Pert Piquant Peasant


It was a stupid fall day, the colors completely wrong and sneering mockingly in their irritating tacky garishness, as Diamond Tiara sat and waited, glaring at leaves like she meant to knock them off the trees through sheer annoyance.

Spoon was four and a half minutes late, and that would not do. Notice would have to be taken, no question about that.

Diamond stared angrily at a leaf, as a young colt trotted across the schoolyard, past her. It was one of the little nerd-ponies, far beneath her notice. He broke into a joyful gallop, leapt, and was grabbed out of the air by his adoring mother, a doe-eyed mare who seemed always to be smiling at some private secret, and she hugged her child affectionately, her tail flicking in cozy bliss.

Diamond’s ears laid back. She continued to stare at the leaf, hating it. It fell off the tree, and she imagined it screaming as it plummeted to a horrible, painful death.

Spoon was four and three quarters minutes late. Disgraceful!

Diamond Tiara did not dare to speculate whose disgrace was worse. Silver Spoon had to be humiliated at her terrible lapse, surely! She would come running along, begging forgiveness, and Diamond would not quickly grant it, for appearances had to be maintained. Diamond gritted her teeth. It was insupportable. No doubt it was this insubordination, this truancy, that she had sensed coming. She had been edgy, distracted, struggling to focus for at least two days, and had seriously wondered if she was ill.

Perhaps she should have left Dad a note informing him that she needed to see the doctor, after all. Her ear flicked again, as feelings of chill and heat roiled around in her body. Yes, she was doubtless ill but it did not excuse Silver Spoon’s behavior. If anything, it made it even more unforgivable.

Spoon was… galloping across the schoolyard, toward her.

Diamond Tiara swayed, her face flushing, her heart pounding suddenly, and rose to her little hooves with a stagger and a wobble. She felt a surge of emotion bursting through her, and channeled it with expert skill into the exact words her cunning mind required—though the emotion was strange and didn’t want to fit the words.

“Silver Spoon, how dare you?”

Spoon squeaked and grovelled. “I’m sorry, Diamond Tiara! I didn’t mean to keep you waiting! I was… I was…”

“Selfish! Selfish and insubordinate and, Silver Spoon, possibly unworthy of my companionship!”

Silver Spoon gasped. Diamond Tiara stalked forward, trembling with rage.

“Not that it will excuse you for this misdeed… but where in Equestria did YOU think you were?”

Silver Spoon stammered. “But…”

“Answer! You have responsibilities! What was so fascinating that you presented what I hasten to remind you is the fatal appearance of disinterest?”

Silver Spoon was blushing redder and redder. Diamond could feel her mane trying to stand on end, her heart was pounding, she could feel her face blushing as well and it made no sense…

“Tell me, Silver Spoon! Tell me or get out of here and don’t come back!”

Silver Spoon screwed her eyes shut, and squeaked, “Featherweight’s penis!”

Diamond Tiara’s eyes flew wide in shock. She sat down heavily, and then she really felt sick, like her whole body was churning and fevered. She couldn’t stop staring at Silver Spoon.


Spoon was crying. “I can’t help it! We went behind the schoolhouse and you wouldn’t believe it to look at him and I’m sorry but I should tell you he’s waiting by the old hollow tree halfway to the swimming hole and I was going to ask you if I could take a few hours to, to…”

Diamond Tiara looked stunned. “A few hours? A few HOURS? How dare you suggest such a thing! Silver Spoon, you will remain with me for the rest of the day, for I have important things to do!”

“But maybe if he likes me, we could go to the Hearth’s Warming Dance together, and, and…”

Diamond Tiara’s complexion warred between red and deathly pale, just as hot and cold chills racked her youthful body. “You were going to go to that stupid dance with ME. My Dad knows all about dancing, I’ve seen pictures of him dancing with my Mother, when she was alive. We were going to go to that dance, show all the stupid little ponies they couldn’t compare to us, and win all the prizes, and go home laughing at them. It was a plan!”

Silver Spoon looked sulky and rebellious.

Diamond Tiara’s rage grew. “I paid for your lessons! My Dad gave you pointers for five whole minutes out of his busy schedule!”

Silver Spoon mumbled something, scarlet.

“What?” hissed Diamond Tiara, and Spoon’s eyes came up to meet hers.

“Featherweight gave me his penis,” said Silver Spoon. “Your Dad can’t give me anything like that.”

