Twilight Sparkle, her mouth a hard and unforgiving line, walked steadily along the Ghastly Gorge, heading west. When tears did not obscure her vision, she saw the mountains of Los Pegasus rising in the distance, to the west. She didn’t begrudge the tears. Now was the time for them. When she found her quarry, there would be no time for tears. And after she found her quarry, there would be no ‘later’ in which to have them.

Spike clung to Trixie Lulamoon’s mane. She’d abandoned the frantic gallop when it became obvious they wouldn’t find Twilight immediately. Spike had made her stop and drink from a stream, and she’d washed her face and hooves, and they pressed on, heading into the Whitetail Woods and bearing south. Ahead, the mountains of Los Pegasus beckoned. Trixie quickened her pace. High ground meant being able to see farther. Without effective magic, Trixie would have to use her wits and her eyes.

Fluttershy squeaked and dove for the ground, looking for a place to hide herself. But the Palomino Desert didn’t offer much cover: its appeal lay in the fact that nopony lived there either, and the lack of cover was reassuring for a vampire pony who feared being seen by her former friends. She cowered, peering over a sand dune. Had she seen a moving white speck in the distance? Nervously, Fluttershy began to make her halting way toward the mountains of Los Pegasus to the north, where she’d seen the speck. It seemed like a large speck, with wings that beat more slowly and elegantly than the average pegasus. It could have been Princess Celestia, and there were things she had to say to the Princess.

Gradually, the ponies converged, though they had far to travel.

Atop one of the mountains of Los Pegasus, Princess Celestia spied the tip of a tail poking out of a hole in the rock. It was a little spill of loose hair, but radiant in an odd and disturbing way, as if strange seahorse-like patterns continually rippled across its silky tresses.

Celestia’s face lit with mischief. She crept up, trying to make no sound with her hooves, and she took the bit of tail between her alabaster lips, and she gave a playful tug upon it.

Inside the tiny cave, there was a sudden commotion: a soprano voice squeaking out in alarm and then crying, “Oh! Nnh! No, honey, settle down, please! Uhhh!” There was a panting, and the sound of something wriggling around in confining quarters.

Chaos poked her little pale blue face out of the cave opening, her eyes very wide.

“Gotcha!” teased Princess Celestia.

The petite alicorn’s jaw dropped in a beaming smile of delight, and then she’d rushed out of her refuge and was clinging to Celestia with trembling forelegs, her wings bolt erect, wailing “Celly! Oh, Celly!”

“And what do you think you’re doing, Swirlie? Or I suppose I had better call you Chaos now, hmm?” said Celestia.

Chaos pouted. “What does it look like I’m doing? I’m hiding, of course.”

“From me?” teased Celestia. “I suppose you were even more shocked than I was, at my little… impulse.”

Chaos’s eyes seemed stuck on ‘wide as saucers’. She blinked. “I’m still not convinced I wasn’t imagining that. Correct me if I’ve gone even madder than the dictates of Chaos encourage, but did you… lick my nipples?”

Celestia blushed, a bit, her ears laying back. “I did, Swirlie.”

“They’re… more rewarding nipples than I had as Swirlie,” breathed Chaos.

Princess Celestia gulped. “I thought so too.”

Chaos squealed girlishly and hugged Celestia again. “Oh, heavens! I can’t believe you did that! Whatever was the occasion, Celly my love? I thought you didn’t like mares, and then suddenly you’re positively nuzzling between my legs! We were having a terrible fight and I thought I knew what to expect and I have never, in thousands of years, been so blessed by acts of utter randomness…”

“Hmph!” said Celestia. “Well, it’s not really random, Sw… Chaos. Have you heard the saying, ‘I’m a lover, not a fighter’?”

“Oh, yes,” said Chaos. “So limiting and stultified, considering the range of experiences that resemble both. But it speaks to you, does it?”

Princess Celestia nodded to her little ice-blue companion. “It does, Chaos. I am, when I must be, a formidable fighter… but my heart belongs to love. I just found myself overcome by strong emotion. I felt quite mad, and wanted to express my feelings, and, er… I did. Pray do not feel you must needs hide yourself from me!”

Chaos scoffed. “Oh, not you, silly. Of course not, I want to express my feelings too! Oh, Celestia, I have loved you for eternities. What’s another few weeks, or months, or even years, if I can dream of my beloved huge elegant white mare? Your vast powerful wings, that glorious, sensuous horn, the curve of your spectacular buttocks…”

Celestia’s ears were back again. “Who, then?”

Chaos blinked. “You, you! Always and forever you. I can’t contain myself! When I was transformed against my will into this little filly of a form, it did not dim my passion for you one iota, Celly! I suppose as the twig is bent, so grows the bough, and in a peculiar molestation of the metaphor, as the massive horsecock is bent so grows the dainty little alicorn mare. Darling, I have always loved you, even when I most hated you. Kiss me, my love!”

