The day before, Applejack had been working on the farm, when a spot of purple in the distance caught her eye. She paused, bent to rip a weed out of the ground with her teeth, spat it out and looked again. Yep, she thought—Twilight Sparkle.

Applejack wasn’t nearly done furrowing for the herb garden when Twilight arrived. Her neck was hurting, because she’d thought she could finish up quickly, but it seemed her mare-friend had trotted over even more quickly, and now batted violet eyes at her in perky curiosity.

“Whatcha doing, Applejack?”


With that, Applejack got back to work, digging the hoe into the earth and churning up a deep furrow. The hoe was meant for pony teeth, and had a long handle, but Applejack wasn’t in a patient mood and gripped it right down by the blade, for more leverage as she dug up the earth. This forced her to work in a half-crouch, and she sweated in the hot sun as she labored, watched closely by Twilight Sparkle.

“Whatcha planting?”

Applejack dropped the hoe again, and panted. “Herb garden. Basil, rosemary, thyme—got some lavender, too. Obviously this here’s for the lavender.”

“If you say so!” remarked Twilight, sitting politely and watching as Applejack got back to work again. She’d taken pains to not sit anywhere Applejack needed to walk, and she wasn’t chattering—she was just watching, minute after minute.

Applejack felt she couldn’t exactly object, as Twilight was doing nothing to get in her way, but the scrutiny got on her nerves, and it came to a head as Applejack returned to the beginning of the furrow and began filling it in with the dirt she’d just dug up.

Twilight giggled. “Uh, Applejack—I think you forgot to plant the seeds first!”

Applejack didn’t respond, and Twilight added, “It’s okay, I’d be happy to help you dig that back up, it’s probably my fault for distracting…”

“Dammit, Twi!”

“I’m sorry!” said Twilight, frozen to the spot by the irate look Applejack was giving her.

“Din’t I just say it was lavender, Twi? You gonna come around an’ teach me how to plant, now? Is that it?”

“That is actually not why I came around at all, but I didn’t want to interrupt what you were doing…”

Applejack sighed. “I reckon I might hazard a guess, and damn right you can’t interrupt my plantin’ for that. But I’m sorry for snappin’ at you, sugar. Y’all got to trust me, though. I ain’t plantin’ lavender underneath this furrow. It’s goin’ on top, not even an inch deep.”

“Then w…” began Twilight, but shut up immediately, looking away. Applejack realized her eyes had narrowed, and that she was digging at the ground with a hoof as if about to charge. She lifted her head, and winced as the motion strained her sore neck muscles.

“Thank you for not pesterin’, sugar. An’ the reason I had to dig up the soil so deep was, it’s got to have loose soil for the drainage or it won’t grow right. Okay? ‘Cos I reckon you’d be curious until you found out. Now, you just give me a few more minutes, honey, I am almost done for th’ day. Your timin’ ain’t all that bad, honest.”

Twilight Sparkle smiled, and Applejack couldn’t help smile back to see it—Twi was so grateful for such little scraps of patience and understanding, and sat so cutely, waiting her turn. Applejack hastened to fill in the rest of the furrow with newly turned dirt, and then took up a little tray, and went across the top of the soil while shaking the tray and letting seed trickle out just right. She made one more pass to brush dirt over the seed, wincing because the tray bit had been just what her neck didn’t want right then, and with that Applejack trotted towards Twilight, shaking her head but stepping high and grinning.

“Got to water it, so I’ll pass the word on to them pegasus ponies—but I believe that there is a day’s work! Yep!”

“Oh, I’m so glad!” said Twilight. “Um… Why are you shaking your head? Do you mean it isn’t a day’s work, or maybe you’re disappointed in the pegasus ponies?”

“Hah!” said Applejack with a smirk, and Twilight winced.

“Wow. I just realized how that sounded. So, um, things are good, huh?”

“Ain’t talkin’ on personal matters—but yeah, we’re good.”

“Then… oh dear,” said Twilight, getting to her hooves. “If you’re disappointed in me you should just say so. I won’t impose further, I know I’ve got no claim on you…”

“Whoa, hold on!” said Applejack. “Sugar, you ain’t done nothin’ to be disappointed with! I ain’t a clever pony but mama din’t raise no fool, and you’ve been real patient, honey. As far as that head shakin’? I hate to admit it, Twilight, but I hurt my neck, tryin’ to get done too quick.”

“Oh, no, really?” said Twilight, eyes wide.

“On account of I saw you comin’. Guess we’re both a mite silly, huh?”

Twilight trotted over and hugged Applejack. “I’m so glad you said that, because I’m very silly. Well, horny… what are you doing this evening?”

