Full Circle


“So… are you gonna talk to Twilight about getting us a bit again?”

“Well, now—I thunk you had it, din’cha?” said Applejack, idly nuzzling Rainbow Dash’s belly.

“I told you, it blew up on me. When I was, uh… acting kinda crazy.”

Applejack frowned, eyeing Rainbow’s pony breasts as they lay together on Applejack’s bed. “When this happened?” Her nose tenderly explored the half-healed injuries where Gilda’s lust-maddened talons had torn.

“No!” protested Dash. “It was the other time. One of the other times.” She sighed. “I can’t get over what the dragon told me. She really freaked me out.”

“Well, this really freaks me out!” said Applejack.

“Sorry, okay? Sheesh!” said Dash. She pouted, adding, “Didn’t you do anything you regretted?”

“Don’t wanna think about it, Dashie. It’s in th’ past now.”

Rainbow stirred, and sat up, even while Applejack softly nuzzled between her legs.

“Seriously, Applejack, what was it like for you? You aren’t telling me anything, and I told you all that stuff…”

Applejack’s ears laid back a little. “I would prefer not to dwell on it, darlin’. Best we put it behind us. Got more important things to think about.”

“Yeah? Like what?”

Applejack slowly licked across the dainty swelling of Rainbow’s injured tit. “Healin’ you up so’s you’re ready for our foal, that’s what.”

Dash kicked her leg dreamily. “Hnnnngg…”

“Reckon these still work, anyway…” said Applejack, and toyed with a stiffening nipple, pointing her tongue and nudging it wetly, then letting her lips close on it.

“Nnnnhhhh! Mmmmmm…”

“There’s a good Dashie. Mmmmnnnn…”

Rainbow squirmed in pleasure, but still seemed troubled. “Oh, horseapples. What if the foal’s, like, sucking on me—you know, drinking milk—and I get all horny?”

Applejack favored her with a fond and knowing glance. “I think we’ll all have to live with that, sugarcube. Ah wouldn’t have ya any other way.”

Dash let out a happy sigh, but there was something on her mind. “You were real tight with Rarity. I feel bad for screwing that up. Not that she’s having your foal—but still.”

Applejack glowered at nothing. “Don’t. I mean, don’t bring it up, but don’t feel bad. You wouldn’a known it but let’s jes’ say I ain’t sorry. Things got outta hand. By the time you talked to me, we was already done, sugarcube. Honest.”

“Really? You were moving on?”

“You might say that,” admitted Applejack. “I love her dearly, don’t get me wrong. But we was done.”

Rainbow tilted her head inquisitively. “Even though… the sex was fantastic?”

“How would you know about that? Ain’t that private?”

At that, Dash dropped her gaze. “Sorry. Um… it hurt at the time, but that one sound you made from behind the rock… wow. And I could hear it moving in you, just barely hear these wet noises. And you know I’ve seen it, what she gets…”

“Heh. Damn pegasuses. Yeah… not sorry I had that for a while, it was like some crazy fantasy. Whoof.”

“She marched out to the rock with the bit already in her mouth, you know. You were all pretending to be secret, but not her. She wanted me to look. ‘Whoof’ is right…”

Applejack frowned. “She would. Shoulda tole her not to do that, dammit. For your information, that ain’t all fun and games. It hurt jes’ about every time an’ I couldn’t go at it too often. Never did get used to it. I really am looking forward to ridin’ yours again, yours don’t hurt so you can git wild on it…”

“Yeah yeah—sure,” said Dash. She thought for a moment, and added, “Yours feels like that sometimes.”

Applejack smirked fondly, and tickled Dash’s nipple with her tongue. “Ah’ll be gentle.”

“But… you’re gonna be okay with leaving Rarity? Like, moving on?”

“I tole you, I love her dearly. Don’t think I’m gonna look back and curse her ‘cos I ain’t, okay? But it just did not work. No denyin’ that!”

“Sooo… that does mean you’re moving on? Like, you’re not going to be Rarity’s lover ever again, and you’re okay with that? It’s not a problem?”

Applejack narrowed her eyes. “Now why are you, of all ponies, askin’ me this? Ain’t I supposed to move on, and have no regrets?”

