Light This Candle


“R—Rainbow! Stop, wait!”

Dash’s wings thrashed fiercely as she screeched to a halt, in mid-air. “WHAT?”

“Uh—please don’t be mad, honey? Ah jes’ needed t’ talk about one more lil’ thing,” called Applejack. She peered up at her hovering mate with an air of forlorn stubbornness. “Ah would not say it if it weren’t needful.”

“What, NOW?”

Applejack set her jaw. “Especially now! Please?”

“Do you realize how IMPORTANT this is?!?” wailed Dash, hovering fretfully. “What an honor it is? This is very important and serious! Me and Derpy are supposed to help a Princess conceive! What the hay is your problem, Applejack?”

Applejack hesitated, looking extremely upset, lost for words. Dash snorted, turned tail, and then…

“Ah thought your wings was only for ME!”

Rainbow Dash stumbled, and fell out of the air.

There was no other way to describe it. Her powerful blue wings tried to furl themselves in midair, and didn’t even resume beating in a coordinated way for a whole second, and Rainbow tumbled and landed in a fluffy feathery heap on the fine clean grass of Sweet Apple Acres.

She’d refused to pause and snack on that same grass not five minutes earlier, but it wasn’t second thoughts she was having.

“That proves it, Rainbow! Y’all got a guilty conscience so bad ya can’t even fly straight, how could you?” sobbed Applejack.

Dash turned, and her face was deathly pale. “Aw, horseapples…”

“That’s all I am to you! Apparently Ah’m just your horse-apple…”

“Stop!” snapped Rainbow Dash, and Applejack controlled herself. Dash bit her lip, anxiously. “I… got a lot of explaining to do.”

Applejack’s eyes swam with tears. “Yes you do. What are you hidin’, my love? Ah can’t bear it. Ah thought I was special.”

She stood her ground, as Dash walked up to her, and she didn’t look away even as Dash’s wings came forward to enfold her face in their miraculous, unexpected softness, a scent like powder-blue and texture like sheerest silk. They produced a feathery bower enclosing her and Dash’s faces, and Rainbow Dash didn’t blink as she swore, “My wings are yours and yours only. That didn’t change, it’ll never change. Nobody else touches the wings. I’m sorry you even have to wonder about that.”

“But…” quavered Applejack.

Dash sighed, and winced. “Yeah. ‘But’.”

The Apple family had been anticipating this day for months. Big Macintosh was over the moon, giddy with stallionly pride at what he’d been asked to do. He’d been called to stand at stud for Princess Luna and her consort Lyra, and arrangements were being made for the glorious day when he’d be quite literally over the moon, and also wedged snugly inside the Moon delivering earth pony semen the old fashioned way, once the Moon had been rendered fruitful and fertile—and that took some doing.

Earth ponies fucked the usual way, and ovulated in the normal pony way, but magical ponies had a few extra twists.

For unicorns, this ovulation was accomplished by the unicorn stallion unleashing a horn-gasm, arcing with that of the unicorn mare and overpowering hers to flood her with his magic—an intensely erotic and personal experience.

For pegasi, fertility was induced with a firm grip of the wing shank, typically via sturdy pony teeth. Pegasi were notoriously lecherous, but as a rule that was confined to penises and vaginas, and they were far more private regarding wing-play. It was a profound intimacy not lightly entered into, and female pegasi could be very choosy about who they gave their wings to—and be totally, gloriously undone by that ultimate sensual surrender.

Alicorns could only be described as ‘all of the above’, with the added complication that they were invariably female, obscenely potent in magical power, yet had to take a magic ejaculation into their horn just like a unicorn mare. Impregnating an alicorn Princess was a formidable task, involving as many as four pegasi happily chewing the Princess’s wing bases until her erotic excesses weakened her enough that a powerful unicorn could flood her with magic. Normally, she’d be able to light up a unicorn like a Hearth’s Warming decoration to the point of eroding inches off her hapless mortal lover’s horn, but the Princess-weakening process had to sexually exhaust her until her bolts of magic ejaculate were mere dribbles, unable to resist her unicorn’s release. And then, the third pony race would be there to finish the job: an earth pony stallion, mating her just as any horse might, and kindling mortal life in the immortal with his salt-of-the-earth seed.

For some time, Luna had abandoned hope of ever foaling with her beloved consort Lyra, for all that she adored the little unicorn, and despite Lyra’s astonishing virility with horn-gasm that made it seem so possible. Lyra’d struggled with the idea that such a wonderful, magical creature needed earth ponies and pegasi to conceive. It had seemed a desecration to the haughty spring-green unicorn, who thought she’d ascended to the heights of magic royalty at a stroke. Eventually, she’d come to understand.

The oddest part, to Lyra, was this: all that trouble with unicorns and pegasi and earth pony stud horses could be expected to produce something incomparably wonderful out of the womb of the fortunate alicorn Princess, surely—something magic beyond all magic.

And so it would, explained Princess Luna. It would produce a simple earth pony foal. No more, no less.

The soul-shakingly wonderful part of that was not about attaining some sort of magical high score. It was the opportunity for an alicorn, one who could fly among the stars and utterly lose track of mortal affairs, to tie her heart to mortal ponies for good. It was an anchor to a world once lost, an embrace of the world and the precious, finite lives that could so easily blur together and seem meaningless. It was an alicorn’s best claim to a soul, against the ravages of eternity.

Lyra understood, though she yearned to be all and everything to her Princess… and she’d turned to Big Macintosh, to the Apple family’s pride, as the earth pony stud-stallion. One of the pegasi was found through Rarity, in part as a sort of diplomatic amend for trouble Lyra had caused Rarity. And Rainbow Dash had been unthinkably thrilled to be asked, making the team complete.

Perhaps, too thrilled? Rarity’s marefriend Derpy also seemed beside herself with excitement, but only Rarity knew the details of that. The Apple family, blessed by the addition of Dash and the foal Dash had borne from Applejack and Big Macintosh’s stud-horsing, were privy to Rainbow Dash’s enthusiasm, and Dash grew more giddy and frantic every day while refusing to talk about it at all. Applejack had feared the worst, but she couldn’t crack the shell of her lusty pegasus, and she felt Dash slipping away…

The truth was out.

But what truth, exactly?

“Ya… ain’t takin’ them wings from me? An’ givin’ them to Princess Luna?” asked Applejack, hesitantly.

