Dawn broke lazily over Sweet Apple Acres.

It was about the only thing in sight that could be described as lazy.

“Git on there!” whooped Apple Bloom ebulliently, rearing and whacking trusty Oakback’s rump as he trotted toward the group of waiting farm workers. “Corral them critters so ah kin tell ‘em what we got for ‘em!”

Oakback laughed, obeying. “Happens you want Silver or Hollyhock for that, Boss Mare! Them two’s our best herders!”

“Yeah, well, you’re my straw boss!” cried Apple Bloom. “That’s your first job of the day, how fast kin ya do it? My ole Granny could rally ponies faster than that!”

“Your ole Granny kin kiss mah…” retorted Oakback playfully, and then yipped. Apple Bloom had bitten him on the rump.

Applejack, watching, snorted with laughter. “Don’t kill ‘em, Apple Bloom! Them ponies is delicate lil’ stallions, y’hear?”

Diamond Tiara, standing with her, giggled. Diamond had once lined up with the farm ponies for manual labor, but after romance kindled between her and Apple Bloom, she’d given herself the task of Sweet Apple Acres business manager, to Apple Bloom’s intense relief. Her work day was spent with papers and figures, but she always rose with the dawn to watch Apple Bloom put the farm ponies to work.

“Don’t bite him like that!” giggled Diamond Tiara. “I’ll get jealous!”

Apple Bloom smirked, wickedly. “Git on, Oakback! Move it! Or I’ll make ya my mare, and then dear lil’ Diamond will jes’ have to kill you!”

Oakback was grinning, but staying well clear of his fiery little Boss Mare. “Ah gittin’!” he said, and gathered the farmponies into an orderly line.

Sweetie Belle had also dropped by, and she watched in awe. “Oooh! That would be amazing. Really?”

Applejack snorted again. “Naw, of course not, Sweetie Belle. Hey, Apple Bloom! Lil’ dignity, how about? Business before pleasure.”

Apple Bloom glanced at her. “Thankee. Ah’ll manage, big sister. Nice mornin’?”

“Aw, sure,” replied Applejack, not pushing it. Her ears were laid back slightly. Applejack hadn’t ever really got used to losing the Boss Mare job, but it didn’t matter. Just as it had been when their mother Applesauce seized the reins from Granny Smith, the younger mare did not give an inch and ran the farm with complete authority, and the older, replaced Boss Mare went out to pasture to eat grass, still loved by the whole family but retired from the stresses of leadership whether she liked it or not.

Applejack wasn’t sure whether she liked it, but the sense of obligation she’d felt being the Boss had tested her nearly to destruction, and she found herself much happier with her little sister galloping around bossing the farm. It was just occasional situations that got her off balance and kicking up a fuss.

“Yeah,” said Applejack, “it is a nice mornin’, ain’t it?”

In spite of everything, her spirits lifted when her little sister beamed an approving smile at her and said, “Dang right it is!”

“Why, it’s the morningiest morning that ever morninged a morning!” chirped a shrill new voice, and Applejack did a double-take. Pinkie Pie had come to the farm bright and early. Behind her was Fluttershy, smiling and blushing. Big Macintosh, lined up with the other farm ponies, smiled warmly back at Fluttershy as Applejack addressed the new arrivals.

“Hi there, Pinkie. What’cha doin’?”

“Setting up a special kind of a party, that’s what?” replied Pinkie, with a little bounce. She seemed a little twitchier than usual, though it was hard to pin down exactly why.

“That’s nice,” replied Applejack. “How about y’all go and plan your party up at Sugarcube Corner or somethin’? My sister’s gettin’ the farm ponies to work.”

“Oh, no, I can’t do it there! It has to be here!” squeaked Pinkie.

The smile fell away from Applejack’s face, and her ears laid back, but as yet it was only in confusion. “Beg pardon, honey?”

“I need to get the farm ponies to work too!” said Pinkie, and Applejack boggled at her.

“Honey,” she whispered to Pinkie, “they ain’t yours to get. What do you mean work?”

“Well, it’s sort of like play. And sort of like fun, except not so much for me, but maybe for them? And Fluttershy. That’s why I came!”

“What?” said Applejack, at a loss.

“Well, you know I’m good at making pastries, and frosting cakes, and all those things, right?” said Pinkie brightly. “This time we need something else.”

“But you ain’t never come and asked us for farm labor before!”