Dash fell silent, looking away, and Applejack’s ears went back. “I swear, Dashie! I am. I ain’t gonna cry over Rarity. You know I got a funny feelin’ that mare’s gonna take care of herself one way or another. I bet you she’s up to somethin’ and you know, more power to her—let her have her fun. I don’t need her. I got you. Don’t I?”

Dash nodded, still looking away. Applejack gulped.

“Well then, Dashie, mind tellin’ me why you look so sad?”

“All right!” snapped Dash. “Fine! I’ll say it! Applejack, I thought I was really tough and strong. But I lost you, and I just went nuts trying to deal with it—and I couldn’t. I couldn’t…” Dash gulped. “I wouldn’t have been able to go on without you.”

“An’ I promise,” said Applejack earnestly, “I ain’t ever gonna put you through that again. Okay, Dashie?”


But Rainbow wouldn’t answer—or meet her eye.

Twilight moaned. Her back arched off the bed, and she bared her teeth as the tongue thrust between her labia, licking deep into her vagina, then returning its attentions to her stiffened clitoris.

Trixie’s nose nuzzled unicorn breasts, pulled back so her eyes could appreciate the delicious ooze of madly aroused unicorn pussy, the ravishing scents and forms and contours therein.

Twilight’s legs quivered, her hooves curling with ecstacy, her mind reeling with forbidden pleasures. Her eyes, sensuously half-lidded, gazed down her body…

…and widened. “Why is she crying?”

Trixie’s eyes flared, and so did her horn, and the rod flashed out to crack against alabaster ass—and Rarity squealed and dove more fervently between Twilight’s legs, tongue extended, tears leaking from her eyes as she nuzzled and licked, Twilight’s juices beautifully soiling her pristine muzzle.

“Whoa, hold on, Trixie, I want an explanation…”

“Use the safeword if you truly need the scene to end, Mistress! Trixie has already explained…”

“I didn’t say that! It feels good!”

“It had better!” hissed Trixie, lightly touching the rod to Rarity’s rump. Rarity jolted and let out a whimper that was half sob and half lewd moan.

“It’s just…” said Twilight, and bit her lip. “You told me you were going to take her way far into sub-space, show me what that was like. It’s supposed to be what she wants, right? But how can I know that?”

Rarity’s eyes glittered for a moment, but somehow Trixie read it in her body language and the rod lashed out again with another crack. Rarity screamed and cowered, holding her position as Trixie declaimed, “Girl does not speak during a scene! Mistress Trixie speaks for her while the scene is underway!”

“And you used the stick to mess up her mane,” added Twilight, “which I don’t see how that’s even sexual at all…”

“Oh, Mistress,” sighed Trixie. “It might interest you to know how much her filthy little hole just glistened and oozed when you reminded her of that. You can’t see how aroused our new pet is, from that angle. Trixie can. But you need not trust Trixie on this—our pet is no fool, and she came prepared.”

“Prepared how?” said Twilight.

Trixie chuckled fondly—and approvingly. “Our pet knows you at least as well as I do. Read this.”

Her horn glowed a bit more, and a document floated over for Twilight to read. “She’s put it in writing for us—and signed it. Is that formal enough for my beloved Mistress?”

And indeed Rarity had: spelled out in plain language, and even illuminated with small but passionate illustrations of some of the sub-clauses.

One: Whereas Rarity wishes to adopt an exclusive and binding position as submissive to Twilight Sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon: specifically, submissive to Ms. Lulamoon and inheriting Ms. Lulamoon’s submission to Twilight Sparkle, for a time period extending one year from this day, to be evaluated for renewal only upon conclusion of that period:

Two: Said submissive position will include humilation and correction as Mistress Lulamoon sees fit, including but not limited to spanking, shaming, degradation, flogging and the lash: physical injury not to render Rarity unable to pursue her occupation or permanently disable any limbs or senses without additional written agreement.

Addendum to Two: temporary disability such as inability to walk or function is permitted and welcomed, provided that function is regained by the time of Rarity’s next business committment. Dominance and correction to reestablish this function is acceptable—Mistress’s judgment will be the guide, within this larger context.

Addendum to addendum: mane and tail count as limbs. Coiffure does not, but must also be regained by the time of Rarity’s next business committment…

Three: Rarity will furnish a safeword, which is the connection to a deeper part of herself that will keep watch whilst she submits. If Rarity says ‘Consarn it’, the scene is over. Be advised that there is a possibility that Rarity, driven to her limits, will become confused and hysterical, crying out ‘Apples’ instead: if she calls this, the scene is doubly over.