Dash paled further. “I told you. Don’t ever believe you’re not special. I would die before I let even the Princess touch me that way, Applejack! I don’t have to. Nopony is going to touch my wings. They’re for you, forever for you!”

Applejack gulped. “Uh. Wish I had some ta give you back, sugarcube, an’ that’s a fact.”

“But you don’t have to, it’s okay! You’re mine, Applejack. You don’t have to be a pegasus to be mine.” Dash was shaking.

Applejack eyed her, and in a flash of insight… she had it.

“Rainbow Dash. Have you ever, EVER munched on a wing like Ah do for you?”

Dash shook harder, her eyes wide and vulnerable, cornered. Then, all at once she was hugging the breath out of Applejack, babbling, tears in her ruby eyes. “What if I do it wrong? What if I’m no good? I can’t even practice! And it’s the only chance I’ll ever have to do it, and I wish it was you, I so wish it was you! It should be you!”

Applejack heaved a breath, though Rainbow was squishing her. She managed a chuckle. “Ooof! Heh… reckon that would be a no, huh?”

“I don’t just have to be awesome, I have to be PRINCESS awesome, and why couldn’t it be with you, and I don’t even want to if it can’t be with you, except oh my gosh I still want to so bad, it’s horrible but I’ve just got to know what it’s like…”

Applejack shut off the hysterical words with a fiercely firm kiss, and didn’t let up until Rainbow’s wriggling and flapping quieted. Then, she pulled back, holding those tearful ruby eyes in a strong and loving gaze.

“Ah don’t have no wings, Rainbow Dash,” she said.

Rainbow nodded, trembling.

“Th’ good Princess is jes’ gonna have to have them for me,” said Applejack. “Ah will keep yours, thankee kindly?”

“Always!” blurted Dash.

“Ah know,” said Applejack, “ah know. Listen! You’ve talked me into some pow’ful crazy things in the way of wild sexin’, my darlin’, and I’ve been good about it. I tried to learn an’ grow, ain’t I?”

Dash shook her head, began to argue, but Applejack wasn’t having any of it. “Now see here! Don’t you go into no tail-spin on me now. Ah do believe our lives been more filled with love on account of your wayward fuckin’, when all’s said an’ done. Rainbow, I would have kept us jes’ to ourselves, and who’s to say that would be right? I don’t b’leeve Ah could keep ya busy all by myself… well, not happy busy, okay?”

Rainbow’s lip quivered, and her eyes glistened, drinking in Applejack like some livegiving elixir.

Applejack’s mouth bent in a teasing smile. “You are comin’ back to me, ain’tcha?”

Dash squealed, hugging her country mare beloved, kissing all over her honest face. “Always, forever, I don’t even want to leave you for like one second, even if I was able to do a Princess in ten seconds flat I’d be thinking about you…”

“Hush!” chided Applejack. She gave Rainbow a kiss back, decorously. “I ain’t got wings, Rainbow. Go an’ do your thing and pretend Princess Luna’s wings is me, and come on back. Ah’m sure she won’t mind. But apparently she needs ya, and Derpy.” She snorted with amusement. “How’d they work that one out? Hope th’ Princess is sturdy!”

“I will,” vowed Dash. “I totally will. Are you sure? You don’t mind?”

“I jes’ wish I could be there to see how happy you’ll be.”

Dash flapped, anxiously. “But…”

“Trust me,” winked the country mare. “Ah would know. Such a funny special feelin’, gittin’ your mouth on Rainbow Dash’s sweet wing. So warm an’ fluffy an’ firm, but light. Feels so alive between your teeth…”

Rainbow moaned, unable to look away from Applejack’s amused gaze.

“Yep, feels so special, no question about it… sorta gently wrenchin’ it this way and that while it fluffs out and th’ end folds over, them feathers at the tip all flarin’ out so pretty, quiverin’, the base all strong an’ firm an’ all muscle… and then, feelin’ you come your hooves off, through that grip on that sweet wrigglin’ wing… muscles all tryin’ to flap, and then slowly they jes’ melt, so warm an’ soft against my lips… why, who could imagine Princess Luna feelin’ like that? Boggles th’ mind, don’t it?”

Dash wailed. “Applejack! Aaahhh! Stop it stop it stop it!”

“Oh, sorry,” teased Applejack, “you ain’t had th’ pleasure.”

Rainbow whimpered.

“Yet,” added Applejack.

Slowly, Dash’s face grew a smirk to match Applejack’s own. “I believe you, now,” she said. “You must mean every bit of it if you’re trying to get me that excited. If you did have wings, I’d fucking ruin them right now, you know that?”

Applejack snickered. “Lucky Luna. You come back after you’re done, you hear? I wanna hear all about it. Go pick up Big Macintosh, and swing by Carousel Boutique to get Derpy, and off y’all go on your magical journey.” She blinked. “Damn if it ain’t a complicated way to make a foal. Glad I ain’t an alicorn.”

“Could be worse,” said Dash.


“Could be Princess Twilight Sparkle.”

Applejack choked. “Gah! Please don’t get no ideas!”

Rainbow Dash cracked up. “Don’t worry! Do I look crazy?”

The country mare trembled, remembering some of the scarier results of Twilight’s romances. “Ain’t nopony kin handle that! Exceptin’ Trixie, ah guess. Ah reckon we kin all be grateful to her or Celestia knows what might happen with ol’ Twi, it seem like becomin’ a Princess proper ruffles her feathers.”

Rainbow made a face. “No, that’s Trixie doing that. They’ve got to learn to preen, it makes pegasi uncomfortable when they leave her like that. Wings are super private.”

“Maybe she can’t help it,” soothed Applejack, and they trotted over to the barn to find Big Macintosh.

He wasn’t difficult to find. Big Macintosh’s ears perked up the instant they came into view, and he walked up to meet them as if he was very eager but keen to look like he had all the time in the world. Around him, farm ponies broke into equine applause, their hooves muted against the farm dirt. Oakback loyally stomped his hooves, and Apple Bloom whooped her encouragement. The migrant zebra farm worker, Dursaa, frowned. Snowy Hocks cast a sharp eye his direction.

“Ain’t you cheering Big Macintosh on, Mister Dursaa? Ain’t every day a farm pony gets to cover a real live Princess.”

The zebra lowered his head, embarrassed, and gave a few dutiful stomps of his forehooves. He muttered something.

“What was that, Dursaa?” snapped Apple Bloom, trotting right up to confront him.

