Fluttershy, Revised

Fluttershy curled up into an uncomfortable little ball under her bed, the wooden planks wedging against the illusory feathers of her wings. She made a face and curled tighter, ignoring the pain. Maybe her wings would break, she thought. It’s not like she couldn’t fix them anyway, no matter how broken they became. Her evilness would make sure of that. She sobbed at the injustice of it all… the unfairest thing was that she couldn’t even be harmless.

Out in the room, Gilda’s terrifying claws scrabbled against the floor, and dug in several inches, splintering the wood.

“Please come out! Please! I love you!”

“No!” said Fluttershy. “I won’t! I can’t!”

Out in the room, Gilda froze. “Why can’tcha?”

Fluttershy winced. “Well… ow! On top of all the other horrible and awful things, I’m stuck…”

Even as she said it, she realized she’d really, really screwed up.

Gilda made a strange noise, like an upset kitten crossed with the trill of a frightened songbird… and then Fluttershy wasn’t alone under the bed. Gilda could not fit, but her long and powerful taloned arm could, and it was reaching in after her, prodding her quivering body and trying to grasp her hoof. Gilda’s feline instincts had kicked in, and she scrabbled to snag Fluttershy and drag her out.

She got hold of Fluttershy’s hind leg, and pulled, and it wedged Shy’s stuck wing against the unyielding planks. She wasn’t moving any further, but the huge massive predator wasn’t letting go. The powerful talons readjusted their grip and Fluttershy felt Gilda latch on right up around her thigh, claws wrapping around so boldly that they threatened to sink into her belly on one side and her tail’s dock on the other.

Fluttershy screamed in pain and alarm, and instantly realized there were many levels of ‘really, really screwed up’ and she was about to experience all of them, for Gilda had no real idea of her strength as a vampire griffin. She had already been a terrifyingly strong predator. She couldn’t see what she was doing underneath the bed as she blindly grasped and pulled. And she’d just heard her pegasus sire, the creature she loved more than anything, apparently being crushed beneath the bed and needing immediate rescue.

Gilda panicked, and with the crude directness of a big birdkitty, yanked Fluttershy out from under the bed with her full strength.

Fluttershy shrieked like all pony hell as time seemed to grind to a halt. Her wings would not allow her to budge, and she didn’t have time to shift them. Instead, her eyes bugged out as horrible claws sank into her crotch and dock, the grip going unbearably tight, dragging on her thigh, a death-grip around the thickest part of her leg… and wrench, dragging her femur from its socket, stretching and tearing her tender body and crunch, the joint between the humerus and scapula shattered and her wing bent back impossibly as everything whooshed and slid by her…

Gilda scrabbled backward and let go the instant her sire was free of her apparent prison.

“I got, I got you o… out…”

Gilda looked down at what she had done.

Fluttershy had passed out. Dead? That was the least of her problems. Her leg was gouged deeply, hoof curled in agony, and the hip looked dreadfully wrong. Worse, her wing bent back in a manner to sicken any flying creature.

Gilda, trembling, looked at her red-tipped claws. She hadn’t pulled that hard… or so it had seemed, in the heat of the moment.


Pegasus eyes opened, searched, fixed on her.

“You m…” began Fluttershy, and shuddered in pain from her many places of injury. Gritting her teeth, she pressed on. “You may as well! It’s not like I can hurt you more at this point. Go on, finish it! I deserved that!”

“What?” gaped Gilda.

Fluttershy banged the floor with a forehoof, and winced as it sent searing pain through dislocated hip and shattered wing joint. She glared at Gilda. “Get it out of your system! It’s not really payback for what I did to you, nothing could be, but if it makes you feel better, go on! More, do your worst! I’m not sure how this works, though. If you eat most of me, would I take you over completely and there’d be nothing left of you?”

Gilda just stared, shaking harder and harder.

Fluttershy pouted.

“I always knew this would happen,” she said. “I knew I wouldn’t get away with it forever. It’s almost a relief. Finally, I am paying the price! Rip more of my legs off and break my other wing. If… if that’s okay with you.”

Her eyes widened as Gilda leapt, and her pathetically submissive surrender turned into another monstrous shriek of agony as shattered limbs were roughly shifted… but the purpose wasn’t what she’d asked for.

“BWAAAAHHH!” bawled Gilda, tears spraying everywhere, hugging Fluttershy’s ravaged body in a frantic, childish hug, like her broken pegasus mistress was a sort of rag doll. Fluttershy’s mane extension fell off, so heedless was Gilda’s embrace, and the little vampony grew scragglier and longer fanged with no complaint from her hysterical worshipper.

“OW!” wailed Fluttershy. “Rrrg… oww! You’re not even attacking me right, you dumb meanie griffin! You’re only hugging me and it hurts just as bad, what’s the matter with you? Make up your mind!”

“Ahhh! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” squawked Gilda, unable to stop clinging to her sire and racked with violent outbursts of grief and adrenaline, completely hysterical. “The pony hospital, we have to get you to the pony hospital, even if I have to carry you there myself…”

“Ow ow ow! Licorice and ferrets!” cursed Fluttershy. “Ow, stop it! Don’t you know anything, you stupid Gilda?” She twisted around in spite of her injuries, and she hit Gilda with a very determined Stare, her eyes glowing strangely. “Stop! STOP. LET GO.”

Gilda released her and fell back, stunned, her tail and wings twitching with bursts of explosive energy still unreleased.

Fluttershy, without breaking her stare, stuck out her lower lip in a formidable sulky pout. “Fine! Clearly you won’t give me what I deserve, and you’re going to be impossible until I fix this. You settle down at once! And stop talking about the pony hospital. Nice places like that are not for such as us. You might as well learn the ropes, I think that’s what they call it. Watch this.”

As Gilda, frozen in a trance, watched… Fluttershy repaired her injuries.

She got to three hooves, ignoring the pain that sent shudders through her body, and twisted her head back, seizing her bent-backward wing with her teeth. Flinging it grimly over to where it hung limp and shivering in roughly its proper position, she concentrated and movement happened under the butter-yellow pony hide, a strange and subtly gruesome shifting of shattered bone and torn muscle… and as Gilda watched, Fluttershy gingerly lifted the wing, flapped it very delicately, folded it demurely. She’d fixed it herself, while Gilda watched.

She turned, presenting Gilda with her buttery rump, ruined and made awful by the broken hip, no longer symmetrical and harmonious. She frowned, never breaking her stern gaze, and then flicked her tail sharply… once, twice, thrice, and much of the tail fell away in billows of artificial tail extension. Fluttershy’s body grew more shaggy and coarse-furred, her real tail ragged and harsh, but it seemed to be what she’d needed: with further concentration, she drew her dislocated femur toward its proper resting place, and with a disturbing ‘thup’, stuck it back into her hip. More concentration followed, and her lovely flanks regained their symmetry, and Fluttershy tried resting her weight on the repaired leg, and stood.

Lastly, the deep gashes and torn pony flesh began to knit together, visibly sealing themselves up before Gilda’s dumbfounded eyes.

Fluttershy glared petulantly. “I should have bled all over you,” she grumbled, “but it would take forever to replace. Meanie!”

She pirouetted before her thrall, faced her, and demanded, “Now do you understand?”

Gilda gulped. “I dunno. Wow. You can do that?”

“Yes,” said Fluttershy, “so let’s start over. I thought maybe you were free of my influence and giving me what I deserved at last. And so you should. I can arrange that, now that I know. Can’t harm you worse at this point. It was… intense. Give me a moment, okay?”

“I’ll give you anything…” breathed Gilda.

“Well, nopony is coming over this evening so it’s a good time for it,” said Fluttershy. “I’ll make you stop when it’s not convenient for me. I am so very generous that way,” she added, with bitter sarcasm. “But for now I think we can let you have freedom, a little. I’m surprised you were able to do it. I… give me a moment. Okay. I’m going to release you, now.” She licked her lips, trembling. “Go!”

Fluttershy dropped her gaze, and her wings sprang up to stand stiffly erect even though they were batlike things… and she stood, scuffing the floor with a forehoof, waiting.

Gilda stared, dumbstruck by her scruffy vampony beauty, and then stumbled urgently forward as Fluttershy bit her lip with anxiety and a strange, eager acceptance…

“Ooof!” she squeaked. “You’re… hey! Will you… Gilda! What’s wrong with you? What are you doing?”

But Gilda didn’t answer. She just continued to hug Fluttershy, snuggling her scruffy body, bundling her up very carefully in powerful griffin talons and lifting her into the bed, wrapping herself around the little yellow vampony in a quiveringly intense cuddle-fest that was half tender caress and half dizzy and openly carnal fondling.

