Derpy Hooves flew real high.

It was a really nice day! That was not so good, though. Derpy felt all antsy and quivery and weird, and she wasn’t looking for sunshine and pretty flowers, or even a muffin.

Derpy was looking for a really good cloud.

Of course, Mama wouldn’t call it a good cloud. Mama would call it a mik… micra… micro-cumulo-nimbuth, and she would tell Derpy not to play with it, and she would scold—if she was still there.

But Mama died, and nopony was watching, so Derpy was looking for a really good cloud.

And then she saw one! It was floating away behind a hill. Maybe it was left over from the rainy yesterday morning. Derpy flew right over to look, and there it was—a fluffy grey cloud, ready to rain some more.

Derpy didn’t care if it rained or not. She had other things to do with it.

She flew right over and landed on it, and she smiled a big smile. It felt tickly under her hooves, and her wings reached up into the air and she flicked her tail around to be happy. It wasn’t that big of a cloud, but that was okay. Derpy thought it was big enough.

Derpy began to hop up and down on top of the cloud, bouncing off all four hooves at once, flicking her tail around and making a big smile.

It was a stubborn cloud, real stubborn. It rained some, but Derpy didn’t want that. She bounced harder, squeezing her eyes shut, grinning as sparks tickled her hooves.

And then the cloud made a funny popping sputtering noise.

And then it crackled like it was going to make a big zap.

And then it did!

And Derpy squeaked and stuck out all her legs and wings and stuff as the thunderbolt hit her, striking her directly.

As the voltage seized her trembling body, her mane and tail flew straight out and crackled with the energy, which licked her hungrily all over as if it was going to eat her right up, but that wasn’t the best part, even though it left her wild-eyed and breathless. No, Derpy’s prize went deeper than that—her head arched back in ecstacy even as she gritted her teeth and squealed, for the electricity coursed through her like there was no squealing, spasming little grey pegasus in the way at all, and it crackled right up her aching and over-wrought entrance and set off quivering explosions deep within her that made her scream and shake.

It was like the bolts of lightning, spurred loose by her greedy, eager bouncing, knew just what to do—they had plunged straight into her vagina to seize her insides and give them a good shaking, and it seemed like those insides were just waiting to do flips and tricks that left Derpy stunned and breathless.

It had been the most exciting day of Derpy’s life, when she discovered the secret games she could play with the clouds.

The lightning died away, and Derpy collapsed onto the little cloud like a big splat, wings outstretched and twitching. Bits of her were smoking from all the electricity and everything, and Derpy stared unfocussedly in two directions at once, her eyes sensuously half-lidded, her mouth open and panting with her little tongue hanging out, and she just lay there and twitched for a while, leaking wet stuff out of her exhausted vagina as she waited for her head to stop spinning.

And then her head stopped spinning, and Derpy could stand up.

And she stood right up.

And then Derpy did it all over again!

Twilight Sparkle scrutinized the slim, gleaming, metallic cylinder held in the clamp before her.

“Got it. I think we’ve probably taken up the residual elasticity of the metal, so go carefully: we don’t want it to shatter if it’s brittle, and I’m not sure what would happen to the enchantment if we did. Have you noted down the exact increase in thaums?”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Trixie Lulamoon, studying the rig. “It still looks essentially linear to me.”

“Well,” said Twilight, “if you’re right, you’ll be subbing to both of us for an hour this evening. This should prove it one way or the other—I’m pretty sure we’ve got it to the yield point. Give it another turn, Trixie, this time to four hundred and ten megaPonescals.”

She fixed her eyes on the pressure gauge, and Trixie did likewise, and called, “Girl! One more, this time like you mean it, bitch!”

Rarity shuddered, making a weak noise through the ball gag, and lifted her chained-together forehooves.

“And no using your magic! That is for the other part of your punishment, and you know it!”

The two studious unicorns watched with interest as their companion reached up to place her hooves on the lever, prepared to heave and strain and tighten the vise even further for Science. As she did, she shuddered again, and the continuous glow from her horn flickered.

