Dashie will keep on doin’ it. That there’s a greedy, clever mare, and I don’t feel equal to th’ challenge.”

Fluttershy’s eyes had widened, but it was as if she stopped hearing after a certain point. “You threw out your back? Oh, let me help, I want to make you feel good! If I can’t do anything with it, I’ll take you to a real doctor, and…”

“Oh no!” snapped Applejack, her mood suddenly souring further. “It’s jes’ fine! Don’t you start with that stuff!”

“But I want to help!”

“Listen. I’m right grateful that y’all run your crazy notions like that, because you tole me how it’s gonna be, and time’s a wastin’! I do not have all day to play poke th’ perverted pegasus. You want a fuckin’?”

Applejack seized the bit in her teeth, and as Fluttershy squealed with delight, Applejack whirled, and leapt onto her bed, taking a position much like the one she’d been in for Pinkie Pie. She wriggled and got her pillow under her head, and let her legs spread wide.

“Come an’ g’t it! Perv’rted pegasus play party ‘s open for bus’ness! Limited t’me only!”

Fluttershy stared at her, open-mouthed, and began to argue.

“That’s not how to do it!”

“You’d be s’prised,” said Applejack, with a world of conviction.

“You have to come and mount me! Please! Right away!”


Fluttershy stared at her in frustration. “There’s still a vagina on you!” she said.

“Y’ volunteerin’ to help out with that, missy?”

“Of course not…”

“Then git on ‘n ride!” snarled Applejack, bit between her teeth, eyes flashing.

Fluttershy shied away. She looked back over her shoulder. She let her eyes go half-lidded. She winked—not with her eyes. None of it mattered. Applejack just kept staring her down, with a dangerous half-smile.

“Ah’ma give you ‘til three. One.”

Fluttershy glared at her.


Perhaps it was Applejack raising her voice. Perhaps it was that, in doing that, she’d tensed her body, and the erect stallionhood waggled in the air enticingly. It didn’t matter—all that mattered to Applejack was that Fluttershy gave in, rushed over, climbed onto the bed with trembling legs and wings flapping in confusion and dismay.

“You… meanie!” she sobbed.

“Aw, honey,” said Applejack. “Don’t take on so…”

“You won’t mount me! And there’s a vagina on you!”

Applejack’s tone turned sarcastic. “Amazin’! Somepony finally noticed!”

“I’m sorry,” stammered Fluttershy, “I mean… oh, phoo!”

“Sure, honey. Phoo! Now, come on, scoot forward a lil’, that’s the way, and you jes’ settle back, and your worries will soon be over.”

Fluttershy paused, the head of Applejack’s stallionhood pressing against her dripping vag, and bit her lip. “Can you… buck and move and stuff?”

“No, ma’am. You do it, I’m done for the day. If you want, you can bounce around real wild-like and slam your sweet self down on it. I reckon that won’t do me no harm. How ‘bout it?”

Fluttershy’s huge luminous eyes glistened. “I don’t think I can…”

Applejack smiled. “I didn’t think you could either, ta be honest. All right then—do the best you can.”

Fluttershy’s body shuddered, and she began to press backwards, but she had some troubles—Applejack’s cock would press against her entrance, and she’d go weak and wobbly and sag against Applejack’s body. Twice, three times she did this, while Applejack stared up at her. As Fluttershy began to pant and sob, Applejack relented.

“Fine. This way, sugar…”

With that, Applejack shifted her hips as far back as she could, and pushed Fluttershy down, settling the limp, quivering pegasus against her awaiting erection—and holding her in place, while her hips gently but firmly pressed back up.

Fluttershy’s eyes became even huger than usual. She blinked, bit her lip, let out a little squeak, but didn’t otherwise respond as Applejack penetrated her. Fluttershy was a pale butter-yellow, and her ponypussy was about as resistant as melted butter—Applejack found it odd and disconcerting after the drama and intensity of Dashie and Twilight. It wasn’t clear whether it was from Fluttershy’s being roomy, or simply her utter willingness and yieldingness, but Fluttershy started out in a state of slippery limpness that rivalled Rainbow Dash in a state of post-coital ruination, even before anything much had been done.

Applejack curiously poked with her hips, to see if she could find a band of tightness or get a reaction, and the sensation was like spreading softened butter right down the shaft of her cock. She felt herself grow stiffer and flare harder, and the yielding pegasus only yielded more, now unable to lift herself from Applejack’s reclining body.