“I love you so hard core,” explained Gilda. “You’re so soft and tender and vulnerable but then you are so powerful! And so forgiving! I’m so glad you can heal all your hurts and I’m gonna be more careful and will never ever hurt you again, I swear it…”

She broke off. “Did you wince? Oh, shit! I only wanted to fondle that amazing pony ass which you just fixed. Does it still hurt?”

Fluttershy gave her a weary look. “Yes, Gilda. Everything hurts. It’s not real healing, there’s something wrong with it. Don’t look that way at me, you have no idea. This is nothing. Did you know I got stabbed through the heart by an alicorn horn once? It stuck right out the other side. Now you can’t even see the hole, but I can still feel it sometimes.”

Gilda had gone pale, her feathers lying very flat. “What did you say?”

“I said…”

“I’ll fucking kill her,” vowed Gilda. “Which one? Which one did it to you?”

Fluttershy’s eyes widened, then burned with hypnotic force again. “NO.”

Gilda whimpered. She couldn’t speak. She could only gaze into those eyes, and hear Fluttershy’s words.

“You will never hurt her. Not unicorns, not alicorns, not anypony. You’ll be calm and peaceful. Do you understand?”

Gilda nodded, and Fluttershy dropped her gaze. A tear glistened in her eye.

“But you don’t. You don’t understand. I deserved all of that. You shouldn’t be cuddling me. If there’s any justice you’d just tear me apart again. Maybe one day you’ll be free and will no longer be my slave. But if you were cured, how could you do anything but try to destroy me, and that would just infect you again and not even end this existence, nothing can, everything just hurts and it never goes away!” wailed Fluttershy, beginning to weep.

Gilda squawked. “Baby! Honey! Take it easy, don’t talk crazy! What is your problem, Fluttershy? You talk like you did something terrible!”

“I always knew I would,” sniffled Fluttershy.

“What could you possibly do that’s so terrible?” protested Gilda, but then the words caught in her throat. Fluttershy had fixed her with a tearful gaze and bared teeth, a grimace of pain and self-hatred that froze Gilda’s blood.

“I killed you,” said Fluttershy.

“It didn’t stick,” argued Gilda, but then those eyes silenced her again, and she had to listen.

“I killed you,” repeated Fluttershy. “I flew into a rage, decided you had to be attacked, and I attacked you and kicked your head in and killed you with a bite. After all the time I spent trying to hide what I was, trying to pretend that it was okay, I threw it all away in one moment and I was happy about it. I thought you were dead, lying there all beat up, and I was glad. I checked again and thought you lived and I was disappointed because I wished I had killed you.” Fluttershy sniffled, forlorn. “But I had. You’re dead, Gilda Griffin, just like me.”

Gilda gulped. “Okay, fine, I get it. I’m just trying to figure out what part of that was so bad…”

“It’s all bad!” wailed Fluttershy.

“No no no, wait, stop!” blurted Gilda, in frantic haste. “Hear me out, please, let me talk before you stare at me and force me to be quiet again, please! There’s stuff I’ve just GOT to explain.”

Fluttershy stuck out her lower lip, tearfully, and it smooshed against the cute little fangs, adorably. “You’re right. I’m compelling you over and over. I was even going to make you hurt me again, and that’s wrong of me if you don’t want to do it. Though I think some part of you must want to. Nopony ever ripped my leg out of its socket before.”

“Uh, okay, need to cry again now…”

“I’m sorry!” squeaked Fluttershy. “I’ll be quiet. I’m good at that.”

“Thanks,” said Gilda wryly. She studied her adored vampony. “How can I put this? I don’t want to hurt you. I’d do anything rather than hurt you. But, Fluttershy, I used to date Dash. You know? And I just feel like you don’t really get it. You’re acting like kicking my ass was some great sin.”

“No, I know, Rainbow kept talking about that,” grumbled Fluttershy. “She thought you were just in love because I’d beaten you up, and she didn’t even know I’d killed you. On purpose.”

Gilda gazed into those eerie pink eyes. “But I am. I am in love with you. It made total sense to me, babe. That’s what you don’t get.”

“You’re a thrall,” retorted Fluttershy. “I thought I would never make one, and that’s what YOU don’t get.”

“But you’re also a pony… well, vampony,” said Gilda, “who got real physical with me. Like Dash, or another griffin, would do.”

“Well, thank you so much for that,” said Fluttershy bitterly. “I thought being a vampire was quite bad enough but I can see I have an amazing future with you.”

“No, listen!” begged Gilda. She hid her face in her talon for a moment, frustrated. “We’re pretty sturdy. We play rough. You just got my attention, that day. If it wasn’t with the biting part, I might still have ended up here anyway. Have you even seen griffin society? We’re real good at staying aloof and mouthing off at a distance, being pissy and hissy. To touch, to clinch like that? Very big deal. Your body was all over me. All over me!”

Fluttershy pouted. “Yes, punching and kicking. I did think you deserved it. You shouldn’t have jumped on that guard pony, what was I supposed to think?”

“The point I’m making is, that was incredibly hot and if it went a little too far it doesn’t really change anything, it was still hot stuff,” said Gilda. “Maybe not for every griffin but I’m not every griffin. I always did like ponies, from when I was very young. I mean, look at Dash! That little blue pussy, hot damn! Back when we tussled, I totally kneed you in yours. I’ve always wanted to pay better attention to it, ever since. Can I touch you there? I can do amazing things with a claw. Maybe this isn’t a good time. You just don’t seem to understand that you weren’t hurting me. Not in a bad way. You just got my attention, bigtime, and now I can’t forget any of it.”

Fluttershy just stared, miserably. Finally, Gilda dared ask in the softest, gentlest squawk she could manage, “…what’s the matter, babe?”

“I can’t forget, either,” said Fluttershy. “Eventually I’ll need to. Maybe that is the real punishment. I can’t forget.”

“Tell me why that hurts you so much,” said Gilda, earnestly.

Fluttershy sniffled. “I didn’t want to be a monster. I can feel myself going. Everything that I value will die, and I’ll become horrible. I don’t trust that I can stay good. And I’ve created you, now, when I was supposed to stay totally good. I mean, you were bad enough already but now I’ve made you something much more terrifying. You may be a far worse monster than me, because you start out so much fiercer and stronger with beak and claws and a taste for blood. I’ve unleashed you on the world, but I will become terrible in my own way when I turn evil. And now you’ve turned Rainbow Dash’s foal to a vampire…”

“She bit ME!” squawked Gilda. “I did not try to do anything to that crazy kid!”

“I haven’t got that excuse,” muttered Shy, looking away, her expression revealing the deepest self-loathing.

Gilda studied her. Stared, thought, ruminated, racked her aching and oddly seething brain for ideas. And indeed, there was that streak of savagery and hate hidden away in her psyche, a little voice that apparently Fluttershy shared, a tiny inkling of bestial rage and laughing cruelty just waiting to be vicious, wanting only to hurt and maim and destroy…

But to a griffin, that was nothing new, and nothing so alarming.

“Listen, babe,” said Gilda gently. “Listen. I’m not surprised I love you so hard core. You’re the ultimate pony. I mean, except for the horrible long flowing mane and tail, but hey, it looks like your real ones are a lot cooler! They don’t even trigger me or remind me of crap. I like you this way…”

“Don’t judge me,” pouted Fluttershy. “I feel better when I wear the extensions. Zecora made them for me and you can’t tell me what to wear, I’ll compel you.”

“I won’t!” protested Gilda. “I’ll cope! That wasn’t even my point.”

“Please get to the point, then,” moaned Fluttershy. “I thought unlife was bad before, and now I have to cuddle with the monster I made, and wait for us to turn evil together and destroy everything I care about.”

“You seriously believe that?” challenged Gilda. “Check it out: I love you enough to call you on your bullshit. Since when do you turn evil? Fluttershy, I fell for you because you’re the ultimate peaceful sweet grass-eating flower child pony! You couldn’t turn evil if you tried!”

Fluttershy glared at her, cutely. “I have bad thoughts. Don’t mock me. I used to think I could stay good, and then you came along!”

“And I thought I explained that was just griffin sexy times and roughhousing! And I was explaining to Dash how you didn’t even mean to bite me, you just lost your head. Don’t you think if you’d been fighting me in earnest, you would’ve sucked less at it?”

That got a vampony pout. “I did NOT suck at it. I knocked you out, I’ll have you know! And why are you making me act proud of being a roughneck?”

