The shiny magic bit sat mockingly on the floor.

Fluttershy and Zecora sat on either side of it, each pouting more than the other.

Dursaa gulped. “Why must we suffer coldness when the mood is meant for heat?” he said plaintively. “To sink into vagina is a fate surpassing sweet. I do not need this little toy: I’m proud to bring my own. But must we scorn the generosity Miss Twilight’s shown?”

Fluttershy pouted worse. “But she meant it as a joke. She knows what I get from such toys and she thinks it’s funny. If Zecora won’t use it for me, there’s no point even having it.”

“But we don’t know the fleshy gift this magic bit brings you,” said Dursaa. “She thinks it looks amusing? How can such things be true?”

Zecora snorted. “I will grant that absolution. Penises are goofy bludgeons.”

At this, Fluttershy glared. “Oh, really? Then why are you panting for me to produce one, Zecora dear?”

The zebra mare shifted from hoof to hoof, flicking her tail. She blushed slightly. “I did not imply it’s bad. ‘Tis a touch I have not had.”

Dursaa bit his lip, and opened his mouth to rhyme… but Zecora froze him with another look.

“It is with mares I have affairs!” she said, angrily. “No call for males, for that entails their awful biting bullying ways. Just to inject their hollandaise!”

Fluttershy’s jaw dropped, and her eyes widened. “Zecora! First of all, it’s nothing like hollandaise sauce, and since when have you even been to Prance? Second, you are already having an affair with this mare right here, and I thought we’d agreed that you and Dursaa were going to give me double zebra, and now you’re backing out of it? I can’t turn around and do you, it doesn’t suit me anyhow and what would we do with poor Durs…”

She’d glanced over, to see Dursaa’s mighty lower lip quivering like Big Macintosh being scolded by his Granny. Zecora saw it too, and fell silent.

Dursaa quavered, “If males are deemed unwelcome in the heart of our small herd, this zebra can wait downstairs—you need only say the, say, s…” at which point he choked up.

Fluttershy gasped. “You’re making my stallion cry, Zecora! Don’t you know how sensitive they are? You have to treat them gently! So they can treat you not at all gently!”

Zecora’s eyes widened. She bit her lip, and then stamped a hoof. “Elder speech! Herd meeting, please.”

“This is the stupidest way to arrange a gang pegasus fucking I’ve ever seen…” objected Fluttershy.

“Sh!” said Zecora. She turned to Dursaa. “You are not unwelcome. Do not think that! My concerns are twofold, and I will have them heard. Firstly, I wish our mare to use the bit on me. Fluttershy, why do you refuse me?”

“Because it’s awful!”

“How awful?” pressed Zecora. “I share the distaste, but must admit a certain itch in my lady parts. Can you not put aside your dismay and try it? Or there is the wooden one I made. It is rather large.” Her ears laid back. “Not so large as our Dursaa, but all the same I could not enter myself with it. Not without help: my hooves cannot grasp it tightly enough and… I suppose I ‘chickened out’.”

Fluttershy’s chin lifted in triumph. “Oh, really? Well then! That only proves I can’t do you. Mine is much bigger.”

“Bigger than Dursaa’s?” challenged Zecora.

“Much! So you can see it’s entirely hopeless. Now please, please give me double zebra? I’ve wanted that so badly!” said Fluttershy.

Zecora’s eyes narrowed, and her smile was wicked. “Prove it.”

“What?” squeaked Fluttershy, flapping illusory feathery wings in alarm.

“Show me,” said Zecora. “Prove it.”

Fluttershy’s eyes were huge and wide. She blinked, and then had a happy thought. “Oooh! I can’t. Didn’t I just tell you? We can’t show you my magic bit dick, or my husband will be upset if it’s bigger than his. So obviously he has to be the stallion in the relationship and that means I can’t possibly threaten his masculinity by…”

Dursaa cleared his throat. “Me too?”

Fluttershy boggled. “What?”

“Please show me, too,” said Dursaa politely. “I wish to see your huge stallion cock, Fluttershy.”

The gentle pegasus stared back and forth between her zebras, outmaneuvered. “You have to be putting me on.”

“No, I really wish to see it,” urged Dursaa. “If it is bigger than mine, I shall never ask you to mount me and assuage my curiosity about gay stallions, but I do still wish to see it. Please?”

Fluttershy gave him a stricken look, and then huffed, “Fine!” She flounced over to the bit. “Look, and don’t you dare laugh!”

Fluttershy bent, and took the bit in her teeth. Dursaa and Zecora could see it tucking under her cute little fangs. Then, they had no eyes for fangs or bits anymore, because something bigger had come up.

Quietly, the pegasus thunder thrust forth. The quietness was an affront: the emergence should have been heralded by kettledrums, or possibly earthquakes. Fluttershy’s penis stiffened and stood erect, jutting forward between her front legs. Not merely hind legs, no… the massive shaft stuck right out in front of her, impossibly girthy, with a flare the size of a tiny mare’s entire hips. It had expanded even more: she had borne two foals since she’d used the very first version of the magic bit on the unfortunate Trixie.

The zebras could only stare. Fluttershy was hung to fuck dragons, not ponies. Her cock was nearly bigger than she was, nearly fatter than any part of her legs, so long that mounting upon a lover would be extremely difficult—she’d be wrecking their insides before she could even get her forelegs up onto her partner’s rump. It was, indeed, outrageous.

Dursaa gulped. “Thank you. Please never try to shove that up my butt.”

Fluttershy spat the bit out. The horsecock went limp before shrinking away, and landed on the floor with a crockery-rattling thud, and then diminished to nothing. “I never wanted you even to see it! How can you look at me the same again? And I would never do that to you or want to!”

Dursaa’s eye twitched, and he appeared lost in dismaying thought… though whatever it was, it’d caused his own cock to furtively drop and dangle.

Fluttershy turned on Zecora. “Well? Are you satisfied that it’s impossible? And please don’t ever tell anypony what you’ve seen! I have been trying to forget ever since that first terrible day. I’m tempted to get very assertive and make both of you double zebra me, for putting me through that. Though I shouldn’t force you to do things when I can beg and plead and cajole you into them instead…”

“Just a moment,” said Zecora.

“Oh, very well,” sniffed Fluttershy. “Let’s just stand around talking about difficult things instead of fucking, it seems to be what this herd does. Dursaa, so help me, if the sight of my horrible penis has turned you gay I will cry and cry and then throw a tantrum and then cry some more!”

“No!” protested Dursaa hastily. “No no! Truly I love pegasus vagina more than anything in Equestria, and I hope my herd does not hold it against me if I have dreadful un-zebra fantasies no stallion should entertain…”

Zecora snorted. “Pah! Forget that. You are with us and other opinions do not matter. If we are to conceal our knowledge of Fluttershy’s titanic penis, so too can we conceal your desires to be fucked by it. But you have brought up my other objection.”

Fluttershy flounced away to lie sulking on the bed, presenting her lovers with her petulant rump. “Other objection? How can you have so many objections to pegasus fucking? Don’t you understand that I have needs?”

Dursaa and Zecora shared a glance that conveyed many unspoken words about frustrated, horny vampegasi and the keeping thereof.

“It is not that I object to that,” said Zecora gently. Only that I, too, love pegasus vagina. You permitted me to touch it, Fluttershy, and this was wonderful. I do not know what it is like to have a penis, and I have never tried your magic bit.” She winced. “I do know that, as precious as your whole lovely body is, it hurt my feelings that you would have me as a sort of auxiliary zebra, making myself become something unnatural to me in order to fuck you up your little pegasus butt.”

Fluttershy looked around, wide-eyed, to see Zecora just as sulky and frustrated as she was, zebra ears laid back in distaste.

“Is that what it’s about?” squeaked the startled pegasus. “You want my vagina for your first time? Awwww!”