“Labor, that’s good!” giggled Pinkie. Her eye twitched, alarmingly, and her grin seemed too wide.

Apple Bloom was cheerfully ignoring the lot of them, and addressing the farm workers. “Now, Snowy Hocks, I want you to go by the east fields and check on th’ banks of the new stream. Ah know we put in willow and there ain’t nothing stops erosion like a willow, but all the same I ain’t sure of it and you got th’ experience to know what’s what. Git help if you need the movin’ of big rocks, you’re old an’ weak and I don’t want you strainin’ nothin.”

Snowy nodded, making a face. His ear flicked over, listening also to Pinkie’s conversation.

Applejack whispered to Pinkie, “Kin you come back at another time? They can’t be frostin’ no cakes for you right now.”

“I bet they could come up with a certain kind of batter!” chirped Pinkie, to a perplexed look from Applejack and a deeper blush from Fluttershy.

Dursaa, the zebra farm worker, frowned with dignity at Pinkie, his ears laying back slightly as if he sensed impropriety from her remarks.

“Dursaa? DURSAA!” squeaked Apple Bloom, and he looked back at her, startled. She continued, “You go with Snowy, you’re one massive hunk of pony and I reckon you could lift th’ heaviest rocks, ain’t that right?”

“For Apple Bloom, I’ll lift all rocks most high,” he said. “At least I’ll give the task a ‘good ole try’?”

Apple Bloom smiled at him. “There y’are, you kin talk like a farm pony when you set your mind to it! You go ahead.”

“No, wait!” squeaked Pinkie, and all the farm workers’ eyes went wide. She was looking right at them, obviously talking to them and expecting to be heard, and yet she seemed to have no comprehension of what she’d just done. Applejack’s jaw dropped, as she registered what had just happened. She watched as her little sister froze in place for just a moment. It wasn’t a good moment. It might have been a moment of the Boss Mare’s authority slipping, in front of everypony, as if for an instant she was just a filly with no business bossing a herd of burly stallions, and she looked very small in front of them all… and then, the shadow seemed to pass, like the sun coming out from behind a cloud.

Slowly, Apple Bloom turned. “Scuse me. Seems there ain’t but one pony on this property who’s allowed ta say ‘No wait’, an’ who could that be? Why, I guess that’s me! Pinkie Pie, what are you talkin’ about? Go on, Snowy, Dursaa, move out…”

“Please!” wailed Pinkie, and Apple Bloom hesitated. Pinkie and Fluttershy suddenly looked upset, as if something important had gone all wrong. They weren’t alone: the row of stallions shifted their hooves, unsettled.

“Hold on, Snowy, Dursaa,” said Apple Bloom, and the two farm workers stopped in mid-departure, looking back at their Boss uncertainly. “Now then. Pinkie Pie, this had better be good. What is it?”

Pinkie rallied, bouncing off her hooves in renewed enthusiasm. “It is good! It’s the very best thing, take it from me! I need to speak to all of the farm workers. It’s super great that you have them lined up like this because it saves time!”

“Time’s a-wastin’,” snapped Apple Bloom with a toss of her mane. “Spit it out! What’s on yer mind?”

Pinkie cleared her throat. “Fluttershy has something for you. We would like to invite you to a very special sort of party that we think you will totally just love. And I do mean love!”

Fluttershy, blushing, clouted Pinkie with her noticeably erect and stiffened wing.

“Oh,” said Pinkie. “I mean… It’s not exactly about love, the way I understand it. But you’ll have a lot of fun!”

Big Macintosh’s eyes were wide… and so was Knothole’s. He, along with Big Macintosh, had at one time enjoyed Fluttershy’s sweet pegasus favors, and he now stared and blushed, recognizing the way she held her wings, the way she peered from under her lustrous eyelashes and impossibly silky mane. Snowy’s eyes, by contrast, narrowed. He sniffed the air. Then, his eyes widened with the others.

“Ah ain’t sure ah believe what ah’m hearin’…” breathed Applejack. Her eyes had gone the other direction, narrowing more and more. As she worked out what Pinkie was talking about, a disapproving scowl had begun to sneak onto her face. “You want what? It’s not about what? Did I hear you correctly? Am I readin’ too much into that?”

That got her a hurt look from Fluttershy. “I’m not asking you! It’s no concern of yours. Please, be kind.”

