Clean Versus Dirty

There was dust on the floor of the Crusader’s Clubhouse. Scootaloo eyed it, and fired up her wings—only to hastily stop at a squeak of dismay from Sweetie Belle. Chastened, she instead dusted an area with her magenta tail, and glanced again at her fillyfriend.

Sweetie walked demurely over and sat her little white rump on the cleaned area. Satisfied, Scootaloo flumped down beside her and ignored the dust where she, in turn, lay.

“So, you’re probably wondering why I’ve called you here,” said Apple Bloom, with an air of importance.

Scootaloo made a face. “Not really.”

“You ain’t?” blinked Apple Bloom.

“You’ll probably tell us anyway, so what’s the point of wondering?” said Sweetie Belle.

“We could be wondering why you didn’t call us here yesterday, or last week, or all last month,” griped Scootaloo. “What’s so special about today?”

“Ah need your help with somethin’!” protested Apple Bloom. “I… jes’ a minute.”

She trotted over to the front door of the clubhouse, and Sweetie and Scootaloo saw that a farm pony was peering in at them with an anxious expression. “What is it, Apple Burl?” demanded Apple Bloom.

“Boss, Granny Smith is raisin’ a ruckus about divertin’ th’ stream. She say…”

Apple Bloom cut him off curtly. “Din’t I tell you? Din’t I tell you Granny was going to kick up a fuss? We need the new irrigation, dammit, I ain’t puttin’ it off no more! She jes’ wants to do her laundry five foot from the back door rather’n fifty yards from it! Granny Smith can dang well walk for half a minute, the new creek bed is all ready and we only gotta bust down our lil’ dike.”


“That’s twelve new trees we’re transplantin’, Apple Burl! Twelve trees gonna amount to a whole mess of apples in a few years’ time, and if we wanna transplant ‘em, we gotta water ‘em. No waitin’, no excuses! Git!”

The farm pony whirled and ran off, his hooves thunderous. Apple Bloom turned back to her companions with an exasperated look. “Sorry. I tole him, Granny Smith was gonna fuss, and it don’t make no difference. I tole…”

“You needed our help with something?” said Sweetie Belle, helpfully.

“Ah do! Got me a new problem and I cain’t work out what to do about it, nohow.”

“And that’s why you called me and Sweetie back here?” said Scootaloo.

“Ah called the Cutie Mark Crusaders!” said Apple Bloom. “We got to… now what?”

Scootaloo frowned. “I propose that we call it something else.”

“What?” cried Apple Bloom. “How come?”

“It should be obvious,” said Scootaloo. “Me and Sweetie Belle still need our cutie marks, but you got one by taking over Sweet Apple Acres. So you can’t be a Crusader anymore, not like us. You’re not Crusading. You’re a Cutie Mark Crusaded!”

“You take that back!”

“That’s not fair, Scootaloo!” added Sweetie.

Whether it was the window-rattling pitch of that word ‘fair’ or just her fillyfriend’s influence, Scootaloo quickly subsided. She glowered, muttering “It’s still true!”

“Doesn’t matter,” said Sweetie Belle. “Apple Bloom asked for our help. We’ll always help her, right Scootaloo?”

Scootaloo made a face and nodded. “Yeah, okay. Sure. So what do you need from us, Apple Bloom?”

“I… aw, what is it now, Apple Burl?”

Scootaloo and Sweetie glanced over to see that adult pony head peering in at them again.

“Uhhh… Boss, Granny Smith done lay down in th’ dry creek bed. She say we ain’t floodin’ it long as she’s there.”

Apple Bloom stared levelly at him for a moment. “Bust th’ dike real slowly. Not all at once, y’hear? You go on and flood it, jes’ do it gentle-like. She’ll move for ya.”

The burly farm pony’s eyes were wide. “Yes’m.” He trotted nervously off.

Sweetie Belle’s eyes were wide as well, and her lips were parted as she gawked at her childhood friend, now wielding power and authority like… well, like a Boss. It had been some time since she’d hung around Apple Bloom, for the country filly had been very busy with her new responsibilities. Sweetie hadn’t really comprehended what all that meant.

Apple Bloom looked wearily back at her friends. “Pow’ful sorry, girls, these things do come up. Yeah, I got me a big problem, an’ its name is Diamond Tiara!”

Scootaloo snorted. “What else is new?”

“Oh, you got no idea,” grumbled Apple Bloom darkly. “Ah cain’t sort it, I tell you. Hoped y’all could help me on account of you got what ya might call, uh… expertise?”

Sweetie’s ears were laid back. “We haven’t got any idea how to deal with Diamond Tiara either! She’s a really mean pony like nopony we’ve ever seen!”

“Yeah,” chimed in Scootaloo. “She deserves, like, a spanking or something, for being completely terrible all the time!”

Apple Bloom gulped. “Din’t help, Ah’ll tell you that right now.”

Two filly jaws dropped. Scootaloo reeled hers in, and said “What?”

“Ah did give Diamond Tiara a spanking. Whaled th’ tar outta her. That’s kinda what I needed to ask you about.”

Sweetie’s eyes glowed with delight, and she bounced merrily. “You’re going to let us watch, next time?” Scootaloo looked askance at her fillyfriend, but Sweetie was beside herself with glee and didn’t notice.

“Naw!” protested Apple Bloom. “That ain’t right, Sweetie, even if she is terrible! It’s what happened after… NOW what is it, Apple Burl?”

Their heads whipped to the side. That farm pony was back, looking even more upset.

“We done what you said, Boss, an’ she lay in the stream until she was soaked through an’ through…”

“Of course she did!” yelled Apple Bloom. “Don’t you know nothin’? Y’all shoulda seen that comin’!”

“An’ then she jump up cursin’ everypony and you twice…”

“Let her holler,” said Apple Bloom. “We need that water there for the new trees, an’ she knows it.”

“An’ then she run into the house,” rumbled Apple Burl plainitively, “and she come out with your bedsheets and she done threw all your bedsheets in th’ stream, Boss.”

His ears were laid back fearfully as he waited for his Boss Mare’s response. Apple Bloom heaved a deep sigh.

“You go, Apple Burl, and you take all th’ sheets off her bed, and you put ‘em on mine. An’ you tell Granny Smith, fair’s fair, and we still need them twelve extra trees and the new creek bed.”

Apple Burl gulped, and skulked off. Apple Bloom returned her attention to her friends. “What was I sayin’?”

“You spanked Diamond Tiara!” squealed Sweetie Belle. “Yay!”

Apple Bloom’s ears were laid back. “Ain’t sure if it counts as ‘yay’ or not, Sweetie. I din’t tell you everythin’ that happened.”

“So tell us,” said Scootaloo, leaning closer. “This story’s getting better and better!”

The country filly didn’t match the beaming grins on her friends. She hung her head. “I need your help with what come after that.”

“What comes after a spanking?” blinked Sweetie, puzzled.

“She did,” mumbled Apple Bloom, going red in the face.

Sweetie and Scootaloo stared in confusion for a minute, and then Sweetie’s eyes lit up with glee and she began to bounce and squeak. “No way, no way, no way!”