Zecora was blushing hard. “I do not wish to insist our Dursaa do things he doesn’t like…”

“Huh?” said Fluttershy. “Bodysex can be all sorts of things! He won’t mind. Dursaa! You go in under the tail, after we get started. Yay! It wasn’t a problem after all!”

“Just a moment!” repeated Zecora, alarmed. “Dursaa, is she correct? You may need to be cautious, for you are still large and she is but a little pony. And is the proposal distasteful to you? It is not proper to dive into this adventure without seeking your opinion. We can wait while you form your thoughts.”

“We can WHAT?” objected Fluttershy, her wings erect. “Zecora! I can’t wait! I need my double zebraaaa!” She managed to wink her vagina petulantly, quite a feat.

Zecora waited, anyhow, and both mares watched as Dursaa’s dangling cock hesitated… then continued to drop.

His eyes shone with passion and love. “All parts, all details of my beloved wife are exquisite to me. Yes! I will do it. Surely we will both need to be cautious, Zecora? I do not even know the size of your appendage.”

“Nor do I,” breathed Zecora. “I have longed to touch and kiss and devote myself to Fluttershy’s lovely marehood for so many years, but never thought I would touch it from the inside…”

Fluttershy squealed. “Eeeeee!”

“Shh!” reproved Zecora.

“I’m sorry!” squeaked Fluttershy, blushing. Her pussy winked again.

Zecora lifted her chin. “We shall be cautious. I have shown you how. I do not know how deep into her bottom you can fit, Dursaa, so be mindful. I will call upon the gentleness of the mare, and I will be utterly cautious and tender, not a harsh movement or a bullying word…”

“Hey!” objected Fluttershy.

“Sh!” said Zecora firmly. “It is for your own good and spares you vampiric self-repair. Plus, one of Dursaa’s better qualities is that he does not wish to harm you. Do you agree to enjoy your double zebras nicely, without violence or savagery?”

Fluttershy pouted. “Okay…”

Zecora smiled. “Then we shall begin. We have much to learn…”

Trixie sat mockingly on the floor.

Twilight Sparkle and Celestia sat on either side of her, both blushing, neither meeting the other’s eyes.

“Well?” said Trixie. “I only said I wanted to watch Mistress come.”

Celestia coughed, turning away.

Chaos pursed her lips. “And?”

“And, chew on Princess Celestia’s wing shanks,” admitted Trixie.

There was a little pause.

“While?” added Chaos, trying to fight off a smirk.

“While you chewed on the other side. Of the wings, I mean,” clarified Trixie.

“As?” continued Chaos, her eyes dancing with mischief.

Trixie blinked. “As Twilight gushed buckets of horsecome into her very royal womb,” she explained. She rallied. “Now listen! It wouldn’t make her pregnant, Twilight’s not an earth pony and the bit penises are just for sport! I know alicorn biology better than that! I was only helping them get in the mood!”

Twilight and the Princess blushed scarlet. Chaos tsked.

“You’re a very odd pony, Trixie Lulamoon. Have you no respect for royalty at all?”

“Not really,” said Trixie. “Oooh! That’s a good idea! Spankings! Teach Trixie respect with spankings!”

She bounced, cutely. Chaos rolled her eyes.

“Well,” she said, “your lack of respect has made them all worked up and uncomfortable, even with each other. I wouldn’t have believed it possible, but then I was making it a point of honor to not interfere with their courtship through acts of chaos. Little did I know that my efforts, if I’d made them, would be superfluous!”

“What were you going to do?” asked Trixie. “Naughty things?”

Chaos fought back her smirk, again. “Immaterial, my dear Lulamoon. I tell you now, that my beloved Celestia does not feel ready to bear foals, and perhaps she never will, for duty hangs heavily upon her. We have Princess Luna exploring that for all of us, and it is inadvisable for many alicorns to risk this at once. Our path is clear.”

“It’s dangerous?” said Trixie, skeptically.

“Not in the way you’d think,” said Chaos gently. “Some of us must maintain the long view. Celestia is trying to do that, at least to a point. Trixie, your suggestions weren’t kind.”

Trixie hmphed. “They were supposed to be HOT, not ‘kind’! I can smell how worked up they both are. Don’t you understand how we play? Twilight and I have explored deeper waters than this! Are you a lightweight?”

Chaos’s eyes widened… and suddenly, she wasn’t the only one smirking. A certain alicorn Princess, still bashfully looking away, had developed a dreadful smirk, and her eyes crinkled at the corners with merry mischief.

“Swirlie?” said Princess Celestia.

“Yes, my love?”

“Show her number seventeen,” decreed Celestia.

Chaos blinked. “Seventeen A? Or B? You won’t let me do B.”

Celestia’s smile grew wickeder. “No, I won’t, silly darling.”

“So, A then?”

“Nay,” corrected Celestia. “C. And in your chambers, not mine!”

Chaos stared, astonished. “But… the maids!”

“Lock your doors,” ordered Celestia. “I’ll double their pay and you must use your chaos powers to mop up the worst of it, in the morning. Agreed?”

“It’s a tempting proposal,” said Chaos, looking shaken. “Are you quite sure? Perhaps you are being unreasonably vindictive? I mean, C? Really?”

Celestia smirked, glancing around to meet Chaos’s eye. “Let us say I know Miss Lulamoon. No, I don’t think I’m being vindictive. Not here, and no permanent damage, please! You’ll see. Have fun!”

Now, it was Chaos and Trixie who gazed sidelong, shyly, at each other. Trixie’s eyes were very big. Teasing forgotten, she gulped and dared to ask, “So… what is Seventeen C?”

Chaos’s horn flared brightly, and a mass of thick tentacles dripping green slime burst out of the slim blue alicorn’s body at every point. The hideous, fell monstrosity lunged, seizing hapless Trixie even as she cowered back in shock, and it stretched high into the air, tentacles grasping Trixie’s every limb and splaying her obscenely. Even as a tentacle bent towards the helpless mare’s private parts, the monster that had been Chaos began hurrying toward the door, Trixie flailing in its grip. As she vanished into the corridor, captive to a hideous perverted tentacle monster, Trixie heaved in a deep breath and cried out, loudly.


The door slammed. The squelches and happy, anticipatory squeals headed rapidly down the hallway.

Twilight and Celestia stared at each other.

“Is there a Seventeen D?” asked Twilight, warily.

Celestia sighed. “If there is, I doubt there’s a pony in Equestria that’s equal to it…”

Zecora frowned, bit in her teeth. “Hrrm.”

She lay on her back, and a fine healthy zebra cock jutted skyward from between her legs. Her ears laid back as well, as she contemplated the projecting, throbbing maleness before her.

Fluttershy contemplated it as well, but with much more enthusiasm. “Eeeee!”

“I b’lieve,” said Zecora, “you sh’d climb up now. I am r’dy.”

Fluttershy took a step toward her, legs wobbling and wings stiffly erect, and squealed again. “You have to pick me up and put me on it! I’m too excited to walk! Eeee!”

Zecora’s eyes bugged out. “And h’w am I s’pposed to…”

Fluttershy squeaked shrilly, and dashed forward onto Zecora. Dursaa had smacked her bottom with a hoof. She turned to deliver a withering glare to her original stallion, who grinned back at her and turned to Zecora, under her.

“You are welcome,” he said gravely. “This will probably be easier if you enter her first. Let me know when you are comfortable.”

Zecora’s ears were still back, her expression fretful as she experienced having that rude male thing, a penis, stuck on her crotch. She set her jaw, and flinched as the pressure from her teeth made the thing palpably stiffen. “Fl’ttershy? Grace this strange thing w’th the touch of y’r body. It is coarse. G’ve it the kiss of y’r nether lips.”