Applejack didn’t even blink. “Restin’ my neck. Mind you, other parts of me is fit as a fiddle…”

Twilight laughed. “We’ll be sure not to strain your neck, then! What are you doing for dinner?”

“Timothy hay, carrots, dessert can be an apple…”

“I have a better idea,” said Twilight. “Let me take you out to dinner. My treat. Then you can treat me, later.”

“Heh. Do tell. You ain’t talkin’ dessert, either, right?”

Twilight’s eyes went sultry and half-lidded.

“That depends on what qualifies as ‘dessert’. I can promise it will be sweet…”

The two ponies cantered off together, unhurriedly, towards town.

Twilight’s eyes seemed permanently stuck in ‘sultry’.

“This here alfalfa tastes funny. Ya notice?” said Applejack.

That broke the wave of sultry coming across the table at her. Twilight blinked, saying “Oh. Um, I hope you don’t mean funny in a bad way? May I try yours? I’m not sure just what it’s supposed to taste like but I’m sure it’s not supposed to be bad…”

“Sure, Twi,” said Applejack. “And it ain’t bad in the least. Fresh like my own field… jes’ powerful strange.” She offered some of the alfalfa to Twilight, who tasted it.

“Oh good. I’m sure that’s what it was meant to be. It’s imported, Applejack. I asked for their best and I saw the chef pony’s eyes kind of light up. Do you feel brave? He looked a little scary, but happy to hear that, if you follow me.”

“Shucks, I’ll follow you anywhere. An’ I’ll eat anythin’ that won’t eat me back! This is a mighty nice dinner, Twilight, and there ain’t even dishes to wash—or not by me, anyway. Thank you, sweetie.”

“Nothing but the best—for my stallion,” said Twilight, and then blinked and looked away, abashed. When she looked back, Applejack was still smiling at her.

“Figured that was the arrangement. That’s fine with me… my mare.”

“One of them, at least?”

“Now don’t judge me, sugarcube, I’m doin’ the best I can—and you know I do love you. We all do.”

Twilight still looked downcast for a moment. She leaned over and snacked forlornly on her salad.

Applejack inspected hers. “Hey, Twi, go easy on that. This feller’s used oak leaf as seasoning. Ain’t healthy! I ought to have a word with him.”

“Oh, no, don’t! I’ll be careful.”

“I think I taste snakeroot, as well! I don’t believe them stories about how it’s an aphrodisiac. That stuff just makes ya stand with your hooves together—or worse! Even if that makes a mare squeezy, you sure won’t be needin’ such enhancements, girl. I’mma give that chef feller a good kickin’…”

“No! I’ve read about this. It’s just cuisine, Applejack! It’s calculated to not hurt you, they wouldn’t allow dangerous amounts in the food. It’s very expensive!”

“Is that so?” snorted Applejack, and as the waiter approached with another dish, she grabbed his tie in her teeth, at which he froze in his tracks. Applejack released him once she had his full attention, and continued. “Y’all will kindly remove that there salad, on account of it’s too fancy to be healthy. Got that? You tell that chef, no more poison fancy! I don’t care what they do in fancy parts, some of us got more sense’n that!”

The waiter fled, after leaving the next course, which appeared to be oat crisps, and Twilight looked after him in dismay. “You’ll insult the chef! Honestly, Applejack, it was supposed to be like that. It’s cuisine!”

“Don’t care. Nobody’s servin’ my mare poison, I don’t care what they seen. If he can’t cook for Ponyville, he can trot his butt right back to foreign parts.”

Twilight’s expression was a complicated blend of chagrin and infatuation, as the words ‘my mare’ seemed to have gone to her head. Hoping to find a better subject of conversation, she bent to sample the oat crisps, and coughed.

“Twi! You okay?”

“Oh, yeah. If you don’t mind, I’m going to have some of these before you object to them too!”

Applejack blinked, and stared suspiciously at the oat crisps, and tried one, and it knocked her head back. Salty, very salty. “Well… at least that ain’t poison quite so lit’rally. Is this fella tryin’ to get us staggerin’ drunk?”

“Probably,” said Twilight. “I think that’s part of the cuisine thing. I don’t eat this food normally, you know—I can’t afford it. I’ll pass up that salad because I’ve heard of it and I agree it’s kind of scary, but can we please enjoy the rest of the dinner? I was just trying to give you something special.”

At this, Applejack’s heart melted. “Awww… it’s sweet of you, Twi, though I will not have you eatin’ snakeroot even as a seasoning. Last thing we’ll need is them after-effects, and I will not need to be dizzy from salt to be sweet on you… maybe I can talk to that fancy-ass chef and get some real food.”

Twilight’s attention was drawn to the kitchen, where there was a subdued altercation. The chef sounded displeased, and they heard some remark about ‘allergies’, and then the waiter was returning at a trot, apologizing as he went.