“Yep,” admitted Apple Bloom. “She come all over my hoof. I reckon I was a lil’ fierce. By the time I figured out what happened, she couldn’t walk so good an’ it was all from that sexy-pony stuff, judgin’ by the goo and yuck she put out.”

Scootaloo’s jaw had dropped. “Wow!” She clapped hooves with Sweetie, and tried to do the same with Apple Bloom. “Up high!” she suggested, but Apple Bloom wasn’t having any of it.

“Naw, Scootaloo! It ain’t for celebratin’, dammit!”

“Are you kidding?” argued Scootaloo. “I thought I was pretty hot stuff. You took out Diamond Tiara with a spanking? Until she couldn’t walk because she’d come so hard? Dude, that is so awesome it’s beyond awesome! Is she, like, your sexual slave now? Does she do anything you say, do you totally have her under your hoof?”

Sweetie Belle squealed with delight. “I want to watch!”

Apple Bloom bridled, still rebelling at her friends’ creepy new fascination with sex. “You cut that out, Sweetie! She spit at me! She hates me now! It ain’t right!”

“She hated us anyway,” pointed out Sweetie. “If she spits at you maybe you need to spank her again until she shapes up.”

Scootaloo glowered at her fillyfriend. “A lot you know! It’s not like your Mom spanks you.”

Sweetie blinked. “That’s true, but my Mom gets spanked for fun. Maybe Apple Bloom needs to spank Diamond Tiara until she likes it?”

“No!” yelled Apple Bloom. “That shit ain’t right, Sweetie Belle!”

This got through. Sweetie’s eyes widened. “Don’t you say things like that about Rarity! Maybe she frightens ponies a little bit with the stuff she does, but she’s still my real Mom and she does TOO get spanked for fun! Maybe not as much these days since she met Derpy, but I’m not making that up! She goes to Fillydelphia and owns the town, she said so!”

Apple Bloom took a deep breath, gathering her confused and unruly thoughts. “Well, now, Ah apologize, and I din’t mean to say Rarity ain’t right. Don’t you worry, Rarity’s all right in my book. But, Sweetie, listen. Diamond Tiara AIN’T doin’ it for fun. She got in my face until I lost my temper, and she weren’t expectin’ what she got.”

“A spanking?”

“Naw,” said Apple Bloom. “She weren’t expectin’ to come until she couldn’t walk any more. Dammit, Sweetie, I was there when you got into your own dirty-pony foolishness and I saw for myself. You came the first time doin’ it with Scootaloo, and now you’re proper marefriends with Scootaloo and y’all the sweetest lil’ couple of pony fillies ever…”

Scootaloo glared. “That is not how you spell awesome and studly and intense, Apple Bloom!”

Apple Bloom shook her head, as if to clear it. “My point bein’, Diamond Tiara’s first orgasm was gittin’ HIT on the butt. She squirted all over my hoof, and I thunk she was pissin’ on me and whaled th’ tar outta her and she kept on goin’ and goin’, and all the time I was mad at her. That’s not okay! Not even for a mean girl like Diamond Tiara. Th’ boys think she might try to come back for more. Ya gotta help me!”

Sweetie Belle studied her friend critically. “Help you do what, exactly?”

Apple Bloom dropped her gaze. “Uhhh…”

Scootaloo’s attention joined Sweetie’s. “Yeah, what are you asking us?”

Apple Bloom’s face was red. “Ah felt… stirrin’s.”

“Ew, you like Diamond Tiara?” squeaked Sweetie. Scootaloo gagged.

“NO! Ah never said that!” yelled Apple Bloom. “It’s more like… Oh for pony’s sake! Apple Burl, you better have a good reason for why you come back here, or I’mma give YOU a spanking!”

They looked over to see the farm pony looking in again, positively trembling with worry. He said, “Uh, uh, Granny Smith, uh…”

“Now what?” demanded Apple Bloom.

“Granny Smith grabbed her bedsheets, after we took them from her bed and put ‘em on your bed… well, she waited until everypony weren’t lookin’, and she run up and grabbed all the bedsheets off your bed and she thrun’ em in th’ creek. An’ now there ain’t no more bedsheets, Boss. She even took Applejack’s bedsheets, all th’ bedsheets y’all had in th’ house. She’s sittin’ in the creek on top of ‘em.”

Apple Bloom’s head dropped in apparent despair, then lifted slowly. She fixed the farm pony with a fiercely determined gaze.

“Throw her a cake of soap. She jes’ made it laundry day. Now piss off for the rest of the afternoon!”

“Yes’m!” said Apple Burl, and galloped off to carry out the orders of his Boss Mare.

Apple Bloom turned to meet the stares of her friends. They leaned toward her expectantly. She gulped. Scootaloo looked all too interested in how she’d reacted to Diamond, staring with a creepy, eager energy. Apple Bloom liked to think she could count on Sweetie Belle to balance out Scootaloo’s extremeness, but unfortunately Sweetie’s hungry look was even worse. She rallied, admitting her dreadful new truth to those alarmingly attentive ears.

“Ah think it’s happenin’ to me now, ponies. I felt so funny. An’ I got stirrin’s lookin’ at Diamond Tiara’s hoo-ha.”

“We’ve all seen it before,” said Scootaloo. “Ponies don’t wear clothes. It’s… different for you now?”

“Not like this, you ain’t,” said Apple Bloom darkly. “T’were a proper woo hoo of a hoo ha, and nopony’s hoo-ha should git like that off’n a spanking.” She glanced at Sweetie. “Except for Rarity, I guess, if she really likes it all that much…”

“Enough about Rarity,” objected Sweetie Belle. “Tell me about these stirrings! Oh, Apple Bloom, you’re joining us to become sexy! It happened for you!”

The country pony’s ears went back. “Now see here, I was sexy! Uh, I guess? I must’ve been! I’m a big pony and I’m healthy and shouldn’t I be sexy, I mean if I wanted to? Ah jes’ never saw the point in it to be honest!”

“But now you do?” Sweetie crept a bit closer.

Apple Bloom shied away, scuffing her hoof on the floor fretfully. The stirrings were starting to stir again, but at the same time it was freaking her out to have her bestest friends begin to aim their icky business directly at her, with such flattering but alarming eagerness. And yet—yep, no question, there went the stirrings all right, and her face burned as she sensed Sweetie Belle’s frank interest. “Ah tole you. I got stirrin’s. Ain’t like I know what to do with ‘em, okay?”

“Scootaloo,” purred Sweetie, “you know what we do with her now, don’t you?”

Scootaloo’s ears were laid back as well, as she watched her fillyfriend advancing on Sweet Apple Acres’ Boss Mare. “Um. Teach her how to clop?”

That got her a look of disbelief from Sweetie Belle. “No! We have something special for Apple Bloom. Go and get it.”

“The BIT?”

“What else?” snapped Sweetie.

Scootaloo stamped a forehoof, flapping agitatedly. “Are you crazy? Maybe she just wants an explanation! Maybe she just wants a hug!”

She trailed off, looking at Apple Bloom. The country pony was blushing bright and scuffing the floor with her hoof some more. Scootaloo gulped. “Or… maybe these stirrings are more specific than I thought?”

Apple Bloom wouldn’t look at her, but she snorted, shaking her head, the unconfined red mane flowing over her shoulders. Then, she peered up, and her eye was sharp, and her expression was a strange blend of chagrin and irritation.