Fluttershy, wild-eyed, looked about to protest, but then thought twice. As much as she wanted to go passive and be forcibly mated by both natural and artificial stallions, there was no mistaking Zecora’s inexperience. Though she didn’t want to, Fluttershy had to take a more active role or see the whole thing fizzle in a fumble of virgin zebra awkwardness.

She pouted. “Oh, all right,” she said, and then saw the distressed, rudderless look in Zecora’s eyes and relented. “You really haven’t got any idea what to do, have you?”

Zecora shook her head.

A sweet little halfsmile flickered around Fluttershy’s soft muzzle… and she bent, and kissed her lover.

“It feels like this,” said Fluttershy, and shifted her rounded hips deftly, as if she’d always had the capacity to do that and the whole submissive thing had been a pose.

Dursaa’s eyes widened in appreciation. Shy had always been so wilfully helpless, but now?

Now, she nuzzled Zecora’s nose, her eyes half-lidded, and those buttery hindquarters moved with perfect assurance, not helpless at all. She positioned herself easily, scooting forward with demure grace, and then Fluttershy made her move.

“Nnnnh!” grunted Zecora, her eyes widening.

Silky pegasus pussy spread itself lovingly over the end of her cock, winking to receive that zebra gift, her glistening slickened flesh pressing down upon Zecora’s alien hardness.

Zecora’s eyes went wide as her teeth gritted upon the bit… then visibly rolled back in her head. “Nrrrrrhh!”

“Like… this…” crooned Fluttershy, pressing herself back serenely, and inch after inch of hard black zebrahood slid so smoothly into the blissful pegasus, like it was the most natural thing in Equestria.

Zecora shuddered. Her eyes weren’t focussed any longer. Her body shivered in little pleasure jolts. “Rrrnnnhh!”

Fluttershy gently bit her lip. “Mmmmhhh!” she moaned, and Dursaa watched her lovely rump tense as she squeezed upon Zecora, who responded only by pounding the bed with a forehoof, her rear hooves curling in the air.

“Dursaa?” panted Fluttershy, rapt. “Now. Now… oh quickly… before she…”

Dursaa nodded solemnly. “I am oozey, merely from witnessing it. I will go fetch the butter.”

Fluttershy’s eyes widened. “No!”

“But dearest!” protested Dursaa. “Me, in that hole? We must lubricate, or I cannot thrust!”

“There’s no time!” gasped Fluttershy. “I oooooh… she’s throbbing, about to blow! Oh, Dursaa, get on me, right now!”

Dursaa trotted in place, shaking the house. “I would! But… Fluttershy, be reasonable?”

“I’ll fix it!” begged Fluttershy. “Don’t screw this up! Pleeeeease, now now now!”

Dursaa stared at the pert little pegasus rump squirming before him, tail flicked to the side, medium-size zebra cock plunged up her pussy. He gulped… but he was not a husband to resist the pleadings of his pony wife. Dursaa promptly moved forward and mounted both of them in turn, probing cautiously with his hips, his massive cock dripping pre-come and thumping Fluttershy’s bottom.

“Eeeee!” squealed Fluttershy. She began to pant rapidly, staring into space, every fiber of her being ready to fully experience all of what she’d contrived for herself.

Dursaa’s hips shifted forward, and his flare tucked under Shy’s tail with a juicy sglitch, so copious was his ooze.

Fluttershy’s mouth opened in a soundless cry of lawless ecstacy.

Dursaa’s body slowly bent over her, as he squeezed his massive erection into Fluttershy’s other hole.

She didn’t scream, but her expression shifted from shameless delight to delicious terror and shock. It kept going, inch after inch… and then, it didn’t, as the meager lubrication was used up. Shy clamped down on his throbbing bulk, her anus searing as if it was on fire, and locked him in place. There wouldn’t be any moving, and he wasn’t going to come out, for his flare swelled up inside her until her pelvis creaked under the strain, her butt corked tight by her zebra stallion.

“Oh… my… GOSH!” gasped Fluttershy.

“Rrrnnnhh!” moaned Zecora.

As Fluttershy tried to withstand the titanic pressure of Dursaa’s cock plugging her ass, she wriggled and squeezed down instinctively as hard as she could. There was no resisting the impulse: everything in her psyche screamed to clamp down on the agonizingly huge thing lest it burst her completely. As she did, she delivered fierce clenches onto Zecora’s sensitive, never-experienced horsecock.

Zecora shook roughly. “Rrrrrhhh!”

“Oh my… Oh! OH!” squeaked Fluttershy.

The more she clenched, the harder it drove her dick-sporting zebra mare. Zecora was panting harshly through the magic bit, her teeth showing. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and her hips first squirmed, then began to heave. She was pinned under a pegasus sandwich composed of Fluttershy and Dursaa, and though they did not move, the result of their passionate coupling began to drive Zecora insane.



Dursaa could only hold still, could only cling to Fluttershy, poor Fluttershy… or, perhaps, lucky Fluttershy. She was not one to bounce hectically upon a stallion, but it would not be required of her this time. Dursaa, eyes wide, glanced under himself and saw the truth. He wasn’t thrusting, and his body was holding Fluttershy in place, but under her Zecora was steadily losing control, and the zebra mare’s hips were delivering involuntary thrusts, plunging juicily into Fluttershy even as she squealed and clenched.

He tried to scoot forward, so Zecora wouldn’t plunge so deep, for he could feel Fluttershy’s body jolting in his embrace. She was taking it rougher and rougher, and he was inadvertently pinning her down, the anvil upon which Zecora hammered her. Dursaa began to feel the thrusts thumping up at him through Fluttershy.



“Zecora!” gasped Dursaa, clutching Fluttershy’s fevered shaking body to him, trying to coax her forward and make space.

Suddenly, Zecora threw her forelegs around them in just as fierce a clutch.


With an abandoned cry, Zecora doubled up and shoved as deeply into Fluttershy as she could, and let loose a stallion’s load in a single brutal spasm… impaling her squealing, shuddering lover on horsecock and gushing hotly into her womb.

Fluttershy shrieked, and she thrashed in mind-mangling orgasm, her wings frizzing out into featherduster states that kept on fuzzily jittering for second after second as she came and came and came.

Dursaa grunted, and filled Fluttershy’s tail end with stallion-cream, his thickness throbbing cruelly within her. He couldn’t help it any more than he could help breathing. He’d wanted to hold off and spare her the extra trial, but confronted with the sheer intensity of erotic excess under him, there was no chance of repressing it even for a second.

Fluttershy’s shriek escalated seemingly beyond the range of equine hearing as she felt zebra come swelling her body and pumping ruthlessly into her… and with a final flutter of disheveled wings, she passed out.

Zecora sagged; dazed, stunned.

“Zecora!” moaned Dursaa. “How could you? We have done great harm, surely!”

The zebra mare’s ear twitched. “Mrrrh? Oh… th’s, let me lose th’s…”

She spat the bit out onto the bed beside her. The magical marecock shrank away and disappeared, followed by an equally disappearing flood of horsecome, and then a weaker trickle that was part straw-colored ooze and part scarlet, spilling onto Zecora’s inner thighs.

Dursaa was craning his neck around and trying to see the damage. “Uhhh!” he cried, spying red, and tried to jump aside. The trouble was, his cock remained locked in Fluttershy’s ass, and he simply yanked her about, frail yellow pegasus flopping around like a rag doll of a pony.

“Be still!” demanded Zecora, shaking her head to clear it, the dazed look leaving her eyes.

Dursaa complied. Fluttershy dangled foolishly from his erection, for he’d frozen in place and his flare was still locked in her butt, though he’d gone more limp in the few seconds since his orgasm. She sprawled across the bed, face against the soft sheets.

The look in her unfocussed eyes would have said ‘pleasured into a quivering puddle of mare’ even if her tongue hadn’t been lolling out of her foolishly smiling mouth.

As Dursaa looked down upon her, Fluttershy delivered her opinion of the proceedings.