“No, I mean who are you hiding from?” demanded Princess Celestia, fretfully.

Chaos scrunched up her nose in distaste. “Oh, pooh! Always with the order and things happening in sequence and for reasons. And yet I love you: perhaps it is the very polarity of it that so fuels our epic romance. Don’t you think?”

“Yes, I do,” countered Celestia, “and I am thinking of your well-being, Chaos. Must I guess?”

“Wouldn’t be difficult,” said Chaos blithely. “I’m hiding from Twilight Sparkle, of course. She has gone utterly bonkers, if I’m any judge, and who better than me to judge a thing like that? I suggest we retire to my cave and have sex, and not come out for about three hundred years. By then her adolescence may—I repeat, may—have subsided. I’m sure she’ll still be worth a laugh, but it will be less necessary to take cover whilst so engaged.”

Celestia frowned. “I should think that most unnecessary,” she said, gruffly.

Chaos’s eyes widened again. She seemed to shrink back. “Oh. Sorry? Um… milady, I’m trying to manage my chaotic impulses a bit. Have I offended? I just felt we… Oh, Celly! We needn’t have sex. We have all the time in the world, the important thing is that you’re here, and I only thought of sex because I suppose there is still much Starswirl in me and it was outrageously exciting when you licked my breasts. But there are stranger things in Equestria than even I can imagine, and I embrace every time you totally confuse me. How may I best gratify you, my eternal love? I can even hole up in this little cave for a while without you, in which case I am so grateful you let me see and touch you again…”

“Calm yourself, good Chaos!” protested Celestia. “We never said we did not desire sex!”

“Oh, goody!” squeaked Chaos, her wings springing aloft again. “Just let me take care of dummy and we can start…”

“I mean,” said Celestia stubbornly, “that hiding from Princess Twilight is surely unnecessary. And I’m sure she’s not gone totally bonkers,” she added, her ear flicking, “though I confess I too am steering clear for a time in hopes she calms down.”

Chaos nodded sagely. “I remember when I first became an alicorn. Some of my choices I bitterly regret. They cost me your love… or they seemed to. I do not blame you and Luna for combining to imprison me, for I was mad with frustration and my powers were at a fever pitch. This is why I fear Twilight, darling. If there is one alicorn in all of Equestria that I trust to ride out waves of unbearable adolescent alicorn power while keeping her head and always making sensible decisions, it’s one too many: I certainly never managed it, and probably neither did you. Only time will see her through these growing pains.”

Celestia sighed. She extended a wing, and Chaos snuggled happily under it.

“I am very grateful you understand that,” said Celestia, “for it’s potentially awkward.”

“So is oral sex with a contortionist mare,” said Chaos cheerfully. “You’re never sure where the tongue will be next, but it’s endless fun. So is life!”

Celestia chuckled, her large and elegant body rocking with mirth against Chaos’s trim and dainty form. “You always were able to lift my spirits with your sense of humor, Swirlie,” she said, and raised an eyebrow. “Do you speak from experience?”

“Mmmmmmaybe,” smirked Chaos.

Princess Celestia gently fondled her body with a vast white wing. “I, too, seek new experiences.”

Chaos gave a happy little sigh, and then twitched. “Oh! Crowbar! I nearly forgot. He’s being so quiet.”

Celestia rotated an ear, glancing toward the cave. “You are still caring for him? I noticed your loving attention. It is well.”

“Uh-huh,” said Chaos. “I may not be able to contain myself but I can contain him just fine. And there may be much Starswirl in me but a little Crowbar goes a long way, let me tell you. I’ll get him out.”

“If he is sleeping peacefully, pray let him slumber,” urged Celestia. “I would not wish to disturb him, and we won’t be needing his services.”

“But that’s just why I need to get him out,” said Chaos brightly. “He won’t mind. I made him tiny and he’s very content. He’s inside my vagina right now, taking a nap. He even has a tiny snorkel!”

At this news, Celestia’s eyes widened. She half-rose, and backed away from Chaos in alarm.

“…you don’t like snorkels?” said Chaos, uncertainly.

“Forgive me,” managed Celestia. “It’s just… it… I… Damn it, Swirlie! Just when I think I can cope with you…”

Chaos’s face fell, and she blushed. Her ears went back, for Celly wasn’t able to look at her directly.

She frowned, set her jaw, and her horn lit—and from her pert little vagina, a tiny pony-shaped figure appeared, the size of a halfgrown kitten. It was indeed wearing a tiny snorkel, and it was smiling like all its dreams had come true, even while it slept. Its whole body was greased up with alicorn vaginal secretions, and it had a tiny erection: because of Crowbar’s unusual endowments and equine form, this kitten-sized horse would give a cat-sized housecat a nasty shock.