“How dumb do you think I am, Scootaloo?” she said. “Ah watched you and Sweetie do it, that first time. Ah helped! Well, sort of. Din’t mean to upset ya with that wing biting but it sure lit yer fires. Sweetie’s been a trottin’ pot of goo since she turned mare on us. Ah know exactly what I’m lookin’ at, and exactly what I’m feelin’, it’s just that I don’t know where I stand concernin’ it. Do I turn mare too? Do I git all stalliony? If I got to be a mare, what’s spankin’ got to do with it? Ah ain’t lettin’ Diamond Tiara spank me! What stuff do I even do? What do I even want?”

Scootaloo gawked at her. “Right. Do the stirrings give you any, you know, hints?”

Apple Bloom pouted. “Nothin’ like that. I’m jes’ about ready to kick holes in stuff but it’s confusin’. I want a dickin’ somethin’ fierce but I can’t get Tiara’s hooha outta my mind, neither. Is it this complicated for y’all? How’m I gonna be a Boss Mare with other ponies jumpin’ on top of me? An’ all that oozin’ of juice is gross. An’ I ain’t draggin’ off the farm ponies, at least not for a first time! You shouldn’t mix business with pleasure less’n you got enough to go around, and I seen some of them farm pony dicks sometimes when they was off hours, and I ain’t takin’ them huge things!”

Sweetie stared, entranced. “Which ones?” she said, blinking cutely. Scootaloo gave her a worried look.

“Ah ain’t sure what business that is of your’n!” retorted Apple Bloom.

Sweetie shook herself. “I guess not. Anyway, it’s time, Scootaloo! What are you waiting for? Go ahead!”

Scoots didn’t budge. “Sounds awesome. Maybe a little bit TOO awesome. Look, you don’t have to convince me how cool it is that Apple Bloom is sexy. It’s about time, and I just know she’s going to be great at it, and I want to hear all about it—but I thought you and me were marefriends, and I don’t understand why you’re acting this way! Why are you trying to get me to stick my dick in Apple Bloom and not you?”

The look she got from Sweetie was memorable. It combined pity and exasperation, and was accompanied with a mane-flounce and a flash of those pretty blue eyes—and three words.

“We love her,” said Sweetie, and she meant it.

Scootaloo’s gaze dropped, and she blushed nearly as bright as Apple Bloom. She mumbled, “Yeah we do. Um. Yeah.”

“And anyway if we don’t,” said Sweetie, “she’ll probably end up having sex with Diamond Tiara and that would be awful.”

“What?” squawked Scootaloo. “I think you owe her an apology!”

Apple Bloom looked sulky. “Ah think you mebbe owe Tiara an apology. Or me, ‘cos I can’t stop thinkin’ about that lil’ pink cooter and I bet it ain’t so awful! It’s just stuck on an awful pony, but gosh, it sure was perty…”

Sweetie Belle tsked. “You see? We have to help our friend, Scootaloo! She needs sex or she will turn to the dark side and become a horrible monster enslaved to Diamond Tiara’s vagina!”

Apple Bloom yelled, “Ah tole you, it ain’t horrible! It’s positively enticin’ and prob’ly well worth…” She trailed off. “I reckon you got a point, Sweetie Belle.”

“There, you see? Now go and get your magic bit right now, it should only take you a couple minutes…”

Scootaloo crossed her forelegs and glared. “Just because you want to be jumped on right away doesn’t mean Apple Bloom wants that! What’s the matter with you, Sweetie? Why don’t you ask her?”

Sweetie blinked. “Scootaloo, I can smell her. I know what it was like for me.”

“But do you know what it’s like for her?”

That stopped Sweetie. She blinked again, considering, and looked at Apple Bloom inquiringly.

Apple Bloom was still blushing, still peering up from under her bangs. The breath caught in Scootaloo’s throat, for she’d never had a sense of Apple Bloom as a sexual being, but now that she was gazing coyly and shifting her trim haunches back and forth, it was impossible to miss. Scootaloo licked her lips, her nostrils flaring, for she could smell Apple Bloom’s mood too.

“Ya know? Ah think Scootaloo is right. Kin… kin I get a hug?”

That was all it took. Two fillies tackled her, and Apple Bloom clung tightly to her friends, powerfully reassured. It was the oddest thing, because it was at once completely familiar and shockingly strange. Sweetie’s and Scootaloo’s bodies pressed against hers affectionately and the comfort was nearly overwhelming, providing the anchor and reassurance of the Cutie Mark Crusaders she knew so well, but…


…Sweetie Belle’s hoof had immediately slipped between her legs to explore her filly pussy, something that had never occurred to a Cutie Mark Crusader to do.

“Haahhhh!” groaned Apple Bloom, shuddering. She took a moment to consider the odds of Sweetie Belle earning a cutie mark in filly masturbating, and her ears went back as she tried to imagine what it would even look like. As Sweetie’s hoof continued to fondle her, she gritted her teeth and recalculated the odds.

Scootaloo felt Apple Bloom’s body tense, took one look and smacked Sweetie with a hoof. “Hey!”

Sweetie squeaked indignantly. “What? Make yourself useful and help me, Scootaloo! We should bring Apple Bloom to orgasm!”

“What are you in such a hurry for? Sweetie Belle, settle down! Stop that!”

Sweetie’s hoof stopped its fiddling, leaving Apple Bloom panting and casting shocked glances back and forth between her friends. Scootaloo narrowed her eyes. “Now, what the heck do you think you’re doing with our awesome Apple Bloom?”

“Making her come, silly! How is this mysterious to you?”

“No kisses, no cuddling? Shame on you, Sweetie Belle!” accused Scootaloo, drawing Apple Bloom closer to her. “Did Rarity tell you to do it that way?”

Sweetie frowned. “Not exactly. It just makes sense to bring her off quick if we want to cuddle!”


“Because afterglow is the best time to do that! Didn’t you notice, all those times you showed me?”

Scootaloo gave a little snort of disdain. “Oh, I’ll show you, Sweetie. Watch and learn.” She turned to Apple Bloom, crooning, “Oh, my sweet, are you reclining comfortably?”

Sweetie objected, “You don’t talk that way to me!”

“Maybe it’s because you just stick your little white butt in the air before I can get romantic with you!”

They glared at each other, but were distracted by an irate voice.

“WILL y’all kindly TOUCH me naughty some more, consarn it?” demanded Apple Bloom. “Who said you could stop? Not me!”

Two fillies blinked. So much for hesitation, then! Boss Mare was in session and had just got a whole lot less confused about what she wanted. Sweetie reached between Apple Bloom’s expectant legs, but Scootaloo smacked her hoof away a second time.

“What?” demanded Sweetie.

“Like this,” smirked Scootaloo.

With that, Scootaloo reached in a leisurely way down past Apple Bloom’s increasingly slick marehood, and drew the edge of her hoof teasingly up the inside of Apple Bloom’s thigh, her gesture serenely confident. It traced Apple Bloom’s vulva along the outer contours, and then as if by afterthought, passed across her clit, seemingly not touching… except that the delicate fringe of Scootaloo’s fetlock grazed Apple Bloom’s quivering flesh.