“Kind?” retorted Applejack. “Define ‘kind!’”

“Kind is what I’d like to see from you, Applejack,” said Fluttershy, and blushed worse. “But there are other ways to be. Stay out of this, okay? Don’t ruin it, please!”

Sweetie Belle, standing by Diamond Tiara, watched entranced. She squeaked, “I bet I know how this is going to go!”

Diamond glanced at her, then back at Fluttershy–and at Knothole, for good measure. “Hmmmm…”

Apple Bloom was stamping a forehoof impatiently. “Quit dallyin’! What exactly do you need, Pinkie Pie? We got to get to work!”

“Oh!” said Pinkie. She twitched again, horribly, and her smile was uncommonly worrying, more like gritted teeth and grimaces. “You’re all invited to a have-sex-with-Fluttershy party! All the boys, I mean stallions. You’re guaranteed a wonderful time. When can we expect all of you?”

Dursaa’s jaw dropped. “Strangest of calls. What do you mean ALL?”

Pinkie Pie gulped, and didn’t answer. The words seemed to stick in her throat. When she didn’t reply, Fluttershy spoke up.

“I would like all of you to come and screw me absolutely senseless,” she said, “…if that’s okay.”

Applejack’s eyes bugged out in disbelief. “You gotta be shittin’ me.”

Fluttershy shot her a sulky, resentful glance. “Don’t judge me. I have needs, Applejack.”

Big Macintosh had begun to beam a big proud happy smile. Dursaa glared, but Big Macintosh didn’t let that stop him. “Take it from me, gentleponies, you won’t be sorry. Ah am an expert stud pony and this lil’ darling is a real treat.”

Dursaa’s nostrils flared, his eyes flashed. “This Zebra cannot fault the way you do farm work. But you’re unchivalrous… and you’re an EXPERT J—”

“MISTER Dursaa!” snapped Apple Bloom sharply, and he froze as his little Boss Mare ambled over to face him, with ostentatious casualness.

“We’ve talked before, Mister Dursaa,” said Apple Bloom, scuffing the dirt with a forehoof and seemingly uninterested.

He nodded, nervously.

“Ain’t we?” demanded Apple Bloom.

“I’m asked to please not whine or moan, when their farm ways are not my own,” said Dursaa.

“That’s right,” said Apple Bloom mildly. “Happens Fluttershy and Pinkie got help from our Big Macintosh when it come foalin’ time. Not only that, the Princess Luna herself asked him to stand at stud. My brother’s real proud of himself, and he should be, on account of he is one fine stud-pony.”

Dursaa opened his mouth to protest, but Apple Bloom wasn’t finished. Her voice gradually built from quiet to vehement as she went on, arguing and not letting him interrupt her until she was ready to give him leave to reply.

“An’ before you say somethin’, Mister Dursaa, this is Ponyville and what’s more this is Sweet Apple Acres. I ain’t sure quite how y’all zebras do things, but in these parts, it’s okay for a mare to git hot for stallion lovin’, and it’s okay for th’ stallion to think she is a real treat. Which I bet you our Fluttershy is, jes’ look at her! You weren’t around for when she took up modelin’, were ya? Why, I bet you that all the stallions from Ponyville all the way to Fillydelphia would like to lovingly hop on that perty tail and git busy! Ain’t that the truth? Admit it!”

Dursaa was blushing, looking angry. “That I don’t doubt in any way. It’s not the cause of my dismay.”

“Well, seems like you don’t think she’s allowed to run with it!” retorted Apple Bloom.

Dursaa bit his lip, fretfully. His ears were back, but he didn’t speak.

“Dammit, Mister Dursaa,” said Apple Bloom, “you can’t come onto this farm and expect us to obey zebra culture. I got you, sure enough, that must be th’ problem! You don’t believe it’s right for Fluttershy to be settin’ up a nice evening with th’ boys. I begs ta differ, Mister Dursaa. Fluttershy! You and Pinkie run along now, but you got my permission to set up sweet sweet lovin’s with whichever farm ponies you please, long’s they don’t miss work. Boys! This here’s one of the loveliest pegasuses in town, y’all wash behind your ears an’ be on your best behavior. Make me proud of you!”

Fluttershy pouted, directing a resentful look at Apple Bloom. She hesitated, and then worked up the courage to object, perhaps because it hadn’t been that many years since she’d rescued Apple Bloom and her two friends from a deadly cockatrice, and even fought off the thing’s petrifaction attack. She took a breath.

