Her Story

They came trotting sedately down the path to Rarity’s place, three unicorn mares and a huge hideous monster.

The huge hideous monster pouted cutely, panting with effort from even that slow trot, and furled her fluffy, illusory pegasus wings. She was shockingly big and round next to her companions, because they weren’t pregnant to near bursting, but she was.

“Oh, Twilight. You don’t have to. Please don’t feel you have to go to any trouble on my account…”

“But Fluttershy!” protested Twilight. “I only want to make it up to you—to all of you! I’ve been studying, and me and Trixie are beginning to get our magemeld powers back. I really think I could maybe cure your vampirism!”

At this, Rarity frowned. “That again?” she said.

Trixie shrugged. “Mistress is on a mission. She is determined to help Fluttershy be a pony once more.”

Fluttershy scuffed the dirt bashfully with a forehoof. “That’s okay…”

“This time the danger of getting permanently destroyed is almost certainly totally nearly zero percent!” argued Twilight.

Fluttershy laid her ears back, and couldn’t meet Twilight’s eager gaze. “That’s nice.”

“If we can get it to be completely absolutely almost certainly safe, will that help?”

“I don’t want to be any trouble,” repeated Fluttershy, blushing slightly.

They arrived at the Carousel Boutique, greeted at the door by two happy creatures, one pony and one not. Derpy kissed Rarity in greeting, while Opalescence purred and rubbed against Rarity’s hoof and licked her fetlock in feline benevolence.

Twilight eyed her, puzzled. “That’s funny.”

“What is, darling?” asked Rarity.

“It seems to me Opalescence always used to claw you and be all cranky and act terrible,” said Twilight. She narrowed her eyes, and glanced at Fluttershy.

The butter-yellow vampire pony blushed harder. “I didn’t do it! I’m not affecting her at all, Twilight, really!”

Twilight gave one of her creepy and excessive smiles. “There’s a way we can be completely sure of that…”

“Twilight Sparkle!” exclaimed Rarity. “Are you bullying our dear friend? I must ask you to desist!”

The smile dropped away. “But… she didn’t want to be a vampire, and it’s wrong and I should be able to fix wrong things…”

Rarity narrowed her eyes. “Hold it right there, dear. I just said… oh, Opal, what is it now? You want to go outside? Oh, very well, here you go.” Her horn twinkled as she let her cat out. “I can’t see why she so insists on going out these days, it’s awful. She used to be quite content to stay in and hiss and claw at me, but now she goes out and battles other cats! Perhaps they are more of a challenge? It does seem to improve her mood, though.”

“Maybe I can fix that, and put it back the way it should be?” offered Twilight. “I mean, without the clawing you part?”

“Twilight, please!” objected Rarity. “Whilst we are not currently engaged in the formal Relationship we once enjoyed, I swear I’ll flog you if you won’t settle down. Whatever is the matter with you?”

Twilight’s lip quivered. “I only want to help!”

“You are going to have to find ways to be a friend that do not involve reshaping us all to your whims, darling!” insisted Rarity. “Trixie, is she behaving like this all the time?”

Trixie Lulamoon rolled her eyes, with a little nod of her head. Her mostly-regrown horn made a little arc in the air as she did. Twilight’s, as well, had returned to nearly full size: or, at least, what had been full size when she’d been a simple unicorn mare living in Ponyville as one of their own. It wasn’t nearly on the scale of Princess Twilight’s alicorn horn, and never would be.

“Trixie has some ways to settle her down,” said Trixie. “They do seem to leave her feeling more indebted.”

“Indeed!” said Rarity. She regarded her friend. “I quite understand if you are still struggling to make amends, after the difficult times we went through with you. I’m sure we’re all grateful you’ve returned to normal, though of course it is very sad you’re not a super-powered immortal Princess anymore. Speaking of that, please answer me honestly, Twilight: do you feel you’ve left unfinished business from those days?”

Twilight was blushing. “Not exactly. I just feel… it’s very hard to describe how I feel.”

“Try,” suggested Rarity, firmly.

Twilight gulped. “I’m so grateful, and don’t really deserve the mercy I’ve been shown…”

“Uht!” snapped Rarity. “We’ve been over this, darling. Mercy is not up to you. If it was, it would not be mercy, would it? Are you trying to control things again? To condemn yourself for sins that have been largely amended and worked through?”

“But that’s just it!” said Twilight. “I get to be a unicorn again, and I have Trixie, and it just seems unfair that Fluttershy can’t be a real pegasus. I know she must want that more than anything! We could all have such a nice life, that’s not weird or creepy, if only I could find the power to fix the left-over stuff that’s still around Ponyville being strange!”

Trixie lifted an eyebrow. “How do you mean, strange? Do you mean Fluttershy having a zebra husband and being a vampire disguised as a pony?”

Twilight blushed worse, for Fluttershy was giving her a pouting stubborn resentful look. “It’s not wrong for her to have a zebra husband. Yay her, if that’s how she gets to have control of her life. The thing is, I can’t get past the vampire aspect. From what Princess Celestia told me, she really hated being a vampire, and now we have to make a special effort to accept her as a vampire pony? Zecora even made her some disguises to help her look more like a pony. Wouldn’t it be easier just to turn her back into a pony?”

Rarity gazed levelly at Twilight, then glanced at Fluttershy. “Perhaps you had better answer that, dear. Hmm?”

Twilight looked at Fluttershy as well. Fluttershy looked at the floor, and scuffed it with her hoof bashfully.

“Um, that’s okay,” she said.

Rarity tsked. “Fluttershy, darling, we’ve talked about this. Look her in the eye and be more direct. This is Twilight you’re trying to speak to.”

At that, Fluttershy looked up. Her gaze was apologetic as she peered into Twilight’s eyes.

“No, thank you,” she said clearly, and then blushed and looked down again.