“Push that in deeper, girl, and don’t you dare lose focus! Don’t you harm it!”

Rarity whimpered, and behind her, a glowing phallus composed of her own telekinetic energies surged forward, prying her vagina wide and wedging into her slick confines, between quivering, horrified alabaster cheeks. The telekinetic dildo might have been made from colored glass, but it was not solid: clearly, it was hollow, alarmingly hollow.

For inside it crawled a very confused bug, long and squirmy, all legs and antennae.

Rarity sobbed through the ball gag, feverishly concentrating on her perverse, degrading sexual task while leaning on the big lever and watching the force gauge. When it read four hundred and ten megaPonescals, she released the lever and dropped to all fours again, her body shivering.

“She won’t slip up,” said Trixie reassuringly. “On the one hand she doesn’t want anything so nasty inside her vagina, and on the other she honestly wouldn’t want to hurt the bug…”

Twilight grimaced. “I would. Ew!”

That got her a disapproving look from Trixie. “Mistress! We are not going to harm one hair on its… no, that’s not right, it’s got hairs all over…”

Rarity shuddered in horror, as Trixie wandered over to inspect her hindquarters, where the ooze of marely arousal trickled down her alabaster inner thighs.

“Deeper, girl!” ordered Trixie, and Rarity’s magic surged, sliding the hollow cylinder of magical force fully inside her. Trixie smirked. “Good!” she said. “Do you know why? Because it must have crawled up to the far end. I can’t see it anymore. If not for the telekinetic dildo, that thing could be crawling upon the surface of your cervical folds even now!”

“Augh!” squealed Twilight, laying her ears back. “Trixieeee!”

Rarity jerked, making strangled noises against the ball gag, and began to hyperventilate, nostrils flaring, her eyes wild and terrified.

“All the way,” ordered Trixie, “and hold that thought.” Her gaze dipped down to study Rarity’s quivering vagina, and she leaned closer. “Now… don’t lose focus!”

As Twilight watched, ears flattened against her head, Trixie demurely extended her tongue and began to lick the jutting projection of Rarity’s gleaming pink clitoris, with slow, deliberate strokes of her glistening tongue.

Rarity shook all over, her hooves clattering against the floor from the force of her tremors, and then let out a muffled shriek through the gag, her body convulsing in a titanic orgasm, a torrent of unicorn juices squirting out around the magical phallus to be sloppily licked up by Trixie. The sounds and sensations of this drove the elegant dressmaker to still higher peaks, and she tottered drunkenly, coming her hooves off, ramming the horrific magical dildo into herself.

“Pull it out! Now! Before you faint!” demanded Trixie, her magic seizing onto Rarity’s cylinder of force and delivering a determined pull, and Rarity managed to hold onto the shape while it withdrew from her body, and even while she collapsed, sobbing, and curled into a ball on the floor.

Twilight stared at the moist magic-phallus with the creepy thing inside. “Would she have kept it up even if she lost consciousness? Look, she’s still maintaining it!”

“Girl is very determined,” said Trixie. “But I’d better take over. I don’t think it’s getting fresh air in that. I’m not sure I could make a cylinder of force with air-holes and I’m sure Girl can’t, so we need to get it out of there and put it back in the garden. Otherwise, it’ll asphyxiate.”

Twilight shuddered, her eyes fixed on the creepy-crawly. “Good!”

At this, Trixie shot her a hurt look. “No, Mistress, not good! It is a harmless living thing that comes from your own garden. It didn’t ask for this and doesn’t even know it is disgusting to you and Girl.”

“Oh, so you’d enjoy it crawling on your nether lips, huh, Trixie? Is that it?” challenged Twilight, her ears still laid back.

Trixie made a face. “Not especially, Mistress. Trixie was just being creative. It’s hard to find things to do to Girl that she hasn’t seen and felt a thousand times before.”

“She’s gonna murder you the next time she tops you,” said Twilight. “You wait. The next time she has you in submission, she will end you.”