Fluttershy’s eyes gazed past her as if drinking in unseen vistas of wonder and beauty, and her mouth hung open. She even managed to drool cutely, which, thought Applejack, was just unreasonable—a little drop of saliva off her scrap of a tongue, that peeked out of her mouth like a flirtatious tease. As Applejack thrust a bit further into her, Fluttershy let out a soprano whimper of delight. Applejack had intended to shift her further down, but found herself simply doubling up, thrusting farther and farther just to see how deep the liquid pegasus went.

By the time she answered that question, her body was contorted in an uncomfortable curled-up position, much of her cock was wettened in Fluttershy’s vagina, and her eyes were nearly as wide as Fluttershy’s. The pegasus was amazing—she was a fevered sink-hole of mare-ish need, possibly able to take some of herself as a stallion, from the feel of it. Applejack suddenly realized what it seemed like. Fluttershy felt like a mother—it felt like she was penetrating the yielding vagina of the ultimate mare-mother, quivering with expectant desire, begging to be seeded with stallion-come. From her elegant roundnesses to the deep pools of her sweet, yearning eyes to the warm embrace of her yielding ponypussy, Fluttershy was feminine on a level Applejack had never imagined.

This had never been a turn-on… but Applejack now thought she understood the point of it better than ever before. It was startling to consider the contrast between this and the way she and Rainbow Dash had been. They’d been terrorizing each other into this degree of pliancy, and constantly swinging back to athletic, sensory-overloaded drama and excitement. Fluttershy was just driven farther and farther into passivity. It felt like she wouldn’t put up the slightest objection, no matter what Applejack did under her, no matter how she moved or thrust.

It got the opposite reaction Dashie had produced. Rather than making Applejack wish to seize and ravage and hump, it made her want to flow and embrace and cling—which wasn’t hard to do at all. Applejack’s forelegs stroked Fluttershy’s body, and her powerful hips set up a gentle, fluid, wavelike motion.

Fluttershy was too far gone in her pliant state to object, for all that she’d demanded stallion ravaging. She melted further against Applejack’s body, and began to croon, her luscious eyes half-lidded. Her wings lifted dreamily, grasped at the air with drunken, slow motions, spread languorously with feathers flaring.

Gradually, Applejack’s motions grew deeper, and with a start of surprise she realized that Fluttershy was orgasming. It had stole upon her so softly as to go unnoticed, but the embracing ponypuss was now obviously quivering and fluttering around her erect shaft, like wings flapping against her in an increasingly excited yet gentle frenzy. She flared harder and the sensations grew even more clear, unmistakable—never quite a clenching and squeezing, but deliciously alive around Applejack’s throbbing stallionhood.

Fluttershy’s cries were different, too. It wasn’t quite like the sounds were produced from Applejack’s motions alone, which would have been disturbing—it was as if the quivering pegasus remained too graceful to squawk or yell. A shudder would shake her body, and a tiny breathy cry would reach the air. Applejack noticed tears were coming to Fluttershy’s eyes, and considered that fact.

“Y’all need me t’ slow down, sugar?”

“Oh take me, take me!” crooned Fluttershy, limp in Applejack’s forelegs. She’d been tightening up, her energies gathering, the sensations of her ponypussy steadily growing more urgent and enticing.

Applejack appreciated that, for her back was still hurting, and although she’d settled into a nice steady thrusting motion, she didn’t want to keep it up forever. The magical cock did react to mood and arousal, though it also seemed to get a lift through simply biting harder on the bit. This gave Applejack an idea.

“How ‘bout a nice blow-off, sugar?” she said, through the bit, and shifted her jaw on it.

The magical stallionhood sputtered as she changed her grip, shrinking for a moment and surging back to full erectness immediately. Fluttershy shuddered like lightning had struck her, and cried “Yes! Come in me!”

“Ain’t p’rman’nt,” said Applejack hastily.

“I don’t care! Give me your stallion seed! It will mean so much, oh dear Applejack!”

Not as much as it meant to Twilight, thought Applejack, but she didn’t say it out loud. Fluttershy was odd—in some ways so innocent, and in other ways so knowing. There was nothing uncomfortable about her, with the exception of her unnatural, stallion-straddling position, and she’d managed to roll with that (though Applejack wondered how she managed to stay upright with a stallion penetrating her, after this outrageous display of limp pony-melting).