“No, don’t have them do that, please. I don’t want them that way.”

“What?” blinked Apple Bloom.

“I don’t want them that way,” persisted Fluttershy. “I don’t!” She flicked her tail, and all farm pony eyes were directed to it as if by magic. “Let them come to me from working the fields. Dirty.”

“Huh?” said Apple Bloom. “Dirty, ya say?”

“Sweaty,” explained Fluttershy. Her wings were sticking up and beginning to ruffle and fold at the coverts; her blush was outrageous.

Diamond Tiara grinned with glee. Beside her, Sweetie Belle panted, eyes shining.

“Sweaty? Really?” squeaked Apple Bloom, taken aback.

“And can I have them,” said Fluttershy and licked her lips, “…rowdy?” Her ears were laid back, hard, as she awaited her permission.

Apple Bloom stared.

“Also, we need to get them all drunk on cider!” said Pinkie Pie.

Snowy Hocks was staring at Fluttershy like he’d never seen her before, devouring her with his eyes as if afraid she would disappear if he blinked. Big Macintosh looked a bit frightened. Knothole’s jaw was dangling, as was Oakback’s. Silver and Hollyhock grinned like madponies. Dursaa was gritting his teeth, his eyes shut.

“What?” said Applejack, flatly.

“Let me talk to you for a moment, love!” said Diamond Tiara urgently, trotting forward to pull aside the gawking Apple Bloom.

“Hold that thought!” ordered Apple Bloom, and zipped over to confer with Diamond and Sweetie—and the full-grown horses all stood, captivated by the situation, obeying their Boss Mare but on the verge of various reactions. For some of them, the reactions wouldn’t wait. Snowy, Hollyhock and Knothole had dropped formidable erections, but they didn’t budge without orders.

Diamond Tiara whispered, “Let them! I know that pony. I tortured her once by accusing her of wanting this sort of debauchery, and it wasn’t fair of me. If she’s mare enough to come here and demand it, you should let her, I think I owe her that. I say yes!”

“Oh my gosh,” squeaked Sweetie, “can I watch? Are they going to do it right now? Except they’re not sweaty yet because they haven’t worked. Sometimes after Scootaloo does flying practice I have her stallioning me, and she’s so excitingly rowdy! I totally understand! Eeeee!”

“NOT now!” hissed Apple Bloom. “All right, I guess so. Ya think you know a pony, huh? Not now! On their own time, dammit!”

She turned to face her workers. “First of all, I respect your feelin’s, gents, but not right now. You’re workin’, so them dicks can just flap in the breeze today. You may arrange your dirty sweaty fuckin’ later, when you are OFF WORK, got that?”

“And rowdy,” added Fluttershy, trembling. A little wet noise greeted the air as she winked.

“That’s your problem, missy,” said Apple Bloom.

Applejack was frowning even worse than her sister. “Now hole on a second. What do you mean, rowdy?”

“And drunk!” chirped Pinkie Pie, grinning a rictus grin that looked less than comfortable.

Applejack turned to confront her. “Now see here! I ain’t no dumb horse. What are you fixin’ to do with our nice boys? An’ my brother, I might add!”

Fluttershy stomped a forehoof. She was shaking with desire now, because the farm ponies were staring at her like she was their dinner and they’d starved for a week. Pinned in their hungry gaze, she faced Applejack and cried, “He might be your brother, but I’ve had him once, Applejack! Maybe he needs to get loose of your apron strings, did you ever think about that?”

“Ah AIN’T his MOTHER!”

“Might as well be!” hissed Fluttershy, wings erect and quivering. “Let him be a real stallion for once!”

Big Macintosh protested, “Ah am a real stallion! Ah’m a proper stud muffin, ah am!”

He froze, for Fluttershy had shot a sharp and judgemental glance at him.

“Prove it,” she said. “Take me like a REAL stallion. Not lying on your back taking orders from Pinkie Pie!”

“Whoa, WHOA!” yelled Apple Bloom, sweating, glaring. “Ah will kick your ass off of this farm, missy, you sit tight.”

“I am tight,” blurted Fluttershy. “For REAL stallions.”

“WHOA!” repeated Apple Bloom. “Lay th’ fuck off! Ah ain’t no dumb horse either. I think you should leave now, Fluttershy. But before you do, and Celestia help you when you have your lil’ party is all Ah kin say, how about I just point out one little thing for my dear sister here?”