He gave her a serious look, framing his reply before speaking. “Your stallions take this lightly, though it should be deep. Why must you take a mare, that you don’t wish to keep?”

Apple Bloom laid her ears back. “Now see here, Mister Dursaa, you don’t gotta run with th’ farm ponies ever’where they go, but it ain’t the first time y’all bitched about our ways. Big Macintosh has been invited to lay with th’ Princess Luna fair an’ square and Ah do not think Miss Lyra wants him hangin’ around after that. You know how we do things in Ponyville, Mister Dursaa!”

His expression didn’t change. “Indeed I’m learning, Apple Bloom: they say, twice now he’s made a foal, and walked away.”

A cowpony hat, with a russet mane under it, poked around the side of the barn. “An’ blows off all his extra steam bein’ gay!”

“Dammit, Braeburn!” griped Apple Bloom. “We’re workin’!”

Braeburn didn’t listen. He trotted over, lifting his hooves high as he always did, and bestowed a passionate kiss upon Big Macintosh, who closed his eyes as he returned the kiss. Their lips parted, and they gazed fondly at each other. Dursaa pursed his lips, and Snowy Hocks snickered.

Apple Bloom rounded on them. “Got a problem, other than it bein’ time ta git back to work for the rest of y’all?”

“Naw,” said Snowy Hocks placatingly. “It’s jes’ funny. Our stud horse is all kinds ‘a popular, ain’t he?”

Big Macintosh blushed happily. Braeburn snorted. “Course he is. Best pony in all Equestria. It’s time, Princess?”

Big Macintosh blushed worse. “Ah’m goin’ to see th’ real Princess, Braeburn…”

“Then that room’s gonna be jes’ chock full of beauty an’ royalty, ain’t it?” said Braeburn. “Go on, then. Your audience awaits!”

Rainbow Dash beckoned with her wing, and Applejack stood beside Apple Bloom and Braeburn, watching Dash and Big Macintosh go. Applejack found herself tearing up, but not in a bad way: they’d been through rough patches, sure enough. Mac had even sired Dash’s foal Northern Spy, though Spy was at least as much Applejack’s foal due to her and Dash’s earlier wingplaying. No, it wasn’t bad memories, it was the way the two staunchly headed off to bring somepony’s dream literally to life. Princess Luna wanted to have Lyra’s foal, and everything Apple Bloom had said was true: Lyra and Luna would be the immediate family for that foal, but it couldn’t happen without the help of others. And Big Macintosh would indeed serve as stud, and then happily walk away, back to his farm job and his gay lover and whatever other pretty tails presented themselves. He’d never showed the least bit of interest in raising Spy, or Fluttershy’s foal Rock Candy.

Applejack glanced nervously at Dursaa, but the zebra still showed no expression and kept his own counsel.

Carousel Boutique provided a Rarity immediately, but no Derpy Hooves. Rarity was attending a unicorn customer, her attention fully on the fabric she was showing. Dash blinked as she peered in the door. “Where’s our Derpster? It’s time!”

At this, Rarity looked around and gasped. “Rainbow Dash! How exciting! If you will pardon me for just the briefest moment, Mister Pants?”

The fellow nodded, and Rarity trotted over, all smiles. “I’ll fetch her. Derpy! Rainbow and Big Macintosh are here!” She ducked into the back room and her living quarters, only to come to a halt in the doorway. “Derpy, darling, no!”

“I’m sorry, Rarity! I changed my mind Rarity!”

Hearing this, Rainbow Dash paled, and charged forward, shoving Rarity aside. “What do you MEAN you… hah! Ahahahah! Buahahahaha, eep!”

“What happened?” called Big Macintosh, his ears laid back in alarm.

“Come and see!” laughed Rainbow Dash, and Big Macintosh did.

They gawked at Derpy Hooves, who pouted tearfully back beneath a riot of disheveled, straw-colored mane. It stuck out in every possible direction at once. Her eyes were made up nearly to the point Rarity’s had been for the Best Young Fliers’ Competition, and her hoof reached up to wipe her bashful tears away…

“Eeeee!” squealed Rarity, in horror. She bolted forward, to cuddle her hapless marefriend, gently coaxing her hoof away from her face, cautiously kissing her slightly rouged cheek which glowed all the brighter in an embarrassed blush. “Please, darling, don’t wipe your eyes, they will smear and we’ll lose minutes fixing them…”

“I don’t want to be pretty, Rarity!” whimpered Derpy. “I only want to be me. I changed my mind.”

Rarity’s eyes narrowed, in a look of fond exasperation. She delivered another kiss. “Poor darling. Too late for that, you were born pretty, my love… but you’ve ruined your poor mane!”

“It looks better on you than it does on me, Rarity. I only wanted to put it back!”

Rainbow, fighting off giggles, observed that the shambles of Derpy’s mane had a familiar look: it had been coiffed into the same elaborate style Rarity favored, before being un-styled by a frantic pegasus hoof. The hairspray wasn’t letting go that easily, and the war of coiffure left no survivors on either side. Derpy sniffled, her mane looking electrified into awkward shards of fashion that stuck out uncomfortably. Rarity helplessly tried to form them back into the familiar neat loops and arcs, her own lip quivering in dismay.

“Sweet Celestia, Derpy,” marveled Rainbow. “What were you even thinking?”

“I was scared, Rainbow Dash! I never did anything like that with a pegasus and extra much not with a Princess and I thought I should look pretty and Rarity knows how to be pretty…”

“Hush,” soothed Rarity, still despairingly fiddling with Derpy’s mane. “I told you, you are ravishing. We must decide at once, repair or dismantle the look, I won’t have you going off feeling inadequate…”

“You got perty eyes, Derpy Hooves,” mumbled Big Macintosh, who’d crept up behind them and peered over the backs of the two mares.

“Ah! Big Macintosh,” called Rarity distractedly. “Could you see if Mister Pants is still there?”

“Nope,” said Big Macintosh. “He run off.”

“Curses! Well, he’ll come back, I daresay. I saw the look in his eyes as he studied my silks…”

Rainbow Dash lifted an eyebrow. “Mister Pants? A relative of Fancy Pants?”

“Oh, no, no,” replied Rarity, “more’s the pity, he is just Pants, I fear. Sometimes those ones pay the highest sums for a taste of haute couture. I once sold a suit worth ten thousand bits to a Strawberry Bottom.”