“There you are, Twilight dear,” said Rarity. “Fluttershy doesn’t wish to be changed…”

Twilight laid her ears back, her mind beginning to yowl. “And why not? What the heck happened to change her mind so much?”

Rarity’s ears were flattening also. “I think you should visit her at home, and while doing so remember our days of sadomasochistic glee…”

“It’s really not like that!” objected Fluttershy. “It’s… old fashioned love! At least for zebras!”

“I merely wish to place your choices in a context that Twilight might comprehend and honor,” said Rarity, gritting her teeth. “Forgive me for suggesting it, but in Ponyville your relationship choices are rather out of the ordinary, dear.” Her ears were flicking.

“I’m loved,” corrected Fluttershy.

“Sweet Celestia!” wailed Rarity, distracted. “Do you hear that?”

Twilight realised it wasn’t her mind yowling from the strain of coping with typical Ponyville perversity. The sound was coming from outside.

“She’s fighting!” hissed Rarity. “This time, I shall break it up, I shall, I shall! Silence, we’ll sneak up, our horns at the ready, and separate the combatants!”

With that, the unicorns slunk as quietly as possible back out the door, to creep around the Carousel Boutique and break up the cat-fight.

“There they are!” whispered Rarity, her horn beginning to glow. The feline yowling was becoming a wild shriek. Trixie’s eyes widened, for she thought she heard additional sounds, small but… juicy. Very, very juicy.

Rarity lifted away an obscuring leafy branch, revealing Opal, and her eyes bugged out.


“No way!” swore Twilight. “Absolutely no way! This can’t happen in Ponyville!”

“On the contrary,” said Rarity. “I think Ponyville is the best possible place one could wish for him. It’s cozy, out of the way, a cute little place to stay out of trouble. For a cute little thing, yes you are, yes you aaaare!”

She reached out a hoof and Crowbar, still the size of a half-grown kitten, nuzzled it affectionately, his eyes showing a puppyish affection. He’d remembered her from the club days, and was too placid to be alarmed by her scream. In fact, he’d even been able to finish what he was doing.

Opalescence lay sprawled on a cushion, her eyes rolled back in her head, her tongue hanging out, a huge smile on her face. She was what Crowbar had been doing.

“You can’t keep him as a PET!” wailed Twilight.

“But I’m not, darling!” protested Rarity. “Opalescence is. She’s made him a little den and everything! But she’s been bringing him mice and birds. Opal, no, you mustn’t, he doesn’t eat such things and you might catch some of Fluttershy’s songbirds by mistake!”

Fluttershy was frowning miserably, horrified at Opal’s efforts to feed her tiny pony lover. “Maybe he can teach her not to do that?”

“We’ll feed them together,” vowed Rarity, “she’ll figure it out. It will be ever so easy to keep him, for he’ll eat what we do. I don’t believe for a moment that Aftershock and that lot ever took care of him properly. Look, just living off the land in Ponyville his condition is better than ever! And do my eyes deceive me, or did someone try to braid his tail? Opal, you marvel, you clever puss! It’s shockingly bad, but to think she did it with just her little paws!”

“Or somepony did it long ago,” suggested Trixie shrewdly, “and nopony’s touched his mane since.”

Rarity’s eyes gleamed. “We’ll fix that. My little Crowbar, my little Crowbar!” she sang. “I’ll cook you the most adorable tiny dinners. You and I have both risen from the dregs of Fillydelphia, to find a new life in Ponyville, kinder, gentler, full of love. Haven’t we? You shall live in the lap of luxury, for bringing our Opalescence such unanticipated joy. And you shall look fabulous!”

“He has to be returned to normal!” insisted Twilight, Rarity’s lilting melody sticking annoyingly in her head. “He’s a pony!”

“He’s dangerous to others at pony size,” countered Rarity, “but just right for Opal! Or if he’s excessive, she seemed to like it even better: just look at her. Hmmm… I wonder if he would find it repugnant to play with normal-sized partners? I daresay it would be cozy, like gentle maresturbating. Such a nice change from his bad old days!”

Twilight gazed with horror on Rarity, who smirked back at her.

“I’m only teasing, darling. Don’t gawp. I doubt he’d even be interested in mares so much larger than him.”

Opal yawned, stretched, and sagged blissfully once more. They’d had to carry her in by levitating her with their horns. Crowbar had been alarmed and protective until he figured out Rarity was doing it, at which point he’d turned immediately trustful.

“What if she has ponykittens?” breathed Twilight, appalled.

Trixie snorted. “Impossible!” She considered, then added, “Anyhow, we’ve seen worse.”

“This isn’t how Ponyville should go,” mumbled Twilight.

Rarity snorted gently. “I supply Ponyville with toys, lest you forget! Darling… this is the endearing side of Ponyville. I am a reformed character, all sweet and cuddly with my cat and my dear pegasus mate and my daughter and our unusual new pet! Leave Opalescence’s boyfriend alone. I need to comb his mane, and style it properly.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” said Fluttershy. “I’ll just go home, then. I need to cook for my family and rub my husband’s hooves. It was wonderful to go to the spa with you today, Rarity! I love you!”

“And I love you,” replied Rarity. “Have fun!”

“Did she say rub her husband’s hooves?” blinked Twilight. “In her condition?”

Rarity narrowed her eyes again. “Go and see, darling, and remember what I told you.”

“This is just wrong!” lamented Twilight Sparkle, just about trotting in place with distress.

Dursaa reclined on a couch, veritably quivering with pleasure while Fluttershy, smiling angelically, rubbed and pressed the frogs of his hooves. He groaned with self-satisfied bliss. His legs were spread, his massive testicles openly displayed, his equally massive erection beginning to swell out of its sheath through pleasure alone.

“Oh, I don’t think so,” said Fluttershy gently. She was sprawled uncomfortably on the floor, the better to reach his languidly drooping hooves. “What could be wrong about this, Twilight? This is what love means.”