“Forgive us, madames, forgive me, I did not understand… the chef, he begs your forgiveness as well, he promises not just a Canterlot romantic dinner but a Ponyville romantic dinner you will not forget… I will remove the crisps…”

“Nuh-uh!” said Twilight, shielding her plate with her hoof.

“No?” blinked the waiter.

Applejack looked at Twilight inquisitively, and the bookish unicorn grinned back.

“Let him take yours if you want. These taste amazing!”

Applejack hesitated… and turned to the waiter. “Y’all take about half of mine back, sugar? She’s right, they do taste amazin’. You tell the chef that, too. I just do not wish to be fallin’ over, all the way home.”

“Of course, of course…” said the waiter, complying.

The next course arrived almost at once, and couldn’t have been more different. It seemed to be no more than lettuce, but when Applejack dipped her head to sample it, she took one sniff and her eyes flew open. “Oh, now, this ain’t possible!”

“It’s marvellous—so fresh—but what’s the matter?” said Twilight.

“Matter? I never said it was bad, sugar—somehow, this feller has seasoned it with pre-dawn morning dew! The scent of that mist burns off halfway through dawn. Can’t think how he done it. Y’all excuse me!” said Applejack, and tore into the wonderful lettuce with obvious delight.

From the kitchen, the scary-looking pony chef grinned smugly—and returned to his labors, his aim well and truly corrected.

Twilight munched another oat crisp, resisting the urge to cough for fear of another scolding from her stallion-mare, and relaxed a little. Then, a little more, as it went to her head. Presently, the sultry look returned, to stay.

Applejack caught Twilight, as she staggered for the seventh time. “Come on, honey. Why’d ya have to eat all them crisps, huh? You really are a lil’ pony, ain’t ya? I believe I’ve heard some ponies callin’ that a ‘lightweight’.”

Twilight giggled. “I’m a bad girl?”

“You’re a silly filly, I know that. Din’t we have other plans? Thought I was gonna take you to bed, not put you to bed!”

“Oh, no! No no. This, this was me getting ready! I need to… oh look! It worked!”

Twilight trotted unsteadily forward a few more paces and came to a halt, giggling—and rather than standing in her usual posture, her hind hooves automatically tucked right next to each other. Applejack stared, aghast.

“You call that workin’? Twi, that’s snakeroot doin’ that! What the hay do you think you’re doin’?”

“It’s making me so horny! I think the stuff I read about it must be all true!” said Twilight, and wobbled again.

Applejack trotted up, anxiously. “An’ you had so much salt you’re dizzy… Twilight, this ain’t right. I got a mind to bring you over to the doctor…”

“Wait, Applejack, look! Okay, look at my hooves now, come on!”

Applejack did—and this time, Twilight was standing normally, although she was still swaying a little.

“See? Calm down. I was just rolling with it, you know?” said Twilight. “I’ll be fine. I can handle this. And you know the salt will wear off before long. I could tell you about the LD50 of each of these things, do you know what that is? I have everything under control!”

“The what now?” said Applejack, skeptically.

“It’s a science thing. It’s the dosage that kills half of, of, of something—I feel a bit lightheaded but I still have everything under control, I promise. I did this on purpose, Applejack, specifically so you could take me to bed!”

“What?” sputtered Applejack, outraged.

“Well, I thought if I was a lot more relaxed, because I was all nervous the last time…”

Applejack regarded the wobbling unicorn sternly, and said “Y’all got drunk jes’ so you wouldn’t tense up? That it? Well, now, where do the snakeroot enter into it? Don’t that stuff tense you up down there, rumor has it?”

Twilight’s gaze dropped. “Uh… I forgot about that, I only remembered it was supposed to be an aphrodisiac. Um… when you reminded me? That’s when I started hitting the oat crisps. I think I had enough… I really want you to love me again. Please?”

“Out-clevered yourself, huh?”

“Don’t say that! I can’t stand it if this goes all wrong, I really can’t! We’re almost home, please please PLEASE make me your mare again…”

Applejack studied Twilight closely. It was plain enough that Twi was terribly aroused, but she was also far too wasted—Applejack’s honest nature rebelled against the situation. However, there was a kind of solution.

“Yeah, here’s your house, Twi,” she said, “but I’m enjoyin’ the night air—how’d you like to go for a lil’ walk with me?”

“Not really.”

“Well then, how about a glass of nice water, maybe?”

“Oh no. I have other things in mind! I want you so bad, Applejack, please let’s go to bed right now?”

Applejack blinked. It was worse than she thought. Extreme measures were required.