Chaos levitated the little creature into the mouth of the cave. She frowned and glanced again at Celestia, then materialized a tiny bed with pillows and covers that might have fitted a doll, and tucked her sleeping miniature lover into the bed.

“I put him away, Celly, you can look now,” she said.

“I’m sorry, Swirlie,” said Princess Celestia. “I’m trying…”

“Call me Chaos,” said Chaos. “And look at me.”

Celestia did, and the gaze of Chaos was affectionate but stern.

“I love him too, Celly, and I’m doing all right by him. I thought he was all I would have, and he’s sweet as pie though about as intellectually fit as cake. Not even pound cake, either,” said Chaos, and tossed her mane. “I realize it upsets you when I do odd things, but Crowbar didn’t object one bit. I understand what he likes, and I can give him that, using my magic. I think he’s like me, to be honest: he wants big mares. He liked screwing me as I am, but he really enjoyed you, and I don’t believe he’ll get to repeat that experience, will he? Surely not. So I shrank him until I was Celly-sized to him. Partly, I suppose, because you’d made a hurtful remark that I knew was nonsense. You thought I must be shrinking him against his will, and that he wouldn’t like it at all.”

“I’m very sorry,” repeated Celestia.

“No, listen!” urged Chaos. “I was right. He lit up like nothing I’ve ever seen, Celly, and he went at me with great eagerness. Perhaps in part because it was me? But also, because I know what he likes. He wanted to latch onto a big plush rump, and you can see for yourself I’m not exactly gifted in that regard…”

“You’re beautiful,” said Celestia gently. “Even if there are parts of you I struggle to understand.”

“I’m talking about Crowbar,” retorted Chaos peevishly, “and I’m talking about fetishes and preferences. Will you believe me if I tell you that Crowbar just kept getting more pleased, the bigger my ass was relative to him? The poor darling quite exhausted himself. I thought I’d give him a nap in my vagina, because I’m Chaos and I can do such things. It seemed the culmination of all his desires.”

“Are you going to restore him to normalcy?” asked Celestia. “Please note that I’m asking you, not telling you. He’s only a handicapped earth pony, and moreover a misfit who’s not found much to resemble normalcy, so it ill behooves me to crusade on his behalf and demand that you restore his previous life. I daresay you are the best thing that ever happened to him.”

Chaos gazed levelly at her. “I will work out what’s best for the little sweetheart, be sure of that. I shan’t restore his size while he’s in that cave, he’d get stuck. It’s also keeping him safe from wild animals. Do you see? There’s method in my… well, to be fair it’s more fun to put madness in my method, but I won’t have you behaving like I’m harming Crowbar. I am showing him love in my own way. As much as you delighted him, Celly, I think I’ve made him happier. Hours, I spent, cuddling him as he got smaller and smaller. Each time he returned to my hindquarters I let him grab a bigger ass. I suppose I got rather carried away but I am not sorry.”

Celestia chuckled ruefully. “Terrifyingly practical, Swirlie,” she said. “As always.”

Chaos stuck out her lower lip in a pout. “You know what else I’m not sorry about?”


“I still love you,” said Chaos. “That won’t change. Even though I am such a mare that I thrilled to Crowbar’s tireless and increasingly diminutive embraces. Even though my very nature still distresses you, even now.”

“Oh, Swirlie,” said Celestia.

“It does not matter! I swear to you it does not matter,” said Chaos urgently. “I’ll love you all the same, never doubt that. Celestia, hear me, and then you can leave again for as long as you wish: my love for you is not an exchange. I don’t care if we can’t consummate it, I don’t care if you can’t face me… the real me, Celestia, the me that ceased to be Starswirl and became a little alicorn mare and the exemplar of the mysterious and unexpected. I truly don’t care! I will love you forever, and if you know of my love then I shall be content… and if I can see you, and know that you are happy in your own way, then my joy is complete.”

Celestia studied her, solemnly. “Your joy complete… with your impressively little earth pony lover.”

“If that makes you happier,” vowed Chaos, “so it shall be. He won’t get bored of me! Trust me on that!”

“He won’t last,” said Celestia gently. “Blink, and your doughty and tiny stallion will go the way of mortal flesh.”

Chaos’s lip quivered. “All the more reason to delight in him while I have him. Don’t pity me, Celly. Just because I’d rather have you is no reason to be…”

She trailed off. Celestia’s eyes held hers, but the Princess’s horn had begun to glow. Her royal tiara shifted. Something began to emerge from its place, hidden in Celestia’s mane.