Diamond gritted her teeth. “Of course he wouldn’t. He doesn’t even kiss or hug, never mind giving horrible inappropriate things he shouldn’t give at all. I’m going to give you one last chance, Silver Spoon. You’re going to abandon your stupid and misguided plans with Featherweight, come to your senses, and spend the afternoon with me. Do you understand?”

She held her breath. Silver Spoon was staring back at her with dreamy, lust-fogged eyes. Diamond’s heart began pounding again, and she began to panic, and crazy desperate things came to her mind, like grabbing Spoonie and shaking her, or leaping upon her lithe young body and wrestling her to the ground obviously to hold her still and keep her from misbehaving and not at all to press and rub fillyish bodies together in a writhing transport of quivery, mysteriously compelling

…Diamond Tiara blinked. She was really sick, she’d tuned out for a moment. Silver Spoon was staring at her, biting her lip, and Diamond realized she’d missed what Spoon had said. Then, Silver Spoon repeated her answer.


“You dare to…”

“You can’t ask that of me, Diamond Tiara. You can’t! It’s not just that I want to go to the dance with Featherweight. He’s a good pony! My… my Mom even likes him…”

Diamond Tiara blanched worse. “I thought I told you we do not talk about that mare. You do not rub it in my face, you miserable, ungrateful, worthless little whorse!”

“My Mom thinks he’s a nice pony!” wailed Silver Spoon. She dug at the ground with a forehoof, warningly. “And my Mom thinks I’m a nice pony. And my Mom wants me to hang around nice ponies.”

Diamond called out her heaviest artillery, rising to her hooves and advancing. “Nice ponies aren’t popular, Spoon. We’ve spent years of hard work getting the other colts and fillies under your hoof and mine, where they belong. You and I, we rule this town, and I’m not going to let you throw all that away to brainlessly chase Featherweight’s penis.” She bared her teeth, all her alarming force of will directed towards crushing her friend for her own good.

Silver Spoon sighed, and for a moment Diamond thought she’d won. Then, Spoon spoke.

“You are not a nice pony,” she said.

“Years of patient effort, the full advantages of your position…”

Silver Spoon dropped her gaze for a moment, sighing. When she looked back up at raging Diamond, it was almost apologetically, and her tension seemed to have evaporated. “Thank you for making it easier for me to decide, Diamond. I’d better be going.” Her lip curled in a flash of well-trained cruelty. “My Mom is waiting.”

Diamond Tiara’s heart lurched, and she fell silent, gritting her teeth, staring, staring.

Silver Spoon shook her head, and turned to depart. Diamond Tiara’s eyes raked her body in fury: that pert little gray rump, the impeccably groomed silky tail that now coyly hid a delectable young vagina…

“Not for you!” sneered Silver Spoon petulantly, and took off in a gallop, not towards her house but clearly toward the swimming hole and that old hollow tree, where her ludicrous, gangly, doubtless erect stallion awaited.

Diamond Tiara was alone.

She stood in the middle of the schoolyard, trembling, as the last kids were picked up from school by their attentive, doting parents. None looked at her. They didn’t dare to, they knew their place, and they knew her routine: walking home with her second-in-command Silver Spoon, unattended by any parent or guardian. The one time a hotheaded colt had threatened her, she’d stunned her class by stalking haughtily home between four pegasus bodyguards whom Daddy had sent in his stead, and nopony had ever shown insolence to her again.

Diamond Tiara did not need the bodyguards now, and she did not need her useless lieutenant. She walked deliberately into town, gritting her teeth at each hoof-fall, for the fever that racked her was fierce and she felt sure she was sweating. Well… so would anypony who dared to remark upon it. She was not in a merciful mood.

Going past the library, she saw Twilight Sparkle, complete with those tacky new wings she’d grown. Twilight was lounging with her companion Trixie, a pony Diamond approved of, provided Trixie did not interfere in any way with significant fillies or colts. Trixie’s attitude was refreshingly honest and direct, and Trixie’s taste in tastemakers was reassuringly horrible. Why that mare saw fit to cultivate Snips and Snails, Diamond would never know, but it kept her occupied.