“If you kin… catch me!” she cried—and swerved away from Twilight’s house, running down the street back the way she’d come, towards Sugarcube Corner and past that, the Town Hall.

Twilight whinnied in outrage—and gave chase.

Applejack glanced back, grinning but also trying to spot how well Twi was doing. She knew she could outdistance the bookish unicorn, though Twilight Sparkle was in one of those drunken moods where she could run like mad without thinking about it much, and was doing just that. It was surprising to see—Applejack thought she must have run that way at the end of the Running of the Leaves, when she’d placed fifth, coming from the back of the pack in a mad sprint at the last moment.

As they galloped past Sugarcube Corner, they heard a cry from Pinkie. It sounded like she was being ‘entertained’. Applejack didn’t slow down. Twilight kept up until they reached the Town Hall, and as Applejack began to veer to the right towards the park and the same path she’d led Dash on—the one that led up to the waterfall—she realized she was expecting a drunken unicorn to run full tilt on a forest path strewn with rocks and stumps, with darkness falling.

The answer was simple, and though it was conspicuous it was also funny—instead of veering to the right, Applejack simply ran to the left, making a circle around the town hall and keeping to the nice smooth town plaza, with giggling Twilight after her… and another circle, and another, while ponies peered out of their windows in puzzlement, and finally when Twilight began to flag and stumble, Applejack allowed her to catch up, and was bowled over by a unicorn tackle.

She gasped, as Twilight’s horn had narrowly missed her ear, and then joined her lover in mad giggling as they embraced, lying there in the street. “Ya caught me! You win!”

“I win what?” panted Twilight, eyes shining.

“You know what!”

“Right here?” grinned Twilight.


Twilight snickered. “Yeah, even in the mood I’m in, I think maybe not. If I caught you, I get to take you home and keep you. Right?”

“Ah’m your willin’ captive, sugarcube—now then, how ya feelin?”

Twilight was still panting. “Oh my. Even hornier? Let’s go back to my place, now. But… I think I’m done with running for a while!”

Applejack nodded, and they got up and cantered back through the center of town. Applejack cast a sidelong glance at Twilight as they passed the first well, but the unicorn only had eyes for her. Past Sugarcube Corner, nearing the second well, Applejack slowed and asked again, “How ya feelin’?”

“I love you so much!” nickered Twilight.

“Yeah, well, that ain’t exactly what I meant. Are ya… thirsty, at all?”

Twilight had begun to stagger again. She blinked. “Whoa… I am, actually. I’m incredibly thirsty. Let’s stop for a drink.”

“Best idea I’ve heard yet,” said Applejack, and then before Twilight could object—“All right, all right, second best!”

The well offered several provisions for drinking—Applejack worked the old pump that filled a basin with water, and drank deeply, but Twilight seemed not to like it and preferred to levitate an elegant silver ladle, one that Applejack had seen other unicorns using. Perhaps Lyra had a point about unicorns—Applejack didn’t inquire. Twilight might have had better luck with the basin, however, for her levitation was as unsteady as her footing, and the water slopped everywhere the first time she tried. The second time, Applejack was right there to steady the ladle with a careful forehoof, and Twilight drank thirstily, her eyes closed in bliss, Applejack’s other foreleg around her neck to steady her.

“More?” asked Applejack after the second ladleful of clear water.

Twilight didn’t answer, she just laid her head on Applejack’s shoulder and nuzzled dreamily for a minute. Then, her eyes opened halfway and Twilight Sparkle crooned, “It’s time…”

“Time for some fun?”

“Time for love…”

“Awww,” said Applejack. Twilight was irresistible, her loving eyes deep enough to drown in, her tender body snuggled against Applejack’s. “Twist my hoof, why don’tcha. I think you’re right…”

They walked sedately the rest of the way to Twilight’s treehouse, and Twilight didn’t stop nuzzling Applejack’s neck even as they walked inside to the sounds of draconic appreciation.

“Sheesh! I don’t mean to complain, Twilight, but you stink like you did when you ran the leaves off the trees… Oh boy. Now what craziness are you bringing here?”

“Get used to it, Spike!” remarked Twilight, her eyes closed as she nuzzled Applejack’s neck, while Applejack looked around embarrassedly.

Spike seemed taken aback. “It looks like you’re… are you sure you’re doing that right? I mean, I thought I had an idea of how that sort of thing went, but…”

“Spike,” said Twilight, swaying gently back and forth, “why don’t you take some bits, and go get yourself an ice cream or six?”

“Waaaait a minute. Hey Applejack, what have you done to her? She’s all wobbly!”

“I’m, uh… helpin’ her out! She had too much salt,” said Applejack, distracted by Twilight’s nuzzles, and worse, a delicate lick at her cheek.