Twilight twitched, grimacing. “Everything! You don’t seem to understand that this is a time for him to be rubbing YOUR hooves and caring for you. Actually, all times are good for that and there’s no time where he should act like he’s entitled to this…”

“He is my husband,” explained Fluttershy. “Darling, would you like me to lick those lovely big balls for you?”

“Beloved wife, your generosity compares to none,” said Dursaa complacently. “But do that later, when I’ll have you use your other tongue.”

“Of course, honey,” said Fluttershy submissively. She glanced at Twilight and Trixie. “He prefers me in my natural form for our more intimate moments, so please don’t cure me. It’s better this way.”

Twilight paled. “He’s MAKING you stay a vampire?”

“I wouldn’t say that,” said Fluttershy demurely.

Dursaa wriggled, rumbling out another couplet. “Between the clever, snakey tongue and fiercely churning crack, a zebra who goes batty surely never will go back!”

At that, Twilight’s jaw dropped. “He’s making you stay a vampire for sick perverted reasons!”

“Stop,” said Fluttershy, and Twilight found herself tonguetied, staring into those mysteriously compelling eyes. Fluttershy cleared her throat, and said, “Don’t you judge me. I would never go back now. He loves everything I am, without exception, and I’m keeping him and that’s final.”

She dropped her gaze and returned to her attentive hoof-rubbing, still on the floor in the most submissive posture imaginable. Twilight blinked, regaining her power to speak, but didn’t use it at first. Instead, she watched them and tried to apply what Rarity had told her.

“Listen,” Twilight said at last. “All that bondage stuff ponies do is consensual. Even that is creepy for Ponyville, but it’s mutual. It’s agreed upon by both partners. What I see here isn’t like that. I’m worried that you’re just being a pushover. You don’t have the power to decide what’s good for yourself and you’re letting him boss you around like you don’t even have a will of your own, and you’re doing things that are hurtful and degrading to yourself.”

Fluttershy gave a little snort of contempt, and continued rubbing her husband’s hooves. There was a film of sweat on her forehead, evidence of great discomfort. Even for a healthy mare, grovelling on the floor like that couldn’t be comfortable, and for one so pregnant it had to be excruciating.

“He’ll tell me to stop if it’s really hurting me,” said Fluttershy.

Twilight choked. “No way. NO way. That’s not a thing that’s up to him, Fluttershy! The fundamental problem here…”

Fluttershy grimaced, suddenly, as if the pain had intensified tenfold.

“See? See?” squealed Twilight Sparkle. “You can’t let…”

A gush of fluid poured out of her vagina, and everypony froze in horror.

Fluttershy’s face contorted. Tendons on her neck stood out. She turned her head to gaze up into her husband’s eyes. Oddly, Twilight and Trixie got no sense of her Stare being used. It was just Fluttershy, as herself.

“Remember?” she croaked.

Dursaa, his eyes wide, nodded.

Fluttershy dragged herself up onto him and grabbed his head in her hooves. She was pouring sweat, and her expression was savage. She spoke through grinding, gritted teeth.

“Get me to Canterlot. NOW!”

Instantly, Dursaa was up. He ignored Twilight and Trixie completely, and flattened himself against the floor, scrunching his half-hard zebracock but paying no attention to that at all. As he did, Fluttershy struggled to climb onto his broad back. Twilight screamed. From upstairs, small hooves clattered against the ceiling, and Rock Candy ran downstairs to see the chaotic scene.

“It’s time?” he squeaked.

Dursaa turned his mighty head. “Fetch Granny Smith at once, my little man. It’s time for us to heed Fluttershy’s plan!”

“Got it!” squeaked Rock Candy, and quick as a wink he was out the door and galloping for Sweet Apple Acres.

“What are you doing?” wailed Twilight. “You went into labor! Lie down and we’ll get help!”

At that, Fluttershy turned and glared at her, in sweating agony. “I said get me to the palace! I have to be with Lyra and Luna!”

“I’ll carry you!” cried Twilight, and her horn lit. “Oh, no! I can’t!”

“You’re not an alicorn anymore, Mistress!” cried Trixie. “She’s too heavy!”

Fluttershy had successfully clambered onto her husband’s back. He strained to rise, and his eyes bugged out. “How can this be?” he gasped. “She weighs like three!”

Fluttershy swatted his butt with her soggy tail. “Get up!” The tail extension sparked, and fell off, and her broad mare rump promptly became a little shaggier and scruffier. Seeing this, she turned to Trixie and ordered, “Get the mane one off me, right now!”

Trixie pounced, yanked away the remaining hair extension, and the little vampony shimmered into her natural form upon her zebra husband’s back as he struggled to lift himself.

Fluttershy clouted his head with a bat wing. “Get up! Go! NOW! As fast as you can!”

Gritting his teeth in a heroic effort, and without a single rhyme of complaint, Dursaa rose to his hooves. His glorious muscles bulged with the strain, and he readied himself for the charge of his life.

“What if Granny Smith is in the fields?” gasped Trixie.

Fluttershy’s eerie pink eyes, clouded with pain, turned her way. “Go to the far end of the fields! Rock will check the house first. If you meet and neither of you found her, run into town!”

She convulsed, as another contraction hit, and she kicked Dursaa’s mighty sides with her forehooves to spur him on, not wasting her breath on another word. And unhesitatingly, Dursaa lumbered out of the door and began to charge down the road toward Canterlot, his expression grimly determined.

Trixie was already gone, at a full gallop. Twilight ran alongside the couple, chattering excitedly. “I didn’t know you needed to be in Canterlot! That’s a long way to run! But I guess you never know when you’re gonna go into labor, huh? I can teleport you there, except these days I could only get you about a hundred yards down the road, which if you need me to do that I’ll totally do it, just say when, like how about when we’re a hundred yards from Canterlot maybe?”