She turned to face Applejack. “I get that you ain’t comfortable, Sis. But see here: this crazy pegasus mare has come here with who? That’s Pinkie Pie. Not only that, Pinkie Pie’s a proper celebrater of marehoods from what I understand, and she’s involved in this. Ah suggest you trust them maybe a lil’ teeny bit. Even if they get drunk an’ excited, Pinkie Pie would never let Fluttershy come to harm.”

Pinkie gulped.

“Actually, I’m just helping to set up the party. I really don’t think I can take this so I’m gonna go hide with Rock until it’s over. But I promise I’ll love the foal just as much as if it wasn’t from Fluttershy getting brutally gangbanged.”

Snowy’s eyes went really wide. So did Hollyhock’s, Oakback’s, and Big Macintosh’s… and Big Macintosh bared his teeth, looking insulted and angry, and his erection had gone stiff and huge again. His eyes hadn’t left Fluttershy’s since she’d challenged him.

Sweetie Belle squealed in delight, bouncing off all four hooves, a little squirt of magic popping out of her horn just imagining what seemed about to happen, right then, right there.

“NO!” screamed Applejack, in a rage, and the line of erect farm ponies broke and cringed back as she ran forward and interposed her body between them and the quivering Fluttershy.

They cowered as Applejack stamped a forehoof and yelled, “What the HAY is the matter with you? You’re gonna be good boys, dammit! No way, just forget it! Don’t you touch that silly mare, put them dicks away, ah FORBIDS it and you should be ASHAMED of…”

They weren’t staring at her. They were staring behind her.

Applejack’s eyes went wide, and she slowly began to turn her head.

Small hooves leaped onto her back, and before she could rear or turn, Apple Bloom had run right over her and kicked her fiercely in the head, knocking her hat off.

“Aaah!” cried Applejack, “what was that f…”

Another ringing blow bashed her skull, and Applejack squealed and hit the dirt, grabbing her hat and covering her head with it.

She peered under the brim, and Apple Bloom’s enraged eyes were inches from hers.

“Why did you say no?” said Apple Bloom, very very quietly.

Applejack gulped. “Uhh, ‘cos…”

“Stop. You’re not getting it. I understand how you felt,” said Apple Bloom, still with that dangerous quiet. “We kin talk about that some other time, sister. Your softer feelin’s are your business. Ah asked, why did you say no to MY boys?”

Applejack’s lip quivered. She said nothing. Apple Bloom hadn’t even blinked.

“It wasn’t,” said Apple Bloom, “because you thought they was YOUR boys or somethin’? Ah don’t suppose you thought for a fool-headed moment that it was your farm and you were the one givin’ the orders, or somethin’?”

Applejack glanced hastily at the farm ponies, lined up behind Apple Bloom. She saw no rebelliousness in them. There was distress, but in the dominance battle between the mares, they were used to answering to Apple Bloom and had been for months. They’d lined back up the way Apple Bloom had told them, and Applejack was pressed against the ground, between them and Fluttershy, who didn’t wish her protection in the least. Applejack lay in the dirt. She’d fucked up and the Boss Mare was not happy, not at all.

“Go back over where you were standing,” said Apple Bloom. “Ah love you but Ah will not have this. Like HELL I will. Go back over there before I knock off your perty hat and eat it.”

Applejack scrambled to her hooves, and rushed back to the sidelines, panting. She trembled, distressed and excited in a disturbing way, for she’d always had a weakness for being stallioned by Rainbow Dash, and Apple Bloom had gone at her savagely and compelled her to submit.

Apple Bloom faced Fluttershy, undaunted.

“I believe my sister has sealed your dang fate, missy. Enjoy,” said Apple Bloom. “You may not come around here distractin’ us again. The boys will find you when their work is done an’ you can make your own arrangements then. It’s your funeral.”

“Oh, no,” said Fluttershy, “I never got a…”

“Shut up,” ordered Apple Bloom, and Fluttershy did.