Chaos’s eyes got wider and wider.

The magic bit floated in front of her. Behind it, Celestia’s eyes twinkled with merry mischief… and her smile lit up the mountainside.

“You… want me to bring back Starswirl, for you?” mumbled Chaos, hypnotized by the unexpected sight.

“Eventually,” purred Celestia.

“What?” squeaked Chaos, startled.

Celestia’s eyes narrowed, and her smile quadrupled in wickedness.

“Between you and I,” she said, “we may yet find more… experiments.”

Chaos froze, not even breathing.

“Would you like that?” suggested Celestia, and waggled her eyebrows, playfully.

There was another moment of shocked silence, and then…

“EEEEEE! Eeeee! Eeeee, Celly, eeeee!” squealed Chaos, springing to her hooves and bouncing around manically. “Oh my stars and hypothetical garters! Hypothetical, hell, I’ll create some and wear them if you like! Oh, Celly! If I had only known you would accept me as I am, the centuries would have whisked by in eager anticipation…”

Celestia’s ears were laid back again. “Ah. That’s all right, dear. Garters will not be necessary.”

“Name your size!” cried Chaos. “Name your species, anything, my beloved Celestia, anything! This will be so amazing. I will indulge your merest whim or your wildest fantasy, you’ve only to…”

“Chaos, please!” protested Celestia. “Nothing of the sort! If you must know, I thought perhaps I’d reaquaint myself with your lovely little body after my glancing, but enticing, contact with it! I daresay you’ll be reshaping yourself in some ways but pray don’t trouble yourself with elaborate reimaginings when it’s your sweet little self I would like to make love to.”

Chaos had stopped bouncing. Her eyes were huge again, and she stared at Celestia as if struck with an epic and somewhat alarming idea.

“M… me? You mean… THIS me?”

Celestia smiled.

“I do love you as well, darling. It took some time to remember that,” she said. “But I too carry a love eternal. Forgive me when your chaos frightens me? I will let you be yourself, but I have not yet explored that alicorn body, Chaos, and I have been thinking about it.”

“And so you shall,” breathed Chaos, and bit her lip.

“This worries you?”

“Excites, rather,” said Chaos. “Oh, Celly. Let me tell you what I will do for your love.”

“What?” asked Celestia, ears quirking.

“I give you myself… unaltered,” said Chaos, her slim legs trembling as she stood.

“Good,” said Celestia, “I… hang on. Correct me if I am wrong, dear, but you’ve been altering yourself all this time, haven’t you? I saw you take Crowbar and claim you weren’t altering him, and if you didn’t transform your own vagina to do that, I’m an Ursa Major. It was him or you, dear.”

Chaos looked up at her, eyes a little wild and fanatical.

“Exactly,” she said. “Celly, make love to me… to my natural body, as I am now. No chaos magic at all. For you. I want to be your mare.”

Celestia blinked, genuinely shocked.

“Oh, come now!” she said. “I’ve only to look at you to see the objection. That is hardly necessary. Let us engage in such a way that you can enjoy our coupling! I hoped to explore your person, and then pleasure you with this special toy. Applejack loaned it to us. I can be generous too, love!”

Chaos panted, trembling. “If you mean that, you’ll do as I ask. Princess, the very idea of the natural me, with the natural you, but in stallion form… nnnnh! It is not self-sacrifice on my part. Far from it! I mean, if you cannot face the idea, that is quite all right and you can specify whatever alteration pleases you, but…”

“Just a moment,” said Celestia. “Prithee, jump not to conclusions, my consort…”

“So long it’s been since I heard those beloved words,” moaned Chaos.

“Are you quite sure? The suggestion is… stimulating.”

“It means as much to you? To love me absolutely as I am? Regardless of strain or, ah, fit?”

Celestia’s ears were laid back. “Oh, I wouldn’t want to attempt it if I do not fit!”

“Try,” suggested Chaos, her hind legs shaking madly and her tail flicking in agitation.

Celestia’s eyes widened.

“But let me see it, before you start!” squeaked Chaos. “Good heavens, I’m not sure whether I should look first or just go for it. It’s so exciting yet it could be utter madness. I couldn’t have done this with Crowbar, he’d ruin me. I assume you’ll be far more elegant and less brutal in form. Perhaps I shouldn’t assume. Do you imagine you’ll grow a titanic Princess-penis?”

Celestia snorted. “If I do, you’d damned well better not tell the court about it! This is between us, dearest!”

“I shan’t,” promised Chaos. “Oh, phoo! Let’s be good little ponies and terribly responsible. Show me first!”

Celestia lifted her head, and snapped the bit out of the air, rearing and flapping her wings.

Chaos gazed, stars in her eyes.