Applejack kept her hips moving. Fluttershy’s belly was warm against hers. It was time—and after all that sweetness and soul-soothing feminine love, Applejack felt the pegasus deserved some of what she wanted. A certain earth pony back would just have to hang in there a little longer, and take a little more abuse for a good cause. Fluttershy deserved a proper send-off.

“Hol’ on…”

With that, Applejack bore down hard on the magic bit, and deepened her stroke, pressing further and further each time with a motion she was beginning to think of as a signature move—sort of a relentless piston thing, using the raw strength of her back and hindquarters to make the intruding stallion cock seem unstoppable, like a force of nature. It was her best effort at a style of lovemaking she’d like to have used on her, though Rainbow Dash didn’t really get close to it—Dashie excited through aggressiveness and passion, but it was controlled, restrained power that Applejack unleashed, biting down hard to force the stallionhood to maximum flare and hardness, and moving boldly within Fluttershy with no thought to the twinges of her sore back.

Fluttershy’s eyes flew wide, and her jaw dropped. She lifted her head, her ears back, a lock of pink hair falling across her face, and stared at nothing with a shocked expression on her face that was almost enough to make Applejack stop. That look, thought Applejack, is what a mare gets when the stallion grabs on and bears down. It’s the look of overwhelmed and don’t-stop, together. Applejack watched closely as her hips thrust still deeper, and Fluttershy shuddered, licked her lips, and continued to stare at nothing with great intensity, utterly distracted by the sensations that flooded her body.

She took a breath, but instead of a scream, all she made was an “…eeeeeee….”

“Th’ts th’ way, baby… f’r you, baby, come on, give it t’ me…” said Applejack, without slowing.

Fluttershy was beginning to look disheveled. Her tail flicked, and her body grew tenser, and still she stared at nothing. “….eeeeee!”

Applejack bore down harder, feeling the stallionhood flare ruthlessly inside Fluttershy’s body, working it back and forth inexorably. “Com’ on…”

“eeeeeee!” went Fluttershy. Her eyes squeezed shut, then flew open again even more unfocused than before. Applejack felt her ponypussy squeezing down, getting the most of the sensation from Applejack’s alarming stallionhood.

“Can’t… h’ld it… ready… ‘r… not…”

Applejack bucked underneath Fluttershy, and unloaded a stallion orgasm into the depths of her with a snarl and a shudder. It felt like she’d flung a bucket of spooge into her lover, like she’d gone off in one big whumph with little left over. There was something hugely satisfying about so male a climax—boom, all at once, and done.

As she let go, Applejack grinned around the magic bit, and watched for her reward in the form of Dashlike shrieks and hysterics, but Fluttershy proved full of surprises. It caught her drawing a breath, and as the final thrust sank home and a bucket of stallioncome doused her womb, Fluttershy did not even go ‘eeeeeee’ this time, much less scream. Instead, her eyes went half-lidded and her chin rose—and her ears twitched back, hard, and twitched back again. She bared her teeth, and her face flushed bright red in silence, and then her chest, and even the undersides of her wings—rather than scream, Fluttershy glowed like fires were lit inside her, and tears leaked from her huge half-lidded eyes in silence as waves of unendurable pleasure racked her.

Applejack shoved the cock deeper, and let go one last shot, one last splurt of come into Fluttershy’s spasming pussy.

“…hhh!” was the only sound in response—and then Fluttershy collapsed against Applejack, feverishly hot, limp and shuddering with aftershocks.

“W’ll, dang,” panted Applejack. “Ain’t m’ch of a screamer, huh?”

Fluttershy moaned sweetly, unable to lift her head.

“There there,” said Applejack, stroking her back with a gentle hoof. “That take care of b’siness for ya? …hey!”

Before she could think twice, her face was full of toasty feathers—not unpleasant but most unexpected. Fluttershy’s wings were reaching forward and caressing her for all they were worth, brushing her hair back, stroking her sides, touching her everywhere they could reach.

“Mf! Y’all try’na give me a wing-job? I done came one time already, sugar!”

“Oh yes! I mean… if you’ll let me… if you want? Anything, dear Applejack!” breathed Fluttershy.

Applejack let the bit drop. Her stallionhood withdrew, shrank to nothingness, and she looked up at Fluttershy, her face still cradled by the pegasus’s fevered, fluffed-out wings. “Y’all think you might let me get to my work? Hint hint?”

Fluttershy’s gaze was adoring, and full of total acceptance. “That, and more—whatever you wish, dear Applejack, my wonderful stallion.” Her wings stroked Applejack’s cheeks. The wingtips were trembling, splayed out.