Trixie began grinning wider and wider, until Twilight shook her head and face-hoofed. “Just get that bug out of here, okay? That’s all I ask. No more yucky stuff, please.”

At that, Trixie nodded, and poked Rarity’s butt with her horn. “You! You’re done, release the force-field, right now. Do it!”

Rarity made a noise that could have been “Yes, Mistress” as heard through a rubber ball, and the glowing cylinder vanished, to be replaced by a small glowing sphere as Trixie caught the bug before it could hit the floor and begin crawling away. She trotted briskly out the door, to return bug-less.

Twilight was removing Rarity’s ball-gag, studying the ruin of her friend. “Rarity? Your hindquarters are a real mess from ooze and stuff.”

Rarity made a face, working her jaw. “Thank you for that, Twilight…”

“I know you didn’t safeword,” continued Twilight, “but did you really like it? I mean, apart from the huge orgasm and everything?”

Rarity frowned, and glanced sidelong at Trixie. “Mistress agreed we would not simply escalate.”

Trixie’s eyes widened. “But, Girl—but, Rarity, you asked for a real workout! Was Trixie wrong to have you do that? You wished the release of your stress. Not only that, you reminded Trixie that you cannot spend long periods in scenes any more, and you wished something intense and brief. Trixie was trying to bring you to release rapidly, and did her best!”

At this, Rarity dropped her gaze. “Oh, it was a workout, make no mistake about that. Mistress is terrifyingly ingenious. Girl shall be cautious what she requests in future.” She hesitated, and added, “Please do not ever make me come so hard again—and it’s kind of Twilight to say it, but I am not at all sure I could drive you as hard as you’ve just driven me, nor would I wish to if I could. Dear Celestia!”

“Would you like us to lick you off?” suggested Twilight, her ears coming forward. “It’s the least we could do. Then you can bathe properly, afterward.”

Rarity gave a little halfsmile. “Greedy Twilight! Anybody would think you’ve developed a fondness for unicorn vagina and certain of its,” and she shuddered elegantly, “fluids.”

Trixie smirked at her lavender marefriend. “Look at her ears. Trixie understands completely, too. Do we have to place you under submission again, to have our way with you?”

Rarity chuckled weakly. “I can’t rise, darlings, I am far too quivery. I suspect not. Come on then—I know your fondnesses. Indulge, and then help me to my hooves if you would be so good? Licked does not count as truly clean, but you may do the initial honors.”

She relaxed, as Twilight and Trixie nuzzled and nudged her body, rolling her onto her back, spreading her legs, little unicorn noses exploring her inner thighs, cute little tongues beginning there and licking up all female oozes she’d produced in her passion.

Rarity sprawled backwards, taking deep breaths and marvelling at the strange new blend of feelings that flooded her. The slobber, the degradation, those were not new feelings in the least. She had built a life upon concealing her grievous sins—pursuing delicious punishment in secret, while acting out the life of a proper and courtly aristocrat above any hint of wrongdoing. Rarity knew all forms of shame and abuse. She’d savored them like fine wines.

Her crime had been a crime of passion, but also of grave selfishness—she had borne Sweetie Belle in an incestuous drama where she, drunk on her youthful beauty and arrogance, had tried to simply take Father from her Mother, and the pitiful, unforgivable fool had gone right along with it. And then, cast from her home, she’d sealed her fate and set the tone of her life by her subsequent decisions.

Being a mother would have taken time away from her career just when that time was desperately needed—but being a sister was not nearly so demanding.

It was miraculous how beauty and love could grow brightly from the foulest muck. Sweetie Belle grew into an adorable filly never guessing her true origins, and the dressmaking business grew as well, and Rarity in turn grew to be a virtuoso of glory and despair, maintaining the highest standards in public and winning accolade after accolade while remaining, in essence, that very foulest muck. Even in bondage and discipline she had become a sort of masterpiece, her increasing skill and expertise driven by her unquenchable hunger for shame and justice.