Dash guffawed. Derpy shook her mane fretfully. “I’m sorry, Rarity! I ruined everything, Rarity!”

“No, you didn’t, now please hold still, darling…”

“Hold it!” squeaked Rainbow Dash. She studied Derpy critically. “Maybe if I… stand back!”

Every pony recoiled. Dash corrected herself. “The rest of you stand back. Derpy, brace yourself!”

Then, the room was filled with what seemed a tornado, as Dash’s mighty wings roared briefly… and Derpy Hooves barely kept her hooves on the ground, standing at the center of that windstorm.

Rarity shrieked. “Rainbow! How could you! You’ve knocked everything over with your mad…”

“Look, look!”

They looked. Derpy blinked, batting those sensuous eyelashes, perplexed. Atop her head, her ash-blonde mane rested in an entirely new state.

“Good heavens,” gasped Rarity. She stepped closer, wide-eyed. Derpy’s coiffure had been positively shredded out of its decorous form, forced back into something nearer her natural state, but the mane product served to break up the softness and add bold, wild texture. Surprise drained the embarrassed blush from her cheeks, and Derpy looked back at them unguardedly, with a stunning case of wanton bed-mane that made her look nearly as radical as Rainbow Dash, but more glamorous.

“What happened?” said Derpy.

“I think you should see this, darling,” said Rarity, and gently coaxed her mate over to a large mirror.

Derpy stared, astonished, and then bounced into the air with a squee of delight, her wings springing to full attention. “Eeee! Cool! Awesome!”

“Yes, you are,” soothed Rarity. She glanced wryly at Rainbow Dash. “And you’re not the only one, I think. Do you feel better, my sweet?”

“I feel lots better! Let’s go!”

Dash grinned. “Best advice I’ve heard all day.”

As they left, Rarity called, “Rainbow?”


“How did you do that? I mean,” corrected Rarity, “what gave you the idea to attempt that look? I saw how you did it, and if you didn’t have pressing engagements I’d insist you stay and clean up the mess you’ve caused…”

Dash blushed. “Oh! I can come back, I’ll totally help pick that stuff up for you. Sorry!”

“But HOW?”

Rainbow Dash’s wings sprang up, irrepressibly. “Nobody can do fashionable like you, Rarity… but nobody does wild kinky orgy like Rainbow Dash! I just thought Derpy should look like she really belonged in one.”

Rarity snorted, amused. “I could argue your second point, darling, but I don’t want to keep you. Uht!” she reproved, as Dash readied another saucy remark. “Shall we say, I don’t wish to detain you? Certainly it’s tempting to keep you, you little minx, you!”

She watched, satisfied, as the two pegasi and one earth pony went on their way, and then she began tidying up the catastrophic mess Dash had produced with one fierce burst of wing-power.

Very likely they would have a wonderful time: Dash would make sure dear Derpy Hooves felt happy in her Princess-nibbling duties, and she herself had just helped Dash hit new heights of pegasus ego, ensuring Rainbow wouldn’t fail either. Rarity’s expression grew serious, and she wished them the best of luck with their intentions. She wondered if Dash had considered all the implications of the event.

She and Derpy had talked for half an hour about how she, Rarity, had no wings and could not give Derpy the full pegasus-mating experience, and she had given her blessing to Derpy regarding her being intimate with Princess Luna in that very special way. They hadn’t proceeded with the plan until both she and Derpy felt secure with the new intimacy in store, and the new partner touching their lives, and what could and could not be expected as a result of that intimacy. She thought she could predict one likely result of it… and she flicked her tail in anticipation, feeling smug and feminine as she thought about what was in store for her. Such was the fruit of her patient discussion with her beloved.

Rarity felt it was most unlikely that Rainbow had thought things through in that manner, and expected to hear about repercussions afterward.

Still, she thought, Applejack would doubtless straighten her out in the long run.

Lyra pouted. “Don’t look at me like that, Looney!”

Princess Luna rested her chin on her hoof. “Well, then, mayhap you can give us the boon of a more satisfactory answer?”

“But it’s YOU I love,” protested Lyra. “I’m sorry. I know you hate it when I call them flatheads. Do I really have to get into the whole earth pony thing? And the pegasi, I guess, but it seems like you’re not as worried about them.”

Luna’s ears laid back, and she winced. “Indeed. I could say I trust them to pursue their happy duty without hesitation, but in a sense that leaves me lumping them into a category as much as you are…”

Lyra rallied. “Aha! So my wonderful Princess is not utterly perfect, even though she wants me to kind of be!”

“Hush! I asked what you were thinking, delicious consort, and…”

“And I told you, I was wondering if we could arrange us in such a way that I don’t have to look at the earth pony.”


“Well, okay, I said flathead and I’m sorry…”

“It is Big Macintosh, Lyra, first of all!”

“And wouldn’t I know that? I was the one to go and ask him for you! We’ve had this conversation. It’s not me that needs to get all wriggly over earth pony dicking, that’s you! I just have to blast you with my horn.” Lyra licked her lips. “That’s going to be so amazing.”

“But, Lyra!” pleaded Princess Luna, earnestly. “I cannot believe you truly feel prejudice, even now. You were with Celestia and I when we saved faithful Applejack’s life. You sounded the alarm yourself! You ran to fetch her bedsheets, the better to wake her from her darkness. Where does this new darkness within you come from?”

Lyra pouted again. “Well, that’s part of it. Didn’t you notice how super lesbian I am?”

Luna frowned. “It’s that? There was a time you were attended by an earth pony mare, Bon Bon, I think it was. You’ve even told me that she took you to unsurpassed heights, at least before I came along. Naturally, none of that made you pregnant, nor anything we do with each other, no matter how passionate! Lyra, if I am to be impregnated and bear your foal, we cannot do without a male.”

The spring-green unicorn winced, unhappily. “It’s not even that, Looney, not completely.”

“You object to Big Macintosh? I’ll tell you, I certainly do not. And you helped select him!”

“He’s probably a perfect example of it… Princess, this is uncomfortable to talk about.”

“Good!” declaimed Luna, nearly achieving Royal Canterlot Voice. “We demand that you explain, all the more if it is the heart of your objection. Quickly, subject, make haste!”

Lyra squealed in momentary excitement, grovelling before her royal beloved. Luna spotted it, with her many centuries of experience with ponykind, and added, “Furthermore, spring-buds, furthermore my very own heart-strings, you are damned happy to wallow in the pleasures of ME when I use a magic bit, so it is not all male forms you recoil from! We are waiting!”