Spike laughed. “You can say that again! Do you need me to stay? And keep you safe from out-of-control unicorns?”

“Uhhh…” said Applejack, truly stuck for an answer, her eyes wide and defenseless. Spike’s narrowed as he studied her reaction, and Applejack blushed harder and harder.

“You’ve got to be k…” began the baby dragon, and then left off. “…yyeah. Right. How many bits did you say, Twilight?”

“All of them,” purred Twilight, not even opening her eyes to answer.

Spike pinned Applejack in his suspicious gaze for another few seconds, and then said, “Right.” He went and took a heaping handful of bits and began to leave, but Twilight said, “Wait!”

“Yeah?” said Spike, eyes wide with sudden interest.

“Before you go, oh Spike my best and most faithful assistant, do you think you can run over to Sweet Apple Acres and bring something back, definitely not in your teeth?”

Before Spike could get out a word, Applejack was shaking her head frantically. “No! I will get it, what are you thinkin’, Twi?”

“Well, if he doesn’t hold it in his…”


Spike looked back and forth between them, his gaze turning suspicious again. Finally, he spoke. “I’m getting some ice cream. I might not be able to get back in time to make you your night-time cocoa, hope that’s okay.” His sarcasm dripped off those last words. “Thanks for the bits. And Twilight?”

“Yes, Spike?”

“Promise me you’ll never, ever try to explain THIS one. Okay?”

“You got a deal, Spike. Enjoy your ice cream, buddy!” said Twilight.

Her tone was so plainly happy that some of Spike’s suspicion lifted. He proceeded to leave while not wanting to let the pair of mares out of his sight, which meant skulking off while peering over his shoulder, and finally peeking around the door-frame, and then zipping off to the ice cream shop.

Applejack heaved a huge sigh of relief. “That there is the awkwardest moment I ever did see…”

“Spike’s the best,” murmured Twilight. “It’s not like you’re replacing any job of his. He’ll get used to it. He’ll have to. You should have let him do his job, though.”

“Oh no, pony girl. That ain’t right. It won’t take me long, I promise I’ll gallop both ways jes’ like the wind…”

“But I want you to be here touching me—and you’ll smell even sweatier, and Spike doesn’t like it, you heard him. Go figure, I can’t get him to change his sheets but if I get whiffy I never hear the end of it. He’s been griping about my new smell. It’s basically the scent of horny, so he better be able to deal with the cure for it…”

“I don’t want to cause him any worries, Twi, he’s a nice lil’ fella,” said Applejack.

“Well, I already suggested something he could do to feel useful, but if you insist on… wait a minute. That’s a magic artifact, and I tried it. I was reading about this spell… and I’m pretty sure I remember the pattern of magical force I felt. If I… hmmm.”

Twilight fell silent, and Applejack blinked, for her unicorn lover was staring off into space, thinking very hard. Before Applejack could open her mouth to ask what she was doing, Twilight’s horn glowed—first dimly, and then a lot brighter—and then, the magic bit materialized in front of them, and dropped to the floor.

“Yay!” cried Twilight. “I got it! Now—shall we?”

“Uh, Twi? I hesitate to mention it, but y’all know I ain’t the only pony to use that thing, right?”

Twilight’s look veered in the direction of crankypants unicorn. “Oh. Well, all I can say is, you’re more entitled to it, and here it is.”

“That ain’t true, Twi!”

Twilight saw Applejack’s distress, and softened. “I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t disrupt anything… wait, stop, we can sort this out right now. Look closely, do you see any saliva on it, like it was being held in a mouth? That would be terrible, and if so I’ll try to come up with a way to send it back…”

They looked. There wasn’t any.

“Well then!” declared Twilight. “Fair game!”


“Don’t give me that!” Twilight was swaying gently, but triumphant. “Nothing’s gonna come between me and my stallion! I’ve been waiting for this, you have no idea, Applejack!”

“I reckon I got some idea, actually…” said Applejack, thinking of how Fluttershy hung around, of what Lyra was asking for, of how she felt about Dashie—and, indeed, how she felt about Twilight. There was something compelling about this magical bit. It was awfully good at what it did.

“Well then—last one in bed’s a rotten egg!” said Twi, and ran eagerly up the stairs to her bedroom, peeking over the balcony with dancing eyes and flicking tail.

Applejack looked up, looked down at the bit, remembered an afternoon by the waterfall and grinned. She bent and plucked the bit off the floor with her teeth, feeling her erection surge forth, and then she looked up at Twilight, grinned with a wicked gleam in her eyes—and reared, kicking the air with forehooves, while the stallion meat bobbled madly under her belly.

Twilight squealed in delight, and Applejack trotted up the stairs, knowing how that looked because she’d seen it on Dashie.