Diamond’s mouth soured down as she saw Trixie nuzzling Twilight’s neck. That, too, seemed to keep Trixie occupied. Such heedless approval-giving was a hideous tactical blunder stupid even for a child, much less a supposed adult. You gave all your power away if you made it so easy for other ponies to win your attention, much less your beneficence. You had to keep them guessing, uncertain, longing for the reassurance that would never directly come…

Diamond blinked. Next to Twilight stood that wretched monster, Discord. There was no mistaking him with his ghastly horns and squirmy vile body, but she’d not noticed a thing. She’d had the impression that some ice-blue pony, either a unicorn or a pegasus, had been accompanying Twilight, and suddenly there was the chaotic wretch large as life. She shook herself. Failing to maintain awareness of social situations was a rookie mistake and not one that Diamond Tiara made lightly. Swaying a little, she looked around for the missing pony, and Twilight and Trixie noticed her.

“Oh, hello, Diamond Tiara! Do you need help?” said Twilight.

“Trixie suggests,” said Trixie to Discord, “you stick with it. Cease this transforming and live in your natural body for a while!”

Discord glared at her. “What good is powerful chaos magic if you’re not willing to abuse it?”

“Trixie suggests you are thinking of it all wrong,” retorted the blue unicorn, undaunted. “Why, the games Trixie could partake in if she had an immortal alicorn body plus shape-changing chaos magic! Go on, then. Change back. Trixie is waiting!”

Diamond blinked again, for the massive draconequus had given a sulky flounce and flick of the snakey tail, snapped his claws, and disappeared. In his place was the ice-blue pony, but now Diamond could see she was neither unicorn nor pegasus, but both: another alicorn, one she’d never heard of. She was devastatingly attractive in the manner of Princess Cadance though smaller than either Cadance or Twilight, and she withered Trixie with a glare that quite impressed Diamond Tiara on technical grounds, for it conveyed the perfect balance of savage pique and contempt.

Trixie smirked back. “And we will address you as Chaos, not Discord. Discord’s the name you gave yourself, rebelling against all this. Chaos is who and what you are.”

Twilight had forgotten Diamond already, her ears laid back fretfully as her marefriend and the dreaded spirit of chaos faced off. “We’ve talked about this, Discor—ah, Chaos. I understand how you felt. You went instantly from a unicorn stallion…”

“A glorious unicorn stallion,” argued Chaos, in a purring contralto heavy with annoyance.

“Fine! I remember the whole list, Chaos. A glorious unicorn stallion who was dating Princess Celestia and making wonderful contributions to the history of magic…”

“And wielding the most massive horsecock history has yet recorded,” added the ice-blue alicorn mare, stamping a dainty forehoof.

Twilight shot a panicky glance at Diamond Tiara. “Discord! There are children present!”

Trixie added, “Besides, that is mere surmise. You can’t prove it. There are no records and you haven’t even told us your dimensions when you were Starswirl.”

“I’m still Starswirl!”

“Stop it!” snapped Twilight, and the other two fell silent. She continued. “No, you’re not. The magic is part of you now, just like it’s part of me. Just like I did, you brought new insight to magic itself with your spell and it took you into Alicornspace and transformed you. I guess I was lucky, I’m still essentially Twilight, and I already was female so no change there. Take it from me, it’s not that bad! The whole reason we’re doing this is because it’s time you got over it… did you, or did you not, ask me for help making amends with the other alicorns?”

Chaos dropped her gaze. “Um…”

“Maybe one particular alicorn?” suggested Twilight.

Chaos pouted. “I must have been mad. There IS a distinction between chaos and stupid.”

At that, Trixie nuzzled the radiant little creature’s neck, and she fluttered awkwardly as Trixie crooned, “Is there a distinction between chaos and romantic?”

“It makes no sense!” protested the ice-blue alicorn. “She doesn’t want mares any more than I wish to be one, so what purpose could this plan possibly serve, Twilight Sparkle?”

Twilight stared levelly at the exquisite creature, unhappy victim of what had essentially been a terrible magic accident.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned in Ponyville, Disc… er, Chaos,” she said, “it’s that the secret to so many things is to be yourself. She loved you when you were Starswirl, even though I think you must have been pretty insufferable. She never had a chance to learn to accept you as Chaos, because you both freaked out so badly when it happened; and when you turned yourself into a monster and fought her, that really screwed everything up. You’ve come a long way, but it’s time to put down the imaginary identities and start to become who you really are.”