Four: Rarity will speak with Mistress Lulamoon and will provide an overview of her fetishes and triggers, plus descriptions of her capabilities both with and without use of a magic bit, for Mistress Lulamoon to fully exploit at her whim and her whim alone, while the contract is in force.

Five: Rarity’s body and abilities may be used at Mistress Lulamoon’s discretion to pleasure others including but not limited to Rarity’s hierarchy of authority, provided such use does not endanger Rarity’s ability to conduct her business. Rarity will not attempt to otherwise scene or engage sexually except through Mistress Lulamoon’s direction, during the term of her contract.

Six: All orders and commands for Rarity must go through Mistress Lulamoon, either directly or through placing Mistress Lulamoon in submission whilst she has Rarity in submission.

Seven: Rarity’s hierarchy of authority shall include Trixie Lulamoon, Twilight Sparkle, and Princess Celestia (who is not expected to engage in play activities, but is in the chain of command). It includes no other pony, specifically no member of Rarity’s birth family under any circumstances ever, and adding another dominant to her contract must require assent from every pony currently on it.


Twilight blinked at the document. It all seemed to be in order, and formidably clear-headed to boot. “You guys came up with all this?”

Trixie bowed her head in respect. “Our new pet did. Trixie is most impressed—and has learned much.”

“It’s got me on it—and Princess Celestia!”

Trixie shrugged. “Our new pet is thorough.”

Twilight blinked. “So… what does this have to do with Rarity crying while giving head? I’m not sure I like that part. Trixie, when you eat me out, you absolutely love it.”

Rarity gazed up at Twilight with wide, lovely eyes framing her messy little muzzle.

“Trixie can have her masturbate while doing it, if you like. She barely needs it. She’s cooling off, though, and Trixie did not say she could cool off!” The rod swung, and Rarity yiped, quivering.

“She’d do that? I honestly can’t imagine Rarity masturbating. Mind you, I can’t imagine her giving head either, and she was doing an amazing job of it!”

“She will do what Trixie directs her to do, and only that, Mistress. It’s in the contract, a contract she was eager to enter into. You can limit that simply by asking Trixie to limit it—she has spelled out your higher authority very clearly. Or—you can indulge her.”

Twilight’s brow was furrowed in thought. “But what does SHE want?”

Trixie smiled. “She wishes to be as much my slave… as I am yours, beloved Mistress.”

The two unicorns hung on Twilight’s reply, as she studied them, making sense of the situation and her position in it, her freedom to play along with their fantasies or to disrupt them, their needs both inferred and explicit—and her own desires.

Twilight set her jaw, and nodded—and spoke.

“Got it. All right, Trixie… let’s see where this takes us…”

Trixie awaited instructions, and Rarity quivered, wide-eyed.

“I want her to come, and I want to come real hard. Show me what you guys can do. Have her masturbate while I watch—and while she gives me head. Okay?”

Trixie’s eyes narrowed. “Mistress wants to come real hard. How hard does she want our pet to come?”

Twilight smirked. “Impress me. I love her a lot. Make her come crazy hard! Whatever it takes!”

Trixie’s teeth gleamed in a mad grin. Rarity gulped.

“Girl,” commanded Trixie, “…wait for it! At my signal, you will begin clopping your filthy hole until it oozes all over your hoof. While doing this, you will pleasure my Mistress as you were doing—but more so. Trixie wishes to see Twilight’s juices all over your face! You will meet her eyes so she can see your filthy, degraded, overwhelmingly powerful orgasms as you eat her pussy and lick up all the juices while coaxing out more and more, until she is exhausted and begs for mercy.”

Twilight’s eyes had gone very wide. Rarity trembled, as if ready at any moment to pounce.

“You will orgasm to your fullest while you are doing this, and Mistress Lulamoon will help. You will not faint or pass out until Mistress Twilight is finished, and every tear of deserved shame you shed must be balanced by twice that much of your own goo smeared over your lowly hoof while you pleasure yourself! ON my signal, girl!”