“Well, now, same as before, sugarcube?”

Twilight was bouncing like a purple Pinkie. “Oooh! You know what? No! Not like some filly clopping in bed! Now I know what it’s like. Do me like a mare, Applejack!”

“Oh?” murmured Applejack. She bent her head, sniffing at Twilight’s rump and looking closely, and though the crazed unicorn was bouncing and wriggling nonstop, the scent of her and the glisten of her winking ponypussy said plainly, ‘anytime!’.

Applejack’s eyes gleamed with confidence—she figured she knew what Twi was expecting, but through her own experiences, she also knew how to throw a curve-ball: one scaled down for innocent magical unicorns.

Applejack breathed hotly on Twi’s puss—and then dropped the bit, for just a moment, not to bite Twi’s delicious behind but to bite her tail—and yank, sharply, before seizing the bit again.

The reaction was beyond her expectation. Twilight jerked and planted her hooves solidly on the floor, and let out a cry that sounded a little like cranky-pants Twilight, only in heat and possibly on fire. Twi’s frustration was often given wordless voice, but never like this. It went right up Applejack’s spine—somehow, it expressed the essence of lust-maddened mare, and the magical stallionhood went numbingly stiff as the echoes died away.

Applejack heaved herself up onto Twilight’s back, and this time there was no kicking, there was only another cry of erotic hunger. Twi was winking like butterfly wings on crack. A drip of equine lube fell to decorate the floor, and Twilight’s marehood pouted, clit jutting to catch the awaiting shaft, and Twilight squalled again, entirely beyond words.

Applejack’s aim was perfect. Twilight was every bit as taut as before, or worse, due to the snakeroot and Applejack’s great arousal—and the squelch they made was alarmingly tight and sharp, as the blunt end of Applejack’s cock crammed into Twilight’s frantic, tensed, juicy vag.

Applejack could hardly hold back. She bore down harder on the magic bit, not to make herself stiffer, but just to hold herself in check, because Twilight had let out a hell of a scream that Applejack couldn’t interpret at all. She glanced around, and they had windows open, and Applejack winced at that, but it was far too late to stop or pause.

Twilight screamed again, her head stretched forward—pecked at the ground with a forehoof, then stomped hard with a hindhoof, and Applejack could feel her body tensing and squeezing even more hungrily at the stallion cock. She screamed again, and then got a word out.


That was enough of a sign. Applejack had seen passion this intense before, but wasn’t expecting it from Twilight Sparkle. Their previous time had been about gentleness, and the drama was entirely around Applejack being too much for the studious, innocent unicorn mare. This time, Twilight Sparkle was drunk, pent up, and no longer a trembling virgin, and the power in her was showing. Twilight’s cries were bold. She began to squirm, and then twisted around and yelled “FUCK me!” at the startled Applejack.

Applejack grinned hard around the bit in her teeth—and let herself move, her only caution being not to withdraw from Twi, or shove too deeply into the delicate unicorn pussy. She remembered Twi’s limits, but within those limits, Applejack eagerly tugged and shoved, finding that she couldn’t pull out of Twilight Sparkle even if she’d wanted—that unicorn vag was a steel band around her shaft, the flare wouldn’t come out even if she yanked—which she did, once she’d worked that out.

Twilight Sparkle shrieked, bracing herself, sweating. There was no restraint, no biting of her lip—if she had, she might have lost it, for her curvaceous body contained titanic forces and imparted them in turn, and Twilight’s head just about exploded from the sensation. She screamed again, banging the floor with a forehoof hard enough to crack the paint, and as Applejack moved yet more eagerly, Twilight began to shake as orgasm flooded her and kept building.

Applejack realized she was losing it—she wasn’t going to be able to play fancy and hold off her release, or even control the hunching of her pony hindquarters. She gritted her teeth harder and just went with it, keeping that stallionhood churning as Twilight’s body shook.

Twilight’s horn was flickering spastically. Somewhere in Applejack’s head, she wondered if she was expected to lick or suck it or chew it like Dashie’s wings. She jerked her head back with a grunt as Twilight shrieked at the ceiling, her horn narrowly missing her lover’s face, and it was in that position that Applejack clung tightly, rammed the stallionhood home, and let go with a series of mighty throbs, exploding temporary stallioncome into Twilight Sparkle.

It was this, again, that drove Twilight to her wildest peak, and Applejack felt her body convulse in a spasm worthy of Rainbow Dash’s most outrageous moments—but something else grabbed her attention. Inches from her eyes, the unicorn’s horn wasn’t just flickering—sparks were coming off it, and then as Twilight let out a painful-sounding squall of ruthless ecstacy, it flared and spurted a shower of magic against the ceiling. Applejack grunted again, because it wasn’t just bright, it felt hot, like having your face too close to a fire—and then it was over, and Twilight’s head sagged as she panted.