It swelled forth as if heralded by trumpets. It was the palest of cream colors, slightly pinkish, slightly glossy. It was not perfectly cylindrical, but bore two mighty lobes with a tube slung underneath, the whole of it rounded enough to convey a sense of dignity and power. It had length commensurate with the Princess’s grand size, a graceful, smooth taper that began between her elegant legs with a cockbase that made Crowbar seem a little pony indeed, and it followed that bountiful length out until the business end of Celestia’s imposing shaft ended in a girth less daunting than Crowbar’s scary phallus but still most impressive. And a flare to match—a flare that swelled a little even as Chaos gazed entranced at her lover’s new toy. And, at the apex of the flare, a hole, for it was indeed a tube of sorts—a tube that ran down the length of that stallionhood to carry a royal stallion’s load and pump it into the deepest depths of the delighted mare and consort. Chaos, that very mare, couldn’t tear her eyes away.

Celestia was peeking down at herself also, fascinated. It was so… orderly. Not a geometric cylinder or cone, though the evenness of the taper suggested a long slender cone—rather, it took the form of an idealized horsecock, every contour royal and perfect.

Chaos whimpered, her heart pounding, and then whirled, presenting Celestia with her little rump. She flicked her tail to the side, and winked at her stallion Princess, gleaming pink peeking out from between her taut little butt-cheeks.

“Fuck me until CANDY comes out!” she cried, and bit her lip, bracing herself.

Celestia, metal cylinder between her teeth, stared at the sight. She’d never paid that much attention to vaginas, didn’t even focus on her own when clopping it: her thoughts were of cock, typically memories of Starswirl’s, and she’d not questioned that for centuries. Yet, her moment of temptation licking Chaos’s nipples had brought her face right up against the petite alicorn’s tender mound, and the feels and scents of her feminine crotch compelled. Now, though candy did not come out, Chaos’s trim blue labia winked again and again, and a drip of musky fluid glistened on the little prong of a clitoris that eagerly showed itself.

Celestia dropped the bit, leaned forward, and nuzzled between Chaos’s trembling legs.

“Ahh!” cried the winsome little temptress, her body jolting at the intimate contact. She’d come, her pussy clenching, just at the touch. She came again, squealing, as Celestia’s lips closed around her protruding clit, a broad royal tongue stroking it in fascinated exploration. “Celly, ah!”

“Mmmm?” replied Celestia, her eyes demurely closed, suckling tenderly on Chaos’s frantic nubbin. It was so odd and new to her, but not wrong, just… different. What wasn’t different was her feeling and her motivation. She’d delivered the same devoted attention to the hard-on of Starswirl, back in the old days. Starswirl’s affections had been more self-involved, though, and Chaos had transcended that selfishness: she positively melted for her lover without reservation. And her juices were not like candy at all—delicate in their magical, subtle flavor but not sweet—but all the same, they came forth in a growing torrent of slippery mare-syrup as Princess Celestia meditatively suckled upon her clit.

Chaos shrieked, banging her forehoof on the rock of the mountainside. “Argh! Celly! Ahhh! Not this way!”

She gazed back frantically, panting, to see Celestia’s smugly and sensuously narrowed eyes.

“No?” teased Celestia, and licked her lips. “But you said there’d be candy. If ‘twere not within that cozy nook, dear, then where shall I find my candy?” She blinked, and her ear twitched. “If you suggest licking your arse, I shall smack you. Pretty though it is…”

Chaos was beyond words. She just looked pitifully at Celestia, and squealed her neediness to all the mountainside.

“I know the feeling,” soothed Celestia. “Just one moment, and I shall… hmph! Drat.”

She’d retrieved the bit from where it’d fallen, levitating it up to her face, but she had not planned her actions well at all. Not orderly, not well thought out… she gazed in vexation at a shiny metal bit that showed signs of dirt and had a leaf hanging off it, and frowned at the idea she should put it back in her royal mouth. Canterlot did not present these problems to a Princess.

Chaos saw her difficulty, and whisked around in an instant, though her limbs were still wobbly and her wings stuck stiffly erect. Slowly, worshipfully, she craned her neck up and she licked the bit clean of dirt and detritus, all the while gazing deeply into Celestia’s eyes.

“S… Swirlie. Goodness,” stammered Celestia.

Chaos spat the leaf out, gulped, tossed her mane, and her eyes flashed. “Give me the royal D. Right now,” she demanded. “I’ll beg you in a minute. I insist!”

“Turn around,” suggested Celestia.

Chaos’s eyes widened, and with a cute little squee she whirled again presenting her pert rump.