“Uh, right. Kin you walk?”

“I’ll try!” said Fluttershy, and indeed she could, though it was more of a wobble. Applejack joined her, but she was steady enough going down the stairs. They stood in the kitchen, Fluttershy steadying herself with a wing—or perhaps steadying wasn’t the correct word, for Fluttershy had her wing on Applejack’s back. Not strictly her back, either—it did make Applejack wonder what it’d be like to have your ass fondled by a wing, but Fluttershy’s attention was purely on Applejack’s withers, and the butter-colored wing kept stroking and fondling her there.

“An’ what is this about?” snapped Applejack, for Fluttershy threatened to fall into a trance doing it.


Wings snapped to Fluttershy’s sides. “I’m sorry! I… I mustn’t presume. D… don’t you love me?”

Applejack caught herself before she said anything wrong. “‘Course I do, sugarcube, you know that! It just seems funny, you fondlin’ me there. Ain’t like I have wings growin’ there or nothin!”

Fluttershy blushed. “I’m so, so sorry! I’ll go!”

“Now hang on…” began Applejack—but it was too late, Fluttershy had already fled. Applejack started to run after her, but pulled up short when her back complained stridently about it, and ended up standing in the doorway watching Fluttershy’s creamy yellow ass recede in the distance.

“…mares!” snarled Applejack, and then blinked, realizing what she’d said. “Gosh. Maybe she had a point. Well, I’ll straighten this out later—I’ve got farmin’ to do.”

Applejack drew a big breath, called “You’re welcoooome!” after Fluttershy, and went about her business.

It’d been a long day, and it was sufficiently over—Applejack was annoyed with herself for pushing a few tasks onto an already-crowded tomorrow, but her back really did need a rest. Besides, in some ways she could count her current activity as another useful task. It wouldn’t be possible tomorrow, either, she told herself virtuously, so fitting it in was the proper thing to do.

But even if Rainbow Dash had been rubbing her back improperly—or fitting other things into other places—Applejack wasn’t complaining.

“That’s terrible! It’s like one big knot. You don’t mind if I use my hooves kinda rough, do you? It might hurt, but you need these knots worked out of your muscles.”

“Please do, darlin’,” said Applejack, “I’m achin’ for it.”

Rainbow Dash’s hooves got busy, provoking squeaks and grunts from her supine lover, who lay sprawled on the bed while Dash worked.

“Oh, darlin’, erk! Ohhh yeah, like that…”

Dash snickered. “Now I kinda doubt your farm stuff changed that much overnight. I can’t imagine what else you might’ve been doing with that back. Did I do all that?” Her boastful voice was in full flower.

“As if!”

Dash stopped for a moment. “Really? I know I started it. You went and fucked some more? Applejack, you’re a quick learner! Who’dja use the amazing magic dick on this time? Don’t tell me—Lyra!”

“Nope. oof!” said Applejack, as Dash resumed massaging. “Wouldja believe, Fluttershy? She’s been watchin’ us git busy. Wanted some. She was in a real state.”

“Yeah,” said Dash, “she doesn’t see much action. Did you fuck her rough, or gentle?” The massaging hooves didn’t miss a beat, and it lulled Applejack into a sense of security, telling her that she’d handled things right.

“My back hurt, so I lay on it and made her get on top.”

“Wow!” said Dash. “I’m surprised she agreed. With me she wanted it all traditional and stuff.”

“Yeah, me erk! too… at least she got what she needed, I thought of you and I jes’ had to be merciful, know what I mean?”

“Get the important stuff right,” said Rainbow Dash, “and you have a lot of freedom to do that. Or have a lot of fun, too.”

She scooted forward, nuzzling the side of Applejack’s face lovingly, and her wing caressed Applejack’s withers with trembling adoration. “You’re so perfect, I can’t believe how much you’re learning…”

“What is it with you pegasuses and doin’ that?” snickered Applejack, and Rainbow Dash froze.


“All pettin’ me there. Ain’t like I got w-”

“You mean—like this?” said Rainbow Dash, and did it again—her wing fondling Applejack’s body—but there was something different about it, and something in her tone.

“Well yeah! What’s wrong?” said Applejack, turning to look Dash in the face.

“Okay, I just want to make sure I have this clear—you mean Fluttershy? ‘Cause I didn’t do that this morning. And you were with Fluttershy. Do you mean… exactly like that? Like… like I just did?”