And then it had all come crashing down, when Sweetie Belle discovered what she was—and what Rarity was, to her—and in the course of a few unforgettable minutes, Rarity had gone from ‘mommy’s a filthy pony’ to ‘filthy pony is a Mommy’.

The odd thing was how little had changed. Rarity continued to respond sexually to degradation, whether or not her true guilt was hidden. Sweetie Belle now lived with her, but she had always been around constantly, and the only changes in the bondage relationship worth mentioning were that any scene must cease in Sweetie’s presence, something that Twilight and Trixie had agreed to immediately. Neither had foaled, themselves, and they tended to shy away from Rarity’s new responsibilities, uncomfortable with the seriousness of it.

Rarity looked down along her reclining body. Twin unicorn horns, purple and blue, crossed and rubbed sensuously against each other as the girls feasted upon her intimate parts, pink tongues stroking and caressing everywhere. Trixie had been part of the bondage scene before she’d ever come to Ponyville and met Twilight, but it was impressive how quickly Twilight Sparkle had picked up on things, when she’d been a studious, reclusive bookworm all her life. Now, her dear muzzle shoved Trixie’s out of the way so that she could thrust her tongue boldly into Rarity’s vagina, splaying labia to the side and relishing the tastes and textures of that supple, silky flesh that descended into a moist dark abyss, the sultry heart of Rarity’s femaleness. Rarity gasped, writhing as Twilight wiggled that out-thrust tongue and gazed up boldly at her. To be slobbered upon and wallowed in so carnally was, traditionally, a degradation Rarity could really trust. It could make her feel excitingly filthy.

And yet… since her secrets had been revealed, there was something else going on at the same time, something weak and hopeful that could not explain itself. Rarity looked down upon the two unicorn mares fervently eating her out in tandem, and she felt another aspect of things that had not been able to reach her before.

As Rarity began to come again, as Twilight’s and Trixie’s eager tongues battled to slurp against her stiffened, maddened clitoris, Rarity felt loved—and it was somehow okay, though it did not make sense when laid alongside the familiar erotic kick of getting befouled and used.

She gritted her teeth, arching her torso off the floor and tilting her head back as her body shuddered in its two-layered release, and Rarity began to buck and squeal, legs thrown wide as her two Mistresses and lovers went after her pussy ravenously, right there on the floor in the middle of the mercifully empty library.

A dark blur appeared in the window, there was a faint squeal from outside that seemed to be in harmony somehow—and through the window smashed Rainbow Dash, wrapped around a grey pegasus with a blonde mane as if trying to wrest her from her path, slamming into the bookcase, showered with Daring Do first editions.

Twilight screamed and scrambled to her hooves, leaping away from Rarity. Trixie rolled over. Rarity wriggled, but was too limp to get up, and just gawked in amazement from her filthy, degraded, crotch-flaunting sprawl.

“Uh, hi Twilight, Trixie, hi Rarity. I was trying to steer Derpy towards the door. We got a little out of control, no biggie,” said Rainbow Dash. She blinked, looking between Rarity’s legs. “Whoa! Looks like we’re not the only ones getting out of control, huh?” She waggled her eyebrows nonchalantly as a book fell off her head.

Rarity whimpered, unexpectedly re-shamed, and Trixie moved to obscure her involuntary winking from view, glaring at the intruders.

Rainbow sulked. “Oh, fine, hide the good stuff, Rainbow Dash is here! No, that’s okay, that’s not why we came, except that in a way it kind of is, so good timing I guess?”

Twilight had gone a redder shade of purple than usual. Her muzzle was slightly glazed with pussy juice. “We’re doing important research! What are you doing here?”

“I’ll say you are!” grinned Dash. “Need some more researchers? Just don’t touch the wings, lab coats optional, you’ll be tearing them off in no time…”

“No!” snapped Twilight. “This is a lousy time to literally bust in here, Rainbow Dash! We happen to be conducting tests about the effects of pressure on the intensity of magic aura, tests that can be dangerous!”