Applejack realized that Twilight was wobbling, about to collapse, and shuffled her hooves frantically, as she was wedged deeply into the exhausted unicorn’s vagina and not at all sure she could stand the roughhousing Dash could.

“Quick, sugar, the bed!”

Together, the two ponies pivoted and staggered sideways, to fall upon the awaiting bed safely. It didn’t even ram the stallionhood within Twilight, or yank it out—which was a mercy, as she continued to shake and pant, clearly wrung out.

“Y’okay, Twi?” managed Applejack, stroking her fevered body.

Twilight Sparkle coughed, and moaned. She tried to speak, but it was only a hoarse croak. She shook her head, the horn making its neat little arc in the air, and swallowed, and this time she was able to form words, hoarse though they were.

“Mine… you’re mine…”

“Aw, Twi,” crooned Applejack, privately chalking it up to the passion of the moment. She hugged Twilight to her. The unicorn was still shaking. Of course, thought Applejack, she was still clamping the bit in her teeth, and the stallion cock was still penetrating Twilight to the hilt (or as much as Twi could fit, anyhow).

“I should hang on to this thing, right? Not done with havin’ come inside ya yet?”

Twilight shook her head. “Oh leave it, leave it… oh my Celestia, feels so good, leave it…”

“Did I hurt ya?”

Twilight didn’t answer in words. She twisted around with an agility that stunned Applejack, so her hindquarters were still impaled on stallion but her forelegs could reach, and she hugged Applejack ferociously, tears in her eyes.

“Oh, no, you’re cryin’! I did ya too much, I hurt you! I am so sorry…”

Twilight Sparkle shook her head again, and nestled it against Applejack’s neck. Her horn grazed Applejack’s face, and the earth pony gasped—the horn was hot to the touch.

“Are ya okay up there, sugarcube? Dang!”

That got Twilight’s attention, and she blushed. “I… squirted. Didn’t I?” Her eyes raced to inspect Applejack’s face and hair, and she seemed to sag in relief to find them the same as they had been.

“You sure did. Is that a unicorn thing?”

“I didn’t think that would ever happen to me,” said Twilight, “and on only our second time…” She sighed happily, nestling against Applejack again, and Applejack petted her mane.

“It don’t happen often?” said Applejack.

“It’s… special. Like you.” Twilight wriggled, and seemed to quiver with pleasure. Applejack could almost see her thinking of the Apple-spooge up in her womb, and was grateful she’d remembered to not release the bit.



“I can try to go to sleep this way. Would that be good? We should sleep now though, I got farm work in th’ mornin’.”

Tears came to Twilight Sparkle’s eyes again, and she nodded, gazing at Applejack with helpless adoration—and after another fierce hug, she twisted back again, to be embraced by Applejack spoon-fashion.

She fitted perfectly. Applejack lay awake a long while, wanting Twilight to fall asleep first. The studious unicorn resisted it, plainly not wanting the experience to end, but she was exhausted, and finally Applejack held a sleeping unicorn in her forelegs, and herself nuzzled into the pillow (so the bit might linger just a bit longer into the night) and drifted off.

Eventually, her jaw opened, and the bit fell free. The magical stallionhood, which had become softer and less bulky, slithered out of Twilight, who stirred but did not wake.

They slept.

Rainbow Dash sat by the abandoned hoe, staring at the furrow planted with lavender seed, and looked up to see an orange streak approaching at a gallop. It grew and turned into Applejack, who was carrying the magic bit on the end of a string held in her teeth.

“I knew you’d come here!” called Dash. “You didn’t put away your tools!”

Applejack trotted up, panting. “Dashie! You’re late for Weather Patrol!”

“Nah. I’m deathly ill. See?” Rainbow Dash coughed, unconvincingly. “And you’re late for your fields. Where have you been? Where’d you get that? I thought someone stole it!”

“She kinda did, if I’m honest, Dashie. I was visitin’ Twi again. How’d you know she took it away? Oh, hell, tell me she din’t take it while you was usin’ it!”

“Nah,” said Dash. “I was visiting Pinkie, and she hates it. Did you say took it away?”

Applejack explained, and Dash blinked. “Okay, let me get this straight. Twilight Sparkle can take this thing from wherever it is, at any time? Holy crap!”

“Well, that’s our Twi, ain’t it? Magic fiend, that one.”

“Did she seem like she was going to be okay with taking it from me? Just hypothetically?”

Applejack shook her head. “I told you, she don’t want to use it herself. If I ain’t there, she got no reason to try for it.”