Gilda tickled her scraggly mane. “More like a scruff-neck. You’re a little bit shaggy now. It’s so cute!”

“It is not cute!”

“You had no idea how to fight!” insisted Gilda. “It’s not really like you. It still isn’t! You’re a sweet adorable pony at heart and you’re not going to turn evil! Listen, listen. I’ve seen you taking care of the animals. You go and fill up dishes and stuff with that fucking horrible birdseed… I mean, that wonderful yummy birdseed, can’t get enough of it!”

“I’ll get you more fishes,” pouted Fluttershy. “You and those ferrets! Some creatures, honestly!”

“You see? You see?” declared Gilda. “There you go again, you’re devoting yourself to the care of others! And the birds, and me of course, and probably the ferrets, we just love you for it! Imagine us all romping around as you go back and forth with the birdseed and hay and oat cakes and stuff, how does that feel? For you?”

Fluttershy clung determinedly to her pout, but her wings told the tale: not feathery like the pegasus she longed to be, but leathery and batty, yet still they rose until they stood erect: mute testament to Fluttershy’s inner feelings as she considered her service to others.

“…nice,” she admitted, grudgingly.

“Eeee!” squealed Gilda. “Oh my gosh, I could get off just watching you, you’re so adorable when there’s some happiness in you! You just glow, eeee! I want to lick you to orgasm and feel you wink against my tongue! Think about taking care of your animals some more!”

Fluttershy squeaked and shoved Gilda away. “Stop that! It’s inappropriate! Why do I deserve to have happiness in me anyway? And you’re only making me excited and that would be wrong!”

“But I’ll do anything you want,” pleaded Gilda.

Fluttershy bared her fangs. “But I want you to tear me to bloody shreds with your terrible sharp claws. It wouldn’t kill me, but at least in a sense I would go away. It would take a very long time to put myself back together, and all Equestria would be that much safer. So there! You were saying?”

Gilda stared at her. Her beak, slack in astonishment, quivered. Tears began to flood her eyes.

Fluttershy heaved a deep and exasperated sigh. “Why are you making me feel guilty about that, when I KNOW I am right?”

“No, you’re not,” quavered Gilda. “Y… you want to care for all the little animals, and…”

As she began to cry in earnest, Fluttershy moved in and hugged her, petting her shaking griffin shoulders. “Hmph! There, there. I’m sorry, I guess it’s a lot to ask.”

Then, she blinked. Gilda had twisted around and was gazing desperately into her eyes, and suddenly the talons held her withers in a cautious and delicate grip, as if she was very fragile.

“You’re wrong,” vowed Gilda. “I can feel your heart. I can tell who you really are inside, Fluttershy, and you are a lovely sweet pony, and you’re not evil. You’re scared of it, but you’re still not evil. Look at you, hugging me when I cry! I love you so much…”

Fluttershy blinked. “You’re just a slave, Gilda. I can’t go by that. You don’t even know what you’re saying.”

Gilda wiped a tear. “I do so. Since when are you the expert on vampires? Who taught you, your own vampire master?”

Fluttershy’s eyes widened. She glanced, in a momentary panic, at Angel’s bowl, where the remnants of a very creative and inspired salad sat half-eaten and ignored. “Um, no, not unless you count learning many wonderful things about salads and keeping vegetables perfectly fresh…”

“Well then!” retorted Gilda. “You need to be nicer to yourself. You’re such a good pony, and I can feel the deepest truth of you. I think you’re just being bitchy because you want to kick ass now and then, and somehow you never figured out it’s about what you do with those feelings. Everybody wants to kick butt or bite somebody’s ear off at times! I realize you’re nicer and sweeter than even the average pony, but there’s a limit, dammit!”

Fluttershy’s ears were back, and not only in fear of them being bitten off. “Iron Will tried to teach me how to deal with my feelings once, and I became awful and mean. How can I trust what you say, Gilda Griffin?”

“Iron who?” blinked Gilda. She shook her head. “Doesn’t matter. What did you do then, Fluttershy? You say you became awful and mean. But you’re not awful now! What did you do after that, Fluttershy?”

Fluttershy’s eyes were wide and defenseless. “Um, I fixed my behavior and said I was sorry. And I even got my money back, because I wasn’t satisfied! He was making me become something I’m just not!”

And for a second, both pony and griffin just listened to the echo of what Fluttershy had just said.

She dropped her gaze. “I don’t know, Gilda. I just don’t know. How can I take that risk? What if you’re wrong, what if I have the capacity to be a horrible monster?”

Gilda leaned over and kissed her. “And what if you did? You’ll just keep on being an adorable pony anyway. I’ve been wanting to learn how to be like that all my life, and I found my ultimate sweetie-pie in you. You’ll teach me, and we’ll both be super nice.”

Fluttershy gazed uncertainly at her, considering the possibility.

Outside, an approaching whoosh was accompanied by the drumming of hooves.

“Who’s there?” called Fluttershy.

In through the wrecked front door flew Rainbow Dash, up the stairs to hover in front of Shy and her thrall.

“We need Gilda!” she cried. “Stare her if you gotta, Twilight and Trixie need her at their place where they have all their science and magic stuff!”

Behind her, Twilight Sparkle ran in the door and trotted, breathless, up to join them.

Fluttershy blinked. “But I don’t think I need to compel Gilda to do anything. Do I, Gilda? Why are you so excited? What are you going to do to her? You mustn’t hurt her, she’s trying very hard not to be evil!”

“They’re going to find a cure!” insisted Dash.

Gilda and Fluttershy stared at each other, dumbfounded.

“If they cure you,” said Fluttershy, “you’ll hate me for what I did.”

“If they can cure vampires,” said Gilda breathlessly, “they can cure YOU!”

Fluttershy twitched, startled. “Oh! I suppose they could, couldn’t they? Rainbow, is this really a thing they can do?”

Twilight was still panting from her run, but spoke up. “We’re going to try. We need Gilda in case we can’t control Northern Spy. She’s little and gets excited and she wasn’t happy about Gilda dumping her, let me tell you!”

Gilda blanched. “Shit. Right. I remember hearing some kind of tantrum behind me…”

“Yeah you did,” said Rainbow. “Also, Twilight doesn’t want Fluttershy at her place yet.”

“Why not?” said Gilda, defensively.

“I just thought,” said Twilight, “if we could work on you NOT in the presence of your more powerful vampire sire…”

Fluttershy glanced over at her mane and tail extensions, lying disheveled and forgotten on the floor. She raised her head, a hurt and cross look in her eyes, and pouted at Twilight.

“Go with them, Gilda. Let them cure you if they can. Rainbow, she might be angry with me if she is cured. That’s… okay.”

“Never!” vowed Gilda.

“I sure would be,” said Twilight thoughtfully. “Is this you putting her under vampire compulsion?”

“No, it is not,” said Fluttershy haughtily. “She’s a good griffin and she will do as you ask.”

“Do you think you can be nice to Northern Spy?” Rainbow asked Gilda, plainitively. “You don’t have to take her, we’ve settled that, but you broke the poor kid’s heart. She can’t let it go, I can tell. As long as you’re both vampires, a little hug or something might go a long way.”

“She was cruel to little Spy?” gasped Fluttershy. “What did she do?”

Gilda hung her head. “I freaked out and ran away, Fluttershy. I flew straight home to you as fast as I could, but you were hiding under the bed. Why do you think I had to get you out that bad?”

Fluttershy winced. “Yes. Enough about that. I think I can see what happened, judging by how you yourself have been acting. Gilda Griffin, ask yourself: what would Fluttershy do about that?”

Gilda sagged. She turned to Dash. “You got it. I owe the poor kid an apology. And a hug. She’s really into hugs, isn’t she?”

Then, she shivered in bliss, for she felt soft pony forelegs clasp her. Fluttershy was hugging her, and the world was impossibly perfect.

“Good girl,” said Fluttershy. “Pass that one on. Go. Go with the nice ponies and get cured.”

Twilight was studying the tender pegasus-griffin cuddle intently. “Is that a kind of…”

“NO, Twilight Sparkle,” sighed Fluttershy in exasperation. “It’s not a vampire thing! It’s a compassion thing. Perhaps you’ve heard of it!”

Then, her lips were sealed, for Gilda had turned and silenced her with a kiss. The sensation of her beak lovingly pressed to pony muzzle was very odd, but somehow it still made Fluttershy’s dead heart lurch. So much passion, somehow…

“If it works,” said Gilda, “we have to cure you too. And if I do flip out and turn against you, I’ll tell the ponies to keep you safe from me, okay?”