Chaos laid her lovely ears back, and glared. “I promise you, I am Starswirl. I feel every inch a unicorn, still.”

“But you’re also Chaos, now,” said Twilight firmly. “I promise you, when you’re in the form the magic imparted, there’s more to you than the Starswirl you knew. You’re not giving it a chance, and until you do, neither you or she can move on.”

Chaos’s gaze dropped. “I never said I wanted to move on. I had things, wonderful things. I never asked to lose them.”

“Is this another penis reference?” said Trixie. “Testicles, perhaps?”

“Trixie, focus!” snapped Twilight, and whacked Trixie’s rump with a hoof. “He means Princess Celestia! You know, the princess he was official consort to, when he was mortal?”

Chaos made a face. “Honestly, it’s all of the above.” She glowered irritably at Trixie. “And that’s another thing. I prided myself on being true and faithful, in addition to brilliant and virile and magically gifted…”

“And humble?” quipped Trixie, never easily cowed by power or status.

Chaos considered this. “No. No point, really. But you are suggesting I go out and experience femaleness in very personal ways! It’s not bad enough that I am stuck with a winking horsevagina, now you propose I go and flaunt it?”

Twilight’s face began to turn an enchanting shade of magenta as she blushed. “Er… another thing we’ve found in Ponyville is that the female pony body has some pretty impressive side benefits. I don’t have to be Cadance to tell you that. You never… tried it?”

Chaos curled her lip in distaste.

Trixie smirked. “Trixie wishes she could be there to see your reaction, Chaos, when you discover the truth.”

“Oh no! Oh no no!” insisted Twilight Sparkle, flapping her wings in dismay. “It’s mostly you insisting on that last part, Trixie! You might be right, but we are NOT getting involved. Do you have any idea how much trouble that could cause?”

Trixie sulked. Chaos—once Discord—shot Twilight a sharp glance. “You’ve said little about it, Twilight Sparkle. I’ve picked you up and played with you like a toy, I’ve removed your horn with chaos magic, I’ve done all manner of things to you and your friends and never did you reveal yourself as an aficionado of debauchery. You seemed quite chaste, in fact. Are you confirming the superiority of winking horsevagina, along with your exasperating marefriend?”

Twilight didn’t answer, she just blushed more. Chaos stared harder. “It’s THAT much better?”

Trixie was smirking like mad. She opened her mouth, but Twilight kicked her with a rear hoof and she shut it again.

Chaos’s gaze would’ve cut glass. “Hmmm.”

“We will not help you with that,” said Twilight firmly. “She’s right, you should experiment. It probably will help you accept yourself, too… but we will not be assisting you, Chaos, you’ll have to go out and find it on your own.”

“And you won’t direct me?” challenged Chaos.

“No, so don’t ask me!”

“Well then,” said the ice-blue alicorn mare, sniffing the Ponyville air. She began to trot past the watching Diamond Tiara. “You won’t lead me to the bountiful fields of stiffened pony penis, in spite of (so helpfully) encouraging just such a quest?”

Diamond squeaked in alarm. Suddenly, that lovely little head was right next to hers, and the voice wasn’t a contralto anymore, it was the wicked gleeful baritone sound of the Discord of old…

“Then this little charmer just might.”

Twilight stamped the ground. “Cut that out! That’s an innocent child!”

“Oh, honestly, Twilight Sparkle, didn’t you smell it? I assure you, my virility has personally caused that reaction countless times,” retorted Chaos.

“Diamond!” cried Twilight. “He, uh she, didn’t mean it!”

Twilight promptly got in an argument with Chaos about that, but Diamond Tiara had already run away.

She galloped madly through the streets, reeling, prey to dizziness, not daring to speak to anypony. She was going to die, her eyes could hardly focus, they were crossing like the eyes on that stupid mailmare, and when she saw the reassuringly sturdy facade and fake pillars of the doctor’s office Diamond actually squealed with relief.

The doctor’s office was a happy place for her. Doctors always wanted to be properly rich and they fell all over themselves to try and help her, both seeking to emulate and to serve. They had lovely deference and their greed meant they would stop at nothing to heal any ill she suffered. Truly, doctors could be counted upon for anything.

No other explanation for their solicitousness occurred to Diamond Tiara, as she staggered into the office.

“Fix my illness at once!” she demanded. “At once!”