“Um…” said Applejack. “Pretty much exactly, yeah. I think her wing trembled harder, but she was pretty wrung out by the time I was done with her, so it stands to reason. Why?”

Dash’s wings clapped to her sides. Her gaze was suddenly furious—and something else lurking around the edges. “Shit,” she said.

“Darlin’?” said Applejack. After a pause, she nudged Dash gently. “I done somethin’ wrong, din’t I? What is all this?”

“Oh, no!” said Rainbow Dash, and her tone was brittle. “You’re fine. It’s understandable. I understand completely. What else could you have thought? I should have expected it. I… give me a minute.”

“Do you want a hug?”

“That’s okay. I just have to go and kill Fluttershy now.” Dash was shaking.

“Dashie! No! What is all this?”

Dash turned away, and kept turning, refusing to meet Applejack’s eyes, and Applejack began to insist, “Look at me. Dashie. Turn around, look, you’ve got to… Dashie! Look at me!”

When the cerulean pegasus finally did, her eyes were flooded with tears, and the look in them was heartbreaking—and Applejack struggled frantically to understand, and make it better.

“Please, darlin’, help me understand. I din’t know no better. It’s about wings, ain’t it? Somethin’ about wings?”

Dash nodded, awkwardly.

“And the thought of Fluttershy’s wings…”

Rainbow Dash’s face screwed up like that of a much smaller filly, and the tears came again, and Applejack hugged her tightly.

“I promise, I swear to you I won’t let it happen again…”

“No…” said Rainbow Dash, “you didn’t know. Sh… she must be even lonelier than I thought. We can find her somebody to be that way with. Not you. Please not you?” Dash’s voice quavered—Applejack had never seen her this undone.

“I swear it. I am yours, Rainbow Dash. That comes first.”

Dash nodded, wordlessly, face woebegone.

“Ya wanna… get to pettin’ me again, like that?” suggested Applejack. “I’m all yours…”

“Gimme a minute,” said Dash, in a desperately forlorn voice. Applejack thought back on all she’d seen. ‘doesn’t count, wings weren’t touching’. The way Dash’s wings hadn’t touched Pinkie Pie, even when her tongue had explored Pinkie’s secretest places with relish. In fact, she’d rarely seen pegasi touch each other with their wings. Applejack slowly realized she’d been overlooking something pretty major, through simple ignorance.

“It’s okay,” she said. “I think I’m gittin’ to understand.”

She hugged Dash tightly, and Dash let out a deep sigh—but nestled against her anyhow. Applejack held her close, her thoughts serious and warm. It had seemed so obvious that Dash wanted her to be some kind of raging gay play-mare. That was still true, but there was another side to the rainbow pegasus that hadn’t shown until now. Dash had fallen for her hard, and did need her faithfulness after all—but it was all about wings, not dicks or vaginas. Dash had needed her to be faithful to Dash’s wings alone, and had never said a word about it.

It seemed peculiar—but Applejack accepted it without question. She’d wanted something to be faithful to, anyhow. If this was it, she wouldn’t fail with it.

Eventually, Dash stopped crying. Applejack wasn’t sure how she knew, but she did—the smaller pegasus was snuggled spoon-fashion to her body, and she couldn’t see Dash’s face, she could only nuzzle the colorful, slightly coarse mane. So like Dashie, thought Applejack—all angles and edges and just when you thought you had it all worked out, you tripped over something completely unexpected and heart-melting. Her own mane was silky and blonde and fine. Dash’s was all colors, and coarse like a boy’s… but hiding behind that, at the nape of her neck, was the suggestion of another layer, an undercoat of pale, pale blue like her body’s coat.

It was soft as a baby foal’s, and silkier than Applejack’s mane—and who else had ever been that snuggly with the rambunctious, lusty pegasus to discover it?

“I was horny,” said Dash, thoughtfully.

“You mean, before we… before?”

“Yeah, that.”

“Oh, darlin’. Would you like to be? I know you enjoy it so,” said Applejack.

“You know what?” said Dash. “Just hold me. Even if that seems, like, weird and crazy and stuff. I’m used to being horny. I need to get used to this…”

Applejack nodded, nuzzling through Dash’s mane, holding her body closely with gentle forelegs. She felt Rainbow’s tense little frame, always slightly awkward and bony, adjust and snuggle against her.

The pert little rump wriggled against Applejack’s crotch, and Dash giggled mischeviously. “Uh-oh. Habit. Curse my irresistible sexiness.”