Lyra scampered forward and nuzzled boldly up to Luna’s chest, and the Princess permitted this, for she knew that her unicorn simply did not respond to dominance in the normal way. She gazed sternly into Lyra’s eyes, and the explanation began to emerge.

“It’s just that… Looney, I love the depth and vividness of your magic. It’s all I ever wanted to be, all I ever wanted to have in my life, and you’ve explained so many times but there’s something about you with an earth pony stallion… they’re so crude and hungry and their magic hardly counts… oh, I know, we’ve had that conversation before but listen! I’d like your body to be worshipped like a Goddess…”

“We are not Gods, Lyra,” said Luna gently. “Those bide their time in Tartarus and other planes, and won’t be troubling you or Equestria. Mayhap we are like to them, nevertheless we are but ponies that stand a little closer to raw magic’s flame.”

“But I want you to be like to them!” protested Lyra. “You’re so wonderful. It coarsens you that you should have to let a big male animal shove his thing up you. If it was a unicorn, at least it would be with, you know, class…”

Luna snorted with laughter. “Have you ever HAD a unicorn stallion? Seriously?”

Lyra grumbled, “I guess not. Males are just males all over, huh? I thought unicorns might be different ‘cause they’re more magic. If you need me to, I’ll live with it. But we should have something better for you. They don’t deserve you.”

Luna shook out her scintillating, star-dappled mane, before Lyra’s admiring gaze. “Listen, my precious innocent love. We would have you learn some sympathy but we are damned if we won’t at least rub your nose in this: Lyra, I like that part.”

Lyra’s eyes widened. She squeaked, “You do?”

“I do,” vowed Princess Luna. “I would hope you might understand one day, though I will love you anyhow, frail little jewel. I rejoiced when you selected Big Macintosh. I’m told he’s got a lovely, ah, big male animal thing. But it is not just that, prithee: I have hopes I will feel quite mastered, in his hooves. I do not hope that he will nip my posterior, it seems too much to expect…”

Lyra cringed, staring in disbelief. “He better not! You’re a Princess!”

“Shush!” commanded Luna. “Yes, I am, but for this happy occasion I will be his mare. His, and the pegasi’s—and yours. I am dizzy with the anticipation of submitting to all of you at once, and at the glorious climax, I would like to see Big Macintosh looming and brandishing a formidable stallion-cock, and gushing not just male-seed but maleness itself. I want that. You may call it crude, but I call it sexy as mares have called it for millenia, since the days when there WERE only earth pony stallions seizing and mating eager and delighted mares, long before Canterlot and magic and sophistication and…”

She shook herself. “Lyra,” she pleaded, “do you really not understand this? Try, for me. I am sorry if it seems crude, but haven’t you ever been turned on by a dose of crude male sexual hunger?”

Lyra had gone pale, and just stared, vulnerable and trapped. There had been that one time with Bon Bon, when she’d privately enjoyed a hot earth-pony-stallion fantasy and never told a soul what she’d been thinking as Bon Bon, bit in teeth, had ravaged her. She had gone berserk over just such a crude male fantasy, just that one time. Lyra, trembling, licked her lips, hardly daring to stir the shameful, lusty memory…

There was a knock at the door to their chambers.

“Ready or not, here we come!” called Rainbow Dash happily. “And I do mean come, oh my gosh!”

Luna and Lyra leapt to their hooves, as the door flew open and two bouncing pegasi bounded in, wings stiffly erect. “Yay!” cried Derpy Hooves. “You’re so beautiful, Princess!”

For a moment, Luna didn’t notice. She’d turned to Lyra, entreating, imploring with her eyes. “Are you okay? Prithee, grant me the truth of you, my love, and quickly!”

Lyra gulped, looking dizzy. She nodded. She craned her neck up to kiss Luna deeply. “Let’s do it.”

“You’re sure?”

“Let’s do it YOUR way,” vowed Lyra, setting her jaw, a faltering smile flickering around her muzzle.

Lyra watched her royal love react, and the unicorn’s faltering smile became a mad joyous grin. She couldn’t help it. Luna let out a fillyish squee, and bounced off all four hooves, her wings going bolt upright with a resounding pomf, and Lyra drank in the sheer delight of her, and smiled and smiled.

Behind Luna, in the doorway, Big Macintosh bashfully poked his head around the corner, in a not particularly crude or animalistic way—but he smiled a shy smile as well.

As he did, Rainbow Dash moved towards Princess Luna in the same boisterous spirit she’d arrived with, and Luna turned toward her… and Rainbow froze in her tracks, eyes wide, wings bolt erect, staring at Luna’s hooves.

The regal blue alicorn stood before her, long elegant limbs free of her decorative hoof-wear. Her crown sat on the bedside table, and the scintillating mane of night flowed freely off her neck and shoulders, across those tall and powerful withers that supported a pair of massive deep-blue wings as erect as Dash’s own, but reaching to brush the ceiling with their trembling tips.

Dash gulped, unable to blink. Luna was naked, and right there before her, wanting sex. The delicate scent of her Princessly body wafted. Luna’s flanks trembled, and then a dainty noise broke the silence, and a more provocative scent wafted. Her royal pussy had winked. Dash couldn’t see it, but Derpy’s eyes both converged for a moment under Luna’s flowing tail.

“Oooh!” squeaked the grey pegasus.

Dash gulped again. “You… ARE beautiful, Princess.”

Luna bit her lower lip gently, the mood of sudden awkwardness catching her. She favored Rainbow Dash with a lovely smile, and her ears laid back as Dash continued to stare at her wing bases, and for a moment, nopony moved at all, and Big Macintosh loomed in the doorway, his eyes wide and alarmed at the sudden silence.

Lyra snorted. “Fine. I’ll start! Unlike the rest of you, I’ve done this before!” She scampered around behind Luna.

Luna blinked. “Prithee, dear one, it is all right if they ahhhh!” She shuddered, setting her hind legs further apart. Lyra hadn’t even waited for her to finish speaking. She’d poked her cute little green muzzle right between the Princess’s rump cheeks, and her little pink tongue was busily at work. Derpy stared, fascinated. As Lyra pressed her tongue between royal blue labia, it was plain to see that the inner walls of Luna’s vagina shared the same light luminous pink of Lyra’s licking tongue. Even the wet gleam of saliva against the sheen of alicorn juices seemed to match, though soon enough Lyra had closed her lips around Luna’s stiffening and protruding clitoris, and the wetness mingled with quiet, entranced slurps and tender suckling noises…

Luna banged her forehoof on the floor, gritting her teeth. She did it again, laying her ears back.