Twilight’s jaw dropped, watching Trixie lay down the law for Rarity, seeing how her elegant friend shuddered with desire and strange passions, her tongue peeking from her muzzle in anticipation. There was no mistaking how outrageously horny Rarity had become.

Trixie smiled wickedly, her magic brandishing the rod, and purred, “Ready, mistress?”

Twilight gulped, not even blinking.

“Oh, FUCK yeah…”

“Hyah!” cried Trixie exultantly.

The rod lashed out and nailed Rarity’s ass. She squealed and dove forward, tongue outthrust, hoof already working away between her own legs. Twilight’s head went back, eyes shut, teeth bared in ecstacy…

Pinkie sat between Fluttershy, and Big Macintosh, on Fluttershy’s bed. She looked first to one side, then the other.

Both flanking ponies looked down, awkwardly, blushing—though it was hard to tell with Big Macintosh.

With a sigh, Pinkie began again.

“Okay, so here it is. You, Big Macintosh, have agreed to help us, that’s me Pinkie and Fluttershy here, to make a foal. You came here more bouncy-happy than I’ve ever seen you, and you know what to do. All you have to do is fuck Fluttershy while I play with her wings, how hard can it be? Except that if YOU touch them I will totally kill you, okay?”

Fluttershy reached out with a hoof and socked Pinkie, still without looking up.

“Ow. What? Time’s a wasting! Figure out what’s the matter and get with the baby batter!”

“Uhhh…” rumbled Big Macintosh. “Can’t exactly work out how that there’s gonna work.”

“The usual way!” said Pinkie.

Big Macintosh shook his head. “It ain’t. Pinkie Pie, I am kinda large…”

Fluttershy blushed even redder, and her wings lifted away from her sides, rising into a pretty arch.

“You see, that’s jes’ it. I mount on this lil’ darling…”

Fluttershy began to pant, and looked down at the floor more and more determinedly.

“Well, how’s there even gonna be room? Maybe you oughta git me to clop off into a cup or sump’n…”

“Oh no no,” insisted Pinkie. “Oh, no! Look at her. Look at how horny she is! I can live with some dick aftertaste to give the love of my life an experience she can treasure forever. Fluttershy is going to get pregnant like she wanted, and I am not going to use a cold icing syringe to do it! Are you loco in the coco?”

“This-all is mighty strange, Pinkie, and with you not likin’ colts an’ all…” said Big Macintosh, looking away.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do it this way, it feels so uncomfortable and awful…” said Fluttershy, her erect wings trembling yearningly.

“We had an agreement!” cried Pinkie Pie, and both ponies to either side of her turned bodily away, overwhelmed with shyness.

Pinkie glowered. She glared at the floor along with the two dear ponies beside her. She whined, “Don’t you even WANT to?”

“Well…” mumbled Fluttershy. Big Macintosh chuckled, a deep rumbly sound. Pinkie watched Fluttershy’s wings stand up even more boldly…

A thump rattled the window, and both her companions jerked in startlement. Then, again—and a small, irate, white face and some long ears appeared briefly in the window before dropping out of sight.

“Oh, no!” moaned Fluttershy. “Angel Bunny! It isn’t dinner time yet, but he knows we’re in here! He’s climbed a tree!”

Angel bounced against the window again, gesticulating wildly. Big Macintosh muttered, “Mebbe I best go let him in, then.”

Pinkie heaved a big sigh—then blinked. “No, hang on—I got it.”

Both Fluttershy’s face and Big Macintosh’s face fell, and they drooped, Fluttershy’s wings wilting as Pinkie hopped off the bed, heading for the stairs, passing by a stray couch cushion…

Pinkie whirled, the corner of the cushion in her teeth, and whipped it with deadly accuracy—and Big Macintosh went over, clobbered by the pillow. He sputtered, “Whut was that?”

“It’s what I got!” cried Pinkie Pie. “I got YOU! Pillow fight!”

She galloped over and seized one of the bed pillows, and slammed it into Big Macintosh’s head. Fluttershy giggled, but the next thing she knew she’d been bowled over by another pillow, her light pegasus frame easily knocked down by Pinkie’s fluffy projectile.

“Pillloowwww fiiiiiggght!” sang Pinkie, and with that, the two shy ponies seized pillows of their own and clobbered her right back, and she went over in a giggling heap.