Apple Bloom’s vagina winked, hard, and Apple Bloom stared in shock at her dear friend.

“I could do that,” complained Sweetie Belle, sulking.

“But you didn’t,” replied Scootaloo. She tried to repress her smug grin, but it was about as useless as trying to lower her wings. “How about you give me a couple minutes and then join in?”

Sweetie stuck out her tongue, and then Scootaloo jerked and began to pant. Sweetie had reached around and stroked her wing wantonly.

“Hhhh, Sweetie! Apple Bloom, I should ask you not to do everything you see Sweetie Belle doing, okay? Some of our things are private—well, mine, anyway,” she added fretfully. “Leave my wings to her, and I’ll take care of you real good.”

Apple Bloom’s eyes were wide, and she brushed aside Scootaloo’s concern with a quick nod. “Yeah, sure but listen. What the hay did you jes’ do ta me, Scoot? How’d you do that?”

“Do you want more?”

“Aw HELL yeah!”

Scootaloo grinned and reached again, but Apple Bloom’s hoof shot down to intercept hers.

“Kin… kin ya take your magic bit and give me dickin’, while touchin’ me jes’ like that there?”

Scootaloo’s grin widened. “For a beautiful flower of fillyhood like yourself? I…”

“Do it!” ordered Apple Bloom, panting. “Git! Aw, for the love of Celestia, move your pony ass, I’mma come in a moment, that must be what I’m feelin’…”

Scootaloo looked miffed that her romantic speech had been cut short. She stared into space with a sour look for a second, and then gave a sharp look to Sweetie Belle. “Don’t fuck her until I get back!”

“Yeah,” panted Apple Bloom, “Ah want both of ya with me for this, all right?”

Scootaloo nodded, relieved. Apple Bloom was no pushover, and the odds had just swung way in her favor that she’d get the honor of bringing her beloved friend to her first climax. With another curt nod, she trotted off, grabbed her scooter, and was gone in a roar of tiny wings.

Apple Bloom glanced warily at Sweetie, who gave her an innocent look.

“Please wait, okay? Ah do want you both here with me.”

Sweetie batted her eyelashes cutely. “What would you do if I didn’t want to wait?”

Apple Bloom gulped. “Aw, horseapples! Please, Sweetie, please please please?”

Sweetie pouted. “Aw!”

“Please don’t start yet?”

They lay together for a minute, Apple Bloom still trembling. “Can I give you a kiss?” said Sweetie, her eyes sensuous.


Sweetie blinked. “I’m so beautiful that even kissing me is too dangerous?”

“Yep!” said Apple Bloom.

Sweetie considered this solemnly. “Ooooh!”

There was a little pause, and then Apple Bloom added, “Specific-like…”


“You never said you was gonna kiss me on th’ muzzle,” said Apple Bloom, and gave Sweetie a hard look.

Sweetie smiled back, happily. “You’re good at this!”

Before Apple Bloom could respond, she heard a rattling whooshing noise, and right after that Scootaloo galloped up the ramp and ran into the clubhouse, a determined look on her face and a shiny metal cylinder in her teeth. She reared happily, and Apple Bloom gawked at the stiff, orange-magenta pegasus cock.

Apple Bloom gulped, a tremor running through her virgin pony body. “Sweetie… NOW you kin kiss me.”

Then she squealed, for Sweetie Belle had lunged as if fixing to stab her with that little unicorn horn: however, it wasn’t the horn that transfixed Apple Bloom. Instead, Sweetie’s eager tongue slathered against her marehood, and thrust in as deep as Sweetie could push it, while Scootaloo stared in shock.

“Ahhhh!” wailed Apple Bloom, her legs kicking in the air around Sweetie’s ears, then clamping on Sweetie’s head. It didn’t matter, that unicorn head continued to nuzzle and twist between Apple Bloom’s legs hungrily, and the look the country pony directed at Scootaloo was panicky and glazing over by the second.

“Gah!” yelled Scootaloo through her clenched teeth. She rushed forward and seized Sweetie with forelegs, dragging her away from Apple Bloom’s vagina. Scootaloo could see Apple Bloom winking frantically, drenched with lube, but her attention was divided, and she demanded of her marefriend, “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

Sweetie licked her juice-smeared lips, beaming a happy smile. “Getting her ready, like she asked for? That is what she expected.”

Scootaloo glared. “You were totally trying to make her come, and what if she wants to come the first time from a penis?”

“Then,” said Sweetie imperturbably, “maybe you’d better take over, my wonderful Scootaloo.” She kissed Scootaloo on the nose, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

Scoots glanced back at Apple Bloom, and went three notches stiffer in just a moment.

Apple Bloom lay back, sprawled bonelessly, and her filly pussy was ready to burst, it looked like. Her fine elegantly muscled hind legs splayed to either side, exposing a swollen vulva and a cheerfully arching clitoris, which stood out boldly and winked even as Scootaloo watched. Apple Bloom’s whole vagina seemed to clench, poking her clit between the eagerly splayed labia, and when it relaxed, she was so aroused that her pussy lips didn’t close again. They remained parted around a deep rosy pinkness flushed fevered red with anticipation, a tender hole into Apple Bloom’s depths that nearly produced heat waves in the air from the scorching intensity of Apple Bloom’s thoroughly triggered horniness.

She gulped, and a trickle of pony lube gently dribbled out of her pussy, across her anus and onto the dock of her tail.

Scootaloo’s eyes went feral and ravenous, but she moved closer with decorous elegance, as if to say that the moment was hers to command.

“Jes’ a second, jes’ a second!” squealed Apple Bloom, thrashing where she lay.

Scootaloo jumped back. “WHAT?” she demanded.

“Not like this! Ah wanna be on my four strong hooves, like… there!”

Both Scootaloo and Sweetie gasped. Apple Bloom was indeed on all four hooves. Her tail was twitched to the side, her vagina was engorged with country-pony desire and dripping slickened nectar onto the floor, and she was peering back over her shoulder with an expression nearly indescribable, a combination of fierce and proud lustiness and quivering, nervous filly vulnerability. She looked so brave, so nervous, and so absurdly sexy as she stamped a rear hoof and squirted a bit of marenectar at her friends.

“Dammit! Gimme some!”

Scootaloo shared a glance with Sweetie—and then both girls moved in, together.

Scootaloo flapped her wings aggressively as she reared, not to seem rough but entirely the opposite: with the added wing power, she was able to lower herself with great delicacy, and clasp Apple Bloom’s fevered body in her forelegs like a caress, her belly laying across Apple Bloom’s twitching rump as that pretty red tail thrashed against her crotch.

Sweetie dove down between Apple Bloom’s legs, and then seemed to have a second thought, and scampered back out, scrambling around to come face to face with her friend.

Apple Bloom’s eyes were wild as Scootaloo adjusted her hips, but she had presence of mind to ask Sweetie, “Now what was that about? Ah expected more cooter-lickin’ right enough, but now what are you doin’?”

Sweetie gave her a kiss, on the muzzle this time.

“I want to look in your eyes while it happens, and never forget this moment,” she said. She added, as Scootaloo’s foreleg caressed Apple Bloom’s lower belly, “We love you.”

Apple Bloom licked her lips. “Aww… I love you guys so much…”

“Ready?” said Sweetie Belle softly.