“Can I apply the next…” said Dash, and licked her lips ostentatiously, “…pressure?”

Twilight was blushing worse by the second. “I’m not talking about Rarity! I’m talking about the kind of pressure you get from crushing something in a big vise!”

Rainbow glanced at Rarity. Rarity blinked back at her, lip quivering, still too limp to rise.

“You might want to check with her, just saying,” suggested Dash. “I think she might enjoy it more than you suspect. Wow, Rarity. That would be even kinkier than usual!”

As Rarity blushed, Twilight glared. “I told you, I’m not talking about Rarity, and her pleasures are none of your business! I’m talking about compressing one of the magic bits in a vise!”

That got Rainbow’s attention. “Oh yeah? Not mine! Which one?”

Twilight gestured with a sweeping forehoof towards her experimental setup and the vise she’d used.

“That one!”

As they turned to look at it, the overstressed magic bit exploded.

Trixie screamed and flung herself in front of Twilight. Rainbow Dash found herself shielding a frightened Derpy. Rarity kicked and wriggled, before sprawling limply again, crying “My mane, my mane, did any sparks get in my mane?”

Trixie and Rainbow Dash batted at their respective manes with forehooves. The sparks had gone everywhere, but left no lasting effects other than the loose page of an open book, which had caught fire. Twilight rushed to stamp it out, then studied Rarity critically, saying, “You’re fine, your mane is fine.” She turned away, all her attention on the intruding pegasi.

“Holy crap, Twilight!” said Rainbow. “Little warning next time?”

“I could say the same thing to you, Rainbow Dash! It’s bad enough that you seem to think my window is target practice for crashing through.” Twilight gestured angrily at Derpy, who cowered behind Rainbow again. “What do you expect me to do with her?”

Dash stood, blinking.

“Okay. Um… Bear with me, this is going to sound a little weird…”

Twilight advanced on Dash. “That was a rhetorical question! We are engaged in scientific research and it’s probably your fault that my bit just blew up: you smashed into my house and jostled the pressure rig while it was under load! It’s not a rhetorical question for you, huh? You brought that clumsy pegasus in here for a reason? Oh, please, fill me in, I can’t wait to hear your explanation! What do you expect me to do with her, Rainbow Dash?”

Dash bristled. The attitude didn’t sit well with her.

“I expect you to fuck her, that’s what!” she yelled.

Three unicorns stared, astonished.

A dog barked in the distance.

“So, uh,” added Dash, “I guess technically we want you to fill her in, not the other way around…”

“WITH WHOSE DICK?!” demanded Twilight Sparkle. “You just broke mine!”

Rainbow sulked. “I didn’t mean to! I could fly home real quick and grab mine for you.”

Twilight sputtered, enraged. “I’m trying to do serious magical research and you really expect me to drop everything and have sex with a, a… a RETARDED PEGASUS?”

Dash’s eyes widened in shock. “Hey, hey! You can’t say that, that’s not right!”

“Oh, sorry—TWO retarded pegasi!” retorted Twilight.

She and Dash glared, nose-to-nose, for second after second. Rainbow could feel Derpy trembling against her as she hid from Twilight’s rage. Then, Rainbow heard a sniffle behind her, and she knew things had gone too far off the rails to be rescued.

She turned, to see what she’d expected: tearful golden eyes, drooping wings, quivering lower lip, the image of a scolded and chastened pegasus who’d been very bad and was being punished.

And it hadn’t been her fault, any of it.

Rainbow Dash’s eyes burned, and she seared Twilight with them as she said, in a chillingly controlled voice, “You ought to be ashamed of yourself.” She turned again, speaking more gently. “C’mon, Derpy. Let’s blow this joint.”

“You’re being unreasonable!” yelled Twilight. “Okay, maybe I put it too strong about the retarded pegasus but you can’t ask me this! Suddenly it’s my fault?”

“Can’t hear you,” said Dash. “We’ll be out of your way before you know it. You can go back to your wonderful research. Sorry for ruining everything, it’s a knack…”

Twilight blinked, and stamped a forehoof, shaking her head. “Derp, ah, Der, uh, Miss Hooves! Hey!”