Pinkie didn’t stay down for long—she bounced right up and manically began peppering her would-be lovers with pillows. She kept a sharp eye out and when the flailing Angel appeared in the window again, a flying pillow was there to startle him. Pinkie faintly heard a squall of alarm as the impetuous bunny decided to give the crazy ponies a wide berth for a little while. She grinned and redoubled her efforts, doing her best to knock the monumental Big Macintosh over, fleeing from Fluttershy’s pillow dive-bombing, giggling like a fiend the entire time. She spotted Fluttershy and Big Mac throwing pillows at each other and laughing. She tackled Fluttershy and pinned her to the bed, straddling her—spotting, out of the corner of her eye, Big Macintosh’s widened eyes and raised eyebrow. She pinned the wriggling Fluttershy for just a little bit longer, making sure her poofy tail didn’t obscure anything too interesting, and then sprang up as Fluttershy pursued her off the bed, around Big Macintosh’s huge giggling form…

Pinkie’s grin widened outrageously. She caught Fluttershy’s eye as her love was about to dive upon her again—and flicked her gaze toward what stood between them, and the soft cozy bed.


Fluttershy’s eyes widened—and then they pounced, together.

It was Pinkie who knocked Big Macintosh sprawling onto the bed. He fell just right, onto his back. “Pin him!” she cried—and Fluttershy flew down, just as she’d hoped, to straddle the massive pony. Pinkie took a deep breath, and waited for just a moment—just long enough for her friends to realize their position, Big Macintosh on his back, Fluttershy straddling him with wings arched ebulliently into the air and her eyes shining.

Their eyes widened, and Pinkie cackled in glee.

“NOW you’re having fun with it!”

Fluttershy gasped. Big Macintosh squirmed—but before he could do anything, a pink form reared up behind the fluttery pegasus and sandwiched her between two loving bodies.

“Ahhh!” gasped Fluttershy. Pinkie was nuzzling her pinions, a wild gleam in her eye. “How d’you like THIS, mister?”

Big Macintosh gulped, so red he glowed. “Uhhh…”

“We want you to like it. Don’t we, Fluttershy?” said Pinkie.

“I, I, I, if it’s okay with ahhhhnnnn!” said Fluttershy—for Pinkie had licked right up one of her erect wings, all the while holding Big Macintosh’s eyes boldly.

“Whut do ya want from me?” stammered Big Macintosh, trembling to feel Fluttershy’s body wriggle and squirm against his.

Pinkie interrupted another wing-lick. “Well, I’ll TELL you what we want. Listen up, sunshine, and listen good!” She’d put on her ‘hard-boiled detective-pony’ voice, and continued to hold his eyes as Fluttershy shivered and gulped. “You know what I’m gonna do, in just a moment, here?”

“Reckon I kin make a wild guess?”

Pinkie smirked. “I’m gonna make my marefriend PREGNANT. I’m gonna take her alllll the way. You’ll feel her come—but here’s the thing, we need your help with something.”

Big Macintosh’s eyes were getting wider and wider, and Fluttershy was beginning to squirm and flap agitatedly. “Um…” he said.

“Yeah,” said Pinkie wryly. “I want you to push your cock into her—and water that seed. That’s what they call it. So I want you to feel her come… from INSIDE HER…”

“Y’all should go easy on that talk,” protested Big Macintosh.

“What? It’s like totally impossible to get you two ponies to fuck! I totally have to make a big performance out of it so you’ll get excited!” said Pinkie, breaking character. “Isn’t it working? Am I not making her sexy enough for you? How is that even possible?”

Fluttershy was beyond words, panting and disheveled, wings trying to go into featherduster mode. Big Macintosh stared at Pinkie with urgency.

“Naw, honey—it’s that I got a stiffie and it ain’t fittin’ in nowheres yet. I’mma push her off me with nothin’ but my dick if I ain’t careful…”

Pinkie’s eyes bugged out. “Whoa! Okay!” She hopped off Fluttershy, telling her “Stay!” and gave her frazzled pegasus room to move, rather than to be squeezed between lovers with a huge cock shoving harder and harder against her groin.

“You okay with that, Fluttershy?” called Pinkie, peering with only the faintest cringe at the very spot. It sure was a cock and a half, all right, and it was wedged hard against Fluttershy’s pubic mound. “I think if you scooched to the right a little…”

Fluttershy moaned, and squirmed feebly. Big Macintosh wriggled, clearly at a loss.