Fluttershy licked her lips, still feeling the intensity of that griffonic kiss.

“Deal,” she said.

And she watched as Rainbow and Twilight led her very own hulking, besotted predator away—and even after they were gone, Fluttershy stood looking after them, and thought and thought.

It was several minutes before Fluttershy turned, and began to put her mane and tail extensions back on.

Pinkie Pie frowned. The itty-bitty black and white pegasus bounced again, beaming up at her.

“Da!” he squeaked.

“You silly!” cried Rock Candy, and tackled him, then tickled him, reducing him to a giggling bit of fluff. “That’s my mom Pinkie, that’s not your Da!”

Little Dursaa bounced up again, and favored Pinkie with another radiant baby smile. “Da!”

“Wait a minute,” said Pinkie. “Is that all he can say? That’s it? That’s everything?”

“He’s awful little,” said Rock defensively. “He doesn’t know much.”

“You got that right, buster!” vowed Pinkie, a gleam in her eye. “Right-a-roonie! I think it’s time your little brother learned a new thing, don’t you?”

“What do you have in mind, Mom?” said Rock.

Pinkie took a deep breath. “Oh, nothing much. Just a little thing called RESPECT!”

Rock squeaked and sat back on his butt, startled. Little Dursaa flapped madly like a frightened sparrow, and then quieted, shying away and staring up at Pinkie with huge, innocent eyes. Rock gulped. “You mad, Mom?”

Pinkie’s grin was not soothing, though she clearly meant it to be. “Of course I’m not mad! Mad, me? Ahahaha! I just have a new word for the cute baby foal. Listen, little one, listen listen! ‘Ma’,” she crooned. “Say it. ‘Ma’!”

Little Dursaa blinked, puzzledly. The adorable tiny smile crept back onto his face. “Da!”

“Oh no,” said Pinkie, “oh no no. I think a certain stripey baby is a little too hung up on Mister Daddy, maybe it’s the matching stripes! Somebody here has forgotten about a certain very sweet and nice yellow pegasus mother, don’t you think? Somepony who never puts herself forward or asks for anything. Somepony who probably hasn’t had a word of complaint about all this, that’s just how kind and loving and DUMB she is. And do you know who that is? Ma!”

“Da!” squeaked little Dursaa, joining in the noise-making game.

“Mom’s not dumb!” protested Rock. “He’s going to learn more words, I promise, you wait and see!”

“If she’s pawning this little cutie off on me,” retorted Pinkie, “in order to fuss over Gilda Griffin… and that’s what they told me when they left him here… then she’s at least silly! But it gives me a golden opportunity to teach baby a new word! Go on, little sweetie, go on candycorn! ‘Ma’! You can do it!”

Little Dursaa hopped up and down. “Da! Da!”

Pinkie was shaking. Rock stared fearfully at her. “He doesn’t wanna…”

“He’s got to! Just because they live in this awful way where he stomps her under his hooves…”

“Does not!” protested Rock. “Mom’s happy where she is! Big Dursaa is always nice to me!”

Pinkie’s mane was becoming frazzled. “And what do you and he have in common? Don’t answer that! Have you ever heard of a word called ‘patriarchy’? How much do you know about zebras? This kid has got to learn to value the pegasus mare that birthed him, it’s not OKAY for him to grow up all twisted and wrong…”

“Da!” chirped little Dursaa, bouncing.

“He’s not! We’re not!” protested Rock.

“Just say it!” insisted Pinkie Pie. “Say it! Ma! Da is a waste! We’re over it! My own Da only smiled at me once, did you know that?”

Rock stared up at her, horrified. That grin was beginning to fall apart, and her eyes glistened. “Mom! It’s okay, mom!”

“No it’s NOT!” wailed Pinkie. “He only smiled at me once, that one time! I couldn’t throw another party that pleased him, no matter how I tried! I got so good at it, and it never helped! Da is bad, don’t you see? Ever since, I’ve tried to recapture the magic! All the world loves Pinkie Parties, I out-partied the best, I brought joy, do you hear me? Joy! And it was no use, everything is going back to how it was! And I’m so t… tired…”

Rock trembled, shocked by the revelations, not sure what to do or where to look.

Little Dursaa understood not a word, but he saw the pretty pink mare’s head drop in despair, saw her beginning to cry, and he jumped up with a mad fluttering of salt-and-pepper wings.

Pinkie sobbed, and little Dursaa clung to her neck in a teeny and fluffy embrace, nuzzling her. Rock held his breath.

“Da,” said little Dursaa reassuringly, in his tiny foalish voice.

Rock winced. “Ya blew it, kid!” he advised, and he joined the pony hug, snuggling for all he was worth as his Mom struggled for composure.

“Deep breaths, Mom!” he urged. “And you, kid stuff, make with the hugs!”

“Da!” agreed little Dursaa.

“Yeah yeah,” sighed Rock. “She’s got a point you know, that doesn’t work for everything…”

There was a loud rapping at the door.

“We have returned! Our Elders eased confusion and brought joy!” came a deep voice. “Our thanks to you, and now we can reclaim my little boy…”

“DA!” squealed little Dursaa, and sprang toward the door even as Zecora began to open it. As the zebras entered, little Dursaa tackled his zebra father with a squee.

“Ooof!” chuckled Dursaa. “Be gentle, little lad! Was my absence quite so bad?”

Zecora caught her breath. “Dursaa, have an eye. Something is awry!”

He looked around, puzzledly, at Pinkie’s apartment, at Fluttershy’s other kid who looked very upset, at the top of Pinkie Pie’s head, and back at Zecora. “What ought I to see? Is the lack, in me?”

“Nothing. Nothing is the matter,” came Pinkie’s voice. She would not look up. “Go ahead! Take your kid. Rock Candy, go with them, okay? I’ll wait here. I enjoy sitting alone in a room! It’s like a party where nobody came!”

Rock looked at Dursaa and Zecora, and frantically shook his head, clinging tighter to his Mom.

Zecora bit her lip. She hesitated, then said, “Pinkie Pie, your generosity has been a boon. Could it be that I and Dursaa have returned too soon? Are we spoiling some expression of your joyful ways? Are you sad the colt must go? Better if he stays?”

Rock nodded frantically.

Zecora and Dursaa boggled at each other, while little Dursaa cooingly cuddled his ‘Da’.

Dursaa cleared his throat. “Little one, I wonder if your patience could extend… to another evening at the home of a sweet friend?”

Zecora set her jaw. “Maybe it had better. We’ve produced a mood. Somehow, this is not a scene on which we should intrude. Pinkie Pie, forgive our rudeness, please don’t feel dismay: we can surely let him visit for another day?”

Dursaa nodded. “Let it be! Fine with me.”

He gently urged his fluttering little colt down, and towards the two cuddling earth ponies. Rock beckoned urgently. Little Dursaa stepped uncertainly toward them, sniffed, flapped, looked back inquisitively…

That was when Pinkie Pie looked up, and she didn’t look at the foal at all. She looked at Zecora, hollow-eyed.

Zecora couldn’t say another rhyme. Not an hour ago she’d been prancing in Dursaa’s company, trying to straighten out the weird upheaval in her personal life and comprehend the mysterious changes in the big stallion, which now seemed to have been there all along. She wanted to encourage these revelations, and wanted to find out how they could apply to the task of healing Fluttershy, the one she’d loved from afar. She hoped she could find a way to personally involve herself in this, even if it meant embracing some distasteful aspects that Fluttershy seemed to get a lot out of. Possibly it wasn’t as distasteful as she’d imagined, if the whole dominance thing was more of a front than a reality.

She had no chance of explaining any of it to Pinkie Pie, and the last thing she wanted to do was stay behind and allow the mad pink one to ravage her marehood and act out a neverending party that always had to be more and more and more, insatiably.

“We’ll talk,” managed Zecora. Dursaa glanced attentively at her, all concern for her sudden failure to rhyme. Pinkie Pie saw the attentive glance. Zecora saw her register it. Pinkie’s face fell, even more…

“Cheer them, my son!” urged Dursaa. “Soothe the pink one!” He was glancing back and forth between Zecora and Pinkie, and then he nudged Zecora, gently but urgently. “Your talking may be better left for a more sunny day… I fear we’ll make her sadder, please let us go away?”

Zecora shook herself. “That is a promise,” she called to Pinkie. “Please continue! Uhh… whatever it was we interrupted? Yes, Dursaa, I think that is best…”

Together, they retreated out Pinkie’s door, down the stairs and out of Sugarcube Corner. Cheered by the visit, little Dursaa flittered over and snuggled up to Pinkie Pie again, who still stared after the departing zebras, long after they’d left.