Rainbow Dash sighed. “I guess there’s that. She better not try it. That’s our thing to share, nopony’s gonna take it from us, not Lyra, not Twilight—nopony!”

“Damn straight,” said Applejack. “I won’t stand for it. An’ I told you—she tried it, she din’t like it, she won’t want it for herself. I’m sure of that.”

“Whoa—I’m not sure you mentioned that part. Twi dick? Really? You saw it?”

Applejack nodded. “Yep. It were sorta elegant, like her.”

“And shooting magic sparks out of the end of it?” joked Dash.

“Actually, I got to ask you somethin’ about that…”

Rainbow Dash blinked. “Hang on. Applejack… did you get unicorn ejaculation? Is that what you’re sayin’?”

“Most likely. That’s what that’s called? I hesitate to invade the privacy of th’ bedroom but you might know more about this than I do…”

Dash’s eyes were wide in awe. “I’ve never managed it. In some ways I’m not sure I want to. Twilight? Really? Twi ejaculated magic?”

“Hit th’ ceiling with it.”

“Oh my gosh, tell me you weren’t in the way. You don’t have to, I can see you’re still here. Be careful, Applejack!”

“Beg pardon? I think I can see where y’all goin’ with this one…”

“Yeah. Put it this way? Horn blowjobs, BAD idea. You might go your whole life without seeing unicorn ejaculation—but if you were sucking on her horn when it did that? It could take the back of your head clean off, Applejack. Swear to me you’ll stay safe.”

“I promise!” said Applejack. “Gosh. I know that horn was awful hot afterwards. Do they want you to suck on it? I’d have to say no thank you, now.”

“Nah. I’ve seen Rarity having hers filed on, in the spa. They can feel stuff magically through it, but they get nothing out of it physically. But it’s their focus point—and if they come hard enough, you have to stay clear. I’ve never done that. I’m jealous… except…” Dash fell silent, looking worried.

“Dashie? I understand the jealous, I know you well enough, but what’s this except? I reckon I better know everythin’.”

Rainbow Dash shook her head. “I hope this isn’t a problem. It’s just… Applejack, there’s a couple things they say about unicorn ejaculation, especially with unicorn mares. First, it’s dangerous because you can get burned or killed. But they say it’s dangerous even if you don’t—because you’ll never get rid of the unicorn after that. Ever!”

Applejack’s eyes were wide. “Y’ don’t say?”

“Did you ever look real closely at Bon Bon’s left shoulder? They refuse to talk about it—but the story is, Lyra ejaculated magic for Bon Bon. She was getting eaten out real good. She thrashed her head around, and some of the magic hit Bon Bon and burned her. You can barely see the mark… but look at them now. Look at them now.”

Applejack considered this. “Dang. Good thing we don’t need to get rid of Twi—right?”

“Here’s hoping she doesn’t magic that bit away when we’re using it,” said Dash, levelly.

“Twilight wouldn’t do that!” protested Applejack.

“You hope she wouldn’t. You also forget cranky-pants Twilight, because you’re sweet on her.”

They thought about that for a while, and then Dash added, “I’m beginning to think ‘no wings, so they can’t be touching’ doesn’t really cover everything important…”

Applejack gazed at Rainbow Dash, her lip quivering. “I’ll be careful, Dashie. I promise. I think we stirred up somethin’ awful complicated with all this…”

Dash hugged her. “You mean I did—I really do believe in sharing, and being loyal, and body-sex for those who need it. I guess it doesn’t take that much before it becomes really complicated. But we’ll get through it! We’ll get through this. I love you.”

“I love you too, Dashie. Forever,” said Applejack, and then looked around. “But y’all gonna have to take a rain check, honey, because I can’t put this off no longer. Nopony seems to understand that I got work ta do…”

“Oh, really? Why do you think I called in sick?” said Rainbow Dash.

Applejack blinked. “Checkin’ up on me? Hopin’ for some more fuckin’?”

“Meet your new farm hand. Just for the day—but I saw you left the bed unmade, and the tools aren’t put away, and I just had this feeling that maybe you weren’t all caught up on the farm work. So here I am—I don’t know much about it but I’m strong and we’ll do it together. Then you’ll be caught up.”

Applejack’s eyes filled with tears, and the next moment, she was locked in a tight embrace with Rainbow Dash, who hugged back lovingly and would surely never admit she’d gone leaky-eyed as well. When they parted, Applejack’s gaze upon Dashie was every bit as adoring as the gaze Twilight had given her.

Dash smiled back. “I’m yours now. Don’t you ever underestimate me again, okay? I told you your life was going to be made of awesome.”

“I won’t. I won’t,” said Applejack, and took a few deep breaths. “Well… let’s git to work!”