Dursaa’s flare popped out of her butt as she sagged into a state of complete limpness, drooling on the bedspread. Her pretty rump thudded onto the mattress, squirting more horsecome. The goofy smile on her face only broadened.

Zecora’s ears were back, but she was fighting off a smirk. “My goodness. She had better rest! Seems double zebra passed her test.”

“She’s bleeding!” moaned Dursaa. “We’ve done wrong! Why did you get so rough?”

Zecora blinked. “I do not know. Dursaa, don’t fear! It’s no sad pony we have here.”

“We hurt her!” protested Dursaa. He turned to Fluttershy. Her eyes focussed on him, or near him.

“Aggg…” she drooled, peering up benevolently at one of her stallions, not quite sure which but loving both of them without reservation.

“Tell us you will be all right!” begged Dursaa.

At this, Zecora shook her head again. Instead of arguing with him, she staggered over, and she prodded Fluttershy with a hoof, causing a sort of ripple effect and a wave of marely pheromones to waft forth. “Tell him! I know you are a vampire, but our stallion seems to have forgotten in his excitement!”

Fluttershy blinked. “Mrrr. Huh? I’m ever so all right. Oooooooh…”

Zecora tried to fight off a smirk. “Oh, Fluttershy. What are we going to do with you?”

That made the obliterated vampegasus knit her brow, and summon her efforts, adorably, for coherent speech. They watched her gather her strength and take a deep breath.

“Do THAT,” replied Fluttershy. “Again!” She sagged, her message delivered, tongue lolling out of her mouth as her eyes went unfocussed once more.

Zecora smiled. “Heal your hurts, sweet Fluttershy. We’ll revisit… by and by.”

Trixie writhed in the grip of the hideous tentacle monster, which cried, “Oh, I say! Must you?”

She spat out the tip of a tentacle and gave it a horrible grin. “You’ll never penetrate the Great And Powerful Trixie!”

The monster boggled politely at her. “Perhaps I’ve misunderstood? ‘Whee’ seemed fairly clear, you know.”

Trixie blinked, suspended in the air by tentacles grasping all her limbs. “Trixie means, you’ll never ram tentacles into Trixie’s every orifice as she squeals and struggles!” She winked, flicking her tail around excitedly.

“On the contrary,” purred the monster, “I just might! But whatever gives you the impression that I wouldn’t? You’re making less and less sense, my dear. Charming as it is, I confess I’m puzzled.”

Trixie heaved a deep breath, and glared at the nearest eyeball, which was on a stalk. “Very well, then. Trixie defies you! Trixie wishes to fight you with all her strength and ingenuity, defending the honor of her glorious unicorn vagina! And of course her bottom, and mouth, and possibly ears if you’re so inclined though Trixie imagines that would be more of a distraction than a perversion. You’ll not plunge wickedly into the Great And Powerful Trixie despite her fiercest efforts, so there!”

The eyeball blinked.

“What’s the magic word?” said the tentacle monster, and waited.

Trixie gave a huge, theatrical sigh, tears of frustration in her eyes, and gave in.


“Yay!” cried the monster, and Trixie squealed in delighted alarm as a horde of slithering tentacles all came at her at once. They splayed her legs with effortless strength, yanked on her tail in playful glee… another tentacle went to slither down her throat but she snapped at it savagely.

“Oh, no, Miss Lulamoon! Can’t catch me twice that way!” said the monster. “Brace yourself…”

Thick writhing tentacles plunged up Trixie’s vagina and ass, and she let out a desecrated shriek and was flung into orgasm, her body shuddering all over and her vision dimming with the force of her climax. She felt herself whirling, wasn’t sure whether she was facing up or down and didn’t care, felt the tentacles slithering all over her body even as they ravaged her openings, another tentacle shoving up her to join the one already frolicing in her pussy…

“Ha!” remarked the monster. “That should do it!”

Trixie croaked. The thing had her by the neck, cutting off her air for a moment, then repositioning. It clutched her head, and she couldn’t twist and bite.

“Now, it’s time for little unicorns to get messy…”

The tentacles began to exude a glistening green goo, and Trixie felt the same substance working its way down their length. Globs of it squeezed through the tentacles thrust deeply inside her, and no matter how she clenched and tried to block them, the tentacle monster was too strong. The goo pumped, glob by glob, into her body. As her head was held back, a dripping tentacle lovingly stroked her throat.

“Muscle relaxant,” the monster informed her cordially. “Brief but effective. It might have been invented just for you!”

Trixie whimpered, trying to hold her mouth closed, a wild look in her eyes. More and more of the stuff pumped into her vagina and anus, and she felt her body going bonelessly limp in the tentacles’ grip. Her neck was weakening, and the thing slithered around her tightly shut mouth.

“Mm, rrmmmm…” moaned Trixie, shuddering. She could no longer move her head. She felt a tentacle begin to wrap itself around her horn, fondling it obscenely, spreading the vile goo drippingly across her unicorn’s pride.

“There’s a good girl. Open…”

The tentacles up her pussy had quieted, as if to let her focus on what was happening to her increasingly helpless head and horn.

A tentacle tip teasingly tickled her muzzle. Her lips weren’t responding to her panicky directions any more.

The monster quivered, and gave a little sigh. “Now… ALL the way.”

A tentacle parted her lips, wriggled past her teeth.

Her eyes swiveled wildly—it was the last voluntary action she could do.

And, as a thick tentacle plunged down Trixie Lulamoon’s throat, she felt the tentacle up her ass surge deeper, following a twisty oozy path, and the ones up her pussy seized that same moment to squirm through her cervix and into her womb, where they wriggled cheerfully if rather cautiously.

And, to top it all off, the tentacle clutching her lovely blue horn began to grasp and stroke her there, with casual greediness.

Trixie, tentacles wriggling in every imaginable orifice, made a muffled squall and began spurting thick gouts of glowing horncome, tirelessly. The monster cooed with delight and masturbated her horn harder and harder, though it was all the other tentacles that stimulated Trixie to distraction and drove her to orgasm until she was exhausted. It seemed the creature enjoyed the tingle as her horn gushed magic. It certainly enjoyed fondling Trixie all over, suspending her in the air and playing with her limp body with every sign of glee.

She made muffled, incoherent, orgiastic cries as her horn spurted luminous horncome all over the room. A curtain caught fire. Neither unicorn nor tentacle monster noticed. Chaos, in her grotesque writhing form, devoted tentacle after tentacle to the erotic devouring of Trixie Lulamoon, who’d defied the desecration until the slithering green muscle relaxant had rendered her completely helpless, a quivering mare whose every orifice was being boldly cavorted within.

Trixie croaked feebly, her body shuddering in sensual anguish, and as green goo dripped down her face, her horn gave a final piteous squirt and gave out. Upon it, goo steamed and bubbled. The monster had driven her so hard that her horn was smoking, its end visibly charred.

Gently, the tentacles released her, depositing her lovingly upon the bed, and then they all began slapping each other squelchingly in applause, green goo flying everywhere.

“Oh, I say, bravo!”

“Gggglllll…” burbled Trixie, and coughed. “…h—how long?”

“As long as I wish them to be, silly pony!” cooed the monster. “Weren’t they long enough? I do believe I tickled the horns of your uterus. Was it too uncomfortable? I felt almost obliged, simply because I could. Pray don’t tell me you regretted it! Shall I turn back?”

Trixie’s eyes widened. “Noooo! H—how long does—the muscle thing—last?”

“But I told you. It’s already wearing off. If I’m not mistaken, I can also lay glowing gelatinous eggs in you. Rather large lumps passing slowly through the relevant tentacles. But I think creating more of these creatures would be rather unpopular in Equestria as a rule…”

Trixie, wobbling, staggered over and hugged the mass of wriggling hideousness. “Eeeee! Do it again!”