“Da,” cooed the baby zebrasus.

Rock Candy bopped him on the back of the head with a hoof, lightly. “She’s right. We should continue! Hey, kid stuff!”


“Do what I do,” instructed Rock. He turned to Pinkie. His lip was quivering, but he managed to meet her hollow eyes bravely.

“Ma,” said Rock earnestly… and clung to her, wishing away all her hurts.

Little Dursaa blinked, puzzled.

“Ummuh,” he said, and then he hugged Pinkie as well. His words might not have been well formed, but the hug was every bit as sincere.

Pinkie shuddered. Her head dropped again, face twisting in grief, but she clasped the two kids closely to her and didn’t let go.

“Good boys…”


“He’ll get it,” encouraged Rock.

“Yeah he will,” said Pinkie Pie. “Thanks…”

Evening was coming on as they approached Fluttershy’s cottage. From inside, they heard singing: though, oddly, it was a funked-up version of Big Macintosh’s PonyTones singing, transposed up two octaves and muffled.

“Precious one?” called Dursaa. “We have come!”

He opened the door and trotted in, Zecora following. From upstairs came a whinny of delight, and down the stairs flew Fluttershy, radiant in pegasus pony form, with her long mane flowing in the air and a red-stained rag in her teeth.

She set the rag down on a table. “You’re back! Where is little Dursaa?”

Dursaa and Zecora glanced at each other. Dursaa gulped. “In our pursuit of what is right, we’ve had him stay another night. Is his return to be all set? What’s happened to your griffin pet?”

Fluttershy blinked. “Oh! Gilda is well and she’s gone with Rainbow Dash and Twilight. They’re going to try and find a cure for her.”

“Is that their goal? Who found her soul?” asked Zecora, curiously.

“What? They weren’t talking about anything like that, Zecora. Please don’t confuse me, it’s been a very difficult day…”

“Then say no more,” said Dursaa, “your stallion stands prepared with soothing things. I’ll rub your little hooves for you, or maybe I’ll massage your lovely wings?”

“That sounds wonderful,” said Fluttershy. “Please do, and we have lots to talk about, believe me. Zecora, I know you’ve had some problems with my husband, but I hope when you went off to zebra lands or whatever it is you did, you got over it…”

“Fluttershy,” said Zecora impressively.

Fluttershy blinked. “…and? What rhymes with that? I’ll say bye-bye? It made me cry? Please don’t, Gilda was crying enough and I feel terrible about it though it worked out well in the end.”

“No,” said Zecora, and Fluttershy stared. Zecora added, “Dursaa, please: the door.”

“Why are you talking so strangely?” said Fluttershy. “Which is to say not strangely at all, but for you? I wasn’t expecting it…”

Zecora watched Dursaa shut the door, and turned to their vampire pegasus. “There are many things we did not expect. May this be one of them: we are the herd, and this is our circle. In private, we speak calmly and patiently. We do not rhyme the deepest words of the heart.”

“Oh, that,” said Fluttershy. “I didn’t know you did that too. Dursaa and I do that sometimes.”

Zecora’s jaw dropped. “What?”

“Well, we do,” retorted Fluttershy. “Is that wrong?”

Zecora turned to regard the big zebra stallion with awe. “You respect a mare this much? Why did you not say so?”

He winced. “Why would I tell any zebra? Let us three carry on the words of respect and trust. This is our circle. No Elders need ever know.”

Fluttershy tsked. “I’ve been telling you, Dursaa, two ponies isn’t a circle. I don’t think three is either, wouldn’t that be a triangle?”

“Sh,” said Zecora. “It is a zebra thing. He continues to impress: this, at least, I’d not have guessed.” She hesitated, looking at Fluttershy’s discarded rag. “What do you have there? What stain do you clean with this cloth?” She sniffed, and her eyes widened. “Fluttershy!”

“It’s all right!” protested Fluttershy. “Yes it is fresh blood, but it’s mine. Don’t worry!”

This advice seemed to not comfort Dursaa very much. He trotted in place with anxiety, rumbling, “What happened? What has injured you? My love!”

“Hush!” scolded Zecora. “She has cut herself, or had some accident. Let our pony explain herself!”

Fluttershy made a face. “Not exactly. I’m afraid Gilda got upset and ripped my leg out of its socket and broke my wing. The blood is from that. She didn’t mean to! She’s very sorry and it’s all better and I won’t have you making fun of her for it, so be kind!”

Dursaa whimpered. Zecora stammered, “…k—kind?”

“Yes. We have to be kind,” insisted Fluttershy. “She almost has me believing I can be kind, I mean kind over the long run.” She made another face. “It also made me excited, it was so forceful. So now I would like my stallion’s attentions… but at the same time we should talk because I’m not sure it’s right for me to do it that way. I mean, the getting-hurt and fixing myself way.” Fluttershy pouted. “If I’m going to be nice, I probably need to be honest and not play mean tricks. Even if they are sexually exciting.”

“Perhaps we should indeed talk,” said Zecora, though she looked a little pale. “Especially if we are talking about your intimate life. I am not sure you heard what I said.”


“We are the herd,” repeated Zecora. “We are yours. The Elders suggested this: rather than choose one or the other of us to be your mate, they felt you would be happiest with… both.”

Fluttershy’s eyes widened.

“Eeeeee! How exciting! I’m sure I stuck that magic bit somewhere. Let’s! Having Gilda nearly rip my leg off and break my wing was very intense. I felt like I was paying consequences for killing her, and I wanted more. But this is a lot better! And a lot more, um, direct, sexy-wise. Please stuff me until I burst, every which way! I promise I’ll use all my vampire healing forces, though I’ll probably be feeling it later. But how thrilling! I… mmph!”

Blanching pale, Zecora had stopped up the stream of eager madness with a shaking hoof. “Fluttershy, please! We do not seek to harm you! Why do you demand these terrible things?”

Dursaa shook his mighty head. “Indeed not! Explain, dear wife. Did the attack by the griffin unsettle your brain? Are the other ponies safe with this dangerous beast?”

Fluttershy batted Zecora’s hoof away. “She didn’t attack me! She sort of dragged me from under the bed where I was hiding. And I was stuck, and then I wasn’t stuck any more but I was almost in chunks. She is very strong, very very strong. But she got upset at my punishment and she didn’t want to do it and she was crying.”

“And so would we be,” said Dursaa weakly. “What is this punishment? You have urged me to efforts that left you crying in pain and damaged. Are we no more than tools you use to harm yourself with?”

That shook Fluttershy. “Gilda was upset with me over something like that. She says I’m a nice pony and shouldn’t seek justice. Even though I killed her. Isn’t that very wrong?”

Zecora was at a loss for words for a moment. Then she suggested, “If she is the corpse, surely her opinion has merit? She does not wish you harmed?”

“She says she’s in love with me,” mumbled Fluttershy. “She wants us to be nice together, and nobody to hurt anybody.”

“With this, at least, we agree,” said Dursaa softly.

“I don’t want a lady griffin lover,” said Fluttershy. She looked between Dursaa and Zecora. “What are you telling me? I love both of you, though I’m not sure it’s in the same way. Zecora has never come on to me… oh, except for turning up with a wooden penis and wanting me to stick it in her. I suppose that counts, though it’s weird.”

“Stranger things have been suggested,” rumbled Dursaa.

“Have they?”

“Braeburn made suggestions to me once,” said Dursaa. “Most shocking. Though a wooden penis was not part of the suggestion.”

“Oh!” squeaked Fluttershy. “Be careful. I mean, have fun, but do be careful? He does like anal sex, but he is very large, take it from me… well, you were there, you saw it. You may have fun with Braeburn but you must tell him to be gentle and not too rough with your bottom! You don’t have the dark regenerating powers I have and I don’t want you hurting yourself on him.”

Dursaa and Zecora exchanged a wordless glance. If words had been involved, they’d have been a zebra commentary on the morals of pegasi. Indeed, the things they found taboo meant nothing to even the gentlest pegasus.

Dursaa turned to Fluttershy again. “Yes, I will be careful. I am not interested in Braeburn tonight. My question is this. If there are two of us… two zebras, as you’d wished… do you think we could make sweet love?” He glanced at Zecora. “Can you persuade her? I am told I am the weak stallion, and though it’s this I wish, we have yet to experience it. She argues and sulks and gets her way.”

Zecora’s ears were splayed in chagrin. “What way is this, Dursaa?”

“Too rough. Or, indeed, the use of pony form, when her true nature suffers less harm.”