Apple Bloom nodded, her eyes very wide.

The next thing she felt was a firm, confident pressure against her vagina, squeezing between her toned buttocks and dead centering her marehood. It tucked right into her quivering, juicy softness, and there it wedged, flared out, not fitting.

Scootaloo didn’t shove—she pushed, all the while stroking Apple Bloom’s belly. Apple Bloom didn’t cry out, but her eyes got wider and wider and her heart pounded as all the elasticity of her virgin pussy got taken up by swelling horse-flare, and she gasped and gasped again, her psyche lurching as the thing kept on trying to wedge into her and all of a sudden it seemed like it was going to actually push inside…

“Whooaaa!” cried Apple Bloom, shaking, and Scootaloo instantly drew back an inch, the pressure diminishing, the presence still thick and hungry against her.

“You okay?” panted Scootaloo through the bit in her teeth.

Sweetie nuzzled Apple Bloom’s face tenderly. “It’s all right if you can’t,” she teased gently. “My Scootaloo might be too much stallion for you?” She winked. “I’m worse.”

Apple Bloom tried to focus, and heaved in deep breaths. “I, I, I…”

“We can break you in with smaller things,” suggested Sweetie. “It would make it easier for you. I mean, if you really can’t take a raging Scootaloo boner your very… first… time.”

The smile on her face was wickedness itself, for she knew exactly what she was doing, and Apple Bloom knew she knew, and Scoots frowned a little because she wasn’t far behind.

Apple Bloom set her jaw, and Sweetie gave her another little kiss as she said, “Y’all proceed, and this time don’t stop for nothin!”

The only sound was the feathery flapping of Scootaloo’s wings, and a very faint wet sliding sound, as her obedient stallion took her at her word.

Sweetie quivered with delight, tears of joy coming to her eyes, as she watched every expression on Apple Bloom’s face. The wild lusty determination, the alarm at the renewed slippery pressure, the shock as Scootaloo’s flare split her wide and pried past her entrance with deliberate slowness, the wave of reeling ecstacy as she felt hard cock sliding deeper into her body, the gulping and the renewed alarm as inch after inch of pegasus hard-on slid deeper and deeper where nothing had ever been felt, the utter miraculous astonishment as she plainly wondered, her ears splayed back, whether there was any end to the slowly penetrating horsecock, the glorious frantic wildness as Scootaloo sank patiently to her ultimate depths and stuffed her to bursting no matter how her body clenched and tried to compress that implacable bulk…

Scootaloo caught Sweetie’s eye, and grinned a cocky grin, and Sweetie beamed joyously back and gave Apple Bloom’s stunned, jaw-dropped muzzle another kiss… and watched.

Scootaloo flapped once, twice… and swung her hips elegantly back almost all the way, only to gracefully sink her swollen shaft in Apple Bloom’s pussy to the hilt once more.

Apple Bloom screamed, and looked utterly shocked, and then orgasm took her and shook her like a leaf under a pony stampede, and she went bright red in the face and chest and cried out incoherently as her body clenched upon Scootaloo with such violence that she nearly toppled over. Sweetie took a wonderful moment just to drink in the sight, and then helped Apple Bloom stay upright, glorying in the trembling, fevered touch of her dear friend, enjoying every shudder and orgiastic wail.

“Is it good?” she inquired—not of Apple Bloom, but of Scootaloo.

“Mnnn!” replied Scootaloo, eyes closed as she shifted her hips tenderly.

“Better than me?” said Sweetie, and Scootaloo’s eyes flew open, startled.

“Uh… different! N’t better, diff’rent.”

Apple Bloom was emitting soprano squeals and lost to sensation. Sweetie whispered to Scootaloo, “HOW different?”

“Tighter… wow. Ev’n… whoof! aggg… might even be… hard to c’me… Sweetie, ch’ck to see she’s OK. Feels am’zing but I’m worried it m’ght start to hurt her?”

“Seriously?” said Sweetie Belle in disbelief, watching Apple Bloom moan and shudder.

“S’riously! Wh’n you use this on me it’s huge and I c’nt stand too m’ch of it f’r too long! It might start to hurt for her!” insisted Scootaloo, moving more and more gently as she felt Apple Bloom quake in her embrace.

Sweetie Belle blinked, and ducked down underneath Apple Bloom, sticking her head between her legs, trying not to stab anything with her horn. She studied what she found there. “Ooooh!”

Sure enough, the sight was shocking. Apple Bloom’s rump quivered around a dainty marehood stretched hard by Scootaloo’s erection, clitoris strained to the surface of the intruding shaft, glistening juices everywhere. If it was worrying Scootaloo, it sure wasn’t making her any less thick. Sweetie blinked again, realizing that her friend had inadvertently become a cock-ring and was only going to make Scootaloo swell harder, and devised a helpful plan.

“I’ll take care of this. Start to go much faster when you feel her chomp you!”

“Wait, wh’t?” sputtered Scootaloo, but Sweetie was already extending her tongue upwards towards her target.

Apple Bloom thought she understood what orgasm was, as Scootaloo throbbed brutally inside her and nudged her womb with the end of that thick, magically induced horsecock. She thought she was riding it out just fine… until she felt Sweetie’s tongue begin to slather her swollen clit and tight-stretched labia even while Scootaloo still moved within her. Apple Bloom gasped, shrieked, and felt her body deliver a massive jolt, that probably had caused her to squeeze real hard onto Scootaloo’s cock… and then, all hell broke loose, and the massive shaft possessing her began to yank out and plunge back in while Sweetie’s tongue would not leave her nerve endings alone, and she wailed on the plunging shaft and that cockhead thrust to her deepest places and squirted a hot sticky goop that went right into somewhere that nothing had yet reached…

Shrieking, spasming as if struck by lightning, Apple Bloom toppled over and collapsed, Sweetie Belle’s head still stuck between her legs, Scootaloo’s cock-flare yanking against her taut confines and then pulling free as Scoots took briefly to the air over her, stallion come squirting across her body and gushing out of her snug vagina even as her body jolted and she passed out.

Scootaloo panted, coming in to a neat landing with a little clunk of her hooves on the floor. Sweetie flailed her foreleg imploringly, and Scootaloo gently untangled her from between Apple Bloom’s legs, saying “Thanks, babe. Whew. We sure did it, huh?”

“I think so,” said Sweetie. “Oh, Scootaloo! You taught Apple Bloom how to be a mare, just like you taught me! I love you so much!”

Scootaloo kept grinning as she spat the bit out onto the floor and kissed Sweetie. “M-hmm. All in a day’s work. How long do you think she’ll be out for? My record with you is what, three minutes?”

“Well, how would I know, silly?” objected Sweetie Belle. “You have to tell me!” She batted her eyelashes. “You could try for another record. With me. I wouldn’t mind.”

Scootaloo laughed happily. “That wore me out, Sweetie! I don’t know if I’m up for another round so soon.”

Sweetie pouted. “It got me all worked up. Please? Pleeeease?”

“Maybe later, okay?” said Scootaloo, prancing and flapping her wings. “I like the sound of that. I… um…”

She trailed off. Apple Bloom’s ear was flicking. A light yellow foreleg beat the air weakly, and she groaned, as her friends scampered to her side.