Without hesitation, Celestia snapped the bit out of the air, feeling the horsecock surge forth. She reared, wings cupping the air, poised over Chaos’s slim body. She blinked, taken aback. She towered over the smaller alicorn, and as much as Swirlie craved her epic size, it made positioning herself awkward—a problem that had not existed when it was a fat but confident unicorn stallion mounting her abundant flanks.

Chaos squealed again, and Celestia flapped wildly as she clasped the smaller pony in her long forelegs, trying not to place her full weight upon Chaos, and prodded with her new stallionhood.

She felt hot wetness against her, a yielding sensation, and tried to shuffle her rear hooves forward to support herself. As she did, her back instinctively bent in a thrusting motion that seemed to well out of the same source of physical experience that the penis came from. Her flare shoved forward into moist slipperiness and eye-popping tightness.

Chaos shrieked and thrashed, and the next thing Celestia knew, she was sprawled in the dirt and Chaos was facing her, eyes wide and terrified.

“Oof,” said Celestia with dignity, rising and brushing soil from her breast with an elegant forehoof.

Chaos couldn’t speak, though her mouth hung open. She just hyperventilated.

“Prithee,” said Celestia, “say if we m’st needs reconsider?” She placed the bit carefully upon a tuft of grass, so it wouldn’t get dirty.

Chaos swayed, eyes a bit glazed. She moaned, “Nay!”

“Are you quite sure?”

“More!” begged Chaos.

Celestia laid her ears back. “Perhaps it is best if we try some other way. I fear my inexperience made fools of us both, darling. Perhaps lying down? You were so tight.”

Chaos was shaking. “I w…was helpless, in your powerful hooves. Like I was naught but a foal.”

Celestia’s eyes widened. “Oh, dear. Swirlie? Er, I mean, Chaos? Pray reassure me we aren’t getting into that Starswirl the Diapered business. Not here, not now!”

“No, no!” protested Chaos. “Not really! Not exactly? Oh, please, Celly! I won’t lie. That triggered me, my love. Do it again! Wrap me in your mighty embrace, make me feel tiny and helpless but cared for and then…”

“This is NOT what one does to foals!” cried Celestia, distraught.

“I’m not!” pleaded Chaos. “For goodness’ sake, Celly, I’m thousands of years old. Never mind, then. Proceed. Don’t deprive me of this!”

Princess Celestia stared, dismayed, at her diminutive alicorn lover. Back when Starswirl had walked Equestria, he’d talked his Princess into all manner of mad escapades, near-bullying her into peculiar games, and she’d gone along willingly, for she was enthralled by what he could do to her body. It was odd that he’d found such an erotic charge in her size, first in being cuddled against her and then even dressing up for that game. Perhaps it had contributed to their break-up, for she had been disturbed by the perversities but had not objected until Starswirl lost his original life in a sex-related accident: perishing in the discharge of her horn and unexpectedly finding new life as an immortal. And after that, it was worse, and quite impossible to bear.

Chaos seemed to read her thoughts.

“Yes,” she said unsteadily. “Perhaps there was always some Chaos to me, even then. I won’t deny it. If you wish, I will entertain no such fantasies, since they distress you… but I beg of you, finish me! I tremble and burn for you, beloved, and it was so close. I felt you inside me… Oh, Celly, have a heart! Never mind overpowering me or babying me, just get me off, damn it, or I’ll die right here!”

“Oh, Sw… Chaos…”

“Yes!” cried Chaos. “But I’m your Chaos. I’ll do it any way you want, but love me, please love me or I shall simply explode…”

“Nay,” said Celestia. She seized the bit again. “N’t that. Lie d’n on your s’de! M’ybe I c’n control it better?”

Chaos squeaked, and dove to join Celestia on the grass. She wriggled right up against Celestia’s belly, and the Princess felt a renewed surge of lustiness just to have that cute femininity wriggling so eagerly against her. One couldn’t fault Chaos for enthusiasm, though her common sense seemed a lot more questionable.

The little pale-blue alicorn squeaked and flapped, as Celestia prodded her privates with the end of that daunting Princess cock, but Chaos fought to hold still, and…

With a very juicy wet squelch, Celestia entered Chaos for the second time.