That got a glare from their vampony. “Oh? That’s easy for you to say! Just because I have the dark horrible powers doesn’t mean it’s good. I need to be in pony form, so there!” She pouted. “We’ll just use butter to lubricate, as always.” She sighed, tragically.

Zecora studied her, then glanced at Dursaa. “You forget something about this pony form.”

“That it is tight and fragile and frightens me with her vulnerability?” argued Dursaa.

“No!” retorted Zecora, hotly. “First of all, I am surprised these things seem bad to a stallion dickhead! Though I suppose that is consistent with the truth of you, and it is well you don’t glory in these things. Sorry.”

Dursaa didn’t come back with hostility at being called a stallion dickhead… or a failure to be fully a stallion dickhead. He just asked, “What is the other thing? You said first of all. What is second?”

“Oh!” blinked Zecora. “Simply this.” She nuzzled at Fluttershy’s mane, as Shy flapped disconcertedly at the attention. “She wears these to take this form. Dursaa, her soul lives here. She warms herself before it and feels more of a pony in its presence, even if it will not merge with her again.”

“Thank you for the reminder,” grumbled Fluttershy, a tear in her eye. “Is that what it is? Anyway, it’s true. I don’t ever want to take them off, please don’t ask. Especially in bed! I don’t want to feel like a powerful monster when having sex.”

“But do you want to feel harmed?” asked Zecora.

Fluttershy hesitated. “I want to be honest. But you might not like hearing it.”

“Elders explained to me,” said Zecora, “that a mare may seek an intense and, er, deep experience…”

“It’s not that!” protested Fluttershy. She stopped. “Okay, so it is that. Very very that. I WILL be honest! That part is true. But there’s something else, and Gilda and I talked about it.”

She paused, but the zebras had recently sat in an Elder circle. They didn’t need to rush her, and the silence stretched out, and inevitably the little pegasus pony broke it and revealed more of her secrets.

“I didn’t realize how badly I needed to be hurt until Gilda hurt me,” she said. “I was trying to pretend everything was fine, but I felt I was turning bad. And then Gilda showed up and Twilight showed she was a vampire I’d created, and I knew I’d already become what I feared. It was horrible. Maybe I’d known all along… so I tried to do right by Gilda, but when she yanked me out from under the bed and hurt me so badly, it was like I met justice. And it felt good.”

“But,” began Dursaa, his eyes moist.

“No, listen!” interrupted Fluttershy. “It felt good, but it didn’t make Gilda happy to hurt me. In fact she was terribly upset. Everything I said about justice only hurt her more, as if I didn’t get to decide what justice really was. She should have been satisfied, but she cried and cried and it was awful, just awful!”

“She says she loves you,” suggested Zecora. “This is not so impossible, and indeed such a one would not wish to inflict harm on you.”

“She’s a thrall,” retorted Fluttershy. “She doesn’t have a choice. But doesn’t that just make it even worse? She CAN’T be pleased at seeing justice done to me, seeing me punished for my crimes. It has to hurt her. Unless there’s a cure for her, I can’t seek destruction or her feelings will be terribly hurt.”

“So will ours,” said Dursaa.

“You’re not my thrall!”

“We love you,” said Dursaa.

Zecora sighed. “The Elders were wise. It is indeed a path of guilt! Oh, Fluttershy. What crimes are these?”

“Murder,” insisted Fluttershy. “On purpose, even! I killed Gilda. I just knew I would turn evil eventually! Though she says I lost my head in a fight and didn’t mean it!”

“And as she is the corpse, she was there to observe,” argued Zecora. “Oh, Fluttershy, Fluttershy. I know your heart. Who else did you murder? Be honest.”

Fluttershy blinked, startled. “Why, nopony, of course! Nobody, I mean. Nothing! But I get these urges and I can imagine myself doing it…”

“Sh!” said Zecora firmly. “So, innocence: there is nothing, except this Gilda Griffon. And if they cure her, she lives again and there is no murder. And if they do not, she remains utterly devoted to you and would suffer greatly to see you harmed. Is that not true?”

Fluttershy pouted cutely, lower lip stuck out. In her pony form, you could barely see the fangs. “You make it sound so… sensible!”

“She is a great addition to the herd,” said Dursaa, admiringly.

Fluttershy glared at him. “So I’m stuck? I can’t have justice? What do I get, then?”

Dursaa stared back at her adorable petulance: the wilfulness like a grumpy kitten, the endearing softheartedness, that femininity combined with such strength when it truly mattered. His eyes explored her body, and came to rest on her feathery pegasus wings, gift of the magical mane extensions, and in the presence of her husband and her lively mood, bolt erect.

He began to chuckle. “Heh, heh, heh…”

Zecora rolled her eyes. “You needn’t answer that. Fluttershy, justice may not be yours to invent. We do not know all outcomes. Do not be hasty. Your victim is off being cured and loves you madly, and we wish to soothe your troubled spirit.”

“I’m only trying to do what’s best!” complained Fluttershy.

“For others?” countered Zecora.

Fluttershy blinked. “Well, of course. Who else?”

“Let us be practical, poor Fluttershy. What would leave you in the sweetest mood?” suggested Zecora. “Full of love, eager to care for your animals and birds, friendly to the ponies of Ponyville?”

Fluttershy frowned, uncertainly. “You’re going to say sweet love. But Dursaa wants that in vampony form! That’s not okay, it lowers my inhibitions and it’s scary! I shouldn’t feel like I have less control!”

“Then do not stray too far from your pony soul!” commanded Zecora. “Yes, I do say sweet love. But keep the mane and tail extensions with you, Fluttershy! Of course you are affected when you shed them. Keep them on!”

Fluttershy looked at Dursaa, whose ears were back. “I like that,” she said. “She IS a great addition to the herd. This me? Get used to it.” She turned to Zecora. “Very good. But Zecora, where do you enter into this?” Then, her eyes bugged out, and she blushed. “I’m sorry! That was rude and naughty. I think you’ve already said you don’t want to use a bit for me.”

Zecora couldn’t meet Fluttershy’s gaze. “Not right now… please be kind. The idea doesn’t soothe my mind.”

Unexpectedly, she felt a touch. Dursaa was nuzzling her mane, tenderly. “You are with us. The Elders suggested it. You prove your worth, over and over… Zecora, what would be your wish? If you cannot tell Fluttershy, then tell me.”

She gulped. “Much like you, I wish sweet love…”

“You love her,” reminded Dursaa. “You are of our herd. How would you show this sweet love?”

Zecora was blushing nearly black. “Since you ask… I would show the loving touch. I would touch her body, if she would have me.”

Her eyes were squeezed shut in fretful embarrassment. Then she opened them, a bit, and saw Fluttershy looking at her.

“It’s been a while,” she said. “With a mare, I mean. Okay, sure. Please don’t be cross when Dursaa takes over, though?”

“Must she stop?” said Dursaa plainitively.

Fluttershy blinked. “What? You mean you want a mare, I mean dear wonderful Zecora, all fondling me and maybe licking and all sorts of things, even while you make love to me?”

Dursaa shivered with pleasure. “Oooooh! That is so hot. Yes!”

Fluttershy and Zecora shared a glance. Stallions!

“Do not be in fantasies sunk,” warned Zecora. “I won’t be all over YOUR junk!”

Dursaa looked a little disappointed… but still, very much like a colt on Hearth’s Warming morning.

“It does sound very hot,” said Fluttershy. “And I’m all worked up from what Gilda did, and my husband’s back…”

“And your…” began Dursaa, glanced at Zecora, and trailed off—honestly unable to decide what to call her. Zecora still blushed, and scuffed the floor with a hoof, horribly self-conscious at the prospect of finally getting sensual with the pony she’d crushed on for so long.

Fluttershy glanced back and forth between her zebras. “So, I get to be the pony I want to be. Zecora wants to touch me all over, and Dursaa wants to fuck me, though maybe not as deep as I would like. Except maybe it’ll be better than I think. I feel like maybe I don’t need to be hurt so much, now that I know Gilda is getting help for her condition. And I’m still worked up from how intense that was earlier. Dursaa? Zecora?”

“Yes?” rumbled Dursaa. Zecora could barely meet her eyes.

“Come upstairs to bed,” said the little vampegasus. “We have the house to ourselves tonight, and I want that sweet love.”

She turned, and she flicked her silky tail. She wriggled her hips sensuously, just as if she hadn’t fixed them earlier that day. She winked, half-hidden behind the curtains of soft pink hair… and she padded up to bed with delicate little clops of her hooves on the stairs. On the landing, she gazed demurely back at them, flicked her tail again, and trotted into her bedroom to flump lightly on her bed, awaiting her zebra harem.