The monster coughed in surprise. Trixie, slathered in a fresh coat of green goo, fell over with all her limbs giving way again. Chaos spotted the flaming curtain, and aimed a tentacle, firing a glob of goo. The curtain sizzled and went out.

“My,” said Chaos. “It seems popular with a discerning few. Perhaps you could put in a word with Celly?”

Trixie shook herself, struggling to her hooves, her eyes glowing with inspiration. “You have to do this for Mistress! For Twilight!”

Chaos cleared her throat and extended a quizzical eyestalk. “I think Twilight is taken care of, dear.”

Trixie thought, then brightened.

“Then you have to do this for Rarity! Please?”

The mass of gooey, slimy, disgusting tentacles seemed to smile.

“By Jove, you have the most ingenious ideas, Miss Lulamoon…”

Twilight lay across Celestia’s body, enfolded by alicorn forelegs and swaddled in alabaster coverts. Her head moved gently, her eyelids nearly closed—but though her pose was foalishly trusting, though she felt herself cherished and protected, she did not feel innocent.

And though Celestia nestled Twilight’s mare body in her wings with motherly awe and tenderness, yet she did not feel protective.

Two little pink tongues extended, to reach and caress their long-desired goals.

Two lovely marehoods shivered at the touch, winking outward to present the protruding clitoris for more loving attentions.

Twilight moaned happily, rubbing her cheek against Celestia’s soft breasts, and stretched forward in stubbornness and wilful determination, her tongue outstretched as far as it could go. She wanted another taste. Celestia’s nectars dripped downward across her dock and radiant tail’s base, for she was on the bottom, but by stretching her neck and tongue out Twilight could just barely touch her tongue to her Princess’s silky pink opening, and be rewarded by the slippery juices of a beautiful, elegant alicorn.

She squeaked, adorably, as she was dragged back for the fifth time. Her Princess hungered also.

Twilight’s squee of kittenish frustration turned into a deep moan. Even her hind legs braced against Celestia’s wing shanks weren’t enough to resist Celestia’s strong forelegs dragging her lavender body back, wriggling unicorn rump presented for royal attentions. The attentions were tongue-related. Celestia, her eyes closed as she wallowed in her experience, worshipped Twilight’s little vagina with her ample tongue, licking up eager unicorn juices and then pointing her tongue and pressing it against the fevered, confining nook. Twilight felt so alive there, her pussy quivering and tensing against the sensual touch, little shivers coursing through her body with each lick, with each soft and insistent half-entry.

“Eeee!” squeaked Twilight again. “Stoppit!” She resumed struggling forward, straining to reach. Sixty-nining was a frustrating thing when your partner was physically larger than you. If she was eager enough, it became either sixing or nineing: being eaten out until you came, with a lovely vagina tempting you from a few inches away, unreachable.

Celestia chuckled, the vibrations deliciously permeating Twilight’s body. “Truly? My exquisite unicorn does not wish this boon?”

“Not fair!” panted Twilight. “Can’t I do you?”

“But you do so much,” teased Celestia. “You hardly needed me at all with the vampires. How you have grown! What a lovely young mare you’ve become.” She licked her lips, eyes twinkling.

Twilight glanced back in mock annoyance. “Since when are unicorns for drinking? You’ll have me dehydrated, because apparently I don’t get to drink YOU back!”

“All your fluids are magical, darling,” purred Celestia. She blinked, and an ear twitched. “Er… you know what I mean. I fear I am a little old-fashioned. For me, the fluids of love come from vaginal walls and testicles and the horn, of course. I know some of your friends cast a wider net than that.”

Twilight’s ears laid back. “Yeah, they do. Um. Do you know the first thing that came to mind was blood? Probably from knowing Trixie and Rarity. I’m with you, Princess, let’s not get too experimental here. I know what I like, too.”

“And what do you like, exquisite one?” said Celestia. “What do you like best? Perhaps I can let you scoot forward, just a bit, to reach your sought-after goal. If you are good. But tread upon my wing shanks much more with those cute little hooves, and I cannot answer for the consequences…”

Twilight didn’t whirl, though, didn’t resume struggling to reach Celestia’s marehood with squees of delight. She continued meeting Celestia’s eyes, and her expression was thoughtful.

“Princess? I think I do know what I like best. We’ve never done it, but I think if we’re good it’ll work. Do you mean that?”

“Of course I do!” declared Celestia. “Name it.”

“I won’t need to,” said Twilight smugly. “You’ll see. Is Trixie using… no, I saw her leave with Chaos as a tentacle monster. I’m pretty sure it’s free. Just a moment.”

She concentrated, and her horn lit—and between them, a small metal object materialized. Twilight smiled, her eyes wickedly narrowed, at Celestia’s startled expression.

“Oh, my,” said the Princess. “Look at you! Beloved, I would be honored. You’ve grown so much that you propose to mount alicorns and inseminate them? How forceful, how masterful! And your wing work has turned me to jelly, darling. You have indeed come a long way from the insecure filly frightened of magic kindergarten. Before you ask, I’m sure Swirlie won’t mind. You may need me to crouch, because of our size difference…”

She trailed off.

Twilight’s expression was still pure unicorn naughtiness, but the floating bit was insistently moving towards Celestia’s mouth.

The Princess’s eyes flew wide at the thought, and a distinct wet sound met the air. Both alicorn and unicorn had winked hard, at the same moment.

“Yes,” said Twilight Sparkle. “Like I said, if we’re good I think it’ll work. I want you inside me. Give me… the royal D.”

Celestia gulped. “Oh, Twilight.”

“It’s not like you weren’t nearly fucking me with your tongue alone,” scolded Twilight playfully. She wriggled her hips in front of Celestia’s face. “You like this purple pussy that much, huh? Come on. Take ALL of it. Conquer my body, it’s all yours. Fill me with dickprincess loving!”

“Oh, Twilight! Oh, my.”

Twilight hesitated. “Or… okay, it’s gonna break my heart, but are you telling me you’re too big? As you might imagine I’ve never seen you with a dick. I just assumed I’d probably be able to… aw, crap! In that case…”

Celestia was shaking her head. “Nay, do not panic. It is just daring, but then so are you. Pray climb off of me, beloved.” Her lips curled in a wry smile. “Lest I poke thine eye out.”

With another kittenish squeak, Twilight scrambled and rolled off Celestia’s mighty barrel, sprawling on the bed in a tangle of unicorn limbs. In moments, she was on her hooves again, watching Celestia’s crotch avidly.

Celestia’s teeth clamped down upon the bit, and a majestic horsecock sprang forth in its full glory, jutting boldly into the air.

“Oooooh!” gasped Twilight, her eyes wide. Trepidation mixed with sheer lust, in her intelligent gaze.

Celestia bowed her head slightly. “Although it is unc’vil to draw comparisons at s’ch times, and indeed my thoughts are bent upon you and you alone, I may say th’t my mate Chaos h’s asked for me to use this upon her. In her natural form, I mean. And NOT using Chaos magic. We’ll speak no m’re of that, I only mention it because her form as Chaos is even smaller th’n you, or at least her rump appears smaller than yours…”

Twilight snorted with amusement. “Are you saying my butt is too big, Princess?”

Celestia’s eyes widened further in alarm. “N’y! N’y! I only m’nt to s’ggest that it might fit into you, my l’ve!”

“Oh no no no,” teased Twilight, wriggling her hips as if to pounce, pawing the bed with a forehoof.

Celestia gulped. “No?”

“Not might,” corrected Twilight. “It WILL fit into me. It’s about to. Oh, gosh! So fucking exciting. How should we… wait, I know! We’ll do it like this.”

She dove forward and rolled onto her back, curling her legs up. Celestia, cock throbbing, stared dumbfounded at the sight of Twilight, belly up, pert unicorn vagina glistening enticingly with lube and awaiting its impending stallioning.