“How ya doin’, Apple Bloom?” said Scootaloo smugly. “Was it good for you too? You were amazing!”

“Isn’t sexuality wonderful?” added Sweetie Belle, licking her lips as her eyes explored Apple Bloom’s ravaged body.

Apple Bloom looked perplexed as she glanced blearily back and forth between the friends who had turned her to blissful jelly. She tried to rise, but flopped onto her side again, for her hind legs wouldn’t hold her. She stared at them in disbelief, feeling the waves of erotic satisfaction still washing over her, noticing the residue of female ooze that remained even after the gouts of fake sperm had evaporated from her hide.

Sweetie blinked. “Does the goo bother you? We could lick you off. It might get you to faint again. I mean, if we do it right…”

“What th’ hay is this, Crusaders?” said Apple Bloom weakly.

“It’s sex!” chirped Sweetie Belle. “And it’s great, and now you can understand it like we do! This was such a good day!”

“Naw,” said Apple Bloom. She glared at Scootaloo. “You was fuckin’, same as me. You was fuckin’ ME, Scootaloo, how come you’re fresh as a daisy an’ I cain’t git up?”

“You became a mare today!” said Sweetie. “We are so proud of you! Can you really not stand up?”

Apple Bloom struggled, and sprawled onto her side in carnal satiation again, panting. “Sweet freaking Celestia, girls…”

“There!” proclaimed Sweetie proudly. “You came just as hard as that dumb Diamond Tiara did, thanks to us!”

Scootaloo gasped. “That was your game, Sweetie? THAT was what you were trying to do? What does Diamond Tiara have to do with it?”

“Well, Apple Bloom deserves to be just as much of a mare as her, including to come just as hard or even harder…”

Apple Bloom’s eyes had widened. “Aw no. Aw hell no. You jes’ hold on for a minute…” she said, and struggled fiercely until she was standing on four wobbly hooves and not quite falling over. From that position, she demanded, “Is that what bein’ a mare is? Gettin’ a dicking until you’re a big ol’ puddle covered with goo? Is that how that works?”

Sweetie Belle pouted. “You make it sound bad. It’s like the most rewarding thing in the whole world, Apple Bloom.”

“I weren’t expectin’ to be reduced to that, dammit! Is it like that every time?”

Sweetie’s mouth played in a fugitive smile. “It is when Scootaloo is your stallion. Don’t you agree?”

Apple Bloom glanced, irate, at Scootaloo. Scootaloo glared back, and grumbled, “Sorry for being so awesome! You could be a little grateful, it took a lot out of me!”

Apple Bloom snorted. “Says you! It’s all I kin do to stay upright, and you look fresh as a daisy, jes’ like I tole you. Is that what bein’ the stallion is like? Did it feel good?”

That got a wry smile out of the little pegasus. “Uh-huh. Totally. You felt incredible.” She glanced hastily at Sweetie. “Uh, almost as incredible as Sweetie. She’s better. I mean, she’s special. She’s my…”

“Better how?” challenged Apple Bloom.

“I thought you didn’t want to be awesome as a mare! Now you’re proud of how good you were to fuck?”

Apple Bloom snorted. “Ah wanted to understand all this! So Sweetie feels better? How come?”

Scootaloo bridled, stamping a forehoof. “Less pinchy, she blisses out so hard, such a silky soft bottom to mount on, that beautiful light show she squirts out of her horn…”

She trailed off. She stared hard at Apple Bloom, then at Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie blinked innocently. Then, they heard a delicate wet sound, as she winked, less innocently.

“Well then,” said Apple Bloom, “she shared you, din’t she? Pass that bit over.”

Scootaloo backed up a step. “Oh no. You’ve gotta be kidding. Sweetie, did you plan this too? I can’t believe it!”

Sweetie had gone solemn again, seeing her mate’s distress. “No, Scootaloo, I didn’t. It sounds very nice to me, but you know there’s another way we can do it.”

Scootaloo’s eyes widened further, and she shook her head.

“There is,” insisted Sweetie. “If Apple Bloom wants to know what it’s like to use a bit, she could make love to you. I’m okay with that, I love you both very very much, and I trust you with her.”

Scootaloo shook her head again, looking frightened.

Sweetie nodded. “I know it’s a rare thing for you, doing it that way. Or, she could borrow your bit and go find Diamond Tiara…”

Scootaloo gagged. “Yuck! And how do you know Diamond Tiara would even ask her? You skip ahead sometimes, Sweetie Belle, in a really disturbing way!”

“Or,” concluded Sweetie Belle, “she could make love to me. I told you I got all worked up, how do you think I feel? I watched both of you have the most special experience ever. Don’t I get a turn?”

Scootaloo hesitated, her wings held tight to her sides. Sweetie pouted, hitting her with the big cute eyes. “I let you be her first! I didn’t even cheat and lick her pussy, and I totally could have! Please, Scootaloo? Will you let Apple Bloom try it the other way?”

Scootaloo glanced back over at Apple Bloom. The country pony was standing more steady now, and met her gaze, but her initial bossy attitude had worn off—perhaps because she sensed the emotional tone, or perhaps just because lovemaking had left her mare-ish and sentimental. “Aw, Scootaloo,” she said, “Ah don’t mean to mess with yer good thing, honest I don’t. It’s jes’ that I ain’t sure I hold with this puddle business. I think I got my hooves under me again. Is it too much to ask? Kin I see what it’s like, sugarcube?”

Scootaloo hesitated, and Apple Bloom added, “Besides… she tole me you were about th’ hottest stallion in Ponyville an’ she weren’t lying. Now you’re tellin’ me our Sweetie is the most delicious mare, but this time I can’t see for myself? On, on sex-havin’ day?”

Scootaloo dropped her gaze, pawed at the floor with a forehoof, biting her lip. Apple Bloom let her think. Sweetie watched, her hind legs quivering delicately. Scootaloo shook her head, but it seemed not to be a statement of ‘no’: it was like Scootaloo was examining her feelings and reactions, and judging them to be inadequate. She wasn’t looking at Apple Bloom as she did it, but, rather, inward.

“Which part do you care about?” she said. “Is it that we love you? Or is it that I said Sweetie’s the hottest mare you’re ever gonna find?”

Apple Bloom snorted. “Ya kiddin’? We always did love each other, Scootaloo. I ain’t had so much time for that with my new duties, and you know that perfectly well. Ya want th’ truth? I wanna know what th’ hottest mare feels like. How’s that?”

Scootaloo pawed the floor again, uncertain.

“But besides that,” said Apple Bloom, “I think I best find out what stallioning is like. I ain’t sure mare-ing is for me if I cain’t work after it.”

Scootaloo glanced up, sharply, to meet Apple Bloom’s eyes, and they shared a knowing look.

“Now you’re talking my language,” said Scootaloo. She made a face. “Maybe if it bugs me so much, I should just let you mount me instead…”

The two fillies jumped. Sweetie Belle had let out a shrill squeak, and they stared at her, and she stared back, trembling.

“No way!” she protested. “Nuh-uh! You can’t, you just can’t! Meanies!”

She burst into tears, and both Apple Bloom and Scootaloo dropped their quarrel and ran to cuddle her.