Zecora and Dursaa looked at each other.

“She is a happy pony,” said Dursaa.

“Yes,” said Zecora. She gulped. “After you?”

“No,” rumbled Dursaa, inclining his head deferentially, but with a twinkle in his eye. “They say I am a weak stallion. After you.”

They entered the bedroom together, and were startled to discover that they didn’t fit into the room: or rather, their bulky, tall zebra bodies could fit side by side on the stairs by protruding slightly out beyond the railing on Dursaa’s side, but where it led up to the bedroom, the hole in the floor was less forgiving.

“Oof,” said Zecora.

“Umph,” said Dursaa.

Fluttershy gazed from her bed at her new herd, her large powerful zebra mare and still huger and more powerful zebra stallion. “Eeeee!” she squealed excitedly, and her wings sprang up even stiffer than ever.

Zecora made a face. “I insist: after you, sir.”

“No!” squeaked Fluttershy. “I haven’t had Zecora, ever! And she keeps telling me she is gay… well, she told me once and then told me it wouldn’t matter and not to mind, no untoward actions would I find. If she is supposed to also be my lover she should show me the untoward actions she was thinking about! Um… if she doesn’t object?”

Zecora rolled her eyes. “She does not. Oh, Fluttershy! Do you imagine I am to pounce upon you and churn you into some sort of froth?”

Fluttershy’s wings quivered. “Maybe?”

“You are quite sure,” questioned Zecora, “that you wish my sensual attentions? Even if you anticipate inviting Dursaa to involve himself? Perhaps you would like him to begin, and I will do my best to smile upon your pleasures?”

Fluttershy blinked. “No! At least not yet. Zecora, you have been wonderful to me, all this time! Can’t you show me what you would have wanted? Um, I mean, what you do want? If we’re going to be like this with each other?”

Zecora nodded, solemnly. “I can. I must ask you one thing, that is of the greatest importance.”

“Not to bite you,” said Fluttershy, “of course.” She sighed. “But I want you to know that I’m a little hurt. I really do love you as a friend and you should know that, I would never ever do harmful things to you, but you have my promise since you apparently need it.”

“Nay, Fluttershy,” said Zecora. “of that I knew. It is not this I ask from you.”

Fluttershy blinked. “What, then?”

Zecora stepped forward. “Relax.”

She slid onto the bed, joining Fluttershy, who squeaked “Ooooh!” in pleasure as loving zebra forelegs clasped her close.

Shy melted into Zecora’s powerful embrace. So bold! Yet, the zebra mare did not dive for intimate parts, did not provoke with hoof or tongue. As Dursaa watched, Zecora spread Fluttershy over herself like pegasus butter, stretching her pony body with firm, caressing strokes, hoof kneading her withers.

“Oh my!” squeaked Fluttershy breathlessly. Zecora’s hoof had extended to her wing shanks, hesitantly touching their illusory fluffiness.

Zecora drew back. “I thought…” She glanced nervously at Dursaa. “Fluttershy, do you need to tell me something?”

The wide-eyed pegasus panted, clinging to Zecora’s body. “It’s okay. Dursaa knows. Keep going.”

At a questioning glance from Zecora, Dursaa nodded. “She gets earth pony’s friend. From you. We do not rush into more foals for my fragile precious darling.”

Fluttershy’s eyes were sultry as she gazed at Zecora. “We may need to talk about that.” She batted her eyelashes slowly, and then nuzzled against Zecora’s neck. “Touch me there!”

Zecora’s hoof trembled, but she complied, and her hoof returned to knead beyond Fluttershy’s withers and massage directly on those soft, feathery, magical wings… which stood bolt upright immediately, and then bristled out with a dry fluffy sound.

“Nnnggghh!” moaned Fluttershy, her tail shooting straight out behind her and cracking like a whip, accompanied by a little wet noise. Dursaa quietly moved closer, sniffing the air in delight, his nose very near his wife’s flanks.

“Again,” he suggested, leaning in. Zecora used her hoof to splay Fluttershy’s wings even as they quivered, watching Dursaa’s reaction.

“UNNNH!” moaned Fluttershy, her body shuddering, and Dursaa broke into a wide, beaming smile as another wet noise greeted the air.

“What is it?” demanded Zecora, pausing.

“It is beautiful,” answered Dursaa. “Often I feel this wondrous thing upon me, but I cannot see it like this, up close.”

“The pink pony could teach you how to do that!” retorted Zecora. “You do not lick or touch her? It is jump on, jump off, done?”

“No, you do not understand,” protested Dursaa feebly. “I would like to, but…”

“Eeeee!” squealed Fluttershy, as Zecora’s hoof continued to fondle her shivering wings. “Eeee! Fuck me, put it in me, now now now! Right now! Eeeeee!”

Zecora’s jaw dropped. Dursaa rolled his eyes. “Pretty much that.”

Zecora poked Fluttershy’s rump with a hoof. More wet sounds of frantic winking came forth, but the crazed pegasus could only nuzzle drunkenly against Zecora’s neck and chest, too quivery to rise. “If she gets like this, you could surely taste her pussy all night. Our beloved is weak with desire and will hardly put up a fight.”

“Please,” begged Fluttershy, “pleeeease oh please! Oh, right away, sink it into me, just plunge!”

Dursaa blushed embarrassedly. “I have never refused her, Zecora, and she is… strict at times like this.”

“Give me zebra cock NOW!” wailed Fluttershy, beside herself. Zecora was still fondling her wings and stroking her back.

“I do not think you completely understand the mare,” said Zecora. “Do you think she is built for one joyous burst, in the way your body is constructed? Have you never experimented with this?”

Fluttershy sobbed. Dursaa protested, “But it is like she will die if she does not get her desire!”

Zecora smirked. “Hear me: even were she still a mare, I could do this. And she would not die… well… not in a bad way. Watch and learn.”

With strong zebra muscle, she hoisted Fluttershy’s shuddering body and flipped it. The hysterical pegasus came to rest with her wings to either side of Zecora’s chest, and legs lolling limply over Zecora’s own spread legs. Dursaa stared in fascination at the display: wildly aroused pegasus vagina and cute little pony breasts shading Zecora’s darker crotch and shadowed stripes. Fluttershy squirmed and winked madly, and then in the shade, Zecora’s marehood replied with an eager wink of its own, glistening pink suddenly peeking and then veiled in dark black labia..

He glanced nervously up to see Zecora watching him, her eyes narrowed. She flared her nostrils, but then she nodded. “Go ahead if such sights please you. Be honored, no stallion shall see that pink save you… but watch this.”

Zecora’s hoof reached tenderly down between Fluttershy’s legs, and the little pegasus tensed, hyperventilating.

“I’m happy you like touching me,” she panted, “but I seriously need a whole bunch of zebra cock right nnnnAAAHHHH!”

The zebra hoof found its mark. Dursaa’s jaw dropped, and then his cock dropped with great enthusiasm. He’d only just been privileged to gaze upon Fluttershy’s aroused vagina for longer than a moment, and he couldn’t take his eye off it, but that had been nothing compared to what he now witnessed.

Zecora’s hoof, gentle but insistent, began to knead Fluttershy’s pussy as it had her wings… and winking was nothing compared to what she was doing in response to that touch. Her clit poked out again and again, more and more glisteny, as if trying to writhe out from under the kneading hoof. Juices oozed forth, and Shy’s vulva parted as her pussy grew unbearably aroused, swelling up and turning a more rosy pink as her hips squirmed weakly.

“Ngggghh! Eeeehhhh!” squealed Fluttershy. “Aaaahhhh! Please!”

Dursaa couldn’t even breathe.

Shy’s tail began to thrash. Through the pink silk of it, he could see Zecora winking again as she dry-humped Fluttershy’s quivering bottom, a tender growl emerging from her throat as her hoof worked away. Fluttershy let out a shriek, her wriggles becoming less coordinated. Another ooze of mare-juice dribbled out of her, as her body seemed to clench upon nothing, then return to its molten, turgid state. All the while, Zecora continued to masturbate her, slowly but relentlessly.

Dursaa had never seen anything so exciting in all his life, or even imagined it.