Apple Bloom turned to face the line of stallions, whose erections were drooping and subsiding due to the conflict… except Snowy’s and Big Macintosh’s, for some reason. He stood as obediently as the rest, however. “Y’all boys are free to do as you wish, on your own time. You gotta go over to Fluttershy’s place, you cannot do that shit here. And, if Ah hear of you mistreatin’ any less foolish fillies than this one, Ah will end you, believe it… but it looks like Miss Fluttershy’s got her own ideas of how stallions should be. I’m sure our fine stallions kin meet any expectations of weaker, lesser mares that like bein’ weak and less than a stallion, which is their business an’ no concern of mine. I am ALSO sure that such foolishness on their part won’t give you no crazy ideas about who runs THIS farm. Got that?”

She glared at them. They nodded, cowed by the force of her personality. She turned to face Applejack.

“Ah tole ‘em they gotta go over by Fluttershy’s place, an’ that’s the only concession you’re gonna get. You don’t gotta watch. In fact, I forbid you to watch: whenever they do this crazy thing, you gotta stay home. You’re not gonna talk ‘em out of it, either. Firstly, because I kin see them boys is itchin’ to play rough, and secondly because you ain’t Fluttershy’s mom neither. You may not act that way toward Fluttershy. She is a grown mare and she is allowed to get her ass wrecked by my boys if she wants it so dang badly. They can pick whatever time they like.”

Applejack’s lip quivered. Plainly, she was filled with distress over the turn of events, but she didn’t argue, didn’t want to look at Fluttershy. “One condition,” she said meekly.

“Like hell,” retorted Apple Bloom. She turned to the line of farm ponies. “Tuesday. Y’all will go out to Fluttershy’s next Tuesday night. Meet her behind her house when th’ moon is high. You got that, Fluttershy? Be there. Pinkie Pie, you’ll be hiding under your bed. Good thing, too!”

“No, I mean…” stammered Applejack.

“Ain’t no conditions, sister!” snapped Apple Bloom. She turned to the farm hands. “An’ don’t bathe, and give her hell! She so obviously wants it.”

Fluttershy whimpered with delight, wobbling on her hooves. Applejack gulped.

“Din’t mean that. Boss. Jes’ one little thing if you would be so kind?”

“What, then?”

Applejack gulped again. “Don’t tell Rainbow Dash.”

“Don’t tell me what?” squeaked Dash, swooping down out of the sky with amazing speed and landing lightly before them. “Hi, Fluttershy, Pinkie! Whoa, Big Macintosh, nice hard-on! What’s the occasion?”

Apple Bloom boggled for a second. Loudly, she demanded of the sky and surrounding trees, “Any OTHER ponies feel like they need to drop in?”

“Sorry,” came a new voice. All heads turned to see a small, ice-blue form trudging by on the road. It was Chaos, the petite alicorn true form of Discord, and her head hung low and forlorn. She was walking in the direction of Appleloosa, from Canterlot, with slow unwilling steps.

Behind her, a short earth pony followed, his ears perked forward and an expression of dim unhappiness on his simple face. He only had eyes for Chaos, and he paid no more attention to the crowd than she did. Chaos just moped along, and Crowbar tirelessly and faithfully followed, accompanying her until the two were out of sight.

Dash blinked.

“So… don’t tell me what? C’mon, Boss!”

Apple Bloom stamped a hoof. “Ain’t but one Boss in these parts, Rainbow!”

“Yeah yeah, I know,” said Dash, and trotted forward to nuzzle against Applejack affectionately. “I only meant Boss of my heart.”

Applejack’s head was held high, though her eyes were tragic. “Fluttershy is gonna misbehave with our farm ponies, Rainbow. You may not watch.”

Rainbow’s wings poinged up instantly. “What, all of them? Really? Pinkie, is that true? How’d she talk you into THAT?”

“I can’t bear to watch either,” said Pinkie, “but yes. We really are having another foal. But this time, we’re doing it Fluttershy’s way. Which is, um, not so very nice but she seems to like it.”

Fluttershy moaned, wobbling again, and all the stallion eyes stayed glued to her sensuous form.

Rainbow Dash’s wings hit even greater excesses of ‘pomf’. “Whoa! Fluttershy, you have incredible reserves of awesomeness. Where do you even get all that awesome? Holy crap!”

“Dashie!” begged Applejack. “You may not be part of this! Please?”