“Gimme the Royal D,” said Twilight confidently. “Er… nice and slow. It’s big, but I can take it. Not that much bigger than Rarity, really, and you don’t have to go to the hilt. In fact you can’t, at that length.”

Celestia straddled her. She gazed down. “R’rity? R’lly?”

Twilight reached up, and thumped Celestia on the sides with her forehooves. “Storytime’s over! Love me.”

“Oh,” breathed Celestia, “I do.”

She gazed deeply into Twilight’s eyes, and with eager cautiousness, guided the royal horsecock to its expectant home.

Twilight gasped as it touched her. So blunt and thick! She’d half expected a show of force, a slow and ruthless pressure. Celestia wasn’t in that sort of mood. Instead, she’d nudged against Twilight’s slickness, positioning and tucking into her slippery nook at the surface, and then giving further nudges. They pushed against her unicorn vagina’s tightness, trying her out for fit, discovering as expected that she was a bit of a challenge, a cramped little marepussy eager but not quite up to the task of relaxing and letting a mighty alicorn penis in.

Celestia tensed her jaw, and then remembered. As Twilight wriggled and gasped, feeling the flare expand against her labia, Celestia intentionally released pressure on the metal cylinder, holding it as loosely as she dared. Her eyebrows knit in concentration as she balanced this against the positioning of her hips, gauged angles and pressures…

With a juicy pop, the Princess’s flare poked into Twilight’s pussy, right past the band of tightness, to fill her shallowly with stallion’s flesh.

“Ahhhh!” squealed Twilight, eyes very wide.

Celestia smiled, still keeping her jaw as slack as she could. It only helped somewhat, but it was so worth it. She watched enamoured as Twilight’s expression changed. Those violet eyes stayed wide, but at first Twilight’s face showed delicious alarm and vulnerability—not pain, but obvious fright mingled with the arousal. Then, she began to wriggle and squeeze at the hot bulk penetrating her… and that expression gradually melted, a look of awe supplanting the fear, and then what could only be described as exaltation.

Twilight’s heart pounded, she trembled, but she felt she’d never been so aroused in all her life. She reached up, and thumped Celestia’s sides with her hooves again, dreamily. “Move…”

Twilight hastily redefined the concept of ‘more aroused than she’d ever been in all her life’. Celestia’s first motion wasn’t even her hips. It was her jaw.

The statuesque alicorn princess, wings stiffly erect, held quite still but bared her teeth before Twilight’s wide, shocked eyes. Her gaze held Twilight’s, watching her expression as strong equine teeth began to clamp down upon the magic toy they held, in waves of pressure and relaxation, more and more insistently.

Inside Twilight’s pussy, the stallionhood surged. It swelled hungrily, taking her breath away, easing off for a moment and then coming back with even more fierce throbbing intensity.

Twilight wriggled, panting wildly, hyperventilating. “Oh my gosh!”

“Hrrrrr…” crooned Celestia. Her eyes gleamed, and she grinned with bared teeth around the magic bit.

She began to tug the hardening horsecock slightly, and coax it deeper as it surged.

“Oh my!” gasped Twilight. “Oh m… aahhhh!”

“I l’ve you,” crooned Celestia, as she straddled the pretty unicorn mare who was once her charge, once her equal, and was now her lover with all the passion of her little mortal pony heart. Celestia’s nostrils flared as she gently tugged the oversized horsecock and thrust it a little deeper into Twilight. “I l’ve you, and I am going to c’me inside you.”

“Uhhh!” moaned Twilight abandonedly. She curled her legs up, trying to wrap them around Celestia’s sedately moving body. She shook, feeling the hungry stallionflesh slide a little deeper with each worshipful thrust, her pussy melting down and barely keeping ahead of the twinges of overstrain, each wave of deeper surrender yielding a softness that was immediately met by renewed male hardness.

Celestia was becoming outrageously stiff, like rock. Even her grin began to look hard, triumphant. “And I w’nt to, how I w’nt to,” she hissed between her teeth.

Twilight’s jaw dangled in an expression that mingled the deepest desire with growing alarm. She gave way to a fierce shudder as if her body’d been seized by a little earthquake, then another. Her eyes went unfocussed, and then she fought back, forcing herself to speak coherently.

“Not in… the horn!” begged Twilight.

Celestia blinked, and some of the voraciousness ebbed away. “Wh’t?”

“I’m gonna… gonna come!” panted Twilight.

“I kn’w,” said her Princess, proudly.

“No, I mean… I’m gonna squirt! And I mustn’t! Look at you, you’d take me out!”

Celestia’s eyes widened. “We are n’t here to end you, beloved! Fear not!”

Twilight was panting, writhing in erotic overload, though Celestia had gone still and calm. “I know I know I know! I know not to come, I mean not that way! I thought… I thought…”

Celestia gazed into her eyes. “Oh, l’ve. What did you think?”

Twilight’s lip quivered. Her eyes glistened. “I… I need you to come in me. Oh, Celestia!”

“And so I sh’ll,” said the Princess, and bore down slightly on the magic bit. Her cock swelled inside Twilight’s wildly aroused vagina, taking the little unicorn’s breath away.

“Aahhh! But, but but… you mustn’t squirt! How can we control this? I’m gonna die if I arc with you!”

Celestia’s eyes challenged… but then she bowed her head, and spoke gently. “The Pr’ncess of Order is v’ry controlled. I thought you w’ld know this, my l’ve.”

Twilight panted, frantic. “But I wasn’t going to squirt! And I don’t think I can help it if you keep doing that! And I don’t want to hurt you, I don’t want to go, what would Trixie think, you’d be so sad, I need to not let you arc…”

“Twil’ght,” soothed Celestia, holding still.

“But I promised myself I wouldn’t, I know how dangerous, I… ahhh!”

Celestia had tensed her jaw again. “The Pr’ncess of Order is v’ry controlled! D’nt you underst’nd? Do you trust me?”

Twilight’s eyes were wild, seeking explanations and excuses. Then, as the Princess nudged her equine erection a little deeper, Twilight shuddered all over and a tragic look entered her eyes.

“T’ll the truth!” demanded her Princess and her stallion and her entire world, right then.

“I don’t want to control myself!” sobbed Twilight, shivering all over. “I love you! I want you to LIGHT ME THE FUCK UP!”

Celestia took a deep breath.

“I kn’w.”

“You do?” squeaked Twilight.

“I kn’w. You c’n trust me to do what is r’ght, in spite of you.”

“But, but, but…”

“Do you tr’st me?”


“Do you tr’st me?” repeated Celestia.

Twilight’s mind was reeling. The horsecock wedged into her was throbbing in gleeful maleness, aching to take her all the way. She’d wanted to keep control, to show her Princess how fully equal she was even as a simple unicorn mare, that her willpower and brilliant mind could rise to every occasion. That she’d never do foolish things or be out of control, needing rescuing, helpless…

Her eyes were huge and vulnerable. Celestia’s burned with passion and confidence… and, perhaps, just a hint of tragedy, of past mistakes learned from, determination to be worthy of any trust.

“I trust you,” said Twilight in a tiny voice.

Celestia bowed her head. She nuzzled Twilight’s sweet face… then, her horn gently rubbed Twilight’s, and it felt like an electrical jolt and every bit of resistance in Twilight Sparkle melted away in a flood of irresistible desire.

“L’t go, my love,” said Princess Celestia, and set her jaw.

Twilight gasped, as the horsecock surged inside her again. It couldn’t get much larger, for it was already a monumental throbbing presence inside her, and only her jelly-like yieldingness allowed her to take its bulk.

It slid against her walls, tugging until the flare was all that wedged it into her… and then thrust forward, plunging to her quivering depths.


“L’t go…” urged Celestia gravely.