Pinkie Pie glowered at nothing. “The things I’ll do for love…”

She leaned over, opening her mouth—and then blinked. “Oh, wait, I know. Big Macintosh, whatever you do, don’t come just yet!”

The warning was wisely given. Big Macintosh’s eyes rolled back in his head. What he felt was an impossibly long tongue, wrapping right around his cock, slurping and bathing it in pony slobber. He heard a spitting noise, and a giggle, and a pause—and then, Pinkie’s mouth closed tenderly around his throbbing penis, tugging, guiding…

The next thing Big Macintosh felt was a soft, wet, feverishly hot place to the side of his cock-head, and he felt himself pop to the side and plunge—and he bit his lip in sensual ecstacy, as his imposing thickness slurped into the yielding depths of Fluttershy’s tender vagina. She screamed and went limp and shivery against him. He shifted his hips, now free to move, and more stallion bulk slid tautly into his pegasus lover.

Pinkie paused only to lick at Fluttershy’s clitoris, but something was odd—it wasn’t where she expected it to be. Her eyes widened as she realized Big Macintosh’s penis was so fat that it brought Fluttershy’s clit into contact with the surface of that imposing shaft. She felt the clit peek out as Big Macintosh tugged back an inch, and then he pushed and massive stallionhood shoved deeper into Fluttershy, her puss stretched tightly around its girth, clit buried again within that taut band, and Pinkie heard her scream breathlessly. It was the scream of about-to-explode.

Pinkie Pie nodded her head curtly. Well, that part was taken care of—it was annoying that there was a penis that could do that, but she certainly would be too busy to do it, so it was for the best. She clambered up to straddle Fluttershy’s shuddering body again.

“Okay, farm-boy,” said Pinkie, “let’s do this!”

With that, she leaned over and gently took Fluttershy’s right wing-shank in her mouth.

Big Macintosh seemed frozen in amazement and wonder, and he gasped as Fluttershy reacted to that intimacy with a full-body jolt and a lewd wail. His eyes caught Pinkie’s, and she held them while her lips munched softly on Fluttershy’s wing-base, while Fluttershy’s vag delivered shocking clenches at him.

“Move,” said Pinkie, through a mouthful of feathers.

Holding his breath, Big Macintosh shifted his hips. Stallion bulk tugged within Fluttershy, thrust. Pinkie nuzzled, licked—suggested.


Big Macintosh nodded obediently, his eyes very wide as Pinkie stared down at him challengingly. He pushed, and sank deeper into yielding yet taut softness, rewarded with a little birdlike cry of bliss.

“Again!” ordered Pinkie, clinging to Fluttershy’s shaking body to feel every quiver.

Big Macintosh carefully did just that. Tugging his swollen bulk partly out, then firmly pushing with those huge, powerful hips, impaling the gentle pegasus upon a staff like a treetrunk, melting her into a pony puddle atop him…

“hhhaaaAAAAAaahhh!” cried Fluttershy hoarsely.

Pinkie had bitten down a little harder on her wingbase, and Fluttershy writhed dazedly between her two lovers, incoherent. Pinkie was panting, her eyes fierce and wild but somehow curiously soft. She began to speak, coughed, spat out a silky yellow pinfeather…

“Are you ready, farm boy?”

Big Macintosh nodded, his eyes a little wild as well, feeling the explosion build…

“We love you, Fluttershy… brace yourself,” breathed Pinkie, and she bent down and took Fluttershy’s wing-shank firmly between her teeth—and began to gnaw.

Fluttershy shrieked, her eyes wide and unseeing. Pinkie was dryhumping her rump fiercely. Beneath her, Big Macintosh moved like an earthquake, mammoth stallion cock working insistently against her insides and plunging into her fluid depths in slow, firm strokes. Fluttershy screamed again—and then thrashed, wings going full featherduster in a series of spasms that wrecked her and wouldn’t stop as Pinkie’s crotch ground against her ass and Pinkie’s teeth wrenched her wing this way and that, and she clenched against the stiff horsecock in a frenzy of release…

“Hnnng!” went Big Macintosh, “Hnngg! nnnGUH! Ooooh! oooh!” and just for a moment, Pinkie stifled a giggle, for she’d never watched a stallion come before—and somehow his face was about the goofiest thing ever. But the thought lasted only a moment, for her attention was seized by her beloved pegasus…

Between the two excited, grinding, humping ponies, Fluttershy’s world exploded into whiteness as she felt the enormous cock throb and gush stallion-come into her womb, drenching her utterly even as her body convulsed and flung an egg into her womb that merged her spirit with her bold wing-gnawing lover’s…

Fluttershy, out of breath, bucked between their bodies and fainted dead away in one titanic climax, every limb and wing falling completely limp.