Fluttershy’s scruffy ears were laid back in pain, and she bore a saintly long-suffering expression that looked very odd on a vampony face. Dursaa thundered on, the tendons standing out in his neck as he strained to keep the momentum going and not collapse under the great weight of his desperately clinging wife.

“If he keeps this up I think it’s very likely you’ll be able to get there!” added Twilight. “It’s amazing, this is nearly a gallop for me, though of course I’m not carrying anypony. He’s really strong, huh? Um… is he okay?”

Dursaa’s face was nearly as agonized as Fluttershy’s. To carry her staggering weight at a brisk trot would have been challenge enough, but his wife had ordered him to gallop for all he was worth, and gallop he did until his bones creaked and his heart threatened to explode. Shaking sweat from his mane, he charged on even harder, and Twilight’s eyes widened as she broke into a full gallop just to keep up.

“Do you begrudge… his hoof-rubs… now?” managed Fluttershy between contractions.

Behind them, they heard more galloping hooves. “They’re coming!” cried Rock Candy. Twilight did a double-take, looked behind, and saw he was riding Trixie, who was grinning ear to ear.

“Slow down ye consarned fluffbrain varmint!” shrieked another voice. Twilight looked up, and the Air Force had arrived. Granny Smith was riding on none other than Rainbow Dash. They all converged on the gates of Canterlot Castle as the doors swung open…

Princess Celestia got halfway out, and froze in her tracks with a look of dumbfounded astonishment.

Dursaa thundered past her, over the drawbridge and into the castle courtyard. He stood for a moment, his mighty legs shaking, and then he slowly and tenderly lowered himself with a horrible grimace of pain, and let Fluttershy roll safely off his back.

Then he collapsed without a sound, his legs sticking out rigidly in cramps, tears pouring from his eyes.

Celestia’s eyes were wide as Rainbow Dash and Granny swooped through the gates, as Trixie and Rock galloped in.

“Well, that saves me a flight,” she said weakly.

“Princess, Fluttershy’s having her foal!” cried Twilight.

“So are Lyra and Princess Luna,” said Celestia.

“Lead me to ‘em!” vowed Granny Smith. “We brought that one there! Kin she walk?”

“Help me!” squeaked Fluttershy, but she struggled to her hooves all the same. Princess Celestia hastily lit her horn and took some of the weight, and Fluttershy hobbled along with her and Granny Smith into the heart of the castle, where a foaling room and Canterlot’s best doctors awaited. Granny held her head high and haughty, for Canterlot’s best doctors weren’t nothing to a Ponyville midwife. All the ponies followed, including some passing nobles.

Twilight lagged behind, because Dursaa lay helplessly, heaving great frothing breaths on the ground.

“Are you okay?” she asked, approaching him.

His face twisted in agony, and he tried to roll onto his belly and stand, but his legs simply wouldn’t work, tears flooding his face again from the effort.

“I… did it…” he panted.

Outside, more galloping hooves sounded. “Twilight! Ah came as soon as I heard! Is she all right in there?” called Applejack, charging over the drawbridge to join them. “Sun an’ sweet apples, Dursaa, what happened t’ you?”

“He carried Fluttershy here!” replied Twilight.

Applejack’s eyes widened. Reverently, she took off her hat. “Well, dang, Mister Dursaa. You, sir, are one fine hunk of horseflesh an’ no mistake. All the way here?”

“As fast as I could gallop!” said Twilight.

“Help me rise, sparkle thighs!” pleaded Dursaa tearfully.

Applejack snorted with laughter. “WHAT?”

His eyes pleaded with her and Twilight, and Applejack put her hat back on and took pity. “Sure we will. It’s jes’ funny how you asked, that’s all. Alley-oop! Come on!” she urged, rolling him onto his stiff and cramped legs and, along with Twilight, pushing his body up and supporting some of his weight. He regained his hooves, and between them he hobbled painfully along, following in the hoofsteps of the assembled crowd and his beloved wife.

He paled as he approached the foaling room and heard the shrieks emanating from within, but he laid his ears back and hobbled right in anyhow.

The three mares, unicorn, vampire and Princess, were laid out on cushioned pallets with plenty of space around them, a cluster of doctors hovering at the edges of that space and not daring to intrude. Marching back and forth between the laboring mares, Granny Smith strode, her concentration fierce, her authority undaunted.

“Git back, dammit!” she yelled at one hovering doctor. “I din’t ask for ya and neither did none o’ them! This is mare’s business!” Trembling, he retreated.

Fluttershy lay to the left, her leg kicking weakly. A little hoof stuck out of her vagina. It was grey, and as she tensed, it poked out a bit farther, then withdrew. Rainbow Dash cradled her head in gentle forelegs, repeating, “Easy there. Good girl. You can do this. You got this,” as Fluttershy’s bat wings stretched out in agony and then thrashed with a leathery rattle. Dash didn’t flinch, even so.

Princess Luna lay on the center pallet, and raged at the doctors as well. “CANST YOU NOT OBEY THE ORDERS OF THE AHHHH! OF THE MIDWIFE? GIVE US SPACE! OUR KIND BIRTHED FOALS THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE YOU EEEEE! AUGH, SISTER, AHHH!” Her body shuddered, her ears laid back, and her legs stuck out stiffly as she strained with every bit as much passion as she’d spent raging at the doctors and anything equine nearby. There were two hooves sticking out of her, and they were a very recognizable spring-green.

On the right, Lyra Heartstrings sobbed. “Looney! Please!”

“WE ARE BUSY!” screeched Princess Luna, gritting her teeth and forcing another inch of foal out of herself.

“Dang!” marvelled Applejack. “Look at ‘em. You take care of her, Dashie! Wow, wouldja look at Princess Luna go!”

Hearing her, the little green unicorn’s head jerked around, but before she could look she was seized by another contraction. She screamed, going tense, and a red hoof protruded from her dainty vagina. She collapsed against the pallet, dripping sweat, and in a pain-wracked voice, Lyra cried, “Applejack! I hear Applejack!”