A white earth pony behind a desk leapt to her hooves, her hat falling off exposing her pink mane. The hat bore a legend that resembled her cutie mark, a cross of red with small pink hearts tucked into its corners. Diamond didn’t remember her name, and didn’t care to. All she wanted from this red-heart pony was instant obedience.

It wasn’t forthcoming. “Miss? What’s the matter, is this an emergency? Please calm down!”

Diamond stamped a hoof. “Do you know who I am?”

The nurse glared at her. “I certainly do not, though you seem familiar enough. You’re one of the schoolchildren, and healthy as a horse, for I know all the sickly children and all the children who’ve suffered serious injury, and I don’t know you! I say again, is this an emergency? Speak clearly and don’t shout.”

“How dare you? How dare you? I am near death, you stupid mare, this is no time for interrogations!”

“None of that,” snapped Nurse Redheart tartly. “You do seem dizzy but there are many causes for that which needn’t lead to panic. Have you been exercising and not drinking water? Did you sleep well last evening? Have you been lying in the sun until you’ve overhe…”

She trailed off. Diamond glared at the infuriating mare. Nurse Redheart sniffed the air, much as Discord had.

“Oh, you poor dear,” sighed the nurse. “Don’t tell me, Mother left it to us to explain the facts of life?”

The words cut through Diamond Tiara’s panic and confusion, and for a moment the pink filly’s eyes watered. Tears of rage, naturally, for the remark was plainly a scurrilous insult and an attempt at the lowest of blows, and Diamond Tiara would not fall to such treacherous, evil psychological warfare. Not even while near death from unspecified plague. She gritted her teeth, making a keening noise.

Nurse Redheart stepped forward. “Little one, I’m going to write you a note. You’re to take it to your mother immediately. It’s a sort of prescription, but it’s not medicine for you, because you won’t need that. It’s a little strong medicine telling HER to shape up and teach you about your body’s natural processes. I’m sure she loves you very much, some mares are just very tiresome about personal affairs and need prompting. If you return here to pick up some earth pony’s friend, I will pretend not to see…”

Diamond Tiara screamed at the incomprehensible, insulting nonsense, and Nurse Redheart stamped a forehoof sternly.

“Calm yourself, child! Your mother will explain everything very soon!”

Diamond gulped. The tears of rage were leaking again. “Father… will RUIN you…”

Suddenly, Nurse Redheart froze.

“You’re… Oh, Celestia forgive me, you’re the Rich child! Doctor Satchelscope was present on that terrible day when… when… Oh, no! What have I done? Come back, miss, come back, I’m so very sorry!”

Nopony had ever seen Nurse Redheart cry, for nopony had ever seen her inadvertently say things that cruel to a child.

But Diamond Tiara didn’t see it either, for she’d already run out the door as fast as her hooves would carry her.

She quickly outdistanced the braying fool, for the idiot nurse behaved as if she could not leave her post and only wailed apologies from a distance. Of course, the insult was inexcusable, intolerable, and so Diamond ran on and on, growing dizzier and dizzier until she staggered, her eyes blurring, and realized she could no longer hear the horrible words.

She heard something else, something no more welcome. She heard a country twang full of authority and confidence, and looked up to see that she’d run all the way to Sweet Apple Acres.

“Come on then! Tote that haybale! Git on!”

And it wasn’t even that tiresome Applejack. It was Apple Bloom, acting like she was in charge of everything.

“Move it! Got a whole stack ta shift, ponies, ‘fore it rains!”

Diamond Tiara narrowed her eyes. She glared at her classmate, scorning the very sight of her. That insufferable hayseed still flaunted the tacky cutie mark she’d picked up when she took over Boss Mare duties, and was parading around the farmyard giving orders to grown farmponies with every evidence of delight. Diamond took a deep breath and delivered her opinion of the proceedings.


At that, Apple Bloom’s jaw dropped, and she looked around to find the heckler.

“She’s a little baby!” screamed Diamond, beside herself with hate and barely able to stand anymore. “Why are you even listening to her?”

Apple Bloom’s eyes widened, then narrowed.

“Ignore her, y’all, we got work ta do. Come on, shift them bales!”

The laborers began to move again, then stopped as Diamond shrieked, “You’re little girly ponies! Taking orders from a baby!”

Apple Bloom’s mouth tightened. “You heard me! No gettin’ distracted by the peanut gallery! That girl wouldn’t know hard work if it come up an’…”

“Fuck you!” screamed Diamond Tiara, her eponymous headpiece crooked, her mane disheveled.