“Yep, quite a handicap,” snickered Applejack.

“Whoa! There it goes again,” said Dash, and the pegasus rump squirmed more. “Just hypothetically, do you have that bit handy?”

“Jes’ hypothetically, nope, it fell on the floor. You really wanna get up? I thought you were gettin’ used to somethin’ a mite softer.”

“Well… yeah…”

“Maybe you just need a better class o’ cuddlin’,” said Applejack. She shifted her body lower, and reached down between Rainbow Dash’s legs, caressing the modest swellings of her mare breasts and feeling the nipples stir and wake.

Dash moaned sweetly, and stretched against Applejack, parting her legs for more fondling. Her tail flicked and brushed the inside of Applejack’s thigh, and suddenly the blue pegasus was all willingness.

“There, ya see?” said Applejack. “Let me make you feel good.”

Dash’s happy sigh was answer enough, and Applejack’s hooves stroked all over her body, and slipped down between Dash’s legs to explore and play fondly with a well-used vulva that warmed and swelled to the gentle massaging. Dash bit her lip, and closed her eyes, wallowing in the sensation of her lover clopping her so tenderly.

Applejack didn’t consider herself a clever pony, and it was for good reason. Rainbow Dash had already come once, her body quivering and her pussy leaving Applejack’s hoof damp, by the time the earth pony noticed where her muzzle rested.

It was nuzzling Dash’s wing, at the base, and as before, this had sent shudders through Dash’s whole body—something Applejack wholly appreciated. Now, her pegasus lover was warmed up to a fever pitch, relaxed, cruising at a delightful altitude with a hoof lovingly clopping her ponypussy, and her wings were trying to lift and spread as they sometimes did when Dash was very aroused. Because Applejack had scooted lower to reach between Dash’s legs, her face was right against the base of Dash’s right wing, for nuzzling, which she was instinctively doing.

Dash’s eyes were shut in bliss. Her hips squirmed lazily.

Applejack opened her mouth—hesitated—and then her teeth closed on the shank of Rainbow Dash’s wing, near where it met her body… and chewed, gently.

Rainbow Dash’s eyes flew open. Her body shuddered. She made a sound like a scream, but it was indrawn breath. Applejack’s hoof kept tenderly clopping her, but all of her attention was on the sensation of strong equine teeth, lovingly gnawing at her wingbase…

Dash squealed, and bucked, and Applejack’s forelegs clung to her and refused to let go, holding her body tight, keeping Rainbow’s thrashing from interfering—and Applejack continued to chew on Dash’s wingbase while Dash screamed, writhed, kicked her legs spastically and flung them back, body arched as if in the strain of a huge leap through the sky—shuddered violently in that position, unable to breathe through a fusillade of towering orgasms—and finally squirted come-fluid all over the inside of her own thighs with a exhausted quavering squeal, and passed out. Rainbow Dash had not been able to stop exploding with orgasm for a moment of it.

Her wingbase was hot, firm, fluffy—Applejack thought it was awful nice to gnaw on even without the reaction, but considering that reaction, she stopped because she was honestly frightened she’d kill Dashie with her own orgasms. Dash had fainted, but one last bite produced a hoarse cry and feeble struggle, and Applejack relented. The poor darling was a pegasus wreck again, without ever being penetrated, and without all the dangerous roughness and physical drama.

Applejack found herself wishing she had wings, if they permitted such outrageous tricks. It stood to reason pegasi were funny about them. Dash was so wrung out she couldn’t have lifted her head even if she was awake. Her wing still stuck up into the air as it had when Applejack was gnawing on it, and the feathers were splayed in a ridiculous, disheveled state. Applejack remembered the morning, and how Dashie had groomed her wings without a thought to her mane or how well-used her ponypussy looked.

Well, thought Applejack—now I’ve got all of you, lil’ darling.

Cautiously, tenderly, Applejack reached up with a forehoof and coaxed the frazzled wing to rest at Dash’s side. Every little contact sent a jolt through her lover’s body, and she had to be gentle, but at last Dash’s wing lay relaxed against her.

And, thought Applejack, you can use up all of my faithfulness on this and this alone—that ought to work for both of us. Life’s good.

As if hearing the thought, Rainbow Dash gave a tremulous little sigh, and Applejack cuddled her close and tight. Dash slept like a filly, and Applejack stayed awake for quite a while—just savoring the moment, as the night grew quiet.