Applejack’s ears perked forward. “Ah’m here! What is it, sugar, what do ya need?”

“I need Applejack!” begged Lyra. “HOLD me! I’m scared! It… AAAHHH!”

The faithful earth pony didn’t waste a second. Knocking doctors aside, she charged in and sat with Lyra just as Rainbow Dash sat with Fluttershy, cradling her terrified head in a comforting pony lap. “Ah’m here, Lyra. Ah’m here. You’re okay. Breathe! You’re gonna be okay. My Granny ain’t never lost no foals!”

“It hurts!” sobbed Lyra, distraught.

“You can do this,” vowed Applejack with total conviction. “It’s gonna be okay. Not much longer…”

“GYAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!” shrieked Princess Luna. Magic crackled off her horn and her hooves, her body bucked into the air so violently as to explain the space between the pallets, and she began kicking the air blindly, lying on her side and straining as Granny Smith lunged toward her hindquarters crying “That’s it! Go on! Go on!”

And steadily, grotesquely, relentlessly, a slim spring-green form began to squeeze faster and faster out of her soaked and agonized royal vagina. Luna shrieked again, hurting everypony’s ears, but she would not stop. The foal’s head emerged, laid alongside the two forelegs, and then Luna’s vagina bulged dreadfully as it passed the foal’s shoulders…

“GO!” yelled Granny Smith. “Go! Go! Go!”

Princess Luna heaved and writhed, and in a single frantic shove she expelled the foal’s hind legs and a big messy gush of fluid and placenta. She collapsed, panting.

Granny Smith bent over the pale green form. “That’s an earth pony, sure enough, and alive… an’ it’s a filly!” she cried. “One DOWN! Two ta go!”

Luna sobbed, wept, laughed, drunk with pain and endorphins. “YES!” she bellowed. “WE FOALED!”

Beside her, Lyra wept piteously, cuddled by Applejack, and thrashed her head around, kicking with her hind leg. “No, no, no, no, AHHH IT HURTS PLEASE NO…”

“It’s okay, honey,” urged Applejack. “It’s gonna be okay, let it happen. Push!”

“Nonononono AGGH! UHH! Hold meeeee!” begged Lyra.

Applejack flung her forelegs around the little green unicorn’s neck. “Go for it, babe!” she urged, clamping Lyra in a fierce hug as she strained.

Lyra shrieked. A huge jolt shot through her body. She thrashed her head, clouting Applejack in the jaw with her horn, and then Applejack squawked, for Lyra had bit her foreleg. “Aw Celestia! Alright, go, honey, go go go!”

Lyra screamed again, her body twisting, and then she chomped onto Applejack’s pastern just above the hoof and didn’t let go. Applejack jerked in pain, but only hugged tighter. “Rrrrrrggg…”

“GGRRRRRHHH!” squealed Lyra, bearing down.

Granny Smith had rushed over. “Uh-huh. Uh-huh…”

Lyra shuddered violently. Two hooves were sticking out of her now, a bold brick-red. She strained, and let out a shriek against Applejack’s hapless pastern, without releasing it. Applejack was sweating, her ears laid back. “Sweet Celestia! Yow!”

“Should I make her release your hoof?” suggested Princess Celestia.

“Naw!” said Applejack. “Ah’m honored… yeeee! C’mon, baby, push!”

Lyra’s body shivered as if electrified, and somehow the country pony’s determination gave her courage. She still wept buckets, but something in Lyra had risen to the occasion, and though it seemed to tear her body asunder, the little green unicorn bore down and pushed like a champion, pushed until her tearful eyes crossed, pushed until she shrieked into the pastern gripped between her teeth, and…

A head came into view, also brick-red, but with something else.

Granny snorted in surprise. “That’s a horn nub, a big ‘un! No wonder she bellered! All right, keep goin’, you!”

Lyra kicked, shaking her head and worrying Applejack’s pastern like a snarling dog, and her howl rose to a wild frightened squeal.

The shoulders emerged, and the foal’s body wedged Lyra open unbearably. Her body shook. Applejack thumped her side with the forehoof not being bitten, and cried, “GIT on then!”

Lyra convulsed, and the whole foal surged out of her and slithered onto the ground, followed by its rush of fluid and placenta.

Granny dove, gimlet-eyed. Lyra sagged, releasing Applejack’s leg and heaving great, desperate breaths in reaction.

“Thissun’s a unicorn filly!” proclaimed Granny. “And she’s fine!”

Lyra burst into tears, embraced by Applejack.

“Uhhh,” managed Applejack, “do I still got all my hooves? I’m scared ta look.”

“Course ya do, y’fool mare!” snorted Granny.

Applejack heaved a sigh of relief. “That’ll leave a mark! I’m gonna be limping for weeks,” she asserted. Then, her eyes went wide, and she glanced over at her mate. “Rainbow? Don’t you do what I jes’ done. You hear?”

As first Luna, and then Lyra, turned to attend their new foals, all eyes went to Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

“What were you doing, Applejack?” called Dash, holding Fluttershy’s head as she strained.

“Lettin’ Lyra just about bite my hoof off,” came the reply, and Dash paled.

She turned to Fluttershy again, looking down with concern into the little scruffy vampire face, with its creepy pink eyes and scary fangs. “You’re not going to need to… bite me, are you?”

Fluttershy was sweating, her eyes faraway. “Of course not.”

“We can get you something to bite down on…”

“If you want to leave,” said Fluttershy, “it’s okay. You’ve been a big…” she began, and then her scruffy fur bristled out in a spasm of sheer agony as another contraction seized her. Weakly, she continued, “…a big help, staying with me like this, b…”

Another spasm transfixed her little vampony body, and her batty wings thrashed as the grey hoof poked out a few inches and stayed there.

Fluttershy’s eerie pink eyes were wide with shock, yet she finished her sentence bravely.