“Aw, I’m sorry, Sweetie!” said Scootaloo. “You did say you were all worked up, I know what you’re like when that happens! I wasn’t thinking, I’m sorry. We’ll help you!”

“It’s okay, sugarcube!” protested Apple Bloom. “We’ll work this out, maybe I’ll jes’ take a rain check and Scootaloo will cool yer jets? She’s real good at that, well, ya saw it…”

“Oh no!” objected Scootaloo. “She wants to give you a try! It was really obvious, I can deal with it, she’s always talking about guys she sees around. It’s different when it’s you because we’re so close, but that should just make it good, not bad.”

“But Ah don’t want to git in between y’all!”

“Oh yeah? You should have thought of that when you were literally between me fucking you and Sweetie licking you, that was the betweenest I’ve ever seen in my whole life! Why stop now?”

“You know what Ah mean, Scootaloo! If it ain’t quite the same for some reason…”

They stopped. Sweetie had pressed a hoof to each of their lips. “Please don’t fight? It was so good before, I don’t want us to start fighting.” She heaved a little sigh. “Over me.”

Apple Bloom had laid her ears back. “Uh, sugarcube, me an’ Scootaloo is always tusslin’. You know that! It’s a thing we do together.”

“Yeah,” said Scootaloo. “We’re cool, Sweetie. You should know us by now!”

Sweetie’s eyes glistened. “But my suggestion, it came between you and made us all sad!”

Apple Bloom’s and Scootaloo’s eyes met, and a spark of mischief was lit.

“Ya wanna say it, Scoots?”

“Oh no. After you, Apple Bloom.”

“Naw! Definitely yours ta say, y’hear? You go on.”

“…all right,” said Scootaloo. She drew a breath. “I think it’s time for something else to come between us… and make us happy.”

Sweetie blinked. “Really?”

“An’ come HARD,” added Apple Bloom. She smirked. “I ain’t bein’ the most fainting filly of these parts. No sir!”

Sweetie’s eyes flew wide, very wide, like an unnoticed depth charge of a thought had just gone off in there. Her jaw dropped, and she silently mouthed the words ‘light show’ as if she’d just heard them for the first time. She began to blush. She studied Apple Bloom’s face. She licked her lips, and said, “I’m not going to squirt for you, okay? That’s not really what I meant.”

Scootaloo teared up, her eyes glistening as she heard the unexpected condition.

“Aw,” said Apple Bloom, “don’t you fret, Sweetie. I think I understand y’alls special ways a little bit. You don’t have to.”

Sweetie smiled gratefully, and Scootaloo nuzzled her, and whispered in her ear something that made Sweetie blush unexpectedly.

“What was that?” said Apple Bloom.

“Permission,” said Sweetie, as she and Scootaloo both blushed cutely.

“C’mon, Scootaloo,” said Apple Bloom. “Let’s do somethin’… somePONY else… together.”

As she broke from the Crusader hug and went to retrieve the fallen magic bit, Scootaloo kissed Sweetie. “Come on, Sweetie Belle. Let’s get real close,” she said. “That way you won’t feel bad.”

“Bad why?” squeaked Sweetie, trembling. “For what?”

Scootaloo made a face, again. “When you squirt anyway, that’s why.”

Sweetie bit her lip. “But… you’re my special pony. There should be lots of fun sex, but that part…”

Scootaloo hugged her tighter. “I’ll be right here, Sweetie. Tell yourself that.”

“But you think I might do it anyway, even if…”

“I know you,” said Scootaloo fiercely. “I guess you mean it when you act like the sluttiest little unicorn ever, huh? You were the first of any of us, you act like you invented sex, you love talking about other ponies’ dicks and what they would feel like. Well, this time we’re doing it, we’re actually gonna do it not just talk about it. I bet you’re going to love it. You go ahead, let yourself go. I’m right here, we all love each other, it’s okay.”

Sweetie pouted, looking stubborn. “I won’t. I’ll come lots, it’ll be wonderful, but I’m not gonna squirt magic.”

Scootaloo just smiled, her eyes narrowing wickedly.

When Apple Bloom turned around, she’d found and picked up the magic bit, in the usual way. Her legs were still a little wobbly, but that wasn’t what had her attention—it was the sensation of erect stallionhood swinging beneath her, bouncing up to slap her belly. She’d had a bit in her mouth before, but hadn’t hit puberty, and at the time the result had been a limp pinky-beige noodle, a bulky flopping thing that didn’t even respond to Sweetie’s newly frantic condition. Scootaloo’s thing, on the other hoof, was more than ready to play… and a new chapter in their lives had begun, one that left Apple Bloom behind.

That world now beckoned, through the unfamiliar stiffness of her unnatural appendage, through the heady scents pervading the room, and most of all through the sight of Sweetie Belle’s quivering rump and the glimpses of glistening pink between her cheeks. It was odd, thought Apple Bloom: when she’d been mounted by Scootaloo, it had been about feels and presences and the whole shape of the experience, but holding the bit, she was transfixed by the very sight of Sweetie’s body in a way she’d not considered before. Her heart beat faster just to stare at the glisten of Sweetie’s pert vagina, so enticing and significant, and she stared and stared.

Scootaloo had wriggled around, her naughty face below Sweetie’s business end, and she grinned upside-down at Apple Bloom.

“I could lick her to warm her up,” she smirked. “Trust me—not necessary!”

“You ain’t gonna do it?” blinked Apple Bloom, her hard-on throbbing insistently.

“Oh, I never said uhhh! that!” replied Scootaloo. Sweetie had dipped her head between her pegasus’s legs and had herself a nibble, or perhaps it was a lick. Scootaloo shook it off, reaching up and stroking Sweetie’s rump with a forehoof, then giving her a little smack, and Apple Bloom trembled to see the quick ripple of ponyflesh zip across Sweetie’s tight little bottom. “What I said was, not necessary…”

Unthinkingly, Apple Bloom trotted forward, rearing, responding as if Sweetie had smacked her own rump invitingly, and Scootaloo grinned harder and then was lost to sight. Apple Bloom was straddling Sweetie’s soft silky hindquarters, that fluffy pink-purple tail was flicking against her crotch, and she thrust with her hips, heard a juicy squelch, felt pony heaven spread itself firmly across her cock-head and partway down her shaft… heard the breathy shriek.

“Aw, hell,” said Apple Bloom. “Too fast?” Sweetie’s body was shaking beneath her.

A voice piped up from behind. “Good girl! It’s okay, she likes that. You won’t be as good as me unless you sense the flow of things, but you guessed right…”

Apple Bloom’s ears were back. “Ah c’nt tell if Ah’m h’rting her!”

She felt a tongue lick across Sweetie’s clitoris and against the underside of her erection. Sweetie emitted a wavering cry, and that juicy, tender pussy quivered around her deliciously. Apple Bloom’s eyes widened.

“Talk to her, Sweetie!” said Scootaloo. “While you still can!”

Apple Bloom peered down, as Sweetie turned her head and gazed up at her with those luminous, innocent, sapphire eyes.

“Fuck the SHIT out of me!” she squeaked, and then she’d hunkered down, nuzzling Scootaloo’s crotch and firm little breasts, her eyes closed and her rump wriggling entrancingly.