Twilight writhed, her vision whiting out. The sensation was mind-manglingly intense, all the more since some part of her still struggled to stay in control. She felt like an unexploded bomb of sexual unicorn magic, floating in the heart of a Sun, protected by her shred of willpower alone.

Celestia tugged again. The stallion flare hardened inside Twilight, as she shuddered and made a strangled noise… and juicy slurpings began to emanate from between them. Celestia had begun a gentle, insistent thrusting, and Twilight’s insides were churned by the steady motion and her eyes grew wild…

“You sh’ll let go,” said Celestia, her nostrils flaring… not with aggression, or not that much, but laying down the law for her recalcitrant mare lover all the same. She looked off into the distance for a moment as if fixing her mind upon an unshakeable intent, and then she gazed lovingly into Twilight’s eyes, and Princess Celestia smiled.

Twilight clutched at Celestia’s body… both with her frantically excited vagina, and by trying to wrap her legs around her alicorn lover’s gently thrusting form. She stared back in desperation, hysterical and shaking all over, and her eyes widened and widened and then a yearning, tragic look entered them, and still she hung on, with force of will alone…

Celestia firmly gritted her teeth on the bit. Her hips swung unhurriedly. The huge, hard stallionhood kept thrusting into Twilight’s juicy, molten vagina, which clenched and winked around it faster and faster, Twilight’s tail thrashing under it as the noises grew still more obscene from the oozing of Celestia’s precome, turning the physical strain of the tight coupling into a sensuous, greased ecstacy of ever-intensifying fucking…


Twilight’s eyes screwed shut in a final effort of control, and then when they opened they were focussed a million miles away.

“GHEEEEEE! Eeeeehhh! Aaahhhh!”

From Twilight’s horn erupted a glorious, thick gout of unicorn magic, the most beautiful thing Princess Celestia had ever seen. Even while she continued to thrust and grit her teeth upon the magic bit, her lover let go. Twilight surrendered utterly, her body shuddering in violent orgasm, clenching upon the thrusting stallionhood while she gushed copious magic and her eyes begged to arc and complete the circuit, to be saturated in Celestia’s magic and impregnated as if it were a true unicorn stallion within her.

Celestia kept it going for five seconds, still thrusting, her nostrils flaring harder and harder as Twilight writhed and shrieked under her contorting body… and then, she made good on her promises, every last one.

Her body stiffened over Twilight, and with a series of fierce throbs and spurts, Celestia came inside Twilight Sparkle, magic-induced horsecock going fully stiff and pumping hot come into Twilight’s quivering womb, drenching her in spooge.

Twilight squealed wildly, and the gush of magic from her horn became a torrent, splashing all across the magic-proof bedstead. Wincing with overstimulation, Celestia kept her motions going, churning a sea of lube and spooge inside Twilight, and the little pony writhed and screamed her lusty joy and, in turn, drenched the bedstead in magic, magic begging for its counterpart to merge with, begging to form a channel through which Twilight could take it all, take in the uncontrolled magic of her stallion at any cost.

Twilight’s voice began to give out, the clenching of her pussy becoming exhausted and weak, and still her horn squirted, and still Celestia watched, rapt, entranced, and gently thrust within her mad, exploding unicorn lover.

And at last, with a sweet, stricken cry, Twilight collapsed onto the bed, and her horn went dark.

Celestia sagged, panting. She released the magic bit, and the stallionhood withdrew into nothing, and Princess Celestia gathered limp Twilight to her and curled around her precious unicorn, straining her close and tight, snuggling her in a tightly furled ball of alicorn limbs and wings, tears in her eyes.

“…because I couldn’t be so lucky twice,” she managed.

Twilight stirred. Celestia gave her some air, and the lavender unicorn’s eyes opened. They bore a sultry, sated look such as Celestia had never seen.

“Wow,” breathed Twilight.

A nervous smile flickered around Celestia’s muzzle, as if the scope of the risk she’d taken was weighing on her. “Wow?” she said.

Twilight nodded. “Oooooh.” She nestled trustingly against Celestia, whose heart melted.

“Prithee, are those the most coherent remarks you have for your Princess?” said Celestia.

The sultry gaze fixed upon her again.

“Mmmmm,” added Twilight Sparkle. Then, she giggled.

Celestia felt herself smiling harder and harder. “My fault, entirely.”

Twilight nodded, smug. Then her face grew more serious. “I don’t see any holes in the wall. Do you have to let go? You held it back the whole time.” She kissed Celestia’s muzzle, shamelessly. “My hero.”

Celestia wore a wry halfsmile. On close inspection, little sparks were scintillating all up and down her horn. “I am enjoying the pent up feeling,” she explained. “It is, after all, for you and not for blowing a hole in some wall or mountain. The romance of this pleases me, and thus I contain the energies still. Doubtless I’ll eventually have to discharge. I’ll light up Chaos later.”

Twilight blinked. “Um. Is that safe? Your horn…”

Celestia kissed her. “I imagine she will insist on being herself, just as you are so very yourself. Trust me, this won’t harm another alicorn. And I am in no hurry to rush off: there is some headache but you might say it is a delicious, magical soreness that I can enjoy for what it is…”

She gasped, for Twilight had bent her head, and touched her horn to Celestia’s.


“Just imagining,” teased her little unicorn. “So, you’re going to make love to Chaos later, and take care of that blue-horn with your blue-horn?”

Celestia gulped. “I am going to WRECK Chaos later. Thanks to you, you minx.”

Twilight smirked cheerfully at her. “Yeah. Do that.” Her expression softened. “Tell her it’s… with my blessing.”

They kissed. There was no hurry.

“Trot outside and see the sunshine,” sang Fluttershy happily, heading out to feed her chickens. She’d told Dursaa and Zecora that she meant to do that and then go shopping in Ponyville.

Trot, however, she did not. Fluttershy still couldn’t walk after her double zebra. “It’s okay,” she reassured Dursaa. “Give me a day or two and I’ll be fine. Nopony will guess except other pegasi, maybe, and they’ll be ever so jealous. It’s fine! Everything is wonderful.”

“If you are sure?” said Dursaa fretfully.

“I am!” called Fluttershy. “Goodbye! I’m shopping now! I won’t be back for a couple of hours, and certainly won’t be anywhere near here!”

Then, she was gone, and Dursaa and Zecora looked at each other.

“Our vampire pony’s had her fun,” said Zecora. “Between us, then, a job well done?”

Dursaa frowned. “You were too rough. What use such stuff? Don’t cruelly thump her little rump. The cost you’ve seen. It’s kind of m…”

He stopped, for Zecora had put a hoof to his muzzle, and she had her Elder look going on again.

“Dursaa, please,” scolded Zecora. “Perhaps it is just the aftereffects of my experience, but I feel you are not understanding mares as well as you might. Specifically, I do not think you understand straight mares, and that is what our Fluttershy essentially is. Perhaps it goes deeper, perhaps there is an essence of femaleness at play here!”

“I do not argue that,” said Dursaa. “Fluttershy is the most wonderfully submissive wife. My concern is that your rough lovemaking hurt her. What got into you, Zecora?”

She shook her head. “That is a separate thing. I am dismayed, Dursaa: I believed myself free of male dick-headedness, and as soon as I wore one of my own, there I was, pounding sweet Fluttershy’s pussy. It is not what I wanted, or planned.”

“Nor I!” protested Dursaa. “Will you promise to forswear such attitudes?”

Zecora was frowning. “It is not as simple as that. I took joy in it, Dursaa. I must be honest, or what good am I? It left me strangely unfulfilled, but Fluttershy thrives. I wore a mask of penis, and I was a gleeful dick, Dursaa, but I will tell you this: Fluttershy enjoyed every moment of it. I have seen her in many situations over the years. I have seen her with you, and I have seen her after making love with you, but for all that I have never seen her so happy. Our pony needs me to be as I was, and she wishes you were more like that.”