The sound Chaos made was memorable, a cry that told the world her lovemaking had proved both harrowing and wildly exciting. Celestia felt her pussy clench onto the bulky shaft, trim buttocks squeezing in alarm and agitation around Celestia’s mighty girth. Taking pains to be cautious and gentle, Celestia guided her hips forward, and Chaos writhed excitedly on her side as she felt Celestia filling her, that throbbing horsecock wedging her little puss wider and teeth-grindingly wider with every penetrating inch…

Celestia tenderly petted Chaos’s trembling body, letting her rest, and Chaos stared off into infinity, heaving great hysterical gasping breaths, her eyes panicky but transcendent as if her lover was taking her to unimagined realms of experience. Celestia wrapped a foreleg around Chaos, who responded with a frantic ‘eeeee!’ and began to kick the air, her rump twisting against its penetrating shaft with her increasingly wild and uninhibited writhings…

“D’rling, pl’se!” protested Celestia, her eyes wide and alarmed as Chaos went berserk on her cock. She hastily released Chaos’s body, hoping that would calm her, but it didn’t help. Chaos thrashed, squealing, tossing her head, her pussy clenching down harder and harder. Then, she dug in her forelegs, and began trying to shove herself back onto Celestia’s massive cock, impulsively shoving it deeper into her, and Celestia felt an internal scrunch as Chaos shoved the horsecock painfully too far.

Chaos seemed to explode, shrieking and thrashing forward and yanking herself off the massive, throbbing appendage. Celestia got a glimpse of pale-blue gaping vagina with lovely rosy pink insides—no sign of blood or damage—and then Chaos had whirled around and was facing her, mouth open in a silent scream.

Celestia’s gaze was dismayed, pitying, loving. She gently placed the bit on another tuft of grass, and gazed up at her hysterical little beloved.

“Perhaps we can try again later?” she suggested, breathing heavily herself. “Or, dare I say it, use your chaos magic and transform into something more suitable?” Celestia laid her ears back. “I might suggest a bloody Ursa Major or a dragon. Apparently I am all too royal, my love.”

Chaos shook her head, tearfully. “Noooooo!”

Celestia gulped. Her heart was pounding, and she’d been quite caught up in all the excitement. “But we do not wish to hurt you…”

“I couldn’t. Help it,” panted Chaos. “So excited. Don’t stop! Oh Celly please don’t stop now…”

“Can you cease flinging yourself about?” pleaded Celestia. “I held still, but to no avail! Show some self-control!”

Chaos looked at her, and Celestia realized she was asking too much. Control was her essence, her gift, not Chaos’s. She was giving her beloved free rein and then asking her to do the impossible. Chaos could not control herself in the heights of passion, nor did she want to. Rather, she wanted to be…

“Pleeeeease!” wailed Chaos, and whirled, pressing low to the ground; her ass in the air, her pussy winking in a frenzy of desperate horniness.

Celestia’s eyes flashed, and she seized the magic bit off its tuft of grass, and pounced.

Chaos shrieked. Suddenly, a massive equine body was pinning her helplessly down. Her chest pressed the grass hard, her forelegs were pinned. She could only shove her butt up until it pressed against Celestia’s belly, and she immediately did just that. The massive cock thumped against the inside of her leg, and she nearly blacked out from sexual craving.

“I c’n h’ld you st’ll,” panted Celestia beside her ear. Chaos could feel her beloved’s massive heart pounding within her chest as it squished her to the earth.

Then, it began.

Chaos let out a breathless screech. Horsecock pressed against her with irresistible force, dead center against her squishy and wildly aroused marehood. It didn’t plunge roughly into her, because that was not how Celestia, Alicorn of Order, rolled. Chaos, hysterical, craved a forcible penetration, a fucking with wild abandon, but she could not even budge, much less fling herself about madly. She could only let out gasping squeals and breathless cries, as her mighty stallion proceeded to fuck her…

…very slowly, and very very steadily.

Chaos tried to writhe, tried to shove herself backward, but it was no use. Celestia-stallion was too big, too strong, and wasn’t having any of that impulsive stuff from her tiny mare. Instead, she tenderly nudged that stiff and throbbing cock a bit deeper, setting up a languid and easy rhythm that overwhelmed the attempts by Chaos to thrash and shove.

She only penetrated Chaos a little way. She was in no hurry… though Chaos felt her tensing, felt her heart pounding harder, and above all felt that cock build in hardness and throbbingness. It already felt ready to explode in her, already strained her dainty body, and still Celestia’s motions surged onward, and every tender thrust seemed to sink just a little bit deeper.

Chaos’s eyes crossed. Her pussy clenched futilely against the lovingly intruding hardness, and it was like trying to suppress the movements of some huge, massive machine. Nothing she did could even affect the lazy tempo, and likewise she could not fling herself back and accelerate the deepening thrusts of that mighty stallionhood, nor pull forward to get relief as it steadily penetrated her a little more with every loving slurp into her taut, pinchy and frantic confines. It began to seem like it threatened to explode her from internal pressure alone, began to stimulate her beyond the bearable…

Delicately, the end of Celestia’s massive cock pressed the cervix of Chaos.

She stiffened, shaking like a leaf, pinned beyond hope of movement or escape.

Against the side of her face, she felt Celestia’s nose—a gentle nuzzle, like a kiss.