The striped mare’s hoof pressed deeper, slowed even more, paused to fondle Fluttershy’s soft belly and stiffly erect nipples, and returned again and again to that outrageously swollen, pouting, dripping marepussy. Fluttershy shrieked more hoarsely, and her clitoris poked out again and again in winks well slathered in marejuice, only to be openly fondled. Finally, Fluttershy let out a long, exhausted scream, her voice ragged, and her whole body stiffened and shuddered while her clitoris winked out and stayed protruding, hot and red as a glazed cherry and stiff against Zecora’s insistent, caressing hoof as the little pegasus shook and vibrated like lightning was striking her.

In the shadows, Zecora’s pussy winked once, twice, thrice in orgasm… and then a gush of straw-colored liquid spurted out of Fluttershy and she sagged, stunned, across Zecora’s body.

Dursaa reeled in his jaw. His erection throbbed. It was so hard, it hurt. “Wow.”

Fluttershy sobbed, incoherently. “B… but, the, it, you…”

“You have taken her all for yourself,” said Dursaa sadly. “I will hoof it. May I stare at your treasures as I do?”

Zecora was panting. “Neigh!”

“I am sorry,” said Dursaa. “I will not.”

Zecora shook her head. “I meant… poor stripey-rear! Come over here!”

His eyes widened. “But she is done! More than I have ever witnessed!”

Zecora’s smirk was one for the ages. “No. She is relaxed enough to take you. And has provided her own butter. Come HERE. Take my place.”

Eyes wide, Dursaa scrambled over. He reclined on Fluttershy’s bed. “Like this? How should she lay?”

Zecora thought quickly. “We will lay her on you as she lay on me. I would wish to touch her again, should she need it.”

Fluttershy was a pegasus wreck, her wings frazzled fluffs of feathers, emitting little dazed cries as her body was lifted off Zecora’s and laid against her husband Dursaa’s. Her head lolled, mane disheveled. But her mouth and eyes opened wide as she felt herself settle down into his embrace… and felt the hardness of his flare against her fevered, molten vagina.

“OH MY!”

“Don’t push hard,” advised Zecora, and she allowed Fluttershy’s weight to settle against Dursaa’s bracing force, and her hoof stole down between pegasus legs again.

Fluttershy jolted. “Oh my! Oh! Oh MY! It uh! I… unnhhh!”

Tenderly, Zecora resumed massaging pegasus pussy, but this time braced against what seemed a wall. A throbbing wall, that oozed slippery pre-come.

Fluttershy felt Dursaa’s forelegs clasping her, but not pushing. Zecora was a warm presence, smelling of mare musk and eager horniness, and between her legs, Fluttershy felt that hoof working its mysterious magic, and felt herself melting away as if her body had turned to jelly, and squealed breathlessly as she winked, winked again, wriggled her hips…

Her body slid down a few inches, as Dursaa’s hard, enlarged flare popped through her soft stretched entrance and came to rest snugly wedged into her sopping marehood.


Zecora’s kneading hoof kept up its gentle ministrations, though Fluttershy’s clit couldn’t wink out anymore: it just clenched against the huge mass of Dursaa’s cock, peeking like a glistening dot squished between zebra hoof and hardened stallionhood.

Fluttershy just shook, mouth hanging open, an expression of stunned astonishment on her face.

“More,” said Zecora, and Dursaa cautiously curled his hips up. Zecora felt against Fluttershy’s belly, and cried, “There!”

“Gheeeeee!” squealed Fluttershy, her eyes crossing, her husband’s cock sunk in her to the hilt… or to the scabbard, since there was more of him but there wasn’t an inch more of her, even to stretch. Not in pony form.

Zecora turned her head. She was sweating, as was he. “Learn it. That is how deep our mare is. Remember.”

Fluttershy kicked the air, shuddering, impaled upon horsecock, her brain shorting out just as if he’d ravaged her cruelly.

“Now, gently!” urged Zecora. “Let us feel the waves of you!”

Dursaa needed no more encouragement. As if he had always longed for such a consummation, trembling with ecstatic bliss, he began to slowly slide his hardened phallus, flare and all, out of and into his beloved pegasus wife. And all the while, unflinching, Zecora tenderly massaged Fluttershy’s mound: once so soft and puddled, and now stretched taut around a huge bulky shaft that transfixed it. The zebra hoof fondled yellow vulva, rubbing the soft pillowy mound even as stallion meat slid within… and then, with a wicked glint of the eye, Zecora revealed a final trick she had learned about but had never been able to consider, much less try.

The sensitive area along the top wall of a marehood behind the clitoris could not be reached by a hoof, and could only be indirectly rubbed from the outside… but it was a different story when the edge of a hoof pressed it against the anvil of a throbbing, hardened cock.

Fluttershy didn’t even have time to scream. Her eyes bugged out, and then her pussy was gushing with marecome again, and she shook, her heart spasming and stopping as her vagina convulsed. But what might have been a fatal peak for a living pegasus was only the beginning for the zebras’ little vampony.

Dursaa gritted his teeth as she went berserk and gushy upon him… and then, the big stallion unloaded.

Zecora’s eyes widened. Then, they widened more. She made a soft, awed ‘ooooh!’ noise, exploring Fluttershy’s belly with a hoof. “So that is what it is like,” she breathed. There was no mistaking Fluttershy’s utter ecstacy, and Dursaa looked frankly ridiculous, making silly faces of goofy delight. She’d somehow expected the stallion to roar and inflict his seed like a hostile blow, a final conquering. There was none of that, he seemed to melt under her, his body rocked by shudders and heaves.

All the same, his massive balls clenched and his cock throbbed and Fluttershy cried out sweetly and kicked the air, and Zecora could feel, under her hoof, that every throb was a gush of semen pumping deep into her. She imagined that she could feel the spurts against the insides of Fluttershy’s womb. The little pegasus seemed transfixed by the sensation…

“Rmmm!” went Dursaa, his expression turning worried.

“What is it?” blinked Zecora.

He was shifting his hips, and trying to reach down as if further masturbating Fluttershy. Zecora glanced, and gasped. That belly was even rounder than usual! The look in Fluttershy’s eyes was unforgettable… mare-ish surrender, but glazed with pain as if they’d taken her too roughly. When a spurt of white fluid came from Shy’s vagina and didn’t drip so much as spray, Zecora understood. Hoof trembling, she kneaded Fluttershy’s vulva, forcing her to move and twist, helping Dursaa to twist himself in her tautness and allowing the shocking volume of a zebra stallion orgasm to emerge from his little pony lover.

Before they were done, Fluttershy had fainted dead away, but the lines of pain had melted away from her sweet face.

Zecora took a deep breath. “That is what it is like?”

Dursaa was panting. “That is what is like.”

“Oh, my,” said Zecora reverently. “It is not as I believed… but, still, frightening.” She licked her lips, ears back.

Dursaa cuddled Fluttershy to his chest. “We have you to thank, for the gentleness. She is not displeased.”

Zecora nodded, satisfied. “It is well. I know she loves this. She is a good pony, if unwise.”

Dursaa nuzzled Shy’s silky mane. “This may help her learn wisdom. Thank you from both of us.”

Zecora made a wry face. “As if I teach this lesson, and depart! You’ll not be rid of me that easily!”

Dursaa slowly grinned. “Good!”

At this, Fluttershy stirred. “Ooooh…”

“It is well, little pony?” rumbled Dursaa fondly, stroking her mane.

“Oooooh,” crooned Fluttershy, in a daze. “I feel so warm.” She closed her eyes and nestled back against him in perfect ease, calm and content.

Then her eyes flew open in shock.

“I’m a vampony!” she squeaked.

Dursaa and Zecora glanced at each other, startled.

“Must we reassure you,” said Zecora, “that you are still loved?”

“No, you don’t get it,” protested Fluttershy. “I forgot!”

Zecora’s ears laid back. “You forgot yourself, and have just restrained an evil impulse? But your mane! Your tail! Our love!”

Fluttershy’s eyes were very wide.

“No!” she said, awed. “I felt… like I was your mare! I didn’t feel the darkness. I didn’t feel the impulses. I forgot I was a vampire.”

“Is that wrong?” asked Zecora.

Fluttershy’s expression slowly shifted… from immediate guilt, to resentment, to a sad and winsome longing, and finally to a frightened, brave look.

“I really hope it isn’t,” she said. “Because with you two, I feel like I can be… good.”

They lay there, in peace, a long time. Dursaa fell asleep first, just a few minutes after his erection had subsided. Zecora fell asleep with her face snuggled against Fluttershy’s neck, trustingly.

Fluttershy stayed awake for a long time, staring into space, trying to imagine an eternal unlife of unfailingly being good.

It was too much to imagine… but it was some comfort that, snuggled with her sleeping zebra lovers, one night of perfect goodness was completely within her grasp.

It was a start.