“Princess?” said Rainbow Dash.

Princess Luna’s beautiful head whipped around, to glare at Rainbow. “By Moon and Sun! Rrrgh! Help her!”

“Oh!” squeaked Dash. “Right! Um… so, like what’s the procedure, how do I…”

“You’re a pegasus!” raged Luna. “Figure it ahhhh! out!”

Lyra lifted her head from Luna’s nethers. “They can’t reach, Looney, crouch down some more. Over to the bed!”

Luna moaned drunkenly. “Uhhnnn! Right, you’re right, Lyra,” she managed. She turned her head again, fixing Dash and then Derpy with a pleading gaze. “Pray forgive us our impatience, this is not complicated…”

As she staggered over to sprawl across the bed, her lean alicorn rump still sticking up for more indecencies, Rainbow pulled herself together. “Right! I’m a pegasus, and so is Derpy and we know all about this stuff! You came to the right place!”

“Um,” suggested Derpy, “I know all about Rarity chewing on my wing bases, but I didn’t ever do it ‘cos Rarity doesn’t have wings to play with…”

Luna was shaking. “Learn,” she suggested. She screwed her eyes shut, muttering, “Why couldn’t I have borrowed some guards from Cadance?” She then squeaked, her head whipping around again in startlement. Lyra had nipped her ass.

“Because these pegasi love you,” chided Lyra, “and this is more than just recreation, Looney! Behave!”

Luna gulped, her eyes very wide, her lip quivering—and her pussy winking convulsively. She gulped again, and said, “We are sorry! Oh, Lyra, you shame me…” and then she squealed, her body jolting, for Lyra nipped her again as Dash and Derpy and Big Macintosh stared in horror.

“I know you,” asserted Lyra proudly. “Don’t be ashamed, I know how much of a pain in the butt you are sometimes, Princess.”

“Takes one to know one,” panted Princess Luna, trembling.

“They’re just not used to you. Show the nice pegasi what you want, go on. Like you show me,” urged Lyra.

Luna looked around at Dash and Derpy, her ears laid back submissively, her eyes yearning… and she held her wings half-raised, and the grand elegant coverts folded over, splaying out a bit at the wingtips, slowly and shyly assuming a giant version of a pegasus’s lewdest mating display.

Dash’s eyes bugged out. Derpy’s eyes both converged perfectly on the sight, her mouth hanging open in wonder.

Lyra snickered, watching them. “If you make her wait, I’ll bite your butts too…”

She happily returned her attention to Luna’s vagina, because to either side of her, an entranced pegasus trotted up, closer and closer to those mighty dark-blue wings. Derpy glanced over at Dash, and then her gaze was dragged back to the wing shank held aloft before her. Dash’s ear flicked sharply, and she licked her lips, her eyes wild and frantic, and with a multicolored thrash of her tail, she pounced and closed her mouth upon Luna’s left wing, seizing it with the boldness she’d felt so often from Applejack.

“Eeeeehhh!” cried Luna, staring up at nothing, drawing great hyperventilating breaths.

“Aim at the fireproof headboard, Looney!” cried Lyra. Her head lowered, and the wet clit-suckling noises resumed.

Derpy glanced at Rainbow Dash, as if looking for tips.

“…mmh m’ g’sh…” moaned Dash, through a mouthful of Princess feathers.

Derpy looked back at the quivering, vast wing before her, leaned in, and took Luna’s wing shank in her teeth with determined force.

Luna squealed, and tried to flap, as Lyra thrust her tongue as far into her as it would go. Both pegasi were galvanized by the sensation of those warm, powerful wings twisting against their mouths, and both instinctively latched on like bulldogs, physically wrestling Luna’s hapless wings back into place. Possibly pegasus guards would have been larger and stronger, but Rainbow Dash had the physique of an athlete and a knack for carnal fierceness, and Derpy Hooves was a sturdy, tough pony not easily shaken off. Both reacted with primal pegasus instincts and seized Luna’s wings passionately.

Princess Luna barely had time to lower her head. She squalled, and blasted the headboard of the bed with her horn’s discharge, blindingly. Derpy shrieked, and scrambled back in alarm.

“Again!” cried Lyra. She dove between Luna’s legs, her hoof reaching forward to fondle Princess tits in a fever of caresses, and Derpy set her jaw and leapt forward, grabbing Luna’s wing again, twice as firmly. She growled a little pegasus growl, her hooves well braced, wrenching Luna’s wing this way and that.

Luna screamed, her feathers bristling out, and the headboard of the bed became an inferno of magic discharge again, the horngasm that could cut through rock earthing itself against that odd dull material. The light reflected in Big Macintosh’s terrified eyes. For a moment, Luna’s head thrashed and the gout of raw magic blasted a painting off the wall, and the painting tumbled flaming to the floor and was ash by the time it hit.

“Aim!” cried Lyra. “Come on! Drain her! If we get it all at once…” She slurped loudly on Luna’s stiffened clitoris, and the pegasi gnawed Luna’s increasingly disheveled and feather-dustery wings, and Luna brayed a guttural bellow of lusty release, tears leaking from her tight-shut eyes, and splashed another gout of magic violently against the headboard, and another, and another…

The vast wings, anguished by sharp ecstacies, shuddered in the grip of Dash and Derpy, who seemed drunk on the experience and lost in their hungry, erotic devouring. Both of them showed quivering, bristled wings themselves. Lyra’s ears perked as she continued licking and nuzzling, and she heard another crackling zap of horngasm, a hoarse wail from Luna that hinted at exhaustion, and then… a kind of sputtering noise.

Lyra leapt to her hooves, madly excited, and as she did she saw the source of the noise. Luna, ravaged beyond all reason, sprawled across the bed, her eyes rolling back in her head, and her horn weakly spurted a mere dribble of magic. They’d done it! The Princess was drained!

“Keep her going, keep her going!” she screamed, as she galloped around to leap onto the bed, placing herself between Luna and the headboard, sprawling onto her side, her hoof thrusting between her legs as her eyes devoured the sight of her beautiful lover shuddering in sustained orgasm.