“…you can leave.”

“No way,” said Rainbow Dash. “Let’s do this.”

Fluttershy’s eyes filled with tears of gratitude, and then she had no time for them anymore. As Rainbow comforted her, she jolted and began to bear down, and the pert yellow vagina began to stretch out as another hoof appeared. Fluttershy didn’t even make a peep, she just shook in Rainbow’s embrace as she stretched wider and wider, the tip of a nose appearing, then a head.

Rainbow’s heart was pounding as well. “Come on, Fluttershy. You know how to do it! More…”

The whole head emerged, dove-gray like the hooves, though there was something odd about the mane, a hint of salt-and-pepper visible through the sopping fluids.

“Come on…” urged Dash worriedly to the silently straining Fluttershy.

“Ain’t breech, this time,” said Granny, “don’t you rush her.”

“Yeah well IT HURTS!” yelled Dash, and cuddled Fluttershy’s fanged head closer.

“Yep,” confirmed Granny. “Don’t you rush her! She’s doing fine.”

That seemed optimistic. Fluttershy’s tail thrashed. Her wings groped brokenly at the air. The foal’s head stuck out of her, but the shoulders just didn’t want to come.

“We’ve invented forceps,” suggested a doctor hopefully.

“BACK OFF!” yelled Granny. “So help me, I’ll…”

“Obey our experienced midwife,” ordered Princess Celestia, tensely, and the doctors retreated.

Rainbow Dash petted Fluttershy’s sweating head. The agony just poured off the little vampony, once more stuck with a foal halfway out, this time because she could not force those shoulders through. Dash cringed under the weight of all that psychic suffering, but she didn’t pull away. She leaned closer, and whispered in the silence, into one flattened, scruffy vampony ear.

“You’re still my hero,” whispered Rainbow Dash. “Go on—birth that foal. I know you can do it.”

Pouring silent tears, Fluttershy went absolutely stiff with effort, and her vagina widened more, and more, and more…

Granny Smith gasped in shock. Then the gasp went around the room.

With a little squeal, Fluttershy passed the shoulders, and the body, and the foal slithered out of her and onto the floor to the sound of gasps, shrieks, shouts, a whole panoply of reactions particularly from the doctors. Dash and Fluttershy couldn’t see what they saw, and for a moment Rainbow just held Fluttershy as she panted for breath, the tears running down her face.

“Welp… there’s yer problem!” said Granny Smith wryly.

Fluttershy and Dash blanched, and both craned to look at what Fluttershy had made.

Blinking, a grey colt covered in amniotic fluid looked back at them. His shoulders were enormous.

Then, he spread his wings.

He couldn’t really do it, for he was too weak and they weren’t much good, but he tried, and everypony gasped, for they were alternating black and white feathers, just like his mane and tail, which plainly were going to be glorious zebra stripes.

He opened his mouth, and there were no fangs, to audible sighs of relief. Puzzled, he looked around, blinking at all the strangers.

He had Fluttershy’s eyes. The creepy pink was absolutely gorgeous against his greys and whites and blacks.

The crowd went silent, as Luna and Lyra got trembling to their hooves, and the green earth and red unicorn fillies rose and nuzzled under their mothers’ bellies, beginning to nurse.

“You know what to do,” said Rainbow softly.

She coaxed Fluttershy to rise, and the little yellow vampony also got to her hooves, and those luminous pink foal eyes blinked again and refocussed. And Fluttershy’s little flanks were more scruffy than the typical pony’s, but between her legs all the same were two snug and ready mare breasts, soft nipples awaiting their happy first duty, and her pegasus colt rose and staggered and moved in…

Fluttershy’s cry of joy was just as sweet and full of wonder as it had been the first time, and from the twirling of her colt’s tail, her milk was just as sweet, too.

Gently, and then insistently, the sound of respectful equine applause rose to surround the three mother mares.

Celestia realized she was weeping with delight and gratitude, and then realized that a palace unicorn was trying to get her attention.

“Names!” he clamored. “I am the palace bookkeeper, Scribe Nubbin. May I take down their names for my records?”

Three mares stared, startled. Luna and Lyra hadn’t been able to converse without hysterical meltdowns for months, and Fluttershy had left it entirely to her husband, who’d been distracted by her other attentions and had never even raised the subject.

Luna blinked, her jaw agape, feeling her spring-green pony filly suckling alicorn milk. Tears flooded her eyes.

“Gift!” she said. “Precious Gift!”

Pony applause greeted her announcement, as the bookkeeper wrote the name down with a flourish. Attention turned to her smaller unicorn consort, who stood trembling and suckling her brick-red unicorn filly.

Lyra gulped. “Um…”

The bookkeeper’s quill began to scratch, then stopped. Princess Celestia’s horn had lit, and a magical glow surrounded his throat with a tender, teasing grasp.

“We will end you,” said Celestia sweetly. “Pray, allow the sweet silly darling to complete her thought.”

“Thank you, sister,” said Luna, in heartfelt relief.

“You’re welcome.”

They looked to Lyra again. She blinked her lovely golden eyes, as that odd Lyra-brain ticked over.

“Earthpony!” she squeaked, impulsively.

Luna’s eyes widened. “Really?”

“Earthpony Applejack!” said Lyra, as the brick-red filly happily drank her milk.

Applejack’s jaw dropped. She stared, stunned, at the cute little unicorn crazy, and she stammered, “Uhhh… that’s MAH name, sugarcube!”

“Exactly,” said Lyra in a shy, small voice. She teared up. “We’ll call her ‘Jackie’, to keep it straight.”

The bookkeeper’s quill scratched.

Applejack’s lip quivered, and then she, and Granny Smith, began to grin wider and wider.

“All righty,” said Applejack, beaming her big country smile at her unicorn friend and her new namesake.

The pony applause rang out, even louder. Then, all turned to Fluttershy.