Derpy jolted in surprise, staring wildly at Twilight and at Rarity’s left forehoof. “I’m sorry, Twilight Sparkle, I’m sorry, Twilight Sparkle!”

“Did Rainbow Dash put you up to this?”

Derpy gulped, and Dash froze in her tracks, staring worriedly at her companion.

“No, Twilight Sparkle, I put her! I mean… I just wanted to do what she does!”

Twilight’s eyes widened. “With the magic bits? But Rainbow’ll fuck anypony, and Applejack would probably oblige if you asked, and clearly you’re already talking to them or at least to Rainbow—why on earth would you come to me?”

Her jaw slowly proceeded to drop into a gawking gape of horror as Derpy haltingly answered, and answered, and answered.

“I, uh, I need you Twilight Sparkle because you have the best penis of any of the ponies when I watched you, because it would feel so good, which is why you should have a special name for having a penis with, which is Dusk Shine, so I wanted to come and then you would have sex with me and I could call you Dusk Shine and it would be like a name for just me to say whenever I would come and you would have sex with me, because it’s such a nice penis and it would feel so good pushing into my vagina so you should have a special name for doing that with, which is, which is Dusk Sh…”

Twilight snapped. “GRRRHH!” she cried, exasperated beyond endurance, and she whirled and trotted angrily across the floor and up the stairs to her bedroom.

Derpy took a few tentative steps to follow her, but then stopped, her rump quivering, for Rainbow Dash had grabbed her tail in sturdy equine teeth, as Applejack had done so many times for her. Derpy stopped, and looked back questioningly.

“C’me on, Derpy. I think w’re gonna go work on y’r pick-up lines for a while…”

Derpy sagged, and bowed her head. A tear dripped to the floor.

Rarity had managed to flip over into a less obscene position, and craned her neck to see around Trixie. “Rainbow Dash, is she serious? Sweet Celestia!”

Dash glared at Rarity with indiscriminate anger. “Serious? We’re seriously going. Come ON, Derpy!”

“But…” said Rarity, uncertainly.

Trixie stepped in front of her. “Get out,” she said, emphatically done with the unscheduled and distressing intrusion. Rainbow glared at her in turn, hesitated a moment just to make the point, and then stalked out the door, wings neatly folded. On the threshold, Derpy hesitated and looked yearningly back, but Dash was quick: she had Derpy’s ear in her teeth with Dashian speed but then pulled the other mare along with a strange and unexpected gentleness.

Derpy tossed her head a bit, with an imploring look at the remaining unicorns, but then she went peacefully along with Dash, and with a sound of wings, they were gone.

Rarity stared up at Trixie. “Whatever do you suppose brought that on?”

She flinched, for Trixie stamped a hoof angrily, crying “How dare she?”

“It seemed,” said Rarity uncertainly, “that she whiffed of sexual excitement, and one would think that more than an adequate explanation…”

She trailed off, for Trixie was glaring at her.

“My Twilight deserves better than such… insult!”

Rarity cringed, automatically falling in line and deferring to her Mistress, but something in her gaze was dissatisfied, and she persisted. “That might be, dare I say it, perhaps an unkind way of looking at…”

“Girl!” snapped Trixie, nostrils flared.

Rarity squeaked and fell silent, gazing up at her Mistress.

“Trixie,” said Mistress, “expected better taste from the likes of you.”

Rarity’s eyes flashed briefly, but she did not reply.

“She cried for an hour, Applejack. An hour! I can’t stand it. I’m so pissed off at Twilight right now…”

Applejack nuzzled her mate’s chin, pulling her closer in the big cozy bed. “She gonna be okay, Dashie? That explains why you weren’t home for dinner. We was all worried about you. I was wonderin’ if you saw Big Macintosh. Uh… did you see Big Macintosh, while you was out?”