“Jes’ keep working, nice an’ steady does it,” ordered Apple Bloom.

Diamond racked her brain frantically for something to take down her nemesis. “She’s not really your boss! She fails all her tests in school! She’s a stupid foal!”

Apple Bloom’s mouth tightened worse, but she said absolutely nothing, just shouldered a bale of hay.

“She doesn’t even have friends anymore! Those two blank-flanks she used to hang around with don’t even spend time with her now!”

Worker ponies glanced at Apple Bloom, who wouldn’t even look at the heckling filly that advanced, step by shaking step, upon her.

“She’s making it all up,” accused Diamond Tiara. “Just like when she pretended to have a cutie mark, and it was the pox. She probably has the pox again and didn’t tell you!”

The workers muttered nervously, as Apple Bloom stolidly ignored her schoolmate.

“Oh, you don’t like that, do you?” cried Diamond. “She’s contagious, she’s diseased, and of course the fleas, all the Apples have lots of fleas from all the filth. Who knows what you’ll catch?”

Apple Bloom snorted, contemptuously, and glared at her farmhands. They kept moving. Diamond Tiara kept approaching.

“You probably don’t know any better. But at least you stupid manual laborers have real cutie marks. Trust me, I know this child! You’d better do as she says and finish before it rains! You know why? She doesn’t want to get her precious cutie mark damp!”

Apple Bloom bared her teeth.

“It would smear the PAINT!” accused Diamond Tiara, triumphantly.

With a heave, Apple Bloom dumped the heavy haybale onto the ground. The workers glanced nervously at her. She returned their gaze, tight-lipped.

“Scuse me, gents,” said Apple Bloom.

There was a sudden flurry of filly motion…

Diamond Tiara shrieked. Her schoolmate, goaded beyond endurance, had charged straight at her and tackled her to the dirt. They writhed, hooves flailing, and Diamond was trying to beat Apple Bloom’s head in, but Apple Bloom wasn’t doing the same. Instead, she wrestled the pink filly around fiercely, that tiara flying off to the side, and her strong farmpony forelegs pinned Diamond across her lap…

“This were long a-comin!” yelled Apple Bloom, and her forehoof came down with a resounding smack on Diamond Tiara’s pink, exposed bottom.

Diamond squealed and writhed as Apple Bloom’s foreleg swung down again, and then something happened. The pink filly thrashed like she was having a seizure, and Apple Bloom gasped in outrage.

“She PISSED on me!” howled Apple Bloom, feeling wetness squirt onto her hoof, and the farmponies’ jaws dropped as they watched their tiny Boss Mare flip out.

Apple Bloom wailed on Diamond Tiara’s quivering ass, ignoring the screams, ignoring the way Diamond had stopped trying to bite her—venting years of frustration and resentment and laying down a spanking the likes of which even those country ponies had never seen. The ringing slaps, the splats and squelches, the breathless shrieks filled the air as Apple Bloom punished her classmate’s posterior, and Diamond Tiara across her lap took it and took it, her body juddering on even as her voice died out from hoarseness.

“Piss… on… me… would… you?” panted Apple Bloom, her vision still red with outrage.

“Er,” said a farmpony uncertainly.

“Can you… believe th’ nerve?”

“Ma’am?” he said. “Ah think you made a mistake.”

Something in his tone made Apple Bloom stop. She looked at her hoof. She sniffed it. She looked down at Diamond Tiara.

“…aw, crap…”

Diamond Tiara gazed back up at her, momentarily stunned, and between her legs her petite marehood still oozed copious lube and winked with gentle wet noises like kisses. Her rump quivered while orgasms still thundered back and forth inside her little body, and her tail would’ve been twitching were she not so exhausted by her experience.

Apple Bloom’s jaw dropped in disbelief, and Diamond’s fevered body rolled off her lap and sprawled in the dirt—dirt that formed mud where her pussy juice had gushed—on the ground, all over her spanked butt and up the inside of her legs, for Apple Bloom’s fierce ass-beating had sprayed the ooze everywhere. Diamond Tiara squished across the dirt like spilled zap-apple jam.

Her eyes supplied enough ‘zap’ for a dozen jars—for a whole harvest’s worth.