Fluttershy shook herself. “Actually, I don’t wish you, Rainbow, or any mare with a bit. It is for real stallions only. Real, sweaty stallions. Sweaty, drunk, rowdy, forceful…”

“Shut up some more, you,” ordered Apple Bloom. “Ah have SPOKEN! Farm boys, I have told you when you may hop on th’ pretty pegasus. Meet her behind her house next Tuesday night when th’ moon is high. NOT here or Ah will ruin you! ALL chores must be done, ALL week, or deal’s off! And if you think you’re beggin’ off work the next mornin’ due to hangover…”

“Yes’m!” said Snowy Hocks hastily, with unaccustomed deference. He turned, frantically whispering to Fern Gully, “Don’t fuck this up for me, just nod and say yes…”

Dursaa rumbled, “As much as I honor your leaderly might, this zebra might tell you these plans ‘just ain’t right’…”

“You’re excused,” retorted Apple Bloom. “If you don’t want to fuck Fluttershy, you stay home. Ain’t nopony else complaining! You’re missin’ out, buddy, but suit yourself.”

Dursaa bit his lip, but didn’t reply. His dark mood had clearly worsened.

Apple Bloom turned to her sister. “Applejack, you stay home. Rainbow Dash, you are with Applejack! Got it?”

Dash flapped agitatedly. “But…”

“Tuesday night you stay with Applejack! You be with her the whole night an’ don’t leave her side! Ah have SPOKEN!”

Dash looked resentful, then blinked. A brief and radiant smile crossed her little face, and she nuzzled her beloved. “Yeah! I won’t leave Applejack’s side, all night. Or she won’t leave MY side. Totally. I promise that is exactly how it will be.”

Applejack laid her ears back. She cringed, as she took in Rainbow Dash’s most resolutely innocent look. She made no protest, having already gone up against one mare and crumbled. Rainbow kissed her, reassuringly.

“Aw, lordy,” sighed Applejack, but she kissed Rainbow back all the same.

“Git on, Fluttershy an’ Pinkie!” whooped Apple Bloom, charging them, and they scattered with girly squeaks. Apple Bloom turned around triumphantly, and galloped at her farm workers. “Git on, you fellas! Wasted too much time already!” Then she reared, kicking the air, and charged Applejack and Rainbow. “An’ you too! An’ you, Sweetie! Hyah!”

In a flurry of colorful equine scampering, all the ponies rushed off to their respective places, leaving Apple Bloom standing alone in the middle of the farmyard, with only one pony remaining… Diamond Tiara.

“You didn’t say get on, Diamond,” she said, meekly.

“Naw,” panted Apple Bloom. “Course not.”

“I have my work to get back to,” said Diamond, “and I’ll go attend to it as soon as you like.”

“Ah know you will,” said Apple Bloom.

Diamond dropped her gaze, scuffing the dirt with a forehoof, bashful. “Did you want anything?”

Apple Bloom panted more, took a deep breath to ward off the shakes, and looked her mate in the eye.

“Gimme a kiss, darlin’. That was somethin’ else!”

Diamond Tiara stepped demurely forward, and then all at once she reared and seized Apple Bloom in a mad passionate hug, and they kissed, Diamond’s lips parting, tongue feveredly exploring Apple Bloom’s adored mouth, and Diamond poured all of her fierce passion into bathing her brave little stallion-girl with love and devotion.

They parted, Diamond’s eyes shining, Apple Bloom’s head held high and proud.

“Thankee,” said Apple Bloom. “Ah needed that. Oughta hold me for a while.”

“I want you so fucking bad right now,” breathed Diamond Tiara. “I want you to ‘get on Diamond’.”

“Of course you do, darlin’,” grinned Apple Bloom.

“I love you!”

“Ah’m all yours, babe.”

Diamond Tiara gave a happy sigh, drinking in the sight of her very own Boss Mare.

“Now… git!” crooned Apple Bloom, but gently. “Off to your numbers, sweetheart.”

She swatted Diamond’s rump, and turned, charging boldly off without a backward glance, certain that her elegant lover would follow her directions.

Diamond trotted a few paces, then turned to watch Apple Bloom galloping off into the fields. Her eyes glowed with open adoration. Nopony, she thought, ever had a more wonderful, forceful stallion. Odd that it was a young mare like herself, but that just lent a piquant twist to things.

Diamond heaved a happy sigh, turned and trotted into the house, to the private office she’d made, to devote her attention to working up a cash flow projection for Appleloosan zap-apple sales taking into account the cost of shipping them from the Fillydelphia warehouse…

…after just a bit of SERIOUS masturbating.