She gazed into the crowd, searching out her husband. He stood, still nearly immobile with cramp, behind the others.

“Honey?” she said deferentially, in her scratchy little vampony voice.

Dursaa hobbled forward. In wonder, he nuzzled his new son, sniffing at the lovely, zebra-feathered wings, his eyes wide.

“My heart, my passion, my soul, the love of my life: the honor of naming my child… belongs to my wife.”

This time, the quill just barely began to scratch. Princess Celestia’s horn glowed. The quill hastily stopped.

Fluttershy and her husband gazed at each other raptly, as the curious pegasus colt suckled eagerly at her breasts. The silence stretched out. Dursaa’s gaze didn’t waver, he just stood drinking Fluttershy in: unflinching at her vampiric strangeness, adoring her without reservation. He made no more rhymes. He’d said what he meant, and he stuck to it.

Fluttershy’s eerie pink eyes glowed with unspeakable gratitude, and then dropped for an unsure moment. She looked up, and gazed out on all the ponies and unicorns, all the doubters and those she’d mistrusted and feared, who now looked to her for an answer. All Canterlot and most of her friends waited for Fluttershy to own her power, take control, make her own decisions, and name her foal… her way.

So she did.

“Dursaa,” said Fluttershy defiantly, staring them right in the eye. She held their gaze for a whole second, before looking down and blushing. She glanced up, and added, “…junior.”

Dursaa, senior, gently nuzzled his son’s black-and-white mane, weeping silently with joy.

The bookkeeper’s quill scratched for a third time.

“Earthpony Applejack!” giggled Trixie. “Can you believe it?”

“She looked so happy,” sighed Twilight Sparkle, and Trixie snuggled her closer. “Wait, where’s Spike?”

“Spike is in his new den,” explained Trixie. “He’s happy too. Wait, did you mean Lyra, or Applejack?”

“Both of them,” said Twilight. Her ears were splayed just a bit, a hint of fretfulness.

Trixie licked one. “What’s troubling you, Mistress?”

“Oh, nothing. Well… it bugs me that I get things so wrong. It seems to make such good sense to fight for what I know must happen. And then life happens and it goes totally different from how it should, but it’s wonderful!”

Trixie nuzzled her love. “Would you rather it were not wonderful?”

“It just… I don’t know!” sighed Twilight. “I need an outlet for my urges.”

“Trixie has just the thing in mind,” purred Trixie wickedly.

Twilight spanked her playfully with a hoof. “Not those urges! Well… not only those urges. Actually I’ve started to try something. I… I’d like to know what you think of it. Since we both like books so much.”

“You want to read books?” blinked Trixie. She passed a hoof across her brow in faux lamentation. “Deciding between books and Twilight Sparkle pussy! Curse such dreadful, torturous choices!”

Twilight began to smirk. She felt her body wink, as it responded to her mate’s obvious horniness. “Don’t be silly. We can have both.”

“At once?” retorted Trixie, playfully.

Twilight boggled at her. “I—I—I don’t think I’d be reading very coherently…”

Trixie grinned, and Twilight quivered.

“Then fuck books and reading. Trixie is hungry for her little pony!”

Twilight gave a little squee of delight as Trixie seized her, the magic bit arcing towards Trixie’s teeth even while they cuddled on their sides on the bed. She playfully tried to intercept it, but Trixie wasn’t having any of that this time, and Twilight squeaked again as Trixie’s teeth closed on the bit and a fine blue ponycock shoved up against Twilight’s breasts, and then both unicorns let out a squeal when Trixie tugged her hips back and plunged eagerly into Twilight Sparkle’s quivering, dripping vagina…

Twilight wriggled, moaning drunkenly, as Trixie clung to her. That cute round little unicorn butt squirmed and squeezed at Trixie’s tenderly probing ponycock, and everything had become so simple, so beautifully simple at last.

“I’m…” squeaked Twilight, breathlessly.

“Mrrrrr,” crooned Trixie, shivering with sheer pleasure, stroking Twilight’s lovely body.

“I’m… I’m gonna…”

“Yessss…” hissed Trixie through her teeth, grinning, working the magic stallionhood inside Twilight as she wriggled and clenched.

Twilight began to pant rapidly, her horn glittering. “I… I… hhhh! I’m…”

Trixie closed her eyes, because she wanted to savor the feeling, and gave herself over to deep, sensuous thrusts that slid easily to Twilight’s quivering depths.

Twilight’s eyes were wide in fillyish wonder… a wonder which never, somehow, quite went away. Every time was like new.


Twilight Sparkle came, her pussy squeezing excitedly upon the thrusting cock of her beloved… and when Trixie, fondling her body, continued to plunge joyously inside her…


Twilight’s horn began to spurt pretty little gouts of magic into the air.


Trixie Lulamoon snarled in bliss, and unloaded her horngasm boldly into her unicorn lover, even as she came and spurted magic horsecome into Twilight Sparkle’s womb… and her eyes stayed closed, not seeing the ecstatic expression on Twilight’s face, not seeing Twilight’s hooves kicking in pleasure-spasms against the bedspread… because Trixie was totally wrapped up in feeling Twilight, not seeing her.

Feeling that lovely unicorn vagina grip and shudder against her intruding, eager hardness. Feeling herself spurt come deeply into Twilight, drenching her pony womb just as if Trixie was her stallion.

Feeling her magic, gushing from her excited horn, flooding directly into dear Twilight’s head and lovingly drenching her mind and body and spirit with the intoxicating tingle of Trixie Lulamoon’s very essence, a delicious and lusty embrace from the inside, possessing Twilight Sparkle until Trixie could just about feel every inch of Twilight’s joy-wracked body as part of herself.

Trixie came inside Twilight Sparkle for second after second, and through their magical arc Trixie could feel for herself that her beloved was flooded with sheer joy and pleasure and the sense of utter belonging, wriggling in ecstacy on the end of Trixie’s cock and crying out her breathless delight.