Rainbow shifted restlessly. “Nah. I’m talking about Derpy. She’s really hung up on stupid Twi, Applejack. I could see it in her eyes, she’s got it real bad.”

“Which eye did ya check?” joked Applejack, but fell silent at a glare from Rainbow. “Sorry.”

“It’s not funny, not after Twilight called her retarded.”

“Uh… I might be speakin’ out of turn, sugarcube, but…”

Dash sighed. “I know, I know. She kind of is. Applejack, I was laughing at her myself just the other day, but it seems different when she’s crying and you’re hugging her. It seems different when she’s cowering behind you because Twi is yelling at her. She had no idea how to handle it. All she could do was try and explain that she wanted to call Twilight ‘Dusk Shine’ and get mounted by her because the penis would feel so good. That went over real well with everypony, you have no idea.”

Applejack winced. “I reckon I can imagine. By everypony you mean?”

“Twi and Trixie and Rarity. They’d been eating out Rarity so hard she couldn’t even get up. That’s a nice chunk of pony right there, if you don’t count being a stuck-up flaming bitch from hell.”

“Hey!” protested Applejack. “All of them? All of them were that mean?”

Dash sagged. “…no, I guess not. It was mostly Twilight, she was really disgusted. Trixie was just mad we busted in and broke their experiment, I guess. Rarity? I don’t know anymore. I guess she might not be that kind of bitch, but Applejack—she’s their bitch. I saw a ball gag lying on the floor, thank goodness Derpy didn’t ask what it was. One guess who was strapped into it! Can’t have been Twi, not with the way she was acting.”

“So, one thing at a time,” said Applejack. “You’re mad as a wet hen at Twilight, but we ain’t got no quarrel with Rarity, not that you’re sure of. Right?” She waited, nervously.

“Sure,” mumbled Rainbow. “I guess not.”

“So, if we just try to get a lil’ pony kindness into Twilight so’s at least she might say she’s sorry, that’d be somethin’,” said Applejack. “I confess I ain’t sure how we’d get Twi toppin’ Derpy if that’s her attitude. You remember, that lil’ pony gets mighty worked up about fuckin’—Twi, I mean, not Derpy—though from what you say ol’ Derpy ain’t no walk in th’ park neither!”

“I can’t stand it,” muttered Rainbow. “Thinking about Derpy crying. She just couldn’t stop, Applejack. The Derpster’s just totally stuck on her ‘Dusk Shine’ and the hell of it is, I’m not sure she’s smart enough to think twice about that. What the hell are we going to do?”

Applejack didn’t answer, but she nuzzled Dash tenderly, her eyes big and sad.

“And we’ve got to cool off Gilda, I didn’t go see her once today,” added Dash. “I could send her away, but I don’t know how serious all this is. No, scratch that, I know it’s got to be serious, because otherwise she’d have come and yelled at me. She knows I’m with you, she knows where to find us. She’s still cooped up in my place, because I told her to stay there.”

“Ya think?” said Applejack.

Dash nodded. “I’ve got to go deal with that. Except I have to go check on Derpy… and if I don’t take Spy tomorrow, Granny’s gonna kill us, you know she gets upset when you and your magic tits do all the feeding…”

“We’ll take care of it, Dashie,” soothed Applejack, petting her fretful pegasus.

“And I’m not sure how mad Twilight and Trixie are, it was really bad…”

“We’ll handle it.” Applejack’s voice was pure reassurance.

Rainbow sniffled, and wiped her eye. “You’re so good to me, Applejack.”

“Course I am,” soothed the country mare.

“A lot better than I deserve…”

“Sshhh,” said Applejack. “Sleepy bye.”

She cuddled Rainbow Dash, putting forth soothing vibes like her life depended on it, until her wounded love had fallen asleep, and she watched for some time, still holding Dash, until she was certain that Rainbow would not wake.

Only then did Applejack turn away, staring into the darkness with a haunted, tortured gaze, and give in to the shakes, trembling terribly, with nopony left to hold or comfort her.

Morning was a long time coming.