Dursaa’s lip quivered. His eyes were tragic.

Zecora hmphed. “Oh, come on, Dursaa! Be brave! You must face these things. Honestly, for all your size and strength, the tribal Elders were right about you. It’s as if you were the m…”

Zecora froze, staring at nothing. Her eyes flicked about as if thoughts were flying through her head.

“Zecora?” said Dursaa, softly. “I am sorry.”

Zecora blinked.

“I am not,” she said brusquely, and marched off.

“Zecora?” called Dursaa. She’d gone to Fluttershy’s bathroom, and was rummaging through the medicine cabinet, sniffing at hamster cures and assorted veterinary powders. “Zecora, what are you doing?”

She turned up a packet of leaves, with an air of satisfaction. “What I wish, Dursaa. I am doing what I wish—what I have long wished.”

“But that’s the Earth Pony’s…”

Zecora dug out a few leaves, and chewed them up, making a face, swallowing. “Yes.”

Dursaa’s ears were back. “Zecora, what do you ask of me?”

He backed up, shy of her certainty as she marched boldly up to him, as if he expected a scolding. What he got was a kiss on the nose.

“To be just as you are, Dursaa. Fluttershy is a foolish mare. I will help you manage her, and we will teach her how to appreciate your ways.”

Dursaa knit his brow. “Oh?”

“Yes,” said Zecora. “Now come up to bed, or I will drag you by your ear.”

He gulped, and followed obediently, sniffing the air. As he did, his ears perked up.

Zecora circled the bed. “How do you… no. No, I will not ask you. Let me think. My posture was uncomfortable, but I still do not wish to mimick the straight mares and how they go about it. Dursaa! Onto the bed.”

He jumped heavily into bed, shaking the room, blushing because his penis had begun to drop and he had no idea whatsoever how it would be greeted. It seemed likely that Zecora wanted that to happen, but he wasn’t sure of anything.

Zecora climbed into bed with him. “Let us see…”

“What is at the window?” cried Dursaa fretfully.

They looked. There was nothing there.

“Calm yourself,” ordered Zecora. “This may be the truest expression of your lovemaking abilities.”

“I, I’m not sure…” began Dursaa.

Zecora turned to him and silenced him with a passionate kiss that half-bowled him over. Her eyes were closed, and her forelegs hugged his neck. Helpless and nearly on his back, Dursaa’s legs kicked feebly in the air as the kiss went on and on.

Quietly, his cock thrust out from between his legs, and swelled until it stood erect, poking jauntily at the shadow across the window.

Zecora broke for air. “Did you say ‘eeeee’?” she demanded.

Dursaa looked stunned. “No,” he said, “but it sounds like a good idea!”

Zecora laughed out loud. “You are ready! I think I am nearly ready, as well. Just a moment.” She rolled over, her back to him, and scooched up cozily. “There! I do not mount you, you do not mount me. We are comfortable and safe. If you would?”

Her shoulder began to move, her foreleg hidden. Dursaa blinked. “Zecora? I do not know when or if you wish me to penetrate you. You are not like other mares.”

She turned her head. “I am clopping, Dursaa.”

His ears went back. “Rather than be loved by me?”

“Oh, come on!” scolded Zecora. “Yes, mares are not supposed to do this, especially while they are with a stallion. But you are no more like other stallions than I am like other mares! Do not pout! Join me.”

“And clop?” questioned Dursaa, ears quizzically splayed.

She panted, breathing heavily. “Now you are putting me on,” she accused.

Dursaa’s eyes twinkled.

“Yes,” he admitted. “I am. You got me.”

“Not yet, I haven’t!”

“Well then,” rumbled Dursaa softly. “Say when…”

With a curious grace, Dursaa’s massive zebra hips shifted back, then forward. For a moment, he just stroked her body, admiring her as she pleasured herself, and then, with great care, Dursaa joined her.


“It will go easier,” said Dursaa, “once the head has entered…”

Zecora twisted, reaching out a foreleg, and slapped his rump as well as she could. She got the promontory of his hip, but the effect was the same: he grunted and shoved forward, and with a juicy squelch, Dursaa entered Zecora, his cock plunging eagerly into her taut and expectant pussy.

“Grrrr!” went Zecora, baring her teeth in pleasure. “Hrrrrr!”

Dursaa panted, his eyes a bit wild. “Are you a tigress, now? Will you bite me?”

She grinned, scrunching up her eyes in bliss, and tensed her pelvis. Dursaa yiped. She’d used her mare-ly muscles to nip at him vaginally, as nervousness had made him slightly soft and malleable.

Rapidly, the softness was remedied. Even as Zecora grasped at him, Dursaa’s erection swelled and burgeoned, coming to full mast.

“Thrust!” decreed Zecora. “But not like I did! I do not wish to be… aahhhh!”

He’d slid his cock deeper, and the power of speech left Zecora, her legs kicking on the bedspread as thick zebra cock sank into her.

“Is it too much?” said Dursaa. “Did I harm you, should I stop?”

She turned, and her eyes gleamed, and her teeth also gleamed in an exultant grin.

“Dursaa,” she said, “you are a miracle. That is just where I would wish you to reach, and you did stop without being asked. This feels amazing.”

“Oh,” said Dursaa. “Um. Good?”

“Nay,” said Zecora.

His ears went back. “I am sorry! Where did I fail?”

Her eyes danced. “Did I say you could stop? Oh mighty Dursaa… begin thrusting, just to there, while I clop myself. And do not stop until we have both exploded with pleasure!”

Solemnly, Dursaa nodded, and Zecora turned immediately to do as she’d said, her hoof working away between her legs.

At first it was quiet. Dursaa moved gently, his bulky form wrapping around Zecora in loving affection and his bulky shaft thrusting quietly into her stripey body, gleaming with slickness as it withdrew.

Then, the bold zebra mare began to moan in sweet abandon, her hooves kicking. Dursaa did not change his tempo, but he drew her closer, and he breathed heavier.

Zecora’s tail began to thrash. Her head thumped against the mattress as she tried to shake her mane. Her hooves kicked, and Dursaa clung to her and pressed a little deeper, his ears laying back.

Zecora’s motions became jerky, uncontrolled. Dursaa clung tighter… and then, the hoof that she’d been clopping with was out from between her legs, and she was clinging fiercely to Dursaa’s embracing forelegs, and trying to shove her rump against his crotch, zebra clitoris winking out against the intruding shaft.

Dursaa heaved great deep breaths. Zecora squealed, her ears laid back hard… and Dursaa firmly thrust his massive zebra cock into Zecora, and held it there at the spot she liked, and his body visibly spasmed, the stallionhood throbbing where it entered her.

Zecora let out a whoop, a sort of guttural shriek. She did it again. And then, both she and Dursaa were shuddering, clutching at each other, Zecora’s foreleg reaching back to try and hold Dursaa to her even though her back was turned. Her neck arched beautifully. Dursaa caressed it with a hoof, stroked her body in apparent rapture, shuddered as he added another gout of zebra semen to the flood he’d drenched her with.

They sagged against the bed, exhausted. Zecora’s belly was faintly distended.

“Uhhhh…” sighed Dursaa. “Oh! Does the volume of my issue hurt you? Sweet one?”

Zecora turned to regard him with pleasure-dazed eyes. “Should it? I feel so full, in there.”

“Perhaps a zebra mare can tolerate it more easily,” suggested Dursaa. His ears laid back in sudden alarm. “Was it you that said ‘yay’?”

Zecora blinked. “No, I did not. But I think I should say that!”

“Very well,” said Dursaa. “We’ll say it together! One, two…”

“Yay,” crooned Dursaa and Zecora, nestling stickily together with foolish grins.

Zecora turned back and snuggled against Dursaa’s chest, well satisfied with all her choices.

“Not bad… my lad,” she said.