The horngasm ebbed and cut out. Trixie was no alicorn. Twilight’s horn was barely eroded at all.

Trixie sagged against the bed, hugging Twilight closer. Twilight sagged too, her mouth hanging open in a goofy smile, staring into space.


“Mmmmmm,” replied Trixie Lulamoon, with great earnestness.

They slept.

“Mmmmmm…” crooned Twilight fondly.

“So what was the book thing?” asked Trixie, tenderly rubbing horns with her lover.

Twilight blinked. “Oh. You remembered that?”

Trixie smirked. “Call Trixie greedy…”

“Greedy for mare?” teased Twilight.

“And books!”

“Oh, well, maybe I should tell you then,” said Twilight lazily.

She wriggled, then clambered out of bed and pulled a slim book out of the bookshelf with her horn, while Trixie admired her rump and the tender beauty of that little unicorn horn and the wonderful shade of purple Twilight’s magic produced… all right, admitted Trixie to herself, just everything about Twilight, that should cover it. Then Trixie blinked. “Is that a new book, that Trixie hasn’t read?”

Twilight smirked in slightly nervous delight. “I certainly hope so! Because… this one is by ME!”

Trixie squealed. “Eeee! Really?”

“But I hope it isn’t terrible! I just needed an outlet. You know? I have such strong feelings for how things should have been. It made me feel better to start writing it out, and it just got carried away.”

“Into a whole book?” blinked Trixie.

“No, there are four so far, this is just the first one,” admitted Twilight. “The words just started pouring out and wouldn’t stop!”

Trixie Lulamoon let out a cute whinny of sheer glee. She stared at the book, entranced, and then she sat down in front of Twilight.

“Read it to me!”

Twilight laughed, awkwardly. “I thought maybe I might do that someday! So I started it right off with a Nightmare Moon story, because I thought it would be fun for you to have a good scare in which the bad Luna gets defeated in the end. Actually it kind of happens twice? You’ll see. There’s the prelude, and then after the big battle scene…”

Trixie hopped up and down, squealing. “Read it to meee! Mistress! Eeee!”

“Okay, okay!” laughed Twilight, feeling better than she had in years. “Of course I will! Ready?”

Trixie curled up at Twilight’s hooves, her eyes shining.

“Once upon a time,” began Twilight, “in the magical land of Equestria, there were two regal sisters who ruled together and created harmony for all the land. To do this, the eldest used her unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn.”

“Alicorn powers,” corrected Trixie.

“No, she uses her horn,” objected Twilight. “I think it should be called unicorn powers for that reason. It’s not like she lifts it on her back flapping her wings, and it’s my story, okay?”


“Alicorn wings are overrated! It’s the horn stuff, the unicorn powers, that really count! All the best fight scenes are with horns and magic, you’ll see! I even put in wing bondage just to subliminally make the point, in chapter thirteen. Whose story is this anyway?”

“Okay!” said Trixie placatingly. “Keep going!”

Twilight glanced warily at her, and continued. “The younger brought out the moon to begin the night. Thus, the two sisters maintained balance for their kingdom and their subjects—all the different types of ponies. But as time went on, the younger sister became resentful. The ponies relished and played in the day her elder sister brought forth, but shunned and slept through her beautiful night.”

“Wasn’t it more like, she got a case of alicorn crazy like you did?” said Trixie. “Trixie thinks…”

“IN THIS story,” insisted Twilight, “it’s because she was pissy about ponies not liking the night. Okay?”

“Okay,” agreed Trixie hastily, and Twilight continued, her voice growing more dramatic sentence by sentence.

“One fateful day, the younger unicorn refused to lower the moon to make way for the dawn. The elder sister tried to reason with her, but the bitterness in the young one’s heart had transformed her into a wicked mare of darkness. Nightmare Moon! She vowed that she would shroud the land in eternal night.”

Trixie snuggled closer, with a delicious little shiver of vicarious fear.

“Reluctantly,” said Twilight, “the elder sister harnessed the most powerful magic known to ponydom—The Elements of Harmony! Using the magic of the Elements of Harmony, she defeated her younger sister and banished her permanently in the moon.” She paused, impressively.

“Good!” squeaked Trixie.

“Shh! I’m almost done with the prelude,” said Twilight. “This was what we call world building. It’s very important in a story! Next I have to tell about how I came to Ponyville, and I hope you’ll like that part. I wrote it so that all the ponies loved me a lot, right away, and were happy to welcome me to my new home.”

Trixie’s lip quivered. “But… they do love you, Twilight,” she said forlornly. “And they did welcome you. They even ended up welcoming me. You know that. You don’t have to write a story to make that be true.”

Twilight frowned. “No, I mean… you’ll see what I mean. It’s important for the protagonist to be loveable!”

“I do love you,” said Trixie Lulamoon, earnestly.

Twilight lifted an eyebrow. “Enough to let me tell this story… my way?”

Trixie gazed into her eyes for a moment… those naive, intelligent, insecure, never-satisfied eyes… and Trixie understood.

She nodded, and didn’t interrupt again, and Twilight continued telling the story, her way. “The elder sister took on responsibility for both sun and moon, and harmony has been maintained in Equestria for generations since.”

Trixie snuggled up, letting the words take her away to another, simpler world: the world Twilight Sparkle envisioned, and the story she longed to tell. She wondered if Twilight would be happier telling it in a story, rather than trying to guide the lives of her friends as she had been doing, and she glanced up.

Twilight looked very, very happy.

“The brave and resourceful but independent-minded Twilight Sparkle finished reading those fascinating and very important historical words,” read Twilight, her eyes following her own hornwritten words across the page. “Hmmm, said the lavender unicorn. She gazed off into space, her beautiful violet eyes misting over with curiosity. Elements of Harmony, she said thoughtfully to herself. I know I’ve heard of those before.”

She paused impressively.

“…but where?”