And, with a steady and utterly controlled rhythm, the enormous royal cock sank again and again into her, splitting her wide with sedate languid plunges, thrusting unhurriedly right to Chaos’s absolute depths.

Next to her face, Celestia broke into a sly and wise smile around the tight-clamped magic bit.

The rhythm didn’t change, but those massive mare hips began to swing just a little farther, just to rattle little Chaos and deliver a stimulating thump against the gates to her womb. Celestia knew just what Chaos liked, and she went right to the boundaries of what the little alicorn could stand… and shoved those boundaries, to make it feel less orderly.

Chaos endured three playful thumps to her insides, shaking like mad under Celestia, and then on the fourth thump, she flipped out so bad that her Princess froze, instantly, atop her. Chaos let out an earsplitting shriek, her pussy clamping down like it was trying to crunch the magic dick right off in chaotic spasms of alarming intensity—and after half a second of shaking like a party cannon, Chaos cut loose with a bolt of horngasm that blasted straight ahead and took a big chunk out of the side of the mountain.

Celestia held very still, gritting her teeth with her ears laid back: Chaos was nearly pinching her dick off. But that was all the petite hellion could do… that, scream, and demolish the countryside. It went on for second after second, exhaustingly.

Privately, Princess Celestia measured the size and duration of the explosion… and then left off, for it was both vain and pointless. Whether it was her unexpected skill as a male, or the choice to pin Chaos down while fucking her, she’d blown her little darling away to an alarming extent, far beyond anything any mere well-hung earth pony could do.

Celestia’s ear quirked in surprise at herself, as Chaos’s scream faded for lack of breath. Where had that competitive thought come from? It was one thing to want to rate better with Swirlie than some interloper did, but it was so strangely satisfying just to lay her little pony girl to waste and leave her a blissed-out wreck. Maybe Swirlie’s smugness in those early years wasn’t all ego after all. There was something visceral about it. She felt the power and it was good… and, swelling to her hardest stiffness, Celestia came inside Chaos, gushing royal horsecome into her.

Chaos, silent, her head stretched forward in delicious agony and her body shaking wildly, fired off a last spurt of horngasm. She’d kept it aimed all in the same direction, so the chunk of mountain missing was not large. It was a smoking divot across the face of the Los Pegasus mountains, but she’d kept blasting into the exposed rock she’d uncovered and that had taken the brunt of her energies. They both drooped, spent, as Chaos heaved great gasping breaths.

Her eyes opened, red and bleary, and she looked dazedly up at Celestia in naked awe… and then, she collapsed, splat upon the mountainside. Chaos’s eyes were still part-open, but unseeing. Celestia could feel her little heart pounding, but she was completely limp all the same. And likewise, Celestia’s mighty heart pounded, and she was drained too.

Reverently, Princess Celestia laid the magic bit down onto a tuft of grass… the same one she’d selected before. It was a neat and symmetrical tuft of grass that could support a metal cylinder very well. The cylinder lay level on the tuft of grass, canting neither to left or to right. It was orderly.

She lifted her weight off her mad little lover, once an exciting and unpredictable unicorn stallion, then an even more impulsive alicorn mare. Chaos lay there like somepony had taken and thrashed her within an inch of her life through sex alone, and then dropped her to sprawl limply upon the grass. She was disorderly, so disorderly, as disorderly and chaotic and unpredictable as could be…

…and beautiful.

Rather than straighten her, Princess Celestia curled around her where she lay, and closed her eyes in bliss, and the two alicorns slept.

“…excuse me?”

Princess Celestia’s ear flicked up, startled. Someone had joined them, there on the mountaintop.

“If it’s not too much trouble? I can see you’re busy.”

It sounded like Fluttershy! Yet, harsher, changed… corrupted.

Celestia’s and Chaos’s eyes flew open.

Before them stood a piteous sight. A yellow vampony with ragged pink mane and tail, scruffy ears, tears in her eyes and a distinctly beat-up look… and she held one foreleg, wincing, off the ground. It dangled strangely, like it was broken, but she’d come up the mountain anyhow. There was no mistaking the imploring look. Even with fangs, Fluttershy looked like she was pleading for help on behalf of a sick bunny. The lip-quiver looked odd but adorable under the fangs.

Princess Celestia’s eyes filled with tears as well, just seeing her and hearing that familiar deference from such an unfamiliar and intimidating form. “Oh, sweet little Fluttershy, it’s you! It’s not too much trouble. Thank goodness you came to us! What can we do for you? I’ll do anything to help you, dear, anything!”

Fluttershy gulped.

“If you would just… k—kill me…”

Celestia’s and Chaos’s jaws dropped, as one, in shared horror.

“But not yet!” pleaded Fluttershy. “I’m pregnant.”