“Th’ts… pr’tty clear…” managed Apple Bloom.

“That’s my Sweetie Belle!” said Scootaloo proudly, and bestowed another affectionate lick across clitoris and embedded shaft.

Apple Bloom gritted her teeth on the bit, mumbling “Y’ came to th’ r’ght pl’ce,” and Sweetie cried out breathlessly as the horsecock stiffened inside her— and with that, Apple Bloom began to buck in earnest, though she’d never done it before and the motions felt strange. She tried to work out how Scootaloo had pulled off her sensuous movements, but quickly gave up because it hurt her back. Instead, Apple Bloom simply shoved her hips eagerly forward, humping and grinding like a farm dog, and Sweetie veritably howled with delight in response.

“Wow,” came the little voice from behind them. “Total close-up! To the hilt! This is so hot, guys…”

Apple Bloom felt herself going achingly stiff. The sensations of Sweetie’s pussy around her were unbelievable, like a soft squishy quivering fondling warmth, squeezing but not binding, dripping with the ooze of eager desire. She felt Sweetie gasp and clench, and clench again, and heard a startled fretful noise from Scootaloo, and felt a breath against the underside of her throbbing faux-cock…

Scootaloo grabbed her thrusting hips for leverage and drove her head up under their legs, suckling hard and noisily on Sweetie’s clitoris even while Apple Bloom continued to plunge to her depths.

“EEEEEEEEH!” Sweetie screamed.

Apple Bloom gasped, as Sweetie split her ears with her orgasmic squeal. It peeled a bit of loose paint off the wall, and then it was wavering in exact synchrony with convulsive graspings onto Apple Bloom’s throbbing shaft—and with that, Apple Bloom came hard, her eyes widening in shock as she felt ponyspooge squirt through her stiffness and into Sweetie’s writhing, squealing body. Scootaloo wasn’t letting up—Apple Bloom could feel her head moving as she erotically devoured Sweetie’s clit—and then she understood, for she felt Sweetie churn around her and watched a gout of beautiful luminous color spurt from Sweetie’s horn as she shrieked.

Apple Bloom sagged over her pair of wonderful, naughty friends. Her cock felt AMAZING. Her body glowed, but without the consequences of her first time: rather than feeling stunned senseless, she felt like she’d run a mile and won a prize. She could have napped cheerfully, or hopped off and gone about her business. She blinked, considering things and comparing her experiences. She realized that Scootaloo had wriggled out from underneath them, that Sweetie had actually passed out and they were right down on the floor, that Scootaloo was kissing her and nuzzling her cheek and grinning.

“Congratulations. You’re a stallion as well. How’d it feel? Is that more your speed?”

Apple Bloom blinked, her ear flicking. “Hmm. C’d be,” she said through the bit. “You m’de her come th’t hard on purp’se?”

Scootaloo grinned, nuzzling her ear, kissing it too.


Two pony heads whipped around, to see Apple Burl peering in yet again.

“WH’T?” demanded Apple Bloom with flashing eyes. She reflected, for a moment, on how glad she was that he’d picked this act to stumble upon, rather than the first round.

He gulped, his eyes wide and glancing repeatedly at where Boss was penetrating unicorn filly pussy, despite his attempts to not look.

“Jes’ to tell you that Granny Smith an’ Applejack are nearly done with th’ laundry, like you tole ‘em to do…”

Apple Bloom sighed. “Awr’ght. Good. I’ll have d’nner ready f’r ‘em by s’ndown. N’w SCAT!”

He backed away, wide-eyed, and then turned and ran. A smile began to creep over Apple Bloom’s face. This didn’t get in the way of her legend. No, sir.

“So,” asked Scootaloo casually, still toying with her ear, “did you like stallioning as much as I do? Best mare in Equestria, am I right?”

Apple Bloom sighed in bliss and nodded, a big silly grin on her face. Then, the grin dropped away, for suddenly she felt Scootaloo’s teeth on her ear, not biting painfully but clamping down in unmistakable warning.

“Get your own,” Scootaloo said quietly.

Apple Bloom glanced up at her best friend and trusty rival, who stared down at her with a loving but uncompromising gaze.

Apple Bloom nodded, and mumbled “Got’cha,” through the bit. She blinked, and added, “Hope y’ don’t mean D’mond Tiara!”

Scootaloo made a face. “No way. Take it from us, you deserve way better than her.”

“W’nder what she’s doing r’ght now?” mused Apple Bloom.


Filthy Rich rubbed his eyes, automatically lifting his head from the stack of papers. “Yes, dear heart?”

“Daddy, how well do you know those Apple ponies?”

He blinked. “Quite well, Diamond; we’ve done business for years. They are trustworthy beyond reproach, and the quality of their product is top-notch. I’ve got to be at the top of my game to remain their exclusive distributor in Mareheim and points west. Thankfully, they won’t touch Feedbag Provisons, because those ponies manipulate prices across markets and the Apples won’t stand for such things. If I could get sole distribution rights to their Canterlot business…”

“But are you friends with them?” wheedled his daughter. “Could you ask them for favors, like if you wanted to go on a date with that Applejack pony or something?”

Filthy Rich frowned. “Dear heart, we won’t talk about that. I’m not interested.”

“So… you don’t like the Apple family that way?” pressed Diamond Tiara. “Because I know you are so faithful to them, and you never take advantage of them when you probably could, and I wondered if maybe there was a personal reason? Such as, you like one of them in a special kind of way?”

Filthy Rich’s eyes narrowed. “Behave, Diamond. No, there is no personal motive. It’s so difficult to get you to understand that a good reputation is profitable in its own right.”

“Are you sure?”

Filthy Rich sniffed. “You’re using an awful lot of the soap from Canterlot today, Diamond. I realize it smells good, but we try to practice restraint, don’t we?”

Diamond waved a perfectly groomed hoof. “Just a bit of enthusiasm, Daddy. Sooo… you probably could ask an Apple pony out on a date, but all the same you wouldn’t do that. But it’s not that you couldn’t. If you wanted to, you could, but you just don’t want to?”

Filthy Rich’s expression darkened. “Diamond, why are you talking this way? You know better. Please stop it!”

His eyes widened, then. Diamond turned to him with a piteous look, and began to plead, as only she could.

“Oh, Daddy! You’ve seen right through me. You’re right, this isn’t about you! I understand that you would never be untrue to the memory of Mother. I was only making sure, because there’s something I need that I’m not sure I can get on my own!”

“There is?” he said, wearily.

“How there is!” cried Diamond Tiara, dramatically. “I only hope that your influence and the bonds of your friendship will suffice, so you can arrange this difficult thing that I need so desperately. I promise you, it’s for a very good reason. It might seem a strange thing to ask for, but you won’t let me down, will you, Daddy? Will you? Promise me you will do as I ask!”

Filthy Rich blinked. “Ah… you haven’t told me what it is, precious one! Is it you seeking some sort of introduction, and bringing it to my attention in this foolishly roundabout way? If it’s reasonable, I promise I will help you.”

“Please!” begged Diamond Tiara. “Promise you will!”

“Ahhh… First, dear heart, what IS this you need me to do for you?”

Diamond Tiara’s eyes glittered.

“BUY me Sweet Apple Acres.”