Pinkie and Big Macintosh panted, staring into each other’s eyes.

“Is she gonna be okay?” managed Big Macintosh. Both smaller ponies rode up and down on his massive chest as it rose and fell.

Pinkie looked frazzled. She’d come while dry-humping Fluttershy’s ass. She spat out another pinfeather. “Pfah! Yeah… yeah, she’s gonna be okay.”

She looked hard into his eyes, not sure quite what she was looking for. Satisfaction? Possession? Smugness? If it was that she expected, she wasn’t finding it. All she saw was a humongous big lug—really, a softie—who showed nothing but tenderness and love for both her and Fluttershy—and plain, obvious gratitude.

Pinkie licked her lips. “Um… thanks.”

Big Macintosh just kept staring back, innocently, but then, between them, their wrecked pegasus stirred feebly. “Ohhhh…” she moaned, as if not quite back to earth yet.

Pinkie felt a splash of fluid against her leg, and squeaked in chagrin. Big Macintosh’s erection had gone down, and the flare had tugged free, and his come poured out of Fluttershy’s gaping vagina as she quivered.

He rolled Fluttershy and Pinkie to the side, gently, and Pinkie sprawled panting onto the bed, Fluttershy pouring between them with a gentle sticky flump and rustle of feathers.

“So…” said Big Macintosh. “Did we do it?”

Pinkie nuzzled Fluttershy as she quivered and sighed, eyes unfocused. A pink hoof reached out to stroke soft pegasus belly. Fluttershy was more limp than Pinkie had ever seen her, but you could feel the bliss radiating off her like a small sun. She seemed to glow from within, already.

Pinkie began to smile. “You know, I think we did.”

Big Macintosh’s smile was simple, earnest and warm in return. He nuzzled Fluttershy’s mane, not in a possessive way, just with irrepressible affection and a kind of awe. Pinkie felt that awe just as strongly. Trembling, she stroked Fluttershy’s belly again.

She was a daddy pegasus. Fluttershy was going to be a mother—and they would have a baby foal of their very own to cherish and raise. And it didn’t look at all like Big Macintosh would be any trouble—he was happy enough to be finished with his part as water-boy.

Unbidden, a mad urge came upon Pinkie, for the sweetest wickedest prank ever, and her smile widened, she couldn’t stop it, she began to speak before she wound up laughing too hard to pull the prank…

“I can teach you how to change diapers,” said Pinkie, cheerfully. “It’s totally not too hard, and you get used to the smell right away…”

She couldn’t get even one more word out before bursting into wild laughter at the expression on Big Macintosh’s face—and then he began laughing as well, but still looking rather panicky. Pinkie glanced past him, over the bliss-soaked come-drenched Fluttershy and anxious, friendly, unthreatening spooge-donor stallion, to see Angel Bunny looking in the window with a look of complete consternation, and Pinkie laughed harder and harder for sheer joy of life.

Everything was going to be TOTALLY okay.

In Applejack’s bedroom, something hurt.

Applejack gulped. Rainbow wouldn’t look at her—she turned away more and more, and there was a glimmer of light in her eye that looked like a tear. Applejack fought to get through to her, to work out what had hurt her beloved so.

“Rainbow, I swear it, I will never treat you like that again. It don’t matter what you do. If I fly off th’ handle, you gotta come back at me. Don’t jes’ take it, be strong! We will make this work. For us—an’ for the foal, darlin’.”

“I believe you,” said Rainbow Dash in a little, quiet voice.

“Please don’t cry. Please. I am so sorry.”

“I know.”

“Did it jes’… all come back on you, or somethin’?”