Rainbow Dash and Derpy kept licking and gnawing Luna’s feebly thrashing wings. Big Macintosh stepped forward, eyes wide. Beneath him, a very male stallionhood stuck rigidly forth, and he stared in awe at Luna’s glorious hindquarters, and the trim quivering vagina pouting and showing its tempting slick pinkness from within the deep-blue contours of her elegant vulva.

“Beggin’ your pardon, miss, but…” he mumbled, and licked his lips, his ears laying back anxiously.

Luna moaned, and the dribbles of magic from her horn began to subside, even as Lyra masturbated frantically. Dash glanced back. “Come on, Big Macintosh, get in there!”

Lyra’s hoof faltered, as she watched.

Luna’s eyes went wide as saucers as the massive earth pony straddled her, and her mouth dropped open in shock as a juicy squelch rang out. Big Macintosh’s thick horse-cock wedged into her squishy confines and kept going, bulky shaft packing her pelvis to bursting and stretching her to the limit, both in terms of girth, and soon in terms of depth as well. His eyes were soft and tender as he entered her shuddering body, he smiled sweetly, and his thrust had the gentleness of a considerate stallion—but for all that, Big Macintosh’s farm-pony haunches had a power to them not found in many ponies, and he shoved Princess Luna forward against the bed as he took her.

“Unnhhhh!” she moaned, her eyes not focussing.

Lyra watched those massive male hips draw back, and then swing forward once more. Luna’s face betrayed her stunned reaction, and then she noticed her unicorn’s lip quivering, her masturbating hoof slowing…

“C—come! For me!” begged Luna, dazedly. “Come WITH me! Nnnnggh!”

As if in a dream, Lyra reached between her own legs. She licked her lips, her ears laying back hard, and she reached back into her darkest secret fantasies, and instead of herself, she watched her beloved being ravaged by a great big crude earth pony stallion. That huge heavy dumb fleshy cock, going harder and harder. The sounds as the eager beast began to move more excitedly, plunging with dim hunger, possessing her exquisite magical body. Lyra gulped, opening herself to the experience, and Luna held her gaze the whole time, seeming to read the vulnerability, the hesitant yearning, the parting of lips as she allowed herself that surrender…

Big Macintosh’s mouth opened, too, in a gasp of awe. His back was well able to keep up the motions, and at every moment he hung on to his innate gentleness, not wishing to hurt the beautiful Princess—but with every thrust his mind exploded in new blissful sensations. Her Princess pussy was spectacular! So tight and enfolding, but fluid and not pinchy and melting around him in palpable ecstacy, while the two pegasus mares devoted themselves to her trembling wings…

Lyra’s horn glimmered, her body shivered, as she took in the flood of joyous carnality inches from her, the four bodies writhing in transports of complicated ecstacy.

Luna’s eyes glazed over, as her own horn again began to emit sparks and spurts of alicorn horngasm.

Big Macintosh caught his breath, feeling Luna’s vagina seize up in a series of irresistible clenches.

Rainbow Dash and Derpy wrestled Luna’s wings joyously, their teeth gnawing in fevered pegasus horniness, and Lyra cried, “Ahhh!” and came before Luna’s eyes, the long-sought-after climax and high point of an endless life, the lovely green unicorn beginning to release a weak and hesitant version of her normally potent horn-gasm.

In that instant—Big Macintosh came.

His massive cock throbbed heavily, again and again. Earth pony come gushed out of him with each mighty throb, his erection stiffening unbearably, drenchings of hot sticky semen physically pumping into Luna’s womb even as Lyra’s arc falteringly came to life.

Princess Luna shrieked, and blasted the headboard off the bed—through Lyra.

The spring-green unicorn let out one shrill squeal, glowing from within as if she had become a bolt of lightning, and tumbled back to fall limply off the bed, through the space where the headboard had been. The bed swayed, and toppled foward with a crunch and splintering of its wooden frame.

Rainbow Dash released Luna’s wing, and screamed. “Aaaah! Oh my gosh oh my gosh! Lyra!”

“Is she okay?” wailed Derpy.

Luna had collapsed, the end of her horn smouldering. Dash looked in horror, and saw that inches of it had been burned away through the discharge. “Oh my gosh! If it did that to her, what happened to Ly…”

A green nubbin appeared over the edge of the bed. It was what was left of Lyra’s horn.

The two pegasi and the earth pony stared in astonishment and awe. Lyra, weak as a kitten, was crawling back onto the bed. Almost all her horn was gone, and her body was smouldering gently, and she couldn’t stand, but she dragged herself toward them, horn-nubbin first.

“Oh my gosh…” breathed Dash. Lyra, leaking tears, was trying to rub horns with Luna, who just twitched feebly, stunned.

“Listen!” urged Derpy, her ears perking forward.

“Help us…” breathed Lyra, her voice cracked and shattered. “Please…”

“Oh, fuck, really? I mean seriously?” squeaked Dash, and then fell silent. Luna was stirring. She wriggled, with a despairing moan, and squeezed her eyes shut… and a tiny glimmer of magic appeared at the end of her horn.

Rainbow Dash, Derpy, and Big Macintosh stared at each other for a moment, and then Dash and Derpy whirled and seized Luna’s wings again, causing her to shudder and whimper.

“What mus’ Ah do?” stammered Big Macintosh.

Dash released her wing, and transfixed him with a fierce gaze. “Keep it up, and make Lyra come if it’s the last thing you do! Don’t give up on them now!”

As she returned her attention to moaning Luna’s disheveled wing, Big Macintosh’s eyes met Lyra’s.

She gave him the most vulnerable, loneliest look he’d ever seen, and she croaked, “Show me…”

“Uhhh, far as ah know you ain’t prop’ly a fan of th’ boy ponies,” he mumbled. “Should Ah lick your marehood all nicely, Miss Lyra? Anything you want.”

Lyra bit her lip, and gathered all her courage, and she blushed a weird purplish-green as she expressed her darkest fantasy, out loud.

“I want you to sink your big crude earth pony cock into me,” she said.

Big Macintosh gulped. Rainbow Dash’s wing whacked him, and he dismounted from Luna, gritting his teeth to try and keep himself erect, coming over and looming across reclining Lyra. She seemed so little under him.

“Please!” begged Lyra, and Luna’s dazed eyes focussed a little, registering the scene in front of her, then drinking it in with a strange yearning.