Apple Bloom stared again at her soiled hoof, and she gulped, slowly looking back at her hapless classmate.

Diamond Tiara’s gaze was hard to meet. Those eyes burned, betraying intensity of emotion beyond anything anypony in the farmyard had ever seen, and the farm workers held their breath, shocked by the intimacy they’d witnessed, unable to guess what could possibly follow. They’d stood there and watched what was apparently a very elegant and aristocratic pink filly, complete with a little crown… get spanked into a squealing, squirting orgasm, and then dumped into mud composed of farm dirt and her own ooze. She resembled a piglet that had been in heat and gone ten rounds with a boar, and then ten more rounds with a fencepost.

Apple Bloom couldn’t even speak as she looked down at Tiara. That quivering pink pile of newly obliterated marehood stared up with a frantic urgency and desperation at her nemesis, the country filly who’d wrecked her body with inexplicable, savage pleasure so fierce as to be indistinguishable from pain, and Diamond Tiara swung in the balance between the helpless obeisance of a lust-crazed mare delivered into utter carnal satisfaction, and the furious harsh judgement of her disgusted, insulted, totally confused mind.

Diamond Tiara heaved in a rasping breath… and spat at Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom moved to try and lift her, but Diamond flailed and shrieked, refusing to let her approach.

The farm pony who’d spoken up, moved between them. “Ma’am! Mebbe let her go. Y’all done enough, I reckon.”

Apple Bloom’s lip quivered, and they watched as Diamond Tiara dragged herself along the ground, her hind legs dragging limply. She’d come so hard she couldn’t walk, but she was able to drag herself to her tiara, and replace it on her head. It seemed to give her strength, and she rose to wobbling, sex-weakened legs, took one step and fell splat in the dirt again. The farmyard supplied the dirt to further soil her, and she supplied the splat herself: her vagina seized and squelched and squirted a little more ooze, and she bucked against the ground as another climax seized her.

The farmers stared in ghastly silence as Diamond Tiara resettled her tiara upon her head, and dragged herself to her hooves once more. They’d not seen determination like that since the Apple boss mares, and it was a little frightening. This time, she made three steps before she squelched to the earth with a dainty thump.

She wouldn’t look back, and didn’t have the strength to wipe off her own mud. She simply fought on, gritting her teeth and rising again and again until she was hobbling down the road, away from the farm. They watched her in utter silence as she dwindled slowly in the distance, and when she got to the bridge heading into town, Diamond Tiara placed her tiara carefully upon it, and staggered down the bank, out of sight, to bathe in the river.

It broke the spell. “Reckon that girl shoulda jumped in th’ river right off,” said the first farmpony, “and none o’ this woulda happened!”

“Dang,” said another farmpony.

“Prob’ly take to jumpin’ in rivers every time she git cross-eyed.”

“This one’s prob’ly gonna come and get spanked by Boss, every time she git cross-eyed!”

“Ya think?”

“You wait,” said the second farmpony. “First times make a big impression.” He nodded wisely.

Apple Bloom gulped. “Ya think? Aw, hell, mah big sister’s gonna laugh at me…”

“Uhhh… Sorry! We din’t see nothin’!” protested the first farmpony.

“Nope! Nothin’ ta speak of,” said the other farmpony, loyally. “Boss, that prissy lil’ princess ain’t gonna tell on ya. Looked like a pig in th’ mud, she did.”

“Ain’t no pig got no cooter like that!”

“A lot you know, Oakback, them things got tiny cooters jes’ like that there.”

“Oh, so you admit you was starin’ at that lil’ pink cooter? Shit ain’t right, you take that back!”

The second farmpony licked his lips. “Ah’d take that cooter, is what Ah’d take. Proper tight little snapper, looked like…”

“Whoa now! Firstly, y’all too big a pony for fillies gittin’ their first oats an’ secondly, you are talkin’ about a pony about as old as Boss is! Be respectful-like fer Boss! Ya okay, Boss?”

Apple Bloom gulped again, a stunned look on her face and her ears laid back. “Ya think that’s the last we seen of her, fellas?” she said, hopefully.

Oakback sniffed the air, and wrinkled his lip, making a face. The scent of heat still cut through the other farmyard smells, even after Diamond Tiara had gone far away.

“Nah. Sorry, Boss. Ah reckon ya put your hoof in it this time.”

Apple Bloom sagged, miserably.