Rainbow Dash shook her head, and she looked up at Applejack, who froze, her heart wrung by Dash’s expression. It mingled surrender, devotion, and a deep sadness and humbleness that was so very strange to see on the lively little pegasus.

“What is it, Dashie?”

Dash wiped a tear with her hoof, without shame. “That’s just it, Applejack. You moved on.”


“I know you love me again now, you told me so. I trust you. But I need you and my life couldn’t survive without you in it to cling to. I gave you up, I really did—but a part of me died. And it’s alive again now, but it hurts so bad to know that you just moved on.”

Applejack couldn’t speak. Rainbow Dash couldn’t stop.

“I wouldn’t want you to be any other way. I love you forever…”

“And I thought,” managed Applejack, “that I had to teach you about faithfulness.” She bit her lip.

“Yeah, well, once I thought I had to teach you about toughness,” said Rainbow, beginning to explain more and more fervently. “Back when we weren’t even fucking I had this fantasy of how strong and brave you were—how you were this pony who could never be defeated by anything, and we’d become lovers and be together. You’d be the toughest pony ever, and I’d be tough right along with you. And then we did become lovers, and I thought you were really sentimental inside but I was okay with that, Applejack! I could accept it. And then we broke up… and I had to learn that I was the one who was really sentimental inside. And learn that in the end, you’re the one who’s as tough as I always thought I was…”

Applejack was speechless again, her eyes glistening with tears, shaking her head faintly. The words spoke to what she’d been trying to tell herself, the whole time. They echoed the story that ran in her head, the tale of what an Apple matriarch had to be, they told her it was true that she didn’t need anypony, that she could rule herself and work through anything that happened to her, unscathed, untouched.

And at the heart of the tale—a lie.

Rainbow Dash wept quietly, and while Applejack was choked up beyond expressing herself, Dash looked at her with total openness, no walls, no deceptions left anymore. She trembled, unashamedly, as she spoke her heart.

“I love you for everything you are, Applejack. I used to want to be like you, to be that strong. But I can’t be. I am yours. I’m having your foal. My life is yours—but now I know that if you felt you had to, you could simply walk away. Because you did.”

Applejack still couldn’t speak.

“So there’s the part of me that can’t help but love you forever…” concluded Rainbow.

Her face twisted. Her lower lip quivered pitifully.

“And there’s the part that’s… so scared. So scared.”

“Gotta show you somethin’,” said Applejack.

Rainbow blinked back the tears, for something was happening. Applejack seemed terribly upset and couldn’t make another word come out for a second, as if she warred against some internal barrier, then:

“Get my pack.”


“Th’ pack from our quest, Dashie. Get it.”

Puzzled, Dash looked her mate over for a moment—and then she was off like a flash, flying through the house to fetch the untouched pack from where they’d dropped them, seizing it in her teeth and flying back to drop the loaded saddlebags at Applejack’s hooves.

Dash watched as Applejack hung her head for a second—taking one last moment to live the lie of the unbreakable, unhurtable Apple matriarch her mother had expected her to be. Hard, unsentimental, tough, clinging to nothing as she fought her way through life alone, protecting her dependents and depending in turn on nopony… ever.

A tear dripped down Applejack’s cheek, and she bent down, took the bag in her teeth while holding the end down with a hoof, and opened it. Her nose went into its hidden depths, and Rainbow heard her sniff, as if there was a scent in there that could be recognized—then, silence for a moment—and then, slowly, Applejack emerged, something in her teeth.

She stood, lip quivering, eyes so vulnerable, bearing her prize: something she had kept and hidden away and at times barely admitted she had, something she could not leave unguarded at home when she left on the quest, something she had to have with her but could not bear to let anypony see, because it wasn’t that it would raise questions—no, it would answer questions she could not bear to be asked.

Rainbow Dash stood and stared in disbelief, slowly slowly understanding what it meant—and then, with a flap of her wings, she rushed to her love, and they clung in a desperately tight embrace, the prize lying unheeded on the floor where Applejack had dropped it, and Rainbow cuddled her mate and shielded her in tender wings as Applejack bawled heartbreakingly, finally letting out all the pain she had denied so long and so hard.

Rainbow’s eyes rested, mistily, on Applejack’s deepest secret one more time, and then she shut them, weeping tears of joy, holding her love close and sheltering her until the feelings passed and she could feel safe again.

On the floor lay one blue feather.