Sweet Lyra, lying back and spreading her legs, as always insisting on doing things strangely. Her little pussy jutted eagerly out, winking, left terribly aroused by that piquant bolt of erotic energy. Nothing excited Lyra like taking a horngasm.

Big Macintosh, gentle and solicitous, finding some source of renewed energy simply from looking at Lyra’s elegant unicorn body, those pert little swellings of breasts and the luminous green contours of her. His body looming, dwarfing her with hulking maleness, that bulky cock swinging forward.

Lyra’s eyes as the swollen stallion-flare nudged her vagina. Her mouth dropping open in a soundless scream, as his powerful hips pressed placidly forward, that huge shaft entering her. The shocking, lewd sight of Luna’s dainty little unicorn, legs splayed wide, a massive earth pony cock of contrasting color firmly sinking deeper and deeper into her.

Lyra’s breathy, overwhelmed cry as she felt the earth pony stallion penetrate her body, not conquering her but seeming to empathize with her great vulnerability. He moved so cautiously within her, all that power in check.

The smile on Big Macintosh’s face as he sensed his unicorn mare’s pleasure response. The effortless joy of his steadily easier motions, as he began to thrust more freely.

The building thickness of that massive horsecock as it began to plunge, always with sensitivity and gentleness, into Lyra as she curled her legs back, allowing him an angle to plumb more deeply…

Princess Luna’s eyes were crossing with exhaustion, but she drank in the sight longingly, and as Rainbow and Derpy tenderly nibbled her frazzled wings, Lyra’s gaze drifted over to meet hers, and connected.

With her last ebb of magic stamina, Princess Luna gave a weak little cry and spurted forth a little trickle of horngasm.

Big Macintosh grunted, sharply, and his body shook all over.

And Lyra, her wide eyes fixed on the infinite beyond her beloved Luna’s yearning gaze, felt the earth pony stallion somehow, unexpectedly, impossibly spurting pony-come up deep inside her, completing his possession of her and capping off the filthy dark fantasy just as she’d always imagined it. His cock shoved deep… and just gushed, palpably.

Lyra squealed an exhausted soprano squeal and cut loose, her nub of a horn pouring forth a startling flood of magical power. It went straight for Luna’s weak final magic-spurt, locked on, and earthed itself through Luna’s horn, dumping catalyzed magic into the Princess’s trembling body. Luna’s mouth opened in a cry of unthinkable ecstacy, and Dash and Derpy squeaked and released her wings as the magic flooded her and tickled their mouths. They fell back, staring, as Princess Luna thrashed feebly on the bed, earth pony come oozing out of her pussy, her body set alight by one little green unicorn who seemed unable to stop coming now that she’d started, who squealed and vented a torrent of raw energy from what was left of her horn for second after second as Luna writhed in the grip of the fertilizing flood of magic…

It stopped, abruptly. Lyra collapsed, staring at nothing. Luna passed out, as well. Big Macintosh panted, wild-eyed.

Rainbow Dash began to grin, wider and wider.

“We did it…”

“Are they dead?” wailed Derpy.

“Look at their chests!” responded Dash. And indeed, both unicorn and alicorn were heaving deep rasping breaths, their bodies trying to recover from feats of carnal athleticism far beyond the norm. “Help me get them more comfortable. They’ll be fine. We did it!”

“I hope it weren’t that uncomfortable? Ow. This kinda pinches,” said Big Macintosh. “Reckon Ah’m stuck for a moment?”

Dash smirked. “Take it from me, buddy, it’s uncomfortable in a very awesome way. Oh my gosh, she went off like a bolt of lightning! Thanks, Big Macintosh, that was perfect! Hah, that was like six times better than you did me, dammit, life is SO unfair… are you really stuck in her?”

“It’s comin’ out soon, Miss Dash, don’t wish ta force it.” Big Macintosh looked back and forth between Princess Luna, and Lyra, who sprawled limply off the end of his stallionhood. “We got us a pregnant Princess, huh?”

“And a unicorn,” added Derpy unexpectedly.

Dash blinked. “What? No, Lyra came into Princess Luna’s horn, and we did all the other stuff, too. Look, Big Macintosh came in Luna, you can see it pouring down the inside of her leg. Even Big Macintosh couldn’t have come tw…”

She trailed off. Big Macintosh was going limp, and as he tugged his shrinking cock out of the little green unicorn, another flood of horse-come poured forth, oozing out of her body and wetting her silky tail. Lyra didn’t respond, being too stunned to register.

“Dude…” breathed Rainbow Dash. “Are you sure you don’t have some zebra blood?”

“Miss Lyra felt awful nice,” said Big Macintosh, plainitively.

“I saw her light up all over when Princess Luna hit her with that huge zap,” added Derpy.

Rainbow Dash gulped. “Uh-huh. Well. Huh! Yeah.”

“Did we do good?” said Big Macintosh.

Rainbow Dash thought for a moment. She smiled. She leaned over, and kissed Lyra on the muzzle, gently rolling her into a more comfortable position, and then had a thought. “Hey, Derpy, Macintosh! Help me with them.”

They snuggled Princess and consort together, so they’d wake up in each other’s embrace, and then Dash gave Lyra another kiss. “I’ll help you with it,” she whispered. “I am the best at foaling, and I’ll make sure it goes right for you.”

Big Macintosh showed a hesitant smile. “Uhh… do that make me a double stallion? Dang.”

“Us, too!” said Derpy Hooves, with an excited bounce.

Rainbow Dash grinned. “You know, you’re right. It might be the only chance we get to be one. And we’re a double stallion too, Derpy—you and me!”

“Huh?” blinked Big Macintosh, lost.

“Oh,” explained Dash, “it’s a pegasus thing. It’s kinda personal, but… me and Derpy, we were just pegasus stallions, sort of. I never thought that could ever happen.”

“Me either!” said Derpy.

Big Macintosh blinked, quirking an ear. “Ah reckon the Princess and Lyra are all right. Look, them’s a-smilin’ in their sleep. What y’all gonna do now?”

Rainbow Dash smirked, flicking her tail.

“Maybe Derpy has some idea about how I feel right now. You know what? I’ll catch you guys later, I have something very important to do.”

“Whut’s that, then?” asked Big Macintosh.

“I am going to go back home… and just totally RUIN my mare,” grinned Rainbow Dash.

Derpy Hooves beamed happily.

“Me too!” she said.